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"don carneal" Discussed on Talk Radio 1190 KFXR

"The love train. Don Carneal says, love he's and soul peace. So that was love, Peace and soul with a lot. This is home. Yeah. Love peace. And so oh, brother, I watch that show. Uh, what would I do without you on Saturday could not have. I love that show. I thought about you when I was coming around. 35 went by the old uh Marcus will be medical center that, uh, Yes, Every time I go by that, I think about Boeing's pink blanket. Yeah, they That's I still use that Secretary it is anointed. Is it? Yeah. Yes. Thank you for joining us here on the automotive edge radio show was this is a This is a vehicle and automotive show. At times we try to get there and we're at the classic of Denton. And in Denton. Relax and enjoy the difference. Let's talk about one of our great sponsors other than classic event. Colorado Chevrolet 3 18 75 in McKinney. I'm going to be talking about a new product. They're coming out with Jason lying. New car director just confirmed it for me because there's a lot of scuttlebutt about this new truck out there. If you know what scuttlebutt is, it's hearsay. I had one guy asked me. So what is scuttlebutt? Well, how you spell bad? Yeah, it's uh, B u T. T. But yeah, like Krista, but it's crystal view. Um Crazy, But there, that's what it is Ski resort in Colorado outside again. I get that every Saturday morning was actually question beat, but, uh, well, we just flew barred that whole commercial, didn't we? They'll forgive. Uh, you know, Jason Long will tell you that, you know, Diamonds. Pressure makes diamonds. Not happy customers. They don't pressure anybody. They want you to Be able to walk in. Take a look. Test drive. In fact, I had a guy that test drove Every truck twice and called me up and he bought. He lived in Grand Prairie bought the truck from Jason. So what's there he goes, They just cared. It's a really good jump on a, uh retired postal carrier and I listen to your show, and you guys I get up there and I met Jason and he said, And last thing he said was Hey, have fun drive it. And no Jason, Bright personality, too, and it goes throughout the whole dealership. And and if you could go there, you're going to feel very comfortable there anytime all the time, no doubt about it, and then the follow up. Um, after the sale, my son just got a new vehicle over there, and they're on top of him. And hey, how you doing? How things going? If you have any questions? Stephen back in service. It's just the best. I mean, Every time I called him, he had loner ready to go and took care of the truck and just game on, and same thing exactly goes. That's a long drive, and I said, Well worth it. Minute. You know, it's not that long of a drive. Really? Unless you have to be ready to do a radio show by eight o'clock in the morning on a Saturday. Well, the two ways and highways everything you do that 3 80 shot all the way down. Well, I do that in the morning, but I come back through the Teleway. I have to do that. That 38 is that such a beating, and after we do the show, it should take me two hours to get home. My son building a house up in little elm off of 3 80. I was like, Oh, my, But if you take the tollway, it's pretty quick, you know, so it's well worth the trip. I'll tell you that you're interested in buying them online. Eldorado chevy dot com That's Eldorado chevy dot com or just called Jason Long at 972. 5690101 is 9725690101. Right now they're doing the Uh, B Y O. B. In the V I P. It's hard to say that ain't it have all the years b y o b b y o b b Y O v yeah, like and build your own vehicle. And that's a great idea. You know that? Yeah. And then the VIP program is vehicles in production. The Duke that can show you that's comin up a sign your name to it, and it'll be here when it be want to be here and you get it to be there And did you know it'll be all what they said? It is because it's all there in black and white. That's it. Uh eldorado chevy dot com That's El Dorado chevy dot com. See why they are Chevy Dealer of the year, five years in row without a doubt, and one of the great sponsors of the automotive it radio show 3 80 75 in McKinney. Finally, roads Eldorado Chevrolet. So I got a question for you. You You made a comment last week that LA brought it up. But then you said, Well, there's 68%. Folk that had barked Electrics are going back to gas. Mm. I brought it up the fact that five about one out of five in California going back. What's their main reason for that? I mean, what did you get a feel, or did they state? What The main core of that reason was, I got a little feel okay, and the little feel was lifestyle. They always want to drive an electric car. They bought the electric car. Um things changed in their life and their life right where they went. Wait a minute. This this worrying about where I'm going to plug in and how far I can go and And then the family grew and it just didn't work out Some and no one ever complained about one thing, and that's performance. Because those electric cars I've driven them. You know, they are the torque on those. How can they get that kind of dark? And that all the years that we've had gasoline engines? They could never get that. Quite get that Tark. Battery operated cars..

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