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Introducing Dance of Joy: A Perfect Strangers Rewatch Podcast

Dance of Joy: A Perfect Strangers Rewatch Podcast

21:54 min | 8 months ago

Introducing Dance of Joy: A Perfect Strangers Rewatch Podcast

"Hello and welcome to dance of joy. A perfect strangers rewatch podcasts. I'm one of your hosts imron joining me my co host and my sister sophia. How's it going sophia. Welcome to our introductory episode. We're going to kind of set up this podcast. I'm so excited to get this going. This is going to be quite a dirty What is this podcast listeners. Well we are committing ourselves to reviewing recapping and discussing every episode of the hit eighty sitcom perfect strangers. That may sound a little crazy to some people in other people may be. that's awesome. this is just what i've been looking for. It's very niche. But it's something we are going to do. Basically we're going to watch every episode and in every episode of our podcast. We're going to break down the story of perfect strangers episode. We're gonna talk about the cultural references because we want. We want a new generation of viewers to watch an appreciate this show. That's why it's on hulu again. But there are a lot of references in there. That might not make sense anymore. So we'll be talking about those breaking down. Of course we're going to be talking about our favorite lines because my brother and i we watched this show growing up we loved it and we have started re watching it and discovered that it's just as funny it's just as spirit-lifting and it's just as entertaining so we have our favorite moments from when we were kids as well as now and we're also going to be talking a little bit about how some of those story lines and some of the themes in the show would be similarly relevant or quite different if they were happening today plus look twenty twenty and i need something uplifting to help me escape from twenty twenty in this this show. I was surprised how thirty four years later this show still made me laugh so for the young the young folk young listener are maybe someone our age. What is perfect strangers. What are we talking about. Strangers at american sitcom ran for eight seasons from march twenty-fifth nineteen eighty six to august. Six nineteen ninety-three on abc sophia. That i don't know if he realized when you decided to do this commitment with me. That's a hundred and fifty episodes of perfect strangers. That is a hundred and fifty episodes. Well you know. We've been siblings for a few decades. So i think we can manage one hundred fifty episodes. Usually we're going to have to pull out a hundred fifty episode of dancing guest. Oh it's going to be great okay. So perfect strangers tell the story of a mid westerner a young man from the american midwest called larry appleton who's played by the amazing mark linn baker and his distant cousin balcony bartok comas plagued by the equally amazing in hilarious brunson pinch show and belka. Bartok has traveled all the way from his fictional mediterranean. Island called me boss which is kind of like greece but kind of different and belka travels all the way from me pose to find his cousin larry and ask him if they could live together. And then hilarity ensues for eight seasons. Those great watching this growing up at set in chicago we grew up in chicago. So i love. I love this connection. Yeah that was always very exciting. I think of a very special thing for us when we were kids. Watching this show because you didn't see a lot of shows set in your issue even chicago being such a big city. There weren't a lot of like sitcoms set even still there aren't many but you have famously shot here and then now you literally have dick wolves chicago universe with chicago. Med chicago firechicago pd chicago. Aw i and then you have some sort of like out. Hbo rt outliers. Show good and i love the city. I've not seen one dick. Walsh chicago show. They're all the same interest perfect strangers. Originally aired on tuesdays for the first season was six episodes. It was a mid season replacement in the spring of nineteen eighty six. The following year moves to wednesdays and primetime Remained on wednesdays till nine hundred eighty eight when it was moved to fridays. An abc launched their original tgif. Friday night lineup. Up by god. And the tgif was a big deal your kids. It was like the thing to do on friday night. Isn't that strange. Friday night you would sit at home prime time. Two hours of tv straight matters just the ten of us. Perfect strangers full house. That was the first run an lasted many years. They changed the shows around later. Is that but i mean perfect strangers. One of the flagship. Tgif shows perpetrators created the brainchild of a dude named dale mcraven. Who also co created mork and mindy and producers. Tom miller robert miller boy. It also produced all those shows. They kinda did all the abc shows. Yeah and you can just by knowing the creator and the producers. We already can understand that. This was set up to be a buddy comedy sitcom which was influenced by the very many and great fantastic buddy comedy sitcoms that came before it shows like laverne and shirley mork and mindy and even before that shows like the honeymooners end laurel and hardy things like that. This was just the thousand nine hundred. Eighty six version of a modern buddy sitcom with one of the buddies being imigran classic. Inspirations i love all those shows virtually mortgage mandy dell dell. Mcraven wrote on morgan mindy. He also wrote on the dick van dyke show he wrote on get smart which is another one of my favorite older. Tv shows with dot was at donna. Donna adams did you get smart growing up. Did you say shoop phone and everything also another great tidbit to throw in here is that lucille ball actually reached out to them and said that she really appreciated love the show like she contacted them so to get a endorsement from a comedic legend like lucille ball. And it was. They were great. They were a great buddy comedy. Show yeah and i think they probably took a lot of inspiration from lucille ball and her physical comedy absolutely as well. Yeah an see that tradition. Go on in. People like like will grace for moen grace. She's great musical comedian. The inspiration from the show comes from a very interesting place feel ancient. Tell us about that. So the show came out in nineteen eighty six Just a couple of years after the nineteen eighty four summer olympics in los angeles when america was experiencing a wave of renewed patriotic sentiment. So people were mary perot. America rah-rah america's links. That just happened. So here we have these producers with this idea for a comedy about an immigrant in america and guess what happened. They took it to all three major commercial networks then and they all rejected. Abc cbs nbc. We're like no we don't wanna hear about immigrants right now sounds familiar. Doesn't it interesting given. Isn't that interesting. Similar things repeat themselves like all. I'm saying is it's twenty twenty. Look around. yeah. And i think you know we really need some good shows about immigrants now but obviously it would. It would happen in a way but the thing is like these kind of sitcoms also and we'll get into a little bit later really around there are shows there are on streaming that are told now from different points of the very very enlightening but back even back. Then they're like nope no immigrants. So the other thing that happened in nineteen eighty-four bronson pinchot. Oh played this character called sash in eddie. Murphy's beverly hills cop hilarious. He steals the scene every he's not in it a lot but he soon minute seen one like two minutes the feminine art gallery employees and he steals every scene. He's in he also has a similar unplayable foreign accent so when miller boy at saw that they were like we need him to play the immigrant and at that point the show was originally called the greenhorn. Which isn't that. Is that a slur away. A little bit problematic rate however brunson couldn't take the role the taken this role of a gay attorney in a nbc show called sarah alongside gena davis that was eventually cancelled. It nights and eighty. I don't remember sarah at all. I don't even. I mean we were young. I guess but so one thing about sarraj's you can search became the character of surge who is only in beverly hills cop for at most two minutes that one scene rocketed bronson pin show to such fame. Any head almost a cult following you can go online now and go on read it and look upstairs and you'll see people who are still like this is the best thing i've ever seen in my life. It's like a woman in the half seed it's amazing but it was also progressive at the time. Because it wasn't. He played in the feminine hind of man. Just as a matter of you know and fun fact about sarraj Seen him and eddie murphy in the scene together and the director had just told brown. Pinch show here the lines. Do what you want with it. And eddie murphy did not was not expecting this funny accent character so if you watch the scene on youtube there's clips of it. You can see eddie murphy. Trying love break. He improved a lot of those lines to the spot so with sarah getting cancelled. Pinto is now free and available miller. Royat start developing this show. It was retitled perfect strangers. And here's another interesting fact. I learned comedian. Louis anderson was cast as the cousin it was because in lewd. not cousin larry. They even filmed a pilot episode with louis anderson and then at the end of the after the pilot they decided he wasn't right for the part of larry of the american cousin. I'm happy about that decision. Absolutely mark linn baker. Who will just put it out there right now. He has no lips. I don't know what happened. There's several interviews of both impinge on mark linn baker talking about this moment where they had already cast bronze and pinch oh as balaji and were auditioning different actors to be larry and they had gone through like four or five and then mark linn baker walked in and from the moment. They did their first lines together. It was immediate chemistry to the point where they didn't even have to finish their thoughts. They just knew what each other were. Who was thinking. You could see that from the very first episode. Their chemistry is on point. It's electric yes soon as that happened just like you said. All the production went into overdrive. They saw mark linn baker on moonlighting and then they gave them the prime slot on tuesday. Night between who's the boss. Ed moonlighting which is a which was perfect spot to debut this show and It was. I think it was a hit. Yeah and we're doing this podcast because we'll in this show as children my brother and i But even now in rewatching especially in twenty twenty as you said which has been you know a very trying and challenging your for a number of reasons so in re watching this show to answer your earlier question. What is perfect strangers. It's twenty two minutes of pure joy in the middle of all the madness that's happening absolutely is Look let's just cut to strangers. Because i did want to talk about why we chose and we kind of explain a little bit. It started with me honestly. I just discovered that it was on hulu. Apparently it's been on hulu since two thousand seventeen. I was scrolling through hulu sophia and i was like oh perfect strangers. I remember this. I seen it thirty four years. I was like. I remember watching this. All the seasons are here. This is amazing. let's decide and i remember. I texted you. i was like oh my god. Perfect strangers still hilarious and literally a day. Later i was in my apartment. Just just cackling out loud cackling belly laughing using it. Isn't that great discovering something new again for the first time and so you've been watching a little bit more than i have. I watched i picked and choose some some of the episodes i remembered fondly and then when we decided to do this i was like all right. I'm gonna go back. i'm gonna. I'm gonna i'm gonna wait. Watch it as a record. But i think the you going ahead you. That's a different perspective. That's also helpful. Yeah it should be interesting and so we did a little research and couldn't find any other perfect strangers. Watch out there so we thought you know what we're onto something. There is no other perfect strangers. Rewatch podcasts at. I think it's just the beginning of a little bit of a renaissance. I honestly think i we saw them. You know the wizard world of video. They were there was a panel. There's kind of a resurgence. People are now rediscovering the show on hulu so hopefully we can get them to come along with us for the ride. Another great thing about this. It's in the tradition. Of what i love and miss. And it's the multi cam sitcom that has been replaced with single camps. That cops i mean. Explain what this means. The show traditionally like shot several cameras three cameras on a set on a stage kind of like theater with a live studio audience right. And there's a director and a switcher and they're cutting back from camera to camera. This is how all sitcoms used to be for years for decades if you think about classic sitcoms until the stupid office changed everything. I don't get me wrong. Brilliant show right. The office is a single cam comedy. Meaning it's one camera following. There's no laugh track. It's kinda filmed like a movie. The rhythm of comedy is different in this situation right. There's the you play jokes differently. It's very weird and suddenly i. You must have noticed via every stupid comedy. Show is now single cam. When a few years ago. I discovered the crowd on netflix on the bbc debt with a return to the live studio. This is amazing. I forgot how much i missed multi camp sitcoms. I don't think you're allowed to disparage the office on a podcast. Illegal podcasts illegal. You're going to be arrested. Two dolphins are going to tweet us save. Tweets away slipped the record show. That imran disparage the office. I had nothing to do with it. Did they did you notice this shift in succumbs. I'm kind of iki nerdy. Where i noticed these things. Did this bother you. it bothered me. I mean. I don't think i noticed it in the moment as it was happening. Coudl multi cam which lends. Yeah which lends to the improv nature in spontaneity of certain things so our show. This podcast is called of joy podcasts. Nfl fan of the show. You know that reference. And if you've never seen perfect strangers you will learn that reference as you. Listen to our podcast. Who is our podcast for. Our podcast are for other people like us who watch this show growing up in loved it and want to relive the hilarity of mark linn baker and brunson pinto. It's also for a younger generation. Who might a who maybe have never heard of this show. But i promise you if you are in the younger generation. Haven't heard of this show. I promise you you'll love it and if you don't you can write to me and tell me all about it but you will love it and We'd love it if you watched if you watched along with as came back to hear our analysis there every show because there's gonna be a lot of cultural references in these episodes from eighty six and beyond that you might not get and we'll be explaining those as we go we the stuff you have to look up look up that i don't even care the smart one between us. That's what they say. At least a foot fact day of joy actually they did it. Twenty two times in eight seasons of the show so i thought the name. It came out perfect. Okay finally sophia we gotta end with. Who are we. What gives us the goal to start. A perfect strangers rewatch podcasts. Who are you we are. Two people with microphones. And sometimes that's all it takes internet exactly internet. Okay so my name is sophia. Javid am a standup comedian based in washington. C. but i grew up in chicago with my brother enron and i think what gives us the authority to do this podcast. Is that imran. I were raised by sitcom television. We watched a lot of sitcom television growing up entire summers Where others might have been out going to summer camps or learning music or playing sports. Where were we. We were glued to our television raised by tv marking the hours by what was on the tv outset. Now that we put it that way. But i know sad about it at all. I enjoyed my childhood and my relationship with these tv shows. So i'm just i'm happy. We get to talk about one that we love anything else about who you are. Yes so like. I said i'm a comedian. You can check me out at sofia. Javid dot com s. o. f. I a. j. a. b. dot com. And i'm on instagram at at sofi. Javon gimme check me out. Gimme like in a follow. Well marked for myself. This is not my first podcast. I've actually Co host produce and edit and do everything for another podcast called the jock and nerd podcast. That's been running for five years five and a half years. We just published our three hundred and fiftieth episode. Somehow i don't know how we've been continuing to go but it's a show about comic book and superhero tv. And i'm joined by my friend anthony. Who's the jock and there's a puppet name rub boy. Yes you heard that right. There's a puppet nabog boy. We review movies so i have you know a couple of years of pike casting under my belt and use of you started this wonderful stand up comedy career and we were looking for a project to do together rewire built these separate things on our own. And i'm excited to do something with my sister that sanity do something with my brother. The other thing is you. And i both grew up watching these sitcoms and it wasn't just eighties and nineties. Era sitcoms like when when i say we spend our summers watching. Tv it was sitcoms from before our time from even before that and so i feel like we grew up cultivating the same sense of humor from those references from those shows that we were watching and we grew up when we took separate pads into comedy. You with your podcast in me doing stand up and other things and this is a great way to come together and do a project that accents both of us. Those old shows were great. Anything from honeymooners. I love lucy. The adam west batman show. Three's company stuff that wasn't even appropriate to watch. When we were kids not appropriate cape believe. There's so much innuendo on three's company. But this isn't three's company podcast listener. This is a perfect strangers. Rewatch podcast there. It is you know the show you know who we are. This is what we're doing. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast. You can find it on. All podcast apps apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher anywhere. Podcasts are found. You can get in touch with us. Let us know if you're listening or you have questions about the show. Email dance of joy pod at g mail dot com. Our website is dance of joy. Pod dot com. Make sure to follow the show on twitter. At of joy pod and facebook dance of joy pod and there will be a facebook group zun search for it dance of joy podcast baseba group so we can interact and get to meet a longtime fans of the show and new people who i hope we turn on new the these kids these days you about what you want us to talk about or what you wanna explore as we go through every episode of perfect strangers. That's right and we hope you'll join us on this journey. Thank you for listening and now we must do the dance of joy. Joy hey hey.

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SERMON  Summer School  The Bible and History

Beavercreek Christian Church

1:10:12 hr | 2 years ago

SERMON Summer School The Bible and History

"Branch? Join me. And as you guys know. There was a giant bunch of tornadoes that came through here. I'm a Morial day. And so one of the families in our church, there was hit by the tornado and the mess over there off Kemp road were Brian Joni Pollock and just want them to tell you their story, and I want you to hear what's, what happened to them. And how sieges rallied to help so tell us what happened to your. To your house into yard. So for those of you who have never been to one of the bunker for charity, garage sales that our house, we live on Fionn castle, which is I treat north of count and Spicer heights. So that puts a perspective for your been over there to see the damage. We had no idea was coming. We have had company that day, the grandbabies, and so we were taking care of Seth and getting ready for the work the next day. And I picked up by phone is Bryan Adams really going on. So about five minutes to get in our safe spot, and be there. And we were sitting in the hall closet with our dogs, and then we felt the walls go. And that the lights went out when we came outside we found out that. It gone down our street gun through our neighborhood. We lost nine March trees and most of our fence, but very little damage to the house and found out later. We were very fortunate because two blocks over the houses were were just demolished. So what was your first reaction when you walked out and you sell the? We nobody could get up and down our street to get to us, our tree block the road. But the driveway, but the really out of order, but the really cool thing was, we had these huge as the jumbo the people before planted, and God broke them off and wrap them around our vehicles. And when we came out our vehicles were fine. I'm not a scratch on them. Just wrapped it around him. So we had lost power, like everybody else, and cell phones, and cell phones and may just enough of a signal. Johnny posted on Facebook and told people kind of what happened. And then post an update a couple of hours later, after we had walked around the neighborhood and start to see the devastation. Early very early six o'clock next morning. I got a phone call Dave Searle. And he said, hey, what you guys need. And I said, well, we're still trying to figure figure this out, but we have no power. And he says, I'll be there. So seven fifteen Dave shows up in his dress shirt tie, the dress for work with a generator in the back of his car, and we got that hooked up, and that allowed us and our two neighbors to power or refrigerators so we didn't lose any of the food, and main should keep a cell phone chart, so that people start showing up that was at seven fifteen seven thirty I turn around and, and look in here. Come Matthew and Elaine farmer. Matthews got a brand new chainsaw that Jen gave him for Christmas as it broke it in. And then, then people just started showing up all of a sudden, I had all of these people from BCC in my yard, we hadn't slept and I was just dazed and all. All mouse, just started being piled up in our front yard. So we had two big trees broke and that was at seven thirty and by ten thirty they were done with the front yard and I said, okay, thanks guys. You know, we'll get around to doing the backyard and they said, no, we're gonna finish this. And so the rest of the trees in the backyard. All came down everything. Got cut up. Everything drug to the side of the road to be picked up and yesterday the city finish their first round pick up for our neighborhood and all that stuff is gone church. Family also helped my elderly next door neighbor. Tempt over the fence and started helping them. Hurts Syrian sue Russell. He's retired air force Colonel, but he they're in their early eighties, and they couldn't do much, and they've been subsitute grandparents for our kids and the family. The church family tree like them like they were family and took care of his trees to thankful. We, we never had to ask people just showed up and that was the thing. That was what was at right. As we needed it people showed up with charging blocks that we could charge our phones and get information at getting hold of our family in those things. But people showed up with the generator and chainsaws food, and really would just need people to tell us what to do. You look really hot. Maybe you should go into. Have you eaten today? Okay. Once or twice Joni, look exhausted, relax, we didn't sleep that night because we didn't know what had happened. All we knew we were blocked in and. The chains. Snowplows came at six AM and cleared the road and everybody could get to us then, and that was a big relief. So this, this a God thing because. BCC fell out. And then I know Janice, Jerry, we'll talk next service about what happened at their house. But just when we were we were out still trying to clean up and everything else. And just when we were exhausted, somebody would show up at the end of the driveway and say, hey, do you need a cold bottle of water? Well, yeah, actually, right this minute, I do I have friends that guy that I worked without at the base, who showed up, we thought, maybe we're going to be able to say a couple of the Arbat Vitas in our yard and then decide there was no way and he showed up and said, hey, brother. How are you? Is there anything we can do for you? And I said, I'm doing pretty good, but you gotta change on the back of thing, and he took down the rest of the Arvydas, and he and his wife helped us take the rest of that secondary muss all the way back to camp. And then they said, hey guys, look exhausted, coming our house for so, so this is a these are people that are part of our family, but just don't have them to worship with us, you know, because they're Christians and other part of the city. So we've just seen it all over the place. This. It's the people of God stepped up big for we did even have to ask. I mean at the time we needed it people just showed up at threat way, as soon as we got those Arvydas cleanup somebody showed up GB, the grind those stumps. Yes. And that was hard for me because I'm a social worker the helper. It's hard for me to accept help. And I just had learned to say, yes, and the night I accepted free food. I was like, yes it was hard. But everybody was there for us and got us through it one other cool thing was that night was beautiful night. And if you know, the Hiebert staff, the little twins, they live to down from us, and they go to church here. We're just out guarding together and LV. And I were talking she said, you know, we're from California. We don't know anything about tornadoes, where would we go if there was a tornado, and we talked about a plan for their house, and then Brian came and said, it's dark gift come home. And so when it happened, we texted them take cover, and she called me back. Mean what we talked about. Yes. Right. While it's amazing. So the best part about that is video tape, that for their family in California. They had six kids three. In this little bitty bathroom with a twin mattress over everybody and just they came out. And she was like, I can't believe I just learned about how to do this tonight, and I needed it, right then. So as you see God's at work, right, he's, he's active in at work, and these guys needed help BCC showed up. But it was it just BCC. You could hear that it was it was the kingdom showed up, you know, the people who follow Jesus, and try to do what is right. They, they knew there was a need, and they met it, and I would encourage you guys that, you know, there's still stuff to do. They're still things that we can pitch in on. And jumping believers are watching this thing. They said to us was who did you call? They got your yard cleaned up so fast. What company did you have? No, that's just our church family. They showed up showed up showed up, so even today taking the high school kids over and doing some work Rafter church. So if you want to join it, please come with this. They're gonna leave the parking lot here at one o'clock, come and join in and help us out. That's what we do. That's who we all right? Where a family that is trying to take care of each other and show the world the kingdom. So thanks guys for being here. Somewhere asked Jan Gerry McClure to join me on state guys, you all know. That we've been hit by this. We got hit moral day by this tornado. These tornadoes should say. Several of you have gone out and you've pitched in and you've cleaned up and you've moved wood, and debris and. And God is really moved in that so of invited Jane and Gerry McClure to come up because their house got hit by the tornado. Well, their yard did thankfully, their house didn't didn't sustain damage, but I wanted them to tell you their story about how things when how things came about and how see jumped in and try to help them. So tell us about what happened to your yard and your house. Well, first of all, I like to thank you for giving us out paternity to everybody because it was overwhelming. It started on Monday afternoon. We were in Chicago and our son's house and a tornado went through their first and we spent the afternoon in the basement of his house, while the tornado empi, and then I watched it come across, and I thought it was going to go north of us, and then about eleven o'clock, Chicago time, twelve o'clock, Chicago time I thought it is going to hit our town. And then my phone started ringing, and it was a neighbor across the street, and I tried calling my sister, and then the Pollock's started texting me and they came over to our house in the middle of the night to check on our house. And I said, please go check on my sister. So he went on checked on my sister, and then we drove home on Tuesday, and it was fine until we got to about Dayton, and then it was kind of more difficult to get home. But apparently on Tuesday after they had been to the Pollock's house, Rick blank and the farmers went over to my house, and they the flowers and the and the flowerpots were all out in the flower pots were in the back of the yard, so they put them all together, and they took the umbrella off the rough and they've picked up all our lawn furniture. There was all over the backyard. So Matthew farmer, his fiancee bless her heart body, chainsaw Christmas, and he broke it in. And, and, and he said, well, what can we do? And I said, I guess, you know, come help and so he called stew. And Stu rallied the group and I talked to the church and they put it on the newsletter. And apparently you all read the newsletter because. Yeah. Saturday morning at eight o'clock now, yo me and Hannah statler knock on our doors. Okay. And I opened the door, and then Matthew came. And then people just started coming and coming and coming and I was out in the front yard and then the chill cokes, and the six chill coast came up on their bicycles. And I lost it. I just totally lost it. I was so overwhelmed. It was just totally amazing people from age six to seventy six we're in our backyard chopping things down and trag them to the front. We couldn't even see out our yard because there was so much to Bree the only damage that we had to the house was the fence that I want to take down. Anyway. So that was nice and then the fancy fence that needs to be taken down was untouched and the gutters that need to be replaced. They were untouched. I was hoping they would fall down. I, I know anyway. I was just totally overwhelmed, then our daughter the banks came over. They brought breakfast. We lost all the food in the refrigerator, which by grandsons will be happy because most of it is probably expired anyway. Because they're, they're always checking make sure things aren't expired at our house. So that's all gone, the freezer took to the prince house, and just, you know, out of tragedy so much good has come out of this tragedy. It's just unbelievable. We had about forty people in our yard and when they were, yes, I did, and I have a whole list. I'm not even gonna go through. But then after they were done, they I know Chris Christie, they jumped the fence and went over to our neighbor short and started helping, and Stu has been at every single cleanup in beaver creek, so, well, all of our family, you have you been to all of them just rallied, everybody and it's just like is just total. Totally amazing that the things that I you know, I had I just had a few notes. But. I wanted to mention about home groups, because it was our home group that really stepped in, if you have not if you're not a member of a home group. I suggest you join one today and go back in the back and we can talk to the Pollock's talk to us talk to anybody about home groups, because that has really, they have really rallied around us during all happiness tragedies weddings births deaths. Everything our home group is there. If you in one, you can't find one that you don't like that make one up yourself with your friends start one yourself and we will help you start a home group. We've had a home group for thirty years, and it's just been it's been wonderful. It's been wonderful. Yeah. I think that's all I. That's awesome. Terrific, very, you want to add anything. She covered. I was amazed Bill cuss role was there and people were telling me to tell him to sit down, and he would not. I couldn't do much. I just I was just amazed I walked around kind of bumped into things. And it was awesome. It was just happening all around me. The clean up. All the. Branches and trees and logs were taken out to the street and the city picked them up. It took an hour for the city to just pick them up off the front of our lawn just our lawn so you can imagine how long it's going to take and yeah. By the fact that people across the street had almost a blocked full of trees that blocked to street. They even piled it on this part on the street. And yet. Our pile wasn't as big we had we had seven trees taken down and cut up and that I want to his back there. Donna, Donna Adams, I want to say thank you to Don Don has worked tirelessly in our community in helping direct traffic making sure people are well, making sure everything is taken care of. So to give him a big round of applause, because he has. Yeah. He has worked really hard. And, and gifts too. Big too. Because he has really organized everybody. And I appreciate that. This is what we do. Remember that I could point out, Kevin Bevan to who's been out in the middle of all this point, all of you guys who've been doing this, and it's amazing to watch you guys rally and to watch beaver creek rally for this, and I go ahead. Yeah, of course you did there. No problems. There were people there that I haven't seen please. We haven't seen in a long time. I don't know how they found out about it. There are people there that we had never even met before, which was great, and Kevin and his wife were there. That was great. And then there was somebody there that nobody knew do you know her. No. Do you know her no nobody knew this person? And she had two daughters. They're with her. She was from bell Brooke, but she grew up in beaver creek. They came to help the couldn't get into the neighborhood across the street. So they drove around till they heard the chainsaws and Matthews chainsaw was going up. So they just stopped and started dragging limbs out to the front yard. So, you know people are so good. People are so good. We just, you know, I thank the politics, essentially Brian, because he did check on my sister. I couldn't get a hold of her, and he checked on her house. They checked on our house in the middle of the night. And my neighbor thought they were looters. She was out there, the flashlight, like who are you people? What are you doing? But, you know, we just take care of each other. And this family is wonderful. You guys are so lucky to be here, but join home group. The next day, we had a, a friend who has a beef business, and they wanted to bring sandwiches. And so we had passed the word around all of our neighbors, and all the helpers, and we've found out some people didn't come because they didn't feel like they were victims, but we had a lot of people there. We had we've had about fifty people on Thursday nights. It was amazing. It was amazing. You can see this, this is. This is what we mean one of the things when we say things like mission and love your community, and be the like there and go there. This is what we mean. You guys rallied as a church and it was so cool to see. But, but, but you've also pitched in and all kinds of different places, and all kinds of different ways. And if you haven't had a chance, that's okay because guess what is a lot to still new? There's a lot to still do. And if you need to know how to do that contact us check on our Facebook page or Instagram where all over all over that Twitter, if that's what you're into. Because we're trying to put as much stuff out there to help you guys make connections talk with your home groups, make sure that they pitched in and say, hey, we can do this. We can do this better and faster. We do it together. And so, so thanks for everything you've already done and continue to do it continued to be part of that guys. Please do that even tell you this today. At one o'clock, we're gonna take we're taking the highschool tribe is going out to help help a family. And if you want to pitch in there, we're going at one o'clock, and then we're gonna come back and we're gonna go back out at five, so I still have three cases of water. Definitely, so anything if you wanna come and pitch in, you're more than welcome to do that today. Okay. So thanks, guys. Thanks for being on mission. Thank you guys for sharing your story. Really appreciate it. Thank you very much. David, Jody for those who don't know host speaking of small groups host, young single adul- small group where it's just been a wedding fest, there for the past, like six years or something. We have the newest thrive married couple in the building today. So that's very exciting. Then they even created thrive. Two point. Oh for those married people. And now apparently married people create a little people and there are a lot of those coming up. So this is just a it's just exploding exponentially. So this is you don't know. Those of you don't know my wife is there she was holding Jackson, but I don't know where he went nursery. Maybe this is a picture of him. Also most people just see him just resigned to the fact that, that's what you see, when you look at this picture, he's about seven months old. He's just a bundle of joy we're blessed every day. Yeah. So just a couple of things that you need to know about me, the other thing is we've been living in Rwanda for the past two years. Rwanda is right in the heart of Africa. If you picture Africa like human imagine where heart would be in the continent, and Rwanda is right, there usually can't see it on a map because very small continent, or very small country. But it's, it's a place that we've learned to love call home, and we've lived there just long enough that I noticed that they put this new timer in the back. And the thing is in Africa. I have forgotten how to tell time so that clock means nothing to me. So this could go on for hours. And, and this is always the nervous laughter park because I really hope he's joking. Find out. So. Kicked off the series last week called summer school. And he talked about science and space and all the oddities of the world and how we can just learn to kind of make sense of this and learn to question things that we always thought were certain and this week, we're going to talk about the subject, we've been given his history and history, what does what the opposite of a scientist, while science looks out and ask questions about their history brings us back to earth, and helps us understand what we're doing here. And what is this life that we're living? How do we make sense of the here and now by looking at the stories of time right now, think about the greatest story ever heard. Maybe it's a TV show. Maybe it says story that's always told around the dinner table. I would argue that one of the greatest storytelling TV shows that either experienced at least is the TV show, lost, how many of you have seen loss he has any lost. Crazies outlier. Now, if you think about a lost should not be such a great show is strange right now, I'm serious. There's things in this TV series that just don't make sense. There's a black smoke monster that we know nothing about even if you watch the whole show, there's time travel, there's weird, magical things that happen. There's endless questions that never get answered. And it's frustrating as you know what? But yet lost has been rated over and over one of the highest viewed highest rated TV series of all time. And I think that one of the reasons that it's rated so well, is because lost has the ability to tell the story of each character that's in the TV show, and it draws you in to where you don't know if you love or hate these characters. You feel like you actually know them. In fact, there was a time in my life, I got so invested in the show lost that I started having dreams of these characters were like showing up to my house. Yeah. And I was told that you should never tell people like things that you dream about because they could interpret them weird ways. So I'm taking a chance here. Don't read into anything. Don't judge me but happen. Stories draw us in. Right. Thinking about that story that always gets told around the dinner table. One day I was teaching and I just casually slipped in to conversation. I almost drowned river ones and just kept going, and I never seen the students like sit up and engage like so quickly and it was just they were like you've gotta tell us the story like no so just moved on. But they couldn't stop until they knew the story, they had just enough that they were drawn in. They were pulled into the story now. The story is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. Or maybe it is. I don't know if you're into that kind of thing. Going whitewater rafting in preparation for Jackson being born. And because of where we live. We were able to go while water rafting on the Nile river alcohol is that like an opportunity that not many people get the offer the chance to do about had opportunity, so a ticket and are we get out on the river and you know how the guides always like okay this is how we steer the boat. This is what we do. If you fall out this, how he pulled people back in if we flip this is what happens. And by the way, the guy's name is Isaac, but his nickname is the flying panda, which is not what you want your guide on a boat to be nicknamed him. But his nickname was the flying. The flying is teaching us all these different things. And he says, okay, the first Rapids we go down. There's a chance that we could go for waterfall. And here's what we do. Here's how we brace ourselves. Here's how he leaned back to make sure the boat doesn't flip and all this. And if it does flip, here's what we do because at the bottom of the waterfall, the water's just spinning. And if you get sucked in there, it's really hard to get out, and the only way to do is you have to curl up in a ball, and you have to be calm, if you try to swim, it's going to suck you down. Great. Got it. Okay. So we go we're going along. And you know what we learned was that he wasn't lying to us. There was a chance that we would go over waterfall and that chance was about one hundred percent because the waterfall covered the whole river, and so we were going, and he says, okay. We're going down the hundred. Okay, this is actually happening. All right. And so we all get into our positions, and right before we go over the waterfall we. Kinda hit a rock and it turns us just enough that we're not going straight down. We're going kind of at an angle, and so the front corner of the boat hits I and kind of catapults the back end which I happen to be sitting in and I flat out about an into this just, I don't know what you call us Bortex or something like that. I think it's actually a board text, but whatever it is. It's scary. And I can assure you that all the training that you receive up to that point just leaves her brain instantly, and you just try and swim and swimming, he wasn't lying doesn't work and it just kept going down and down and harder. I tried to swim in the more I went down. And then Finally, I was there the long enough the water that I was like, oh, yeah. He told us, we should stay home. And so I tried to stay calm I tried to curl up in a ball by the water was actually powerful and it's very hard to do that. And I started thinking this isn't working. So I tried it. Swimming gin and I was going back down. And then Finally, I popped up, and then I thought, okay on out, and I tried to swimming yet. And then. Swimming pulled me back down. And this is just as vicious cycle, until eventually, I think I was just tired enough that I just quit trying in loan, behold, I popped out and was fine. Spoiler didn't drown. Case you weren't. Sure. But the thing is like with a story. It really good storytellers have the ability to draw us into make us feel like we're a part of something bigger, like we were actually in the midst of something greater than ourselves. Right. And the greatest story ever been told as this one that's still unfolding today. And a lot of times, we think of the story that God is writing as the story that happened long ago, but this story like the God that was in the Old Testament that created the world is still a God, that is alive and active today, and the store is not done. The story isn't something that we read about that. It's actually a story that we're participating in today. I found this, quote says nothing is more real than the story before the world was created. God had the story in mind and he cherished the. Stories so much that he built a world into which it would unfold that was long as you hold onto the story. You have truth. But when you abandon the story from your facts, you grasp an empty shell a world that never was and for the world and all its facts. It's all nothing less. Nothing missed countless worlds told the same story of the story is everything. The story is the meaning behind all things. I think so often. Sermons and bible studies. We get so wrapped up in the details. The small things we breakdown book and chapter and verse. And we, we liked to tease out the Hebrew and the Greek and all that great. And we can geek out on all we want. But sometimes we got a zoom out. And we've got to get this story this big picture. And so that's what I'd like to do this morning is just kind of get this big picture of the story that God is telling and see what we can learn from zooming out and just looking at some themes, if that's all right in the book of Deuteronomy. Moses tells us, this is actually a good thing to practice. He says right is these words that I commend you today shall be on your heart. You show teach them diligently to your children, you shall talk about them when you sit at your house. And when you walk down the street when you lie down when you rise you show, bind them as a sign to your hand, and they shall be new ride them on your doorpost on the house of your house and. On your gates. He wants us to remember the story of who he is. And like all stories this story begins with in the beginning in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Why did God create Evans in the earth? It doesn't make sense. This question is asked numerous times, and Jesus gives us a little bit of insight to it. But just little teases here, and there, he says before the world began the father, loved me, and I know that's not much to go on other than the fact that we see that God was in a loving relationship father son, spirit were in this perfect relationship loving one another before the world was created, and that means that God created us out of a place of love and desire to bring others into share this story of perfect love and perfect relationship with others. He created people so that they could join them in this world of love and harmony. And so he creates the world and says over and over that everything was good. Now let's get out I second. The Hebrew word. Good is the word Tove and the word. Good has three possible meanings, I possible meaning is functional. It was functionally good did what it was supposed to do. The second is that it was a steadily. Good. It was beautiful. It looked good. And the last is that it was morally good. Now, most feel I would say if you have three possible solutions are three possible definitions for the same word. There's a good chance that the writer was trying to communicate. All three definitions. He was trying to tell us that the world was beautiful that the world was functioning the way it ought to function. And that it was morally. Good. The garden was what we would call show loan, the way, things ought to be. We had satisfaction we have purpose. There was no fear shame. There was no need to be in control because everything functioned the way it was supposed to. So what went wrong? As we traded at all. We look for satisfaction elsewhere, we looked for purpose on our own and we are pride told us that we could be like God. And we grasped for control for ourselves and so- enters everything that goodness is not so enters if the world was functional, it is now dysfunctional if the world was beautiful, that beauty is distorted and where there's morality that's now subjective. And we get to decide on our own. What is good and evil? And that's not the way things were supposed to be. But that's the world that we traded for. And so the question that the rest of the bible asks is, what is God going to do with this world? That is clearly, not the way he intended it to be. Why did God put this tree in the garden? If he didn't want people to eat from it, and it would bring all this negativity into the world. These are great questions and the answer that. I usually give because I teach a class on the book of Genesis two sixth, graders, actually, and every time we talk about Genesis chapters one through three someone always asks without fail. Why would God knows all things put a tree in the garden that he knew that we were gonna fail? He knew we were going to send. He knew everything that it would bring. Why would he do it? Because I don't like to answer questions. I like to ask more questions I respond with the question. Well, is it possible, that there's something more important to God than the fact that you and I never sin? And that's a question that a lot of people struggle with, because a lot of people are raised to think the, the my mission in life is to get rid of sin. God hates it. I need to get rid of sin in my own life. Are you saying this important, and I'm not saying any of that? I'm just saying it seems like because of the way God set of the story that it's not the most important thing to God, the most important thing that God seems to be something else. So what is it? I think it's that we learn to trust him. And trust his ways to learn to look past ourselves in the things that we do in the Senate, enters our allies into see how we the story that God is unfolding how we fit into it. He actually thinks. Us to learn how we fit into the story and we can invite others into it. So the story goes on and all throughout Genesis. It's just a, a wreck. The first twelve chapters of Genesis, just go downhill, and downhill downhill, and God sends a flood, and then he's like, okay, I'll never flood the world again. And then he decides establish his covenant with a man named Abram. Right. And Abram is an old man has wife is in her nineties, and he tells them you're going to be a great nation. You're going to have so many the sentence, you're not gonna be able to count them and you're going to be a blessing to all nations. Right. We've heard this story. It's review for many of us. But this is the story that God's telling and Abraham and Sarah decide they're going to take take this promise into their own hands. And so they go about it in their own way. And God is not pleased with this, but he doesn't give up on them because he's faithful to his people, and he's faithful to his covenant. Right. He made a covenant with them, and he's not going to give up on it. And so Abraham has two kids Ishmael and Isaac, Isaac is the one they were supposed to have. And he's the one that gets the birthright, is it then has twin boys Jacob and Esau you saw was the oldest he was the man's man. He was a hunter and Jacob loved him for it or sorry, Isaac loved him for it. Jacob. It doesn't say much about Jacob and ISAACs relationship other than at the point win Jacob tries to trick is father into giving him his birthright, right? Jacob's name means deceiver and means he'll grabber, which we take as deceiver. Right. His life is spent tricking other people. He tricks older brother into giving him his birthright. And then he acts like his brother goes to father with go skin on his arm to see to deceive him into giving him this birthright he then runs away works for. Seven years to marry the love of his life. Rachel gets to his wedding day. Mary's his wife finds out the next morning, it's actually Rachel sister. This is where the story gets a little messed up he married, he gets tricked into marrying this, the love this life sister. So what does he do what any men would do says marry them both? And he goes back, and he says, I'll work another seven years for Rachel, because that's the one I wanted anyway. And the Laban the that deceives him says, you know what just take her it's fine. So then these two sisters go on a I'm going to earn his love war. And the way they do that it's through childbearing, and so they had this competition who can give Jacob the most kids, and they don't only get involved their servants get involved. And so when we talk about, like the story of the nation of Israel. We think the beginnings of this must've been beautiful Jacob's name gets changed, Israel. That's where we get the nation of Israel. Oh, right. Basically just means the super size family. Right. And Jacob's twelve sons, which become the twelve tribes of Israel, tribes families. Right. The twelve tribes of Israel come from these two women who are having a love were with this man, and getting other people involved that's where the nation of Israel, and the twelve tribes come from. If you think your family's messed up just look the family that God started this thing with. But he's faithful to his promise finally, one of Joseph sons, or Jacobson's Joseph is a decent man. And he's a good man. We could argue that he didn't really do anything wrong in life. I've been the point where he tells his brothers at the all one day bow down to him, which is maybe a little air again. But he was having these dreams to suggest such so they throw him in a pit they get mad at him. So him into slavery and over and over the story goes that God was with Joseph his story goes downhill downhill downhill. And he's frame for things he didn't do. He's forgotten about in prison and historic goes downhill until one day he ends up saving the day, not just for Egypt but for the surrounding nations. Right. That's bit through dreams that he interpreted four Ferro now when this happens all of the family of Israel or Jacob come to live in Egypt, right? And when we leave the book of Genesis because of Joseph's wisdom and his interpretation of dreams and everything that he did. And making sure that there would be plenty of food for the nation of Egypt and the surrounding people. There. The family is given land. They're given status. No one except for pharaoh in the land of Egypt was more powerful than Joseph. They're given possessions and wealth and all kinds of everything you can imagine now. That's a far cry from where we see them when we flip the page, and we started the book of exodus, when we started the book of exodus, they've been in slavery for four hundred years. What went wrong, and I would suggest that the people of Israel forgotten the story and the people of Egypt, forgot the story, and there's a small, hint that at the beginning of the book of exodus, this says that the Ferro was so afraid of the people of Israel that he thought that they would rise up against them if they ever went to war with their enemy that he would rise up and actually fight with their enemies against him. Now, if he had known the story of who these people were, they had only ever fought four them, they had only ever provided for them and helped them forgot this grand story, and God has to step in and remind them in a very brutal way he has to remind them who got is, and what their places in the story. Now, the thing is God gives us all kinds of mechanisms throughout scripture to remember the story, he gives them the, the meal Passover that's just a meal that they're supposed to eat every year. That reminds them of the brutality of slavery, the harshness of slavery and sin and remind them about how good God is. And how faithful to covenant that he would come in and rescue them, and take them to where he ultimately wants them to be. And this is the story throughout all scripture is God steps in. That's pretty much how you could sum up the whole bible. It was going really poorly. And then God stepped in as what happened in the book of. Exodus with the Israelites in Egypt in the prophets. It doesn't get any better. In fact, he tells one prophet Jose to model his love and go marry a promiscuous woman, go marry a prostitute, and she's going to be unfaithful to you and every time that she is unfaithful. He tells Jose go wolf her again, step in again, into her life, remind her of who she is because she's married to you. This is a picture of my love for my people go, again, Jose love her again. And all this is the story of Jesus, God who became flesh and made his dwelling among us. He came to show us, not just how to live but to show us who God is into what he's actually like the beauty of the story of Jesus is not that Jesus is like, God, the beauty of the gospel is God is actually like Jesus. He's fully God. There's nothing in him. That's not god-like. See a narrative, is what we believe. We all have this thing called a meta narrative, these ideas that kind of shape how we live, and we believe these stories, and we believe that we're living in the midst of them, and they shape the way we make decisions and how we act, and there's a great storyteller names, Donald Miller, and he's been obsessed with this idea of story, and he teaches people how to write a good story and how to tell a good story and what his discovered is that a story is really simple to tell a story is a character who wants something who overcomes an obstacle in order to get it right. And this is the thing that he's been telling people for years until he had this piffle one day. And he realized that there's something missing from the story because narratives don't just change in these stories aren't believable in less. Someone else enters the narrative, enlist someone else. Enters it and shows them the better way unless. When trains them and shows them how to live their narrative, isn't going to change. This is the the Mr. Miyagi in the story or the OBI wan kanobi. Right. This is the, the maybe the Dumbledore, if you will. If you're into that. But that's how narrative changes. And that's the story of God, God watches Howard living he sees it. He sees the narrative we're living Howard grasping for things satisfaction purpose control all of these things that he freely gives us, and his heart is broken by, but he doesn't just allow us to sit in our dysfunction. He enters into our story. He breaks in and he shows us how to live a new life. He breaks into our story and then invites us into his. What I love about the story of exodus is the people get broken out of slavery, by God's mighty act, and then as they go out and there in the wilderness in exodus, chapter thirty three says that Moses takes a tent, and he pitches it outside of the camp far off from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting, and everyone who sought the Lord would go to the meeting, which was outside of the ten outside the camp whenever Moses went out to the tent. The people would rise up and each one would stand his tense door and watch Moses until he had gone into the and when Moses entered the pillar of cloud would descend in stand at the entrance of the tent, and the Lord would speak to Moses, when the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of his ten all the people would rise up and worship each one has ten door thus the war used to speak to Moses face-to-face, as a man speak. To a friend, I win Moses turned again into the camp has assistant Joshua son of nun a young man would not depart from that ten cigar doesn't just break in, but he actually then invites us to be with him. And that's part of that we often don't get to you've heard it said that God loves us right where we are. And I believe that's true. But I, I believe God loves us so much that he's not going to leave us where we are that he is going to show us this better way. He's inviting us into a better narrative. And this is the story that he's telling all throughout history. All it's written on every page of the bible. I don't understand what makes us think that God is done with us. He's not writing this same story with you. And with me. See. It doesn't matter. If you're twelve fifteen twenty two or eighty five in this room God is not done writing his story in through your life. And that's what history teaches us is that God never finishes with this people Abraham was ninety plus when God began the story with him. So the narrative changes when someone enters it. But when you grasp a hold of this story. And so, maybe for some of us, we just need to grasp hold of the story of God, we need to go to that tent of meeting wherever it is. We've got to create that time to be consumed by this narrative, and someone that will teach us a better narrative. This year I had. Sometimes the privilege, sometimes the challenge of teaching our senior class. And this is the first time that I had been in class with them. This is a picture of them. We had some giants in this class, by the way, you'll see. Anyway, this class was known for a group that was a bit cynical a bit. Like to ask questions. Didn't wasn't the most trusting group of people. Now the challenge with that is I teach bible right now. They've grown up in a Christian school, and they had heard these things over and over. But I it appears that they hadn't necessarily seen what it looks like these things to actually be lived out their teaching. And so I, I had a conversation with stuff part way through the semester, and I said, I just feel like we've got to do something different with this class, because I don't feel like I can say anything without getting an eye roll from, you know, they've heard these things over and over. And so we've got to do something different. And so what we ended up doing was we just throughout the option. One day, I said, hey, how many of you, if we opened up our house, the Saturday? How many of you would come over? This is the you can see that's me right in the middle and the whole head shorter than most of them. But I was a little bit spread every single one of them raise their hand, they would come over like teachers don't typically invite their students over. But I just thought maybe it could be something I didn't know what we would do stuff. Ashes, what are we going to do this? I don't know. So she made a PanAm brownies and we just opened up the house. They hung out. I think we played a game they pass Jackson around they love Jackson. Right. And, and then they left and much came from it. And Steph, ask me after what she said, is that how you saw that going, I said. I don't know. I, I really don't know. I just felt like we're supposed to bring him over. And so we did it again. And some people came back. And then we found out like some of these kids are taking online class this year, and they're getting way behind because high schoolers being responsible for their own education online is not always doesn't always go the best. So they had fallen significantly behind. And so we said, hey, what if next week instead of just coming over and eating brownies and playing games you if you want to come over bring your laptop, and we're going to, like, we'll just give you a space to do work thought, certainly if we're offering a space to do homework. No one's gonna come about half of them. Still came. Okay. So we did it again the next week. And, and so we just kept inviting them back and kind of pushing them a little bit and their class and not really nothing that meaningful happened, when they came, and then toward the end of the year, the seniors have to give a senior defence, a reason why they should graduate, how they've grown academically spiritually in every way how they kind of fulfilling the kicks mission, and their life or striving to and. And I was helping the students prepare using class one day and this girl, Meg on this is Meghan. She absolutely loves Jackson. Sometimes even calls him her baby, which we had to talk about a few times, but she'll hubs Jackson, and as we were preparing, she said, Mr. Curtis, I want you to come to my senior defense and said. Great. Yeah, we'll be they're planning to be there anyway. But yeah, like that's an honor. I'd, I'd be happy to. And she says great. I'm gonna talk about you. Oh boy. I'll definitely be there then and so she gave me one of the greatest compliments she said. She said at the beginning of the school year, I have been struggling with my faith. I've been questioning a lot of things and Mr. Curtis bible class was exactly what I needed this year. Because I realized that if someone like Mr. Curtis could follow Jesus than, so could I? Which I was about to cry a little confused. I, I was like what? I realize, like no, no, that's what we're going for like. That's what inviting people into your story is about like the they can see that you're a human, and they're human, and they desire, this other story, they see it being lived out. And there are numerous stories that I could tell there's lots of great people that we work with have similar stories. But that's, that's one of my favorites of just that's what it means to live your life. In such a way that begs questions, which is what I've heard someone say recently live your life in such a way that demands people ask questions. And so one thing that I would like to do just kind of as we begin to wrap up a pastor friend of mine in Rhonda has names. Dan, Hamlin asked this question he does a segment in his sermons where he says this time tomorrow, this time tomorrow, where will you be who will you be around? What will you be thinking about this time tomorrow, what people will be around you who will be on your mind? And the question that I would like to ask, is, what would it look like for you to tell a bigger story to those people this time tomorrow to remind them that there's something greater to invite them in? I assure you that ninety five percent of the time that we're living living on mission. Like that's sounds like such a big thing, right, living on mission most of the time, we're just hanging out with people, and I would tell you after most times that we. We hang out with people. Nothing happened, right? But we're suring piece for life and, and we're being invited in the more we share our life. We find the more other people are willing to open up their own to us, and we've seen some cool things happen. Some really cool conversations because in every day is not a cool conversation. You have to learn to celebrate the small stuff, but opening up your life to others to share a story. I love the this is just the cool thing about guys like he gives us meals and things like that, to remind us of this great story. And I hope that like because we have communion every week like this doesn't become white noise to us. But that we remember this is a reminder that we're a part of a bigger story like the God. Broken right. The story of God is he stepped in right? And communion reminds us of that story and communion as we take it today. I hope that you will take some time to think about. Where will you be this time tomorrow? Who could you be inviting in to your life and just opening up who you are? It doesn't have to bring people into your house. But just how can you allow people to engage their story with yours, because I think what you'll find is that they're not that different than you. And. I just pray that we will be people who share our stories that we looked to the greater story. And so as you go and take the commune that setup around this room, I pray that that's what you will. Think about I pray that you will pray that God will open your eyes and maybe for some of us we just need to block out time this week to be in that tent of meeting to be learning this greater story ourselves. And so Lord as we go. Paret. That you will remind us of the story that you're writing, I prayed that we will invite others into our story. Pretty that we will all be reminded of how great you are. Through the lives of those around us. And Jesus name. Just as I had mentioned earlier, we hear BC. We strive to have this atmosphere where you feel comfortable in worship in any form that it takes. So as you work through communion and your time being with the Lord speaking with him. We're gonna start this next song, don't feel like you have to stand up. But if you feel too, by all means that raise your hand sit down and pray. Whatever it is that you need to do to fail in communion with. To you. So. Two. Two. Several. Thank you. Grigny author, wonderful story. Thank you for inviting us to be part of it. Tumbling to think that you. You're still riding story. God this morning, we together we have saying we worshiped you. We have heard the word spoken. Shared alert separate gather now. We had the opportunity to. Got a craze, think things we give not only the money, but our resources time our lead, sweat, and tears. That you'd be pleased with the things that we bring to you. And then your wisdom, and your grace in your power will multiply those wonderful things. Thank you. Thank you so much. Jesus name. We pray. As the essays are receiving the offering just welcome you. And glad lets you know how glad we are your here this morning. We if you're new here, we invite you to let us know you're here in the way, we invite you to do that is stopping at the red carpet out in the foyer and just let us know you're here, and we've got a gift for you. If your first time here if you haven't checked in with us we'd love to give you that and share with you. And if you have any questions, but if you have anything on your heart that you'd like to pray about we invite you to find someone. With orange lanyard and chases down. We'd love to pray with you about whatever's on your heart. We invite you do that as well. Couple of things wanna call your attention to up our service today. First of all Jordan Steph have brought back with them for from Wanda Rwandan coffee beans, and those are on a table outside in the foyer. So if you'd like to purchase bag of those beans. Those, those funds go toward Jordan and staff and their ministry. So we vice take advantage of those girls coffee lever. So mix you do that as well. Couple things on in your connection guide, Stu earlier. But we're things that we're trying to do is to do a better job of communicating about what's going on around here, and we're all using all sorts of methods and means that do that, and one is, is our weekly Email newsletter. One is our connection guy that you get every every Sunday when, when you walk in the door, but we're also doing is trying to, to engage, more and more on social media, and for those who have smartphone or computer, we invite you to, to, like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or if you're into Snapchat, whatever it is, because that's the way we're communicating on a much more timely basis, and it's become very, very important these past two weeks as we've tried our best to, to respond to the needs of those in our community. After the tornado that we can't send out an Email everyday it's not practical we can do. And what stews been very good about doing past two weeks, especially is letting letting us know opportunities as a civic needs, and timeframes. And like you mentioned the smart two things happened this afternoon that's, that's on social media. So if you haven't already follow us on Facebook like our page if you don't have a social media presence yet. We vice step out just a little bit. If you've got a smartphone. Gordon go and open up a Facebook page. And if the only thing you follow that's great because that will show up, they'll show up on your page. Okay. So you'll you kind of have chance to follow what's going on around here. And so we have to take advantage that because we wanted to a good job communicating with you. And in this culture, it's becoming harder harder harder, because we're so busy. And so these are some ways, we're trying to do a couple of things. Real quick coming up in two weeks from today, June twenty third, we're having our first were calling the leadership community. And it's going to be a quarterly gathering. If you're a leader in any way, shape, or form here at BC we invite you to come and it's just not. We're gonna be offering on a quarterly basis to kind of see what we've been doing the past ninety days where we're headed the next night as kind of keep the vision before says leaners, so we invite you to that, and we're opening that up. So if anyway shape performance, you consider yourself leader, we invite you to come to this, we want you there and. That's enough for me. Let's all stand up as we wrap up time together. I did ask staff to Stephanie are officemax do this for me. She left me a little note. Okay. This is the note, please do not stack the chairs okay, we've got a memorial service here this afternoon. So we're gonna leave shares up. So we have a break today. We don't have to stack the chairs so we appreciate every week that you folks, especially in the second service do that. And cleese. We always appreciate that today, we had a break, so you'd have to take care of that. So let's all pray together times. God, you are good again. Thank you for inviting us to be on mission for you. And I thank you again, for so many people not only here in this church, but throughout our communities over the past two weeks at responded, so generously and. Again done so much further neighbors, I pray that you would open it is, and keep these needs of these folks in front of us that we might reach out, and do whatever we can help them recover from this got to pray that as we leave this room, spilling that you go before us and prepare the way that we might serve you your Lord. Jesus Christ prints morning have a great week next week.

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Mock Draft Part IV: How the Orlando Brown Trade Changes the Late First | NFL Deep Dive

The MMQB NFL Podcast

1:13:47 hr | 2 months ago

Mock Draft Part IV: How the Orlando Brown Trade Changes the Late First | NFL Deep Dive

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Hello and welcome to the m. qb monday morning nfl. podcast host. gary gramling. I'm joined by both jenny. Brenta's on connor or of the weakside podcasts. Before the finale of the quadrille But that wash over you for a moment before we start the show. Wow that's it feels momentous. A quadrille is my favorite words Probably my second favorite word after penalties penalties. It should be my second favorite word. That'd be more fitting. Are there any famous. Quadrille ogies like the godfather trilogy. Who came out with like a. That's who came out with a fourth and then stopped at a severe disadvantage here. Because we all know my lack of pop culture knowledge so not really sure. I have anything to offer here. But i am googling for part series to see if i can quickly come up with something that would allow me to contribute would would fast and furious count as a double quadrille aji. No that they went too fast and furious. X l mean that they have. They're planning on just bypassing. I mean there's got to be more than two. Those is octa ligia word. I don't g. for now. I mean vin diesel. You get to make up words so yeah. Lecter has four parts. Apparently okay i feel yeah once you go past three you just go to like you know whatever seventeen by you just go to some random number until everyone involved has passed on a retired or whatever might be. No one's telling that's trap has four parts. One two three and hawaiian honeymoon okay. That's were those all lindsay lohan. Good question i don't know connor. I'm just really trying to keep out here so just offering i can have all the information pretty much general my general contribution for the podcast is at that level. So well guys. We're doing a quadrille aji because this'll be the last one because they're doing the draft on thursday and we are we're through the first twenty five picks in this series so far we are starting with the browns at twenty six. And i'm going to ever so quickly run through the first twenty five in case Any of your listeners. Out there are just rude enough to miss the first three shows so we have jaguars taking trevor lawrence jetzt. Exact wilson forty niners. Trae lance falcons take penny sewell. Bengals take for sean slater dolphin state. Jomar chase lines take davonte smith. Panthers take justin fields at nine. The broncos take mack jones cow st patrick's ser tan giants take. Kyle pits eagles. Take jalen waddell kristine. Dera saw to the chargers when phillips so the vikings patriots take parsons. Cardinals take caleb farley. Now this is part three coming on. Stop there but we kept going horn to the raiders. Elijah vera tucker to the dolphins football team. So like seven jenkins bears. Take greg newsom coast say quitting pay. Titans take eric. Stokes jets take gregory russo. Steelers take a hike. Bergen jaguars take christian bar more and now we have arrived at the browns number. Twenty six. And they've i don't know they're they're kind of solid on this rosser. I mean a lot of teams are gonna talk about in. This portion of the show are saunas. Rosser one a lot of games. The browns have done a nice job filling those few holes at least theoretically in free agency. Here yeah what a time to say that. The browns have a pretty solid roster. The biggest needs. I think are on defense edge. Rusher make sense. Although the signing of geneva in clowney makes that need a little bit less acute. I could also see them going linebacker here. I agree with jenny. And i like the fact that i think the clowney signing really opened up some doors in particular it reminds me little bit of the giants Before that i super bowl run where they had to establish players on the outside and then they could kind of. Take a flyer on someone like jason pierre paul who is kind of experimental and eastman you know. Kind of running them on obvious passing downs and then sort of increasing his workload from there. And it's almost perfect for cleveland. Because that's sort of the the class that you're gonna get right. It's high ceiling guys. Who might not have a ton of production. There's a player on the board. I'm you know hint hint. That went janis. Alma mater that. A lot of people are kind of describing. Is that similar. You know didn't even have a sack last year but the athletic ceiling is through the roof and might be able to fit in there. But i agree i mean. I think they're in such a good spot to to bring in a guy to foster him and You know clowney just Is that anchor there and it really helps you to work some stuff around. Yeah i really like the idea of clowney kicking inside on some of these obvious passing downs here and then that opens you up to. You can take a jason. Oh or a a joe try on or someone like that and sorta pure edge guy to just throw out there in certain packages. That said i do agree with jenny. I think is a linebacker spot right here. If you're joe woods you know he was. Obviously he was the defensive backs coach in san francisco. But i mean he saw in that defense. What robert solid was able to do with that. Fred warner kwan alexander. Pairing and i think they have some maybe interesting younger guys there in that linebacking core. But i don't know they have anyone really banking on at this point so at this point the draft and they're they're going to have options here As far as linebackers this point in our draft. You still have jeremiah. Sue core amoah on the board. So i was aiming collins of the board. You still have Jamie davis on the board. Those are probably ura. Your three is after mike. Parsons here so good times here. For the cleveland browns. No matter who off the board at that point or rather there should still be a very good linebacker for them. To take is what i was going to say and also it is interesting. You mentioned. it's a good linebacker draft and this is a copycat league and we saw the super bowl champions win in large part because of their excellent defense and bad defense has to really strong inside linebackers. And so you know when the bucks drafted devon white fifth overall a couple years ago. I think some heads return like that's really high for an off ball linebacker but you saw the impact that a player like that can have on the defense and so i think a lot of teams are looking to address. That need a little bit more. I debated at the beginning of this podcast. Once i of caught on and understood what was going on would be to not offer anything. But just to say we're gonna take the best player available and You know we're gonna take the we're gonna take the top guy on our board. And but in this case i think you could probably match the best player available and the top guy on on everybody's board. There's some there's some good linebackers here. Yeah connor that approach will get you a job in front office somewhere. Neither the offseasons up Look as far as our board goes. I liked jeremiah mo here I think he has a lot of similarities to to fred warner. Of course a great linebacker out in san francisco. If i look i realize jamming davis in the spot. In in a scenario where j. o. K. is not on the board anymore but i think for the sake of our mock. I think it's the The notre dame dude going right here sounds good. Gary is j. o. k. A nickname that you have given him or that something that has been percolating for some time I saw jeff. Smetana called him j. o. k. On twitter the the video producer. Who actually just left sports illustrates. We don't think she's wonderful. But i will go with that all right so she would know notre dame grads against And it's easier i eight. That's an enjoyable nickname. I've enough trouble speaking without having to run through that many syllables sound good. All right that brings us to the ravens at twenty seven. We're going to have a very raven centric show you might say That's so raven by the nine. This this is over. That was pretty good right. Jeddah legitimately laughed. That was legitimate. Laugh thank you. Thank you for your pity the ravens at twenty seven here obviously the they just moved on from around orlando brown. Wanted to play left tackle. They are not going to have him. Play left tackle with ronnie stanley there so he is off to kansas city. You have a big hole here at right tackle and like you said this is a. This is a good draft if you need. I hate to keep their own out. You know left tackle types and right tackle types goes. It's there's no difference in the nfl. Anymore i mean you need them both to be able to do a lot of the same things but just if we are using the old stereotype of the left tackle being the athletic type and the right tackle being the big baller Taibbi dude There are a lot of those right tackle types in this draft and that certainly with the ravens look for in the system yet lasting orlando brown. Was you know one of those interesting things. Where i wondered how much they would at least try to pacify him. Just because he does fit that downhill blocking style so well and he's such a powerful player and gives them flexibility to do a lot of the things that they do on both sides of the line. But you're right. I mean you know they have to pick your back to back in while theoretically they've done a really good job in the past that utilizing that spot to maybe trade back and accumulate more assets. They're desperate for both a wide receiver and an offensive lineman and i think they can probably accomplish those pretty successfully here with twenty seven and thirty one and we know big part of the ravens draft strategy is just taking more chances. So accumulating picks so that understanding that you were going to miss on some that every team is on some and just basically taking more rights at the apple so you see two picks in the late first round. Anything could they you know. Make some move up or you know get creative in some way but they could also just stay where they are because they have these these two chances to get to impact players so and there are a lot of needs you know wide receiver edge rusher and now often to tackle me when i did my mock a couple of weeks ago. The brown trade hadn't happened although it was imminent. Now i'm feeling silly for for not giving them whatever. The offensive tackles at that spot. So i think those are the three positions that make a lot of sense for the ravens at the back end of the first round so as far as the specific prospects at this point. You're probably looking at A jalen mayfield out of michigan just scrolling through a list here to see who else pops up as as pure often tackles. I mean you can go with an alex. Leatherwood out of alabama lord knows the the ravens enjoy alabama prospects here Sam at a texas. Who i like the no one else seems like in that much. Yeah let's let's. Let's narrow it down to those three i would In in sort of vague terms your i would call mayfield kennedy the high upside guy that you're bringing a little more risk. I think leatherwood is probably guy they'd be more couple with for a number of reasons. He played different spots on alabama's line over the years and granted alabama's obviously stacked offensively. So i i. I don't know if that worries evaluators overall when you're just playing amongst a bunch of other. Nfl players against a bunch of you know generally not nfl players but whether would perform well at at tackle you guard. I think he's a guy who fits in their system pretty well and then you got. Yeah 'cause me. I think is more going to appeal to teams looking to develop sort the pure pass protector type of guy as opposed to a team. Like the ravens. Who are they're just gonna they're gonna run the ball a whole lot every game. So that's That's my two cents guys. Well i have a question. Gary so you would go for often. Tackle this pick and not wait till the pick thirty one and maybe get an edge year. I think the way the board plays out for us. I would probably go tackle here and trust that either i. That's and that's the thing that the ravens says. i never whenever never do their draft. It's like i never think of edge being a big need because it seems like there's just always you know they'll they'll get a match on day two or late or early day three and and develop these guys and they will the manufacturer this pass rush with whoever they end up with whereas i think they got a little bit of rude awakening last year after marshall janda left and they kinda said okay. We'll try tyrod phillips. They tried a couple other guys at right guard spot and it just didn't completely collapse. I think a lot of their struggles on offense ended up being related to a big downturn at red zone efficiency but they certainly did not dominate in the way that they did in twenty nineteen and i think that sort of was a signal then that they probably want offense of why i mean. Certainly they'll take offense align with one of these two picks. I just always feel like the ravens will. Just wait on the on the edge guys. And they'll they'll you know those overload fire zone blitzes or go with that and and they'll just say you know we want guys who aren't necessarily your classic edge burning dynamic guys. We just want guys who do a lot of things well and we will. We'll manufacture this pastor when it's all said and done enough kanaya hand and ask do you think that With the saints coming up here at twenty eight with the aaron rodgers sassy nece coming up at twenty nine the weapon. Desperate bills coming up at thirty. Are you nervous at all about the last first round calver wide receiver still sitting there on the board just raising Just raising that possibility. That rashad bateman is available is a guy that i think will go in the first round of the draft Could fit in well with that You know gives them another true outside guy. We'll probably they're only really true outside guy so just just a suggestion. Can i be a mock draft jerk for a second sure. I always like mocking bateman to the packers. Exciting fits what they do better than you. And i like putting a terrorist marshall junior the guy with the with the ravens because i think he's a little more or at least has a chance to be sort of a classic x receiver type of guy and that is not how draft boards work but if both teams call me and rely. Listen we just wanna make you happy with these receiver picks so just let us know who we should pick in each spot. That's what i would tell them. And that's i would put marshall here for dinner receiver and give bateman to the packers into pigs. Totally eliminating all the suspense here. I mean i would love brian. Good accounts was like. Yeah you know you're right. He's a better player for you. Guys i what was i thinking trying to take him. It's about getting the right fit for everyone. So everyone means the draft happy. This is not a competition is so gets the guy they want. It's about happiness. What he is saying. I would i would. If we're going off line. I would pencil and leatherwood if we are going receiver we can give them bateman here it. It will shatter my heart to not give him to the packers into picks but We can go ahead and do that. That's fine we can stick with offensive line. Gary my goal is for you to leave here feeling good and so i say we do that. Yeah i say. I say we sticking with with leatherwood although i will raise one last point The tackle the other tackle. That we're debating here went to michigan. We know that john harbaugh probably has some good information on all the players from there. And you know that either means you could almost pencil him in to baltimore or you would not pencil him in at all based on the brothers evaluation but just just would that supersede their obsession with alabama islam. Saying that's a good point mayfield. Maybe you'll does fit stylistically. Where they look for in their in their offense lineman. So i don't know we'll we'll find out a lot about jalen. Mayfield if he's sitting there at twenty seven in the ravens either take pass on him seriously. Let's go leatherwood. i was gonna say. Ira started typing it so really no no going back to my backspace key years ago. So whatever i typed. The first time has to be right all right. Alex leatherwood alabama offensive tackle to the ravens at twenty seven. Which brings us to the saints at twenty eight. And this is a team Look quarterback is what everyone's gonna kinda wonder about someone else who would sneak into around. One davis mills type guy. If you are getting away from quarterback you are i mean they. They had to change a lot of things. This offseason they they were in a very bad cap situation they have that need it number two cornerback. They have in need at At linebacker do they try and develop marcus. Davenport jumped up and got him. A couple of years ago do they. Do they pull a similar move and try and get someone like that at the spot. There's one different ways the saints can go at. Cornerback is a major need. That one really popped out to me when i was doing. My mock draft generous jenkins left in free agency looking for starter opposite. Mar marshon lattimore Depending on how. I rounds play out. There could be a lot of good options left. I think i gave them asante samuel junior which maybe was a little high So that's one option. But you mentioned quarterback that's another consideration is mack jones still available carey. He's not be was a nine. No i'm just kidding. Yeah i agree with jenny. I think cornerback is probably at the top of the of the wishlist here and i would say probably followed only slightly by wide receiver but only the right kind of wide receiver. If you're if you're trying to make this work they'll have to ask the packers. They're allowed to pick your exactly. I do wonder if they'd had tree kwan. Smith every couple years. I guess you kinda wonder. Are they gonna kinda shrug their shoulders and be like all right. Well we've been here. You know system you you better be ready to go at this point now that emmanuel sanders out but boy. We took a lot of quarterbacks in the draft so far. Didn't we just accidentally do we give someone greg news we did. We gave the bears greg news. That's right newsom homecoming chicago. How can i forget the the story line in the first round in our imaginary world So we are digging down a little bit deeper on the corners Farley is off the board This is good podcasting here. Just me sort of mumbling to myself in grunting as i look at a list. Samuel makes sense. molding is a I think moldings illegible washington's probably a little too repetitive with cj garnered johnson. There i could go with this samuel here. I mean sounds good to me. I if you know. If i'm gonna miss in one mock draft i might as well missing both gary connor. Any objections asante samuel. Junior seems great. He it's interesting like he's not like beloved by some of the mock draft considerably arear whatever but some of the advanced metrics on him or like phenomenal. Like he really does seem to be like a one helluva player and so i. I think that you know all these. Quarterbacks are so strange in the way that they're stacked up like i think there's a lot of project picks early on That that might jump ahead of him. Just based on measurable 's medical guys that might fall but asante samuel juniors one of those guys that i feel like is on the safe side if anything and is a player who's lived up to the expectations of the ready. So i i like the pick right. Asante samuel junior florida state cornerback to the saints. Which brings us to the packers who there's just a great receiver fit on the board here for the packers and i don't see how you can go in any other direction besides rashad bateman at this at this point. What a surprise. Gary i would guess paired them but that sounds like a really interesting combination really friendly. Gm let him slide. So that's that's why you network if you're a gm and you get everyone on your side and they do favors. That's that's why the ravens always do so well in the draft. Everyone just sort of helps them out. Everyone likes eric decosta. You can have lamar jackson. We don't go ahead. No i like bateman. As sort of a i i would. I would categorize bateman as sort of a savvy type of receiver. I don't think he's going to blow anyone away with the With the the size speed measurable here. But i think he very much. He's an unscheduled route runner. I think he's a savvy runner. I think he's going to create separation. I think like a lot of packers receivers in might be a rough transition if you look over the years guys in the first year or two with aaron rodgers tend to not fare very well and then they sometimes tend to fare very well going forward adam. Donna adams like his first two years in the league he was terrible. He was lake problematically bad for them and then all of a sudden he just took off on this new trajectory and now he's completely unstoppable while the question is gary. Will aaron rodgers. Still be the quarterback for the packers when this wide receiver begins to submerge victory. If i'm the gm of the packers. I'm done like if i know. You're gonna pout again anyway. You know. I hell all draft kyle. Trask here give me another quarterback. I'll do it again you know. Let's let's who gives who cares But yeah no. If i if i know. You're gonna pout. And use the media as a tool to bring up the fact that he's never had a first round pick as a wide receiver like. It's the same principle. Where if you have a kid and you know. They're not treating their toys. Well and then you don't get the new toys from the store. You get the toys from facebook marketplace and the ones that the scratches on them already. And so. that's the thing you know. Maybe you don't deserve a linebacker here. Maybe we era wide receiver mid. We help out the defense. A little bit to do agree with you stylistically. He does fit there and you can see him. You watch that tape from minnesota and it's like that receiver that you can just see winning that kind of back shoulder fade. You know winning some of those fifty fifty balls. That rogers rolls his eyes at other people for not winning. I mean he is that that kind of caliber wide receiver. And if you're going off twenty nineteen film which a lot of teams seemed to be doing at this point you have to remember like a downturn statistically in twenty twenty but played you know weeks after symptomatic really bad symptomatic cases of covid that forced him to use actually uses inhaler for the first time he had asthma never needed to use it before he had covert and said he just now is like feeling physically better after months of Of feeling off for covid but he ran well the pro day so i i think it's a good picture support for this. Podcast comes from paypal. Small business owners. Turn your smartphone into a cash register pay pal. Qr codes or the safe and easy way to get paid in store and they deliver the same security and trust pay pal is known for online in person. Even if you're a cash only business with pay pal. 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This episode is brought to you by comcast in the last ten years. Comcast's internet essentials program has connected more than ten million americans to low cost broadband internet at home now comcast is committing one billion dollars over the next ten years to reach fifty million low income americans with the tools and resources. They need to succeed in a digital world learn more at comcast dot com slash education. All right it's going to be rashad. Bateman to the packers and If you're a packers fan. You have to wait till day to find that. Tim boyle replacement in the qb room number thirty buffalo bills. And what i love. The bills have done from rosser. Billing sam point i have been very annoyed however at the fact that they never go out and try to get that sort of dynamic edge rusher like just take a risk on that athletic sorta yo measurable type guy. High ceiling type. Do you don't think. I mean ed elvers an edge but you know you don't think that ed oliver was a similar. No i want i want. I want pure edge on an edge burner. Here got really comes down. I was annoyed when they signed. Trent murphy that one off season because it just timmer. He's fine but like trent murphy's like you know your your ninth best star on your team at the point when they when they signed him and he just didn't really seem to be what they needed at this point and i'll say this i don't have the stats on this but i feel like the bills led the league in successfully called blitzes. That didn't end up in like a good play for them because they like didn't finish the sack or ran past the quarterback or grab the quarterback in the quarterback slipped away and made a play and maybe on just They manage thing of the two games against patrick. Mahomes that sort of stick in my craw as a as not a bills fan but a person who has a soft spot for the franchise in my heart but Yeah i just want them to take that dominating potentially you're not going to get a dominant and you're gonna find cheese young at number thirty in this rat but just take the guy who has a chance to become that essentially what jerry uses at this point. Jerry hughes probably will not play forever. I don't know how many years he has left. But it's probably not infinity at this point. So i really hope the pills do that with one of these kind of high ceiling ed rushers and we still do have a couple on the board in our exercise here. Yeah the way that our board has fallen. There are a lot of. I see from penn state as connor mentioned earlier aziz jewelry from georgia. We also have. Who else do we have here. There was another name that popped out to me. That i just lost him. Try on tryon right so there are a lot of good edge. Rushers but yeah. This is an interesting edge. Rusher class overall because there were a decent amount of players who are very productive in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred and then opted out. You have jalen phillips who went very high in our mock draft but has some of the medical question marks after wrist reconstruction and multiple concussions. That actually led him to retiring from football temporarily before resuming his career at miami. So i think with most of the edge rushers. There are some questions. You don't know exactly what you're getting or maybe your evaluation isn't as clean as you thought it would be which leaves the bills. I think in a pretty good position to get a good a dresser looking in the first round but you sort of have to pick rights you want you want to get a guy that that that has the talent there that can be harnessed rather than one of the guys who has some limitations that in those ultimately don't workout. Yeah i agree I you know buffalo's interesting like i. I think buffalo's going to spend a i. I still think buffalo's gonna make a weird trade here. I don't think they're done like i. I wouldn't be surprised if they trade like a second round. Pick or like a combo submited round picks for like zach ertz for example. You know. i think they're going to do something weird. There which makes sense than that you can kind of. Elevate yourself defensively. Because it was. It was pedestrian a little bit. I mean you need a couple of things. You need to help a cornerback. If you're the bills reinvested in that linebacker group in the offseason. But and you need help on the edge to and You know sean. Mcdermott leslie frazier. Good enough to cover up for a lot of that stuff. But i think we all saw the shortcomings. When you're trying to elevate from a team that is now good enough to win the afc with regularity versus a team that now needs to be built to beat the chiefs essentially. Yeah they look. They wanted tight end in free agency this year and they just they didn't get any other guys. They you know they they chicken on gronk the checked in on the due to end up signing with the patriots and they just didn't land any of them so You know how comfortable are you. Living with dawson. Knox at this point. I just i look i. I think it'd be nice if they added a tight end. I don't know who would be at this juncture of the draft. I think there's just such a sharp drop off after kyle pits. Obviously which there wouldn't be anyway because everyone's much worse than kyle pits football. But i mean. I think the other guys you're you're talking about. You're probably looking at in round two at this point and i don't know if any of them are necessarily big upgrades over dawson knox and not to mention you. Just your offense kind of fine. You just brought back the entire offensive line. You have plenty in the receiving corps. You just brought in emmanuel sanders to replace john brown. They're they're going to fine. Offensively i just. I think you need some difference makers on defense and i think this is where you you you take the big swing and i personally i. I love z's thing i mentioned on the last segment. It's he's just so fast around the edge and he's a little bit undersized but i don't think he plays that small i think he's a difference maker and Jason momoa. I really liked jason. I have no problem with the fact that he had the no sack season. It was one a seven game season and two. I don't know if you have like two or three like garbage cleanup saxwood. We all feel different about it. He was still disruptive and he's still a good talent so just because he has a sort of weird statistical anomaly. I don't think is that big a deal at this point but Those are the two guys i was there. I liked joe trion a lot to But out of the three. I would probably order it. Larry then then Trion yeah i agree. I'm actually surprised. Social arias still here on our board. And i would be a little surprised if he got to the bills on thursday night but since he is still here he would be my pick as well. I agree here here. What a wonderful moment in western new york as they as they land a z's oj. Laurie at the thirtieth pick if we if we were the bills braintrust. We'd all do that. Weird staged handshake. That a lot of the drought. The worms are doing now. You know can they. They can be in person narrow. Because everybody's faxed yes max to the max right there it because the the rams are getting a house together and they don't even have any picks. The rams are getting house that i noticed. I don't know why this bothering me so much. There's a there. There's a sponsor of the swimming pool. It looks like yeah. If i saw that right you did. I noticed that as well took projected onto the water. I don't wanna do that in. Yeah we're not going to say because like y give you know why give unnecessary publicity. But yeah that really bothered me as well gary. It was just weird like again. Got this house in. The pool is sponsored. I is the house. Sponsored is you're gonna be like a it's the pool sponsored by something bad now. I honestly don't even remember who it was. Remember seeing there like we weren't going to say because it was like it never mind no just like why. Get free publicity churn. There's just not something you'd associate with the swimming fall. Yeah okay yeah. It was not like I regard it wasn't inflatable pool toy inc a random company at the bottom of the hershey's chocolate swimming pool. Now it'd be delicious. I'd want that big fun do okay. Yeah i'm i'm i think this is great But yeah we'd all do that thing where we all kind of like not like hold each other's hands and shake him. I think that the cowboys do that. 'cause like maybe jerry jones just a little bit older but they all just kind of shake each other's hands in the air. We'll all do that. 'cause gre is tremendous value at this. Pick it it'll happen as soon as you see. The pig is in. They will cut to us doing that. And then they'll cut to the pick and then you'll see why thirty one we are back to the ravens. And i guess we're back to the conversation. Do we go edge here or do we get them. The receiver here interesting gary. It seems as though there were as a receiver that somehow sunday being excellent fit for the oftens and while i actually have to say that as soon as eric decosta said we don't have a need it receiver i was like. Oh they're definitely taking a receiver and of course after aidid. I mock draft but that was like a classic redirection. Like i just felt like it was so obvious i would be now. Of course i've saying this again after my mock draft without giving the ravens at receiver. I would now be stunned if they did not take a receiver in the first round. They didn't even ask him about receiver. Just like walk up to the mic there. like how. how's it going eric. Receiver we will not be addressing that position. I definitely not. that's funny. Yeah no i think that. There's there's no way i mean. This team has been unquiet on secretly desperate at the position for years. I mean Lamar jackson was pounding the table for antonio brown this time last year. And that's how of desperate everybody got At some point or another to bring him in And the ended up with dez bryant at that position for for some time like this they they were down to the wire. Juju smith schuster. Like this team needs help at that position You know. I know. That was a for a longtime ozzie. Newsome is kind of one white whale position. I remember year after year. The columbine him talking about that difficulty in hitting at that spot you know he took a lotta swings and misses ended up having to bring in someone like steve smith which was was good for them for a while. But yeah. this is They they need to hit on this i. I don't think there's any other way. It's the only way to open up their offense because the tight end classes and good enough to maybe grab an additional wrinkle guy here yet. it's a. It's so strange to think anyone struggling to find receivers in the in the modern. Nfl where i mean. The league is just so oversaturated with incredibly wide receivers and the ravens just seem to have not been able to find. I i mean how would we brown has been fine. Highly brown is ultimately more of a a very good complementary piece in your in your passing game. But you'll get you know. Miles boykin just hasn't quite worked out rashad. Perriman didn't work out as a first round. Pick in two thousand fifteen although he's had some nice moments in other cities But yeah it's just. When we see on thursday night. I think ultimately some of these receivers who we expect to go round one might slip out of the first round and if they do it's just because it's important position but there's just so much talent at the position in the league in this draft and twenty twenty two is also projecting to be an obscenely talented and deep receiver class coming in so a lot of teams are saying. Well you know we'll wait until day two and we'll get our aj brown and hopefully that doesn't become rjr whiteside but That's that's how hot teams up approaching it. Adra look terrace marshall junior Out of lsu is the guy. I like here. The one thing that gives we pause is i think he's more effective sort of a big slot at lsu. But i think he has the tools to be sort of that classic x receiver in this offense. Which is what you're looking for. If you already have markey's brown and front you can take mark andrews and and sort of play him flexed out and and do some things you might do with You know sort of a classic move receiver. But i like martial here a lot which i have said repeatedly over the last forty five minutes you guys. So i'm just gonna write it in now. Sounds great gerry. I'm falling into the typical trap of like every fan on mock draft night. Where like there's some really good players that are left here and you know. And i'm just like god. I can't believe all these players are left but like the only reason that we all think they're good players. Well i guess we do Call people and talk to people. But it's like the idea that like they're on all these big boards and we just haven't drafted them yet but. I think it's cool that we're not doing that. We're not following the The norm you know we're shaking things up a little bit. Some very excited about we. Don't go ahead. Gary i was just say just a quick reminder also not allowed to trade so we can't really change this up to have someone jumping up and getting I dunno zaven collins or a area's tony or something like that anyway. Yeah it's also a weird year and that it really does feel like without the combine. There's just like a much greater lack of anchor points for what teams do or consensus building on players. Like i'm sure. Those conversations go on around the league with scouts out on the road. But you are missing that kind of central convention hub where you get a sense for what different people think about different prospects. We are at the last pick of the first round. Of course we have four teams. Were still going to address here. Because they don't have first round picks but they're still teams and they still deserve our love and they deserve to have a say what they've done wrong with the rosters and what they need now We're at the bucks at thirty two. Who they. They won the super bowl in february. If you didn't see that if you're looking at the roster. I don't know what you'd necessarily necessarily say is a weakness on this roster but they're certainly there advanced in a in a lot of spots and that includes quarterback so you do wonder if they you know if they love a davis mills kyle. Trask Kellyn monotype do they. Do they take it here because then you You take him with the first round. Pick and then you get the fifth round option on them and or do they basically just fortify another spot on the roster here. Yeah it's rare to see a super bowl champion. Return twenty two starters so it is kind of a luxury. Pick to build depth in the future or potentially add. Something you know running back. I kind of think is an option here in connor and i talked about this week's podcast last week. It sort of the super bowl champion memorial like running back pick like hey roster so good we're just gonna take a running back but i do think that is an option here but you know. Is there a quarterback that you like enough. I'm not so sure. But i have a sense. I have a feeling that there is one that gary lakes enough so there is There's so much kyle trask heat of late. I'm wondering if that's where gary's going. Yeah but i don't like how i like davis mills. I don't like how trust sorry swat. Yeah i don't know. I think you i. I don't think you're you go quarterback because if you're jason light anytime that you've tried to be cute and ahead of the curve and somewhat pragmatic it's blown up in your face and the only thing that seems to be working as like this blindfolded foot on the gas pedal Roster building strategy. And so i think you assume and you you know whether it's wide receiver some like rondell. Moore's available you know and from purdue and just like somebody to filled in antonio brown roles you don't have to go back to that well. And you have the affordable contract on him and you know you can let some of these other guys go after a little while and you. Don't you know maybe replenish that position. Once tom brady's gone i don't know that that's kind of a direction of going. I think going because again. You're so married to tom. Brady at this point that pivoting even in the slightest probably risks. Irking the ire of him in an aaron rodgers. Sort of way that you're probably not prepared to deal with. Because he is feeling a little froggy down there. I think he'd weigh in on the quarterback situation. If you drafted one. I was also going to say that. I think defensive tackle is potentially a need where you can get some depth in the last of the twenty. Two starters to resigned was on a year deal But i see that you guys already have christian bar more off the board And i'm not sure that there's another defensive. Tackle that warrants going. In the first round point you asked endemic and sue. Play seventy five percent of your snaps last year at age thirty five or thirty four maybe And it looks like i mean you know without you. Know you re signed steve mcclendon. You know some of those moves that you've made and everything. But i agree with jenny to. That's that's that's kind of a glaring hole to you. Know as good as dominik ensues ben. I'm not saying he's he's getting older blah. I mean he hasn't missed a game since two thousand eleven from not mistaken however if you are looking down the near future there that's a position to that you might wanna fortify. Think that's a great point. I do the iowa dude david nixon here. If you're a first round guy my mom yeah. I liked him and i do like the washing guy. Levi on wazoo rica. i leave is how it's pronounced. I i think stylistically. He's not exactly what the bucks have built that defensive line around i think he's more of a pure upfield three technique type guy whereas nixon can maybe do a few more things for you. I think that makes sense if you're not going with with i don't think they're going quarterback by the way on your did after absolutely who have one of those guys. The receiver thing is really interesting though. Because you feel like they're having a staredown with tony around right now where lake. They expected him to come back on another next to nothing deal because he has no other market and it looks like getting. Tony brown is trying drum up. All it takes is one other team and we we know seahawks. Were a little bit vocal about it. We we've heard lamar jackson. Bring up so can generate a market and then ultimately get out of there and perhaps what happens draft night sort of guides what ends up happening there but it feels like they really expected antonio brown back on basically a veteran's minimum plus incentives type deal and. I'd looks like that's not gonna work out. Yeah i really liked that direction. I think that's smart. I agree and there's still some really good receivers left. I mean we have rondell. More if cadaverous time. Nobody's kind of taken him malaysia. More who you know that old miss team. There's a lot of talent that's come from there so i don't know i i like There's a lot of There's a lot a tasty options here. Why don't we do. I love rhonda more but i do kind of throw rondell more quite rudely into more of a gadget weapon type role at this point. I think he's going to be more. But i also think if you're the bucks you're probably not thinking you know let's let's take guy and develop them over two or three years To me could area's. Tony is look. I don't think tony gets here. But by the same token. I think you're gonna see receivers fall in this draft and i think you're gonna see one of these guys at thirty two who we've talked about on these shows basically sitting there for the box so Canary sony if he is the guy who owns a falling. I mean he is He just blows people away out of slot. He the the amount of separation he creates is just obscene. And we've we've seen what tom brady does with guys like that over the years. Yeah i really like it. Let's slotted dan to darius tony florida wide receiver to the tampa bay box which brings us the end around one and we will go on to the four teams without first round picks Weirdly enough three then. Pick right in a row Seahawks at fifty-six rams at fifty seven fifty eight and then the texans at sixty seven. We're gonna fix everything. That's wrong with the texans with at sixty seven. Pick right there. But i did enjoy In our little pre show chat. Jenny was very nervous that she had not research. These picks correctly. But these these are not meant to be research this entity just throwing a random name at a team and it's very difficult to project that far down the line you put it out there. It's no risk because no one should be expected to be correct on these picks and then if you are correct you get pat yourself on the bat that's That's the way it goes. I like we'll give it a shot so we're starting the seahawks here. They look at the signed smith all smith then had he is a he has a i. I'm quickly pulling up the latest on this He's a worn out right now in in louisiana and i i don't know i don't know if this is gonna work out with him in seattle so you're probably looking at the edge. Rusher is again. you're also looking at the cornerbacks after losing shaquille griffin and losing quinton. Dunbar this past off season so you have some defensive needs and then it seems like this is always the debate. I have with myself because no one else in my house wants to talk about football with me but when you're looking at this oxygene seem we always say offensive. Line is a need. They haven't the they've tried off into line. And they they draft off the line and they haven't worked out. I think it's just incredibly difficult to play the offensive line in front of russell wilson who i mean. His game is just built around this worldly improvisational ability and that is tough for offense. Wineman who you know might have to walk for two seconds might wipe for five seconds. You're not sure where. Wilson is within the pocket on each play. It's kind of like the complete opposite of the guys who you see thrive with tom. Brady who you know. Just everything is completely expected on schedule with him So often line. I would put as a need but maybe not as desperate a need as we say on an annual basis. It kind of. If i could if i could circle back to further Dig myself into this whole that have already started blocking for russell. Wilson right now feels like what blocking ben roethlisberger and like the late. Two thousand was where he's just going to hold the ball for awhile and you're gonna give up sacks and people are going to be like. Oh why did you have so many saxons like well. It's it's hard to walk for this long sometimes. No that's a good explanation gary I would say yeah. I was going to say cornerback. Offensive line defensive. Line would be the three needs. I mean i think it depends on which offensive linemen are there. You know there are some that you could pair better with that unique skill set. Necessary to block for wilson But there's also a real need at corner. That's a little bit glaring. So i think that could be a possibility here as well. I agree. I think there there could be some fun. You know there could be some fun guys here. I mean you know your guy. Sam cosmic could could sink disarming and that could be a guy but like now again my apologies to everybody here. Because i'm about to butcher like thirty five names here but like dylan. Radan from north dakota state You know probably falls within that range and even like someone like gosh now. I'm gonna sound like super unprepared but quinn Quinn minors from the guy. The uw whitewater guy That you spend like Crushing it you know. That's that's another guy that's around At the that's probably around there. I mean you know. I don't know how they have them stacked here but similarly you know you look at the the edge group there and there's you know i i think that there's probably Some some value there to Jenny mention corner which i get. I think that that's certainly got to be a consideration too. I mean if you're if you're at the point where you let some of these guys walk and you're running the system you're running at some point that's gotta be replenished. I know that they do it. Better in the middle rounds than anybody else in the nfl. But you know you do have to probably look sniff around there to quin. Minors is is really interesting to me at this spot ya. I don't know why i'm branding. John schneider's as but this just feels like a spot where he's gonna take one of those small school guys that The reports immediately afterwards will will be like. Oh you know two other. Gm's call them to say that was the guy they were targeting and and they can't believe they took him and that happens anytime someone from like a non fbs school ever gets picked on day to Robert rochelle the central. Arkansas quarterback is another guy. Who i who i very much. He's just he's just super interesting He's just you know. The athletic testing was just something from another planet. And then on top of that. He's a guy who played a lot of offensive football in in in high school. He sort of still learning the position of cornerback. At this point those were the two guys. I kind of had circled as possibilities in the spot. So seahawks get that that nice bump everyone saying like oh. That was my guy. Also the similar to the patriots pick last year with. Kyle duggar from lenore rhine right. It's like where's the school. And everyone's googling it and then talking about how only bell could find this guy so kind of similar gary perfect and everybody's got alley market fever after the super bowl so let's just say let's do it. Let's let's do quinn minor. I liked to the seahawks here And and and yeah we can. We can enjoy all the d. to tape that gets thrown up on. Nfl networker whatever channel. You end up watching That brings us to the rams at fifty seven when i think rams they lost some pieces in the defensive backfield The thing that i found incredibly strange with the rams the last couple of years. And you've heard me. They mentioned this a couple of times. He really wants stability at center. He wants he wants that guy who can sort of be that steadying force them on that line john sullivan retired and they had drafted brian allen. Monday three a couple of years ago when brian allen guide to step in and replace Replaced sullivan and it just didn't work out. And then he was He was banged up last year and ended up. Not doing anything in twenty twenty. They had austin blyth moved to center and had a pretty good season. Blake gets away in science with chief so you have this whole at center again and obviously this is a a spot in the draft since the rams will never again have a first round pick this kind of spot in the draft where you can maybe find a center. You know like josh meyers. The they ohio state guy is Is someone who sort of jumped out here. Drew domine from from stanford might be around in this In this approximate area. I don't think i don't think a landed dickerson or a creed. Humphry is still on the board at this point. Yeah i think interior often line makes a lot of sense. I mean heck seems like there's a run on this position because we just have the seahawks taking quinn minors. Maybe there is some post draft story about how they scooped up the browns guy before the rams could get him even better than most talked about. Pick of the draft. Quinn minors the seahawks. At fifty six changed everything we thought we knew about the twenty one draft Let's i want do josh meyers. I've really started typing it before. I confirmed it with these guys. I wanna do josh. meyers here. To the to the rams as sort of the guy who would Be around at this spot who they can make. Maybe that's the answer. Maybe that's the answer for the next five years of that. Spot like sean mcvay. He's been looking for. You've got my sign off your the sean mcvay in this scenario and i'm the less need i'm floating around in the jif peanut butter pool and i'm enjoying the pick. But if i had to raise one objection. I would say that if djibril cox from lsu is there you are still in desperate need of off ball coverage off ball linebackers of coverage ability and he's a tremendous that and he could be around there but i'm not going to bring that up to you during the drafts. I'm going to anonymously complain about it to the media when i'm looking for my own. Gm job and cox ends up being kind of darius. Leonard breakout star. Kind of guy. So i will do that on my own time. I will float in the pool and enjoy myself in the meantime peanut butter pool. Now that would have been good. Yeah that fools get more delicious with the with each pick. Here we have the chiefs at fifty eight hundred. They just They just found the answer at left tackle. I guess i shouldn't say i. Guess orlando brown's a good left tackle so that was very rude of me to put that kind of inflection on i guess there so i take that back but right tackle stuart question to me i mike remers. I guess is going to be the guy going in the year. I don't know how great they feel about that Other than that. I mean it's like we're talking offense with this team sammy. Watkins got away. Do you have that ex- receiver type to put out there. I it's nice to have but it just seems like anything to do. Offensively is a luxury but by the same token i don't know if his defense and say like boy. Here's a Here's a desperate need here. They needed to get more athletic linebacker. Spot they they might have. William gay was a guy that day to last year. He was sort of a a guy who was not on. Everyone's draft board for various reasons. But they they sort of took the chance on him on day. two. And i would assume they're still going to try and develop him sort of the. You know the guy who's going to fill that need for athletic linebacker. You know when you're looking at the rest of the roger sneed had a really nice season kind of out of nowhere to various ward is another solid quality corner there. I don't know if there's a desperate need on defense here. I thought i agree. Like going through their defense for the team needs series that we did last week There's a lot to like. And there's a lot of developing guys on like mid round contracts like this defense is kind of healthy I don't know if you're going to find the the edge presence that you're probably hoping for at some point in this in this place in the draft and i think if you read the focuses to continue to outscore everybody like you have been and maybe there's a dynamic weapon here at some point to kinda replace sammy watkins and and keep them in overdrive. Because at this point why would you. I don't think anything else really helps you as much in. You're trying to get yourself better at what you're already the best that yeah. I agree somebody that could could play on the outside receiver position. I do still think offensive. Lineman is on the table my first reaction when they made the brown trade was like okay. They're done. But as you laid out. Gary i mean they still do have a need there and you know i could see them taking another guy there but i do think that that receiver would help them the most right now right if we are looking at the receivers this one. I wanna big body guy. I mean they have a michael. Hardman is kind of like the i guess. Tyreek hill duplicate is how you kind of classify him. So i don't know if they if a rondell more genomic brown were exceed danny brown. We're sitting there at this point. I don't know that's the kind of guy you go with boy. They really wish they had kept that thirty first. Pick and could've taken terrorist marshall junior. That would just need everyone. Go wild here. I'm just looking through the receivers at tim. Ryan terry out of florida state's agai like he's sort of a bit raw but he certainly can get down field i think he i think he fits here. Just as a guy who like you. Don't need him to catch ninety passes last year. You just need him to sort of provide that threat that he's going to have one or two forty plus yard catches. I should say every week but maybe every month and that just sort of has that enough of a threat to keep a little bit of heat off of off the tyreek hill and travis kelsey at this point. Yeah that sounds like a good pack and discussing earlier because this is a deep receiver class and because a lot of teams think they can get a receiver in the second round. I do think some guys are going to be pushed down because teams will prioritize other positions. That might be of equal need in the first round and so there should be a lot of guys available. I think that can be difference makers in the second round and also played into their decision. I'm sure i mean. Of course we have a chance to get orlando brown and can make a deal. There that's Of course you're going to make that move but also then you know we can get a good guy in the second round. So i'll have to get terrorist marshall gary in blood they're just gonna be weeping in that draft room day to when they realized what's gotten away from them all right i want i want pencil and tim ryan terry i i think he might be a little bit of a reach in round two but i i believe in him and i can say that and know that if it doesn't work out i am protected enough to not completely foolish and if it does work out i'll play back this clip for years. Just just flying in the face of one to two atwell or cornell powell amari roger das- newsom special players even if gary doesn't think so that brings us to round three and the final team that Is coming on the board. Here is the houston texans at sixty seven and I was playing around with metaphors in my head. And i want to make clear in this metaphor Nicosia family and his pets and all of his important cherish possessions have gotten out of the house. But it's kind of like he's just looking at this towering inferno that his home has become and he's just saying there were the glass of water and being like How do i figure this out. How are we going to solve this problem here. I the need everything. i'm running back. No wide receiver. You're probably satisfied enough with what you have there. And you have left tackle. I think they kind of need a completely revamped defense exact cunningham. I guess is a guy you would say is something of a cornerstone there. It's the fact that they had romeo cornell there last year who you know again. These patriots'll guys you want to be able to To manufacture the pass. Rush that you don't have to spend big money on these edge rushers but you know they. They have that system. They'll have j. Jj watt who is still you know not classic jj watt. It's still really good. Really good passer and they still had just no paris last year and i don't know what the answer is at this point. They just need. They need everything. Yeah it's a lot easier to name the things that the texans don't need than the things that they do need which you pointed out so it is impossible to guess what they're pippi be not just because it's impossible to pick amid round not impossible difficult to pick third round pick accurately but there's just so many directions they could go because they have so many to still. Yeah in a way. If you're caserio it's a little bit liberating in that. You could probably close your eyes and spin around a bunch of times and then Remove your blindfold and just hurl dart at the board and like anything's going to be fine right like it's it's a person that can't leave and if you're in houston that's probably very hard to come by at this point so you know you just you get to keep them. You know i was looking at the. The edge is a this is probably a rain for ronnie perkins from oklahoma who Again is probably guy who. He's little four inside technique guy on passing downs. And maybe that kind of fits what they're gonna do defensively. I'm not even sure exactly. What are you gonna do. Defensively with lovey smith as a new venture coordinator. There this one. Yeah is this going to be a classic cover to type of thing. I cover to kind of back in vogue. But not the not the tampa two. They played all those years in chicago. I is that a thing where you know you look at someone like djibril cox who can cover like are you gonna. Are you trying to get like a linebacker. Who can drop who can drop back and screw things up like you know. You're not gonna find a. Brian urlacher anywhere. I'm not comping those. Please don't say that i'm doing that. But like you know it you know. It seems like every indication is that lovey smith is said multiple times. Like i'm just mad that i couldn't my defence in college and i'm going to start running my defense again in the pros and you know too much to the horrified. Look at all of our faces. That's probably shouldn't run again but If they do. I mean you're going to need you need coverage linebackers you're gonna need. I mean you're gonna need everything you know it's You know. I sound as dejected as i had to be. You know it's like when you're making a shopping list for your daughter's party at costco and you're just like we're just not prepared for any of this like we're just we're gonna have to start from the beginning you know i'm looking at i mean if it's so let's let's say theoretically they're going with some variation of the old tampa too. I mean that game is a guy you you've signed him. He's he's there he he kind of fits what you wanna do here. You brought in Camus gra jay hill. Who i don't know i could special teamer. I guess you're going to play them at linebacker here and i. I don't know if you're doing that. I wouldn't be merciless. i like winnie mercilus a lot. He's not quite what he was in the heyday of of what and cloudy and mercilus Sort of in that That diamond front. They used to run. They just don't really have anyone else on the edge shack lawson's on edge guy. I mean plays the edge. But he's not like a dynamic. None of this personnel fits. What theoretically they're going to do. I do like charles on any by the way but not that much. I don't know. I mean maybe passed with this pick. Maybe this we'll figure it out and twenty. If you're the texans you got to complete the sweep and wait long enough so that the team behind you gets to run a pick ahead you know and then just look completely on capable Which is kind of par for the course at this point so i guess aj make sense. I mean in theory any team can use an edge rusher. Or if you're caserio. Do try to get your tom brady. Do you get the and book here. Try to freak everybody out or you know Philippi or something like that you know lots of lots of i mean. This is a really intriguing. Pick i have to say. I think we should. We should go with some of the people that gary said. That sounded sensible. And i'll stop trying to make this about a running back gonna use that wishbone offense. I mean you need third running back. Ron ronnie per again i didn't even think writing perkins i'm looking at the edge guys who are in this range. None really fit what you would do with the tampa to anyway rashad weaver. Maybe that's who i gave him my mock draft. Yeah i was gonna say weaver kind of works there a little bit. Patrick jones to you know similar size you know maybe one of those guys you know your your favourite pit guy is who they will end up taking here which it weaver seems Seems to be slightly preferred by By most people they're fairly similar players though let's see rashad weaver. I will duplicate my own mock draft and when it's right i will get double celebration. We'll make sure to credit you gary. Hey you and i the last time we combat on day two and three mock draft. We hit on a couple. We did his super shea. Swim chase winovich winovich. Yup we got that one. I remember that one that felt good. you know feels good. It feels it feels like a pack break or something. Where like yeah. It's like common common crap crap and like oh we'll get this one. Got it again this year by the way. I don't know if anyone sold you that but We're doing the day to mock that Will i. i don't know we'll try to get three. I think three and a half now. Yeah three and a half is an over-under we should shoot for. Let's get let's get the over. Dig it guys. This does it for me for for draft centric odd gas or at least pre-draft centric podcast but You guys have another one coming up on. The week's i'd podcast coming out tuesday so i don't know get to work. I guess that's how we finish this up. Yeah that sounds good. Gary connors go more to tecom. Yeah no well jenny. We treated you guys with my mock draft the week before jennies mock draft last week Maybe you know who knows. Maybe it'll just be like. I'm going to go to the grocery and find somebody to give us another mock draft to do and just do that. You know it'll be great agree plan. Connor mock draft the m. Qb monday morning nfl. Podcast is jenny prentice. Connor or and me gary gramling. We are produced by shelby. Royston s is executive producer of podcasts. Brody mark rafiq is emeritus editor of the and even though it is the founder of the nfl podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to this. Feed as well as a feed for the weakside. Podcast end the our rear. Show there all for free on apple podcasts. And once you do subscribe leave a rating and review for all of them. It really does help. Other people find the shows which are also available on spotify radio dot com stitcher dot com. And wherever else. You listen to podcasts.

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Part 2:Sid Fernando, Andy Serling, Seth Merrow

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

1:34:47 hr | 5 months ago

Part 2:Sid Fernando, Andy Serling, Seth Merrow

"Horse racing handicapping. This is stupid. We're back twenty-five into our to. And i did not necessarily expect to do a full forty five again with charlie but These are i mean pair. Bad they're big issues and there's a lot of moving parts which speaks to the complexity of the problems and why they're you know why they are so vexing so the but i i i was. I was amused by by charlie kind of channeling citizen there for a second separate. Add though joining us sire watch pedigree focus brought to you by ellendale. Good morning. good morning steve. I'm good i'm good. Sorry to dig into into the ten o'clock I think the one the one thing that's happened is that all of us who sort of are more or less tethered to the house. So there's right so there's there's no there's not a lot of options for going out and doing much but i have got so many interesting. I think topics for you and we're going to talk about spirit and greatest honor. I don't know if you had a chance to hear shug with us yesterday. Or or bob baffert on. But we're going to talk about the two three year olds however yesterday's tribute to to john forbes. Got me thinking that you be ideal to talk about what went on When narrate produced preach and yarn and in short order the two of them full sisters the only phillies that narrate got the rest. Were boys and all they did was turn around and produced pulpit and taylor the cat it. It's it's pretty amazing. And i don't think i know we've touched on preach because of pulpit but i don't think i've let you you know. Look this before. Well a pretty amazing set of sisters Both think come from graver and obviously Going far back. I don't know your listeners. might notice but No rank her Grand dam or grandmother or damaged state and states dam is monarchy monarchies a full sister roundtable parents of all time. Yeah that's what i figured you know. They're monarchy's damn of courses nights daughter and she was an important mare imported by ab handcock senior. So just to get your handcocks in a row. Ab ab hancock senior He's he's the head koch that kinda ran claburn from you. Know what like nineteen early. Nineteen hundred nineteen fifteen two when he died which was the weight fifty so he'd yeah so he was of course responsible. You know importing sir galahad glenham always like that But he also important very important mayor nights daughter and so his tenure. That's ab handcock senior. Then eighty handcuffed seniors son. Of course everybody knows bull. Hancock was developed by Bull handcock and of course later bull. Hancock Died and second cock took over at the ages of somebody's marriage Monarchy the focused around table. She was born in fifty seven. I think that was about the year that ab hancock senior died then. Hey the daughter was through bull. Hancock era she was born in well actually I was looking here. State was born in seventy four of back. That was actually after bull. Hancock died because santana took over in the early seventies and then you had stayed producing narrate. Who talked about. And then you know that. She had only two daughters narrate One was gone and the other was preach and of course As you pointed out preach preach was stakes winner and and she was retained by kleber and of course the pre flavor and she had pulpit who of course notably dire topix yarn was sold and somehow yarn got into the hands of Indian creek farm that shack parish. And so i believe we've a check parrish that red the cat which john ford strain of course tells the cats later John magyar bought into orson is still standing at Asher kentucky Preach of course the sun Pulpit excellent standing at claiborne. And and you know there's some there's some other cars too because You pointed out yarn. that side also had a really good Group on winter. Actually only group on the taylor cat was not group. One winner was a great great to winter. Especially yeah right but Yarn also had become not mistaken Minority who was a group one winner top two year old europe and more importantly yarn also had the story Daughter named mitt and myth is is the dam of your hands burke. Of course you had for is the sire of scat. Daddy you can see how this this stuff migrated towards the coolmore end as well and one interesting part of this also scat daddy sent of course justify van de kou ashford. And the gunthers tiny gone through when she crammed. The mating is good said in various articles. That one of the things she tried to do was have the sisters preach and yarn and so justify actually has been bred four by four yard and preach full sisters. Hm ah group one winners bred that way to harmonize daddy and and Depart hero also so You know it is quite a story family as you said as as i noted going back to your favorites monarchy and It still very you know obviously very much pedigree. I you know. It's funny because you when you bring up when you bring up with johannesburg and the daddy the tie between that You know that female in the sister Who was not by mr prospector. But the tie is is Jim tortue yes. Qatar being involved in tale the cat. And you know you you mentioned. I suppose said it. It's pretty remarkable high. Tell the cat who has got to be with these twenty one. Twenty six twenty. Yeah twenty seven. He's twenty seven. Are you hearing. He's twenty seven years old and he's still brady. Yeah twelve five. It's amazing it's really twenty. Seven years old. He's lease listed right now. Right i mean th born in ninety four and how many how many sons is storm cat are out there standing right now left very few. May's as one you know. Maybe he you know. It's funny as as potent as an and. Obviously you must deal. I know that Hasn't a hasn't chuck fifty utilized. he's utilized because he's got the tails other right. Those are all. it's a great one. What are caddies by telling the cat right. he's he. He beats the tailor the cat quite frequently telling the cat has to wear a muzzle. Crazy are dan and But you know he's still he's still good value down to tell you the truth is from from. It's interesting it's interesting actually said the full sisters and this is not the takeaway from taylor the cats stud career by any means. But here's pulpit. Who is a sire of sires and and tell the cat successful. he's been it'd be gio. Ponti lionheart. Who else is has gone on to stand forty tales tale of coty. You know he he. He has not had as as strong a influence When it comes to you know to getting a son to you know to go on with it from a from the stallion side as much as prominently as as pulpit sons yet. But you know what's interesting is What's interesting is that you have It's actually ties into johnson curragh but one of the most vibrant parts of That sire line right now is can farrow's yes who you know. Sent a lionheart by canada. The cabin. Of course. Jon has world of trouble there for example yet another generation of so It's a it's a speed line like killer. Kat was a pretty good sprinter with me His lionheart went second in the kentucky. Derby that's right then was subsequently sold to turkey but again you know. He left barrows behind another horse. Canadian champion two year old captured and kent narrows of course with brilliant to extremely fast barbara banking stores and Started in florida cheap. Came to kentucky where you know said fears within significantly and he's gotten a lot of you know very fast horses World of trouble Put chiro yup. Butch herald tim show. Yeah and so. He's actually there's been. There's been a bit of a renaissance. Speak for this lying and the guy actually Right now the important person in that behind that is aside from Barbara banke owning can figure out john. You're standing well john. It's funny that john i. It was a chance that john was going to join us today. But i think now it's gonna be tomorrow because we're we're gonna end up on time And the last week. John wrote the try to encourage people to appreciate World of trouble as a as an option for their mayors. And you bring this up kind of timely. And john is going to visit and and kinda talk about you know a little bit more but Can't theros your can't produced You know one after another in terms of you know terms of speedy types and He's got right now is i guess. Cowan probably Among three year olds you look to him in fact the nice the nice mayor ran the other day. That says wildwoods beauty. I got back around the other day. a stake at At oaklawn So we're we're gonna talk to We're gonna talk to john young to he. He wrote that big Four-page letter Relation to you know the worst kind of getting some You know for lack of a better word. Kinda i suppose tainted by the fact that be trained by Serve the jason. Yeah but what's interesting about. can theros is. Dad is really first good. Horse was another top sprinter and correct me. If i'm wrong on this but that was x. y. jet ilya x. y. Jet trained by the other guy navarro. Yep yep yeah so. It's it's just a weird coincidence. That can't there is too big horses. That's why jet and world of trouble which framed by navarro and service. I'll get Get we're gonna to get john anything but i just. I just happened train of thought as we were talking about. And it's true path. Yeah buccio petero standing. He's in florida in florida and he's been bred to a ton of mares down there you know and he's a great to winner and So you know of course x. y. gently the gallery and he died but world trouble in bushehr from the same female families to You know there's i and to be honest. We would even recommend a world of trouble to somebody yesterday. Nice standing for seventy five hundred. Cut his feet down You know there's just you know there have been two history courses that either failed tests or You know had had some Reputational blemish because of the trainer but have gone on to. You know or were rumored to have used something and you know it. Turns out that the those horses were still nevertheless successful at stock and yeah obviously I mean the performance will go. You know when when the time comes you know about last year you know. His his babies are his first season of babies are just dropping now. World trouble So you know it's not going to be until next summer that You see product on the track. I mean you will see you will see Two year olds next year. You know that are that are in training. That are getting ready for sales options. Pre shows and stuff. So you'll get some reads there but You'll see how they see how they looked to as they grow. I mean that that that part of it will just Will play out as it plays out and that might be the best advertisement. The you know the that john could have in. That hadn't in that regard so yeah and it's interesting The timing of this news and how it's affected certain horses. We've seen john with his letter. We've seen a cool more with their add on maximum security right but horse that sorta got in right before everything kind of spilled with these indictments and so forth and and pen was already a gun and and people forgot in this type in terms of having a trainer indicted was Tweet chimney shop. I He was trained by navarro right. Yeah and he hasn't had any you know fallback for my news Just you know it's it's all about the timing and and has grown up. And you know for for john and coolmore to do this You know it's obviously significantly had an effect so that's an interesting development in inbreeding. Let's shift from the The preach and yarn portion of the discussion to pulpit and entail the cat. Let's shift to the two winners said And the greatest honor you couldn't it's it's interesting. The juxtaposition between these two winners from saturday in terms of being bred in the purple for for greatest honor. We'll start there. I mean it's one of the nicest female families in in the studbook and the benefit obviously of of tap it and tiffany's honor and daughter of better than honour daughter of blush with pride daughter of best than show on. I mean this is. This is a war says shook said yesterday you can really tell shrugs excited and is excited for for the atoms for don and donna adams to have this kind of a horse. I mean he's going to get better with this and and with experience. And then he's he's improved all five of his starts been forward going any also force. That's you know really bread for the classics to obviously I mean there are horses in this family which you just described one of the best of the studbook that you know such a current family to. I don't even deep and encompasses the large swath history. But it stays current. I mean you know the coaching club. American oaks winner from last year. Paris lights is from the family for example September good deep impact to your philly europe just a few years ago You know she's she's in the family. I'm just talking about some of the more recent stakes winners Larry philly monday call by into mischief. She's in the family So you can just see how You know how how how pretty Occurrences as well being deep and of course when you go back you know you have the belmont stakes in judge deal right there. Your rags to riches champion filly. Belmont stakes winner Right there these are all under second. Dan another family by the way that john sikora knows extremely wrong. I mean the better than honour family. Right and He can he can recite this family quite well as well. And so You have that just in the female family. The blue mayor salaries creek cry. You know an outstanding stallion. Second decide secondary deputy minister standing and as you pointed out tap it This horse has about the most desirable pedigree right now classic coke and if he were to win a classic race you know there would be all. They'll be all sorts of you know money thrown at this horse is. He's by topic from his family Dan it's worth the best classic pedigree out there now any way coming around got to the right trainer to he's as should aknowledge he's going to have to speed it up a little bit. He's going to have to And he's going to have to keep stepping forward But you know the add a distance. And i thought the stylistically if i had this converse andy serwer next. And and maybe and he'll discuss this too Stylistically he is not a stone. Cold closer i didn't. I don't think. I mean the way he the way he basically brought. Jose ortiz into the race It looks to me like he's more than say or the obvious. Comparison right now is to orb know given given their path and as jay permanent pointed out you know breaking their maiden both simultaneously in terms of timing fourth. Start and you know a lot of that kind of thing and you know it's funny. I didn't get a chance to discuss. This was shook. We'll do it the next time he's on it fell to me feels to me just at a glance i haven't seen him in the flesh It it feels like he's got plenty of growing to do this horse. Yeah he's little. It seems narrow to me. i mean again. It's only from the visuals i i. It looks like he's got some you know filling out yet That he's Is a very interesting development And and he's gonna be he's probably said probably gonna get too much attention now coming off this win. Well i'll tell you what i mean. I hate to say this but this hoisin belmont stakes winner written all over exactly exactly obviously heartache printers right in the female family in jacksonville and rags to riches right that the sire is the belmont stakes is. He's he's got to be the slam dunk to win. The belmont predict right. Now the exactly exactly now to it We had fun. And i yesterday was show and this one this one right away Lives up to some some hype and expectation. And i feel kind of badly because For todd the winstar runner a lot was being being asked to that horse to the second. Start the stretch from six to eight nine. Eight and a half and talking about prime factor. Even last week you could tell you know. Todd kinda did it because you know they the other one. The other one was Tassadaq was supposed to run and he was gonna wait with with Prime factor and prime factor. I know some people took some shots at him after the race but he didn't run terribly the for for what was being asked That was that was not the timing that that they had in mind With for that just broke his maiden at six. yeah. I mean he's obviously get made in rates of popping race But at this point as as you pointed out you've got to give your races in whenever you can Health bill he'll get he'll get more opportunity. let's we got about a little less than yeah we've got about six or eight minutes. Let's shift gears to and we did. We did at least talk a tiny bit about medina spirit after the sham but Some thoughts about this Patani goes on well I got it. I got a call on sunday morning when things got a call on sunday morning Had to had a little away me under the phone. And as i was running the phone to bob baffert bob baffert and his first word of picked up the phone. Were who is procon ago. That's great cruise. bob. I it you know. I've had problem where he trained fat that particular runner. You know yes that's right. That's well now. You may or may not much but if you're going to have the best Folks changed the best all product but What's interesting about this all about it. They dan racing group who purchased prince's. Your for you know one point three million or whatever it was she became a obviously they'd one winter and then got hurt and she's out But you've now got during the same sale season. They have to purchase this coal to thirty five thousand dollars and he'd been a one thousand dollars so you know it's just for them. The dan quite an amazing feat to get to a colt and affiliate the at at the at the different Price points right. But also for bob backward to be training one thousand dollar yearly. It's pretty amazing and You know of course when he got thirty five thousand dollar Two year old but As bob explained it the guy. That did the dan guy. The owner himself He came up with this and and was sending videos with a everybody to look at bob song video tonight looks pretty good. So this guy bought the horse Is he's got some type of relationship with the owner of retirement coaches Sama holiday so. I'm sorry julian but of middle eastern descent and the dan guy the middle eastern guy businessmen and apparently. They're all of they're not related. He'd refers to saba. I'll get out as his quote unquote uncle can. I suppose what's happened is some are good the halley who owns botanico. Who i believe was trained by todd. Pletcher by osama abbas-ali apparently said you know to this middle eastern businessman who was getting into the game that. Hey you know. I i i stand that stallion. You ought to take a look at this cold because of that. That guy even looked at the colt Yeah and thing about it is kati. Go of giant's causeway. And he sandcastle them right now But he stood. I believe I might be wrong. But i think he stood at originally at Killer me and perhaps you know Was kinda miss you know. I'm just speculating here. That tonico was standing there. Grade to winner by giant's causeway and At the same farm was The new kid in town Not this time. Also by giant's causeway ahead. You know obviously not this time getting ryan share mary's church popularity. So if i'm i haven't told me messed up the story. I think i think it was then that He moved Botanical to capital. Which by the way as where Gio ponti stands right care right. Yeah so that's the kind of the background of for conical but he and not this time both kinds of giant's causeway have the first crop now just turned three and You know interestingly another sign of not this time voters card also with his first cup three. They're all doing quite well but he's cost and for five thousand expensive and i think he's one of the best value out there. He's got sitting on go. He's got that calypso. The bob baffert also happens. You know it's funny. I forgot that that was that was one. We got quite a few horses in with With baffert yesterday but I that calypso slipped through the cracks or did we. I can't remember. We talked about her with the now. i can't. she wanted that. She win the santa. And i think one of the santa ynez one that latch wait. She already broken maiden to in stakes race and You know it was fairly expensive Relative maybe a couple of hundred dollars yearly not year old medina spirit. Bob was telling me Yeah ship this guy. Los allen and the guy locked out bob related stories the call them up and said hey you know that she pours. He's pretty good so many unbelievable. Let's great that's great. I mean and and you know. Because i know i know how frustrating it was for them to You know to have prince. In fact bob even talked about Yesterday touched on it for a second about you. Know her having a retire when she did. So this this the go full circle on. This story is a daughter of not this time. So bobby's had first crop not this time runner best one princess newer guys causeway. Bob had calypso. Brody 'cause giant's causeway and now bob has tonico medina spirit again a platonic giant's causeway so the twee young giant's causeway stud with their first crop. Twee and bob has had perhaps the best of all of them so far and that that fits into that piece. That was it last year or the year before that. You've you it flat out. All of the all of the various runners of scared obscurities the nile. He's the best. I mean American phares best for pioneer. The now justify the best scat daddy arrogant. He's the best friend bible saw. You know those are the big ones but you can just keep throwing darts silver charm going all the way back with the best for his size. You know whether they're marquee sally. They're not you can You can go back. And and and and look. And i'm ken and he's probably not done There's he's got He's got a few yet. That are gonna probably get cameos or at least get Auditions on the on the triple crown trail. But this source i i. I think the rate the race was exciting. Ba and and granted it. Was you know real fast early. Slow late But he was able to withstand the. You know the the two others i. It's going to be interesting to see how they go forward That trio you need to be driven driven from a long way down whether he was on the lead here or in the last time when he when he really cut the lead on life is good he was gonna prolonged drive. That time as well you know and So there's some parts is that you know dr one of i'm really getting into them. And that's one of the things all of the choices in the lead this time last time kind of ran the same race. He's still got into it. You know he never. It's a great quality that horse talking about try t- are wide great. Try said we're we're pulling the train out of the station and now it's going to be now it's gonna come hot and heavy. We've got the sam davis coming up next this week and draw that today at tampa so we'll look forward to that group. We've got the southwest. The week after i see see some variety of interesting getting ready to participate there and the risen star is already. I mean it feels like we've they just ran the lecompte but there isn't stars in two weeks so there's less than two weeks neck saturday a week from saturday so It it's coming at us. We're we're moving exactly. It's going to be a very interesting spring. winter spring. Said i appreciate it fun. Conversation looking back some historic mayors clayborn with narrator preaching yarn and some current ripped from today's headlines action. And for those of you. That are still planning you got. You know you re watching and waiting for your mayor to drop a baby and you're gonna look at it Then talk about what might be next As you get ready to cover them world that actually we probably got the got. The stallion barnes opening next week Five one zero four nine eleven eleven is worth thoroughbred consultants and with the said roger and the team and get Compatibility evaluated for your mayor and improve your your your heard as it were said. Thanks a lot are talking week. That was fun said fernando everybody sire watch a refocus brought to you by hill. Let's take a break. We're five minutes in. We'll get andy in next eddie circling. And then either seth or ed. And we'll do some capping. I imagine and look at maybe some tampa or more gulfstream. The what either of them like back after this hour. Three at the races apple apple races with feedback on sirius. Xm radio there's a great story to tell in pennsylvania. only three states have produced more breeders. Cup champions in no state can match our performance in recent years since two thousand sixteen. Our number of mayors bread has skyrocketed unlike the national trend in this year's life whole report shows pennsylvania over fifty percent why are incentives and bonuses are the best in north america. Please visit us at pa. Brad dot com and see why. Pennsylvania is the premier place to breed and race seven minutes in to our three and We had lost anti okay. So i didn't realize i guess i guess we probably could have just stayed in fact all right Well if case if either either get a get back or will We can shift to there we go. Here's eddie anti sorry didn't even realize The casey got the note That as i was wrapping up with said that he reached you. So good morning did much. I talked to you in the midst of the storm. And i never got the recap How how. how bad was it in the city. Winter right now but you know it. Sure feels lord here rate right now. Know that no because it it obviously affected you know affects What's going on. I mean the training and you know how everybody has the deal. Call somebody on the backstretch. Well i mentioned that. I mentioned mentioned earlier. Glenn kozak is glenn a and you've talked about this. I've got his number About know when it gets to the point you can't you can't incorporate the snow into the track with the heroes you have to. You know that you got to run. The you gotta run the scoopers out and and take it off that way but you basically We'll be clear by tomorrow. Obviously the track for racing resuming tomorrow. The i haven't. I didn't haven't looked at that card yet For tomorrow and friday. We've had fun talking about The past week though and the performance by american power in the in the toboggan. And how how kendrick is it really. A aggressive approach has been successful for him aggressive. I mean it was a twelve thousand five hundred dollars claimer an hour later the same distance when they went on the full second faster the first quarter i would say it was the lack of aggression by others. There you go real. Why wasn't more poorly written races of the entire here. Standard two thousand and twenty one. And i'm sure from the virus can break 'cause we progress the air. But it'll be a tough one know. I love manning. But i don't know what their plan was with the with the worship nerd i mean towards the speakers share the right what. Why is it worse yet. Good using one set of tactics. The worst it's gotten good and they go away from the taxes that have gotten them successful up with that point that like in the trainer's handbook the rider's handbook is that like robertson effort. What happened in this country that people got together and decided speed was bad duration off. People look at statistics lacks look at the history of the game watch races but it seems to be. There's a concerted you know sort of movement especially in new york. That speed is bad. We'd kill well you you quoted frequently. What's what did jerk jerkins say to the jock about Came have aleutian. Got that rate mean. The story that race was a whole host of foolish decisions. And it's often american power that america's howard hendrick very opportunistic possible. The other two sources had gone a more realistic that you know maybe kendrick trip and beaten them. Maybe but i doubt it. So any clues horses grew with proper. Now that was a function of how race was foolishly. Read by others in kendrick he. He had he had wanted at At the trip in that allowance race in december and grass about day by showing little radically a lot of other people that take fast. I don't understand that mentality. What's the mentality and the race thing. That i grew up with Mentality out in california. I don't see somebody cates forces that have seen that the go quickly early and then they're able to run it so it's not like there's some sort of you know evidence that Using horses speed is bad at just the opposite. Well not to you know. I'm not not to try to self direct this conversation regarding manny. We won that race the with kid. Chocolate and manny's won the two wins. The horse has with manny and he's ridden him aggressively both times. He's gotten a an early position. As mick says the gain your position going forward and and and you get a successful result doing that. It seems as though and you know i mean i i like banning lot personnel allows aligarh but it seems like very good getting position with horses sh but those were aren't natural necessarily seeing types of getting them in position so that they had the effective against necessarily fighting against their nature their their talents whereas receivers is sometimes not always but sometimes they take it away. You know this other stays in something. But i don't. I don't really i don't and i don't think that that's a combination. I don't think it's all about riders. So they just traders to maybe. I'm wrong now. I mean girls were so adamant that they would be telling drivers not to do it. So it's the combination of factors. I don't think it's just a writers who are your critical of these situations. I i don't know. But i i do find it puzzling. Another example actually i. This is a little different because this was more of a closer Scenario but manny again. They took the Chad took the blinkers off mystic knight in that in that night by different worse than that race he was in his race his raises town or not good. I mean he blew the brain in the first race but he didn't do much riding in the second race. Maybe a little forward but he wasn't good in there he also stumbled to start in that race. Right i love to see how severe it wasn't. It probably should have. Because i find sometimes trouble with the start in the charts. Sometimes i disagree with right right now. Actually well they the they say made contact with clemenza after stumbling at the break. Now i don't agree with. I think charles new york overall very the job. Is you know. But i frequently disagree. That was saturday right. I disagree with their assessments of things. That happened this. The break oasis. Sometimes they see things that i would the seven worse right yes. We'll just have to take a look at that right now Unfortunately break is on the head for the worst does break slow so no so. Let's see if i can. I love ahead on it. Starts with the about two seconds of star rights very helpful. Really helpful Well i appreciate it The Kind of your kind comments. After saturday's you really struggling for something to talk about today. Maybe the i've forgotten. How would move onto this weekend. I don't know political climate music. I don't know what it certainly better than my kind words. That your horse. Will you pick the horse to which is a rarity for me to wacko become winter to acted to well. And we should mention for those. That did watch the prattle. Eddie basically spent the entire prattle saying this is terrible field and somebody's got to win something that wrong no. It wasn't actually and and adult literacy rate as you could possibly with a bunch of horses that are turf horses and really were like four to report somewhere around average of over twenty seven. That's what it was and that might need a low-caste was it is what it is but you say till two now. You're a little hurt. That i said your one a bad race. No i was no i. I was thrilled. I was thrilled with when you get a chance to win. You are happy with it and you know. And he is a tur- force so and and actually you know what i'm going back. You're right actually. There weren't there were not there was one other really That was coming out of turf races going back. He has pain track race of had been a with a wet track. So you know i was. I was not convinced. Anti i gotta tell you i was. That was pleasantly surprised with the way While we're doing this conversation it's like enough something else to do. Your you just ridiculous. Talk talk eleven eighteen. Well let me tell you something yesterday yesterday. The semi arrest of all of the worst. So we could have like a like a weekly that can be said you know the weekly. Dt that we go through all the verses the table the race one providing that information fair for the name drill. You want to Do you have any advice for me about carlisle who i who. We should cover. You know who who she taker to for one she wants anyway. We're gonna have to be better really hope business deteriorating rating what what is your way what What were your thoughts on the the three year olds Down in florida and california. The greatest honors thoughts. You know he eats obvious obviously a good horse. I don't know how good he is. I think there's always that sort of ten g prep season to the over rate. Both the worst that ran that weekend and over eight closures. I don't know what it is about closer so throws you though. They somehow had the impossible. You know It was a terrible field The the worst it was favored show off and probably it was a bit of a rush job running race like that. I i'd imagine so there was nothing else in the race. It didn't cover particularly fast race. I so i don't. I don't wanna be overly critical. Because he's a very good trainer could easily improve him from race to race. But i own the horse he now you know. He's a fifty to one shot in the dark. Not that listen. I personally think that the the best worst is out there at twenty five one shots majority so i don't think the saying washout being overly critical of them. You know i believe in those ridiculous people seem to be willing to take these fools. But i still think that he's lowered in so many horses that were running last year. The word even that great is two year olds at this point that if catching up to do he may catch up to them. You know but the way derbies have gone since you know or and on the obviously. He's the easy comparison because he was also trained by shook and he was a close earnings. Moving you know. Improving florida you know. As as time progressed crew was an extremely fortunate winter. Derby something we all do and we watch the race as well not to say. It wasn't a talented worse but he also got incredible confluence of events be able to win the race. And you know. I i don't i. I have a hard time believing that all horses right now seen so much better than greatest on or we're gonna fall by the wayside b. improved. I'm not overly impressed by him. Though i think he source i mean you have to be more impressed by the horse that won in california with reigning spirit says name medina's burt medina spirits. Use me Terrible days because he gould. I mean obviously they were someone inferior rivals but he dueled. Tastes just completely fell apart. The other horses had a very tricky album often distraction silver to hire buyer. See figure now some are going to say grandfather random bear rate because he wide. This is where. I sort of have issues with some of the sheep philosophies you know because clearly from a pace standpoint. I think that the rather better race. I don't know that. I necessarily think he's a triple crown kennedy either. You know a strong one. But i i. I was impressed with the way you one more impressed. With the way he won the wake. Honor one what do i think the two of them in the derby while there may have a better future as racist stretch out. But i'm on the fence about either one of them they were. They were okay but you know the early as january early february. We'll months away. There's a long time if he's i improve right now. They're both sort of contenders. But i you know i don't. I don't suffer from. That is ease of needing to have by derby. Orson january february. I find sort of thursday or friday before the derby to be a very good time to find your derby horse. It'll hold differently but you know there's so many races left to go you know it's not i mean the either the had a river was i mean i know that sort of winning off and running off against inferior rivals rollers easy way to run but he was okay but he's still not that fast And you know we still have seen Essential quality who. No i am not as big as fan but okay. We haven't seen him run. I don't. I'm a big fan of that. The for jackie's warrior is not going to win the derby on these four likely would race. The what he stevens and our jerkins but they haven't run. I don't get that horse at all. Won the kentucky jockey club. Don't think he's you know. Greatest honor i think was smothered him But there's still a lot of words is left to go. I don't know evaluate likes good. I know everybody's gaga about him in california. And i understand. It's bob baffert who wins the derby after year. You know but. I don't have a strong strong opinion about building further until we start seeing going further But he certainly has to be on the list. I don't you know there's the weather's this weekend. I don't know there's legitimate. Derby horses few happens. Narrates to sam davis tampa. There's so many races left to be run a contingency florida. This year might be a little bit one curve and some other places like corner. 'cause he's he's gonna reappear for bill lot. You know how river thank jar. Jas i think jay said on friday that he had not that he either had not worked or let me see. I'm going to this point. But he has not worked out he. He hasn't worked andy. It was twenty six to one and has never raced in the jury. Wh what is visa griner. She'd never run going to be like Name out their power of the derby. Well he hasn't started. And now with bezos stepping down from the ceo role. They have time to changes. The horse's name The bob said yesterday it just keeps whereas i suggest that the was the one. Yes the other day You mentioned That kentucky jockey club winner Keep me in mind. And i did see mary ramp. Alenia wrote yesterday I guess he's targeting the southwest is when he's going to return that he's a lot of people i think as as said we talked about the with that pedigree of greatest honour. He's the one that has got has got belly. He looked beaten favourite navy at derby of me. So mean for apple twitter. We'll tell me trae In addition to those there was something that was oh i had Brian lynch yesterday and we talked about spooky channel and he brought up. Saudi a a a real. You know the really the first person to use a specific horse as an example. He says that's a horse that absolutely has to run on lasix and he went to houston rather than try to win the mcknight again where he was going to have to run without lasix he shipped to to sam houston the he. One that john connolly on sunday night He's a turf marathoner That was there was that race that was also that palazina. What did you think of policies win in the three year old mile. No idea plus it. That's the cassie. That got up up. Okay but it was good camera that i will discuss that with if i was just so. You know you're nick nick. Nick is your man. I thought we had nick back on monday to do some recapping. Actually because he had been on the course had been on the the feet The rest of those races. I didn't watch them on the subway on my phone. And i think about it that i managed to joe have reception watch the replay between to watching the race live between stations so that was really the biggest news for me about well. She's going to target What am i. I think she's heading toward the Going to say apple blossom. I think saw that Yesterday as well You doing you guys are of course with the cross country we should touch on Big payoff sixty -obably maybe we'll do a little more tampa this weekend. Yes epa with. Sam davis so i imagine that on the along with the wizards and You know. I don't know what the steak is in oklahoma this weekend. We're only on saturday so blowing weekend winter where we're on saturday. We'll be covering the tampa oakland as well as well as act abrupt while the oakland the oakland stake is the king. Cotton is the sprint caught. Little love to concoct. Well that was working. Cotton the exactly for the great race exactly part of whitmore's championship campaign The sam davis undercard includes the endeavor for the phillies in mayor. Going eight and a half on the grass a sun coast florida oaks and suncoast. Yeah and the tampa bay for the for the boys going long on the grass so yeah probably thinking about the same davis looked interesting. Some new faces Involved in their congratulations to ever I did see one player that the one the that hit the country person who took it down. Wash all we have. We had him on up. We had of the show. Oh cool early last year. Really really good guy. That's nice not even the biggest one hit. Since then great opinion. I would say because you have to be clever. Building that ticket on Not an easy sequence while you had the usual to beat. The two favorites met with racing oaklawn To come up with a tough worst eight back with us. Yeah i mean they were they were. They were taught to top worse getting the same ticket. Exactly sure yeah that was great thousand the whole pool down now. Those are those are those are fun. Bet so they are and you know we show the races on on on to stay at the races so yeah. They're they're fun. they're not easy. You know We'll see whether coming up. What about seven or eight. i think. Probably they re this taking the chad brown quarter of the main breaker. We've got Main breaker from todd one mile take advantage of a pretty quick paced distant third young greatest honor in the made ray stock would up. They still can't believe me on lost until he couldn't lose a day wasn't even favored Trying to think all the horses jerome is. There won't jerome. I think the was good that day but but he breslin need to step forward now through turns they're all you know the whole field or sort of not. They're trying to put themselves in the derby picture but listen. There are plenty orders that have been effective forces in triple crown races that no. None of us really hurt right. And i think that's just screw that you're supposed to rule out the possibility of course emerging relatively out of nowhere at this point agreed unless they unless they make a quantum leap. I do wanna mention two things to anti I didn't get to yesterday. Jose luis scandal is going to miss Pretty much the rest of the you know the the winter action with surgeries on both his left shoulder and his left knee. And he's been kind of putting this off and so good luck the jose why they were why. Why was it such a secret. I don't know. I come out new sort of after thought in the conversation the days writing last force. It'd be nice. They're a little more open about it. Honestly be ought to be fair but I like those that he's terrific writer Hopefully he's back in the rotator cuff for the for the shoulder and and since he was getting down. He's doing the need to. I guess The meniscus More so Elective jose andy pat. Mccann is gonna be on tomorrow with Fleshing out a couple of different things but the the first part i know of Some news came yesterday with that empire. Six continuing to be run without a jackpot provision to to be a daily event. Well at least just you've ever had been for at least through february right now. I mean it was happy with the. Yeah yeah they said anything with anything to get away from. Jackpots is good for race. Exactly exactly right better better better for the players and better general. I'm looking forward to pat tomorrow. Because there's the got. These got a few things. I guess he wants to announce and personal. We'll we'll save. We'll save that Discussion to for tomorrow. Because i think people will be excited to hear from pat today today. Well it's either. Seth i it's not a question of preparedness i we had i had charlie again We had a follow up to our first conversation from last week so we had a pretty intense. I think seth merrin impersonal collections too. Well th there was last week actually something very interesting that that you probably knew because you worked You know alongside charlie. I didn't know until last week. The charlie was a maine native. Very go really catching up on racing stuff on the main now they can talk about. There's aids and may well. I said i said charlie i said you know. I'll tell south marrow. And and he didn't know he said as many times as he's as as cephas interview charlie. He said he never knew that. Seth was from maine. Eighties get susan collins to come out with a go. Well done well done and the absolutely they have a terrific afternoon. We'll be watching tomorrow. And through the weekend america's day at the races back For everybody saturday. And we'll we'll have some withers actions to recap next week. I can't wait. i just felt good assisted. Feel better my god. he's it's. He's like a box of chocolates. You may get that you know thac. Nice caramel that you like. You might get that Might get that weird. You know that weird new filling that i know you know for those you know for those that sit and do anything for three straight hours. I it you know. There's there's i can't. I can't necessarily Have have that same that same level of output and interplay the whole eighty minutes. Jesus he is he is he's now and then let me tell you 1205 the he's gonna call me and harangue me. You have no idea you thought you thought. I got an earful now. Just wait these. The greatest eddie's early everybody. That's gonna join us next and it will table ed ed. If you're listening we'll get you tomorrow. I'm sorry and this. This has been a funny morning. Saft gabor all look at the pause. You said anti-submarine next to and he said oh big long pods. What was the pause. They're coming from me. No no no from him from him. Oh and then it was like three seconds. You know well because he's not used to having you the his eleven to eleven thirty is typically on tuesday and so it it. It's unusual usually. There's a trainer that comes on after him and So the surprise them that You are coming next all right. I'll go with that. Andy exactly chocolate when you were talking about trump. I will remind people because you're kind of alluding to Of my age group when you went to the candy store there was that whole same scenario with the sky bar as you're talking about because thought sky bar best. Best segment was the marshmallow. Second best was the fudge and then caramel was okay. The peanut butter was bad. It's interesting i i. I guess. I won't argue with that assessment of of the sky bar and i think they called vanilla the vanilla cream in there. I think you're right. You're right it was like an opera cream. i don't know of sky bar is ever coming back now. Now that now that Netco changed hands And they were bought by Those people I'm gonna forget the going to forget the confectioner. That bought them they. They started the production. The reproduction of the wafers of nikko wafers. But i don't know sky bar is made. I don't know this is a crazy thing. He realize that sky bar they would only make them like once a year and they would make like a supply of of you know worth of years of of shipping. Because it the the molds the molds are so so difficult it's such a difficult candy to make that the new england confectionery company would only make them one session a year. I did not know that there are now. I'm ready for jeopardy i get. I don't know if that's gonna come up. But but i didn't. I didn't hear the about the neck. Oh and bring back the wafers which that would be that would have been at the bottom of my candy store Pity in fact. I don't know whether i've ever had away. That just didn't even look appealing to me so that they've found that that's a whole other. Well your segment is over. And you're never appearing on the show again wafers as opposed. I bar are you kidding me. This is the i want to apologize to. The american service veterans for all for the greatest generation who received and also the world war one. The party veterans who used to get nickel wafers in their care package. You know along with cigarettes. The the the american military taking good care of you Netco wafers are an institution. And you're you're you're not winning any friends running down neka wafers not on this not with me. I didn't i didn't realize that the the service was that in the The the kubrick movie no no no the apocalyptic with no no no Limit libby. i'll pull it up here. dr strangelove. When he's when he's opening up his his in case they have to go down and one on neck. Oh away for a second wave was in there but the reason the reason the military would would include neka. Wafers is because they were impervious to heat. So i if you know if it was sent you know if it was sent to. The pacific theater wouldn't you know wouldn't melt you. Couldn't you couldn't send hershey bars to you. Know to burma or or Well good point good point. So that's how dr strangelove well i I'm a big nickel way for fan. In fact on one of my drives to kentucky this year for derby. I think what one of my most popular tweets was i- i- ranked a gave everybody a ranking of the flavors. And apparently i apparently set off a disagreement because everybody the vast majority of people felt that the chocolate you know and because there is a chocolate the chocolate nicolay for is a lot of people's favorites. I actually orange. I put orange first chocolate. Second lemon third. And those are my three then probably live fourth. Then come you the the oddballs you know the the winter green mint whatever and cinnamon and and pink. Yeah you see. None of the chocolate saw that maybe interesting for try but none of that sounds like like i say for me get sent me a good hershey bars. Eminem's sky bar boy. Oh boy all right. So we'll we'll get you okay sailor. We'll get you some mercy bars and nylons. Hey joe i thought. Nightline's were in the slim pickings fox in case they crashed translation dictionary and and i think he had nylons in there too. Yeah by the way. Nikko waivers. I introduced in eighteen forty seven. This is great just before you get me on the air you talk about. It's hard to sustain for three hours. So i rejuvenate with the nickel conversation exactly gary back going after after i was beaten about the head and face for for half an hour by andy. I don't know if you did you. Did you catch my reference to last week with. Did you hear charlie It turns out that. Charlie hayward's from maine and charlie was on this morning and i brought up you with him last week. We're actually he brought he I don't know how it came about. But when he when he said he was from maine and i said I brought up you. And he said all the conversations over the years that you've had with charlie that it never came up the two of you never realized you were both maine natives when i'm not a native i'm a longtime visitor. My dad was a native and so when we went up we stayed in. What was my grandparents house and then became my father's house so i every summer my entire life i would be up there so i was kind of a you know a a honorary native. I guess but but when you said that a few minutes ago i did not know that about. Charlie talked quite a bit over. The years never did realize where he did. He say he was from. He's from North of waterville And west Oh my god that little that little town alfred. Goodness snake starts with a b. For goodness sakes. I'm gonna forget now. There's there's there's a there's a there's a private school there An academy that The name of the town. While think of or i'll look it up So next time you see to. When charlie at the track this summer you can you. Can you can talk me. And of course I i said to charlie. I said i'm very disappointed. there's a reason to be disappointed every week with you the it but i'm very disappointed with with south because the family sold sold our vacation house out from under us so very very very difficult. Oh bridgeton thank you. Dan heart are dan. Heart says Bridgeton breach right so so. Yeah see salem north west yes sort of in the base of the in you know who else is up in that In that who is that is it. I think stuart janney. I think has got I think their their vacation home is up there in the mountains. And actually pete the next will be on next week Pete pete's family. I think his wife has got a Is up in that. Those foothills there there you go get all the times i've talked to pete. I never knew that. I you know. Listen i am. I am like i'm like a fulcrum of these kinds of tidbits Saratoga guy new young talent city and up in saratoga. So charlie charlie and his wife have been. They've they've oh absolutely. Yeah they well they normally they'd be in the city during the off season but With with the advent of the pandemic they came up to saratoga. And they've stayed you know it's it's going to be a year and a few weeks and i go over and walk in the park occasionally and i occasionally see some naira people. I'll walk in the park on on the dark day. So i think there's a little back and forth from some of those people taking advantage of saratoga as they say some dark days. Well we were hoping that It'll be something something closer to a normal summer of you know there. There's there's just enough hopes that that seems and there's just enough attendance going on in in various places you know sam houston this week and Oaklawn i i actually i got a i got an email about michael that They're headed to oaklawn this week and they. They were only able to get reservations for thursday and friday saturday. The said they were already sold out. Yeah i was watching the pre-game the other day and at the end vix. Oh know don't forget to wear your masks and wear a properly. It'll be announcing that throughout the afternoon. And sure enough every post parade before the post freighter after the post parade he reiterated mask. And make sure you're wearing a properly and everything so you're right. I mean it's it's great folks going and all the tracks that are doing it or trying doing it do it. Right but Yet hopefully and it's been kind of mixed my anticipation at the beginning of the vaccine was sooner rather than later and then it seemed like there are things were slowing down and over the last week or so. I'm getting optimistic again. That maybe by the summertime we will be kind of been a good good spot so got my fingers crossed well and even for the triple crown season You know i. I think everybody continues in fact you saw it yesterday. Keeneland with shannon arvin announcement of their schedule. And the a are trying to figure out you know. What percentage of the facility can be used safely and appropriately. So inching inching toward i. Guess how about some about some thoughts anything from the weekend that The caught your eye triple crown. Prep starting to get serious thought. Greatest honor look pretty good. I don't know whether it wanted anybody else. Out of that race. prime factor the the pletcher horses. I guess you could make the argument. You know stepping up and turns and maybe you could give that one a little bit of past but really greatest honor that one looked good and as they say the horses behind. I wasn't thrilled with the the baffert. Horses just hey baffert or On the derby trail that was a nice effort. Though in that you gotta love it when a horse says. I'm not letting anybody go by me because certainly it looked like the other. Two horses had a shot in the stretch to go by and medina spirit. Just wouldn't let those two go pay so that was a nice performance. I thought i'm the grass. I love the three year olds on the grass. And i thought chesa street was good coming up the rail in the the turf kitten's joy at the gulfstream because i thought The pleasure horse the pletcher reports never surprised i think is completely legit Met when just had a little bit of a wider rep. Both of those. It'll be interesting to watch. Think going forward and again at subdivision. I like quite a bit The three year olds on the grass during the clock with good. And i guess they're gonna try to stretch out. You know no surprise to stretch out with that one but coming up and then subsequently the five story that that had a little colic like a week and a half before it's even more impressive comeback back there off of that So during the clock were pretty good in the swell. So i thought there was some performances that take a look at a couple of weeks i will say though And i didn't jump in just because i was sitting here two sundays ago That future pool. And i was wondering if i was talking about on the air and i said all afternoon all others had kinda bounced between eight to five and nine to five and as i talk which was late in the afternoon it was back to eight to five and i thought it was probably gonna continue down to seven to five all others in january subsequently though the next day kicked myself because it bounces up to nine to five i think in january getting everybody but those twenty-three horses and just about tripling your money. I'll tell you that future pool The other day at all others look pretty good and there was a couple of Single man balloon was big price and i thought you can play around their proxy. A big gray. She could've played around there so there was a couple. I didn't jump in. But i probably should have taken taken swing. Certainly all others. Like i think ninety five in january was a decent price for all others. Well and the you know the the forty two one you know mmediately. They hadn't even then even cooled out. And i sent out a tweet. I said how much for your greatest honor future wager at forty one to one. Yeah that and that's the beauty of you know you having your horse race the next week as opposed to end of the bet where you get a good performance in the you get the lights out. That's why mandolin had proxy. Were interesting to me. I mean that man balloon is one of those sources. I mentioned the the pletcher horse this weekend. At gulfstream you know mandala alone around two and cranston stakes company. And i'll give that one maybe a little bit of a pass. I think it closed at forty two to one on the future pool and proxy was was a good second at the i think that sixty seventy eighty to one at that or it's so you know you're either on the weekend they're running. You're looking for performances. That not wins but once that made you can you can think will improve from. But yeah when they were the next week and one big eh. You're even in a better spot or actually in a spot. Where i gotta get the a couple of plays what What are you looking at going into this afternoon. You've got both the gulfstream tampa. I'm sure on your agenda one or the other. I pulled up scratches from tampa so go pick for a couple of prices in the league. Pick floor so Why don't we do. Let me just flip my it starts in six race. Eight thousand conditional claim to six five and three twos logical curtains up Sammy camacho onboard. Saffy joseph Had brought this win over from the other side of the state. now it's been training over. Tampa comes up. A third place finish fairly similar race last time but does cutback have for long. I think that puts that one on top at eight to one slick star coming over from the west coast of the state. I call it venue class relief. I mean horses like like when you go for instance at the finger lakes. You're getting a little venue class relief. And i think this one coming over from strain is maybe getting that kind of class. Relief moves into the victocrat. Sco bar and i think slit star maybe a little bit of a price but the last effort. I think the horse is better than that. Truly stellar and santino on board A runner that hasn't been seen since press guyland august when i think that probably fits in the mix as well You know to pick for. I probably kind of stick with the top. Two you know defense and parse out your sequence in what you feel like. I have a two six five and three though is the horses. I'm going to be looking at a you know. Put the ticket together later Sixteen thousand climbers and race number seven around the grass. Able to one seven four and three. She's dynamite comes up in second place finish in a similar try last time for kathleen. O'connell i think off of that race prime to run well unabridged in the second spot. Dan santino onboard horse. Good for in a similar try a last time. So i think will be a player and sal mike dini. He's having a good meat down there. I'm pennant jumping on all his horses and using them. 'cause they're all running very well but he's got a number of nice winds also. This went steps up up a couple of good efforts in class lies maybe up against it but yeah people get get the right price to take the pop in there so in the seventh race you have some prices potentially fool around with one seven four and three race. It's an optional claimer. Non one or two one three quarters of a mile pre eight to my sister's keeper on top fifth last time in an allowance event was in a starter allowance tobacco and i'm looking more towards that performance to back these are springy turf races as well so this is a to dirt move. It's again a dini horse and If you look down the page there's some dirt races that are okay. Some of them. Look for this source to to be okay with the turf dirt. Moving on a class move. I think that's gonna be maybe a little little bit beneficial starship. Raina in the second spot comes up a couple of starts here at the meat. Hadn't been seen since june down at tampa. So this is the third star back Nice improvement star one to start to so should be crime for good. Ron gerald bennett trains. And he's just like south down there to meet the clouds in the third spot Hasn't been seen since detriot mahoning valley. But i it's going to stack up nicely with this bunch and made a little bit of value As well but another one where the top to stand out to me a little bit in here. But i have three five eight and and then real quick last four four nine three eight two six thousand seven wrapping on top. Also mike dini. But gerald bennett with though worked working on being single also could be a player in eight to six thousand seven well and you and i last week. We combined nicely In that in that race. Because you're that favorite one. And i got a nice try from be by the sea At six seven to one. That was a decent. You've got beat me. I was waiting for the me. Down the stretch. Cad beat seth merrin natty sterling and said Fernando and of course charlie hayward talked to you in the morning. Everybody of you're playing apple raises with big own sirius. Xm radio why in the past decade has real equine become the premier equine supplement company in the industry because we spend millions in research and development before we ever put out a product because we only fda supervise facilities to manufacture for us because what we say is in his in them. Because they work. Because if you're not happy i'll give you your money back and because top trainers and veterinarians in thoroughbred racing standard bread racing three day eventing and barrel racing paul trust and be early client. Shouldn't you to find out more. How flexible by ha unlock leader. Shield ep o equine can help you contact me. Joseph lante two one five five zero one. Six eight eight zero.

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277. JackieMartlingand Billy West

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

1:33:31 hr | 1 year ago

277. JackieMartlingand Billy West

"Hi I'm Nick Nick Turner and we are the House of get rich nick for this podcast. We are out there in the world trying every get rich quick scheme to tell you guys which which ones work and which ones are worth attack like donating plasma online poker task grab it writing books. We're walking dogs on rover. We're hijacking a a truck going southbound in Tijuana. No one's going anywhere until we get what we want. Get Rich. Nick is out now listening stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you get your your podcasts tie this is Gilbert Godfrey then if you wanNA personalized video from me a personal life shout out. Who would you know just anything like high birthday. Happy Anniversary Greg Jim Leitch in Georgia I hey you never wanna talk to you again. GO DO CAMEO DOT COM Slash Gilbert Godfrey. I know so a lot of you would like to add slides. Gilbert Godfrey CAMEO DOT COM for a personalized video breeding me Hi this is ver- Godfried Niches Gilbert Godfrey to Mason Colossal podcast ten. Our two guests ask have been on this case three hundred times between them at the no-one reduction sorry and give them introduction Jenny. That's the worst thing about fucking a horse in the yes what when turn walk. We really need to know. That's a dad job. People say to me when I make could joke on twitter. I get all these Young People Nice Dad joke. Stop It. Stop it billy. I get that all the time all oh you really big Joe Grandfather. I have every right to take a data Joe. They just WanNa push around but what you guys are the two comedic minds that I just I feel so great being around and help me write a joke too bad jokes walk into. Do you want to hear your intros. Go ahead yet. That's Okay Jackie's Web Jackie martling a writer. Aw there are occasional actor he he was in the watcher with me. Yes yes that was that that was ignored at one of the most recognizable and popular comedians office generations two thousand seventeen memoir. The joke man bow to stern is available on Amazon Amazon. Kindle and everywhere books are sold and a new documentary cold joke man will premiere on the fall of two thousand and nineteen. He's old saw personal friend of Willie Nelson's put that in there and has been known to take off his pants and Alexa Philly West musician station comedian actor would winning voice ciders who's providing voices of hundreds of odd characters including aneurin and stimpy bugs Bunny Popeye Elmer Fudd Futurama's professor fawns worth and Dr Joy Berg and other roads to numerous dimension as musician. He's played and Jordan with legends such off Brian Wilson and Roy orbison his new animated Netflix. Kyrie's is the Matt groening Corey or graining great mad rating whatever disenchantment he also knows it's more about Larry Fine and gold freeze than anyone in the right mind should know please welcome to the podcast stood governor the funniest John Giambi Flying Jackie martling and billy west. Wow thank you so much. Thank what a drum roll thank on the cross. Jesus on the Cross one disciples Jim Cross and ooh freeze one of his hands juice and he jacks off all over the other disciples that you got a hand free and the first thing you do is Jack Off. He says we'll tell you choose. I put my hand down at a cover myself and I forgot about the fucking hole. They do for now docker your that might be one of the best things I ever did I. I'm sorry that that it had to be for you. But how many different Jackie laughs. Did you have bill in the repertoire. I don't know I was imitating imitating the ones they had at the ready. Molin a row does turn. There's like there's one where like if you see a clown with blood on his costume you look at them and Jackie had this laugh that would say oh my God like Ah Sinister Shit Says Facility for what you're going to Fred was responsible for all of it for the blame and I got the credit. He recorded everyone to isolated every laugh af played at every horrible place and people. That's the funniest thing you do. I can't take credit for it but they can't take the blame either. I mean he's never doing that this used. I used to happen to me. A lot still does where like they'll announce a tragic situation on the stern show and they'll play my life and I want to be a show wasn't even listening to and I look on my twitter and it's a million to its going well. Maybe you do think a baby falling out of window on but I assure you I do not an expert in France. France grabbed us to go one day. I said what the Hell's that he says that you. I said you're crazy. Then one day I was listening back to show and I heard myself between jokes. Those is like a break and when I came in like an idiot said Fred. I can't believe you're right here. Listen to it and he went through the thing and took every and the next next thing cub scout got hit by a bus. It's not like I guys remember meeting for. The first time bill was it. I know you did the Lucille Ball thing over the phone. Yes the first that it was like one of the first things I ever did the day before. I told Howard I said Hey Howard. I think that Lucy's not long for this world. You know we we all loved her. I mean but but you know we were a little dark. Kay gardella scream in her column. The next stay never heard of such a thing. She was all mad teachers dresser dodgers home and you know yelling just like Lucille Ball was a beautiful person in am sitting on the phone gone ally though you getaway firm Fab Yard or lease. They're all where Haiti thank cubs from Haiti. It really sounded when he called. It really sounded on any phrase. She could drop dead. I would go on my favorite card from Tom Bosley. you know these are the things that keep you going. I don't stop them. Who's that from George. What did I what I the guy. With the lonesome George with George George Gobel yeah is when from George Gobbo Lucy give or get it on with George Gobel that crew cut. That's all I saw was the top of it when I looked down. Gilbert your in studio. Oh that day yes. I heard it was yesterday. I was just like He. Gilbert was really screaming and I just thought here's a man after my own heart. This is so God damned dark. Grant Takes Richmond gave let me all my respect for her point you said here. I am with one foot in the twilight zone and one on a banana peel one more one one more unfunny joke so good Gilbert you asked if if she'd had an affair with George Gobel. You sounded very young gene on this recording that scare you were lobbing should in there. What was it thirty two years ago thirty three years ago yeah yeah but WHO's counting scary. It is scary yeah. Just this cope I go quietly and I really do you know what I found out. Resign so messed up is because I have autism autism. I had no idea everybody has autism. It's like shoes This is why I care so much about the periphery that I do. It's the only stuff like translated to me and made sense sense. If you show me how to shoot you show me one hundred thousand times. I still couldn't do it but but if there was like you know Joe Besser running around in his pajamas. Mo- trying pull his tooth out. I'll never forget every since as soon as I was sick of all of that stuff I began just watching the corners of the picture on on TV so I can have more would from that forest stooge forest. He'll pull it out my tea. Steve Come on down. We'll fix you tooth. You'll had you heard why Gilbert does that. Make Sense got ISM. It doesn't make sense. He's saying no. I know why yeah why stuffed locked away. Yeah no no. Oh I think all of us have it because it is like it's a sliding scale. I'm also you know if it's something I need to know. Oh about. I don't know how to do. It and I don't know how the information on important things but you know if yes me like who was the assistant assistant camera man on the Vernon Dent story that I could tell that he's good or how long when was the original earl Scheib commercial or Joe Franklin the what he what was he selling Martin Morning Yeah. Uh Yeah he's this Hoffman's beverage. Oh no at Martin painted ain't just paint and used to sell new NEWCO GEICO margarine remain Joe Franklin. Are you kidding me. I was sitting next to Joe Franklin when he went to who was screening at the directors guild of the aristocrats sitting next to him. God when Sarah Silverman came out and sat on a couch in the in the movie and said Yeah and I went over it because I thought maybe Joe Franklin could help me and I walked in and I sat down and he sat down on the couch next to me and and any raped me over. We're all good a good deal on my God. He was so pissed off because she said it's so sincerely like just Joe Franklin so wording he was grant on. I I remember one time doing one of Joe. Franklin shows any had this guy that worked with him moods. You know he had a few mentally unbalanced balanced. They were they were always the same mental mentally unstable but it was always a different guy yeah yeah he's go back to the same group check one out for the day so he had this mentally unbalanced guy who's talking to it's making no sense and when he walks off Joe Franklin with this evil smirk on his face says hey that's an excuse for for sterilization blessed plus twenty five out real show. Business Brad is great grandfathers that he he can earn his grandfather's Jimmy McHugh Guy Lee Newman and Joe Franken was such a huge fan eddie cantor and such a huge fan. Jimmy McHugh and Lee went on his show and his name is selene Newman and lease sit there and he's kind of nervous and Joe goes into this whole glorious introduction this here's a kid. I just love this kid. I've I've known him since he was born. We go back so far. He's such a wonderful kid. Let's hear it for Lulu Neiman uh-huh oh remember we had him on the podcast off. That dramatic entry was so I mean you walked out mad. No when he finished the show Chris he was like a foot tall and he walked off and immediately turned into a silhouette Silla way he ambled down a long hallway disappeared like Chaplin disappearing into the Iris Educate. You know great. I run into eighth avenue and almost miss him because he's a full head he he was a full head short walk around by himself. He had whoppers. He's he actually told me that he told the whole bunch of at dinner that somebody on his show started choking and that and you could check up a couple doors down they were having their will get ready to do the Nixon Nixon Kennedy debate and they said county ran out rent down to his show and save the is life and went back to like Joe Joe. How dare you your he told a story on the podcasts of one time one show he had both James Dean scene and we worked it out mathematically out. Pacino would've had to have been a sports yeah Yeah Bill Joe Franklin Joe Franklin. I didn't but I do have a Joe Franklin Story. J. Gyles banned from Boston Austin. Yeah Eddie Gorge Bazzi who you now sure was my pal in radio. We're in the trenches together like thirty three years ago in Boston and and anyway the J. Guiles ban is going on the Joe Franklin show so they want to mess with them so they just grab it and bring them in as a worm expert and he's got worm shots and everything to hear him bullshitting his way office. I know I know the worm has ten hearts. That's why you know that's not true so dry and some silly and and Joe Franklin was all into it you know and I love the drew. Friedman takes on Joe. Drew isn't the coolest artists he's my favorite artists pointillism that if you back off from it it looks like realism and he had a picture of Joe Franklin sleepwalking through times singing Jeez that girl girlfriend ask your dream walking one of the pieces you've got sued for. I think everybody thought he was a gazillion years old because when he was doing all showing the fifties already sixty but it was only like twenty five years old just doing it just looked old and is little hunk of a guy and then you go to his place that coat that he wore every day for twenty years was bright red but he was never on. ABC offered children from the drawer. Ask What are you guys hungry and billy. I always say she has to say this one. It's different from the Joe Franklin but you've you've you've come from very bigoted background relatives and my layoff. I the reminds you of that. They say the time when you were a little boy. We love watching the three stooges and walked it it. Oh yeah I lived for that stuff as you well know glued to the TV set in my mother comes in and she's it's like how can you watch them down there. Jewish oh man. I stopped going to church because I found my saints. How does that grab Ashington Saints Larry. You love that you know what I learned. I didn't know this and I should have noted that. Curly was shy accidents shot in the foot by his uncle shot himself Shotgun God oh he shot his uncle shot him reshad himself. I thought he shot himself. They shot he said I'm not sure which is worse and so you always had like a in the coach will Sasso who played curly in the three stooges Mojo yeah he was good and I had him on skype and I said you know here's a weird thing because they're trying to tell lease guys everything that I knew every piece of periphery and curly had a limp and he would run down the street and he would pivot because he couldn't keep keep going it was just a little routine sort of save his foot for more pain and then he'd have a second start but I said he shot he got shot in the foot when he was like thirteen and I don't think they had doctors back in Nineteen fifteen. Remember any it. Is that a true story because that's the oldest thing I'll his career shot himself in the foot. Babe shot him in the foot called him mm-hmm Babe. That was his got bad information yeah now. I remember they call curly. Babe Babe Jeff another stroke and he was pushing the three right. That's that's what's crazy yeah. Do you know what they called that. He curly said that that was the chicken with its head cut off. She is asked us going around and around on the floor with no head that's to him. That's what would it would sound like doesn't make sense and now I gotta ask you for another favorite of mine one time. I think thank you and your father for watching lease Lola Falana on TV. Oh no find every painful memory you can. They can't even I can't even say that stuff because it's really what I couldn't say. When you said it uh-huh I did one particular house on fire when certain people ah sneaking around at night and the neighbor one neighbor lady on the porch sitting there watching him while he was slashing tires. He wasn't a happy guy yeah you know and I mean they would. He would say stupid shit and they all. Would you know and it was like that in Boston. I'm sure every city was like you know you know where they get. That car wonder where they got that car box the fudgesicle and stuff but it's so ignorant that it's that it's laughable. I don't know it's like humor. Talk About Dad Jokes and all that stuff you don't know where to go where to Tread Falana starry starry what he said hey you know let's go back because he said something and I didn't get the throat us in to Jews or on on the titanic to Jews around titanic and it starts to sink in the first juice starts to cry and other guy says what are you crying voice. Not your boat. I suppose I happened. You know what I saw like a coffee shop and she doesn't understand today's kids and she was bitching and carping but I honestly small coffee shop and I said good morning to a young lady and she used the fuck word aw triggered her what nonsense gender what is Antifa Dante Fai told her the world has always been the same in the newly empowered or always the world's biggest fascists understand them act like them spend now my time gaming and vaping flash mobbing and sex thing preps teenager. We played ring Eleo. Yossi a monthly pig for a nickel by a pickle good old fangled fun. I stuck. Dohuk unhappy little head in the coffee grinder. This does move up trying to figure out what it can say and what you can't say is bedevilling. Oh it's times yeah came on so oh fastest not even like the rest of the culture caught up you know when a wave hits we all sort of get it once but humor was always subjective and now there's all these these restraints and subjective. Sx poop. I've been stuck in over forty years. You're getting guys. Seventy seventy five years old and lives with his mother gets more sex or more than my mother's birthday and he's got no money because listen mark. I got no money running for your birthday so I figured I'd just fuck it and she says all right so we start fucking his mother and also you smell something. Jesus CHR- any any a good source for and he looks diarrhea all over the bed and we'll over the flats rookie running. That's what's going on. She just well. I'm too Old Avenue Orgasm and I wanted to show you how much I was enjoying this. I'd I'd say jokes one nice one. It must feel real good. Your parents must be real proud of these telling jokes like that. I you know what I'm doing. Some if five people come in they bring somebody that doesn't know what's going to happen there. overwritten like who cares it's so fucking harmless arm. SEINFELD's decision. He doesn't WanNa play colleges anymore. Because of the political those bookings either he had a good the online for it. He just said Oh. You know it bothers me. They don't want you taking the future was on comedians media in cars getting coffee. You know what it's so funny because I'm in the credits of Eddie Murphy and Jerry for that that episode and everybody's going nuts on twitter. What the Hell did you do and now everybody's all. Jackie's picture must have been in the background and he sued them to get money by Bauer but you know listen. NFC lists from nineteen seventy nine and I was the MC so I'm not on it but on the list is Eddie. Murphy Speak Gilbert Godfrey misspelled and and Jerry Seinfeld all three spelled wrong. She'll push L. L. Tell you how good I'm doing in my life. I got an email. He ready for this from Ron. Jeremy's agent who knew the J. Keells me because I met him six months ago Jackie. I promise this person I would. Ford this to you and it was an email said we came across Assis- list and somebody told me it belongs Jackie martling. Do you know her GAM over so the guy the guy I contact you and I said what's the deal. He said WELL WE WANNA use that that that that list that we found is that yours said yeah. I just saved. I saved we'll Crab Little List that HAL menace handed me one thousand nine hundred seventy nine because I was hosting the show my name's Donna just. MCSE Bob Woods was on it and he never thought to go on because he was so drunk. Hawthorne to go on because they knew wasn't going to do well the first guy on it. It was rich guy who is now Julia. I always drew a blank. Julia Scottie whose now the first guy on the list is now amazes sex such a great guy well so the guy calls up and I said it make me an offer so he he says six hundred dollars so I emailed them back. You'd be very proud of me given of it. I said all right. Let's let's review. Billionaire comedian is being interviewed by another billionaire comedian on a billion dollar network and you want a priceless piece of comedy memorabilia in perpetuity worldwide forever never in every kind of media that we have now or may ever have and you. WanNa give me six hundred dollars. What would you say hat broke back. I said what you just said. Let me see what I can do and then he came back to me said wow. They're going to go a little higher. They're going two thousand dollars and my first thing was I was going to say you know what tell Jerry the good news. He just saved one thousand dollars because AH I said fucking. It's too much fun. It's never any money in Hollywood. No don't understand that everyone I ever talked to said well. We'd like to get you involved. We'd like to get you on board board and everything but it's like right now. It's a little tight right now a little money. Everybody talked to this no money then what the hell you hanging in Hollywood for. We've make more money joining Sawmill town in Michigan. Hey Hey no. Nobody makes any money. I don't have any money we broke. We didn't break even the so many stories like that and this is the worst one thing I've ever heard that the guys the remaining members of of Queen haven't seen a penny from Bahamian rhapsody which grossed I believe billion dollars is that possible of course sure creative accounting. I remember our writer. I forget what movie but it was one of these. She's like trillion dollar was the Eddie Murphy movie was the proportion but this was some other move wilbur art and and it was like bigger than star wars all the Star Wars put together and this guy said you know they owe me money because they made this much watch money you could read about it and and one of the studio guys said on the news well this just teaches which is the public that a lot of times we exaggerate how much are movie may get more interest a step for people to see the movie and I thought Oh okay lying on both ends. Ah Govern Jackie. Did you ever hear that story about Tom. Hanks you know he got a script and he'd get called into some office and he said I read the script. I really like it and they said yeah well what do you think and he said well for money and and they said well yeah ballpark. you know he's just said I don't know I just you should take care of me like on the back end. They were saying all kinds of stuff and and he said how about this. How about two weeks after the picture comes out. I want a good percentage of the figure you guys printing the paper. I negotions grace. He's got everybody sitting there like ghosts. Ah Bill talk about a little bit about escaping as a kid because I just heard a podcast you did with Joe Dante all right very good and is it yeah you were talking about mad at him. Why because I was GONNA do bugs bunny mentioned. This is a full grown man sitting here saying am this shit and I was GonNa do bugs bunny in back in action and Joe he was not into me. He didn't dig me. I didn't care about that but they kept calling me back and they were like kid gloving me and everything I said. What am I seven you know just tell me what's going on and everything so I mentioned it to him off the the air and everything he said I don't know what that's about. I like weird. I know but that's that's everything I heard you talking about your love of shock theater when you were kissing trade escape than to yeah shock does accurately here night on Bald Mountain. Yeah that was the theme we we didn't. We didn't have a host a skull just come up wind you as you watched and there was no announcer it just said things on the Chiron Iran and they would go into a movie like the curse of the mummy or one of those old universal beauties and and I love that that stuff and and I forced myself to wake up at one in the morning because I knew everybody else would be asleep and this was like lived for this you know and plus. You had that desperation desperation. I'm not a talked about this. When we were young. There was no way you could hold on to any record of television right. You know what I mean gene good. That's it and the coolest thing you ever sign. Your life is going to be over in thirty five seconds and you'd start going the angst and golf you. I'll never see this again. I just I might trigger when I was a kid. I kept reading about one one episode of route sixty six call. I'll its wing and listen tale was the name of it and and it had Peter Laurie Lon Chaney Junior and Boris Karloff and I would check the TV guide every refunding day one day the one fucking day check it. I find out the Joan it ha but you had no way of knowing no never know Noah. I would really like to see old. Boris Karloff. You know is is all right. This comes home guy comes home really drunk and his swipe is asleep on the couch under a blanket and he's so loaded so he gets under this climbs onto blanket. Fox a hard then he goes upstairs. He walks in a bathroom and his wife is sitting on the toilet. So what are you doing here. I mean what am I doing Asia's. I just fucked you on the couch and she goes. They are Mona sitting there smoking a cigarette. She's just fucked. You couldn't help but notice that that you say something choose. I haven't spoken to that piece of Shit and twenty years. I wasn't ah I laugh laugh. I let go ahead cosmic abandoned. I wanted to ask the Baby Gilbert to try to get into anybody's skin at the Friars Club. Just for the hell of it like some guy's going to tell a joke you now you to read out the punchline. Oh Yes yes just just taller. You know to mess. I just get up and leave too soon. They start the job just like Gilbert has of course the infamous night the Fryer all but you didn't go into that night looking for trouble you might guess Cecchi. I was yeah I used to FRY years. You know the story and I still have my own theory about it yeah because they they said he ran out because he was so appalled by what you said but what I heard was he was supposed to go on next. Yes and he was getting the fuck out of there because he knew he couldn't follow value so he came up. Donald trump in excuse to get the fuck out. That's too much for me. I'm out of here. There's nobody could follow that stretch. One of bunch of people people told me that yet no they a bunch of people said that they said was so he was scared. He was scared to go on because he already has like stage fright right right and he was out for like years and years. Rodney always said he was the funniest is funnier in fucking CECCHI. Nobody filing checking and what he said was but checking each Martin was drunk and Ben was cheap and I get no respect but fucking check. You'll lose is fucking funny so nobody can say anything. They'd say we saw this guy. He was funny. You know 'cause he'd never got his biggest. He should have gotten no no. I followed that you know and even like Jan.. Murray was on that boat to you spent too much time being successful because he had a game show and hang in right. What's that golden handcuffs. He was making a lot of money and I think he just he's another guy that was real one of the funniest of his time time but just kind of fell out of it because when we're kids have you see summaries a game show host. You never can make the leap then comedian now. They're already. He locked into what they are. You know generally doesn't look seedy or needy and he you know he's not even just be Jamhuri. The host of Treasure Hunt Ed thrasher odds of Yeah Nike. How did you you were talking about Sandy Hackett that we have this conversation. I think I played around a golf with Sandy. How and he told me the grace story. Lori and I hope it was him but it wasn't him was somebody was the son of some comedian but I'm pretty sure it was Sandy Hackett that said at his Bar Mitzvah Milton Berle said sandy come over his son and he walked into the bathroom and he said close your eyes and put out your hand you hear the story animal the animal big fucking encountering Jackie Tracking Jackie listen to this listen. Did you ever hear the girl about the girl that had this sweet sweet ass yeah. She Got Diabetes Jackie. You'll you'll step by my life. You Putz Schmendrick. Do we bring up the Jackie puppet for for a couple of minutes sure sure documentary. We have created that yeah ask myself. WHO's you have. Did you know I'm sure it's over there in stern land. Sometimes you remember when it was missing. It was so fucking funny because they went they went to satellite and all of a sudden was missing and somebody said wait a minute. Jackie did a couple shows for free. FM OVER K Raa at at serious and maybe he's stolen or maybe the word is out that I stole the puppet right and of course I didn't and I tell them all right. I admitted I did it and I showed him a picture me holding the puppet but it was a blown up picture. You know it was hard for that. Were coming out with the fucking stern one hundred news van to get it and I said you assholes of course they don't habit came up with this idea. It was missing for weeks and they're blaming me. I said I got the idea I told Steve Steve. What's his name from one hundred year no Steve Cheesy cheesy Steve. I said you know what you do. Get that fucking guy that we we have on once in a while the lie detector guy. I said I'll go first everybody who works in a line and ask them if you have the Jackie puppet and that will find it for sure and it'll be fucking wonderful and Steve Goes. That's a fantastic idea. What a great shot will be the next morning at six o'clock. Howard walked in with the fucking puppet and it was never heard from again all fucking Thomas now well is that some crazy shit and nobody's heard any of that stuff but I'm not disparaging good radio but just probably like a twilight zone after Howard took it home one afternoon and he base back into Jackson Steel as you want beef and Broccoli now eh. What's that store the twilight so bit with our to the Buffet Howard. You told me Jackie that eh they had an even more grotesquely frightening offensive Robin puppet it. Was You know I have no idea what happened with that but where that wound up but it was I think I think Ralph made it because when we did the remember the channel nine show remember Clarence Clarence Thomas Billy Row Clarence Thomas Doll or face to face and it had lips literally early the size of like two small baseball to wiffle ball bats on top each other and his lips were immense and the wholesome had his hair his his an afro tied onto a piece of string so when somebody said something funnier offensive they'd pull the string and his hair would go up like auto awesome Robin one but it was it was so the fucking top God knows where that is we what at that show also there was a special guest that day and he meant a lot to me because I didn't have a dad so he was like a father figure. I imagined my my self self being like Robert Vaughn the man from uncle among wait to meet him and I was GONNA play a character part in the sketch it might got cut but but I had a dress on and I was running around backstage and they come up to Robert born. I said you know you're my idol any just he's recoiling looking at me in a dress rest my idol that don't ever meet your idol is seen shit from that show because it was crazy you know what's his name. Bob Denver and one of the two girls from that show Marianne Mary Tina Louise hadn't been for like twenty years or something and they came on. They were so polled by the show they were doing appearance in Atlantic City and they drank inside. We had the big six foot. Three security guard played the skipper and we Adam sitting in the sand underneath a bomb tree and was enough sand that we could hide the bottom half of his leg and we had a fake leg and we were eating his leg it was it was priceless and I was. I was buried in a big huge belly up. Always stuff sounds like an acid trip when you run through it real quickly but if you spent four hours it was like an avalanche of comedy going on in there and I don't care if it was Gilbert coming in and screaming at the top of his lungs. Thanks for more than five minutes it was I go out of there with my my ribs. Hurting me from race days doubled over almost a world war. Gary Busey was on the show and he had been a motorcycle accident and I think pretty seriously hurt and got really banged up so we created a sketch called old motorcycle injuries for men club like have air financially wasn't club and Injury Club for men and so you wrote Oh you don't remember how guerin like bandage around his head but he had a tube going up you know so that when he squeezed the tube barral squeeze the tube the blood would using douses doing dress rehearsal and abuses right across from and Ralph of course didn't know what the fuck you is just doing and when he squeeze it the little to popped out and shot fake blood all over Gary Bucy's and he thought it was on purpose and he. I don't know if you remember he he was. I thought we were GONNA fly. It was it was of course that wasn't it was a rehearsal so the caverns tried to squeeze blood minute. I got it over angry fucking. We had him on his show. Oh piece of work yeah well of course. He wasn't wearing a helmet in that in that accident. He had a serious DAB of choice. Tell us about the dock since you brought it up. It's a good time to bring it up to plug it. The Guy The guy that was my radio partner for eight years in Car from Aka. Collective has been doing interviewing different. People and these guys are in it. We Still Gilbertson Billy's in it will tell jokes and we got a whole bunch of people and you know I don't who knows you know it's it's fun. It'll be fun going to film festivals and you never know what's going to run up the flagpole and be enjoyed but you know these film festivals you could sit there for days and never smile so if the something of the least bit funny. It's going to be a fucking Alon. Trailer and people are loving the trail we in fact where the yanked the trailer rough because people are too interested and we didn't. WanNa come too soon. You know what I mean because it's not out yet but I just wanted to do the Cuban as an answer the questions and set some you know some them stories or straighten everything but it's you know it's wacky called job man just joke you know. Nice when when you were talking before or about seeing that people on game shows you couldn't imagine them doing any one of the sadist things I remember. I I was on Hollywood squares. All and dom deluise was on that and he was sitting next to me and he turned into me very seriously and he said he said can do think doing game shows can hurt your career uh-huh. I'm so proud because I did that show twice and I think I was edited like three times the Paul Lynde that they forget what I said. What's his name Tom. What's his face Berge Berge. Tmi Jackie's him. I think I did diarrhea joke about Madonna's like it just trying to loosen loosened so that was a little you know it was a little obscure but Doria Loria Howard and Princess Joshua was on the show and she'd be going up the stairs. Her S. took up the entire staircase staircase. You couldn't pass them we used to this house left bill. What do you know about Paul. Hilbert Gilbert says he was a vicious anti Semite was he really yeah. I heard on the original producers. They said like like during lunch scholley other acts would be like you you know having lunch and telling jokes and being nice funny. Paul Lynnwood be bombed out of his skull usage huge this drunken old queen and and a bitter old read that's Tirtha the rates down to rare suspecting Jews held back something say the Jewish hours guy in anti-semites go that fag he he was right on the train behind the Jews. You Know Triangle umbrella opened up. They tell tell billy the shooting telling the Ronnie Schell story I wanted. I want their take on that. Oh well with the Allen led. Oh Okay I want you. I want to know if you think this is true. Bill according to Ronnie Schell what Allen Alive was into he gathered up a bunch of women and they'd like surround him and he'd stand in the centre naked holding a chicken and according to Ronnie Schell. All the women would start singing. You simply go to fuck chicken. GEICO wait a minute. He wanted them to do the book the Book Blue Velvet and full service. It's that's in Bowen's. what's his name. Scotty bowers Bauer showed then there is something I don't. I'm not sure that's the song and I'm not sure it was Alan Ladd but you know I I actually my favorite part of that. Book Bill Bill which one will service Scotty bowers book. No book I read was one fish two fish. He's redfish light loaf. Three quarters said the book talking about all the Dick's. He saw all the Times. He's gotten fuck. Nash and he goes but you know. I really really into women that it yeah well. He's talking about Lucy see all I love the passage where he was a bartender at the Hollywood part is Lucy reached cruising grabbed them said if you get my husband laid more time going to cut your balls off. Fuckin- you save Lucy's voice believes if you if you get my husband laid eight one more time I'm gonNA cut your balls pill holden. Mussa Franks athletes build and he was he was looking at no. We're talking about. Nobody nobody in the world could follow not even me at a barroom brawl and he gets his face all smashed them really bad thereafter wire his whole face together so he's in the hospital for a couple of weeks. They force feed them with this machine. That has a tube coming out of it that it pushes the food or possess so one day pushes in the machine takes the tube and jams it up the guy's ass Noor. Who Have you're going to Noor. He's machines what who hospital could spur blue jeans. She's Yay Wise Warton tomorrow. Well it does the guy next. I love it. What about the PAT McCormick story. What do you know about that Jack. The helicopter story I don. I noticed one. No I know the baby story at the lunch. Yes fishers one that Pat McCormick well all of them. You stay was a group of them. That would get together and they will try to outdo each other. John on atoms was army's army yeah this. They weren't even try out grocery. We just have a big dinner and Dana then when it was Pat McCormick's turn he had them on me that this place and he handed them all a paper bag with an apple and a sandwich in it a tuna sandwich and then they were saying like what the hell is this and then each one one was led onto a helicopter one after the other and they would have a hooker on the helicopter who would set the guys stick as the helicopter were circling his house. These guys knew enough to say no guys forever. You know wants you to come up with forget it for you heard. I one of them when they got home that night she the wife said so y you know. How was your night ghost you know okay and then then he says so? How was your night and she says he was already. Accept that this helicopter circling out I I sit there on the stern show one day and boom like according to six Kennison walked in with Pat McCormick wow and Jack Riley is that a rally and he was one of those Mount Rushmore on that same group mother fucker. I have no idea what happened. I have no idea it was so crazy. I'm sure it was the din the entire time. McCormack orrick was the size of a fuss. Yes wow don Adams. had a standup routine he did but I remember talking to Jonathan winters once he said what standup what what comedy clubs there wasn't any it was called interrupting. Somebody's dinner I think about it and it's like that's that's about the size of it but Donald Don Adams was running around back in those days. I think they play jazz clubs and stuff Bill Dana Road for them. Yeah Bill Dana Rhodesia he zak yeah and Donna Adams that voice that he always used for like the get smart voice and on the Bill Dana show he played house detective Byron Byron Glick Glick leading you know just because I was scared talking about brave he is he goes. You're on a for the past half hour. The district attorney's pair making a total ass of himself now. It's my turn ah I'm sorry it's not a scintillating as you would. I saw him I saw him when he was like in the throws throws you did you know he was at a recording studio and I think he was doing inspector gadget still and he no he was doing he had a game show or TV. Show Sitcom called check it out to restore right wow yeah yeah and I heard he made more from. Nat that that Sitcom which no one ever Solo had I forget Don Adam screen tests all that that bill yeah yes. I do a screen test. He wasn't a happy guy from what I know when I saw them like when it was near the end he his eyebrows were I bought black and you know the whole works that goes royalties are so weird. Leslie West said that Mississippi Queen was a huge huge show and whatever whatever rapper that was one of the first really big rappers sampled like a little Hong of Mississippi Queen and put it on his rap record. That was a huge huge seller unless they said the checks he gets for that far surpassed. The Czechs got from Mississippi quit. It's it's crazy. That's the van delays John Adams had that look of the real midlife crisis look where I had that horrible seventies guy trying to be hip not a hippie what about like a Tan and a members only yeah hair long must learn late Jakarta among just bled away thirty years built like Jack Carter did that yeah yeah yeah with the loves medallion off. Buddy love of peace love it you know the difference difference between men and women are around him. Jack Jimmy Carter no but the greatest Jack Carter story story was the first time I went to a friars roast. Bob Goldthwait. Was There Jacquard. Do you know that Jack Carter was sitting on the day isn't recent gold because in Los Angeles go me my age that Restaurant House waiting for this guy sitting there my car waiting for this guy to pull out of pull out of the parking spaces. I'm waiting and waiting and finally a guy pulls out in this guy's zooms in front of me. When I've been waiting for ten minutes God just just stole Dolla fucking guys license plate and he holds it up and he goes Carter. You want this even shot. I have no we had Jack Carter on Ren and stimpy he played this character named Wilbur Cobb this Old Guru of a cartoon animation guy you know they were sending up somebody I'm not sure but but jack was perfect because he he sounded like he was spitting eating up pieces of his breathing system and his wife came to pick them up and I said Boy Jack's Gut I mean his voice is so rich with I I don't know and I said it's like Snot or something. Thanks and she went nowadays. Get more snot in his his throat. Then my Jag number one demographic Graf we missed out on this show. We wanted them so desperately because he was so bitter and he had said yes. That's the worst part he said yes the doing it and then he died like the next day you know what he was very generous of spirit spirit he was because when I was working with them I was on tonight. Show one night and I wanted to do a Jay. Leno impression Jay shot me. Look you know I I started doing it and he showed me this look and it went right through my heart. I was like like crippled stunned. I didn't know what I was going to do and so I started doing the usual nonsense and and I came the next day and I said you know Jack. Carter was having lunch at this joint called Mirabella. It was near where we recorded. It was a an Italian restaurant and he held court there and I came in. What's the matter you'll pick your best friend and I said I just felt terrible being on the tonight show and you know trying to do something. I have no business being there but Jay didn't want me to do impressions Russian some him goes. You were held your own. You know I mean he saw it. He watches all that stuff. Bilko used to watch all that stuff. The newest comedy shows when they were when they were so out of fashion you know why don't they call me. Why don't they call me. I'm a funny guy. See that's all I can negotiate. GRANITE COLLEGES DOT COM freaking out if there was no girl admitted there was no girl that ever went to the gynecologist freaking out. She's a freaking out. I keep finding postage stamps Costa Rica and my vagina lady on postage stamps. Those are the stickers from bananas I love you so much. That's all I just love. You wind up toy. Oh Bill we had David McCallum here. We know your man from Uncle Guy. Yes good good guess McCallum. Have you met I. I think I did meet him once. We had him here. He was good. He was stern. He wasn't eating autumn in the cooking yeah in his eighties yeah. He's this British that was trying to be from Georgia Russia or something yeah yeah. It was was good. It was really good. He was good. Hey it was nothing else on TV. Look at first of all there were three channels three and a half chance yeah you could get channel twelve for for Manchester and it wasn't it wasn't a snowstorm Manchester New Hampshire and oh and channel ten from Providence Rhode Island and that was a snowstorm to but I would watch pixels. I didn't care as long as I could hear it. You know I was fine with it. Even old movies that you know Oh God what was that missile to the Moon mercy that one Gilbert it was like there was another picture that sorta emulated that called cat women on the moon. I don't know if it was Roger. CORMON or not but missile to the moon was so crazy because these two criminals are hiding in a rocket ship. You know nobody league. Nobody who live a fine head Ardo no gary I don't know maybe we better get Outta here and all the doors shut and he rockets kidding ready. Take off to the moon the they go to the moon and they find all his they find the jewels are so prominent and everything and then they go to steal l. Some jewels that were in the caves in this giant phony spider shows up an and it was the I know sound and I know it was some some Schmaltz on a mike doing the spider noise like uh listen to that I it was some bill back in nineteen eighteen fifty nine your aren't you bill George Pal Guy Gilbert love seven faces of Dr Lull. I love that too yeah. Jesus Mike Mike the World is so filled with wonderful things. I know Dr low but you're leaving. How do you know it's going to be good for me. I don't neither DWI switch switch from like this this this or Atar because he did have a the great voice Tony to you know into everybody's worst nightmare with Chinese impression the a circus of duck day. You think that you don't know watched one time like about five years ago and I was like coming off. It's like a car crash. What was good stuff in the movie though trying to watch? Peter sellars moving it's like he you know the Mara what about Lolita crazy he was great and Lolita daltry crazy corners James Mason on the porch 'cause 'cause he's. He quilty is banging. Lolita is like a guru to her and James Mason Mason is madly in love with her and so this quilty kept changing his identity and he wanted to give what's his name Shit. What's his name James James James Mason and he goes well. See you're out here hanging around. That's good. That's good. I came out to hang around to you know a couple of guys like us. You know sometimes they hang around and it was doing this whole like pickup. Wrap James Mason was is homosexual and he's acting like this is really bothering him out. He's like our stomach. That was uh-huh creepy. ooh was. I remember Peter Cells. Keep saying yeah you know because we're too with two normal guys who are to normal oh guys. NFL now and then a couple of normal guys like us. WanNa get together. You know there's nothing wrong with that. I mean your normal and I'm normal but it was this beautiful I think he probably pulled it out of his ass to tell you the truth and I just I loved. It was strange at one point in that movie Claire Quality. Yes yeah he's playing. Gabe what he what was the weirdest part. Oh when when James Mason is looking for a place to live you know because because he's a teacher in residency and he needs a little spot to live at so he answers and Adan. It's shelley winters shows them her garden and the you know the Cherry Pies you know I begged my anya now and Yes yes and he looks out the window. It looks out the window and he sees a sixteen year old sue Lyon. The actress heart shaped glasses on sitting there as fine as you please. He's reading archie comics and she goes. He sees her and he goes. I think I will take the room I like it. I got a good feeling and she goes. So what was it my country garden in my you know my location my cherry pies and he's looking right at sue. Lyon he goes. I think it was your Sherry is is bill. You WanNa try this with Gilbert. Is this thing with all this crap that I'm saying this thing in front of you you want you guys want to try hi this for fun. Oh Yeah Jess Duet yes go one okay. What is what you gotTA call it. You gotTA call it. As we go you start and you guys can do a verse each. I separated them. Okay so and then you could do the last one together so bill. We'll start off okay. We're GONNA do it. Acapella go ahead build on what does that mean in the nude. Dude are silk. It means into nude. I don't know I can't okay. I'll try something. I'll try it now. Bethune in childhood does I remember loving showered on me in your mother's eyes would gaze at me so tender. What was their meaning now can see I and Paul. I am that was the song okay. Where am I was told. The road was paved in gold. They used to hold their throats and do like see the tree how big it's around and friends. It hasn't been too long. It wasn't big crickets wait. What did I say okay well. The road phasing olden and I found mothers is also also known I I. I find my words my old friend wome Baugh. All All we're on Sil- long is found in Mall Mall the list. I frank together coming up by having a denim. Go ahead. Wait one Brian in guarding lies. Let me wrong from right around. In my mother's eyes sing those tales aw aw hey hold on before you applaud and like so I bid job too big what kiss act because I heard things about him and like so I run like hell because Gilbert bird has a knife and like so I killed him before he kills me. Donate me and my tender ask to the Albanian state prison listen so I changed my name so Lillian saw the prisoners will like me you. We know that part of the speech members Friars Club speech where he he was so eloquent I know we're just ripping them to piece of sound like a Marin mouth idiot but it was more than that no he was so astute he was an arbiter and he really had total command. He reminded me of like a mush mouth. Myron Cohen Go. They had a beautiful voice. Yes myron question. I heard that Georgie Jessa like toward the end late light late years have groucho 's life Georgie Jessil chop at his house because Strategic Chessel had no money ah out of his career not any any you stu like s Groucho. If he could add money he did eulogies. He didn't to eat yeah my because it was so good but that's only had. Why didn't you save Your Money George. Would you give him money Jackie if he came begging. Oh sure you're if he rose from the dead. You know the story about Al Jolson and George Jesse he was he was Al Jolson decided he who's GonNa Give Jessica so broken down. He's going to let them share the bill and Chessel you before ego. He's like I want to be on the marquee and lean while well he was a tiny tiny star and Jolson was huge and he really went to the mat that he wanted to be on marquee and Jolson had put on the Marquis Al Jolson but Georgia just like. I just says what was he wasn't a record. You don't have to be Jewish with somebody like Bob. McFadden imitating like George Jesse or something that sounds familiar he's like he comes running in the house. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty and then he goes the refrigerator and there's some ice water later in there. He takes a big glass of ice water and drinks it down. Was I Adam. You do know him USA. Tell all those old jokes with the guy goes to the doctor and he says I swallowed a sponge. How you feeling tasty makes you laugh. Though thinking about all these guys a Nice Nice City in New Jersey that starts not planning city bill bill through the tunnel on all and watch out for those gyles than that girls. They're boys those the tunnel bunny Paul Frees do one of the voices in the Beatles cartoon. I'll which in one he did John Lennon because Gilbert sort of obsessed with those those bad beetle carts because because it's like none of them sounded like the Beatles. No the George was pretty close. The Paul McCartney wasn't bad but John Lannon. You gotta remember he was What do you call it Orson Welles when they couldn't get Orson Welles. They got this Guy Paul Frees member in the George Pal Movie Atlantis Atlantis the lost continent he would go atlantis the lost continent and it was so cool that he had this big voice and then he was doing John Lennon or having a Ringo Ringo. Don't do that you it. They all sounded like Ronald Colman. Yes yes. I think I sing our Song Vermont. Latest style a Ronald Colman now was he a kid star. One point that Fredy Barth already said Yeah Kids drought store sure yeah yeah she's so prim and proper and the Evil Alexa Smith is standing next to molly's or or or rating. What is that orienting the word rating at his father's funeral and Alexis Smith wants the guy's money and she shows up in this glittering gown and he's trying to pretend like I'm not affected for the SEGUE. Elyssa tells the new series. It's on Netflix Catholics. Were doing the second season. It's being received really well by the audience that that found it future or the simpsons is something totally different which makes it beautiful awful to me. It's not what you expect and I just play a couple of incidental characters but I do a wizard named source area and he thought he sounds like he sounds like Jonathan Harris. Shaw Shero knows things that you you know and and then there's the Elf king who sounds like Percy Helton love your yeah. I'm the own. Oh yes you'll pay. You'll see you'll see all frantic and on. I do the gesture but that's like Phil. Silvers like a Dazs Butler hokey Wolf kind of voice and a heat he tells lousy joke and they always drop them through a trap door and he always acts like he didn't see it coming. I was that now I once launch worked with Jonathan Harris Guess when they would do in this really zero Budget Problem Child Cartoon Series Oh and the guy playing big big whatever that guy's name was big daddy or something that Jack Act warden played in the movie they had Jonathan Harris and I said to John. Because I remember on stern they used to talk about him all the time because she didn't tatum and I said you know Howard Stern would love to have you on the show and he goes. I Ah everything news during the greatest irony of all time is that I my book got a spike in sales. It didn't sell that well. You know all together and all of a sudden. I sold almost as many as I did out of the gate and I'm like I'm trying to figure out what show I did. What I said how the fuck what happened was Howard never mentioned my book on the show so nobody listens to his show by way of him had any idea that I had a book out but now he has a book out and if you buy a book on Amazon this good so people and they're already got credit card and they're already clicking so they must be binded. Fuck it and buying mine too not everybody but certainly it only takes tiny finally blip the mega big time buddy so you know and. I don't think he could stop task. No things could be done Jackie. The guys on the elevator with a big fat Reuters is GonNa. Smell your snatch. She's always then. It must be feet Wii. Let let me get a lot of letters. We get a lot. AWW launches any goes you know the I live for Billy's Jackie. You can use it you next country club. GIG to open won't get thrown out till the second job accident and both his legs are all broken so he's in a wheelchair and friend comes over to visit him in. He says you know the gun. Wheelchair says my feet what kind of cold you run upstairs and get my slippers. He says sure and he goes upstairs in his the guy's eighteen year old twin daughters and he says girls you father just sent me up here to fuck you. You know like you're crazy. Prove it to you. Kneels down to his friend both yells back of course both of them uh-huh I listen to them. No matter what leads to you know it's like there was there's never any johnny fucker faster. There was no kid that ever lived named Johnny Fucker fast constructing. Your job is to seven years old so you say and yourself. There's no such thing as you know. We're talking about anything. I am Gel fucking old Andrew Card here. Did you know Andy was the new Guy Andy Devine and froggy but andy was the new guy yes there was uncle Ed. No it was smiling. Ed's gang right smiling. Ed is big old fat. Fuck walk from Chicago with the military great meaning to you bill and then he goes and he came and he was the new guy people. Will you really fucking Oh. Oh Billy do Andy Devine Solanki Magic Twang or froggies Augie Gremlin Bob Cat. I read scalise I I you know I used to watch him. Watch himself. I mean my mother used to watch me watch Red Skelton because I would laugh so fucking hard harder than him. In Yeah it was great and then he did his seventy fifth anniversary. Show or fiftieth anniversary show business something and it was so long ago that there was still a fucking can television and the comedy Condo Fort Lauderdale. That's how long ago and I'm sitting there with Bill McCarty and and Adam and a bunch of guys and Wilson there's Red Skelton stand that the the Mike and laughing and swinging his arms and like Marley. That's fucking you and I don't know whether it's so pretty standard moving around and giggling and just so tickled with himself self. I think I was already doing tell us red. Skelton had an enormous porn collection. I think of it but Abbott had a tremendous. Oh Aw oh here's something that when he was relegated the wheelchair he couldn't reach the top shelf where he kept the best players. Come come on. Get it right. Get it right. Get it right. Get on all fours four helped me. I can't put you up there. And can't you gonNA ball aw I don't worry about it. Don't worry about it tanks around the corner and give it to me. It's the high they were discussed with your Friedman and now for a long time is that aw according to Legend and the divine and Clark Gable were having a gay affair it is an Scott Book Friedman's imagination strip you want bill handled it fine and then there was oh jammie grant and Randolph Scott. Oh Yeah Cherry liked girls when I saw those two big beautiful boobs. I knew that I was in trouble. Then rain the walked in before we get out of here. ooh got an Al Lewis Story. They WanNa tell the first time he came on the show nineteen eighty six he came in and immune Fred. We're looking at each other cross-eyed because we are still absolutely positive he should his pants and smell the walking lord anyone of being such a good friend and such a talent such wonderful what he smells like the shit his pants on the way S Fred. Oh my God pop gonna Fly Scampi wrong. He was such a great. He was such. A great cat flies following me. I don't know why Hartman Joke Man Fred get away from him. The worst this fucking I can show gets bill bill by popular demand. Please tell the story of GRANDPA's restaurant with the with the two women. Oh okay Jackie knows where we're GRANDPA's restaurant or GRANDPA's Bella gente tie in place. There's one in the city yeah. Avila loyd innovate yeah. The Mafia set me up I could run money through and I got a young wife that young chippy and I'm doing at slow mountain over the Satin Sheets Eck then Jackie comes over with his cornpone humor. No He never said that you say the word corn on so so so he's he's in that restaurant and I said Jeeze I've never formally met him and I was just he must have seen MC grinning like an APE Adam. You know there's that guy a frago staring at him and I was one of the last people there and there was a young couple who had their little daughter and the father says to her over and ask him where he lives and she goes he goes. I have thirteen thirteen mockingbird lane and she she scared runs away. He's stor and he looks at me and he goes women and then then there's two biddies from the mid. West just like Minnesota or something and they're having their New York trip when they're winding it up and said Oh before we left we had to come by your restaurant and oh it lived adoptuskids. Promise and this pasta is so good. It's it's real al Dante and the other one was like oh I agree totally. This is beautiful and he goes yeah. I'll be going now. He's I'm Steve. Being as cordial easy can be and then they start out the door and you know when somebody decides to ramp up again with a whole new conversation. They popped back in and went win. Oh and we're going to tell all our friends here yeah yeah and then the door closes and he goes drop dead. It was done with the guy here harder gold. You could tell you know dinners with them and he made everybody there was like seven of us knee made everybody give him the cash. Put It on his car. I might be gone tomorrow but I'll have cash flow on the credit card. That's how I yeah. I was thinking about the old time guys and I said God bless every one of them. I was watching show a shows and all this stuff that Sid Caesar was able to do do I know he wasn't for everybody's taste but for some reason I just I absolutely love them. I wanted to be able to run those dialects. You know and one time. I got to sit with them and have lunch with them. In these two guys I was with they produced his little segments. You know the Sid Caesar bids videos where they would interview interview Lucille Kallen or whoever but your can and cheese Larry Gelbart and and he sat there and I said said I don't know what got into me but I said I just love you so much and I I wanted to tell tell you a hunting joke in Italian taking all the risks in the world to judge Moola Bulla that's going to Amman Ma Shotgun shotgun boats and the scientific on aging got on and and I I said what are you thinking. He was so generous of spirit. He had a twinkle in his eye and he really was thinking. I created this. Ah I began he was just amazing and it's Curl Reiner's still alive tomorrow. Yes that's great. You have Howie Mar- didn't we started off. 'cause I worked on a cartoon with him once and hurt he had it out for Joe Barbera. How Morris Oh I'm sure there's a job Barbera story at at Hanna Barbera which is on used to be on before Ventura Tauranga Cohen Yeah and and Joe Barbera took his secretary in the got on the elevator later and he started the go up and he had this thing where you press the Stop Button on the elevator simmer stopped a- and and all of a sudden you know he would begin bumping and crying and and then one of his best friends also his security security guard for a number of years sees them come out on the first floor with the woman goes. Joe Man are Joe what I saw. Everything flows circle. That's great Lord Anyway. We have to rack not maligned no now. I don't Know Bill Your Great Jack. Thank you thank you bill. That's why keep cutting everybody off because they have no attention span. We cover the offense. Don't kill me when I have low T. If you could do our combo idea and sign off and and say ads Larry Fine is Larry wants you to sign off as Larry. Okay got to get my glasses my my reading these a fishbowl graph all right. Hey Moe oh you're listening to kill McCaffrey's colossal terrific podcast. Why don't you say mammy. Thank you bill. What does that mean only a couple of people. I love it. Thank you you. Gilbert greets amazing colossal. I don't remember the name of his I appreciate it. I always I love seeing you and heart guests of course what Billy West and Jackie that show man martling one. I'm clean one to take us out dirt so three guys fishing lake and one guy falls overboard so one of the other guys jumps off and he wants to save them but he keeps going down look finally finally finds them and drag them back puts them in the boat and starts giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation search. The other guy says you know I don't remember Fred having such bad breath. The other guy says yeah come to think of it. I don't remember him wearing a snowmobile. Mobile elephants would all I have is premises Jackie. I don't have any punchline they don't you. Don't you ever get into somebody like you know there's a guy on the lower side and he's got a power drill in these true holes into his Ed. I I took. This guy goes to the library very librarian book on suicide. She's she's the fuck. You won't bring it back on the thank you Frank Gilbert Jackie. I Love Love Love. Thank you so much is a great one when he coming out soon I Roy Gilbert Godfrey. It's amazing colossal podcast is produced by Darah godfried and thanks onto Padre with audio production by Frankfurt Arosa Web web and social media is handled by Mike Patton Greg Repair and John Bradley Seals Special Audio contributions by John Beach special things to John Fodio John Murray and Paul Raeburn Hi. I'm Nick Vata. I'm Nick Turner and we are the hosts of get rich nick for this podcast. We are out there in the world trying every get rich quick scheme to tell you guys which ones actually work and which ones are worth your tank like donating plasma online poker task grab it writing books betting on the ponies going on. Ebay background extra making money from metal detectors lemonade stairs selling in the backyard Trivia nights certainly from the backyard walking dogs on rover. We're playing video games for cash. We're starting to Patriots way too early banning how much you walk lose it. It's hijacking a truck going southbound Tijuana Wadad. No one's going anywhere until we get what we want. If you are intrigued by any of that thank you you can tell which ones are not worth your time because we're still doing the podcast. If we were rich. We'd be on a yacht somewhere on a rainbow. Get Rich Nick is out now. Listen stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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