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"don ramones" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

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"don ramones" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Lopez e and Guelleh, and willow is pardoned for his grievous lack of requesting marital permission. He just wanted that thirteen year olds so bad he's pardoned again one Spain gives Louisiana to the United States. And he's granted an important political position in New Orleans. We think and then yes in routes via the American ship. Ulysses the ship runs aground. Ramon dies of heart failure before ever reaching his destination. He's buried in Havana during the voyage Delfi gives birth to a daughter named Marie Borgia. Borja Delvina Lopez e and Guelleh daler Candelaria nicknamed board to bore Kita after Don Ramones grandf- mother Dona friend Cisco, and then Delfin and her daughter returned New Orleans afterwards after Don Ramones debt, they'll feel will be a single mom for four years. Very young single mom roughly seventeen years old presumably. Much of her mother and duties were done by servants since she was known to party down. But there are accounts that, you know, the speak to her adoring and doting on Oliver children. She have several others to her life. You're also gonna find out are later accounts as she gets older issues possibly very abusive to our kids. Okay. So let's look at our next marriage. You know, we're an examined all three remarriages thoroughly because when little is written about someone, you know, basically, the next base thing you can do is to examine the lives. They were intertwined with to at least get some insight into their life. And a fair amount was written about her husband's especially the last two mostly the second this guy. Twenty one year old Delfin remarried on June sixteenth eighteen o eight to amend name Jean Pierre. Paulin blank who is an attorney banker lawmaker slave trader and as you'll see soon pirate Adelphia John Blunk would have four children together who were born in the residence at four nine Royal street. Currently idea Mannheim antiques in New Orleans occupies at. Address if you wanna stop in check it out. What is such a fun city that way rare for America place with the residents of someone who lived a few hundred years ago is still around and use today. I mean, I know in Europe, you know, place like that or a dime a dozen, but pretty special still on the side of the Pont del phen-. Gent's eldest daughter Marie Louise zone. Their other three children's names were John Lewis. No, yeah. John louis. Leonard Lowery is the name. He would end up with later. Louis. Marie law blank. And Marie Louis. Pauline blunk. Delfin Laurie's mother Marie John died of natural causes the year before in February twenty six h no seven and left. Her daughter thirty three thousand dollars that will become her dowry. In addition to whatever actually was technically thirty three thousand and seventy dollars, which is a lot of money in that time. In addition to whatever accumulation of slaves Blunk manage on his own. He was also gifted twenty-six more slaves by dolphins father at the time for wedding. Also in eighteen zero eight gene blank was gifted his first plantation so strange to me to be gifted actual people at wedding. It's such a different time it sometimes feels like a completely different world little Baxter. Mr. blank who sounds like a French clue character? It was Mr. blank in the foyer with a both heen Hamma. Gene block came to New Orleans ain't zero three..

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