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"doug donnelly" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Dead with proceeds going to cope at nineteen charities and tonight you can see him on billions but a lot of us are gonna be watching the last dance on ESPN love to I check in with this guy Doug Donley is the owner of four star restaurant group is on the phone with us brother how are you know you've had a rough time during the itself quarantine I'm doing great thank you for asking it has been very difficult not gonna lie it's you know we've got such a great team a great family and and having to you know lay so many often and not seeing them struggle and in the end everyone around the struggle it's it's difficult it's tough but the people that we do I have worked in the restaurant that we are open for carry out and delivery are really just you know working their tails off and it's just so great to see the courage that they have been in and all that they've been doing that to help out the people in their neighborhoods and we've been doing a lot of meals to hospitals and frontline workers in the PlayStations and things like that so it's it's hard but it's you know we're we're getting through it right so we're all we're all trying to get through it that you had to close that we originally talked to at the beginning of this whole thing and you had seven restaurants you at the close to since then is that right yeah well we were nine restaurants in the closed sign yes unfortunately we had to close the Windsor which is down in Streeterville because yeah yeah and then DO see wine bar which is in Lombard which we had you know been out there for thirteen years and you know so many of our staff had been with us for you know ten twelve years that was very that was the the top one I mean it's it's gonna be hard as a restaurant owner just to keep the these things the flow with the take outs and the deliveries but having the close this down in call of the employees and tell them Hey I'm sorry to do this but there's nothing else we can do how hard is that you know it was it's extremely difficult it's so many people that you know in our business it's such a social business and you spend so many hours together and right side by side you know you just you just get to know people so well and there's so many great people that work with every day it is it's difficult because you you you create such great relationships and it was really hard how do you get the message to the governor or the mayor that it's time to get these open because the governor keeps pushing this back now the end date is June twenty sixth for bars and restaurants how can you get the message to them it's extremely difficult because he didn't even consult with the Illinois restaurant association when he dropped that bombshell on us in we are the largest single private sector you know work force in the state of Illinois right I think only the government has more employees than the restaurant industry so for him to be so us short sighted it it just it was it was a real it was a real gut punch you know it in the you can you can pack six thousand people through whole foods and everyone's grabbing all the produce and bumping into each other but somehow you can't have a you know a hundred seat restaurant at fifty percent capacity where you know we're all ready you know how far away you know higher with sanitation and cleanliness right so it's it's a head scratcher you know you're gonna be able to get your hair you know shampoo in collard and you know you can go get a massage here in a couple weeks but you're not able to actually go into a restaurant order a cheeseburger well done that's a great point because you walk in and people are touching the produce you're right and you know they're they're touching items at a grocery store why could they walk into a restaurant with social distance scene where they sit down in the order on a paper menu that you'll probably just throw away afterwards and get their food and then kindly leave after that yeah I mean people come in to pick up there to go food and it's just in a carry out box instead of on a plate if they were to sit down right everyone's got masks and gloves you know and it it's were we got abundance of caution but you know there are so many great entrepreneurs in our industry that you know care so much and are so dedicated to their craft that you know we need to be trusted we need to be given some guidelines and let us get to work and actually maybe be on the forefront of showing you know what we can do and and how we can keep people safe right maybe some of these other industries can actually take note of are you look are you looking at other states right now to see how they're opening up the restaurants and bars yeah we're I mean if it myself as well as the Illinois restaurant association are keeping a close eye on things certainly Texas Georgia Florida no Nash Nashville I think they opened up their restaurant to fifty percent capacity well and then in two weeks are going to seventy five percent in two weeks two hundred percent and that might be a little aggressive but it's a large city a you know they're going to give it a shot and you know it you have to allow people to to make a living in to eat and I I just don't feel we can continue to quarantine the the healthy and destroy our economy and then ruin people's lives whether so many people that we all know that have gone out of work that had to close their small businesses I'm sure you're getting calls left and right from other restaurant owners saying I just can't survive I'm gonna have to close yeah we are we shouldn't you know it's a it's a tight knit community so you know I reach out to a lot of people people reach to me and you know just trying to share different ideas of ways to build sales ways to market the Kerry out delivery things like that but you know I think the real pain I think is going to come when we do re open because I think everybody's holding on to the mail to you know get back open whatever that looks like you know fifty percent twenty five percent right but the real the real pain is when we do open back up at fifty percent capacity a lot of people are twenty five a lot of people won't be able to make that and you know they're just going to continue to run up hill and in and that's when I think you're gonna see a lot of restaurants start to go down needs to see him yeah I mean landlords you know they're there some are being generous right now bank had given some forbearance but that's all going to come to an end you know in a few months and you know the only the ones that have really you know forward thinking landlords and and bankers are gonna are gonna be able to survive right we're talking to Doug done like a four star restaurant group you won't smoke Daddy right across from Wrigley Field there's been speculation about are they going to let fans in the game probably not when they first start they may start on July first I mean this is in Wrigleyville all these businesses are being hurt right now but not having fans showing up for the games are people still going to be able to show up in Wrigleyville and hang out in you're probably hoping that happens we certainly are once again we don't know what it's going to be like when the governor allows restaurants and bars to re open and you know I think we're extremely fortunate we are in the Zachary hotel and you know the rickets family they are landlords in a bin ich extremely generous with you know abatement of our rent but I don't know how a lot of other people around there you know because work we were just coming out of our slow time right now January February March and can not have baseball did not have the summertime it's going to be devastating and you know it can be tough I I don't know I did after she certainly don't think there's gonna be a Greek fans in the stadium yeah in July may be I'm at a smaller amount you know in August or September towards the playoffs but hopefully they there will be a lot of people that are be interested in the want to be outside in the one to visit those bars and you know I'll be able to at least watch it with other cubs fans but you know you're not getting all of the the cardinals fans in the Milwaukee fans people for money you know that are coming to regulate radio yeah yeah and we're not you're not getting all the people that you know live in central Illinois or Iowa or whatever so where the suburbs for that here that point to how how is the Kerry out delivery business is it supple Maney supplementing a little bit you know certain that yesterday yes and no it we've got a couple restaurants are doing it and it's it's going over well you know we had to kind of change you know everything and where we produce the food how we hold it and how we get it out right but you know it's it's helping now because they are like you know most of our landlords are giving us some forbearance and same with our bank non bank loans and but it it doesn't have any kind of staying power he just doesn't well I'm rooting for you brother I am and I I just wanted you to voice your opinion as a restaurant owner here in Chicago you still at seven laughed and you know it's it's tough it's tough for guys like you right now it it is very difficult just like anybody else we have mortgages we have you know children we have things going on in this is this is no nothing that we did you know that since nobody's fault but could be forced the closer like this if we don't have some comprehensive plan from our government whether you know the state level county city federal you're in you're going to see you know some really devastating attacks and you know I I certainly hope you're not seen an Applebee's and chili's and red robin on every on every corner instead of some of the amazing restaurant you know groups there are shops or just fantastic people that have these independent restaurants because the big chains they have the money and they have the seat at the table right but but it's the it's the end independent guidance you know scratching away living every day and and you know what their head down that they just don't seem to have a voice you're right Doug Donley Doug thanks for coming on man I'm rooting for you I am well I appreciate the thank you for letting me vent the kitchen ceiling that'll be your service on it you're speaking for a lot of restaurant and bar owners out there and say hello to your wife for me too okay I certainly well thank you so much take care that is Doug Donnelly four star restaurant group seven restaurants in the close to during the pandemic it's rough stuff man I don't know what the the answer is but I see these restaurants in these bars and they're struggling and he's right why can you walk into a grocery store in final the produce but you can't have people at thirty forty fifty percent capacity coming your restaurant and take all the precautions necessary and make a living.

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