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"donna joe" Discussed on Teen Mom Trash Talk

"I've been like, I'm like, what's happening exactly? It's like they have their charts attached to their cribs. They do. So Kayla is going to be going with her to the doctor. And we talk about her eyes and, you know, they talk about like maybe she might have surgery. So they go to the doctor. And she tells the doctors like, how's her development? And she goes, she's slow. Okay. Leah, what's wrong with you? She doesn't know. So curly starts crying because they're like shutting the light and in solidarity, straight starts crying. Okay, I would start crying though. I'm in the dark and you're shining something. You want to see the back of my eye. You want to see the back of my head? Oh my God, no. The doctor's like the optic nerves are too small. And then I really missed my ex-boyfriend. And then they said they're abnormalities in the brain can cause the small optic nerve, which is a sign of so they want to have another MRI this time of her brain. Didn't she have an MRI of her brain? I thought she said, yes, but now that maybe it was her legs? No, 'cause I'm pretty sure she said they want to do another. Okay. All right. So she's sedated. And he said, as far as her eyes, she's doing better, she doesn't need surgery. It's the optic nerve. So she calls Corey. He doesn't pick up. So he doesn't come. He doesn't pick up. He can't handle it. No. She calls dawn. And tells her. So she goes home to Cory. And they sit on a couch that is covered with, I don't know, tree SAP. Stuff, what happened? I don't know. And it's like Leah here on this couch. This is what I noticed the downfall. Okay. Teasing in the back of her hair. Okay, but kale had that too. Okay. No. Kale did not look like that. No, you're right. Kale has always had big head. Kale has had beautiful hair throughout from start to finish. Listen, kale is the person whose hair I probably envy the most. So like I get it, but she, I am telling you, she had her half up half down, bump it in the back. Oh, no, no. But she still had pretty hair. Oh, yeah, sure. Also, Leah is going to teasing. Leah is the color white teasing her hair. Yes. So she said that the nerve is really small, so she tells Donna Joe, whatever. Tanner..

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