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"don boyer donna bo" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

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"don boyer donna bo" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"Sweet to me. Oh Oh sorry phenomenal program. We have today for starters this. Is You pay yellow means in Spanish. Was You quick. Reach around him alone is thank you what's going on. Hi How's it going good Juno. Cj is heroes you say in Spaniel wayball the J. J. J. Nikki Boyer I'm honored by that well. And if you are for for starters if you're watching us on the kiss club hope you're enjoying the fund. All of us are doing his show. Mark has show to. He's the only one that doesn't send them in. And I have to send so many texts like are you gonNA is. If you're not gonNa tell me knows I can tell the people I would just make this promise to the audience. We each do our own show and the kiss club video. And all all of that. I cannot promise Marco be there every week. I'm not GonNa make that promise you I'm not GonNa lie to the people because what I have to thank you I have to tell you Getting is like pulling teeth his show. But we're okay and if you're watching on the video you'll see on the couch usually between Nikki and I I on the couch are the dogs. And they're here to people love seeing the dogs on the video you know but ma- earls next to me sleeves up here on the floor but between us as well is is a uh well the one and only for the first time ever here at in Pristina Darling or in any other studio students for the first time time ever Nicole boy as mother Donna Boya is here. Love getting kissed up by Selena and Donald. Oh Boy Oh thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me do you listen to the die. Love her voice absolutely. There's this restaurant up up above my house with a beautiful view you know. We went up for a cheese meat. And she's plea and Donna. We all had a drink. I just WANNA say yeah. So Don Boyer Donna Bo. Yea Excuse me Kiss Kiss. How are you feeling good to have another drink? Good Yeah you right here here in front of us we are listen. We got nowhere to Donna Donahue you listen to the program and the regular do you keep up with everything absolutely so you okay so apologies to apologize for everything. I'm just it's okay. It's okay yeah Donna Boyer's cool. I have to say we talked. Ah there have been swear words thrown around and so this show is going to be good. Yeah this morning I said. Let's prepping for the show. And then we started talking about tea bagging. We had a quick discussion over breakfast about anal sex. I think we're good good. Yeah so you're I just say there's nothing off limits during this episode right absolutely not go for it okay. Good when I have to tell you when I came back to read you I have evidence of it here I was no. It's true I came back and I when I was in Mexico I was with. Cj and I purchased a present for your Vaccine Malone. Because every time I go anywhere he said because I always said one time to him he said it was going to the stories. They give me a treat because I always used to take my dad. My Dad would remember that and I see a treat so every time I go to Mexico he says give me a treat and I never do and so this time time I mean listen. I'm busy you know so this time. I saw something and I go. Oh my God. I'm going to get this for bags and don't say what it is but you were like. Oh my that's perfect right. Yeah so I woke up this morning and this morning and it was at eight thirty. I woke up early but I wait until eight. Thirty on the DOT. Look at time it says Nicky. What the time? I texted fags. Eat Right. Here's this eight eight thirty. Am Sat there staring at the clock. Eight thirty so I'm waiting and I texted you up. I got you a tree in Mexico breakfast fist and then I waited eight. Fifty six is texting all capitals. Good morning and then I get at at nine seventeen I get. I'm meditating from taxi. Oh you gotTA SH- literally. Yeah and I said well you missed me anyway. I'm shipping your treat. Eight back to Mexico also voting for trump so there will be a wall between you and your tree harsh but he do the first phones don't buy he goes he goes. I'm trying to spiritual and I wrote. How do you think I feel and he goes? Did you get me Patricia. PARTOUT because fags. He's been doing this. Dykes on his instagram. This area net puppet named Patricia. I wrote to him. I said I got nothing and he said tell me you. You did not get me a hat and I didn't respond. Oh what if I did get you know. I would've loved you. See Right here. Tell me you did not get a hat. We'll no no. I got you a treat in Mexico. A hat no because I was playing with you because I was hoping you'd give me Patricia. Partout like another Marian and I wrote to you I no longer have anything to give you. uh-huh and he wrote an all capitals. GimMe my tree. I just wrote and he wrote now. I said go meditate on it. So harsh happy married. I have nothing I have nothing to give you and tell you earn it. Oh Shit isn't that mean he goes. It's my my tree. Give it to me and I say treats are earned. And that's it. I still haven't giving it to and I won't give it to you. How does do I have to say I? Can I tell my side ensure okay you just read the transcript. Yes but you through the first opens. Your tone wasn't right on. What did you say good morning? Sorry I'm sorry Donna on a boy. Let's go check with the judges done boy said Good Morning. That's okay yeah all capitals. It wasn't it was more it was. I didn't hear the tone hard to is a threat. Minute wait a minute very forceful Nikki. Calls me out when it's a knock APS C. Thank you knew Hashtag Don Boyer. Yeah I was saying Good Morning. Good Morning Okay. Yeah you could have put musical note oats. I didn't hear that. That's that's the spirit with which it was well. A lot of it was being playing with you until you said I needed to earn it. Yeah you did but I have ferndale well it guess what. What have you done to earn? I run the twitter. I've been posting on instagram. Isn't do that for the extra. Yeah but the kiss. KISS KISS A wig. Last week this week we have any this is how we are done. Boyer tell them what you do. Describe what fact. He's wearing beautiful wig. He looks like a pretty UNICOR. Yeah it's a rainbow wake with a Unicorn Horn and ears and glasses. Yeah it's really cute. Where you got that TRICIA TRICIA brought out? I don't have that right. Yeah that's true. She's she lives at Disneyland. Disneyland Blanche Drag so anyway fags e you will not be receiving your wait a minute. I have earned it. I just told you how I earned I. What do I I need to do? Bend over backwards. Anita one I I think you know but I know that I'll know it when it happens. I want my treat. You're not getting your gender. Get now no I was just playing with you the baby. I'll give it to you for Christmas because I did. Put my Christmas tree up-to-date so pretty pretty thank you. It's white sorry C. J. and Um we gotta be way he did it's white white and all these ornaments like from when I was a kid we things and you know what I just. Didn't I put on this year. I put on the PO. Listen I sound like I'm tired. I on just the metallic wins gold silver and bronze. I just put those ones on and then to seahawk ones. And then I stopped. I looked at attrition on. I'm like I wrote on top of that done a lot of work second tree why. I think you need a SEC. I have one in Palm Springs. Set it up now that one you know what.

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