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"donald flacco" Discussed on Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy  | Pop Culture

Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy | Pop Culture

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"donald flacco" Discussed on Clock Dodgers Podcast - Motivation | Fantasy Football | Comedy | Pop Culture

"I don't get too crazy about the quarterbacks you guys know. I have no issue drafting quarterbacks late. I'm not there early quarterback kind of guy. It's not my thing. I understand if it is your thing. That's fine i'd rather find value elsewhere. It's too volatile for me. The guy who's the best quarterback last year could be the fifth. Sixth seventh eighth best next season is just not my thing. So i do tend to draft quarterbacks late malate quarterback kinda guy And so you know in those leagues. Don't you're not ever gonna care about marcus. Mariota or joe flacco. Because you're never have to use them. The league's not deep enough in terms of quarterbacks. Ever have to worry about it you know. Even the starters were to get hurt. You probably still wouldn't need these guys. Is that kind of situation in those leagues but in super flex it's a different ball game and in those leagues super flexi marcus mariota and joe flacco should be on rosters no question. They deserve to be drafted. If there if you're gonna start a draft or superplex someone's rostrum these guys. You can go. Choir them for the cheap because their backups to everybody But as he reflects you know it's gonna be a little more difficult just because of the fact that that team who who's roster and now knows that. Hey if their cards injured or jalen hurts gets injured. These guys are the ones that are going to step in. I'm you know. I'm more excited. Marcus mariota rather than joe flacco. Joe flacco fan. Even if jalen hurts was to get hurt. I really wouldn't joe flacco. I'd hope that haven't better option but margaritas more exciting to me. Because when derek carr got injured and marietta played that game he looked good. He'll good was he perfect. No they look good. He brought totally different. You know Ability to the offense and totally different attack to the offense. And i liked it. So i'm not going to ignore either. One of these is a marcus. Mariota focuses if you're in a superplex league if you're not gonna worry about it This is for superfly answers but outside of injury neither one of these guys see the field so this is nothing where you're going to hear you. I'm gonna throw a starter to get mariota. Nah so that kind of game mariota's qbr like the other thing about dicey you thinking about what these guys donald flacco but again mariota. He's a free agent xidan. Which indac- leagues. I wouldn't ignore it. I really emotional crazy. But i don't think mariota's back quarterback i think he gets another chance i do. I think he could have got another chance this season. If the if he was staying with the raiders like he's better than any dalton. I think he is. I believe he is. And i believe team. If they're going to sign any daltons that some of these other guys that against sign they would start. Amac marcus mariota. He would fight his way to the job. Trust me trust me. So if you're he's not a bag out of have even outside of the backup quarterback thing freezing neck sees is not going to be behind car for long so he's not but he's not a bad move bad not a bad strategy. You could do worse than your team if you do worse things. Are you the other things you could be doing. That are way worse and this is just to stay active in the off season team. Fresh keep moving pieces around these these account places you look you. Look for my davis. Is you look for the josh reynolds. You look for the marcus mariota. Those are the moves that are easy to make know in the offseason while people were sleeping behind the wheel or people aren't excited about them because they're thinking about the players that are coming into the draft the rookies or they're thinking about the free agent. You know stud star signs a word yet. A follow on social media. Clock dodgers twitter instagram. Subscribe to the podcast. Scribes always be kind be great.

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"donald flacco" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"donald flacco" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"All right. After those Dodgers Padres yank it was you know, when I asked $10 bet on the Astros on the money line, they got up 7 to 4. And like the eighth inning, it was $10. It was going to pay 19. They were offering these 16 59 to cash out. I had a little gut feeling like you know what? This is enough for me. I cashed out, so I took $10 and turn it into $16.60. And look what happened. Right? And I was speaking earlier, too. Like the big picture stuff some of our listeners right now, in terms of the value of fuses the look. You know, I've said this since day one. I It is those back. We talked about this trading places. The legendary movie. Of Eddie Murphy, Dan Accurate and Randolph in Mortimer, explaining Billy Ray Valentine. What they do with Billy Ray Valentine. First comment was Sounds to me like you guys are a couple bookie with its trading market. I mean, you hear guys out here they bought summat three sold some of 3.5. You know, they talk like it's a commodity and essentially is so like I have three laptops out and I have a five TV man cave and you got your day trader essentially and a lot of these guys have the similar setups. And if you're playing the market, you're creating position. And I have a buddy who's out here. Professional better. Yes, he used to work at the Merc in Chicago back in the day many years ago, and he just looked at it like the same concept and derivative trading for those who are in the finance world, like creating your own props. You're taking stuff is not, it is not as buying areas like buying and selling stocks. If you're creating portfolio and leverage and heading position, and that's what these crops are doing like For example, I pouted LeBron minus 1 15 minus $2 away. M v p. I can playback Miami. I can play back 85 or six the one managing your portfolio you basically created. Ah! Derivative and you took you head your position in this case, such a binary outcome. If you win or lose in baseball on because they had no clock. It's hard to project. What can happen in his baseball crazy like that right now. I got to tell you to move your position around. I did, and I took a little bit of profit had I struggle stayed with it. I would have lost but had I stayed with it. They would have wanted was worth an extra $2. I can't begin to tell you the dirty names that Chris Black and Adam of dollar were calling me. Throughout the course of that game for cashing out a $10 bet for $16.59, but well, you know what you also did You have the fact that this and you don't have to pay the handy man to come and fix the hole in your wall that you would've punched their law Nobody ever got But it's your own and you know what you can sometimes play back half and since they put up a line between every pitch, you gotta play back half and let's say the Astros. Excuse me, the A's Cracked a couple more runs across. Then you can head Maura now, not in the same payout of plus 16 50. But here, at least, you're just it's not that simple of yea or nay, you have a million options. You bet on the AIDS to score that inning. Right. So if you're in the seventh inning or whatever it is, you're up seven. Whatever you Khun, You could bet on them to score that inning. Or maybe, plus score over. 2.5 runs that inning at like 5 to 1 or whatever, and still try to hit both create kind of middle of the hall. And and just different. You can kind of thread the needle right after after this water will talk about his fantasy football team than his golf game. Let's let's get some winners for our listeners. I mean, we've been talking for 10 minutes here, and we know I like the first half under. I'm about to play that on draftkings so Let's talk about the rest of the NFL slate. First of all the New England game is that is that still on Abed Herbal game, and is there anything you could take advantage of, because they're not practicing if the game goes off? Right. So that game is off the board, as is the Tennessee Buffalo Game Titans game or lightly to be postponed last canceled, So that's off the board, actually, a couple of places the Baltimore game. Is off the board. But that injury related thing with Lamar Jackson Baltimore's hosting Cynthy, and that game has been off the boards. So a lot of moving pieces in this but we kind of knew this. Obviously, we got a taste. With it with the baseball season, the non bubble sports that we kind of knew to expect the unexpected and certain books had different sort of options. They don't like refunding tickets at all so like this year Like the Patriots game last week, was supposed to be on Sunday that moved on Monday. In the old days, some fine printed books would say, you know, game has to be played the same then you on the same day here is like anything goes so all those tickets that were like chief's minus seven, even though they closed is a 12 point favor with the Q B switch. Those letters just got lucky. You got a good number of the other people, Maybe throughout the course of a season will come out wash. But right now, those two games are off the board as the Baltimore game because of the unknown status of Lamar Jackson. He's one of those valuable guys. The point spread among the top players. Holmes is up there. Russell Wilson's up there. The oddsmakers early in the week are taking things a little bit more cautiously. What about some of these huge spreads between teams? I do you like Which games? Do you like most? I mean, I'm seeing one games. 11.5 another game. 7.5 another games. 12. Another game. 7.5 another games nine another games nine. To me, It seems like there's so many big numbers that you've taken advantage of any of those. Well, it's hard because you're basically what we like to call it paying attack and that and that's the problem. You have to pay a tax on these scenes because the Giants and Jets looks so bad, I mean the cowboy's heir own for eight. The only when they got out right with that ridiculous come back against the Falcons and the onside kick, yet they're laying nearly double digits. Now they're playing the Giants, who haven't scored a touchdown in three games or whatever it is, so they've been ridiculous. Now. The jet Are hosting a team that lost back to back games. But they're getting seven. But the Jets are relegated to Joe Flacco. But the line didn't move a ton with the news from Donald Flacco and And Waddle. Second go talk about Caesar's. I think this is a Caesar weekend. I think you have the right situations where you can go through those numbers of 73 that I talked about so you could take Arizona down the one You take the Steelers down the one at home against the Eagles, I thought caught a huge break with Nick Mullen just being terrible. Last week. Eagles made some plays. But come on that they should not have won that game and we also got a Kirk cousins alert on prime time. He's on the road Sunday night at Seattle. Now the CEO of a defense so bad I can't lay the seven because the Vikings have some weapons, but always the one in the Beezer. So I guess I asked you this bottle. Are we being duped? With Arizona's opening win? Lucky, and we're being cool that they're keep thinking. They're a good team because they lost back to back weeks at home to Detroit and then on the road to Carolina. You know, I like Cuyler Murray on I like the addition of DeAndre Hopkins and early on they have been really exciting. I think that they're still finding their way and defensively. Obviously, they've got to get a whole lot better. But I wouldn't go away from just yet. I think there is still trying to define who they are. But I think they're they're a team that I would probably personally stay away from..

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