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05-06-20 The Indigenous zombie movie Blood Quantum

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05-06-20 The Indigenous zombie movie Blood Quantum

"Welcome to native America calling from Studio Forty nine in Albuquerque. I'm Tara Gatewood. That's a scene from the indigenous Zombie Film Blood Quantum Backlash POW music. Zombie growls doesn't give you a hint about what to expect from the film. We're GONNA fill you in this hour. It's about a Zombie outbreak. On a Canadian reserve it's now available on shudder. The horror films streaming service join us after national native news as we connect with actors and creators of Quantum. This is national native news. I'm Antonio Gonzales. President Trump signed a proclamation acknowledging missing and murdered Indigenous People Tuesday during a visit to Arizona which included a round discussion with Navajo Nation Vice President Myron laser and his wife Dottie laser and Hilo River Indian community governor Stephen Role Lewis dotty. Liser is an advocate working on missing murdered indigenous women issues. The President M I W is a growing issue on the Navajo nation. Here's part of her comments from livestream of the meeting on C. Span with the Ashland Mike case that came up in two thousand sixteen where she was kidnapped and raped and murdered in New Mexico. May Second Two thousand sixteen. So that's kind of open the door for Navajo to start saying okay. We need to do something. Because I became the forefront and so since then the amber alert on that one nation has gotten better but still needs help with funding. Still needs help with getting the data together. The roundtable lasted about thirty minutes and included discussions about cove nineteen which has hit the Navajo nation. Hard this week. The number of positive Navajo cases exceeded two thousand five hundred tribes across the country have been waiting for federal cove. Nineteen Relief Eight. Eight billion dollars is set aside for tribes in the Cares Act. President trump commented about the funding including the amount to the Navajo nation as he joked with vice. President Liser is the single largest investment in Indian country in our history. So the amount of money that's being sent to Indian country as we call it is the largest amount in the history of the US. And you deserve. And you've been through a lot in the Navajo. Nation will soon receive over six hundred million dollars. That's a lot. Can renegotiate community door. Go up before the Hilo River Indian community is set to receive forty million dollars. Disbursement has been delayed. The Treasury Department announced Tuesday a plan to begin payments to tribes which includes holding back amounts for Alaska native corporations due to pending litigation more than a dozen tribes sued over the inclusion of Alaskan native corporations in the funding he l- River Indian community governor Steven Lewis commented about the funding at the end of the meeting urging for the immediate release of the money and also saying the eight billion dollars is woefully inadequate to meet the needs of tribes. Nothing Empire. I'm trying getting some of the money out today. I WanNa thank you. Also because we need help now Indian tribes and can't wait for that litigation to end before from the and also governor Lewis also asked for a cap to be put on the amount anyone tribe receives and to allow tribes to have flexible guidance to keep their governments running. The Treasury. Department's plan is to begin allocating sixty percent of the eight billion this week. Two tribes the president of the Rosebud Sioux tribe in South Dakota declared an immediate lockdown of community Tuesday due to Cova Nineteen President Rodney Bordeaux and a social media message declared the lockdown of the Spring Creek community due to a high exposure of covert nineteen law enforcement will be monitoring roads and no one will be allowed inner out of Spring Creek. The message states lockdown is to protect the rest of the communities from the spread of cove nineteen the tribal assist people in need of food and supplies. No other information was shared. A number of tribes in South Dakota have taken emergency measures to address cove in nineteen including the Oglala Sioux tribe which issued a reservation white lockdown down and the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe monitoring borders among several of. Its emergency measures. I'm Antonio Gonzalez. National Native News is produced by Broadcast Corporation with funding by the corporation for Public Broadcasting Support by Western Governors University. Where students apply what they already know learn at their own pace and graduate sooner with little or no debt information and application at W. G. U. Dot Edu slash degrees for native Americans affected by domestic violence. The strong hearts native helpline offers peer to peer support and resources. It's safe confidential and toll. Free at eight four four seven native program support by the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center native voice one the native American radio network. This is native America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood. The Indigenous Zombie film blood. Quantum is finally available in the United States. Heard that you could cure bites here. Come in here and affect this entire camp behind you. Who SAYS WE'RE IMMUNE REDUC? Jaw looks at Owen sewage blood. Quantum checks all the boxes for what Horror Film Lovers. Call a good gory. Zombie movie it set in a fictitious first nations reserve in Canada. It includes a bunch of native actors. Some of whom are joining us today. So how does this news hit you? Tell us about it at one. Eight hundred nine nine six two four eight and we know there are Zombie movie fans listening today to. We hope you'll dial in a we are at one eight hundred nine nine native. Go ahead call in and you can talk to any of the folks so connected to the film. We look forward to your calls. The number to reach us is also one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight and with us. Today is the filmmaker Jeff Barnaby his magma. And it's our pleasure heaven here with US Jeff. Welcome good afternoon over their money. I don't know any one of them. Works Nice to be here. I'm glad you guys took the time to wash film and promoted. Well Jeff quite a film and let's start zombies wise on pace because they're cool really. All there is to it I wanted to do is on before and it was more about wrapping the ideas in that vehicle than it was about the ideas itself because I think just being a native geek growing up on a reserve. I was a memorable Zombie films so I think being a adult Sqi and being a filmmaker it just seemed like a like a logical course to the weird thing is there's quite a lot of filmmakers gutter start winning Zombie films. Peter Jackson being probably the most noteworthy when so. I think it's a for me. Filmmaker just getting started. It was a good as good place to start and I think a as a harsh taskmaster Zombie film making. So it really put me through my paces and if the penultimate ideas to get better at your craft time you step onto a set. I mean we definitely was trial by fire got got burned quite a lot and we came away better filmmakers and having a better understanding of what it takes to to bigger films in so now you're rough with all kinds of scars. Well I definitely part of my heart and soul into this and and it was a little of course thirteen years. I think so. It took quite a lot. Outta me and finally have released was quite a relief was nice to have it out there. Get the response that it's that it's getting well. It's getting big time response in. We have followed the progression of this film. And you said thirteen years. I think we've been right along with you the entire time just seeing you know and anticipating this film coming out. It had a big splash in Canada. And the big news is now people can see it here in the states It was also set to premiere and be in movie theaters but this thing called the pandemic the cove nineteen pandemic hit and so- Jeff. Tell us a little bit about the story. Let's take listeners. Closer to it. I gave them a little view. We heard some of the sound but go hit. Paint that pitcher better It's kind of weird as a storyteller terrible at this up my films and like the little soundbite but here it goes Movie site in nineteen eighty one about a sheriff and his ex wife raising their young eighteen year old son and he happens to be a bit of a delinquent. Getting into trouble with these Older brother older half brother. And then there's GonNa be up the captain's he finds out that he's what girlfriend from the adjacent town is pregnant and you find out that the native people are also immune to Zombie Pike so the story essentially is them trying to protect this young couple and help people that. Make it across the river and the conflict is. The older brother doesn't feel safe and he doesn't feel like the the community should be letting in non survivors because he thinks alternative zombies and he'll everybody is basically what happens. So that's the more or less the backbone of story hell much of what you wrote mirrors themes and especially now during this time period In our native nations. Well I know for us. It's it's It's almost too many things to localize. Because we started seeing blockades even before the pandemic because of various oil lines or fracking or whatever the case may be on reserves all over North America. So that's one issue and then we have some of the more recent historical stuff like the rate that happened on my reserve. Eighty one over crisis here and Montreal. So it's really a an amalgam of all these instances that have taken place over the course of my lifetime really and it seems like you know it happens every other every other year for some big event where native people are having to stand line in the San to protect the environment. So really it was. It was kind of a comment on that. I didn't really see really. Nobody saw the virus coming but for me. That was just a comment on on colonization. How the virus was implicit in the colonization of the Americas without it. It would've never happened. Decimated the population by ninety percent. So I think working dot in there was more of a comment on that. I didn't really expect it to come back up and the weird thing about that happening is that it brought to relief all those other issues that were in the film also so it's weird to say that the film cancelled or if pulled out of theaters. Because I don't think it would have been received as well if not for the very thing that kept it out of theaters the virus. Wow that's that's pretty interesting and just thinking about this story in those themes in that word even the title blood quantum you can make blood boil in our tribal nations if you start opening up that discussion But tell me a little bit about the play on these words and how it fits into the story year presenting. Well obviously the eight our immune Islami because they're carrying around may of blood. I mean that's the irony of the whole thing. Whereas you know colonization story. It was the exact opposite. I mean it was. It was really bad blood. Quantum laws in Canada are quite the same as the US. And I know it's more of an issue there but I think the idea was to use Colonial construct the settler construct the lead quantum the idea of making a caste system based on race and creating this almost new power construct based on immunity and based on the idea that that's how the Americans could colonize so it was really this. You know. Complete retelling of the colonization story but the power reverse and the native people in this case to make my try with the foreknowledge of what these colonizers capable of and that's mass violence and destruction. So I mean those kinds of pretty bold new drawn in so. Let's hear the people who helped you make those lines With us today from Vancouver British Columbia in Canada is a tail feather. She's an actor in blood quantum and she is blackfoot and Saami our pleasure to have her here. L. Maya welcome back indeed and also here too is for as good. Lucky joins us out of Albuquerque. New Mexico. He is an actor as well as a filmmaker and he is the name. Menden- Hadassah in Simpson forest. Great to have you back with us to. You're good to be back everyone. And so we're going to get into your characters. In and Jeff more character development will be unfolding right after the break. But I just want to hear you know you know this film has making its way too. Many people L. me real quick any initial thoughts does that question for me. I can't It's been so exciting to to see how Indigenous people are responding to the phone A lot of people from home on the blood reserve reached out to me and said that they loved it One one friend so that he's watched it four times already loves it so much So yeah just so happy that it's being received in this way and also that it's accessible So often in business films are are not actually accessible to indigenous audiences and it's really cool to see platforms like shudder picking up the film and making it so broadly accessible to people so yeah. It's it's been a fun ride so far and a bit. It's shaking up a lot of people's concepts of a native film and by putting it in this genre as well as giving it a face that we can relate to in this day and age. I think there is a whole other narrative that can be celebrated in that too. We're going to continue to learn more about the film blood quantum. Have you heard about it? have you already have you already watched it You can share your thoughts. Go ahead and dial in one eight hundred nine six. Two four eight is a number. It's a pleasure to learn more about native cinema and you can talk to the actors that we're going to introduce you to coming up. Pregnancy is a time of HOPE AND ANTICIPATION FOR EXPECTING MOTHERS. But the cove in nineteen pandemic is adding anxiety. Hospitals have new procedures to protect mothers and newborns. We'll hear what those giving birth might expect on the next native America calling then being that that back I bet before. Senior discounts by put off took a month or seen new with the goal. That good cook up more high income hockey mama or shop by marching all cows. Care Dot Gov hogwash. Eight hundred three one eight two five nine six eight dealt with a Medicare medicate chip. You're listening to native America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood from misled a Pueblo. And we are talking about the Zombie film blood quantum and it features many different native actors. We have some of them on the line with us today to and you hear more about this story why it was made And some of the things that it is opening up the dialogue on you join us to one eight hundred nine nine six two eight. Four eight is the number with us. Today is the filmmaker Jeff. Barnaby also here too. Is Ella Maya tail feathers and force. Good luck to actors that are featured in the film and Mia Thank you for giving us a little bit of you. Know of the things you've received of some of the feedback that you received on this film but let us meet your character. Tell us who you play. Play role of Joss She is she the mother. She's a nurse She is Raising teenage son on her own And her her ex. Who's who who's played by. Michael Gray is Is a bit of A. I'm going to call him a deadbeat dad. He's just not exactly the best Most President present father figure So she's you know she's a single mom. She's working hard as a nurse She's tough and she's smart and It was an honor to play her. I think Jeff does an excellent job of writing those dizziness and To me she just represented so many Beautiful strong indigenous women that I know in our communities and l Myo you also filmmaker to what was it like to jump into Just the actor role on this It was it was a wild ride. I mean we. We wrapped the body members when the world broke open. And then I literally went from set on that And got on Red Eye and Food Montreal and started work on the on blood quantum the next day So it was just like this really wild ride of two worlds colliding But it was such a fantastic opportunity to to work with Jeff and see how it works. I really admired The films that he's put out in the past and I think he's a really important voice in Canadian film and also indigenous cinema pushing He pushes the narratives and interesting places. That I don't think a lot of others is doing And it was also a really wonderful opportunity to work with the rest of the cast I've never laughed. So much onset before Yeah it was it was. It was a lot of fun a lot of hard work to a lot of night shoots obviously we're making a horse so But it was. It was so much fun and I'll definitely look back on that experience with fond memories. Jeff would is that blooper roll like blooper. Reel we use and everything in the edit. So much fun well you know what? Let's keep the fun rolling force. Good luck is here with us to enforce. Let's start off same way introduced us to your character. Yeah I played a character named Joseph. Who's this kid? Who's having pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy and Kinda dealing with that It's kind of a not like not the greatest kid but a cares a lot and yeah just happens to stumble into his Ambi- apocalypse. I guess there's a lot of fun to play Yeah Jeff had to shave my head for the film because I think that's a style of Make my kids in the Eighties. So that was really cool. It's very specific character to the location in areas. Lots of fun enforce many people have been introduced to your ability to share story on screen You know with with a major film and forest when you are jumping into a role like this a lot of times people associated you bringing your story even just with a look Talk to me a little bit about you. Know Bridging what you understand. The story was and making sure that it was coming out right on screen. Yeah I think I mean Screenplay makes everything really easy. If it's if it's any good and blood quantum was no exception. I think you know. The story beat the scenes. The craft of the how the scenes played out. I think each telling their own little story in each cast member. Part of a larger ensemble peace within I think it was great. I think it made it very easy and you know at the end of the day. I guess you're just trying to do your best with what you have. And you know making is the ultimate chess game of time resources you know. How many takes you have if you're trying to get the shot ride if the fog is Reid if whatever like all these things are up to the scene and I think at the end of the day you're just trying to do your best and I think there's always scenes that you wish she did one thing different or another but you know you're juggling everything but Yeah just Kinda ended up Ends Up. I think it's amazing but you know there's always stuff you want change as an actor. I think insofar as talk to me about taking down zombies. Yeah I don't know if I took down as many zombies as most other cast members and Michael Gray is took a ton down. Stone horse took a ton down who played my grandfather in the film. I think I was Kinda mad cause I wear my heart on my sleeve and the film so I'm not necessarily just this murdering person so it was A lot more heartfelt left killing You can blame jeff for that. We were in Jeff. How did you orchestrate things You know to get these actors to to be in a mindset in you know a reality zombies everywhere and then having to take them down because it could mean the future of your tribe. Talk to me a little bit about that. That's interesting really. Have a lot of time to work together like L. Maya's MIS situation of just kind of showing up and going to work. Hers Wasn't the only one where it was like that Michael was doing Michael is true detective also so everybody just kind of showed up and we trusted each other and I think harshly is because we're all native and I think for most part we all know each other like actually met for before Before we even started casting I met him out at a screening And I don't even know where we were Albuquerque. Maybe and I knew everybody else. We work with Bryant before so really. We kind of worked our veto before and I trusted just looking at her work as a filmmaker and actress. So that's what I was looking for. I was looking for people that we're going to bring it. And I know I was GONNA have a lot of time with them. Because we're going to be dealing with a live gags or technical issues We have a real technical shoot on Interprovincial Bridge Water's always a pain in the ASS. same thing with dealing with dogs and kids and you know all the things they tell you not to put in a film where in this film and we're doing it at night so there was a lot of real hardcore technical issues to work out with the film and I just trusted everybody to see what was on the page and and bring talent that I knew they all had and it wasn't wasn't that wasn't that we didn't have enough time. It was more we had kind of what force that you have to work with time you have and let's say it's a chess match. Oh managing time and resources and you know Kudos to them because typically they only had one tape to do anything. Because that's kind of schedule. We were rolling on everything was like set it up and knocking down once in the next one and it was no different with the the actors so it was just really a credit accredit them and trying to try not to trying to get in the way. I you are just painting what would it looks like and I can just imagine how some of those shots were going down In some of the other actors to that are featured in this. Are you know native? Great Gary Farmer As well as Kiowa Gordon and these two characters you know help move things along and then you have another one kind of seems coming out of left field. Tell us about how you found Mr Stone Horse Loan. Goeman stars a friend of the family. Because we're we're pile people and we saw jewelry so we do power rounds and stone ourselves. pottery so. That's where we met him and I know him as an intimate trainer. He was training with John Jones and When we started casting when we start casting Kisaburo we're looking at all these people and none of them are really right and like there's a lot of native actors around there was one guy but he was too young so one day. My sister in law sent me a picture of Stolen Horse. Ohling high at the Hollow with the caption like cast him as Your Samurai guy in film. And I'm like at this point and couldn't hurt to try. Will we edition them? And he was he was like it was unpolished. That way right you could see the potential there just by looking at them because it's like his face to like the whole package and all stars package is pretty pretty amazing in and of itself. So we knew he was right. And then you kind of factor in the experience you know we can do the physical stuff and then it was just a matter of him being comfortable on screen and I don't think you can get any more comfortable than stolen horses and his own skin so I think that translated on screen. It was just him being himself. And then you have. You have the talent around Michael. My friend and for Kiowa the scenes I think he's the only character scenes with everybody is a matter of fact wouldn't put myself on that but maybe so he. He was kind of the linchpin. The elder is the linchpin of really the whole story so it was really a applying shot in the dark and we hit a bull's eye. That was what it was he just he just showed up and was himself and at one point a matter how much nonsense a film crew this guy like that last scene where you see him on the beach that was booster in cold. It was blistering cold If you take a close look at some of the close of stores for so called. These years were involuntarily wiggling until you can see the rain water and everything dripping off of him and he never complained at anyone. Point anyways dragon brandon around who who's GONNA weigh a ton because the guys ichi tall so I mean it was just you know. I'm extremely lucky to have been dealing with the pallet that I had to make me probably better filmmakers actually. Well you know what let's meet him. I think we've made his ears each enough Joining us from the Tonawanda Seneca Indian reservation in New York Stone Harsh Goeman. He's an actor in blood quantum and he has hawk Glenn Seneca Stone Horse. My pleasure to have you with us today. Oh there you go are right will get him back and You know while we do that. I really am opening up the invitation to you to join us here today. We are taking a look at the film blood. Quantum it features zombies An you heard some of the themes that Filmmaker Jeff Barnaby Has brought forward to any of them relate to things. Maybe you're facing today Can are native nations be better understood by taking them into a different contexts? What happens when we talk about things that we face every day in our native nations and then put it to a Zombie film? Go ahead and give us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is the number. Aleksic like we got him back stone horse. Welcome to native America calling We just heard the story of how you got woven into this and go ahead. Tell us what did it mean to have this position and Kind of lead efforts in things when it comes to hunting down zombies as an indigenous speaking character. First of all I already know my character gives you There's life has been a lot of my life and different ways and it was kind of hard for me sometimes a separate My emotions Some of these scenes going on because a lot of them unfortunately played out in my own life but not was Omni's but other things and I really gotta tasked to some of these these kids. My few was older than probably and I know what I my Jeff I said to myself is one of these kids. It was always looking out the window instead of looking at the teacher and a kid like me so it was kind of interesting but The way that the movie approached the Zombie. The epidemic there and everything is stuff It was interesting because with my character there was no grey lines. This is GonNa hurt my my my son and my grandchildren. My people. They're going to die. There was no no gray area. That's going to happen and Then I think through the whole movie. We never forgot who we were culturally as a people because it would. We could have just said. Let's kill all white people but no we didn't forget who wore was still had humanity in the face of all this the same time dealing with the reality of it and It was more than a Zombie. Film is I got to watch the whole thing because of course when you're filming it you don't really get to see the whole picture Even read the script everything and stuff. Then when these incredible people had around me I seen them portraying these. These carriages it was it was magic and I had a lot of fun. Man I had a Lotta Fun. Grew your family stone horse and Got About a minute before break. What do you think about this film in? Even reflecting on the times were in. I think that's a movie for The Times right now because like I said we've never forgot who we were people and what's happened to us. I mean we've had zombies. Were our entire history and now it's it's virus. It was smallpox before it was everything else. I mean what survivors my daddy used to say. He's you know some- someone everything's gone in GonNa Survive. 'cause winning never had nothing anyway. And you the thing my dad used to say was I. Don't mind if you're GONNA raise because by the time you're not you're not going to note anyway so I kind of infl- embrace my daddy's Marine Corps native mentality I think It's got us through no matter what happens we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA survive. This is just another time history and this this movie. I don't know of Jeff New at the time but this whole thing is we went from one reservation other areas to another was just the people's response to it. Was you know similar to what's going on now with people's response to this that has virus and It's a heavy heavy heavy thing to be thinking about in stonehouse will continue right after this break. You join us to one eight hundred nine nine native look. It's the circle of life that teaches us to take care of each other to use our voice when we are in need like the circle of life. There is an opportunity that comes around every ten years a chance to participate and let others know we are and where we are the twenty twenty cents. This will be our opportunity to shape our future for generations to COME SHAPE. Our Future start here. Learn more at twenty. Twenty cents is Dot. Keough fee paid for by. Us Census Bureau. Thank you for tuning into Native America. Calling interrogate would in we are talking with some of the stars from the film. Blood Quantum which is Zombie Flick. That is now streaming on shudder and with us. Today is Ella Maya tail feathers forest. Good luck as well as stone. Her alone Goeman and also here with us. The filmmaker Jeff Barnaby. We got a caller on the line. Let's go ahead and connect them to crew here We have Gordon. Who gave us a ring out of Red Lake? Minnesota TUNED IN ON K. O. J. B. Gordon. Thank you for giving us a ring. You're on here all right. Thank you thank you for having me on I just wanted to. I met stolen horse several years ago at Dennis Christie Studio in Michigan and I just wanted to tell him congratulations and I'm real proud of him to see how far advances career I just to hear his name on the radio under these conditions going on I need to call them up and tell them congratulations and thank him for hanging in there and being the manny is all right stoneware say anything. You won't tell Gorn my God I it Hamas me people even remember me you know I just I cannot tell you how homeland if people think of me the way that they do. 'cause man. I got a lot of rain damage. I'm just realizing a man I'm weak and I I asked Creator helped me and you know to keep me. Keep me grounded and I believe everything is Karma my brother I believe. Everything is Karma what's happening is Karma and we just play a role or knitting everybody's past meet at a certain time for a reason and these these guys did is move with they are my family and You know before I say anything off somewhere. I go out to the novel people out there and what's happening to them and you know I just. I was something I could do. And we should point to feeling powerless sometime. And maybe somehow doing this. Doing this movie brings an escape from this or something And then there's been a good thing everything happens it's time and again. I'm almost fever and remember me and I'm still trying to be a man to be human being like the Amish. Nabi people the first people more Minnesota you know well anyway thank you so much and stone horrors. Let's meet another one of your family members own. Let you introduce him. We Have Michael. Gray is on the line another actor. In blood quantum he's cre- stone horse go had introducing. Michael Gray is is a movie star actor For him to have taken me under his wing the way that he did spend time with me on the set an off set Or just was amazing to me. I mean I'm nothing You know what I mean and and for him to to help me out and say hey. Hey Brian this is. This is what this is. This is what this means. It was like learning a language that he helped me to and I can never thank him enough and telling how much I treasure is is is friendship and his relationship on On the set and then hopefully some point in our lives will meet again and then I can give them a hug and say no. Thank you better all right Michael. Welcome and thank you for being here with US. Today on native America calling thank you stone harsh but that that means The world me really appreciate that in Michael. Same for you very nice very nice and you do you do when you work with somebody that long. You really get to know them and Michael. Thinking of everything that you experienced on this set in you've experienced many sets in your life and what's this one aside from any other experience you've had in front of the camera I think for me the Fondest memories are people that I work with Every every actor the crew Jeff Producers It felt like It's like a special journey right from the start. I remember having dinner with Jeff and John when I first got to Montreal and that was really you know genuinely excited to dive into this Incredible script it's incredible story. But you know they sit here two years later And the film is finally being shared with. You know something. We've been waiting for for a long time. I'm reminded actually that I made lasting friendships Stone Horse of course I learned more from him In in it'd probably weekend I could teach the whole thing you know. He's an incredible person Incredible LIFE WILL. None of us will ever forget the story. You'd share with them that All the other actors the the the women on the set that that Were our strength so yeah. We laughed a lot. We laughed a lot. We you know we got. We Got Dirty. Got A lot of blood on her. But I think it's the friendships and Camaraderie of experience. That I that I take away in Michael. Much like comedy horror films. They have a certain rhythm to him in for it to work. You've gotta get it right and that means a lot of stuff Michael you. Let's Talk Zombie anything you WanNa let people know about what they find when they hit. Play or You know streaming on their phone Buckle up What. I love about This film is it's got a it's got an old school A lot of practical effects in other words it wasn't you know wasn't CGI wasn't comic book. IT. It felt like you know like Grind House felt like Cars crashing that. We only had one car to crash. You know so everything was important I remember the the stunt work the physical work. So it's it's scary. It's a it's a scary movie and I think that was always our hope and on top of all of that on top of all the action and and the performances. There's something underneath it That to me truly is something I could be proud of it. It's a collective work it's It's shared energy It's our culture speaking so yeah. I think that's what they can expect in folks do want to remind you that you can find this film on. Shudder. We've got another caller on the line. Let's go in and take him. We got Anthony in New Mexico tuned in on K. UNM thanks for calling. You're on air. Hello Terra just want to congratulate All the cast on that a movie that you're that you're covering right now especially stolen horse He's a good great friend of mine and I want to congratulate them and listen to what he says because he comes out of his mouth just the truth. That's what I want to say. All right Perkin. Thank you for calling in and you know speaking truth. We gotta do that and I think all of you have given us a moment to really think about you. Know when we speak truth or we reflect our stories can reflect our times and I think that what that's what a lot of us are taught in our tribal nations at stories stories have strength stories have power And the teach as well as put us in our place Michael anything more you want to say about the power of the story that was told in blood quantum I remember distinctly the first time I thought we were at tiff. Trying to international film festival. Jeff's film was chosen to show the midnight madness series so just seeing glimpses of it You know when we were doing post production. I would see a picture here or a little clip here and it looked incredible. And I remember just sitting in the theater with the audience experiencing the movie and I've watched it with audiences since then and I think the most important element for me is that this film tells multiple stories there's so much going on with every frame And the energy That comes through. That comes through the screen at the audience. I felt it in Toronto. I felt that all the all the screenings. I've been out. So yeah it's it's it's it's certainly fun it's it's scary And it's important and you know at this stage in my career. I'm I'm proud that I can be part of something that matters. Well this one. That's what I take away. This one is definitely going down in history. And you know what? Let's do lightning round one minute. Michael anything you want to end with Well just I just want WanNa thank everyone. I WanNa thank the listeners. All the audiences that are watching people on twitter on instagram. That had been following this work and supporting it Without without you without y'all Our work doesn't mean anything so Thank you to everyone. Who who. Who's WHO's watching the film and supporting us. It means a lot to us. Thank you all right doors. One Minute go for it first of all I wanNA thank Jeff for having the courage to give me a chance I knew nothing was nothing is still nothing and this ever happens again. I will never let you down. I was so proud to be part of an absolute native film. I grew up in a generation where it was cool to be Indian. Believe me I've got the scars to show you. I'm so proud to be part of history. An actual native American Indian film by Americans played by Indians. That's something I will always. That would cover it whatever the for the rest of my life and and thank you jeff and the rest of the cast. We're having faith that I wasn't gonNA mess up here and all you. I want to see what's in Indian minds and the beauty the power of it and thank you for for Washington giving us a chance so I gotta say see you again all right stone horse. Also one of our of veterans for his good luck go ahead being an listening to indigenous voices. Go see the film. It's on shudder. You can stream it. It's like less than the cost of a movie ticket to get shudder for months. So everyone goes all right and Ella. Maya thank you for being with us to end anything you want to close with. I guess what I'm saying. You know thank you to everybody for tuning in and thanks for having when your show I think he did a cast and crew and yeah like four said go and see his movie It's a it's a real wild ride and It I think it's it's a really interesting time watching a film like this Yeah thanks and I hope everybody's saying face well And I just want to give a shout out to all the frontline workers Especially at at the Navajo Nation. What's happening. There is a appalling and heartbreaking and I just WanNa you know thank my workers. Who were you know putting themselves on the line all right? Thank you very much in Jeff. Guess what you get more than a minute Anything you wanted to share as we get ready to close this down Just echo everybody else's sentiments but it's been a wild ride particularly for me because it's been over such a long period of time at the finally see realize there's there's so many people that think no matter how many minutes should give me because it stems from my family and my friends and my I might cash to my cool and the people that have been lucky to know and work with of course in my career like I said it's these people that make me look like better filmmaker than I am and I just I. I'm an off the privilege of being able to live this. Life and to make films represented native people on Screen and hell dial back a lot of the damage done by cinema over the course of the year. So it's it's just thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and the privilege and supporting the film and and liking the film because it's it's bigger than me the contents is bigger than me and I think this opens up doors and avenues for filmmakers that it would have normally had so. It's it's been really just been mazing positive experience and it feels good to have king books thirteen years of work vindication. Well it is definitely paid off in Jeff. I think someone or another group of people to think are the indigenous language speakers Who kept that language that we heard in the film alive anything you want to say about that. Well my my mother is uh make my language teacher and so is my my niece. And it's part of our family tradition to maintain that language and the language culture is my cousin so it is undeniable part of native identity to maintain our languages. That's a no brainer. I think that's why you've seen them attack over the course of colonization because the language too finds we were literally defined how you think it changes your brain chemistry so I think it is a huge part of our culture and like I said the put language in a vehicle that has typically been one of the reasons why may have been misrepresented is is using that same weapon who revitalized language. And I've been I've been working on language. Docs for twenty years. So this has been a passion of mine for quite a while. And I implore anybody else there to make an effort to learn native language or teach it if they know it real quick any words in your language you can leave us with not the top of my head. No I'm never really liked I've never really liked off the top of my head over. You know what we catch plenty of it in the film in just want to thank you in all of the actors were sharing this day with us and if you missed anything in the hour you tuned in late you were being a safe driver waiting till you got home to call and now the show is over and you can't call in you can leave your comments on our website of America calling dot com. We're on twitter to at one. Eight hundred nine nine native. You can find us. Instagram and facebook. That's going to do it for the hour. Thank you to everybody. We heard from forest. Good Luck Michael. Gray is Ella my tail feathers Jeff Barnaby and Mr Stone Horse Loan Goldman tomorrow. We're GONNA take a look at some of the concerns. People are having and especially our new mothers the ones who are expecting during the corona virus pandemic. We hope you'll tune in if you have a story share on that go ahead and start the dialogue right now by reaching out or please make plans to join us. We started one. Pm Eastern time tomorrow. 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