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"donald johnson" Discussed on UN News

"This is matt well as un news aid workers are usually sufficiently prepared to overcome whatever challenges they face but what about a volcanic eruption. That's what happened to the un refugee agency's team in goma in the democratic republic of the congo drc when lava started pouring from mount nyiragongo on the twenty second of may to talk about the experience from goma. He has jackie keegan. Head of the agency's office in the city speaking to you and uses donald johnson. The government's last communication situation here is that while the.

donald johnson jackie keegan goma mount nyiragongo congo twenty second may
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"donald johnson" Discussed on The Words on Fire Podcast

"Saying that's the name of the website. I'm just giving the explanation. Because i think he's afraid of that salute the big ones midsize screen. Maybe too hard on my flogger is what like a fourth of the size. And i can handle that one. This one's just too much. i'm too little. This one was customized for me. Because he's a little bigger than i am. His arms are longer and he's got like bigger arms so puts a real fucking pay. Yes but not at all right. If you're right it won't it's court. It's paranoia records completely empty. The ends are not it is complete open knows will feel like a massage very it will feel like massage. It'll feel really really good to that seat and all that you've tried a lot of room do this video when you're going to strike someone doing this right. I need all of this and especially with my going gonna beat no. This would be if it makes you feel better. I face you're scared. So that's why i think this can you. Little girl can take it for so you feel omagh. Jesus called you a little. She's translate for him. Let me this is the poco. Donald johnson challenge guys tonight. There's going to be a video whole shit. Were so going to get taken down so no no. No no. don't put it on. Don't put it on instagram on your personal sites. I have it on my instagram. And i have it on youtube. Put him his personal site. Well zola gills gills getting slapped in the. What are the other guy coming up. God goddess workshop. What is the goddess workshop. About got us he will be able to instruct people and really define what is to be able to worship a dominatrix that is worship is for those usually men and unecessarily bright who want nothing more than to empower a woman to show them that the real are a goddess in there is for them. Everything revolves around being able to showcase that the love adoration that they have belongs to this one person. right so goddess worship will take you through that entire process to the uae. How and when it's appropriate then the work the sex worker penalty. Guess coming on november. That was going to be really fun. Yeah it was. What exactly is that pertain. And so i think this is gonna be our last arc ecology of the year and we have many more in between those right. But that's kind of how we're gonna end. This is a lot of people are very curious about the sex industry right and for them. The you know they might think especially at this point they think six industry oh strippers and maybe only fans girls We want to be able to not only allow them to be able to be face to face with someone in these industries but to be able to define them and allow them to understand what the sex industry really is. It's more than just your camera on your strip grill so we'll be having dominatrix On the panel. We will be having a cam. Girl a internet internet sex worker. I will be having someone that will be able to represent Legal prostitution monstrous sex worker. Seven six okay. Yeah we will also of course have always said a stripper. Dance where we're gonna have. We're to have the counselors come. We're definitely going to have some city councillors and calm healing counseling Be there to be able to talk about the mental health of sex workers and You know that pretty much to be able to tell you that it's okay to be wrong with right. I to be able to explore that yet to be what exposes on a on a mental emotional thing and as well as a social worker who at one point was a sexual herself. She might not. Yeah that would be kim. I love to say she. I remember actually talked about you guys because she did a photo with the right on. The big crunch keeps fucking amazing. Win the most wonderful her. She's amazing we admire her. I mean she's she's an incredible young credible strong independent woman. I mean that's that's the way it should be about. This is a human being. She's incredible absolutely concentrate absolutely. So yeah we're going to have a full round table so that people can sit there. Ask the questions that they'd like to be able to find out what it really is to be. In this industry how it feels to be the obstacles they go through and the rewards that come with it. Why do they do this. Because it's not for everybody right. Everybody survives this comes to online sex work especially eighty percent of people who start actually quit within the first six months six months. Yeah and we should be much yeah. It's a lot more work and more intensive than people think it is only mentally and physically as well. It's just a lot to do so people honestly completely underestimate how much work goes into all of this absolutely. They think it's so easy just to be able to jump. There's so much work. So many people like i'll just go some looting. I'll be making like ten thousand dollars. No that's online sex worker. What exactly is a definition of that online. Sex work is pretty much anyone who does sex work that does not come in physical contact with a client that includes online domination. Okay so anybody. That doesn't have any penetration. Any kind of anything. No thought no nothing so like strippers would not be online sex workers because they do have that physical contact exactly so if you see someone in person you would not be online sex work right domination on the hand media sam because it is so mental right we can do this online and it still works. See i'd like that aspect that you guys talk about when you when you're talking about the m. i never really thought about the mental aspect and other it was always about. You know like. I said the sexual is.

november youtube Donald johnson ten thousand dollars Jesus eighty percent tonight first six months six months instagram fourth one person kim six industry Seven six one So many people God size much
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"donald johnson" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

"I mean, they have saved her life. They've given us our daughter back. We have one of the best hospitals in the world. Right here story behind the story. You walk out of those doors, and you just realized what an impact any Grady Children is. Wherever part of our family story because because they saved our daughter, the fight continues. All right. We are going to get to the cove ID information that we finally dragged kicking and screaming out of the state of California. Proving that these restrictions are not based in science. We've got irrefutable proof they're now coming out, saying That's right. There was no evidence there was no proof, but this is why we did it anyway. Um, but we're also making sure that you are part of miracles. And that's what the Rady Children's hospital give a thon. We need you to give as much as you can Text Kogo to 51 555 or 802 58 oo oo seven Triple 07 Um, we've got some amazing contributors that came in at the four o'clock hour. Um and I'm gonna be taking several of them lunch. Uh, they're getting me the actual list. But here's what I got, and things were changing by the moment. We got the match for $7500 in the four o'clock hour. James, who called in did $5000 yesterday, He did another $5000. Today. He's in the hospital with a tow that was removed because of diabetes. He was a 30 year plus landscaper. Landscaper at the public school system here in San Diego. Hey, 5000 again In the four o'clock hour, Susan Hansen has called in she gave 5000 Uh, Chris Heitman $1000. Denise Brownlee, $500, David Bradwell $500 Jeff Part Jeff Behnke, $300, Mark Haines, $200 Linda Shan $100 Jerry Lynn signed up as a hero $19 a month. Thank you, Jerry, Donald Johnson, $50 and countless others. I'm just reading out some names of folks that I recognize that I know personally and I appreciate All of those contributions. The big announcement here as we have on Lee 52 minutes left in the 2020 I Heart Ready Children's Hospital. Give a thon. We won't be doing this until next year now. After 52 minutes. It'll all be done for 2020. And then we have to wait a full year to get to 2021. Fernandez family has announced that they are going to triple match all donations this hour. They will triple match all donations this hour up to $20,000. So that is our challenge to unlock that $20,000 gift that that family will be giving. Um and they are going to basically take any contributions we can get and triple them to hit that $20,000 number. And if we do that, if we could hit the $20,000 number, Travis by my math, I'm looking at this. We will have hit the goal for for radius this hour. And that's what it takes is we've got to make sure we hit this goal. They were really worried that covert 19 the pandemic all the stress people are under that we may not We hit the goal for this year for 2020. They'd have Ah, shortfall in their budget. If we can do that, this hour that we've done our part. We have done our part. So Texcoco to 51 555 kogo to 51 555 or Call 802 58 Triple 07. Okay, real quick on covert 19. So I announced Or I've been challenging the state on Show me the science. Show me. Show me the data. And we finally got, um you know them to admit what we've been saying all along and what a judge forced them to do in l A last week. Show me the evidence that outdoor dining, for example is somehow bad and we should we should ban it. L. A could not produce that data. L. A, then admitted we don't have such data. We don't have any information to suggest that outdoor dining Is leading to the surgeon Covert 19. Well guess what. California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Mark Mark Galley, the guy that is the top adviser to Newsom, who created the lockdown formulas and standards and checkpoints and color code system. He issued a statement and it reads quote. The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining and limiting that Turning to restaurants to deliver and provide take out options instead of sit down dining options outdoors. Really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home, generally speaking, not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining. Okay. So what you're saying is? Yeah. You don't have the data. To say that outdoor dining is unsafe, but what you're trying to do is get people's attention. And so what you're trying to do is scare them or or say no outdoor dining. You cannot drive your car. But why not? I'm by myself. What if I promise to wear a mask while I'm driving my car? You cannot drive your car. What they're trying to do here is basically say, Look, it's really bad out there with covered 19. We got to get your attention. So let's shoot off the fireworks show. And it doesn't matter that businesses such as restaurants are gonna be decimated by this, the casualties of those restaurants and all those workers. Are necessary fatalities economically speaking in the war against the disease. No, I'm sorry, but that's not how we do public policy. And aren't you the side that said you're gonna be all scientific about this? Aren't you? The one saying you've got the moral high ground science science, not politics. It's all about science. Okay, if it's all about Science and not politics. Then why are you shutting down outdoor dining? Now I've already gone through all the changes that they made in the guidance like playgrounds were shut down. Now they're open grocery stores were limited to 20% capacity that limits been lifted as well. It's based not on science, but rather let's see if we can get people's attention. And that's not good public health policy and it certainly hurts people who are doing what they need to do. They are playing by the rules. They had them playing by the rules, and you just screwed them. Okay, We will get back to covered 19 this hour because I have to address the flu numbers, And there's a comment by public health Director Wilma Wooten. Right now we've got our $20,000 match that we're trying Tonto to activate. I will get numbers for you at 5 15 as to where we are because I'll give you numbers each each segment. But help us get their text. Kogo to 51 555 text kogo to 51 555 or just simply call 802 58 Triple 07. That's 802 58 triple 07 Every dime stays locally. And remember $50, for example. $50 that's given for a Monthly recurring donation of $50 donation on a monthly basis provides a chemotherapy treatment.

California Health and Human Se Jerry Lynn California diabetes Rady Children Kogo Children's Hospital San Diego Secretary Mark Mark Galley Mark Haines Susan Hansen Texcoco Fernandez Denise Brownlee James Tonto Jeff Behnke Travis Chris Heitman
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"Tax. Well at select US 7 11 stores see 7 11 after full terms, stunning allegations tonight against former Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, first time essentially assaulted me and his offer the CPD headquarters. He told me that I belong to him That is Cynthia Donald Johnson's former driver and member of his security detail. She filed a lawsuit today accusing Johnson of raping her repeatedly, including in his police headquarters office. She also says that he sent her nude photos of himself and pressured her. Into sex by promising career advancement. Now, John. Now Donald was the person out drinking with Eddie Johnson that night in October, 2019 when he was found slumped over behind the wheel of his vehicle near his home in Bridgeport. The lawsuit. Cynthia Donald is filing also accuses Mayor Lightfoot of failing to properly investigate what happened to Donald and telling Johnson to just transferred Donald out of the security detail here is Donald's attorney, Robert McLaughlin. After that night, I understand and Lori Lightfoot was updated as to what happened. And instead of speaking with Cynthia herself or ordering a thorough investigation, he told Eddie to quote, dump Cynthia and removed him from his security detail. And put her in the records department at Augusta Now, Lightfoot's office released a statement to our Bill Cameron tonight, saying, quote we cannot comment on the specific allegations which, if true, would be inexcusable. Mayor Lightfoot emphatically denies and common sense dictates that Eddie Johnson ever told the mayor about allegations of abuse or harassment of Cynthia Donald by Eddie Johnson. Miss Donald's lawyers never claimed otherwise. That is the statement from Mayor Lightfoot. In other big news tonight, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago public school system is goingto have in person learning for some kids next month. The sources tell the Trib that the CPS plan would involve in person learning for pre kindergarten and some special education students next month. All other students with continue with remote learning full time when the second quarter begins. November 9th Chicago Teachers union blasting the plan. As unsafe. The state of Illinois announcing the highest ever number of new Corona virus cases in one day. 4000 and 15 new cases in the past 24 hours also 53 more deaths in that time period. That is the most reported in one day since June, 24th Early voting underway right now, in all 50 wards of the city of Chicago. This man Saying that he showed up at 8 30 in the morning and didn't get to cast his ballot until 11 because the lines were so long people before me stood in line for me to give me this opportunity to stand here, pretty sure they won't do much more than I had to do now in the city. The early voting locations open from 8 30 in the morning until seven Mondays.

Cynthia Donald Johnson Cynthia Donald Mayor Lightfoot Eddie Johnson Chicago Cynthia Chicago Tribune Chicago Teachers union Superintendent Illinois Bridgeport CPS Trib John Augusta Bill Cameron Robert McLaughlin harassment attorney
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"I'm deep in the mind of learning on the journey towards best health. It's a deep and rich mind with many Um My extensive connections cross many lies in disciplines allows me to extract the or with my guests one load at the time I've worked with lay people and care partners parents. Researchers clinicians boss administrators. Here's policymakers and thought leaders today. I'm for to speak with Dr Ken. Goodman a bioethicist and director of the University University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy Kennan I met work together at the patient. Centered clinical decision support learning network. I was looking for a guest who works as a teacher. Policymaker and clinician. Ken sits in that sweet spot with people at the centre struggling day to day with the ethical attentions of healthcare navigation and management. Let's listen to that conversation. Komo morning Ken Moynihan how are you. I'm really good. Thanks for joining me very excited about this conversation. How do you introduce yourself in a social situation? I say hi I'm. Ken Meteorite and in in a professional situation. I try and do the same thing if it's appropriate. I'll say I have the privilege of directing needs to bioethics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Where were you when you first realized that help was fragile? I've got really sick and was really worried. You hope against hope. Oh there's actually some sort of pattern here the next would recognize but the fragility of the idea that there are forces at work which you also know by by the way parenthetically Noel. Someone gets sick and dies and they're not old so it means that no matter what those forces are we mastered yet and you realize Hughes's source of potential capacity. Here's a source of potential limited movement. Some source of potential limited ignition. Here's a source of potential death. I was lucky enough to be a generally healthy kid but I we all have either misadventures or bad luck. If your kid in your thoughtful kid even the chicken boxful. We'll be after to shake you awake out of those suburbs did. Those experiences have an influence. Excellent in guiding you in this line of work only after I actually got on the line of work I found myself having the opportunity to teach an and practice in a world of bioethics one issues. Come up as as issue in the profession in Empathy and one of the things I've discovered is this is the art of is if you've ever been sick adsell and bring you a t you understand. How very much can matter to be supportive and helpful and caring for people who are? Were really sick. In fact sick unto death in many cases and so it didn't guide me it's originally usually however it is Levin to me said. Yeah that's a good word Levin. Do I liked it. I spent four or five years of my career working at Boston. Children's Hospital and I led the patient family experience initiative there in that process. I was really impressed. That children are not children. There's baby there's neonates there's babies. He's there's young adults and how different the the challenges were. And I think when when I thought about ethics in that situation my I my I ha- was was autonomy and self determination as people got older and and as a parent as a nurse as a person I am fascinated with autonomy and control in the sense of being a master of my own life and watching the variation and the progression Russia of that. It is a fascinating study. But a children's at Boston Children's I became aware of that point where were young adults. Were transitioning to more control and the somewhat misalignment of law and regulations with that autonomy. What's the bio ethical angle on that? That's a great question. We we have come over thousands of years. I guess it certainly in our our our. Our moral frameworks are legal systems. And now we do in the violet to recognize and celebrate self-determination autonomy if if you will or also known as to the self-governing is something that's free entities enjoy simply by virtue of having free well at a Brennan writes The challenge of course is that you don't get that actually as a child through all the stages you mentioned a sea creature very very slowly manages to require more autonomy simply by virtue of the fact human development. Kids Need Guy Sayer not selling. Nobody Garden by narrates. That's as it should be what we've learned in this matters a lot practical ethics as you achieve autonomy at different times one depending on the biology of it especially the children's hospital you will see fifty and sixty four year olds even younger extraordinary insight about world maladies and you see thirty five year olds or water out of a boot right so it's it's Individual Variation and then our cultures and our culture to have a number of other different criteria. We have one point the number and so in some cultures it could be thirteen and others sixteen. Sometimes it's eighty unless it's twenty one that suggests very tricky. It is to get this right. You're not gonNA have a social since the cultures get rice every individual which is why oh cases we muddle through law sometimes not very nimble about this because when you have fifteen year olds in Scott. Scott Scott Revolts in height loss. Seles to say that that parents and we also know of adults really could use some little sister. Try that challenge. How how do we take the the privilege? The Right Brute Kotla sack and self-governance Sunny and apply it well decisions involving reproduction involving having a medical procedures involving license deaths because that's so challenging resent job miss also of the reasons that solicitous of why my my job is so interesting we want to get it right and being virtuous doesn't help you get it right. Necessity critical analysis and the data to make the right to let some of the more common dilemmas related to the young adult that are introduced into are brought in to help. Well one of the things and it's funny 'cause there's one right now this constitutes might be the only risk challenges I faced people do what I do. Generally in hostels hostels for instance to do three things one. We educate people to develop institutional policies and three men were aspects. Always we do we the ethics consultations right now. I have for well blogger though she'd probably admit In struggling with a policy that is among if not the most this different policy Edward Vows new technology shed more years. If you're a parent you could walk into your doctor's walk by and say I WANNA see my child and they would give it to you we've rationalizing connections with that. Might be an apps you know you might have a seventy not all across matter fifteen year old or a thirteen year old who has confided in her position or institition something. That's really quite interesting. Interesting usually involving sex drugs and we also know that if you for example my nursing my doctor and I I know you're GonNa share tell you my parents. I've been a rookie with me. I yeah so how do you write a policy. In the in the twenty first first century the governs rental access to my records to an electronic portal. Right now we all have access that we also have access up to a personal health. Needs usually bill twenty a hostile or athletics so for example I want to look and see whether double check my my aunt tension drug dense. I log in I noted Donald Johnson. They have other patient visits that sort of thing. I also inferences all. We'll be able to do that for my daughter or my son. And what we we know getting less central here is that as the risk of being wildly. Therapeutics child doesn't yards the record in the child's instead of ONS wants to deceive her clinician. And so we're trying to write a policy that allows children. Are Minors. Say.

Dr Ken University University of Miami Levin University of Miami Miller Sch Ken Meteorite Ken Moynihan Boston Scott Scott Revolts Goodman Boston Children Komo director Noel Hughes Russia Guy Sayer Donald Johnson
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"News and events interviews and music and so much more that's every single Monday night seven to eight PM on eighty eight point one FM KCS see Santa Cruz ha ha and not stop for that you know still me we keep playing music up next signed sealed delivered I'm yours by Stevie Wonder I'm kind of grown ups bit big beloved songs right now maybe it's the holiday spirit my feeling all kinds of style check but I'm I'm in during the set so far from Donald Johnson my notebook if anybody wants to call and tell me something to draw thought be nice of you our phone number is eight three one four five nine four zero three six okay back to the music to to to to return the there in Mendes day they you see do and no they at the we can't take ran in and some of the thank you yeah it.

Stevie Wonder Donald Johnson Santa Cruz Mendes
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"Cochran show on seven twenty WGN. not gonna lie but looking forward to this all morning eight forty four wheel drive to a great start today what about the D. G. yes because this Saturday is national waffle day. absolutely we say that again I'm sorry those bad job I mean what's what's the Saturday Darnell national waffle day everybody's gonna have waffles all over the country now this wonderful smooth voice you're hearing right now is our very own Donald Johnson of Chicago's homes chicken waffle and you manage to location tell everybody where five four three Madison in Oak Park and thirty nine forty seven south king drive Chicago Illinois is in the Brownsville section and bronze valve so so delicious I was talking earlier about how much I love to have a little bit of sweet with my favorite to me that is the greatest combination you add to that juicy crispy just fried chicken to Krispy. fluffy waffles. smothered with maple syrup my god. I mean it tell us a little bit about the restaurant how long it's been around you know we open of March fifteen nineteen MC two thousand and eight so we've been eleven years now cannot only dances been great you know Bronzeville is a diamond in the rough this is a great place to being so much history unbelievable unbelievable I raise my kids in California so with I come out here your four blocks from the beach then you and I'm in New York I grew up in New York you see all the great brownstones we column brownstones there did you get the beautiful grace on the home so it's unbelievable location. and that is just transitioning now into really unbelievable place to live see I think the chicken and waffles low has become mainstream at least fairly recently did you have this in your path young growing up like this is something you'd have for breakfast on Sunday. I found out all about chicken and waffles when I first landed in California okay it is a date on it really up in Harlem yeah they just got delivered by yours looks amazing and people didn't know if they wanted to night clubs when they were let out the jazz musicians they didn't know what the he sold it in of the one of breakfast or dinner and this chicken waffle six council came around the behind me just to call because it was late enough that even still you didn't have dinner yet but it was early enough in the are we early hours of the morning that you still would want some some breakfast too okay this smells so incredible it's so he and you guys are so nice chef add we have to wait but going on here I'm putting it all over the waffle got to do it the right way that's one for the record I think it does serve for you we do they came here to the studio with the actual fryer so that way chef add kindly you should know that that does that normally doesn't happen this you guys have gone above and beyond this really impressed chef add engages is actually the waffle lined a good old fashioned yells right off line. can the waffles that Graham I used to use in her kitchen see that's that's exactly what I think this is the thinner flatter waffle which uses softer and more delicious than even better I just got this year this is this is the way a waffle should be made for the record this is this is the real stuff right here you talking real now I I thought I could tell you to to so when we first started with this we got a lot of resistance to that by was used to develop and are now we've got to say when you say we you mean you and your lovely wife Tonya Tonya Johnson who's not here today and you guys are a family owned business this is a tradition for the family this is in in in in rough and tumble Highland Park in the Jewish Carmen also we had the old school waffle iron and this is self Fred Carmel to make him and I don't I don't see that every day and they were it was it was the little malicious I'm so excited about this you have no idea who gives a great take it's it's the best daytime sent it back out to get a shout out to my lovely wife Tanya yes you do Sam's making sure you don't get into trouble again some brownie points. so tell me about running a small business I think sometimes people forget that you guys are a mom and pop shop your local your independent you need the support of the community and actually you need people to write in from other parts of the city from other neighborhoods in from the suburbs yeah I'm in support here yeah it is challenging but you have to just keep keep pushing it what you want in this world you get out what you put in and we work very hard going back to my wife she's she's a heck of a worker and she's a strong believer she's from Chicago in the autumn and I got to give her a lot of praise and thanks because she was behind the project slowly it cruel now is very diverse we get all type of of of of ages all type of groups you know religion nationalities everybody comes to that particular location is unbelievable turn us to hang tight with a quick time out here and get up there what's going up in news will be right back at seven twenty deletion back to the Steve Cochran show. I think. so. Dave who's normally the most on point won't eat during the show was enjoying right crazy. kale and he's a very healthy eater yeah. yes he does a good. Darnell tell us a little bit you know your wife Tanya won't really tell me any secrets but you have a blend of spices that go in the chicken anything you can tell us because I want people listening to understand this is outstanding chicken they should drive for you know it basically comes from the old cast iron skillet type of concept you want that real grandma's kitchen type of case and we kind of created it coming from the cast iron going into the fires and and it is the taste that you got to have this is not your your traditional taste is out there today is.

California Chicago New York Cochran Donald Johnson Oak Park Darnell Illinois Bronzeville Tanya Harlem Dave Krispy. eleven years
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"The Commodores have a rich presence in today's game with no fewer than thirteen alumni, seeing major league baseball action already you're in twenty nineteen and twenty four major league baseball players since two thousand three of the most among all SEC teams two thousand fifteen number one overall draft pick. And Braves shortstop, Dan Watson leads the hitters from vandy for the biggest stars in the majors right now are the pitchers, led by twenty twelve Cy Young award winner in David price, Sonny gray and young dodgers star Waqar Beulah, the one too fast. Swaying stretch about ninety from Euler well strikeouts. For water. Bueller arkansas. Razorbacks Razorbacks, also strong presence in today's major league baseball with eight alums seeing major league action in twenty nineteen leaving the charge is recently signed lefty, Dow cycle and Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi than ten he drives down the left side, slicing toward the corner to shields giving changed. Over four run field shot at two overnight for Benintendi, Florida state Seminoles as head coach Mike Martin pulls out his fortieth and final season at the helm. He's helped dozens of seminals take their first step towards major league. Careers, leading the way is envy, p and three time World Series champion BUSTER, Posey's. There's. Rex. The two. The giants had wanted to Auburn. Tigers fabrics best in most famous athlete is 'to Jackson but their most renowned baseball only player is hall of Famer Frank Thomas long. Hydride. There number five hundred per Frank comment, more recent offer alums to enjoy successful baseball careers include pitcher, Tim Hudson World Series champion. David Ross two thousand fifteen American League MVP Josh Donald's Johnson,.

baseball American League Frank Thomas Waqar Beulah Commodores Braves Razorbacks David price dodgers David Ross Dan Watson SEC Bueller Tim Hudson Red Sox Sonny gray Mike Martin giants vandy
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"Welcome back to the lawyer and bridging show. My name is Justin Isaac. And so welcome mothers day. Mothers day addition. This is lawyer bleaching show we've been talking a little bit about Amazon lawsuits against John from the pregnant mother lawsuit against Jones day law firm, and these are these are pretty interesting cases, find these very interesting. If I hear anything come up on these Ernie any new revelations with regards to the suits. I'll be sure to keep you updated one thing. I did want to touch on before we move onto the lawsuit with regards to the bartender being arrested for we'll get into it. And just a second. Pregnancy basis is a legal and California law does prohibit employers from discriminating against pregnant employee's with respect to training compensation virtually any other aspect of employment. It's also illegal for an employer. Not to offer you plummet because you're pregnant now that's going to be a little bit more difficult to prove because you're going to have to have some kind of evidence that shows that's the reason, but the federal family and medical leave act in California family, right act guarantees eligible employees, unpaid job protected, family or medical leave. There is no requirement that this be paid. But your employees must provide you with reasonable accommodations, including temporary transfers, and your employees, your employer doesn't need to create a new position or discharging employees or transfer someone or put someone in a position who was not qualified to perform the job. But there are some protections. Place. And I think that the Amazon lawsuits probably based on something like that. But I just wanted to add that little tidbit in there that it is. And I thought that was common sense. But apparently, it's not it is something that you would expect people to know, you can't discriminate really for any reason, especially for people who are pregnant, but I guess we keep on hearing about these big companies that just keep on doing and not learning their lesson. But they'll pay they will make already paid a little bit Amazon. So. Okay. So what extent should bartenders servers be held accountable for serving alcohol drunk people? So if you want to chime in on this, this is I find this to be extremely interesting, and I'm going to give my opinion, I'll give my legal opinion as well. When eight hundred seven sixty K from b one eight hundred seven sixty five three six two if you want to chime in or send us a message on Facebook. Facebook dot com slash lawyer in blue jeans. Okay. So this is a scenario that happened in Texas recently. There was a bartender in Texas, and she's being charged with a misdemeanor for serving an intoxicated plano man who went on a mass shooting spree killing eight people at a Dallas Cowboys watch party a horrific act now Lindsay Lindsay glasses. Her name. She's arrested in April thirtieth and charged with violating the Texas alcohol beverage cO, titled sailed certain persons, the code states, a person commits an offense if if the person with criminal negligence cells in alcoholics beverage to a habitual drunkard or intoxicated or insane person. Let that sink in for just a second person commits an offense, and the per- the part that I really don't like about law is they committed offense. If they sell an alcohol beverage to an insane person. How are we supposed to know someone's insane? Ooh. What are we really expecting bartenders servers to know that that doesn't make any sense to me? We're gonna move on. And I'll come back to that. Because I've a feeling that. Well, anyway, one eight hundred seven sixty K from be one hundred seven sixty five three six two. So the charge carries a fine about five hundred dollars or up to a year in jail or both whichever they decide the Texas alcohol beverage commission concluded a report last year that glass a bartender at a local public house in plano violated. The code by serving the suspect thirty two year old Spencer height after he displayed signs of intoxication at the bar. According to reports glass texted another bartender saying height was in the bar earlier that day. Of the mass shootings and quote had to Jin's and he only had two beers in shot when he came back. I think he was at another bar while he was gone right there. Kind of leads me to think maybe she didn't over serve them. Maybe she thought that he was over served somewhere else. Or maybe she thought he was okay. If it was a long over a long period of time, according to the medical examiner Spencer had an alcohol alcohol level in his blood four times the state legals limit when he drove to his strange wife's home and fatally shot her and seven other people Spencer high with killed by the police when responding to the call and investigators say glass should not have no should have known to not serve height. And police did say that glass did follow height to the home and called nine one one before leaving. But not soon enough. So she did actually alert the thirties. But according to an affidavit an agent with the Texas alcohol beverage commission said glass was trained and certified to identify and avoid the sale of alcohol to intoxicated customers, the affidavit states that gloss completed certifications approved by the Texaco hall beverage commission and glasses attorney was very critical of the charge. I agree. And I think it's it's well let me let me continue with this. And I'm going to we might have to take this up on the second or the other part of the break too. But right away. I'm not feeling great about this. Personally. I think that this guy went and did certain acts, and he was the one who is responsible for him. Can we? Definitively say that the alcohol was served motivated him or gave him the courage or made him do these terrible acts. Now, she the caveat to this too. Is that she knew him personally. And she she also sent a a picture, I believe or mentioned to her friend, the bartender that he was spinning knife on the bar, which would lead you to think that maybe he's a little unstable. Maybe he's not in the right frame of mind. And yes, she's at fault for serving him. The problem is those that does it really go to the fact or does it rise to the level of well, he's going to go kill people. Obviously, she didn't think that there's no way she could have thought that unless you really knew then that's a whole different charge because that'd be kind of like an accessory or something like that. But in this sense. Did she violate the the Texas alcohol board? Yeah. Probably, but should she be held liable for more than that? I don't know. I mean, she she didn't get sued civilly to by the family members, one eight hundred seven sixty and be winning hundred seven sixty five three six two. We have someone on Facebook. You said my feeling is that the bartender is responsible. They should use the available alcohol defectors and stop serving when person exceeds state limits, also take keys from the person. Well, he s and thank you for your comment, Donald Johnson. But I don't know about taking keys from a person you might have. And remember when these people are when you're going to cut them off these people are possibly intoxicated and people have lowered innovations and can be more aggressive when they're intoxicated so cutting someone off in general might be kind of a risky maneuver or some inherently risky thing because they might get aggressive taking their keys away. Oh, that's a whole nother story because then we're putting the responsibility of the bartender or the server or the manager of the. The establishment to prevent to to hold that person there. And there are ways that you know, when you have a company who don't want to if someone is stealing from a retail store, they have the ability to keep someone there until the police arrived while they do their investigation that is kind of put into the lobby really? Should we be asking our bartenders servers to do that too? I don't know that that seems like a little bit more on top of that more responsibility in an already not the best job. I've worked those jobs four two. I know what it's like to cut someone off. And it's it can be pretty uncomfortable. It can be pretty bad. So let's actually go to our last break, and we will pick this up on the other side. This is the lawyer in blue bluejeans show. We'll be back right after this. AM seven sixty talk and breaking news. Fifteen northbound.

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"Bitsy talking impressive Slough away with the meek rape ball that. You've got the here. The press. Fly out this hour. Young. South-east free sixty meals that can have. Got here. Willie Brown left off of about freedom. Point to Flink. Everybody on yelp. Ahead. Write the practice. Everything. We. Four. Your wife step up as simple when name only. Pinkus up say, I'm so so. Heavily say in on am. What's winning and then thinking, no? But swimming in Penn what you know, ain't Lynch and keep it off the one got mentioned going free Sal pension that he got the get keep real in that game. Flannel. Look, so bright, stop the smoking. Franken's brooklyn. But see thought in the game. They call me. Oh. If phrasing when I'm up in McCain got you feeling like saying that got you not you want to the heavy body one that come with China. Right. Winning. Have anything? Fray four. Brian. Komo. Komo many. Belly? Johnson brands. Got a. Got a house from the alley from farming. Got enough. Six too much to mom. Couches? Now the name. Dr. Yup. Everything. Get it. How come? Within you'll be if you brand. Probably. So you got right now the The cats. cats. Was. The. Only. Pop platinum. Don't call. Don't don't come with TV's. Don't. Over the. Two. What's that? For. Something. <music>? <music>? Snakes faithful. Someone. Someone on staff. Fun. Faithful. Someone. On. Fun. Someone be faithful you need somebody. Save me somebody who knows what you weren't only someone change somebody view. Chris somebody trust you need somebody who chased only someone. Russia. No, you run from all these feelings just can't say you win. When Israel king. I know what you those. So we could sing. She gave a hard. So me Chromos not to go. She was Sasha. About a smile on a face. Man never far before. Stress. You work so many Nikam throw enough. I love your shame really life. She might just show. No was. Just need someone. She just needs someone. Sneeze. Someone. Someone. On. Fun. Faye? Someone. On. You were more. Ever say never. Happy. Not a single. Gotcha. Donald. Johnson. Just. Footing. We go. Footing. That's. For. Keep up. Copy. But i'm. If they go t t may. If a nigga tall. She put them on. Smoking. My coffee. Fuck me. Hallway hit a buddy thoughts? Mri love me. But even. Take. Thanks. Take cliff. Four. Boy. Just. Footing. We don't. Footing. Just the only fill them. The walk me, fill them think film and money in still been. Phil, phil. No. Not for all. Things. Two. Hope. And. Com. It is. One. Also. But with. Sure. You still have. Thank. Whenever you. Two. For you. From the rule. So. If. Found a whole. Mr. Harry. That's from your soul. If. From the rule. Our? Can see this up on your. Floor. All. Announced tonight in like. From. Not. Excuse me cross. Kitts working. Me. Across in. We can. The three point rob. Spoonfuls run down. Little hayes. Cul trio all these join seem room. Song as we go from the floor. Robin. All key as she doing. Gosh. Don't think play it back may. Chamber. Doc. Up in the morning. Computer? Still winning. What? Shop. Knocking holly. Eight away scale. Twenty four seven. Trek spoil call it Koch the microphone for chat room. Robin. All as she gosh. Don't think back may. This is actually. Call a game school say going the ladies pop. Sean conversation role move me Philly where we don't. The con-. You went to bring. Baby girl hoax like she's still doggone peace. Catch you up. Up a motor skill. August. With the stepping with Brown. He'd drop in west coast. Cram like hell. White. Putting feel talk back. Trek back. With rapidly. All she stole think back may. Chabrol's stiffen EP. Mr bush. We serve almost three million patients seven thousand healthcare providers

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"Would you like? Peta cafe not too far from parliament Canadians who voted for Justin Trudeau in the last election are divided over their support. It's not an ideal position for liberals with the next election. Just a few months away in October. Do you think there's anything he can say to win back favor? He can say I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I shouldn't have done it. What date? Then you can move on. Justin Trudeau may try to do just that he is scheduled to directly address the situation at a press conference later today. Title feek. They are embracing all Kelly is in custody after a court hearing in Chicago for failing to pay child support and came hours after he gave an emotional interview on CBS denying charges of aggravated sexual abuse involving four alleged victims three of whom will minors, the BBC's, Peter bows in Los Angeles told us first about the latest legal development. This was a hearing to decide whether he should go to Joe because he hasn't paid child support payments to his former wife they have three children together. In fact, the judge in that case warned him a month ago that he he would go to prison if he didn't come up with more than one hundred and sixty thousand dollars in payments. This was a hearing that took place behind closed doors and after about an hour. We learned that. Indeed. Yes, he had been taken into custody. Once again, here's right now behind bars because he hasn't paid thought money his publicist was there Donald Johnson. And he. Explained quite simply the as far as he's concerned R Kelly is broke, and he hasn't been able to get any work because of the lawsuits that he's fighting. And that's why he hasn't made these payments as you know, he hadn't worked.

Justin Trudeau R Kelly Donald Johnson Peta Los Angeles Peter Chicago CBS BBC Joe sixty thousand dollars
R. Kelly back in custody after child support hearing

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R. Kelly back in custody after child support hearing

"They are embracing all Kelly is in custody after a court hearing in Chicago for failing to pay child support and came hours after he gave an emotional interview on CBS denying charges of aggravated sexual abuse involving four alleged victims three of whom will minors, the BBC's, Peter bows in Los Angeles told us first about the latest legal development. This was a hearing to decide whether he should go to Joe because he hasn't paid child support payments to his former wife they have three children together. In fact, the judge in that case warned him a month ago that he he would go to prison if he didn't come up with more than one hundred and sixty thousand dollars in payments. This was a hearing that took place behind closed doors and after about an hour. We learned that. Indeed. Yes, he had been taken into custody. Once again, here's right now behind bars because he hasn't paid thought money his publicist was there Donald Johnson. And he. Explained quite simply the as far as he's concerned R Kelly is broke, and he hasn't been able to get any work because of the lawsuits that he's fighting. And that's why he hasn't made these

Donald Johnson R Kelly Peter Los Angeles CBS Chicago JOE BBC Sixty Thousand Dollars
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"The signings of Kareem hunt by the Cleveland Browns yesterday as they make it official and John Dorsey met with the media. You heard from the Browns GM, and we played a couple of cuts back from him as he answered some questions about the hunt signing now we want to hear from you at eight five five two one two four two two. Let's go out to New Jersey Mussa talk to John LA listening on radio dot com. Johnny what's up? You got Taza Mussa. What's up, man? Hey, guys. Good morning. How are you? Hey, look, just completely confirmed. The fact that it's all about talent. Mark you said earlier whether a player comes back in the lead or not whether it's Kareem hunt or a Greg hardy getting back in the league or a Ray rice or Colin Kaepernick not back in the league. It's all about whether you can play to use the greatest Mussa's is the chance to squeeze right? This guy's back in because they know he can play. Then and it's nonsense about everybody deserves a second chance Ray rice deserve the second chance to. But guess what? Ray rice was shut. The twilight of his career. Three point seven yards. A carry is final year before he before the suspension was a little bit out of shape. According to most scout. So yeah, I mean, and it taken a had had generated a lot of carries at college at Rutgers. And it had a lot of touches. It is run with the Baltimore Ravens. I. Yeah. I mean, I only Tasman I disagree with you. I it really ultimately. That's the deciding factor is do you have the talent petite win. I didn't hear what you said earlier. But how long do you think he would be spended is gonna be more than the six game? Yeah. We think it's going to be more. John outta my gut tells me probably at least ten games, I think this is a big deal, especially just this day and age the way things are in our world. I just. What's that? On video or. Yeah. I mean, it's a horrible. You know, exactly. And this is only a year ago. The incident happened it happened on February twenty eighteen so, you know, it feels like it's a very fresh thing job. We appreciate the call. Why we didn't know? I mean, it's ultra fresh piece at the time TASR will last February. We're on the Airways. We are really know the severity or the serious this of it. I mean, it only came here when the video got released in November. That's right. That's right. Oh, I mean, it's even more fresh than that though. The incident train riot a year ago. But we really didn't know we knew about the incident we had heard about the incident. But there was no real clarity. In terms of what exactly transpired and we do know hunt. Lied to the chiefs right about the severity of it and the video came out and promptly within twelve hours of that video being released Kareem hunt was no longer chief twenty four hours. Yeah. I, and we we've talked a lot about it. What had happened when a video reset when video surfaced I should say of the horrible act of this young man did in that hotel that living area that LA the lobby of his hotel hotel away hallway looking elevator like type thing. But anyway, I think the chief state they caught him because like you said he they lied and then saw the video. It's like, wow, you're done ski. And this is when the chiefs alike, they were cook. And hunt was playing great great. But I you know, we we tipped off caps to the to the chief. Because it wasn't about football to them were winning. It was about doing the right thing. Let's go to Rishard Virginia Mussa talk to Victor victory. Rama tasmania? Most what's going on? Vic, what's up Victor? I know the victors once going twice, let's go to California. How about that? To Justin Justin, you're on with what's going on. Hey, how you guys doing gentlemen? What's up? What's up? Hey, I gotta Kareem hunt take. But I I gotta break from balls. So. Yeah. I mean, I I I've been with to the show for about four or five days now, actually. Wait, wait, wait, you been full five days a year over year? Yeah. You I know shoot I listened to after hours and stuff and the negative y'all comes out because I've worked graveyard shift too. So, you know. Appreciated check show last four or five days now, Daryl Johnston, bro, come on, man. You can be like the elk or something like that. Oh, hold on. Please. I can. That's my. Take. That's. The bus line shops that undeserving of the moose nickname. Are you kidding me? Oh, come on. Now. Before the one before before Johnston. Did I have it before? Now, I'm not as old as Donald Johnson. Oh, okay. Well, I thought I thought that that's what it was. So. Jobs. My name is is I didn't give myself the tag Joe bidding. Me now from this point forward as boost is call me. Did I looked up here? Legit. So. California you calling from. I'm calling from tiny little town called Hollister. Okay. What is your question statement or comment or grievance? So the cream hunting. I mean, you you just mentioned when you were talking to the last caller that that chiefs were trying to do the right thing. But I mean, they drafted creek kill and he's got. Yeah. He punched his pregnant bring in the stomach like, I mean, come on, man. Like, they're they're not trying to do the right thing. It's just because now he's an employee of the chiefs when this went down. So when a, you know, cherry hill, he was in college. In college. Yeah. Peyton I said the chiefs would Kareem hunt when they figured out that he lied to them that she's got rid of him. That's what they decided. So the chiefs are like everybody else where the thing is happening. If it happened when the Tremont was in college, they wouldn't care, obviously. Terrible. When he was in college. And it was video at this situation. You just and then we appreciate the call was video with the situation. Had this would happen. What Kareem hunt not to say that? There was any lies OB BSO, whatever about the Tariq hill situation. But and he was a college. I'm not sitting here saying that was the right thing. If that really did happen. I don't remember seeing any video of the three kill thing was less. I missed something. No, I don't I don't think there's video. I mean. But I mean, the the, you know, the report that's out there is I mean, it's disgusting. Of course. This complete. Yeah. I mean, so I I, you know, duchesse de behavior. The fact that was a video I think the fact that the kids that you sat down with Koreb HUD, Eddie lodge their face about the severity of the incident. I think they basically say well ads relationship. Yeah. I mean, I think that's what it came down to with with hunt to the Kansas City. Chiefs said whatever it is. I am I giving out any kind of trophies to Kansas City for handling in that situation. Properly. We've talked about the tyreek hill scenario did the right? Maybe he's talking about. What is I said, they did the right thing. That's all. But I mean, the NFL teams are going to look at at at players based on their talent level they'll deal with whether it be abusive behavior they'll deal with getting in trouble with the law. They'll deal with their bid baby. Issue of of having to deal with day to day out. Maybe not being the easiest guy in the locker room. If that guy can help them with football games. Ultimately, that's really the deciding factor beat NFL teams have determined ultimately fans. Don't care, right. Okay. Okay. Ultimately, they don't care the, you know, their kids city chief fans run around with tyreek hill Jersey's a Casey right now. Chanting cheetah every time he catches the ball. They're going to be Cleveland Browns fans next year, then are going to invest in a Kareem hunt jersey, right? Once he once he suits up in place of the Cleveland Browns. People have determined that were cowboy fans that were celebrating when Greg. Yeah. What side and brought in for the Dallas Cowboys didn't care. What happened when he was a member of the Carolina Panthers. They've taught Greg hardy could help get to the quarterback and make that defense better at being a dominant defensive lineman Ma put the play by anybody. I'm not saying that the fans are here to play our fault. But ultimately what fans want or football tech? They want to watch their players that want to watch their team's win an NFL teams have the understanding where it's not gonna affect their bottom dollar. If they bring guys aboard that have checkered background or abusive behavior. If those guys can help them win football games. Ultimately, that's the deciding. Factor. That's why he has a job so quickly in the NFL. These the Browns at John Dorsey figured the prophet. Doesn't care. They wanna win. Yeah. Well, agreed. I would just so people understand that call was a little confused. Okay. What I say what I what I said was the chiefs did the right thing in regards to cut ties and and bust them out of his contract and cutting and getting rid of cream hunt. Okay. At that time the chiefs swirl they weren't like I said they were they were kicking ass and hunt was a massive ponder offense of success. And they didn't stall most, you know, the state they won't stay the video. Like, we just said they they knew he lied to them. And they saw the video is so how horrible the video was. And then they instantly. They didn't say, well, we're gonna investigate we're going to see what happens we've seen that over the years teams do that in all sports. What is the problem with a guy and a stall there was no stalling? So that's why I get what the caller is saying about three kill. Okay. But that's why I said that's one of the fed my comment. Okay. That's why I said what I said. Okay. When about that that that they did the right thing the chiefs and cut hunt right away. The guy was getting. You always at a clip. I mean, you know, he was he was destroying defenses and they didn't stop. They got rid of him. And that was it. So, you know, maybe they learned from the backlash to recall. I don't know. He wasn't in the organization that he wasn't on the team. He was at college. And there was a video of unless unless I'm missing something I exchange most you don't put the Tariq hill thing. I don't think there's any video of it. I from what we understand why I don't I think they looked at it as being a gamble. Those were taken for a for a player that they thought could help the different speaker offensively coming out of college. And and then he got to the comparisons yesterday in terms of of you know, Kareem haunted. How does he have a job in the NFL and a guy like Colin Kaepernick does not have a job in the National Football League? Listen, we're looking at an apples and oranges comparison. It's not a true blue comparison. If you want to look at it, and you want to be real, and you want to be genuine. We've all said you, and I ties that kala Capri deserves to be to have an opportunity to compete for starting quarterback job in the national football. That's as talented and gifted enough to play in the National Football League out. Here's the difference here. Right. He is not this is not this difference making talent. That teams right now believe that they can bring them in and that he is going to quit and make a team. That's a four win team. All the sudden into an eight or nine when team they don't look at Colin Kaepernick in that style, and fashion, and I don't I don't wanna hear about what he did with San Francisco at harbor on the forty Niners and unbelievable defense. And I believe the one number one and number two rush offense in the National Football League. Saw capital was good. I get it. But the league also started at just his style and fashion which he played. But here's the other issue. Has anyone be real here? Here's what it is. Colin Kaepernick, affi- FX, the business model the NFL. I mean, there's there's nothing wrong with him. You know, I believe everyone has a right to if you want to take a knee during the course of the national anthem protests injustice to the African American community of all for it. I'm all for positive change in our society, and those that are trying to bring about we both are positive. Absolutely. And that's what Colin Kaepernick is trying to do. And he's doing it peacefully. And he's. He's invested his time. He's invested his money. And I think it's great. I think all the accolades that go colleague capital or well-deserved. But here's the issue for the National Football League for the National Football League. People were looking at what Colin Kaepernick did a large majority of fans as being disrespectful to the American flag. And so their business model was being affected. So they no longer wanted. These story lines of taken a knee during the national anthem and everything the like that with it..

Kareem hunt chiefs National Football League Colin Kaepernick football Cleveland Browns Ray rice Greg hardy California Kansas City Kareem hunt jersey John Dorsey Baltimore Ravens Taza Mussa Rutgers New Jersey Mussa Johnny Daryl Johnston Kareem John LA
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"donald johnson" Discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

"The lowest you can they've done really cleverly is the only animal you compare. So people are not look, and they kind of pet them. And then they compact the lines tiger in London. For the Tigers in the zoos backstage to the backside. Jay, talking just relaxing. It'd be right, right. Today. And then you stick some meat through still staying character. Do they even? I'm Brian do. They really go for you look directly in the end. They realized they would eat you. If you go in there with. What was it like feeding good? Very exciting. I reckon if you wrote to London zoo, they'd let me feed a tiger. Yeah. Do you think that let me write another front? Let me fuck a penguin. How much money you how much money you have to give London zoo just want five minutes in the penguin? Just blind on ten. While I do see things this language. You don't see it? And there's no problems. Just in cash penguin school. I say he will be forever traumatize. We're just one penguin. See that makes me feel bad because you'll being horrible to a penguin. I'm going to block here. Now daring to say that me wanting to fuck a pain. Is a bad thing. You're the bad one for saying his pants. That's my getting murky now, I'm a bit. This is what is this game? Records from we. We're not gonna go for much longer because I've just completed a circle. My move goal is chief how did that happen? I've just literally move my home. Is. Very very poor. Just check with. There was something. I wanted to talk to you about. You when you eight O goodwill. You Joe groin Mus. Mike. It sounds salacious for some was making his own. Yes. I did. I he's trying to dance dance dance. I used to be don't now I'm not because I was terrible. But I I I didn't for light Starlight express skate school and things like that. So I was like I was I was kind of course, line good enough. And being a bigot thinking, oh, I can do this. I didn't warm up properly and in a class before skate school banged down into splits without warming up and ripped my groin. And I heard it go. Like three metallic kind of sounds, and they had to lift me up and used to the splits when the lifted you, and I was crying, and it really hurt and I had to go and have intensive physio. And then the whole side turned because you have turn out as you have to have an ultra Turner, and this whole side turned in. And that's that was me Donald Johnson. Has has your growing going fine? My ever. Nobody we it was a blessing in disguise because I was a shit dancer, and I'm kind of a mediocre act. Mike money of acting. But I would never have done out because you know, you have to give up when you like thirteen like such as short lived career. An unless you're absolutely amazing. You're always only going to be course, or. It's never going to be like bringing is is a more more competitive, isn't it than being dance is. But I think also with an actor is gonna solve harder to win if you're done so you can dance. Yes. Sort of quantifiable in a way. Quantifiable whereas with an actor who can do it. And you might be the best action the word and never go in for the indignant, man. Someone goes oh fucking now. Coming back to look what's this fucking fucking par show. Okay. Garwin Dignam was that come on to. I think you've really to indignant indignant the pull it back side. Man, repressed, the let's. Iowa to clues in acting. Lexi's. Always give them everything..

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"Brett Aldridge honored. Freddie. Mercury by releasing a cover of queen's crazy little thing called love. Here's a clip. Congratulations to Jake Owen. He's going to be a dad again with his girlfriend Erica they are expecting their first child together CMT announced their next women of country twenty nineteen class. The group includes Lauren dusky, Neil towns and Rachel Womack. I'm we're gonna ever too skinny showdown head. This story comes from Fairbanks Alaska, two men were arrested after they broke into a shop and stole nineteen thousand dollars worth of goods. Only problem is one of them was out on bail had an ankle monitor from the court and put him right there. The crime scene GPS p we added get you get you. Oh. That your bone historic day. It's time for the good news. So this nine year old kid, Alex? He saw a news story last year about a person who got out of the hospital was discharged, and then had to wait at the bus stop in the snow wearing their hospital gown and socks and really cold. And like didn't have a hat on their head or anything keep warm, so he enlisted help from three generations of his family. They all know how to admit and they made warm hats for anybody that needs one. So he was inspired by the new story. And then did something about it. And now, they call the whole thing Alex's warm hat projects and he's made over three hundred hats. I love the name right to the point. Yeah. I love that. He did it. That's awesome. That's where it's all about right there. That was telling me something good about the bone show. We have this game called AMI versus lunchbox where I ask gave me four three questions that most dudes we get I asked lunchbox three questions that most women will get. Yeah. I mean, I am era. I read boxes. Winning four to one season. Creed to hit theaters this weekend. What was the name of the original lead actor who plays a Donald Johnson? In creed. Like wasn't aim of the lead act. This is a confusing question is this creed actually place creed. He's in parenthood. He's the kid impairment of the the boy parenthood. I don't know his name. But. The person who plays creed. Right, right. The most confusing question to ask that question. Lunchbox? You can still Michael b Jordan. I I remember when I saw some ad for it. I was like full Michael Jordan's in Crete. But then I realized different guy. Any what's the usual amount of oil that a car.

Alex Jake Owen Donald Johnson Brett Aldridge Michael b Jordan Freddie Lauren dusky Fairbanks Alaska Michael Jordan CMT Rachel Womack Erica Crete nineteen thousand dollars nine year
Boys rescued from Thai cave are recovering well in hospital

Steve Scaffidi

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Boys rescued from Thai cave are recovering well in hospital

"Wisconsin senator district wtmj reporting that the district is terminating cfo jeff sink avec also getting rid of its vp of sales and marketing trays good row the changes come as the bradley center of course is starting to dissipate steve marsh will become the new cfo of the wisconsin center district originally with the bradley center that according to the district confirming that's wtmj much more on this developing story throughout the day today the changes coming to the district the wisconsin senate district by the way runs the convention center and the milwaukee theatre right there new where the new milwaukee arena theaters history is now underway the eighteen day ordeal is now officially over in northern thailand all twelve boys and their soccer coach have made it out alive of that flooded cave the crews that were in there with them now also out crews have been racing to get the soccer team out before monsoon unrein's we're going to move in later this week bbc correspondent jan johnson is reporting that there's been such complex or operating everyone breathing a big sigh of relief now the strength and resilience and self belief of those boys the skill and determination of the expert case diva's who came to rescue it's a phenomenal feat of endurance and a daring rescue operation that's being carried off successfully against such difficult off the boys are quarantined there hoped to be reunited with their families soon some have been able to see family members through glass many of them also asking for food all kinds of food asking for anything they can get their hands on they also want to go to the world cup final in russia where they've actually been invited to go at ten doctors say that's not going to happen they'll have to settle in watch it on tv perhaps so they'll be able to see some type of a big game manchester united expressing it's really manchester united now offering all involves not only those that were trapped in the cave but the crew is well to come see a game of theirs in the future weeks escorted by vice president mike pence the new supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh at the capital he's meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and others expected to meet with senator ron johnson at some point as well johnson praising the president selection of cavenaugh adding that even if the president gets indicted in goes before the supreme core cavenaugh would avoid a conflict of interest law article on this is very well informed and written in a good time with shows his impartiality on on the subject so i for my own standpoint i see no reason why he'd have to recuse himself on come before the supreme court senator tammy baldwin is expressing reservations hasn't made any decisions yet senator johnson says he's pleased that she is taking her time with a snap decision the fight fight over the future of milwaukee's troubled north division high school is continuing recall the reaction what's north division to become a community controlled school a group from that part of milwaukee that would be an effective school board for that school longtime education reporter ellen bore success would probably require either state legislative approval or a high degree of cooperation with the monarchy school board and the teachers union and frankly that's not gonna happen doors division as a tendency and enrollment issues plus an eighteen percent dropout rate and graduates just three of ten kids in four years g miller wtmj news the brewers keep the push on to get their first baseman hey suzanne guitar into next week's all star game the brewers are all the paying fans to vote for heyzer saying killer the smart thing for example they bought coffee for fans for voting gm david stearns approves horford to have it on having on our team and i think it's important for us in organization for us as a community for us as a fan base to recognize what he's done for us and to be able to reward him acropora with the deserving recognition which is to be in the all star game it could be celebrated among the best players in baseball david stearns against donald johnson's morning news earlier today doug russell wtmj sport all star game one week from tonight sports traffic and weather next w teams news time eleven.

Wisconsin Jeff Sink Senator CFO Vp Of Sales Eighteen Percent Eighteen Day Four Years One Week
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"donald johnson" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"All right the knights templar they've been partially sucked half sucked more sucking to come gonna keep stuck in these dudes secombe so hard fascinating stuff man this is definitely one of those weeks where i found myself i had to kind of like you know pull myself off of research on like oh it's already getting too complicated but there's so many things i want to learn about big thanks to the time suck team harmony village camp jesse donor reverend dr josh crow back filling a little bitter at least alex dugan the bill extra team danger brain eric radical queen of the suck lindsey cummins thanks donald johnson's for sending in some of the temple dates to look into and for beamer senate in a of conspiracies for me look into for part two and part two coming up this friday so it's the bonus we'll look into the fall of the knights templar various conspiracies still float around about him conspiracies like a like templars being killed because they had sacred knowledge and proof of christ bloodline and marriage to mary magdalene they reference that actually my favorite graphic novel series of all time pre by garth ennis talk about a little bit about this anyway the knights templar made it to america a hundred years before columbus and hit treasurer and places like oak island that's a theory knights templar hid the holy grail hid vast amounts of treasure and even the mummified head of jesus the knights templars still around they're still they're still around they're working with freemasons and luminosity to establish a new world order that's conspiracy my favorite twist on that one is the original medieval guys were still alive some of those original guys are still alive they're immortal like like highlanders thanks to the holy grail which gives them immortal power a power that it so much whack a doodle to explore in addition to wrapping up their historical tale it's gonna be fun last thing real quick before updates if any of you use love using one of the products we've advertised here on time selleck if you've hopped onto one of our promo codes acquired something you enjoy for a nice price please email us about your experience the bojangles at times like podcast dot com testimonials help us not only get new but the right sponsors for.

dr josh crow lindsey cummins columbus treasurer oak island highlanders selleck alex dugan donald johnson mary magdalene garth ennis america hundred years
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"donald johnson" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"The but he's not good it those are key good point is he's not good at it george as anymore here now tool for fifth all i know who's worth there he we want for two s for his last loosely asia short all just they'll make your right no it makes it right because i'm right george all i know is he brought it up yesterday on his little top ten lives key let me ask you a question on good trip infringement any rope and he's wrong scores cob day albany hit yesterday in this are running that he went out there and he hit a shot to send them in overtime that's all them and then what happened only at each end of the double overtime take the shot in double overtime he steel hit the shot to take him in overtime solemn saint deaths at still take a memo brother let me ask you this queue if you had a chance to catch a gamewinning touchdown and what if you only caught two of your last fifteen did they probably not gonna go to me that's not true there are still going to go you because your cash donald johnson up early go get cut richard leakey chargeurs if you can drop in order to crucial situation he used by the way way he used to be doing way still that do man it will be we've got you can't compare his shots the market drop there's that is offers while there there's not as minute the frequency isn't necessarily he say me that he still that do george miami obviously feels that way otherwise he wouldn't have the ball at situation boiled not once but twice okay can i speak for one second came ups years old.

donald johnson richard leakey chargeurs asia george miami one second
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"donald johnson" Discussed on PURE ROCK RADIO Originals

"To make can doughnuts are always trash i made the unless we make them at least quite simply day can make the doughnuts king guidance like supermarket lead it's time to make the doughnut a skull fifty but i don't his own gold or all kind can make the tone i may cook donald johnson doughnuts up to 52 varieties fresh they in no supermarket can say this is this is pitfall the smash hit the splash hit video game by activation that everybody wants for the atari video computer system with scorpions tarp it's a rolling logs with uh with underground passages in cobra rattlers with uh with swamps humprey klokot isles in lots more don't miss pitfall the smash hit that everybody wants get it before they're all gone pitfall designed by david krane don't don't miss miss it it jio her eloquence a each will drop okay scrum you're purchasing repairs are purged saad new pools rues saw out small call outlook you'll slow era you would ask the me the power of the dark side by robotic loans condition hill bolden could give a dream of java word who rule saw the result of the burden could spoil gabor soft not to be good eyes morgan yu but my old master roux that is correct jabba what says i demonstrate that power up that site with my lungs did you there you're not indian disdain rhianna tell me about than all the people know what what burnaston with talking about living hitting the.

donald johnson computer system david krane bolden atari morgan yu power up