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"donna dub" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Was stupid but I'm better now. I'm better than I used to live in a bubble. Yeah I I used to live in a bubble fame obsessed. You know I used to be cut off from the real problems of the world but not anymore not anymore more now now. I'm sitting in the front row of Hamilton and texting the whole time. I've learned I've grown. Now I'm now I'm posting weird videos videos where I call my son the n word. Okay Yeah so you do the little recite dead. There's gotta be some more recent controversies of of Madonna. That I'm forgetting thing about our like I didn't know about and those are those are a few interesting ones yes. She's got quite the quite quite a few blind spots quite a few Problematic Eric White woman blind spots she Kids and she referred to one of her kids who is a you know a young man of color as the N.. Word in a in a video instagram can. Your son gives you an N.. Word I don't think so. No no no Oh. I'm sure also it just picture. Madonna like sixty like I don't know maybe fifty five year old Madonna like being like. Yeah what's up my n word. No no I don't think she did a art her own son. I don't know it doesn't matter. It's stupid so bad dude. It's just ahead. Yeah and God. How stupid is this fucking and song is so fucking loud? Say I should be allowed to say that. Now it doesn't work that way Madonna. It does not work that you don't get it through as most and also that shouldn't be the first thing you go out and do like I've been waiting this whole time. You know it's just just like Morrissey saying Negro Yup immediately cash this in start just like oh you know. What did she do after this great awakening? She's talking about an American life. How did she separated herself from the fame and the artifice no way no? There's no sacrifices sacrifices. There's no humility. There's no and part of that is like Bitch Madonna. She can get away with anything. She doesn't make apologies man. She doesn't need to explain herself but she can. She can start fused with whoever she wants and she can you know just do some flagrant asked dumb shit all the time Woke Madonna is the the worst. It's literally what did she. What did she want? What does she wake will this? All of them are so. What was the song before this? Illuminate luminary that was on the album. That had the picture of her on the front with the with the ropes on her face Rebel heart. Yes and she also posted pictures of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King wearing with the same like ropes on their face discard. Who does she think it's leader like Saddam to Nelson Mandela? I take it all back zombies. I'm so sorry area. This is what happens when I don't do enough outrage research ahead of time. You GotTa have those in your back pocket. But yeah did tune Madonna she. She needs to take several seats. It's time it's time to say goodbye and I think you're right. Unfortunately Mike She's GonNa keep doing fucking middling bullshit like this forever until she gets that last asked hit which honestly she doesn't really deserve this point. This one American life is really rough. It's my least favorite Madonna album. 'cause it's like it's it's it's this terrible combination the nation of her looking outward and commenting on an on current events like from a very ignorant lens very again vague and you know surface level and just saying words without any depth and then no introspection. No actually that was going to say it's a combination of both. It's it's week false looking outward and then also like very hollow introspection this is like her like confessional album where she has songs about her our parents and about lake. And I'm so stupid about like Oh you know I'm commenting on my place in the world but like it's it's thing is still very so like ego centric and like it's almost the some effects that you get the sense that she really does feel like the world revolves around her. Yeah like she's he's the actual Madonna and the music is so bad on this album the guitar with the very jarring lake. It's it's you know synthetic drums like that is the sound of the album and so terrible in so dated. This is definitely the most dated sounding. Madonna Album American life like she sounds timeless on a lot of other stuff. She sounded all her. Eighty stuff is timeless. You know the fucking confessions on a dance floor is timelessly. Those songs I thought and not just timeless I think effortless. I think that's the piece of it. You know when you get to see you know how the sausage gets made and all of a sudden you're like I don't WanNa know how sausage gets me. I just want to eat it. I wanted to be tasty. I don't I don't want to pay attention to this shit. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa see her working at it. I I want it and that is a very tall order that is definitely like maybe an unrealistic standard to hold but she is the queen of Pop. She's risen to it time and time I'm again. She's been written off throughout her career. And generally you know through various phases of it come back like people wrote her off after like a virgin. There's like they thought her her time was up and then she dropped like a prayer people row her off in the nineties and then she came out with fucking Ray of light like people from the two thousand and she came out with confessions on the floor but through the twenty tens and has come back not happens not happening and I think the more the more desperately. She tries the more obvious obvious that it's desperate and the and no matter how good even a song could be Even if she gets a good track in here you know W- The track here or there. That's that's good. That's a good pop song. Just the the sheer like work that you see her putting into it the desperation of it really Kinda makes makes you can't surrender yourself to the pop fantasy. It's not I don't think she I don't think she's going to get it. I don't know maybe have a black star but what could be be. I don't know I don't like I don't think she's capable of a black star. I don't think I look again. Bless Madonna Ana for all the she has bestowed upon us. We have said but as a lyricist it's not in general. She's not going to be able to do the that sort of pathos right kyw Mera like pop doesn't even know what pop is anymore like like we don't even know I. It's it's hard to absorb like an identity that's so fragmented at this point to just in how music has has shifted and the Music Industry Korea shifted so pop. Music can mean so many things now in twenty twenty. There's no like thing that she can you. Know Chameleon is herself into like one thing thing. It's all things. It's so many things that I also. I just think the stuff that does make up pop. These days is not really her lane Herlin Trap Don is not best. No it's not it's just it's just doesn't work I don't know you know and it's it kind of sucks. You never had that signature. Sound that Prince David Bowie. Oh that's what I was thinking right and I think they made they. Pop took notes from them whereas Madonna took notes from from pop in some ways. I think she took notes from pop but at her best was her like still still like putting her stamp on it like owning it and doing it better than everyone else right. And and let's the one thing that we really haven't talked a lot about out but that also is is pretty like you know important to understanding Madonna's popularity and influence on the culture is also her live performances and her visuals Israel's and the things beyond just the songs themselves but also like how she presented herself her looks and her her stunning look for yes. Absolutely evolving evolving provocative fucking Lashin. Yeah and and and doing you know and being an actress and being you know she did a lot of other things besides making just straight you know music And Yeah this is it's not at Madonna. It's not in. It's not American life. Life is definitely not go listen to the jukebox Zeros episode with With with Rock Candy Where they do American life and you'll see for yourself it is a horrific album is a horrible horrible album? There's people out there the stand for it and maybe I'll get a negative review. I even saying this but like God like I don't understand that viewpoint point American life any of the songs on it and like Sec. Oh I think everyone wants to see it for her. Maybe just so then then she can go away afterwards. I would love if she did a black star I am just. I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Yeah that's fair. It's been a lot of bad albums in a row. I yeah yes. And it's been a witch songs in a row to. Let's do another one. Yes so this one. Initially we had one other time. I'm good I kind of pushed back on it because it was just it was fine. I don't know it's again. What is fine? What is truth? What is pop? What is love? Is this the first one. We're doing doing a DNA. This album really fucking blows. This one is this was full. EDM Pop Madonna. And it's bad. Look Donna Dub step dude. It's not great so we're going to listen to that right now. You get to live this disaster with stop. It's called gang. Bang you in view Bang. Why.

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