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"donna gooseberries" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

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"donna gooseberries" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

"The horses and give them money per start. So I'm going to go over there with my wife just ride her horses and just kind of waste three months. Little vacation kind of working vacation and we'll come back for the spring and Hawthorne. Have you ridden a Santana before? I did write there, probably like 15 years ago. Just for like Chicago we always have the winter off. Yeah, yeah. So I did go out there for like 6 weeks before and rode. And that was a very cool for me. So I'm going to go over there. I'm going to help her at the barn and we'll just write a few of our own in this, keep the horses fit. It won't be 8° over there. I can promise you that. Yes, we're trying to get out, get out of this cold weather because then when you come back and you'll be spring time, so. Awesome. Well, Chris, I really appreciate your time. Jackie Chris say joining us here on the program. Thanks so much. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right, we'll be right back after the short time out. It's a JSON B more racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast, brought to you by twin spires. All right, big thanks to Chris Amy for joining us. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation with Chris. Really appreciate his time. I was surprised he didn't remember the Donna gooseberries. I thought that was such a big deal. I actually texted it to him the link after we were done talking, and I was like, you gotta check this out with me. And this race is crazy. Go look it up on YouTube if you haven't watched it. It's one word do SKA, and it should be the first thing that pops up. Like, the video that's got all the views. It says horse racing oddly incredible stretch run. It's like a 537,000. You just can't believe, you know, we watch these races all the time, right? And are there crazy things that happen in horse traces? Of course, it's one of the beauties of the sport, right? There's a lot of things that can happen. And one thing I kind of do love to is like, you never know when it's going to happen. You never know when some writers going to rattle off 7 wins. You never know when someone's going to ride a winner while bolting to the outside gate or no one the lights are going to go off in the middle of a race. Like you just you just don't and that tonic couscous race like he just turning for home, there's just no way that horse wins and there's a moment of acceleration between the 8th and the 16th pole. That you just can't believe. And I thought it was really interesting, Chris talking about kind of the tiring late part. It almost. Almost made me go back and watch it again through that lens of maybe they were just there because if I remember right like the speed figure was like a got like a 60 something like it wasn't even crazy, right? Because you'd think a horse winds like that. But speed figures are based on time. And so obviously it's visually impressive, but in the reality, the time of the race wasn't that crazy. And Augustus, she went on to have a pretty decent career 25 start 6 wins, 5 seconds, three thirds, made 91,000. You know, running at turfway park and river downs Indiana grand, Hawthorne. So we were talking about what dare and the other day, he realized there's an owner like it ain't it ain't easy to just to get to the races is a challenge to win your maiden is not something every horse does. And to win your conditions is like, you know, that puts you in a decent Echelon of horses because it's just not that easy to do. But I really appreciate Chris joining us. Looking forward tomorrow to tomorrow. Sam Sherman is going to join us for a little horse player Thursday. Hopefully I'll have some horseplay stuff to talk about as well. I sometimes I gotta rely on sometimes I have a topic I just want to talk about because I saw something that I thought was interesting and watch a sequence and just be utterly fascinated how the pick four paid this and the pick 5 paid this. Why was it in the easy answer as well? A four to one one the first leg. It paid 5 times more and the takeouts lower. It's one less multi. Sometimes it's just that easy. Other times it's not. And I always think it's kind of in fact there was a trifecta when I was looking through the races at turf way. I don't know which day it would take me a little while to look at it. But it came in like 9 to one over ten to one over 42 to one and in my head and it was a big field and obviously the top couple of favorites are out. And in my head, I'm thinking that's going to pay monstrous and it paid like 5 80 or 5 90 for 50 cents. Which just seems staggeringly low. And I know I've beaten the drum about trifecta and pick three. We need the dollar minimum not the 50 cents. But because I have to think that's one of the reasons that it paid so low. Because it just seemed like I think the exact for two paid a $173, which even that seemed a little light. And so maybe it was just in the wind pool that one horse was over bet. I don't know. But I'm always fascinated to see those kind of things and kind of try to not only figure out why and how, but in the situations where it comes out good. How do you get there? I don't know. So hopefully we'll have some I'll talk to something like that. But if not, trust me, we talk with Sam for a while, but tournaments and horse playing and he kind of talks about how he's essentially just become a win better in his normal bets and why, so look forward to that as well. We will see you guys back tomorrow. I hope you guys all have a great Wednesday and we'll do it again tomorrow. Good night..

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