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Working @ Twitter

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Working @ Twitter

"Haven I'm honored twitter headquarters here in San Francisco. I'm university recruiter here. And I'm going around asking people what they love about working out twitter and I'm going to start with Mr Jordan Jackson. Hey how you doing kid. How are you so how do you like being an engineer here twitter? I'll love it actually. There's nothing rather be doing S.. Partly my one of my favorite things about being engineer. Oh my job I was Kinda like at a front desk or Pilots will come up and talk to me in requesting for me so now I could just throw my headphones and just co for like hours and just being my own little world when I was coming on during our new hire orientation. There was a man working here named Adam Bain had Adam and he had a little video and he was espousing the joys of how much bacon we serve here. That's my co tweet William William. He works in Ataur and he was just in his video with a plate of Bacon and I was like where is this fountain of Bacon and as it turns out we actually have. This cast asked iron skillet in our cafeteria that is just filled with Bacon. And it's there every day it's the Bacon skillet and it's you know. It just made me so so happy twitter's dedication to my bacon enjoyment and so I was. I was just really excited about that when I started working here. I mean obviously you know. There's like lots of fun. People but the Bacon welcome to building characters by at twitter you an inside view into launching a career in intact and how to have fun along the way. I'm your host Doodo meadow and this is our very first episode. y'All dedicated to unconventional backgrounds of tweets. That's how we call twitter employees and I'm going to bring William Jordan back to talk to us about what they did before four twitter and how they got a job here but before we do that I want to introduce you to my co host. This season hand. There's really hey what are you. Tell us what do you do too. I work in recruiting program manager. That sounds like fun. Yeah Super Fun. I was working with you and university and I just moved like a month ago. We had a great time doing university. Now I don't travel as much humans in those pointsman missing out on my travel points. So here's the thing you don't know about John before coming to twitter. He was doing something. Maybe Kinda SORTA. Let's just say different before twitter. I worked as a circus Acrobat for fourteen years which is a really long time to work in the circus. I think toward the circus aerial ropes and double tragedies mostly do you get into the you just find something on the newspaper like about one ED. I worked in film before circuits worked dancing theater and then circus last Oh holy performing career is Kinda Fun because you're a little product manager like you own. Your circus number. Is your product. Say Make this number you make the costumes. Let's get the costumes and the music. And the choreography new. Build this little number you film the Number Higher Viagra and photographers to film it for you and then you ship that video out okay. Here's my number. I could do this in your show circus or for your corporate event or for your cruise ships. Have you ever been like scared in any of your now. I don't do circus anymore after that anything that happens here. It's just like piece of Que. Did have like a job interview once and they're like so. How do you handle pressure? Well usually Julie if I mess something up like a lot of people can die so I think I'll be okay and this is what we're going to explore in today's episode. No not not the circus. But how can you make it to twitter even if your background is not necessarily in tech and the stores you're about to hear well you don't WanNa Miss. I am so stay with us if your student who wants to work at twitter are twenty twenty applications are now live. Go to t that co slash apply. That's t-that co slash apply. Where back and I'm bringing my two tweets from the top of the episode? Starting with Mister William Love. Hello William I love your last name thank you you can think my mother for letting me she per maiden name she. She fought hard for that one. So what do you do here to him. I work on our HR team. I handle a benefits and wellness for twitter so keeping people mentally we physically well. When I was in college I was a history? Major that does not translate into working in the tech industry in any way whatsoever. And when I got out I I sort of jumped into. They have sort of those entry level you know market development reps and sales development where you do a lot of cold calling very unglamorous which which is not a word and it's just not really fun engaging work and honestly my twitter story kind of by accident. I was sort of mindlessly looking for jobs at my house and I get a phone call actually from a staffing agency and they need someone to come in here and do various sort of you know. Menial filing paperwork paperwork me. My job was to sit in a closet for six seven hours a day. Just file thing. I know that closet big closet. You're used to always be in. Ah Yes love literally and metaphors so I spent a lot of time in there. I do want to let a lot of our listeners audience now that hey twitter is not only tech. We have other roles. A lot of people think that they have to have a software engineer. A coding background to work at twitter. And you really don't about a half a rolls or non integral all you have to do is determination and show that you care about this platform and then you know overtime. It's sort of evolved and I started learning a lot of things and I was rewarded for the year and a half of hard work that I put in actually being converted into a full time employee so it was very very unexpected. I've been here. Gosh three and a half years now and like if you had told me in two thousand fifteen that would be working at twitter. I honestly wouldn't have lead you as you can see. See you can come to twitter from any type of background even as a history major. Just like William did and now let's bring back Jordan Jackson and hear his story when I know. What do you do here at twitter? Most offer engineer on health and reporting team before I came in I was active duty and US Air Force served Abou- how almost six years I always wanted to make my own company like of course beyond the bay area. Everyone is obsessed with tech so I wanted to have my own company. One day Tom Kept run into this problem where I didn't have a technical co founder. I didn't have anyone to a code. And then our money to pay anyone Didn't have anyone who's like ability for you. so My solution for that was to teach myself how to cope. So that's how I landed into coding in It was something I picked up a couple of times actually I. I probably started learning how to cope. Maybe two or three times then. I like we'll come back to it And so One day hours on base and I was Speaking with one of the pilots Because that's my job in here. I helped pilots before they took off on missions and I was just talking about like I think I'll blackbirds actually. And then he he randomly just say like go on no one to buy groceries and I was like Oh really. Can you introduce me to this person. So it was really like Randall. which is how I met John Longtime ago and over? The course of I want to say Maybe a year to eighteen months like we just like a really great relationship. While I was still active duty still learn how to code and by the end of my list. Many constantly like on her like getting out Air Force Like the Communist twitter Jordan ended up landing and interview for an internship by constantly communicating with his contact here twitter and guys and another episode. We're going to talk about what it takes to now that interview but I wanted to point out that Jordan basically got connected to twitter through one of our biard. JEEZ twitter blackbirds water. Beer juicy may ask. Here's here's William Love. I'm so right here now at twitter we have the seven soon to be eight so we have blackbirds which has recently been mentioned and we have twitter are open for LGBTQ plus employees. We have twitter women. We have twitter Asians. We have alice which is far lat next. Employees which I've learned is Spanish for wings. We also have twitter parents and then soon we will be rolling out twitter able so really reaching out to our employees. Our customers that deal with disabilities. Nice things like that. So it's it's exciting. We have a lot of different groups that come together and our BIAGGI's and if you WANNA follow a twitter handles they have some great content twitter blackbirds is at blackbirds. I want to interject here. I'm part of twitter. Islas because I'm Latina. That's my background and I'm also part of twitter woman. BIAGGI's are a big AAC part of our lives here at twitter and almost every single employee belongs to one so I asked John. Are you involved with any G.'s Yes mostly involved with twitter opener. LGBTQ group and we're getting cocktails on Friday. We're having a happy hour so but we also bring in cool speakers a lot of times we'll do cool events walking welcome. Frayed invited to his happy hour. FEW TURNS INTO EVE's I hope you're seeing that you don't need to have any one type background to work with us. Make your own path finder strength and go for it. You belong twitter. Hey do you WanNa know where we're going to be on. Campus stay connected sign up for a newsletter. It dot com slash connect. That's t-that co slash connect. John yes choice. What is my favorite moment? Now what's what's that. Let's talk to someone who killed dead with their resume and successfully got an internship here or as we refer to them at twitter turns. This is turn update. So introduce yourself madam. Hi My name is Priya and I'm an intern on the ADS. API team ooh. ooh that sounds fun. Any fund projects and things he worked on one of my favorite projects was adding metrics to the video ads. And it's for a secret client. I cannot say more top secret stuff going on twitter saying now we want to know what was a fun activity activity that you did while you were twitter just getting to know my team and something. I'm really excited about is that I got a one on one meeting with Vigia. She's one of our topic. Sex and I cold emailed her into your applied to meet with me so I got a thirty minute meeting nineties which is really exciting so twitter everyone run loves the interns. Like if you want some things ask them people will give it to you like you're the apples of our interns anything you want. Are we just want you to learn and grow and ask questions head head of all legal so she has the whole policy team under her and the whole legal team under her she is a bad ash. Saw Ed what are you gonNA ask her her. Okay what did you ask her. I asked her how she got to this point in her life like what were the different stuff she she took during her career and also drew her to twitter. And she has a really interesting story about her father-in-law tweeting about the revolution in Egypt and feeling As if that was such a cool platform to be used for that and then found out one of her friends was at twitter and was like can you give me a job here and then two years later ended up here all right. Thank you so much for coming for the turn-up dates and that's our episode guys. Hope you're beginning to see that all it takes to stand out twitter is for you to be you and I wanna hear what you have to say so. Follow me on twitter at Studio and will tweet you next time. mm-hmm building characters is a production of pod. People for US twitter you. This episode was hosted by me. Romeo and end John Julich our executive producer. Rachel King. This episode was produced by Tony. Gannon and Elisa Lambert with production support by Luis Gil. Oh please ascribed this show on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts Rytas our review. It would really help us and follow us on twitter. You for tips and tricks tricks from our recruiting team. You can also follow me at its studio meadow and DM me with all your burning recruiting questions. Thanks for listening name. That's one thing that I say. Every time they go to schools is like if you D- Emmy. I will respond to every message. I don't say I don't check my linked Lincoln that much I get. I get work at Lincoln. We don't know exactly and we get like two hundred emails a day so I don't go there. Mailing linked to messages and I don't give my email way but I say I will respond to the dams and surprisingly not less students do it. Yeah I tell my students that the message. Jackie people tweet a track all time he responds.

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