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137 - Madame Delphine LaLaurie: How Evil Was She?

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137 - Madame Delphine LaLaurie: How Evil Was She?

"If you've ever gone on a haunted tour of New Orleans like I have you're bound to stop the former residents of one Madame del Fien LA Lurie, the spooky haunted house music, located eleven forty Royal street. The lottery mansion as it's now known is just one short block off the bourbon street of New Orleans, mardi gras infamy breasts and beads alcohol and carpet diem lottery mansions, a swanky looking structure in the French quarter. That currently is a private residence that no one is believed to actually live in its emptiness certainly adds to its Irina Ted its fair share of owners over the years. No, one seems to stay long actor Nicolas Cage recently owned and then lost it to the Bank during a bankruptcy proceeding and current anonymous owner bought it at an auction for for round two and a half million dollars back in two thousand ten I wanted to say, it's really creepy looking place. But I think it only appears creepy to me because of what I've heard has happened inside its walls, some say like my. Ghost tour guide. The lottery mansion is the most haunted place in all of New Orleans. A city known amongst goes honors as a land of many, many huntings New Orleans consistently makes or tops varies internet list of the most haunted cities in America over the years. There have been numerous supposed paranormal sightings in the lottery mansion such as one occupant claiming to have an attack by naked black men in chains. Then ended his mysterious assault by just abruptly vanishing. Others have claimed to have heard the sounds of animals being butchered inside the house children have been allegedly attacked by a phantom with whip strange figures wrapped in shrouds have suddenly appeared inside the home one occupant. Young mother was once terrified to find a woman in elegant evening clothes bending over her sleeping infant before vanishing into thin air and there've been all kinds of claims hearing screams, groans and cries throughout the night, our tour guide told my wife Lindsey is that he himself had had seen apparitions peering into windows several different times. I remember standing on Royal street across from the mansion goosebumps. Cover. My arms are guide also spoke of strange accidental deaths that have happened over the years to those who have dared walk on the sidewalk in front of the house all these tales real or just baseless ghost stories repeated to sell more haunted tour tickets, and why this house at of all the creepy homes. New Orleans was about a thousand homes, the qualifies great place to film, a horror movie, why this location we learned on the axe man, suck of New Orleans, months and months ago. Plenty of horrific shit has happened in a variety of other New Orleans homes. So again, why is the residents of Madame Delphine lottery supposedly haunted or the answer takes us even darker possibilities and haunting here's an example of what a New Orleans ghost tour guide may tell you about the horse. Some volunteer firemen may have encountered in the lottery home caught fire on April tenth eighteen thirty four. This is a a guide speech referenced in the book. Madame mad Madam Lowery New Orleans. Most famous murderous revealed when I read this book, I immediately. That the authors, Victoria, kosner love and Laura lie. Shannon may have had the same tour guide that I did this tour guides depiction of what the firemen who arrived at Madame Delphine supposed house a horse is going to be extremely graphic. The firemen broke down the doors and found a scene more hellish than the inferno on the lower floors. These strong men used to gore and carnage backed out of the room, shaking and wretched some could not stop themselves from vomiting at last the firemen claimed calmed themselves along with some of Lowery's neighbors. They went into the attic to save the poor wretched creatures that they had discovered everywhere. The firemen look they saw chain slaves. Some were naked in some nearly dead. The stench of fear, sweat and human waste with stomach-turning. But what the firemen saw was infinitely worse all of the slaves have been outrageously mutilated abused or starved one woman had her skin peeled in a spiral around and around her body. So she resembled Macab, Caterpillar one. Man and one woman appeared to have had crude a crude sex change operation performed on them her breasts were sloppily sewn onto his chest and his penis sewn to her crotch another man chained to the wall had a hole drilled into his head maggots crawled in and out of an open wound a woman had Oliver bones broken and reset at different angles. So that she resembled a nightmarish crab when the doors burst open. She scuttled to a corner to hide shrieking out a high hideous barking sound buckets of body parts litter the room several of the slaves perished when rescuers tried to move them. Others fainted from the shock one woman blind with terror jumped to her death from the window. Well, fuck is going on in the lottery home. These firemen stumble across the, you know, some evidence of maybe the worst treatment of slaves or just human beings in general in American history, which is saying a lot or. Or is the tale of Madame Delphine Lowery. You an example of one of the worst cases of slander in American history as some historians suspect which would also be saying a lot or the truth as it often is somewhere in the middle. We're gonna find out today today, we dive into the folklore surrounds the life of Madame Lowery, which leads us into an examination of life in New Orleans in the early nineteenth century and sends us into the world of voodoo hoodoo laws regarding the treatment of New Orleans slaves. The war of eighteen twelve and much much more while we may never know exactly where the line between fact and fiction is drawing detail the dark tale of Madame lottery. We know for sure that her story is an interesting one, which is why she is our topic of the week today on time suck. Happy Monday, suckers, work can wait. It's time for time. Suck hail Nimrod. Loose a phenom bojangles. Hey, you're cool to what about triple m. What about triple m summers here? And that means so is y'all rock and who's the captain of the yacht. Rock cock yacht. Michael motherfucking McDonald that to shown Swede Friel shine a lot on me by you all the magic, you'll run Votto be all sweet freedom Keira me along bump bump, I will keep the spirit of who. Hanno bump out of. Who just gave myself? I was all over the fucking note the music map on that one. I started started in the key of f minor I went into the key of c plus plus, and then I went into the little known key of ace, lash F squared. Just, you know, just showing short awesome skills. That's a tricky one man days. A tricky one man that song if you're feeling sad, by the way, find that YouTube on that video on YouTube, Michael McDonald, Billy, crystal, Gregory Hines so much joy Goodall running scared. Classic soundtrack song in the videos is great. When the video was done back. When the when the singers would be in the video with the stars of the movie, they would film it like in locations from the movie a love that kind of stuff. Sorry about that buzz. That was me hitting something. I shouldn't as me put my hand on a on a cable where I shouldn't have. But yes, that's a tricky one tricky one. But it's been it's been a long time since you got McDonalds, and I wanted to try Dan conference a master sucker. Third chair keytar for the triple m backing band can see Michael McDonald's this summer, and you know, if something if you get sick, maybe maybe I could fill in. I could work on it. You know, if I if I could master this song, I could probably mass with the others. Sure. Frit? That's where I should've started. It's going to be my head. If I don't get it out. Sure, we real. Shahram burp pump. You wrote? That's how you're supposed to fucking do. It. Oh, I love challenges stories at challenge. But can be fun. Let's make learning fun today. More cool updates at the end today show. They're always cool, but the past few weeks of an extra extra special sugar on top cherry on top of the sugar. 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Average on words is about forty fucking percent right now. But you gotta tip the hat to the homeland of the suck. It also felt right to acknowledge time suck dedication to the truth. Which is a group effort as you guys know, we do our best here to tell you the story of the week to the best of our ability, and then collectively you glorious listeners catch mistakes, and you correct them getting to the truth can be extremely difficult. Finding stuff online. A lot of books. Not all of them are accurate off a lot of websites. Very few of them are accurate, and we we couldn't be accurate consistently or as consistently as we are. Without you, meet sack fact checker, so he'll Nimrod and began lose to FINA this torso. Topper made a two hundred percent. Theo Sahfiqul truth. Crystal for one hundred percent mount Shasta, the Mirian battle armor for enhanced awareness, an extra dimension of astral plane projection. Why can I say things like that correctly? If I gave like a new age speech, I feel like I'd be neyland shit. And then if someone was like, hey, can you give me your dress? I live on this state of Idaho street, I-, coordinating, happy what? Okay. Let's get some history. Let's get to some horror. And and see what else we get to with today's tale. It is time now for Madame Delfi. We're gonna we're gonna go quick in today's timeline. No, dick and around the the context. Madam Lowery's life will come up or Ganic as we March forward. Fhu. Slavery war gonna get into all kinds of surrounding interesting contextual ship as we examined the life of someone by by primarily examining the lives of those around her. Since surprisingly little was written about giant chunks of the life of someone who's become so infamous get to it. Wrap on those boats soldier where Martin down a time summertime lie. Talk about Maria del phen- Lowery who we think was born in seventeen eighty seven. It's important to know about the social and political circumstances of Louisiana previous twin lot of relive. Their lottery was born New Orleans was still city in the Louisiana territory. Talk about that territory. How about you come back to sixteen eighty two with me that year people were way grocer the now because bikini wax and good shampoo and scientifically hand skin products hasn't been created yet. No one ever applied sunscreen or use legitimate toothpaste ever picture that when you hear about somebody beautiful from back, then kind of beautiful beautiful with fucking Brown teeth and leather skin also in sixteen eighty two Louisiana territory. Not the American state was founded by French explorer, Rene, Robert cavalier, Sierra de LaSalle named it in honor of the French king. Louis the fourteenth, it originally covered an expansive territory that included most of the drainage basin of the Mississippi. River stretch from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Appalachian nailed it mountains to the rocky mountains. However, just because Kelly had claimed a great deal of territory North America didn't necessarily mean that all of it was developed or even inhabited by Europeans. The biggest settlements were Nolan's found in seventeen eighteen Quebec founded in sixty eight and Montreal founded in sixteen forty two while the French had Fords from Florida to Wisconsin. There just weren't that many Europeans in North America. Two and a half million estimated population of North America in seventeen seventy five and most of those people were in major metropolitan areas, like Philadelphia, New York City. It's estimated that around seven thousand euro Pean immigrants settled in Louisiana during the eighteenth century, not a lot a number one hundred times lower than the number of British colonists on the Atlantic coast because everything being spread out. It was relatively hard to defend territory that you'd claimed especially if you were already fighting wars at home as Louie the fourteenth was fast forward. Seventeen fifty six the seven years war begins and includes every great power in the western world. But basically the rundown is that it's England versus France was pressure Portugal. Small German states coming in on England side, France getting a little backup from the holy Roman empire, Russia Spain, some historians. Call this war World War zero because of its unprecedented at the time global scale sw, what happened now who conflict well conflict between a Great Britain and France broke out in seventeen fifty four last between seventy four seventy fifty six when the British attacked disputed French positions North America starting with the British ambush of a small French force at the battle of. Of june. Ville Jim Ville, Glenn on may twenty eight seventeen fifty four and extended across the colonial boundaries and the seizure of hundreds of French merchant ships at sea. A lot of stuff also happens on mainland Europe focuses on Prussia trying to recover some land from Austria, which we won't get into Buchanan magin. It was a sort of a mini version of the chain of a set off World War One, which we've all talked about here on suck with everyone jumping side of either England France dependent one where enemies were wars also called the French in any war, which facility refers to the conflict between France and England in the new world. So what happened in the new world and the early seventeen fifty s Francis expansion into the Ohio river valley repeatedly brought it into conflict with the claims of the British colonies, especially Virginia during seventeen fifty four and seventeen fifty five the French defeated in quick succession young George Washington, general Edward Braddock Braddock successor Governor William Shirley of Massachusetts in seventeen fifty five. Governor Shirley fear into the French settlers in Nova Scotia, aka Katie. Would side with France and any military confrontation. He expelled hundreds of the Acadians to other British colonies, many of these exile suffered cruelly. We'll talk about these exiles or at least their descendants here a little bit throughout this period. The British military effort was hampered by lack of interest at home rivalries. Among the American colonies and France has greater success in winning the support of the American Indians and seventeen fifty six the British formally declared war making the official beginning of the seven years war. But their new commander in America. Lord Loudon, aka John Campbell, fourth. Earl of Loudon face the same problems as his predecessors met with little success against the French and their native allies what pompous name, by the way. Lord loudon. It does. I Lauren stand up on my white powdered wig behold. My shoddy buckled shoes gaze upon my cotton, Nicosia, cts, Laura loud and wears nothing. But the fanciest of fancy toll socks. The tide turned in seventeen fifty seven because William Pitt the new British leader saw the colonial conflicts is the key to building vast British empire Burling heavily to finance the war. Berlin, buccaneers just bird himself on the ground. He's gonna pay for this war somehow quick, stick a whole Berlin. He borrowed heavily to finance the war. He paid Prussia to fight in Europe. And he reimbursed the colonies for raising troops North America in July seventeen fifty eight the British won their first great victory at Louise Berg near the mouth at the Saint Lawrence river month later, they took fort Frontenac as the western end of the river, then they closed on Quebec where General James Wolfensohn spectacular victory in the plains of Abraham in September seventeen fifty nine we're both. He and the French commander the marquee Damon. Calm. We're fatally wounded with the fall of Montreal in September seventeen sixty two French lost their last foothold in Canada England, redirects this energy to take his much of Spain's and France's. Territories across the a can finally time for some peace. Conferences seventeen sixty three France England Spain plan on sitting down and figuring out how to divide up the new world. England has thirteen colonies on the east coast and parts of Canada. France has parts of Canada and Louisiana. Spain has Florida and Cuba. So here's what franchise because they hate England so much as negotiations began to end seven years war. Louisville fourteenth secretly proposes to his cousin Charles third of Spain that France gave Louisiana to Spain in the treaty of photon blue when the treaty actually has drawn up. It's called the treaty of Paris. It ends the war with the provisions of which France seeds all territory east of the Mississippi, including candidate to Britain Spain seat, Florida and land east of the Mississippi, including Baton Rouge to Britain Spain now controls Louisiana and New Orleans becomes a Spanish city. We touched on some of this in the Napoleon suck. Also at this time England starts kicking out French Canadians from Canada, the sets off the Acadian Cajun migration with French settlers from Quebec and settlers on the east side of the Mississippi who'd been ordered to leave the new. Reserve migrate into two Louisiana, which they believed was still French controlled land west of the Mississippi as well as New Orleans in seventeen sixty eight and Tonio day day allure becomes the first price fucked up his last name becomes the first Spanish governor of Louisiana doesn't go. Well, he doesn't even get to fly the Spanish flag and his forced to leave by a pro French mob in the rebellion of seventeen sixty eight the next year at one hundred zero O'Reilly suppresses a rebellion. Executes as leaders in send some plotters to prison in moral castle in Havana, Cuba, things go better for one hundred. Few executions. Sometimes it's a good way to stab some law and order, you know, sending a fear into the hearts of the citizens to properly rule them. Totally works just asked Lennon or almost every other dictator in history Alejandro was otherwise benign and pardons. Other participants who swore allegiance to Spain. He established Spanish law and the council of New Orleans, and he also has an interesting name this guy, or maybe two sounds interesting to me or funny to me because that's stupid O'Reilly auto parts Marshall, which has been played approximately a gazillion times last ten years as picture them saying stuff like me number is a handle or or orally autoparts. All right. Quick recap. Louisiana was French was endanger becoming British territory, then was given to Spain. And then mobs in New Orleans run off the first Spanish governor. And then Canadian still think Louisiana's French the spells one Bigalow? Identity crisis for this area. Not only is there a crisis of leadership. There's also just in general enormous. Variety of ethnicities, religions and nationalities. Living in New Orleans since it's a port city, the refresh Spanish and British residents as well as an enormously population immigrants from the Caribbean islands German Irish in Italian immigrants and more when the US government took over ownership of cosmopolitan New Orleans on December twentieth. Eighteen three when Mademoiselle Fien is only sixteen it acquired a city that immediately ranked as the ninth largest in the country and a port with extensive trade networks throughout Europe North America, the Caribbean Latin America at the time only one nine of the city's population was of African origin. The city more than doubled in size after ten thousand refugees from the seventeen ninety four to eight four rebellion in Haiti found a new home in New Orleans in eighteen o nine these Saint dooming gay refugees, included, French colonists free Creoles of color. Ex-labour many of whom returned to bondage after set and Florida American shores how much does that fuck and suck right? You just find a rebellion. You know, you're you win your freedom you sail over to America like half the prize motherfucker. Back. We got you. Again, Cudjoe suck eighteen ten cents is records. The city population is about one third white one third free people of color, one third African slaves who constituted, obviously, the bottom of the labor market and the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. The melting of all these cultural backgrounds gave rise to the term Creel as it was used in the new world. The term Creole was first used in the sixteenth century to identify descendants of French Spanish or Portuguese settlers living in the West Indies and Latin America, there is general agreement to the term Creole derives. From the Portuguese Portuguese word Creal, which means a slave born in the master's household probably also in pronounce that one right? My portuguese. Not good single definitions advised in early days of European colonial expansion, but his krill populations established divergence social political and economic identities the term acquired different meanings, which is why it's gotten so confusing today in the West Indies Creole refers to a descendant of any European seller. But some people have. African descent also consider themselves to be krill in Louisiana it mainly identifies. French speaking populations of French or Spanish descent people whose ancestors were upper class whites many of whom are plantation owners or officials during the French and Spanish, colonial periods during the eighteenth and nineteenth century, they formed a separate cast that used French. They were Catholics the retain the traditional cultural traits related social groups in France. But they were the first French group to be submerged by Anglo Americans. However, krill doesn't justify these people might this is one of the slippy fucking words ever, many Creoles descendants of French colonials who fled Saintamon gay Haiti for North America's Gulf Coast, when a slave insurrection that we talked about, you know, challenge French authority in Louisiana, the term Creole came to represent children of black or racially mixed parents as well as children of French and Spanish descent with no racial mixing persons of French and Spanish descent in New Orleans and Saint Louis began referring to themselves as Creoles after Louisiana purchase to set. Themselves apart from the Anglo American's moving into the area. Are you confused enough by this word yet because it gets worse? My laptop dictionary gives four different racial definitions for Kriel, it can be one a person of mixed European and black descent, especially in the Caribbean to a descendant of Spanish or other European settlers in the Caribbean or central or South America, three a white descendant of French settlers in Louisiana and other parts of the southern US four Allegra con of above average, height born in the western hemisphere, but with ancestry coming mainly from eastern hemisphere, specifically either Ethiopia Somalia, but not Madagascar who's fought of unicorns, but doesn't actually own one. Because why the fuck not? Of course, I was made of that last one. But the real definition is ridiculous. The same word commute is a person of mixture paean and black descent or a white descendant of French settlers, probably living in Louisiana, but not necessarily living in Louisiana all much other meetings. Back in Madame. They'll fiends day krill was used to refer to early Louisiana Collins, a French descent who had been born in Louisiana and were thus native to the territory compared to new immigrants from France or elsewhere, and and then to make it even more confusing. There's the Cajun situation Cajun versus Creel as to confuse Creoles with Cajun's all the time because frankly, it's very fucking easy to do. And no one outside of Louisiana for the most part gives us shit Cajuns and Creoles are both people of French descent. The two groups just arrived in Louisiana in different ways. While the Creoles are a little bit more native. Well, little their native to Louisiana again for the most part. He's Cajuns are the ethnic group that began in eastern Canada. Those French settlers who form that colony of Acadia lasted from sixty four to seventeen thirteen we've talked about it before Katie included, the maritime provinces parts of Quebec even parts of Maine. These are the people that were we talked about earlier that were kicked out of Acadia by the British in the mid eighteenth century when they refused to bow down to a new crown and they ended up. Exile down to Louisiana because they thought it was still controlled by the French so many came into Louisiana that a large section of southern Louisiana is known as a Katyusha a French Louisiana region that comprises twenty two of Louisiana sixty four parishes, which are like their counties against sorry. I know those a long tangent again Madam del fiends day Creel used to refer to early Louisiana. Colonists of French descent. My got such a good example of how confusing our language can truly be communication can be so challenging because sometimes what you think word means is different than what the person, you're speaking. With thinks that words means sometimes communication is challenging because the actual definition of the word in question is constantly evolving. And at times contradictory in this word to me represents today's episode is well, if this was an especially confusing sub to research, I think we got it. I think we got it. But it was tough because there are so many varying accounts all over the place about what actually happened the dates and the names get mixed around and tossed around and. Oh and change. And there's four different accounts of what this person's suppose you did in eight different accounts with that person's vote. He did. So that's why sometimes on the updates. You know, you guys send in some issues, which are awesome. But we don't read them all because a lot of times. It's just an alternative, you know, example of what the history might have been and we just happen to go with a different one. Oh, man. Why can't history before and perfect? Okay. Now back to the subject of the suck. So what was life like for a French krill named Madame Delphine with imported furniture wines books and clothes white Creoles were immersed in a completely French atmosphere in America, it's all fancy and elegantly European should very fancy life in in all likelihood, we're all virtually positive of that white Creoles clung to their individualistic way of life frowned upon intermarriage with Anglo Americans and others refuse to learn English resentful and contemptuous of Protestants, they can sue them irreligious and wicked. They really didn't care for voodoo and hoodoo we're going to find out later Creoles generally succeeded remaining separate in the rural sections, but they steadily lost ground in New Orleans. Eighteen o three. There were seven Creoles to every Anglo-American New Orleans, but these figures dwindled to two one by eighteen thirty Anglo Americans reacted by disliking Creoles with equal enthusiasm gradually New Orleans became not one city, but to canal street split them apart dividing the old Creole city from the uptown section where the other Americans quickly settled. Okay. Lot of context now. Now back to the timeline in eighteen o to France, regains control of Louisiana. So Lowery is born into Spanish Louisiana, which then switches to French Louisiana and h no two, and then becomes a US territory age, you know, three because France didn't plan on keeping Louisiana because France is now run by Napoleon Bonaparte who was we know needed the money to finance his wars in Europe as we just learned a few weeks ago in that suck on the Polian sold Louisiana to the US and president Thomas Jefferson now that we've gone through all the versions of Louisiana the existed in lotteries life. 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Suck use promo code times in checkout. That's a way travel dot com slash time. Suck use the promo code time suck for twenty dollars off a suitcase discount link in the episode description sponsor button in the time so gap now it's bounce on over seventeen eighty seven most likely year of Madame del fiends birth Marie del phen- McCarty was born in New Orleans as her original maiden name and most accounts do claims she was born March nine. Eighteenth seventeenth eighty seven is one of five children both of her parents were wealthy and well established leave only members of the New Orleans European Creole community slave ownership at that time was very widespread and was seen as a sign of wealth. As like a status side will look into that deeper, but the, but the gist was that the more slaves one owned, the more powerful and prestigious they were the culture of New Orleans at the time was a culture engulfed in the slave trade. Many of the whites without slaves wanted them and many people regardless of needing help around their home or not which is owned like one slave just for the status. It brought house. How strange is that reality that at one time not that long ago in this country people were buying other people other meats sacks for the same reason. A lot of people today get a new iphone or put an pool to impress their friends and neighbors keeping up with the Joneses meant sometimes buying other people who may have actually been named the Joneses not that long ago. Crazy Creole Delfi Creel mother. Now just wants to kill the time was Maria. Gene, leoville also known as the widow Lecompte as Louis ABI McCarthy was her second husband came from a very wealthy French family with deep ties to the French aristocracy. They can even be traced back to the emperor Napoleon Delphine. Father was a Louis Barthelemy the day. Mccarthy originally Chevrolet DA McCarthy a night in the service of the king descended from a long line of French military officers from very prominent Irish family sound prominent right that lawless fanciest names, you know, it's not like her parents were named Doug and Becky hilarious. My name is muddy data FEMA coattail. These are my parents dog in back. The McCarthy's were krill family distinction in New Orleans and the descendants of the two pioneers who brought the name to Louisiana are numerous today. Among the first families of that state. The McCarthy's originally McCarthy's were ancient Irish folks, one of whom Bartholomew was. Yeah. Captain an Irish Regiment of aber mal fled his native Ireland France to escape the political and religious tyranny of the English kings of that time, he married a woman whose name seems to be forgotten history than the other. They had five kids to of Bartholomew's sons, John jocks and Bartholomew. Danielle democarcy migrated together to Louisiana and seventeen thirty two as French colonial and the and the officers and Creole McCarty line began a Jean-Jacques became a Knight of the order of Saint Louis Bartholomew. Daniel was Madame del fiends grandfather. So yeah. So she got an impressive lineage the first thirteen years Adelphia's childhood between seventeen eighty seven and eighteen hundred are not well documented, but is it was a bummer, right? We don't we don't have any early stories. About are pushing another kid into a well or coming home from playing out in the swamp one day covered in blood with a knife in her hand, claiming not to know where she's been the past few hours, you know on the same day. A playmate goes missing forever. There's no stories of her parents, catching her skin and a family pet alive will merely humming. Some church hymns of. No nothing to point to and be like a hoc-. She had to torture. Those poor people when she got older she was clearly a psychopath. If Dell seen did commit weird cruel shady acts as a kid. We don't know about based on her family being a noted krill family of the area. She was most likely raised in luxury and comfort and did her best not to be, you know, considered improper for young lady, you high society as a daughter, well, bred Creole families should have been taught. Reading writes, the bulk of her education, probably would have consisted of music, art lessons. Etiquette should have learned the art of running a household from her mother to speak a bit more towards dolphins family status. Her aunt Marie. Stay Eleanor day. Mccarthy was married to Esteban Rodriguez middle the governor of the Spanish American provinces, Louisiana and Florida during seventeen eighty five to seventy ninety one kind of a big deal and her cousin a Guston day. Mccarthy would go on to become the mayor of New Orleans from eighteen fifteen to eighteen twenty also kind of. Deal. She was a lady of high society, her family was one of the most, you know, high status families and all of New Orleans. She was raised to be a socialite debutante. And and basically she and her family were about the closest thing to American aristocrats. We've ever had Delfi was most likely katelyn pampered like others raised by slave owners her and her families lives intertwined with the lives of the people. They bought and sold there were rumors that dolphins father slept with aka raped as be honest, some of his slaves, and he kept a black mistress some later point towards del fiends father sexual relationship with his slaves as a possible motivation for the cruel thing, she was opposed due to her slaves later her life, right? Like did. She blame her slaves or slaves in general, I guess for soiling her father's reputation. Did she blame a slave woman for for harming her father's relationship with her mother? Did you experience a lot of behind the scenes emotional turmoil? Lost a history who's related to slavery. Somehow is that why she may have cruelly tortured people in her New Orleans now. Now haunted. You know, abode all these years later love, you know, or many years later, we don't know we don't know, we do know Delfin was raised around a lot of slavery. Would you could say about virtually anyone living in Louisiana that time, but not everyone at that time was actually raised on a plantation like Delfin was in seventeen seventy one sixteen years before her birth? Her family became southern plantation owners is that year Delfin grandparents Francois, Helene Pellegrin and Bartholomew Daniel day McCarthy, they were gifted a plantation. We think this happened in seventeen seventy one several genealogy sides say that Bartholomee died in seventeen sixty four but those sites and my experience not entirely accurate. Not accurate news motions. I would like and some old Louisiana court records from nineteen forty one site and early twentieth century, Louisiana. Judge historian Judge Charles Geir as saying that Delfin grandfather was the tutor of the children of a man named Jean Baptiste Caesar Lieber tone. And gene was murdered by a petted and pampered slave that's quote in his will apparently he passed his plantation down to Barth automate Daniel McCarthy who received it in seventeen seventy one I'm gonna go with the court record. And how fucked up is the petted and pampered description, by the way my God. Yes. And that was written by someone back in the later eighteenth century was incredibly pro slavery and insanely abusive. That's why can't Pam with him. Call Nelia the slightest bit of pampering pet him. They will kill you constant beatings are required. For the safety of everyone vary integrity of southern society. There's no disagreement amongst historians about whether or not Delfi was raised by New Orleans area plantation owners that we know for sure. She would grope around injustices and violence of American plantation slavery, typically, far more violent and demeaning than American how slavery guest if you will make no mistake, also every was bad. But some slaves were treated far worse than others. And usually the worst treated slaves were plantations likes a March twenty six eighteen hundred Delfin gets married for the first time. And if you're good at math Emmys, she had just turned thirteen years old. He. Hey, had our thirteenth birthday had a party on the nineteenth. And then was laying naked under the body of her new, you know, naked and not thirteen-year-old full grown husband. You know, just a short time later now to be fair, you will find a fair amount of disagreement on the on the web about this some sources as she was born in seventeen seventy five I I don't believe though sources, and and again, this was super frustrated in that regard while she to me, and many others is incredibly interesting. Historical figure noted by prefer historian. You know has actually written like a like a real definitive biography about her. And I think part of the reason is that a lot of the info about her is inconsistent and hard to feel certain about and when she was growing up. Nobody knew that she would become an incredibly interesting historical figure the deed. She became infamous four happened much later in her life. So, you know, no, one to write that shit down early on seen pictures of religious tombstone, a website called find a grave that has been my experience pretty accurate of used it to verify a lot of victims ages and death dates, you know, in previous cry. Sucks and the name and dates it gives have consistently lined up with the name and dates I've been able to find other sources, and according to this side, she was born in seventeen eighty seven tombstone picture. They have for her shows were death date. But not a birthday. I know sometimes I go into too much detail this type of shit, but I just wanted to know that we work hard. Not to bullshit you with information. And unfortunately, that's not the norm. I wish I wish that came from my sources more often, you know, just an occasional. Hey, we think this is what happened? We don't know for sure we did our best. Anyways, it appears that she really did get married to thirteen the vast majority of the most reputable sources seem to insist this and and back at the turn of the nineteenth century, it actually made more sense for a woman to get married when she was thirteen than it did for women to get married at twenty five which is if you trust the other date of her birth, which would actually considered pretty undesirable the average age of marriage was closer to twenty that time but twenty five that was ancient right for a first marriage by like people would wonder what was wrong with her. Right. Have been old may to twenty-five already lost over ten years of prime baby making time. Now, what's what's going on with their? Why didn't they wanted any man want? This one's bride. Twenty five year old bride was likely. A widow who already had a few kids around talk about different times during the nineteenth century, the age of consent in the United States, actually, very between ten and sixteen depending on the state and the year ten as the father of an eleven year old daughter that is so deeply disturbing to me and people say today kids around to fast fuck outta here. Not compared to eighteen hundred Louisiana. You know, you just call your fifteen year old getting drunk who gives a shit. Does. Your fifteen year old have a five year old with a forty year old or the already a widow if so then. Yeah, then they're grown up pretty fast. If not then they're they're not nearly as fast as so many kids who've run up quickly before them, my son's thirteen. I can't imagine Cuyler get married either. His wife would have to have a lot of patience for his relentless mean. References. That'd be cool with the dude who doesn't play with stuffed animals, you know, anymore. But also won't let us get rid of them. The marriage ceremony was held at the Saint Louis cathedral by the first Bishop of the diocese of Louisiana. The marriage certificate was signed by celebrated Spanish priests Antonio day sedalia a man whose ghost is said to walk an alley now named for him which runs alongside of New Orleans cathedral that Allie pair antwon alley in a restaurant in the city's historic. French quarter are named after this, dude. And an after the ceremony the priest allegedly high five Delfin husband and then just leaned in real close. And just said now get them in. I get I get it. I like him even younger than that myself. But don't only the boys only. Sweet sexy innocent little fuck, boys. Sorry, not sorry. No. That's messed up based on. How many cases have priest? Pedophilia of read about the past few decades. I can only imagine the amount of Catholic molestation that was going on back in parishes. That time. Delvina husband was described in this document as Kaba gyro day, LA Royal de Carlos intendant of the provinces a native of the community of red no Galicia Spain and the legitimate son of lordship, Don Jose Antonio Lopez e and gala e Dona Ana Fernandez de LA daughter of Donna Francis. Kabar DCFS fucking get out of here with all those titles Jesus. Like seventy five words. Welcome to. I don't know. Why started going Scandinavian? His name is Don Ramon Lopez history is not clear as to how much older he was some research does say he was laced in his fifties. When they got married fucking gross. Some thirteen year old sent off to a wedding bed with grandpa. Hopefully, this is not correct. And he was much younger. But you know, what? Even if he was half that age if he's twenty five still pretty gross evening half of that. If he was like thirteen all, it's all pretty gross Mademoiselle, faints, first marriage scandalous, but actually not for age related reasons. Her high ranking military officer husband married this thirteen-year-old girl without the consent of the king of Spain. Which was a big no no that went against governmental protocol thirteen year old vagina all well and good. But you have to get the king's permission before you touch it. Maybe he wanted to lean in say some weird creepy shit. Just tell me later, what is like Mr. mopus, I won't detail when you've taken a charity quickly right down every moment of the encounter. On how new book with the others. Oh, my priest and I like to read it together at night. I'm sure there's other reasons for the king needing to give him permission. Actually, I'm not sure shit was super weird and gross back then, but I hope so. Don, Ramon was stripped of his office or to return to the Spanish courts for marrying without the king's permission. Maybe here again, you count very fucking stupid accounts. Here's the possibilities. Neither Asia four or maybe even late eighteen hours three after the American acquisition of the Louisiana territory that we just went over earlier, Don Ramon seemed to have been appointed to the position of consul general for Spain in the territory of Orleans, Bill FINA. Ramon traveled to Spain in eighteen o four varying. Accounts of this trip exists grace king late nineteenth and early twentieth. Century New Orleans, author historian wrote in nineteen twenty one the trip was Lopez military punishment and that Siniora's Delphine Lopez met the Queen who was impressed with MRs Lopez beauty a nineteen thirty six account by Stanley. Arthur who wrote for the encyclopedia Britannica nearly twenty century stated that March twenty six eight zero four Don Ramon Lopez was recalled to Spain to take his place at court as befitting his new position. But that Lopez never arrived in Madrid. Because he died in route in Havana, and all of the accounts seemed to verify that he did die in Cuba on March twenty six eighteen o four Ramon day. Lopez e and Guelleh, and willow is pardoned for his grievous lack of requesting marital permission. He just wanted that thirteen year olds so bad he's pardoned again one Spain gives Louisiana to the United States. And he's granted an important political position in New Orleans. We think and then yes in routes via the American ship. Ulysses the ship runs aground. Ramon dies of heart failure before ever reaching his destination. He's buried in Havana during the voyage Delfi gives birth to a daughter named Marie Borgia. Borja Delvina Lopez e and Guelleh daler Candelaria nicknamed board to bore Kita after Don Ramones grandf- mother Dona friend Cisco, and then Delfin and her daughter returned New Orleans afterwards after Don Ramones debt, they'll feel will be a single mom for four years. Very young single mom roughly seventeen years old presumably. Much of her mother and duties were done by servants since she was known to party down. But there are accounts that, you know, the speak to her adoring and doting on Oliver children. She have several others to her life. You're also gonna find out are later accounts as she gets older issues possibly very abusive to our kids. Okay. So let's look at our next marriage. You know, we're an examined all three remarriages thoroughly because when little is written about someone, you know, basically, the next base thing you can do is to examine the lives. They were intertwined with to at least get some insight into their life. And a fair amount was written about her husband's especially the last two mostly the second this guy. Twenty one year old Delfin remarried on June sixteenth eighteen o eight to amend name Jean Pierre. Paulin blank who is an attorney banker lawmaker slave trader and as you'll see soon pirate Adelphia John Blunk would have four children together who were born in the residence at four nine Royal street. Currently idea Mannheim antiques in New Orleans occupies at. Address if you wanna stop in check it out. What is such a fun city that way rare for America place with the residents of someone who lived a few hundred years ago is still around and use today. I mean, I know in Europe, you know, place like that or a dime a dozen, but pretty special still on the side of the Pont del phen-. Gent's eldest daughter Marie Louise zone. Their other three children's names were John Lewis. No, yeah. John louis. Leonard Lowery is the name. He would end up with later. Louis. Marie law blank. And Marie Louis. Pauline blunk. Delfin Laurie's mother Marie John died of natural causes the year before in February twenty six h no seven and left. Her daughter thirty three thousand dollars that will become her dowry. In addition to whatever actually was technically thirty three thousand and seventy dollars, which is a lot of money in that time. In addition to whatever accumulation of slaves Blunk manage on his own. He was also gifted twenty-six more slaves by dolphins father at the time for wedding. Also in eighteen zero eight gene blank was gifted his first plantation so strange to me to be gifted actual people at wedding. It's such a different time it sometimes feels like a completely different world little Baxter. Mr. blank who sounds like a French clue character? It was Mr. blank in the foyer with a both heen Hamma. Gene block came to New Orleans ain't zero three. And luckily for today's tale, we know quite a bit about Jean's known in some circles as the godfather of the modern carnival, America's first Carney. If you will traveling carnivals did exist in France in some form for several years. But nothing substantial is the guy who apparently put carnivals on the map is credited with the advent of the ring toss balloon dark game must've light of Louisiana children. And then children across the world is the first figure out you could trick fathers into spending the equivalent of two hundred dollars twenty five dollars stuffed animal for their daughter or girlfriend or wife. He made a fucking fortune, and he would and it would be this Carney money that would lead to the dark legend of Madame del Fien or okay, he wasn't a Carney. But he did invent elephant. No, he didn't we do know a lot about him. No, we do Jean-Pierre signature actually appears on the original copy of the constitution of the state of Louisiana data January twenty second eighteen twelve is display to the historic New Orleans collection. Pretty cool. You don't get to do that. When you're Carney. Some high-society shits speaks to delphin social status. And this is her second husband. You'll get a second husband of that stature unless you yourself amongst the upper crust of the social elite and pretty hot. She was supposed very tractive. Apparently, her beauty had not totally faded by the time. She was ancient age of twenty one when del fiends first marriage could be or wild elephants. First marriage can be described brief and gross her. Second marriage really speaks to how important she was in early New Orleans history. As we alluded to earlier nora's was a big deal in the early nineteenth century. It was already one of the biggest cities in the south. It was growing fast who become actually the third largest city in US by eighteen forty before flat lining, population wise between the civil war and the great, depression and Jean-Pierre he had a prominent role in early Orleans history jump block was a successful banker merchant as I said plantation or entrepreneur, lawyer legislator, slave trader and fucking privateer pirate. He may not have worn. I patch or had a parrot named Polly or. Peg leg or carried cool sword swashbuckling or even one time uttered with shaved timbers. You ain't Saint in his scouting lack David Jones locker today. Or maybe he didn't say that. While squint one, I real hard and clamp and his, you know, fuck fucked up teeth down on a corncob pipe billowing smoke is black gunpowder, but he was technically pirate. Delfin second husband actually, played a very important role in saving America's independence from crumbling in the war. Eighteen twelve the first real mention of John Blaha historically him walking off a French frigate called sorrel yacht onto a Louisiana soil Napoleon's right hand, Louisiana man, Pierre Clement Lesot Orla saw also was blocked cousin was on the same ship during that same long trip from France LUSA was Napoleon's appointment to be prefect of the colony after the eighteen oh three transfer from Spain to France, Louisiana territory after the sale to America, this assault character left New Orleans, but Blunk remained behind John blonde. Came to Louisiana fairly rich pretty powerful pretty connected, and he just seemed to do even better New Orleans. He declared himself a citizen Louisiana immediately. And just got right down to local. Politics records show that within the first year of him being a Louisiana. He owns three big ships, including one called citizen. There's quite a bit of evidence. These shifts were very least rented out to privateers to do much pirate ship. He wasn't a pirate in some sense of self. The main trade for Blunk was colloquially called a very dehumanizing term black ivory the fruits of his piracy were slaves along with other valuable items. We found court documents that he was once prosecuted in court for his involvement in the matter of twenty seven thousand pounds of coffee bean stolen from America. So so weird still whatever you want from any of our enemies, including actual people. But you take our coffee. I'll see you in court. You son of a bitch times are so different. Then compared to now in Sony different ways. I mean came out the equivalent now or only direct neighbors now are Canada and Mexico. We along both in pretty well. Right. We never have any real dust ups with Canada and there's immigration tensions of Mexico. But we're not like actively hostile. Them not in ways that we're tolerated two hundred years ago. I mean, you couldn't now drive down to Tijuana. Rob a few banks take a few families of people have their authorities. Chase you to the border then race past the checkpoint and just get high five by bunch of American officers to shows epic man. We're gonna have to have you pay us back for the barricade you broke through through but not the other burqa. Now's there's now. Fuck him. But hours looks like you snatch them some serious pesos. Good job, man. Could you brother you? Yes. Hey, U S. Hey, that's that's kind of a life was like back. Then right are shipping? Merchants. Could ransack the merchants of some other nations ship. And then we as a nation will be like fucking Cooman. Sweet good job. Now is that other nations? Like, hey, not cool. Give that crooks. We can try and court now bro fuck off. Oh, I see. How this I see? That's fine. I was pushed my anger down that eventually it'll boil up we'll declare war you Astles. Slavery was definitely John belongs main trade is methods and tactics were certainly technically illegal. But not only was he not chastised for his profession. He was held in high regard. As privateers often were the New Orleans banks. Look the other way even quietly supported this pirate in the trade in general for the injection of cash flow that came from it, the general public did not ostracize these slave traders, even though as we'll find out soon is technically illegal time, no have to delve into this guy's role in what many might say saved America in eighteen twelve the husband of Madame Delphine heavily involved in the battle New Orleans. The battle of New Orleans would would be a pivotal moment in American history. It was the first major battle of the war. Eighteen twelve I'm sorry. Not I final final final final. I can send people get on their keyboard? No. No. No. No, actually. Yeah. Final. We learned in the Andrew Jackson suck technically it occurred after the war was already over. Kind of the treaty that ended the war actually stipulated. The fighting would stop wants the treaty was ratified which didn't actually app until February eighteen fifteen the British were hoping that when the war ended they would own New Orleans and be able to control trade on the Mississippi blonde. His pirate friends the Lafitte brothers and Madame dolphins. Own family's home would become become some of the deciding factors in the British defeat in this war, if it'd played out differently our world might look very different today. The war eighteen twelve sometimes called the forgotten war. It's importance often underplayed misrepresented because it sandwiched between the revolutionary war and the civil war the war eighteen to kinda Korean war. Right. It sandwich, you know, in between a World War Two and Vietnam. It doesn't get the same press of the war eighteen twelve hadn't been going on been going. Well for the now at eleven Uncle Sam American suffered many defeats the White House has been burned down. Nearly all of the coastline was being blockaded. Americans were also defeated on the Great Lakes only a few ports in New England were still operational. The former British. Navy had affectively made the US an island surrounded by Her Majesty's finest all they really needed for completion of their plan. For victory was control of the Mississippi River, the Mississippi delta. London was confident that Americans would soon surrender to put an end to the fighting. The crown sent in our motto of fifty ships and eleven thousand soldiers sailors marines to capture New Orleans. The our motto was led by, sir. Edmund Parkin ham. He would go ahead to go head to head with American president j Madison's leadership choice General Andrew Jackson. He of the most controversial suck the man who lived two hundred years ago, whose very name still polarize people today as I found out, and I get it. I'm sure something right now like got damaged this guy. Again. I quit listen for a while last time showed up. Why why are we talking about this racist had again, well because you can't rewrite history? That's why actually you can and people do all the time which is fucking ridiculous to me to motionlessly week to me, right? The truth is what it is what good really comes from hiding it or sugar coating it. General Jackson arrived New Orleans December first eighteen fourteen required. It interpreter to communicate with the mainly French-Speaking people who live there fucking krill's Jackson quickly put together and. Opposition forceful of French and Spanish, Creoles, free men of color, slave German. Farmers frontiers men militia actual soldiers shit pirates. The melting pot of early America mixed into one early fighting force Madame Delphine McCarty Blunk was thirty nine when war came to her home, and she directly witnessed some of the fighting. She was pregnant with her fourth child at the time had been married to John Pierre blank for six years. The blocks owned a great deal of property, including their home on Royal street, their townhouse next to the Bank Louisiana regime Pierre worked and he spent their summers of the blonde plantation that was right next to the Dell fiends family plantation on the Mississippi River, not far from New Orleans lot of residences in the area. Would sounds crazy. Even for the wealthy until you remember they didn't have cars back then right to fucking took forever to get across town. Right. When you're getting pulled behind some stupid horse. No, thank you. You know, back then I would have wanted several homes right here in court, Elaine. If I was living here if that meant avoiding a forty five minute horse ride. Jean-pierre did well financially as public member of commerce his greatest source of income came from his above board pirating and smuggling he was a silent partner of two of the most famous of the pirates of the Caribbean. The real ones John and Pierre Lafitte I'd actually never heard of these swashbuckling before the suck. Or if I did have already forgotten about him. I love it. When the exploration of one character leads to getting to know, so many other cool figures hail Nimrod. It had been a legal to import new slaves in the US ever since eighteen. Oh, wait. This is why some of the banks were kind of on the on the hush hush about supporting these guys this law, all though created a highly profitable illegal slave trade market, and that market made Blunk and the Lafitte brothers a lot of money, which then made, you know, Madame Delphine lottery. A lot of money by eighteen fourteen. Jean Lafitte had become public enemy number one in Louisiana. Thanks to a brazenly ignoring the slave trade law because you know, while the banks didn't didn't mind some other people didn't care for. It and then sometimes, you know, took shit like coffee from, you know, the actual Americans that piss people off and his brother Pierre had been caught and incarcerated for this pirating, the Louisiana government sick of this particular pirates and Governor William Clairborne offered a five hundred dollar reward for the capture of John Lafitte. And then check out this pirate move the feet responded by putting out a fifteen hundred dollar reward for the capture of governor Clairborne Touche motherfucker. So fantastic. I'll see you reward. And I'll raise it with bigger bounty on your head. That's like the police shown up and arresting someone only to have that person immediately slip out of their handcuffs arrest that police officer. No, you're arrested. What no you're no, you are you were first sabotage the British were like we love to do. He clearly is not a fan of the governor. I bet we can get him to join our team in this war. The British were all too aware of defeats many ships cannons and very well trained men. They approach the pirate with the rank of captain in the Royal Navy. If he would just join them in their attack of America the feet thought it over and then decided to to work a different angle, he wrote many letters one of which went onto fiends husband revealing what the British had offered to Lafitte. I love me an old time. He let her here's what Lafitte wrote to Madame Delphine. Second husband Jamblangan in eighteen fourteen. It's dated for September eighteen fourteen. So though proscribed by my country. I will never let slip. And you of serving her or approving that she has never ceased to be dear to me prescribe. By the way, means condemned denounced or forbidden, and I don't add that out of being patronizing in assuming that you dear times Dono to means. I added because I did not meant is he just misspelled prescribed to be prescribed medicine was like what the fuck. How is how is his doctor country prescribed him? What what have they prescribed you do? Now. They've condemned him back to the letter of this. You'll see here convincing proof yesterday. The third of September there appeared here under a flag of truce a boat coming from an English Brig at anchor about two leagues from the past. Mr. nNcholas luckier, a British officer of high rank delivered me the following papers to directed to me it proclamation and the admirals instructions to that officer all here with enclosed you will see from their contents advantages. I might have to ride from that kind of association. I may have aided the parliament of duties. Of the custom house, but I have never ceased to be a good citizen and all the offense. I have committed. I was forced to buy certain vices in our loss. I love his pirate. Rationalization? This is what I hear him saying Louis is I know I know we've had our differences shit. You guys. You know, you have your laws and whatnot. But to be totally honest. I don't listen. I don't about those laws. Right. Only real. I chose not to follow those laws, and that's how I live my best life. But check this shit out. I'm proud to be an American. No that and overall other than the laws, I continually broke because if I want to be totally honest, I had to those laws are super fucked up, and they're kind of hurt my business. If you feel me so really is your fault to make dumb laws. I had to break to be a good American. 'cause like I'm like a straight a student when it comes to protecting the red white and blue that's to me what he's saying. Backed letter says in short, sir, I make the deposit. Tori of the secret on which perhaps depends the tranquility of our country, please to make such use of it as your judgments may direct dude with confidence. So, you know, you know, bro. You gotta do you. But if you guys blow me off, I wouldn't you know, because we both know with my hope the British are going to utterly mother. Fuck you and your whole world. So you know, you do what you feel is right for you. I may expatriate on this proof of patriotism, expatiates means to speak or write at length or in detail. I didn't know that one either. But I let the facts speak for self I presume, however to hope that such proceedings may obtain amelioration, the act of making something better really know that one of the situation of my unhappy brother with which view I recommend him particularly to your influence now I read that as bro. I'm a patriot. You know that that's the main reason I wanna help. However, my brother is imprisoned. And I would like to think if I help you out, you know, you can ameliorate the fuck out of his ass and get him out of that cell. You you feel me I'll help Beulah my brother go. All right. Then he keeps writing it is in the bosom of a just man of a true Merican endowed. We all qualities that on it in society that I think I'm depositing the interest of our common country and particularly concerns myself, our enemies have endeavoured to work on me by a motive which. Which few men would have resisted they represented to be a brother and items brother, who is to me, very DEA who's deliverer. I might become an I declined the proposal. Well, persuaded of his innocence. I am free from pretension as to the issue of a trial. But he is sick and not in a place where he can receive the assistance. His state requires. I recommend him to you in the name of humanity. Listen, John, blah, bro. Please British told me they're gonna bust. My brother the fuck out. However that may take a while and he's six so I'm have a lot of time. You know what I'm saying? So how about you take care of him? And I take care of you. As to the fact of truce, I have done with regard to its everything that prudence suggests to me at that time, I have asked fifteen days to determine assign such plausible pretext that I hope that term. We'll be granted. I am waiting for the British officers answer and for yours to this be so good to assist me with your judicious counsellor. And so. A weighty in a fair. I have the honour to salute you zone Lafite. Out of all the people. He could ride this letter. He writes Mademoiselle fiends husband. He's writing, you know, essentially as to who he should help fight the British or the Americans and Jean blank, we can safely assume advises him to side with America because that's exactly what he does the shocked governor Clairborne he thought this was a trick just to facilitate the escape of the Lafitte, brother. It was not it can be argued that his help actually turned the battle in the war into America's good fortune had met him. They'll scenes husband advised him differently. The map at US look very differently today or theoretically, not exist at all if you play different scenarios, but governor Clairborne he almost ruined everything. He still wasn't convinced that Lafitte the man who put a price on his head earlier was earnest and his offer of aid, and he ordered an attack defeats pirate headquarters. Luckily, the governor's men were no match for the feats men. And then when general Jackson heard about this not happy with the governor's decision. He reached out to this pilot was like, oh before you go to the British for governor Claiborne, FOX itself for all of us. Let's talk. Delvina husband continues to lobby the New Orleans government, take the fees help. And then general Jackson, you know, ends up meeting this pirate on Royal street with Laffite, you know, where he accepts the pirates offers that were meets with Laffite gives me where accepts the pirates offer to help as fate would have it the place chosen chosen for the final. Battleground is the childhood home of Madame Delphine. The McCarty plantation is just a short distance down the river from New Orleans and was then owned operated by dolphins. Cousin? Andrew Jackson would dig in and make stand there. Make his stand there that would later help him catapult him to the presence because it was a very successful stint. So Jackson's ragtag army brought Lafitte cannons ashore pointed in towards the sea. The British navy attacked hard over a hundred cannon struck the McCarty plantation in the first ten minutes of fighting. But the British aim was thankfully off and then the pirate led American cannons wreaked havoc on the British fleet. Lafitte men were battle hardened soldiers. And they're helping all the difference. The British suffered almost twenty five hundred casualties compared to just a handful of Americans the British had to retreat and their leaders are Edmund Parkin ham was killed this. Unexpected loss was a defining and unifying moment in the history of the United States. The US had the collective will to come together and defense of their newly pen constitution and their hard-fought independence was one again. Andrew Jackson JAL feet. Both went onto become famous, gene. Block. However, ended up being relegated to being mostly known as the second husband of Madame del Fien pretty cool lupita history there also for a little closure on this story line here. Lafitte the pirate. Did earn a pardon for that brother and some other pirates who had been incarcerated by governor Clairborne they'd bounce on over to the waters outside of Galveston island after the war outside of Texas there and build an army of pirates they legitimately had an army pirates. The brothers would also work as spies for Spain during Mexico's war of independence, and then Jean Lafitte is believed to have died after getting wounded in battle in eighteen twenty three. Okay. Last point Dell fans. Tailfins life with Blunk. Although there aren't too many sources to corroborate this. It would seem she became, you know, fell into possession of a lot of rare and illegal items and substances from his privateer, Ian. And and that made her a lot of money is reported to have loved to host parties, increasingly lavish parties at the block mansion, and you know, probably hasn't pretty cool party favors. Probably the best damn sugar and coffee, those pirates could steal and so far. Yeah. So far in the sucks seems like she lived a lavish pampered in scandal free life in the sense that yeah, what she did was not or what her husband did. There was not necessarily moral, obviously, but you know, benefited greatly and no nobody locally cared. So so far, no no dark sinister. Anything is associated with Madame Delphine. The only real tough breaks, you seem to have as being a child, right? In eighteen sixteen Jean-Pierre block dies would we Delfi? And again, this time at the age of twenty nine some sources say he died in eighteen some sources say he didn't die but fled and abandoned phen-. No one seems to know how he died the. Probably that they'll fiend spent the next twelve years, a single mother, a very rich, very powerful single mother. We have almost no records of how she lived her life during this period. We don't know what you thought or what you talked about. We do have one court record from eighteen nineteen in July eighteen nineteen court records show that Madame dill phen- did something that initially doesn't seem like it matches up very well with the kind of person. You know, she would become infamous for being someone who tortured and killed slaves. The records of parish court show that Marie Delfin McCarty. Widow of the late. John blank presented in a man's patient petition to the court noted that she intended to emancipate her male slave named Jean Louis who is upwards of fifty years of age she declared that Jean Louis was all had always lead. An honest conduct was his life had not run away had not committed any crime Mademoiselle Fien asked a court to order that the notices prescribed by lobby published in the usual place in form in order to enable her to emancipate her slave. And again, this seems like a nice thing to do at first right at least nice for the times, a pro possibly and probably not this could have in fact been pretty cruel act, sometimes slave owners would emancipate or free elderly slaves. So they just didn't have to provide for them in their senior years, which most plantation slave owners actually did do. But sometimes when when these these slaves were unable to keep working for them. They would quote unquote, free some poor destitute. Crippled senior leave them elderly often disabled without a penny to their name to somehow fend for themselves and their last year's pretty fucked up. I don't know if this is what Madam del fiend did. But it's worth pointing out on January twenty eighth eighteen twenty eight now forty year old Delfi Mary's again, her third and final husband the man who made her Madame Delphine Lowery was Dr Leonard Louis Nicolas lottery. Dr Louis is said in virtually all the sources to be significantly younger than Delfin. But none of the sources seem to know his actual age. I'm confident he's probably a lot older than thirteen though how we're going to be was flipped around. And he was thirteen that he described as a nondescript man with a hint of darkness about him. Dr Lori grew up in France, who's a mediocre medical student actually dental student who venture. Graduated from dental school in to loose after graduation, a of repaired immigrate to Louisiana, and at that time, which is so interesting to me dentists and doctors were interchangeable like you you could go to one school to become just the doctor of all things medical. I believe we learned that in the the doc Holliday suck. He left France on a boat called the fanny on December eight twenty four arrived in New Orleans February thirteenth eighteen twenty five. One month average, arrival Dr Lori sought to establish a medical practice New Orleans. He didn't started what some describe is a successful medical practice. Others ascribe as moderately successful. At the time. There was virtually zero regulation medicine, and it was as I said super common from a meta for medical professionals just to skip from field to field, which was cracks me up. You know, you could be a dentist and a surgeon same thing one document shows that Lowery build a man for making a potion to treat a six slave historical details like this, actually. I've helped fueled the rumors that lottery would later medically experiment in horrific ways, you know, on the slaves. He owned with Madame Lowery, you know, that he going into evil shit like cut him open or sell their mouth shut. Also, fueling the legend, the Dr Lori medically experiment on his slaves is the reality. The doctors did that quite often. Here's one of many examples of this which I feel like is important context for our story today in eighteen ninety four the journal of the American Medical Association announced it for the first time in American history. A public statue had been erected to the memory of a member of the medical profession j Marion SIMS I unveiled in Bryant park in New York City that monument board inscription celebrating a physician, whose brilliant achievements. Carried the fame of American surgery throughout the civilized world. Sims had designed the vaginal specula- m- developing a treatment for Vesic vaginal fistula of v f and he'd built. Such successful medical career promoting VF repair that he would later be dubbed, the father of modern gynecology. I mean, pretty cool. Right. Not exactly this Vivey treatment. He developed came as the result of a lot of terrible vaginal experiments. He performed on African American slaves and doctors did that shell the time. And last year two thousand eighteen New York City's public design commission voted unanimously to remove his statue. All right. So there is that. Okay. Now, let's lighten tobacco lighten it up a bit this this next detail about Dr Lori is ridiculous upon arriving in the US. Dr Lori sent a letter to the editor of the courier announcing the following to establish his medical practice in that city and keep in mind, just for extra comedy that you know, technically is a dentist. He he writes. I pray you to announce and you'll next number that a French physician has just arrived in the city who is acquainted with the means lately discovered in France of destroying hunches the. Individuals submitted to the operations required ceases deformity, gradually diminish an after a treatment longer or shorter. According to the extent of the deformity, the body resumes its natural forms that discovery has met with the greatest success in France. And everything induces the belief that it will have the same result in this country early nineteenth century when Dennis or working on hunchback's whiskey. Saw. I just love it overdue. I let me get a good little those choppers. Okay. Allow you laying around you hunt. You bit. Oh, hey, you got quite a hunch there could I conducted take that down right after a POS teeth. You know what I'm out it? Well, I'm gonna check your circulation for that. I I could try to make sure you're not pregnant, you know, Jake pulse. Kentucky about from potions various ailments of the stomach and such. And then let's get you some new eyeglasses and how much leeann the counter-bid and talk about your feelings, Dr one stop shop. That's what they called me whiskey. Solid dentist. Oh, God horseback. By the end of eighteen twenty eight they'll fiend has her first child with Dr Lori Jean-Louis her six child overall of keeping score. An individ-. Del phen- sells the family plantation and purchases. Lots for the construction of a new house on September twelfth eighteen thirty one upon this land. Edmonds Sonia DA Forsa constructed a magnificent mansion the French quarter at eleven forty Royal street, boom, we've made it took us a while had to go through a lot of how to Wade through a lot of history to get here. But now, we're at the current address of the original house of horse. No other buildings stood there before its construction the house that sits today is not the original structure, but obviously built on the same lot the buildings. We see today is a much larger version of the original this all brings us to the dark side of Madam Laurie lottery. House Laurie mansions one of the most famous homes in New Orleans if not in the entirety of the United States, the original lottery home was magnificent two story Creole style structure with an interior courtyard like a lot of New Orleans homes. How would your fucking beautiful if you ever walk around do a lot of peeking through gates, not even kidding in the French quarter sealed his cooler courtyards in. Inside the blocks at several balconies to allow air to circulate throughout the house. They decorated opulent Lii and filled the property with gorgeous furniture and the finest art the couple regularly threw lavish parties and were irregular feature in the society pages of the local paper. So all we may know a lot about we may not know excuse me. We don't know a lot about our thoughts is we do have historical documentation that she liked to party not gonna let six kids stop that. Like all public lives. The attention was a double edged sword in the case of Dell FINA Louis or Lewis. It would swing back to cut their heads off. Right. By the end of eighteen thirty two just a year after moving in the marriage had began to sour and the two hill but separated, so maybe it's the location. That's haunted. You know, nothing. Nothing weird is written about her until she moves here by Tober of eighteen thirty two rumors of the lottery, strange slave abuse begins to circulate or begin to circulate around New Orleans. Also in the fall of eighteen thirty two delphin, and Dr Lori petitioned the court to free one another of a two free. Excuse me to free another one of their slaves. Kind guest your or more cruelty? I guess gesture. I'm immense. Say gesture on November sixteen to eighteen thirty two Delfi and petitions for from four Jesus in a fish oil separation from Lou is the charge was Lewis was beaten her. Remember, these French wants to Lewis comes up Louis Louis if I go back and forth. It's the same dude. Her historians disagree as to whether or not this abuse actually happened. They'll FINA system that the abuse was ongoing. Here's a foreign statement from her Representative in court on the twenty six Tober last in the presence of many witnesses the said Louis Alary went so far as to not only ill-treat her, but was to beat and wound her in the most outrageous and brutish manner wherefore the plaintiff praise your honor to authorize her to sue her said husband for a separation from bed and board and Thenceforth to grant her decreed that they be separated from bed and board to authorize her to live separately from her said husband, so. You know, probably probably was being this makes me think that this new guy did beat her. She didn't seem to be one to make you know, a fictional claims. There's no record of her doing this with either one of her first husband's. So that's interesting to me as I as I think about what goes on coming up. This of course, is not usually brought up in a folklore of the subject. But yeah, definitely has questions the narrative, right? One question is edge questions. One question is were there was there any correlation between the freemen of the slave and Delfin cessation separate from her husband, you know, in some accounts. Both these events happened on the same day. Did they'll Fain try and intervene on this particular slaves behalf? You know, was the doctor the sadists and Madame lottery. One of his victims was this man, beaten, this other slaves, so terribly that, you know, Delfin thought that she had to free this person. We may never know. But again, it's it is interesting that there were no rumors of ill-treatment between Madame lottery and her slave during her first two marriages, no rumors of her ever mistreating slaves prior to Dr lottery, and then the rumors start around the same time. She takes her husband to court for spousal abuse by she frees a slave when she when she does that all makes you wonder what was really going on after the official separation Delfin remained to the Royal street address. Her. Her husband is still comes and goes from this place, they're separated, but not like entirely apart. You know, we'll see later this really infamous fire that happens. He was at the residence when all the shit went down that led to their legend. Yeah. So okay, we're gonna we're gonna move forward. Chronologically here a little more in a bit. But we're going to detour into some voodoo who do context that adds to her legend, and and we're going to stay in the same period for quite some time. So how about we hop on out of today's time suck time line? Good job soldier made it back. Ben. Right now, we're going to get to some some gruesome stories accounts of the story, the this pillar of New Orleans horror lore, trillion or stand. Why the accounts of Delfi murder so graphic, and frankly, so strange we have to understand things about voter and hoodoo and and a good way to get into New Orleans voodoo hoodoo is to introduce an important historical contemporary of del fiends, Marie Lavoro the voodoo Queen of New Orleans if you've ever been there, they all kinds of stuff dedicated her certainly a future times that candidate Marie Catherine Lavoro again known as voodoo Queen of New Orleans born in New Orleans September tenth eighteen o one. Just thirteen years. I guess fourteen years after Madame dill Fien, she was the illegitimate daughter of a Freeman of color and Creel mother her connection with Delfin, not well documented, however, it is referencing some dark New Orleans folklore, which I think has to have added to the dark legend of Madame Delphine one story stems from New Orleans painter Ricardo. Who's Daniel locally famous for his paintings of Madame lottery and the devil baby. Baby cap capitalized, it's not just any random, Debbie to the devil. Baby. He stated in an interview some New Orleans natives claimed ill phen-, and Dr Lori were associated with the actual devil, baby. They spawn of Satan, this was supposedly a deformed or insane child rumored to be the spawn of a mortal woman and a demon possibly Satan himself. So, you know, it's probably for sure true. I did look up some devil baby stats, and according to the national society of unquestionable facts based in Washington, DC, six point seven devil babies are born each and every year in Louisiana loan. Seventy five percent of them appear evil did their twenty five percent or mostly evil hundred percent of them grow to be circus clowns. So there are some facts I made up, but of course, there's not a real devil baby. But a lot of people have believed there was some people still do they think Madame Delphine in Nevada Queen we're really in league with Satan and had something to do with bringing a devil baby into this. Plane of existence legend states that the baby was found or or conjured somehow by the Queen and then given to phen- and her husband raise some would claim to the devil. Baby was delta godchild weird story detail right to devote acquaint found the devil baby. But gave it to Madame Delphine to race. Why didn't you want? I'm guessing della BBB hard hard kid race, right? Go clean your room up bitch. I'm devil. I'll clean your fucking clock. When you fall tonight. If you need me, I wanna be out, you know, the back skin some cats until I feel like stopping. And a devil baby skin. Catch actually actually reminds me that I need to talk real quick about today's final sponsor one. Last sponsor time suck is brought to you today by Ed campers pet sickles at Kemper the maker of pet cycles and pet kebabs cat and dog heads mostly cat heads violently cut off in jammed on sticks. And then either grilled or frozen for your culinary pleasure. Will Ed has a new product just in time for some birthday. Parties can't kick pops. Oh, man. Amid Kemper and. I want you to listen to me talk about cat K pups. If you do not, listen, there's a real good chance, you're gonna get more samples Cohen and all star thinking about mother and your Linda put a fucking stick. Any anyway, my khaki pops or cat heads that had been baked into delicious cakes. And then those cut had cakes who've been pushed under sticks, and I've carved myself for your, dining pleasure. No seasoning. No secret Spicer's. No gimmicks. Just delicious count, hats, delicious, cakes and sticks. Carved while having thoughts of cutting so Ernie with Mordor with each dick. You'll get a free extra day to not be my very long people to kill list to or plead Goto Zappala dot I am so fucking filled with rage that of course, is not today sponsor, we're almost bunch that was just a little not to my interpretation of Ed camper from January suck if your new listener. Yeah. Yeah. I missed mocking that site Beth no more of that kind of nonsense. They we had enough war. We had enough horror with Madame del famous get back to New Orleans and voodoo and I bought passed out. That's tough character to do for a long time. It's easy to write that stuff. But then we started in the voice. Nobody all buddy skews us water drink. Off Mike like a professional. Okay, the unsubstantiated. But certainly interesting rumor of Madame LA LA La Rue raising a devil, baby. She got from voodoo queens, certainly attitude or dark legend ties her to the religion of voodoo and the bloody dark magic of hoodoo if hoodoo voodoo we're actually a big part of Madame Delphine lotteries life, and we don't know for sure that they weren't would explain some of the very specifically gory blood ritual, look and shit. She supposedly did to her slaves for what could have been many years, but more specifically from eighteen thirty one eighteen thirty four. So what is fhu and hoodoo? Well, I I'll do is a word that will forever. Remind me of Reverend Dr Joel motherfucking pays favorite song by God's MAC. I've had this earworm in my head a lot this week. And now, I'm going to infect you. And but mostly though, I'm doing this to infect a Reverend paisley not the one who so far away. Feel the snake? Buy in to in. Switch into Michael McDonald? Now doll remember Hooker? Who every wasn't making McDonald's? Wow. How would he sing that? I can't do it. I can't do it. It's too hard to hard to combine one really distinct. Melody with another very distinct voice, I'm not the one who so far fucking. Thank you for that. One silly guessing you're still playing paying your bills that nine hundred ninety nine Diddy his everything about that. Like, I do some yards a song twenty five years ago royalty checks pay for their life the rest of their life. Okay. Food who is a religion. That was brought to the west by slaves originated from Africa hailing from the West Indies and late eighteenth century. It's believed to have started in Haiti in seventeen twenty four has deeper roots in the much older African practice of of ood moon, practiced by many different African cultures for very many for many centuries. Gives me a vote on a voodoo has a number of God's rituals and practices that can be found in today's vote do through slavery of Odin traditions spread out to places as distant from each other as Cuba. Brazil Haiti the Dominican Republican North America. When slaves were brought to the states many were forced to convert to Catholicism. By their new slave masters in order to keep a connection to the religion of their homelands. The slaves had to hide their gods. This is a classic example of religious syncretism. Right. Uniting of different religions into one new school of thought into a religion, the slaves integrated Catholicism into their voting beliefs merging, their ancestor gods and rituals with Catholic saints and practice and created a new hybrid religion foodie was practiced and displayed publicly in New Orleans during Madame Lowery's life so much. So that laws were passed to keep it in check due to its increasing popularity in seventeen eighty two Louisiana's then governor Galvez prohibited. The importation of of black people for Martinique explained that they quote or too much given to them and make the lives of citizens unsafe. This ban was lifted in eighteen zero three but the Christian fear of voodoo remained plantation owners fleeing the revolution in the West Indies began arriving a few years later, bringing with them considerable numbers of West Indian slaves when Haitian. Activities of arrived in New Orleans became even more popular even more public of voodoo became more popular still after the signing of the Louisiana purchase nature. No three the relationship between blacks and whites was less volatile under American rule than it was previously at least in New Orleans that time of voodoo flourished and the sect gained a significant number of converts. Some of the imagery that we are familiar with is is a snake sacrifice. Right. The drinking of blood before looked into this. I remember some some samba shit too. All right. There's definitely some zombie stuff voodoo has all kinds of energy rituals. As you also might imagine a bunch of aboard, Louisiana debutantes took a liking some of them to the exotic forms of spirituality and acts that were generally seen as taboo, some of them became a bit obsessed with them, right? Made for good gossip few Louisiana whites publicly practice voodoo, but many gleefully observed and spied on the proceedings, right? I can picture that. Just oh my goodness Marie. They're cutting head. Head off a chicken. Oh, how dreadful and look at that man dancing. How sinful oh that dark man with the chiseled apps and all the muscles in his chest and arms in that high tight, but on a strong JAL line. Look at those soulful penetrating sinful is why it's all just so dreadful. Did it just get a lot more humid in here prior to any voodoo activity a common ritual was the is to raise the power. This is when all worshippers press raises the power of all the worshippers present for this ritual for this ritual. Imagine a voodoo Queen and king stand on a box containing the snake. They join hands. The people this ritual. They literally transmit the power of the snake, everyone in attendance. Sometimes he fastened bells the outside of the box would shake it to produce a tinkling sound bewitching, the whole congregation in the midst of the gathering, there would be a boiling cauldron in which were thrown chickens, frogs cat snails. Maybe maybe some squirrel balls. We'll fuck we don't know for sure we weren't there. Always a snake? All these offerings were brought by various attendance. And this is where we get zombies. The dead brought back to life by the power of dark voodoo rituals. We'll save an indepth look into zombies, by the way for voodoo besa suck down the road. But the zombie part would be played by the by some male dancer, or or by the or the voodoo king representing the Legrand's zombie or the great zombie at this point in the ritual. Right. This power of you know, life over death at this point the ritual. Everyone present would would come forth to dance and drink from the snake or the evening supply of toffee raw alcoholic beverage, you know, completely possessed by snake power. So I guess they filled. The snake up some kind of fitter. I don't know. Maybe there during his blood the dancers repair off with lust in there is and the ritual with some. Times ended an actual orgy Hailu Safina now this kinda shit. Of course scared. A lotta white people think about early nineteenth century Christians hearing about or worse witnessing these rituals. Right. They undoubtably thought of them as being satanic. There was a growing concern. Amongst whites such meetings were you know, being held to to work black magic against them. The plot. Some kind of revolution for this reason. The city of New Orleans issued a municipal ordinance eighteen seventeen which forbade the gathering of slaves for dancing or any other purpose except on Sundays, and then only in places designated by the mayor super worried about this shit to the point that laws were being passed. This is the atmosphere. Madam lottery is living in one of our time suck researchers actually spoke with a practitioner of of do in a dedicated student of who do this person wished to remain anonymous, but did promise not to turn any of us into Samis the outline the similarities between of virgin vote do who do many Celtic Bavarian other. Early or other early people's traditions as we mentioned who do is the practice of folk magic while voodoo is the much larger religion in a way, you can think of is like Catholicism or Lutheranism or or being Methodist, and who is like thirty people who are all related in some way. Tending a snake handling service in a backwards Appalachian trailer park church adherence of do not necessarily practice. The much more blood related rituals of hoodoo. An example of hoodoo is the popular voodoo doll sounds counterintuitive voodoo and hoodoo or a few other voodoo dolls is considered a sympathetic magic. Otherwise, defined is use of personal effects facilitate change in a person's life for circumstances. Good or bad avoid Udal, which again is really who do starts out as a small cloth. Doll sown by the practitioner and the likeness of the target individual or into the light as the target individual the cloth can be made of any material. However, it's preferred the material come from the clothing of the target. The doll is fixed with a mix of herbs, right? Or herbs cloth personal items of the targeted like hair fingernails picture of drawing. Their name end or birthday written on a piece of paper and possibly possibly a couple pairs of balls. We don't know for sure probably not it's not run anywhere. Wants the doll has been completed practitioner will breathe life into the doll. And then so it's shut thinking about the the accusations of mouth sewn shut now in when they about the torturing the lotteries supposedly did from that point. The doll is like Chucky on crack rights believed to be a living breathing effigy of the target everything. The two who do who do or does to the doll is meant to affect the target like in that one Scooby doo episode with Globetrotters. Other examples of who practice or curses, like, stop, your slander, this ritual uses a cow tongue slice down the center and filled with peppers pins, rusty nails, and sometimes even urine man they say God works in mysterious ways to who do. God's mysterious shit all of these items are sewn into the cow tongue and nail to fucking tree. Targets prop property as one does to invoke spirit powers this curse dot to cause pain and discomfort in the target whenever they slander the who doer, and there's you know, ten tons of other spells that are done the do. And who do they get even more popular when yellow fever is brought on by mosquitoes and that ravages Louisiana region while slaves and free blacks get sick. They're able to get better while white Europeans die off and many attributed this to voodoo and who do as opposed to African-born people's immunity to the virus. Okay. Besides a culture of do and who do another cultural situation factions, Madame FINA Lowery legend was growing pushback against slavery and new law seeking to protect life's Madame ollery. With someone who owned a lot of slaves. Made a lot of money office lays came from a family who owned a lot of slaves hung around people who a lot of slaves and a lot of other people in New Orleans around the time. We're starting to think you know, what I don't know about this whole sleigh riding. It's it's almost like when you really think about it. It's super fucked up an anti-slavery movement have been alive in America's since the very beginning. Even some of the founding fathers, despite being slave owners went on record against it, a communists and business owners from the north would argue that slavery impeded economic growth when hiring cheap workers, you know, would actually be more practical since he didn't have to feed some Irish fellow when he was young you'd have to take care of him when he was old as as again, many southern slave owners actually did once they retired nations like England put their money and their lives of their own. Own soldiers on the line to end slavery throughout their empires. And beyond by the mid to late late nineteenth century for all intent and purpose of slavery was all but a radically did virtually everywhere except US the specifically, obviously, the south in Brazil treatment of slaves and laws dictate in the treatment range from state to state the Louisiana, code Noir or code of ethics relating to slaves. Read as follows we also forbid all of our subjects in this colony was ever there. Conditional ranked may be to apply on their own private authority the rack to their slaves under any pretense whatsoever. And to mutilate said slaves and any of their limbs or any part of their bodies under the penalty of the confiscation of said slaves in and said masters, so offending shall be liable to a criminal prosecution. We only permit masters when they think that their case requires it to put this lives in irons and to have them whipped with rods or ropes Louisiana, Noah seventeen twenty four. Now that's way back in seventy. Twenty four. How how crazy is that Louisiana? Legislators felt the need to pass a law forbidding physically mutilating, people, right? You don't pass a law like that in a staunch pro slavery area, in my opinion, unless a shit ton of mutilation is already going on which is starving. Like if Madame lottery herself did not mutilate slaves. I if if no one in her household mutilated her slaves. Other slaves were for sure mutilated in Louisiana was which is owned haunted tour worthy horror story. Okay. Now, all the cultural context has been laid out. So so how did Madame Lowery truly become known for being a torture of slaves? It all started with a fire on April tenth eighteen thirty four fire broke out in the lottery resonance on Royal street starting in the kitchen when the police and fire marshals arrived. They supposedly find the cook a seventy year old woman chained to the stove by her ankle. This cook allegedly later said that she had set the fire as a suicide attempt. Because she feared being punished. She said that slaves taken to the uppermost room of the house. Never came back as reported in the New Orleans be the very next day. April eleven to eighteen thirty four bystanders responding to the fire attempted to enter the slave quarters to ensure that everyone had been evacuated upon being refused. The keys by the lotteries. The bystanders broke down the doors to the slave quarters and found quote, seven slaves more or less horribly mutilated suspended by the neck with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to the other who claimed to have been imprisoned there for some months. One of those who entered the premises was judge Jules Francois Kanye JR. Who later wrote for the New Orleans be or what he said was later printed excuse me in the New Orleans be he said. The following deposition, stating the material facts attendant upon the horrible disclosures at the late configuration has been made by judge Colnago before or knowledge fucking whatever's names, God, damned French English. This judge see fuck it is judge see coming from the source does is entitled to full credence. We shall make no comments. But let's documents speak for itself. The the punt. Declares that on Thursday. Some of these things are hard to because it's written English. But like with an Asterix, they have so many archaic words fucking people. Why can't they just speak the same language as me, which is not good English? Anyway, on Thursday, the tenth of fire took place on the premises of MS or MRs Lowery that this is poorly written that he repaired as a citizen for the purpose of affording any assistance within his power that on arriving there. He was apprised of there being one of the apartments some slaves who were chained and who were from their situation exposed to perish in the conversation. And he's and he said a bunch of other stuff in this letter. The basically he gets this thing of he he claims that he talked to the lorries, and I'm just kind of summarizing now, I was originally planning on reading this all, but it's just it's written so bad. He was planning on, you know, trying to help people who are trapped inside ask the res to give them no to let. Let these people in let him and some other people in to help the other trapped inside and says it lotteries were just like now. Now, we don't don't worry about it. And basically just refused to help them. And so they had to break open the doors. I'll go back and do it for a second there. And he and then he says accompanied by the citizens with him he ended and found to Negras with incarcerated whom he'd liberated from this den. Several voices were heard that were other victims in the kitchen, he repaired thither, but found no one that one of the negro had an iron collar, very large and very heavy and was chained with heavy irons by the feet that she walked with the greatest difficulty that he was unable to examine the one behind that one individual whom he believes to be Mr. yet said to him. He knew of another slave was confined he ended with this gentleman to another apartment where upon someone's removing a mosquito Baugh an old negro was found with the deep wound in her head. She appeared to be quite feeble too much show to be able to walk then the demont design. Some of the persons present to have her removed to the mayor's office where the first two had been moved demanded, Mr. Lowery, if he had any slaves in his GARRETT'S somebody's I guess we're trying to ask him. Hey, man. Do you have any more people in he'd be helped he replied and insulting tone that they were persons who will do better by remaining at home and visiting others to dictate to them laws inequality of officious friends. Okay. So here's what I just got from that. No one saw a buckets of body parts littered littering the room or a woman with her skin peeled into a spiral. You know? So she resembles I'm gonna Caterpillar like New Orleans ghost guy tour guide will tell you. But seems several people who were witnesses to the fire did find other human beings, you know, slave shackled inside in irons. You know, it does appear that a lot of res didn't seem interested in saving them that they seemed very okay with letting them be burned alive ended, the, you know, these people inside were very very very mistreated and in another article from the time, they're report. The people witnessing the bodies of quote mutilated slaves that doesn't look good. All right. I think there is a there's starting to be more truth as legend than I originally thought. There was going to be following that eighteen thirty four fire. The New Orleans be also reported that an angry mob formed around the Delphine home wants the fire was put out and the sheriff and his officers like when people started hearing about the atrocities as opposed you went on. And they're in a sheriff and his officers were called in to disperse the crowd. And then the paper reported the by the time, the mob left the Royal street. Property had sustained major damage with quote scarcely anything remaining, but the walls the paper also reported the slaves who survived the fire were taken to a local jail where they were made available for public viewing the New Orleans be reported by April twelfth up to four thousand people had attended to view the slaves to convince themselves of their sufferings that doesn't look good. I mean still is now reports of crude sex changes in crappy would still a lot of horrible shit. But but how did that story? Grow into the story of today will an early British social theorists named Harriet Martineau has a lot to do with that Harriet is widely considered the world's first female sociologist. She was contemporary of lotteries who traveled to New Orleans two years after the rumors of slave torture. Two years after the fire in eighteen thirty six to interview locals in her findings. She did note that Madame Delphine slaves. Look, haggard and wretched and appearance. That's what people told her Harry reported that one of lotteries neighbors, one saw one of the lottery slaves, a twelve year old girl named Leah fall to her death from the roof of the Royal street mansion, we'll try and to avoid punishment from a whip wilting del phen- Lowery. This is an important piece of the puzzle. That speaks to her direct involvement in slave abuse. There are several different versions of the story. Here is the main one Lee was combing Madame lotteries hair and eighteen thirty four. Madam lottery, roughly forty seven years old at this time, apparently at some point she tugs, the Madame's hair too hard Delfin goes fucking beserk over right grabs. A nearby bull whip and chases after this young girl whose exact age is not given the accounts. I read accounts vary widely a regarding what happened next. There were allegedly witnesses to this but their stories about this event. Do vary. Bit some accounts say Leo was first beaten with the whip. And then kind of thrown off the roof most accounts over say, she ran the side of Madame Delphine grabbing bull whip all accounts do have her running from Adam Dale Fain, and ultimately falling or being pushed to her death from either the roof of the home or from an upstairs window. So did she jump, you know, from from the home from the roof of the home to escape d'ici that she trip she pushed these are some of the questions around these events that will likely never be completely answered. But there are records that showed that, you know, Madame Adelphia was fined for her involvement in the death of this girl. Find a measly three hundred dollars, but still. You know, there's a record of this happening and of her being guilty of this happening. Some kind of abuse according to Harriet Martineau this incident led to investigation the lotteries in which they were found guilty of illegal cruelty to other slaves and then forced they were forced to forfeit nine additional slaves. Sadly, these nine slaves were brought were bought back. You know by the lotteries through in through through a relative relative go by back, then give them to the Madame Dell. Fina husband, and they were returned to the royalist residents. You know, sadly shit like that happened all the time. Interesting to note that the lotteries gotten legal trouble for slave mistreatment during era of history when it was the norm to mistreat slaves, which leads me to believe that the very least, you know, these people were especially sadistic and cruel March. No also recounted stories that the lottery kept her cook chained to the kitchen stove that she beat her daughters when they attempted to feed slaves the pits. Pittsfield son writing several weeks after the evacuation of Lowery slave quarters following the fire claim that two of the slaves found in the Laura imagine a died since the rescue. And then added we understand that in digging in the yard bodies have been disinterred. And that the condemned well in the grounds of the mansion having been uncovered others, particularly that of a child were found. So, you know, more bodies are found secretly buried on the property ten years later, another author will darken the already dark tale of Madame Lilo read, the American novelist, George Washington, cable, probably the most famous writer to spread the lottery. Legend. He was born in Louisiana in eighteen forty four. He fought for the confederate army later became a journalist and historian Creole life before and after the civil war painted, an incredible picture of pride opulence, racism and money his eye for detailing the battle between the Americans and French Creole was remarkable, especially in his famed novel. The Grandes seems a he conveyed a sense disapproval toward the racism still present in Louisiana after the civil war cable, eventually moved to Massachusetts became friends with Mark Twain and actually did some book lecture tours together and an end in his book. Strange true stories of Louisiana originally published eighteen eighty nine he told a lot of retail. He didn't include medical experiment injuries in the list of tortures suffered by the slaves. But he did corroborate claims of household slaves being terribly mistreated and then being freed by others during and after the terrible fire and his accounts are backed up with original documents and depositions given after the incident in eighteen thirty four and then decades later in nineteen forty six. John de LA Wien wrote ghost stories of old New Orleans. This is the book most likely responsible for some of the gory or embellishments on what the rescuers found during the lottery house fire of eighteen thirty four including stories of medical experiments and buckets of body parts. No documentation to back up aspects of these aspects of the story, Dale Levin wrote a horror story, not a historical book, but his book has been treated as a historical accounts since arm. Sorry, genie, not, gene. So it's a she genie day Levin. She wrote, for example, the man who smashed the garage door saw powerful male slaves. Stark naked chained to the wall. There is gouged out. Their fingernails pulled out by the roots. Others had their joint skinned and festering great holes in their buttocks where the flesh had been sliced away their ears hanging by shreds their lips sewn together their tongues drawn out and sewn to their chins severed hand stitched bellies lay. Legs pull joint from joint female slaves. There were their mouths and ears Cran with ashes and chicken awful and bound tightly others had been smeared with Honey, and we're a massive black. Ants intestines were pulled out a nodded around naked wastes there will holes in skulls were rough. Stick had been inserted inserted to stir the brains some of the poor creatures were dead, some were unconscious and a few were still breathing suffering agonies beyond any power to describe. And again, that's a hor- novel were they really ended up and clearly integrated a bunch of do who do stuff, and then, you know, since it's kind of become part of the, you know, quote, unquote, factual mythology and then in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the stories taken even further embellished further by book called journey into darkness goes and vampires of New Orleans by cat Trina Catharina Smith who is the operator of a New Orleans ghost tour business Smith book at a more explicit details. Such as you know, a victim, obviously. Had her arms amputated in her skin peeled off in a circular pattern, making her look like a human Caterpillar and another who had her limbs broken and reset it ought angle. So she resembled a human crap other specific tales of atrocities not document about early eye. Witnesses have also wove their way into delving story stories of people chained to walls and strapped to tables stretched and torn people were suspended by their next which would also stretched and torn, you know, an and you know, in those some of those actually were in some of those early newspaper accounts, you know, women wearing a cruel spiked iron collar, callers, one story that a woman allegedly had her mouth forced open feces of some kind shoved in and then her lips shut again fucking hoodoo. And then there's yeah, there's that whole story gets told by law the tour guys about the guy with with the spoon sticking out of his head. You know, had the whole drilled in the spoon sticking out. There was meant to quote star his mind, or, you know, drive him stir crazy another potential who legend. There are tales of a female slave a found hung to the rafters by arisen her intestines wrapped around her body, which was supposedly thought to be some who do practice some ritual and other county that after the fire workers found a number of bones buried on the boards in the yard. Or in addition to you know in the yard. All right. So that's that's those are all the legends. So what about the law? The res what happened to them will Harriet Martineau that sociologist road in eighteen thirty eight that Madame del Fien fled New Orleans during the mob violence if all fire taking a coach to the waterfront than traveling by schooner to mobile, Alabama. And then traveling on from there to Paris looks like she fled alone. The doctor do not seem to stay together at all following the fire. You know, Dr law re sorta just disappears around eighteen forty two that year. He sent a letter that had been seen or that we found he's had this letter from Cuba to a friend in New Orleans, basically asking if they could send him some of. Shit after the separation everything stuff that was still New Orleans Mademoiselle Fien Martineau wrote that she had her six-year-old son by Louis Lowery Jean-Louis with her. She also had her three of her adult children, according to Harriet and other accounts once still female into French. She just kinda kept living your life. And as if she had not done something horrific. She could not be prosecuted in France for what she allegedly a New Orleans, contrary to a lot of other accounts. She didn't have to live in secret genie. Dolphins daughter by John blank, allegedly visited her mom in Paris in late eighteen thirties with her children and husband as shown by numerous pieces of correspondence found in the Missouri history archives. Madame ollery, supposedly, thrived and Paris. You conducted business in France, pay taxes, even supposedly financed the repair of residence. She still had a New Orleans not the Royal street one. But a different one that you rented out there are several accounts of dolphins death that have been entertained by storytellers and historians one report suggests that she was killed by a wild boar hunting. Accident and France, while another more likely a story ran in the New Orleans paper the times picayune March eighteen ninety two said that she died amongst friends and family in Paris. You know, as a quite old apparently yell if if she died in eighteen ninety two she'd been over a hundred years old she might have made it back to New Orleans before she died in the late nineteen thirties. Eugene backs who serves Sexton to Saint Louis Saint Louis cemetery number one until nineteen twenty four discovered an old cracked copperplate in the alley four cemetery rally force gives me that cemetery. The inscription the plate read reads, Madame Lowery born Madame born Marie Delphine McCarty died in Paris, December seven th eighteen forty two at the age of sixty something that final number was apparently missing a road it. But you know, if she died in eighteen forty two then she would have been well, she would have been quite sixty. She would have been like a fifty seven. All the numbers a little little fish. But it, but these are all all the things that are said, where's she buried? We don't know gene block the block daughters and Madame lottery all rest unknown burial sites. But there's lots of speculation. There's speculation that she's in one of those, you know, New Orleans cemetery. There's a couple of throwing around is possibly one of the number the number two crypt in the forestall plots one of the forestall plots in Saint Louis cemetery. What about the house where the slaves were probably tortured will after a lotteries death. It was it was purchased and at some point prior to eighteen eighty eight it was restored over the following decades. It was used as a public high school conservatory of music and apartment building a refuge for young delinquent bar has written a furniture store a luxury apartment building. And then as I said earlier, nNcholas cage bought it in two thousand seven, and then the current owner is, you know, someone with the regions financial corporation is last record that I found. Okay. Sorry that there's one who was a little bit all over the place. We actually spent more time on this one than than a lot of recent ones man when you look into this tale, it is super super hard to decipher folklore from actual facts. You know, the court records themselves are hard to read because people spoke in fucking weird formal crazy ask krill version of English. Here's my final thoughts. You know, they're made knob anybody's in the attic, you know. But they did supposedly up skeletons from the yard. There is evidence of a lot of mistreatment for sure including the controversial death of twelve year old Leah was the abuse worse than what other slave owners were probably committed to the time. I think it was I think it was probably quite a bit worse even even here internally. And to suck dungeon, there's some disagreement on this. But I think I think a lot of the legend actually is true. I think it's going to be impossible to determine if you abuse came at the hands of either Dr Lori or Madame del fi lottery, but based on the lease tail and the fine. She was given a does seem. Madam dolphin might have become quite cruel in her later years. I mean, there's also you know, this. I mean, you know, the the possibility that a lot of that was under the influence of Dr lottery because again, none of this stuff happened at least, documented wise until he came into the picture. I don't know. Maybe it was his influence. Maybe she was covering for him. Most the time there's I witness accounts of her, you know, not carrying slaves were trapped in a burning structure, you know, many witnessed or slaves in a poor physical states in again how much of that was her and how much of it was her husband. I I do think that he was probably a much bigger monster than she was, you know, could some of this been false testimony. Yes. We'll never know. But we do know that they both were run at a town because of tales of mistreatment, you know, tales started being printed the day after the fire not necessarily years later. People got so mad about her treatment slaves, an angry mob attacked your property. You know, two decades before the civil war. I don't think that happens unless you've gone fuck and way outside the bounds of what was acceptable to time and a certain level. Of abuses slaves was acceptable that time. So to receive the press she did to flee town like she did to flee the whole country as her and her estranged husband who ended up in Cuba. Did that leads me to believe that, you know, the two of them or at least one of them were terrible. Terrible. Terrible people. Do I think you raise a devil baby and broke people's bones to reshape them into crappy? Fuck no. But I do think she may have done shit that was equally horrific. I mean, as we learned doctors really did do horrific medical experiments on slaves. You know, the rumors of abuse didn't begin until after she married a doctor. That's a weird coincidence. If it's not outright incriminating. I think there's a good chance. There was some weird experiments done those poor people. But without more details. I mean, this is just my speculation and opinion, we'll never know the full story, which is why her former home, it's such a popular spot for goes tour. Right. There's a lose to all kinds of horrible dark shit. There's the do who do angles. I mean, it makes for a great ghost tour tail because there will forever be the possibility that that some mad woman New Orleans really did do horrific shit deserving of a later depiction as that monster Kathy Bates portrayed in the third season of American horror story. It's a crazy tail for sure with or without the voodoo or who do elements. Take a take a few more. Looks back at his tail in today's top five takeaways time. By the way. Number one, the tale of Madame Dale Fain is a fascinating mix. A fact folklore did she mistreat slaves and possibly even torture them. I'm gonna say she probably did did you turn them into human caterpillars and crap people and raised della baby. No, probably not number two did Madame dill Fien or her third husband perform, a horrible medical experiments on slaves possibly me. Personally. I think probably I have no hard evidence of that. But we do know the doctors related perform these experiments number three Jean Pierre blank Delfin. Second husband was fucking pie. Writ pretty cool, or at least to due to rain with its. He was also a lawyer whose association with pirates helped save America in the war of eighteen twelve fun side detail number four Saturday. The most important witnesses to this whole story would never likely interviewed not that we know of the slaves that lived in the Laurie house due to racism known ever seem to ask them what they thought about this certainly a missed opportunity to know a lot more about this story. Number five, new info. You want to go on the tour? I went on the sparked my interest in this topic. Check out go city tours in New Orleans. They're not a sponsor too. It's just a business that I you know, I went I thought it was cool. They'll walk you around the French quarter talk at length about the legends of Madame. They'll Fien Viduka Queen, you know, Marie Lavoro patients Dombi tons of huntings. I recommend it highly. If you like it in the dark folklore is highly morbidly entertaining hail, LUSA FINA time. Takeaway. Episode has been sucked. Right. New Orleans sucked. Gin already look forward to getting back there for the next suck. What an interesting city. Interesting tale. Fascinated makes a history true crime in folklore. Hope you liked as much as we did here in the suck Dench wasn't too convoluted. Big thanks to the time up team. Thanks to Queen suck. Lindsey come as high priests karma camp. Jesse guardian of grammar donor, Reverend Dr Joe paisley, timescale, high priest Alex Dugan. The guy's a bit elixir danger brain access apparel, thanks to New Orleans native and upcoming summer intern here in the suck dungeon self. Sophie fact, sorceress evidence hope Sophie enjoyed what I did with the beginnings of her research and huge thanks again to new fulltime suck dungeon, employees and hetero. Search Zach still need to nickname Flannery for all of his massive help. If you haven't already done so check out the coal to the curious private face. Facebook group online over eight thousand members now over two thousand members on discord you can link to. Both episode description also linked to discord in the time so cap next week's time suck we're going back to Russia back to the US. Sa we did that a lot here, man. We love talking about Russia talking about the KGB this time what is deal with Russia. Fascination of space lizards a spoken. The topic of the KGB won the last base vote. The tail of the KGB leads. It's all over the place from intense spine, espionage to the ingenious technologies of the Cold War. And all those atrocities that were committed in the name of national security. Imagine the worst serial killer in history, and then rinse and repeat that several million times to understand what the KGB did Chiquillo Maceio pop golf Alexander pollution. They don't have shown the KGB KGB was a multifaceted multifaceted organisation to combine intelligence gathering national defense duties protection of Soviet officials messing with other nations election processes sounds familiar. They were also entrusted with policing their own people. Big mistake the treatment. A political distance and undesirables into gulags is one of the most horrific and mind fucking bits of world history. The details not for those weak stomachs. But if you handled today, you probably to thanks to a couple of Russia's thanks to a couple of Russia's best riders will go into details of life in the logs. We'll also look into the many friendly competitions at the US and USSR had going between each other cover the space race last week. Right. There was propaganda wars that were equally interesting. Also, the topic gives us an excuse to look into the many secret police agencies around the world, how does the KGB compared to the Israeli massad? Or Britain's what does it m I six I was going to say M16.'s mix. There's such a vast topic with the KGB filled with traders, national heroes, six secret military actions, perhaps the most amped up fear based propaganda in history in the next week's episode of hope that we can all get a better understanding of just how far collectivism and ideology can go when neighbors police neighbors in the name of the common. Good, it seems at least in this in this case that. Nothing. Good comes from it. All right. Let's let's let's now Mosey on over into the not secret at all world of time sucker updates. In time. Sunday update got a few youth. My dog lies in the moon. Landing episode time sucker Dylan Melva. No is one of you who got pretty sad for those dogs for bit Dylan wrote God, dammit, you got me after one hundred thirty five podcast. You got me one dog in space. Yeah. I knew that four dogs. Sure. Why not but twenty-six fucking chihuahuas? And I didn't even think for second that you might be full of shit. I'm sitting here thinking about how they can even survive the force of the launch not even thinking about why they would cram so many damn Chihuahua into one shuttle damn you, Dan Cummins. Sorry. Not sorry Dylan. I love that you were left wondering why why in God's name is nasty cramp twenty-six. While couldn't you put like one or two big dogs. Like, what does that even proof next update is to let you damone area suckers? No, some good is being done in your neighborhood. Just over week, Chris. Tomorrow's wrote in saying Hello. I'm a loyal listener of time suck and newly-born spaces heard my wife Elizabeth, and I just saw your show in Des Moines. My wife is twenty nine and has Sarai psoriatic. I didn't prepare for this word serve psoriatic. I believe arthritis which acts a lot like rheumatoid arthritis. She was diagnosed five years ago when getting the standard check about she hit her knee on something. And the swelling didn't go down for two weeks. We've done this walk two years in a row, and this will be our third year last year I held raise money by setting the goal of five hundred dollars. And then I would cut my hair at the time. I had been growing my hair for four years. I had a pretty big fro-. But it was for a good cause when we saw you last year, I just cut my hair into a double mohawk this year. We're trying to raise seven hundred dollars for team the flare bears. It would mean a lot to me if you could mention this on an upcoming podcast. I copied the link here. Just in case. Thank you. Ve. Everything guys do with this podcast remember to keep on suck and loyal spaces or Chris tomorrow's Well, Chris. Yeah. Thank you for for sending that influent. Adding that linked today's episode description, thanks for that damone show so much fun, by the way, good on you for getting out there and doing some good in the world. Hell Nimrod hopes some damone area sucker show up with that walk because we saw quite a few that night. Lot of lot of suckers in Des Moines. Interesting moon landing Nazi update. Now coming in from time sucker Adam Jordan's Dodd who writes, dear suck masters premium. I'm Colonel listening to one three six moon landing conspiracy. I had to stop to send you correction when you mentioned the conspiracy that there are Nazis on the moon. You said it's not logical because they couldn't build an atomic bomb to win World War Two, but could build a spaceship. I I agree with your logic and understand what you're trying to say. But as a World War Two history nut I have to inform you in the nuclear capabilities of the Nazis. You are corrected that never made a nuclear bomb. However that does not because they couldn't or didn't try to the Nazis occupied heavy-water or deteriorate oxide plants in Norway during World War Two or maybe determine the Nazis were reportedly close to create a nuclear weapons using the heavy-water, but in nineteen forty-three operation or side. Led by Norwegian commandos was successful in destroying the heavy-water production facility. Good for you know, we data very very hill. For florida. They were thanking you they're much that hopefully somebody that will get old to me. This was followed by allied bombing the Nazis tried to bring the remaining heavy-water back to Germany the Norwegian resistance sabotage the ferry boat in lake ten. Yolk team rohnert is the man who led those resistance fighters in his also suck topic. I added him to the voting awhile back. So everyone should vote it up. There's also a great movie called the heavy-water war. There was on Netflix about this topic sorry for being long winded with this correction, but I love teaching people about World War Two. And I love my Norwegian heritage. Thank you for everything. You do here at time suck my wife, and I had a blast in Cleveland for the livestock and your stand up. My wife was the one who got up on stage, and we're and war Lindsay's. Crown you guys couldn't make her happier. Your loyal spaces. Adam. I was saying Jordan. Instead, it's Jordan's did. Thanks for putting that a pronunciation their is at the bottom. But so I said it's wrong so many times. Yeah. Thanks, you that information that's very cool didn't know about the Norwegians involvement that way in the war. Yeah. George instead. But it is a AA love you lovey Scandinavians. You're crazy words another lineup day coming in from Ryan of CO Ryan rights, you assholes fucking hover board lies. I one to get me. Okay. Ups took one hundred thirty odd sucks. But finally got me good. Well, played, sir. You're getting good doctor genius. And not sure if you set it or not but WD forty was discovered because of the space race. I don't think I did sit on sorry Ryan. But I have kind of good news. Now, actually another sucker. Thomas fog pointed out that a hover board does exist. It just exists in not very usable. But technically real form. Thomas wrote exciting news, suck master's degree and believe it or not real and legitimate legitimate hover boards exist today for real checkout. The Lexus hover board it's powered by liquid nitrogen cooling, the strong magnets inside causing an effect called quantum locking. There's an easy to view and understand you to videos out there explaining the effect and showing it in practice. You can only. These in special skating parks that have metallic basis, but they work in there. Really cool. You also don't lose momentum the same. What you do with friction from wheels. Thomas fog. I did watch somebody else Thomas, and it is pretty cool. I didn't know my lie was true. I mean, it's pretty cool. But it's still not what I want. It's still not mardi mid fly back to the future. Cool right is sweet. But it's not hanging on behind the car. Sweet. So hopefully, soon another moon landing update from time sucker Marshall, I won't give his lasting because Marshall not happy not happy with the episode Marshall wrote dude, the moon landing episode was especially acidic and mean hearted disappointing and hard to listen to usually enjoy your respectful and well research take on history and conspiracies. But this was not your best effort take care. All right. All right marshal. I I hear you. But you know, what some weeks, I just can't respect aggressive ignorance and to me. That's what the moon landing conspiracy represents. I'm pretty happy with that suck. No, I'm I'm very happy with. Suck to me the moon landing conspiracy. When you just when you actually look into it is not any more credible than the flatter theory. And frankly, it's just a disrespectful the world's scientific community. When you say, you don't believe it happened. You're not just saying I respectfully disagree. You have your opinions, and I have mine, and we should both respect each other. Because your your opinion is not respectful, if you believe that, you know, because you're essentially saying that everyone who works for NASA everyone's been working for NASA. Everyone who died in the NASA, you know, space program disasters is a dirty fucking liar and a thief and a dirty thief for taking money for shit that doesn't even happen for bunch being a bunch of bullet that to me that belief system is inherently disrespectful. I do believe Marshall the tolerance can be taken too far. And I am proudly extremely intolerant towards aggressive. Ignorance an emotional reaction to last week's update Senate from spaces or James Pitt who wrote I felt that in the moon. Landing updates today did a total chain reaction. From thousands of spaces are getting choked up at the same time last month and a half has been crazy work. And every time I got a thought I was standing it your way because this show has helped me get through some dark as fuck nights at work. Then I hear you reading that Email, and I realize I'm doing just fine and a temporary bad time doesn't compare to what other people deal with twenty four fucking seven. Thanks to you and your crew for creating the best community ever, my heart goes out to all of you spaces that is so sweet James, man. Thank you so much, man. So you're having some rough times, and and glad it in a way, you know, that that message could help more appreciation for the time so community coming in from time sucker Paul were to who writes, I think I'm sending this to where I was supposed to. But I'm not sure so starting advance if I'm not Ella. Well, well, you know, what no LL needed because you nailed it. Hashtag nailed it. I've been wanting to write in for. And by the way, you send these things into bojangles at times podcast dot com. If you don't want to use the message feature on the app or website. That's the Email address where we get all these. I've been wanting to write in for a while. Now. Listen to your moon landing suck. And the time sucker updated the week. I figured I should finally do it if I remember correctly. I found your podcast after your guest on someone else's podcast and followed over to yours, and I'll real nece. I was not all that into your comedy. I like I like you realize However, I definitely see why others are that. I love the way you phrase, and if we all like the same things the world would be boring. Things that said, I'm definitely starting to find myself laughing more often than not like initially because I was fascinated about the topics and the information you covered enjoyed the formatting of your podcast as time goes on if I'm a self more and more getting into the podcast because of the community you built as a result of many entertainers and content creators can make a difference by providing entertainment or knowledge, but unlike others, you're doing so much more you and your community are genuinely changing people's lives and bringing people of all walks of life together, you may not necessarily believe in God. But you're, but you're definitely doing God's work. The end of your podcasts are always filled with stories of the good that comes from what you've created. And there's callous more lies you touch that. You don't even know about yet, your beautiful soul generally positive influence on the world, a better place because you yours maybe filled with an incredible diversity of people. But we all look up at the same moon. Exactly. Or in this case, listen to this podcast. So are for the long message. You got me in the fields. Thanks for all you've done and for doing what you do in praise bojangles. Paul. Oh, thank you. That was very very very Paul. I appreciate hope. Doing God's work. You know, I don't know who got is not religious in that sense. But I do most days believe in God, I believe in an undefined unknowable God. But God the same. You know, when I hail Nimrod, I feel like I am hailing some creative mysterious force that I don't even need to fully understand why have arm embrace the darkness that. That's how important concept is to me is embraced the unknown. Don't worry about it. You don't have to figure it out. Thank you one. Final. Message of wellwisher. What was just to go out on? This comes from Texas sucker Kagan, Mercer who writes, hey, master Selker. My name is Kagan come into you from central Texas, and I didn't know where else to do this. So I'm going to ask a favor of you pass. This message to Adam and Jake from the time sucker updates the little warrior fighting cancer doing that right now, I'm sure you have said before which where to type I just don't remember. But I pride myself on my ability to control my motions, especially since I'm a firefighter EMT. And I have to deal with emotional situations every shift, but dammit, Adam. Me come back my class. I had tears coming out of my eyes. I'm a pediatric cancer survivor myself nineteen ninety nine hundred ninety eight I had leukemia. And even when as far as getting the make a wish foundation trip, which as I'm sure you know, is for kids who are supposed to die. But thanks to my incredible doctors and hospital and for me, thanks to the help. God I'm here today. And I just want to pass along to Adam and Jake that hanging there trust your doctors trust to religion. If you have any he has an army behind him, and we are all pulling for him. I just wanted to reach out and tell him that it's possible to beat cancer too young age of living proof on twenty five have been permission for coming up on twenty one years. Just keep fighting don't let it get him or you down keep pushing forward don't give up and live little man live a hell of alive and fought cancer. Anyways. That's all I wanted to say sorry, if there are any Typos, I'm typing in a hurry. But thanks for all you do master sucker. And also a few of those back you donated to the firefighters foundation. And man that is bad as thank you amend that has bad s thank. You for that a love here in that a love here, the sucks keep it coming keep on sucking inhale. Nimrod hail Nim not to you Kagan, and he'll name rats. All you good doers out. There. All you who who root for people to get better? All you who can, you know, set aside, different political and religious ideologies and love each other just the same. Yeah. I think I think we do at a pretty thing here at time suck where? I try to limit my anger and hateful nece to people who are trying to just fucking ruin good shit in the world, you know, to those staunchly opposed the science to despots and just murderers and terrible people and pedophile who act on their pedophilia urges. And you know, all that kind of stuff. But if everybody else like like our bonding together and trying to help each other out here. Appreciate you sending that message to to Adam Ataman, Jake, very very kind of you. And that's all for today's time. Sucker updates. You guys. The fucking best. Thanks time soccer's nine need. We all did. Have great week suckers. I'll be speaking with somebody you spaces on Thursday between now and then and really kind of always don't chase kids with whips. Don't adopt devil babies, and, you know, don't don't turn people into crap people focus instead on just just continuing to do your best to keep on sucking. Oh, my priest and I like to read it together at night.

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