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"don nelson putz" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Obvious. Like I'm talking about something in this segment that. Yeah. I'd love Don Nelson would have no interest in it. No. But I'm in love. Don Nelson putz, down the Bong, putz, down the joint and gets on the sideline where do what you want have fun your old, but he coached his less for years in the NBA on was it was it was like, oh, you want to shoot threes. Go right ahead. But shoots. He said he never smoked as a player, but he on on the court. I'm sorry. I stepped on on the court. He's undoing everyone your seven feet. Foot tall. Shoots threes. Who who's going to be a thing later. This HBO special first off, I thought the borstal stuff was great. I'm a fan of barstool sports, something different. I'm not going to sit here and tell you, I agree with everything that is said by barstool, but I thought the barstool specialist, very cool and then right after that, you know, maybe say I'm going to tune out but they had an even better special either. The bar thing was great. But that didn't even better special. They did a whole segment on Don Nelson growing and smoking pot right now. Now, you remember at that warriors reunion, when they were the eight seed, and they beat the Mavericks, he was that the day and they go what he'd been up to these days. And he goes, I've been smoking pot. So we knew he was a pothead wasn't lying. No, he wasn't. And man has he changed? Looks totally different but he is a full on pothead, right now. And he smokes pot. And he actually grows his own pot in Hawaii. And his words, you gotta treat the pot like it's a baby. You have to water the pot. You have to bless the pot and you have to play music for the pod as well. Yourselfer not that you would. But if you were growing marijuana. What type of music would you play for your pot of some Bob Marley something mellow? Yeah. All right. You have to think this is like more of a question for hippie. Right. That usually calls us or you know the other guy in the story, Willie Nelson. Did you hear my Willie Nelson compared? Bro ING his strain of weed compared to say. Yeah. Well, I'll say so Don Nelson's, we'd is called Nellie. Kush. I didn't catch Willie Nelson's we'd. But when they asked him about it, Willie Nelson said, we just like sex. It's all good. But some is better so that's Willie Nelson. Don Nelson growing pot. Some other great details from this. I'll get to the not so funny stuff first, and then I'll get to the funny stuff. I'll save the best for less number one. Don Nelson wanted to trade, Patrick Ewing and his goal is to get you kilo Neil with the Knicks, it ended up, according to Nelson costing him his job because Patrick Ewing found out about it. Don Nelson said that Patrick Ewing at that stage of his career was the one dimensional player and they thought they could do better. So that was a little interesting tidbit. Now, another thing that was absolutely crazy about this, and it was, you know, he has a daughter actually done Nelson. And he was on a road trip. He ended up having all nookie time with the flight attendant, and he didn't know he had a daughter for all these years, and the daughter ended up contacting him by writing a letter and end the, the segment on HBO when he found out about the letter and the letter was delivered to him. He said he almost bleeped himself. And they ended up having a great relationship. So it's a pretty neat relationship that they have right now it's good that they were able to connect after all those years. But here's the craziest thing, I think of ever heard, and you agreed yourselfer. We have a lot of crazy things that go on in this world. Sure this is one of the craziest things that involving marijuana that I've ever heard. So in Don Nelson's palatial estate. They have a poker table. See if all the buddies passing around the blunt passing around the joints, and they're all smoking pot smoking the Nellie Kush. And what are they doing a bunch of guys having fun, smoking weed, and they're playing poker, and their gambling? So you had these big poker games, and they're all smoking pot. Well, one of Don Nelson's friends died, he died at the poker table. So if someone died, you would probably stop playing poker. Correct. Yeah, you're gonna tell me done Nelson and his crew didn't though aren't, you know, they said the friend would want them to keep on playing and they played through the debt guy and they kept their poker game. Continuing till eventually people showed up in the body and the coroner. Yeah. Well, they've kept playing poker till the coroner show. I have a feary I think this story was maybe Hollywood up a little bit. What I think really happened where these guys were smoking so much Nellie. Kush. That they thought the guy that died. Let's say maybe just greened out, and they thought that he just passed out, and he was so high that maybe he fell asleep at the table, and then they, eventually realised. He's dead. I don't think they realize he's dead. And they said oh, let's play through. I think this guy they thought he passed out. They were so high. They couldn't tell. And then eventually they realize, maybe when someone hit a Royal flush or straight that this guy after thirty minutes was not moving at all. You think that's safe to assume? Yeah. But like you'll the story. Oh, yeah. It's, it's, it's one of the most bizarre stories you'll ever hear it. The story sounds better. If huge is dead, the whole time we didn't know here's what happens this guy passes out. He's probably talking about wanting some cheeseburger, they're probably laughing and the next thing you know, they go holy crap. This guy's dead. He's not moving. He doesn't have a pulse, and we just played through because we couldn't realize it because they were so high on the Nellie. Kush. Man. Don nelson. Pothead. It's crazy. It's absolutely crazy. I am even if it is true. How do you play through with that guy on the table? I don't care how stones you are. But what did you be freaked out? Wouldn't you be paranoid? There's a dead guy on the table. But let's play through. Don Nelson really doesn't care about basketball and they show him at the end. He's watching the NBA finals, but you could tell he didn't really have an emotional connection anymore. He roots for the warriors, but after the game ended whatever I'm going to go back to smoke in my, my Nellie. Kush. Point a little poker. They gotta get some security cameras in that home if people dying, and these guys are so high. They can't even realize it all. This pots legal though. He's got a medical marijuana card. Do what you want your Nelson, enjoy life in a guy dies. Can you have some common courtesy to stop playing poker? No, I'm telling you. They probably laughing this guy passes out there, probably laughing. Looked at Georgia. Johnny. Whatever the guy's name is this folks so much selling Cush? He passed out, and then about forty five minutes later, they go he's not moving anymore, so Don Nelson. Former basketball player, former basketball coach now he grows weed and he's a full on pothead coming on back. We shift the conversation to baseball. Former big league pitcher now work with the MLB network. Ryan.

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