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Canada's newest Nobel laureate, reading surgeons' minds, sniffing out shark water, a moon in an alien solar system and women and autism underdiagnosis

Quirks and Quarks

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Canada's newest Nobel laureate, reading surgeons' minds, sniffing out shark water, a moon in an alien solar system and women and autism underdiagnosis

"This is a CBC podcast support for this podcast, and the following message come from IBM technology today has never been smarter, but smart only matters when you put it to good use together, we can build a smarter future for all of us. Let's put smart to work. Find out how at IBM dot com slash smart slash CA. He is. All. Or is our shared inherit. Creeks and cracks. Hi, I'm Bob McDonald, the Canadian science community got a new laureate this week as a laser researcher from Waterloo on -tario became just the third woman ever to win the Nobel prize in physics. I'll speak with Dr Donna Strickland about the work that won her the prize and how even as a senior scientist, she's still elaborate who loves to get her hands dirty. I just have fun doing it. Like if my day is dragging on, I go down to the lab. I always get a buzz out of going into the lab. Also. It isn't brain surgery. But if you look at the brains of doctors, you can tell just how good a surgeon they are. If you have that competency, you're gonna have very specific activation in the brain. Plus, how do you know if it's safe to go into the water look for a fin or just sniff for shark DNA we were trying to figure out, can we detect white, shark simply from a water sample and researchers think there's a huge population of women with. Autism, we've missed diagnosing because of bias. We have that bias that autism is a male condition because of all of the depictions of autism. And all the research is also very male dominated all this and more today on quirks and quarks. The Nobel prizes were awarded this week and for the second time and only three years, a Canadian physicist has been awarded a share the prize Dr. Donnas Strickland was honored for her work to quote the Nobel committee for the generation of high intensity ultra short optical pulses. The technique she and Gerard mood developed to create super concentrated bursts of laser. Light has proved enormously important for everything from laser, eye surgery to industrial laser, cutting. It's also proved to be a useful tool in scientific research, which is the work that she continues to pursue today. Dr Strickland is in the department of physics and astronomy at the university of Waterloo Dr Strickland. Congratulations on the prize and welcomed quirks and quirks and very much. Now you've had a little time for the news to settle in. How are you feeling at this point? It's del overwhelming and I'm still tired from it. Well, I understand when you got the call from Stockholm, you actually hung up on them. Well, they asked me. They said it was very important call in that. I should stay on the line, but I stayed on the line for full fifteen minutes and then thought either this is the cruelest prank or something was wrong. So I I hung up and then I got on my Email and they there was a message to call back. Your prize winning were Dake back to your PHD research. So how did you become interested in laser research in the first place? Just as a high school student, McMaster University had an engineering physics program, and I thought that was sort of I couldn't decide between physics and engineering. So I thought that walked the line for me and inside that they had a program for lasers and electro optics. And I just thought that was really sounded too, so cool so much fun. I thought that would be something to do. I can tell you that what my mother would say, she's no longer life, but when she was she would say that I was taken to the tarot science center as a young child. And my dad who was electrical engineer, there was a laser there at the time, and he's he's supposedly said to me, but I don't remember this, Donna lasers are the way of the future. You want to see this. So back in the nineteen seventies I was operating that laser at the science. Okay. Okay. Now you call yourself a laser jock. What's been the last thing appeal of laser research for you? I think it's just a lot of fun. I was the kind of kid that liked to play with Legos and to sort of build things, and I still asked my students that come in if you're that kind of person. First of all, when I walked into George lob very first time his the lab I walked into had red laces pumped by green lasers, and I just walked in thinking, oh my goodness. This is just like a Christmas tree, how much fun with that be to work in a place like this. So that's, you know, other people have great scientific reasons for doing things, but I just go with the way I feel. Let's talk about your prize winning work. What then is a chirped pulse. Amplification of leisurely. So this is the idea that Gerard was already an expert in short pulse lasers, and there were many short pulse lasers. There were also high energy lasers that were used for fusion, but you can't not put a short pulse through an amplifier. And the way to think about it is that how the electron response in the atom to the electric field is based on what's known as the intensity, and that's how much you can squeeze the total amount of light into the smallest volume. So you can use a lens to focus down in two dimensions, but the other dimension is time. And so if you want really intense, if you want all of your light in a small volume, you must squeeze down in time. But if you use a short pulse, you put it through your ankle fire. Then you have all of this energy in this very small volume and you blow up u. laser. So that's why we couldn't have short pulses and high-energy in the nineteen eighties. And what Gerard I did was realized that what you want to do is in that one dimension of time, just stretch that pulse of light out many, many orders of magnitude in time, then amplify it up. And after that, what our research really showed was that it didn't mess up this stretching so that we could we compress back to the short pulse again. Okay. So so I just wanted to make sure I got this, right? You're saying that if you try to put a an intense pulse through an apple, they're just too much energy in a small space. So it blows everything up and you wanna stretch it out, but how do you stretch a light beam? How did you stretch out the laser? Sherard was also very good at begging for things, and he got Corning, which was one of the big fiber optic companies to give us two and a half kilometer of affi- especial fiber that would work for the wavelength of light that we had in the end. I did break the fibre when I had unschooled at. So there was only one and a half kilometers, but in that one and a half calamities of fiber, they rats of the colors, traveled the fast. So they got to the end I and then the bluest of the coolest travel the flow us. So they got their about three hundred PICO seconds later. And that's how you end up with a pulse that's long and not short. Wow. So you literally made it long. They run down a long fiber optic cable, and then you amplify that. So how much stronger is the pulse when it comes out compared to the one in? Well, now you one hundred thousand or a million times bigger. So we had one one Miller jewel in one peak. A second. It's kind of unusual for the Nobel prize winning in physics to be so useful. I mean, especially so immediately useful. What is it about these intense short bursts of laser light that have made them so valuable in medicine in industry? Yes. I mean, actually a lot of work takes about fifty years. Sephora thing, you have to remember that the laser was first thought up by instarem because he seemed to thought of everything and his the I work on stimulated emission was done by him theoretically in nineteen. Seventeen. So you look how long it took already just to get the laser in nineteen sixty. So this is then just taking the laser concept and it was funny. I got us to speak the fiftieth anniversary of the laser because that was the twenty fifth anniversary of tripped pulse application. So in a way, you know, lasers had been around and this is a very useful technique to make the more intense. So I think it was just right for people to start thinking about if we had them that intense, what could we do. Well, beyond the commercial applications, like for cutting or for laser is surgery, they've also proved to be enormously powerful in sciences tools. Can you tell me about that? Yes, I would think that's the bigger area really. So there's two things in one way they are being pushed to be ever more powerful. On the other hand, there's a lot of people that don't need that enormous intensity and my post doc supervisor. Paul corkum is one of the people that took this CPA lasers and decided to make out of second pulses. But when you get pulses out of that powerful in that short, what are you doing with them? Scientifically, what are you investigating? Well, I think one of the big pushes right now with the intense ones would be laser celebration. I know that Gerard is really hyped at trying to maybe replace Sern, right? So that Sern eventually will have to be bigger if they wanna keep doing even more high energy physics, but you're talking about using lease. Offers for studying particles within the atom rather than these giant twenty kilometer rings of. But they hope that even if they can't compete with Sern right away, they can still exceleron particles enough, you know, much smaller space that maybe could still be used for Madison, right? One of the ideas is is proton acceleration from brain cancer. Well, this leads to work that you are still pursuing here in Canada and your lab at Waterloo, which involves freeze frame movies of molecules. Tell me about that. The idea is, of course you know, since the strove scope and before people have keep trying to take images of faster and faster things. And so at some point, it would be nice to have a movie where you could see Adams come, just vibrate. You know now to do that, though, these atoms are vibrating on the timescale of just a few of seconds. So that's why you need a short pulse. If you're gonna freeze that action, the pulse has to be shorter than that time scale of the motion. So that's one thing, but also the atoms are very tiny. So it's not like you can see them in a microscope, an optical microscope, and so the way to see them earliest one way to see them is to strip the electrons off to out Adam side by side in a molecule, if you do that and and people go back to their first physics. They'll remember that that's the cool on force between two charges. We usually do it with pith balls and stuff when we show it first year students, but nevertheless very so close together, right? And so this is why it's called cruel, OMB explosion spectrography. Those two atom are charged out hymns. Ions have no choice. They must explode. The the force between them is too great, but also then you can go back and measure what was the Connecticut energy. And from that you can determine how close they were when they exploded. So so what you're doing essentially is seeing chemistry in action. Okay. I'm gonna say, this is one of the things we want to see with pilots. Okay. And we still have quite figured it out. That'll be the next Nobel prize. I doubt it, but you'd never know. Well, you trained as an engineer and you're doing cutting edge science, you still making things you're developing these tools for scientific research. How important is this to you? I just have fun doing it now. I've been told I use that word too much, but I don't know how else to say it. Like if my day is dragging on, I go down to the lab anytime I think, oh, I just can't Mark another test. I can't do whatever. I always get a buzz out of going into the lab still getting to me an experimentalist and you get to see something for the very first time is a thrill that people that don't get to do that. Don't understand those. Those Christmas colored lights are still fascinating to you. That's right. Well much has been made this week of the fact that you're just the third woman to win the Nobel prize in physics. What do you think that means now in for the future? Well, I don't know. I don't know if Maria gave Myra was asked that it strange that she was only the second woman. I actually cited her in my thesis and I didn't know she was a woman at the time. I have to say that one of the professors that read my thesis stroked out where I said he and said for shame, Donna. And so I had to go back and study who gave it Meyer was I mean, the work she did was amazing. And you know, she didn't get paid the work that I cite. She started multifold on his -ation this tool that we would use to blow the molecules up in nineteen thirty nine. She was a theorist she didn't have to wait for the laser and she was a woman and not getting paid to do the science. So we've come a long way and I think we should always remember to celebrate that. We have come a long way. We can worry that we're not all the way, but I. I would like to celebrate that. We've come a long way. Dr Strickland. Thank you again for your time, and congratulations on the prize. Thank you very much. Dr. Donald stricklin is an associate professor in the department of physics and astronomy at the university of Waterloo. She shares the twenty eighteen Nobel prize in physics with Arthur Atkin and Gerard MU. Pentti of courage. I see not a bad mind either. There's talent. And a first to prove yourself, but where to put Chievo. Smith right. Russia. Griffin. The sorting hat in the enormously popular. Harry Potter books and movies was a remarkable magical device. It could look into the minds of students and determine their strengths and characters, and where at their magical school they might thrive that probably wasn't the inspiration for our next guest research. But there are some interesting similarities Dr. Aroon nemani has developed a new technology to evaluate the skills of Spiring surgical residents. He does it using a kind of hat, and it does look into the brains of those wearing it, but it's not magical. It's a high tech imaging system that watches surgeons brains work while they practice surgery. And this it seems could be the best way to test whether surgeons in training are good enough to be let loose on the patient population at large Dr. Demonte developed this idea for his PHD in biomedical engineering at Rensselaer polytechnic. Institute. Hi, welcome to Cork's and quirks. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me how are surgeons generally tested now, basically, there's a set of training tasks that let's say, residents in the journal general surgery population would have to complete in order to become board certified. And what we've found is that there may be a lot of novices and experts that unfortunately share similar scores, but may not have actually developed the motor skills required to translate that into the operating room. So is the old technique that an expert would just watch novice and say, hey, an and give them a score? That's right. You know, there's a a human proctoring subjectivity that's incorporated into these metrics. So why did you think that using brain imaging would improve this current system of testing surgical skills? Just like any motor skill really requires. Consistent practice and consolidation of these motor skills in your cortex. If you have that competency for fine motor skills, you're going to have very specific activation in the brain that correlate to that fine motor skill activity. So how do you measure brain activity? We measure brain activity using a technique called functional near infrared spectroscopy. What we're doing is essentially tuning a very specific laser to shine infrared light into the brain, and depending on how that light scatters were able to detect a lot of different interesting metrics such as hemoglobin concentration as indirect way to measure brain activity. And the cool thing about this approach is it's real time noninvasive and it's relatively easy to conduct, especially in a conducive environment, such as a training environment for surgeons, wait a minute. You're saying it's noninvasive, but you shining laser light in. To the brain. You're absolutely right. It's it's just as invasive as shining a flashlight on somebody's scalp. What? What does the person have on their head of really, it's just a an elastic cap, and that cap has just set a probes that were shining very tiny bits of infrared light directly onto their scalp. Okay. So the person's wearing this scalp cap, that's yes, shining the laser light into their brain measuring their brain activity. What did you see in your experiment? We saw that there's three specific regions that are highly correlated to motor skill and they have very different activation between an expert and novice these three regions are the primary motor cortex, the supplementary motor area, and the prefrontal cortex experts. For example, have very high activation in the primary motor cortex as opposed to novices who have very high activation within the frontal cortex. And these are. Important indicators of not just motor skill but also expertise. And so we use these regions and we're able to differentiate whether they fall into the knobs category or the expert category, we'll, we'll take me through that. Why would there be a difference? I know motor the motor cortex obviously, is what we use to control our hands, correct. Yep, that's correct. All right. So what's going on in the prefrontal cortex? So the prefrontal cortex, it's basically the region where you utilized to actually think about the procedure that you're performing for the first time. So I'll give you an example. Let's say you're driving and you're learning how to drive in your lane changing on a highway. You're heavily utilizing your prefrontal cortex during the initial stages of learning that. And as you've been driving for years or even decades becomes an automatic process, you're no longer actively determining or thinking every process and every step of lane change onto a highway becomes automatic. And that's where you no longer start to see. Activation in the prefrontal cortex. But instead in the motor cortex, the primary motor cortex ally, see, whereas the the old pros, they're just doing it automatically automatically. You're absolutely right. So now that you've seen this difference in the brain activity between the novice and the expert surgeon, how does your tests compared to the current method of testing surgeons? What we found is that if we use the consistent and it already existing metrics, there's roughly forty percent chance that that resident has actually falsely past or has been classified as an expert. And so with our, if we say, let's take a look at what's happening in the brain with an accuracy of ninety five ninety, six percent will be able to tell you whether you have actually mastered that motor skill. Wow, that's amazing. So even though somebody might look good on the surgical table, he say, well, I can see in your brain. You're not really as good as you say exactly right. And that's why you know this can be. Reversal because we're introducing a new paradigm of actually assessing surgical skill competency. And the big thing is that we wanna make sure we always aid surgeons in their training and how they're performing these procedures. And you know, we really think this is the way forward what decisions think about being tested by machine rather than another surgeon. Well, as expected you know, with with got some bevelled feelings, a lot of them are on board. You know, we have had physicians come to a saying that this is fantastic. We think that this is going to be very important for assessing training competency. And at the flip side, we've also had many surgeons that are incredibly skeptical and they say, you know what? How dare you say that? You know machine can tell me if I'm better or not. Well, how could this technique be used in other fields of surgery? I think the biggest impact is right now with shown that this is a clear case for training. I think one of the area. That you know this may impact is basically measure motor skill competency near the latter years of a surgeon are there objective metrics that we can determine for retirement. So I, I really think this will be a solid approach to be able to objectively determine motor skill, drop-off, essentially, doctrine Amani, thank you very much for your time. Thank you very much. Thanks for having Dr. Ruined. Amani is a neuro and data scientist. His research was published in the journal science advances. This morning. All beaches here in wealth. Fleet in neighboring tro are clues to swimming, including this one where the shark attacker Kurd as officials, try to figure out just what kind of shark it was that took a young man's life. It's remarkably rare, but every once in a while, the jaws nightmare comes true last month, paddle border was attacked by what is thought to be a great white, shark in the waters off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, he died of his injuries another. Well, publicized attack occurred. Just a few weeks before that. Now, white sharks don't normally feed on humans. Very rarely. They will bite us defensively or after mistaking a human for prey, like a seal or possibly even just out of curiosity, still those attacks are a huge cause for concern among surfers swimmers and other beachgoers, and the best way to avoid them is to stay. Out of the water when potentially dangerous sharks are around. The problem is how do you know sharks are stealthy and often all we have to rely on for warning is the sharp of a lifeguard watching for a fin in the water. Dr Kevin lafferty thinks he might have a better way rather than trying to spot a whole Chartres. He testing for miniscule traces of shark in the water. Dr. Laverty is a marine biologist with the United States Geological Survey and the university of California, Santa Barbara, Dr. Lafferty welcome to corks and quirks next very much Bob. First of all, how surprising were these recent shark attacks on the east coast to you? Well, we have been seeing increase reports the white sharks, certainly where I live in California and other places around the world and in part due to restrictions on fishing, but also do increases in their natural prey populations. The seals and sea lions that the large adults feed on. And so. So we do get attacked. They happen infrequently, and in fact, your risk of being attacked by shark in the oceans, really, really low. What's the price me? Most frankly, was that it was a fatal attack because most white shark attacks or not fatal. So how then are you planning to look for traces of sharks in the water? Well, one of the difficulties of sort of public safety and understanding the ecology of white sharks is just that the really rare and hard to find. And so we have a difficult time counting them or knowing when they're around, but this new technology and it sort of an offshoot of what you might call crime scene technology of being able to sample and then amplify DNA and identify it. Sometimes in crime scenes, we identified to a particular individual person in ecology. We are usually looking to identify that DNA to a particular species networks for just about any species. In this case, we were trying to figure out, can we detect white, shark. Simply from a water sample. Well, okay, we'll take me through that. What kind of DNA are you looking for? How do you get it out of the water? Yeah. So you know, all organisms are constantly shedding bits of skin or mucous or whatever, and aquatic organisms leave that stuff flooding out of the water where it might drift around for a couple of days before degrading naturally just appearing, but it's it's left there long enough that in a water sample, we can filter those particles out and then we can use this technology called polymerase chain reaction to amplify DNA molecules. So we can take very rare molecule, amplify it too many millions of copies to get the genetic code of the organism that left that DNA in the environment. Well, so you don't have to actually like stab the shark to get a sample from it. It's just nothing water. How much water do you need to collect to get a DNA sample in this sort of trial that we used off of carpentry, California, we sampled a leader and a half a. And area that had white sharks. We knew that because the sharks were tagged swimming around the area where I sampled the water, and then we sampled the same amount of water up the coast about a mile where we didn't think there were sharks around in that that one and a half liters of water was enough to be able to detect multiple copies of white, shark DNA. Well, do you have a name for this kind of DNA that you find in water? Yes, called environmental DNA because it doesn't necessarily come from within a live animal. It's just stuff that's floating around all around us in. In fact, everywhere you are in where you go. Even the countertop you know, at the destined, I'm sitting out has got plenty of environmental DNA on it, probably mostly from me and and the people in the studio here, but it sits around for a while degrades over time, but we can still pick it up, preserve it and then Senate to the lab and sequence it. So once you get your DNA, what does that tell you about sharks in the area. Well, it tells you that a shark was in the vicinity within a few days and that's about it. It doesn't tell you how big the shark was. It doesn't tell you how many sharks there were necessarily. Of course, if you got a lot of shark DNA that might suggest that there was a lotta sharks around, but it's very difficult to actually get much more information than simply a shark has been around here lately. Okay. So like seeing tracks in the woods, they the animal went by at some point. Yeah, you know, I think that's a really good analogy. I actually liked to use the analogy of is sort of like being able to smell shark, you know that that shark may have gone by might not even be there anymore, but it sort of is this remote detection. It's kind of a new sense that we have now as ecologist to be able to detect things that in ways that we couldn't detect before. So how would that work then to protect beaches? Well, the future we hope is gonna allow us. To go and take a water sample. And then in a short period time, maybe just a couple of hours be able to determine has as a white, shark been in the area. And in doing that, that allows us to alert the public, maybe reduce conflicts between white sharks and people, which I think is really good for people and white sharks. Obviously, because what we'd like is to be able to maintain the ocean food web and a healthy way, but also keep people safe. Well, I think of DNA testing something that's a laboratory technique at the moment, but could this evolved to the point where say lifeguards could have portable DNA analysis and they could just run down, take sample right on the spot. My collaborator, Andy Mahan, who's really developed a lot of this technology. You know, he says, it's it really just as a matter of time before these portable field testing kits revival like just within a few years frankly. So in addition to making beaches safer for people, could this technology also used to protect the sharks? Well, yeah, frankly, that is one of the underlying goals and that we can get a better idea about the basic biology of white sharks. I mean, we barely know where these things go for half the year. Also again, if we can minimize conflicts between people and sharks, and that means that you're gonna see less calls to go out and slaughter sharks every time that there's a shark attack. In other words, the fewer shark text. We have the better for people and for sharks, and we can hopefully coexist peacefully with this really magnificent creature Dr. Laverty thank you very much for your time. Oh, you welcome. Bob, it's been a pleasure. Dr. Kevin, lafferty is a marine biologist with the United States. G. Logical survey based at the university of California, Santa Barbara. Okay. Earth has one moon. Mars has to Jupiter, has at least seventy nine Saturn sixty two urine us a couple of dozen Neptune, a handful and a half, even tiny Pluto. Whether you think it's a planet or not has several moons so moons are common in our solar system. You can't throw an asteroid without hitting one. But what about elsewhere in our galaxy, we've now discovered thousands of planets circling other stars. So we know solar systems are common, but just detecting those planets is at the limits of our instruments. So it's an even bigger challenge to tell if any of those planets have moons. But a big challenge is an impossible one to astronomers in the US announced this week that a ten year search for signs of a moon in another solar system may be over. They think they may have the first detection of an ex, oh, moon, Alex, THE in. Rana Moran graduate student from Columbia, University of New York was part of the team Mr. t. welcome to quirks and quarks. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Well, how excited are you to have found evidence of the first moon outside our solar system? Well, it's it's very exciting. I mean, we've been working on this for while my adviser and co, author, David, keeping his been spent about a decade working on the search for moons you know, we, we're, we're being cautious here. We are seeing evidence for an exit moon. If it's real, it's the first time we've detected one of these things passing in front of us star. So that super exciting, and it's very interesting system. Something that people really haven't anticipated a very large moon. We've done a pretty rigorous job. We think analyzing the data. So hope it holds up well, how can say, where's it located? It's a moon. Orbiting the planet Kepler. Sixteen twenty five be. This is a Jovian or a gas giant about the size of Jupiter, a little more massive than Jupiter, but about the same size. And it orbits this star called Kepler. Sixteen twenty five, and it's about eight thousand light years away from us is the star like our sun. It's about the same masses, our son. But as far as we can tell, it's what we call climbing the red giant branch. It's an older star about nine billion years. Whereas our son is only about four and a half billion years old. Even though it's about the same masses, our son, it's significantly larger. It's about one point, eight times the radius of our sun. Wow, they say the planet that is going around us about the size of Jupiter bigger. So how big is the moon as far as you know right now, as far as we can tell this moon is about the size and mass of Neptune, and that is something that hardly anybody has intimated. When we look at the moon's in our solar system, they tend to be smaller than the earth. We've got a lot of moons as he said. So something. This large is something that people really haven't expected an kind of raises some new questions about how you could get a moon of the size. And if it turn. Out to be real than you know, the theories have some new problems to solve boy, a moon, the size of Neptune, going around planet, the says, juvenile, it's like two planets going around each other rather than a planet move. Sure. Yeah. I mean, Neptune is significantly larger than the earth, of course. So that is, is peculiar the mass ratio which is sort of what we Ciro in on the ratio of the masses between this moon and the planet based on our modeling is only about one percent. So that's not terribly far off from what we see with the earth and our moon, for example. But obviously, like you say, no one's really expected to find a moon, the size of Neptune. It's it's, it's I hesitate to say it's unusual because it's potentially the first detection. So right now we can't say much about the population of moons out there. It remains to be seen. We have to detect in another in another, and then we say whether or not this is unusual or whether this is something that's a lot more common than we anticipated. How did you find the evidence for this. This moon, right? So we, we started initially we had data from the Kepler space telescope. This was a phenomenal mission that lasted about four and a half years. We saw three Puerto called transits of the planet. This is when the planet passes them from the star. From our point of view, it blocks out just a little bit of light that we're receiving from the star. And that's what happens when the planet passes. If there's a moon there, we expect the the moon, of course to to block out a little bit of light as well. So we initially saw this signal in the Kepler data. It looked tantalizing, but it was not really enough to claim a discovery. So we ultimately asked for time on the Hubble space telescope to follow this up, observe it again and see if we could confirm it when we get. We had that survey Shen in October twenty seventeen, and we've been working on it since then. The hovel observation really is sort of convincing. Like I say, we're stopping a little short of claiming into discovery here, but we see basically two lines of evidence that suggests that the moon is a good explanation for what we're seeing. We see gravitational perturbations gravitational tugging on this planet that makes the timing of the planets transits move around a little bit in time. Sometimes it comes in early. Sometimes it comes in late. That's what we would expect a moon to do. And the other thing that we see in the hub observation is this little dip in the brightness we see the planet transit, and then we see a secondary little dip that right now we're, we're attributing to the moon, what will it take to prove that it really is a moon going around another planet around another star? Well, if we could observe this object again when it comes around again, in may twenty nineteen, we're hoping to use the Hubble space telescope for that. We've asked for the time. We don't yet know if we're going to be awarded that time. We've got this time around a pretty clean prediction for what we ought to expect when we make that operation. And so if the moon holds up to that prediction, I think would be a pretty convinced. But you know, we'll have to see this target to this. Event that we're looking at the planet itself takes nineteen hours to pass in front of the store. So that's a lot of time. And if you think about it, the earth is rotating. So you can't observe this event with any single telescope on the surface of the earth. You have a certain amount of hours in the night. So the only way that you could perform this invasion from the ground would be to stitch together data from multiple instruments, and that would be quite challenging. So going to space is really what you wanna do, and there's only really two telescopes that I can think of that are remotely capable performing, an observation like this, the Spitzer telescope, but really Hubbell is is the best game in town. If it is proven to be a moon, do you get to name it? I don't think so frayed the planet, of course ready has a has a name Keppler sixteen twenty five be the historical convention for naming moons around planets has been to give them Roman numerals. So we've taken to to saying this would be Kepler. Sixteen twenty five be one. Covad you came up with a better name that? No. No cave real or. Colo- around the office, we call it the net moon. Okay, net moon? Yeah, we've is kind of a silly name, but I don't think that will that will fly ultimately, MRs teach you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for having me appreciate it. Alex teach. He is a graduate student in the department of astronomy at Columbia University in New York. I'd like to introduce you to someone. My name is Carrie Johnson. I'm thirty eight years old. We'll just thirty eight and I got diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum about five years ago, Kelly Johnson lives in Montreal. She's a mother with a couple of other jobs to keep her busy as well. She's been diagnosed with autism, but you can certainly tell she's what some people call high functioning. That's not unusual for people with autism. They're often enormously productive and capable. What is unusual about Kelly Johnson is that she's a woman and she's been diagnosed increasingly, autism researchers are coming to realize that there may be a vast population of women with autism whose disorder hasn't been recognized. We'll get into the wind later. It may have much to do with autism being perceived as a male disor. Order miss Johnson wasn't diagnosed with autism until she was in her mid thirties, the signs were there, but nobody recognize them. I would have panic attacks and what I didn't know that my anxiety and my panic attacks actually being caused by sensory overload. I didn't realize that I was going into like a meltdown mode or having sensory issues, and it could be, you know, I wasn't very good at regulating. I still I'm still not good every leading. Let's say my body temperature of being aware getting too hot lading can be very like, oppressive his sophisticated, put it a lot of noise, things like that. So I was having symptoms, but not knowing what was wrong before her diagnosis. Miss Johnson did seek various kinds of help. She had therapy. It didn't work. She suffered in confusion and distress. I just figured it must have been just need because nobody else was having a problem. So I will. I'm broken. There's something wrong with me. I couldn't understand why it was so difficult for me. I just figured, well, I'm just beyond help. I'm just I'm broken. The confusion came to an end. Thanks to someone else's diagnosis. I sought out diagnosis myself after my son was diagnosed. I just saw too many militaries in the way that we both kind of behaved. I found that I almost innate be understood him and what he was going through in ways that don't, you know, the can't quite be explained by maternal instinct the dog noses of autism has been life altering for MS Johnson, partly because. Now she's getting the right kind of help, but mostly because she now knows who she is. It was a relief not released. You know, I stopped blaming myself having that self understanding has liberated me because I think a lot of a lot of my my problems with that. I spent a lot of time trying to make myself normal and realizing now that I can cut myself slack. But I, I actually, I don't have to do it the same way that other people do. I feel like I'm living for your. I stopped seeing myself as broken. It's now I can just see myself as different and understand that. That's okay and have kind of a pride in that. So yes, I do have struggled, but I do have strength because of my brain. And that's something I also tried to assure with my son. Kelly Johnson is one of the lucky ones. One of the women whose autism has been recognized, but according to Dr Francesca happy a leading autism research. Searcher based in the UK. There may be a huge invisible population of women living with autism whose condition is undiagnosed their social deficits struggles with sensory information and behavioral problems are all too frequently mistaken for other maladies or simply ignored and Dr happy thinks it's time. We started paying much more attention to this problem. Dr. Happy is professor of neuroscience King's College, London in England. Hi, welcome to quirks and quarks. Thank you very much. Now, autism is a spectrum disorder. Some people are affected more than others. So when we talk about women with undiagnosed autism, what kind of autism are we talking about? They typically would be those who have good intellectual functioning, for example, and they've managed to Moscow camouflage some of that autism difficulties than differences at least when they're in public. Well, when did the autism research community start to suspect that there was a large group of undiagnosed women. I think the key piece of evidence is that we've been operating with estimates of the male to female ratio being maybe a full five to one and that high intellectual ability end of spectrum may be ten males for everyone female. And that's been the kind of estimate in the literature, but a very recent review that looked at all of the epidemiological work today conclude that the ratio is probably three to one, so that gap in the estimates that we will using and the accurate figures from really good effigy. Maniacal studies gives us this stock conclusion that there are thousands of women girls who will going undiagnosed ole miss diagnosed and mistreated. We'll take me through this more recent research. How did you get a handle on what the real numbers between men and women were? So this is such paper headed up by Jill. Looms and colleagues, and they looked at all of the studies in the literature that have reported the male female ratio and what they did was look at the different kinds of studies. So some of those studies will have looked at individuals known to clinical educational special services because they already have a diagnosis. And in those cases we get those high up male female ratios of maybe four, five to one. But the other studies that have taken a much more recourse approach that epidemiologic studies that have gone out into the population, they've screened everybody for to stick traits and they've really gone to find the people who have autism, but may be having got to the clinic, haven't received that diagnosis yet. And those studies, those methodologically much more sound studies bring us to that more realistic estimate of maybe three to one males to females. So was this occasion of of the they just don't. Report their own autism and how we missed so many girls. I think a lot of things happening. The first thing is that we have that bias that autism is a male condition. When a teacher or parent or doctor sees a girl who is struggling socially, they don't think autism, they think social anxiety. They might think eating disorder, they might think shy when they see a boy who struggling socially than that autism red flag goes up in their mind because of rain, man, because of all of the depictions of autism and all the research is also very male dominated. Historically, people have actually excluded women and girls from autism research studies. So it's not surprising that we're looking for the male stereotype of autism. And what we think we know about autism is actually what we know about male autism. And then as a question about whether our diagnostic systems really fair to females, maybe autism looks different in women and girls. How so? Well, we know from such really just beginning now that, for example, the special interests that are very characteristic of autism and part of the diagnostic criteria in women, a more likely to focus on a topic that's very olden me and peer appropriate. So if again, a clinician seeing ago with a question autism diagnosis and they also little go what you interested in and she says, forces all names a boy band. That clinician isn't going to worry that think, okay, that's fine. Nothing autism. But if they dug Deepa and they've actually asked about the entrusted, find that the interest is so extreme was so focused just on collecting facts about horses, but never actually wanting to see a horse that they'd realize the interest is unusual in its depth and is now or nece. Now little boy with autism when you ask them what they're interested in, if he says he's interested in. In trista pylons and I've got a thousand federals trista pylons I'd like to show you or you ask a fifteen year old boy and he says, he's interested in Thomas the tank engine, then collisions going to think, oh, hey, on this might be autism. So are you saying that the females just don't talk about it as much. They hide it more about the special interests are often different character. There's also camouflaging masking. So a lot of the women girls with autism that we talked to will tell us that they consciously adopt the behavior of the goals around them. They might choose a woman they work with or girl in that class who they think is popular and copy how she dresses how she does have how she talks, how she walks very consciously adopting a non autistic kind of camouflage mosque. And that doesn't seem to be common among boys and men on the autism spectrum. So if women are being diagnosed later with autism spectrum disorder, how does that. Effect them, how does that hurt them? So one of the things that he's a problem is that these women often misdiagnose with all the things. So I know women on the Orson spectrum who've been misdiagnosed, having psychosis schizophrenia and miss Medicated. I know other women, whether it's diagnostic over shadowing woman who has an eating disorder, but also has autism. But when they go for clinical attention for eighteen disorder because that autism hasn't been recognized the clinician just seating soda, they don't see that it's anorexia in the context of autism, and that means that the kind of treatment they get full. That eating disorder isn't going to be white because the same so's the things going to work. Often women with autism, eating disorders onto toll concerned about body image, how they look the very concerned about eating exact number of calories or keeping their weight to an exact to the kilogram weight. And it's a piece of obsessive behavior around maybe a special interest. So he needs a very different. Treatment. The other thing is still fun to standing that comes with diagnosis is extremely helpful and often really changes how people on the spectrum feet about and selves. One of the things I find heartbreaking again in the diagnostic clinic is that highly intelligent woman may be in fifties when she has for the first time the diagnosed with autism will say, does this mean I'm not stupid and the explanation that she's come up with? Why she's never really got it. She's never understood how to be in that group, how to make that joke, how to understand the unspoken rules of social life, her explanation for self with she must be stupid because everyone else got it and she didn't, and you can see how over lifetime never feeding you fit in always feeding. You're missing some secrets that's pasta around that. That other understanding you don't that media votes your sense of self and he's really bad in terms of depression and anxiety. Where's the turning point. At what point in life do they say, hey, I'm not. Is it coming from the person themselves from the women themselves, or is it coming from a clinician who's looking at their behavior and say, hey, I've got, I've got a clue here. That's an interesting question. I think there are lots of different pulse to diagnose. It's a one pot that I see quite often is that in a family young child who has quite quite mocked, quite obvious autism will get a diagnosis and my Bill little boy, and then the parents might start reading around autism and they might decide, actually, I've got all of these traits and sometimes the fath. Oh, sometimes mother will say, actually, I think this is me as well. I think I'm on the autism spectrum and then they'll go and seek clinical advice and might well find that actually, yes, this is how they've been the whole life. They have autism to. It just wasn't recognized as such. We have to remember the diagnostic criteria for autism have changed over the years and ten twenty thirty years ago. This form of autism. Without intellectual disability really wasn't recognized seen. So that might be one part way comes around through the diagnosis of child in the family in all the cases teach, oh, apparent who might never thought of autism might see something hit something about how autism can look in girls and think chilly. Maybe that's why my daughter has such a hard time fitting in why she doesn't quite understand communication in the way that all the people would even though she's really smart. So the number of different routes to diagnosis and some of them pretty long roads. So what are your recommendations for changes in the system so that autism can be recognized more readily in women? So one thing that's very simple. It's just full clinicians and teachers and parents just think autism. Just just have that in your mind when you're thinking about the difficulties that the girls in your cloth or in your clinic, a having. Just remember. Autism could be relevant. For those girls. It's not just about boys. The thing is in terms of research, we need to stop excluding women and girls from our research studies and have much more such focused on this question and that research needs to go outside the clinic. We can't just look at those who currently diagnosed because that's gonna be succulent. If we look at those who already meet diagnostic criteria, we're not going to improve on diagnostic criteria to be more sensitive to how might look different in women and girls. We need to go out there into the general population and really study the natural history of this thing that we call autism. Dr helping. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you so much. Dr. Francesca happy is a professor of neuroscience and the director of the social genetic and developmental psychiatry centre at King's College, London in England, and for those who didn't know October is autism awareness month here in Canada. Here's what this month means for Kelly Johnson whose autism was missed for so long. I'm more about x. than I am about awareness. And when I say acceptance is more vote hind to get people to understand or accept different times. People are scared of what's different. Someone acting kind of, you know, that guy's acting kind of weird. He's kind of different making noises on the bus. It doesn't mean that we're dangerous people 'cause we're not. We're really the farthest from the dangerous people out there were just different than I, what I really want people to understand that different isn't isn't dangerous, not wrong. It's just it's just a different way of being. And if we can start to accept that, there are different ways of being and that there are strengths and having this kind of diversity. Then I think all society will just be a happier place for everyone can. Johnson is a board member at autism, Canada, and the founder of completely inclusive. A business consultancy focused on educating companies about disabilities. And that's it. For this week's addition of and quirks if you'd like to get in touch with us, just go to the contact, Lincoln our web webpage and to get to our webpage Goto CBC dot CA, slash quirks where you can subscribe to our podcast. Listen to our audio archives or read my latest blog. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook at CBC quirks. You can also listen on the CBC radio app. It's free from the app store or Google play quirks and quarks was produced by seawall Sonia biting and Mark Crawley are acting, senior producer is Jim Lebanon's. I'm Bob McDonald. Thanks for listening. For more CBC podcasts go to CBC dot CA, slash podcasts.

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Roses, Mealy Bug, and Sensitive Plants


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Roses, Mealy Bug, and Sensitive Plants

"Are This is plant Rama with sale for Nari and Myself Ellen's Akos. It's the podcast where there are no stupid questions as long as the topic is plans today. We're going to talk talk about roses. mealybugs and sensitive plants. What a line up and we're going to start with sexual for the plant new on what kinds ends of roses might be easiest to grow for somebody just starting out a rose lover who has been dying to grow some of their own it's funny L. and because we're talking about sensitive plants which is highly different thing later in the program but there's some people who would feel that roses could be called to sensitive plant? Some types types of roses are picky picky picky right Rosa's can be the Prima Donnas of the plant world but they are also one and flower. That pretty much appeals to everyone I for many years was the only person I know who did not like roses and the only reason I like them now is because you can eat. I have no patience. I have no patience for fussy roses that get mildew and leave spot and offense. It's like there are so many other plants and beautiful flowers that you could grow. I'm just not a rose person but I do grow as you know Ruko Cirrhosis. Because because I I love to use their fragrant pedals in their big fat hips in food. But other than that I am. I'm just not a you know I'm not one of those people who want to a Bauer of roses in their garden. I love roses and I like all types of frozen. I don't there are some roses that I choose to grow in some that I don't but let's let's kind kind of break it down. The American rose society uses certain categories of roses. Yeah they are hybrid tea roses grandiflora roses flora abundant Rosa's paulie anthem roses miniature many roses right shrub roses and climbers or rambling rose. And it's confusing. If you're just starting out I remember when I got all of those terms I was like Grand Flora Flora Bundle. What the heck is the difference? Well the most popular class of roses among among people is the hybrid. Tea Rose when most people think of roses. This is what they think of. It's a large bloom. It's got thirty to forty pedals are or more per flower They are often on a slightly longer stem. So they make a good cut flower their new introductions coming along all the time and they come in all kinds of color so many people if they're thinking of a rose this is what they're thinking of is a hybrid. Not Is it the easiest rose on the planet to grow. Oh no no. It is not now a subgroup of hybrid. Teas grandiflora rose. These often grow very tall. Okay and so. They're not suitable for every landscape and and their flowers however appear in clusters rather than individually on the stems again not necessarily the easiest Rosebush to grow floor. Abundant roses are probably the next popular to hybrid teas and the Granda Flora's and it. They also have their flowers. It's in big clusters are And this type of rose. Flora bundler tends to bloom more throughout the season then some hybrid teas grant floors have one period of bloom and then they're done for the year right and they can be glorious when they're they're in that one period of bloom. There's I know it's remarkably impressive when you see that but for people who want bloom throughout the gardening season the floor abundance give you maybe less impact at one moment in time but you do have that continued. Blue and many of them have been bred also to be more disease disease-resistant and more problem free so those people who are kind of gravitating toward the hybrid tea type roses might check into the floor abundance because that might be more satisfying for them in terms of repeat flowering and in terms of ease of growth grow You know the POLLYANNA. Roses are shorter. Those aren't under most people's radar the miniature roses. Those those are the ones that you buy in the supermarket or the garden center with a tiny little flowers and they're kind of cute and most of them are used as gift plants. Listen then they die and people don't usually grow them in their landscape. But you could. You can plant them outside and and oftentimes if they're hardy to your area and that's something you don't always know if you're picking it up in a grocery store but I I have grown many miniature roses that people have given me that. I just couldn't bear to throw away because I'm a big old softy off-duty and they've grown very nicely for me in the garden and because most of them end up about Oh fifteen inches to feet tall at most They make great container their plants. So if you were given one of these miniature roses as a gift planted outside in a pot on your deck or patio and see what happens. Nothing to lose right EXAC- now for the plant new but the variety of roses which are most accessible easy to to grow and disease-resistant are the shrub roses and roses shrub. Roses have taken the country by storm. There are many varieties of shrub. Roses probably right now in this country the most well known is knockout. The knockout series and the knockout is a great rose. But I would urge people not to think that that's the only shrub rose because there are great shrub roses there is the whole. Well you know reducer. Roses are shrub roses. And that's the only rose I grow for for for many reasons fragrant pedals pedals that can be used to infuse cream. Big Rose hips. That can be used in jams and jellies and look hers but also the regatta. Roses are very salt tolerant if you live near a coast or if you plant them near a road that gets salted in wintertime. They are highly disease resistant. Didn't so you're much less likely to get powdery. Mildew or black mold on them and for some reasons. I don't know why But the aphids and the Japanese these beetles D don't seem to at least where I grow them be quite so interested in them. Since I just mentioned where I grow them I want to say that Santa Fe. It's pretty much a rose growers dream as far as climate is concerned because we have excellent air circulation and fairly dry air. We do not on have a lot of high humidity and that that cuts down so so if you're going to grow roses in a dry climate you've got a head start and these shrub roses. This which by the way are also called landscape roses and and I should mention the drift series are great also easy. That's it Oh so easy. Yeah I was trying to think those are great so there are many the flower carpet series from tessler plants wonderful plant dependable bendable productive realize yes continual flowering whether they're dead headed or not although deadheading them does seem to hasten their Repeat flowering just a little bit but if you dead head you get no rose hips. Well that's true but many of the landscape roses don't make rose hips and anyway. Ah that is true and when I am looking for a rose I always ask if the plant makes hips and if by any chance there are forager's out there who are thinking about planting roses houses. That is a question you want to make sure you ask in whatever category. You're looking if you want the rose hips ask I because a lot of these plants either produced these tiny little insignificant hips hips at all. So if you're looking for an easy rose plant gopher the shrubs gopher landscape roses and then you can dabble all in the other varieties as well and do keep in mind that sometimes it's worth it to plant a rose plant and you see what happens and and some of them. Even though they have a reputation of being finicky they can thrive as you say ellen in your climate roses tend to do well so they can sometimes thrive against all odds and as long as you plant them in a place where there is full son and you're attentive to their need for some composter fertilizer. And then you know you'll probably do okay. Hey with them enough to get a lot of pleasure out of these plants Ellen in our drink grow segment. I WanNa talk about something that is really bugging. May Right now my husband and I before we got married we went out to a nursery outside of San Diego and we bought an elephant foot. What plant in nineteen seventy two? I believe it was and we've had it ever since and and so. This is a sentimental a plant for both of us right and it has been fantastic carefree gotten bigger and bigger very impressive very sculptural the plant and last year I looked closely at that plant and it was in fasted with mealy bug. So let's let's talk about mealy bug. I think probably anybody WHO's grown. A House plant has had an effort for any for year. Even has probably heard about a run into mealy bugs and the thing. That's trickiest about mealy. Bugs is if you don't know what they look like. They don't look like bugs at first they just look like little flecks of white cotton. Let me stuff. So they don't catch your eye as being an insect infestation. And that's that's too bad because they often are able to get a hold of your plant before you realize what's going on and what even if you're not familiar with them like I was there also sometimes hard to realize that you've got an infestation. Because they thrive in crevices and cracks of plants in the places swear leaves attached to the stems and they're not out flying around they're not like fungus GNATS at their fly. Now your living room and so you know you notice them So so they can really start to breed and become prolific under the radar. Yeah they often will grow where the leaves overlap like. We talked about clear last week. If we're those leaves I sometimes get mealy bugs in where the leaves overlap on the Clavier. Plant I used to have the best most foolproof product for spraying on Mealy bug. It was a kerosene based I Insecticide called Seeda Flora. I don't think it's made anymore. I was wise enough to stockpile of it but I might even be out out of it now and it was great because you could fill up a sprayer and really drench the plant and pull aside leaves and get that liquid down in there. Yeah and and it was a lot easier than going around with the q tip and the alcohol which is the age old way of doing it. I do. We'll get some satisfaction of of the alcohol out of the alcohol and q tip method because you get to watch the white cottigny covering dissolve revealing pulling the flesh colored body of the insect underneath. You can just imagine it. Sounds like the stuff of horror movies yes. I'm sorry if you only have a few bucks go ahead do it with a Q.. Tip but otherwise. That is the method if you if you Google mealybugs on house plants since you will find numerous references to getting rid of them with a q tip and alcohol and my opinion Ellen is. Life is too short to dip acute alcohol. And then try and control mealy bugs because you could spend all day on one house. Plant trying to get into the crevices with your q tip and and and you'll go through a package of cue tips and Oh my goodness it just to me. It sounds like it's a Ah but if you have a sentimental plant that you really want to save and you only have a few mealy bugs I would still say. Give it a try if you haven't caught them in time when you have an infestation. I think you need a two pronged approach. I would say you need a several pronged approach to mealy number one. If this is not not sentimental plant for you and you've got a big infestation. Toss the darn thing. I am absolutely. That's number one number two. If this is a sentimental plant APP for you and you can prune out the worst of it That is a good starting point and you know what I did. I cut the tops off of my elephant foot plant and throw them out And so then I was starting at least with controlling it on plant without out much foliage. So that's number one. The other thing that you have to recognize is that you don't want to over water or over fertilize your plants because mealy bugs are actually attracted to plants that have high nitrogen levels in soft growth so if you are promoting a lot of fast growth with frequent fertilization and a lot of water and everything that's a plant that's more likely to get mealie books all right. I have not tried beneficial insects. But but I'm ready to. I'm ready to try their beneficial insect. You can buy called Mealy bug destroyer. Yes and it looks just like a giant Mealy bug itself. Wow so I'm gonNA give those a try. I'M GONNA look into that this winter. You can certainly use insecticidal soap That damages the outer protection on this soft bodied insect and so the plant can You know kind of shrivel up and die from that but you have to keep applying it. That's is number one. I did you know that the female mealy bug can deposit three hundred to six hundred eggs at the time ellen. I did not know that. That's really frightening. I think all those things you recommend are good but honestly if it were planned I truly cared what about I would pull out the big guns yes. I haven't gotten to that but yet okay sorry died absolutely agree with you and and what I did. Is I got a systemic stomach insecticide and we have been using that according to directions this is not. I'm not using it on a blooming plant where the bees are going to be. foraging I you you know. I am not going to be eating my plant that I am treating I. This is a case when the big big gun insecticide is certainly worth. I would do a two pronged approach. I would do a systemic insecticide and make sure that you read it. And that it's rated for Mealy bugs on the label and I. They would combine that with a homemade spray. Because I don't think that Seeda Flora is available anymore but horticultural oil or an oil-based spray bray is going to penetrate the Cotonou covering which is protective for the mealy bug. Even better than an insecticidal soap so what I do from my home made spray. Is I do a combination of water with some dishwashing liquids. So it's got that soapy thing in there and some mineral oil and spray that on and that smothers the insect but seal mentioned you have to do this at intervals. Because you're never gonna get all the bugs. The first time you've got to get into the crevices his underneath the leaves where the stems come together. But if you really care if this is an important plant for you like this plant from nineteen seventy two. You know you've had the entire length of your marriage. It's worth going to that effort to try and save. The plant are letter. This week comes from Bahrain. Who writes that? He's a parent and he. He wants to get his kids interested in plants and I'm like Yay go Byron and he remembers being fascinated by the sensitive plant in his classroom when he was in fifth grade and so he wants defined this so he can see if he can get his kids hooked which is a great idea but none of his local garden centers. Carry it and he's wondering. Where can you find a sensitive plant Seattle? Where can you find sensitive? Well what I would say to Byron is to grow from seed this. You can find all kinds of seeds for this. It's Mimosa. Do you pronounce it Paducah. I say Mimosa POETICA. I'll just say it with conviction and hope that nobody questions me but this plant this Mimosa. This sensitive plant. The reason Byron was so captivated when he was in the fifth grade by. This plant was the fact that when you touch touch it it closes up right yeah. It's like an instantaneous reaction and what what is more fascinating to a kid than to go up to a leaf touch it and immediately the at least close. It seems like magic. That's right and and it's a great way to introduce kids to plants that have protective measures. Here's right Plants do develop protective measures to protect themselves. And this is one of them that this Mimosa has developed. It's fun for kids definitely definitely and it's easy to grow from seed Byron so what I would do is go online. You can find any number of seats. They're not expensive. I've grown from see myself It's quite easy to do. And so they're they're pretty quick to grow and that's how I would do it is I would grow up from seed Checkout Coutts seed savers dot com because they definitely they do sell the there and it's a wonderful organization and and it would be nice if you could support that out But there are other vendors as well also bear in mind. If you're not familiar with this plant this is going to be a house plant for most people. My understanding branding is that it's hardy. Disown nine I think so. That's pretty much you know. Central Florida or Southern California may be southern Arizona. There you could grow at outdoors I but for most of us. This is going to be a house plant which is fine because that way your kids can touch it even more often. Well if you have a question send it it to us. Plant Rama at G MAIL DOT COM. And if you have an extra minute and you could go over to apple podcasts or wherever you listen listen to your podcast and subscribe to Plant Rama that helps us be seen by more people and we are all about reaching as many people as we possibly can until until next week grow. Great things protect wild places had play in the dirt.

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Symphony Secrets: Dirt from the Pit

Every Little Thing

27:26 min | 9 months ago

Symphony Secrets: Dirt from the Pit

"This episode of every little thing is brought to you by milk with protein calcium and much more dairy milk can give growing children nutrients. They need to get off to a good start. Learn more at poor more milk dot com. This episode of every little thing is brought to you by the own new two thousand twenty Subaru Outback with an available eleven point six inch touchscreen and a completely new interior. It's designed to be the most advanced and comfortable outback. Ever learn more at your local Subaru retailer or Subaru dot com slash outback. You've reached the every little thing helpline. Please leave your message after the tone. I'm Bam Bam Bam. Hello healty last year. I hope I didn't wake you up. I'm calling from Vienna Austria the home of Mozart. I was at a classical music concert this weekend and have a lot of questions about that. Has a conductor. Ever phone of stage. They moved so energetically do almost get the same paycheck in an orchestra. I saw some just play a few notes in the whole piece. I have many more questions. Love Your Show. Thank you bye. Hello. Gooden Dog Laslo its flora from every little thing couldn't talk to hear you likewise so law slow in America the symphony orchestras niche interest It's like a pastime enjoyed by people who also go to yacht races and play dot product. So you will have only a few listeners. To these viewpoints. Well what's it like in Austria you know in every New Year at eleven o'clock? There's these New Year's concert lawyers to gather around the TV to watch it or to hear it absolutely. It's it's really amazing and the whole family's listening to it and after the concert you have day New Year's launch Schnitzel and so it's it's part of your life you said in your message that you went to a classical concert recently. Yes so this year. My parents in law for Christmas as a present day gave us tickets for a special concert which a took five hours five hours. Okay so yes. I don't mind classical concert. I started to sweat when I heard that it's five hours and I tried to convince my wife that we need to leave during the break part. Of course those are tickets from my parents in low and you are not supposed to bail out. Say Your wife rejected that idea yeah. She rejected that idea but at the end of the day. It was really a nice concert and I told my friends in low that it was a very nice concerned and I thank them very much. I'm glad that that's on the record. I'm glad as well but of course during their five hours some questions popped up in my head so I saw. This would be interesting to ask you. We are here for you. Laslo great to field all of your Castro questions. We have assembled a petite elite ensemble. Who So let me introduce you to our first guest on the Violin? All right. This is for Laszlo. This is a Kiko Teramoto. Hey Laszlo Oh nice to hear you. Akiko plays for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. And she's the fourth chair violinist also known as the assistant concert master. Have you heard of this title the concert master? The first chair violinist is the concert master and that is the highest ranking person in the orchestra and Kiko is basically fourth in line to the throne. Yeah I think that'd be sort of like like a lean marcus or something wouldn't be particularly high up in the in the order. Sushi is waiting for three people to get at least sick or die here to harmonize with. Akiko is Rob Capito He's waving his hands from the podium. Hi Laslo thanks for having me. Rob has been conducting orchestras longer than he's been drinking. Gerner veld liner. The very first thing I ever conducted was my fair lady at the summer camp musical It was a very big production. Yeah we actually had an orchestra and there were like five or six hundred people there and I still remember this moment. There's a song there. That Freddie is for Hill sings called on the street where we live and this young kid was really really nervous and he came out any sang the entire first line a full octave too high so he walked out saying ham and you could feel an entire audience. Just react in horror but it was really this sort of one of the first difficult moments as a conductor in prepares you for a long career moments like that. So let's get to what you called us about the dirt from the pit. The pit dirt What would you? What would be a good phrase for that in German? The deferral me say ns orchestras have bog. The defense blog at n this orchestras. I wish I knew what you're saying. It's the top secret of ORCA. Soi Okay that's how that should be a title for my new book right but that would end my career if I told the true story. Well I hope you're ready to end your career today. I'm sorry for him but he needs to be. Let's do it so we ran a bunch of your questions by rob and Akiko. Let's start with your top burning. Question has a conductor ever fallen off the stage. I'm myself have never fallen off I have had my baton fly out of my hands many times. My glasses have fallen off so rob. Hasn't what about other conductors absolutely if you're stipulating wildly and you're very involved in this performance it's very easy to not know where the back of the podium is. Oh so it happened already. I'm sending link to a video. Yes Roy Habit okay. So the videos from a performance of an opera called Bar Birdsville the orchestras in the pit and then standing in front of them on. This mini platform is the conductor and he is very energetically waving that baton and doing his thing he disappeared. Keep watching. He made it back to the stage. Who survived so yes conductor SPA upstages? You also asked about the slackers the pith like that one person who pays a triangle three times during the whole performance absolutely all day the guys at the violence they play for five days sweat a lot and the work a lot. The Drama Guy Plays ten minutes. Do they get all the same payment to do? All musicians get the same paycheck. Yeah there's a base salary that all members get regardless of how many notes they play. Oh Okay Fancy concert master. Tapes can negotiate up from the base. But it's more about seniority than the number of notes played one so just a side question would be when they play violins. Always the second guy seems to turn the peach for for the notes. So is he like a like a puddle in star wars right is turning the pages of the sheet. Music like a burden for the lowly apprentice. Or maybe it's an honor. It's not a burden exactly but it's it's it's the less technically less important player. Who's supposed to do it? So it's not an honor that's for sure and because musicians and orchestra job tend to stay in that orchestra job. You could end up flipping the pages for your stand mate for a long long time. And that's that is one of the tough things about the job. You don't get the change that sort of normal and most jobs and you have the same colleagues sometimes for decades. But what if you don't like the Guy Sitting beside you and you have to turn the pages for them? Yeah exactly the same people working side-by-side night after night for decades it means there's not always harmony in the pit Robin. Akiko said there can be drama on TV. Show then yes and like any reality. Tv show there are big personalities and people like to play their roles in fact we heard from Robyn Akiko that each section of the orchestra has its own reputation. The Prima Donnas of course the violins and particularly violence and orchestra are divided into two groups. There's the first violins and second violence and the true. Prima donnas are the first violence. They're the ones who play all the melodies they're the ones who played the highest notes. Yeah definitely I mean. Always kind of trying to figure out WHO's better. I don't think it's stereotyping thing. That's like a real thing. Speaking as violinist we also the violence or serve thought of as being a little bit more type A. kind of maybe literally high strung. You know there are all sorts of stereotypes like you. Don't even shake hands with them. Because they're always afraid of having their fingers damaged they wear gloves to avoid germ if you think the violin sound uptight. Don't even get Robin. Akiko started on the OBAMAS brothers. Because they're they're pretty. They're pretty neurotic themselves pretty seriously. The oboe is the person who by the way gives the a at the beginning of a concert when the ORCHESTRA STARTS TUNING. The Oboe plays a single note and everybody tuned to that note. They see themselves as the guardian of the pitch of the orchestra. Which you guys need to get over yourself to preserve of last clear note exactly but there's another reason why the hobos have a reputation for being uptight now you also have to understand about. Oh bows they have a particular kind of read that they have to make themselves so basically an entire oboe players life is devoted to making reads. That's why they are. Socially inept is sort of the standard cultural stereotype because they spend their entire life in a room with a knife and a little thin piece of wood that their entire life depends on having carved perfectly and so their life is really an utter search for the perfect read And the perfect tool to create the perfect read so they need to be ozone experts for wood carving. Yeah now I get these are all. I just want to reiterate so that you know my life is a conductor doesn't end that these are only stereotypes to which I disavow any connection whatsoever. Then you have the to buzz. The trombones the big brass. They have their own reputation. You've probably heard the term rascals. You said it not me really. That's tough that's shocking. The brass section are the rowdy drunkards of the orchestra. They're the ones who use the most four letter words you know. They're the sort of crudest people in the orchestra pit again. These are just cultural stereotypes. I would never say that. This is true of the brass section of any orchestra. I will ever conduct and I will deny ever any having had this conversation in any way. We are recording rob. So if the violence or the Prima Donnas and the Tubas and trombones rowdy Bros. There has to be a section at the bottom of the pecking order the losers we'll find out which section gets dumped on the most after the break this episode of every little thing is brought to you by the makers of Hillshire snacking small plates a classy combination of Salami cheese and toasted rounds presented in a snack sized pack to make you feel just a little bit fancy. You know who's also fancy my editor or Hey I mean I'm a fancy boy but you're a fancier person than I. I think you just think that because I only eat with oyster forks But YOU MANAGE. 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That's why it's the most capable most adventurous outback ever learn more at Subaru. Dot Com slash. Outback this episode of every little thing is brought to you by park. Mgm Park Mgm. A fresh spin on the resort hotel experience and is located within all the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip with a list entertainment offerings dining options and refined style surrounding all parked. Mgm was built for Discovery. It's a place where you can find a library. That's actually a fancy restaurant with live jazz a DJ spinning records from a booth. That looks like a limousine bartender. Serving up drinks inside a double decker bus at park. Mgm It's all about unexpected unforgettable experiences. Discover why it's like nowhere else park. Mgm Las Vegas. It could only happen here and well. Uh Okay Lhasa. What's your guests. Which section do you think is at the very bottom of the pit pecking order so the drama guy of needs to be one it's not the drummer's than the? Olas are always kind of the butt of the string jokes to us. There are more veal. The jokes than probably any other group of people in the universe for centuries veal have been the butt of jokes why I think the joke centers around the idea that people who fail at Violin Viola players and so there is this sense that it was a second choice. And perhaps that's why they're the butt of all these jokes. What's the Best Viola Joke you've heard Oh my goodness let me think. What's the best fielder? Joe Okay how can you tell if a violist is playing out of tune? You can see the bow moving. What's the difference between Viola and coffin? Coffins have dead people on the inside once again. I disavow any connection to any of these comments about violas whatsoever. My wife plays the Viola so again I disavow. These are just cultural stereotypes that I frown upon. And do not cut that part. I'm sorry for the viewers dowels an essential part. Okay I have to look more for the viewers knicks time. I'm going to a concert contact. Yes thumbs up show them. I need to get tickets in the first. So you have the divas you have the drunken boys and then you have the guys who they make jokes on but Laslo there is one other person in the orchestra who is loathed more than any other. Do you WANNA guess who it is. Visit the conductor. It's rob truly right that orchestra players hate conductors. I'm mostly orchestras. Feel that they could do better without them and they're right in. The conductor is the one who's the highest profile the one who's getting the the limousine the dressing room the highest pay jetting from orchestra to orchestra. And he's the only one who's actually not making a sound. Kiko had to agree. We always wish we joke about like the Big Butterfly Net. Or like you know like the button you can push the trap door at open there. Just shoot disappear like in the Batman. Car Ejection seat exactly so the orchestra loves date on the conductor but Akiko said the musicians also have great respect for good conductors. It's very very rare thing for someone to be great at conducting really. Oh totally. Yeah what does it take? There has to be just so many things that align they have. They have to have a certain magnetism. They have to be EGOMANIAC him. And that's just even though it's a stereotype it's like it's not a natural thing to want to do. I don't think to to be the person who's responsible really for all of this going on and then on top of that and to be actually have the skill to be able to keep all the musical lines in place and when you see a great conductor you're suddenly like my God. I had no idea you know they'll say second bassoon you know. I don't hear that F. Sharp or something and we have conductors. Who are in their eighties. Who can do that you know? And it's like unbelievable. Okay so for me. The question is what's what's the rule of the conductor. They conductor brings the vision for how the music should be played. And but what is this vision? I sought Mozart or Beethoven already. Growth it into the notes. So Rob said that. The conductor goes through the music and interprets. What is written in the score and then makes all these decisions about what those directions mean exactly. You know if you take a very common notation at the beginning of a piece of music it might say allegro. That means cheerful well. How fast is cheerful? Way If you've got an orchestra seventy five players. Seventy five players might have a different idea of how fast cheerful is. Someone has to decide. And that's what. The conductor does so million little decisions. Let me let me just go to the piano. One second sure way out of tune rather illustrated this on his piano. He used the example of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony They did it did it. Did it entity something like this? Yeah that's exactly what it is famous. Now there's so many conducting issues right there. First of all the way it's written is as I say it's Allegra now. Does that mean fast like this? Does it mean ponderous and majestic on now about to introduce the most important symphony ever written in history so even that has not only to do with how fast you think. Allegra Combo is but what do you think? The purpose of these measures are. Is it part of the regular piece? Is it saying welcome to this new universe creating for you by Beethoven? Should it be slow in majestic at heavy and say I am Beethoven or is it part of this fleet Allegro Con Brio? I'm GonNa hit you over the head with this radical beginning but then obviously they are different interpretations for for the same piece then. Yes I think it needs to be slow and majestic. I am Beethoven. That's all I would conducted really slow and Doodoo Suada so. Akiko said that when a conductor is on his or her game they can really transform a performance. If someone's really great you know it's it's they're becoming server conduit for are playing to become something greater than just individuals you know. You're you're part of a we and you're no longer a knee. Everyone is so the same page that it you don't even know who's leading at. Who's following you know to to feel like magically have aligned with all these other people who's totally different totally different things going on in their lives and yet in that moment everyone was was maybe feeling the same thing at the same moment. Yeah it feels. It feels like magic trick so amazing Just one question. I don't know whether you know the answer sometimes a piece ends and then no-one clips you always have to look for the others. Is it not allowed to clip or not but I would like to clip. I don't know when you have to clip. Rob had very strong feelings about that. There's this tradition that you're not supposed to clap between movements which really alienates people who are coming for the first time because say a symphony has four different movements. And there's a little pause and between all those movements if you're a newcomer you come in the first movement ends in. It's big and titanic bomb bomb bomb and you clap. It's like the most human thing in the world and then like fifty people look at you like you forgot your shoes you know. How could you be so dumb? And it's like a mark of being an insider that you're supposed to know that you're not supposed to clap. Which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard? You know. I mean in the seventeenth century eighteenth century nineteenth century and Beethoven Mozart Hind. Were there if you didn't clap. Between movements. They would've thought they flopped. Somehow the idea that classical music became something you do like. It's in Church evolved in the twentieth century. But it's ridiculous. It takes almost physical repression to not clap after one of these movements. Absolutely exactly I always find it a sad thing. I always want to clap. Because it those guys they they made a hell of a job and then no one clips. But next time I I will start. Clapping absolutely rob should we? Should we bring back the crap to me? You can clap everyone. The other interests I say spread the lap. What he thinks. Read the club. I've well I wouldn't say that's the best I wouldn't say that's your best slogan you might. WanNa read the wording a little bit but I'm with you in spirit or what about clutch vaster. Soy Hate. That's clip as much as you can. I love that Klatch US toy kate. Perfect yes exactly. Well thank you for this great line of inquiry. Thank you by four. If you have a question you can't find an answer to give us a call eight three three ring Yeltsin. A three three rings. The Lt every little thing is produced by Emily Forman phoebe Flanagan a net heist and flora lichtman with help from Nicole. Pacifica Doug Baron Ryan Lentini Santos and Roland Winkler are consulting. Editors are Caitlyn Kenny and just mixed by Dara Hirsch music by Mozart. Beethoven Strauss Akiko Teramoto and Dara Hirsch breadth o'clock Goodbye thank sore sponsor. The all new twenty twenty Subaru Outback with an available eleven point six inch touchscreen and standard symmetrical. All wheel drive. It's designed to be the most advanced and adventurous outback. Ever learn more at Subaru dot com slash outback Levin work at the two pillars of our life. The job has always been that place where I've been needed in feel important. This show is not about the workplace. It is a show about the people who work in that place. This'll hilarious earning radius that two people. You WANNA communications company. We have both dressed veto. Communicating House. Work is out. Now listen for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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1447 Dr. Clifford J. Ruddle on Advancing the Specialty of Endodontics : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

2:05:38 hr | 3 months ago

1447 Dr. Clifford J. Ruddle on Advancing the Specialty of Endodontics : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

"It is just a huge honor today to be podcast interviewing keen Clifford, the the king of ended on us with his lovely wife Phyllis. Who is you guys are going to be celebrating fifty three years you of any teeth left that aren't root canal. Doesn't I'm fine. You're but she has you have five teeth left and I've had five. Else. Go five thousand. US On my gosh they say behind every successful man is a successful woman. I mean everybody knows that they're no. One would know who Gordon Curson was if it wasn't for Rela and As I don't want to Piss off king clever but is that kind of drew of King Clifford to would even be podcast today if he did marry you fifty three years ago. That is true. Yes. True so so what's your advice to others? A lot of kids at twenty five percent of viewers are still in dental kindergarten and the rest are all under thirty and a lot of them are getting getting married someday because that's the fastest way to go broke I mean marriage is number one calls a divorce and bankruptcy. But what advice would you give to a spouse? I'm supporting a dentist. Why at a time and a sense of humor? You forgot the Jameson in the morning but. You just use regular listerine and than swallowed after you're done swishing. You are bad my gosh. But congratulations fifty three years, two children any grandchildren I five? Turned into five yes and. Twenty one twenty-one oldest grandchild. Yes. Wow that is amazing and He does the Ronald Shell porous. He's the the behind the scenes shooter. Old Ching. You do me a huge. What's his name is listening Kirshner Isaac Kirschner. Isaac Newton Kirschner. Something Look King and. Is it Clifford Kirschner You forgot that. Newton. But clip. Subsidy Sir Isaac Newton's name for something I would go king Clifford to. You know in the Indo section on dental town it's one of the most amazing sections in fragile who lives out there by says, marketing is everything. But when you go to Youtube, there's a share button where you can post a link but you can the next button overs imbed. You can copy that in bed and you can drop all his endo shows in that form, and then they click that they'll. Go to your youtube. Channel I'm dentists always subscribe because so many people you know they're having a lot of us. We didn't have a lot of subscribers with the home one it because it's just it just makes it technically easier but if he could upload some of those because I love those videos Indo. Is You saw the survey from the Ada, the of the twelve specialties, the one that general. Dennis don't like to do. The most is Endo and half of the dentist don't do more Indo and they got four hundred thousand dollars a student loans. The insurance is you know it's a high-dollar procedure insurance pays eighty percent. I'd have to sell you on veneers, but you have to sell someone on a root canal. So anything we can do to promote the knowledge of ended Onyx is important to me. From a Public Health Dennis Perspective because when I'm from Kansas, Clifford is born in Wichita. Kansas the same place Clifford's dad was born and as kind of funny that your dad was a minister and my two sisters or nuns, it's really religious area. But when you're in a small town and you got to go to the doctor the dentist and they can't get, they can't do a root canal or extracted tooth. I'm such I'm so mean I think you should hand in your license to any foreign trained dentists living around the world that could come to your town and pull the damn tooth are now and I would close down every state board of Dentistry if we could just do that. So that public health people have access, you can't say you're a dentist and not get people out of pain with an extraction or root canal, and if you say, you just wanted do bleaching bonding veneers. They'll be a bow talks clean in Santa Barbara California. But you don't you're not. We don't need you in which saw Kansas we we need real dentists can get people out of pain. Absolutely. So I am I bet you every time he posts a youtube video within a week. He'll see how many each post bumps subscribers we appreciate it and its biggest on facebook right now just because I have three thousand friends of India and. Just goes while don't give Howard stirred on. Because we have a lot of mutual Brinson India I stopped facebook, February aides when the pandemic had I had three hundred thousand followers and I had to readjust my time and the first thing to go was facebook I. I've been on since the pandemic and I've no intention of going back I mean. How many how many times to lie cheat and steal before you finally say you know what? There's? Yeah. Take Talk I'd rather goes the Chinese TIKTOK. I would. I would I mean I think. There yet maybe next oh my God. It'd be safer than the Americans in because the Americans are so highly technically advanced said, if someone who's going to steal you blind on the Internet, it'd be the Americans in Silicon. Valley wouldn't be China you we both election. Congratulations and thanks for turning our little Clifford into the King of ended on IX and. Last question. Phyllis. One last question everybody always want everybody always wants to know where Clifford bought wig I mean obviously it's not real but I mean is it a do glued on the? Is it tied-in? We got it from Frederick's of Hollywood. I on dentistry uncensored rental obviously wears a wig. My Gosh that was. Formerly Shisha ended on his Clifford J Ronald DDS FA CD FIC founder of advance into Onyx, and the Russell show is internationally recognized as a leading expert in all aspects of clinical into donning sectoral is a claim for providing such superb ended on education to his teachings, clinical articles, training manuals and multimedia products. He's the founder and director of advance into don an international education in Santa Barbara California. He created the world's first private micro ended onic simulation training center in eighty nine and screened several thousand dentists scope assisted. MEEKS, he is well known for his ability to. Colleagues and motivate clinicians toward their full potential. Additionally doctoral maintains a private practice limited ended onyx. Is a fellow in both the American and International Congresses Industries also Assistant Professor at graduate ended on. Loma Linda University, and University of California Los Angeles is an associate clinical professor at. South and is an adjunct professor. You Appear He. He's also previously served as a consultant to the Long Beach via Medical Center camale got one more paragraph. On his Adana Fellow of Harvard University he has been a member of the Omnibus Kappa Off Salon Society since seventy one pure for short since eighty seven serves on the dental advisory board for ended on practice and Dentistry Day, and they ended on editorial adviser for the Journal of a static and restore dentistry. He received his degree from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry along with Bill Dickerson Bill Dorman in seventy six. He completed postgraduate work and ended honest at Harvard School of Dental. Medicine that is impossible to get in cliff in his wife fellow suit just Matt live in Santa Barbara the home of advance endo they have two daughters, lifezette and Laurie laserjet lease that lease and Laurie also living in Santa Barbara with their families. Cliff and Phyllis are very proud of their five grandchildren aren't excited about the great joy they provide. He has been married to his INCR-. Now this when I asked fills for your bioshield me one paragraph this I ask Phil. She's this last version. You just said Dr Ronald has been married to his incredible wife Phyllis for fifty three years and has to fabulous daughters and five amazing children. That was that was the only bio she was going to give you were supposed to say. Promise. Bullshit Oh my Gosh you've done so much for me personally you've done so much for so many in fact. My last thing search was so Veran cattleman. I think Brad Gettleman. Is the is you know he he's only with you. I believe I I I really believe that and and he just thinks the world of you I mean Brad. Royal. In front of Brad Cattleman I mean you can just see is heartfelt. You've been a big impact on so many people and I think it was your teaching that led Brad. Now he walked away from the most successful in it on at practicing Lindell are now he's teaching Endo and probably you probably state credit for that. No I don't take credit for that but known him for decades and You can tell him maybe he'll listen to this but you can tell him he disappointed me and how he disappointed me he was one of the twenty years ago I saw him as a young cliff rodel and I thought he was going to go away beyond me because that's what I always wanted to your students should go on you. and. Then I found out he quit teaching. But then when he told me why it totally made sense he said, I have young kids I have a family and I just can't travel move around that. I saw him more recently when I was down in your neck of the woods at the was it. The Western del. School. Midwestern Midwestern Midwest in Glendale and eighty spills over in Mesa and then he told me on that trip he was getting back into it. He was really excited. So he hasn't disappointed me I just WANNA say publicly he is a expert clinician. He knows a lot about disassembly and taking t the part because for moment million, the dos are normal fare is redoing other people's work. So he's very good at that. And and the my. Roommate was Joe Dove can and ended is out here. We were we both were on the ninth floor Creighton along with the other dentists who now a congressman. In Flagstaff Arizona in the US Congress and But Yeah Dunkin was another ended dining for he. He was a math physics freak in Creighton. When it's two o'clock in the morning, he couldn't do a geometry problem. You just walk into dove concerned but. Scenes off you. Worry because we have some common friends because I gave you some information recently on a guy named Bj. Ben Johnson. So. Anyway, I was doubt Scottsdale Center. I was at the Center for Scottsdale Center for Dentistry and I. was there ended honest and so I had a faculty and they would fly in we pay a little stipend to help me with the group's. Dove Gun was in the hospital. So the story is at lunchtime we found this out because he had been traveling a lot for his his medical care and he was now in the hospital locally. so Ben Johnson car I got in the car Tomah clammy got the car and two or three other people and we went over during lunchtime and spent a lunchtime with Joey. So in the last time I saw him in the hospital. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. He has the same thing that the founder Sam Walton Founder Walmart Multiple Myeloma and I thought for years he was going to beat it but just didn't beat it. It's. Always reminds me Dwight Eisenhower says, everytime we build a billion dollar aircraft we build one hundred thousand homes and we might have cured another disease and it's just. It's Just. So brutal when those are diseases take out people like that. I mean Joe was I mean we worked in a crate in nineteen eighty this before computers Internet anything he had he had like three different calculators hooked up to a printer and then and then he bought some deal from Radio Shack or whatever. But I mean the guy was just nobody knew math and physics more. He was a mathematician physicist who happened to be and ended honest. You can't I mean his level physics was I mean you you just I mean it all it was so easy when he explained to you then we walk out of the room you're like. He was amazing I WANNA start this show off. The first rex I wanNA take this is Real on the ground, and that is we just had sixty five hundred kids graduate from dental school three months ago, and they're all they're. They're very stress because their clinic time was cut short and a lot of these people never did they never operated a real tooth in a real human I mean not one and then if you go back, say a lot of them say I showed a grade year before. It's like, okay. Well, let's take that because even that's joke when Brad and I were KC see we had six fulltime ended donnas on faculty and there wasn't that many kids I mean you can have ended on us, help you everywhere and then you go to these private schools that are one, hundred, thousand dollars year they got twice as many students and I'm not making this up one ended on his full-time. And then they come out of school and my friends out here say what is wrong with these schools? I mean this these kids that came out in the last ten years old I'll say well, did you pulp us? No did lecture doesn't I mean? He's they say they don't even know the basics I mean grammar school endo basics that you would have to know for your first one hundred root canals they don't know do you agree with this assessment or not? Howard three times in the Journal of into dykes. In the last five years we've had articles on the crisis in ended onic education. So it's just like you said, the kids are going to school. Thank when you and I went to school. So I kind of went through in the seventies and you went through a little bit later but think about what we learn and you mentioned the ratios, of fact, elite to students. So you got deeply baptized if you chose Danny disciplined within interdisciplinary treatment, but now the kids have we. Didn't have re-treatment when I was in dental school, we didn't have implants is dental school. He didn't have CDC T. we didn't have lasers. We didn't have all this stuff and now they're getting it all in dental school a little bit. So I think they get exposed to a lot but they're not mastering fundamentals and so what happens is they kind of get pushed along and then when they get out. Don't get me started on some of the ended honest as an example, but we don't we have kids can't really negotiate canals anymore they hope magic technology will overcome deficiencies in primary training. So we do have a crisis in education and we have a lot of responsibility with the kids because into Donny's has changed just like every other disciplines changes not just you know people used to say, don't you get tired of doing this? All Day long well, that's just a very small part of one a a Nisshin does. So we have to do a lot of things from diagnostics. We have to learn radiology again because the CBC t while dentist have trouble differentiating the slices don't WanNa see too much on their field of view They're not trained to see that, and then of course, we're going through all kinds of restorative causes. Restorative Dentistry has grown up going. Third and fourth generation at easing adhesion dentistry products we're going through glass of all kinds metals improved in Sony. Anyway, everything has changed and everything is different and it just takes time and the kids really aren't learning that and they're not doing very much redundancy in dental school. So that's a quick overview. So finish the sentence for me. If a dentist bought a hundred thousand dollar golf clubs, they won't magically turn into Tiger Woods same as a dentist. buying walk for Indo. Put a blanket an filling the blank same wave. Dental wave. Yeah, that's. Your ears politically crazy as I am I. Did a morning show I didn't WANNA get yeah. After two cocktails and seven I, WanNa get the but man. Straight up in the morning the that was a bold and I love it. But go ahead you're GONNA save more. Well, I'm going to say two things gentle wave is exceptional technology and it can actually clean a root canal system and that's the end of my polite remarks. And how much is done a wave cost? Well, you might think it cost seventy grand to get a unit. But if you really stop and think about it, you have a throw a hand piece. That's about one hundred dollars per patient. If you do big volume, you can get it to seventy five. So I'm fair. It can be as high as one, hundred, twenty five but you're paying about one hundred bucks per patient for an piece then when your unit crashes you realize. Oh Gee. I need to have some guy come out and fix it well then they'd say you need a service contract doctor because it's pretty expensive to get to your state. So then you have to sign up I think it's don't quote me four thousand dollars a year for the service contract, and the point is there's other technologies around the world are if your. Audiences really listening that can clean a root canal system for few pennies. So to the grave travesty to me is to sell a seventy thousand dollar unit to do something that they say has never been done before quote clean root canal systems. When in fact, many of us for fifty years have been cleaned canal systems and we have before photoshop power, we have cases that. have been recorded published in disseminate around the world showing fill root canal system for every canal I shape I feel about two point, eight portals of exit associated with everyone shape. So it's Kinda funny as a teacher. This is I'm getting close to fifty years of doing this forty eight years, but you'll find out that thousands of dentists have been trained to carefully and. Shaped canals, they've been able to use a twenty five cent hand-held syringe. They can flood these shapes with a critical reservoir ragent. We can use low tech technology and we can agitate these interconnect solutions and we can move them. So they penetrate, circulate and digest tissue from the UN instrumental portions of a root canal system. So the thing is a lot of young Guinness, get out and go gee, I saw a case mclamb he did or Rudler John, Webster Chew. Or somebody that they admire and they go look at all that anatomy, they've never seen it in their life. So they come to a gentle wave congress and they find out if I get this I can now do what I've never been able to before. So there's a website called doc matters you and I can't go there but I get there because we have to buy a gentle wave unit so you can go to their website and then they have a. a you collect a group of people who post their cases. I have never seen shuts average mediocre cases, and that's the normal fare because a lot of these young Dennis go well, I couldn't get to lane I tried to boxes, attend ten files I couldn't get to lake. So I hoped on my manifold to my to now use my general way and look what I did what I couldn't do. So sometimes, it sucks out the pulp Howard and that leaves space in space is a availability. We can push operation materials into empty spaces but if we don't pull the tissue out, it remains a -cluded. Obstructed and you're not gonNA drive, you're filling materials into these. Filled with bacteria tissue in degenerated byproducts. So I just don't like the model they have a model Howard in marketing. If we got into marketing, they go into this whole thing like it. You shouldn't refer of your general dentist except to end Donnas to is a gentle wave user in Canada they said it was the standard of care it wasn't the standard of. Care was at least the practice of care clinical practice of excellence. It's all wrong. Your overhead light isn't the standard of Care Your dental hand pieces is adjunctive treatment and they're trying to make a message around it. It's almost like Let's go drink the KOOL aid and get our gentle wave units and have our annual meetings in. It's a little growth, some of them. Are Very, skillful people the skillful people are using general way. Beautifully, what I'm worried about is a lot of people are buying it because they can't do what they never learned to do, and so they thanked this is the way to do it and they're doing very mediocre work. It's embarrassment to end the dynamics that's pretty harsh talk, but that's what I have to say about gentle wait. Okay. My problem with everything you just said is that my dental kindergarten students don't even know what a dental wave is. So will you go back and just tell them what you're talking about what is dental wave? Okay gentlemen wave is a Rube Goldberg machine. It's probably about this why? Is probably about three feet three and a half feet tall and it's maybe two feet deep. So it takes some opera. Tori. Space it. If you open it up and has a bunch of bottles of reagents and hoses and vowels and microchips and it floods arrogant through from that machine through a hole through this hand piece that you throw away, you put a donut around the tooth you're working on of some kind of A. General Dentistry but like putty material, the hand piece seats in the Putty to affect a seal, you turn on your machine and through about an eight minute cycle of these various reagents coming in at a prescribe cadence. You clean a root canal system when you take the lid off, take the donut. Out then theoretically, you dry the canals and fill the root canal system. So it's a way to circulate fluids in a very sub. Voluminous way through a root canal system. it reminds me of our good Buddy William Ben. Johnson from Tulsa Oklahoma. He sent Brad Gilman Ben. Paid a lot of money and he found the oldest root canal video filmed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. Nine hundred seventeen by Mo rain MDD Diaz. And you've seen that video I'm sure a thousand times and it was just the basic. They didn't have any technology, but they isolated it. They found all the canals they cleaned it and I remember an Indo school I mean and and don't school in. Asked about Silver points he he they'd. They'd say you know if you find all the canals and you get an all cleaned out, you could fill it with bird shed. Sterile and now people want to say, well, I don't WanNa do all the find the cows cleaning, I don't WanNa get an A. on the basics. I'M GONNA solve all my tiger woods golfing issues with one hundred, thousand dollar pair of Golf, clubs and I would rather you just learn how to Gulf with some used clubs from your grandpa not. You know just just learn how to golf. Yeah you know I. I. Know you heard me just be clear for our audience because you get sued on this stuff all the time it's hard to even speaker anymore in the old days united disagree the Heatley on something go down have a beer of the other day and give each other a hug and head off to our respective homes anymore. You just get a note from the attorney. So I want to just say gentle wave can cleaner Roch how system, but it isn't to make up for deficiencies of not being. Able to find canals not being able to negotiate canals because part of gentle wave is non instrumental technology in other words, minimal shaping of the canals will that's a very noble thing to say because we all have seen shapes that are too big. We know shapes can be too small and in their shapes that are appropriate for the roots that whole canals. So they've been emphasizing minimally invasive. So their colleagues are afraid almost a stick a filed a dude because they don't want to remove any Denton, but if you talk to. I've talked extensively to cause a frank spare sherline sheets some of the great restorative dentistry around the world and the feral effect is most important not the buccal lingual. That's where we are working balanced and go into these different movements report shear forces on teeth, and that's what can break roots. Well, when you remove a triangle of Denton on the Museum of Molar as an example, the mandibular molar, the triangle. Denton you remove that triangle, it really removes a lot of. Unique airs, it gives colleagues a better chance to negotiate and slide instruments passively in the more delicate API go one third, they teach leaving the triangles minimal instrumentation. So a lot of things have to go right and if you're a master clinician, you can make the structures in place to you know work do the work around to overcome that. But see one of the things that we're talking about is the triad and a lot of people like to laugh at the triads. So I'M GONNA. Say it anyway the triad of Dentistry. Is Howard some kind of a shape we might not agree on it, but we're moving files. So we move files and cut dent were making some kind of shape. The second thing we do some kind of irrigation to clean and some kind of a filling method. So the TRIFECTA shaped clean fill and salt. When you affect one aspect of that triangle, you upset everything else in the triad. So right now minimally invasive into Don, IX has invited optimization problems because the canals are so small that the armament -Tarian doesn't fit below the. So on sled to abusive techniques and single cone use. Guy I you're so profound. It just flows out so. Tried is shaping cleaning and OB trading I mean Yeah. So but we just WANNA clear John Frank spearing sherline seats. All agree that the most important. Your circumstantial fails most important on the buckling lingual. And you're a restorative dentist. So that would make perfect sense to you in other words museum distel that there's not a lot of loads that are moving teeth anterior post year they're being rocked back and forth. Loads you know clues loads over thousand PSI a closely and obliquely and different vectors of force but basically the ferals most important on the buckling lingual. So I mention that because it's the medial triangle of Denton, that I've been teaching and many others like me to remove because it gives colleagues ridiculous access and it helps him slide instruments directly and consistently and predictably. To length that's what great ended onyx is, and then once she gets to link, we can argue all day how big the shape be we can argue all day what you're disinfection method, but we got a least open him up, find the canals and try to authorize them. Let's just say today we could stop on. Can we just learn to Catherine's canals? And that Farrell effects I think the easiest way to teach to newborn kid is that when they start barrel making. They when they start stacking the barrels, all explode and they learned to put that's where the word feral came from was a little two inch caller metal around the barrel, and then if you really want a barrel, it have it. You know instead of just a half than the equator. And if you have two millimeters tooth all around that prep. That's why you have retention but again, a Lotta dentists, they don't WanNa do something. They don't want to do a Farrell they just WANNA stick a big post in there. Yeah they we really love. Don't get me started, but there's this guy named vinny southern and he talks about glue. Even go into everything can be glued on a glow it. You don't have to have mechanical ideas anymore is blow it and it all works but you know there's different coefficient of expansion between different materials. These things move costly drain alive. There's loads I mean everything leaks, right so I mean we just try to slow things down from a gallop to a trot. So. Yeah. So you know when they come out, you know the dental school tuition ones is amazing me when you look at. The big flag and giveaway is that when you look at the Federal Reserve Data and you know most you know inflation one and a half two and a half three and a half percent around the world since they've been tracking it. But when something starts. Leaves the the Consumer Price Index like this cost of education. The is almost like a straight line and then dental education just goes off the charge and I can still remember when Donald you still had a lot of six thousand and ten thousand dollars a year because you could go to and then it was twenty, thirty, forty five, and then before you know it, you couldn't even remember in your head all the schools that had passed the hundred thousand dollar mark and it's so the when these kids school with four hundred, thousand dollars, a student loans if they just buy a CBC t a laser. A CAD. Cam. Dental wave I mean us, doubled their entire cost of tuition. Huge. The Model I mean, you're the businessman I guess the whole world is listening to us knows who you are. But Howard, I'm telling your audience this because you know you did this but many years ago I met Howard and we maybe talk about them and we don't. But one of the things how our did for me years after we first met is the US guy came and there was this great big package from Arizona and it was your NBA tapes. And I have a whole series you know like in the my library at the Office of NBA. But what I was going to say, these kids have so much debt and then it's Do they go into private practice? Do they associate? Do they go to a so? So we're seeing a massively changing model and It's interesting just to see that around the country I'm seeing more and more into Dos Cup to be young they're going he club is it okay? Can I can I join that one and so I? I think the debt is driving the future of dentistry. Oh their indentured servants. I mean the only thing new that's going on the history didn't learn, and this is a play for minute ventured service aide. They really preyed on. Ireland a lot. Where my family tree comes from, and they all from these jobs that you're going to have to work on that farm for seven eight years and these dental. a lot of the history of these kids listening don't know is that when Ben Johnson. was ended is heating good endo school wasn't he just practice limited to endo same with? John Expansion. At a Chatanooga Tennessee, I mean, they didn't go to an Indo program, right? They just talk this limited. Did, but but John didn't. But but your Ryan in that era that ruins my hero story about Ben I I'd never told her to. Go to Grad school somewhere. I think he went to East Jesus you or something. East. East Jesus you. Even even there when the program started, it was one year and then the faculties looking at your future earnings say, no, we better make this two years and now they're looking at it and now we've been through. Well, what are you? What are you just kidnap him chain him to a chair and Work like that I mean the dental schools don't have one eye on the student and one I cost they have one eye on the student's future earning potentials and they're trying to steal all can legally. Wow. You know what you just said is something that is very dear to my heart because. A well, don't get me started on education general. We could start at the universities and look at what's happened over the last twenty five years at the university that most people mortgage their house to send their kids to go there to get propaganda, we could talk about race. Cool. We could talk about is going about street and we can talk about Donald it's all parallel or just replaces on the curb. Yeah and I always, I always learnt the fastest when I'm learning and concept and say something and then you say, Oh, well, I already learned that concept in some other field you know what I mean it's just the same concept different example I want to say. Well, Gosh you and I are going to be so fun I tell Phyllis ago shopping you ever give her your American Express and just tell her to go out and play. This is you're you're not getting out of here alive my Gosh I mean I don't even Wanna I you know where to start but but one thing I wanNA focus the most on the kids I don't care what a bunch of. Grandpas like you and me have money and grandkids I'm mostly concerned about the covert class of twenty twenty I mean I mean my older colleagues didn't leave me to mess like this and I'm thankful for that. So if they didn't learn any endo and they're I mean sometimes they talked me they cry they I've never ob trader I've done one canal and I'm afraid to go apply dso who is the only people? Bring up to date dental town is twenty one years old and we've had free classified ads when the most Popular Party sites and it's always about one thousand Dennis selling their practice and five thousand jobs. Now, there's two thousand people selling your brexit just done and only one thousand jobs and they're all only DSO's. Buddy in private practice after forty, million Americans lost their job thirty million of those had dental benefits That's white dentistry has contracted about thirty percent. I mean, we've gone from the pre pandemic hundred percent level to about seventy one percent, and so you know the the the. Someone. Comes in with a toothache. They need to learn and you're using digital technology. So the Russell Show t tell me right now could the ruttles show compensate these kids lack of Indo training and experience the clinic and Ramp them up better. So they could be a public health ended honest and certain molar? Indo. Or would you like you have other digital properties or is there other? Websites that you have that would be better. For. Over platforms and if you're really Well, okay. I'm not going to be self-serving. There's lots of places you. I'm going to be self-serving because there's peer Fisher GB black and King Clifford, you have to websites, you have Endo Russel. Indo Dot Com, which is advanced into antics, and then you have the ruttles show. So what my home one? No succinctly is, what is the difference between advanced ended on Dick's at Endo Rutta dot com, and the ruttles show what's the difference? Typically specifically to the kids you don't have knowledge. Okay. So you WANNA learn just make up a topic you. WanNa. Learn a little bit about operation. If you WANNA learn a little bit about operation. We have lots of stuff for end Donald, and for the recent graduate on the ruttles show this is an acronym that I. my family hates came up with the words ill like you don't feel well, you're ill Il is to inspire to make people laugh a little bit and to learn. So the Ronald Show has real nuts and bolts learning single show but we also have a my other parts of my family wanted to variety show I may we? Talked to Howard. Maybe we interview at Titan of industry maybe we find out new technology what's coming to the market tomorrow? So we want to be informed we want you to laugh a little bit at yourself. We House funny stuff on it but yeah, it's about it's about how do into dynamics but if you really wanted to learn more like a student, you'd go to advanced in Don ix because there you can start from access cavities and you can go into glide path management and you can learn about. HOW TO SHAPE CANALS? How big is the shape? How smalls shape different ways to three disinfect fill root canal systems. So there's more of an educational platform on advanced into DON IX, but we've taken snippets from my life's work and what I'm currently still doing in my travels and stuff, and we're putting it on the ruttles show just to bring you kind of like news Indo News in part of the Indo news is what's new new technologies what other people are doing other parts of the world? It's what Howard's doing. It's what some of the big bitches and complaints are. It's like how the agency's you're. misusing. Air manipulating the meetings and big dollars and they're not taking care of kids. So we go through all his stuff. So the kids the kids would do better on. The. Indo. into our next thing, they're thinking on how their mind works. Next thing saying is, what does it cost? There's every free. So the rudder show. Got You're not divorced. Oh my gosh. So you kept her. Fire three times. Oh my gosh. Now I, see why you stay married for fifty three years you just wanted a free website. Oh. My Gosh. So into Donald makes you feel ill, then log onto the ruttles show dot com and and. Advanced. Game except the auto show will the umbrella Howard the big umbrella is into ix and then we have several of entities. WE HAVE INDO RONALD DOT com we have the rental show, I have the inventions. PD articles. It's a bunch of things hanging down underneath advanced into dynamics. That's just the name of the business. Okay. So how do you like his Promo because I can? I can push this out to. Some people at ended ice makes you feel ill, then log onto Indo ruffled dot com and the Russell show were king. Clifford. MAKES ENDED ONIC SHAPING CLEANING and operating turns the word ill and inspire laugh and learn all have to work that all have to assisting though that's not That's time for right now. OF THE THREE CLEANING SHAPING An odd trading give America's hundred and fifty thousand General Dennis at work thirty hours a week or more a letter grade for each one of those. Specifically on the Endo you're seeing in America because we have data, you know we don't get along you know people we have very dentist avid. functional relationship with dental insurance companies. But when you have a friend in the dental insurance company, you know the won't let me published in the Farrand reporter, the dental town but they their data shows them that when ended on us to a million root canals, five percent of them being extracted and when General Dennis do it it's ten percent. So succinctly, why are you having five percent failure? Is that probably not cleaning shaping and OB trading it's probably not diagnosing. It's cracked or something but big over the letter grade for cleaning, shaping odd trading for us and General Dennis and try to bring out illuminate y ended on seventy five percent failure rate in general a ten percent. Okay. I don't know if I even agree with those numbers. That's great. That's denser. Sensor Guy Man don't. Yeah. I'm telling me tell me what you think those numbers. Well. You're probably talking to the wrong guy because to set this up properly even by nineteen ninety over ninety percent of my practice was retreatment. Right. That means out of every thousand patients I saw nine hundred had already had into Donald sometimes, they'd had retreatment and maybe even surgery. So. Let's. Let's be clear. That's because you only three immigrants because all the American Dennis none of their root canals fail. So to be doing retreats, they must have been done in other countries because I've ever general dentist they were able. No I won't say. Wow. I. Go Go me to dentists who retires sixty five did all the no say well, how many of you can always failed you could count them on one hand and it's like That's funny. 'cause we have four thousand ended on us and what percent of the day of the cases of the US four thousand and dominant force is retreats versus initial. Well. It depends on who you are I still speak to many and I speak to countless into dogs almost every day not every week hundreds around the world you're emailing texting whatever zooming but you're. Donald is just like golf. You talked about Tiger Woods. So you can go look at all the pro golfers and they all got their PG card right. But when you come to Sunday's how many are still in the last ten, fifteen guys, ten fifteen guys are out of thousands of golfers. So in the world of end, the Don ix I had over one, thousand us in the Donnas come. To Santa Barbara Train. That's about one third of the nation's Indo. Let me explain that if you look in the book seventy, five hundred. So you thought he's already bullshitting but if you can't get rid of ackman dish in Simi retired don't care. Don't do Endo one day a week people there's about thirty five hundred in the DOS shop every day do about eighty percent of the nation's endo. So I had about one third of those come through Santa, Barbara and a law that came through the guys that came out and paid three thousand dollars for a course in the ladies. Did they weren't slouches they really cared and that's the most important thing. We're not talking about how much you care. Are you passionate about what you do? You love doing it? Are you getting a lot of joy? Out of it or you just cranking out white lines on x rays and so I would tell you I didn't see a bunch of bad into Donna's come out because most of them didn't come out I had another fifteen hundred general dentists. So we didn't have a lot of people but this happened over from one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty three to win. We close seminar business a few years ago. I was moving onto something else the Ronald Show and then I do a one on one in the office just one on one. The point is you're into Donnas. There's probably ten percent that are doing elite work. I would say there's another twenty, five percent they're doing really solid everyday good into Don ix I would say we have a significant number of into Donna's that are struggling a lot of them. Don't know what they don't know because if I trained with you and there's two students in your my mentor and you're never there because you're in the research lab or you're raising money who's training cleft rattle you already said this earlier. Well, that's. What's happening? So in the kids get out, they feel they paint a lot of money and you think they're gonna say they got a terrible education. No, they gonNA I got a great education I trained from Harry Harry, wrote three bucks there this tall and I'm doing state of the art just what Harry said will maybe Harry has in practice for thirty five years. So. We have a terrible crisis in onyx among specialists and in general Guinness, draught behind us and they're kind of watching what we're doing. We have into Donald. Okay we have well trained general dentists that are as good as any specialist the country. Okay and I would say it's there's always those passionate. Dennis they you seem at every course, right? Our Junkies and they this year they're doing the continuum restoring the next year they're doing nicotine on implants. The next year they're doing endo those people are really great dentist and I see a lot of. Add people come through and they're going for fellowship mastery. They care they really WanNa. Get the hours. They sacrifice a lot away from their family, their kids their practice you're losing money, but they want to get better. So I see that as a very narrow spectrum of Endo's and well trained GP's and everybody else I wanNA encourage them. They're not bad people. These are good people but a lot. Of, times we don't know we don't know you know in the old days. It was really cool to go out when I was in Boston my second year I was going to start a practice in California bill's GonNa help me but I didn't know how to practice. So she said get your ass out and start looking at offices you only have a year laugh so I went to. Fifty coast grabbed I went to fifty specially offices in the Greater Boston area and sat for one day and watched how that person was working. I learn more about what how I didn't WanNa work. But I learned a few things about what I might steal borrow and have Phil Selby integrated into my opera. Tori. So if you don't know what you don't know, how can you make a correction? A lot of people hate Indo. They just never got to sit down next to maybe John Weston, and the'll the joy of reaching length and then moments later having shape reconfigure comb and then packing down with warm Robert Feeling root canal systems you see their faces you see there is they love it. So I have been teaching how to treat root canal systems not root canals. That's my whole thing when you go to Boston not all Boston, schools not cuffs. A you at Harvard time. That taught systems they were the only two schools in the country. When I came to California, I was the eighth into Donald to do gotta purchase. Now warm got a is an ticket it's not a free pass to the future. It just means there was a certain philosophy that we believed in anatomy. So filling recount systems as part of that philosophy so not to be too hard on your general. Dennis colleagues and even many in the Donald when I go to the DOC matters this gentle wave odd cast it looks like to me I would say eighty percent of the cases or something that you would say if I said Howard. A B or C D or F you would say they're CS DS and FS. Told you they were done by any she'd be shocked. You'd be absolutely shocked. While you're I just WANNA, get right of the end of ten percent early twenty, five percent or what I would say, very good are are is the number you said the ten percent or Five percent are very good. are very good. They're very competent they. They're well trained they're they. They can do things. And you always tiger woods. You always have your Kakai you always have somebody that you know can do incredible things with the ball. So we're going to have that in any endeavour in life, and then we're GONNA have a lot of really good players. Okay. We have a lot of really good into dos but I would say fifty percent the Donnas. They, they need courses, they need work and a lot of times we sit in our walls Howard and we go home at the end. The Dean were tired together. We do it the next day. Where are they getting their training and Cova Kane? And now we have everybody going to the zoom chat rooms and different places in their showing their short fills and they're talking about how wonderful it is that they're doing a seventy thousand dollar disinfection idea. So I'm trying to say to your your audience if not the technology, we all use technology we rely on every day, but it's having a clear idea in your head, what you're trying to do and understanding how to cut an access cavity understand how to negotiate canals. That is a skill that is so deficient in around the world is sliding instruments to link repeatedly deliberately and intentionally not just wherever they go as where they go. It's like. Knowing how to get to length. Always, think that Creighton Creighton was you know I grew up with five sisters and now I get to go live. There's eight boys on every floor I was having and that's why I hate democracy because you know if Monday night football came on and then the the. Play, you know I had to sit through a musical. Oh, my God. So I'm up there with voice whenever they'd have the math question you listening question I i. always I just want to find out what they're thinking and you could tell with math. So brutally that they basically were had memorize formulas and trying to plug him in, they had no idea what they were trying to do they had. No conceptual idea. So then I would try to backtrack like what what are you missing to where you could show up with this math question totally clueless. But we're only eighty five, percent ten, percent early twenty, five percent or fifty percent or or well trained or are very good competent, well trained and the remaining fifty percent. Can I just change that the remaining sixty five percent for mathematical reasons or? No just make I just made that up but I mean that's look I. I don't WanNa come across the Gitter cocky I wanNA make people better. I. Want People to Have Fun with Don IX and they're going to be doing this for a long time probably and you know you and I are still gone and I don't see any reason to quit what would I quit for? So as long as you're having fun, you have your Hell I want to inspire people to find things they can do that. They can excel in, do them well and a lot of us in the old days we used to go watch people work like I was mentioning in Boston I was going there to see how to do an opportunity, but I was watching how they worked. and. A lot of that is missing. We don't have the mentorship where you'd go learn how to Kabul, a horse you go to a Smith. Show you how to do it in a you would be doing. So we don't have that so much anymore and we pass things on superficial I. Don't like the brightest student in the room they skip steps If you look at intelligence people that are really smart, their mind is always racing. They're way ahead of the teacher and the thing is when they get stuck in the clinic like on a broken instrument removal, drill all of a sudden they can't. Extrapolate because they never learned each and every step that guides each case to successful completion. So I really think it's the basics. It's the fundamentals and as you found fumble around with your clubs, do the fundamentals of Lia suddenly could get it down the fairway a little bit Now, you've got a little short game going now you've got your Greens rolling. That's endo you grow into loving. How many people just loved Indo, we couldn't even see what we were doing. It was scary for a lot of people. You're. You got you dropped so many Could be a whole show you were talking about the file when when the when the Ben Johnson is pro tapers. When they come out, you know there was though to Oh four six then you start hearing people talking about removing too much to structure and then I think that spawned off a whole nother movement which I would call minimally invasive and a daunting ex Do you think I'm going for the first five years? I was a general Dennis I had a callous on my finger and thumb because I just sat there like pee wee Herman all day with these little files doing. And Phoenix and then when they come out of that engine driven stuff at first I, it was stainless steel and all that stuff when it came out tonight. I, it was really significant I mean it was fast. It was just better faster easier but the down deal was that some people are saying well, you're you're just turn out way too much benefit and didn't and I think that do you think that? Caused. The minimally invasive and onyx movement that article minimally invasive Adana futuristic approach by a pre wish mccarey out of India. Would what do you agree with that? Do you think that the engine driven ties I'm removed too much to structure which now the backlashes? Minimally Invasive Endo. Well. It's complicated I'll try to be. So let's give a span and Ben Johnson. Credit Ninety, one, ninety, two more or less was the advent of ny tie wally up eight just passed away. But I had the pleasure seen him demaim. Saudi Arabia he was the base dentist over there. Anyway Wally in nitrile but never file just the concept and then expanding Johnson in ninety, two, ninety, three, ninety, one, two, three, they came to market with the first two nights I instruments they were lands in other words they didn't have an edge they didn't cut they scraped and you blades. So that was the cross section three Lance three eras at ninety ninety, one, ninety, two, ninety, three right in there and Ben Jonson's file was was not pro taper was profile okay. Profile and so Ben Johnson gets tremendous credit I credit him in and John is the father of ny tid. With Wall Udine. The guy that did the middle then. I felt Walla Walla is w. a. l.. He. Just passed away in in the last year was the first thing Joe. John Wall Ya. It's Okay I. All find it. I have lasting memories of sitting in the desert in the moon's coming out of the Gulf of her moves in. The Moon is on his face saw a have. That's the vision I have a lawyer when you speak volumes anyway. Then Buchanan came along just behind Ben Johnson in the Middle Nineties launched his file gt's those were radio landed and you blades as well. Then we launched pro taper in two thousand one. WHO'S WE John West. Pierre Mosh to. M.. A. C. H. T. Ou. Infringed March. To, means to Ju. Sunday way it was our team that launched pro taper in two thousand and one that was kind of memorable. You didn't ask all this I'm getting to the point about minimally invasive, but we were the first file in the world that was active. We were the first file in the world that changed the tapers on a single instrument and words like an Eiffel Tower, we make increasing tapers or we could make decreasing percentage tapers. Now, why am I telling you this? Because that was minimally invasive another words. If I say, Howard, you WanNa take twenty, five Oh eight to link. If. You ran eight percent taper over sixteen millimetres a cutting blades. It's Bayer A G G six. It's one point five three. It's like a redwood tree. So we realized that if you had eight percent on the front end and then go seven, six five and a half five four now, we could reduce the back into the instrument so he didn't remove as much. To, structure we didn't even know the word minimally invasive Don IX. So we started in ninety five we launched in two thousand one there was no word minimally invasive we were minimally invasive. We were minimally invasive twenty years before people talked about it. So when people talk about these great big shapes, they need to learn pro taper because pro taper has decreasing percentage tapers to. To keep residual denton to minimize the loss of two structures specically, and for hated t where we have con- cavities on the external side of the roots. So we want to make our shape stay away from danger. We don't WanNa root thin strip her things like that. So to get to it the shapes kind of from the ninety, one, two, three, they're all over the place too big and we are flirting with. We didn't know it was the blind leading the blind we are breaking a lot of instruments. But by about two thousand one, we had about eight years of a nighttime experienced everybody started to get on board begin more proficient faculty actually showed up and knew how to do it. So just going like, wow, and so it was a movement that began I would say about twenty years, fifteen years into that movement there was a small cult I won't mention their name unless you want me to. But I'll that I won't mention the name of John Kadhamy I won't mention Gary Car nor will I mentioned Clark Dave Clark. Mentioned Gary Clark C. Only Person In my life who kicked me out of a class because me into told us not. Only and I said, well, that's that's like racism sexism. I said screw that. So I checked into and went there and it was all good until some guys hold for. And he found out that I was a general dentist and he said our nine. Oh my Gosh I. Oh, my I just thought to myself this. This is the grossest experience I've ever had, and then they talk about only ended on should learn this Hey, if you're listening dumb ASS, fifteen thousand American cities don't have an ended honest. So when you say I can't learn from you want to flip off all the rule America I'm from Kansas Your Dad was born there I, mean. That Anyway Forget Jerry Carr elitist and wrong wrong wrong rawls three guys start a cult. They now have about a thousand people and. Sold the dentist insurance. WHAT'S IT Goal Tedo Dental office or whatever it is he sold that the Sun Endo. And I guess you see the relationship business. Wise. If if you're saw endo and you're selling seventy thousand dollar wisit widgets called gentle wave then obviously if you can buy Gary cars ended dominic only company those are all clients that our prequalified theoretically to by general wave units, and so they started this cult these three guys, and now they have their own annual meetings and you know. What we like to have a lot of fights and stuff I would just like to say if they're listening you guys, you're okay you don't believe like me I don't believe like you, but it's not a new kind of biology is not a new kind of moral kadhamy loves to talk about this new biological model. You know what Howard you extract the toot does the bone fill. Power. If you extract the, there's a big lesion you extract the to does the Bone Hill. Yes, and it didn't heal because you remove the crown it didn't heal because you remove the cement them in a didn't heal because you remove the denton it it he'll because Cuba removed one hundred percent of the bulk. Each time everytime all time it's real simple shed. We don't have new models that these guys like to talk about a new science, a new way to look at it if some kind of shaping some kind of clean and some kind of feeling and please restore the to started. I love that. So you said it was the three people Gary Car who's the other two people John Kadhamy. John. and. Colorado. What's Dave? Clark. John Kadhamy. And Dave Clark Yeah and they have this cold and they speak about it. But let me tell you something Howard if your audience went and watched my show, the Ronald Show I, call it splitting hairs you go to War I'll see you on stage. Hey Audience I'm cycle drama play. This is not true. Howard onstage he's teak talking about Endo and he's holding up this file. And he says, you see this file with the read. This file makes much smaller shape than this file this files of big fights blue. This is a big vile if you look at the Cross sections Howard. How big a human hair. Let's give the audience a little lesson Google. Put in human hair forward slash. Diameter. If you do that. You're going to find out that a small human hair is oh six does that ring a bell? We have a pink. And Bile if you if you look at a medium human hair, it's Oh eight eight hundred millimeter. That's like the gray handle on the Oh eight file and you know what? A course a really course human hair is attempt a millimeter that's a tim file. So when you look at these two files and Howard, it's important we look at at the same place we can't compare this file here to this file up here if we take cross sections at the same place for you'll find out is most files listen carefully there on the order of five, six, seven hundredths of a millimeter difference. So we have a whole commercial thing called minimally invasive and onyx largely sell instruments largely to pound on her chest and say, we're saving precious to structure and to me it's a made up. Phenomenon, by will say to the audience, it's a noble concept. Nobody wants to have their neil up the old way right you'd be out for a year and a half. If you're a football player Linebacker, now we can make three little incisions put an assumption put in a skull put in a camera and we can have people walking you know in days and working out in six weeks so. I'm all for minimally invasive dentistry. It's kind of like I already started doing that with our team way back in nineteen ninety five are file launched in two, thousand, one Howard. Won. His. Girl is been the number one selling file in the world for fifteen years. Philip. I got. Did, you realize we just did a show. If you lay all the pro tapers end to end they go from bowlegs Switzerland just say the Eiffel Tower and they go across Australia and they go clear out to the west coast. Earth. That's how many we've sold. So everybody tries to gun down. He wants to be pro taper everybody knocks us off David. And Connie went to okay. went to as taught was calling me first name John John K. H. A. M. I d B. K.. H. E. K. A.. D. E.. D.. As in dog and then em I am I. Okay. And we're we're okay and these are good guys. But they they're driving philosophy Blocking I think common sense but back to this minimally invasive so I was going to have you tell him whatever show it was where we talked about splitting hairs you can find it right there in season two. So, this is the binder season two. There's ten shows in here. She's GonNa try to find you doesn't matter but is that free to or is that Supplemental Marie? So you're going to build them a binder and the no no. No. This is. PDF's okay. But our show has notes in has references. Fay's if I talk about you, it takes you to your website. It tells you what you're up to whenever you want me to say you. So our show is not just meese Blah Blah Blah. We have a lot of guests on but back to minimally invasive. The audience should here of course are access. cavs can be too big and blow out to structure and weaken and cripple teeth of course. Of course, are shapes can be too big and stripper for then Rousson predisposing the logic no fracture of course, our AP Thurs, we try to get big stiff files around curvatures. So we can make these big vast ridiculous. That's old fashioned in Don ix we need flexible files. We don't see the thing is Howard. The audience needs to know you're young dentist files don't clean anything. Show fifteen and season two. Well, the one thing I love about. John Kaddam. Kadhamy. Is I he? Konami. God. He's got two thousand posts on downtown but I what I love about him is. he he thinks a witness Dan you know what I mean I mean he'll get on that form and he'll you know OJ. Didn't take the witness and but old John does on a dental town out of Drinko and my classmate Larry swallows Larry's oiseaux up there loves them but SO I've loved for John. Kadamy Gary Car. Dude. You. Know, you need to make that right I. Mean you kick me out of your class from Kansas trying to learn how to do ended up across the street from the Guadalupe Indian reservation guess how many dentists and ended on us they have. Zero. And you don't want me to learn how to do better into. This is back in like the eighties and early nineties and I just thought that it was actually the grossest event. I think I've ever witnessed. Yard. Let me tell you this. I got banned from speaking that they a e for eight years because I taught non-surgical retreatment to general dentist in Santa Barbara in groups of ten. and. I don't make the phone rang so it could be an into Donna's Dennis are group's are usually about fifty fifty. So I'd have five GP's five hundred dollars and we're taking post out broken instruments, purves blocks, legends, transportation's GONNA purchase carries and pace fillers were doing all this and finally they said you, you can't speak they because you're training. General, Dennis to do what we do I hate that. either. I mean, if they sent you a letter email whatever outta Amman because it's gross because at the end of the day, we didn't go to dental school I. Mean What I love the most about Dennis that you see very different than a lot of other deals we went. We spent eight years learning how to heal people with their hands get out of pain and there is nothing more cool feeling for a firemen when he pulls up to house on fire or a policeman. Catches by is when someone walks into my office and they're holding their face and they got a couple of ice and I can fix that I mean that's just so cool and for someone to say, well, we're going to withhold information from me. That's what governments there I mean it's lack of transparency I mean everybody knows with political science at when when governments are opaque, they're evil and when they're transparent, there's checks them ounces so and it's still in twenty twenty s outweigh with. You have to board certified orthodontist who can speak in one's Richard Lead at a Detroit the other ones I harry. Green out of Phoenix Arizona and every orthodontist will tell the same story today will go do a lecture teaching general dentists out of line. My mom my own orthodontists will divorce me. And that's gross. Yeah. You're either patient focused are your dentists focus and we want to stay on there and look in the Mirror Day then go be an instagram influence her. But if you're a doctor of dental surgery, you know you need to learn all these skills and and it's actually a very bad investment because I went to Creighton Ninety. Warren Buffett would come over and lecture at our business class, the Guy Creighton and and I was so dumb I thought he was an idiot for until two years to find out that he wasn't some old man because he didn't own Kodak and he didn't own any of the fifty nifty all these you know. Lame. Companies are just shovel the cash, but he always talks about he doesn't like companies that always have to reinvest a lot of money. He likes coca-cola is just sugar carbonated water and it just keeps growing and growing. He does not like companies that need more investment new materials and when I look at these Dennis with FA GD damage. Gd I I always think to myself that guy spent a hundred thousand bucks. He could have had a boat, a red car or a cabinet, the lake. But what am I WANNA do they wanNA goes blow their hundred Gran on how to be a better dentist and the orthodontist have. The feeling that they don't even teach you. If someone does they'll be mad that's gross and it's wrong and they should be outed for. I. Mean It's just anti patient evil. CLAMMY. COM Clemmie Tom the clammy he's in your area. He's in, Scottsdale okay. Well, I'm those are the rich people I'm in Phoenix I mean you have to have a nine millimeter to drive through my neighborhood he's been Tom Miller say de mclamb. Tom mclamb EMC. Up You know of him. Well, he's a friend and he's a fabulous. Co Kadhamy. So the audience hears I don't believe Inkatha me and some of his cult light minimally invasive but John's a smart guy. He's very, very smart well so as Tom Clammy and Tom, clancy was a general Dennis in Oregon and I was up speaking the Oregon State. Association of Indiana's this some years ago when Thomas General Dennis, he had one of the biggest practices all Oregon. Tom said I hear you're coming up to speak the DOWSE can I come I said absolutely anybody that wants to learn I'm taking learners. So Tom came in that day with me he picked me up at the hotel knowing that Donald did and picked me up and chauffeured me in and they asked him if he would register what or did he practiced they would ease new face to them and he said, well, I'm a general dentist I'd practicing while meant valley they said, well, you can't come. And I said wait a minute. He's a great young general dentist. He's he's probably better than some of the people. And they said No. So then I finally I saw some guys come together and there's a little group talking and they were talking about clammy could come or not. So I went over to the group and I said, is there a problem I said Tom's just a student wants to learn to make a long story short I. Finally had to say Thomas GonNa take the airport and I'm flying home. I'm not doing this day unless Tom mclamb is on the front row your choice well, Tom was on the front row all day but that's really bad when our society plays God because really, I've noticed dentist they just WANNA learn. I don't I. Don't make a distinction between. Industry wants to learn and a general dentists that loss learn I see to students who are wanting to learn. And he has the Horizon Dental Institute here in Scottsdale Arizona. I've emailed him several times on the show. I don't even know Maybe I don't have the right email or whatever but. How Would how would you? Describe the Horizon Dental Institutes Teaching on ended awnings versus your programs. Well Hamas different Tom. What's the major differences when Tom came and took all my classes as a general dentist I taught. Diagnostics. Rationale for treatment access, clean shape, and pack. Okay. taught all that. Then I taught all the nonsurgical treatment. Then he came back and took all the microsurgery stuff. Then he got passionate and went into school then he became an invest trained with her shoulder in went. To your place your your region what he teaches now at Horizon Institute is Gentle Way. So that puts Tom and I a little bit on on different pages but I want everybody to hear this I don't care if you get generally it'll clean your root canal system. My point is, let's not fool people and make them think they have to pay seventy thousand dollars and throw away one hundred dollar hand piece every single time they do a root canal. So they can claim a root canal system because Tom knows how to clean it root canal system exquisitely without gentle wave and of course he can do it with Joe Away and that's why I always try to teach kids hold up your hand is because people are always asked me the ideas and by the way. You always send me these NDSU. You want me to sign a nondisclosure agreement I mean. Tell you not to get married if someone loves you to spend the rest, live do it but when they say, oh, but if you decide not to love me here, sign, we're going to get married so that I can still all your money I'm not signing a non disclosure. All I do is dentistry I, mean, you know I don't feed the lawyers but I always tell him to hold up your hand is faster better easier higher-quality lowering costs, and if you've got all five of those, it's a no brainer four. Of them, it's probably a great idea. But with Dennis, it's always I've got the best idea how I can do this more expensive slower in on less people and the kings and Queens are going to love it I'm like this is America. We cut their heads off. No one cares about the kings and Queens how Henry Ford. The first thing he focused on the were eighty-six car companies and no one remembers her name you remember Henry Ford because he was the first guy said, you know really needs a car, the working man and If you're if your best idea is to make something more expensive, take more time for less people. Great. But don't tell me about it. You know all the the best things in into Don ix and I think largely in life They're pretty much free. I mean you it's a choice how you start your day as choice. What kind of patients you see it's a choice. What kind of work you do is a choice what kind of shape you WanNa make and if you if you WanNa get better, you just keep working at stuff and maybe narrow your focus down and get pretty good at what you are good at. You know always fall your art. Yeah and my oldest my till sisters or nuns and one of them. Read you know every major religion on a man and she always reminds me that there's not a name of a person as city a place or in that shows up every religion except for the golden rule treat other people like you and we treat it and she sends me a list of where it's I. found I found in Hinduism five thousand years ago every religion picked up on that and so that that's that's should be the palm of the hand. Is this how you'd want it done on you you know what I mean and my age will like when I started thinking about Dso's and things like that. I'm thinking about my little granddaughters you know. When, when GRANDPA right now GRANDPA fixture tea for for you to worry about anything. But when I'm dead and gone or the great grandchildren great great. What is dentistry going to be like for them and if all the dentists are working for a Wall Street banker then where's my granddaughter going to go when she needs a dentist she? She didn't go to. Wall. Street fixed she went to a dentist and the dentist is a page Schill for Wall Street or an insurance company then whatever but my granddaughter will still need a dentist. As, long as there's a granddaughter for my dentist for my granddaughter. But My Gosh cliff we're we're going to probably go till midnight So back to that letter grade though we were on the letter grade about General Dennis I want to go back to. Do you believe in ice spoke for some Dental Insurance Convention in Florida just not not too long just a couple of years ago, and there's like three, hundred, fifty, four, hundred the Dennis were that clinical dentists that were reviewing claims or whatever and man it was so fun and we had so much fun. But they're the ones show that when you guys do it, five percent fell general Denisova ten percent Do you believe that numbers I mean they were showing me data but we were at a bar so I don't even know what I was looking at but do you believe that in? Five percent failure rate at five years as measured by the tooth has been extracted 'cause they're not gonNA get in there and debate whether this lesion is healing or new. That's just you did a root canal five years. Later we have them out roof it's gone and that happens five percents. I'M GONNA ask and General Dennis is ten percent. Probably in five years, I mean the thing that we're really not talking about to me. Most cases that we do Howard I think you would agree with me and from your perspective, everybody has their frame of reference I think almost anything we do and in the works for about five years, and then what really separates out mediocre cases from the great cases assuming they're properly restored is time and time is the great equalizer so I don't know that. I. Believe. It's five percent because I could quote you other studies or maybe as closer ninety, one, ninety, two percents done into dynamically I would think general dentistry could be even in the seventy percents if you WANNA. Look at five to ten years just a lot of stuff leaks wrongly in fails into dynamically I mean that's one of our biggest failures crawl leakage. Okay well, the the let's address that because. When I say this people are you can. Be very You know to say he's doing that for money. But when I started doing endo and I read all about colonel leakage in the Crown Leagues on my why did this then I? I would have the option I can save the crown. So that just one hundred dollar bill and draw this drove through a PM which the patient hates because they see it and then I gotTa Root Canal through this little hole. Just say screw it. I'm just taking off the crown and now the the two. To three millimeters lower I have bigger access. But so many of those crowns you take off, you could just see the trail of. Darnest, you can just see the trill of ants that's causing this and I'm thinking well, if you drill to the crown, you still left there. So I always say I will not do a Amoah root canal. Underneath the crown. And Save the Crown I mean why my goal isn't to save the crown to save the tooth and I just feel like I can do much better endo by throwing that crown away see what's underneath it get all the decay out. So do agree with that or not. I. Totally Agree I offer courses how do coronal disassembly and I don't mean Saud- and have us a crown splitter throw it in the wastebasket I'm talking about how to remove restoratives intact with a notional put him back on post treatment but I like what you said and I you can help me as an end. Donald I because you have a big influence in the market. Had I heard you say you took the crown off and you made a nice access I don't know exactly the adjective you use a big access. It doesn't matter that it doesn't have to be huge but you've got it opened up in the big. Wow. In Santa Barbara for twenty, five to thirty years was wow. The awhile was if I made now listen don't take this wrong if I made my accesses big as you if I could do it. Shit what's stopping you but I mean, with reason I, mean there's a dentist on the other end this got and restore the damn thing. So we have to maximize residual Denton. But when you got that crown that was restricted the now you could see and you know what you didn't tell the audience you probably went from twenty five millimeter filed will twenty one millimeter file. Well now you're closer to the end of your file now you have more. Control, and you don't have three links of twenty, two, nine, thousand, nine, hundred. The street and then if you got to that, you're sure up but you're not sure the third but the other two are eighteen. Well, it's pretty damn likely the third one's eighteen. And Also don't like those rubber stoppers I I hate those things filing the stoppers I like those laser, two things I think. A rubber stopper it's like you know the thing moves, right Hand me yardstick and say, Hey, played with his stick our see if it changes length. That use the circle for us the circumstantial depth gauge rings. Yeah. I just didn't know what that word was circum for control depth gauge rings. I love it. When I learned something on my own show, you're so amazing. But. So back to the letter great when you look at those failures, do you think it's diagnosis? CLEANING SHAPING UP trading. Put those in order for the ended on test or the or if you need separately for general dentist when we were that. Fatality rate where five percent of molars that had endo were extracted at five years rented on us and ten for General? Dennis. Is diagnosis cleaning or shaping up trading. Well, Lincoln. Another category I mean, we do know there's ridiculous fractures. So you know I have a whole. was under diagnosis that you didn't okay fractured. So and then we have missed anatomy I, mean you know the maximum molar like ninety percent of the time has an MBA to is the most frequent cause of failure to the biggest tooth by volume the least understood the most research but anyway, that big MB. Rude. If you take that tooth out, do a postmortem you know how broad that route is will that route has? Ninety three or four percent of the time. Statistically, we can put a file in it, take it to link shape the canal packet count it. You can't count it. If you punch a little catch, your I think is there but I can't get through it can't count. So it's there overnight presented time clinically history. Logically, if you just do sections, we say one hundred percent. So we have to know or anatomy, and that's back the diagnostics because mandibular molars you know we have the second system in the Disavowal Route We have a rate, EXP- Param, Laras we have into melas little extra wrote we have Toro Donncha, we have shaped molars. We have three rooted by customers. These are all in your grab bag of diagnostics, but there's an old slogan. No Anatomy. So if you know your anatomy, you know where to look and wind look and you're gonna find a lot more. and. Of course, you throw on a headlamp, a poor man's microscope even the dental assistant can hold a fiber optic one above the rubber dam or below the rubber dam while you're drilling in up above and she can translate moomins and floodlight buckle to lingual, and that'll give you more light on your papa floor as you're drilling down from up above. So those your little. Tricks for people that don't have scopes, but they can wear a hand lap and use trammel transplanation. Okay. I want you to say something very succinct because I know my audience man and you and I I mean we've been on the Road August fourth was my thirty year anniversary and you can't be a rock and roll band or an educator was out staying on the roads. Get to meet the real people and the they went to become a dentist because their mom was a dentist and our mom is our idol and she was just like her mom and she routinely sees Oliver Mom's Mola root canals and her mom is found three Mb twos in the last forty years. But thinks she's a master of Indo. So when you go back to work and you're twenty five and your mom's Dr Phyllis and she's your mom and she. She doesn't ever find him be twos. The young daughter, how many times when she operates should there be at least four canals in that radiographs. Nine percent of the time. So. Then what should see tell her mother? Who's the love of her life? Who's done it three times in three decades. I think you give your Mama. We don't hold ourselves to the standards of the forties, fifties, sixties in or different, and we were trained different. So when people come in the first question I wanNA know after the niceties as a Howard Wendy think it was done or if you say it was done a few years ago I'm home free with my language, my verbiage to you because I can say we've learned a lot. We know more about the anatomy we have different technology boom boom. If it was done yesterday, it's harder because it was missed. Okay. But I don't hold anybody. Accountable for missing canals and the old the air because they are. They ever even were told they were there and a lot of times if you're MB wanted to merge which they do about sixty percent of the time by inadvertently missing one, you might have sealed in inadvertently by sealing the other one. But that means the reciprocal number is there separate distinct and unrelated apolitically so they have more than one portal exit and so if a case looks good, say symptomatic it's a patient and it looks like you might have missed a canal bone looks good. Chew weekly well, left, right? No pocketing you just watch it. You don't jump in there do something on her mother's old root canals. Man I wish I would have talked to you earlier because I told her, she needs a new mom. I got that totally totally backwards my gosh Gosh I. There's so many things I. WanNa Talk to you about. The Same Insurance Convention. You know that's telling me this data which you know. Is just that's just the data I saw also showed that API EPA collect amies are just going the way the dinosaurs I mean they've been drifting downwards for ten twenty years was that because of implant policy or into Dante's. Both. And now the pendulum swung again. Now more and more people where take Michael Surgery Course, who's teaching microsurgery I got nothing in Grad School. Now, I need to flap a case. So as you know the implant, I had a guy call me this is unrelated, but he's a retired guy. Should I say his name say his name Elliott's dentistry uncensored if you. Subscribe and quit watching it. No the old guy? Sam Earth Sue He's a professional opera singer. He tried to ease the only dentist. It's ever tried a case at the Supreme Court. He was appointed by AGLIETTA died. The Guy? Never took insurance. He had people travel from all over the world to do work Every time I'm with him. I don't ever say thing there's nothing. I. Can ever say because he's talking very quickly but he's in his late eighties now and he called me last week is it ended on his he's a dentist General Dennis. In fact, her did a lot of his root canals. and. Then he finally said he got smart. He just told me this story got smart. He went back to Boston said her who's your best student? I'm, GonNa, take him to Michigan. He's doing all my end endo. My patients can't fly to Boston anymore they're getting all Sony whe Sammer Suu, called me and he's been talking about the implant for years. Whitecliffe. He thinks the like he thinks implants are fine. He thinks that we should do them. You know when it's appropriate but has bitches when we don't know how to disassemble take teeth apart. And give the Tooth A long-term result I'm not talking about go through a lot of time there Jefferson expense any extract the too. So Sam's whole point to me. He calls me out of nowhere two years he goes. How do you clean the first thread? I said, what are you talking about Sam Sam? We talked about he said the first threat, all the screw, how do you clean it? I said. No he said, well, that's the problem. When you go to court club, how do you clean the second screw tell me So it was an interesting question. There's no answer but his whole point was, let's not tear two thousand mouth until we have something better to replace it. And that's another shift. It's clear as a bell for me and in eighty seven orthodontic centers, of America had gone put when I graduated public on. New. York exchanges a dozen on on Nasdaq they all folded for the exact same problems or day they went away for ten years. Now they're back same thing when I got school buried on, US was your main man and they were showing you a hand scaling and surgeries and all these things to save. Your food which back religion treat other people retreated. I don't want to have my molar extracted and bone grafted and an implant I won't say my tooth and every you know what this is bullshit. Let's treat this with a forceps titanium and pull it. Well, they did that for ten years out that wasn't a miracle fix and now you're starting to see the tide go back and say you know what? Let's try a little harder to save that failed Ruka now or Do, you think that's a better trend. The trend I think is going to be powerful is now that we've had implants from their inception, it was like you know all over the place growth spikes, you that great interview with the guy passed away. Karma's Yep. So you know when people like that knew how to do it may be fine but we just had cowboys all over the world just saying new income stream took a weekend course you you had people I, you can't insane. Any monkey can drill a hole in the bone while that's the easiest part of the implant I've had to implants just recently because I had forty two, your all root canal fracture and fail. I almost pulled my left town. Be Honest. So why did Phil Punch You Well that was another story. For. Another episode of point is now that we saw the maturity and then we started have more science more observations more education a rising tide raises all ships. We kind of got to the top of the implant game of Mental Scott better designs got better coatings got better but there is this thing called Peri. Implant Titus there are failures and we know at ten years the difference between implants and Indo are no difference in the literature. So now I think a lot of people realize that ended Don Howard is a regenerative procedure, Dah. It's a regenerative procedure and if we can grow bone, even if we lose the to the very cool fracture, we'll have a better site to place an implant in the future. So yes, answer your question, the pendulum swinging people want to know more about retreat. My life work has been in retreatment. I've written a five chapters in international textbooks about fifty pages of all the chapters I'll say real quick for you. Coronal disassembly. Miss. Canals. GonNa Percha Removal, silver points, carriers, pace fillers, mental Annan mental post removal, broken instruments, ledges, transportations in perforations. Those fields are all. Say. That again. So again, I I don't type that fast Colonel December even know you're tying. It would have been more respectful. Colonel Disassembly. Gay Kid include removing all types of dentistry on onlays. Bridges and splints. Miss Canals. The removal of common fillers gotTa Percha silver points. Carriers carrier based OB. Dreyer's CDO's and pace villers. Removal Post is another whole chapter because that's metal and non metal. Announ the age of setting industry, we're seeing a lot of you know to colored restorative post. Been Your Buddy Ben Johnson that was the first push back when he came out with thermo. Fill. That, you're leaving a carrier in there and that was an extra thing you'd have to disassemble and that was the major pushback for servile remember those days and. Howard yourself. You're smart. Remember the early ones they were metal. They were metal carriers like a file. Anyway when you interview him, he'll tell you how he had the kids use the oven in the kitchen and they painstakingly go to birch around the flutes of a file and put it back in the oven and heated up and get into loot to the file, and they take clinically and slide into the route but they had the metal vile leaped in when you do your point that was terrible. You Guys Wanna Poe space yet a broken vile. Anyway and I just want to say Ben. Johnson listing. My Gosh the fact you sent me that that older Calvin I posted that on our dental town youtube channel. So ty youtubecom. WHAT IS ANYWAY Youtubecom for last Time magazine, it has over six thousand music comments are off the chart and Ben paid at Shitload of money for that. He didn't charge me a penny for, but here's the thing why I love Ben I was born reason was shocking. Does he like a two hour drive south to Tulsa when I came out of school when he came out with us I, colon up on the phone and I didn't have Internet's and emails and all the stuff and I'm still I'm all my problems goes do this. Phone jump on a airplane fighter Tolson spend the day with me and like seriously, and then when I got the day and it's like well, I need to go find a hotel and he's like why you think I don't have a house and you know I mean the nicest guy on the planet is and And when I? I knew Jesus because when I would say something about the space as he was explained to me, he was laying out perfect geometry and I said anybody that can lay out perfect geometry I mean. Talk About having the concept of what you're talking about before you do it, I, mean his skills I don't know I mean obviously he's a legend in Endo, but I would still say his skills were even better but it was sorry to interrupt so keep on. A damn good ballplayer. Got, a trial with Los Angeles dodgers and he played college football. and. That's why he took a ton of his money and built a new stadium out there for the college. Football. People yeah. Then if you get him on, be sure to ask him about as Leur. Invented a lot of stuff in in the dynamics is we've talked about, but he has a nine allure for fishermen that has done probably better than his file business. Seriously seriously, it's still is if you're a woman, you probably don't even know what you're using his lower some some internal component. Yeah, I'm from Kansas, I never users always always worms. You know just just why referred my fishing Referred you're fishing referred. I referred my fishing out a long John Silver's. So. So do you see the rise? So are you predicting right now that I'm the? Insurance companies for April to me retro fills are GonNA launch come back. Because disassemble everything that failed and try to Redo it better faster easier. Our quality lost well I. Know You exaggerate on purpose there will be more and more dentist dentists moving towards their preoperly film is a previously treated to there's a lesion and they're going to have to make a call diagnostically rule out fractures it's restore mobile healthier can be made healthy period onnly. Is it worth the time energy and effort let the patient decide share the information is not ruttles call the patients call and You're going to see a renaissance in re-treatment whether it be non-surgical or surgical. And problem will be education because we used to teach those things you go to Grad schools today like fifty one or fifty to North America you talk to the grandkids they're doing almost no surgeries they're doing almost no re-treatment and it's just like when I was in Boston I worked in a little clinic off campus in the nights and on Saturdays to help pay for the family stuff and of it was matt a Pan, it's a ghetto and basically everything you go through his carry us exposures right at a pulp and then you come to. Santa. Barbara your drone through ten inches of gold to get the pulp chamber says the different kind of dentistry but residents are seen a lot of carrying exposures and doing their cases that way they're not seeing a lot of really sophisticated. You know a feeling abutment under a splint or bridge or something, and he says something I'll also found a lot of these young kids are GONNA come out they're going to buy some older guys practice and they think that just doing they re endo is the problem you've got to sell the dentistry but when you Hate. The word self remember when you're a dentist, you're not trying to change the patient's mind. You're trying to show the patient their mind, and if you can just listen to them and show them what they're saying, then they'll be able to see their own error versus the way you sing it so just If you can't explain it visually is like I like stand up comedy I. Know I mean Movie Stars Reading Scripts with twenty deals. I. Don't even like carrot top because he comes out there with all these props would love about standup his there's no. Just you and the audience. When you're a dentist trying to clean up the best ones are just like a comedian no props they're just listening to you and they're trying to show you what? Magician is tricky. They're showing you something and then they change it and a great dentist is listening to what you're saying and trying to show you. So you can see what you're saying, and then you'll see the obvious volley in what you're thinking and. So a wonderful lesson that I don't know that they heard. So I'm going to repeat what I. Thank you said. So sometimes it's Saturday afternoon. You don't have time to go to the ball game, but you turn the ball game on. And you're washing your car, you're mowing your lawn. You're doing a thousand different things but the announcers painting such Christo clear pictures in your mind you see the runner on first base, the pitchers going in news wind up right there. You see the Guy Break thirty tells you he paid such great pictures that it's just your podcast. They see it because the words are so powerful expressed. So I think what you've learned in your podcast if they're watching it gray, but if they're listening to a great teacher can teach a lot by just visual images they put in your head and I thought that. was important to come back to it. Playoff always said, and if you need Casey and chalkboard and draw notes, just just have your assistant, explain it to the patient because most dental offices almost eighty percent of them have at least three other people that aren't identified at work there fulltime that can sell ten times more dentistry than a dentist I mean, you're a doctor dental surgery you couldn't sell a car. So so that's a skill that everyone needs. We shall we make some money for your group today? Should I? Should we play a little game and makes some make him some money hell yeah? Alright. So right this on a piece of paper. So everybody's assignment is to get a piece of paper. And I want them to ride on the paper of this. That they have one thousand patients. gave at one thousand patients. Now just out of school, they don't have any patients that they've been out for five years. They have way more than a thousand patients phyllis just make were all psychodrama role playing got one thousand patients. And the question is unless say that each patient has two thousand eighteen. They could have thirty two teeth could have twenty eight teeth, but they could have two, thousand eighteen. So you could say what Howard that every dentist is the Custodian of twenty thousand teeth. So if we make a table. In its call misdiagnosis. What if you missed in a diagnosis percent of the time on twenty thousand teeth. Yes the snows Howard is rain as down sort letting him come along with his nose. But you've got one thousand patients. They all have twenty teeth. I just made that up. It's not true. So you're taking care of twenty thousand T- You love each to. And if you didn't take care of each tooth properly and didn't diagnose it five percent of the time, the question the is is what's five percent or twenty thousand. What is it? One thousand. Okay. Yeah. Okay you missed one thousand T-. What if every root canal cost? Five hundred bucks. I just made that up. Howard. Is The insurance czar in the United States of America Declares Effective immediately August twenty one I'll root canals will be five hundred US dollars. So. You could tell your audience they're sitting on five hundred, thousand dollars of undiagnosed in dykes at any given moment of time, and let's continue what do most in the dynasty treated teeth get post in the Knicks. They get a crown. Of some sort. So again now I'm the insurance, our north. American clairol crowns their tooth colored Saul golder five, hundred bucks. So five, hundred, five, hundred, your audience say on five, hundred, million dollars of potential business just checked it out. So here's what Dennis loved the do. Drop the mask dental smoke blowing through their hair. Some marvelous feeling they're doing crown prep and all they did is they look the period film they go. Yeah it's clean. AMP doesn't hurt. Let's go. They have no clue what the status of the bulb is. So I'm trying to get your audience to start doing vital Paul testing and it doesn't have to be them. It could be the assistant it could be the hygienist they should have A. A A record part of the record should be a little in the dining insert that tells you one through thirty two what the Hell's going on at all he needs percussion call hot and that more or less the pocketing there's a bigger exam of course, discolored t mobility palpitation all that stuff. But if they just started pulp testing and the reason they're not finding the five percent because they're only doing percussion looking at films. So? Howard. Sam Seltzer in the fifties had his kids his residence take manuals. Section of anterior to post your into two house took six and a round burs in scooped out the Marylebone. Put the halves back together handed the films to train period honest or ended Austin said Wendy you see the incipient the early lesion. Nobody saw the lesion and tell the students took part of the media corneal plate from the bottle or the mediocre article plate from the lingual and only when the court plates were infringed on, did the end on say there's the early lesion. Now obviously CBC t comes to mind but how many people have CBC t about five percent? How many people have microscopes about five percent? So about ninety five percent of our dentist don't benefit from CBC or microscopes. So these dentist I'm. Trying to say when they take a film and look at it Howard and they say it has an intact pd L. everything looks fine. You don't know what you don't know because you don't see the early lesions until there's a lot of destruction. Here's another way to say it when you raise a flap and go into clean out a lesion did you ever say to your system in your entire career? G IT'S A lot smaller in here that look like on the film. Yeah. So is bigger. So the thing is if we can just get colleagues to start doing vital pulp test, that's usually a coal test if they don't complain if anything, it's a cold cass if they complain of Coal Call Test if they say it's coffee, it's a hot pest and I'm not going to go through that today but that's all on the websites all for free. If they want to run hot and cold test, they don't have to be this personally now obviously, it has to be legal in their state but most states. Don't say that. That's that's what turns everyone into sheep I i. mean I remember when I first opened up my office. I hired my third hygiene us because we were so busy and I don't know I didn't know anything about it. Then the Arizona State Board of Examiners sent me a certified letter saying that Arizona you're only legally allowed to have two hygienist. So I don't know how they found out I had three and. I wrote him a letter and I said, well, fantastic. Come down here. Look at all the hygienist. Tell me which one I need to fire. Charge, which one I need to start treating, and I and I said, and then we'll hold a press conference and you can explain why Dentists has to fire a jenness because of the Arizona State Board. Examiner. Oh. Yeah. I forgot one thing I also said. And never heard from them again. Because I was sitting where everyone lives in fear why didn't you take the three and say it? Every third day you'll be my number one assistant and you or is this just rotate the hat? No, you didn't job. You everyone would just quit living in fear and quit taking all this crap. They have no idea. How many you know when the civil war act I mean when we went to war with England, do realize story and say only forty percent one to the rest didn't and ten percent of the whole country flew to Canada. That's why to this day ninety percent of the Canadian population is within one hundred miles of the US border. They just wanted to cross over the border because the mighty united. Kingdom the British royalty. They didn't want to mess with that. But forty percent of Americans were for sixty percent are against it and we went to war because of attacks on our and don't even drink tea. I mean. So if right now, I think more people are pissed off at their government around the world I mean right now the writing and Hong Kong Lara's our streets have been crazy. I mean. So dentist you can't even get Dennis to stand up to. Professional Organizations Insurance, companies, I. Mean you've you massively changed into donning. So I'd like to be the first Jimmy Hoffa dentistry I mean these dentists need to start standing up for dentistry. Is. Generations are going to have to go to Wall Street or insurance companies to get their health care, and that's not how the system works. When you need a doctor, you need a real Dr, not an NBA Wall Street analysts. So don't give me Sarah on that bed living in fear is not an option? No, you know just quit living in fear. I WANNA I WANNA go back. Again. She goes out and she sets up with her mother and her mother does all the Endo but come on do they really irrigate I mean the really disinfection I mean usually that is one syringe of bleach at the very end four paper points than sealer and dill can you talk about disinfection? I, you just set it all you know look it. A twenty five, near gain, Syringe with twenty nine gates Kanye you're talking like the syringes twenty, five cents the Kanye is maybe a couple bucks. You can put I'm using about thirty to forty C. of arrogant for every tooth. And you just said it how much a forty thirty to forty CC's. They only know metric when they're buying AMMO for the nine millimeter grams link. Lot Thirty. is slightly. Talked about three CC syringe. Ten of those. Okay. Well, the thing is then I'm agitating my solution because A reservoir of arrogant is like a toilet. It just sits there. It's like you fill the sink up the shave if that's how you shave and it just sits there still. So we have to use agitating devices that. Move the irrigation you learn a lot by just watching. So go into any convention, go down to an end ike workshop course and just start strolling behind the students. They will use one syringe to do an entire procedure and that's what they do at home. So we need to increase the volume of reagents and to be specific I e gate after every single file. I don't try to outsmart myself. somebody goes directly half derogate that frequently no but if you start to have discipline so our here it is filed goes in. Let's just say it won't go to length. Well. You come out I air gate. So whether I go to link. To link I'd take a file out I dumped three CC's every time I take file out and it doesn't take any more time I mean I I don't put my syringe Kanye very close to link coward I get upset at manufacturers because they look at the lectures they see that there's a lot of root canal system anatomy on post operative films. So they think well, the secrets irrigation. So let's bill smaller and smaller. Kanye. So colleagues can get their canyon a closer closer. And closer links will then this invites sodium chlorate accidents. So I don't really go anywhere except just below the orifice I don't have any need to put my canyon amid rude or around the curve because the way we era gate with the Indo activator. That's a product that I invented. So I want the audience to know I have a commercial involvement but it costs five hundred dollars for the Basic Kit, the activator yes capital E. N. D. O. Capital a one word Endo activator. Indio Yup and then activator all one word with a capital a. in the Indo activator. Moves, polymer tips Howard and these polymer tips are flexible. They don't break they don't cut. This is what's important. They can go around curvatures and I'M NOT GONNA get into the nodes in the anti nodes and ultra sonics versus Sonics. But ultrasound is by definition vibrates metal metal cuts denton even if it smooth metal, it cuts in, it can lead, it can break, it can perforate. So I make it a big deal were vibrating polymers flexible non cutting, and we do this for a minute and a half a canal and you will we have ninety thousand users around the world. I'm very proud of that many people were using general wave are now back to the Endo activator. Getting more anatomy with seventy thousand dollars every disposable tip. One dollar and eighty cents. So it's a dollar eighty per patient. Less than two dollars well I know you don't need any marketing I. Mean you're a legend a I mean really you're the king of Indo. but God, and you've what do you got all these courses I'm dental town has forty online courses. They've been viewed a million times. So if you probably got a million hours of video, so if you made a Indo activator pro altarpiece. secours. It's GonNa. Explode. Your websites. exploded. Yet in. Content yeah. Well, it's free marketing for the your websites, Indo Ronald Dot. com. And the Russell show dot com and but anyway That was a great answer to that and I know you're running out of time and I'm not going to be running late and all that kind of stuff I'm just saying what do I have to ask you? Howard we could. We could reconvene in another year or six months twenty years from now when we've really got it figured out there I just have two more questions. Take your tongue young kids to to to questions. Young kids are school routinely ask what is a glide path? And is that a necessary thing and then the last question I'll just throw him out there the whole myself microscopes. I'm a dentist. And I'm an MBA you don't family I four boys. That's I. But next time dentists and a businessman and. Microscopes I. Mean when I got here in eighty seven, every town was doing eight to nine hours a day and they were crushing it, and then they bought microscopes which I mean you might as well just chop their legs off and now they're doing four to five Muller's Day. So obviously. You sell more ten thousand dollar cars and thirty thousand dollar cars. But do you think microscopes kind of turned into to markets? You're either GONNA by Mercedes. For fifteen hundred or you're gonNA buy a Chevy for a thousand and do you think some of these ended honest with a microscope now think they're neuro-surgeons or trying to reattach inferior Alveoli nerve what what is your view on that rant? I'll do the microscopes and then I'll come back to the glide now. With the with the microscopes you know I just there's an old expression life you only know you see. You always see what you know. An and the other one I like. If you can see, you can do it. So probably they went from eight molars to four because they saw a lot more they found 'em B. Twos they found mid measles they found extra routes in the dissed all of lower molars. They found. And they became mellow more picky and they slowed down sometimes we talk about slowing the game down in sports. Look I had a my I was the first guy on the west coast of microscope Gary car came to Santa Barbara and actually watched cliff rodel used the microscope and I'm proud of him he went on and did his whole thing. I'm not proud of who he became but he's very smart and he's very good microscope. But my point is you can do world-class ended dawn ix with just a headlamp. I did it for years I didn't have a microscope and I still found four canals, the Max Muller all through the seventies in the eighties. I didn't find my first in two of the microscope are a newer to look. So I would say to general dentist, you do not have to have a microscope to do world-class onyx. You just have to do basics isolate have the rubber dam make a nice access cabinet. You can see where a headlamp have translation devices. That's a poor man's microscope. So I would say that a lot of in-don assed are desperate to save the profession. They're so desperate that we you don't even probably know this we have battles all the time. Are we going to lose our professional status with Coda and Oh my God? What's the going to chops? Group of to dos that her incessant on always thinking if they could get you to use gentle wave at a microscope, they could just get you out market and all of a sudden you send it to us. We're the big boys. We do it like the neuro-surgeons. As you said, I see all this is add junked eath technology fine. You get off on it you sleeve guides do all that shit that's what you WANNA do. Then some people found out it was the X. NAP for implants it. Wasn't sleeve guides and all that bullshit. So I I would encourage every general dentist. If you're doing six to eight cases a week, you love it. You know get a little light scope for about twelve grand pulled over for Endo. You might use it for margins whatever. But you do not need a microscope to do world class in the because I know too many general dentists that do they send me cases I see their work they're doing re their plane above the Rim Howard, their plane above the rip. I'm a five foot, seven Irish I. so I've never even seen the rim. One you want to hear the glide path bullshit? Yes absolutely. Okay. They WanNa know let's start off with this file. Here's a secured Canal Howard. I could take my nose. And push the file to length. So canal is called secured when I can take a file, a small size, stainless steel hand file. Sunday's and Monday's evenings and mornings. Later early in any time I want to, I can just swipe the instrument Pasolini to the full working link that's secured canal. So what's the secured canal is a canal has a smooth reproducible glide path and glide path means that there's a whole that's available for that file to slide through. So our hardest job after access is securing canals because that's the skill the skill is to negotiate slide slip and glide your way to link and when you do that and you have a super loose ten. I can teach anybody from any country in the world shape in. This Irrigation is fast and easy no skill. It Really Ha- I hate to say it there's no skill disinfection. There's very little skill inauguration. Our skill is opening teeth finding canals and negotiate them not on. Some days each day everyday all days, and that's what's usually missing. That's when you have broken files ledges box transportation's all the negative stuff you hear about shows up we don't have a secured canal. No more questions, but I just have to clarify on behalf of our Joey de Duggan who passed away. My Gosh. He was born in sixty one and he passed away. October twenty, one, two, thousand thirteen but he always was so funny because he divided all the ended Austin, the two people there was the able barbarians I like to get to the end of the puff. AC-. and. Then there's a damn pulp lovers are you on behalf of Joey Dee? Are you an April barbarian or pulp lover? Barbarian and then the second question. was. He was a scorer I'm now we're will Cohen Technique Joey's when you start doing hot get a purchase. That's that's a whole `nother level. Are You What was the Abe Gilbert Arizona Republic over a S- or what was the other he was escorted? What did he call the nonce quarters? Well maybe the heathens. But but the guy that started that technique came and took all my classes he lives in your area he's retired now his name is John stop-go and And Straw poll was original I and I were in the world and he taught at quite a bit and it was in when you Paul John Aside he would say, well, you guys have trouble fitting cones cliff so they can take a really small Kanye like a twenty seven or nine gauge Kanye they can slide around the curve and start scoring thermal soften. GP from the apex up and then Joey and John were good friends. They did courses together. You probably know that they did surgery courses together. John Lewis a surgeon joey was beaming these surgeries to Venezuela at that time. All the was doing things that people said was impossible. So George standing. So I think squirting is fine but you better have a good shape. Because, if Howard look at my hands as the shape that gives you the resistance form if I scored gutter purchased a parallel sided walls got a purchase doesn't have any resistance. So I need deep shape. A conical preparation has resistance formed because that hold your thermal softened got approach inside the wrote. Man You're a legend I'm GonNa let you go because I, don't want to. Piss off Phillips because sounds like you'd have a root canal done after you pissed off somehow and she punched in fractured that route and had a fracture. But Dude, you're alleging you've done so much for me personally everybody I know every every great ended on US I. Know You're there man? I mean when they start. Talking about it's you and I've been trying to get you on the show for four years and every time I'd email reply back Howard who and but you finally you finally came on the show. I attribute that to fill us. She probably just made you probably get this guy to quit harassing us get on the damn show and then we'll We'll block his email but thank you so much for all that you've done your family first congratulations on fifty three years, two kids and five grandkids. That is amazing. Business second ended on man you're supposed to leave the playground better than you found it and I can't think of only people like you. Left Endo better than you found it, and that's my God, what a That's the best thing ever man and you're a great friend. So thank you for everything. Howard is a big honor to be. With you. Today of I have our family loves you even my daughter's reggie email they said, gee he knew my name how my name well. The people around the world that no Howard Howard knows who you are because he. You know that always version they don't care how much you know until you know how much you care. So I WANNA. Just right back at you. You've been a great inspiration for me and I want all the dentist on this show to realize that I might have strong opinions about stuff but really we want to grow every dentist a little bit every day a little closer to their full potential. Okay. They all have greatness in them and we just need to walk it, and the last thing is my favorite quote whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius magic and power within it. So, best wishes to all your audience and we'll have to do it again and I'll have the on the ruttles show. And I just I just You just tell the kids at it doesn't matter your those skills but if you could just make each root canal, you do next a little better than last I mean if you could just make each root canal one percent better than the last one, you did man, you're going to be the greatest ended on that ever lived, right? Just. Be a better version of yourself. Tomorrow I'm bronzes your kids be slightly better tomorrow than you were the day before but just beyond the constant data self-improvement and you've led. Two million around the world treating eight, billion people the average. There's about six thousand humans for every Dennis and you've been making hundreds of thousands of those dentists better than ever before, and I just wanted one final store on never forget I was lecturing I don't know where wasn't Africa thing. There's like fifty eight countries and I've been to like a third of them. And because of youtube and videos and things like that. I mean thirty years ago. At least one, hundred countries. If you had a toothache, you needed a pilot, not Benda's easy to get the hell out of this country. But because of Internet stuff lake, what you're doing, you can get a damn good root canal in every country on earth because they're listening to guys like you digitally so. Being digital which can scale instead of going there in the flash talking to twenty people but thanks for changing the world. Thinks. Howard.

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Its Not Your Fault - Q&A (3/3) | Ajahn Brahmavamso | 23-10-2019

"I'm. Going to try tough now almost. So when we finished the just, that's come runaway. Video Component. Excellent. Question, Possible? Isn't how'd. But there was this. This is actually in the suits. Got The because we. Is a very good story. Somebody came up to the Budo. Mouse and also why is. Why is it that some people of Mitch? Do anything the business. With moderate. To go win an life. Others you have so hard. Try! Hard to make ends me. Almost gave the. Nation again and life is a struggle financially why? Well County imposs-. Lie Works so hard. To get. Because we do it. That's really good. Then the second question why is? The in line to some people that just born really beautiful on other people talking. What you do. Likely. And you may have noticed when I mentioned. My guys. To Singapore Watch. This go mountain. Why did you say I've when you're looking at me? When I was. When I mentioned a beautiful. Just. Go sometimes it okay. Mike! So look at God. was. Good to talk to. Supplement so we've got a good I understand why. Going beautiful while. The, They're also the second the last question. Why is it? Something just intelligent. They hide in need too much work is still get top schools. University. Marching orders occasion, something intention other. Extradition. Do the cost again and again and again is to the. Some people just stupid. And burlingame the explanation. said. You will be stupid. If you do not ask questions in this one. And English. Shots! Gang Scholarships? You'll be intelligent in excellent point goodness. Going to be very sloppily. was coming to us. To be intelligent. Too much trouble to intelligence. Suffering. User tenets the way. In other words don't the exempts. So yeah, okay, good professor next month. Don't family. CERIUM politics. A. Bad, but that's that's pretty good. There's bad. The the politicians are representatives of the people. You elected. Play. With politics. Even this morning. I go back to history. And to the Roman Senate. But somebody was standing. Roman Senate. Crows. Why Crows they was! There was done for election. The word for white and batching is called candidate. Which is where we get what candidate for? What candid originally met someone who has? As a sign of Pasta for. In the past they've they've done very good life. And so in the talks. On what what they did in the past? Now what they promised. And I don't blame politicians for breaking promises. About what they were doing a few. Promises in the first place. We. Well the future my brain. If you're a skilled. Was Good. Shoved by past behavior. Then! You should be candidate. To. Even politicians who would like to be modernization. His pick your nose. Some Asian. So this should. Not. Even the. Not Be so finding. And blaming. Spend a little bit of time focusing on great services. To the people. How many of you remember. Monte And they had the hottest. David Vacation Fund I'm just to. People something. And then they start into me. Out with the moment I was. DOT FOR US because. Even just working Simonova because? Raleigh Great Motors. While, the RUB got Roz except build roads. Sanitation! Walter. Tax. Point well, they've even thought rows and rows. Of Law and order in. You got to the docks. DRUCE. Must be come out of their lives. It's really rough areas. Okay was ever done for us other the. Sanitation one hundred. Scoops. From us. Law Schools, roads. Nothing. Host focusing on. Instead of what they have done. We have people disappeared tonight. Visions amassing great wealth. In this country and other places. So there is. Still some. So. Goodness pound of in. British system. Its decay. Decay, Because of Negro. This is. About. Democracy should not just be a static thing. You can always improve. While I did. A long time. Muscle listen to this and it was. The Melbourne. Melbourne heightened big newspaper. In, Melbourne. and. Action Australian. When the? Labor Party, suppose the with him the. KNOWS HOW THEY WANT! An action. Of KARMIC controlled action. This little slater's famous. into of. What we call. Anyway. that. How many of you! How many years? Expectancy. He's one of you. Young Child Young. Don't expect to be on this planet. Say Many of the of the including me. Can Be Alive to see if fix climate change. Young people. They're going to fax much smaller I am. Young people. How more stake? In My. Like in a company. In the company. So, why? Not. You have! been calling to your life expectancy. Young people have bullfights. Because they've got all to win all those. Decisions of parliament. Wants. To. Have shares in the company. Wash it? Could be that hard to have. Someone is twenty. Expectancy maybe eighteen something sixty years. Someone. Who's six hundred expensive that he is whatever? That's how many. Justify those big. It actually skewed. Politics Away. Of old man. I say no matter. Increasing Can Be. Shooting tweak it this way or that way, but something like that. So, this is whatever you solve impact outside the box. That's one right asset of being a Buddhist monk or Buddhist. We live outside the box. So easy to see outside the box. Again omitted solutions. Actually taken up. Couches could. And the other thing. Is. The care of the ELTI. Member Greta Super. A fusion. It changes the whole. Since. He's going to be. Awesome. Do. But in particular. Stories about how people elderly people treated. Almost abuse. Know Given the care which. IS A. Lot. Of Times. When you get out of Eaton. May Be benefit. Come, back. Now, you understand. Some children really miss behind. On how we treat out. So. Is An investment in our future? Wow. Money to Washington. All. The sixty to agree with that and. This. So even dominance! So. swelled. That's one question. Okay. Just. Guilty. We had. For that somebody's. Into you back. Someone does. Sometimes I was lose monk. Race. Sometimes, people try to upset me one of those times you know how hot it is sometimes. Macho. Be Driven down the road. The old feed w fans Vance. No Expedition Windows Wide Open. Got This. Case maybe seventy eight. So. I decided that some fun. In the the one of the passenger seats. Right next to me. I was the. Of that. Is a copy of Playboy magazine? I. Did I get upset? Medicine. Out. Magazine. told me. Well people will try to upset you. In People's say something. Wasn't schoolteaching. Why would advise I? Make. Its across on. Their! Own Lives. Od. With you. Things. On our. Minds Day A. Yeah. Recall on human. Experience. Expression! Every every. Very. Away! Lose. My t shirt. Story. Was An Afro American. Is US space. And it was apple mode. In taken from the base into town. And the driver. Some of his friends. was on can drunk. His finish out. Of Now? Taking you talk to. Soak. Racist? And the drive scare some of these soldiers. Local language. And if studies being. Black Talk. Of American soldier. American. smadi because the scenery. And drive. Understand! See how. This the African doctors. So. Good Wash. Ha. They loved. The apprehe-. Smarmy. Would they go into town? Out of that make sure. I. Invited. DONNAS. Pay Me. And assaulted two. Fluid. Dogs do not have money. is going. As. India And then. It will give you. Go back to their. Otherwise. They always sometimes piece. On. Anybody to control your happiness. exergen choice. Is Recourse. Because maybe. Job. And the nation because of your junior. and. Senior management. Executive today's. Personally. Is Years. It's much about you abuse. Happens again and again and again. In the world is these micro inch. Five six mosquito bites. Mosquitoes. The. Biggest. At. Say. Go. By having this equity. Done! Food. Once Business. The Boston. Wasn't going to be injured drought, but couldn't get out. Out? So it starts. Shouting yellow. We should ask me help. And soon a farmer had notice that stupid, old donkey, the donkey and the well was dangerous Hispanic. The back of his bags I decided okay. I can just kill the Donkin for the. Same time. Thought shopping done one of the donkey. Donkey realize being buried alive. Though, but That's. Coming through them back. then. I. Don't lose much smarter. And you. The Dump Shrunk. Stack. This feat was a to to hire. Another several full of. Another set of to hire. A. Higher and higher. Alibaba was so busy shopping. Never knows to donkeys. Impede? The top of the well. suppler to the. Talk easing out. Just. To reinforce of issues with bad comment. This. Bit. The backside of the. Backside of the farmer, just the teaching muscle walks jemappes. Probably have to. Summarize, but please. Sometimes. been posted people. That gives enough energy. Trying to throw that. And not be eighties of B believing that. Defeat. You have anybody else. In this world feels that somehow because of their. Race Because of the genda. Because of their sexual orientation, because I might have sub disease, nice, schizophrenia or bipolar autism, or because they may be decided another way you welcome. You had the different trees in the forest. All trades movie. The same diversity is the richness if anyone is damaged. is the damage trees Abedin crooked. I like the most. You got forest straight private trees. Other beautiful ones. The beautiful. Damaged. than the ones. And you've been on. Okay? So. I'm go train now. Rob. Grisly mentioned. The, some things that. Made, with lots of love about. Linda's anything bag. Be some information, but what we're trying to do for. Developing Bikini Sunday evening, then say that means that the women can tape fluid nation equal to that. And that will be hopefully strengthening, but is very another place. We call calling PAT taste Hav. Dismay Passion of the moment. We've got Mitchell replacing. Just start off. Yes there's many ways to beautiful first ways to feed me because I'm not as fast as. ACT TENDER FIRES So. Signed me up become say. I'd also. Notice what? Absolutely. Just hold onto. Go quite a few monks who are gender diverse. Said some guys. And Quiz. The wonderful trump! Also disabled. Company of Pinnacle schizophrenics. You would never know it. You'll welcome. Boys find a pass. Beautiful. So. Mice Keila Not to. Anyway.

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How Not To Be A Jerk In Chat

Kotaku Splitscreen

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How Not To Be A Jerk In Chat

"In Marvel studios of injures endgame the remaining avengers must overcome the aftermath of destruction and face their biggest challenge yet finding the resolve within themselves to defeat Thanos once and for all the world's greatest heroes will finally understand just how fragile our reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to hold it in a story of friendship teamwork in setting aside differences to overcome an impossible obstacle get of interest in game on digital now and Blu Ray on August thirteenth new do on Four K Ultra H._d.. Welcome back to Kotoka split-screen the only podcast that knows how to trash talk responsibly really it's August first two thousand nineteen and Kirk and I bring pawtucket senior reporter Cecilia Donnas dossier on the show to talk about the ways that games bring us together as friends an important gaming etiquette tips. We need to stay friends with our gaming groups before that I talk about my brand new monitor which is helping me improve outer wilds and Kirk talks about beating death of the outsider and falling into the rabbit hole of fire emblem. We close it out with off topic talk about Veronica Mars again and Kirks Music Dick Pic of the week. Let's go and we are back for another episode of Cacus wit screen and I'm still Mattie Myers and I'm still joined by my co host. I Carrie Hamilton. Hey Kirk what's up. Hey Manny not much is up. It's nice to see though recently went backpacking. I Dunno enjoying some Oregon rules that rules rules it does rural backpacking fun. It's like half this about planning the thing and like all the logistics of making sure you have everything you need to survive in the woods for a couple of days and it's half about Z.. Nature it's sort of like a fifty fifty thing logistics. It's definitely partly about. I guess I don't do that that often. I just go hiking. I'm not trying to backpacking ever. I'm not I'm not bringing enough with me that I could survive in the woods for one day I would say that's the difference hiking about enjoying nature primarily because you're just out for the day the backpacking adds a logistical element. That's like how can I manage my weight and like make sure I have enough food and water and take care of all these things so there's a lot of that which is enjoyable for certain kind of person and that is true so I gather that you are currently looking at me on a new type of device a new type of screen a new device. That's just been invented. It's called a monitor no but seriously though it is new monitor and it is so wide I took I tweeted picture of it. People can look that up. I saw it. I liked that tweet a width of my desk because the tweet and it's so wide I've been playing playing out her wiles on it. I WANNA play some fighting games on it. Because I WANNA I WANNA test out that sink technology that freezing technology we did get at least one email from on somebody who had an INVIDIA card and free sync monitor and it didn't work for them and I read that email and got really scared that would happen to me but it didn't <hes> the monitor seems like it's totally working great. I've I've gone to some of those. Sink websites like g sink and free sink testing websites where you can like see if it's really working working really. I've never done that before. That must be pleasing. It is pleasing but it's also like a website that you look at. It and it's got footage that makes you incredibly dizzy because they're exhuming wildly in and out. It'd be like we're going to change the frame rate really rapidly and you look at this absurd video and see if your screen tears are not in like I'm just watching it. I'm like I need. I need to take some kind of drug and R._J.. Would also not vomit. I don't know so yeah I got to have a lot of fun setting at the Monitor and and making sure it worked as intended and it's so awesome and I'll talk a little more about it later because I've been playing out or wild on it and less so good so so good. He's that's exciting. Yeah you'll find they're still games g thinking freezing don't work and then it's very frustrating because like what the hell what is what is actually one of the Games they finished. I was talking about that last week. I guess put designer depth of the outsider weird sync issues and it actually I'll be getting framed tearing. I'm like what what am I using a regular monitor. Why why eddings screen tearing it is annoying yeah but we'll find out I'll find out which games are up to snuff and which ones aren't and update the listeners as I go along? Thank you very excited so I've been doing one thing that I wanted to talk about before we get into the game we've been playing and bringing it all the wonderful tilt emails a lot of good emails after our our discussion but so something that I've been doing for the last three or four weeks is game affecting my own hydration so this started with emily. We've got a water bottle that has bluetooth in it and it tracks her water consumption and tells assigns amount that you're supposed to drink day. Eh It's like a fitbit for water drinking baser yeah and so she got this thing and was like having a lot of fun with it and just it was making her drink more water and I usually drink a lot of water but I just this was like I'm going to get one. What the hell this is going to be find out? How much water you really drink? Do you know yeah and I got one and I have been having no trouble staying hydrated generally but it's actually been really great. I'm going to say that it has made me drink more water and more consistently and much more hydrated than I was and it's a rare example where I know people. We'll do like mixed on fitbit's. I've never had one. I could see how it would get weird. You're like Oh crap. I gotta get another eight hundred paces and it's eleven pm so I'm going to go walk up the stairs months before bed. I mean you don't have to but that is a way to approach a fitbit for sure you can kind of get hooked into the game right like I definitely get that way with this thing just like a blue water bottle and it closed like when I reached my amounted like does like a little green fireworks show. That's pleasing very very pleasing <hes> so the basically like it it isn't I don't no no I haven't had those downsides like I have a streak going for like a bunch of days and pretty invested in my streak look. I don't WanNa break my streak right. Yes is eleven P._M.. And you're like oh I got a drink. Sixty thing is I've had that hasn't really happened at the beginning that kind of and then it's like oh great. I'M GONNA have to get up three times in the middle of the night <music> but not generally hasn't been happening and really what it's helped me do is just pace out drinking water. It's been pretty cool honestly like so I would recommend for listeners. Even if you don't get the thing that you want to buy a special water bottle you can track your drinking drink more water though drinking a lot of water. It's really nice like you feel really good like makes you feel better because like you're I drink water because we're made of it so I disagree. It sounds sounds great to me. I don't think I'm going to get the water bottle but no it's mostly just fun. It's kind of a fun toyed so last week we had Kukuh Kentucky staff writer Joshua Rivera on to talk about tilt and playing on tilt and being tilted which is when you're so negative feelings so mad about playing that it begins to make you play worse and we kind of asked for listener you know stories of Tilton. We got a bunch of good emails a lot of people you know talking about Tilton different. They're different perspectives on it. We got a few that I thought we should read that are enjoyable. I was from Christie. We actually got while we were recording affording a second ago in a segment that'll that'll be a minute <hes> Chris emailed and he wrote a bunch of cool stuff but one question that he asks is I am really curious to know if any of you have broken a controller roller mattie. Have you ever broken controller I haven't but I've been in the presence of folks who have in the moment broken a controller fighting games fighting games can be very very frustrating but also breaking controller is never never the answer never ever once kicks my like kind of just out of frustration frustration. I guess this was forever ago. Like when I was in college kicked my computer I was like damn it and it like broke a part of the front of the computer and I was like Oh my God I was like why did they do that and this is a very you know I was like twenty or something. It was a very dislike agro mad guy thing. I don't know it wasn't even a multiple. I don't even remember what it was. I was just like and just Kinda like kicked it and then oh well great work by computers so that's the closest I've come but I have not broken a controller stroller ever. It seems like the kind of thing you only have to do once. I remember a few times as a kid like lifting a controller as though I was going to throw it and stopping myself this is doing so I mean there's was a famous guitar article that your controller I I remember like throwing my gameboy but like on the bed when I was frustrated and being like in a break but I get to throw it on the bed like there are some ways around this. That's still provide an outlet of sorts but yeah throw on the bed. I wasn't in that article that was that was an article. I wrote I remember last year something with it was a collaboration with an artist which was really cool and he liked through art for all the different throws so it was like the pitch into the wall or like the the almost slam <music> slam or the controller thrower the throw actually I think the throw under the couch was I remember Saul Surfing Classic Elementary School Age throwing definitely soft surface. It's like I'm not going to get another game boy if I break this thing so let's actually spent that's good so we got another good one from Matt. I WanNa read this read this one so Matt Rights. When I was around nine or ten I was playing Super Mario Sixty four with my best friend and younger brother? We were trying to get the star in dire hire dire docks that required you to jump from pole to pole. I was getting more and more stressed out on tilt until I watched my friend Missa jump and shouted the F. Word. None of us had sworn warn before. I don't think I'd ever even considered swearing still remember the look of shock on my friend and brothers faces. Also I believe the term tilting was originally used by my poker players even though the term was derived from tilting pinball machines still where I come across the term most often. I just wanted to say a few other people also emailed us that it's determined airman poker. I didn't know that so that was interesting to me but also met. This story reminded me of tilting story that I read about for off world. I'm not sure if the archives are still up. It's a website that used to exist about playing fighting game. When I was fourteen or fifteen and like the situation with the person I was playing against elevating to the point where he screamed fuck you at me and it was like the whole room went silent and never know things have gone too far and like both of us were like so mad and we had to like sit there at the party and like students embarrassed both got to mad at each other feelings for the next hour it was terrible and definitely something I was thinking about a like we're about to talk to Cecelia about gaming etiquette in the next segment that is as related to gaming etiquette as it is being untilt but anyways Graham Matt? No one should know interesting the F. Word when there until people should know I love the idea of using that word of realizing the power of the for the first time because you're just so mad and then it's like ah you know I don't know when like Superhero comic book like get so mad that they finally use their superpower for the first time. Kids is the F-BOMB Lake. It's super word when you're a little kid. You're like you said that word so funny that that was the first instance of swearing for for them it just really great. It's great story anyway. I will allow you to read Kirk Nice so trevor also wrote in talked about he said that he had been thinking a lot listening to the segment about kind of how wooded cope with Tilton more ways to do it and wanted that he had something I think is really good in the night sort of us on myself from time to time so this is trevor tippy says your Lizard Brain is taking over which only wants to work instinctually not logically you need to get out of the state and the best way to do it is to state to yourself what happened. It's literally that straightforward stating what happened in a series of events forces your brain back into a logical realm and away from your lizard brain the more specific you can be the better don't just say I lost or I died for example in Fiba. I made a bad pass and the other player counter-attacked desperate on defense which put my last defender out of position so he could pass for an easy goal. The next step is to say to yourself what you're going to do about it. This takes your brain to the next level for problem solving and thinking through solutions the biggest problem until is you end up doing the same things and expecting different results parading even more when the same things happen. I just think this is fantastic. It really well articulated. Thank you trevor. That's really good and true I find this makes me think of a sort of related tip for when I fight bosses a lot of the time I'll find myself doing the same thing over and over again just like he's describing and being like Oh my God it and you get mad at yourself because you can't believe us to the same you walked into the same attack. That's gotten like five five times and one that I always give people is since it's so easy to capture gameplay footage these days like most concerts just do it. I'll find if I'm really struggling. This is usually in from games is like second row or bloodborne or whatever from releasing with the boss. I'll go back and I'll just watch myself fight it like three or four times and watch myself die and get it puts me in that kind of similar head space where I'm like. Oh I see what I did. Okay I like dodge left when I shoulda dodged right and like I didn't read that attack Oh and he and then it also as you learn patterns. It's like oh he does that. Same attack like every time Ameri always follows this thing with that when you're not in the heat of the moment it's like more kind of that sang fraud and can just kind of look at it so anyways those good advice and <hes> yeah thanks trevor writing and it makes everybody with your top stories enjoyable. Let's talk about some video games because we all play video games game podcast. We all all Du. It's actually mandatory now played them now. It's wild so we're doing that still welcome to this dystopia where we all have too many. What are you you playing <hes> so madden N._F._l.? Twenty is out by the time this is out I believe and I played it and wrote about it for Kotoka dot com because I am. I'm the person who plays Madden Games that could talk which in and of itself is very funny to me and I find that because two years ago when I was first starting compete Jason was on vacation when Madden came out and I'm now realizing that this is just always a time when Jason is either writing book or on vacation this time of year and this is also the time of year that that madden comes out so I was assigned madden because for whatever reason no one else could do it and I was like I played Madden Games. That's that's fine like it's madden and I played it. I really enjoyed it because two years ago was the first time they had a madden story mode. I don't know if you remember this but they put together is like her. She was it was amazing. It was like Jason loved it. I loved it. Although Jason Wasn't playing it for work is playing it for fun <hes> so yeah I got pretty lucky playing this madden game that I really liked and then the next year the same thing happened. No one else could play the madden game but me and now third year in a row. I'm still playing madden. I'm mad expert. I know every single thing that's all the Madden's now I'm familiar with all the modes and and I'm out here playing the new madden and it's okay I there instead of doing a story mode the same way they've been doing it for the prior two years which had a fictional fictional quarterback that you play as and you'd follow his story this time you can create your own quarterback and they can have any face which is actually really cool. There's like a side my aware thing yeah and it's also something players have asked for a lot in a really excited about like they have a create a player mode in in previous games but it wasn't even close to his comprehensive as this there wasn't a whole story arena that you could play through with your character with cut scenes and like me. You're coach you meet your friend and your these other players and stuff like that like it's a story but it's still only like two hours hours of that and then it just Kinda shunts you back into regular franchise mode madden which is just football games and they have a couple of things in there like once even once you get back to just I would I would call typical madden early typical franchise went mad and they have this thing now where you get text messages from Your Teammates Your coaching between games that are like hey man tried to pass estimate more next time and then kind of miniature challenge within the game where you're like. I'm GonNa try to pass this particular receiver more times and I'll get like more experience points doing so level up this other thing or whatever because you can level up things because it's madden is a role playing game. I don't know it is a role playing game with replace. It's there kind of amazing I I don't know as much about real life football's Jason does but you know it's it's enjoyable to watch and Madden certainly very enjoyable enjoyable well-made game. I'm not competitive player so I'm not a person who knows a lot about all the different bugs that can happen but those are another thing that people super care about. I come from the perspective of just enjoying this story modes a lot and for me like having a story to go along with playing a bunch of football matches frigging awesome I mean I think bats an ideal way for a game like this to work. Personally like Char- you play football game. You get frustrated if you don't complete whatever passes are whatever runs. You're trying to make Bacon Blah Blah. You get frustrated. 'CAUSE you're playing a game but it's so much better. If you have that emotional weight behind the game where you're like and also my character has these other motivations and he has to make those pass compressed this coach because he's trying to get signed or like trying to get traded or whatever and like that kind of thing it makes the game even more fun at least to me personally and I can tell it's what they're trying trying to attempt with this game. I think it's a strong start. I think probably next year they'll continue with it. I hope because I really liked the idea of that being a part of the game like more narrative elements along along with creating a football man so yeah I'm pretty excited about it and it was fun to play and the other thing is that I've been playing out her wild on my new monitor auditor and I genuinely feel like this is making me better at outer wilds possibly my imagination but like I'm I've already liked been improving it landing the the ship very precisely on different things anyway. I'm getting better at that. The thing that I cited as being the most irritating thing about the game and it's still not frankly my favorite thing landing the ship in a specific spot because because sometimes you have to and it's so much easier on a huge monitor and also the entire game looks so much better and just looks so gorgeous and the colors is a really vibrant and it's awesome and it's so like I can really sink into outer Wilde's nice great couldn't before but I loved it. I mean I was is lynch getting to the stage where I was really enjoying it anyway but like taking the Monitor into the fixture is like really stepping up my outer wilds experience and I'm just like super super super digging. It didn't get more time to play because I was. I was focusing on Madden for most of the week because I wanted to beat it a couple times to be sure I knew what the story mode had but yeah. I'm really glad I set aside some time yesterday because I was like I got this new monitor. I gotTA check it out. I got to see how good it looks and super pumped about it and super happy with it. That's cool yeah. You're definitely I feel like you're about to get into the thick of it and I've been hoping you would play more to talk about talking about the rest though no pressure on the madden thing it's funny the way that like so I was talking for eight years or something no one ever wanted to write about that and now good own good who works at probably gone now he would write about sports and so when he was there he would write about madden those like he was the sports guy but when he left no one occasion. I guess it's me now well but Luke Plunkett also writes about some of the N._B._A.. T._A. and some of them up. There's clearly like a whole that we've collectively tried to fill but it's tricky because I feel like a lot of people who read cocoon even aren't necessarily the same people who play Madden. It's almost like this subsection of gamers that are like I get mad in every time and that's totally understandable totally that way to move on the most popular games in the world but like is kind of that way oddly enough like there's a lot of people who just call of duty and like they're not that interested in another games you know so like it's just it's it puts us an interesting space as writers like covering those games. It's just being like well we for call of duty. We have a dedicated person who covers it like. We have an embed writer who does that for Matt and I don't know it's just funny to me that now I know all all this kind of cool though because it's like Madden's good it's fun pleaded every year and and now you're like well. I've played this fun game for a few years now. I just kind of know what it is. It's cool how something can become game. You're embedded in just naturally because you played enough and then you're like well okay yeah. That's cool anyway. It's good game nice. What are you playing yeah? Let me go through a few games so first of all my table top. Group group played a game last night <hes> we were. We were down a couple of guys so it's just three of us and we played a game called Burgle Bros.. which is a card based kind of tabletop game or it's like A? It's a heist game. Have you played this game over. Just announce it is. It's a good name. Apparently they just announced a sequel and the guy who designed it also made the game now now boarding that I'm pretty sure I talked about a while ago which has game yes. It's which is a super fun game also both are kind of chaotic cooperative games where you're dealing dealing with increasingly difficult situations and together and then they're both really funny but have really good art. I think they have the same artist and actually think that all of the Let's in now boarding so they all retired from their life of crime and Bien flying planes and they just announced burgled brochure which is cool because I could see them improving on it in some ways busy. I'll just give a really quick overview the way it works. Is You lay down and like a grid. There's three floors of a building you start on the bottom floor and you're playing three or four people usually too. I think two two four and each year like each the demolitions guy or the safecracker or the guy with the the lady with the Hawk like the Falconer or like whatever they all have different abilities and you're trying not to get spotted by a guard who's on the floor and moving around at random so it's cooperative you're working against the guard and then each floor kind of gets harder. The guard moves faster each turn and after every turn the guard moves and just goes around at random on patrol. You can set off alarms and all this stuff so if you have an alarm the girdle comes straight toward you you can use that to distract the guard basically what it it reminds me of more than anything else is hitman go the Hitman. The hitman game the mobile game because it's like on a grid kind of even looks like a tabletop game mango and it's very you know Oh everything that's going to happen in the next turn you can plan ahead. You're like okay. I was GONNA go there. If I go here he won't see me and then I go here and then he'll go to where I just was and then I'll move up here and do what I need to do <music> so anyways it's really fun. It was hard we lost. Actually we just got a bad. We kind of just caught some bad breaks in the third you lost. Yes always a good sign for tabletop games. We had a great time. Even though we lost I gather. It's like Kinda easy to wind up or it's possible the wind up in just unsolvable situations like we were just so screwed screwed by the top floor and we just kept it was really difficult to get where we needed to go and I would imagine they're going to send some of those edges off in the sequel feel like there is room for making making it a little bit more balanced adding some ways for people to balance but it's really fun. It's called burroughs. It also comes in a tiny little box but then you open up the box actually becomes a very large game like just because you're laying out tiles and there's all these little pieces are is very nice so that was really fun. Next thing is I finished death of the outsider which I told myself I was going to do before I played fire emblem because I've been enjoying playing a game and finishing it. Yeah I'm going on ever since otherwise is going to be long from God. I'll get to that in a minute. I've been playing that. They're so finished the outsider fantastic game. I just really can't recommend enough. I feel like the whole dishonor series is just kind of like weirdly underrated underrated in general by people yeah they're. They're so good but they're never like these sensation games that you know everyone's talking about but they're fantastic. It's like there. There are so many things that I think people say they want or that. People do want like the we've narrative in so well like there's so much cool played story stuff and like choices that forgiven and optional ways of playing but also cool overheard dialogue and really neat world building like the world is just really interesting and the writing is just good like you'll read like you'll find journals journals and stuff. They're really well written and interesting and I really liked it. I liked this size of expansion. It's like an expanded loan so it's kind of dishonored twos. Maybe there was the witches of you've done while I think is what it was called for the first game you play the assassin dowd and that was really really good too for the first game this you play as billy lurk who's like dowd's right hand woman woman and she like carries on goes on this quest to kill the outsider. Who's like the magic dude who's been giving everyone powers all this time anyways? It was just really good. I liked it a lot and actually something you mentioned about. Madden is one thing that I really liked about it. Is They give you these optional objectives and I think I mentioned this past week where you'll have these contracts and they'll be like go here and do this this very specific thing and it kind of encourages you to play an overly specific way for a minute <hes> some of the contracts toward the end a really cool. There's a bank heist mission. That's just killer and the contract you have have is get in steal this one thing and get out without anyone knowing you were there so what it does is essentially give you an optional objective which is full stealth this thing you can't knock anyone out you can't get spotted and you fail immediately and then the next mission actually there's a contract that's kill all of these dudes and so suddenly it's just like play totally violently like unleashing just kill everyone and it was really cool to like be encouraged to do with those kind of optional way but it was fun to just be like unleashed on a level because in these games usually it's a stealth game. You're playing with restraint. If you want to. Just go kill everyone. It's a really different game and actually a lot easier like you can just crush people if you do that but it was fun to like have a reason to do that so I like that. I'm thinking when you're describing that and like yeah throw to this specific receiver right you're GONNA have to run the ball really far for this particular play trying to impress such and such person for whatever reason they have a bunch of little like miniature like in this game tried to do this and I I enjoy that as well. It's certainly more interesting than just pick the best play for every situation. You're also like I have this additional goal. Where Am I? I'm trying to do this in addition to that. I don't know it definitely makes the game more interesting pushes you out of your comfort zone. If you like assassins Asan screed four was the first game black flag did that there were always objective optional objectives by request and it'll be like can you get five guys from the Bushes and then you realize oh they push all around this level and it kind of plan this out because it's always possible what they're telling you to do so it's a cool way of telling you. This is possible now can you do it and I really like that. It's like communicating getting that so anyways fantastic game I really recommend it played a little bit of Wolfenstein. Young blood the new Wolfenstein I am adamant. I are actually GonNa play the whole thing in co op and so other rush I have heard that the I is not very good so you have done the right thing by finding a friend who can do it with you yeah. It's designed for coffee and we're both not like we. We don't need to play it and we like hanging out. It's actually funny. We're GONNA TALK TO CECILIA about this about playing online and hanging out because destiny has been kind of down and Ataman. I play a lot of denting together. We haven't really had a chance to lay just catch up and talk and playing this was really cool because so this is a Wolfenstein gains as a sequel it just the sequel actually to them wolf and signed to the new Colossus <music> and it tells the stories of B._J.. Anna <hes> the sort of B._J.'s the protagonist of the first few games and his lady love and they get married and have a baby or twins. I guess together other in this Nazi occupied World <hes> they're both rod characters and now it's like the nineteen eighties so it's way in it's like I guess twenty four years later fourteen years later are there are much older. Their daughters have grown up and are like I would say probably like early twenties and kind of like coming into their own and going out to do stuff and it's the story of them going to try defined B._J.. WHO's gone missing in in France so that's the basic setup and you play as one of the two daughters and they're different characters so they can have the same abilities or interchangeable abilities but it's cool because you're playing like a story game and there's cut scenes and the thing that I liked the game it was fun? It was more wealth than silent. The self isn't great but it's fun to shoot Nazis and like it's it's really cool looking and the world they've built like the art direction is really good and it's fun. We only played the first mission. What I liked was cut scenes because these games always had great cut scenes like the first two of these new machines Wolfenstein great cut scenes so adamant are kind of just watching a movie together part of the experience and it's really fun and then it'll me something really funny it'll happen and we'll both to start laughing and it's this feeling of watching a movie together so it's been really cool that we both waited and then we're just gonNA play it together? I gather it's actually pretty long. I don't know if we'll I play the whole thing together because it's like twenty five pretty variable actually i. I've read very different reports optional stuff. I guess yeah so it depends on how much you want to do. Due basic that's true I guess so we'll see but it would definitely gonNA play it for a while together and that was really cool. It's a fun game and the last thing I've ever playing fire emblem three houses houses which is really really good like it's like dangerously good as good as everybody promised it would be a situation at work where everyone everyone is playing the game and actually been like maybe I should not play it right so very Stevens Attila instinct everyone is coming in and having like you know billion fire Arab ideas per day and I'm like you know what I got a lot of other games I wanNA play. I can just play this other games. I'll play fire emblem later and it'll talk going anywhere what I did with assassin's creed origin where I played it a year later and it was like this game. It's really good. I'll be doing that with fire emblem this time next year. This Guy Claude seems cool. You guys like this Guy Claude. He's really cute Prince so okay so this game I will get more into this game later. I know Jason's since playing at some thoughts and yeah I mean this is going to like. I worry that this is going to be a fireman. PODCAST for a little while team is crazy. Good like it's really really good. I've probably played like five or six hours now. I've gotten into like real battles. I picked house. I went with golden near. I spend forever trying to pick a house laughing about that. Maybe the second like that is real agonizing because all moral stances or whatever right yeah and like it's man. I guess we'll just get into it now. Wow so this game you is. Everyone knows this game is it's like persona. It's like a more persona the fire emblem game persona but it's in hogwarts or whatever and also it's a fire of Game Yeah Yeah you're teaching war hogwarts. I made the joke actually that I picked golden deer because they weren't cops and they weren't imperial oppressors which is kind of like the one group Buveyser kind of cops ops unlike the Black Eagles are definitely imperial oppressors and so I was like well they're the ones who aren't that and someone responded on twitter was like they're all cops Kirk. It's a school for cops and I was extremely right. I laugh because actually it just wore school like they're all at school to learn how to kill people like maintain order so actually really are all cops but anyways there are like at school. You're a professor. They're <hes> they're all very charming. You'd pick a class. There's three houses you kind of pick one at the beginning and then you kind of you know oversee your students and help up teach them and then take them out on the battlefield and fire emblem fashion they get closer as they fight together. You build up a squad you fall in love with all of them. You watch them do really well and then at some point. There's like you're gonNA have to fighting fighting in the other people and that's like I know a little more than that. I won't get into sports. I I looked up because I got really paralyzed by choice. At the beginning of this game it's so along and it was like a seventy hour game that you actually need to play multiple times through to get everything I'd forgotten how much I love fire emblem and it's actually pretty likely that I'm going to play this game. Multiple all times like playing again. It does seem like it lends itself well to especially because it sounds like the story is very good like it's not just that you see stuff. You didn't see but it's is actually really good from what I've played. It's really like well written in the world is like great it feels like persona game of thrones or something like it has that kind of all of this political intrigue complicated edited backstory this Kingdom and shades of gray and everyone has their own motivations and given that everyone is GonNa wind up kind of at odds with one another yet. You can sympathize with anybody by playing thing with them so I got really kind of like I don't know what to do here and I'm feeling I'm churning out the next one hundred forty hours with the game and then it really like God to me. I did did not know what to do and I would. I even pickle dear second guessed myself and like reloaded to save and but I should do Black Eagles because everyone I know that's like the more interesting story navy. Maybe I'll pick that even they seem like Dicks so finally I think I was going to do what everybody is doing. A lot of reviewers are doing like soap. The people I know who've played it are all game reviewers whereas like play golden deer and then on a new game plus play Black Eagles and you can you get some pretty I think complicated narrative stuff that happens there and it's also more just like hurt heartbreaking and thicker and you're fighting against more people so I think that would be good for a second playthrough play the Nice Friendly House. That's my plan. One hundred hours of your life that you're already planning planning out very very far adds a lot of stress though knowing that I wanna like do it right back even though what everybody's has really is. It doesn't matter like it's super good like blue. Lions are also great. I gather like their stories also cool. It sounds like you can recruit anyone that you really like to your house even if they are initially in it right so most anyone it's custom design your own house and I'm already obsessively trained to do that until they get the people I think are cool in but then the thing about firearms now that I'm really playing the game I spent forever agonizing this fucking golden deer going with it now. I'm really playing the game. The thing that I had forgotten about awakening which is the last one I played really hard is is that what's so wonderful about this fall in love with the characters you weren't expecting to fall in love with it's the people you didn't see coming who just seen like Boring Li. I think her name his Leonie. There's the woman in my she's a girl now in my in my squad and she's like a staff fighter and she's cool. I just like her. I don't know she reminds me of the short. SPIKEY spikey red haired woman in awakening. I'm forgetting her name. Right now. Who wrote a horse annoys mess stuff up and she was just as bad ass and I really thought she was cool and I don't know like their characters that I don't you know initially think are really cool then turn out to be my favorites so it's almost impossible to even get into the whole well? Who Do? I want to get from and the other houses and like you. I WANNA recruit into my squad because maybe I'm going to really love the squad I have. I already like everybody in Golden Beer like they all seem great and it's just the amount of stuff to do in this game. I mean the fact that like you spend all of a sudden just walking around the school talking to people designing classes like trying to optimize your team but also getting to know these characters. The music is so good and like the world is charming. The writing is so good and then you go into battle and I'm like Oh right and it's like my favorite kind of tactics game obsessively excessively so into the tactics and like defeating enemies I mean I'm GonNa play a million hours of this. It's going to be such a productivity killer. I'm worried about Jason that he has a book to write and this game has come talk to him about even know he was playing it. He like logged into slack for like two seconds to talk about it. I was like oh no oh no no. It's like if Jason Zweig doesn't come until two thousand twenty two. It's going to be intelligence. Why didn't even by whatever Jason I'm not judging you buddy? I'm sure he's fine. I'm sure his I'll we'll have a ton to say about this game. I'm GONNA play more but man. Is it clearly good and like I just like now. I'm already regretting my stance of not buying applying hanging by right after this who am I getting. It's not the worst thing you can do. It's just that then you get to spend the next few hours deciding whether you want to pick but even that this button. It's a it's a man. It's a good game so I'm sure we're GONNA be talking about that game lot and we'll spare for now and just say that I like it all right well. Why don't we bring <hes> <hes> CECILIA DONNAS dossier on? We're GONNA have a cool conversation about socializing in Games and gaming game chat etiquette so <hes> yeah stick around for that Uh Cecilia Donna sossio is a senior reporter cocooned. She writes all kinds of very interesting reported pieces definitely a vital part of what makes the site fun to read. I love reading her stuff anyways. <hes> it's been a little while since this was on the show and we're very excited to have her back Cecilia welcome to split-screen. Thank you for having me. It's Cecilia Yeah Yeah. It's it's good to have you here. There are like a million different articles does that we could talk about because I feel like you've written so many kind of conversation to finding articles over the last six months or a year. That's so nice it's true it's the truth and we are about bowed to list all of them now. We're just GONNA GO H- useless. There's one I want to talk about because I thought it would be cool to talk a little bit about socializing in Games and sort of friends interactions and conversations in the ways that we interact with one another while playing video games and I know you written down a lot of cool work on that. You've talked to a lot of people about that so I thought that might be fun. Topic kind of the starting point for this conversation is an article you published at the beginning of June. The headline is for men who hate talking on the phone games. Keep friendships alive. I love this article and found it very relatable. I think a lot of people did I was reading the comments. I saw a lot of people saying yes. I totally get this article articles. I thought it was really cool <hes> could you maybe paraphrase it. <hes> for a little bit like what was this article about yeah for sure so <hes> I interviewed like two two dozen men and women mostly men about their <hes> socializing habits through games and then also their level of comfort. Am I talking to their friends over the phone and a pattern emerged among men in their twenties and thirties <hes> where they wouldn't really feel comfortable calling up any either guy friends to like Gab or talk about the relationship problems or just even talk about sports but they did connect that way and they I did kind of have these more intimate conversations while they were gaming and with that kind of like reduced intention analogy of the social interaction like a lot of these men felt more comfortable opening up so when you say reduced intensity you mean like because the point of the hang isn't to just converse and catch matchup is to do something else. There's like less pressure right. I think that's kind of like I think people can probably relate to that. I don't know I I certainly do find that. This is true. I totally relate to that. I feel like in this day and age. It's actually weird to have a phone. Call I think I I don't really have that. Many phone calls in my life ever anymore. There's a lot of text space communications with our generation and the one after us and I just think that gaming is one of the few times where you still have kind of an old school phone call like gendered Gender Socialization Aside. I still feel like this is one of the few outlets where talking on the phone or discord or whatever is just part of the experience and so you're getting that that experience that I had when I was very teenager of calling my friends talk on the phone but with but without the pressure of like oh I'm GonNa specifically call you instead of a tie. I don't know it's I do. I do talk on the phone and I love to talk on the keep it up. You're meeting people yeah. I'm sure phone company loves me. One of the things that I think is really beautiful about the way people kind of socialize on the phone and socialize allies when they're gaming is you can just have these like long periods of silence or just kind of like you can hear your friend chuckle and be like what's up dude like oh I just saw all this museum and like send it to them and I think that you know that level of casual conversation isn't something that people do on the phone not as much anymore most C._E._o.. Call someone if it's like an emergency right if you can't find the you know yeah. I think there's something really cool in here. <hes> there's a ton here first of all I have a group of guys that I play destiny with. It's totally very similar where we're all friends and we like stay in touch and that's kind of how we catch up. Whenever destiny has a fallow period? Did we lose touch a little bit. We have some texts threads going but it's not the same so it's always nice when there's new stuff to do because it gives us a reason to get together and talk and increasingly that's like the main reason reason that I play the game super relate to that. I liked how you talked about. There's like an anecdote I believe in this article about women who have book clubs and how the Book Club really quickly it just becomes an excuse to just talk and emily's that way my sister I think has a book club where they read the book but it's also like a social. Excuse and there's kind of like it's. It's very different having a book club but there's a similarity with games to this is a sort of specific angle. I guess on what you're saying is that one thing that is nice about having the game is like the silence like you said. You're actually doing things so you're not you know you don't have to talk the whole time. You're not to fill the air because you know you're shooting your shooting throats but there's there's also like a commonality there. A lot of what we talk about when we were playing destiny is destiny. You know that's like if we're just GONNA talk. Oh Man I can't believe their nursing pulse rifles and you just kind a really low level chatter and eventually that turns into did you see the trailer for the new marble thing and then maybe it turns into. I'm really stressed about this work thing or like I'm super excited about this thing and it kind kind of gets more intimate especially as it gets later in the night and there's fewer people in chat but I feel like the book club thing is sort of similar. Where a lot of times? It's let's get together. Let's talk about this book world reading but also once we're done talking about the book we're going to talk about our lives and have some socializing so people are good at coming up with those sorts of I guess like frameworks to build socialization position around in Games seems like a really good thing to do that. I don't know does that. Make any sense yeah I it does to me. I definitely feel like I see my gaming hangouts that way even though I scheduled a lot of my life if and maybe that's kind of sad but it's like it's an adulthood thing where it's like you have to schedule hanging out with people regular amount of times in order for it to ever actually happen and and I don't know maybe it's sad that schedule out my gaming times that way but I definitely do that with the people I know who game or like friends will be like. Hey like these are the weeknights. I'm going to be playing this this game like let me know if your free at those times and that's just how my life operates but also it's a guaranteed way for me to socialize with those friends that I wouldn't have otherwise you know one. One of my favorite features a video game. People don't talk about enough is the fact that you can just see your friends online so there isn't it. I mean it just shows you that they're like when it when Thanks for talking about like discord for example. If someone like has steam integrated into discord then you have a way to chat with them. You know what they're playing. You can talk to them. You can join like a group voice chat. Maybe you can link take them from one game and put them into the game that you're playing playing like it's just a way for you to be kind of monitoring your friends social activities which sounds really creepy but also like inserting yourself into them which also sounds creepy but in actuality is a beautiful thing. No it's funny. It's like a good. It's a good way that games are kind of becoming social manipulating us. I think that a lot of times when game companies like we're more social worse social social social. It's like how can we like. Get more engagement and get people more like feel like feel foam. Oh in this the other friends friends are doing something cool together but there's totally a good side to that like there is the real side to it and it's definitely true that when you see people playing together like I'm much more likely to jump into destiny if I see two of my buddies like currently playing together. I think oh they're probably just screwing around doing something. There's also the way that games build activities that are time gated her scheduled and kind of force you to schedule around them which is sort of good. It's like when a band comes to town and it's like they're on tour and you can only see them that one night so we're all your friends is coming out and he's actually around the movie or whatever it may. It gives you a reason. It isn't just I want to catch up kind of vaguely because it's harder to act on that. I think a lot about the thing that <hes> Dr Nerd Love Kukuh Advice. Columnist extraordinaire always says about men socializing. He has been saying this for a long time. That like men like to do something when they hang out like whether it's fishing fishing is really good <hes> or you know. I don't know anything like that and Games are similar. I actually wonder Cecilia. I know you're a big table top. Gamer do you. You find some parallels there. I certainly do with my board. Gaming Group is like that's what we do. We hang out. Do you find that too. It's it's really funny. You would ask that because I think that's one of the only venues and US where I don't have that experience like when my friends come over to play like dungeons and dragons or dungeon worlds or blades in the dark. We are just like all all about that game and we're like in zone. I and we're just like talking about that game and like her character from the door opening opening role playing games. These are a little bit different yeah but like if I'm like running a role playing game session and I spent the last like week preparing for it. I'M GONNA be mad if my friends are like catching up. I want to hear about fucking avengers stuff seriously we're going to do like if we're playing like betrayal at the House on the hill or something or like splendor or something like that then it might be a little bit more likely likely but I find that people are more comfortable with silence playing board games because they're thinking interesting. Yeah we so my tabletop group doesn't play roleplaying games for actually playing betrayal legacy see right now. It's pretty goofy. It's pretty fun. I'm playing that too. It's nice. It's it's really it's enjoyable. It's pretty silly but it's fun. When we're playing. I guess more places I mean really hard like we were playing <hes> imperial assault and that that's really chewy tactics game. We were playing that. There's kind of a time gate. Some of the guys have kids need to get home by ten or ten thirty S or like we have to beat this mission. It's GonNa take us forever but it's nice like there'll be weeks where someone doesn't show up where we play something more casual and then there's a lot more catching up which can be really nice and sort of feel similarly and it has a similar vibe five and a lot of those guys we hang out and do other things because we all live in Portland but you know it's like our primary thing is like every Monday night I go out and socialize with people and it's really Nice 'cause I don't actually we have our I didn't have a thing like that before and it was really cool so it's like different but in some ways I guess feels similar to to the destiny thing. I think there's a quote in your article from <hes> who is Mike Mike Mehari. I wrote it down. He's a gamespot editor. Who says I really liked this kind of summed up. What we're saying he said said it almost lifted the pressure off the conversation to be playing games and just allowed us to be brothers again the game sort of a substitute for driving or chopping wood or whatever the hell guys used to do when they weren't comfortable comfortable just talking? I just thought that was a funny article because yes it's true it's nice to it's nice to have an activity so and I interviewed a couple. We'll <hes> psychologists interviewed in evolutionary psychologists and a couple of clinical psychologist who said that there is a gendered aspect to doc where when men get together <hes> something in their brain just like kind of pushes them to be like doing an activity that I'm unlocks locks the more like emotional intimacy aspect of the social connection. Yeah I mean it takes the pressure off right right. I was listening to a recent interview with Michael Lewis. You know the investigative investigative reporter that guy who did like the fifth risk and whenever the big short like Mr I write books that are reported on things and he's very like he's a guy's guy and a very charismatic matic dude and he kinda rolls and all these very masculine circles and writes about finance and all these kind of guys and he's really good at getting people to talk to him and it's fascinating interview was on the client show and he talked about how one of his secrets to reporting and maybe this'll be helpful especially the U._C._l._a. this much reporting but <hes> or maybe you already know this but he he was like always do something with people. I loved when I am. I talking to a source or someone that I think is interesting. We just go fishing together or like. We go do something together because then they're way more likely to open up and just start talking and it was super interesting. I was like yeah makes sense. Steven will send me to Disneyland thing yeah. I've got to work the Spurs. I need an all access. Pass start playing destiny raids with them. It seems like it would work. No I want to go to six flags. That would be an advocate for that makes total sense. I'm actually would probably open up on a terrifying roller coaster. There like fight up. Let me tell you about everything going on where I work right before the drops in every that'd be perfect that'd be great just like always kind of taking notes certa subtly while on the roller coaster so. I think another subject that we could talk about a little bit is online etiquette which is sort of related to this and chat etiquette and interacting with one another and how that works. I feel like I know you both have a lot of opinions I sure do to Cecilia. I'm sort of interested. I know you've been thinking about this chewing on the idea of online etiquette. What are some of your whatever your some of your thoughts on this topic yeah for sure so like I come at online gaming etiquette from two perspectives active one of them first and foremost is that I am someone who loves to trash talk and okay I. I'm not proud of that but it's just like part of the tradition tradition I come from someone who like love local multiplayer game so you like to trash the people you're playing against you like to to their faces like to be like I just Iran's she wrote an article a while bioshock that I remember about like ways to trash. Talk responsibly and you have about like how far is too far and what what are forms of trash. Shaq better better sort of in good fun and so on yeah and I definitely would love to get into that <hes> but the other thing that kind of governs the way that I interact with people while I'm gaming the fact that like if I'm <music> gaming online I'm using a microphone and people know him a woman <hes> and so I feel like I have a very good kind of well rounded perspective perspective of like how to engage in kind of the fun and drama that you can wrap around a gaming session to make it like exciting <hes> which converge into trash talk but also added to that in a way where people are feeling included and not hurt <hes> that makes sense so what are some what what are some of your guidelines or what are some things to keep in mind in that in that respect so I actually came up with an acronym for you guys okay split-screen special tips. Ah Love acronyms so Riley helped me with this acronym okay so it's aimed. Get it because it's like you're playing langer first person shooter okay so I am E.. D. A. M. E. D. Okay great exclusive split-screen so okay assess assessed the tone so you. WanNa like ask people if they're down for trash talking you. WanNa ask people like mercury straight up about this. Get the consent. I'm serious though it sounds funny but you have to understand what people are are not down for because like a lot of people's bad impulses can be unlocked through gaming. You know he didn't gaming moments yeah. It's like it's like you can read the room if you're in a room with people but you can't if you're in chat so this is a way the explicit so now you don't have to read the room. You can just yes. It's totally okay to be explicit. So that's a I in good spirit so you. WanNa be constructive and complementary like you. WanNa make sure that what you're saying is coming from a place of like. This is a fun fun activity. I'm doing for escapism so m meet bag so don't say something to someone you wouldn't say to their Meat Bag Aka to their face lush Josh not without include calling them a meat beg just a cool phrase. You can call yeah. I think that's fine. I don't even H K forty three involved there. We're all made out of me saying to them. Shut out to the by Alexa. Thanks for listening to rush so the so the aimed is enjoyable for both parties so that's like on net level so like you can and trash talk one person and then they can trash talk you and that can build a fun dynamic between two people but if it's not even then that's not enjoyable for both parties that goes the same. I'm for like the content of what you're saying so like if you are saying something about someone's game play like it should be either constructive or funny and if it's not money then and it's not enjoyable for both parties the D. named comes from Riley McLeod noted pacifist and non Mike Talker and he plays and the D. and aimed at Stanford don't so maybe just don't trash talk people engage them online at all and that's a totally really valid way to game. It's true it is especially as you've assessed the tone you've seen if it is enjoyable for both parties or not and so on and so forth the answer might still we'll be don't do it. Just do it at all anymore. I think they e- is really important. Actually I think it could also in my mind Stanford even or equitable as well based on how it works as you've described it is just the fact that you have to keep checking in with your friends and being like are we all still chill with this and sometimes that means setting Indiana and just being like hey like. Was I knowing you before. Was that cool like I don. I don't know like that kind of thing is really important especially with these online interactions where you can't see someone's face face like you can't in a game even if you can hear their voice you can't always see like other face falls or whatever like. They're really not having fun with what you're saying. Even if you might think so so so like just making sure that it's actually even an equitable is good and if they're giving as good as they get then you don't have to worry about that so much you'll be able to tell them the moment but it's not even then you should probably check in with your friends. There's an ambiguity to game chat. When you're when you can't see one another where the thing you're describing using using taxed as a way to check in can be helpful just because it's another layer away and you can kind of do it while you can take somebody which I've been in the opposite situation where there's some Gioberney in a chat with me and some people I know and he's being annoying and I'll just text them and be like Oh my God this dude and it's actually a good way of defusing tension because people are like yeah yeah the sky SOx Hogan like not long and it's pine which can be nice but yeah textile is good and there can be things like where I dunno like you make a crack about somebody's buddies gameplay and then they like have to go get food or walk their dog and so then they're just quiet for ten minutes and you're like Oh shit. I really maybe or maybe they really we're here and you can notice they're checking in does does seem like a good idea. I'm curious Cecilia. Maybe I'll ask you first. What do you think group size like chat groups is has to do with this. We had Joshua Rivera on last week. We were talking about the ideal party size and a lot of his stuff. He thinks that's three is good and a big part of that was because like three is a good the size for a conversation as we are able to demonstrating right now during this listening segment so what do you think that group size of chat size has to do with this or how aimed works. That's a really good question. Lake depends on how well you know anyone obviously so like I used to be a part of like twelve person overwatch scrimmages and we would all be in the same lake discord voice group and like the trash talk was so fun and like everyone was also being really complementary three to each other like owned you that way and you owned me that way that was really fun and you know I we didn't know each other though so it never felt felt personal or really so this with strangers scrimmage just completely complete strangers but you know for playing like smashing my home and people or like engaging in that same way I._R._l.. I think the number is like four. Maybe five yeah it gets dicey. What do you think Mattie. I mean to kind of pivot slightly. I I feel like a lot of these rules become very different for in-person competitive interactions. I mean I I still think some of it holds like you know have equitable equitable trash talk read the room which is actually easier to do in person but at the same time in person is harder because if something bad happens bins are like if your feelings are hurt or you're just you get tilted or sore loser. Whatever you're throwing a little tantrum? Everyone actually can see you and you can't escape the room really the and the way that you can online and it can really ruin the vibe of the gaming experience and as a person who plays fighting games. I am in that situation. Often where there's there's like an in person party or at fight night or whatever and there's like in-person trash talk. That's clearly gone too far or someone is way too emotionally invested or upset by what's happening. It doesn't have a way to escape. I don't have any like recommendations for this. It's just like a human experience that happens sometimes and is hard to de-escalate usually for everyone involved it but I don't know it's tough. It's like his why it's good. It can be good to have those social. Lubricate irs like the people in the group who were very good at smoothing that stuff because that kind of thing like there's nothing worse or well. I'm sure there are worse things but it is it sucks when someone gets really mad and then there are like a shame that they got mad like that's a really negative place. It's kind of what you're describing their little trapped because they felt bad and they got mad and they may be said something like that was meaner. They meant to your anger and everyone knows it's not cool. Even them and they're like fuck like that wasn't cool. Like what do I do. Do I have to do like a big formal still in someone's living room. It's not like online where you can kind of walk away and then later send them a discord and be like hey really sorry about earlier which is sort of like a normal emotional link time. It's like you're in person and everyone's still which is extra hard. I mean even happens online right lake at half online chat. There's also such a difference between competitive and cooperative play like a new play overwatch. Do you are you. Do you ever play when you're just like in a chat with your team like talking to people that you're playing does that. Affect aimed seems like aimed is kind of aimed at like competitive play like talking with your people. You're competing with how do you have any further thoughts on how it works with your teammates totally and like you know. I think it's really important like first and foremost to like remember that you are gaming gaming socially in order for everybody to have fun and like if you are trash talking anybody it's only to wrap like narrative and drama around the situation. I and increase the fun and like canonize a moment but if you're playing like a cooperative game like I think trash shocking is almost uniformly a really bad idea idea <hes> I think it just like clouds the mood it can just like make people feel like needlessly antagonistic <hes> and and also like it can make you kind of play worse so I when I'm playing over watched. I have a few rules about interacting with people especially strangers in <hes> <hes> cooperative games. I think it's important not to offer unsolicited advice. We're talking about etiquette like don't ever give anyone advice unless you think that unless you're sure they would appreciate it <hes> I think also like to obviously don't comment on someone's like race or gender sexuality the if they seem like maybe they're not you know like a normal white guy playing video game. None of us are normal fan and here's like another thing that I think is really important and not discussed a lot but like I'm someone who likes to get to know strangers. I play Games online and no that's definitely not your typical talking as a reporter. I think there's like certain kinds of personal questions that you simply should not ask people even if you are on the same team playing online like about you where someone lives like don't ask them about someone's politics. Don't ask about someone's sex life things like that like in southern dinner table no talk of money politics or sex. Mattie like do you. Do you think that's too. I agree. I also feel like just in my life. I've gotten very good at deflecting and gently gently mocking those kinds of questions from strangers. I'm sure you have as well. I'm sure you have an arsenal of fun. Quips about like how someone shouldn't be asking that if like a total strangers Rangers asking you like Jehovah Boyfriend and other kinds of questions that you got like Oh. Is this your first time playing a video game ever I dunno whatever it's it's those those things I can sort of more safely ignore. I I would definitely agree that trash. Talk from your own teammates unless they're like your best friends and it's like an ongoing joke that you have. That's like the only scenario I can even imagine where that would work out but then even men. It's really rough because you're all supposed to be working together together. On something and I don't know trash. Talk should be reserved for people who you are competing with. There can be a good I've found sometimes. This is like in competitive destiny destination. I don't play a ton but there can be some good trash. Talk where your trash talking the other people who you are not in chat with two that you are in ten with this guy just wreck got him back for you like after he killed you and I also find this is sort of just a broader thought that I thought of earlier but it can be really healthy too when somebody just gets you even if you're not in chat with them till I marvel at how well they just owned you. It's sort of like what you were saying earlier earlier. Say when you're like Oh like with your with your overwatch group like Oh you totally wrecked me like wow nicely played. It can actually be helpful just to be like holy cow. That guy is amazing like even even if it's a guy on the other team whose crushing your teammates to just marvel at someone's skill also I just want I just want to highlight that you said canonize a moment and I think that's a really cool concept that I heard before but like when the Group of friends this I'm assuming what this means when a guy like that amazing thing happened in everyone sort of celebrates it points out that had happened in order to make it a thing that you then referred to in your group cannon. That's Maya Party and you like steel three stars from someone like you know you can you comment on the infamous moment so stole the three stars from so and so that's the thing to hype up and your friend might remember that in ten years like for example at your wedding for example when they're giving a speech for example insisting they're not mad. There's one other thing one other thing I wanted to ask about that. I think is interesting or at least something that's come up for me from time to time. I know no various people that play games would like probably appreciate advice on her to do what you think about it and this is when you're in a chat. This is sort of what do you do is ah for instance. You're in a chat with a group of friends and also some people who you don't really know so. There's like people you know. People don't have that well couple of strangers. Maybe we have come in here like friends of friends and someone like says something. Shitty like whatever it is. Maybe something sexist something kind of racist or just like they're using the word bitch over and over again. That's a good example like they keep just saying or they. They like make rape comment or something like something. That's like the Kinda chat that happens and this definitely happens. More in groups of dudes released that kind of thing. In does this comes up sometimes in groups that I'm in and I've got a few thoughts on like how to handle that kind of thing but I'm sort of curious. If either of you have any thoughts Cecilia if you've put any thought into this given that you've been thinking about etiquette in general yeah. This is a really hard question. It's something that I've had a lot of experience with like especially. If I'm playing an online shooter Lake it's pretty often that someone will make a comment that you know if they made that comment comment me in person or if they were speaking that way in person I'd be like fast fucked up like don't talk like that but if it's online and you're just like in a mood to have fun it can can be really stressful the notion like calling someone out. I guess is the dream something. They're saying like you know. There are like a lot live instances when someone will call female overwatch characters like weird like sexist terms yeah which is really weird but <hes> yeah so like I wrote a blog about this a couple years ago. <hes> when I quit overwatch briefly after like a series of just like harassing incidents I had <hes> and I I wrote a blog just basically about how important it is to <hes> stand up for people who are being harassed or are are like around language that might <hes> hurt their feelings or that they might be sensitive to like. I think that generally like it can can cause conflict if like you're the person offended by something and you are standing up for yourself like I think that's a great bar to hit but it's really high in in the gaming context and I think that the ideal situation a lot of the time is if someone else who doesn't have as much of a stake in it as you do kind kind of like steps in and is like hey dude. We don't talk like that like ideally privately. The private thing is big right. I think about this in terms of usually when it comes ends up or when it's come up in Lake Denny chatted with people. I don't really know it's it's right. It's not like they're attacking someone or they're saying something about a group or person in the group that they don't know is maybe feeling her or like actually standing up for someone who's standing right next to me. It's more generalized right like the kind of thing you're saying. That's a great example of like saying weird sexual stuff about female characters characters just over and over again like a weird way that's making. I can tell us making people uncomfortable and you don't know what to say the private thing. I've found anyways like when it's a friend of a friend the end I think my approach has generally been to go to the friend who knows that person and like offline like through Texas be like hey like dad duty brought in like wasn't cool cool like so you know that saying that because escalating it or laser so much more polite than me as what this conversation is teaching me go go for Lord inside the moment I am like I just go ahead and say something we you guys are just like well. I really carefully. I weigh my options. I uh-huh better idea but I just I. I can't help it. I'm just that person like if something thanks I'm shit. I'm just like hey what are you. What are you doing or? I'll gently mock them in view. Like what are you even saying. It's not even funny like who are higher L. or online. Only whatever the usually if I'm playing multi player Game Online. I'm usually with friends who I know will back me up which is a luxury if I'm not with friends. I will admit I don't do that if I'm by myself in the entire group of strangers strangers being a dick out probably just leave the game or I'll sit it out and block that person person but if I'm with at least one other friend I'll be like all right we could we could take this guy like I'm going to go do something and I have also been are known to get into stupid fights at parties with friends of friends who say some shit that I I will admit I can at times be an unplayed party guests if some shit that's legit. It's good to yourself like I think sometimes like I caught. I get caught up about like whether my friend is going to like have a really bad time if like I say something and like I'm not saying that's the best way it's not. I am even saying I'm doing it well or correctly and the fact that I have this personality is at times a problem for me and my friends but there's no one solution the great white there is no one piece of advice little work for one situation. There definitely been times where you want to say something. There are times where escalating confrontation in front of everybody would actually be really stressful Foale and mess up the vibe people out or even cause more. I read the room I approach to. This lake definitely stems from a lot of cynicism around around like how people are. GonNa respond to getting out like my my experience at this is like a hundred percent of the time I like call out a friend a friend over an online game. They've just like blown up and raged and just like made a huge thing about it always trying to deal with that after like nine hour workday. Totally I know you <hes> and it can be like it's it's all about like kind of thing. They said there have been times where like I'll be playing with a younger player who I'm definitely with friends like you were describing Mattie where I know there are people that I know. Oh really well and we've talked and like they get it and then someone will say something. Just kinda messed up like I was saying before they'll be talking about bitches something to kill that bitch and we'll use that word over and over again and like that's can be a really good opportunity to like super gently like turn it into a teachable moment which is possible if you're in the right circumstance and I've been kind of doing more of that. I guess too but it's definitely a case by case thing and it's tricky and sometimes you gotta just analogy thing like I got the not everybody is that person and some people are me and some some people would rather d.. I'm the person after the fact and be like hey. That wasn't cool and I'm not. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to approach that but I will say that I think I think that not ever saying anything is not great and leads to like long-held resentments in your gaming group where you're like Oh. There's this guy that we all can't stand or. Maybe maybe it's not a guy this person we all can't stand and they say things that we hate and we're just not going to say anything like don't let it get to that point like you can approach it in a few different ways but definitely find some way to talk to the person because they might not even know you feel that way and I feel like it's more respectful to them to to at least get over that hurdle somehow tap your bravest best friend and be like somebody's gotTa talk to this person and make sure that they know that they're making us uncomfortable and then what happens after that who knows but yeah gotTa do it somehow curious. has anyone like ever responded positively to one of those teachable moments as anyone like you know. This is the first time I heard that I don't know about like I've learned something and become a better person and now he will no longer use that word but they've stopped using the word or saying the thing that we were telling them not to say it usually because at this point it's like being a position of authority where it's my group run with my friends and like it's kind of a newcomer someone younger and and you know then so in the very least we do success in like they don't blow up and they say oh yeah that's fine and it's important to really make it feel like it's cool like we're not. You're not a bad person. This isn't like that <hes> you know. This isn't like I'm reading you office a terrible horrible person. It's just like don't say that thing you know because if you say that they could kind of comes off the Shitty if you think about it and then you it's so yeah I've had some success I guess but I don't know about the long term long term ramifications of that eventually helped make anybody a better person. Hopefully gaming helps. Make us all better. I oh I think I have. I don't know it's fascinating because it's such a new way of communicating and such a new. I don't know like this etiquette. Conversation is very evolving. It feels like we're talking about fresh concepts changing all the time and you know there are no solid answers and that is in itself very interesting so on Sicilia thanks for sharing aimed with us and you're going to solve everything our listeners will love. It and it'll be great so happy the thing to keep in mind well. That'll do it for now. We have to have you back on the show though Cecilia. If people want to find you on twitter online where can they do so yeah <music>. I'm sexy honest <hes> on twitter. I live on cocoon everywhere else very private please. You are on cocoon. You write a lot of really cool articles. We will linked to many of them. The shuts SEC- thanks so much for taking the time to come on the show. Thanks for having me all right that was a lot of fun is Super Fun talking to Cecilia. We haven't had around in a little while. It was great so many good tips good game. She's always covering such interesting stuff so yeah. I'll reiterate listeners. Just go read anything socially as rent. She's on so many like major articles. Huge reported exposes just pieces like that socializing impeach just she's. She's killing it so yeah very cool to have her on. Let's talk about off topic stuff things. That aren't video games that we have been checking out Mattie Mattie when you when you go I I will so as I didn't want to have happened to me. I have almost completed Veronica Mars season one in eighteen. I like other stuff. I WanNa do he shows. I would like to watch and I've just I gotTA. I gotTA WATCH ALL VERONICA SEASON One. Apparently I'm almost completely done with. It and I don't know how that happened in a week. I can't explain it goes down. Pretty smooth like life is very watchable so yeah it's great. I've really been enjoying it. I don't know if I'm GonNa Watch seasons two and three or if I'm just skipped a season for us I can talk to you about that a new second because that's what you're doing but I also have started watching gentleman Jack and killing each season two but I'm not far enough in either that I have some grand statement to make but I'm just excited sided. These shows exist enjoying them but yeah. I'll I'll talk more about them later when I finished both or either of them yeah. I'll watch is killing season two over it. It is yes I wanted to wait until it was over to watch it because that show is such a nail biter that I was like. I want to just because I watched the first season week to week which was like yeah that's right. That's right because we've been doing just watch the whole thing and I had watched the entire first season second time with my girlfriend and we she didn't have have to watch it week to week and she was like yeah. This would have sucked so we both specifically. We're like we are going to wait until all of season. Two is done then we will watch it and that is what we have done. I think we're three episodes and and we're really enjoying it so far but also heard that the second season wasn't that good and yet some people I know liked it so I'm just going to have to watch it and find out what I think about to form your own opinions and there's no other way to make you tell me about Veronica Mars Kirk I to know of season four is even worth me. Feeling ailing remotely excited about is it yes so I've watched two episodes and I really digging it like it's very as I've read nothing nothing about it so I don't even know if it's yeah I was like amazed actually at it like what it is and like how it's really good man I mean yes so we've watched two episodes of season for it all falls apart. I don't think that it does and I've avoided spoilers. I'd see headlines about how the stuff happens. At the ending I dunno I now have all these theories series based on the stupid vague headlines knowing but isn't even that big of a deal and yeah. It's great. I'm really liking season for what's interesting so rewinding rewinding a minute when we finish these one which because you were saying you're considering watching season two and three before season four. I went and like read their wikipedia media recaps of season. Remember anything like I'm watching season. One and I'm like well. I watched it at the time but I don't remember anything. I barely remember all the nuances of the huge overarching murder mystery snakes amazing that I forgot all of this and as I watch it. I'm like Oh right right right like I kind of remember it but it's almost like I'm surprised sized new by the nuances of this mystery which is nice that'll continue and I found that especially through the last few episodes a trip to the dentist and leave it to beaver to kind of finale finale. That's that's the thing I had forgotten a lot of the details of how it was of course I remembered who the murderer is. I won't say here just because maybe beloved to watch the show. It is a great show gave me a new appreciation for how how well they put together that in history and like there are some really good fake outs because once I knew who the killer was watching the whole season and I was expecting emily always guesses this stuff she's like really good at figuring out who did it or the twist and she didn't get it and I think that it's because they do a really good job of making you think it could be a lot of people and using a lot out of like red herrings but also it's a complex mystery that holds up. I was so impressed and also the final episode the final ten minutes of the finale are incredible notable and I remembered that but I'd forgotten the particulars I've forgotten the very way that the season ends and I won't say what it is because maybe you've forgotten to and it was very fun to like have forgotten yeah. I have completely forgotten. I really enjoying watching it. At any soza. It ends so well then when I went and read what happens in season two. I was like they should. I should've just not made these seasons like that. Show could have been one of those beautiful corpse cancelled after the first season shows ends just perfectly and then the second season they like even wreck stuff which I had forgotten but having just watched season one when I read the recap of season two. There's stuff with like the party and stuff. That gets ret con that I didn't even ever internalize that that happened. I don't think when I was watching season two. I think memory of it but I'm sure it'll piss me off. All over again. Sucks aww yeah it sucked reading that I was like what I didn't even remember that and there's like stuff with it. Just gets ridiculous like a lot of what's happening. It gets much more extra and kind of not that grounded and really like I don't know pressing buttons and planes exploding in the air and stuff like just very like much more ridiculous season three. I'm not even sure I've finished is like a lot of I duNno. Maybe it's fine and then the movie the movie's kind of whatever it was just like a fun last Hurrah so reading through all that I was like wow none of this is really it's all fine and and I'm sure there are like good individual episodes but man none of it can hold a candle the season one so I was like I hope she's in forest good and just quick impressions on season for a couple of episodes in is I'm really into it. It's very different. I mean everyone's way older and the characters are older too so it's just like super. I mean Veronica's like carrying a gun in a shoulder holster and is like a full time private investigator and it's like an adult person and it just so that just totally changes the vibe of the thing but they've done some very smart the narrative I won't I'll spare you specifics that are good. It's dark. It's like it feels almost like Fargo the T._v.. Show it has more of a Coen brothers Fargo VI- because it's very r rated it's very violent and there's a lot of cursing you can tell they're thrilled that they can just say shit whenever they want to and that they can show violence happening and yeah it's. It's really cool and like I'm super digging it. Yeah I'll talk I won't I don't even want to say any particular though that I do what you did and read the recaps of seasons two and three. Did you feel like you remembered enough from just reading the recaps or do you kind of wish you'd rewatch them all so far yeah no. I. I was glad I read the recaps so far. It's mainly been just like I remember these characters and it's not like the whole cast is back so it's mostly. If you watch season one which I would recommend most people do that and especially if you haven't watched them to read them any other stuff stuff with like I'd forgotten the way that like Lamm Becomes Shariff and then her dad becomes sheriff and then lamb become sheriff again because they need him to be in charge in the movie and it's like there are some references to that and and stuff and just the fact that like at this point in time Veronica and Keith Mars are like pretty faintness like they've been like at the center of these major things like I saw this huge murder case when she was seventeen and so like that's kind of important that people reference there backstory a lot but generally so far. It's just been a good really good mystery and they've done on a very smart thing. Narrative character introduced. I think seems like it's going to do something really cool so I'm really into it. I'm psyched. We're taking it slow. It's only eight episodes which is also like Athanase seasons are now which is very nice the worse thing honestly no not the worst thing but yeah. I'm really into it and maybe when you've seen it yeah. We'll do spoiler cast. I don't know it's Jason watching Oliver instead of revising his. We're being such moving such scolds Jason if you're not at all times he's having a great time doing those things. That's that's it but yeah I know that he's actually watched the whole season four okay great so we do spoiler cast then. Combined Veronica Mars Outer Wilde's entire episode of various spoilers failures only and not only that week. That's it fine. I'm sure it will be <hes> so before we wrap up. I have a music. This week is kind of an older music. Dick PIC that I wanted to share I'm working on next week strong songs which is going to be really fun and I'm super excited about it and I just WanNa hype anyone who listens to that show for that now because it's going to be good it's going to be different but I've been learning to sing or getting better at singing over the last year taking voice lessons and so I always finding people's like practice singing and listening to you singing their songs on the Sam Cooke lately so Sam Cook like he's like one of defining sounds of soul. He's a singer that I think I guessing. Even some of our listeners won't know who he he is. Even they'll know all of his songs. I was that way for a long time and then people like Sam Cooke. He's the man and then you realize oh he sang that and that and that and that and saying a million things so my music is is just one of his classics. That's one of the songs I've been singing and it's his song called. What a wonderful world which is not the what a what a wonderful world that Louis Armstrong saying. It's a different son but it's definitely one that you probably know so here's a clip of Sam Cooke singing. What a wonderful world was released as a single in nineteen sixty? I don't know much by top. SIRES will so much about the franchise <music>. He's such a good singer. He's like defining mainly good singer. It's so like he has so much control of tone and I don't know man like the way that he sings is really fun to try to imitate as a dude vocalist like yeah. There's not a lot of like weird tricks. He doesn't do a lot of like weird. You know jumps into his falsetto and like like mixed voice tricks and stuff. He's he's a very very technical senior. In a way he's kind of like Whitney Houston in a certain way where it's just like he's just got really amazing technique and a great sounding voice and he just uses it flawlessly fearlessly like and really consistently only does fancy stuff to decorate it as just occasionally like at the end. He'll do a little thing and you're like. Oh man like how the hell did you do that but like but he really just has such a cool voice. I really recommend like anyone listening. Go just get best of SAM. Cooke and just put it on 'cause man or night beat. Actually the album is is really good. He's just Great Sam Cooke. He's the man he's a good singer. It's good staff so yeah. That's <hes> that's this episode. This is a fun why we're covering a a lot of good chat etiquette social solving problems people can feel free to write in about this one too. I would say they've gone gestures. I'd love to read this as well. Aw Man or stories absolutely worked or didn't work for you in your real life. That's true since like we were saying. It's so situational in each thing is different yeah. If you have any stories split-screen Kentucky Dot Com. Thanks everybody who sends in your tilt stories or your advice about tilts that was also cool love hearing from listeners and that's very cool all all right well until next week. Maddie I will be off playing video games and watching Veronica Mars so apparently so ally that's. That's what we do here. <hes> all right. I'll see you next week bye. KOTOKA split screen is an official PODCAST KOTOK DOT COM. It's produced by Kirk Hamilton Jason Schreier and me Eddie Myers Kirk edits mixes the podcast and also wrote and performed our theme song and other music. We're a part of the fusion podcast network where Montana McKee is executive producer of audio. You can find some popular podcasts services like panoply N._p._R.. One Google play and apple podcasts and we hope you'll leave us a review. If you like what you hear here find old episodes at Kotoka dot com slash split-screen email us at split-screen at Kentucky Dot Com <music>.

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"France morning. Happy Easter to you. I'm super excited. That he chose to join me and joined Beaver Creek Christian church here today. I I will tell you you know as a member. The speaking team I look I was super excited and look forward to this day for a couple of months and this this running joke we have being the holiday speaker. You finally being Easter Speaker. I was I was really excited about it but little. Did I know that it would be like this that I would speak on Easter but it would be an MD church and But I but I did like a little bit of home and things. That are familiar to you so I wanted to record here and set this up. So so that connects with you Captain Serious has been praying for you and praying for the church and for this for some time because it is a really tough time right now. There's emotional challenge and and a lot of financial challenge and some people having some real physical challenges well and recognize that but I hope today you get a little bit encouragement and In excitement from from the word of God. So let's let's get into it so we're finishing our series from the gospel of Mark we've been using Marcus. Backdrop FOR OUR LYNN. Study into today culminating today. And we've called it questioning Jesus and we've we've looked at the questions that Jesus asked and the questions that were asked of Jesus to kind of frame the stories and pull out of mark this imagery of of the Messiah and the Savior and so we'll continue that finish that up today and just to just as a reminder of the gospel of Mark is is the First Gospel that was written. It's the shortest Gospel but it also has the most miracles recorded mark. Wasn't one of the original twelve disciples but he did spend a lot of time with Peter and he went on a missionary journey with him and a lot of that I think is where the the stories connect and where we're mark dente fide. What he wanted to say we believe. Mark had some Some some overlap there with Jesus in his ministry maybe a little bit but he wasn't inside. That wasn't inside that inner circle. Now we're going to be in Chapter Fifteen and sixteen of the book market. You want to get to your Bible ready on that and describe a little bit how I WanNa go through this. I want to focus in on three images three scenes for you will that are the backdrop of the three questions. I want to focus on and I'll lay that out in context not I'll go back through it with a little bit of application. See see how it might apply those questions to our lives today. So let's start with the first chapter. Fifteen begins with Jesus under arrest. Jesus had been traveling. The countryside going from village to village and and and and community community even investing in in twelve disciples. He had been healing people and performing miracles. It had been confronting the authorities of the day. He had been coming in contact with those who wanted to call him out and hold up their righteous against his and he would hold up a mirror and push back against him. He will be very firm against the same time who would be as gentle as a lamb the center after center. It's a great Perspective as Jesus Goes. This story is crescendo in today. We get to that to the to the culmination of the story. Jesus in Jerusalem in a triumph at way They the people were were praising him and sing Hosanna and over that week from Palm Sunday and today he is The religious leaders find a way to challenge him eventually him and they beat him they they take him away in the middle of the night and they questioned him and they go through this mock trial in he is served up Bound and beaten to the Roman authorities and he served with the Roman Authority because they were the ones in charge there though the the religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus. They didn't have that authority in the had to hand him over to the Romans. And that's where story begins now. Marcus riding to people in Rome have some concept of of Israel and and Christian believers but they were Romans if you will and had had a concept of the governor. The Authority had and so that who who pilot was the governor was probably a lot more to them than it does to us. And so he doesn't spend a Lotta time describing pilot is but that's where the story begins will pickup in Chapter Fifteen. I I very early in the morning. The chief priests with the elephants. The teachers of the law in the whole sent Hadrian made their plans so they bound Jesus. They led him away and they handed him over to pilot. Are you the king of the Jews asked island you have said so Jesus reply? The chief priests accused him of many things and so again pilot asked him. Are you going to answer? See how many things they're accusing you. But Jesus still made. No reply in pilot was amazed. And that's our first question. Are you the king of the Jews? Chief priests are accusing Jesus of many things but pilot focuses in on this question. Are you the king of the Jews for three years? Jesus has been traveling for three years. He's been performing miracles and doing things that amazed people. Sometimes he was asked questioned directly whether he was the son of God. Sometimes people would hint at it are indirectly. Try to turn to pull that out of him just before this. They religious leaders on in their trial are asking him very directly but in this conversation the Roman ruler of the day. The governor of the land pilot is asking. Are you the king of the Jews? Now you could say he's asking that because they can only be one king in the Roman Empire that the Caesar is one authority. Jesus can't be king as well and so if that's true then pilot is the governor muscle into that but the words in the text reveal. That pilot is really looking at something else are you the king of the Jews are you saying. Are you saying that you are son of God? Are you saying? Are you really who you say? You are an amazes pilot that Jesus does not give an answer or not. I really enjoy how Jesus turns it back to pilot and says you say so that it's back how pilot and finds it because Jesus no sweet as he's very comfortable in in his place in his path and the cubs that God has has put in front of him but he turns it back to pilot. Ceo another another text translates it. Yes it is as you say but either way Jesus turns IT BACK TO PILOT ABOUT. What do you say? What do you say to the question? Are you the king of the Jews? Jesus is the epitome of accepting what God in has forced the path that he has put in front of us even though Geez committed no crime and no sin is on trial and he knows that this path laid out form that will end in his death. Let's keep going after that first question. I won't read the whole story. I'll I will Paraphrase and take you through Chapter Fifteen. Now it was the custom of the day for the Romans Romans authorities to release a prisoner back to to the Jews and so pilots offers. Jesus back would you like what you like? The King of the Jews back do you want him back. It was a was offering a peace making gesture as part of the ceremony that was happening and the day and the religious leaders Stir up trouble and the the Bible because of their envy they stir up trouble and they say no. We want us. We want this other criminal this murder this this common criminal actually and pilots like are you. Sure you don't want the king of the Jews. What should I do with him? And they yell out. You Must Crucify. Him crucify him and so pilots. Kind of stuck and actually. I don't know if you've noticed but that's one of the images we've used throughout the season. There's a there's a picture of that as Jesus is bound standing in a humble posture pilot standing in front of a group. And and you can imagine he's offering what should I do with the King of the Jews? What you want me to do with your king. We'll come back to that question. The story continues. The juice shop crucify him. And so that's pilot. Does he sends him off. To be beaten. He sends him off to be flogged and he sent to the Cross to die. Soldiers Take Jesus away. They put on a fake robe and they put on a crown of thorns to mock him. They beat him and spit on him and he takes all this physical punishment without without fighting back in any way. Now I it's really fun to think about the the energy and strength. It took for Jesus to resist fighting back guys. I don't know if you've ever played a game. Maybe back when you were younger like place game where like punch each other in the shoulder and see who can punch the hardest. And that's kind of fun and eventually somebody punches really hard. And somebody gets hurt and descends into this to this fight people get mad and you know no no game but still you end up getting mad and just just imagine the same thing for Jesus. He's being beaten for no reason and he knows it. He has the strength to resist. He suffers from suffers absorbs. This mental anguish in this physical punishment. But he he summons none of his power to make it stop at Jesus has given this large piece of wood to carry the cross that he the instrument of death for him. He carries himself. It's his own personal cross to bear at one point. He stumbles and and the Roman soldiers. Ask a bystander to help him carry it. Simon of Syrian were reintroduced by mark and the crosses carried to this hill. This This this place called Golgotha put up on the cross. His hands are pierced his feet are pierced. They take his clothes. They paint a sign above him that says King of the Jews and they hang that above across he's placed amongst two robbers air supply there that day. There are lots of people around people. Continue to hurl insults at him and they they say things like you saved others. But he can't save himself mark him over and over again let let him come down from the Cross and then we'll believe show us that and after about three hours. Jesus on the Cross darkness descends on the land. Mark describes it as as the middle of the day but that darkness had descended on the land. And after three hours of Burton's in Mark Fifteen thirty four. Our second question. Jesus says my God my God. Why have you forsaken me? And with a loud cry Jesus breathes his last. My God my God. Why have you ever taken me? That's our second question. It's actually the first verse of Psalm. Twenty two David spoke those words a thousand years before in a lament where he was an anguish. He writes he writes this. This poem inness this The sad song the Psalm foreshadows price it talks of hands and seat being pierced it talks of being mopped and your clothes being taken away and cast for lots the same way that mark describes Jesus. And it's this great connection for me of seeing Jesus fully man and fully gone and he's fully man he is suffering and he screams out my God. My God why have you forsaken me? Jesus says he is my God. It's his personal God. There's a relationship there. Why have you forsaken me? It's very per Jesus is suffering it is if God is closed his eyes and put his hand and turn away from Jesus and watch this happen. You must. You must let this happen. Jesus is a man who's suffering beyond belief but Jesus in the same way was fully God and he quotes scripture in his last breath. He lets everyone know by connecting the story today and connecting the story back to God's promise that he is fully in control of what's going on that he is. He is fulfilling the prophecy that he is following the path of the fathers laid out for him. Now some things happen here. The curtain is torn into. Inside the temple that curtain was the symbolic separation from from the holy of holies the most holy place inside the temple that the priests were only allowed to go in once a year and it was it was symbolic in the separation between God and sinful man and that curtain's torn into as Jesus Donnas. There's a there's a center in there and he notes that surely this man was the son of guy another thing mark points out that I wanna say is important in the stories. Is He points out that that Mary Magdalene is there Mary? The mother of James. Is there and other women are excess? I find it interesting that he points out the women in this point of the story that the woman couldn't be in the temple. They could be in the courtyard where the where the trial happened. They couldn't they didn't have the strength to take. Jesus away from the soldiers. They're they're suffering in watching and going along and they're they're at the cross suffering and crying sobbing. Jesus bodies taken down eventually. He's place this burial chamber. This is chamber made of rock made of stone and large stone is rolled in front of Jesus and that takes us to chapter. Sixteen mark brings out another interesting point here. Mark Focuses in on on the women that he had mentioned earlier. Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of James and they're bringing spices. You see at the end of the Sabbath they. They went in and bought some spices to anoint. Jesus body in the Tomb. They had accepted that Jesus was dead and that they were GONNA go. And it was a way of mourning for them. It was actually a way of kind of accelerating the decay. And and and overcoming the challenge here so they. They get the spices on Saturday night. And on Sunday morning they go back to the tune and Mark. Sixteen Verse Three. Our third question they ask each other who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the Tomb. The women know that Jesus is dead. They heard his cry and saw his lifeless body taken down. Put Away but they're moving on and much like I feel like the the women of that time. Think someone have to depend on someone else who will roll the stone away? Who will do that? We can't do. I need someone else's help I don't have the strength. That'll have the authority at the influence. Who will roll the stone away all the stone always that question and they get there but even though its large very difficult to move the stone has been rolled away and the women go inside and Marcus scribes that they see a young man dressed in a white room and he tells them do not be afraid. Do not be on your looking for Jesus the Nazarene the One. Who Was Crucified? He has risen. He has risen indeed such great news. The man dressed in white and angel is telling these women. Jesus is risen. The Angel tells him to go find the disciples. No find them. I love that he brings Peter into the story a couple of different ways and this is one of those times. He had this relationship with Peter and went on and on a missionary journey together. And he's like have angels said to the Women Go. Tell them hotel. The disciples go tell Peter Jesus has risen that he has gone ahead of you that he has already roll the stone away. It is such great news a Man. Jesus is risen today. We can be confident that we can approach the throne of God that we can approach him and enter into relationship with him. Jesus defeated death. He was resurrected is alive today. He did all the things that he promised. He fulfilled the prophecy. He was an is the Messiah Savior and today on Easter Sunday. We celebrate that above all things that not only did. Jesus die but that he was resurrected so I wanna go back and look at those questions in light of the things that are happening around us today I to the women in the stone who will roll the Stone. Way Who don't ask ourselves that a lot who rolling stone way the truth got his already done the hard work no matter how big this stone is no matter how how difficult the task might be. He has rolled the stone away. Jesus is risen. We don't have to be the disciples that are huddled in a corner and hiding and scared on Sunday morning. Fear does not have powers because we know who rolled the stone way. I know it's really challenging to think about this right now. Who will help us? Who will save us? Who will find a cure? Who will do this? We'll do that and I don't think that's the right question. Because because our trusses in Jesus he has already rolled the stone away. And when you find yourself looking at at at these big problems right now when you find yourself loss in the conversation about who will roll the stanway think about Jesus. I was listening to a podcast. And a discussion of of the Trinity and thinking about. How did a sermon on that or less than on that months ago and the phases of God and father the son and the Holy Spirit? I thought about I thought about the answer. This question who roll the stone away. The answer is Jesus because love has a name is Jesus victory has a name is Jesus. The name above all names at who will help. Let's back another question to the cross. My God Mike. God Why have you forsaken me? I think that's a question. We can all relate to right now. I think that's a question that in these in this time of global pandemic in this time of isolation and separation. God Why have you forsaken me? Last time I was I was speaking part of the church. I was preparing to go to Our Cairo's Prison Ministry in the Lebanon Correctional Institution. And that was. That was a great memory for me in in that service and in the prayers and I was so honored by all of your guests in your support to me and I found out on Monday night of that week that that it was cancelled. Our governor and our state has been on the front end of shutting things down over. The first thing he did was closed. The prisons no visitors. And so I didn't even get to go so I was one of the first of my family. I was the first of my family to kind of take this personally and I went through this emotional rollercoaster of why well I did all these things and all these people did all this stuff and God. Why did you do this? Why have you forsaken me a little bit of time? A lot of prayer I see it differently. I see a larger a larger plan. I don't know that I understand it but but God has a plan there and it was smart. Cancel and and move on and then I I got to watch. The rest of my family goes to that same challenge. They each have things that they'd invested in that they cared about. They were important to them and they got cancelled or delayed or poof gone. I think we can all ask ourselves this question right now. I got why forsaking it's easy to think about that question right now. The great news is that he did not forsake us. He did not forsake Jesus on the cross his plan for us. I think it's easy. It's easy to discount someone if you don't know their story and I think that's what mark and his and his writings are all about. Is He wants us to know. The story of Jesus. He wants us to relate because that is God's plan that he sent his son to die for us and he tells us these details that we might relate that we might come back that no matter what goes on our world. We know that Jesus did suffered beyond belief that he suffered in a way that we can connect to that. He's not a far off God. He's a personal God. He went through the same emotions and challenges the joys and the deep deep songs like many of us are feeling now Jesus folk cutoff and left to die in the raw emotion is clearly there hotline before Sekine me but at the same time quoted scripture is reminder of God's promise that he has told us what was happening and it did happen and there is a promise on the back end just as Jesus. Resurrection is the promise on the back end of that journey for him. Asked you to consider that that Jesus came and died for us. He suffered for us. He was not forsaking. He was part of God's plan and finally back to where we started the first question. The first question I raised in the first question that would begin scripture with pilot asked. Jesus are you the king of the Jews? I want you to consider that same question. We all get to ask that question. It's one of the beautiful aspects of Mark. Story that are you the king of the Jews? She's are you the son of God sire because we need to ask. That question came from heaven to Earth. He lived he lived amongst man and traveled and and live. Life is a man suffered in the same way that that we can know suffering. The evidence is clear that he was a man. There are many historical texts that relate that Jesus was real person. Arc lays out clear strategies of examples of his miracles and wonders if he was something different that he was supernatural that he was spiritual that he was the son of God. There's no question. He was different but still the question remains and it's the same question. He asked pilot the same question that he relates with pilots. Are you the king of the Jews? Jesus answers what do you say is as you say you say? It is true and so in this beautiful way. Jesus turns the question back on US and allows us to make the decision. How do we look at I? Don't we look at his life? Look at what he did for us. I'll tell you without a doubt. My answer to you is that he was the son of God is the Messiah any is he has risen and he's in heaven. He's alive today. It's such great news on this Glorious Easter Morning I think about that as I considered how to answer these three questions over the last few weeks how can I how can I can answer? Jesus are you the king of the Jews and God. Why have you forsaken us? Thought about who would roll the stone away brought me to subscription you brought me to Hebrews One Ana. Read it for you. Hebrews one first three verses in the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways but in these last days he has spoken to us by his son whom he appointed heir of all things and through whom also he made the universe. The Sun is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being sustaining all things by his powerful word and after he had provided purification for sins. He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in Heaven. Friends Jesus is risen risen indeed and that is the excitement in the hope we can have today. Would you please pray with me by the thank you so much this Easter Morning? But this reminder of your plan for us you mark out a path long ago that you have not forsaken us either. Roll the stone away that you've made it possible for us to enter back into relationship with you and father. I pray for all of those who are hearing my voice all of those who are watching this video that might take a moment and consider they believe that Jesus is the King of the Jews believe. He rolled the stone. Got Asu as we as we take communion. Now's we do as we have every Sunday and we continue to is a reminder the say your son his body was broken his blood was spilled just for US fathers. Take these elements. Help us to remember you and that sacrifice to know entrusting you and to believe in your son that he is risen. Risen indeed a Man. Moon

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Episode 9: Around the World in 80 Trader Joe's Products (Give or Take)

Inside Trader Joe's

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Episode 9: Around the World in 80 Trader Joe's Products (Give or Take)

"From the trader Joe's mothership in Monrovia, California. And from around the world, Italy, Israel, Greece, the Republic of Georgia, Japan Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand, the United States. Let's go inside. Trader joe's. I'm Tara Miller. The director of words, and phrases and causes. And I'm manslaughter in the marketing product guy this episode is titled around the world in eighty trader Joe's products give or take at traderjoes. Our crew goes just about everywhere, literally circumnavigating the globe on a weekly basis to satiate your unrelenting desire for new food discoveries. You may think that's overly dramatic. But it's not hyperbolic. Our crew does have their fair share of adventures from around the world or around the corner as they searched for new products and on this episode. We'll ask them to tell you some of their better stories at trader Joe's. We really do. Discover cultures of the world through food. When Joe Colom was really sort of shaping the idea that would become trader Joe's, it was within the context of people are gonna start flying around the world and seeing new things and eating new things and tasting tastes that they want to be able to taste when they're back home. You may have been in France and had this terrific cheese. But you may not have made it to the Republic of Georgia and had these really interesting dumplings that makes me want to travel even more. So we're talking to Arlene and Jenny who are product innovators here at trader Joe's are essentially the boots on the ground. We travel the world, and we find the wildfire customers you kind of have the coolest job in the world. Yeah. Find I feel very blessed. Very blessed. Everyone tells me that the media reaction is that is so cool. You don't get. Why did you discontinue jasmine green tea? That's what I the second. Yeah. Yeah. One of the best part is constantly experiencing. Nut sense of discovery. Like having something for the first time or seeing something for the first time like I really value experiences. And I mean, that's that's what I want for customers. Product innovation. Sounds like a fancy way to describe the treasure hunt. Like going into a trader Joe's and finding something that you never knew existed. And all of a sudden, it just might become your new favorite thing. We travel the world we try to. Find things in different corners of the world that people can't get to. Yeah. It's it's go go go. How many countries have you visited do, you know? Can you give me a ballpark since the past two years? Goodness. Maybe like fifteen to twenty at. I don't know. It's like so many every time I put a list together. I'm like, wow. All over Europe. Italy, Germany, France, Greece New Zealand Japan, Thailand, Mexico, actually, one of my friend's dad every time I see him. He loves us. So where to go and some lines of work. They would they would discover the culture through music or through art. And we discovered the culture of through the food. What is what's your favorite trip that you've been on from a product development standpoint, there's a couple, but I would say one that is the most recent is Republic of Georgia. The what was really interesting to me is that the us tons of wild herbs, and they have tons of. Dips, and you know, we love dip since so I thought dot translated pretty well. They have dumplings. So dumplings like perogie or dumplings more like a typical Asian dumpling. They literally looked like the soup dumplings like the Chinese soup dumplings, but they're huge. They're like, maybe like half of your hand. And how you need it. You flip it over and take a little bit of nib in suck all the soup out and slowly finish it, and you can toss the knob because it's can be a little bit doughy or people like it if they like chewy texture and they're filled with meat. Yes. So they're they're traditionally filled with me, I think be four like beef and lamb or just lamb but nowadays, you can find mushrooms vegetables cheese potatoes, like all sorts of different fillings, Jenny. You recently went to New Zealand any products that you that came in from that experience. Yeah. Actually one that I am super excited about it's coming out this holiday season. It's the essential oils, and if user gift set, and it includes a really. Innovative and different type of diffuser. It's wool ball strung together. And we'll is actually a really great carrier of essential oils. It's why she poise smell so great. Everyone who's ever been to? But maybe if they had a central oils than they might you're onto something I've seen lots of battery operated or electric diffusers, and you put a few drops of oil with water. And but this requires none of that just says set it out and it just works. Yeah. You put a few drops on the ball, and you can mix and match the different essential oils, which I liked to do. Yeah. That's a holiday holiday only product. And when it's gone it's gone, and it's a one shot at least for this year. Exactly. Yep. It's already gone to work in my house. So to really nice, really good stuff. Loved the lemon. Any airport stories that are sharable any any fun travel stories that you think are are worthy of sharing so many. But I don't know if they're appropriate. I do have one it was not an airport story, but early didn't and Laurie and I were in Bangkok, and if you've ever been in Bangkok, you know, that there are these motorized scooters everywhere, and you have to pay attention or off something's going to happen. And I I had a little run in with the suitor. I'm okay obvious sick here. But the funniest part about it was I looked back and the driver had this ear to ear grin on his face. Almost you made his quote for the day. Yikes. Yeah. Okay. So the lesson is for that that one night in Bangkok look both kids. I knew you'd get the reference. Do you have any Eureka moments? You're standing in a street market in Bangkok before you get hit by the scooter and something strikes. You is like oh, yes. This is going to be great trip. We did last year and went to Israel round November. I was probably one of the highlight trips as well. We had something called the, and it's basically a pita sandwich. So you have half the pita, and there's roasted eggplant cabbage pickled turnips, some HAMAs and this thing called Ombu sauce, which is pickled mango sauce, and the combination of all these flavors is just kind of like an explosion in your mouth as soon as we had that we knew we had to create and potatoes. And it is it's on the way it'll becoming so like freshly made sandwich. Yeah. It'll be in the fresh section along. Side, the other wraps and solid to bring your own pita or anything. Be liable. Yeah. You know me. Here's an update since we spoke with Jenny and Arlene they've headed out on another adventure hater, Matt it's Jenny. This is Arleen. And we're here in Seoul, South Korea. Hey, Jenny and Arlene. Walking through the streets. And there's a ton of vendors here food vendors, so we're going to try this first vendor. It's they're selling dope. Bookie that. I say that right, Jenny donnas. Perfect early. Hi, good. So what it is? It's a rice cake that's kind of Mucci like very similar to Neo key, actually. And we know our customers love those. Then it's in this red sauce of very spicy red sauce of they believed their school Chung in it. It's so delicious. It's something I create all the time. Yes. It's chewy spicy. It's super delicious. It's not to love. For the soaps. So you put in right now, we're at the soap factory that makes our macaroni soaps that we're going to carry during the holidays. This is actually made for us from a third generation family owned. Yeah. The from what they told us the his grandparents started out with an herb farm, and that's kind of how they slowly got into fragrances natural fragrances. Mr. So it's actually really difficult to not walk into these of personal care Sasha beauty stores because they are every corner fray Jenny don't you think it's like, yeah. There's more of these beauty shops than coffee shops. Erupts restaurants there. It's pretty remarkable. How many of these are one after another after another? Yes. So we're we're checking out one of them today. And when you walk in it's just rows and rows of Beijing mass, which is really done. Well, so we're just we're seeing what what other ideas, we can get. Yeah. There's collagen we're seeing vitamin c peptide nail snail. Yes. Snail mask. Delicious. Over and you are trip has come to an end. And although we're super sad girl really excited to go back, home and share with everyone. What we've discovered now? We'll see real soon on. Yes. Okay travel safely. And we'll look forward to sampling. Some of the great stuff you found in Korea met you used to work in product innovation. It was a lot of back to the drawing board. It was a lot of tasting panels. Where the tasting panel said this isn't good enough. We're going to take you to another top secret. Trader Joe's tasting panel. I think one of the biggest challenges for this very small crack team that we call the product innovators is to convey to those on the tasting panel that what they're doing makes sense. And it's worth pursuing a lot of this stuff can just seem wacky. L nine dollars. So today, I'm repent laying these edible spoons. It's an edible spoon it eats and tastes kind of like a plane cracker. It has a really neutral flavor. It goes well with pretty much about anything I was able to eat a whole bowl of our organic red pepper and. Tomato soup, and it stayed crunchy till the end, and it was really satisfying to have sort of that car crunchiness in the last few bites of soup. The from the last panel was we wanted to replace the butter in it to make it beacon. We've done that we have Sunfire oil. Now, it's replace the butter with at four ninety nine for twelve spoons. We thought the price point was a little bit too high. So we got it down to three ninety nine for twelve spoons. These I can say are truly sustainable, and I think, and I think that our customers would really get excited about this. They're coming from Puerto Rico. You know, what the packaging looks like? This would be the packaging. It's a recyclable pouch number one recyclability great question. I would like to see this come in at three ninety nine. Okay. That passes. The edible spoons are approved and melting ice cream Soldo next. The next item was inspired by Neopolitan. Joe Joe's at two ninety nine so phenomenal success therefore wanted to make a Neopolitan Joe Joe ice cream. It starts with a base of strawberry and vanilla ice cream. There's a chocolate such swirl throughout there's some pieces and finally our Neopolitan. Judges is twelve percent butterfat. Forty-nine percent overrun, which is in line with our seasonal ice creams. I'm proposing to in a pint as opposed show court just because this gives our customers opportunity to try different flavors. So by their favorite everyday items. It would retail for two ninety nine pumps on pints of ice cream started three ninety nine and go up, and the slavery would be entirely. To trader Jess would it be seasonal. It would be seasonal this cooking launched and end of July. So we'd probably with the cookie lawn. Going you three. Mash flavors is there. Another man. Another product approved. That's delicious ice cream. We'll duck out now and go talk to the folks on our wine crew about their travels around the world. I'm Chris Condit. So what I do is. I ever see all the wines that we carry in trader Joes managed the category. I'm Pat empress. I am the one product developer for the Twitter joke comforting a lot of times people associate visiting wine regions with a vacation. Obviously, you guys have to go there for work. It's tough work. But someone's got to do it. But if someone were going to ask you about where to take a wine tasting trip, where would you point them if you haven't been to France and Italy, of course, you have to go to Branson, Italy Frances is ridiculous. I mean, every part of France is amazing. So you have to do the the trip DiPoto you have to go through burgundy, which really puts small wineries small family. Operations in perspective. I mean, there's parcels of land they've been subdivided amongst families for generations. And it's like, you know, three square feet, and those grapes are really precious. I mean, it it's amazing. You know, I like Spain. I don't think I've ever had a bad Spanish red wine Portugal, which I recently was over there investigating some quality ones and Italy is one of my favorite spots. But I have yet. But a great things about South Africa, but the ones were expensive. They're very proud of him. You should definitely go to the tip of the South Island of New Zealand to the marble region. Find a blunt him it's beautiful. It's a essentially a mono varietal area. But the winds are winds terrific. Why is New Zealand Sogno block so good a combination of factors, and I'm not I'm not a scientist. So I'm not sure I'm going to get it. All right, but it's the cool climate. It's right on the coast runs right up the right up the the Blenheim valley their Marlboro, it's the soil. It's the amount of sunlight. Some theories say, and I don't know if it's that supported, but there's a whole new ozone layer over that part of the world, which freckles the grapes gives them a little bit of the sunburn. They say that might impart some of the flavor, so they get this this high acid Hiram attic. Grapefruit lemonade flavor out of those wines and consistently and sounds like you're recommending sort of the archetypal quixotic. You know, like it's Don Quixote like just go there so much to see and it sounds like the good news is there's great wind all around the world an important. The storm is is my part shipwreck tale that were any port in a storm. I hope that makes the final cut. Of course, many of the trader Joe's products, you love are made right here in the good ole US avai, I'm in a longtime. Trader Joe's vendor in southern California. This company has been creating products for trader Joe's for decades, actually. And they make a lot of tortillas for us and some other things as well. We are a family business. My grandfather started the business second-generation took it over and ran it for a number of years recently. We've we've begun to transition to third generation. So that's you. That's me. Can you show us? What's over here? There's a great process because it really demonstrates what we're doing differently. So the henstridge tortilla it's fluffy. Right. Whereas a convention through the class. But here's a place of dough ball and individual adobo on the belt, and then some trained individuals black Sheehan's strict through the round flat shape. But if you're making tortillas from scratch at home, you're stretching them by hand until they get that fluffy or texture. Right. So that that is that then this one in particular. My grandfather started this is the one that is our best selling grandfather started thirty years and still to this day sin. Trader Joe's and still to this day. It's probably. Well, one of our best the excuse, right? I I would argue that maybe it's one of the best that Trudeau's. But that's my. Please told it for thirty years. It must be doing. Okay. Thank you. My grandfather started it, and this is still my father and his siblings that continued it and thankfully, there's something for my family to continue to help grow. My son does work here on summers. He helps box product into the master cases or my daughter who's nine shreds paper. Or does Officeworks? You got to be a little bit safer than than on the factory floor with heavy equipment moving by. But yeah, I think I think they will be involved. And I hope it's not just my children. Maybe my my nieces or nephews got employees have been here generations now right there for grandfather started with my grandfather they've continued on and I've hired some of the new ones, and it's it's it's a center of of of the area the community. So Anthony, we've been talking a lot about trader Joe's products that come from around the world. It's been really nice to be here with you kind of around the corner. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So we're in a group of lots and lots of traderjoes captains right now. This is Ben bradberry. Captain from Daly City, California. What do you if you're having a bunch of people over to watch football game or a customer comes to you with that question. What do you serve or what do you tell that customer? You're either going with the organic tortilla rounds or Janet tortilla triangles. Do you need add a little color gotta go sprouted blue amend. The organic chip differs. Gotta love a man. My name's Jamie. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia wha-. What's what's a big seller in bucket? What what moves a lot through your? We are the cauliflower store. We have so many customers that love our cauliflower gnocchi cauliflower pizza pretty much if it has cauliflower in it. We actually have an entire freezer case dedicated to our cauliflower products. It is absent I think we sold about gosh. I don't know how many units that cauliflower Nokia last week. But it is definitely popular. Hey, thanks for joining us on this trip around the world. We have a favor to ask if you would click on that free. Subscribe button, we're planning on more inside trader, Joe's episodes, and that way, you'll know when they come out subscribing free. And it's worth every penny on our next episode. I hit the road. I'll take you to the new trader Joe's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and to the other trader Joe's mothership in Boston to talked with our crew there, by the way, most of them. Huge Red Sox fans about lots of things, including plans to open more neighborhood stores very soon. Thanks for listening. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 15  The Train It Right Life   Stop Expecting Instant Restults  Pro Debut Story

The Train It Right Life

28:12 min | 2 months ago

Episode 15 The Train It Right Life Stop Expecting Instant Restults Pro Debut Story

"I. Didn't want to bodybuilding champion I one of the best bodybuilder of all times. The. Down and ask yourself who do you want to be The Watts but who? I'm talking about figuring out yourselves. What makes you happy? You have to think outside the box. Believe of all. What is the point? I didn't want bodybuilding champion I wanted to be the best bodybuild all times. The down ask yourself who do you want to be? Hey guys. Semi just. Wait enjoy the PODCAST. Guys my friend she s you guys know anything about fringes, Frenchies have farts welcome to the podcast this the train it right life and that's a good example of my life a rate there. My Name's Alicia Bell IFP figure pro online coach Athlete Manager Administrator for. A gym another prep team I do all of the things. So with that said, I would like to welcome you back to my podcast. We are going on episode fifteen I think that's crazy to me started this podcast. You're in quarantine out on a whim four, three, two, one myself into it because I feel like I have a lot to say. You know with that comes a lot of. Opportunities just to be able to. Talk about topics that are on my mind not specifically to bodybuilding but also to life motivation, Diet Health Training I duNno topics. This podcast is a not scripted is not outlined. It is simply. Basically coffee time with Lisa. I am is coffee. And put a little chocolate Stevia in it. It's delicious. And this week's episode. is about to get under wraps I do want to say that I've had people being like, when's the next episode wants the next episode and I know that the release dates have not been consistent Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. I need to personally figure out a day that works really great for me for recording. So I can get the content out to you guys on time. And in a timely manner. that. would be consistent so that you guys can always know when the next episode is coming whether it be a Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. I don't know yet, but I'm going to work on figuring that out. But today's podcast what we are going to talk about this one's GonNa get Super Personal I WanNa tell a little bit more about my story, but I also WanNa talk about. A different topic too so This is GONNA be no. I'm being very vague my story about Why I need to Redo my debut. And then a little bit about something they see going on with clients. So firstly, I wanNA start with what? I see kind of going on right now. And this is a problem with. NACHOS my clients but with our generation, I think people are have high expectations of results. Now. They're expecting results instantaneously either I've had people email me after we can like I didn't see much change will yeah. You're not everybody's changes different I coach. Hopefully, I'm not doing a crash diet with any of my clients. It's a lifestyle because that's what you're going to be able to keep up with is a lifestyle when it becomes your life, it's easier to maintain versus a crash frigging diet that gets you to like not. You can look good but you'll never have like a great look healthy look you know what I mean. So. I get people that are like, Oh, I didn't see any changes. Well, first of all, you hired a coach you shouldn't be assessing yourself second of all just because you don't see changes on the outside doesn't mean changes aren't happening on the inside third of all. Are you being a hundred and ten percent on your Diet Training Cardio intensity effort hydration supplementation. You know if you're not then like realities sits in I mean it should sit in that. You need to be adherent to the program to see the results and to get the maximum benefit of. Your program you know you have to follow it. It's Not, something that can happen overnight especially when you've been basically living cheat meal for your whole life. So. You can't have expectations that you're gonNA jump right into a program one, hundred percent on the first week and drastic changes. Sure. Some people do see results quite quickly. A lot of its water loss You know new muscle learning things you're going into a calorie deficit you will see changes right away but then things can plateau. They can stay the same. I. Have had months guys months this where my body no matter what we did stayed the same. Did I quit now was frustrated hell yeah. But I see the bigger picture and I see. Quitting will never get you the results you want giving up on. Yourself will never get you the results you want and negative self talk will never get you the results you want. So what you gotTa do you don't see results you keep your head up, you follow your plan you keep pushing. And with constant dedication determination adherents that you will eventually see results. I can't promise you results today tomorrow next week. But what I can promise you is that if you keep all the variables for me the same as in you follow your Diet, you've measure to the Graham you get all your Jason in. You take your supplements don't skip meals. You don't add extra cardio than I, know the variables to manipulate and I will manipulate them as I, see fit to see changes but in a healthy way now, if you go messing around with variables, where does that leave me? I can't change anything on your plan because or change something and I don't have to like because you're messing with variables you're doing more cardio. So if you're doing more cardio, where does that leave me? I don't know I don't know that more is not always better. They'll call is to be able to stress the body the least amount of possible with maximum results you want to be. Fighter flight you don't want that body in a panic mode. That's when you're gonNA, cause destructive things, and that's where you can't keep up the lifestyle where you get yourself to someplace like a million hours of cardio a day and then what then where do you go nine hundred calories and then what and where you go the goal is to get your body and metabolism working for you instead of against you and you can get results with the minimum possible. I mean maximum results with minimum work as possible. Therefore, you know your. Body preserving that stress not having to push the body to the absolute most limit not exhausting yourself not draining herself not wasting time in the gym. So. You can't limit yourself by negatively self talking just because you're not seeing results this week or because you're at a plateau plateaus happened that is life in anything you get stuck. What do you do? You don't just keep spinning your tires you fucking change the tires you put on, you get someone to push you you frigging wedge it eat there's there's lots of things that you can do then see results but you don't give up right you want to get out of the whole you don't leave your car there. You don't abandon it. You call for help. And take the help. That's a higher coach to listen to your coach. Get notified that my trip to Nashville. IBOOK Dorian. Dorian Dorian is the owner of HD muscle supplements my coach, the head coach of team hd owner pure fitness. And I do admit stuff work and work for him. So I booked their flights and everything for this trip that they're on i. just got the Nashville Notification. FLYING FROM VEGAS TO NASHVILLE FOR OPEN UP Carbon Culture. So the. anyways. So that was that little notification Donnas can you please stop cleaning your Paul, appreciate him. So those of you don't know my dogs follow me everywhere. Honest. And so they're here when I record the podcast go boy. Yes. Because they're attached to my hip love love love my dog same. He's doing better this week He has not had like a mass attack of seizures I. think that that was like maybe like a one off, that was really bad that it was like the worst I've ever been but what he does how this week is seemingly. So an eye infection of sorts he has like I boogies Galore like all of the Burgers and crusty I in the morning. So up date with dogs is kind of what's going on. Love Them. Good Boys. But you know Dan Life Life Alesia trainer right life. Okay. So now where was I at Yes. Okay. So that was kind of topic one that I wanted to just address, and it's like you need to change your mindset to change your life and you need to stick to things you can't just quit on everything. So if you look back at all your successes in life no matter what it be you persisted you kept pushing you went for you did the work. So why should change transformation lifestyle prep? Even off season, be any different, you do the work, you get the job done and you will get the results and there's no guaranteed time line. That's why sometimes some people do multiple shows like you do a show and then you realize I wasn't lean enough are wasn't ready and you keep going and you do another show like a after like it's kind of like that. So like. Yeah, like this week I didn't lose any weight but next week you know if you keep going, you may lose weight. You don't know that until you try. So, you know try try try and failure is a stepping stone to success. So you need to get comfortable with feeling like you failed. Even though you haven't. Feeling that feeling pushing past it. It's like hitting the wall. When you run, you hit this wall and it feels like your legs can't move and what you marathon runners do they keep going keep going into it to the initial nine they don't give up. Unless they're pretty completed shutdown and yet, but that's another story. Yeah Okay so This one gets a little bit personal and I do want to address this disclaimer this by saying. I off and foremost that as strong as I am at times I'm not always strong and I'm not really sure what happened but I completely take ownership And of any decision or staying in a relationship that's toxic for longer than I should have I take ownership over that and it's nobody's fault but my own. The things that happened to me that I put up with and I will never do that again I've said that before. But I recognize it I recognize it is an issue But yeah. So I want to go back and on talk about. My debut, which was last year over a year ago like last June I the China pro and that was my pro debut now. I. Would not recommend what I did for any of my clients I prepped for like a year to get my program. I. Did four shows stress my body Oh, completely underneath duress with. Relationship and abusive relationship verbally and physically It's just it was what I put up with was ridiculous absolutely, and utterly I would never want a woman to go through that. And I I feel for women who are going through that or Gone. Through that I totally can relate and understand. and. So I took two months off and then I was like fuck it I'm doing the Toronto Pros my when trump also hired a coach Blah Blah Blah. No Zone He was a great coach I think of talked about this before absolutely love him. But. I shouldn't have done that prep. It was the shortest prep overdone and I basically was still not recovered from the year before so I did get onstage. I wouldn't say in my top form. I didn't bring my best a lot of factors went on during their prep that were native that brought me down. That stressed me out there haven't cortisol raised Do Else's behavior you know name calling and harassment and just. Verbal abuse like all sorts of things that went on behind the scenes and it's hard to prep under that. Yeah so That's that's one thing shameless amazingly co she did the best he could. But this is why I feel like I needed redemption is and I'm going to call it. might pro debut part to. Berbie Redo redemption. I don't know if you guys gotTa name for it. Let me know. But What happened on the day of my pro debut? Was I was you know I was so happy I it's something I wanted my whole life, my whole whole career. Since I started competing I. Wasn't very long maybe two years but like it's what I dreamed of walking across that stage hearing my name being called a leash bell. It was surreal to be there and be a pro I was happy era. So fucking happy despite all the shit that I went through I was like ecstatic like it's. Fuck I'm here with the best of the world is what I always wanted to be a good pro, not just pro, right I want be a good, just a pro. y'All I was twice the size of the most the girls backstage like what like I had just want my brokered excuse me I'm sorry I didn't realize that. I have level these girls were not. As sized as I was when I want my card I'll hands down say that. Because realistically how much do they grow from the end of October? So basically November two months off started prep again and did a show at the end of June beginning of June. How much really how much muscle did I actually put on I can't see myself on that much. I wasn't as conditioned as I was when I stepped on stage from my pro debut because I wasn't ready to about he was tired it was fucked to be honest. I got onstage. It did it. You know I was proud. I was upset obviously held back some tears. If you WANNA go back to my youtube, you can see my pro debut video where take you through the entire day out of video for follow me around the day. You know I did go back to my room after preaching and cried. Gene cry because I was upset from increasing I didn't cry because. Of how hard of a prep it was? That's not what I was crying for a while because my ex message me between prejudging and finals on. told me that I look like. And then I said, you don't have to be like that and he wrote me back some snarky message about leash going to do what a leash is going to do, and if somebody says something negative leashes not going to agree and I'm like Kay first off if you had something to say about how I looked could have waited until after the show first of all, actually if you have something negative to say about how I, look you coulda kept it to yourself because it's none of your business anymore because you are my ex Keyword X. The text message exchange just set me set me up to my room by myself crying because I did the show by myself. I didn't have any friends family nothing with me. I had two clients competing but like you know obviously, I'm an online coach so I did see them in person check in with them but they were also in a different venue seem building but different venue. So I just went upstairs by myself you know what I mean. Realized that. The whole. Two three years that I was with this person he calls me so much anxiety social. Anxiety with people working in even during my pro debut prep I had that anxiety. I kept to myself I isolated myself in fear during the relationship. And just I just had all this builds up cortisol and upset and just whatever, and it was kind of that day. Proud of you that kind of came to a realization about it. And he gave me so much anxiety and stress and I felt down on myself because it was my first show and I didn't do as well as I wanted as a pro because I have really high expectations for myself. And you know I always wanted to really really well. But after my show, it couldn't control anxiety. So I went into photo shoots in Vegas, I was a controlled myself more one, two, three, four or five, five voters you think that we post shows like I did. Light Shadow WHO's a friend of mine I did we'll Whitman. WHO's a friend of mine then included Vegas. For photo shoots data bunch of photo shoots. They're like in the gym outside the gym. And then the last shoot at flew home and I did outdoors it was my friend Kofi Remote Control Kev Kev. His also does a lot of my work. He did my video from a show day on a lot of the other stuff pint scenes guys see Amadeo. Day on my instagram and stuff like that too. He's great. He's my go-to and my friend, and so that was a great photo shoe. But after that I wanted to do Romania, okay and Shannon I had set a goal to Romania and I wanted redemption because that was after the Resat so. I was going to be a big show girls with muzzle and it was pretty affordable to get to whatever. So then I ended up getting coach by Dorian. Great blessing love happy couldn't be any happier. So glad that he is my coach now. But. Choose told an honestly. I I couldn't control my anxiety and stress brought on by that situation of the three years before. Tormenting during my prep and then the show I cracked. I am not like super strong I kept it. Cool on the outside. But I really I cracked. This distress I, turn to food for some reason it was like ice cream I couldn't control myself fucking ice cream I was like. What's it called? When you go and you get. Crematory came like, do you know what I'm trying to say Marble Slab. But it was making my own says going to get the ice cream in the ingredients and I was like. Mixing it all up own. So it was like making my own marbles lab. But I don't know why But I came to a realization during that time and it was really hard time for me is through a lot of. Struggling started coming to pure and just being around different people and being social again, I realized that that he didn't deserve any more of my thoughts and I know I'm a good human a great athlete and invaluable and will be a good pro and I'm doing this for me and not to prove him wrong or not to prove anybody wrong. But I'm doing this for me and I know what I'm capable of and I'm not GonNa let somebody else's negativities bring me down or fuck with me or fuck with my head. You, know, I'm so happy to be appear now and you know home of the world's but athletes, sports, practitioners, youtubers you know I'm in a great atmosphere. My Life is better I'm healthier. I literally pay no attention to what anyone has to say about me negatively. But on never let somebody else bring me down or be abusive to me or just affect me that much like I should have blocked the asshole. Faulk the second month we started dating he hits, but you know it is what is. I'm not trying to speak ill on him, but I wouldn't say he's the best human in the entire world but. You know it's just. I. Want You guys to know that no matter what you see on social media I'm people portray like I'm pretty motivational, but I'm also honest in real. You Know I. Keep a real on social media when I'm having good days and bad days, I might not say why I'm having a bad day but I'll tell you like like I'm not really like feeling it. You know if life is. A struggle bus. I bring out the best In hold on, I need to do something. Sorry muscle booking flights for athletes to Tennessee for the carbon culture. Okay. So back to what I was saying like. Yeah. Like you might see someone strong and empowered and positive on social media. You shouldn't jump to conclusions that their life is perfect. You know. It's not no one's life is perfect and we all are fighting battles behind the scenes. My everyday goal isn't to have people feel bad for me or any situation that I'm going through whether be my dogs or personal situation Michael is to make other people feel better and to change other people's lives, and if something's going on in my life, but I can still help other people change their lives you know become the best version of themselves not rewarding and that makes me feel better at the end of the day. No matter what I'm going through. So. Yeah. Just because you guys saw me on instagram you know like super-motivated like going through my pro debut like crying it out like I stressed my body out, which is what I don't want any clients to ever have to do, and that's why I want my clients to always be open and honest with me about everything that's going on in their life. You know sleep stress food supplements, I want to know the details. Like are, that's how I can help you right like I can help us best to my ability. I can refer you out to somebody like I. Want to be there for you and I want to help you change your life and I want you to know that it's not always easy and I don't have my shit together all the time in my life is not perfect and I go through shit I go through stressful situations. There's times when I'm wondering, can I pay my rent and then there's other times where I'm like I'm on the whole world like that's life. You know it's real. I'm real I'm a real person I go through shit, but always want to stay positive and motivational and inspiring to all my clients because you know anything is possible no matter what I'm from a small village of less than a thousand people will sometimes like if you count surrounding areas probably about twelve hundred people but. Look at me now like I'm doing I'm in a big city. You know what I mean like I'm a pro. Everything I've set my mind to I've done despite like challenges and you know going through shitty relationship that was a challenge and that's something learned from it. I'm grown from and have moved past and it's probably setting me up for something even better. That's how I have to look at it and so my pro debuting go as well as I wanted to fuck I'm still a Pro I did that I did that I did at Prep I pro debuted you only get one pro debut and least it's going to be fucking memorable but you do get a second pro debut in my opinion. And I'M GONNA make the most of it. I don't know when it's going to be obviously. I. Am not impressed right now you can follow along my youtube that's where I kind of like record my day to day stuff I'm getting back into it I have a new camera because my camera was broke. Cameras are really expensive really really inexpensive and I call myself. I have is a basic flogging camera in that bish was like seven hundred dollars like excuse me. Dog that another puppy. Maybe not these dogs these dogs are really expensive, but you know what I'm saying. You. But Yeah I'm just saying like, Hey, guys, I. Don't always have my shit together I'm not perfect. I might be motivational inspiring and have sick instagram flow to the muscles but I do have problems you know and. This goes back to the first topic where You know that affected my. That affected my body changing. So look the stressors in your life. If you have stressors trying to eliminate them because cortisol is a bitch and you cannot quarterback I don't care how hard you try. You cannot. It's called overtraining you need to deal with the Cortisol and when stress is high your body's GonNa, fight you when stress is low your body's going to be like, okay we do in this bitch. So my stress was high for my pro debut. Therefore I didn't have a great look. I was coming off a stressful year of prepping anyway you know what I mean so You know he gotta get rid of in control your. Cortisol. To which I can help with if you're looking for coach but anyway, that's my plug for the day. Love you guys. Thank you for listening to Marantz. I'm sure I offended somebody by this podcast, but you know what? Sometimes you just gotTa be truthfully honest about life situations and things that you go through and I spent years not talking about it scared to talk about You know told that nobody would believe me or whatever. anyways. But here I am talking about now when the time is right and I hope that anyone out there can relate to this. You pick up some strong points and you just learned that you should never give up on your dreams goals day to day you got to collect perfect days. And Keep Your eyes on the prize. You'll eventually get to the finish line not that there's a finish line, but you will get to to a lifestyle that is maintainable and a body that you love but you need to stick it out. You need not be negative. You just gotTa plow through the hard stuff Plow through the cravings stick to your plan stick to your goals, adhere to the program, and you will get their patients in might not be today it might not be tomorrow might be next week it might take eight weeks might take a month who knows how long it'll take, but the goal is. You will see change if you stick to it, you eliminate stressors in your life and you just a complete and total bad ass and you do something for yourself for once and stopped doing things for other people focus on yourself. And you'll get. So with that said, please like subscribe comment, leave me some stars Leamy me a review subscribe to me on Youtube make an HD muscle purchase any of my affiliate links make appreciative by online draining I dunno reach out to me. Let me know if you can relate to this podcast. Let me know how this podcast made you feel. Let me know if you're. Glad that I'm not a superhuman and that I'm actually normal human I dunno anyways I. Hope This podcast was enjoyable for you guys and I'll catch you guys next week on the next podcast of the train at right a life. Thank for stopping by. Appreciate you. You guys can find me anywhere on the Internet at China Right? Or www. DOT CHINA DOT COM. Everything is always trainer as I'll check you guys. Just, bodybuilding champion I wanted to be the best bodybuild all times. The deep down and ask yourself who do you want to be What but WHO I'm talking about figuring out where yourselves what makes you happy? You have to think outside the box. That's what I believe I've know what is the point of being on this girl? All you who is be like everyone in trouble. We've still been invited but everything I said was not the law of breakthroughs. Number was finished. Bodybuilding wanted to get into acting. I saw.

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Act Casual: More Sex & Dating Questions

Velvet's Edge

40:05 min | 4 months ago

Act Casual: More Sex & Dating Questions

"Whether, it's a pair of jeans or a little white tank top. You want to keep your summer why it's bright and looking new don't be afraid to throw them in the wash just add oxy clean white revived laundry whitener and stain remover detergent washes usual white revive has forty percent more whitening power than chlorine bleach per load without any of the negatives it revives dingy whites bring them back to brilliant and bright, and it's safe on colors you've got to try. and. Revive Laundry Whitener and stain remover for yourself to work your magic with oxy clean go to oxy clean dot com slash try me and order a free sample that's oxy clean dot com slash tri meet for free stain fighting sample while supplies last xfinity X. by is more than just fast. It's Internet that gives you peace of mind security because it's connected it's protected. Yeah. Even your robot vacuum. Can Your Internet do that learn more at xfinity dot com slash X. by have a handle on because my hair is extremely dirty because the sun's up. Are Pretty dirty to? Started now you go I'm about to say I'm I'm are we recorded I did Good because that's the way this pot I mean. How, how often do you see me? Really honestly, not sure that I have maybe like once in our whole relationship I'm just like in a mood tell us about it. What happened I just think I'm overwhelmed right out like I have you know our dear friend Stephanie is like trying to get us to go out and meet for happy hour and it's like like happy hour who has time for refunding Makes me angry and I'm like? Literally the sweetest person in the world is trying to like bring joy into my life. Why is it upsetting me and I'm just like I'm GonNa move you know move so I was also feeling the same overwhelm that you're feeling and I was like bitching earlier I was on a day like set is back because I was like, Oh, my fucking God like I don't. Know. How to be this busy with multiple clients again, and then I like checks myself a little bit. Now's like shut the fuck up you have a job like your clients are working right now I have nothing to complain about. So that's the thing is and you know I I'm preparing for album release. So it's like I know that this will pass shore. So. I just have to remind myself and again it's like, I'm really lucky. This is actually really exciting. Time of should be leaning into it. Wait till three am. Seven thirty to start working again. So I'm just tired well, you know what is you're tired going to give. The words just flow freely. To start with something though I got a message today and it's from a man named. Yes and I posted their day on my instagram at velvets edge everyone go. SLICKER, become a I. I'm like, Hey, by the way haven't mentioned my instagram. I'm just kidding. But if you want to go follow go for it. So anyway, norm I posted the other day my stories like we've got, we had gotten a couple of messages like backed up in our email that we need to respond to. So I was like, okay let's just go ahead and do a q. and again seems like the people like this cue which. I Love I we as we say all the time we're not experts, but we're speaking solely from our experience. We do research some questions that we know nothing about but we're also talking to you like friends like here's what we would do in that situation. But when I asked about what people wanted to know about the time nor norm right back. Norm said, okay since you offered your podcast is not kind older men and women I'm in my forties and single and just going by your your wisdom a lost cause I think you can still have a life if you are in your forty s and single calling us weird is unkind. Well I. Mean I'm forty, four, hundred single. So the so confused when I read this message I wrote norm who called you weird. An era I'm like. Now I'M GONNA call you fucking weird because you just made this up I. Don't think I've ever have I ever. If I have I'm like, okay I'll stop. But like I don't think I've ever because I'm thirty eight like I. Think we more talk about? Dating and how it gets harder when you're older sometimes they're like. just the situations from an order perspective I. Mean I don't feel like I'm even older but we reference a lot of different topics and I don't feel like I've ever want said anything of the sort in fact I. think we I mean we've even talked about how sex gets better. AIDS I'm very confused. So he wrote me back Norman ahead quite the dialogue and he said Sorry I. Meant to say that you can be over forty and still have a chance at finding a relationship. It's more difficult but one can hope I mean. fucking hope so I think i. Lost calls. Then I'm like normal same team here man I'm interrelationship but I've never been married I'm not married. I'm not talking about it from that perspective all nor do I think that your life is over at your forties in your forties maybe I when I talked about the pressure of it is what he's referencing maybe I mean look the truth is, is like Kat I feel like I've. Since, I was like nearing my forties and my. I kind of feel like I've been living my best life, right you say that all the tail. Becomes tricky is when there's a biological clock tick. Donnas ever said that you've you may have reference but I don't think weird is ever been. Yeah. I mean I'm always sorry to offend I've never actually intending to offend the only other thing I thought was. You try to talk to me about my parents having sex. And I go. Every visit. Your parents, parents, parents so much. Don't want to think about them having sex I. Think last week you even tried to put it into two terms of like if my mom had. Gone to the other side I'm like do not want to know I can guarantee you my mom hasn. What makes you say that just knowing her? Like. Even if she had an inclination to try it I don't think she'd be brave enough to. Interesting. Okay well, let's get started in the questions because it's eight ten right now in Nashville you and I are both ready for bed. We'll be there, but I am drinking a lovely Rosa and the CAM. Oh. So gay of you. Okay this tip this question comes from an chastity and she says. Okay could you share some tips or preparing yourself down there for sex? That's a huge part of confidence in Saxon intimacy that no one really talks about thanks about CH-. Well based on her name her mom didn't want her having sex. I. Think. It's to each his own. There's so there's such a range of down there. Are. Some people like it just. I mean I. Don't know if she's talking about like claiming it out or like what what its appearance should be. Let's go both. I mean, I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder I don't think anybody. There are people that like smells. Like they because they say it smells like the person, right? Right. Fair Mon Anyway, but are I think Fairmont's like aren't necessarily meant to be like. Picked up by the just the average knows. Endurance like it's one of those carnal attraction. But I think that like. People should present themselves away that they want to be presented if they think. Bush is beautiful than by all means have a Bush. Well, you can actually go back few podcast ago of our or was it was our first question answer or second classroom dancer Talked about the bush making come comeback. So if you're into Bush if you like a full Bush Bush. You can go for that right now because it's very on trend I. think it's like you said, it's like groom how you want to Groom I. Mean I'm going to clean my shit up. That's just I do and you might like a butch. Kind like the natural vibe I. But I do think like you would. Just knew you way. Clean but that doesn't mean like. Clean in terms of hair just like hygiene clean. Let's hope. So especially in the day of oral sex being such a big thing now it's like, yeah, get your Shit Clean I. Actually I just brought in to see me go get my soap out of the show. Okay when this is why though? Okay. So I use this obits Dr Bronner's eighteen in one hemp peppermint pure casteel up. This is a very long name and it is expensive but the bottle lasts for. So long this is not. You can also get the bars I don't like the bars as much. tingles not the same This is also not an ad I just want to say this is what I've used for years and I. Some reason makes me feel so much more clean downstairs than other soaps at and also like I notice if I use other soaps. Soap can get like stuck. Yeah. Like residue. What the fuck is that I don't want that this does not have any residue in the tingle makes you feel really clean and I've had no complaints. I'm just saying so I'm trying to live up right now I'm looking at you. Somebody complained, but I was like that's just GonNa fall flat. How does edited out? Like you've packed yourself for the tangle. Now. Brought it out here for the podcast but. No I read this question and I, was like, Oh, let me go give chastity some really solid advice by. That at trader Joe's Yes, you. Yeah. So Trader Joe's sells that Amazon has it. You can buy a multi pack don't be alarmed by the price because I think it is like twelve to fifteen dollars a bottle, but the bottles are huge and they last a really leader. Yeah. Also like my boyfriend was like how? When he saw the price literally like made so much fun of me and he started using it because I brought it to his cabinet and like he's hooked to a great. So I think it's also animal cruelty free a lot of reasons to how to use it. Yeah. So anyway, many women like really WanNa feel clean down there. Gopher this so Out OUTTA peppermint vibe. fingle. It's a little tingle I. do think it's also like if you know you're going on a date and there's a chance that happens just to your best to be ready. To do a couple of eagles. Get. Shit tight. I think it goes for men to like yeah. Well, hygiene is high genus hygiene. We always good hygiene. And Okay let's see. This one is a doozy since from Lawrence, she said not sure if you guys already talked about this but what do y'all think about friendly X.'s immediately my body's triggered. I know I know you do. How do we feel if our partner talks to their acts? SHOULD WE BE CONCERNED? Does it make us look insecure? Where do we draw the line? loaded. The US. It's so case by case and I feel like I say that all the time. But I, am personally like I like to be friends with my exes I feel unless the they turned out to be a fucking terrible person. And that's a little bit on you. If you're like you allowed yourself today that. But there are people that are masters of disguise to there are. So know my philosophy is that like if someone was that important to you for at some point in your life there argued qualities so It doesn't mean you have to be best friends right away but her question is a little bit more about like putting up with your partners axes. Well, it's like if you're in a new relationship and your partner is friendly with their acts like I mean. I guess it's like sounds like she's saying, where is the line like? What is friendly? Look like should we be concerned? Does it make us look insecure? Where do we draw the line? I think that it is fair to press concern you know that's just being communicative and it is. It's like in while expressing that kind of concern you can set you can remind people that you trust them. And it's like a way to sorta like friendly. Friendly Worn Look I'm cool with you doing this why it does make me uncomfortable. Yeah, I. Think it's a it's like you are. She may be asked where's the line and so to me I think concern I hate that word because then it makes me feel like you go to the place of like. Needing to feel not jealous but that like there's something in there that you don't actually trust. But if you're coming from the place like what you said and you could have a conversation to be like, Hey, can you help me understand this relationship now like what's the deal like just kind of like being walked through why they're still in each other's lives and understanding that relationship you. Might be more surprised than you would think that you could get. Okay with stuff. Does that make sense like even me like I talked about this often but I have a pass of being cheated on really bad in a relationship. So that's a tough subject for me like it's like any other women I've had to work really hard to Kinda chip. Ziani well, it's all just tired she's. But Anyway I. I have to I've had to work really hard at like trust in in keeping that in a relationship. But like there's some people who are you know like you said, they can just maintain a friendship or like I work with someone I dated. I mean not seriously but like I think there can be certain situations where you're like, Hey, that wasn't the right way for us to have a relationship. But like we're really good at this or like you bring this to my life and your partner could get away with it. I mean look I think a lot of relationships the majority of it is a friendship. So it's If the romantic side of something dies it doesn't necessarily mean that the friendship needs to. Know that the romantic side died right in there. Have I think I. Think look if if your partner is like like, Hey, I'm going to go out and have dinner with my ex that might be a line that they're crossing. Yeah. But if you're friends with your friends with your ex and their XS new boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever it is. That I mean might be fine. It is very situational I. Think it's all about you guys having an open and honest communication about it. You understanding where the relationship lies and also trusting her body because I just think you know when it's like something that shouldn't be trusted or if they're coming to you and they're like very open and honest and they're like, Hey, where do we need to put these boundaries like I feel like that's safe right? Do you feel? Yeah, I mean look I think trusting your gut is the real thing because if you feel like someone is breaking your trust, it's usually happening. So and if I feel like if your partner is being honest about it then You probably don't have anything to worry about right. That's what I'm saying. Okay, this one was very interesting to me and she asked to be kept anonymous but she said, how often how often is it normal to have sex after you've been dating for like five months is a two week break long or is that normal? Five months. Along, but I also think too it's like. Depends on how much they were fucking for this five months I guess that's true. Well. The first thing that came to my mind is like I've dated a lot of people in the music industry and so like sometimes they could just be gone for two weeks and that was where my head immediately when I was like I guess that's not I mean because that would be normal if you're together every day for two weeks that feels a little strange to me. Especially that early on right like I don't know I would hope to have sex at least once a week even in a long term relationship. But it takes two people to Tango saw. Don't you know if you're wanting to have sex, you should try to initiate it because someone could be getting a signal from you that they think you're not interested. So got put it out their fair share and two weeks go by and you're trying to have sex and someone's not having sex with you. His up some that's up for four. Yeah but I do think girls kind of cop out sometimes initiating, and so that is an important thing to say is like, Hey, it's not just on him like. 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You've got to try optically soclean white revived laundry whitener stain remover for yourself to work your magic with oxy clean go to oxy clean dot com slash try and order a free sample that's oxy clean dot com slash chime eat for free stain fighting sample while supplies last. Okay, this comes from Jessica she said. My past relationship learned to really enjoy a little fifty shades action. ooh. I don't need to be whipped, but like a little choking Oh, like a little choking is hot. My fiance is not into any of that. He says, he doesn't like being. So aggressive makes him feel like he's abusing me how can I help him to see that it's all about the trust for me it see it's so freeing to be a little extra dirty like I'm a mom of five have to hold the world together all day. Let me be a little extra behind closed doors. Excuse US chip can you turn your your all? Really Bored. Wow Wow. I. Really like joking chip. A lot of kinky stuff like not it's nothing I don't like it I. It makes me feel weird like it. Like there's something like. You're acting you know. But I do think. If. It's something that you really like you need to push them to try it. Yeah and remind them like. That they're doing it for you like sexist give and take like not all about like. Well, I don't like that because I'm sure there's plenty of women that like. To, give blow jobs but they do it because there are less at that's always your go-to. Literally anytime you could think of something a woman doesn't want to do. You know loves sucking Dick. Besides. This. Ever sation every fucking time but but. I think people in sex is like sometimes you have to do what pleases your Partner I agree. It's just about being you being pleasure D- or the assumption that like just wham Bam like fun for both people it's like. Giving yourself somebody is like a gift and sometimes it means like doing the things that you don't want to do. Yeah. It should be you know within the realm of new safe boundaries but I think that like she needs to keep getting him to do stuff because ultimately he's going to find that she enjoys it and that'll turn. Them on and he'll probably ease into it a little more. I. Think that that you're right about the boundaries because it's like you want to be open to what your partner wants. But at the same time, you don't like what you said. I feel stupid and you're like acting it's like it's so hard to stay in your body sometimes when someone's like do this Thing especially what she's saying she's like I literally, I'm holding the fucking world together all day every day I want to like let just let your walls down and like probably be a little manhandled like that sounds weird but some people it might like it doesn't at all to me it just makes sense it's like if you're running shit all day you want somebody to come in and be like spanked that bottom or me And it doesn't have to be like, choke me out so. We you ever do that thing when you were a kid where you would like crowds down and breathe faster than stand up and like halterneck and faint. got. Manning, you make our friends faint all the time. Doesn't surprise me what if? Choking, and like middle school I guess the next person that you have sex with like made me shakes make famous. So. Yeah. It's about boundaries but I do hope that her partner opens up a little bit because if she's asking for it the five abusive. Maybe. It's just like es and you know don't fully go all the way. Just a half joke that's recommendation. Tell your fiance just have joke but I also think too. It's like maybe you do need to sort like laugh through unlike. Have Fun with it for a minute like an. Yeah. Let Him let your partner like ease into it. So because it might just be like a weird uncomfortable thing to yeah or like there I, think a guy's times with anything aggressive with women like certain guys are like, no because they don't WanNa be that guy next thing you know you're going to work with like choke marks on your. Like getting the evil. Your friends, right? Yeah. Right I mean if we ever go back to work. He's rolling as. Okay this is actually something we reverend in last week's podcast I wanted to give you guys a heads up about that but how do you feel about being with a man who has experimented with other men? This? We talked about this last week. So down of course you are. You're like element to it. Actually poses a really sort of interesting side question like. For the for gay people, how like should I be concerned about dating a man that's had sex with women and I know tell it. Actually. Just, sort of the inverse of that question you know like, yeah, and China light on like. How each why it shouldn't really matter. You know agree with that I think it's so we're so programmed to think section look a certain way. Wrong, and that gay is wrong and so for someone WHO's trying to be in a heterosexual relationship, they're like Oh my God you know. Question like 'cause you had sex with girls before and so of course, you don't think anything of it really because you're like I, know what that was like. In my head you're like physically could enjoy it but I wasn't connected and it wasn't like I wasn't attracted. So it's not threatening team Goldstar Gay. China, right. But like if I was dating a guy who was like, yeah. Some Times used to hook up with guys. I would be very like, why are like what were you attracted or not have a lot of follow up question? Yes. We talked about love on the spectrum for a second. Actually watched part of it. I haven't gotten through it yet. There's a there's a scene where one of the guys says, you know I thought maybe I was gay so I watch porn. And it turns out I'm not but like it's one of those things I think that like. I think life can be really confusing and we have emotions and feelings that we don't really know where they're coming from or what they mean and I think sometimes. People just experiment to figure out what it is that they actually like and that might mean that you do something that isn't really where. Your Center is showing. That wasn't for me. Yeah. I agree with that. Like you're woke enough to not think that gay is gross right. So, if someone thinks that it's like just a normal thing though I well, maybe I maybe I am gay you know so I think. I don't think anyone would have a problem with it as long as they feel like when they are with somebody, it's a genuine thing that's happening. Yeah they WANNA be there. They're attracted the chemistry's there. It's a tough one though. I will tell you it would give me pause and I hate to admit that but it would WHAT'S THE DIXON COULD I'd be like this sucks. I'm just kidding love. Listening. who was at the posted week like Oh God be sure like your mom's not around when you're looking guy we. GotTa Listener Post that she thought it was a kid was her mom. Her. On and she said, she walked in for a second came back in and her mom had walked in the room and we had just gone into a heavy discussion. I'm pretty sure it was the tried anal episode and she said, she was like I've never blessed so hard to make sure that headphones on. To me. I don't even know how our podcast turned into this. Really. We keep. We're doing it because you guys keep loving it and actually still do enjoy talking about it. I'm just like where's the line? What am I going to admit and one of my Noggin admit. I, want you to admit it off edited some stuff out of last week I had a painting. And then I'll listen and I was like, God, it was so much better before I edited it. Just, kind of put it out. This is you know. Be who you are. You do you. Okay. This is a very common thing comes from Kinsey and she says, how do you maintain a good love life sex life when you're going through stressful draining life events that lead you physically mentally and spiritually exhausted thanks for the inside. I. Mean Everybody fucking deals with that right? I. Mean the idea of like now in my life if I were in a relationship having to please somebody else like. That would really stress me yeah. I think that. It's important. Remember that like life ebbs and flows I think so too. You're right I also think sometimes like having the bottom knocked out of you like. Took into stress relief can distract you from like all the bullshit that we're dealing with in our daily lives and like. It lets you kind of just be human for a moment Yes. Sex is an actual human need. So I mean it could be a release I think also like it depends on where you are with your partner. But like for me especially, if like we're both running running, running, running, running around like we're just not having a lot of time together, it could be a really special night if we take. An hour you know what I mean like at take a bath we'd do things that are like peaceful together, and then it's like more of a connecting thing and you want to have sex like if you're literally dislike running around and not giving each other any attention or anytime why would you like unless you're saying like what you're saying about like you just WanNa like fuck basically, you don't want to do it. But I also think too. It's like when you're letting life sort of dictate that you are becoming more and more disconnected with your partner so it can be a very intentional way to reconnect. That said. It shouldn't like it should never feel like you're just doing it as a chore. Right you know if you're if you're not in the mood like. Effort. Effort? Does. Thank you can't fully get lazy or else. Sometimes your relationship is going to really suffer depends on how long term it is. But like life especially, if you have kids is just pretty like busy all the time stressful all the time, and then you just there on a pandemic you know. It's like the icing on the top of the cake. It was that little candle in top of the caves on the cupcakes fucking candles at doesn't matter of fact and blows out just keep blowing and blowing and it just doesn't blow out I had one of those for my birthday this year and I was like oh that's pitting. Ha Ha. Yeah. I, roll. This one's a little heavy but I, feel like we only have. Like a little bit of taboo topic for people to talk about. So I definitely like she talked about it, but it says, how do you date people with age as V one hse to appease basically, I would love to know how this works for others. I was diagnosed almost two years ago from partner I have not had sexual intercourse since I have found out about hsp too I just feel dirty I. Don't WanNa have to explain myself to others or I just feel rejection a told a male friend about me having it and he said it's no big deal that there's just ways two. Ways to look around but as just see it as disgusting I think she means work around it but just see us discussing in rejection because you know. He needs to tell others before having sex help. I would also love also like you do not. She wants to be anonymous. Go ahead. Well. Look I. I think it's just important to be honest like I. I actually did a little bit of research on this because. I'm certainly not a sexpert nor am I. A medical expert she'll i. It is incredibly common. There's two types of herpes there's HIV one and two one is oral. One is gentle. And? You can actually even have one in your genitals but. To is more likely to cause a flare-up earn infection. So. They are both extremely contagious. Forget the percentage of people that have one is like around the world it was like sixty seven percent of people. Wow. The world between the under the age of fifty. Like that because it is such a thing that no one talks about thirteen percent of the people of people between fifteen and twenty nine have V two. I mean that's Almost a half a billion people. So it's it's fairly common It's Extremely. Transmissible and I, mean contagious is in the word transmissible even if you're not showing on your a symptom matic. But obviously I think the more you can do to protect yourself and your partner, the better job and just be honest. You might even find that people have it true five being honest with somebody I would recommend. It's a weird thing to put in dating profiles but people that have HIV, like they put their positive. In dating profile in fact I. think it's. There's legal consequences to that because HIV is a death sentence but by not being honest. But. I don't think it's You know I know this person's name and we shouldn't share it anyway. I don't think it's any reason to feel disgusting I. Don't think you're alone in this I think there's a lot of people that habit I do think it's just really important to be safe because it's it can cause other issues. With some other sexually transmitted diseases so I think it's important to make sure that your partners are safe, but it's don't feel disgusting like this is not an uncommon thing. Well, that's what I was. GonNa talk about because I think this I mean. I think any sort of STD is like no one wants. So of course, you beat yourself up your leg doing all the things. But like the bigger thing here is to know that you're lovable regardless of anything in our lives like you as you are just lovable and so like I think we can say those kind of mess just ourselves and really the thing to work on is us. Loving ourselves and knowing that like rejection from another person like if a person rejected you for that reason I mean that's their right. But that doesn't make you not lovable and in disgusting you know that was what I read in them as a July a hate that someone would feel that way in two years is a long time to go without even you know considering it because of that so. I would just my thought would be to work on the internal stuff I in use so that when you do put yourself back out, there is someone decides not for them. You don't take it personal and it's just okay onto the next voice. Okay. So it's a Finnish up for this week. I. Wanted to give a little note from last week. What does porn come up now every week I just started reading and I was like wait okay this actually, there was a question we got about porn that I actually feel like means an expert advice and so we're going to try to get one of the local Nashville sex therapist on to interview them about this question because I it's a much bigger topic than ship and I. Could dive into an actually don't know the answer like I don it's about what is healthy with porn and does everyone watch it and you know all of those things and so we're going to get some full answers for that. But this comes from some last week Danielle and she said listen to the podcast. Loved it. What I didn't add Oguz she had sent me. Another message what didn't add out of embarrassment? So I'm glad other women brought it up is porn I'm with you on the fakeness of thickness part one, hundred percent if I'm watching male or female porn attend to go for amateur because it seems more authentic. Lesbian porn is okay. But frankly gay porn is my thing I don't think it has to be tested do with being gay. Specifically, maybe because I find them in tend to be more vocal and community communicative than any other types of Porn I think it also helps that you can physically see when both men are aroused and therefore feels less staged can't wait to hear the next talk about this. I felt like shame in I've felt shamelessness and felt like it's a weird kink and I've never told anyone. You know saving lives here on our casual chip. One. Porn. Actually. I'm happy that you guys are feeling like no shame thing and we're not out here being like, go do whatever the fuck you want like still be a good people and but but do whatever the fuck you want. Light look as long as you're sexy no running. Look I think that. It's so important to remember that like what makes you unique as what's actually special value total you Embrace your weirdness embraced like your kinks embrace like the freaky side it doesn't mean you have to wear it on your sleeves. Everyone knows like right part of what makes. PODCAST. Talk about with your parents either but. kind of what makes something sexy too is that it's secret. There's something really rousing about that but lean. Lean into it but. The thing that I would take out of that is the way the two things you described where communicative and more assertive, and so it's like, okay are you actually even track what's happening with the guys or you just like enjoying that and maybe that's something you can take and go okay I want to be more communicative why is that? I want to be more assertive because that really turns me on like if you actually ask yourself what it is, you're drawn to maybe you'll get some answers instead of going Oh my God, why do I like this or? And then you can bring it into your own actual sex life. You know. Thank you. Really, just becoming the second. Degree Oh my God. Online school for sex therapy. Online I don't know does it really see something although everything's online? This is what we should do with our. Kovin if we were actually still in quarantine and not like both just. So exhausted right now this would be should do more God becomes experts for real. I'm just going to go have sex and report back. Walt. Get to this. Point a heavy load here. Okay. Well, that's all for this week. You guys keep the questions coming. You can email us at AC casual at velvets edge DOT COM or slide into my at velvets. EDGE CHIP IS AT CHIP DOOR SH- spell that for us. P. D. O. R. S. C. H. E. Even said that sexual not I'm not because I I sound like off so I have to like. That's US on instagram. Go follow US keep the as coming. We love to talk to you guys and communicate over still we've got to get on. The new I did get some messages about it so We're thinking about answering sex questions or things like that or saying embarrassing things to your friends. We can say like dirty things to people parents. That break news to your parents like we'll. We'll help you come out to the. Your boyfriends and girlfriends Iglesias share bad news. Oh my God I'm GonNa. Start crying only way to me that. You'll be upset and I'll be like I'm so sorry. Want me to make it work for you guys. Like all of us in trying to solve these relationships. So what I would do anyway messages with your ideas on our instagram's or the casual velvets DOT COM and we're GONNA get. On, Cameo. Scene as we find a window to do that. All right in the meantime. Thank you guys for listening and always remember casual Is Growing ECOMMERCE businesses, your focus you need a platform that's focused on growth meet Flavio. The ultimate ECOMMERCE marketing platform for online brands of all kinds and sizes whether you're starting out or a well known brand. You'll get everything you need to send memorable emails, text messages and more klay trusted by more than forty thousand brands like living proof huckleberry and hint build customer relationships that will last a lifetime visit Klay veto dot com slash IHEART radio to get started with a free trial today. Hey guys it's Mara from the tremor border podcast. I have to a great episodes available for you right now I a new trend in cannabis use microdosing how does it work and is it the plant based treatment you've been seeking for anxiety pain and much more and new today Entrepreneur Vanessa Myricks, shares her story of launching her makeup career at the age of thirty with zero training and building. One of the biggest black owned beauty brands mccown trie listen to the trend reporter on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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Hour 3: Stan Van Gundy

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

37:00 min | 6 months ago

Hour 3: Stan Van Gundy

"God's ear for advance auto parts these days. It's good to be prepared, and that includes your vehicle. That's why advance auto parts has free vehicle, battery, testing and installation would no appointment needed. Battery started just seventy, nine, ninety nine. The also have curbside pickup on any order Ed to the Code Dead Twenty. When you buy online twenty percent on your order, adventure auto at advance, auto parts and participating carquest locations. See Stores for details. ESPN radio is. Is Presented by progressive insurance passing to join US just a second here on the Shell Pennzoil Performance Line Stephen a Smith will host day I. Take Your townhall radio special from one to three PM Eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN news. Here's your sportscenter update EA sports is postponing a first look at Madden NFL two thousand twenty one plan for Monday in light of the protests at Minneapolis around the country of the death of George Floyd. Brad Kills Wakowski. I mean I got no shot. They're one of the NASCAR Cup series at Bristol in his second victory within a week and finally in Finland. The cost of a speeding ticket is determined by Urine Cup. Two thousand two. Nokia executive got a ticket for one hundred three thousand dollars going forty five in thirty zone. That's absurd. Is. One hundred three thousand dollars. We're going fifty miles per hour over the speed. Limit is correct. That's seems extreme. It's probably why they gave it to you to read. Heads Information Dude in the sports that are on ESPN radio all throughout the day. All right you're welcomes two. Amino in here. What are your objections? Just frame the issue because I'm just tired of you peppering us during the breaks with questions while we're trying to do our show asking me about you. DONALD HAS LEM like suggest. Tell the people whatever the hell you are peppering us with. Yeah I mean first of all I just wanted to know. What was your comedic relief, so forgive me if I don't deliver on the regular laps and Yuk Yuks that you guys you've been. My thing was when you originally was that. The Miami Heat as of Monday morning still had made any statement after this long weekend of unrest and everything happening, not only not only all over the country, but specifically in Miami cars burning people to the streets police, taking action that seems above, and beyond what would be necessary and the Miami Heat, which is a pillar. Pillar of of the South Florida community doesn't say anything even though you don his house them. This weekend went out and spoke and spoke very eloquently and passionately, and my thing isn't that you have them shouldn't. Obviously he's a man of power and influence there and using his voice is tremendous. My thing is how do you go out there as a Meat Shield? and not have any comment of your own official otherwise. Let alone if you ask me. Or someone should have been there with you it because at the end of the day. Dan Leadership isn't about. Hey. I'm the first one that gets a trophy when they when the commissioner handed over leadership is also about when things are hitting the fan. I have to be I've gotTA be the field I've got to be the one that steps up and says hey, that's not cool. I'm with this and I know what you all are. I mean what do these. Statements really do me. They don't mean much. It's true, but they mean a whole lot more than not the thing. Well when did the Miami Heat send out a statement? Today did come right after you donnas. Has Limb did what he did this week? Yeah, it came out at ten forty five am. Their statement is actually being applauded. By most right now, but yeah, just for the. In fairness, they did release a statement. Does it have the word police in? It does not appear to have the word police in it, unlike the people are holding up their statement as opposed to the New York islanders which their New York Islanders Pr Department is here in a pretty good right now so me and okay help us explain then what the what the dilemma becomes. The dilemma first of all the text that I was sending you happened before they dropped the ten forty five. I believe expecting you like ten fifty. This stuff so and that to me is what is there to drag your feet about especially again when it's happening in your city at that point and again, I don't say this from paganism. I'm no Tim Donovan. I love Tim Donovan that's his Bro. That's when you're like Hey Mickey. We gotta get on the phone right now and come up with something right now to say something something. No matter how milk toast it is, you gotta say you can't just sit back and say. Let's see how this plays out. When you got your own players going out there and speaking, you have to have something and so my. Daughter is in that. Why did it take so long? Why did it take so long to come up with that and the other thing I would say Dan is. Last yesterday The sportscenter account tweeted. As on tweeted video of some young lady with a terrible Gosselin and I didn't I'm not trying to do ESPN ON ESPN club. Guys you. You can't do this right now like there's no, you're the sports. Twitter Account. There's enough things connected to what's happening in this country. That is sports related that you can tweet about. Things that are not connected to what's happening in this country stuff that's like the NBA starting back up or you know change accidents, or whatever you can treat about that stuff. Having a young lady, a young white lady on my ad. Terrible Golf swing is just the worst thing how that time, so I quickly s guys. Going to have a better feel for a lot of people say ESPN doesn't give ask for you. Know you, Disney. That's not true. That is not true because I work here. I know I can't and I worked with people I know daycare, and ultimately a company is made up of the people who work here right so we have a responsibility to represent ourselves in the way we do, but at the end of the day, my voice and the voice of my coworkers. Is Not as strong as the leadership, and we have leadership, thankfully at the top of Disney who did come out, and did make a statement over the weekend, and that's my whole question is like what does it take? What was the thing that made the? Miami Heat? Say Oh. Yeah, let's see where this goes before. They said okay ten forty five. All right I mean, but perhaps we should have those answers like. Maybe that's the way you donnas. has them wanted it to be perhaps. has them wanted to go out there? Perhaps, is there statement perhaps as long requested perhaps? They say something you don't know that. I'm not seeing that has them should not be ousted again. He's a man of power and influence in south Florida. He absolutely every right to go out there and represent and speak. I'm asking why it takes so long after has been goes out there for Miami, the Miami Basam. Ports Fair that part's fair right because this is the thing that makes some of these conversations crazy today as everyone tries to talk around the politics and keep it to sports. Like what he's asking is a fair question. The NFL chose its public relations. Response the way they chose to do it. In the weekend, they released a statement. It was just and what Bomani says is true. Where are the words police in these statements like it seems like all of the white people at the top have decided on what the wording is. That makes us on this side, but not on the side when I. I have to mention that it's also the police of the questions that are mean is asking are totally fair, because I love to know what the public relations was behind what the question was for you honest has lung and how he reacted to that. I'd like to ask some difficult questions about that because you can't throw you down asylum out there just because he's been on the payroll for three years, and does your job as owner president and our pr just because he's the Miami Guy I'm not saying it's not fair. I'm just saying we don't know exactly how you D want it on I. What I mean is asking. Why did it take so long after? The heat the put something out there, but I'm telling you. We're all GONNA drive ourselves crazy if we're going to sit around the not focus at the actual issue at hand and focus at how. Everyone is responding and what words they're using to describe. In their response. To me, it shouldn't be whether you tire focus should be. It's just weird to. You're absolutely right. That's not where the focus should be. And as I, said earlier statements overall are very toothless and don't mean much other than to signal I am not with the people who are okay with this, and and I seen his to bring up again I. Don't WanNa Badger the Miami Heat because I I. think Overall. It's a good organization but I'll. I'll give you another example somewhere else. Over the weekend. There was a woman who is a union lawyer for the LAPD. To what he's not anymore, but she was who tweeted out. Crazy. Wild inflammatory statements like Luder should be. Protesters should be shot and and calling people stand, which is a particular sort of racism like there when you're talking about the neighborhood that she was talking about and all this stuff, she is a us the athletic booster. And all weekend long I was waiting for us. You're not with us. Taking her money. And and in fact, her pull topics was her with Michael Junior who just got drafted and Michael Pittman tweeted the woman that take that picture down of me. 'cause I don't want to be affiliated and associated with that and I think that's what these statements are really for is to save signal people. We are not affiliated and associated with these elements right now I'm. Would you guys? I wish they would they more about specifically police brutality. I saw the headline at police. Violence erupts all over the nation, which is a hell of a headline. That's what that's. What happened here. We have a nation that has protesting police, violence and police response all right. Let's be violent and. That is a real problem, but to me the big twelve and beyond the actual violence is what we do in reaction to it in many ways, the man who murdered George Floyd is a point and. Was the thing that I can't shave the other three guys that just stood there and watched it happen, and that's the metaphor I think is. One thing to say some bad people doing this stuff. It's another thing. It's a wonder we. We're just going to sit around. Wealth then breaks right, and that's the point where these statements I as toothless and milk toasts as they are these standard. They I'm not that cop who stood there and watched the other. Do Kill somebody. You know you're not the couple killer guy, but you also have to make sure you're not the person who stood by it happen. see can't object to the ring there, but I don't know if I want him back for another segment. Can we get some voltaire because? brought. No strong. Maria, so long, but he made good points, and those are fair questions. A mean will there be a single laugh. I mean, are you? Can we use you as the comedy guy here? No, now. We gotta be serious about the guy who who i. don't think you deserve it. Okay. Comedy. Will you be this good? All right all right. Okay let's just we're going to keep him for another segment and let's see if he brings some comedy. Put some pressure on him from the love of God. That was saying paper dry advance auto parts, and you're right about everything I. Mean that's the thing you're totally right, but you Yemen GEICO gets you access to licensed agents. Twenty four seven, which means that Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you, like your wife when you forget your keys at work. On. You get my texts. I am looking for the spare house key. Maybe I can get through the window. Turns out the alarm works. It works fast. You should probably call me. GEICO always there for you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents. The great thing about facts they're proven. Like the fact that crude oil contains impurities or that base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free of impurities. And the fact that pennzoil is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. Crude oil. It gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil. Based on sequence for a test using sap five W. thirty. We'll continue with a acid. Alhassan and just a second here the Shell Pennzoil. PERFORMANCE LINE LOT OF PRESSURE ON A. Lot of pressure. If. You missed any of the show. You can listen all three hours of the Dan. lebatardshow plus our Miami only hour, and our best of podcast on demand in the ESPN APP and subscribe to the laboratory friends podcast. Featuring South beach sessions dupatta mystery grape, please. Rate Ed subscribe. New episodes are posted every week wherever you get your podcast. If you, do like that sort of stuff, Lebatardshow and friends and podcasts, and you need some content. Our friends around here like Amino hasn't who has been a good soldier for us for a long time in terms of playing the stugatz character and doing American warrior, and knowing he's GonNa fail and understanding that him. Failing is the very funniest thing, so we have. Like! This guy was a front office executive. He really knows basketball okay. Like I didn't even when we were talking about the Lebatardshow, stable I was saying to us. We don't have an executive in our stable. Now that Stan Van Gundy is gone, he's going to join us at twelve thirty and we were talking about David Samson, and it hurt a means feelings. Well. It should be okay. Right on the on this subject, he is an important voice to have. I know you guys want the hijinks? The weekend observations I'm sorry. I'm legitimately sorry that we're doing serious racial stuff and sports today, but it feels like the country's listening, and it feels like our show is most vital when it tackles these subjects well, and it feels like there is no other sports radio show in America. That has this diverse of voice cast. It's the entire thing we are Chris. Cody is the minority around here. His Dad is actually the affirmative action. Hire his. Only he's the only white guy were dragging around other than STU. Gods around here so when these subjects come up. I want to actually hear what I mean has to say, but we need our funny man. So where's the funding I mean. okay so I just tweeted this there. A young black man of south Sudanese origin was getting a harassment and tried to be arrested by the cops and the whole time. You said you guys are really dumb and he's. He's telling them that they're dumbest. Don't handcuff me the handcuff him. It's not my the pull out the idea. Guess what he's. Agent. And I lack. Reality repairing the corner of videos from this entire weekend. No it's like Oh, I'm like hey, guys GONNA! Get beaten up by. The concert dragged away and then the. What's? That was pretty good. That's a good one. The Black FBI agent. We can't deny that. These. These are the sunlight that we have to grasp that right. Damn while you were talking about his Bona Fides, and then dismiss them. It was a weird way you set him up just down again. A mean over the last few weeks is joined us on the local hour, and while you're trying to have a serious discussion I only see an opportunity to promote, he will be on the local hour again for par three of his oral history of his time with the signs, and we're getting some really cool stories that make sure to check it out on our show, which you can subscribe to now. The Dan Lebatardshow was Stugatz. Okay so. By the way. Real quick then contacted me over the weekend very emotional, very touching I appreciate it Dan and then apologize to me. What was happening in the country? And that's it then it's not your fault like you're not the one who needs to apologize and then said I thought you were a waiter. You know what I think it back. When I met him I did I'M SUPER WOKE PETARD! You know I'm super woke, retard and when I met a meal Hassen, who had worked at the network for I? Don't know many many months. At that point. I thought he was a clevelander waiter. Guilty the King of woke guilty of obvious racism. Yeah a little bit of racial profiling everybody. All right that mean bring the funny enough, or do we need more funding from him or do? We need a serious point zero societal point that ties it to sport. I laughed too much. Yeah. No, I thought I thought he was funny and I thought the serious part. He'll never be that good again and I'm not just like ever on anything. This hasn't come. This hasn't gone the way that we hoped. The way that we knew it was going to say another failure for and thank you for your time I. Mean we'll talk to you. Get Out of here. Get Out of here. I've been vetoed a Standard Gandhi. The white man is going to be better than you on this subject in the next segment. Okay Standing Gotcha. Joins US next. Get Out of here. Advance auto parts people. They have the accessories. You're doing that thing again. It's not the advance auto parts. Sometimes. Also that really weird time where you were resetting Bomani by telling the audience how excited you were to talk about drafts and just a couple of minutes I could tell you. I'm excited to talk about Stan. Yes, thank you Mike. Thank you for seeing my. Yes. I'm looking forward to talking about that God's the traffickings. To tell me what was my tell what gave you guys are? Figuring how did you figure out that I lost my way? How could you possibly it because I said real excited to talk about drafting in three minutes. Standing! Gundy the white man next. 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Sports is postponing I look at Madden Nfl, two thousand, twenty one plan for Monday in light of the protest in Minneapolis and around the country of the death of George Floyd. Brad Keselowski wanted the NASCAR Cup series at Bristol his second victory within a week at finally. Only half of your friends would actually consider you their friend according to researchers from MIT, people generally have a poor perception of friendship ties. That number be a lot higher for me. Anyway. Everyone's my friend. You're probably the case study for exactly what this thing is like. They could have just thrown you in a lab. You're one hundred percent. Everyone is my friend, and on this show I think you have three friends maybe to perhaps want. Not have any I might not have any you. You definitely don't have any. America's number one JV Green. That's barbasol shaving cream. Choose. Barbara Saul thick and rich. The, American original for over one Hundred Years Close Shave America Close Shave Barbara. Saul, for all the latest headlines Information in the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the that. Stan van Gundy is another person to WHO has taught me about race because he's got a a a work, a knowledge having worked with these guys in this world, and listened to these guys in this world where I find that Stan on the subject of race is one of the smarter voices that I have met anywhere not just for a basketball coach I'm just talking about non non black guy who was spouses, black guy viewpoints because he spent a lifetime around them and made his earnings. Off of them before I do this stand, I'll get to you in a second Mike. Ryan was correcting me on something. Miami Heat related because I was using a pejorative verb saying they kept trotting out. DONNAS has long or whatever it is that I said, and that makes it sound like they were doing something that they may not have been doing. Yeah, you've been speaking so matter of factly on it. That were I had to remind myself. Why do we know this foreshore? Because you're making it sound like the Miami. He made a conscious decision to have you. DONNAS has them go out and represent them publicly while you down. This has when he. He does speak. He does represent the Miami Heat by connection. You don't know that to be one hundred percent true. Obviously what we've seen on the television, anyone could feel compelled to use their platform as a celebrity or someone that has influence in the community the way that you don't them. Does I probably unnecessarily sounding cynical there regardless Stan van Gundy with us now and as you've seen these statements, stand, thank you for making the time for us. As these teams have released all of these statements, I can't even imagine what you thought about the NFL's, but just all of them. Your thoughts is a guy who has run a sports organization were what? Well. I think what everyone has a statement or most people have had a statement, and they're all necessary in. They're all good but I think we're long past the time of statements or starting a conversation I. I think the statements are just a starting point look. There were statements conversations in protest after Michael Brown in Ferguson after Eric Garner in New York and others and nothing change we need change and we'd needed it for a long time and I I think the the. The Coaches Association and the NBA wants to go beyond the statements that we made one, but we wanna go beyond that and take action, and they were looking for ways now to best do that, but look we need changes in laws in police policies like Gory Clinton and twenty sixteen I heard her speak, and she made a great point. She said it takes generations to change hearts then so yeah, we'd like everybody to be less racist. We'd like everyone to have less tendency toward violence. Violence and all of that it takes generations to change hearts what we can do now or change and policies and we need to do that. We need policies and laws that will not tolerate police, brutality and racial injustice, profiling and stereotyping, and we need much more effective ways of holding police accountable for their actions. There are specific ways to do that. There are organizations working toward things like those right now what we all need to do get on board. Linda, our voices, our money and And our action to help those things take place because otherwise what we're GonNa do is everyone is outraged and rightly so and we're going to talk about these things for the next week or two, and they're going to be gone just like those other instances or gone. You know we don't talk about those things and the laws and policies haven't changed, and that's what the to happen right now I hate to think we're just GONNA have another two weeks at talking because it does nothing. Okay, advocate, you are in power. I'm sorry. Stu Gods my apology. I didn't mean to interrupt you there, but you were in power. Right up until an owner. Like who's WHO's this on? Are you like? How does the NBA need to be a little? Even a little more advanced than you know beyond the NFL's statement? The NFL put out a statement. Stand thinking about how ridiculous that is. You put out a statement. When Colin Kaepernick was telling you three years ago. Hey, not this anymore and look what happened. They simply literally blackballed him. There's no question if that happened with the NFL look she's. One of our calls the other day and Steve is fantastic voice on a myriad of social justice issues and he has said at this right now. This is a white people problem and he's right about that I mean you know it's all racism? It is all were police officers in things in general that are causing these problems, but going beyond that it's really a powerful people's problem. I mean there are some people who have the. The power to make the change, and I think one of the reasons we've seen the protests and the magnitude of the protests we've seen. Is those people more than anyone feel the need for change their the people who been oppressed for generations, and they haven't seen change, and they feel powerless, and so all that is left for them. Is What we've seen in the last few days we have people who are powerful and wealthy and can influence. Influence, our police commissioners are sheriffs, our mayors or legislators, you know our prosecutors, Da's and state's attorneys and get things done who has by silently and done nothing, and that is my concern on the ground. There is a great desire for change, but unfortunately and we have to be realistic. The way this country works is there are people with the money and the power to change things, and if they don't get on board, nothing is going to. To Change, and we've seen it from issue to issue, and certainly in this one, and so I think we're trying as a group of coaches to use our platform the best we can, but we want to collaborate with the players, and most hopefully with our owners, because they're very powerful people to affect change. That's something that will be working on in the days and weeks to come, because if we don't change these policies and laws Dan. You know all this talk goes for not I mean it's great. I think to know that there's so many people concern. There's so many people outraged, but that alone that outraged that passion that concern. Doesn't guaranteed at anything changes stay. Can you give specific examples as to what it is? You'd like to see 'cause. I agree with everything. You're saying the statements. Their words just to put words out there because you feel like you have to say something. At this point in time so specifically, what do you want to see you wanna see owners and coaches walking side-by-side peaceful protests with the players what specifically while the greatest impact? Well as a group. We haven't decided that yet and I don't. WanNa get ahead of the group and say what they're advocating so now I'm just speaking for myself. Know what I really WanNa see is deeper looked at me the best group on this on these kind of issues with players and think or the players coalition led by Anquan Boldin and Malcolm Jenkins and because. They know the specifics of what they want to accomplish. And they get on the ground and do the work, and so they want I'm GonNa take my lead for men. They want to get out and talk about how union contracts with police unions are negotiated and mainly to be more transparent in that and. Negotiate contracts that do. Leaders a better chance to. Regulate the. Police officers. They WANNA get rid of the immunity that police departments have took being sued by the family of George Foy. They want to get civilian oversight of police departments. What we have right now. It's very difficult, right? We prosecutors have to decide whether or not to prosecute officers and then go save. Prosecutors need the police to make their cases. That's obviously a set up with a great deal of conflict of interest, so that needs to change You know we need to get involved in. Racist the campaign. Four P. A state attorneys people up for election, because those people have a lot of say, not only over police You know forces and their behavior, but over which cases are prosecuted. There's any hold on. Hold on just a second stand. I'm I'm sorry. I only interrupted. You because I thought you were yelling and I want. Okay and I want to hear what your thoughts are on this, but you've been talking for a minute and I also WANNA. Bring you back, but if we can't do funding around you, this isn't GonNa help that you're just because most. Most people want to hear your thoughts on this very little at any other time than this like you are a gas bag and the things that you've said on this subject have been very good for years now. Who wants to hear it from you so now that it's vital right now? We're just doing a whole lot of talk and what we have to do is smoke out bomber. Let smokeout Balmer you and me a media member you coaches association TNT broadcaster Turner Sports, basketball analysts. Let's smokeout. Who Do we need to smoke out? Well I mean yeah. The those are the people you know it'd be. The owners of our league are very rich. People money brings power in this country. They have great influence and I do find it interesting that with all the people speaking out that the people who can really affect change. Our owners have been notably silence. I mean you know. We heard from our Cuban and we heard from Michael. Jordan and other than that. It's been silence. I mean. These people think about it. Fifty owners in their cities I. don't care I'm not singling anybody out. Take any owner in any city went to a mayor or a police chief and said Hey. We need these policies to change. Can either change them with you or I can put twenty five million dollars into the campaign up your opponent and we'll find somebody to change them. That's. All right. But you have to go to God's I want you to remember the time and Stan Van Gundy. He was a politician. He was standing on street corners. What were you running for? What were you running for Stan? What was running for anything I was trying to get the property tax increase for the schools in Seminole County Florida where I I where I live, and then I'm trying to get involved in campaign around the country to mainly just contributing, but some in doing more than that. To try to change the people we have in power. Look it. That's what people have to under again. Hold on a second. Sit down. The segment. You're saying that you thought of so much about race. And then he cut you off resigned. About rain. Get Out of here today. Commercial Goto is your money, not sure what to do with itself right now at ally, they'll help it save for the future with their smart savings tools. Bucket your money for the things that matter most analyze you're spending and save automatically all on top of a competitive rate for all things money. You deserve an ally. Visit A. L. Y. dot com slash savings for more INFO ally. Do it right ally bank member FDIC from betting bedframes, and even a dog bad casper's everything to build the dream bedroom for every kind of sleeper. Let's take second here for our friends at advance auto parts. If you're like me, you'll love a good step. There's one that you probably don't know your vehicle's battery change. That's why advance auto parts has free vehicle, battery, testing and installation with no appointment, necessary battery storage, just seventy, nine, ninety nine. They also have curbside pickup on any order to the Code Dad's. When you when you buy online to save twenty percent on your order, advance your auto at advance, auto parts and participating carquest locations see stores for details. So. Can you guys help me out because you've been calling me the grief eater for my interview style of asking people about their darkest moments, Can I now be the race eater because you guys have been making fun of me during the? Break because I've always been considered a race baiter because I've been interested in talking about these topics, and now it's arrived, and people are actually listening Oh, look, we can put our best people in front of you, and you can hear how they're smarter than just about anybody else. Talking about this cigarettes I don't know if you've seen some of the most well known media reporters going out of their way to praise the the show and the job that Dan has done today and buddy. Where were you for the last three months? I mean we. took the greatest racial injustice, a probably our lifetimes for you to get on board and finally motivated, Abbott Good Shell, but hey good on demand. Thanks showing up back. High dance here. Three months, but Dan has. Just it didn't take take three months. It took an international apocalypse a landing on our doorstep in a way. That kept me from sleeping all weekend. Because of how incredibly. I feel so. The button has been pushed evidently I. Don't know how it happened must be pandemic related because we don't have sports to talk about on ESPN, so the button has been pushed to hang. You're allowed to talk race without become politics. You're allowed to talk race without a mask becoming about politics around allowed to talk rice at a time that the country is literally burning, and you've got a situation where the the chaos around the White House has the lights go dark, and and all of a sudden we're praising the intelligence agencies and the secret service that keeps US protected like all of a sudden a button has been pushed and it resulted this. This is the change that means to results to God's from the fact that that officer had a knee on someone's neck and killed him, and everyone can see how obvious it is. Even the sports network that doesn't have sports and doesn't want US usually talking about this stuff, because it's where we get in trouble, Yep, You did a great job today. You were engage gauge fantastic. How dare you say the very end? There were no sports to talk about. And Brass got to them tomorrow to Sean Jackson, said he wants NFL. Players Bite at Kyle van. Noy I. think that's his name. He said that the dolphins. This is not the Patriots. There is sports talked about? Stuff! Now I I. Actually Spit from laughing there and I think I gave my corona virus because I've been stained six feet away from him. That's why the show is sucked for three months to God's because. Look. We're doing it poop on the microphone.

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2  The Industry Triangle

Concrete Solutions Network

20:18 min | 6 months ago

2 The Industry Triangle

"Welcome to the concrete solutions network. The second episode of the Concrete Solutions Network podcast. This morning. We have an extremely special guest. I'd like to introduce Mark Phillips from front range. Specialty Products Inc at Highlands ranch mark. Welcome to the show. How are you man? Great Chris Buddy. Oh I'm doing my thing. It's like you said Friday. It's Kinda we're in that June gloom mode here in southern California so it's kind of misty and very uncharacteristic for sunny so cal but nonetheless. Hey we've made it another week mark. I'm GONNA just set the stage a little bit here this morning with a topic. That's I think very important for listeners. Out there especially technical reps regional managers whatever your title winds up having you identified as and that is kind of network of if you almost want to envision a triangle where you take you know just listeners. Out there draw triangle on a piece of paper. In your mind's eye and envision one point of that triangle being stocking distribution a second being skilled and trained contractors and a third being specifying engineering community and then in the middle of that triangle. Put a star. And we're GONNA go three dimensional on this thing. Imagine that star as an independent representative. That's representing your brand as manufacturer in geography or. You can always be every day. That person is your boots on the ground and your eyes and ears at pre cons at job sites because you just physically can't always be two different places at once mark. You've been doing this a long time in that role in so I want to open it up to you and just have you go on about your experiences throughout the years that you've been doing this as an independent and then also to just tie in. How important is to have good communications and relationships with each of those three points at the triangle? So alternate over you mark. What do you got yet Chris? Yeah those are great points in a great subject. Actually it's it's everything You know the the first point on that triangle of courses you know the architect engineer the designer of the project whether it's new construction restorative. You know we're often than not there's going to be either some type of building envelope waterproofing consultant or engineer. You're going to have some type of architectural firm working on it and You know our job there is just to you know. Meet Their needs technically You know first and foremost as an independent manufacturer's The the key for us as we're only good as you know as good as the materials that were promoting so the key for me is always having world class. You know product manufacturers so that's the criteria where you know we have a reputation and we WANNA keep it in a good light so And be trusted. So that's how we get. There is the only representing the highest quality manufacturers in the industry so the architect and designer. What we do is just help. Do a little bit of review and just make sure that they're Designed the system properly. And it's going to provide the proper service life for the building owner which the end customer right all of our customers absolutely you and then that's followed up by top contractors you you. You don't just sell to everybody you know you. You don't sell a product checking their truck in or something like that. You know you go out. There was only premium quality contractors and just have a powerful word in our UH vocabulary which is no. He doesn't fit the bill in his embarrass us or not do a proper job just they can They can definitely work with our competitors. Were happy to let them cellphone -solutely And then of course the third third piece of the Pie distribution how we support them as through. You know just doing our job as a manufacturer's Rep and teeing up opportunity for them for one and that happened. On the first two components through the design community through specification and having contractors and relationships with end where they actually want to use our product right. And you know for the distribution arm it. They're so valuable because we eat the product local contractors. Don't turn to plan ahead and also whether it's a general contractor saying Oh you were three weeks out but we're ahead and we want to stay ahead. We need your two weeks owner type Excel on. That's that's pretty much. The three prong approach that we Look at every day and so we have. Three customers went in this industry. If you don't count the building owner which sometimes we work with them as well. It's a good point. Yeah that could kind of at another whole element to mark great great expansion on all three of those aspects of it mark in. Excuse me in your experience I've I've worked. I've had the privilege of being to work with you on my trips out to the rocky mountain state God's country call it and I've seen the way you do things it's it's interesting. I don't care who you are what you do for a living at at some point in time. You're always selling something I try to sell. Hey Mike have my kids pick their shoes up and put them away. I try to sell whatever you know. We're always everybody's always trying to convince somebody to see things their way to some capacities day. You've got a philosophy and you have an approach that we've actually adopted here in training our younger guys and that is the help approach right so people have is that sounds very basic entities but man. I have skin work. Its way through a lot of issues and just kind of be a very calming way to approach people as it relates to Solving a problem in having them see your way so again getting back to the cell versus help you lead with the help thing. Your thing is and I've seen this. You just WanNa see how you can help people and almost make. It's funny when I when I tell people you know what I'm doing my thing. It's hey how can I help you? Okay we'll then here's what I have in my toolkit to potentially help and then if everything works out the the quote unquote sale it's a natural progression and it it it will follow so talk a little bit about your success kind of maybe where you got that if there was a mentor in your career that gave you that idea to. Hey take a step back. Don't be so anxious to sell sell. Sell how you can help and tell us if you could mark for the listeners out there tell us how you adopted that in and why you lead with that. Yeah those are. Those are really good points. Chris help we try to behave the best we can. We don't always succeed but I for one thing. I hate the word sales a hidden salesman. I like working no technical resource. You know what I like to try to be because honestly the cells the game. It's how I make my living by the products moving but I never hear a force feed anybody any. It's just you know we're either a federal or not and it's fine if we're not you know we we aren't for everybody and it and when we're not to get fit I'll I'll be the first one to raise my hand and say so you know. Just take get us on the next one. You know. Just continue to call me if you would and you know. We'll we'll help you when we can. But you're helping them by synonym in the right direction. You know so your being helped with regards to the help thing cut where it came from. I had to check my attitude. One day You know it's like five thirty hours just getting home pulled up next to my house and Yeah this guy calls me. It's an engineer. And it was a tiny job and for the sake of the sale it was gonna be. I mean a very minimal like you know to bucket deal. I was GONNA lose money on this prospect. Obviously as far as the time commitment I was. I was like a four hour time. Commit just help this guy to sell. Probably three hundred dollars worth of material. You know that type of deal but you kind of pause myself. I was counting on. The Guy. Just needs hell. He's called me for a reason. Just take care of him. You know. It's those attitude checks and it really. It just comes from a healthy attitude and the way people want to your want people to approach me in business as well. Yeah absolutely take her. Just take care of people and the the end results come as a result and the irony is that gentleman is specified in Homey and uses me as that trusted resource and our problem our twentieth job together now and that. Somehow it's amazing in the reality was nobody else was taking care of them helping because it seemed like small potatoes at the time. But the reality was you know a an just sheer numbers as far as the quantity jobs but then some of these jobs have been flat quality. Really darn good jobs and you know with some really substantial lamb toward so you know having that get attitudes everything that's mark that's important. I I tell you it is it is It's interesting to align yourself with the right people to Right. It's it's for us We always tell the guys here. When when you're sitting across the desk from a distributor that you may want to have a stock the material or even a even an independent representative. I remember our first meeting man. Dukes dukes Huntington Beach. We had a. We had a lunch. I remember it well bad. And it's like kind of spy-versus-spy mode you have to. You have to align yourself with the right people and not everyone is going to like you and vice versa. And that's life man. I mean not to softball about it on a Friday morning. But that's just how it goes. Awesome point mark on the help thing. your your experience with the the value a bit obvious but your experience with the value of just getting down to brass tacks and this ties into our first episode. We talked to And you know American restore here in Huntington we talk to Ben Ball a little bit about the idea of adherence to manufacturers guidelines and things like that the and again. It's obvious it's obvious. But you'd be amazed at how many contractors in good faith will just try to go ahead and utilize a product away. They think it should be used or the way they want to use it versus how it ought to be used your experiences over the years mark in the decades of of manufacturers training the contractors the right way in the value that that'll bring from jobs you know You know genesis all the way to you know finishing close at. What have you seen there? What stories the efforts there have enough of that now. More than ever Chris. Just the reality is people are coming up in the trades. Like they used to. That's where came out as you would put. It came off the bags right in the in. The field is an installer which hopefully helps me become much better. Wrap that. I've been hands on it. You know in the trenches and nobody. It's like to be in the cold. The Heaton these different dynamics with products. And you know try to get install something perfectly in an imperfect environment right. It's what we do every day in construction so off but yeah the training is so key and I run into it all the time where you know. Some pretty simple principles tend to get overlooked. Or Guy just. I didn't even know that. Like senior submittal pack at the turned in the actual technical details. This is how we do this in that something in. I believe you'll BA. Luckily with us being the boots on the ground you know out in the field. You can get that. We can't get every job all the time. But you know to your point we definitely get in the whole and also just And work with guys but also do things and guy shots right you know on get in there and you know you want to train the head guys to becomes a train. The trainer kind of train informed because a lot of times. You know. There's a lot of transition a lot of movement with employees. You know they're just you know not not stand and you know it's very rare that you find to get employees and keep them anymore in the field. That's a great point. I mean back in back in the military to train. Your relief was the catchphrase back when I was doing my thing and You nailed it and it seems to kind of be ubiquitous theme that just carries through from industry to industry. So that's that's all very valuable. Mark the idea and we touched on the verdict at a triangle of the distribution hub. Right and there's a lot of good supply houses out in and it's funny. The ones you say no to are still stand up guys and gals in you know good reputation been around over half a century all this stuff but not quite the one you want to align yourself with always and the ones you wind up aligning yourself with you gotta get again. You know feting him out your experience with and we'll keep it innocuous but your experience with the distribution hubs over the years that do it for you and spend provide that local support and that stock what have been some of the elements of those good distributors. That you have observed in the years that you've aligned yourself with what are some of the key aspects of their setup and how they do business and their culture. I think is what I'm getting at here that you find valuable. Yeah the main thing. Most valuable thing in the biggest complaint I get from. Contractors is the fact that the product just not stock. Yeah Francie Cart. You've just gotTa have enough a respectable amount wearing asking them to carry truckloads and kill all their cash flow but any good distributors actually GonNa have the material in stock enough guys to get guys really going on a Job. And then still have enough for the turnaround. Time to where we can get fresh juice. You know in town. Basically from the manufacturing so that that's what that's a big key and it's something that not all do and you know I. I was on the distribution arm of this business and For a bit of my career and that was really a big key that differentiated from the other guys. The fact that we had it in stock be a huge thing is know what you don't know and be honest about it What I mean by that as you know somebody will call it on the counter talk to a sales rep of the distribution team on a technical question. Well really I appreciate when they are. Technically Sound. Do know some thanks. But if they don't know they really need to pump the brakes and just stop and get the person on the phone who does no pride involved here. We just need facts and mark that you. Can't you know something that's okay? You know I was like I didn't know the sky was blue. Tell somebody told me I just didn't know right either. You either know or you. Don't you know that's that's really key is them And knowing that resources and utilizing us you know just to say hey you know. They may try to reach me. I try to be as responsive as like Dan but I go and design meetings. And I'll be three hours you know so I'm not be. I am laying out of pocket so just be willing to pick up the phone. Call the Texas governor at Seal boss or whoever the line maybe and you know get the information for the end user but you know don't be s anybody if you don't know it's okay but don't get that information. I mean what we do is so high risk high liability in the building envelope and on that I mean eighty-five percent of Construction Litigation is water. So we don't have the chance to have a bad day. We can't have a bad day because they're going to bring lawyers guns money at the end of it. That's exactly yeah water right as a coin you know either battle axe so the broad sort of life you have to have it to live and manic it can certainly wreak havoc on a situation but to the point mark and getting back to what you're saying about just don't BS anybody. I mean yeah I I had A. I'm remember going with school longtime ago. There was a senior chief You know in the navy he to have a good phrase. Don't brief what you don't know and it's just so it's again it's basic but I think in this in this world of ours we try to get so we try to turn mountains Excuse me Mole Hills in mountains and we just want to nuke everything and make everything a big deal not boil it down. Get down you know. Take the meat off the bone and focus on the bone for a second. Just say hey man. These are basic principles of life nonetheless. The intricacies of building envelope construction. So yeah the idea of just kind of you know having that knowledge and I'll say this for the listeners out there and you regional managers you tech reps all brands and I'm sure you guys can side with me on this. This is just essential train train. The people that are that are carrying your lines. Make the effort hop on a plane. Take a long drive. Get those people behind the counter. And look and I'm I'm not GonNa talk too much about this but get those people at least up to speed to where on the basics. They've got it covered and then to mark's point like you were saying mark if they don't know something that's a little in the weeds get that phone number to that contractor if you're standing behind that desk guys and gals at the distribution hubs and have them call the manufacturer's Rep and that's why we're here we're here to support and it's all about supports mark. That's a great point and then just enclosing mark if you if you could you know you mentioned the the idea about you. Got Building owners on a lot of. Facets just generalize it with billing envelope the kind of the integrated project delivery approach when you're sitting at a table and I I always refer this Denver Botanic Gardens Project. I watched you mastermind a pre con meeting there and it was really neat to just have you give your input and Kinda run that meeting where there were no lines drawn in this. Everybody was in on it together over the years. You've been doing this part of it. Mark what are some of the things that you have adopted in terms of the way you conduct yourself and get everybody in that room to have that we are one type of mentality. What what is what is spin employed by yourself over the years that has led to the success with those types of situations. Yeah gay question. The the main thing I try to do first and foremost is get everybody in the room to understand why we're doing what we're doing and the import Senate again with water Krantz. Nothing gets plugged on. Its buried you know. It's not one of the sexy items if you will building you know. It's not the worst hardware and a lack of stuff. Yeah so it does tend to be overlooked and what I find is when people actually understand why other than the architecture is pretty lines on this piece of paper and this is where let's stick. Yo but when you know the electrician and a plumber. Let's say we're talking blindside waterproofing jazz. We're GONNA use some of our to Blindside waterproof membrane which honestly shock creed and the water table. Is the single difficult thing we do in that industry. There's absolutely it's it's not even close and so you know just get everybody on board with that. Hey this is why we're doing it and when we tell you or ask you not to do something with our product there. There's a reason for it. And then when they get that understanding usually way find it's communication and understanding we're trying to be Jerks Prima Donnas and expect perfection. But when we look at a concrete substrates say. Hey that's not good enough for us but then it's like instead of saying it's not good enough. Here's why so I think that's the biggest tax and Just understanding how it impacts the others too and be respectful out you know. Hey we're asking you to do this. What is the impact and also sequencing? Just I mean it's a real ballet these jobsites. Sometimes you know you you just got to work together and if anything gets out of sequence they can just whole thing off completely whether it's a lawless simply of some sort above grade or you know that type of dynamic and where people are just coming back later after the fact and poking Woolsey remember it. Well yeah now we gotTa Talk Man. Just tell us about it. You're not in trouble. Just I can't fix what I don't know so I think it's the whole spirit Chris of communication and just being up front and Yeah people tend to gravitate to that It's terrific mark. Well we'd like to just thank you for your time this morning and this has been a a nice session very very appreciative of the words of wisdom that you've accrued over the years mark. India FOR LISTENERS. Out there hey none of this is going to be Gospel but it sure as heck is a good set of guidelines for you so stay tuned. We'll have concrete solutions network podcasts. Three coming at you soon. Mark we want to to say thanks again have an awesome weekend wonderful morning and That will conclude for today. Thanks for having me on Chris. Really appreciate it buddy. All right. We'll see Martin.

Chris Buddy Mark Phillips engineer representative California Specialty Products Inc Highlands ranch Mike India Huntington salesman Prima Donnas Texas Huntington Beach Woolsey consultant Martin Francie Cart Senate
6. Cloth Diapering with Alysia  Part I

Homecoming Podcast

44:55 min | 2 years ago

6. Cloth Diapering with Alysia Part I

"You're listening to homecoming podcast with your home's shave pounds and ISIS rogues. The purpose of this podcast is to feature black Hamburg stories, and so broadcast how weak birth in love building community through conversation, we discussed black burgers and black birth workers who support out of hospital birth them in with remodel of care and birth as revolutionary praxis. Thank you for joining us this week and welcome home today. We have a special cloth diaper episode of homecoming, Shane I are natural parents, and we advocate for all things natural related to birth and child rearing, and that includes cloth diapers were so excited to have Alesia Madison. Our special guests. Join us in a conversation about cloth diapers community building in what it means to support a black owned business while we. Love and cherish. All of our cloth diaper brands, we are especially grateful for nappy buns. And we're actually running a promotion with them. You can receive a ten percent discount on your purchase with the code home, h o m e ten nappy buns is available in newborn one size and large. And it's great for overnight. Use all items are handmade with love style and creativity and compliant with federal regulations fill free to join nappy buns on Instagram to stay up to date on new releases sales and giveaways, and that's nappy buns. B U N Z. Here's our conversation. Very fair. Amount yield who's in Agni tanker. We would you please in his thank you. My name is Alicia, Madison. I am a mother of two bowl. I have Marquel. Apollo who will be five in January. And I have Elisa Adana who will be one next Tuesday. We from today. Also, a wife of my husband Mark hill who Mary what eight six years now. I do a lot a lot in a little thing time. Why don't you think about it? Once you like put it all out there a lot. I've been cloth diaper and since Apollo was eight months old for him until he was twenty two months, saying, he potty trained and Elisa Elisa donnas has been on ciphered since birth. I use mom cloth for me pads instead of disposable. Wow. Well, I want me to say, I love your sons names earlier, some offer our government. Thank you. They live up to. We're we're excited to have you on shell. And I'm very interested in also discussing mama for a gray shade. Did you have any questions or? Most people know I am across. I've heard momma myself. We fought diaper from birth. But mother time I wanted to get into mama cloth. I was already pregnant again. So. That never quite worked out for. So I got a lot of sessions VAT murmur file foot what made you get into flaw cipher. And then I heard him say star that eight months from a lot of people would saying oh that late is that like Flint, Flint me decide get into it with Apollo. I actually had called vipers from birth for for him. But I was intimidated. I started talking the, you know, the group on Facebook. The main one was like, you know, black women do Pulsipher, and I think was another occur. Remember the name of the other one after to out some pretty much would got me. Just call diapering was we had a bunch of diapers from our baby shower, and we pretty much had eight months worth of diapers. We went out and bought one pay for vipers, and it was like fifty dollars. And I was like, yeah. This too much. So I pulled out the diapers. Had in that was history. Like, I was not about to spend fifty dollars a month to throw away every day. You know, and my son went to them a lot help not about the thrown away. My my money. So that's pretty much less started club size room 'cause vetted deadly understandable. Faded home. I was like this buddy that I'm I'm sending on baker's. I I could be using it for other things. Yeah. Hey, girl. How you doing? And yeah, we like, I say, we also I did crisis elimination communication with my son. And that's a whole other rabbit hole for that one. Tell us more about limitation with Apollo started elimination communication. He was about six weeks old, and it the practice of knowing your baby to know when they're going to have to use the restroom mostly eighties has to go to the bathroom. Most will most birthday babies lows as in general has to go through bathroom within fifteen to twenty minutes after they nurse or after they eat, so my son anytime he ate I'll put him on a potty in. He would go. I would usually follow this cues there Rene since he was about six months old where he would go and just wear like one or two diapers the whole day. So that's also how we were able to laugh with politics. I for for this long because I was going to change the diaper once or twice a day when he was. Using his potty more. But. Wants me started with his cloth diapers. He was still going to the restroom, you know, on the potty. That's also how we're able to potty train him fully before he was two years old. I think I think it's awesome. That you had your gun potty trained by two years old totally my goal to. Well. I do have a question. Did you get caught up and like for I feel like online like when you're looking at in all those goose these things people with all these problems. Like my diaper things there so many out of nowhere. 'cause what did you do to town of built narrow down that start where where did you suck? I started pretty much. I think I got my first die for you know, like when you're online and you Google something. And then it popped up on your news feed on Facebook. That's what happened like there was a link where if you. You bought like this many diapers? You gotta free diaper. So I did it was something new. They were like off brand diverse similar to what you would get on with. So I did that. And those are the ones that I had they were just basic pockets similar to ours. And so diverse. They all came like, Sander, micro, fiber, insert and goes into the pocket while so you're saying that you that you use the the alva- pocket ciphers and earlier required started recording. He mentioned that you also use the win is flour sack file, right? Flour sack POWs? Okay. Yeah. He's talk about the. Yeah. That's that's actually what I started with. Thank you. Flyers. X files are puzzle known as flat. I fold them the most basic way ever, I don't fit all and fancy in the fold. 'cause I I have a child that moves, and I'll have time between all of that. So I've been folded in half long ways and then folded in half again. And then how and it comes catches everything. Nothing comes out. We put that as a cover. I was at the time with Apollo. I was using the pockets as covers so the insert was just extra absorbing see. I just. Let me think I I never really had only had issues with think once and that was was the Donna, and when they say like changing, your detergent changes everything that is I've learned that the hard way, I was playing around with detergents, and I tried to get you know, the detergent that they say is really good FOCA try to use that don't use FOCA in H E deters eighteen washer because it makes us think has a. It's just it's melting really great the blue powder detergent in WalMart is cheapest ones. But it's like there is the worst grade on clothes, and it works sprayed on diapers. But they have to be strict I hit just it held him. I think Started out using flower thick towels as li'l Missy was born really really small. She was under five pounds. So the flower sex towels allowed us to like fo- them down to where they would be super tiny for her. So that actually helps us a lot in the beginning during the newborns age Inga by like, a pack of flowers at tells all the Amazon for like four dollars is like ten in the pack. So we bought like one pack. We're able to wash wash wash them because you know, USA they like coop. Like crazy, especially when they first born. So that helped us so much like his being able to fold them down. I heard you mentioned the folding, and we were able to fold out of like we did franey. So for anybody that's out there like super small bathing who are thinking about cross diaper in the flower. Towels are good. And then once we put the cover on their the, hey kinda took some flak because it will be like this huge die for around this tiny baby, but she was able to fit her covered vans. When dining warn, I use the I I didn't take Florence. I counts to the hospital with me. I had Krief old. So his diapers and newborn they look very, bulky. But then once he came home, I had some all in one. And that's what I use. Because I was able to snap. My all in one sound very small for him. He was seven thirteen and a half. But he got be pretty quick. So he didn't I didn't do like the newborn diapers. Diapers for newborn, baby and claw. I didn't use any of those. I just used just the regular one size diaper, and he's actually feeling the same diapers that he's been wearing since he was born. Yeah. He'll be one next week for is you wearing any of his older brothers poppers. He has started wearing some of his older brothers caught fibers. Most of those like when I was taught I bring Apollo I didn't. Do I didn't have like the best routines or anything? So some of the elastic are worn. So I've pulled out a couple of the older brothers favors is just his size aren't completely there. And he's got they size now. But the size aren't completely there to take up the slack of worn elastic. So might just being trainer as he gets a little older. Like, when he's, you know, potty trained that might be what he wears, you know, just the catching accident, but I'm not primarily cross-eyed bring him in this brothers lifer. But I still have them. Yeah. Wondered 'cause I feel right? Wondered 'cause I feel right? Fought diapers really off when you have another kid. Yeah. They do. They really do when I found out. I was pregnant. I was like oh, yes. Have like twenty nine for already starting mustache. Then I went to look at them like, they're all really relaxed. No new baby can wear these. But they're good for like, they're really good for trainers. I have all of the pref- owes. So he wearing his brother enter like Oliver free folds that I use for big brother Apollo. But I don't have the diaper on yet. So wait, you just girl you just dropped a gym? And I wanna run it back Bernstein. So that I I did brought for your first baby. When they got wrestling you plan to use them as trainer for your native, eighty of honest, yet that is a great idea that is a great idea. Now, I'm over here. Like Lindan lady shift is something for me because I'm over here. Like, I'm needs to buy you some trainers. But really I could mean what we got with the relaxed Latin 'cause I knew have a field life that and for. Has trainers. Beth agree. I hear your brew. And then like, I thank you. I even have bought a couple of cloth diapers that were like really big like for bigger, baby. Don't tell anybody this. For apollo. He wears pull up today. And I'm trying to win him off of the pull up things to pretty much bigger diaper. You know with absorbent see for him. But he doesn't fully like 'cause he's like I looked like baby. And I'm like, dude, you're the only person in the house with anything disposable, I didn't you to wear fees. So it's it when working on that one up trying to use for like kids like this not cool up Mahmoud yet, you're going you pull up today. Well, since you said the word on more about possible diapers and like you did you find yourself using them like while traveling veteran here, I don't I don't take off on the. No, ma'am. No, ma'am. I do not new the boastful at all. With dining his never been in undisposable diaper in his life. We have traveled fly with him. If we flew to Michigan at six weeks, and they lean flew to Missouri at ten months. So that was two different. You know stages of pooping his life. One was very newborn. That's how you that's how you gave me my favorite food. One was a very newborn, and then one was older, you know, still Brexit, but also on solid we were gone for four day heat will each trip. I just took for the newborn faith. I said all in one, and I was able to wash them all at my mother-in-law's house. Then she knows how I am with. I pers- she's not going to argue with me about. Like she didn't want poop in her washer or anything like that with. I'll rent I renting a friend's everything out before you watched it at someone else's house. Sistemi courteous. But I, you know, they all know I proof of water soluble it's not gonna get in worse. Just like washing it off their clothing if they had a blow out. So that's what we did there. If we had any vipers while in process of traveling just mentoring wash it. Like, I watched some regular wash day pretty much when he was older when we when we took the trip at ten months, I took all cover and flower Aktau, and we flew again on that trip. And what did I I didn't wash it all of that trip? I just kept everything I flew back home with a wet bag politically diapers. But it wasn't. They weren't thinking. I had a poop just rinse it out put in wet bag. How that wetback all you know, like in a grocery store bag just to make sure it doesn't leak on anything on the plane. But just I had a lot of covers pretty much And they they convinced down smaller than you know, like a regular diaper. It was just easier for me to close on the moon on a trip thin. So you could possible. So I wasn't throwing it away. Lee way went on a trip to we've traveled, and I did not buy disposable diapers idea by this foldable wife from for one of the, but we smooths his California. And I thought my diaper Wigan because Templeton get no money out of me investors. Are I am when we flew to California. She was about maybe four months. So I took flower Crowder and covers I actually ended up meeting his wi- while we were there. So I washed my as like a little thing of detergent in like a shampoo bottle. I wash mine in the Saint of the bathroom at the hotel and a hung over the shower will wreck supply. And that was it like I wasn't. I wasn't doing no extra. So. And the next time we stayed at my mom's four week. So I just watched it my mom's house, but I was saying that to say is he'll very doable to, you know, travel with your club diapers, and I do know people that that VAR. This ovals to travel with. But yeah, my is never wanted the foldable issue left faster. So they were all about going to, you know, hand washing them. I had watched them. I run them out real good. I heard a monkey dry and then by the time, I got back home. You know, I do them all in the wash just to make sure there were no stink issue there. Anything like that? But I had my little purse went back. I care everything in the airport, and we removed. He oh say you said you you qualify. Foldable white when you're on the move without winning. Stay with my mom. Yeah. I needed fobel white then, but we were in California for when when we're on a tight budget because a foreign for California. So I feel my cloth, Mike. Yeah. Now, did you find that kind of like an inconvenience to you? So this is like 'cause I've I've been again using the football right since he before he was born. I thought everybody I don't want anything disposable who were like, well, it just makes more sense to you disposable whites. And my why 'cause I have to throw away at the say this as wipe the baby, you know, put the white in the diaper or Galway cross the road and throw the wife away when I can just take cloth white with a solution that I've made and I'll tell you about that. In a second. Take the club wife wasn't pollution. Why Tobagan throw everything in the white throwing the web thing? You know? Like do you like all the time? I use them all the time of people have bought me. Disposable white. I feel like my wife my own but more was in dishonorable why? Because there is I think very inconvenient to have to like, I'm putting I'm a rap all of this diaper. Herb inputted him. I went back and then just dump it in the washing machine. I don't have Heinz the goi- lose the, you know, the diaper that I've wrapped up the file white. And I noticed we'll we did you foldable whites. My husband will always leave a hundred white inside the dyke. So they would always end up in my washing machine. No, they were very inconvenient. And I was like, okay. Something else. Gotta be is. And this ain't it right here. So we we stopped using the disposable white. I have a question for you. This is actually a question for say because we both have daughters. Right. So when I first started using McLaughlin, I thought they were awesome and amazing, but then overtime started since notice that they that they were leaving behind lint on on Gina. And so like, you know, girl babies have like extra crevices some light. The lint in the in the cloth material out of her area because you know, I find that those will wife's we went cleaner white, but I do use the clock. Sometimes like if it's a huge blow out, and she needs to be white down like vigorously as start with the cloth in like, the more delicate wives I use the. The. Close. Boy. So we have that problem too. Of course, says she's a girl. So what I did was I bought a nicer quality white. Instead of like, I went to the dollar store and got like a bunch of cheaper. They were like fifty cents So that's what we reusing it. I when I noticed the list, I went to WalMart and see that step up there and got like I went to WalMart and got what people would normally use for a bath. And I wouldn't you know or. Same news. My dollar store. One fourteen. Yes, I wouldn't use like a actual wash cloth that you vade the navy with and I wouldn't use those for food in the like my cheaper ones for p. And there were a little more work because I've when I left the house, I would have to make sure had poop were fancy ones. But like in the long run, it was better than me having the fish Auburn. The disposable wife out of the washing machine for minding them in the dryer or something like that. So it wasn't that much more difficult. It was just like, okay. I know the four who've white in four PY. Well, so my sister actually made my coffee wipes, which is why I was reluctant to replace them. So shout out to you Vickers. At least you could you tell us about the wipe solution that you were mentioning earlier. Yeah. Freaking people making my Dula actually made my wife and gives them to me the baby shower, but this loosen. I you I just took like, you know, the Perry bottle. I got at the hospital. I use my Perry bottle fill it with Fatah water and output has still soap and lavender in it. And that was it and. So this day like I feel use that primarily for him. I did try solution. I don't, you know, the company cream and cocoa. They have a she has solution for wealth cypher in pretty much. Like, I can't. I look it up fast pedal. The to just put the pedal in warm waters. Yes. Shout out the creaming. I'm oh, yes. I love him. Outer it's like powder. But there's something like that is mel's amazing. But I don't I couldn't I didn't really like it too much compared to is too too long to make as opposed to doing it. You know, the soap in lavender just take a bottle. Of course when lavender in there. And then also we got so point to where we weren't. Yes, he the boy. But I didn't have you my solution as much just because I was able to quickly wipe him down. So now, I'm I don't use white who much anymore because now I just throw him in the shower for quick every time you throw him in the shower and hold them all and he's used to it. Now like he lives his legs up. He's ready. Like, I gotta go to the shower and Renzo I think I'm raising the baby he needs today. No. I'm definitely getting a the day for this baby. Because I have discovered that Renson many before our white is the way. Okay. Like, that's my new goes thing. And my my wife solution is very similar. I did it more for the beginning. And now real lax about it. But what I did was I would make a big jar at one time. And I would a few white at you know, maybe ten wife's at a time like enough to get me through the day. And I you water Casio also wish as oil and like a drier to of lavender that the you from solution. And I would if you white set a time. But now like we are potty training. So we got us room 'cause you know, my baby on the go. So I will make them feel fun of the Saint rinse it off take my wife, you know, wipe it and then dry with another like with a drought. White and we put in a diaper back on there. We rolling like. But I'm definitely invest in a day for my next baby. So often like course where we go. And okay. I think the whole salad down real quick. I have the Panos our head. I just hold him down with that. And while he's in the shower like while enforcement him down. I'm holding the diaper up to so so do gin both at the same time. So when you said the day, I thought a the cloth diapers sprayer through either of you have one of those. No, I've thought about getting one. But I remembered I have a mindset removal shower head I tried to spray like, you know, over the toilet. I've just made a big men. So I never got the fifth Freyer for this one. Just because I didn't want who all over the walls in the bathroom. So I can clean the faster the clean the wall. Wait. We don't have more. You're either we didn't use more with Nancy, but I do plan on via one like just to see if there's a huge difference. So plantings mom for this baby. When the poo became like, you know, how we're kinda like breath Neil over Follett in the town like weird, you know, with my really breath Mahfoud, but it's not really solid full. We were just on like said diaper in the toilet and then flush the toilet. And then what kind of it would get most of it all so we never needed a sprayer. But I know people who have one that like wear by the their Freyer like they fray breath new poop, which I never did. I think that's, but I know something who likes wears by their sprayer. So I am going to get one for this. Phase to see you know, what the hype is about your are us. We we gotta sprayer when. Exactly the point that you're talking about when the when the gets kind of like weird because it's not breast milk, but it's not solid food because it's like you're kind of introducing solids to a breastfed baby that kind of point in time. So I think, you know, having said that we only used the sprayer like five times. We've only use a sprayer five times. So we could literally just use it as the day at this point disease. Ourselves has to. And that's what I was thinking too. Like we would end up using our player like just for your own. But I that's what I plan to do with mine anyway and thinking about like the postpartum period, you know, really why? And they're just holding my wall type for for your, you know, like day the coffee prairie connect to the bottom like the waterline come into the toilet. So that's the Coate water. Learn. Oh, y'all y'all just ruin like my postpartum, mama dreams right there. I actually did. Not know, look, I'm trying to say you for icy crush. Okay. We we don't want that just go. I mean, it might not be bad you test it out and let us know. Okay. So we we I think he's covered a lot. Is there anything that? Either. Of you feel is lasted discuss about the diapers before move into conversations about mama far. I can say I don't have a favorite thing. Because I'm I've been pretty cheaply south diaper, mostly. So most of us doesn't really have friends there's other brands, but they're all pretty much China TV. And say like, they work. So I have supported bigger brands. But. Only one pretty much as far note two of the bigger too. But the brands that I think more money on our black on. So there's only time I ten million acres. He has the black phone companies that I support our signed cloth and Cooper rose. And I have two covers from into them with. Cooper Rosa's cheaper signed her. Are you know, she'd makes them herself. And is those are like the ones that I'm gonna say, but for those diapers and sober are special. Occasion diapers. Like, he has a black lives matter diaper, and that's a special occasion diaper. We all have we have festival case in print when I feel like sewing off his black booty. That's when I put the black lives matter diaper on them. I really like, well, I naturally balance is local to me. She's from not getting learn part, if it you don't have nappy month in your diaper arsenal. Are you even really a cloth diaper were? Okay. Gives you. They are doing. And I sent her a message asking about she thought she has already this ship stuff. And there's I'm just I need to figure out what I wanna get somehow need a birthday for him something. I mean, I'm sorry. Sorry, Muslim point on black part. I know when when started out he made messy like a really tiny diaper because my baby soul tiny issue made. Her a newborn diaper. It was beautiful. It was so awful the inside. I absolutely love. The nappy diaper nappy. Boy, I bought I bought diapers from all of the like big name. Black owned diaper companies. I haven't done Cucolo yet. But they're on my list like their next on my list cause I can only afford the black owned. I play every once every two months. We'll learn L dollars. That's when I bought world. Yeah. And but my favorite was are nasty boys in food IRS hooters has an overnight bag for that. If put a pain in the hearts of by it was like eighteen dollars. I want say or something like that. But it was really expensive. But y'all my baby was able again, she was very small. She was able to wear as a new bores. She is eighteen month right now. She seeing aware that diaper, and it's the moly diaper that we have that will hold the overnight. I think it's the polluters. Overnight him diaper. The jets it all the time. The people like if you are feeling like your overnight solution you need to just save your money. Invest in the food is I for I also love the food is covers. She makes like the button are like on a slant. If that makes. They're not directly up and down. So my baby who was like super skinny in the ways, but has really chunky thighs. Now, I can make it smaller in the ways. And then give her a little more room in the five. Let me tell you that may all the different. Okay. I love food her hooters, and that divine are like my top diapers of all time. And they're both black owns the other than that. I've all like, I'm from everywhere. I have news. I per- I got like the China cheating that people don't like I love some of those the front of universal. I have diapers from everywhere. I don't think I'm partial to anything. Oh, I also really like well, great the Green Mountain diapers. The workhorse. Listen, if so there while my baby were little the workhorses in the flowers sake towels were all we use the newborn workhorses are definitely worth the investment. I think yeah. I think for my well, my overnight I only have four 'cause they cost a lot. I have free foods from little Munster little monsters. She held me like a private socking in the black women. Do cross diaper group fun faceless. And it was her principles where like twenty two dollars a fee for these people. But they are like they're human think prepo, and I just told him in the third and that thing right there Janis ahead wetter at night like he will soak up from the and I want I found out about her proposed because I won them for like mother's day or something and I got to free foles. And I was like I when I took it out of the package in it was butter. He just felt so off it was amazing. Then after Washington few times, you know, sometimes things loser softness. This thing. Got saucer has I watched it. But this principle was just hit with the most absorbent pre fold ever. I must have send you the link to her like the she's mad at black on business. She is a woman of color, though. But her like, I said those people with a cover. That's all I need at night. Like that's my nighttime listening. My only have four of 'em. So I gotta keep my washer team to make sure I have one. A her free. Polls are amazing. She's not active. I know right now as far as what she's making presuppose and everything I'm really glad that both of us for black on knife, ever black on cloth diaper companies. I'm really glad that you go towards them. I feel like I did it wrong because I actually don't think I have any black owned. You know, diapers in my house. I don't have like an emotional connection to my cloth. Diapers. I think we just bought whatever. Russ. There's actually this lady who lives in my town. She's a white lady local on we support her because she has a Ofek business that she runs out of her house, and we support her because. Yes, she has like four kids, and she actually like if you're news across diapering. She will have you over to her house in like show, you how to actually do it in like how to put it on your idiot. Like, she does like a little. Yeah. She does clock like for education. And so I was like, okay. Well, you know, I do want to support, you know, black hose, but also need some education around this because nobody else I know cloth diapers. So L the question. The wiz village birther business. Does offer a in-person cloth in class Hugo computer home? He will also can help you wash your diapered. And we are also moving that class online as well. Shameless. Polisi Shane have done that with who friends actually want to break Pooley, one friend. She had a week old daughter in her. Daughter was I pavilion logic to the disposables. And I told her I come over to my I got you start. Julia diapers. So I I took some of my fast, and I gave her some diapers shoulder. How to do everything I've sent her, you know, plenty of links and soda like of good wash routine and everything for her baby. And then another one my little sister came to stay at my house with her one year old daughter. She was over my house for a week and ran out of disposables. Can you take me to the store? So I from by five from diapers. And I was like no you're about to get some diapers. And we're gonna teach you for she's only she was nineteen at the time. And she was like, well, I don't have a way to wash at home. You gotta bucket from Baio plunder and some detergent. I'm gonna tell you how to hand wash your neighbor. So for the past six months now, she's been hanging washing. You know, the diapers for her daughter at she's now twenty s twenty years old. She started her Spanish. And she's just using free foles in flour sacks calls to cipher her daughter, and she's like I it's just easier for her to do that into now. But that was girls. Yeah. Okay community. Yes. That's the one thing. Like, I'm like, we got excessive. I don't use all the fans give it away to somebody in that, man. Do gotta educate other black mothers that you don't need to go and buy residual. I've got you. Okay. And I'm not into you know, buying the diaper selling them like them seventeen for this novel teach you so you can save your money in the UP somebody else in the future. Do you teach them? How to diaper thought? Typer? Honestly, I would have never thought to use a bucket. And and what did you say a bucket and a plunger and some detergent that is g is we know the big the big like Trump like the big toe and everything the big like supplement container that you put clothes in those. I hadn't have picture of over a Hafer at soldier put it in there. And like her washer teen is super simple. Like, I Said Zare off, you know, with as many as you want do like your cold rinse with some of the tergence at around for about fifty times. And then dumped them out Wrentham put them in there with hot water detergent plunge. It let it sit for a few minutes as sort of letting sit for like thirty minutes in. She grinches it out and doesn't never wash if they're really, stinky. But it's heard watches room easy. Shaken have a wash. It does take a little longer than like a washing machine, but she can have her diapers hand washed with the plunger in the bucket and like an hour and a half. If your daddy on it. But it can take some time. If you lazy, but it's still worth. So why should have seen like that? I have his super easy hollow. I do with my washer are used it on like the rent things like a quick wash cycle cold wash with you know, about a quarter Cup of the surgeon the Cup that comes with the detergent, and then a heavy hot wash on heavy duty like the longer wash runs, but I two hours, and I do appreciate with that. And a free soak in an extra. So that's all I do just a cold rinse in hot wash. And I usually use tied or fall with like thing fighter so little, but I've been using. So is the super easy for us thirteen I don't get fancy And what I knows think I was we have had this conversation might months ago. I like, it's okay. It's never too late to learn in the never too late. Like, you could be and I didn't learn all this stuff 'til the second child. So if is all alerted process for everything we have so much fun talking with Alesia during this episode Alicia mentioned a few genius cloth diaper hacks, including if you don't have a washing machine grabbing a bucket and a plunger and working that for like ninety minutes. And there you go voila cloth diapers that you washed by hand at home, another cool tip that Alesia has for us is that if you're elastic get loose on your diapers. You can simply keep those diapers for when your baby gets older. And when you're ready to potty train, you can use them as trainers, not only. She an expert in cloth diapers, but also, mama. Off a k a cloth menstrual pads. Be sure to check out part two of this conversation coming soon. We are partnering with nappy buns to offer our listeners in exclusive ten percent discount with the code home, h o m e ten you can follow nappy buns on Instagram and on Facebook and Twitter and remember to visit WWW dot nappy buns with z dot com and check out their selection of beautiful cloth. Diapers, please. Visit this episodes show notes. For more information about the brands that we mentioned during the show, which include shine cloth. Putin's Cooper rose Green Mountain little monsters. And of course, black women. Do cloth diaper Facebook community. Thanks for listening. Thank you. For listening to home for me, follow Instagram at homecoming. Cycads, please. Visit our website at WWW dot homecoming podcasts dot com for more information about our feature guessing experts and how to donate to keep the show. Grooming.

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Inside Supercars - Tuesday Nathan Prendergast Supercars eTV

Inside Supercars

22:22 min | 8 months ago

Inside Supercars - Tuesday Nathan Prendergast Supercars eTV

"David Reynolds you're listening to inside sue. Because from the rice treks across Australia. He is in such supercars. We'll Henry and scientific has continually are looking at the world erased east sport or racing. It's seven different animals on it. I sure amusing incorrectly at some stage but tiny. We're talking we're talking today with ninth imprint against Craig hits a subject that you know more about than I do wouldn't be hard. Yes and having watched now Formula One NECAS NASCAR and seen how they've done it. I'm very interested to see what that supercars taking from. These already broadcast are racing series. Well I can only imagine that They are as close as you can get to. The real thing is. The question is will satisfy the needs of the fans because this is property reasons. Big To get some fans on board. Get them watching broadcast on on Fox and Keio at only out that Channels and get sponsors getting something for the money because obviously Teams would be aware of They need to be delivering people Interested in the sport that is one of the critical things and interestingly Suba Qazis the one platform where all the stars are going to be on the coverage. That's one thing to look forward to five fuel. Prima Donnas in late of Subic as well. I think we already know that because when famous from overseas Find out about how the access you can get to. The drive is in our category. They are staggered as compared with some of the others so It's an interesting world that we have and will take up because obviously they need to the pot of this category to to maintain it Nathan. Pretty joins us on the line. Who is the general manager of Supercars Media and content? And I can imagine it's feeling like you need thirty hours a day as you get ready for the start of the EPA series gets extremely busy period for us. I'm the only six months for traditional series and we've essentially put that together any weight so spent a lot of challenge a lot of dies side of the people and you not like something ever say everyone importance direction and to whatever delivered his products so Certainly helping that. Everyone's on it's interesting because I can imagine that there is this huge pressure. That is being put on you to deliver the series. Because it's going to help sustain the business during a crisis. Look there's a lot of pressure on the whole department really and the whole business and wages spreading the load. I'm you know it's important for us to make sure that this is done research by certainly we are feeling from the suspected that role in the in the sippy cassidy department. We're all perfectionists on television tobacco. Getting at Rotten get rock taught you get one shot ahead send you environment for us to its a new frontier so the precious that so make sure that we can deliver the product to the level instead. Wait till I broadcast. How have you been surprised by the buying of the teams and also the sponsors to a large extent as well look to be honest? It's remarkable and extremely refreshing. It's an example of what's possible. I mean everyone that light. That's sparking to Spain. Subsidies and also support and has been willing to get on board and this happened disdain amazing ideas and then they consummated. They also support on how we can improve it. We could say all that Subic House on compartments. Bryce it and get on board with rifle paced nine rights to the series of traditional other partners involved in the mid has attained level so take principles brought down because bond the wheel. They're all guys and willing to to be a part of this anonymous stand. How important is off? How many of your regular teen and I made the media team in front of the camera and behind the Camera GonNa be part of this coverage on the camera based the traditional Gosh like you said telecasts direct up. He's still directors telecom tonic heavily involved as the laboratories and chuck citizens who looks on the same editor. Anna Suchitra Jason. He's involved and then obviously the broad of maintain the helping in the background at an administration level and then when to talk on camera We're really lucky. And the Spanish to get a bit of United Nations of television. Matthew want from network ten awesome Neil Zoo hosting this vices of it Sitting on the Desk Neal and Matt Providing the divine comedy for the for the beaches. Then we've talked what we call reporters which Chat Nylon and arresting champion. Jonathan Simon in Melbourne. Were you out there and And then in the background of the day start level. Hike bed is connecting from time on the Gulf coast where he's going to provide With national actually helping him out which is fantastic. Love me and we won't be the the best A series now shows It's interesting because I rising the platform is US based and particularly with Particularly Nascar because I know that I was cutting the footage and making the camera coals for the NASCAR shows. Is that what happening? They cutting the package and blaming it straight to you or you actually going to be a camera. Switching the guys extremely powerful toll that has a number of different options dangles and You know chemicals available so we've been lucky enough to be able to get access to a third party software which effectively maps the cameras are. That simply won't be telecast or Formula One telecast observe machines one provides a traditional external cotton the stick him on the field and on the on both especially also big shots so we do selecting control the campus but it's not like a traditional telecasts coal h individual camera number is a set of preset moves that we take direct from the kind and then jumping. Twain Phillips of boxes. To put the telecast together add to that we've got The ability to select everyone's draw shop from there on the phone. They whipped camera at on. And we box that With some additional complimentary shots that we've got and Accent telecaster plus expect to say when I changed the Fox so that it must be in a whole. New set of skill sits fee you guys standing behind the screens with dicks. Making the decision to go next and what to put where. It's funny the one thing I got from. The rehearsal is that process is exactly the same so whilst the functionality on going to the next camera is different the fact that you have to be ahead of it and go and understand what's going to happen next in the game with the cars is still the same so for example if someone goes into the pits you have to be careful which cameron because you'll just get a a mosque shot a sort of a deadline wall for example or hide settle shot clock wise for rejoins philosophy late. You got the cut rice rate a pity. The Rachel Snag With X. Box that calm on concerts so whilst the actual physical action of challenging shots different philosophy behind copies exactly decide now. That's fast ninety. The big thing is the cows they in all the screen shots you've put out and probably what you saw. Today is how realistic the racing platform is how much time if it in cost. Does it take to to skin an eye racing car? We were very lucky with guys. Pretty Clever gentleman that helps with the same standoff the artwork and and see what's on that and generally they don't have the not so so. I have to be completely listen side. I don't know how he does so well. 'cause I looked remarkable face on and it's one of the things that we're encouraging paints. Price rising is the ability to modify car liveries round by round so we're expecting cool retro liveries occasionally funky wants to. They want to because if he's relatively and it's Spain's something when we look at what Nafta's done is they've really been each week. They knob to build up on the livery packages for the different cars because they have like soup because such a history but between the number in the car and the sponsors. Yeah that's right and I think certain teams are going to make these liveries viable general public now. It's not something that everyone can do to cheat. Iran's debility punches at high to price some of these deliveries and get on the program and writes about as well. Now how did you go about picking tracks picking full mets as you said normally a six to twelve months enterprise? Which you you've done in about a month and a half at based well. There was a lot of learnings from the series that we've done in the past on which tracks provide good rising. It's one of the reasons we chose monster for the first round. It was one of the stock tracks from the series last year. It's got lots of tagging opportunity and provided some good rising. So that was. That was something we could go to and then it was sort of just beaming them. So you know you're swing and American swing back to the Australian hotline with Arm Park Baptist. So you know when you look at the available tracks and you look at the really good ones. Because there's some tracks out there. It was pretty easy to hurt them and then decide what we do. Full match is still a work in progress and We have decided to to shake things up a little bit around one where it was sort of risk to this to traditional rice. It's actually going to be shocked if they minute Spring from Philip Pollen followed by a reverse formats Longo and then we got to along that. Rice format Of around thirty minutes from Monza. So we want to have a chance for different gossipy field for the right thing to be fresh always cars and so we're gonna be trying different things across the heavy set yourself In this first rights particularly on resets and and how you're gonNA manage those sorts of things on how many times a a destroyed can be brought back out and the like the one of the things that we discovered died from. The rehearsal is use of skype case maids to be managed because You know realistically trait dislike a proper rice. And if the damage category it back to get repaid we're offering foster paths some actual physical get back on the track as quick as possible And you know Detroit this way learning as we we've caught a solid bison understanding of what we want to achieve this. It's certainly going to be things that we need to refine as Satan. Do you have like the one thing that supercars has managed to do? Which is fantastic. Is You've got old. Twenty-five mind game drive is which is a a huge credit to the series into the drivers themselves the Diwan Participate. But have you got a limit? Is there a Bam with connection or anything like that that does limit ham? Any you could go with wildcards and co-driver in the like the Guy. Someone told me the game so that doesn't lock anything. I bet fifty five so it's a long way from anyway we'll get. I think we might say thirty thirty cows at some of that lost routes and some of Al Particularly famed racists. Where we're hoping to do a bit of it. You assigned to destroyer and I mean how can you do it? But if you're playing swing so expect to say potentially for more while cops day but it's still well and truly within the scarf in the capability of the platform. Now you did go with some super speedways and I know you'll love a drag racing. Did you ever try to contemplate? Maybe a a straight line drag rice. I have not considered a drag race but on knock that down. It's probably where it's not to say that is because on arresting really true to how the cavs and they had to gearing to really Ronald consistently. We'll be running on the robles so there will be a bank elements but they'll still be traditional second in the inside as the drag racing you point before. I'm on why we know that because I liked that idea. Hey Craig bid he's GonNa be playing an interesting role and I it to some extent game determines the penalty so has Craig GonNa be Feeding Potty. Understands that this is why to make sure that the people that watch it time realize that serious that that he's actually they look in the Saimaa that he would in the normal rice with a level of leniency. So the game does manage certain things itself to Hungary with the corner and you what we would call traditionally the Guy Mosque you to yield anyway. But we'll be making rulings. You know someone turns someone around. Then we have to decide well. Is that a bomb and lose a spot like a five ten and thirty penalty and Gargle be assessing those things and plus. It's another entertaining wider. Bring another Feis voice into this and get some human human aspect back into the game because what's important processes to humanizes coverage to put as many real heads into witting boxers or full frame or whatever is retained so that people aren't just watching an animation knighted rights. They actually understanding that is real people in the background running these controlling this managing and it gives you a fantastic opportunity. You don't get in the real world. And that is to go to Craig. Whilst he's making deliberations to see the process Which normally has done behind closed doors or You know in the pressure rice control. Yeah that's what set off with With an art rising platform himself and he and he's got an output. How broke US coverage? And you know he. I think Greg Character And he knows how to To play the game as well so so I think it'll be an entertaining addition to the broadcast. Now we have safety during the rice. The answer's Yes If required so we haven't thrown them having tried one but if there is a native form we will try yes and the drive is get to choose the race it to make your with the damage. The dravis can hit that a a a SKYPE K. As you were saying before not like I want them to hear the skype. I want them to drive back to line lock. They wouldn't have traditional rice yawning wide. We're going to let them escape back to the pizzas if you've ended up in a different paddock somewhere in Europe flood. Danny's literally cannot drive back. But we we really want them to trade this realistically and and if the damage to get back to the pets have you had the time to look at what. Nascar INDYCAR FORMULA. One of all done to see some of the illicit lint. I've touched on. All of that. Telecast and learn from what they're doing and and things that I would do differently you know. They're all doing a really good job of it and everyone's Everyone's putting particular tops on our. Mike Sounds unique effect that I managed to get all championship driving. You know. There's not a selection. He's the proper the proper Astrid Sippy Cup championship drivers Guy Against Each Other and the fact that we are seeing a lot more about broadcast talent through you know Christine areas. I know if one of one but you know I I think a far from a little bit of everything. I've looked at that and then we're going to do our audience as well and you try to balance fun and seriousness of rising one hundred percent. I mean the primary focus was with this thing in a ton of it has to be time whilst we WANNA wrote about strong competition and then all the rehearsals in the practice sessions off. Same with settling to get that. These thing has to be first and foremost entertaining and it gets you on. Prime time midweek prime time which is the toughest time for any sport to try and lock themselves into one hundred percent and we really blessed as a sport. Have a platform where we can do this. You know we we can it now actual 'cause that can block because they rice. They are as difficulties. No hard drive if you'll have some people and we can put on genuine. Shar has the trash talking that the drivers have been doing in spy. Chief new ideas to continue. When you're back in the real world one hundred percent. Although one I done edvard and some of the things I do in practice sessions when my lawn each other up? We don't advise that Real World. That must be abrasive breath of fresh air because we will us in the media normally always talk about how corporate are and he in the virtual world. They've actually got a bit more personality. Olicas fantastic. It's one of the one of the other benefits or the series. It's just you know these personalities coming out and we're all said things in the advises towards the front. So yes she. Put your traditional juries that you would expect around the Front but on we had Zion God running saw talk trade today in rehearsal right. So you know look to say it's Shakeout to say some some personalities that emerge to talk to some people that wouldn't normally Get as much time as as traditional now you. How how are you going wolster doing all this? How are you going with what you have to do? In the real world when we come out of this Karenna nineteen Hibernation look. There's never a note on the prize and that is to go racing for real. I mean that's probably Adamawa hands at the moment. There's some some people handling the calendar and trying to figure out examples or women got writing. But we've got everything on standby press ready to go the moment we We got a caller in an understanding when we can hit the track for real and dot wire. We'll be ready when Tom have. You been happy with the response of the other big project that you took on last year and now it's being rolled out this year with inside line. I look our habits. It's it's actually really good to see it finally get out into the spicing get in front of people. It's been a massive project. We've had here in gymnastics media to troll through and there's been a lot of people spend a lot of time on getting it right and you can imagine that's a fine balance between Being to roller into on cotton and actually making a product. That's not too hardcore hardcore. And I think that you know we've got to find balance of it. I think it probably a little bit. Towards the the COG is maybe but I really am proud of it. I think the multiple watch the mall. They'll get guides. I mean we've had if I wanted to. So I five Guam. See the this the that you had to have to set off who everyone was. You know we saw it to a little bit of. Barry's character but you white. We've got tray on Tuesday not at seven PM. And then if Boris Townsville those to emphasize to block people's minds particularly tansel this symbolizing behind the saints and some real role passion and a little bit of beef which is You talked about draw analogies. Certainly come out now. One thing that a pendant like many picks up his James Courtney at Adelaide this year. You actually did an in-car across now must be ten years since you've actually done a law having across have with James Out of the series now. Have you found any other drivers who are willing to do it? you know what probably enough Scott McLaughlin wants to do it. He's very came to do it. But as you can imagine what he does is serious business. So it's a difference between type it to do it and that we can actually get it down through the team. So it's called force at Bathurst on lapse lapse when he's been doing practice stations The the real challenge for Rossi's the fine line between distracting them and causing something. That's going to affect their rice and entertainment. Long Story Short is we will do more of it. If drivers came to do it and teams will let them and we're GONNA find a way to get more of that into the telecast. Obviously you glad that someone's pointed that out now and you can run that quite out in the public. That's right that's fantastic to speak to you. I know it's been high stress and high pressure role looking forward to seeing how the BP series rolls out on Wednesday night. Thanks very much verify. Pleasure and a high fifty one time and overhead is off. Thanks a lot. Well let's get on and get ready for a big viewing for a lot of friends at me so that you can thank you for joining us tonight. Kreiger Valentine's lock inside supercars produced by thunder media shooting next time. For more. Or locking the PODCAST erogenous or mobile device search inside supercars the views expressed on inside supercars including the panelists and guests do not reflect the views of the network Thunder Media. Will Sport Radio any publication ray broadcast of the show without the expressed written permission of funding media is strictly prohibited?

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How to Accelerate your Career with Stephen Broad from Yancoal - Part B

Stellar's Podcast Series with Shaun McCambridge

23:12 min | 5 months ago

How to Accelerate your Career with Stephen Broad from Yancoal - Part B

"Y'All her sean none of them. My Dad sits down was inspirational individuals. He shall key learnings from the own experiences on becoming. Sean Sit Stan on tax it for meals to six S. Intern highlights how we can. All learn from others experiences unlucky are inscribed Jeff Gordon and come out faction. Confident that you will enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to. Goes Rebecca Gun to part two of the abroad doghouse. Really hope you're enjoying this. Really Interesting is the Steve Touches on the snakes. Installments are really you. We all know that huge demand for tradespeople. The moment in oil personally think is an under promotion or an under a witness of hair. A reward career is and that that tried severe spices. you know what our office to individuals from your point of view? Had you sell? Promote Chris maintenance or create a career tries person, and what are some of the most rewarding things that you regard to a unit near? You'll terms of what ultimately that initial. Try the A fifteen year auto provider. Great Question. John so. You know. We need young people today wearing a challenge talent. The you know. is coming into the. As I come into the industry descent things to general and genetics and uniquely wrought. Now is the time where we've got We've got four generations in the workforce at one time and it. Has, its own unique challenges. Jin. Wa was all about flexibility technology and you know what was seeing of of. Is the children of the NFC. You know the they're digitally native. Mobile based but I actually want to be of security because that leaves through the Gypsy with their families so that's GonNa be an interesting dynamic that we come out, but I really think we need to be in the schools. We need to be advertising ourselves We need to be out there and say hey. There's more than an IP school. You know at the end of year twelve you know. Don't think you file because you eating. Get You I pay ten and OP. You can actually have a successful career Get qualification. She can travel the world you can. You know if you WANNA. Do Engineering light you can't. So I think we need to be out there. Sean sending that message and yeah. The Resources Industries got some some negative challenges on the solder things as well at the moment, so the more were out engaging with the next generation I think is going to help us particularly in Nice challenging want. Yovany makes him really really good points. The air in think note I the tried spices under marketed in the storyteller often goes the morning industry as well when there's definitely some headwinds, challenges around might be both bought. You know the rail it is. Some of the up sold for individuals Impala Titan as a person in the morning, spice, or other a huge profound, but I think the is everywhere. You look as evidence of the impact of monning role that we look at this window. There's a building gone up next to US raw materials. You look at the next to me with a vet. Come from rural materials Non Stop Selah thing is ignorance or lack of knowledge of Harum Peck Fo and pulled morning. Its sewage instruments widow that come from raw materials so I think we've gotTA educate the world on the impact of morning and half Perez in. Those materials translate to and a lot of things that we take for granted, but as it tries boost in a main to what you've seen and witnessed the what I've seen of some of those people that have applaud himself what you say travel has been amazing, the any potential impact on the families and will tonight. Gripe schooling. KNAUSS loss dolls all that sort of thing at providing for the water immigrant family. It's been amazing, and in some of the money that the tribespeople come on by some the demand for these individuals in the moment is significant, so you look at Harris? Could you bet level of income? It's hot so I. Think. There's a range of different things that need to be promoted, but all love with mornings going in that Cola morning four point I, will what whatever reference you want to call it? Maybe you could talk about. What is the trades Putin of the future look law because I think we are on that precipice of change, and with Saint Thomas Holy really start to come in, and and just the Amanda Dodder, an analytics at a going into our operations which What does the Triads Pysche future legal? Is this is. Opening fortunate enough to to sort of say some of the leading edge, tech, or the. the Ambyo some visits we've had with without Williams today, the centers and this pretty amazing things happening and I guess the good thing is is We haven't solved the problem of autonomous trucks maintaining himself so of course. So many predict the numbers record to maintain diesel. Autonomous Plates is GonNa Roy. Out Eurasians days within in the lock. It absolutely guys up because you take a truck that Mateo. Side ninety two percent of our ability. Liar ivory. You now got another layer of complexity, so the by struck availability actually has to go up to maintain the. Viability all and Back to you mentioned about the technology before you had mentioned fantastic cohort at Sydney University. When you first meeting people? You! Each Other. To you in a in a in a room of Yes senior execs from around destroy as a whole look in the coal, mining and yesterday. Oh. Don't you know you working in a dead industry? And, then as we went through the journey and you, we finish the ever Cambridge and Israel and you know by the by the end of the people who were in the banking industry legal industry at the end of it. They going on I think I'll ever job in for few. Mining Industry will still be there. Of course overturn some of the back to the question. some of the fantastic technology off saying that I think is. Definitely virtual reality and old in reality. You know you know with being in a in A. Session where we've actually tight in the CAD model, twelve truck and cut up millimeter by millimeter by millimeter till we got to where exactly halfway for the machine. That's happening in front of your. Oh, so you're saying what seen saw. The transmission is saying. You know the oil journals in the crank. Saying all is fantastic staff, and and I think when we figure out the IP issue about how you release is cad. Models. I think is a pretty exciting Tom, but there are some. that well down that path now if you take that to the digital twin mentality, of Yeah, you've got this cad model there, and and then you think well augmented reality. Glasses on yeah. You've sort of got your vision what you're looking at and the digital twin overlying. Yeah, you imagine having said glosses ongoing. Issue for this pump. I look at a sense of Bang. The pressure and fluid comes up. Yeah, you imagine that you could try soul the wise for the equipment, and I think that's why we'll see that in the next five years, so with that in in order, standard charters youtube, but could that mean you could diagnose machines in more for example from Brisbane. Yeah. Most definitely tick you. Yeah, and a good friend of mine works with A. Catering company in Western Australia and he's provided me examples of where that use a set of glasses with Camerana, and an out the sawed will be augmented reality, so you'll have a video conference happening in glasses, so it'll be locked. These people are sitting in mid Eh talking to you and they're looking at what you're looking at and diagnosing remotely from from Perth and that existence. Example side that's happening. That's happening. Now. got that ability. To to do that right now. Unbelievable. An excellent tone and I'll think we need to embrace it in all thinking. Some people fear that you know this least jobs as a result, but for some of the paper she's on with voter and technology. The Nick gained. These more jobs than we started as just the jobs look slightly different. They were in the beginning. Definitely? We. We might have a tendency to light away from mechanical engineering engineering, which which I think is really sweaty. Industry's gone. Fantastic now! Of Theory and seems to be true for that yet to really advance your career. U2 NATO. Support of family by to take on that journey, and it's not just the supporting you, but you might consider In. Not For your family because I think sometimes ambitions, a wonderful thing pushes you full, but sometimes this dance awed ambition, and that can be taking soon things for granted or being complacent on the home front and the. US. Leads to to. Marriage breakdowns in the law back. Tips in your experience Iran maintaining some form of harmony between work and often the impact on your career. A system full mile is Share that mobile. we've been married you know fifteen years hypothyroid. first and foremost it's partnership and lock any joint venture or partnership needs to be balancing in the relationships and. Guess AOL. Strong point is, is that we now each other's weaknesses and we know each other's strengths, and and you know the arrows in the family you now, Family Unit definitely reflect that and My family's been more than flexible and you point out shown. That the the number places, we've lived and and moved and the ability to take up. Any opportunity is being sort of what's resulted in in in mockery thus far, but there has come a point where. You know with that needs to be less flexible, and that's around children's education and. They're they career path that they've chosen to go on in their futures. Access to good schooling universities. Important thing and recently that was what was behind the move back to Brisbane, Yes, I, that means that on move. travel a lot more than I used to, but you know what family sacrificed a lot for me and. And, my sacrificing forcing. Trouble Tom Excetera. Vilma family. Now think fantastic outs that Pot Ship obviously being where of one of strengths and weaknesses Though pretty clear on one another's roles and then hey, both contribute to the family and whatnot, but it's definitely been a give and take on both sides of things. Sans Look. It's really working for. You might not Moi for that as well one thing to ask different people. Particularly those that have achieved success in whatever around that Iran is you know. Is there any? Habits or rituals a little hacks that they have to get the most out of themselves the most out of the die. Or anything that you do feel religiously or consistently to able you to perform or ceva delivery. On the fan of planning you die, so the first ten fifteen minutes of your day spent with a coffee at this guy. I, what do I need a shave to? at the end of the day. What are the key things that? Will be if I get that done, it could die because it's so. It's so easy to get caught up in the in the here and now and a bit of a slave to your inbox and so you actually need to set up K mall. Stein's and on a Monday. That might be a. what do I need to do this? What what does a good wake look block and take guys goals off, and and I get some satisfaction. There I'm very toss goering title person, say Saif May. That's multi. Fantastic now, obviously, with as many competing priorities that you. Come across. It'd be very very easy to to get lost in Europe. That's coming at you in a reactive lives, but a lot that or similar to the regime, coming in north nearly and get the coffee and sit down and gone will look you know. What are the clear priorities with for the dial the way that you want to achieve and they don't think it's about having a bit of discipline to stick to that, but you know obviously being a little bit so a fluid by stone. Things that come that need your attention. So a really that entrepreneur, that's a good simple one but one that has big benefits. I am going to tell him you've you've given us some wonderful insults? He already which described but. Guess the last criminal law too far. You is I any voice that you pass onto a sparring tradespeople. will latest in general because all think. Wash your origins around that tried. You've transcended into. That will have leadership. with data any sort of key tag wise, you would pass on to papal. Soda a sparring to go down the triangle. The General Leadership amount into. Show because it's not an easy. It's not an easy It's not an easy answer, but for sparring. People dive. They afraid to be afraid to take a chance you know. They are the tycoon of opportunity when you've got a seven on seven off roster when you've got a an opportunity to maintenance plan for three month window, because someone's on long service, don't worry about the mandate of fraud I. Rosser just getting have a guy because. The tribesmen forever. If you, if you want the roster or you know you've got an opportunity to to grow and NATO called those opportunities You know we talked about resilience before. Yeah, that's an important part of of what we do is as maintenance paper out the. Elliott molecule. I learned a lot from not having anyone else available to come and help. Going to be resourceful, you go to resourceful. There's now auto electric, so you unlimited electric's. Magellan. Is Minding what you can learn when there is no one else to come and help you, you say and that's when we talk about resilience. That's sort of an example of of what we what on main Yeah, just get out. Have Guy be willing to travel adaptable They see things for for lead is it's a? It's sort of a more complex answer Sean because. This thousands of books written about leadership and there's probably next year that might be another sales unwritten, and so and the reason for that is. There's no one leadership theory that set good that you can use everywhere, so it's around having a toolbox of of Olmos leadership stars knowing when to use MA. Think is the most important ladyship tip hocken give, but but also as you, Korea grows and. And Yeah. Utah does change, and and things like that. You know one of the things. Almost proud of is ugly on the sign person was when fifteen year old apprentice or or non-euro Triesman will obey a little bit mature, more mature that Tom. You're part of the machine. Imagine that Laka Laka gearbox one coke meeting. And thing doesn't turn and that's everyone's were. All is one of those folks, so it's. It's from the the clean. That tried assistance. Everyone has a the the role to play in the business, and as general manager of asset management. You know on feel that many more important than. Then, the people out there actually doing the work and and you know we. We can't lose saw of that I. Think if you do and you're probably in the role for the wrong reasons. I. Think some fantastic onces I think just going back to your your answers on the the traits a lot of things. Were also picked up. There is the example he gave around. Try Banner Tries Plan of the Knicks is not too much the roster but I think if if you've got a vision to be more than just try to not legitimate wrong with just being tried to move, but if you've got a vision of your career that beyond that, you need to tight those opportunities. and think soon the encourage anyone on the raw. To have a vision of guy, but make sure your actions and excuses, good blonde that trajectory, and that regard and then you, the the leadership sort of things zero is just such a plethora of mythologies and frameworks and views on leadership, but on the building you toe box, you might be off to apply set methodology innocent Mama inquisitive all open to different strategies, all frameworks as you evolve with. You said with different generations may become different approaches or stalls that are gonNA work going to be effective. But perhaps the most interesting and important you provide was just that notion of staying humble. You're not you just want the team where the or the Apprentice Oba. GM At the end of the day runs a reply. No one's more important and our thing from Malaysia point of. People want to work for people that humble. DOT fill out their. Oh, beyond that the the paper work in Iran. I'll sit and they always get it through air interactions, in. H-have conduct you that that you attribute that yet position on guessing that more toward back to the. Family Environment that you grow up in no de. Tasmania wouldn't have thought this, too. Many rooms for for Prima Donnas an environment saw that The hill days and morning when the thought that you get away with being a Prima Donna too much. Says good, and it might be just the last question sort of put on the back of that. What Bay is there any particular book that you've enjoyed? The most will referred the boss. I just told him back to that notion of learning. I guess it's more around less around books and Moran Leadship Theories My students will be well aware one of our favorite leadership theories. Z's hoops bugs to effective theory and you know he says. Hertzberg. Theory was around motivation. You guys actually got to sits providers. You got the the Hodgin factors which you know if you have inappropriate portions. People aren't motivated, but they're not dame out. You know consequently if you die and have people a hugely. You and then you have things that are modified as which you know if you if you spend your time and effort in their people will be extremely motivated to balance between these auctioning factors. What do you need to have good culture stibal environment? Yeah, let's things like. And stuff like that. People need to be fairly renumerated. If our pay you know if our pipe twenty percent more. To twenty percent better work and we're going get twenty percent higher availability. Now think we know the answer to that need to be fairly renumerated. Where on the other saw? Recognition reward status your those sorts of things. What really really motivates seeing so you know? You understand that you deny that in balancing Herzberg and similarly maslow's theory think is. Very relevant we learn a lot from that. Not. Great grounds from Grad also through on the back. Let might outside. Thank you, thanks for technical media. Busy die to counter she. Really enjoyed a Arkansas it here for a lot longer baking. Brian's and experiences on different things, but might say yeah. You can see you draw. See your ambition or I'll say you inquisitiveness in dissolved to keep learning a suspect. You not finish it with all the girls and whatnot in Friday. Thanks for taking the toll on Shiro. That'll think for those that listen tonight. We'll get some good Taqwa wise. That's a goal with that, so I really appreciate tag. Matola tests at Dan and she sounded is. Those James that have worked with us. Thanks very much absolute pleasure and really enjoy catching. Progress Thanksgiving Virginian bacchus. Few, think the. Network the more enjoy or appreciate. Some of these ladies please feel pass on in Oh. Tentatively hassle-free to subscribe will follow us on the walks to the Austrians, polka store or your preferred channel. Really. Appreciate you giving up your time to listen to some of these Taqwa wise and I'm calling from. Iran I've got very through the price.

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640: The CEO-Clinician

The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes

23:01 min | 1 year ago

640: The CEO-Clinician

"Doc Quick question for you. Do you feel like you're practices under performing in any way. Is it chaotic. underproducing reducing or under collecting is your overhead out of control or is your cash flow tight or even non existent every month. You feel like you're being held hostage by a bunch of Prima Prima. DONNAS is their daily drama at the office if he said Yes to any of these questions. I just want you to know that I know exactly how feel I've been in there and if you ever feel like you're the weakest leader the worst manager or the most clueless business owner on the planet don't worry. I was probably worse worse in fact for me. Things got so bad that after I acquired my first six dental practices I nearly had a breakdown almost lost everything financially early and personal so decided to sell four of my dental practices and I went on a quest to find out how to do it the right way without having to sacrifice vice my marriage time with my three sons my integrity or my sanity what I was looking for was someone who had actually done it before. Uh someone who had walked in my shoes felt my struggles and had learned how to navigate the treacherous waters of dental practice ownership even multiple practice disownership when I was vetting my potential new dental consultants I asked three simple questions as the person who will be mentoring and coaching me actually had a successful practice. If so what metrics did you use to deem this a successful practice and how many practices awesome did this person have number two aside from marketing and other important soft skills will your firm actually provide in-depth financial analysis tracking reporting and show me how to create an Rana sophisticated business and number three. I asked the best coaching groups I've I've ever been associated with. Have a community element with high level members sharing their best practices. Do you have this. My searched left me underwhelmed welcomed what I did find was no shortage of dental consultancy firms who would gladly charge me between forty and one hundred thousand dollars per year here for the privilege of working with them but none of them ticked off all of my boxes so I decided to go outside of the traditional antiquated dental consultancy world I hired business and entrepreneurial coaches marketing coaches life and relationship coaches with their help. I started to assemble the process and systems to implement lamented to my two remaining practices so that they were run like real businesses by removing me as the bottleneck we refined and fine tune these processes and to start rebuilding my group of practices this time the right way fast forward seven years later. We've created the most unique group in dentistry. Sorry it's true. Our members are wildly successful but myself and my black belt coaches can't take all the credit for that but a couple of hundred like-minded dentists dentists with over a thousand years of collective dental experience in a group with the right guidance and structure in place and beautiful things happen for all involved yeah so doc if you're on your quest to find out how to do it the right way how to finally start running your practice like a real business just email us at Info at true dental success dot com and type the word consult in the subject line and we'll schedule you to speak with me or one of my black belt coaches. That's Info at true dental success dot com enter consult into the subject line. I look forward to hearing your store the dental for Noor podcast okay doctor. It's time to put down that hand piece. You're listening to the show dedicated to helping dentists get their lives back. It's time to decrease your distress. Increase your profitability and regain your passion. Now introducing your host Dr Mark Kostas. Hello everyone welcome to another episode of the PODCAST. I'm your host. Dr. Mark cost us. This is alive keynote presentation that I gave in Sidney Australia. This is pretty cool because I have a large family in Sydney Australia that I didn't meet until a couple years ago when I did my first speaking Gig in Sydney when my dad immigrated to the United States in the night the late nineteen sixties from the Philippines he had two sisters that actually the emigrated to Sydney Australia around the same time period so as my dad was growing his family and progressing <music> as a United States citizen two sisters were were you know were establishing themselves in Sydney. Australia have large families. My my kids have tonnes of cousins over there that they had never met until a couple of years ago. So Sydney has a very special place in my heart. I love Australia. I Love Australians and and every time I can get out there. I take the opportunity to do so <hes> this short clip. I think it's about thirteen fifteen minutes. I talk about the evolution of the practitioner and the balance between practitioner and CEO Slash. Practice owner and I talk about the nuances and how many times we can get out of balance because we are natural clinicians editions and that is what we are going to naturally gravitate towards <hes> I talk about Michael Gerber specifically and the e Myth and what the entrepreneurial myth means and basically the entrepreneurial myth of assuming that we if we are the best physicians of the oral cavity if we the best clinicians people will be a path to our door and that goes for any other field it goes for chefs it goes for hairdressers it goes for accountants. It goes for for attorneys the Fallacy the myth that if we are the best at our particular trade then people will build people people will actually <hes> beat a path to our door and that couldn't be further from the truth so I go into that concept. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Make sure that you're going over to Dental Success S._T._V. on Youtube for fresh content that we do not share on this five and sometimes seven day week podcast brand new content short video clips of three three to five to twelve to sometimes thirty minutes of all fresh content <hes> if you are fans of the dental poor podcast which <hes> hoping that you are if you're listening to my voice you guys are GonNa Love Donald Success TV for free for you. Make sure you go over and support US leave some comments there and give us thumbs up. If you like the videos okay guys have a great day. We'll talk to you very sue definition of evolution guys all melodist. Your scientists are very smart people definition of evolution the gradual development of something especially from simple to more complex form so if you think about us we think about me for one. I was not a very evolved person when I was going through where you guys who call university. I was a call a collegiate Egypt football player. I played American. Football didn't get to spend a whole lot of time. Focusing on academics and I had a bit of a learning disability I had A._D._D.. And attention problems and I wasn't wasn't smartest cookie so when I finally got into dental school I had a lot of making up to do so my evolution started before this little guy here I was over here in the single celled creatures trying to two separate from from two cells to four from four to six or four eighty four dumber four is not sick <hes> so you can see. I wasn't smartest cookie so at my my evolution was very very slow but you know over over time or the years I've have evolved both as a C._e._o.. And a clinician right and we know that right now when I get back home I am mentoring probably oh I don't know I've probably had three dozen associates or trial. Partners worked for me at my different practices. I'm yet again. Mentoring another brand Iran new just graduated new dentists in one of my practices so right now I would consider him probably around here. You know it's like okay okay. We don't have three hours to cut you know a a clue Zal Amalgam. We don't have three hours to do a crown on prep. This is what has to happen at the pace of general dental office in the real world so we're starting way over here with him. It's going to be a gradual agile evolution but if it's anything like what's happening other my practices with other mentors that I've had before long he'll be standing upright. Hopefully I've had a a lot that never ever ended up standing upright but hopefully he will be different so we all have this gradual evolution. How many people have read this book that you miss the Ema th by Michael Gerber yes excellent excellent? I have one up here who has not read this book. I recommend that everybody read this book the by Michael Gerber it was one of those books that I read that changed everything about the way that I view business and entrepreneurship so here's what he's talking about in the e Myth the Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Myth by Michael Gerber so if you're a great technician you'll have a successful business. Let that soak in for a second if you're a great technician and you'll have a successful business. You're a five star Michelin Chef. Is there such thing three start your three star Michelin Chef. You're the best S. chef. You're you graduated first in your class. People come from all over the countryside to go to the restaurant that you work at few people pull you aside assigned. Say you know what you are too good chef to be working for somebody else. You're the best chef that I've ever experienced your food is fantastic. Why are you making the Schmuck over here? Rich what you need to do as a three star Michelin Chef is opened up right down the road in fact I saw we we space right down the road <unk> perfects. Why don't you just go open up your own restaurant of people will hear about what a great chef you are? The business will take care of itself doesn't How many times did we hear that? If you practice best clinical dentistry that you can if you refine your clinical skill to the level that you are an expert that you are perfect that you can teach at a dental school. If you refine your clinical skill to that degree the patients will beat a path to your door they will they will be there right and the business stuff it'll take care of itself because you'll be making so much money you can make a bunch of mistakes aches and you'll still be rich. That's what Michael Gerbers talking about that is the that is the way that the most of the world views entrepreneurship at small small business because small businesses comprise the vast majority of business in the entire world is not the big corporations but the collective of small businesses including the the Business Dennis owners in this room the practice owners that is what he's talking about and that's what he calls the entrepreneurial myth according to him him mill that every business owner must cultivate three sides of their personality not just the technical side which is the clinical side for us but you also also have to be managed yet to become a great manager at a great entrepreneur that is Michael Gerbers theme and that's why he is one one of the best business authors of all time I've simplified it for dentists because I've had the privilege of being able to work with dentists all over the world and I think that there are two sides that we must master not necessarily three but to we have to become great clinicians and we have to come great CEOS so how many of us have a practice. That looks a little bit like this. Take your time. Let it soak in the real picture. Can you guys see that okay. See See see what I'm saying really big guy on top Bob. He's got little chicken legs. Okay so how many of us did have a practice that is balanced kind of like this over develop. Clinical skills skills very very very underdeveloped business skills. Yes now are all you guys have great legs. So what I'm saying is here is that it's very very important to be balanced as a practice owner owner now you guys are all very very intelligent people and what goes into mastering the clinical side of things is very very difficult and it takes years years and years and years to develop that knack to do what you do. What we do is miraculous every single day and I don't think the general world gives us enough credit for it but what we are able to do in the space the size of a fist with this thing called the tongue while the patient is wide awake and feeling blink pain and slobbering and bleeding and scared to death what we're able to do in micro millimeters is is absolutely remarkable that we are able to do it but the other side of this? If you want to own your own business you have to develop your other side. You're the other side of your personality. It's just as important because if you run an inefficient business business that's bleeding. If you have a bucket that's got holes all in it if the mechanism if the machine is broken than you will never ever ever the able to bring your clinical gifts to the number of people that deserve to have your clinical guess so the two sides of practice ownership ownership. You have to be a great clinician. You have to be a great C._E._O.. I believe in both I am constantly going to get new clinical information. I'm going to Clinical C._E._O.. Time but so many of us because it's our comfort zone only focus on the clinical stuff and they forget all about the business stuff which which is why there's fifty people in this room but if this was a clinical see either might be one hundred guys are rare breed in the fact that you're taking the time to be here so learn. The stuff makes very special clinical evolution. We all know this. We talked about my guy that starting when I get home on on Monday he is right around here is he's not walking upright yet but we know what has to happen in order for him to be an effective partner of mine he has to be faster. His clinical care must improve gradually and then hopefully get to a level of master ship at some point diagnosis and treatment planning that all comes down to training. Hopefully I'll be able to to get him around to that quickly and then his effectiveness and comfort with of anesthesia Doctor Nicholas back there is a master of delivering profound and painless local anesthesia go figure as far as I'm concerned that is probably the clinical gift that is the biggest practice builder out there your So how about our evolution as C._E._O.. How much have you guys evolved as a C._E._O.? How good are you at management or Jeez delegate that out? How how efficient is your practice run around like chickens with their heads cut off at the practice? How often often is your chair side assistant leaving the treatment room to get something that they forgot to put in there how smooth dude things run at the front when we're checking in checking checking out verifying how much dental insurance or how much benefit they have left? How efficient are we? How about our marketing? How good are we getting new patients since in the door and then our production and collections we usually that's the one metric that most dentists if I asked them yeah no but I if I ask people about how profitable you are what percentage you pay on payroll or percentage? Do you pay on supplies. What opposite percentage you pay on lab fees? I usually get a blank stare. How about this one? How profitable are you? What's your profit percentage? I'm not GonNa Nail anybody to the wall here but usually less than half. The room even knows how profitable they are. When I ask how profitable you are? I'm not asking how much you produced last month and and how much you collected and how many patients you had a masking how much after all expenses were paid. Did you have leftover that is your prophet customer service and patient experience is that scripted is it consistence. Does every single patient get the same patient experience. That's a big one or are you counting on hiring the nicest nicest people possible and hopefully they don't screw it up because if there's no system in place if there's no consistency to this experience it's going to be all over the place. I'm lucky enough in my in one of my offices to be able to were little. We have a very very good reputation in that particular town. Now I see the mayor and council members all the local politicians the police chief the fire chief and before I had all the stuff in place I was like Oh my God. I have this really important person coming in today. Our guys team huddle the mayor's coming in today. Make sure that you're really nice to him. Make sure sure that you say this when you check him and make sure he's not waiting more than ten minutes in the reception area. Make sure that when you sit him down you say the following things to be very very polite to Yep. That's how I used to do things but that's a recipe for disaster right that means that you have no tangible systems in place. I've made all all of these mistakes and it's not because I'm smarter that I know how to do it right now. It's just because I've made all the mistakes so we're GonNa talk about that a lot out today. Income and profitability do you know it and are you more profitable than you were when you start it. How about your leadership chip because you can get all the greatest systems and strategies in the world if you are not a strong leader the none of this means anything I can give you all of the stuff that I use in my offices that I used in all of my offices? I can hand it over to you. Probably about this much not a lot three binders there you go. This is the keys to the kingdom. If you don't know how to hold your team accountable if you're not a strong leader then none of that matters none of that matters alot dental preneurs this episode code is being brought to you by the launch your success boot camp a dental success. Network live CD event will be held at the Aria Hotel Casino no Las Vegas Nevada one of my favorite hotels insincerity and it will feature our friend Dr Addison Kaleen who is the author of by the numbers it also Diaz is lead blackbelt coach also being featured this event dental C._p._a.. Jonathan Van Horn also Corey Korfiatis. Who is the founder under of Legwork Jake Conway who is the founder of custom practice analytics E._S._I.'s financial analyst any many more awesome speakers personally? I'll be speaking on creating a sophisticated profitable dente business and as a special bonus. If you register for our one day launch your success bootcamp event event. You'll also get a free ticket to the two day event called business immersion the business immersion summit hosted by dental whale and I'll be one of the keynote speakers at that event as well so yeah the opportunity to get to events in one three full days of awesome information about how to build a more profitable efficient and successful dental practice or group of dental practices. We hope to see you there. Simply go to dental success excess network dot com click on the live events tab and you will see the tab for launch your success bootcamp we hope to see their take care of and that wraps it up for another episode of the Dental podcast look forward to reconnecting on the next episode episode. Thank you so much for joining us today. On the dental preneurs podcast check out true dental success dot com for full recaps of every show a schedule of our live events free video tutorials and a

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Episode 8  The Train It Right Life   The Battlefield Of Your Mind

The Train It Right Life

27:07 min | 4 months ago

Episode 8 The Train It Right Life The Battlefield Of Your Mind

"I didn't want to bodybuilding champion I one of the best bodybuilder of all times. The down and ask yourself. Who Do you want to be? The Watts, but who? I'm talking about figuring out. What makes you happy? You have thinking outside the box. Of! What is the point of? Hey guys welcome back. What a week! If you're tuning in for the first time. This is the train at right podcast and I'm elise. chevelle I F. figure pro. And on this podcast I basically discuss. Motivation health nutrition and diet training. Boys Life Okay Life. I discuss what's going on in my world. What is on my mind? And this is a Solo podcast I? Do not have guests as of right now. And if you're looking to follow me on social media, it's at train at right on everything facebook twitter instagram, my website chain it rate dot, com I'm an online coach. If you're looking for online training, you can go to my contact page on my website. WWW DOT chain it right dot com. Amongst many other things that I do but. Welcome back welcome back. Welcome back for those people who have been following me I began as podcast during the pandemic, which is still ongoing. Good news is Antero region has announced that. We are moving into fees threes, and that means the gyms where I live can finally open now. I know a lot of gyms in a lot of areas. Especially America have had their gym's open. A our. Premier has taken a more. Cautious approach to things, and has things a lot more slowly than what was going on in the states. Which is fine, it is what it is. We're here now and I also WANNA. Let you guys know that I do occasionally yellow. My dogs because I do record this podcast in my office on. My dogs are quite the pair. Donnas is currently pacing right now yesterday. Sammy had a crazy scare. hyperventilating. Sammy's my little Frenchie. Sorry for those of you don't know. Donna is a big dog and hypothetically in the backyard. Long story, Short, amazing, amazing, large giant vet bill that a can't afford. To which they didn't even do anything he's okay now. but these dogs are expensive. Who've never used to be used to be like perfect? Little angels never got sick or anything. I don't know what's going on out here. This Burlington area, but Anyway, such as life. Hopefully, I'll get like ten new online glance I can afford my dogs. But that is neither here. Are there today's podcast? What do I want to talk about? Where are we right now? I'm sipping on last time. I think it was t this time I have A. Thermo. X. Hardcore Apple Flavor of a Rockstar. And it's delicious and rockstars trump monsters of me. I can live without this hardcore flavor. Tastes like Apple. But it is what it is. I think I have three topics for you guys today I think. The first topic is. The battlefield is your own mind like one hundred percent your mind. And how to quit anything. That's bad for you. And then I want to talk about men because because. Because Really confused about today's man. But Okay, let's get into it. Um what do I mean by the battlefield. For people is their own mind. Good Donnelly down okay, so the battlefield for me. And a lot of people I know you can relate it. Is Your own mind. Okay? You're the one that sabotages yourself. You're the one that keeps you from achieving your goals, and you're the one preventing yourself removing on your the one preventing you from moving forward. Everything in this world is a choice. Now. You make the decision. To hit snooze when the alarm goes off. You make the decision to. Put bad food in your mouth. You make the decision when you eat off your plan. You make decision when you have an extra spoonful of not butter. You make a decision. When. You allow a toxic relationship to continue. That does you know no good doesn't bring positivity in your life. You allow it. You allow it to continue you allow it to affect you. You allow it to affect your stress levels. You allow. Your emotions, if somebody cuts you off. Your! Capable of controlling your motion or your capable of having a freakout and getting road rage. You make a conscious decision which end of the spectrum you want to go to. You have to master your own mind in order to be successful in life. In Sport. In relationships, and if you don't have control if you lose control. In that fraction of a second, you can be living a whole different life. You could be either doing yourself. A good. Be Doing yourself a bad. Now. What do I mean by doing yourself a good and a bad? Maybe that's not the right word, but that's going with. and what do I mean by that, so if I make a decision in the split of a second without thinking about it emotionally. Usually for me, it's rational it's. It's something that I think about later and I regret I wonder if I would have. Hesitated and thought if things would be different. And a lot of times I've ruined a lot of good things. A lot of opportunities a lot of relationships a lot of. Things like that because I allow my emotions to get involved and I don't act rationally so over the past decade I've been working on that and I'm still not perfect. There's still things are happening my life daily that I'm like Fuck Lee show. Why did you do that? Why did you say that? Why didn't you do this? Why didn't you do that and? You know I don't beat myself up about it. I move on, because that's the best thing that you can do and not dwell on the past because you need to move forward direction. If you want to go forward, so yeah, I'm not perfect. You're not perfect, but be aware that. Everything is limited and the battlefield is in your own mind. Also in addition to that the battlefield being in your mind, I'm also also talking about. Self Talk, positive, self, talk, and the way you see yourself the way you view yourself now. especially as a competitor, we don't see ourselves as everybody else does. Prime example for me is I finally. If you guys listen to last podcast, posted my current Physique update now I've done nine shows in total competed for three. Technically is my fourth year. I've been a competitor for four years and I done one year as a pro one show. And this is the first time I've ever publicly posted my physique when it's not. Show ready or just post show or Crazy lean and Vini in the gym. This is literally the first time. That I've been brave enough and got out of my head and I thought people can relate. People need to know that I don't look like that crazy freak every single day that I post. And a lot of girls who compete. Amateurs pros all like. Get in their own head. The. Don't think they're leaning off. They don't think they'll be accepted. They think people will judge them if they gain a bit of body fat well long behold body fat is part of life. It is important for your hormonal function. It's important to you. And I think it's motivational for people to see that. Is it difficult. Hell, yeah, I had to get the battlefield of my own mind. Thinking about people are going to judge me, people are GonNa, whatever whatever you know, what a lot of likes on a lot of positive feedback I don't think there's one negative comment or someone called me fat or ugly or you know like. You. Can't believe you look like this nothing? Everyone was like this is motivational I. Love Your off season, Physique. You grew a booty, bubba. Well Hello. I feel like I look fat. I feel like I. Can see my cellulite I looked chubby. My stomach isn't small and lean. Those are all things that are in my mind when I look at those photos, but I was like I. Literally Mel Robbins Five, four, three, two one, and if you don't know what I'm talking about is one of the most recent audiobooks that I've listened to the five four three two one rule. Five four, three, two one, and I pushed, send and uploaded at I, walked away, and then semi head seizures, but I walked away. I was like Oh my God. I just did it I posted it. I did it I'm done with it moving on. And then I went back to. It looks at the comments. I was like Oh my God Alicia. Why are you having this battle in your mind about these photos? Mainly, it was so positively receptive so sometimes you have to literally get over yourself. Get over your ego and just fucking do things because you know that somebody is going to benefit from it for me. I've talked about this before. I want to put things out. And I post things that are on my mind. I don't really. Sit Down and do too much thought about it. It's usually what's directly on my mind, but I do make a fact and A. Conscious effort to post things that I know people are going to benefit from. So, even if I post a Selfie or picture of myself, usually it'll have like a quote were thought that I hope and think that it will make other people think about or be able to relate to, and hopefully that helps them solve the battlefield in their own minds, and they can be like related to the CAN. Sammy they can be relatable to me. He was like rolling around on the couch in here. What a what a what a guy! I've listened to. The podcast. Can't really hear him that much, but I feel like it's so loud. But yeah battlefield own mind, get out of your head Kay. Positive self talk if you have problems with this, some tips that I have to do is journal. Ask Friends. Right down affirmations daily, so you can do that in the morning the night the afternoon. Whatever works for you can do all day. Whatever works for you find. If you have Alexa Alexa. Give you affirmations every morning. You just have to like. Look at her skills, and you can totally do a whole morning routine with Alexa. By books that can help with this. There's so many things that you can do so you're not alone. In the struggle, because even pros out themselves and Yeah the world is scary judgments scary. Things are scary. So. Topic number. Two. I was inspired by this topic because Tom by you. I can't say it right. He doesn't impact theory. If you listen to. The PODCAST, watched it. Follow him on Instagram. He's very very motivational. was actually the one of the original co founders of Quest Nutrition? And then he went on, and is living out his passions, and that's inspiring people and conducting these amazing amazing interviews that are very motivational and. He conducts interviews with so many people that I find inspiring and it's just great. And he made a post the other day. Are You, are you done? Are you done? Are you. You know when they like dig and try and get comfortable. Okay. He made a post the other day back to Tom. About how to quit anything? That's bad for you, so that's like smoking drugs. Bad Food Beer. Whatever and it's so relatable to everybody because we all have that one thing that's bad for you. It could be a frigging person. That's bad for you that you keep going back to could be a job. We all have something in our lives is definitely bad for us that we're. Keeping it in our lives, right? And he made a post about how to quit anything. That's bad for you. And there are some great takeaways I think a lot of people don't really think about, or they have a hard time to like I. I can't leave this person or I can't stop eating donuts like I can't not put cream in my coffee. You know whatever I can't not have wine at dinner. You know those types of things. I need cigarettes every day. I gather. This is related to the battlefield in your own mind, and like it is how you. Can create a way to quit anything. Okay, so step one is that you need to clearly identify the behavior that you want to quit so. For me you or you? I? I think that this should start with writing it out right down the behavior. Like what is it that you're doing? Are you hitting the snooze alarm? Are you snacking during the day? Are you skipping out on your cardio? Are You texting? That guy who doesn't text you back or that? Comments on every single girls photo, saying that he loves it and giving her hearts and stars in the near checking in on his shit when really he's, he's like every other girls shit on instagram. That's another topic for another day, but you know what I'm saying. Identify the behavior that you're doing that. You want to quit. Number two. I thought this one was a great obsess cool. He says read I'm not really into the word rat how great it would be to quit! How frigging amazing would it be if you woke up on? That alarm clock went off and he started her day right away and you didn't lose any hours of work. If you, Didn't snack on that thing if you didn't have that, spend that money on that. Drink at dinner if if you. Had all the time. You're wasting obsessing over a guy who's clearly not paying attention to you. What would you do at that time? You'd have so much more time to do other things that are important, right? So what do you need to do to create a vision board of what your life would look like without that thing that person that situation? The drink the cigarette, the snacking the guy whatever make vision board about it about how your life would look ideally without that thing. That's bad for you, right? Tell people. Tell them guys tell you. Guys. If you see me smoking, you know, take all my money if you see me smoking Tommy. That I'm not supposed to do that because I'm trying to quit if you see me reaching for a snack. Asked me if that's all my meal plan. If you see me ordering a drink at dinner when we go out, asked me if that's what I'm supposed to be doing. Call me out on my bullshit. Right, tell somebody. You know if you think to yourself, look fuck like I'm going looking at shit again. Tell Ya. Bitch I need you to distract me, because I'm looking at that Guy Shit again, right? Tell people what's going on in your life and what it's going to be like then you're going to be able to live in that space. Number three. He, says change your identity to that of a person who does not do the thing that you're trying to quit. That's where I was talking about the other week. About what would the overall to? Literally make yourself into that person like. You know if I want. To be. Miss Figure Olympia. Rate I mean every figure dream, and do you think if you guys ever follow Sydney Jillian? She is the misfit current Miss Figure Olympia, and she is the hit him. Right word. She is just the best role model the best spokesperson. She's one hundred percent on our plan all the time and she lives in breezy eats the sport and. She. She's not snacking on Xtra Shit. She's not she's going one hundred ten percent and all our workouts. She's not stopping ten seconds early. You know like what would sit Sydney. Do what would Sydney Julian do, or if it's something else it's like. You know what would somebody in love you? Know they're not gonNa have to feel the need to stock dude. That's not paying any attention to them because they're guys going to be paying attention to them. They're guys going to be making them their whole world. The guys can be making sure that she's taken care of and that she's not looking elsewhere for some other guy right. Anyway life without cigarettes any anything else. Topic numeral four US bright lines. You simply don't need to do that Shit simple as that. Never. Bright fucking wines. Hi, Hello, why are you smoking? It's disgusting. It's simple. Don't do it. You know what's bad for you, so I kind of liked that one. It's just like I know it's easier said than done, but in the end you need to like think about that too right. And lastly used the desire to do the thing as a habit loop trigger to do something else find positive. So. Repeat this process until it happens automatically, so use the desire to do the thing as a habit loop trigger to do something fun. And positive. Right Fun and positive instead of smoking gross snacking feeling bad about yourself ordering drinks spending money. To something else. Instead of smoking Chew Gum. This is your habit loop right instead of snacking drink water. This is your habit loop. Instead of ordering that beer order the tonic order that Seltzer order the sparkling water order the water. You get my idea. Instead of looking at that dude's instagram. Look it, motivational videos look at motivational quotes. Look at my instagram. Don't go to guys. Go to my instagram ray now. If you've got one of those people that you stock online, you know what I'm saying. Girls guys you to go to my instagram. Go to my most recent photo video whatever I've posted and say. I'm coming here instead. That's all you need to say. I'm. I'm here instead. I would love to see that love love love to see that I'm just keep repeating this if you gotta go right on my picture every day. I'm fine with that. I'm here for this I. Am here to help you. So. That's the second topic how to quit anything. That's bad for you, so there's some tips and tricks and ideas on how to quit things that are bad for you. Okay number four men. Number three. See. That's how stressed out. My brain is when it comes to I. Can't even count what number topic I happen to be out. I don't even know where to start twenty twenty like men think their shit there so accessible, and it's just wild. The things that men think is okay on how to behave and treat women I. Don't know where I'm going with this, but. Honestly. Here's my deal. If you're not ready for her leave her low. It's really that simple, good night and good mornings. Yeah, that's cute and sweet, but the security guard at work also says good night and good morning to me. You know what I'm saying, ladies. We need to stand up for ourselves up for you these these. Yoyo men and stop getting fucked up over them for them, not even treating you. Think about this. If you're not being treated how you want you winding plan, you cry. What's going to happen if you end up with that guy? Like! seriously. Are you going to be happier? You're going to have to like. Someone who's not chained, not even trained just like has no common sense on how to treat a female properly. Like. Why do you want to be with that person? I don't get it. I really don't get it, but also. I don't even know how to explain it. It's like. When you're not looking for something or having to Hound, somebody about something is when the best things that are gonNA. Walk into your life unexpected and I'm. Single I guess. It is what it is. There was somebody that I would have chose, but neither here nor there however. Last week. It very interesting person came into my life. And it's I don't even know how to explain it or what it is or what's going on, but the best way to describe it for me. Is that I'm going to call it? A really amazing distraction from the negative things in my life, and it was very unexpected, and whether it's a friendship or relationship or Even if this person is in my life for just a season and seizing can be a day a couple of days a week a month longer. The season Cobas forever. You. Know what? The season that they're here now? I'm embracing and enjoying the distraction from the previous season. that. Maybe there isn't anything resolved because there's a lot of unresolved shit there but like. I'm happy for this. and. I am spending a lot of time this week. Even though right now. I'm recording. It's Monday but this weekend and this week focusing on myself. My goals might things that I. Used to do the meaning happy. That made me feel accomplished. I'm hustling, trying to find clients. I'm recording my podcast. I'm reaching out to companies that want to work with you know I'm. I if this person messes me or doesn't message me, it doesn't make me upset but they are welcomed addition to making me feel better during the day I care. They're genuinely interested in what I'm doing and. It's dude school. He's there. We'll see I don't know. I guess sometimes I'm really hard person to love you. Know not just love, but. Befriends with. I'm complicated. I suck at texting. Whatever anyways I'm here for it, so that was my three topics. I don't want to carry this podcast on too long. Although, I did get some requests to make it longer. I feel like it's just enough time for you to listen to it during your cardio your walk your treadmill elliptical. Your whatever you're doing, you're stairmaster, or while you're doing the dishes. It doesn't go on too long to the point where you're skipping the end. It's a I think that between twenty and thirty minutes from me for right now for what I'm trying to do. This podcast is a great time for you guys again. If you have any other suggestions, email me contact me. Through social. Let me know like. If you really really really think it should be longer. People's podcast go on for about an hour. podcasts that post more often than once a week are usually around the same time limit as mine are, or even sometimes a little bit shorter. They do roundups and stuff like that, but I feel like the topics that I want to discuss I think it's great for once a week I. Don't know I'm here for it. If you have an opinion on it, I'm. This is still new to me I'm still learning as I go. I five, four, three two one mile robbins myself into this podcast and I really hope that you're getting something from it. And that you're enjoying, might topics that I bring to you at random again. Suggestions Welcome If you want something more structured. If there's a topic you want me to discuss, let me know. I'm here for I'm here for all talk about anything. Nothing is off the table with me. Get even personal if you want and I'll name names I. don't care I am way I'm you know but anyways? Thank you for tuning into this week's episode of the train at right life podcast I appreciate you. Thanks for sticking into the end. Please leave me some stars. Please writer review, please share the podcast with your friends or anyone you think would benefit from it and yeah. Again if you need me, everything's at train. It right and www. Dot Trainer Dot, com appreciate you. Thank you for tuning in to this week's episode and I'll check you guys next. Body champion I wanted to be the best bodybuild of all times. The down and ask yourself. Who Do you want to be? What but who? I'm talking about figuring out yourselves. What makes you happy? You have to think outside the box. That's what I believe. I've no. What is the point of being on this earth? All you want to be liked everyone in avoid. We have so many of in Bible, but everything is. Not The long break the rules. The nothing was finished. Bodybuilding career wanted to get into acting.

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Radio Free Cybertron 690  Now with acceptable levels of Radon

Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

1:29:31 hr | 3 months ago

Radio Free Cybertron 690 Now with acceptable levels of Radon

"This is Radio Free Cyber Cyberfraud with your host Brian Kilby Featuring Chris Don Rob, die-cast John, and Lavar. This is Radio Free separate episode six ninety and Brian Hill we. First Time I've been back like what to eat. So echoey an new house and there's literally nothing this room but me in podcast equipment and a desk. But that's podcast equipment thought I didn't host to I didn't not two weeks in a row though in. One Week than you were back I hosted the week after that you didn't. Think. So okay well, last week God. I buying how sucks it turns out that? My lindor supposedly didn't send the form me to sign. In My. My realtor was freaking out about it, which may in turn made. Kim. Freak out about which in turn made me freak out about it. In all of this happened like right before the literally as I think I called Chris to start pre show turned out. It was an is nothing. Burger is nothing. This was like the day before the day before the day before closing so Hey. So that's good. No Radon Radon acceptable level. So I'm not going to get super powers hopefully, lung cancer and tired. I. Still Have My entire collection I have not even started moving that. That is all the other house every single item. Yeah. So yeah, funny. But you're bigger boat. You know the room I man is this is a will be the. Now forty well, she'll be four here next week week from today. This will be her room right now sharing it with the baby until I we get the basement finished. The basement finish bad. So what I'm GONNA do. Until until. We finish it. I'm literally walling off one room. I'm getting a tarp and literally typing off a section of the basement where I'm putting my collection so that people are cats don't get into it. And get it'll be like an excavation here monthly here going out and seeing what have I should do videos because it'll be new to me at that point and a lot of it is new to me since I haven't really touched a lot of it. Stayed in boxes is picked him up. Yeah. But yeah so. I with me. Hey, we got Chris die-cast John Matt and Rob Dawned is celebrating his girlfriend's be today. Behavior put in the text I guess he meant Bidet her birthday. I would. I would assume. I don't know what you guys do in the Carolinas. So I'm. Same thing. Texan. Me I'm tired. Literally you know. I don't know what why horse. But ever since the move has been horse, it's different. Air Is being tired that radon the rate on. So you're going to express your mutant powers soon, that's what it means. Yeah. That'd be fun. So. Me and a lot of stuff has happened the last week. Pretty crazy. I can't wait to actually. Catch up on it I actually for a patriots and Patriots Dot com slash you we love you by the way. I was actually, I didn't get one of the news items posted for a couple of days because I literally didn't have access to for like three straight days wasn't that bad. Of course now shouldn't do this during the show but I'm going to. Show off. Speed test to looks like. Everything caught on fire on fire. To my download was a little better than it was right now it's going to about eight, hundred, nine, hundred I'm only showing off literally the reason cares to the podcast. Internet is so fast that we're actually getting what he's saying before saying. But hopefully this means less stuttering less. Issues getting video uploaded. So five hundred and sixty up for right now, which normally before it was forty up so If we are video streaming will well be better. Less crashing yeah. So Pretty excited about that says it's not all bad get healthy. So let's talk about what we got this week. I'll speak for done. DONNAS expecting. EARTHRIGHTS RC. Poor, guy he opened up his package man. Late Cyber, verse Artsy, we started the which he already has two of which here's a bit of advice if the description of the item on Amazon. Says one thing and you buy it because the picture says, it shows that it's something else. It's almost certain that the picture is wrong. Everything on that product page says it's Doug, but the picture shows us a cal you're getting a dunk. But but might get a duck that has like cow spots because that'd be kind of cool that would be cool. That's like the same thing as dating APPs. There's getting on their. What you'll get cyber verse are see no I. I have had one of those. Or Duck get another one. Yeah true builder. I mean I could just like if I want to do just like Hasbro toy shop because they got them up there for free shipping to. Christiane I. Yeah. Sure. So, let's talk about the thing that several of us have at this point I think which is the arthritis on judge it. it's very good at being a floating egg with five faces on it. Exactly. that. It needs to be yeah. No, that's not a not phrasing of that way till like back handedly complain about it. It's doing what it's supposed to be doing for thirty dollars. For. Thirty dollars, it's falling off of its chair Chair, Yeah. I kind of I think I kind of overestimated the strength of that and I think I lost the little gun they had on the other. And drop the gun several times I'm sure can find out later. If I remember look for it not the worst thing if I lose that. Now it does exactly what it's supposed to do with even got the Little Action Gimmick with the lever on the back. So you can cycle through the faces I feel like the I feel like the mechanics on this a little bit too aggressive because like it's Like, skip past the face or two, I want to do it really slow and careful, which is not exactly conducive to how it's designed like it's something where it feels like you WanNa go full force on it and make it spin around like that, which is cool and funny but. Gradually cycled through the faces it's a little bit trickier to do that. I also find like you know these nice hollow cavity and here's the probably like put a candle in that or something I would actually recommend but. And like the baseball I haven't messed with that too much. But like I kinda liked the concept of that the croissant being able to turn into its own jail. At least for battle master size things it's a neat extra and kind of a novel way of solving the problem of what do you make a Quintas on transform into everything has to transform somehow or other unless you're Alpha Quintas Tantrum energy on in which case you kind of sit there and do nothing and don't even have five faces. That was that was such a bad everything and even though it doesn't. Pay Oh I. Didn't lose the guy had by the going on the bottom of the chair it stores go me. So, even the Quintas on doesn't like TAB super securely the chair I I kind of like the cherry like as a thing like it's got the. Energy beam to float, off. Sitting on a table top or something but you can also have floating is beam in a chair which amuses me to no end. Unfortunately this uses a specific proprietary connection so there is no way to use uses as a blast effect on anything else. But it's interesting because it's got this. like mechanical fastener in it. So there's a little lever on the end that you pull down to release the tension ought to. Plug it inter out so. Holds in there really securely and I wouldn't try to youngest out without using the lever really. It's fallen off a couple of times. Well. I guess you've got a bad one mine like. The. The the brain case falls out before the thing falls off of the energy effect. Maybe you don't have yours clipped in all the way. I mean I guess it holds it. All right. Yeah. No I. Just I wouldn't try to pull that out without using the catch on the base of it though because you'll probably end up stressing you're breaking those tabs in there and then it won't hold on very well. I think I dropped it and it kind of fell apart. Dropped to go and it didn't fall apart. So like I posit, you might have a bad one. For thirty dollars, it might be a little bit much. But I know. A lot of people were able to get it on target pricing error and buy one get one half off sale early. Should have done that I did. So I actually have another one of these coming on Friday and then you know if the Pit of judgement pans out I'll get that I'll have three songs which I think is enough for you know my. biomechanical legal system needs that is that is the correct amount. To have, yes, I either three or five five. If three's the correct minimum amount. And when I troop build stuff I usually like three will be my default. Now sometimes I go higher than that but three is usually where I feel like okay. This represents an adequate number of them, and if I want to do like photography south, I can. Use Trick, angles, and sometimes composite to fill out a bigger group if I need affect. You know if you only have one or two, it's at certain it. Becomes, a lot more waiver to go with my Quinta San I have the deluxe alcon what how do you like it since you're probably the only person that has the I think the only one of the group that has the so far So everything it looks like from the pictures is true in real life. So, like it's just the robot kind of crouching with an alligator head. And it looks more like weird kind of Goblin thing than an alligator robot thing. Yeah Yeah I mean it could be worse. But at the same time, it's no like legends shark to. What is that's true but like it's not unreasonable to hope for something to live up to that level. especially. Being a deluxe versus a legends class The robot mode is you know Chunky Balki. It's OK. The posibilities fine this. It's not like a thrilling figure to have, but it does its job well, enough I. The main problem I have to actually to problems I don't like how the robot legs work in the mode read is Kinda have crouching or if you go strictly by the instructions, you have more standing upright with the knees bent and then it looks even more dumb. The other thing I don't like, and this is something that we identified from the pictures very early on his the alternate mode arms that are just. Riveted. Onto the robot forearms and all you can really do with them in robot mode is flipped them back out of the way, but they're still there in plain sight it some really non ideal and a case where. and. Riveting them on. I. Wish they would have just been on like a five millimeter peg or something like the option to remove them You know for aesthetic purposes for something like this I'll take the. I'll take the compromise. It's not like you know taking a third or more of our RC off of the robot to. Streamline its proportions BE I being it's it's fine. I have two more on preorder the not canceling. So I am not particularly down. And if the if the bailiff retool becomes available outside of that Pitt said, I'll probably get some of them too because they're unique enough. So. It it's more simple than I'd like, but it does its job pretty well, and the deck deco good on it and all the joints on this one. Feel. Really Nice. So. I. This could be a way worse experience and at most is just kind of feeling every I guess. So Yeah take that as you will in the long run. They get. So this isn't a new thing that's new to me, and so there's GonNa be a small story with this presentation. I got construct bought sound wave now for anybody who's too young with us to remember what construct bots were around twenty thirteen, two, thousand fourteen has decided to basically make transformers biomedical. Construct the line of. Construction toys basically of frame parts and weapon accessories and. Different things like that. the EKO chunks. Of for the most part, there is a lot of different part variation in this like mostly also shared vehicle parts. Mostly, the unique parts were just the robot heads. Now, the reason I bought construct about sound wave I got pretty cheap off Ebay. Threes than I bought. That was because sound has these parts in dark, blue. So this is like a jet engine from the aircraft mode it has. I wanted that was because it's actually a very close match, two rotor storm and if you. Take those on. You have something that looks a little bit more like Gee one rotor storm with the turbo booster engines. Very, close Nice. I can't take credit for this idea of somebody on Japanese twitter posted pictures of this and I'm unfortunately I don't remember the username for that at the moment I, probably have that in my favorites. I will try to re tweet that again after the show. So follow at Chris Beyond twitter if you're interested in finding out the original source. Now in the case that you don't like how these look on here and the blues, not a perfect match, the construct about salary blue is slightly more purple than what's on writer storm but just like visually in Hannibal lighting it's absolutely closed enough. But if you don't quite like how these look on here and of course, since it's by your can't hold these guns in robot mode. The someday, construct also comes with these small were also kind of jet rocket engine things which you can attach a in much the same way and these end up looking a little bit more proportional. They can have those attached like that, and also has something kind of turbo master like on there. So invested in the construct about sound wave to dress up my generation selects restore a little bit and now it's that much closer to being perfect. Toys. So the idea that you can take that sound wave part, which I. I have that way somewhere and So. Like, the color is very but. There was an optimist versus mega tron really like the biggest set in your initial offering of construct. Versus Megatonne, it was to complete construct bought kits in one like cardboard sleeve, and in that you got basically every kind of common part there was plus one or more of every weapon accessory. Not In this color specifically. But like probably if you have a couple of construct by you have a version of this part in some color. So if you're not too particular or you are like willing to do some painting to get it exactly right. You can probably salvage something you already have, and if not, these are not expensive on Ebay especially if you loose woman. I alluded on. I alluded on. Twitter. Probably ten or twelve days ago. Now that I had bought something really stupid on a whim and that was that. But. I'm really happy with how this has turned out and I wasn't even expecting to get the secondary jet engine option with those smaller gray pieces. That is just something I noticed why took sound grave out of the shipping box and saw how the wings were constructed. So Nice little bonus there and One or the other side of these parts is going to be permanently living rotor storm. I might look into if I can figure out a way to adapt. inappropriately sized P- egger socket onto one of these. So I can use blast effects in a way to interface those right now but you know they'll be something for a little further down the line. five meter socket or something probably wouldn't be too hard to fit into either end of this and not have it looked terrible and then you'd have explosions and beam effects and stuff. So I think it'd be worthwhile and while I bought a seven or eight dollar reflector from Ross the other day when I needed some retail therapy but that's not really we're talking about and I think that's only got this week. Anything. Oh, I got so many things. I'll go through fairly quickly though. I got some marvel legends stuff I got the black costume storm that I needed to finish my Jim Lee X. Men. And I got the the classics packed in Grey Beast because he has the head sculpt that I really wish the blue and went to come with. But The the kingpin who comes on a giant blister card. Nice Because that, that bill figure is ridiculous on the secondary market and he came in a wave of absolute crap figures that I did not want. I got the wave just for kingpin. Yeah. I was not willing to to sink that cost and no matter how badly I wanted that kingpin As far as power ranger stuff goes, I got sort on an Alpha. Nine aunt sort on lights up is. Nice. That looks a lot better with the light on. The photos. made it it it just it just looks better in person period. That's fair. Yeah. Like it seems like what they did with that they they it's either metallic plastic or metallic paint over the molded face sculpt and when it actually catches like normal white, it looks more like the distorted ways on looked in the show. It's definitely not something that comes across in photos unfortunately. I got the Lord Dragon figure the when they did the second round of this I skipped it the first time because it's me and I didn't care but then the Foam Oh, got me and then they announced Dragon version three and I was like you know what screw it. Screw IT I. Don't want to strike at anymore and that it ship before I could cancel it ucs, of course, of course, and I also found the new power moreover. Walmart very nice Sadly, it does not have an off button so. I don't know what has brewers thinking. They're. So I mean you might WanNa take. Didn't I observe that the lightning dragon dagger also doesn't have an off. Now that you mentioned I think you did yeah. Yeah. Okay. Hasbro new learning for you. bought. Yes. When it comes with. Various. sounds like the sounds and the color of the lights change out depending on which power when you put in. So moving onto transformers I got snapdragon last week and I like him better than pretty much everybody else seems to his Dragon Air Quotes Dragon Mo is absolutely the worst of the three modes the jet the jet is fine. the robot is fine. The dragon is very much. Jet Turned upside down with the stressors turned into legs. And I totally get what you were talking about. Chris. Like it does not feel like you're doing a whole lot going from mode to mode. Yeah. It doesn't feel like a voyeur. Yeah and I mean, he's he's he's pretty wide at the hips and very narrow at the shoulders which. Just. Kind of an odd visual there when you when you look at it from certain angles but very team from here. Yeah. But like I said the robot, the robot mode is good in jet motors good and the dragon mode is. Acceptable for a jet turned upside down on. And Only I guess corker knock. Scorpio is glorious and really heavy like way heavier than I thought and I actually really like the the Zara component the mega. Eric Component the head. that does not transform the way you would think it does no like there. There's some involve steps there that just surprised the crap out of me when I took him out of the box I really liked this thing. One more thing granted I. I was I was actually having a pretty bad day today. Just. You know feeling down but luckily Sky Lynx arrived to save my day. Excellent and he is excellent The. The bird mode is. A shuttle standing on chicken legs. Okay. D- what, what did you expect? And but I mean when you when you put all the pieces together he is he is big. He has a decent amount of weight to him. really possible. Just absolutely glorious. The only way this thing would be better is if he had a sound chip, so he could tell you how awesome he is himself well, if it was. Two, thousand and eight. Yeah but. that's o one I did forget a power ranger I found the. Dino charge white ranger from walgreens in Boise missed a lot of paint. That of course I'm GonNa fix that like you think left. Looking at helmet. That's yeah. Jesus and he is also missing some paint details below his knees on his legs they they. They've got the the black off. There's none of the black trim on his sword and his which I was expecting his more for has no paint on it at all. The head sculpt is acceptable as far as lightning collection figures go. There are definitely worse ones, but they're definitely better ones but again, you know Dino Thunder. Like fifteen years of fifteen years ago by now. So while more or more shut off. You know I don't want to like put ideas in their head especially along this line. But like I really have to wonder if they could you know push the price points at twenty five dollars in equity like restore some of that paint that they're having the cut. Well look what they're doing with marvel legends. Marvel legends have been sliding up to twenty five and I think The star wars figures have been starting to slide up there too I. Honestly don't pay attention to any of those lines. So I haven't referenced for that. That's why I figured I'd yeah. No, that's good. That's good but That is finally got this week. Die Ones yet. Oh I got the same thing that Chris got in the The Quinta on judge. Again, mine is a little loose at the connector I think the the only thing that I wanted to mention about the croissant judge is the chair. They made the one that the that the quiz on judges posted. have onto in. They made it. They obviously knew it was too long because e the other peg on here's a lot longer. So they they shortness peg but they didn't shorten it enough and that's why it's falling off is because it doesn't still sit flush. There's there's small gap in between what you mean that share and the stand. I'm for some then. Either got a stance sandy or just live with it. You can live with that. I really like him and the other thing that I didn't hear Chris Mention is is the faces some of the faces you can actually move. Oh Yeah. A mouse if you want to all three of them, I think yeah. and. This is the most important one the me. So I think I think it's perfectly awesome for thirty bucks I I was happy to get this. And then I'm thinking about it I'm like you know I do really need three of these and. You were guilty of needing three of them. I am guilty and and I'm also guilty of ordering You know at least three alley con so. That's GONNA. Be Thing I kind of wish this face had a movable mouth. Yeah. That's the one that seems like it needs to be like you know just all jolly and chat chatting. Yeah. The one that has a celebratory chuckle. You. Know I honestly can't remember I need to rewatch five faces desert, five faces of darkness and. Darkness Yeah and then what I also got. Matt. Got The power Ranger Warford. kind of disappointed. It doesn't do the power ranger theme song. I totally thought it would do that and I was like trying to figure out a way. I'm like where's the option for the power ranger theme song and it's just not there. So. This kind of is perfectly acceptable for me to keep the band I one because the van die one has it this feels more like a toy they. Also made of metal yeah. Yeah then has an off switch. The paint on this is not perfect. I think yeah it's. It's the band I want is definitely better for display piece. You see how my paint looks better than that die-cast. Let's because I fixed it now you. GonNa Markers Needs gun to markers especially around the black right there I'm sure that's what you fixed, right? Yes sir. Yes. it's it's pretty bad in some spots. So I also see that that you have the Trans Horace going. That's good because the mass on is is by trademark so. Yeah. Yeah, I mean I the voices are all pretty good too like they did use the ritual show clips. Yeah. For the for each coin unfortunately. The quality's not great from what I've heard and the Austin St John. Voice clips sounds disturbingly like Steve. Courteous. Yes some of them sound like the drew I wanna I wanna I I played it. I could not instantly recognize it from the show but the Yellow Ranger one that that was definitely a little bit better done urges translated better. I don't know to whatever Y- recording format it went to. Yeah. But they're also not entirely screen accurate because the the background. Is Not, supposed to change color is just supposed to stay red. Yeah. But I actually like the fact that it changes the color with the coin is just an added bonus to me. I like the fact that that. The legacy one technically coexist like the legacy when you to get on the secondary market but like. There's two very different approaches to collect your grade power more for each one is doing something pretty different. So if you don't like this one, you can try to go for the other one like and what is saying About The Hendrawan, feeling more like a toy feels very consistent with my findings with draggers. The real quick. The one upside that this one has over the band that I've noticed is the band I went has a screw hole right here. That has always the bugged the crap out of me. I don't have either of those was going to pick one version to get I probably a hundred, a legacy power more for. That I think that's just more consistent with what I would want that kind of product I did go a little hunting crazy this weekend I I went. To a number of targets looking for those Star Wars target exclusives the Galaxy's edge and I did find some of those I don't have them down here to show off but I felt like the red trooper with the with the. Kate and they were. Maybe because they were exclusives I'm not sure but they were twenty dollars a piece from target, and there was one I couldn't find. There was a mountain trooper I think it's called Nike. I could not find him for life and me The other thing I got in the mail which Kinda got crushed because you know how Amazon ships. These types of boxes is I got the exclusive Jiji Oh. What is he called Storm Shadow missions of Arctic Storm Shadow or yeah. So I got him to Alpha only I could find those target exclusive Cobra troopers and baroness I'd be good. Yeah. How do you like it out of package I didn't take. Care for them. Yeah. They're boring. Did you find dating Cobra Troopers Hell No. So Yeah. It looks like we'll probably just have to wait for them to get a regular release and not a target release. They're gonNA modify it and re release it and a regular wave. So. It's possible to do you remember with Marvel Legends Day did on has repulsed to. The aim soldiers. A little bit lower price like they could do something like that to with. Cobra builders I would meet. Up At some point. Yeah I don't know if they're going to, but they absolutely should. But yeah, that's that's all I got this week. Everything else says it's supposed to be here tomorrow but it didn't ship yet. So yeah, I know how that feels outs. Done. Nothing. Different from everybody else so I will pass rob. Nothing but speaking of showing up tomorrow I finally got just got shipping notice on my Sky Lynx. So we're who oh good I'm. Glad. Yeah. Shipping notice on my Netflix. Seriously, wave one figures I I hope the I. I only pure a preordered sound wave out of those I hope doesn't disappear into the ether. Well, sound wave is wave to right? Yeah I mean that's not out yet but just. I hope that them just never getting shipped is not establishing a pattern here. Well, after the big thing they went through for those waived to preorder. But if you WANNA see why you know went went nuts this weekend and went looking for stuff at Walmart like the power rangers stuff on. That's because I. Who knows if they're ever GONNA ship you know even though I have a preorder. Yeah. Like with Walmart, you might as well get it in the store if you can find it and then just cancel your online preorder because you don't know with them. So anybody WHO's not watching the show live I. I love the fact that Brian has become so bored he's sword fighting with this and storm shadow in his in his video frame. So lucky, guy. Due to stay awake human when. I found all the masters of the universe organs figures except for skeletal or or. In. Sky sled so My Walmart literally has twenty-three schedulers. Okay I think another thing. To look. Please take some of our skills tours. And Shipping being as we eight dollars. Faith priority meals. Basic. Priority Mail Dollars Ish. For to probably ten. Okay. Okay. So. I WanNa actually talk about the masters, universe origins figures because they're not exactly what I was thinking. I was literally thinking they would be old school masters, universe. Similar plastic I know times have changed and. Cost everything has changed but I was expecting it to be sort. Shiny slick weird nine action figuring plastic in literally just basically be the same design but with joints. No the really modern action figures it's IT'S A. It's a modern. Modern action figure just. Looking design are up are they the same size theory gentles yeah interesting. So I like it. I like that it looks vintage SORTA, and. But. It's it is in almost every way a modern figure with joints and particular. So kind of cool. I also got the criticize judge. I need one. They just needs to be evil. And like everybody else I did get. The earthrights scrap pardon me authorized Megaton I. You know I if I put it beside of the age. The year you can tell a difference but you take away the one accessory and you randomize it and he put him predominant I don't think I could tell you the difference. But side by side it looks better. It looks like it looks more like June megatonne interesting. Otherwise, you don't need it. Getting it with G to paint. So that's Yeah. Yeah. Meet here and that's acceptable. Now so they'll see. I got today and I didn't know what to think really been fiddling with it during the show to get good feel for it and I didn't think it was gonna be is bad as people said, but it really is arthritis are sees pretty horrible. While that looks worse than hand it does doesn't it? That's so sad. So especially from that, especially from that slightly top down angle. Yeah. That's that's just a stick figure on a big block of Plastic Is. It's it's never not GonNa bug me that they not only did the extensive backpacking but also did band I paint that just that that's like insult to injury. But the thing is with that being a backpack they could have at least made it. The Best Damn backpack transformer ever it's not it's panel. The transformation is in elegant and not directly intuitive. So it has this deal here. So. The back of the car tabs into the hood. Transform it e pop that back in you rotated around around this piece here in that piece has Hey describe it. It's What would that? It's like a PAG that's embedded into a into A. Into a ring that you can push up, pull up or push down to fit in place. A slider. That makes sense to it, but the panels are really thin and I'm afraid of him break it. So it's Like they. They could've made it a little thicker. are a little thicker too. I think it's finally time to just give up retire that are see design altogether and come up with something new well, guess. Oh yes and on the subject of on the subject, there's Breaking things I wanted to mention with the ellecom's little gator arms. The first time you've moved them you want to get by the base where it is and move from there. Because, both of these arms were slightly fused in place and this is bendy plastics. If you try to crank out a little too hard from the end, you could twist or otherwise potentially damage it probably would be fine but you know take a moment of care and just make sure it's going to be okay because if easy to move perfectly freely after that. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Question on that on our C.. Is Generations are see already too expensive to just a rerelease. I want say. Things like. believe that this swallow your pride and just re-release that. I believe it's actually still in stock at big toy store. possibly. Possibly in the wave set with. Chromium Wind Blade but none of those are particularly bad toys. So it's not that we. Know that that chrome off the Primorsky mold that's actually a good toy. Yeah. I really liked that figure. You know I think my favorite is still has gone exclusive are see. Doing something headmaster. That design, this design socks, it's not a good tween. If you're not like me everything you don't need it and. See. If you don't have. Go to big Bat toy store and buy the thrilling thirty one. Or go on. Cheap energy. I it's really kind. It's really kind of sad because in terms of just the be body designed itself I think it's better representation of g one. Our C. than any other version we would have gotten are getting that includes the masterpiece. It's just that the toy built around it is not particularly worth it. I haven't particularly preordered this. So I have a feeling that I am just going to leave the paradropping medic to pack being the only way I ended up with that mold on. Ratchet. You know. I guess I was GonNa say what? When Energy John Turns Twenty can we get a Redo of the energy on our C. and making the walks? I wish that would be nice. You could actually do a pretty nice one of those off of the primer mold now that I think about it. Yeah. Actually So what this? Is, is cyber trunk thunder blast again Oh Jeez. Yeah. Except probably a little worse because. Thunder blast minimally integrated the robot with the boat because the the shins formed part of the whole. As Beth I have seen from picture is RC's robot mode does not incorporate into the vehicle in any way. and. This is also be being released as the lead one. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We're getting at least three uses of this mall this year Oh boy why? Why do they always do this with the with the worst molds? Why don't they just make better mold for the female female characters to begin with. Valid question I completely forgot about center blast. About Alita One I don't know thunder blast is actually from transformers cyber. Tron. The one female deceptive con turns his boat with a big missile launcher thing that bought gone repainted into an Alito. One. Yeah Okay let's Let's talk about or. Whole move in a new one news item, and then jumps to a topic and get back to the news. We god Christmas Tuesday generation selects diack loans son Streaker to pack in red wing I can explain this I can explain this right now Hasbro knew that my birthday was coming up and they're like can do. Thank you Hasbro best birthday present ever you know you might be onto something there. 'cause I certainly don't deserve this. So I never thought they do what to pack for I. Didn't I didn't think they'd do to pack either I thought we'd probably get spin out. I was not expecting a coordinate at all. Yeah and with a little bit of remolding because he has the light bar. Spin out. Looks Great. I. I just think they both look really good. Do they look better than sons streaker. because. It's not having to suffer under. Yellow Plastic. So, Metro happy. A lot of people I saw online. We're very happy with this. But it leads LE- distort asks their next week is our last Tuesday reveal. So what's going to be? What should it be? Do you think they're going to continue doing this sort of thing in the future and how would you like or how would you like to see that done I definitely think they're gonNA keep doing it. What I would like is since we have the Unit Krahn coming out. Sometime. Next year what I would really like to see is A. Deluxe size dead end to China. The Armata Unicorn and have something to go with Armada Krahn. That's. The Lux is like you know. The Fort Max has. Cerebral voice and Scott has What's his name again magazine? Yeah fasttrack tracker magazine Rak, or you know I just feel like we need something deluxe to go with Yuna. Krahn it'd be island talks dead end right here like totally work right? That's agreed dead end that figure it's a great deco any any excuse to show that off on camera it was transformers prime dead. So rampant rampant speculation here. What do we think the next one is going to be well so I got I got a theory and how I want this to play out. So like we look at this as a game of escalation like. Theoretically for the final transformers Tuesday, they need to top spin out and Corden, which is tall tall order like if it was me, I would expect that to have been number five. That would be the pinnacle of this whole selects reveal process for my own personal purposes here the one of the very few things that top this would be what I've been wanting for years and years and years, which would be generations. Hobby, Storm. Yeah. Now you know the technical minded would say like Sundstrom should be done off the Tetra jet bold because thunderstorm appeared on cyber tron. But like no specific wheat want a generations version of the hobby toy, which was you know Earth Mode Star screens in beautiful is hearing orange and cream cicle. On, Earth Rise Mold. And I think generation selects. Sandstorm kind of make a precedent for doing something in that application because it's generation selects based off of eight toy concept rather than a specific character interpretation. So I think that makes it less algorithm possibility they would do A. redecorate of earthrights star screen as son storm rather than going for Tetra get. But like the tetris yet also, if it came down to that as long as it's orange, not yellow because that's always been my complaint with. Hasbro Sun storms they with yellow which I guess makes sense in one way. But to me, Sundstrom is going to be the original orange toy orange. All right. So I so I'm thinking like they are definitely stepping up the next the next thing. I would logically guess at hope for what my my prediction for number five is. Powered convoy like at. The Delta, Magnus off of that Alaba on that ultra magnus. That's what I think is going to be what I wish. It were going to be but I. Know is never going to happen Let's go tightened class and and get that get that the blacks eric off of this excellent. Scorpio knock mold. So I don't know that they're going to escalate I. Honestly think that's probably let down so. What I'd actually like to see would be a slicer off a will jag just because slicer. That's a good one. Good colors. And in the more realistic sense like I think too. It might not be for right now but like the the bailiff. Of judgment set that retool of the ALACON. I think that's going to end up in selects some point, and it probably wouldn't be what they reveal this coming Tuesday but it could be. Now should this should continue in the future I want more diack loan stuff like, yeah I still I need a blue blue streak I need a black iron highs. We need a Red Mirage. Your God. Yes. there. With all opaque plastic. All Opaque plastic absolutely there. There was one more I was thinking of sorry, crap. What was Lost my train of thought. Backtracks a see. I wasn't thinking of that one but read Mirage popped in my head and knocked my third one third one out of there. Oh Red Hoist. Okay. Yeah. So, low hanging fruit. I was GONNA say the Black Iron Hide. But that that would be kind of like here's another diack alone to go at the two we released last week and good night. On Suggested Mark Kelly. Said Delta Magnus which again break minds thinking alike Jeremy Crowe said a G. Tube blackout concept. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. were earthrights barricade. So we think we're actually getting barricade in. On the netflix waves down the line that may happen regardless. Jason Highly said art fire. But Yeah right something not g one would be great. Again Delta Magnus though potentially and he would enjoy more of these in the future if he lives at a time zone, those more compatible with. This being in Asia I think. Say I. Think we've pretty much have to resign to the this last one being g one just because they haven't gotten past the G. One molds yet but they do this again like around kingdom time then you could probably get some different. It's not g one. Yes. Puerto will produce. Spider Bob said the arc the ARC. The ARC. Okay. Okay. Dream Big Air Yeah. So what else? Any other rampant speculation roster premiums Bengal tiger tiger. Tron. Next year. By that for our God. What was that sorry accurate that to You need better soundproofing there now. Yeah. I saw this room happens to be between. Four year old room in eight eight-year-olds room. So Oh yeah. Is anyone any anyone that thinks it's not something they would really like it. I. Storm Yeah. Eric. Like I was thinking of the worst case scenarios to what it could be, and just under the circumstances I'm going to say double calendar. I would even take a battled. Just With the convoy on the on the trailer now yeah. I mean that's that's fair. I mean that is at thinking about their that's actually another possibility. Is that little bit left field given that this molds refu- years old but they could finally do And dread windows buster, and Hydra. Yeah I mean they wouldn't be super different from the retail overhead, but they are so far removed from when they came out that matter that much turn you change the purple to reds pretty much and there you go for that matter to like if they wanted to do that as like. A. Fifty dollar set instead of a forty dollar to pack do more redick of the you know the cassette guy power masters alternately if there's any Prime Minister Pretender is out there they that they never got out get putting those. Esther for set would be nice to. there is the. Cloudburst. Retool that they showed off for Grand Max when they were doing that campaign. Yeah. That exists and was never released. So theoretically that something they could go back to like they've I don't feel like they'd probably go back to Prime Masters ever. More thing do you think since sound wave is getting released? Says a Walmart exclusive they do sound blaster something. Sliding, possibly I expect sound blaster to show up somewhere. He was in the siege show. I hate to say it though but probably because he was in the seed show, if he does show up, you will be like the Deco you wanted in the mold you wanted the mercenaries factions symbol that horrible mercenaries faction simple we had over clear plastic over clear plastic. Yes. Look. Nice for the like good foil to separate con sticker on their if it's if it's a paint over clear plastic, you can usually scrape that off non destructively. Feels like my last long shot thing like not a likely but not I guess not one hundred percent impossible would be an Omega Guardian who, yes I was I all these things. Be Happy. Okay so jumping into the rest of the news. Toy Fairs been postponed. No. Yeah, we all saw that common. Sadly, we're disappointed but are we surprised? No No. So I didn't even realize there was a twitter. Dallas but that's usually held in October I didn't know either no. Weren't you there? Sorry guys I was sniping on a auction. I don't know. It's so I know exactly where it's done but. I don't know one of these years I should take off take off work in Mosey on down on. Twitter Dell's is like the same as we think of toy fair New York. No but it's fun. You know all the. All. That I'm sure is much more for real trade show than what the New York. Event has become for sure surrogates. As. It was postponed till. Also, the Dow lost one is not going to happen until next year when it would have happened ordinarily. Toy Fair in New York right now, they're just kind of looking at putting something together in the spring of next year. So they're going to try to carry that out as early as they can. It's just definitely not happening the normal weaken very well I mean one good thing to come out of it at least I won't have to worry about standing out side freezing my. Might Tell Loft Until the event opens. and I mean, for our specific purposes I don't think we're GONNA lose out much besides like the specific experience of being there in person. Hasbro will absolutely do some kind of streaming event to do their product reveals plus. The exclusive previews that they far out to well known transformers, websites like a screen rant and Gamespot. And of course yeah I N He v One year. Sorry. I'm in the middle of making transfers waited purchase O'Brien. Gaudio. Slightly ominous. Nothing. Okay. Noise Gate with working in reverse. Yeah. Yeah it probably was. Okay. It's a gaming speeder. So yeah. Well, I haven't expanded the gate. But on the other hand, we do have something new announced. Hasbro. Pulse Clinton. I. Guess that means no has con- ever. Yeah. That's what I was. GonNa. Say I guess this is our replacement for has gone. So the SEC and New York. Comic Con Yeah Yes, if three, three, three shows in one. and. US and Canada. which. Is Made. You know her friends in the UK which I would say. I. Mean I guess just when it comes to volume of trans fans the English speaking world the is probably third after Canada, but it's probably close. So there's a lot of lot of fans who feel like Hasbro doesn't give a crap about them like I think they're right to feel left out or marginalized by this but like I don't think has grew was doing this maliciously like they're not setting. Out to exclude the rest of the world I, think it's kind of a case of since it's Hasbro pulse Khan and has repulse specifically is a retailer that covers United States and Canada like in that context it's kind of natural to expect that the Hasbro pulse event is going to be for those territories also like they're not gonNA show and debut products for places where they can't be ordered from. The kind of my take on it. I hope Hasbro in other regions is planning to do something Sim- more or at least make the products available for the fans in those places. Timeframe but like I at least one, the will get why this is region restricted. But I think has broken do with more transparency on that better to just to try to smooth some of the international reaction to it. Is If there's some way to. Make a make good. So, all the formerly SEC exclusives. Apparently, we're going to be made available during Hasbro Pulse Colin. which is the last Friday and Saturday of this month I think the twenty fifth and twenty six inch during the week isn't it? Took Friday and. Saturday. Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to miss the first day is I'll be at work he'll miss both. And I'll probably the second day. I'll I'll probably just miss the stuff that I want that Marvel Legends Hellfire Club set in you know the pit of. Judgment I have hopes that because there isn't a San Diego comic con like there's a lot more inventory to be directed to the online sales and it's not going to be the the stereotypical. You know, get your sec leftovers on Hasbro pulse or has toy shop as it used to be if you can beat the boxster them. Well at least has repulsed does enforce purchase limits on a lot of their stuff and. Make a difference last year. I. Guess. But last year it was Early leftovers from the show was bad. It was horrible. Search for some of the stuff it was the powering you're set in particular was kind of a nightmare to. Even think about getting. Met. Went on several tirades about that last year. So angry. Check check back in the archives about what now fifty five episodes let's say. Like. That wherever Sandia con fell last year and the exclusives released online. September. Thing like a month after Amer plum I it sounds great. It has been since the pulse changeover at least with toy shop. It was a lot more random, just totally random. Henry had repulsed con another in a long string of Hasbro, really like embracing and adapting to this everything has to be a livestream now for like fan engagement and product reveals. So something I just didn't install don't understand. So this this happened right in the middle moving. The second netflix cyber spoiler pack was revealed and it's available on pulse daughter also. Like entertainment earth big toy store probably t.f sores on it son says prime. Yeah. But it's nemesis prime. But it doesn't have the good paint of the Japanese one but this but this one comes with a black version of the earth drill. This is the siege mold optimus prime, but it comes with the earthrights trailer and the power of the primes add on parts the like the Armada inspired arm blasters in the dark sabre. I. Don't get this and what infuriates me because it's the one thing I want in the pack is a red slither thing. Yes read his plank. Glad. That's called on. Understand why they can do this in the Arthri is because because the earthrights mold is being concurrently used. In the voyager assortment for that flakes series. So I think I think the whole reason they're able to have the siege cab robot with the earthrights. Trailer is because they're producing earthrights prime in a different Deco-, and they are just taking the produce trailer parks and putting them with these siege. The same way that they are running from. I'm sure he's separated tooling the power of the prime emphasis prime extra weapon parts. You know they're they're taking elements from three different things because it's set up to be able to do that and put it all together when it goes to where it goes repackaging you know what all this is going to make me want to do is buy a nemesis prime in the earthrights mold whenever they do that because they haven't done that yet. Right? So that's that's going to have to do I'm going to buy this. And then I'm going to have to buy the nemesis prime in the arthritis mold will you have to buy one for the black trailer? So you can put it with the earth rise single pack Ms Prime. So you can get your G. to optimus prime. A- yeah I've seen people mentioned that on twitter because it's that's actually a set of repair labels and that will be Perfect. Crap you're right and I think people are suggesting also that the earth rise us or the the netflix queues of is optimised void. Your servants seemed like it had darker blues, which would also be consistent with your feet. Yup. Darker blue and I think a slightly more muted red as well. So why? I think they're like stealth GT optimising US across to toys but that nobody actually wants. Yeah. That's far far too expensive for me to piecemeal together you know the nemesis prime that I would want or the G. to optimus that I would once I'm just not going to buy any. We'll good news matt this at least at Walmart this. Leader spoiler pack will probably go on deep clearance within a matter of weeks. Stock them to begin with. So Learn Walmart too much of the first one and. I see all these other retailers carrying this. Yeah. So like my theory on this and using my reasoning here, it was obviously too late in the process of Netflix wave to to cancel the spoiler packaging for this nemesis prime. And nobody realize somehow how bad of an idea blind box packaging is for sixty damn dollar toy. So, there wasn't time to go back and change that or canceled price point even So I think what has happened is Walmart probably backed out of some of their order. Because Walmart has the power to do that like even if they have a contract, they can just say, yeah now we don't want to take these anymore. If you want make a problem with that, we're not gonNA take any of them anymore US. We'll pay you off. WE CAN AFFORD TO WALMART So hasbro then has a bunch of back and remember. The Ultra Magnus Pax. Ended up on at least entertainment earth and big toy store for like thirty five dollars. Oh. Not Not. After Walmart clear and seeing them which to me that sounds like has had to do a buyback of the inventory that. Yeah? Yeah. They did a buyback avoid still in the distribution centers. Got Clearance doubt everywhere that carried them and has had to do a buyback of everything else because Walmart wasn't having that anymore obviously So like yeah this suddenly turning up at all of these fans channel retailers as Hasbro puts it that that has to be a sign of. Walmart. You're saying like, no, we're we are not taking all this again, we're not taking bath a second time I. See, where you're trying to say something a minute ago. Sorry. was I I. Think I was probably tried to say the same thing about the G. Tube prime thing that you were met. But if I was trying to say anything after that has left my brain. Yeah sorry by thirty five steamroll over anything. Don't worry about it. I tend to do that. You know it happens I've done it myself. Yeah. So wretched lifeline we mentioned before. Kind of. I'm not nearly as excited about that lifeline part of that to pack anymore he's not. Full that ratchet, you really don't WanNa look at from the back in vehicle mode because those feet are a cle-. Well, it's the same problem. Iron Hide has there. There's a few design choices on ratchet that I'm not a hundred percent thrilled with the. One just Gimme a g one ratchet with red hands. dammit. Finally and also just the black legs just don't don't match any color scheme for ratchet that I am aware of so. They had to mold those tires. So if the same reason that Cedras had white tires, but they were okay with that because Cyprus Ronin vehicle Luckily I think I still have a spare siege ratchet around here somewhere so I may do some mix and match parts I actually. That might be harder than you think though because a lot of that stuff pinned in. Walkie actually tried it and found that the parts that you need to give a ratchet white legs are. Fairly easily removing without dealing with. Pins, hurry. That mold also has white hands that are much easier to paint. Up The two I. Think I'd have earth mode ratchet be correct. So I may mixed match those myself even though I only had the one seed, ratchet? Yes. Extra ratchets. I've got I've got two of them also so more interestingly with this probably is this new Galactic Odyssey collection that this is kicking off. It's going to be a string of Amazon exclusives. And so this is story wise. This would be like between siege and earthrights the journey of the arks through a different point in space The inside packaging flap has space map on it with five planets called out. pair. John's the first one that they're visiting on the journey. and. while. They're while they're not updating it very well they did have a feature page ahead a sort of countdown. It has the number twenty, nine on it and says, the next reveal will happen in two thousand nine. Now that's been at twenty nine for like a week already. woops but but we can presume that the next revealed intended to happen at the end of this month. And they'll before I think the next planet on the list is Micron ING. So. Yeah. There's actually a lot of detail on on the Amazon Landing Patriots Lactic Odyssey thing. So with transformers, Tuesday's coming to an end. The seemed like is going to be the. The haste reveal event that's going to take over that for the next few months apparently any any ideas on well okay. So like Crimson Planet names you can extrapolate at least like a little bit So one of them is a domino's which of from doing a little research seems to be the. Probably more trademark enforceable version of planet master from you know Headmasters Yeah. Oh of course. Yeah. Yeah biosphere it'd be planet beast. Micron would be Planet micro from. Zone. I think there might be a chance with the planet micro. We might see some of the other missing cassette characters get represented because if that'd be. Like micro masters and stuff they would need to do several of them to get You know solid multi Christ point I saw like special that maybe that was for micro change and we do have noon many bought characters coming out specifically warpath and her thinker or getting. Or getting new boss another possibility for that though is but trop La's which if that would be what I was thinking of. Okay. Yeah. That's if that's like the go tron equivalent you know because we're getting bug bite. Yeah. Yeah. Warpath into what treads something like that. I believe somebody mentioned that Botopoulos's also the the planet in the. Hasbro version of go bots the kids choice. Yeah. Yeah, that's what I was thinking of instead of micro change from planner micro. So. That's there's a possibility we could end up with characters from that too. Yeah. So we can kind of get a sense of what the theme ing for this is going to at least be. Weird Paints well, yeah I mean what particular shape, some of those reports are going GonNa take if not the actual characters but probably most of the sets are going to have like an all about character from the ARC by the manager at least one deceptive con centered one. So which hopefully that'd be plant microbe can get buzzsaw finally. We. Keep talking more and more about the ARC So I mean this is just adding to me. It's adding credibility that we're GONNA get an arc as the next. In some form. Getting, an. Arc. Win It'd be disappointed if we don't, we'll be disappointed if we do. Just. Twelve. At least either way one of you will be disappointed in style I'll be delighted. Air Yes. Wrong win. Micron do you think we might get? We've got all sound blacks are sound waves mienies could we get blasters? Well? No, we're missing buzzsaw still. So we have buzzsaw well, we had to have was. We don't have enemy either that's to there except I'm pretty sure the the bird is a gang multitude, the ravage. Would have to be like buzz on garb oil or something like that. Toy again. Yes. Well, unfortunately, you know we don't always get what we want or don't want. Make Aram Horn out of that. Actually maybe could. I. It would be awful awful rim horn but like. I I don't see why you couldn't do something like that. Yeah. Maybe it'd. Rare, ravage. Awful. The other problem too would be like if you wanted to get a rewinding eject off of the well humanoid mold like what would you remould the rat that into to make it into something else that would be a suitable 'cause we're. We're kind of running out of reputable character. We need a we already have rat bat and wing thing. Exactly. Rat Bats Awesome. Already have. Enough well I actually I I actually actually rat was ridiculously difficult to come by so. That wouldn't be a bad idea. That statement and like cool people have wrapped at already cool forward thinking people have Cedric Bet. If if they wanted to fulfill the fan requests for. These specific tape people out again like A. shoehorning them into a pack of micro master size stuff like that would totally be a way to do that. Yeah. Okay let's go hidden jump to the last news island because I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I. Just like Chris wrote it. WHO'S GENERATION SELECTS POKEMON? So to carry Tommy's official transformers twitter account. tweeted out a tease for the next generation select project because super comes out the end of this month and Japan. Those of us who ordered on has repulsive probably have to wait until December or maybe Arbor Day. So. What we can see here's a silhouette that is obviously volcanic gifts. With I think credit you always itchy for this for making the connection The added shaped in the background are consistent with a pair of the giant cleaver storage. Grandma had involves Cy Retron oh. Yeah. Yeah. So We don't know anything about what this is actually going to be. or how it's going to be released, which is possibly why there's not like a specific article about this yet because there's virtually nothing to even say about it. Donna king yet early on, we were speculating dino king just because like you know jumping off of something like King Poseidon or God Neptune it just kind of follows. That line of thought. But like what's seeming more reasonable at this point as the speculation I guess it's maturing One School of thought on this is it would be like more cartoon accurate Diaz maybe with some retooling to make the combined with a bit better Or the other possibility might be g to color is for power to prime design. It's interesting. I can't see them going the dino king route because I mean there that the inner robots combined and they weren't the dinosaurs the dinosaurs were the pretender shells. Yeah I don't think to Kara, me would be willing to make that leap. Probably not. At the same time I mean what? What the G. to dinovite colors mean to them though yeah, I'm thinking it's just GonNa be a pack of. Slightly repainted dino. Yeah could be. In which case I do not need that at all. Yeah. What's the poem? I mean I mean even if it's GonNa seem odd for me to say this even if it wasn't gt colors, I think still skipped this because like those dining boulder. Okay and you know in the moment when they were released, it was nice to have a full set of generations botts but like studio series is starting to come out with Dino bots next year and I don't think they're going to leave that team finished so like we're probably going to have a better option for that overall. That I don't. I don't yeah. I don't need those power prior. To combine. Goes against the laws of nature. Yeah even if it was the colors I don't think I could be convinced to get this. Now there's definitely like quality of life things they could do for normal dino colors. Swapping out all that clear plastic that's on the Nixon to the original versions of toys for opaque, especially like a bright yellows or painted over in gold to look a little bit more like how it was in the nation. Because the transparency is on the original dinosaur toys weren't really represented in the media So that's that's one immediate thing they could do to kind of improve on the appearance of those and if they are willing to go down. Three tooling road, they couldn't really fix up especially on grim lock some of the. Unfortunate design choices that were necessitated in the original engineering of the combined forum or it could just be unmodified slightly deco changed. Dino bots with like you know a pile of new weapons now. Be Fun. We'll see. These things anyway. John Young. So I, don't think it's going to happen but I think it's possible because we've gotten gender swapped megatonne and the mighty or botts. So I think we could get anything. But it could be just like a hodgepodge of stuff. So it could be a bunch of random characters, not necessarily all dino but team, but it could be just this random. Buffet obscure characters because they did that with grand gala tron and grandma just happens to be the torso interesting. I mean they'd done crazy things before so I don't think it's going. They've done. You don't don't turn this into a toy that I have to by John. Don't happen because I might actually be interested in that. I don't need to go down this generation select combined road again, the the only like. Takhar Guard city your Vandal Guy I was gonna say the only Takhar. Combined Project, I want anything to do with this point is Ryden. One of the ryden chains is a remold of Gra mock. That'd be well if if they want to try that I, WanNa, see how it turns out actually. Yeah. So. John. I noticed that there's new shirt oh yeah. There is I Only scale town three and three quarters. A. Made of three that looks a lot like the logo of the fate of the favorite Line. Yes. That comes in that scale I? Don't know what you're talking about with your six inch lines but. It's you know. Yes it is in fact, Jim. No. Yeah. So there's a there's a there's A. An American hero based design out there now on the on the shop? That's proudly. States affiliation or your pledges your loyalty to. Motion Yes to three and three quarters turn to show it and. Rancho. Also yet, that would be a great game Ram would lanta. I love, the shirt. Yeah Oh and that also like by no coincidence I finally, like after like seven years upgraded my adobe creative suite so now. Now of actually going to like mess around with stuff probably more so sweet it's beautiful I hate to subscription model, but like uptodate adobe stuff is like awesome. Yeah it sure is. Also awesome. Discovering again like seven years too late that you're a spouse is an educator. and. Have Child. Yes I been able to get licensing very inexpensively since I have a kid in school now. That's that's a great scam. Yes. Now I know why you got kids. That amazing. Don Anonymous right there kilby. Also mazing nomination your patriots dot com slash t.f radio, and become a Patriot that'd be wonderful. doctor Dr. Peter did it today is now a touched patron? He's awesome and needs help with getting that. Pit Seth coming out from Canada. So. You can be a patron we all sorts of stuff We have a new I returning podcast that one episode of Star Trek. Biweekly. It will be out every other week and it'll be exclusive to Patriot on for two weeks. So pretty. Yeah. So the the first episode upper patrons right now, the next episode which has already been recorded should go for patrons twelve. And then of course, if you cannot become a patron, you know we understand we're not trying to. Pressure you or like you know hold content over your head entirely. We do have some completely patron exclusive things and they're cool things that you really should check on if you if you can but if you can't become a patron and you still want to catch up with our thoughts on star. Trek. The first episode of the return will go live for everybody on the fourteenth, which is a Monday. And I need to I'm gonNA post recorded the yet the RC throwback four focused episode, but I didn't get a chance to record it because of the move so I'll be recording that this weekend. And I will be discussing mystery of convoy in the headmaster's game mystery of conflict, of course, for the FAMICOM. And headmasters game, which is for the FAMICOM DISK system sobe talking about that and some other stuff. So I'm excited about it so. You're interested in that. Again, patriotic accomplish Jeff Radio. We have any weekly podcast as well. History on the fives where we talk about what was on five, ten, fifteen years ago in transformers and the last week's episode is Great We'll figure out WHO's going to be on this coming weeks episode, we have record of the yet so. But really enjoying that podcast I. Think it's It's something fun that we can do for a Patriot and so it's not that we don't end up. That's an exclusive podcast for patrons it's not that. So that we don't want to produce content for everybody else but you know we're gonNA produce the content we WANNA, put it in front of the people that are going to listen to it. So Patriot dot com slash radio actually speaking outlets think are touched patrons again I caution from the script Peter's last name I think he put it into chat Let's see here Peter Giannakopoulos. That thank you Kevin Dorsey Sean Brenton. Jacob Owen and Lucia. I'm I can say that is because my voice is thrashed right now, which is that's the reason I couldn't pronounce it. John. Hamilton Mike. Mallory Jason Highly Jonathan James Matthew deadman hector bones Nathan Sambi Spider. Bob. Rabbits EMMETT'S Gaming, fix Patrick Davidson enjoy. Russell. Thank you all so much. You guys are awesome. you can find those folks at t afraid you dot net slash credits Oh, you can find us everywhere. We're basically literally everywhere. So I, we haven't mentioned during the show, but we've been watching along now honored discord at dot net slash discord and. we love her or folks there. That's where we go and we monitor the chat during the livestream and we can interact with our folks there. You know the reason we we do that it's just one place where we can all get together whether you're watching on twitter facebook YouTube Gosh where else we stream Twitch yeah. you can just all chat along t.f dot net slash discord in were there throughout the week I'm not there as often as I'd like I do I mostly lurk during week me too. But you know what? One thing I really like is the folks that are discord job of posted news there. So I wanted something it's all isn't it? Just all place there on the discord? I. Don't even have to go search word on twitter three. That is pretty handy. It's awesome. Yeah. But. Yeah. You can find most places as at T.F radio like on twitter on Instagram podcast facebook. Dot Com slash radio. we have roku channel RT, rechannel on spotify tune in I heart radio, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. rubs bring rain. Steam so That's the reason I've have hardly been able to talk during this. Entire just. He's was man next week I'll. Actually I still got tons of crap to move this weekend. Probably, be thrashed into rub spring's here but he's Zombie started word and Rub Springer on twitter I met be kilby on twitter in at Brian Kilby on Instagram few follow me on twitter or instagram you can see the photos of the ducks that the kids in my neighborhood new neighborhood were walking never seen anything like it was so weird pretty cool though. Let's see here Chris People get a hold of you. I'm personally on twitter at Chris v I have stuff for sale. Please come by it because I I need to replenish my funds because Amazon's just like throwing all of my preordered that me at once basically into it hurts it hurts so bad and had excuse announcing more. Now for a lot of what I do with the stuff I have on preordered it's all coming at me at once and costing me lots of money I don't have. You can follow me for my photography work on social media at play with photos on twitter or on instagram at play with photography. 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It's also nice and just get random random acts of kindness thrown at me in the mail. Random acts of kindness. Thank you. For the. Amazon card for my birthday I appreciate that no problem. Happy Birthday. Happy. You're. Awesome. I know. John Have you all you? that the everywhere everywhere. Checked uncle. Die Cast now, you can follow me on twitter at die-cast to I post random stuff I. Think. You could also, you can also like my facebook page at reviewed by die-cast and you can see all my reviews on Kiev radio dot net slash reviews cool rob. Okay. I. Am on twitter at to figure viewers and ROB flails. Rub, flails is the official twitter account of flail through my gaming channel on Youtube where I cover mostly Gundem games at the moment gunbattle operation to and get an extreme versus battle operation to update goes live every Every Thursday morning because while probably early afternoon realistically because I'm up late record it but They're adding a new mobile suit week. 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BONUS: Purees + BLW: How This SLP Feeding Expert Makes it Work with Dawn Winkelmann

Baby-Led Weaning Made Easy

30:46 min | 6 months ago

BONUS: Purees + BLW: How This SLP Feeding Expert Makes it Work with Dawn Winkelmann

"The want to introduce spoons as soon as we're introducing solids his as you allow your baby to help those spoon. You're commuting that independent allowing the sense redevelopment of exploring new utensil. Impede able to have that relationship. Hey there I'm Katie. Ferraro registered Dietitian College Nutricia professor and Mama. Seven specializing in baby led weaning. You're on the baby led weaning. Made Easy podcast. I help strip out all the noise and nonsense about feeding the competence and knowledge. You need to give your baby a safe. Start to solid foods using baby led a hello there. Welcome back to another episode of the baby led weaning. Made Easy. Podcast you guys. I am so excited about today's episode. It's my good friend and colleague. Miss Don Winkelmann. You guys might know her on social media. She's Miss Dawn S. l. p. but she's a speech language pathologist. She specializes in baby. Led weaning pediatrics swallowing. And I've had the good fortune to work with her now. For a number of years developing courses and programs and doing talk and teaching about baby led weaning because as a Dietitian my specialty is in what foods your baby can and should be eating from a nutrition and growth standpoint but dawn released specializes in the mechanics of how your baby learns how to eat and how to swallow food safely. So she's very unique as a speech language pathologist in that she's put together a number of different programs and also a product designer. She's GonNa talk a little bit about. The baby led weaning spoon that she designed and how that helps facilitate self feeding. So I think you guys are GonNa love this episode because we're diving into a topic that some parents are confused. By which is how can you incorporate periods and have success with baby led weaning. And it's not what you would think because we typically think periods as like traditional spoon feeding right where the parent pushes the spoon into the baby's mouth. That's not what we're talking about here. Don is going to show you how you can help your baby sell feed so you can use periods. Help your baby swallow safely especially when you're starting out with baby led weaning so I hope you like this episode and hang tight till the end. 'cause I'm going to tell you about a series of free workshops Don and I are teaching together online if you like. The baby led weaning for beginners stuff. We're going to help you get to that next phase of how you can help really push your babies. Palette and have success with baby led weaning once you get past the puree phase all right. Here's Don all right. We'll welcome back to another episode of the baby led weaning podcast. Got Don Winkelmann with me today. Hello Miss Dawn. Hi Katie thank you so much for having me on your show. Thank you so much for being here. I know you are an insanely busy person. I have the good fortune of working with you on a fair number of projects. But this is your first time on the podcast and it's because you only the second guest ever who I'm winning of getting into the ground level. Thank you so much for being here. You Guys Don is a speech. Language pathologist who specializes in pediatric swallowing. She is also a product designer. She's GonNa tell you a little bit about that. But she specializes in baby led weaning which is the primary reason why she's here today. Because as a Dietitian my area is all about what you feed your baby and why. We do it from a nutrition growth standpoint but I love working with don because as a feeding therapist trained in infant feeding specializing in pediatric swallowing. She's really the one who can help you with the mechanics of how your baby learns how to eat and in particular how your baby learns to swallow food safely so we are going to be talking today about pure as which you might be surprised to hear about on a baby led weaning podcast but miss dawn is going to blow your mind in that regard. We're here today to talk about pure as and baby led weaning. And on if it's okay I'd love to dive right into the first question which is tell us why it is important for babies to learn how to master pure as Katie. I really like my families that I work with. In the community that we serve to be able to talk to them about swallowing. You know one of the things that parents often ask us is there are fearful of choking and how they can kind of reduce their risk so what to teach parents is in the beginning. I use pure as to make sure baby. Swallow is safe but the focus on period is a very short window of time as we're assessing that swallowed. It usually takes about a week as you're offering these tiny tastes but we're really focusing on. How baby is triggering that swallow. What's great about this is that we're looking and we're offering. Bbc's tiny tastes periods. We just WanNa make sure that baby is not showing some signs and symptoms of what we call aspiration and food or liquids going down into the lungs. It's much easier to be able to see of Thurs. A rear but Difficulty swallowing with puree as compared to a big piece of chicken leg. So I like to be able to just teach our families to be able to try pure as To be able to look at that swallow and then be able to jump right into baby lead winning and I think what you said there is so important as mention of with you now for a long time so I feel like a lot of messages. Overlap and it's like I can't remember said at first but I love when you mentioned that you only need to do periods for a week. I usually tell parents you know pure as for a few days. Parents like what? It's not weeks and months on end that your baby needs to be stuck on period. But you guys. I hope you're hearing what Dan's saying is a periods are still an important texture to master. Because as you know your baby's only ever had formula or breastmilk for the first six months of life very quickly we can progress them to the soft solid textures. That are consistent with traditional baby led weaning. But there's that little bridge for a few days and that's where periods come important. So Don I think maybe people listening to the PODCAST. Her like a little bit perplexed because when they think of baby led weaning. They think that means completely bypassing the puree phase so in your approach to starting solid foods you incorporate periods how then can we uphold the principles and the philosophy of self feeding which are integral to baby led weaning? If we're also doing pure as right this is. This is really complex in the sense of choosing one method or another but really what we're focusing on is giving. Bb control with is the basis of baby lead winning. We want to give baby control. We're not spoon feeding baby. And when we're doing the you know the pure as there at the beginning we're not spoon feeding them either. That's why sometimes it can take a few days because we baby is actually putting that spooned into their mouth. We are not controlling. What baby is doing because basically when you are spoon feeding and you're shoving those foods into your baby's mouth for the very first time It can be very overwhelming and a lot of babies have a lot of negative reactions to that type of feeding method. So letting your baby have control of whether they put an avocado slice in their mouth or they're putting the spoon in their mouth. That is really the essential part of using periods. You know at the very beginning to assess to swallow but still allowing baby to be in control of that and then the second thing with the principals is giving baby the food that the entire families enjoying. So if you're you know eating some yogurt you're offering baby yogurt. That's a puree if you're eating some Kournikova's in some nice off. Meet your offering that to your baby. The principles are still there. The big thing with offering those pure as is that we are sesing not swallow. Of course I see all the babies that have difficulty swallowing or have you had choking episodes on because they have been fed by spoon and sometimes forcefully if I was going to feed you Katie and I was going to spoon feed you. You even know you are a master eater. I'm a master hand I I would. I would put maybe more food on the spoon that you were used to or I might put the spoon in too far in actually elicit a gag response from you. I could turn it over or put too much pressure on your tongue or graze your teeth or hit your lip. All of those things really can make starting solid a negative experience for baby so the principles of baby led. Weaning is giving baby control allowing baby to decide how much they're going to eat on. We're offering the foods to baby and Whether those are furious there at the beginning or periods throughout the entire process there are foods that melt end we can use those as dippers We want to practice intuitive eating and those are the fundamentals here and want to allow baby to be able to eat as much as they want and not to overeat till you guys you know remember. It's not your job to determine how much or even whether your baby eats right. That's your babies job and to kind of tie onto what? John was saying. Some of the drawbacks of traditional spoon feeding whereby the parent or caregiver puts the spoon directly in the baby's mouth. Which as don mentioned putting any foreign object in the baby's mouth including a spoon can increase choking risk. She mentioned all of the sensory reasons in this with and swallow related reasons. Why you wouldn't want to do that. But from a nutrition standpoint. I always like to add that you are then arbitrarily picking the portion size that you think. Your baby should be eating when you decide. Okay this three ounce jar or this two point seven announced pouch is how much I've decided you're going to eat that. Flies in the face of baby led weaning. Because the baby's not in control so with this self feeding approach that Don's talked about the baby's allowed to feed themselves and dawn. I think this is again news to a lot of people. So could you maybe just describe how this the preloaded spoon technique works so that we can incorporate the principles of baby weaning while allowing our baby to master the important texture that is pure as yes? Preloading is spoon is essential because basically when you're starting solids at six months of age. Your baby does not know how to you know feed themselves. So they're GONNA LEARN THAT PROCESS. That's why league meaning is so fun and a little messy because baby is learning right so we want to set up baby for success so we want to offer a preloaded spoon that you're putting some of those periods on or a little bit of Avocado or squish blueberry. And we want that to be on the spoon and having that handle facing them so they can grab it really easily and so then baby all baby has do just bring it to their mouth really easily instead of having to learn how to dip which developmentally comes later or learning how to scoop which again developmentally comes later. We want to be able to set baby up for success with that preloaded spoon. So they're just having to actually get that food to their mouth which is what they're doing around six months anyways they're bringing objects to their mouth and so they can be really successful with that As long as we set it up to make it accessible to them now. Can you talk a little bit about the spoon? Because I mentioned at the top of the podcast that you are a product designer. I personally use the recommend. The baby led weaning spoon. That you design. But when I started baby led weaning for example with my quadruplets who are now four years old. There wasn't a baby led weaning spoon out there and so implementing this whole approach of trying to encourage the baby to self feed with a spoon when there wasn't a spoon appropriate for a baby was a real challenge a apparent and you kind of tackle that challenge with your own product. If you could maybe tell us a little bit about that from the spoon standpoint yes thanks I designed a product called the tiny spoon. And it's by easy peasy and I designed that product for easy peasy specifically as a baby led spoon. Because there's two things that we really want parents to be able to feel really successful using this approach in being a confident feeder and that is to be able to allow your child who have an object. I E A spoon that they can learn how to be able to do all these milestones you know milestones are set there for us to kind of know what to expect but babies are very different. I wanted to have a spoon that could allow baby to dip. If baby is learning to dip a little bit earlier I wanted to spend that allows baby to scoop if baby develop that skill a little bit earlier Traditionally with baby led weaning. Were not offering a spoon and why I wanted to design a BB. Lead spoon is because I was seeing these kids that were doing. A very strict baby led weaning approach. Not making their feeding milestones. Which again is being able to use utensils being able to bring that spoon to their mouth and so as a feeding therapist I was seeing. These kids are so skilled in so many different ways using baby let approach. They have a whole bunch of different foods under their belt. But they're really not able to utilize utensils as other. Babies are so I wanted to have a spoon that could address all of these things dipping scooping developmental milestones and actually also stimulate the mouth to be able to ease those sore gums during this process. You know we think of feeding as okay. Babies intuitively going to grab this food and be able to. Just run with it and really. This is a whole learning process so we need to have a spoon that is soft in safe in the mouth. So A LOTTA SPINS OUT. There are made out of hard plastic or metal and that can really disrupt. Bbc's guns and destructor feeding because when they're shoving spoon in their mouth. They're just learning how to motor plan how to do that. And it hits that sore gum or hits that new tooth. It can really develop food aversions so I designed to spoon. That's made out of a hundred percent food grade silicone is called again. The easy peasy tiny spoon. It has century bumps on the spoon bowl itself to be able to give baby that century. Chew not to put the spoon too far which will decrease gagging a lot of spoons out. There have a really deep spoon bowl. So babies have to suckle that puree on off which can cause choking because we're having a suck that in and it can it can actually cause baby to gag and choke so the sensory bumps on the spoon in. It's a flatter. Bold spoon makes it really easy for babies to be able to use their lips user tongue properly. Which again is these motor movements? Babies are supposed to be doing during this time and then I also designed it to be a short fat round handle and why that is. Is that the research shows us the best way for babies to be able to grab on and be able to facilitate these hand to mouth movements. Just like they would with avocados slice. We want them to be able to use the same motor movements that they will with traditional winning grabbing that food and putting into their mouth and make it functional for them to again able to use a spoon if they choose to do so awesome and then the tiny spoon that don developed goes again. She's feeding expert company. Easy peasy who makes a wide array of feeding gear? Many of the pieces of which Donnas had a hand in either designing redesigning the tiny spoon? She actually designed from scratch. It comes in a two pack. So if don maybe you could just share with us. Why the tiny spoon comes in it to pack. Yes It for two reasons. Number one is that as we are doing a baby let approach. You are preloading that spoon. You are offering that spoon on on the edge of a bull or two plates that they can actually pick that spin up really easily and then you want to have that next spoon ready. So when baby drops the spoon the second spoon is already there and available. So that's one reason. The second reason is that we don't offer a fork during this time when babies are first learning to eat again those motor movements to the mouth are are in practice mode. They have not perfected this and we're not expecting babies to be able to perfect this. We are not expecting babies to actually be able to pierce and use a fork until much later down the road so I didn't want parents to feel like they were unsuccessful. I get lots of calls from families. Warning their baby to be in feeding therapy because they started solids at six months of age they you know implemented a fork and babies not able to do it and I have to calm these parents down because there are feeling like they're feeling at feeding and we have so much pressure to be able to feed kids in general that they don't need to feel like they're feeling the first couple of weeks of starting solids and I tell these families your baby. Developmentally is not even supposed be using a fork. So don't even offer for you know we don't want to set babies up for not making these feeding milestones. We want to set them up for success and offering a fork at six months is not only dangerous for them but it's not developmentally appropriate so using a spoon is really The skill that we want to be able to develop and we want them to be successful with bringing that spoon to the mouth and then be able to implement a fork later on When it's supposed to be developmentally appropriate so it's a two pack of two spins instead of a spoon and fork and you guys just so you're aware donnas to different types of spoons that she's developed for easy peasy and I've just seen among my audience a little bit of confusion because the Chinese boone is designed for babies aged six months to twelve months. And so that's the spoon you want to start with. It's the handle silicone. The bowl of the spoon is silicone. It has the sensory bumps. The is very appropriately sized for your early eaters mouth now as your baby gets a little bit older. They actually kind of size out of the tiny spoon so at around twelve months of age. I know personally with my twins gusts and Hannah they had solids thankfully right when you created the tiny spooned on so we actually got to Beer Guinea pigs at the beginning which was so fun to test that spoon out but by the time they were about thirteen or fourteen months of age. They're getting frustrated with the small size of the spoon. And Voila at about that time you created and designed the mini utensils for easy peasy and those are for Babies Age twelve months and older and dawn. I know we both are now kinda seeing this trend of parents unfortunately buying the utensils for earlier babies. So could you maybe describe real briefly why we WANNA use the right spoon at the right time? Yes I design. These spoons specifically regarding tongue size mouth size. Joss is the the mouth of a six month. Old Baby is very different from the mouth. Twelve thirteen month old toddler. So we want to be able to decrease the risk of gagging and choking by the size of utensils were using so if a parent is Using a MINI UTENSIL. Which is again designed for toddlers for six month old baby. That's Boone is going to be John Norma's in their mouth and then what? Bb has to do is suckle again. that food off. Which can you know elicit a gag or choke because we want to actually use her lips but the spoon would be too big and again. You know other spoons. That are out there. This is why you know lot of the babies that I work with. Have so many negative experiences with spoons and then end up having these food refusals and parents are like what's going on. I thought that I was doing all the right things. And you would think that there's more research and design out there when you're looking down the aisles to be able to buy and purchase of feeding products for your kids but really that's not what occurs so. The design of detainees. Boone is for six month old to twelve month. Old Mouths and the design of the mini utensils are for twelve months. Plus now that to pack. So it's a spoon fork because we actually want toddlers to be using a fork. We're expecting that from a developmental standpoint. Were expecting them to want to be able to participate in that. Expecting their wrist movements in different fine motor skills to be perfected by then. So now it's safe to be able to offer fork and again we're encouraging parents. Like hey this is the next milestone mom dad. You did a great job offering that spoon to baby. When they were six months to twelve months you been utilizing during meals. And you're actually making your baby be ready for this next huge on skill set of using a fork exactly and they don't have to be incredibly proficient right at their twelve month. Mark you guys but again hopefully don saying is that your baby. Prior to twelve months of age does not need to use a fork. So don't stress yourself out with an unnecessary step. Stick to the tiny spoon from the time. Your baby is six to twelve months of age. And when you're starting out don't be scared to do pure as but don't be scared and only get stuck on periods because as many of you know Don and I teach a program together called the hundred first foods field guide where we work with parents to help them introduce their baby to a hundred baby led weaning foods but to do so safely and we teach this period for a few days approach whereby we show you don shows you how to make a thin puree a thicker puree and then soft solid strips of food but again. We only do that for a few days. You don't need to unnecessarily puree foods. Your baby could eat soft solid versions of the intact version of that food after about the first week and we see some parents unfortunately who get stuck doing pure as for weeks and months on end and there's no way they're going to get the variety that they need to become an independent eater and prevent picky eating. So if you kind of think back to why you even got interested in baby led weaning for the very first time. It's probably because you heard baby led weaning and there's research to support this helps you raise an independent eater and helps prevent picky eating. You do need to do some periods along the way I know my own mama remember when my quadruplets were doing baby led weaning. She's a Dietitian well but she said I think this whole baby led Weenie. Thing is ridiculous. I mean eating with your hands is fine but at some point they're going to have to learn how to eat yogurt off of a spoon about applesauce. What about OATMEAL like mom? You're right so you guys. We do. Use The naturally pureed forms of foods for our babies to learn how to eat and don's tiny spoon is a great tool to help your baby make that possible because yeah they will try to eat some of these foods with their hands but we do. WanNa put that spoon out there at about six months of age of Don. I got a question the other day that I have never gotten before someone in my membership group asked. Is there a a milestone? For How many times a week? You should offer the spoon because I offer mostly foods. It don't need a spoon and now I'm worried my baby's not getting enough practice and that was like I got asked on this one. I'm not aware of one but there might be so we want to introduce spoons as soon as we're introducing solids so I tell families that even if your baby. I doesn't even use a spoon. So let's say you are preloading that spooning you're putting it there for baby and baby just has no interest. It's fine they need to be able to be exposed to that. Just how we talk about. Katie how these babies have to be exposed to all these different colors and textures and tastes. It's the same thing with putting out. That utensil baby will begin to use that utensil often when they are ready but if we don't give baby the opportunities we're going to be able to ever see if they're able to utilize those fine motor skills and make that more successful and as we're offering those solid foods and bb is getting more proficient with the solid foods. You're going to see them starting to grab that spoon and try to make that dipping skill to scoop And be able to utilize at spoon more often and sometimes at the very beginning they might just use the tiny spoon to actually just put in their mouth into kind of mouth that for a little bit. All those are practice in teachable moments and really important to be able to promote independence. Because as you allow your baby to have those spoon even if you're offering and every single day but really they're only using it once a week. You're promoting independence allowing the sensory development. Exploring that new utensil. And being able to have that relationship with meals. And if you're with baby to she's watching you put the spoon into your mouth. So they're going to start to model that behavior and be able to really on utilize that spoon as another way to be able to ingest solids again at their speed. And it's another use of that second. Tiny spoon is mom or dad or caregiver can be you know you guys demonstrate how you bring the spoon to your mouth and eat food and your babies really watching what you're doing through this whole exploratory period and Don. That's one of the reasons why I love working with you. Because I feel like as a speech language pathologist you really get the importance of the whole learning how to eat developmental phase which I know not all speech language pathologists much like not all registered. Dieticians are on board with baby led weaning. But I really love your commonsense approach that's also coupled with the research plus your background in feeding therapy to say know babies can learn how to sell feed but they also need to learn how to master period. So I just WanNa say thank you for that and just wondering for speech language pathologists in our audience who maybe aren't super pro baby led weaning and I think it's important for them to see a feeding expert such as yourself really embracing this approach starting solid foods but doing so safely. Would you mind chatting about that for just a minute? Yeah absolutely Traditionally there's not a lot of speech pathologist really embraced this approach and the reason why I started actually embracing this approach is because the parents really wanted to learn how to do this and I was seen an influx in my private practice of these babies that again you know weren't making their feeding milestones when it came to using pencils They were really struggling with a variety of textures in parents were having these choking episodes and so I kept saying to my colleagues like I'm going to be teaching these families how to do the safely. I'm GONNA teach these families how to do this. Utilizing the developmental milestones that we all know and be able to allow them to utilize incorrectly. Allow them to be able to learn how to make food safe and allow these babies to actually make these feeding milestones. What is what is surprising. Is the number of speech pathologists. That are actually starting to come on board because you know us as a profession were waiting for evidence based research were waiting for To kind of these things when I first started it was basically clinical observation. I was seeing that babies that were starting with solid foods and being able to feed themselves. Were Making Jain Norma's gains and other areas and so is just being able to have a balance of using you know what we know as developmental and feeding research and blending that to be able to let babies be successful but not just babies parents to they feel more successful when they are offering foods that are culturally appropriate for them. And they're not feeling like you now I'm wanting to offer maybe a certain cultural food but I'm feeling like I have to actually offer food from pouch. It is allowing the whole family unit to lead feeding in the way that makes them feel comfortable and I think it just takes some professions a little bit longer than others to kind of get behind that when we've been in such a very traditional approach of of you know using periods for long periods of time. That's why the research that you're talking about is is so important because we know that if beebees get stuck on pure as they tend to be picky so we want our babies to have a variety of tastes and textures and flavor profiles that are important to be able to develop the mouth and be able to allow babies to move their tongue around on more in their mouth to be able to really have a good on mount developments like a good pellet absolutely and also from a nutrition standpoint needing to be able to get all the different foods at have the different nutrients trial the different allergenic foods it requires expanding your palate. And you mentioned the research like both of US thankfully from professions that value the importance of evidence based research and. I think it's important for parents to know that there is this real incredible body of emerging literature that shows us that babies who start solids with baby led weaning are at no higher risk of choking than our babies who are traditionally spoon-fed provided that the parents are educated about reducing choking risk and. That's the caveat there. It's an education stuff so you guys listening to podcasts. Are watching videos attending seminars by feeding experts like dawn and taking courses? These are ways that you learn how to reduce choking risk so that your baby can then recognize the benefits of baby led weaning. And so for those of you who are interested in learning more don and are actually going to be teaching a series of live workshops together online starting right now. The the day that this podcast goes live we have a free online workshop called. What do I feed my baby after Avocado Banana and sweet potato? So we know that you guys sometimes are get Gung Ho starting out baby weaning. I did some period. Avocado a little bit softer strips of Avocado. Some Bananas Sweet Potato and then help. What do I feed my baby after that so I can push them eventually into the combination foods and those trickier textures the more complex flavors and all of the allergenic food so we would love if you could join us on our free online workshops? There's a number of them. If you WANNA sign up you can just go to the show notes. Page for this podcast. So if you go to be L. W. PODCAST DOT COM This is the second bonus episode but it's slash bonus slash pure as but if you just search. Don's name it will pop up and they'll be a link there for you to register for our free workshop. We host a huge in at the end. We like literally. I think the reason we're friends in real life is both can't stop talking. We love talking about baby led weaning and we hope that you will join us on that workshop dawn. Thank you so much for talking us today. About periods baby led weaning. And you guys if you want to hear more about what you do after the periods come to the workshop. What do I feed my baby after Avocado Banana and sweet potato? Thank you so much for being here done. Thank you for having me and see is on debt. Free online works up by now.

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The Yardwork: Ep 184: Staying Consistent with Speed University!

The Yardwork

46:04 min | 9 months ago

The Yardwork: Ep 184: Staying Consistent with Speed University!

"What is going on guys back to the Yard Work Andrew and today I got my Donnas of speed university having back on the pockets. I'm super excited to bring you guys this episode. I don't spend a little bit of time since we had our last episode is booming like over a week or so Yeah I mean just crazy time who. Everyone's saying superstate was okay Quarantining themselves just trying to get this then over as soon as possible because we know how long it's GonNa take but You know yesterday safe and and get past us and stuff like that so to leave a great pockets bringing. I'm super excited before we get into that trap tonight tunes you follow us on the yard work on Instagram and at your roof sports for other sports fixing the NFL is going crazy with regency. So keep up today with that. We've got a lot of stuff coming into the show. This episode is sponsored by Percentage Lettuce or a Guy Carson Lee check out some of the best parallel out there one percent athletics dot Com on the web and warburton underscore athletics on instagram born. Here now my Guy Donnas from speed you WANNA to other men that much man just like we talked about trying to stay safe trying to start the way take everything they added time man definitely pumped back on podcast. I know that we've been trying to plan this out for life man person then I got to say is I remember when the last questions I asked you. Last time I was like man like where do you see yourself in five years? And you're like man I just want. I wanted to be big university these days. Yeah rally like a couple of thousand instagram followers. At the time over sixteen man. It's been a journey out telling you love man. I started what has been about eight nine months ago. Now man. So it's like just being consistent. Look I shit to my sorry. Can I cuss is? Okay sure I two guys. I train all the time. I don't care if they in elementary school or in college or professionals man you have so much more control than you actually think know what I mean. Consistency is a superpower. You know what I'm saying. Consistency is allow me to change my own level through everything that I have controlled over which is my work ethic which is getting my ass up. Even when I don't feel like you know what I mean so just being consistent as got me to where I'm trying to get to so do one hundred percent I one hundred degree consistency. You can control and consistency is going to help you reach those goals. Your Sir Consistency met like your your job. Your whole your whole brand is built on new training athletes. So hard these last couple of weeks you know do your thing. I Love I ask that again. Voca so you know how we were saying. No we're we're trying to say statement of the virus. But and then withholding consistency. Is Your job. Your brand is working with athletes helping them. So has it been tough? Bro? It's been. It's been like the biggest challenge because now is come to a point to where. I got some athletes. Who's trying to stay real careful and not even expose themselves to being outside and being around other people you know some light trying to figure out how can still apply value to them but within a matter of of the same way that I've been doing you know so with certain athletes. I'll I'll send videos of stuff they can do or cinema list of workout or some dislike. Fucking let's go outside. Let's go get it still working on me. So it just varies men. I don't know how it's like our way because your needs coast in New York. Satelite were borderline. Almost everything shut down. Yes yes y'all been crazy out of a movie out here I'll bet man out here is being probably half the version as y'all's like it's getting pretty bad over here in county man out that way I know is pretty bad. We've been talked with Like gyms have been closed down. We got we wasn't a family that likes to work out so we got Amazon still delivering. So I'm Jim Coconut we. We've Nice really unstable. Wait for bench. Press catching you know you gotta get hired by you. Help put her back on the really sketchy bar exam. I it's like it's like the littlest like like little semi circle whereas bar back is serious catching those. I was dropped the bar on my face. Man It after right right. This is no this. Isn't this isn't vacation time. This is an exactly. I'm so happy said that that brings me to this point. I literally was saying to my little brothers a couple of days ago like actually posted on my story. I actually. I'm talking about all. These athletes will eighty percent. Is they think is vacation time because it was going on. I actually think it's time to get ahead. Write a good time to get ahead or focused on fine-tuning little minute details within your game. You know honestly man like get eight hundred percent. I mean there's not there's not much we can be doing right now. The East Coast right school to get that stuff done right. There's not much you can do right now is the time. I've run out some free times. Hit Some push-ups year exactly YEP studied man. Study you'll gain study whatever sports you play baseball steady baseball man. Study the art of of Austin Bay studied art of reading a pitchers hands before you stood like what effort like study study? Study if you can't work out for your limiting working out figure out a way to give better figure out a way to get better. I love it you day by day. Because that's exactly how this is GonNa last one can can't be on break mode for exactly exactly man. That's my boat and Just crazy MAC. And what are you back from my job? Three open though. I can't wait a minute. I hear that I hear that. Hopefully man this blows over soon dude like I'm just as such what was going on. I just hope everything blows over soon and it revamps our minds. It's a different perspective to allow Kay. Let me go get it today. Lamb thankful to have the gym open to what can go and get some good work in. You know what I mean. I think I think this whole thing. We are everything gym membership for granted. And you think they're still working on the stuff you can do. You said this is still time for you to get ahead and their focus your mind. What like it's just so much more convenient to have the gym. Yes yes going going. I go home runs and the treadmill and stuff like that just trying to get any anything. You can do sketchy bench presses man like ours. But it's like I've been out of school for like two weeks now. Damn Raises A. How's how's the weather over there right now? The weather's actually really nice okay. Cool that's a nice. Everything users veered right now. We haven't had noticed winter. I mean it was s crazy. You serious no snow. Hasn't it's been like in the sixties pass? Oh that's odd. That's crazy k like everything we've noted you like what's going on right right like I say this is. The closest thing is a rebel. Ferodo just the vibe vibe outside is weird I everything's Weird Skelly. Can vibe like driving through town and guess outside. I'm from outside the state I consider where I'm from like the sixth borough and like okay. It's okay it's it's like dead that's crazy locked on Kgo came. You can't go direct to play basketball or something. You gotta like you gotTa hop fences just to get to fueled people are people sell outside like working out from Ryan's or anything rarely okay. I was actually at my own. High School Just like my brothers. There was some people like walking the track. Nice Nice. Our super close like Islamic people are out there around the track trying to some other athletes is asking me. It's good to see. I don't think they know it's harming liberate the exactly like I love to see our science and I see some people working out running. You know what I mean like I. I love to see you staying safe but still getting it in Mile Road. I'm always like we can't quite get a muscle up yet. You can't quite do it and I. I consider US both to be very above average fit- fitness wise. I think definitely. We definitely have trained our lives with sports and trying to be like that but that technique is just hard. We just can't get over that Little Kurban. There's like this secret Polo Bar. That we know goes is that unlike health item. I this is what we're doing. This is our goal so they go for the foot. Corinthian pull up. He's Sumer so we're GONNA Kinda. How long do you think you got like another week or two? Or what as far as for take for you guys again? I'd say about a week and a half. Okay all right. Don't Columbia one hundred hundred. I'm saying Kennedy's till I come almost close with the resistance. I see okay. I once they once they get the hang of it. I'm a fast learner. I'M GONNA say say. GimMe like a two to three weeks meal to Bust Alec Three. To five through okay. That's the plan. We'll keep you updated. I was actually keep it updated but I don't know we've got a lot of stuff to do right man. This is for real quick and do the things that you just don't WanNa do is be sitting in bed exactly exactly. That's one man like like dude. I don't watch a million movies moving person. I consider myself a big movie. I've watched about a thousand movies are like I'm tired of now. I'm like I need to figure something else out. He through your favorite movies I can't give you a top three but three of my favorite movies man I'd like I like a movie called Antoine Fisher. I like that one reminds me of when I was in the military I like the s the distributor. I watched my first foreign film ever since called Parasite All Toronto. Yes one of the greatest movies I've ever seen in my entire life. Her career site. That was pretty great Classic for me Major pain major pain is like a big classic movies for me so there are some top three favorite movies right. There deadly relation listeners braces. Okay you know. Check out something. Sure for sure. You don't want you too much. That's that's how you're GONNA get trapped welcoming laptop on luckily for me Mike Classes. I have some early morning classes. I have to be up and like logged in at that time so like stay up late. Sometimes I can't sleep and some days right because I don't have to actually physically go there but like I got to be up. I gotta be alert. Okay okay on blast to really. Do you ever wake up late in like your target class. I guess it was the first day it had a ninety five class. I woke up. I woke up like eight forty seven. I'm all ready to go. I fell back asleep and there was like thirty something back man. Gosh take off for that and I'm like come on damn you safe yeah I gotTa lace an okay and I guess I checked. She was she was having trouble setting it up until like nine hundred email so I literally was late by like even though a half it was like a half hour late but admits damn so. I got that tomorrow morning. I'm not my parents are working from home so they can get me off. Make sure Nice. Nice okay I don't consider myself a lazy person but just waking up in the morning is heavy sleeper at a sluggish off. Just won't take no. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not rushing to go to sleep during the day when I'm asleep obviously like a baby. You don't WanNa ask you. Do you have a set number hours that you have to sleep a night like at least six or seven every night. I'm so like I'm energy. I could go off of small amount of sleep but like bullet. I don't like that that they get like still be at my best self for hours sleep. You know I think some some of that especially like an athlete especially if you got you got stuff to do. We know working at this Trying to build my company. Songwriting man. You're going to have some sleepless nights for sure. What when I get a good seven hours man. It's a it's a very happy. Very happy. Got Wrestling. People being quarantined with me. Lock yourself in your room. The Earth even think about the Arnold will. We're going to do like if my family. My family really big on no one leaving the house. You Know I. I hadn't really left the house. Interact with other people in like three or four days. I what is this? Are you people's personally your interactive a big people person? Man seemed like it's Okay People. I. I won't start talking so I can't see my friends. I can't see another exactly man. This topic chairman nicer came into the boys right. It's at this time this time of the year to like okay. Man Woman is it year round California yes county California Youtube like California and January third shorts and stuff and you knew you were shorts like year round. I'M NOT GONNA lie But it's cold and people looking at me like what's wrong with this kid. Yeah Yeah it's it's like y'all got the real cold. We have fake host like fifty degrees out here. Sixty degrees in that in that code from like Florida says like sixty degrees is cold. I'm like sixty degrees. I'm GONNA fading suit a literally though when I came back from Colorado in the military and I go back to California man. I was out here with my shirt off. Fifty five sixty degrees. So it's like it's so this is nothing no men were like. It is for reasons like we're we're we're we're snow. It's the ground in the middle. Anima vessels leave. That's insane April as literally. I mean listen. Global warming is a bad thing. But I mean that's pretty good mentor. My car. No snow nothing like that man but we also we haven't even touched upon this year which is crazy with everything else we haven't had sports in like Tha- that kills me. I think they did a good job with giving us the NBA pass NFL Password. To Watch Games it's up alike. Do those sports at all night de Hurts I noticed and then we can really do about it as far as safety but damn this is the first time ever in my life because I can remember that. We've never had sports at all since saying is a with some people everyone who's listening to this probably understand like what we're going through. People like the not added some people that don't really pay attention to sports. It's almost like a piece of me is just gone. What do we don't even I? I don't think people realize how much sports I can. Impact their lives to watch it. Came right you're right. It's like you can't even play like Andy both. Keep this real quick. My little brother my little brothers. This is a senior. And he's a baseball player right my Renault senior. He's real good plan. Get drafted this year. Which I think he had a good shot at a really good shot at in his senior gets hit gets canceled man because of this so now he's like he's he's been like depressed he's been. Brou- hurt off. Did like he doesn't know what's going to happen aches. You know what I mean. So it's just like up in is this what does he do? And that's all we've been talking about the last week or so like man so just tough do that is that is Yemen. You never know you never know. How much sporting plays a role in your life until the guy had the Mike? I will call this. Season's been done. I know a bunch of other of other friends that people have just met through the countryman. And it's like it's the last time during the corner uniform it's about yeah man an FBI short. It just sucks about getting about doing a podcast. Man It's over the phone. No don't shutting down exactly real data. I'm feeling lucky like I was saying like a joke. Like this is like kind of a good time doing podcasts. And it really is though like. This is a good time to utilize platform due to like man. Reach out to a bunch of people getting do all this especially I remember. I was like a few weeks ago. I was like damn like like the athletes. You know the Minor League of the major leaguers. I have on the show. Get any more like they've got to go back to work some more time off. All right listen to. I'm GonNa make the situation and yard run kind of relieve some of that stress. You sit back relax. And we're working for you guys. Yup and they might and you know they have a Lotta time everybody's board so they might even be more open to it so I mean every athlete in their bed right now is to go go to rectify the rest locked up. I'm not finding that. No Way. A twenty nine they purpose. I'm doing basketball. Can't go wrong with the mini bass man. Many basketball professional. Lean on my mind or because I'm a height limit on it like weight classes and like wrestling foot league. There's just there's there's just no way not like this. Leave this way too much training and practiced pass like ten years of my life literally hunt same with me and my brother. That's always play house. I man because listen. I don't know I don't know many other parents don't allow this stuff's GonNa put Three Boys Sixteen eighteen twenty year up in that house. I mean how turns into a Frat House guess sports arena. Yes literally man. I know exactly what they gave up on women weights of bench press. We got many bathroom. Both sides arena men complex Manual brothers both. Your brothers play sports. Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay Nice Nice other. He's the eighteen hundred calories a freshman. Real good okay chose chose to not play Sports College. But you go to bed okay. Academic school yeah deciding. What does he say he business? Maybe okay he he got he got a couple of division one offers that he turned down to this. The full. No no soccer actually. And that's what's up. He he wasn't he's he thinks he's going to try out for his school team now. He loves his university. That he's he's he's so yeah. It was first said how you spell it. And they are I. Ac- WHAT CITIES POUGHKEEPSIE NEW YORK? Okay something real real noble move by him and then my hand under brother. He's a junior in high school and he's a he's a hard throwing South Pole. So he's s crazy. GonNa play in college your box times throwing a left demand throwing some heat. It's not what you wanted to Beijing to the right night at all at all. He's a lefty too. Don't do them like my whole life. My cousin WHO's US pitcher at Johns Hopkins other Tra track? We're built on sports. Yeah I love to lift stuff like that. So this quarantine and not be able to watch sports play sports year. Just been like what are doing exactly exactly I saw Jerry. You like dude I won't be able to dunk. That was Michael The rag man. I'm six foot man. I think I got decent grab rim. Throw that thing down your throat. Grabbing RAMPANT THAN DUNKIN. There's short there's more energy to get the ball and you're slamming and slamming and it's more like you might play basketball like three times a week before. I WANNA come back next time. They see me whenever that I wanNA be jamming that a guy I wanna be. I want I don't want to get through it through the like three six hundred mils all that man elite guys doing yard work and contest. Get on that. I'll put it up on the West Coast. May Bill come to Cathy Man. And we're GONNA get it. I'll come to Kelly and we'll work out for sure for sure to event. I'm a put you through some good stuff. I Love I love I duNNo. Wake the man that I love to do and I hope this is is part of your regiment stuff like the resistance ban work people holding you back to shoot speed ladders all that stuff. Oh that's my favorite like this It's a lot of stuff I don't post that do but yes like some of my favorite training. I love that I'm also. I'm huge on like combine stuff like that. I am everyday day during the combine. I Love I love our dashes. Doing the vert jumped abroad all that stuff. Matt my hands sometimes to see how. How hanging by Wingspan. I like like every couple of months ago. So I'm sure for sure out here legally authorized Ragas we would talk about aftermath man and listen. I've been served bunch of the guys that have on the show. That have been lucky enough. So you know. Come on be super cool and May I'm trying? I'm trying to challenges. You guys are for sure runs on forties men and then we'll get act. Corinthian like this one is over. We was bigger. Go home for sure man we got. We got to take advantage of his life. Both served on the one through just talking right before you called me literally tim minutes before I was just talking about my brother and we only got one life to live man. You know what I mean like but we like I. I feel like it's too much tougher. Leave on the table when a daily basis you know and I just I just WANNA milk all. I can't I also you bring that up because I've been thinking about that like so much lately. 'cause I'm thinking like like how we live our lives like this that we only get one and it's just like man like I've been doing so much I just not I never want makes wishing for stuff got out there. You gotta You GotTa Vision Your success. You know what I'm saying. You got to want to have so like. I'm you know I've been thinking about like you know how it how he asks you. Where do you see speed version five years? I'm sorry thinking within five to ten years. Do you do if you know you know my goal? I would love I. I WANNA be able to hopefully go within a ten. I'm going to buy towns thirty and be able to be able to be able to live off off of this right. You're doing this for the my never been about that. I don't know that's how a lot of people are you know that I have. I'm like you yourself. You're trying to get to the United for the money and stuff like that exactly is going to make to make a living exactly off. House won't be able to have a family support for them. So we have a house What's the word I'm proud of? You know nice backyard. You know your stuff like that and I want to. I want to have warehouse. Man have some indoor stuff mail dude dude. Perfect headquarters They got some turf in there. That's ideal for me. I know site which podcasting room office math so merch will come in with some fueled in the back man. Run some camps. Hey I want to start some charities and stuff like that so I want I wanted. I wanted to be so many people involved in making content for the Internet and how in my Muse and other communities. That's really my goal with all and so I've been trying to plan it out lately. You envision your success and without just wishing for it. That's right that's right man. Forget that sometimes you know you gotta you know you can't believe it you can't see miss. It's just never going to happen. You gotta bit toward that fax man. I just straight out straight and so I I I was. I felt like I just see either their whole headquarters men and I'm just like man. That's that's what I need. I want to have a team of some of the small team was made with the people I trust and just just get to work here man from now and I won't be able to pass it down. I WanNa stay forever Bo. What you were saying just inspired me a little bit man. Damn that is made me. WanNa rethink the sheesh. You know sometimes my when I was. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I push my parents a little bit. They go over to me. Here's a twenty. Who was something I know I definitely was? What do they talk about your podcast? What do you think about your podcast right now? They there before it. Okay okay I mean I I definitely they were Didn't kind of See my vision with it at first big on you know Dick Agrees and college get a child stuff like yeah okay but I'm still. I'm still going to school. I know they're probably going to have to have Josh Shore. Schwartzman still do this. But of course spouse and everything out. I'm not it's not like this is taking over. I'm giving my putter. Seventy percent everything I do. Okay we'll sell their their their super supportive over. I'm glad they are also is. It's never really got to me when the question I because two years and like I don't mean bad way I just kind of meat. Unlike more like inspiring way to people that might be listening to this kind of going through something similar. It's your dream. It's no it's not. My Passion is my dreams if I can't do it just for myself then. How do people supporting me? You gotta be exactly exactly. That's right a fueled though man but I I think it one day at a time try not get in trouble with the NC Double A. We're working by next year will matter maximum graduating with them. I should get really real you graduate next year. Yeah Yeah Next Dan. Okay Mall at the end and what you get your degree in which you get your degree of communications okay. Cool cool so that I can. I can do stuff sports writing. If it's helping us and stuff like that. But what would you? Would you ever do any sports? Cast nightwear you're doing any like commentating or or in the interview on the sideline stuff. I wouldn't be opposed to it especially while you know while while still working toward team in some stuff so reporting being analyst would be cool. I close out. Put this okay man. It's like I I. I'm not gonNA stop working until I hit that goal and actually be at age. Thirty might be thirty five. Might be a four four. It doesn't matter. I won't be saying I got you. I mean he wasn't feeling one life. Life is short time in their thirty years yet. I'm still young man young. You're you're you're happy. Thirty five and forty are young. Yeah you guys currently as old as you think man. If I'm forty that's still working out man. I'm still feeling like look at Tom. Brady compete a high level of something like that. I'm fit. I feel good man. Maybe my biologically just forty but I feel like I'm thirty. That's right right. That's how it's got to be exactly man. Carry yourself you feel good because you know there's a lot of time. Yup Yup gotta take care of yourself. Yeah Take Care. Take advantage of now. Take the time when you're still young to yourself. Figures that Mosh wanted peace. It worked out. 'cause I couldn't agreement that we're going to help you when you're older. I mean I'm not saying I'm not a doctor probably hope you're fit a little longer. Half Your Life Yeah. I don't know I say something. I probably come out of my ass bunny. I don't know what was saying the U little longer. Half Your Life Right. I don't know but that's that's how I see it. I know me when I'm good for a week. Yeah exactly good for about a week about a week though a good now I gotTa beat that too complacent though that's the thing that consistency man. You can't be too happy where you're at you guys keep growing keep that we have on the podcast issues like the most motivational inspire and said when we were shooting right after is great. I absolutely love it. Man is always a great time man. Do now I'm super speed university. You guys are over. You're like sixteen point something I'd be back over. Thirty thousand gets bigger thing is crazy man. I'm though I'll may cited vitamin I'm looking just got done searching for I'm trying to find my gym by my own gym. I've been saving up a lot of money and just trying to. I'm trying to find a good place that I I WANNA be set with. So lesson works. Man I'm trying to just take everything step by step. You know what I mean. So we'll see we'll see Bradley Martin on Youtube not not bad. The Martin Briley Martin on more archie wide. Okay Yeah let's write down. What does he do he he wore? He's got one gauge Finish Bible. He's he's got his own sick and okay kind of like. They're kind of goofy or something like that because he's got like this one famous youtube these youtubers at Prenton stuff called. The knelt boys are like Super Popular. Like people my age and younger stuff like that and works out like friends with some of these kind of like more comedic. But if you look at some other stuff though. I mean like this huge. I watched a video. He put three fifteen on his bat on his neck. Squatted hooked up to his rapper and he pushed pushed his car with three fifteen on. Like he's a monster. There's no way he's a monster. I thirty five and he was talking to someone. He must of busted out like sixty. Like no Joe as just having a conversation of one and I'm like I got three five eighteen and I'm like what am I said something that I see this guy. He's having conversation he's just going like this guy's nuts he's he's on both sides. Benching lessons safe less insane. Like watch him. It just gets hype man. You gotta you gotTa Watch man. It just makes you WANNA WANNA bench squat and stuff like that right. I'm check him out. How much older stuff man? He's he's he's he's got his own gym and it's like okay. Sorry why is that to like? It's like the like that. It was just so people. Come to your gym. I kind of want to see what you're doing to work out like man that's that's like a massive compliment so now what used comparable. That's the best one. Yeah definitely you know what I mean. I mean Jefferson so sick. Every is so cool. Yeah it's quite is better because his whatever like oh you gotta You. GotTa Jim in everything. I checked it out man. This is so much. Better the mighty. I don't even know how like you say how you go about a space and then you're gonNA fill up. Yeah man they ran out of space and then they. I've been looking into buying turf for space that I give you know what I mean around trying to have a jeep. I'm trying to buy some a lot of equipment or equipment so I'm trying to have the right man. You are being future definitely very want that like with the basketball court. Some Turpin Endeavor Fleet yes saw a section for like wait and workout stuff like this. You Know Jim you definitely want the Turkish something like that. I mean that's definitely thank you guys. I Dream Come True Gasman. Yes stuff like that. So to the best of luck to you with all that man after we're GONNA go into next man because you've been getting crazy and you deserve matt. I see Your Business and you put a lot of hard work and stuff. You're doing james those athletes man. You know what's going on. It's not not just some random guy who kind of works out all right man like I like you know people like to work out for like I can do i. It's I the professionals man exam leave it to the man like especially me and my family. My brothers to be very above average athletically. But like you don't see us trying to make finish exactly exactly we listen other professionals and we let you guys do your thing you know best and right like we're we're super happy and even at even at my stage. I still soak up as much game and this is as I can't from different speak coaches from different people like I'm not too good to learn. I'm ma point is be self aware of what the hell you're doing. You know what I mean. You can never stop the war. Owing more to learn more the more you learn more able to give to other people. It's just you and your bread and that's right that's right. I mean that's like the best thing I gotta meet people and learn new stuff. I wouldn't I mean how would it be dunking Miami on the you know what I'm super hyped? They're like I had you on a couple down incident and followers because now I know what? Oh we reach out to me. I remember today I was I was I seen it at nighttime remember. I'm like Oh shit. He recites stuff. I don't I like Joe Podcast so like rouge. That's why I replied to you because I liked it and I'm like okay. This just seemed cool right here. So I I saw on my personal sponsored thing and whatever you know like I said what had you four zero because this is really far like baseball players and like the multi sport athletes because I think everyone should be multisport athlete especially at a young age. Once you're past me through the kids do more expedient Jillian right this perfect I might I could like I talk about stats and stuff all day. Nobody wants to hear that last year year and a half. I've kind of moved away from that and I want to get something that's GonNa help the people listening and spin a Jodi as baseball players which they don't always believe they need super important. Yeah so that we were heading and You know to have you on the show again. Every time is is great man always settled the best best you mad and W get you. WanNa get with the next month or to get some updates. You know what's going on with Krona virus thing you stay safe everyone else out there listening staying safe and during the summer man. I'M GONNA pop out the West Coast and we're good content. Gotcha yeah my phone's muting. My bad good now for sure we. We don't get it into shorter summer university. And the combines all wait on the vanity so thanks Robin on the pocket and it's always a pleasure. Thank you guys True Andrew. And this was the.

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