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"dot com tanko" Discussed on GSMC Women's MMA Podcast

"Interchangeable in terms of sliding. Who's GONNA fight for the number containership? Who's GonNa fight for a title fight? It's very interchangeable and any combination. Those women would make a great bounce in my personal opinion so all values have. Chango is out of the five game for a couple of months. Yeah Chango does share a little bit about yourself on twitter and is coming in from dot Com Tanko shares footage of a fourteen year old self version of herself. Battling a twenty five year old and this is really amazing if you think about it so routier. Tango really has been in the game for a very long time through the five eight Though the Queen did make her debut in the AFC until twenty fifteen Shevchenko lifelong martial artists. Who has been competing in Thai kickboxing and Valla Tudo? Since she was a teenager on Tuesday the now thirty two year. Old So chant. Go we back in the archives to share some footage of herself at the age of fourteen biting an opponent eleven years. Her senior bowl is instantly recognizable as she apparently declined to wear headgear. And this fights so values Chanko tweets out fourteen year old me and my opponent of twenty five years old one of the first professional fights in my martial arts career. It took place in Oman. That time fights in Muslim countries was kind of rare. They tried to force me to put on a helmet. But having my rebel character I refuse at fourteen years old. She was fighting a grown woman in in a combat sport. This kickboxing year. So he's fighting a grown woman. A professional grown wound fighter in another country at the age of fourteen. Who is eleven years her elder and kickboxing with no headgear? Shevchenko is a one of the kind athlete. I don't know that made it through I do. I did boxing for years when I grew up and I knew kids who are twelve. Thirteen years old. I knew this kid. Summit this kid when he was only ten and then when he was like twelve thirty twelve or thirteen years old US already spun against grown guys. Who are like thirty two late? Twenties early Thirties. Who are all jacked? Much more bigger than him. He's a small kid Hughes. I think around if you're in a way him when I first saw him spar against a grown man who is much bigger than him. He was around twelve years old. He's fired with kids his age. Who are also twelve years old? He would always try to spar against like grown men because his goal was to be going to be an amateur boxer and then and then move up the pros and so at a young age at twelve to fourteen years old. He was fighting against GROWNUPS. And AS Roma grownups athletes. People who are jacked people who are much much better than him and the thing class. Where's your Tanko here? Fourteen years old. If I was fourteen years old there is no way out find a grownup. Never find a grown adults in a professional sporting event. Because I know are destroyed it I not as developed but Janko says here you know what I don't care about you developments. I don't care about the age difference. I'M GONNA go out there. I'M GONNA try to knock her out and it's not shown here whether or not she did knock out her opponent twenty five years old but it's very interesting. It's inspiring to see an athlete at such a young age going all the way and performing at a very high level at such an early age. That isn't present so after the short break we'll be coming back with more news. Stay tuned this is your alternate staffer. Everything sports the Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB THE NBA TO MMA? All gain here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen so this past weekend was also wrestlemainia and who was involved wrestling me. Other than formal older fighter competitor Sheena Beezer SOC intervene slater guys done now debuted in an annex t which is east of all system and she debuted their all along with Marina. Shiftier could do you other former on a main fighters for the AFC and the. There's a team of three. They call themselves like the three horsewoman of mixed martial arts. They're they're very close friends. Ronda Rousey then you could see Shimizu Municipio Duke when Rossi wasn't at one wrestlemania event where she participated with the Rock and like she flipped over triple h. That was the first time you ever saw those forewoman altogether. In the e now all for women ended up becoming wrestlers run Rossi obviously after knockout a loss against Yunus then went straight towards for wrestling. And then just do we fear enemies. Urpo suits. What's interesting about a Sheena? Baiser was the fact that she didn't go in A. Ufc tough straights into me. She came in from. Emc Talk but also dead in the wrestling in the side she did. She went through the indie scene and through performance in the scene should then transitioned herself into so. It's not like so. It's very very different from Ronda. Rousey who which Ronda rousey being the much bigger name was like. Hey Ronda Rousey a former yes. He was champion transition her immediately into into being a wrestler compared to Baylor Scott. Duke and rain is fear. She she had to go to the independence independence would it be would be the equivalent of the UFC is e than stuff like Invicta and dealt or would then be the independent scene for the UFC. There she made her development through independent scene then went to the developmental program. In Denver and now she performed at wrestlemainia in an empty arena fights. So the reason I bring this up also is operatives because and also in a recent interview at USPS anime had what the UNWINDS DNA White was part of a conference call with the president trump in a conference called in involve very powerful people billionaires risk people who will representing on a certain sports so we have somebody representing the NBA Son representing Asia's representing MLB. And the worst part of it there were all talking about. What's going to happen in America when as pertains sporting events can we have the NBA season in America? Would it be like would it be feasible for tapping in the NFL? Happened House March madness going to go about. How's HE GONNA go about and the two people who are not afraid at all of the Issue was Dana Lights and didn't want himself says the other person who's not afraid of this issue and has a similar mentality to him. When it comes to the show must go on would be Man So Detroit referenced Music Man as himself as as the two of them being the two people in the conference call who is not afraid of this cove nineteen issue and so while the UFC is so w we. They pushed toward their big show of the entire year. Wrestlemania WRESTLEMANIA is the absolute number one rushing spectacle show in the entire world number one pro wrestling spectacle wrestling show in the world and so all basic man while the NBA has got that their season cancelled. While March madness was cancelled. Victicrat was like you know what we're not gonNA cancel our shows. We're going to keep pushing forward. And they did. The same thing would thirty F C show so so the Joe. Hopefully you're going to see just dried up against against somebody. I'll sad that rose is not going to find out eight but hopefully we can still still perform in a community and fight. And hopefully it's driven detaining meanwhile she and the Beasley reformer. Ufc fighter participated in the big events. Where she fought against. Becky Lynch and thinking about Shane abusers transitioned into being. Prowrestler is the fact that her background is part of her character. It's very strange really thinking about it. And that which enemies are I came in to the main roster which was Monday night raw. Which was which is WBZ flagship show? She participant in events called the Elimination Chamber and in the Elimination Chamber Chamber. It's pretty much the throw in six woman in a cage and they're gonNA fight it out. The last one standing wins pretty much. That's the general idea.

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