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"don ille" Discussed on The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

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"don ille" Discussed on The Entrepreneur's MBA with Adam Kipnes

"Culture is critical in any business. Even if your company of one person it's just you you do have culture. You may not think about it that way but you do have a culture and it's important to know what that is if your business is larger and especially if you're businesses growing culture is critical because he can change in an instant with the wrong higher or not knowing what your culture is so you don't know who to hire we're GONNA talk a lot about culture what it means and how with the right culture you can be a big business but still act feel like a small well knit tight community of a business. This is Adam kipness host of the entrepreneurs MBA. Podcast appreciate you being here with me. I want to thank C. Suite radio for hosting my show. I also WANNA thank my sponsor. The wine ambassador. Which is America's fastest growing wine club? So those of you listening to this episode in Australia. I don't think we're there yet but It may be coming if you want. Wind delivered to you go to wine. Adam Dot Com. It's a great way to get Boutique. Wines shipped directly to you without taking the chance of just picking something off the grocery aisle so definitely check that out if you're a wine drinker so today's guest is the founder and CEO of the physio Co a unique healthcare business not only ranked number one on Er ws list of Australia's fifty best places to work but has also made that list for ten consecutive year content consecutive years. They believe we spent a such a huge part of our lives working that we have to find a way to really enjoy it and my guess is passionate about sharing what is learned and he does so through his blog and podcast as well as through speaking opportunities conference corporate events and podcast like this one in his book Culture Is Everything. He shares his system for building a great place to work. And we're going to share some of those steps today tristen white. I appreciate you coming on and sharing some of this with us. Hey Adam thank the invitation. I'M HAPPY TO BE WITH YOU GAB. I'm really excited to talk about just culture in general and then culture in specific but WANNA learn a little bit more of how you got there because the your journey. I'm sure it's very specific as to how you identified culture and why it works and sometimes doesn't tell us a little bit about your path to where you are absolutely adamant some. I think an important part of my story is that I wasn't a kid on for Noor. I didn't dumb stop businesses. When I was at primary school in Highschool in the lock I am I finished school and I went to university or college and I studied to be what's known here. Ustralia as a physiotherapist or a physical therapist in the in the US. And I finished college. I got my first job as an employee physical therapists and I started working towards my Green Korea or what I thought was my dream career at the time and that was to be a physical therapist in the elite sports environment. These sexy industry to be honest at and that's where many videos really wanted to to focus on deathly ill years and so. I started my career working a busy group of private physical therapy practices and in the evenings on the weekends. I got to work with an elite under age eighteen. Afl football team that destroy and rules. Football and I really thought I was on a path to becoming a a specialist technician in the Sports. Physical Therapy World but I had a very early head versus heart challenge or concern for me. Adamant that he's my head was telling meals in the right direction to my career working towards becoming a sports physio therapists but my heart was telling me that I just wasn't doing what what would make me satisfied and make me feel useful in the wilder Rome period of time. And so I don ille- pivots Adamant that he's at I. I stopped working and sparring towards becoming weeknight. Sports physiotherapy directions and I realized I reflect deeply on what I really enjoyed. What I thought was real opportunity for my career but I think this is where the entrepreneurial spirit Saad from Adema us or an opportunity to build something significant in the world of working with older people and owed adults where I pivoted my career to which is very very ugly duckling pot of the physical therapy world and healthcare world compared to the six feet industry of sports physical therapy and Adam. I started a small pot. Tom Job as a physical therapist working with all the people I got. Vcr I'm busy myself. I had more work than I could handle. And I started to employ as other physical therapists and it was bodybuilding. This physical therapy practice around helping older people to stay mobile safe and happy that I discovered the need to to build a strong team and when I doubt deep in strong team I got this idea of strong culture that we could design and build as a foundation of a of a strong team baton. And so. That's the backstory as to where I come from there what fascinating transition because working in the sort of the glitzy professional athlete world. Where obviously you're doing very different things to super active people have lots of pains because they're banging into each other. That's a rough sport from what I've seen on TV to working with older folks who may not. I'm guessing able to get out of bed or may not be able to walk very far or or sit or stand for long periods of time was at a transition that happened in your heart sort of overnight or was it a slow progression over time in what you were doing and finding a new thing It was definitely the overtime progression. Adamant some and I didn't full out of love with with with professional athletes in the end. The aspiration of doing that but slowly but surely I realized that I thought I could be more value to older people who maybe only functioning at forty fifty sixty percent of their capacity to be out to stay mobile and earn home. You've gotta get themselves to appointments to four one really important goal especially four for females to grandmothers is to get down on the floor and Neil Thorne pie with eight grandchildren and those really important things for them Became more and more.

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