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"donald junie" Discussed on Little Atoms

"I'm realized that she was a hair. Braider and i remember here. Breeders being a feature of the local beach scape on the beach of life very early ernie adolescents. I would see so in nineteen eighty four. I would have been ten going on eleven not to eat each myself. But that's the truth. So i would have been ten eleven and i was just sort of coming into an awareness of self and who i was and i just remember the eighties. With such fondness. So i it was the fact that i remember going to the beach around that time and that the here breeders were very much a part of the local escape so that was the first reason but quite apart from that i mean i just love the lake. The decade of the eighteenth just meant so much to me and there were so many elements of my child. Turn my adolescence. Being a teenager that are associated with things from the eighties that were no longer here and that it was just such a pleasure to be able to recreate at sort of lifts through again. So i mean things like the huns addresses and Going to the cinema the globe cinemas sitting in the balcony of throwing popcorn into the pit on string bags string bags were like everywhere in the. Atc don't see them now at all. That's a thing for me on so many elements of the nineteen eighties. Even even in terms of the breeding baheren putting beat sappy and that was really that was the stylish. Speak to do with your hair and a lot of local here. Breeders would have been breeding on the beach taurus in nineteen eighty-four. So it was. It was absolutely a pleasure for me to be able to revisit bapti. I wanna talk about a number of the characters. This book has a large cast of characters. And you've just mentioned that. The book started off when i came here. You ambitious guesses. Show story lorries. I'd say the bane character of the story. The story is told from the perspective of multiple characters. And so i wanted to talk about festival. I guess why multiple characters but to do that. Let's talk about i. Guess how those how those characters came together. How the book came together over those moves for characters and think in barbados impart my my culture as a beach and has a carribean person. Orel storytelling is very much apartment. That's just how we live how we express ourselves even on and they're very to me. It's very interesting how we do that. And i think you probably only. I certainly probably only recognize certain aspects of that when i went somewhere else. Lives for one and felt the absence of it so locally. When we're telling a story you know. We kind of have a tendency to meander a bit. So i would say okay. Let me tell you of judy. From down the road. Donald junie jomie one. That married a tall on. You'll know talk about tom..

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