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"dominic di jakovic cameron grimes" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"dominic di jakovic cameron grimes" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Observer live back in the show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer server live mixing proverbial wrestling observer dot com so tonight on an xt. We have a fatal four way to determine number one contender to the annex. T North American title. Keith Lee. Dominic di Jakovic Cameron Grimes and Damian priest. So yes Keith. Lee in Dominic di Jakovic the feud that will never died we also got the undisputed era and Gallus teaming up or facing off against each other dusty Rhodes take team classic. That's coming up tonight. imperium Syrian will be facing the forgotten sons in another dusty Rhodes tag team classic match and this photo of Wesley Slee Blake. You gotTa take a look at one we got we got. What's next for annex? Tease women's champion Rea- Ripley. So I guess we'll find out what that even means that's come tonight. We already ran over the full card for a w tonight. We're GONNA find out if if Jon Moxley joining the inner circle. We have got to the Chris Stat. Lander Reijo match for the Awa Women's title as well as I believe even hangman. Page and Kenny Omega versus the literal brothers. I believe is the match tonight. It's a lot of great stuff coming up on Bo shows later on tonight myself and Dave will recap everything on wrestling observer. Radio Dave's back. We did a show on Monday after raw and Mike and I will talk about it tomorrow and then Vinnie and I- reviewing it on the. Brian Vinnie show on Thursday night. I didn't even realize this when the best of two thousand nineteen was posted. It was noted that we did eleven hundred shows shows in the year. Two Thousand Nineteen. Wow so if you signed up as a subscriber to wrestling observer DOT COM. We did eleven hundred shows for you. Twenty nine thousand.

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