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"don bula" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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"don bula" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"A baby Kenya. Jay, Don Bula is still missing police searched the home of his father Christopher wwl last night. The sheriff spokesman Jesse cellmate would not say what if anything they found some things that we have information on and we don't want to compromise the case until we just can't release it eight month old vanished. Friday, as father reporting, his car and a son were stolen from a convenience store on the west side that police say that was a hoax, and they fear the worst. And there's no doubt about what Texas business owners one. Out of the legislature, a survey by the national federation of independent business say more than nine and ten what lawmakers to cities like San Antonio of their authority to mandate wages and benefits. Paid sick. Leave law would also like to see the state outlaw local governments and school districts from withholding union dues from paychecks. And they say that amounts to a government endorsement labor unions as lawmakers get back to work in Austin. There's a different tone for the state legislative session gone are the divisive social issues like limiting transgender bathroom use. Instead the legislators top three leaders say they're focused on school finance reform and lowering property taxes this legislative session governor, Greg Abbott says that's all he heard on the campaign trail. I heard it. I know everybody on the ballot hurt it. And so we come to session year with a voter mandate. Abbot was joined by both the Lieutenant governor and the house speaker on the steps of the governor's mansion this morning promising to work together on school finance reform the session, Michael board. Newsradio twelve hundred w. President Trump says Republicans are unified over border security publicans want border security. They won national security. They.

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