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"Vehicle to freestyle Talese Easter Eggs Limited Kaufman of your heart below. Podcast on pedal type to you. Stop to Austin for myself. It's just the podcast come was gates originally from all over Drake Victims Contest. Mile ovals Guitars that Mendosa Goosey talking. Some often that began to more life. Survey your sister track snow. Do not disturb their wings on being. Don't ask the default. Who can't we just talk as federal minimum? Yeah that's I eighty go on how goes on us. Fill no ways Manmohan Dado had yesterday said thank you for this is about the from all Paying until the end style Sunday So let's keep up abates on yeah Highland he'll today off of your take him off to than fewer epinal tests they licensee making that were sense. President Abraham Lincoln S- could if all theater a WASHINGTO- thing is the thing they did they. They thanked him and left up. Yeah an n needs a revolted at Italians convince male as as a sees us than fueled Napoli there's a biblical taught by inskeep. He's a little. Titanic so titanic of. That's probably a bit up titanic. Selene posted syncing. Then I could be. I'd go to ask a budweiser can for somebody from you can go into a subway. Familia who should step in if he has a vice targets the John Lewis the boomers. Talk you at Parque. After the anxiety about the real as ailing of asked people aggressed off. I listen. I xe Cumberland have that debate sales at Kendrick. Lamar travel ban. And Yeah Golding. What was what was excellent. Something like the Dubai Police Authority. Not taking a fantastic apple test like a mental. Do US yesterday. Out of good regarded documented lavar formed Topic untenability your Ten as a society to wherever they like on stolen as yesterday dame violently some ideal melancholy for the weekend for the if the damn At back from our experience ended the week long. Miladin jaws costs go the towels from US. Lose eight ten goals rested income. See they can today. Malcolm governments that whole politics everage not as the guys in the League. Max A at a Komo News on both still as far lingual avenue. The House got by about inside but album so must be a belief may have cool up. The adverts has decided the best time who come into play this Way Madman. Lee Say what she's disarmament. Mcconnell opposed Madonna's own much multiple sack made his. It goes fast and enemy. -able output block level has weeks will focus on us he got a Mosey. God Yeah Yeah. Absolutely Hawker HIP HOP AT THE AGE. That gets the best best Vegetables Wells Summit in my desirous so if he believes eater brock. Yeah Santa's of on opposite. I mean he's Okay. against A lost opportunity. Also do ants down again go to school about me at of a temporal scanner Nkhoma as the nuclear loss in days the got see they've got no mate at chief fought stored feel the Of sock that the folks possible loss through Meal Edmundo US was nobody out in a deal. Sunsetting gangs the Diplo by in the and the loss of all the clause abandonment this guy and you just have to newnham discount Those you know an hour now must put in Houghton was over was at the game on forty two twitter as a mid forty Rosa cameras today. Absent Happy East off loughgall. Shoop would look tiny. If man boost my happy Friday a lobby against Chinese virus some also living opole in August as Mo Collins some beautiful Madden Osborne who to the bank idea hence more equitable radical By but on the Matisse and if I'm out of the tight they need to talk to pull that off the of your body cool you will say. The impossible is below the We go back. Go back the as I thought as opposed to NBA ahead holiday Little shop mid as at different physical Arkansas and hot l. saw apple just pulls you assault spindle in the blue on a white and Moody Scott in today. I'm at the outboard because many Modo Kentucky. That on my talk about the issues husted Met Have you only love Bingo out? Viggo statement way. Oscar de Class was so a Colin. Saas how I as. We believe Eagle Rock malignancy them. There are questions shooting it now. If something to look route I believe so. I don't like them up to some. WanNa lick shoot up if the talks. Ducts does montages Yeah yes it by also take Play coming it starts the Khakassia Leyla puzzle here called Taco Bell. Still four men spends yet venue. They're going to promote the book old. It's about they had lost in classical cop bowl. A Beta Lambda Bain. And lastly told me a wonderful upstate. Volvo you buy yes soon. Live careful do perspective but she is also used to work down there. Yeah like I did not see the movie He'd be down after best be company was to give the dollar dollar delmonico's food it startled Incompetently with pain and they caught my new friends to insult. Let him fool. Buddika At Miami sold out to kick off selects month at Bologna Apple Peyton. Because the Pissy Tim other nine. Nine Uncoupling of Poverty De Leon feilding solidity of Not got all such events Mitzvah Violently Dubai as full blooded feigns. So tunnel Setting e to the young a Donald Montgomery Bluefin's obviously the to the woman nonsense sequel. Little Jimmy's can you spend they Abbasi? Theologian miss the booed. Hoc- live the Betas as quasi then who has got the upper tate sled Obama for Wolfe's added a PC a dip this data wa scattered Zinzan. There's got Boston's Landzaat name. Should start the Devos Angle. Were but shoo shoo. Shoo taught as you would Gee I because of our beautiful cop stop to Sb Base Seen Matt Scott. If the I I saw goofiness necessarily clubs this year for the deposits. Advertise the company to Stove. Maybe as a goal for cigarettes I goes bill. Committee relate yes. Sheila I ever posted Elliot had argument. Yeah police The knockabout up there to protect the pasta and for Jaba Obama up and the EU be fit. Lastly had only the other issue because the school to move to. But as ED news like nine nine. I was a little pain as your in his hot kef. They got a a gift to God. Adult as I had just gone. Convulse Ball live bonding us full monop- fooling the audible and also children chosen for vice. Go to at the hospital. White new an awesome by some of the Bar Honda. That's why dodge avoiding battle dignity hobble is not a demo CD and bought with a chosen Medium and as to which should level Until I get home cigarette tobacco keep about spent. It's always the Kid. Boo A homecare Yada Yada off then skiers Yukio cincy guidelines K- all stars whilst I'm thanking Yacht. It has it. Apple's keynote that's your lack of things Segalla Larry I'm fosters Gama. Kidding in Catcher Kevin Kip by by. Us News up to his feebis. We'll take those on your comedy club. Zoo is the office. Who doesn't it's doing jude. This is far Goldman. Now you go of Lloyd's of US so hot spots high at SPA now you go to for the guy that if the statement all here but she is a sort cruises who attack in for their got at least a piece may doing for the court to go Houston Out Scott move without person. You frequently these UNAGI Muslim Ninety. Ninety four auditing Cups type schools to Minsk possum some. Ncaa you look good. You feel good in developers who did snake dot as a on botany Taiwan a repos thus meeting Korea Cohen Kim. Jung stike. Okay that will give me big liar. In funded taught a soothing. Think this hearted Ya'aseh a from David Roof Siglo longitudes. Yeah I loved it. A hood fufill Abedi from Google. It so come here so go took put up. This Kennedy's The did Louis area. Neither smart is another movie mistake. Flu Shots No. I'm still in the settlement. Comes on this scale yes? Cataloging Mussa was delaying. We'll talk scan of you've met the spit boom it's gets chance to portia. Friskies a thousand many known as suit Invulnerable their way into to match. This grabbed matched our gift. The goal just go great notley futures. Instant Yeah a little not out of his head beatable fencer. I can tell you that there will be food. That's why I now. She's got video the loop in Washington the asking to recuse middle of the Couscous demand free. Melania Toy Melanie Melania up to ause room. This guy did this. Could yes if it's happening with the London Eats Ron ally have Donald. So he was in vodka Ida If the film on Nov in the Milanese Louis Bill has gotten so Maggie folly of a dance bilas million and bond as Iron Pussy Powell KIPAPA heels. Even though I miss Depots definitive we add the super. Good Siglo excuse me. Mr School is the on. Ice WoN'T SKI LEAGUERS SKILLS. At Up to forget this book of Assault Smile. Almost all bet difficult even a these. Okay we all sleep on the studio. Vr Time you kind of stolen. Thaws contain Q aid that curate? Hilary Levey thought to some hard for me to I Dakota four-pack to whilst also been a hostile answers Johnson. Y'All perfected yet. Yang Yang was the CEO at Automate me de does the Leash. Yom Do Bosnia. Little story we I mean I do. Ramal gives theft plus. He's been the GO-TO minimums the third time for your fellow students. I hit you on this now. The capital Never League titles on Gang Needle I. I just pissed off for hefty dose odor. You look up to advocate for the deliverables. Digging on that speaks about you know had sooners cable discern opposite on new say Niaz Lose Feigen at news. They've been defend them as well as come onto the ruling tomato f. It's what you've got to do. Boost output Cova. Heck owner Yasser Sutherland. Salah IS TO KNOW TARGETS. Goatman top a Madman Chevy. Clean Walk in law is deceased. -Til under yeah. I'm on that took place to order for two hundred league. One one. Yeah they were dealing with Mulligan. Hot some phone. She's got hot. The ex-pilot Manet dicamba Wimbley talk. And they all I eason cub scouting but commented that you've been the vote Allah Now I voted comes to him. Listen to NAS fucking knows it. Quoted some segments of the League. I puzzle steady as Thompson. He Got Moss playoffs possible. In Wembley event entity so timing to gain muscle Charleston. A table saw small challenge. Nick as a a show at Stanton. She's the Schism Mickey and kid for as he as a Makiya McMaster university niveau kid for following strikes Will Greek in has evolved in fever. Colt Aguirre the scale of what he is ladies do. There's this guy. John Conference details as a child. An achievable Bikinians Balut. A I bought a great posts. She's thanked federal legislated. Ayoola dumping all ogre is your dog. Daddy's give dog then talks with as little. Reagan should June related Alibi inskeep from as a as it's what had thus Elaine cost evening on to finish a been as a lease. Johnson's big are full of stopped. I I had been able to look at the Bible. Squeaky hair utmost Raynham decay about one peasants. Spoonful of the been as a position got as D. League Oslo the Progressive Curry Steve. Kerr was. Y'All yeah tall and onslaught rather said. Hold us up on the S GM Alumna Luminary Dude it to unmanageable. Yes if I know someone working with the handlery Landrover trae Betrayal Vic Right if Russell Russell admins La di Bob Bake Fauveau admits Meant steph curry of skilled jet trade on Again down but then. Saly men's gusting Buddhist Us does on that McCurry and will be in the eye of as Russell had denouncing Shave mammy going to to the end startling chewed Coca Cola. Shooting Gal Shoe. It's hollow suck who've gone Detained together book mass shooting got men as a Dangelo Roseau Russell Organised show befall Mellitus. He locked up zone. May emboss Brooklyn Day. Yup Lot of officially from Trader Toledo survey also Somebody like Amazon bobble dysfunctional. Hukou Hukou stay bunker wick task for the Klay Thompson. Because they've comical of the love acids before first draft pick best the Niger. Put the put. Jags puff with defaults Dube's favors. The guys are the Paul E. Abby. It's like you dropped the the child or a bowl if the Lonzo ball the missile videotape in Cisco Lost Twenty pounds far some trump in fulfil year basketball as well as obviously the PLASCO payback bloom for millions. Safaa visited Pissy instead and a Moncia anti-obama unloaded Model NCI Michael Jordan melling England Cajoling hidden. Not as an average will it point. flop apple farm. Eat rebound Suzette the unsuitable Alabama vision of mandatory this week pro vice in on it was within. That was me songs. And Not so be crew casts Dan. Kim suburbs chemical has a guy from Alabama. Kiala comport is the suspect. Douglas Scandal Manasseh shortlist. We believe Daylight over their God the pocket of India mess total pack. I'm the remainder of the evening roby. Namedrop and you tell us for the Consumer Business Gal Bill Moy- They also have antics replacement Modesto for his ability below. Yeah good do you developed. Let's Talk Manila's okay. We'll give you US check up on. Yeah loser is on the name trump rallies. Senior them Wildly Veterans FAULK DUBBING THE GAME. I E how five trust. Ocotober second test for signifies that had been Casey advertisements about him. Boy Messy typing pulled away by now. What all slipped have a ball. Y'All won't have how feedback labs hobbling lady. Style and basketball is eight freedom. Street cred as Indiana through the technic but just nasty for cattle persona Athens size. The News in U. S. Yali named Alice Asta Okay. Let me see your thoughts of old him. Yes bill talk as a balance is good for you. Yeah I'm getting closer Hussy Nick and bridget shaped some so. I'll have to tip only on West as I've made a mess as base. Nubia the all say we put a lawyer getting a call affinity up trash total full when putting him illegal. Podcast throw good comes from the unpopular opinion coming from the generally. That's why I saw Google. Twitter minutes will then move look at both of our web. Liam always done knowing that the school Cleveland off new alien I call so therefore here. I'm fine tweedle tweedle. Down witcher. While retreated people are asked to stay home to stay safe during Kobe. Twenty nine seeing crisis but sadly this is not possible in Africa where majority have to walk miles to fetch water A I got about for the Elliott was as the Toco Fuss goofing Deflects unfussy plus also hedge take equal as equal parts. Yeah Muscle take your take has tag combined says. He's turning his eggs some balls on the day. I wouldn't dare hormonally thumb mouse met able to. It'll default. Todd's we don't screw up even my common feedback yet false Gianforte to them but you gotta excuse for Skating Yeah. I don't think because they'll be all along ski Opening News Las Bogus. Fema sums invested. Who THAT'S AWESOME SLOUGH? Toboso fit this. The fifth fifth. Fifth Fifth Deluce somebody a sponge again yet. Let's proceed through podcast reluctantly to why.

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Highlands Games  Escocia Mgica 54

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Highlands Games Escocia Mgica 54

"Own His does Tembo Coffee America. Go money you can order the Kellyanne tours in you'll be hit up dot com this case the day's honours Brahma stuck in the impoverished coffee. America DOT COM but other gay community in the Gush organised disciplined oprah in do not wear hose. Cami but condemning. Ganden House well Oh. His offices gets through so reasonable gives. Yes he's these nor be race. The Memento don't get me grow or second binder Gotovina's Jimenez Jose. Caledonian does your bit. I must Komo's North Rochebrune Anima they stacking that Imbaba going to lunch squad up when dot com them the America of course their last highlands or highlands. Games aren't mother Bertha. You See. Michael do does annual stores seeking own and ESPN. Though Tumbler is almost zero is interested in is awesome panty. Then Leonardo's story go in the European Union in theon cable show Boise Baba and another in those guys they use if Yunus bitter surveys is low. Behold there's just willows. There's Sethi Lebron in the elementary emotions. Must Vegas Locate Boise? Mahina Sonia a button and this is Douglas. Devos done those is the oyster is only coarsening. Mundo is done. You're not the boss. John Riga Porsche. Per Cubic on bonus. You need a little more. Sika by these must do the is it. The Lebron and his behaviors deliberate community cattle bice on Thursday Portillo. Strive if you analyze the Latham North Dallas Kafia install window support devos racing polar can blow to cover interest. Cosso Seneca More Chima for control but I was GONNA say Pies Lucasville issue. Don't go. There are similarities poster. The dummy policing contract employed Dido the material in three authors multi most endorsed Deportivo's economic indicators. Grow THEM WORSHIP. Cadre originalist Professor E by Journalists Stephen Thursday funeral. Move DC magazine but how familiar Ibarra dodos supposed to Deccan? Grew Gabe Hambro posters. Kameda AT THIS AENA but I love. Menial stamina system was but it was supposed to them in bull racing. Gandara Moustache they are Donna. This phillies he goes the Moscow. Does this on your show? Moocher's Gandhi in one go. They got embiid will. Then they'll all say league and it's the last time that if you're in La's Gaelic has. Is that what was shown them? Bob Mueller is Cassandra. Partisan wound up one dome which is rather than the liberal in cashel there's a military industrial index as Interstellar. Swedish Dombi important blow in Ghana. Not Willa would ask C. Here's the race one. Those let them rather than this. Command Fund is the annual India. Dimaggio in a second show in. Go Look Fat. And there's a timber and Balaki a Bushel Pushto. Cassie total winters. Sally Durant in this manner. So although Mingo but I'm asking for my fiance Gays Bear Tho. Those laws fan. All of the waiters or Emas Bulletin Control Lauren. This Coppola Thick Moss. Kate Whole Seaboard. Asians penalize them mean gun. Show William of Union this. They're not gonNA show us as K. C. Days also be so there was there this doesn't well those guest but if they see most anorthosis theon day mentors faces the John Shippen dealership bottom lasagna. They may not endorsement if you go into India August. It bothers botanical show by the data's Coface Wilfred Shepherd batum engineered on this the commission. Then Porto did she go on 'em Bengal they're not the it's not enough. What about this video dynamical? There's boys Basra sitting Connecticut fairly loud dot the laundries and this competitive say embassy then delays due to Theon near St Louis Dorothy or Dorothy moderate. We're not any styling begun. It can't be another list. Did Amass the Women Johnson going scoreless university? That is that is more but it can burn. Annuity Auditing Bull or not the college and Cambridge on the John Way. Commissioner Dombi ended US report that US. Cb and doing nothing when Human Tho- settle the back. John even I'll go to a more senior donors. The food is our motto. Is They even? Did Hyo massive be medical gauge that old dom in and but as our John Schiller Korea idea? They'll domenico me entrusted Staubach or settled in and around new over. That was as gifts. I present Darwin on. This was out of fear is in direct. Andy Nato live faster your mood juicy morsels film partial Borstal and simple shopping center. Shipper Speedo in spending. Russ they chocolate. John the Hobie Galley. But if you're giving me a former NFL super duty. Nato in what about the window rain UNIDOs Sin Cave? They will go along for six hours as general money. That is God look. Is it the book Kenya Chocolate? And on these Hautmaki nihilistic also this case for the chocolate they put if it is yes allow Thawra the door then back place bunk me in Doma new knocking versa. Ignacio John Deere for the despondent that in Porto Mondo uniform is fee. Jomo you came through their Mijo. There's meal aloe searching. Quadra News did have any bonus and his been MAGNIFICO IMO. You deal with. When does size lock out the mighty macho? I mean that is dame been. A Joan was throwing Ben Dor mass. Can Ya I dunno orbital this Reu Soviet Eliya? It is with the ball. I don't mind if our CEUS benefit Osama's dimple unresearched fume or you've had the daily show posters face or your struggle another do not Derek Daddy Blanco if necessary by does her bit early but I mean. Daily versus the mass. Is there someone with the because Pasta aimed? Sis Professor Isis also can nope within front that no gap in bakeries and other lectern on the ESTA is the people that are. 'cause YOU'RE STILL FEELS? I said well. Look you're saying Canberra is going to see a little e curriculum. While today's press in the Kobe two this race but study. Leave yourself at that time was gonNA. They're not as Monica. Those does benefit. Gorham oh I forgot controversy entertainment if you add another reports the time in the defend go inefficient that as those Coachella Rita's will but dido squadra is to how Nasdaq Qatari. Us is not the nays. And it's the guy so let's put these Brad. This Saturday Mal city put on friscos. Either now does. Does anything emotional. Eat them input superstar chocolate Iran. Gold trophy I feel. Does it in different? Goddamn but I'll go down and he's GonNa go show on. Espn GRANDMA's Moscow to Bonnie Light. Fifth US each Damyean up about a film but it got done the DOJ Toronto's there's push called more than they are they on Gilo gone on Bob Indian laborers run. Those they kill bill source a letter Monday. Cutting lamented KIYOSAKI. Integra Ambien Janjawid emotional. Where was the data one dollars? Now elaborate pedometers even more so on myth glut almo- Haniya. This is his moment. Nash over lasted in fast. But I guess thousands even if it is voicing go Ramaswamy Davila either chocolate the Almaz but they moore's pose lemasa Equity Remorse Colosio all at the restaurant. Siempre notorious date him or not. Moore's L. Pastel do our our. What I what obvious third Cuando into guys own Chit Than Staying Home G. You'll upon data Puccio Salim series perfectly with other Boston. And the Lord equally local Bob Mondello. Menial is eight ordinary seemed Berlin. One the yarn is what I gotTa sacrifice and Pastel Illo the Haislip Assad approach amendment. Minute does a law. There's days highs. In THE GONNA. He got emotional mascarpone. Eli Dylan better. But I guess been Ambien Immune. Thrace had been better funded research what other Blanco or BNB. Grandes sit in Asia. When there's Stella's until rapid donor culturally mascarpone any mobile yet. Aristo that Australian though they're stolen Gladys Bien as getting Nago Ramush Space. Either boys race in his that. Got The other stuff but also reveal. Pastel Yucca raise the commute as quality of being collected at first friscos covers. The though there's been people but another leave. Your Sir is three or saying contact as again marrow. Sarah Alley fellow. Evening knows Ronnie Mail Info era garlic onion Bakun. Ican doesn't Komo's off nine honor sausage. They called Yoshida Cisco Surge Savvy as Gillespie made up or if he's thrown out or at least I mean they most of the lowneys nicely similar. The whole Lonzo. Kenyon in the store was with this. Most than SIP is one the evil and this and guzzle sunk. Columba gave me in later. Now they're gonNA force will push them. Tocado Dope Body Standing Mal almost ROMI steadier Vietnam. Young Gilad won't buy some devote guessing gwen. Through in for the mass. That millennials guest that he is if he's Dino no annual is winding road donor parochial with gathered them in. This is England. Up The heat Auto Novaya as Casey then each opportunity there gatos police say four days put eleven is in Barnabus Dante. Give somebody WHO's either. This winter is under Bush. Outta CEO's but if he was as less and there's definitely that is this and it does on his face as gap level after Memento Descend Columba. Roya Delays Leather Yona Lazlo Yuna is seeking as loud noises. This Gothia in his last yes. That's it but other delays another moment in Guinean doses in San Columba or more highlanders Xia their lender phone. Don't WanNa Stereo. Inlays La la the the whole lackluster. Nydia theon coffee is a great Ambien killebrew the Gals in laser in his book in One city or is he still as former Ghana. Gales is nine theon Animal Halio one is for the time being can the gills is elegant Iraq Elliott and Columba is moise moment of Credo eludes. Throttle KOMO DIVORCED ORNAMENT DALLAS. Let DELTA'S SOBER. Lanyo those in and it's a lot different breeding. That is more than a lot of Nossa on can noise. Da does see that our own off the Las Manos greeters Masoom to us in those cash over to be though they'll let up media Shubra Mba. Ls talent they got this cable. Malta specialist does look on all the important is there are daily here. So many is is great. Though in Latin indisciplined Anita winter began. What the northeast. I'm into the mass. They Rally Manila's cadenas nomadic Seema's illustre fairness immediate Colorado's poverty. Seminar is demanding Secreto in lobby Tika Dignity College in the win any land. I grow Kelly's delores. They saute shortage over years this Gennett medal. Donau say we'll know mile con bonito mutt bed. Donald Montgomery meadow comment in an industry. You're chew Mario Kundu. Anna own are gonNA have a cut. In Lebanon Breath Fiercer Roster Warriors Begin Bidding Gonda Voda Economics. All those wanted one NAS. I'm there must have those demanding propagating but look us us only mice are at least Isler behest also also saying that at dundonald emotional Como La Guardia models. Get THOSE GO. Bunia does this this. This is sorta nursery Doppler Medina win. It's been almost EDUC- Moore's we'll stuttle users must push last. Cns Amana in their therapy. Show the this Kingdom Thimble. Outta this coffee. America Norway days guessing short throws Charlotte. Denise can in another notice that. Webb's come about him too late. Overly Boom Caledonienne Dole Dot com overly overly over the only Boondock Caledonian boondoggle ovarian in Vietnam only may info. I don't know if I'll base our North Africa. Monica Vienna Austria the past. Ns Bring people is the view evokes I tunes as spotify. Who podcast emojis mass?

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Start or Sit (AFC) Plus Plenty of NFL Playoffs and 2021 Talk (12/31 Fantasy Football Podcast)

Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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Start or Sit (AFC) Plus Plenty of NFL Playoffs and 2021 Talk (12/31 Fantasy Football Podcast)

"This is fantasy football today from cbs. Sports it's time to dominate your fantasy league. Here's some combination of adam. Dave jamie benn all right. What's up everybody. To more starters sit episodes to finish out the fantasy football season and the last one of the year. We wish you a happy new year on new year's eve. Welcome what's going on thatta. Mazer jimmy is berg and he'd cummings for week. Seventeen in this episode is sponsored by express express is all new and all about you a fresh assortment of casual versatile and super comfortable styles like what i'm wearing right now find out more about expressed later on in the show all right good morning jamie house warning adam. Are you good morning heat. I was going to get to heat i promise. Are you looking forward to week. Seventeen yes very much so very much. So yeah he always. I cannot wait for week. I've been looking forward to week. Seventeen for it seems like months. Now there's no question. I looking forward to one. Pm rolls around we for the first time we basically just sit back and watch football without a lot of stress. But i don't know it's a free week. You know what i'm saying you don't have to necessarily watch the games and be like. Oh what's this going to mean for next week us get kind of enjoy football and some of the games have a lot at stake. I think it's nice to see some of these Backup guys getting an opportunity. You know with the injuries or teams resting for the playoffs. Now you wanna see how some of these players performance some bigger roles But for the most part i think from an evaluation standpoint. Yeah you're right. There's not a lot of That guy looks great. I need to pick them up off the waiver wire or From our perspective. Oh that's great. We need to tell our our listeners. Or audience about this guy For for the following week because he may have a bigger role in the season. Yeah all right. Well we're going to get to the players love players to avoid with a normal starter seven instead episode of for every afc. Today i'm gonna ask you twenty twenty twenty twenty one question as well The big news though. Let's get to the big news. Dalvin cook out. Unfortunately his father's passed away sad story and our condolences to dalvin cook. Mike davis is out. James robinson is out. Damian harris might be out again. He was limited. Le'veon bell has a knee issue so he might not play much. And the michael p ryan for the jets is on the reserve covid list clearing the way for thai johnson. Probably he. it's it's slowly but surely turning into a normal week seventeen a lot. A lot of running backs are out so we have a lot of replacements. This week heath wears madison for you. And then who else would be looking at with the carolina jacksonville. Maybe sony michelle with new england. The jets the chiefs first. Let's start with madison. Where are you going to rank him if he place. I'm conflicted right now. I've got him as a mid range number two running back a low end and pr. He should probably be higher than that. It's hard to just completely forget what happened the last time that alexander madison had this opportunity. It's a obviously or yooglie. The best match up that a player can have so he should probably be a little higher than he is. But you're probably starting him as number two running back. I kinda like tied johnson as a low end number two running back. He's shown a little bit of juiston at over one hundred yards the last time we saw. He's shown an ability in the passing game six catches in one game already this season. I think dario goulet is more interesting than we thought he was. Last week he just completely dominated touches for jacksonville. I would like to stay away from rodney smith. I expect the curtis daniels role will grow and the efficiency from that position. Hasn't been very good as of late. Okay jamie anything you wanna add. Who's your second favorite after madison. Second favorite replacement. Todd i think he said everything the very adequately it's Adequately very nice. It's a great spot for him. it's now i think five of the last seven games a jets running back inside eleven or more points so The opportunity he's done that once was already done that twice But once when he got really the featured work was the that week thirteen. Game against the raiders. You know so. It's a it's a. It's a fantastic spot. The one thing that the jets have done very well is their offense by great. And i think that's That's something that they could look forward to next year depending on what the rest often well. What about daryl williams. Though do we talk about him in this. Because i mentioned levy on has got the knee issue if levy bell were out or we knew he wasn't gonna play much with daryl williams head of tie. Johnson i don't know if they're williams gonna play much you know if you're the chiefs at this point who who are the guys you have to make sure our healthy clearly you're looking at the big three of mahomes calcined hill and you can argue that they're williams might be fourth you know if they don't have fight and now levey on dylan the andrew. Why would you risk plane that guy in case. He's your starting running back in the playoffs. So i'd be very surprised if he plays much in this game. I think it's gonna be a lot of darwin thompson okay. We'll get a preview that game a little bit later so we know the chiefs are going to be sitting a lot of players. We're not quite sure about the bills yet. We know the steelers are gonna be resting. Some guys are there any teams that we can just avoid not starting anyone on that team heath chiefs for sure. I think like if you if it said you know we want to see what meco hartman can do as the number one wide receiver in. We're gonna play him the game then maybe but we don't. We're not going to know that. So i'm staying away from the chiefs. I'm doing my best to stay away from the steelers. I am a gigantic shruggy emoji on the bills right now. I don't know what yeah. Hopefully the biggest telling you they're gonna play. Yep okay like the raiders are saying the casinos the casinos. Both terrible joe. It was a really bad joke. Obviously everyone knew jamie meant okay. So those are the three teams right there. All right well again. All those is it just so happens that they're all afc teams. The college football playoff and the national championship will be decided on the field soon. And the only way to make sure you're up to date with all the latest news story lines and gambling advice for the games to keep it locked with the cover three podcast in addition to bowl locks the blocks episodes that you've come to know and love from barton. Simmons tom for nearly danny canal. Patterson the guys are also offering up a bowl season daily with ten to fifteen minute episodes in your feet in the morning to get you set for that day's action and of course they will be late night. Instant reaction pods to the semifinals and the championship. Game plus big game breakdowns diving into the xs and os storylines and the players to watch for the biggest games of the postseason. No podcasts around provides this many ways to enjoy the college football season so download the cover three podcasts. Wherever podcasts are found. And i can give you a testimonial that is a great show. They do an awesome job. And there's just no better way to get into these big games coming up then to listen to the cover. Three show jamie started. We got antonio gibson Fantastic spot for him in a must win game for the washington football team I did not like the fact that i saw him as practice on wednesday. But then i did some research and i saw that scott turner. The offense coordinator said The media on wednesday that the plan was to give him more work in the game last week against carolina. So they feel he's fine. I'm just resting and making sure that's always okay. And so taking on a philadelphia defense. That seems to be. Without fletcher cox and derek barnett. I mean that's gonna be a great setup for gibson who Clearly was trending in a monster direction before this to- injury and if he's one hundred percent in this game especially with the quarterback situation being what it is for washington I love the setup for gibson to lead them to a potential. Nfc east champion all yeah gibson. His highest for jamie's got him top. Eight dave is the lowest but still has them in the top fourteen. So we like antonio gibson quite a bit of philadelphia heath. how about you player. That really love this week. Curtis samuel. I tried to start the week getting excited about one of jamie's guys from the past. Amir abdul of thin near madison ruined that. So now i've got to go with one jamie skies from the past curtis samuel. He's been really good lately. And i have to think with no christian mccaffrey. No mike davis. He'll get just a little bit more work in the running game at seven carries last week for fifty two yards. He also had five catches one hundred six. He has at least five catches and four of his past five games. He's kind of pushed. Robby anderson into that number three in terms of production in the passing game anderson still getting more targets. But i do think there's a chance courtesy to be a top twelve wide receiver this week. All right and how about a player. We're avoiding heath. Okay you start man. I i was like on time and ready to go on the player that i love. You let jamie go. i Well we talked about it like we're avoiding the chiefs. Were avoiding the steelers. So so let me ask you about that. Are you avoiding the steelers. Wide receivers diontae johnson in particular. Because you think he might not play that much or because you think mason rudolph arrest anybody you ought arrest the guy that seemingly gets hurt every single game that he plays in like every game. I've watched deontay johnson. I saw him limping. At some point i don't he is the highest ranked of the steelers wide receivers. I've got him as a number three. But i don't especially non pr. There's really not enough upside to risk it. In full p p. r. Maybe you need to start with number three. but i'd really just. I'm a little worried. They don't play a lot worried about mason rudolph. I looked at the nine games that juju played with mason rudolph last year and he averaged just over ten. P p r points in those nine games so he wasn't a complete disaster but he wasn't great yeah and their matchup is good enough for sure. Did you look at what they did with with. Look at the. Because i did do a sit for start set so i didn't look at what the andre johnson said but i would assume I mean i remember. The johnson closed last year. His last four games were good but the beginning of the season wasn't great. I'm gonna guess all their numbers are clearly down but i think I'm with you i would. I would try to avoid this deal. That makes me nervous. Robert woods just based on the the quarterback situation. Okay sir. john wolford You know he could be great would said that Told the media yesterday. That one thing that he he he likes about wofford as they wanted. The receivers wanted to get excerpts after practice. Every day and Jared goff was usually doing his whatever you need to do. And while i was always ready to throw with them so You know there could be a connection there. But the fact that cooper kupp is not there is is a little bit of bonus but would also like the rest of the passing game has been worse on the road. What did we find out travis. Kelce if they say travis kelce is gonna play but you know he's going to be limited or something would you start him because he's so much better than everyone else at the position. What do you need to know about travis. Kelsey to be comfortable starting him. That mahomes is gonna play okay. Well he's not most likely so but what if kelsey plays with hannie guilty not playing. No i know. I know where you're going with this. But he limped off the field during the game last week. Like there's mahomes isn't playing calcium playing those guys are. I know mahomes is more valuable because the position he plays. But you know chelsea's one absolutely. I just wonder what he's got. He's got fourteen hundred yards as he leading the nfl. Or is he is not. He is second behind stefan digs. He would be the first tight end ever to be. Nfl receiving if he did it. But okay. news and notes. Cooper kupp out as jamie mentioned and kinda murray says he's going to play same game. There rams cardinals. Big one duke. Johnson you liked our other podcasts. The cover two is that what they call. Forget the number three over three no. The thanks covered all covered Patrick peterson said too bright mcfadden on their show that he would be very shocked if colored do not play in. Touch peterson honesty. Yeah he also talked about defending. The rams was interesting stuff. All things covered podcasts. Another good one. We got some good podcasts here. Cbs we're we're becoming our goal is to be your top top pod top podcast hub for any sport base. I feel like we have left. Let a strategy be down because they had shaquille o'neal on their show and jack was making fun of Deebo i'm not gonna try and pronounce eric's last name but They're their podcast producer. And we don't make fun of shrager to the same level of we also don't have the same cachet jackass you're talking about six or things covered all things covered. Yeah i didn't getting skill neil. No offense maybe get shaquille audio. Probably get all right. Duke johnson practice. We'll see we'll talk about that game a little bit later. Maybe that's the downgrade for david. Johnson has been on fire kina now and not expected to play. Green bay. signed damon. Harrison defensive tackle who in his day was a top run stouffer. We'll see what he has left. He won't be able to play this week. Dallas goedert missed practice he got it ranked or are you going to stop ranking him. Yeah i probably missed the memo on that one I do that occasionally. If we're if no one else has ranking him i won't be ranking. Yes heath were not ranking him. Got it well. I'm gonna follow alex. Smith missed practice but still could play. Terry laura miss brackets. He did work on the side. That's maybe encouraging the saints are going to be without safety. Cj gardner johnson. I think he's on the reserve covid list. I'm not sure if that was a positive or not. Robby anderson missed practice. Julio jones was practice. dj mispractice. We'll keep an eye on those. Let's do some rankings disputes. You've got sixty seconds. Mitchell trubisky against green bay heath. You've got him as a start. Twelfth overall jamie seventeenth. Dave azam. Eighteenth huge difference. There are some quarterbacks that he is sitting for trubisky so he thought you got him borderline starter. Twelve overall mitchell trubisky against the packers. I was really going to complain about doing week. Seventeen rate rankings disputes. But if we're starting with mitchell trubisky then i'm okay with it. Listen in the in the seven complete games that he has played this year years average. More than twenty three fantasy points per game on a per game basis. That would make him the number eleven quarterback in fantasy this season. It's a must win game. They are big underdogs. Packers score a bunch of points. So he's gonna be throwing a lot and he's just mostly been good. I think mitchell trubisky is a borderline starter will quarterback in this type of situation. That makes him a afraid especially with with the guys. We don't have playing. That makes him a star this week. You're a bottle jamie and who would you start off him. I think the only thing that's going to save trubisky is if the packers starts to pull guys because this defense has absolutely turned the corner since their last time that these teams met and trubisky had three turnovers in that game. Which still do credit got him. The twenty four fantasy points. He's the last quarterback to go over seventeen fantasy points against green bay I do not believe. I'll double check this after we're done talking but i think that was the last time that they were without their three starting quarterbacks and so their three top quarterbacks i think getting those guys back is turned the corner for them their pass rushes certainly improved and i think unless the packers start to pull guys because they have the game in hand and they're going to start to look ahead to the playoffs. Trubisky is going to be under twenty fantasy points in this game okay. So you'd start. Would you guys start. Matt ryan or trubisky matt ryan risking erica car or trubisky like these jamie's going hvac. And i'm going to say i'm gonna say trubisky jamie's consider derek carr okay. Philip rivers. Same thing that's kind of like driscoll. Okay there might never mind. Jk dobbins is next jk dobbins top twelve for david jamie not npr little bit lower and twentieth for heath and non pr twenty-second for heath and pr. He's got five straight games with a touchdown jamie's going to make it six. I think so you know. I mean obviously We've seen this last stretch of games. Mark ingram hasn't played. You wonder if he's gonna come in and play. The cincinnati defense is terrible. And so it's a must win game for the ravens. They have to get their playoff spot. Locked up there's a. There's a clip circulating. That i saw where john harbaugh was talking to dobbins who fumbled. They didn't lose the ball and he was like man. I love you so much Just make sure you hold on the ball. He clearly wants to make dobbins is their lead guy which she has been I think he's gonna score. It'd be above seventy total yards again. I think it's an easy start this week for him against the bengals. He must hate projecting. Jk dobbins well. It's not like eight. I've still got him projected as the store. I just. it's hard to get excited about a guy that even without mark ingram playing doesn't get more than fifteen touches in a game. That's what i'm saying it's like you. You must hate. You must struggle because you know he scores ally and it's the raven. You must projecting the ravens. I guess because they're so efficient right. Yeah i mean. I don't it doesn't really bother me. I just it's it kinda stinks. Jk dobbins. because i do. I think he has top twelve talent and this is a top twelve situation but gus edwards is going to get forty percent of the work and last week. It was gus edwards in the passing game not jk dobbins dobbins has caught one pass in their past four games. The only has two targets in that stretch and he has like. It's not just that he only gets fifteen carries they shut them off at fifteen he had eleven touches last week. Eleven touches in week. Thirteen thirteen to he has one game with fifteen touches. In the last four it's He's a good number two running back but they don't give them enough touches to be number one. I think last week he would have gotten more based on how the game was going. But he got hurt in the game and so they were just being cautious. Would you start. Melvin gordon or jk dobbins dobbins a non. Are gordon interior. Well i i think that backboard does catch volume. So i'll start dobbins both okay. This is what the assumption that lindsay's out this way i didn't see a phillip lindsay. Dr are so he's out chris carson. Let's go to chris carson. So he is kind of like reverse they both have chris carson as a start but he has top. Twelve jamie's got him top. Twenty four but like twenty-second basically twenty essay twentieth. So it's almost the flip of jk dobbins a heath to this week year you like carson more than david. Jamie does yeah. It seems like and there were a couple of weeks when he came back where there was a really close to even split with him in carlos hyde but you look at the past few weeks nineteen touches against the rams seventeen touches against washington and he has been pretty efficient this year. He does not have a game below four yards per game. Blow four yards per carry. Since week one so i i liked the efficiency. I like the touch volume. I like the fact that he generally catches three passes for game. Think he's a good start jamie. I think he's a very good start. in there's a handful running backs that i think are all kind of in the same range i am very curious and somewhat concerned that The seahawks if they're scoreboard watching and they see packers winning and potentially saints winning that this is one of the first guys that they pull because they have carlos hyde. Who's done certainly enough work that they can trust him if needed. They have rishaad penny. Who i'm sure they like to get a little bit more working and so knowing carson's injury history and track record. I'd be surprised if he played four quarters in this game and the saints have the tiebreaker over. The seahawks right right. So if they all the seahawks and saints win in the packers lose the seahawks leapfrog the saints and they get the one in a tie. Yes in a three team. Because they have an undefeated conference record right. But if it's if i'm sorry undefeated common opponent record but if it ends the way that it does that it is now with the packers ahead and the next two teams tied than it's it goes to the saints the saints or the two saints of the to see hawker three. The i shouldn't say. I don't know what the common opponent record is between the seahawks and the saints but i do know that if if the packers lose and the other teams win the seahawks jump over the saints because they have a better common opponent record than the packers all right then i do think if they see the score chris carson could be one of the guys that comes off the field and i guess i've won this argument convincingly enough that he has left he's left to have a rankings dispute. Left you do okay all right. Next rankings dispute is jarvis landry. Jamie you've got him fifteenth and non pr fourteenth npr. He has in thirtieth in full. Pbr twenty fifth in non pr sexually lower npr. And landry's been catching like six catch. Six passes a game for about sixty yards. He's not getting a ton of yards per catch. He's been scoring lately. They are facing pittsburgh. You like landry a lot more than he's does yes. I think this will be the best pass catching browns player. I don't think i'll snoopers great game. I think the other browns receiver is gonna play though. I think a pissed off jarvis landry after what happened last week where he was considered a close contact is gonna come in. And he's gonna score against pittsburgh who may be pulling guys defensively. He's a low. Wed number two wide receiver He hasn't been very Work in the season-long stuff see he's been pretty bad so last four games. He is eight or more targets in four straight. He has six or more catches in four straight. So it's a pretty good pr floor. I mean i'd be pretty surprised if landry didn't have double digit. Pr points now. A lot of yards steelers aren't really great against wide receivers. But they're good but then again you just don't know who they're gonna play on defense so i kinda jamie. I kind of think bigger may have a good game. It would not surprise me. But i also think this is a game where they can run to just depending on. What the steelers defense looks like in that regard to an hayward play you know does c. J. watt play. You know what's what's the case with those guys. They're stars defensively. So i just don't know i don't want trust baker because there's always volume concerned plus. They are still good defense in his track. Record against pittsburgh stinks. Landry's the one guy that i would say. He should start confidence. Okay well those are your sixty second rankings disputes. And i m cummings. Let me talk to you about express. 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It's all cleaned up. okay good. Our first game is miami at buffalo. Be game for the dolphins. I dunno kind of big for the bills. Not sure how much they care about home field while getting the two seat anyway but standard the game. Let's talk about myles gaskin here. If you combine his seven games with a lot of work and savant meds three games with a lot of work you get ten games and in those ten games. One of them has scored twelve or more. Pr fantasy points. Nine times ferris bueller. So that's nine ten. That's pretty good fifteen or more. Pr fantasy points in six of those ten games and gaskins been better than met and pr anyway. So let's just go through this quickly to a sit and gaskin is a start Would you start jamie. I know you love antonio gibson would just start gaskin or gibson gaskin. Npr start gibson and non. I think both guys have a chance to be special this week again like you buffalo. What's their interest level and winning. This game I'm sorry what's the interest level and playing their guys for this game. They clearly want to win. Knowing that the steelers are going to rest guys with the decision to sit ben rothlisberger so will their main defensive guys be out there and you know some of the guys that have battled injuries for example matt. Milano hasn't been healthy all season. So they start to rest some guys but even if they're healthy though the run defense buffalo's been there he'll for the majority of the season healthier not and gaskin has been so good in the passing game. He's been so consistent when he's been on the field from a fantasy perspective so we'll get you You know thirty plus points like got last week where. He scored two touchdowns through the air. I doubt that but can you be thirteen. Plus like he was a in their first meeting when he wasn't feature guy. I think that's a safe number to look at so I'm i'm starting myles. Gaskin having he's adam can't really interpret the look on your face the something was. I was not I i don't really still think about the fact that when we're doing these podcasts. I'm on video either either. That's why i hear. I wasn't making a face for interpretation. Okay well something was running through your mind. I don't know you had like a little smile. There definitely was something running through my mind but it was not sure if we want to get into it or not to kind of interested. Yeah no i think myles gaskin store all right all right. Do you think you think anyone in the dolphins passing gave us a good start. no well my kazuki is a fine. Starting tight end You'd obviously like him a lot better. If the dolphins were playing their best quarterback. But i have to assume that good stickies closer to one hundred percents and i. We may still not have devante parker if we don't then you can kind of their number one wide receiver. Yeah guys do if. You're the dolphins which play to see how he handles this spot and if he could win a big game on the road now or would you play fitzpatrick knowing that you have a chance to win a playoff. Yes i would be playing. But which i would have been playing fitzpatrick this whole time. You know fitzpatrick has played really well. That's the thing especially for fantasy and he's been a twenty point guy every week basically except right. But don't you wanna know if you like. Now say they're strong playoff contender and maybe even a super bowl team depending on how the offseason goes and it's all going to be because of whatever you think of our so. I think that if you need to see this game to know if to has got the fortitude to play in game then you haven't evaluated him right. i mean. He won the national championship coming off the bench. He played big games all the time at alabama that wouldn't really concern not play well in the nfl and if he goes but if he goes out and he plays poorly in this game that wouldn't automatically tell me oh he can't win this big game. It's just too early. So i agree. I don't think you gain anything from that perspective. I think that you just play the guy who's playing the best you need to get in the playoffs. Such a big game for the franchise really need this game and they should play fitzpatrick in my opinion. And i especially in the year twenty twenty. I don't agree with the idea that yeah we get into the playoffs. But we're not really contender if you get a ticket to the dance. Giants have shown this multiple times in the past. All you have to do is get there no matter how bad you are in the regular season and you could win three or four games in a row and be super bowl champions and they hap- they have assuming parker in executive executor healthy. Obviously he's playing through the shoulder injury they have eighteen. That could make a run with fitzpatrick because their defenses arguably among the better teams in the league. But certainly in the afc. They have a run game. That could scare you and with its bajic. They have a quarterback that can make plays. That's wild carp. i. I'm totally with you. I've played fitzpatrick. Especially like i was having this conversation with frisco yesterday. Like if i'm byron jones bumming saving. How especially howard anybody. That's been here the last couple of years that has gone through the losing like brian floor is given a shot young. It'll give give us an opportunity because they didn't have an offseason. Came back from the the hip all those things. I know we're off track here. But like if i'm the dolphins players i want fitzpatrick there even though i know i'm tied to to You know especially the younger guys that are going to be there tied to two. But i'd like to see patrick places you would happen. It doesn't that'd be this game. But i think the playoffs fisher. Yeah i'll say. I mean to has been so bad. He's he's efficient. He just doesn't take a lot of chances. He doesn't turn the ball over right. And the two two tough opponents at arizona when they were at their best he played really well in that game. Yeah and the chiefs. He played really well into the dolphins. Defense is interesting. Is they're actually giving up the ninth most yards per play. They're not that good. Actually it's more like a west yards per play but they'd get so many turnovers. They're really like they're the opposite of the been but don't break They give up big plays often. They give up lots of yards but they make enormous deals and so they're really good for fantasy. They give him a lot of big plays but they don't give a lot of points their leave the nfl right. Well they did going to last week anyway. Fewest points allowed okay. There are interesting. But i don't think that they're going to be able to compete against baltimore in kansas city. Which i know is weird because they just competed pretty well against kansas city. But that game will be an arrowhead. They seem to be doing like do better at home to be an interesting game for them. I mean that's what fitzpatrick changes for you like he can. He's the type of guy that can win the game. He could lose a game but he can certainly winning him. Yeah okay back to this game here. If it's devante parker plays where do you anticipate ranking him. Thirty number three wide receiver. Okay and you have kazuki as a must start and matt. Milano is interesting. We know he's had an impact on tight ends. He played eighty eight percent of the snaps last week. He looked great. I don't know how much he covered tight ends against the patriots but he was flying around making some plays. That's an jamie already mentioned. He's been banged up all year. They may not play him a lot so that could affect. I actually have koseki ranked as if. It's patrick is going to play as if ryan patrick going well. He is going to play at least nine. The third quarter. That's the point. I'm at some point playing this game. I hope ny. Because i don't wanna see to fail. But you know josh allen. What can we tell the josh allen manager right now if they are planning to start him you starting as a top five quarterback but what if what if you have this like oh they're gonna pull them thing hanging over your head. I mean you gotta just take your chances if if the indication is that they're gonna play them. I think you gotta play all right. We'll keep you updated on this. Obviously it's thursday morning. We're going to know more by sunday morning. Are you going to start. Zack moss any interest in him. How zach mosser. Johnson tied johnson johnson. Any buffalo i receivers other than digs like. Would you go with. Gabriel davis. Do we know of john. Brown's gonna play We do not know of john. Brown's gonna play cole. Beasley is almost certainly not going to play. Gabriel davis is interesting. You know he's probably more of a play. I think we obviously focus on that as much as anything else at this point week. Seventeen options. So gabriel davis is certainly in play but this is still very good dolphins. Secondary that yes. We'll give a big place and that's what he's capable of doing but you know he's not a. He's not a slammed him all right. We'll keep an eye on john brown. He's on the covert list right now. He's off. I are but he's on the kobe lists but that could be someone that they actually wanna get in the game. Get some reps but you know. It's not the dolphins kind of talked about this last week with Nelson agholor they do give up some yards. They do give us some production to wide receivers. It's not a terrible matchup. And then dawson. Knox is a flyer. He's outside the top fifteen outside the top seventeen. I guess but he has three touchdowns in his last five games and he should have had four because he dropped one against new england and looks like we are sitting the dst's your twenty twenty question for this game. Sometimes it's going to be one player from each team not in this case who you drafting. I next year. Devante parker mica Faw ably koseki a great question. What one of the best you've ever heard Yeah i would say probably poker. But i don't imagine i'll have a chance to draft too tight ends and i'm going to draft travis kelsey or during a twenty twenty drafting with himself. I know that i was I think i said twenty. Twenty all right tennessee. Houston is our next game and your stat of the game. This will be about david. Johnson a running back scored sixteen or more non. Pbr fantasy points huge game in three of the last four against tennessee. That'll be nick. Chubb deondraye swift and aj dylan the exceptions word. James robinson and aaron jones both ran the ball very well. They just didn't score a lot of fantasy points. So it's a great matchup for the texans running backs jamie. He was started started the week last week. How do you feel about david johnson this week. And how do johnson's return. He was limited in practice. How would that affect him it. Would i would drop david johnson spots. I have him in my top ten right now. I think you've seen enough of this Texans offense since we'll fuller has gone down and the titans defense for the majority of the season to know that you can have success. Basically anywhere against tennessee to different. You know varies of ceilings and floors but David johnson is is proven himself throughout the course of the season to be a very serviceable number. Two running back when he's been healthy and without johnson. He's been a superstar i think a la he he'll be better than just a serviceable number. Two running back but he won't be a superstar but very hard to consider him anything more than it's off fifteen running back when you look at this game there. Any tough calls here are basically everyone a start. I would say it's tough to say that kikuchi is a must start. But i think he's in that number three conversation for short. I would say it's difficult to say. Jonnu smith is a must start. But he's in that low end starting tight end range for sure you know so those are probably the two for me. What about corey davis. So obviously henry is a must start in. Aj brown's a must start and brandin cooks guys have like in your top fourteen Deshaun watson is top five quarterback. I believe start him. I'll get tannehill on a second What about corey davis though heath faith and corey davis. He's actually scored. Eleven or fewer are points in five of his last eight games I'm probably starting him as low in number two wide receiver. I would like there. Are guys that you might sit in for. I would start. Nelson agla t higgins guys like that over him. But you're probably starting corey davis it's a fantastic matchup and there is a bunch of upside was lot. This week is a great matchup. Would you start corey. Davis or alexander. Madison davis would start madison in. Non vp davis npr. Okay i'll do that. I guess the only concern. Corey davis much more affected by ryan's hannah hills pass attempts than aj brown is and this is the worst run defense and football that they're facing so is it. Yeah i mean. I know you know i know everybody knows. I love yards per carry but going into last week. They were giving him a half a yard more precarious than to running back than any other team. The lions would be the second worst. I would agree with that. yes Corey davis faced the lions. Just two weeks ago in four catches for one hundred ten yards and a touchdown. So here's the thing in what you're getting them. Because derrick henry i believe is within two hundred yards of two thousand yeah. I'm sure that's something to give him tons. Also know they're gonna play a game next week if they are they going to risk derrick henry doing that because they want to have him fresh for the playoffs. So do they feed him the ball. It's probably going to take thirty plus touches for him to get there. I would dissipate unless he just has a monster. First half but the fact that dalvin cook is not playing because of his unfortunate situation locks up. Derrick henry for the rushing title. So do they need to run derrick henry into the ground. I don't. I don't know what the gonna do like last year. They tried to get him the rushing win. They need to win. They need to win. They need to win. What do they need to win at the expense of derrick henry. Getting broken depends on the game's going. I mean i see what you're saying. It's if they have a comfortable lead than they probably should back off. But if houston's i mean like the game plan to give derrick henry more touches yeah. The game plan is to win. No no more more than his usual touches like are they going in with the mindset of win and get him two thousand they're going with the mindset of just win but are you confident enough that tannahill is going to have a good enough game for him and corey davis. So you can both. I think the texans are going to score on the titans because that defense is miserable. I think shawn watson wants to have a great game to finish this season. I think david johnson going to play well enough so i do think this is going to be a back and forth type game so yes i do. Think the play walnut but again. That's kind of where i'm going is the philosophy to win and get henry that milestone or is it just went. Would you start tannehill. Or or cuyler. Murray russell wilson tannehill easily. Y'all go tannehill okay. Tannahill or watson watson watson but that's post and if you were gambling on tight end in this game who would it be johnny weir eakins jonah. Okay and Twenty twenty one question. Brandin cooks or corey davis. Let's assume willfuller back with the texans. Where are we assuming. Corey davis is playing. Everybody's back with their team and we'll follow us back. Cooks or davis cooks. Okay kooks at his jacksonville at indianapolis your stat of the game. Would you take yet. Brandin cooks the. I couldn't really think of a good one for this. What if will forego somewhere else and corey davis signs with the texans. What fuller goes to the titans. They swap yes okay. We'll fuller's titans. Corey davis is other texans. Who's the second best wide receiver on those two teams behind aj brown. Why would you some corey davis the best receiver. I was say cooks. Still the best jacksonville indianapolis stat of the game. The colts have allowed seventy yards touchdown. Seventeen wide receivers in their last twelve games. Ninety six or more yards to six wide receivers in their last six games and they got lucky. Aj brown would have made it seven. Their last six games. What he dropped. What would have been a long touchdown. Colts given up four touchdowns the wide receivers in their last two games. The bottom line is they're great against the run the really not that great against the pass and wide receivers to hurt them. So would you start any jacksonville wide receiver in this game. No okay how dr gumbo. I what are you doing with him. He's a desperation. Flex a little more of a high inflicts all right. We would you start google allier. Dj shark i would npr pure all right and philip. How about the colts Jonathan taylor is a must start is t y hilton. A must start absolutely okay. Yeah he's top. Seventeen for everybody in both formats philip rivers that i asked us one earlier philip rivers or mitchell trubisky you did and you say did you assume the answer for both. Yeah so he'd said trubisky jamie said rivers. Yeah wasn't good last week against the steelers but nobody is. But he's he was like twenty one or more points four straight games before that. Does he just have that good twenty one game or could he have. Does he have a big game here. Jamie good twenty one ish point game maybe twenty three points. Twenty four points first ceiling. You know they they do stupid thing. That coaches do it from time to time when they get inside the five they bring a jacoby percent so there's always the potential of him doing something to ruin philip rivers. There's also the concern that they're going to run all over the jaguars and those rivers throw enough but again they need win the playoffs. They need some help There is obviously a chance that this is rivers last game in the nfl if he decides to retire after. This and the colts don't make the playoffs. He's also playing his last game. Under contract with the colts in this game for me regular season standpoint so i would imagine wants to go out his way to whatever capacity. That is throwing the ball. So i'm i'm very comfortable rivers as a starting quarterback this week it's also to i- hilton's last game under contract coltart. I think you're right. Yes interesting and nine street. Quarterbacks have scored twenty or more fantasy points against jacksonville so you you figure. He's got a really good floor and as a safe start. Of course. there's nothing you can take for granted here and this is a four five game. And so is tennessee game so this that you know the division will be on the line. But they'll already know by the time they kick off if the dolphins have lost if the ravens have lost spoiler. They didn't if the browns have lost. You say that but the bengals beat the steelers a couple of weeks ago know. They're not being the ravens. There's no way sherzai added. The jaguars could never beat the colts. The jets have won two in a row at him. We know nothing. There's no way the ravens who are going to win the super bowl by the way. There's no way the ravens are losing to the bengals. I think it's more likely to bengals. Beat the ravens. The ravens win the super bowl. I would agree. I don't really think the rams are gonna win the super bowl. I was just saying that. It'd be fun but i disagree. I do think it's more likely that they win the super bowl. Who are you scared of right. Now he throws the team. You don't want the chiefs to face the packers in the afc. It's gotta be buffalo. It's it's it's gotta be buffalo okay By the way zach. Paschal or dj. Dark i would still take sharks upside but pass very close. I'd take her colts. Tst stop five. Twenty twenty one question. Who do you think you're drafting i. Dj shark or trevor lawrence. Oh my god. I'm so excited about the jaguars. Receiver think who you drive in. I joe burrow if he's ready for week one. Trevor lawrence joe burrow. But that's going to be close. Yeah we'll either of those guys be in the top twelve. I have borough my top twelve. Yes interesting okay. Pittsburgh's at cleveland stat of the game cleveland. Really bad against wide receivers. Their last five games. They gave up ninety six yards and a touchdown colin johnson. Seventy four yards of slayton. Ninety two yards and a touchdown jamison crowder. None of them had good quarterbacks. So that's you don't wanna just immediately eliminate the steelers guy that we talked about this earlier. It's it's not just the quarterback. It's the playing time that we're worried about so if we're going to approach this as all steelers are basically sits. Does that include james conner by the way. Oh yeah yeah i mean. He hasn't been good healthy. He had a great game last week because he caught the ball. Finally how about eric ebron. That might be a tougher one. Nope they're all kind of the same. I mean you know. We don't know what they're going to do with those guys. I just just pulled it up. A mason rudolph two hundred eighty three passes last year Forty eight of them went to deontay johnson for forty six to juju forty two to james washington forty-three jalen samuels and thirty five to vance mcdonald. Okay ready here's my bold prediction. Juju deontay and james washington were all within forty eight yards of each other. Okay ready. here's my prediction. James washington hundred yards two touchdowns. Dfs bonanza how many times does myles garrett hit mason rudolph. Oh i. I don't even ugly. I'm gonna go for. They're gonna want them to double team up with all right so then for cleveland. What are your thoughts on baker mayfield. There has not been a quarterback that scored more than twenty two points against pittsburgh all year. Six point per passing touchdown leagues. That includes mayfield watson. tannahill lamar jackson josh allen. Philip rivers. None of them scored more than twenty two points. But you know it could be a little different defensively heath. what do you think about mayfield. This week i don't really want to because like if pittsburgh does rest everyone and play awful and just let the browns into the playoffs. Then the browns will be free to do what they want to do. Which is run the ball. Seven hundred fifty times. So i think mayfield define number two quarterback. Kaikai would start him over someone like to but i he's not a top fifteen guy for me. I prefer trubisky. i for prefer rivers. I prefer car in ryan and dolton. Do you think that should even talk about this right now. The playoffs started today. Pittsburgh would play baltimore around one. Baltimore's the six. It's really don't wanna play baltimore. Who wants to play baltimore definitely but the thing is you don't have any idea if you're pittsburgh or buffalo. How those bottom three cents are going to play out right. But we're looking at it from mike how it could unfold miami knock them out and then the other three teams get in. Yeah then baltimore would be the five pretty pittsburgh you avoid them. Yeah that'd be better right so you want the three senior say well. The two seat will work to though. I don't think so the bottom. I guess what. I'm saying this baltimore unless they lose. They're not going to be the seven seed so it really does behoove. Be the two seat if you're trying to avoid baltimore which you should you should. You should get the two seat i think. If you beat cleveland out then you get the colts as the two seed right unless they win the division. Then you might get miami. Because if you're pittsburgh you wanna see miami indianapolis or cleveland. You do not want to see both you don't want and nobody wants to see baltimore right now. So the two senior assuming wins. Yeah the two seat will guarantee you. You won't see baltimore and if if baltimore winds which we expect they will. The three seat will not guarantee you. That i always seem likely though i feel like in all likelihood baltimore's ended up as the five seat for most likely baltimore's playing the titans probably i'll rematch right. Let's give be fine. Afc plans are gonna be great All right Twenty twenty one question. Oh i'm sorry heath. Why don't you weigh in on jarvis landry. I try to do that as you earlier. Didn't work so well. Kind of the same thing that i said about baker mayfield I think it's a it's a bad match up unless arresting everyone and if they're arresting everyone then it's probably a run game for the browns. He's a fine number three. What about rashard higgins guys. How do you feel about him. Worse than i do. About jarvis landry. Yes more yards landry. Restrict landry's must start wide. Receiver in higgins is a number three. Okay and austin hooper starters it i would send if you can borderline low end. But don't want to start him over. Hebron which dsp do you like better still doing. Because at this point we're expecting interplay there guys okay heath. Yeah i guess so okay. Twenty twenty one question chase claypool the browns they get mason rudolph chase claypool or odell beckham. Juju back i guess. What are the choice again. I'm sorry chase. Claypool odell beckham back. I'd say beckham and less juice. Okay chargers member half last week. He was not good for her for about a month. And he's coming back next year a year older. Yeah sure all right. Charlie chargers achieve acres never good with beckham. also true status game. The chiefs of allowed fifty-seven yards a touchdown to six tight ends in their last six games. Really bad against tight end so we know hunter henry status i still on the reserve covid nineteen list but does point yet. This is not playing so then. Don't start at tight end but henry plays. I guess you could be more confident in him is it is it. Is it an easy call on justin. Herbert you guys have them in the top ten but was that an easy call. I wouldn't say it's an easy call. I i struggle with him because he's talking about a guy who looks like he hit the rookie wall. Just kind of looks like he hit the ricky wall. He hasn't really been very good all the last month. And like i don't know how many of the defenders the chiefs are going to wrist. If you told me that there chris. Jones and frank clark aren't going to play justin herbert's probably nfl monster day. But they he has been one of the most pressured quarterback in the nfl this year. If both of those guys are playing getting after him. He's a borderline store yet. He looked really good. Two games ago against the raiders against a bay seven on seven game. And i think it's going to be the same because why are the going to risk those guys playing this week. So the chiefs have been so bad against quarterbacks. They've given up twenty four or more points to six of the last seven quarterbacks they faced bridgewater car brady to a breeze and ryan and like i didn't really think ryan was going to have a good game last week but he did so i mean you could. That could be optimistic for you for her. So you guys. Herbert over like say philip rivers. I would yes okay i love mitchell. Trubisky and i was starting over mitchell trubisky. How about jalen hurts or justin. Her hurts hertz. Start austin ekeler. do you want to start. Let's assume now doesn't play with. Do you want to start any chargers wide receiver. Yeah mike ten targets last week that was good but hasn't been that productive lately and we had the team name hurts so good. I like that one. I wanna use that next year. I think that's my favorite john. Mellencamp saw Now jack diane. No the classic. Wh what what are you got I'm really bad with song. Names sickest the name of the song is little pink houses right now. Yes pink houses. I think is called. Yeah that's my favorite. Okay is it pink. Houses are little pink houses. This has to be. This has to be determined. It is been kansas gases. Okay it's a great one to what about small town. Because actually know this conversation town de cowed the amount of times. He says small town in the song small town. Do you know it's almost recently. That i've seen john mellencamp in concert three different times. So he is Friends and partners with willie nelson and dave matthews and neil young in the farm aid projects and they have a concert every year. And i've been to it three times and he's one of the performers. Hey ben i'm gonna. I'm gonna be homework assigned right now. Can you look up the lyrics to small town and look up. How many times. He says the word small town the word small town. I'm gonna guess more than fifteen times do that. Then gave up his baseball career to come work at cbs. His goal was always looked up song lyrics. Let mike williams or mike williams diontae johnson williams who are who are williams or diontae johnson. Michael michael gallup. Mike williams williams dr goumba wally or mike williams williams williams madison or williams madison and non williams npr and any interest in tyron johnson or jalen. Guyton dfs for sir. Have only who do you like better guy. Ninja guidon charges. Like gotten better to seem that way. Okay so if there was one chiefs player you're gonna take a gamble on. Who would be michael hartmann or darwin thompson. Right they're annoying. They're not playing anyone we don't or they don't know they're playing so tough. The preview twenty twenty one question. I have one more starts at question. Okay for this game two. Qb league chad any or to twenty one question. Tyree killer awesome tying chad hellyer to dolphins both thought to be the heir-apparent dan marino. Still tyreek killer austin ekeler for twenty twenty one. They're both for for me. But i think tyreek i think i think tyreek is going to be the second wide receiver and only the second wide receiver drafted in the first round and twenty twenty one. Yeah but i thought it was going to be a first round pick and pr. I think i do. But i think you'll see tyreek somewhere in that six to nine range and i think there's going to be somewhere. Tend to all at sets. Basically we're we're. I've got them all right. Which number's higher austin. Ekeler points per game next year or small town mentions in small towns. Tv our small town. Ekeler i go. I'm trying to think like probably eighteen points per game for cler. i think it's over eighteen. I'm gonna go small town. I think it's under eighteen vetoes a good projection. It is eighteen. Small town push ridiculous. Is that your favorite john cougar. Mellencamp saw bed. Oh for sure really not mine but all right bandon that's fine. We'll teach a little bit about music after break. Educate shaggy beyond some some good music. We'll be right back and get to vegas and denver after this looking for a leg up on your bookie single day. Yes every single day we got you covered on the early edge. A daily podcast powered by sportsline. Join me the coach. Is i bring you the best campers directly to your podcast app every morning by eleven. Am early edge. Knows your time is money. We aim to deliver you. The betting need to know in under ten minutes. You're sportsbook won't know what. Hit them from the gridiron to the basketball court. If there's a sharp side of the action you'll be armed with it. Be sure to download and subscribe to the early edge powered by sportsline part of the cbs. Sports podcast network available on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher or wherever else. You listen to podcasts. Las vegas and denver maybe. A- sneaky bonanza sneaky could be high scoring game here in weeks eight nine denver allowed five touchdowns wide receivers in their last seven games. They've allowed to devante parker and jake. Kujo so how about that. How about that. Mr nelson algal orphan heath coming starter. Sit i'm sorting nelson agholor. How how could i not. Yeah probably not probably not a way to get away from him. One thing that i noticed. And i want to ask you this because i saw. What's what's the temperature for. Derek carr below fifty degrees. It's forty nine degrees expected. why denver. Oh man at that makes that makes it more difficult. He's plus number two now. Look at adam. Look at nelson aguilar's indoor outdoor splits didn't notice this. This is the thing how many indoor guys areas because of it seems like a lot of big games have come home and miami home. Big game tone. Big game Chiefs home big game. At chargers he was he scored. But it's it's so weird because it's like a lot of his production obviously has come the last month by six weeks in indoors or at home. That's a good point. He hasn't really had a lot of good road games. But it's been yeah mecca by that. He was indoors at atlanta it. Five four fifty four on six targets fairly efficient. That was the out doors. He has played five games. He has only nine catches for one hundred and sixty yards and two touchdowns he has not been very good outdoors. Three two yards per game outdoors seventy yards per game indoors. So when i looked at this i originally had a top ten guy. And i dropped closer to twenty. I think you you gotta start because it targets will be there for him but it did. Make me a little nervous. When i saw this. Have those splits on pro football reference. I assume that is correct. Now i will say also have an on. Cbs sports dot com. O you look at his outdoor games. The vast majority of them came early in the year when he was playing near as much. It like. you said it's it's a very skewed scenario because the targets have been massively increase in the last six weeks but it also coincided with playing doors during that stretch for most of it okay. I'm trying to look up derek. Cars pass attempts indoors and outdoors. I feel like some of those outdoor game where the temperature has risen fifty. Three degrees nelson. Hagler is back in place. And i think he's a start in this game That a four thirty game though. It is a lot of questions. Ask a lot of questions here. Heath yes because yes at gametime is going to be. The warmest is going to go down throughout the game. Most likely all right so first half over second half under for nelson agholor correct okay anyway. They ran all over denver. The i mean. Yeah so why. Why aren't you guys. Hire on josh jacobs because dave has top six and you guys have them in the teens. I mean you're starting josh jacobs who you're comparing to like. I would rather starting tonio gibson. I'd rather start myles gaskin. I think those guys have played better in proven themselves. More in some comparable matchups madison would start jacobs. Derek carr sturgis it. I would start him. He's been very consistent. But when i saw the weather because i know he has made the point of their cards career. It made me double think their car. But i think he's in that low in starting over trubisky. Personally i know. I'm i'm i'm differ from me on that one but this defense is not good for denver you know in terms of Overall bradley chubb probably play. And so i think you're looking at a A floor of twenty points. I think you can get there and the ceiling has been. I think it's twenty five or more three was last the healthy games for derek carr. Yeah he's playing pretty well right car. Trubisky rivers car back to back to back. So they're all the same range. Got ya and start wall or sit. Drew lock although he has locked seventeenth is like a terrible start. This week spent no definitely. Yeah if you're playing. Dfs this week. I definitely think Lock jerry jeudy contrarian combo could be Could be a winner. Melvin gordon or josh jacobs jacobs but that's i think i've got a amigo. Melvin man. really let me down last week but you know this is another great matchup the give up the third most fantasy points to running backs running back score thirteen or more non pr points fifteen or more fantasy points in six of the last games against the raiders. Sixty eight games against the raiders. So it's a good matchup. Great matchup or melvin. Gordon and would you start jerry jeudy tim patrick or are they just. Dfs flyers i mean. Judy got fifteen targets last week. They are clearly trying to give him some positive feelings going into the off season. I would imagine they're probably gonna give him somewhere in the neighborhood of eight plus targets again. He had eight targets against him in the first matchup. So it's such a good opportunity for him to go out on a high note. So i would prefer to just use him in defense but he's he's in the conversation if you're scrambling in a deeper league with seventeen yeah. This was his first game. Last last week was his first game with more than five targets in his last six and the thing is they had really become a running team. Drew lock had a midseason. He was throwing forty times every game and then before last week it was more like thirty two times or less or fewer. So they went. They didn't run the ball as much as i thought they would last week. And i guess we'll see what the game plan. Is this week. But i think it's honestly throw to score run to win if they have the opportunity to because you gotta you gotta drew lock jerry. Jeudy these guys some good values going. They haven't played well they they've been let down. Those players in particular have been a letdown for for. What the broncos hoping for featuring. melvin. Gordon does nothing for their. He's clearly going to be back next year. He's a hundred and seven yards away from one thousand so i'm sure that matters to him to get that number. He can still do that while they do. Focus on throwing the ball. But this is. The secondary is bad for the raiders. They should play well in this game so i think judy is going to have a chance whether he comes down with the gadgets or not. That's another story. But i'd be very surprised if he doesn't. Apr especially the cage. A hamlet banged up as well. We are starting noah. Fant would you start. Noah fant zakar. It's fit twenty twenty one question. Yeah twenty twenty one question jerry. Jeudy or no offense fit okay. Baltimore's at cincinnati. He's you are way too low on the more jackson yemen fourth okay. Jv hasim. i start lamar jackson. Jk dobbins we had the rankings dispute earlier. He's a start for both guys but jamie likes them. Better as a top twelve guy. Starters markey's brown he non. Pbr topsoil seventeenth sixteenth npr. Thank you. I would rather not start markeith brown but he is a boom bust number three wide receiver. That can make your day with one play but he could also see five targets and catch three of them for fifteen yards. I love markey's brunswick would you start. Markey's brown robert woods i would start markets pro. Why do you love him. Well williams acts is probably going to play. He's in concussion protocol. So if he's out that makes things certainly much easier murky brown. He played really well against them in the first meeting When actually gave him targets but they've be giving targets lately so he's got a four straight games with at least i'm sorry for over the last five at least six targets. Last week he dealt with a much tougher opponent in the giants. He's still scored. I didn't play well at all and so four for twenty five is not a good game but the games prior to that you know. They clearly want to get him going. This is such an easy matchup. And i think they're going to do whatever they want to do. So like mark brown scores once again all right mark andrews is start five straight games with sixty one or more yards and five or more catches. Easy start for mark andrews. Sit most of your bengals. Well giovanni bernard we talked about yesterday. So we'll come. To t higgins guys are pretty high on higgins but in terms of geo will be lower on higgins tyler boyd concussion protocol okay. Yeah but o. Or ty johnson. Johnson johnson. Geo or jd mckissic mckissic in both formats mckissic in both formats. Okay giovanni bernard or markey's brown. I know it's going to be easy for jamie. But he thought about you. I will go to you. Why are you so high on higgins guys top twenty four ravens secondary's banged up and you've seen a pretty good connection from brandon allen t higgins so if there is no tyler boyd i think targets will be there. They're gonna be chasing points again. What is baltimore do. once the game is enhanced. they start to pull guys defensively as well. So i. i think the higgins can have an opportunity finished his rookie season strong but that aboard plays that lowers a little bit. I still would start t higgins in most cases like started more of the steelers guys. Still tyler boyd place. But it's not as much slam dunk. If tyler boyd milestone alert he needs ninety two yards in this game to get two thousand so in the second half when they have nothing else to play for throat d higgins baltimore dis top three twenty zero day jay green too. I mean last night twenty. Twenty one question. Joe mixon or jk dobbins a great one I'm gonna go dobbins. i'm going to go dobbins. Do the bingles really have like affectionate like the current bingles have affectionate feelings for aj green and went out on a good coach. Oh i don't know. I mean it's just something about all right. Final is the jets at the patriots stat of the game according to history zero two zero. Three five dot org. That's foxborough zip code. Chapter one forty seven of the acts of nineteen forty nine approved on april eighth the towns of foxborough and sharon to purchase water from each other. So does that mean restarting anyone in this game. That's how i feel about me. I couldn't find anything interesting. So jacoby jamison crowder. I would rank them. Crowder johnson jakobi meyers as my three potential starts. The i'd go johnson. Crowder meyer is crowder. Better than the patriots. Starting is johnson better than the patriots. Starting running back Right right and crowder or higgins currently higgins but it's close and then if bouye plays Cam or sam camera sahab caverns the. Oh cam darnold. Who about you i. I don't know they weren't much twenty four and won t that cam in finishes again. Who's more likely to secure tour cam. Two thousand twenty one way. Who's more likely to get bench tour cam to twenty twenty question. Jamison crowder damian harris twenty twenty one the crowder harris in non crowder and peter. Yeah everything about that. Game sucked and including the twenty twenty one question but the stat of the day was really good all right. Let's read a few emails back in the patriots nature just in africa dwayne haskins okay Jameis winston oh interesting ears joe from a suburban town in eagles country which is valley forge. George washington spent a winter in valley forge pennsylvania. He says dear. Clint steve tony bruce. Those are superheroes. I need a little help. Picking who to start this week Two running backs. Aaron jones david johnson dobbins pollard. Malcolm brown and aj dylan names. Well it's not going to be powered malcolm brown dylan. So is it. Aaron jones david johnson. Jk dobbins to the first of jones. Johnson yep too wide receivers davante adams hopkins. Aj brown robby anderson adams and brown. Yeah tight. end. George kittle or darren waller waller and a flex kittle dobbins or hopkins. Pr probably finish your password. And we'll go in there and set your lineup for you probably hopkins. But it wouldn't be surprising if kittles better sam hab jeff. Wilson alexander madison. Pr wilson wilson. Kirk cousins or. Kyle lowry going madison. I think think no no. I don't think so. I think i am now. I very toward. It's the matchup home. I just remember just remember the last two times to the last three times. That dalvin cook has missed. The backup has not been good. Yeah i now kirk. Cousins are murray. Four point per passing touchdown league cousins cuyler from chris fair. I'm up by seven in my two week playoff. I'm playing my best friend. I wanna crush. He has rogers aaron jones and derrick. Henry i scooped up kittle. We have no i are. I'm down so many players and i need advice. Please and thank you okay. I don't know what the question is. So that's all. I got from the email it'd be desperation place i guess. Let me go back and check the actual email while i do that. I would say if madison's available go get him. If johnson's available go get him. If you're completely stuck. Look at rodney. Smith dargo the plug and play guys. Aj dylan i think is going to get some running with his back i think he forgot to attach his lineup. I think that's what happened because he says please help me. I need the best lineup but yeah. I'm sorry chris so can't answer your question last one here but good stuff jamie. Think fault for not attacking lineup or your fault for reading the question without seeing that he didn't attach lineup. Maybe he just gave his password. Both from dosier dear baby. Oh johnny twenty-three diamond dog and cyrus the virus. The only one i know is bad guys from connor. I'm thinking it's more. John malkovich guys. Because i know conair and i know cyrus the virus. I don't know the other guys. What are the other name. Bobby obey be. Oh johnny twenty. Three and diamond dog. I think diamond dog was one of the guys all right. Well obviously this is gonna google here. Air no yeah. They're all conair. How really all right. Good job jamie ju- lock or alex. Smith drew lock has a higher ceiling. Lock it up. Pick to jeff wilson. Melvin gordon miles sanders david montgomery jk dobbins format. I don't know even montgomery is definitely right. I would go. Montgomery and wilson wilson gordon sanders dobbins. Yeah pick one donald. Montgomery and wilson npr. Gumri and wilson. Both and piquet. Naga montgomery wilson both pick to wide receivers amari cooper sterling shepherd robert woods. Nelson agholor t. y. Hilton hilton nagwa. Cooper angela by friends. We'll talk to you tomorrow with our last starter. Sit episode of the twenty twenty season and it'll be twenty twenty one by the time we talked to you. How about that happy new year. Everybody enjoy it. A great celebration have a great time for heath and jamie and ben. I am adam and small town. Eight hundred twenty gotta go five. This is the time when college. Football shines with conference championships. The college football playoff and of course bowls on bowls nearly every day as we wind down the college football season. I'm jay patterson and there is no better place to find everything you need for the conclusion to a wild twenty twenty with us on the covered three podcasts part of the sports network. Join me barton simmons. Tom finale and danny kanell as we continue to provide instant reaction to the biggest games breakdown. The coaching changes and offered the latest from the recruiting trail with the early signing period in december and with an eye on the february signing period. That will follow download and subscribe today on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher and wherever else. Podcasts are found breaking news. The bowl previews and of course those locks. Nowhere better to find it with the cover three podcasts.

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