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"donny loftus" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Month with the Chilean government deploying 2000 soldiers to the region as it attempts to suppress the mapuche community on their fight to recover their ancestral lands The U.S. Congress has approved a new bipartisan sanctions Bill targeting the Nicaraguan government ahead of the country's presidential election Sunday in response to president Daniel Ortega's crackdown on the opposition Ortega is seeking a fourth term about 40 opposition figures including 7 presidential candidates have been arrested since June The legislation seeks to monitor and address human rights abuses and the obstruction of free elections by the Ortega government Opponents say more U.S. sanctions will continue to harm the Nicaraguan people in our demanding the U.S. government stop its catastrophic intervention in Nicaragua In The Hague three leading press freedom groups this week launched an unprecedented tribunal charged with holding governments accountable for the rising violence against journalists The people's tribunal on the murder of journalists is being spearheaded by the free press unlimited The committee to protect journalists and Reporters Without Borders For the next 6 months the tribunal will hold hearings on charges against the governments of Sri Lanka Mexico and Syria accused of failing to protect journalists and allowing their killers to act with impunity This comes as UNESCO has released a new report that documents an 87% impunity rate in cases of murder journalists between 2006 and 2020 The Justice Department is suing Texas over its recently passed voter suppression law saying it violates federal voting rights laws by targeting Texans of color Voters who don't speak English and voters with disabilities In related news the Republican controlled North Carolina legislature Thursday approved extreme gerrymandered redistricting maps giving Republicans and outsized advantage that could last for the next decade North Carolina governor Roy Cooper who's a Democrat does not have veto power over redistricting plans So any challenges to the new maps would likely go through the courts In other news from North Carolina dozens of democratic state lawmakers staged a walkout earlier this week After the house swore in its newest lawmaker Republican Donny Loftus who admitted he was present during the January 6th capitol insurrection Bloomberg reports Manhattan prosecutors have convened a second grand jury to continue probing the financial practices of Donald Trump's real estate empire and to weigh possible criminal charges of previous grand jury convened by Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance indicted the Trump organization and its former CFO Alan weisselberg In Kenosha Wisconsin the judge overseeing the trial of teenage gunmen Kyle rittenhouse has removed a juror who was overheard joking about the Shooting of Jacob Blake The African American man left paralyzed last year after he was shot by Kenosha police Judge Bruce Schroeder agreed with prosecutors that the jurors comments were disqualifying.

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