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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: Wrestling Observer Live (January 8, 2020)

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: Wrestling Observer Live (January 8, 2020)

"The house going everybody Bryan Alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day Monday through Friday new. Civic three eastern Sunday's re Pacific six eastern got a lot the news get into here today on the show and yes we will open up the phone lines the text message line. Things are still build up ban. The New Year's kicked off fan. There's not auto whole lot of news going on hollow. That should change tonight because we have a W AN ANNEX T. They're both head to head and they are both live. Obviously Louis there was no real exte- the last couple of weeks and AWA was. They took a week off and then last week they were back. They did a very good number number. An annex t with their taped end of the year show did not do a very good number but I think that everything is going to be a lot closer to this week with to brand new shows. Lots of big matches announced for both shows will give the linus for those here tonight but if you want to call the talk about anything on your mind one eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine and the text message line four to five seven eight zero seven five six six my email Brian and wrestling observer dot com. We'll do those does as well and I'm on twitter at Bryan Alvarez. We've got the raw ratings for Monday night. And we pretty much settled in to where I think we're going to be for the foreseeable future about two point. Four million viewers for raw about two point. Four million viewers for smackdown. Yes pretty pretty much the exact same viewership for both shows obviously the pluses of WWe raw. Are they are on Mondays. And and the plus of smackdown is there on Fridays on Fox Friday. Not as good as day Fox a much better network mondays wrestling night but yet two point four million people for Bo shows seems to be where we're going to be. We'll give you more details on the numbers for the show on Monday night. We've also got AWA revealing their top five roster rankings for twenty twenty-one tell you how the records are going to work in twenty twenty the change that they have have undergone that we talked about last week and more so a lot of great stuff Mike. Semper V.'S GONNA join us. You'RE GONNA join us on the phone and the text message machine back. In a moment kickoff wrestling observer live back in the show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer live mixing pervy also of wrestling observer dot com. You want to call us here today. One eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine text messages for two five seven eight zero seven five six six bryner wrestling observer comment simple V at Bryan Alvarez. Last night's rod is being Monday haemorrhage two point. Three nine million million viewers generally two percent from last week's wedding which would be a good signs seems to establish a significant bounceback. This year after football season ends and next week's rock goes against the College Football Championship game of Clemson versus Lsu which will be the last show against major sports competition addition until the NC double. A. Basketball Finals in April and usually starts Roz biggest ratings period of the Dave noted on Monday. Even though this college football became could do twenty five million viewers for whatever reason the big college games don't seem to affect me as much as the NFL Games. I do so. We'll see what happens next week. They've loaded up the show next week. Show intentionally loaded up to keep the momentum. The episode Monday was down on three percent. Eighteen to forty nine. which was strong given the number last? Monday was the best since an appearance by Hogan and Ric flair unlike last week which held held a better. This had the usual pattern of a big third hour. Drop so yes. The wedding did hold people over last week and as much as people hated the wedding and boy. It's one of those deals where the moment the wedding was over and I read them on the air. I got one email after another. That's not even counting like text messages and responses on twitter. People hated that wedding and of course the next day there was so much hatred for the wedding. That a bunch of people had to White Knight and say It actually wasn't that bad at at all. It was pretty good but anyway it did not drive anybody off the first hour this week. This is the first hour of raw that aired after the wedding that everybody nobody hated the first hour two point five six million viewers which is a great number for raw second hour two point four one million third at our two point two zero million and of course a couple of weeks ago on a was the Monday before Christmas so it wasn't Christmas Eve. It was Christmas Christmas Eve. Eve was December twenty third that week. Not One hour broke two million viewers. Well here we are a couple of weeks later. Two point five six two point four one two point two two numbers are quite frankly. They're good for wwe so this looks like we're we're going to be leading into Wrestlemainia Menia and don't forget my bold prediction for this year. And I'm I'm sticking to this. Even though there were some problems with this past Monday's Raw I believe that this royal rumble. Two wrestlemainia period in twenty twenty is going to be artistically an and perhaps rating was wise. We'll probably not ratings wise but artistically. It'll be the best royal rumble two wrestlemainia period in years and years and years. And that's a bold the prediction. But I'm sticking to it any thoughts on these numbers Mike. Well I is it a bold prediction based on any type of insider trading or anything like that has rating. Have you heard any scoops or anything because it is a no. I'll tell you why I'll tell you say it's a bold jump to make with WWe's high would've. I would've explain this on the prediction show but we have limited time. I believe that no matter what Vince says. I do not think that Vince is going to give up power but but the XFL is kicking off and it's the first season and he has enough money the last couple of seasons. But I think that Vince knows that this first seasons got to be really good if this thing is going to work and no matter what he says. I don't think that he's going to have the time to devote. Oh to raw and smackdown that he has in the past and therefore I think that the raw and smackdown writing crews are going to you have so much more leeway. But I think that they're going to be able to do things and Vince is going to be less hands on. I'm not saying he's not going to be hands is on but I believe that he's going to be less hands on than he has been in years and as a result I think both shows are going to be better. I think they're going to be more focused. I think there's going to be less Vince. Changing everything throughout the week and at the last minute and therefore. I think that they're going to be much better. Shows leading to mania boy that could be the ultimate double edged sword. Couldn't you know from one aspect the good side of it you know letting the agents or whoever would be in charge the writers the guys themselves which would nice set things up and have them just basically check it off and dot the i's and cross the t's and do what a lot of people said. Vince McMahon was always legendary four to take take other people's ideas to Meld them to mold them to put them through his viewpoint into spit out basically basically what ends up. Being the finalized vision many times has been classic. WWF history and then wwe history. The negative to that I guess could be the things that are humming along pretty good if he feels as though because the XFL had bad weekend and now we get to Monday afternoon. And we've got things planned out and he needs needs. He just can't help himself but to throw his hands in the mix in some ways it could be even more of a negative because if he is pulled away with the XFL stuff too much which in February everything everything begins. I don't know that could actually be a negative. It could work out in the other way as well too if you know what. We've seen over the past couple of months if he decides to mix things up and that's what we ended up getting. Vince gets more involved. My prediction is going to fail. So my prediction is entirely based on him being less involved in the Ron smackdown products wchs. Oh Yeah but your prediction actually is really more of A. It's more of a An interesting question where we're going to be traveling this road no matter what anyway no matter what the predictions the you or anybody else makes traveling this road and it's going to be really interesting to see exactly how much hands on or hands off. He is a both products. Is We lead into the new year ear because frankly other than getting the word out there to promote the product. Vince McMahon doesn't really shouldn't really have anything to say about the XFL either to be frank about bounded mean it's not like he's got any legitimate football experience or anything like that so I mean I it kind of works the same way to where he better watching soap how much he's involved there too to because it didn't work out too well last time around with him being too attached to it. Let's explain something everybody by the way as far as like the Ron smackdown shows and who's who's writing and everything like that I said Thousand Times that Heyman and the crew on smackdown Prichard prichard. Whoever you're like they're they're fighting a battle straight up hill and they cannot win and as much as I think that Vince is like a crazy person person and he needs to be out and just like devoting fulltime to XFL? And just getting out of everybody's way. Let me tell you something. If Vince McMahon if Vince McMahon did not have a writing crew on raw and smackdown and Vince had to do everything everything by himself or maybe like him and one other guy just sat down in a room together and they did everything okay it would be better than it is now. If Paul Heyman had one hundred percent control over raw and Pritchard and whoever else had one hundred percent control smackdown it would be better than it is right now. Okay if either of these things happened but what are we actually got. Is You have a crew on. Ron smackdown that Vince is constantly getting in the way of. That's the problem. The problem isn't even so much that like Vince is out of his mind. I honest to God. Think even at seventy four years old if if there were no XFL and it was just vince putting these shows together. I'm not saying they would be great but they would be better than they are right now because because right now you have to visions. That are clashing every single week. I honest to God believe that Vince on his own own would be superior to Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard and whoever writing the show and having Vince get in there and throw a monkey wrench in on every on every show. But it's just like neither of these things are going to happen. Like I don't think that Pritchard's crew and Hayman's crew ever Gonna be able to go like a one hundred percent on their own and Vincent going one hundred percent on his own again. And so until Vince has gone. It's just going to be a mile disaster and I'm hoping that he is mildly gone during the XFL season we shall see this person. Ear Says Brian. It is fair to say that the two million plus people were watching Debbie. TV are your hardcore fans however with take that said. Do you like that even at the end of raw. They finally started advertise the following week. Even if the same matches we've seen over and over again. Yeah there's competition this coming Monday so they actually built it up in advance and we'll see how well it does and they don't always do that. Sometimes they give up. They are not giving up next week back in a moment observer life back in the show Brownell is here wrestling observer live makes him VP also wrestling observer DOT COM and Steve is is an Ontario. He is joining us now. Steve What's going on own not a whole lot Just got a question. Do you guys really think that Scott Steiner is going to add anything of value to the NWEA. Well I wanNA thank you very much for the call. Yes Scott Steiner has debuted on NWEA. And I've not seen it yet. I won't lie but I mean we'll see I have no answer for you. I mean honest to God I mean right now they just have a youtube show so I mean the value that he can add is are more people gonNa Watch the Youtube show. I don't know I mean we were were. I don't even know really how to answer that question. I mean they may get some more eyeballs on it. I mean maybe he'll do some good promos. I don't know how many good matches he's going to have. But I mean when you're nun literally. Yeah I mean they're they're actually don't have pay per view at the end of this month. Are they doing another pay-per-view already they do hard times. This is coming up in. That feels way to fast. It does actually and I believe it's the Oh God is the tenth or the heavens I forget what it is but it is is coming up. And and that's I guess the one thing that he can add is any name value that they can have a even. I'm not saying one is GonNa make a break the company or anything but they need literally every by that they can get to try to get attention and to put more money in the bank. Can to pay more wrestlers Scott Steiner to come along and make appearances at the TV tapings which is what he did came out at. The end of the show. Was Nick All. This is third third man to be a member of his team against the rock and roll express who still need to name a member of their team. And that's where we're at and even one by that they get out of it that Scott Cider can bring is going to be good now. Is he going to be worth the money. I don't know I'm not sure what they're paying them but obviously they need to do anything. They can into draw attention to themselves. So Hey why not. It's not like it's going to break the bank all right so tonight. We got dynamite. Annex T and w today revealed the the first top five roster rankings of twenty twenty and they announced that the annual records reset at the start of every year it says is here the career a w records will be cumulative and the annual records will reset each calendar year the annual records will be increasingly important in the rankings as the new calendar year continues so four the men's division. We have Chris. Jericho is the champion. Eight one in one overall Jon on Moxley six one one overall. He's the number one contender. He's ranked number. One Cody Rhodes is number two. Even though he cannot get a title shot. Kenny L.. Mega is number three number. Four M Jeff Number five so obviously once again. Every time. Cody Rhodes is listed thousand. People saying why is cody. Rhodes ranked if you can't get a championship match. And the answer is well. He can't get a championship match but he is there for people to beat to move up or down in the rankings or face so for example if poppies cody Rhodes even though cody can't get a championship. If Park. Beads needs cody. Then he should move up quite a bit in the rankings because he beat the man ranked number two so I presume that's why cody is is ranked there is other. People have noted a real sports. I I mean teams that aren't eligible for championship. Still get ranked so there you see in college sports all the time but team gets put on probation for whatever reason a universities on probation Asian and they can't win the PAC twelve or sec championship. But they still have the ability to be ranked and to me. It makes sense but then again. I'm a sports sports fan but it's been around for a while. I mean you know if any secondary title comes along in Cody is still in the mix sport wrestling other people who have a high caliber code still involved in it. So yeah I mean that's to me it makes sense just because you can't get a title shot now. Five people couldn't get a title shot and they happen to be ranked in the top five and that doesn't make a whole a lot of sense but I mean again. The ratings are what they are. The records are what they are not a big fan of the records at all. I'm okay with the ratings. Even though I've seen this attempted and fail about about a zillion times in pro wrestling over the years. They say they have a new spin with it. We'll have to see how it all plays out but the records thing it just I don't know I I am. I'm still open to seeing how everything plays out to me. It wasn't a whole lot of time last year to really judge it although again I really didn't like it. It draws too much attention to the fact that in pro wrestling in guys lose a lot. Because you're on a lot of shows and somebody's gotTa Win. Somebody's gotTA lose. I think there's ways to play up the aspect of real sport and the ways to play up real. Oh competition without always constantly reminding somebody of what the record is in title matches or singles and tag matches so for the Women's division when we have Reijo is a champion Chris Stat lander number one hit Kurshid number. Two Nile arose number three awesome Kong number four and Brit Baker Acre number five. And this is one problem with the records and maybe someone from. Aws can explain this to me. But Chris Atlanta is number one she got a three two record record. Awesome Kong is number four. She has three one record. And she's one in zero and twenty twenty instead. Leonard Zero Zero so quite frankly. Why is awesome Kong not not ranked number one because she has a much better record overall and for the year but remember that Leonard? Didn't get the title shot because fortuitous booking so you know they didn't they explained that to that's why they had changed around the mass the match last week and turn it into what they did. Yeah I mean I don't I don't know it says I am not not a big fan of them as we tag teams. And here's a great example as to why because everything gets all confused in thrown about and there's just numbers everywhere we have got the champions and the tag division as C.. You Santana Ortiz number one young bucks number. Two Luther Brothers number three best friends number four in the dark order is number five so there you go tonight on the show it'll be stat landed versus Reijo for Awa Women's title and Jon Moxley Salihi is going to reveal whether or not he is going to be joining Jericho's inner circle my strong suspicion is. He's not joining Chris. Jericho Eriko inner circle. But you know what you never know and go to kyle spoil. Yes Sir Thailand Winnipeg. What's going on Guys WanNa make a prediction action day? meltzer is going to have a harder to get out of here. Why does that guy get through dom? I'm blaming you on that one. I ban that guy all right so Mercedes Martinez signed with deputy me. They meltzer's confirmed that Martinez had been signed to a contract. So Kellyn sense reported the news yesterday. We heard about this couple of weeks ago. She's been a staple of the independent women's wrestling scene for nearly twenty years. She started in November of two thousand so she is one of the most most veteran veterans in all of me right now I guess probably second only like big show our truth who big show. Probably I don't know if this is going to happen. But everybody's expecting it's going to the hall of fame this year so I guess we'll find out. So yes she has signed and there you go. Let's try responsible caller here in myrtle beach. You're on the air what's going on. Yeah unfortunately penny. Any Moore Obese dumb. What's going on here today? Buddy all right go ahead Eddie. Her Kenny whenever you name well. I just a quick comment. I'm very excited. Four next week retro raw nitro view so many because I now have confirmed that next week Nitro is the one after said broke his leg. Yes and I'm fairly certain. Episode has a ton of very graphic replays of the injury if memory serves But I wanted go back something that you're saying earlier about then maybe taking a little more hands off approach with the XFL approaching and everything like that. But I have to worry that if he does and Vince has developed a reputation especially lately of not being willing to take a long long view of things. He wants me real results. You we see that with these three weeks pushes than somebody who can get over because they beat my drum and well just can't get over so we're just going to Mariam for now on if a couple of weeks into the XFL season things haven't turned around. I worry that now when the XFL inevitably fails he's GonNa Wanna get even more involved in metal even more and it's GonNa make things worse well a couple of things here first off. If I mean right now everything is fine with me. So there's nothing that needs to be turned around. I mean yeah if you want to try to get the two three million viewers but I mean they're doing totally totally fine as far as where they are now is compared to years past. And I think this Roy even did better than last year's Ri- at the same time did but anyway. There's no turnaround turnaround. That needs to be done so if he steps away to the XFL and things stay stable. I mean everything's fine. There's no reason for him to panic. Yes yes the. XFL May fail but it's not like the first year it's not like the original XFL where they could do a big number. The first week fall fall in like by the end of the season. That thing's dead like he's got enough money he's going to keep this thing going for a few years so there's no immediate concern about the XFL XFL failing in him. Losing his mind and jumping in full steam into me again. So yeah anything can happen. I can't predict the future. I mean one prediction. And we'll see what actually happens. I mean guys ever listen to the prediction show. Nobody gets anything right like we had one guy who got a hit and he got a hit because smackdown happening you move to one a ungodly horrible number but like nobody gets a hit so we can and we can make all of these predictions that we want about. What Vince is GonNa do how far he's going to step away how the XFL is going to do but we cannot sit here and go well? You know this thing's going to tank thank. XFL IS GONNA die. Who knows who knows thing? I go to the first game in Washington take the boy. Go up there. See the inaugural. XFL Game at Audi field in Washington DC. They're playing by the way the Seattle heat or or whatever the Seattle team's name is no. It's not heat. I know you're still upset about that. But you want me pick up some merch know why letter one merged from that team anyway. I won't Seattle Seattle merchant. I'm GONNA get Birch because I don't want XFL Seattle merch some generic XFL skipping x. hat or something like that I was Gonna ask this question here but I'll read it after the break. We should do a poll like what question I'm GONNA ask. It's been asked a million times back in a moment observer. Life back in the show. Brian Alvarez here Wrestling Observer live mixing privy also of Wrestling Observer DOT DOT COM. All right lots to talk about first off if you are heading to Wrestlemainia twenty twenty and Tampa coming to you on Friday wrestlemania weekend and near Tampa city. It's a special live edition of Wrestling Observer. Radio with myself and Dave Meltzer as we have done in the past be recruiting a Q.. And A. Session featuring your questions about anything to do with the wrestling anime or anything in between there's going to be a one hour pre observer radio of the Ip meet and greet with the two of us and we will also be selling a limited number of Wrestlemainia group tickets so that you can sit with fellow subscribers and wrestling observer server dot com the meet and greet will start approximately ten am local time show starts at eleven am local time on Friday April third. We have limited space. Get your tickets now before they sell out the link. F Four W MANIA DOT BROWN PAPER TICKETS DOT COM. That is F Four W MANIA DOC BROWN PAPER TICKETS DOT COM. And if you can't remember that you can go to my twitter at Bryan Alvarez. Hopefully you can remember that one and I have a link up there right now. Were you can click on it and go right to that Brown paper tickets page. We have the VIP platinum which is a mean Greek QNA an Wrestlemainia ticket in the group section we have got a meet-and-greet and QNA with priority seating option and just the QNA general admission. All all of those are available but there are only a few left. So if you'd like to grab one. I recommend you head up right now to me. Mania Dot Brown paper tickets dot com or at Bryan Alvarez on twitter so check it out. I was going to read that text message but I. I'm trying to decide whether I should or not. I don't like to repeat my material but I guess I guess this question's been asked so many times that I'll do it one more time all right last last time here so listen carefully. PERSON SAYS I remember hearing smackdown was GonNa be more of a sports aspect. Approach would moving to Fox. It seems like the same smackdown back down. Do you know why they decided. Against the sporting aspect Fox is purchasing the rights to air smackdown. And at the end of the day. That's it they can desire certain people to be on the show they can desire the show to look a certain way to be booked a certain way but they can only desire. There is nothing in the contract that says we have have creative control over this product. W We wouldn't go to Fox. If Fox had creative control of the product if you recall in the days leading up to the debut in the weeks leading up to the debut on Fox there were all sorts of commercials with various wrestlers and clearly. Those were the people that Fox wanted to have on their show Charlotte for example. She did all sorts of media for them mm-hmm well where did Charlotte ended up. She ended up on raw because at the end of the day W E retains creative control over w me so they may have had meetings they may have said. Hey we WANNA tie in with with Fox football and we want ask. Some of the football analysts talk about wrestling wrestling. Like maybe we could have a more sports oriented approach and Vince goes crazy idea. Pal that doesn't mean that that's actually what's going to happen. And it's not like if they they do a show where Roman reigns attacked and covered in dog food which. I can't remember the last time that someone was chained to the goal post in the NFL and Covenant Dog Food. But it's not like like Fox is GONNA say well you're canceled you know. We didn't want dog food we wanted. We wanted win loss records and instead we got smackdown. I mean that's what they that's what they paid for smackdown so at the end of the day. That's the answer. Vince can put whatever he wants on smackdown and there may be some blowback there may be requests but at the end of the day. It's his show. They paid him for his show. If they wanted sports they could have paid for a A. W but they didn't they paid for smackdown so they're getting smackdown. That's IT and still asking that question. Everybody knows the Red Sports with a w either. It's a wrestling show. You're getting wrestling all Fox suanzes ratings and all. WWe wants his rating stews. Well is the money that would come with those ratings. So it's as simple as that. This person here says does Nwea hard. Times is taking place on Friday January twenty four th up against the final smackdown before the rumble. Yeah I just it's it's too too early. They just had a pay per view I mean. Aws doing four pay per views a year and they got two hours of national television. Every week they're still only doing for pay per reviews year. Like I I just feel like Nwea with a one hour show on youtube every week like that's just too quick to be doing pay per views. Yeah Yeah I think you're right about that but I think if you're not putting a whole lot of outlay out there as far as cost goes in your running it basically like ring of honor or does where I mean. They run the pay per view on a Friday and then there they do their TV tapings on Saturday and Sunday. If they're not losing any money in that setup it's probably not the worst idea in the world how else are they generating income other than you know marketing the end of you a name and the logo in selling merch like that. They gotta tried tried to do something so I get it and I know what you're saying because you're right. I in reality they. They wouldn't be doing that but I don't think it's that big of a deal that they do as as long as they're not losing a whole lot in the exchange to me it's it's six of one half does the other. Why not if you can pick up a couple of extra buys for what you know for? Sixteen the Scots Zaire thing. Any money coming in any attention is going to end up being good attention for them. Man Look at this in one the prediction contests and now. He's calling every single day. Ian What's going on well. Hey Brian actually. It was called to give you a compliment so we should be happy about that that it got listening to. Yeah well of course valley into a prediction shows the best audio and I was really worried because because the entire time I was thinking please. I'm a very religious man. Please dear God let the time whenever granny read the undertaker's nicknames beyond here and we got all the way to number one and I was like please be on here and finally. I heard her bring up the undertaker and a mini part of your. It is the greatest from now will always be to me at least the grapes. Our I don't know what that means but you will be well. Thank you very much for the call in for putting everybody over and everything like that. Yes we actually had a guy who loved the Great Fowler so much changed his name to the Great Fowler on twitter. He's up there right now and no I do not know what. A Great Valerie's alrighty. Let's go to Max who is in Moscow. Max what's going on. Yeah I'm calling you from skype. I have one question for you Brian. All right well Brawl Cantor okay Well Broke into the Rolando Colombo of the WW champion. I see in this new Japan. Think when Okada entering the job as a Jew tournament As a champion champion and he has to choose his opponent attack. Tokyo them do team w we can do something like this. I think if Brock Doc wins the Rambo. He should have the opportunity to choose his opponent up mania. Thank you so much. Yeah thanks so much for the call from Moscow. Yeah if brock doc listener wins the royal rumble. I mean the story line should be that he gets to choose. Whoever wants to face at Wrestlemania and the problem is that it's not new Japan? And so if you've got thirty guys in the Royal Rumble and I know I've seen this all over the Internet for like four months but And this was what I was is told originally this writing to be ten raw ten smackdown ten annex to attend annex t in the Royal Rumble. I don't know if those are going to be the exact numbers but it is very clear that in the royal rumble. It's GONNA BE RAW SMACKDOWN AND ANNEX T. I mean Paul Pretty Much said it on the show on Monday. So you're GONNA have most of the biggest stars in the royal rumble. And those aren't the biggest stars. I guess we're GONNA have other matches or whatever but I mean if if listener runs through everybody that's in the royal rumble. The the biggest stars of raw smackdown INEX- either in the rumble. Like who does he choose. Does he choose the fiend. Why would brock leser? WanNa face the fiend. I mean I I like a normal promotion. Could probably tell that story really. Well we're like the fiend is invincible and brock fields. He's invincible and it's like the battle of the monsters but I don't see them doing that. So my guess is the most likely scenario is that he gets there in the royal rumble. And maybe he goes all all the way to the end. Maybe gets eliminated in a big surprise early but somebody throws him out and he demands that person at Wrestlemainia and and the winner of the rumble ends up being somebody from smackdown and they challenge the fiend. I presume that's how this is going to go but I could be wrong long. I mean trust me. I'll tell you one thing about this okay and I don't know what it is but this wasn't just done for something fun onto for the Royal Rumble. Like whatever this is. They've got some sort of idea. They've got a big idea. Because it is Wrestlemainia it is the brock laser match at Wrestlemainia. He is their biggest star. This wasn't just something done to do something for the Royal Rumble. They've got some sort of big angle planned and and we're gonNA find out at the rumble what it is and you got options in the way that you can do it. Like you said he goes through and he wins and he picked somebody. That's either from outside outside or inside the company and I think the only way something like that works is if Matt Riddles. Not In for not talking about an outsider. Another another fighter wrestler or something like that or or boxer. It's gotTa be a Matt Riddle or somebody like that. Because what else do you do and even if somebody to toss him out obviously I think it should be somebody like Matt Riddle. I think it works more than Keith Lee. But you know you could do something like that. Where he chooses his opponent at the entrance attacked at the and By someone I just don't think it works as well as him getting surprised and look on his face and everything that goes with him being being eliminated and being embarrassed at the royal rumble. And that's the biggest thing because what really drives brock listener in this. What what is going to be his inspiration ration- you know he'd get tossed out knock air? I still got the belt. I still got a bunch of money and you still come to me whenever you want anything. What's going to fire up rock listener? What what's it's really gonNA get under his skin in the best way you can do? That is have him be completely embarrassing. Get tossed by somebody like Matt Riddle in. I don't know I don't know the the matches for brock listener at Wrestlemainia. I know you could fantasy book a lot of different scenarios including like a dangerous cormet one which I think you know artistically would be a mistake but it would get a ton of attention you know Tim and a fighter But I think him and Matt Riddle is probably the way you WANNA go. I don't know how rock thinks about that but I I love that thought and you gotta get somebody over. You need to get somebody over for twenty twenty and essentially your year begins with the Royal Rumble and kicks off and goes into high speed in theory with Russell Mania you WanNa try to make somebody. That would be a great way to do it. It's prisoners is. There's a reason why somebody with more wins and less losses can be below somebody with less in sports rankings equality of opponent determines where you are ranked like in college football or basketball sometimes teams go into feed it and are ranked below teams in Las. Well that's true. I mean awesome. Some Kong has done nothing but win squash matches and so her quality of opponent is in fact below that of kristaps landers. Yeah but you know what. It's one of the worst banters that you know you can have in sports in. It's always great in that. You can always debate something in sports. Here's this person better than this person lists and all that sort of stuff i. I don't know if it translates as well to wrestling in. I don't know if that's what you want your overriding one of your overriding features to be. Is you start plucking off like which. Which is Peter Avalon? Better person to beat than the the guy who got embarrassed enjoying the dark order. I don't I just think it I. I'm so again I'm not a big Fan. All this high may what's going on go quick. Hey what's up guys. I don't know if you corrected yourself but yes since the first time I'm Paul Human debut broken because that beep and also I wanna say I think keithly is a clear choice and then I think Broccoli and there's going to be slowing slowing down even more than usual. I want to thank you very much for the call. Yes as many people have noted the not a prediction but promise has already. You've been broken by Rawlins beat Brooke Listener. So that's that's already out the window so I mean what does it mean now. I guess we'll find out. Maybe everyone else forgot got like I did so anyway. We had to break back in a moment wrestling. Observer live back in the show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer server live mixing proverbial wrestling observer dot com so tonight on an xt. We have a fatal four way to determine number one contender to the annex. T North American title. Keith Lee. Dominic di Jakovic Cameron Grimes and Damian priest. So yes Keith. Lee in Dominic di Jakovic the feud that will never died we also got the undisputed era and Gallus teaming up or facing off against each other dusty Rhodes take team classic. That's coming up tonight. imperium Syrian will be facing the forgotten sons in another dusty Rhodes tag team classic match and this photo of Wesley Slee Blake. You gotTa take a look at one we got we got. What's next for annex? Tease women's champion Rea- Ripley. So I guess we'll find out what that even means that's come tonight. We already ran over the full card for a w tonight. We're GONNA find out if if Jon Moxley joining the inner circle. We have got to the Chris Stat. Lander Reijo match for the Awa Women's title as well as I believe even hangman. Page and Kenny Omega versus the literal brothers. I believe is the match tonight. It's a lot of great stuff coming up on Bo shows later on tonight myself and Dave will recap everything on wrestling observer. Radio Dave's back. We did a show on Monday after raw and Mike and I will talk about it tomorrow and then Vinnie and I- reviewing it on the. Brian Vinnie show on Thursday night. I didn't even realize this when the best of two thousand nineteen was posted. It was noted that we did eleven hundred shows shows in the year. Two Thousand Nineteen. Wow so if you signed up as a subscriber to wrestling observer DOT COM. We did eleven hundred shows for you. Twenty nine thousand nine. That's an average of three day so you should sign up everybody wrestling observer DOT COM. You won't regret it right at time. Takes Mike is always colors and listeners. Even dumb wrestling observer live.

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