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"don don john cho" Discussed on Mueller, She Wrote

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"don don john cho" Discussed on Mueller, She Wrote

"All right. Welcome back. We have been going over the time period the romance the honeymoon when trump was saying nice things publicly about Cohen but then Don Don Don John Cho and started cooperating with the government it was July second two thousand eighteen when public reporting revealed Cohen was willing to cooperate he remember he was basically fishing. He's like hey everybody. I'll cooperate with you. I'll cooperate with the government and nobody was really biting remember. He's just come on. I want to tell you he like realize oh I'm so he he was really trying hard. I remember that seems like desperate almost to get a cooperation agreement going after sentencing. He was like that yeah he still is uh-huh he just signed a proper like we talked about the beginning proffer agreement and so he was willing to cooperate he added a lawyer that helped Clinton. That's when he the name's not mentioned here but we know it to be Davis and a few weeks later we learned about the the vote with the voice recording Cohen made with trump about Karen McDougal and he mentioned Weisselberg Darren Kevin which is or Keith Keith Davidson as mentioned in there and then the next day after all that happened trump responded in July inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer's office early in the morning. I don't get that I know 'cause all alcoholics are lawyers almost unheard of almost almost unheard of when they go early in the morning even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client totally unheard of perhaps illegal. It's not in New York single party consent don't in California we have dual part. Can you have to get the permission of the other person to record him otherwise it's against the law but I believe in New York You don't have to tell Tom single-party consent consent to record. You don't need your permission. DC Do a party concerned so anyway totally unheard of perhaps illegal. The good news is is it your favorite president. Did nothing wrong so anyway on July twenty seventh after the media reported Cohen was willing to inform investigators that trump junior told his father about the June ninth ninth 2016 meeting to get dirt on Hillary. The president tweeted so the fake news doesn't waste my time with dumb questions. No I did not know if the meeting with the meeting of my son John Junior sounds to me like someone's wants trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam taxicabs. Maybe he even retained bill and Crooked Hillary's lawyer Gee. I wonder if they help to make that choice so yeah. His his attitude got a little different after Cohen started operating after Cohen pleaded guilty and accused the president of directing him to make the hush money payments. That's when trump tweeted about manafort. I feel very badly for Paul Manafort in his wonderful family justice took a twelve year old tax case among other things applied tremendous pressure on him and unlike Michael Cohen he refused to break or make up stories in order to get a deal in quotes such respect for a brave man and that timing is important because it was just one day after Cohen made the allegations Asian so this was as much a message to Cohen as it was to Manafort and I think that's why it's in the Coen Section Your Cohen's action seven Chris on September Seventeenth oh that's almost a year again muller submitted his questions in writing trump and he attached Coen's testimony and asked trump to describe the timing if he talked about traveling to Russia when did when did they stop talking about trump tower Moscow. When did he stop you know being involved in Senate whether he directed Cohen to stop discussion about the project according to Muller Trump did not answer the questions I he said I had a few conversations with Mr Cohen on the subject as I recall they were brief? They were not memorable not enthused about the proposal. I do not recall any discussion of travel to Russia in connection with it. I do not remember discussing it with anyone else. The trump organization although it is possible I do not recall being aware at the time of any communications between Mr Cohn and Felix Sater's Russian government official regarding the letter of intent intent sounds like a doctor suess books really dystopia Dr Seuss so that's good you don't books sued on on on it doesn't get better just so you know imagine a November Twenty Ninth Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the trump tower Moscow and the same day trump spoke to reporters and said I decided not to do the project. I decided ultimately not to do it. There would have been nothing wrong if I did do it. If I did do it. There would have been nothing wrong. That was my business. It was an option I decided not to do. I decided not to do so it. The primary reason I was focused on running for President I was running my business. While I was campaigning. There was a good chance that I wouldn't have one in which case I would have gone back to the business and and why should I lose a lot of opportunity. I remember that that's the thing about trump in trump supporters I I don't I guess talk about enough in my opinion is that he actually says says things that are logical on the surface. You're like Oh yeah. Why would you miss out on Monday but then you think about like the Moro vacations that come with being president and like? I don't know why they get skated over a lot. I think with trump supporters are just like yeah. Let them do what he wants and I'm like so but he lied to you for the whole year so morals. Yours is such a hard thing to discuss yes. That's why we're so polarized. There's no one has found. There's no Martin Luther King Junior of our time. They've lately only figure I can think that made like this generational change and when it comes to like I don't no no politically speaking. I can't think of Obama to come close as close but we need him to come back. I know you're taking a break. He's he's doing things he red eye. He's out there. He's instagram but yet no really we do need Obama to come back. Just like missy Elliott for Papa was so good and she still is she okay uh-huh screaming and she was soon. I literally flashbacks naming that chick who she was a little girl dancing yeah she's older now and she's clear I was like whoa times have changed yeah develop opinions and you become an adult just to have an artist Liz. Oh Sing in the way that she's singing show too. I wish we yeah that when I when I was young still her food too by the way her post mates talking. Pardon Pardon Yeah but then she apologized apologized she was like damn I forgot. I'm famous around blast on twitter. I there yeah they sold lizards food on. She forgot her own strength. I'm looking at the end of this this tweet to and it says an why should I lose lots of opportunities. I wonder how calculated that languages because specifically the phrase losing opportunities as something that white white folks like his white constantly is be like harping on old an opportunity cost right will your losing opportunity to black people right or to like Brown people in this country or to Immigrants Eagles and that such a I wonder if that was a smart integration for his messaging he has any team of people doing those sample polling or whatever they do yeah I would bet that was one of those like this well because the message is still comes across and you you could say a thousand different ways but they chose their specific yeah capable of talking points. He doesn't stick to them but every now and then you might catch it yeah yeah he's actually very good at messaging. He'll repeat feet the same thing over and over. How many times have we heard got your back? the boss stay on message and that's behind the scene stuff but to the public you know who's going to pay for the wall Mexico like he's very right repetition Chris rock of politicians pizzas said make sure you get it but I like like that approach for Christmas and so he aside from that with a you know a wash I lose opportunities language which is very astute that you point that out he he also called Cohen a weak person and said he was trying to get a reduced sentence he said so. Here's the story go back and look at the paper that Michael Cohen wrote before he testified in the house or the Senate it talked about about his position. The president added even if Cohen was right. It doesn't matter because I was allowed to do whatever I want during the campaign and again back to the I can do whatever I want on. It's like how dare you infringe on my right to be whoever I WANNA be. That's another thing that resonates with the community and I'm sure we all in the service can resonate with us but we collectively and I want to say liberals but it's a little more Bravo matches rational people people with empathy like we we have this moral compass that connects us in it leans towards words don't be corrupt. I mean it's pretty simple and for some reason trump supporters don't care about corruption as long as their feelings are met so like our feelings and corruption are tied together. You can't be corrupt and like we can't feel good about it. If you're a decent person that's kind of how it works so it's like they're a group of non decent people really which is hard to say 'cause obviously I'm biased Samantha insult to them but I can't think of a better way to put it. It's like how many ways the U. Likes. Divide US or point out the differences at this point it's boiling down to the the lack of decency and them being united by that their whole lives have been told to be better and be best in you know be nicer and be more tolerant but they're like fuck you. This is my guy yeah along those lines of what you're saying. I think it's true that you know the idea. he's trying to convey to his base here is that you don't want the others to take away what yours and because they view rights as pie not something that everyone should just have yeah because the way that conservatives is that if you if if you get right to your somehow infringing on mine exactly how he thinks shops employ more bathing Jordan I was going to say Terry. Crews has various as I just to wrap it up yeah. He's a very similar quote that just like summed it up perfectly. He says if you think someone's taken away your piece of Pie just like make your own pie like the world. Is your kitchen like exactly like drones saying waitressing eighteen yeah like that. Whole idea of it's only one pie is what gets people killed? It's like let's just make more. We're creators of some game yeah and I ah I totally think that you're right on that and that's kind of how it started coming across after Cohen started cooperating because in the weeks that followed trump repeatedly repeatedly implied that Cohen's family members were also guilty of crimes and in December one cone was sentenced to three years trump tweeted this is after he gets sentenced for three years none for line to Congress Millerton recommend any time for him he said I never directed Michael Cohen to break the law. Those charges were just agreed to him in order to embarrass the President and get a much reduced prison sentence which he did including the fact that his family was temporarily let off the hook as a lawyer Michael has a great liability to me. I don't know what that means yeah. It sounds like a threat and they're not on December sixteenth. The President tweeted remember Michael Cohen is only became a rat after the FBI did something which was obviously unthinkable unheard love until the witch hunt was illegally started they broke into an attorney's office so why didn't they break into the DNC to get the server or crickets office guy and when privilege privilege I know and when trump learned about Cohen's upcoming testimony in January back then he that's January of this year twenty nineteen..

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