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"dorsey roden" Discussed on WTOP

"It I'm WTO film critic Jason Frehley giving fire starter two and a half out of 5 stars Indeed he did It's what 18 Saturday morning to WTO Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks here's the in Crawford only wish the 80s would look like that when we were living through them Let's go back to the road and Maryland 50 east bound after 7 O fours where they found that crash activity as you try to make your way from the bellway toward Annapolis and on tour the bay bridge Again the crash after 7 O four exit 8 it's going to be two left lanes to get by lots of flashing lights but no serious delays getting past it 97 door open found the earlier crash after 100 heading toward Dorsey roden has been cleared from the right side 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway running very well to 70 no delays and no issues pending between Frederick and the lane divide bellway travel inner loop near Allentown road As you pass from upper Marlboro toward Oxford hill lingering crash activity over on the right side I think we are still holding one right lane over there It's just the shoulder again Stay to the left in any event with caution near that ramp for exit 9 Everything else on the beltway is good in both Virginia and Maryland and around outer loop And Virginia 66 eastbound the work zone before suddenly wrote as a left lane to get by westbound is your work is right after string fellow road before you get to 28 Centreville And the right lane gets by in a single file but without a great deal of delay on three 95 and on 95 no reported delays district travel where we have been very busy Main travel lanes of the 14th street bridge are good the express lanes may still be a little bit messed up with the crash activity on the express lanes 14 street bridge Right before lower 14th street with caution and following police direction but again the main 14th street bridge as you travel from Virginia into the district that is fine Ian Crawford WTO traffic We've got some on and off rain showers once again in the forecast here throughout the day today temperatures will climb into the middle to upper 70s and we will also see periods of dry weather so.

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