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 Netflix Picks Up Madam CJ Walker Series from Octavia Spencer and LeBron James IGN Entertainment


02:22 min | 4 years ago

Netflix Picks Up Madam CJ Walker Series from Octavia Spencer and LeBron James IGN Entertainment

"Buy specifically over Columbus Day weekend and finally once the school year is up and running it's a really, good tip from experts to actually pack your kid's lunch. Can save you a lot of money in the long run reporting. Live Olisa, Donovan RTD six Eliza thank you for those temps will most, IBS students don't go back to school until August six for the district's innovation network schools do head back to class this week with some of them starting today we're going. To tell you who those are students attend Ending. Edison school of the. Arts Purdue polytechnic high school and Thomas Greg neighborhood school they go back this morning and then tomorrow even Avon Dale meadows middle school starts, off the school year on. Wednesday it's the first day for. Kids going to cold spring school in urban act academy school fourteen and if you are sending the kids out to the bus stop today, they might want to bring that umbrella, along Todd absolutely you're going to need that umbrella off and on throughout the course, of the day today so you need it during all day parts here morning afternoon. And into the evening hours so make sure you have it handy. Not going to be dealing with any real heavy rainfall and severe weather. But these, showers will just continue to stream through at, times and here's where we stand right now and you notice most essential Indiana dealing with. Some showers there's some spots where there's no rain falling but still, probably a pretty. Damn feeling and then across the state line in Illinois there's a pretty good batch of rain that'll be sliding here in. Central Indiana as we work our way throughout the day so here are rain, chances from start to finish throughout the course of this This Monday nearly, one hundred, percent here. To the morning commute then as we go throughout. The course of the remainder of the day those rain chances you see are straight with us. Through the eleven o'clock hour and they continue into your Tuesday we'll talk, more about the rest of the work week here, coming. Up in just a few minutes all right Todd thank you a big announcement from net. Flicks it's wanting a series about an Indianapolis icon it will tell the story of Madame. CJ Walker she created a line of, hair care products for African American women that made her a millionaire and, she also began the development of the historic Walker feeder on. Indiana avenue before her death in nineteen nineteen the series on Madame Walker will be produced by. TV Spencer and LeBron James with Spencer also, set to star in this show it. Will be based on the biography on our, own ground by Madame Walker's great great granddaughter Alenia bundles eight release date has not been announced coming up.

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