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"donald ki ho" Discussed on Pittsburgh's Paranormal Chasing Prophecy Radio Show

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"donald ki ho" Discussed on Pittsburgh's Paranormal Chasing Prophecy Radio Show

"Now that particular case. I still can see that picture of all the floodlights going up in there. The explosions of the aircraft fire. But why it's not a bigger case. I can't tell you john. I like the case myself. Let me let me just say quickly. Why i think it is more significant case. I think the modern era of you oppose started in one thousand nine hundred forty two because The battle of l. a. was the first time we fired on a ufo the first time we use the balloon. Excuse wasn't roswell the first time we'd denied your foes and the marshall Memo says we recovered a craft off the coast and it was whole within break apart. So that's just my comments on that. Because i think that starts the modern era maybe maybe fighters i know how forty wanna to go back but the modern age apparently is it's been anointed the kenneth arnold sighting of june twenty-fourth nineteen forty seven near mount rainier assertive cast in stone. Now that it was the start of the modern age a world of the modern age of ufo's but there were other cases. I don't know why they've anointed that. One I know roswell at least in my own opinion. The reason it's so popular is that there's so many issues surrounding it number one. It's a nuts and bolts case. It's not a it's not light in the sky. It's not You know things like that. It's it's nuts and bolts crack. There was a release where it said that the russell army airfield had captured these the term captured. They didn't capture it. they just recovered. Captured flying saucer near roswell was actually closer to corona and that There were death threats to silence people that there was a cover up and the the the case died for thirty years for thirty years at went away it was a two day story in nineteen forty seven two days and the reason. It's so popular. I'm guessing now because you know all i know. Is that at the time that we have spent on it is that it's the most investigated case of all time you had stand friedman the father of roswell who i knew well He got started. He hooked up with william moore. They wrote that famous book in nineteen eighty the roswell incident up until that point My hero was donald ki-ho from the nineteen fifties and early sixties. He was a terrific author He didn't go near crash crash. Ufo's he he just stayed away from those. He stayed away from alien bodies because he's trying to get a government oversight trying to get government hearings. Ufo's but he thought crashed saucer stories..

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