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"don mechi" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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"don mechi" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"Hour of the show and not the end quite yet. But we're glad you're here. It's been a very busy afternoon with all the alliance move. We've also continued our series back to school talking to reporters from various college newspapers in the southeastern conference We've had a lot of fun doing that. And ashley wood's joins us. She is a sports editor of the crimson and white in tuscaloosa. My that is a coveted position. I can imagine actually thanks so much For for joining us. Congratulations on your your essential to that row. And and how are you like to be back on campus. I'm doing great. Thank you for having me today. Paul it great to be back on. Campus i was online for the past year. And a half and it just great to be back in school so i'm just trying to imagine getting back to campus and i know there's there's so much to do but i mean it was it was it just the normalcy of it seeing friends just returning to college life. What what what was the most important thing i guess. Just returning to normalcy of It was very weird being at home. intel schools do schools and alba being at home for a brief period time taking classes and just being disconnected from kansas. And also just all the stuff that was going on during twenty twenty at the time. It's just very very good to be back on campus. I think all of us would dream as young journalists to be The campus sports editor but to be the credit camp sports editor in tuscaloosa. At this moment in time. What is that like such a great opportunity. You know before i decided to make my journey into journalism political science major about always had a soft spot for sports particularly football and growing up. My dad is a hardcore alabama. San so alabama was always on the house on saturdays whenever we can watch it It's just very great to be a part of such a such a program here at the university of alabama being able to cover football basketball. I'm just so privileged to be here. Not that i know anything but I strongly encourage that political science background. It will help you as taken from someone who went down that road. Let's talk about this year this this football season. Because you know. Alabama is always the epicenter of conversation but what What are your observations already. As we are now just a week and a half away from the first game in atlanta. Yes um of course alabama diversity in the after the epicenter of the conversation a week out. I mean it's just a very great album looks to be a good physician to repeat this year. I mean even though they lost some key players. Like dylan moses devante smith patrick's or tan the third to the second to the nfl. I believe players like Don mechi third Will anderson. junior can really step up and lead this tie this crimson tide team to another national championship appearance and possibly another national title ashley. It's it's i'm i'm stumbling for words to ask your dislike to be on that campus in and maybe it maybe it's normal to us. It's all you've experienced but to be on that campus. In the era of nick sabin especially at this point in time. It's it's a great experience. you know. I am actually not from the tuscaloosa area. I am from delaware But my dad has always been a alabama fans kinda why i've always watched it from afar and just being on campus coming from such a small state like that word coming to tuscaloosa alabama and just seeing how big is in person. I don't i think. Tv doesn't do any justice being here in person on game days whether it was last year you know the smaller type of field or in regular pussy at times where it's like hundreds of thousands of people tailgating hundreds of people hundreds of thousands of people going into the games. It's just a truly at all expiring experience to be here especially her really hardcore football fan. I think you answer the question. In part the my curiosity has got the better. So you're in delaware. Your dad you said is an alabama fan was was he the connection or was there some other reason other than Some of the most obvious reasons that you went to alabama that was part of the connection. I do have family. That grew up in school then moved to delaware before i was born But definitely that connection with Him being such an alabama fan and always just kinda observing from afar and watching it. I i grew up. I wasn't too in to college football. And as i older i got more into it because it was just something that me and my dad could bond over. Yeah i don't know a lot about delaware Spending the news a lot in the last year but I wouldn't think that's a real hotbed of college. Football up there no. Nfl definitely takes precedence over college. Football although you d- does the university where does bring in some things. Come watch football games ashley. Judd in terms of alabama. This year. and you help us with this. Because it seems like the alabama fans that we hear from which aren't necessarily the students that you encounter every single day or just they just don't think this program is ever going to lose a game. I know that's not realistic. But is it like that among the students as well that we can be like that around the students. I mean like it's very much embedded in the culture. Alabama is the team could be in quite frankly. It's very hard to be alabama so definitely it can run into the spirits of students here. I do remember in two thousand nineteen versus lsu. I don't think a lot of people really expected us to lose to lsu especially a lot of students so the morale within the students was very dejected..

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