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"dominic call saddam" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

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"dominic call saddam" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

"Just let's go to smackdown for last friday. The final hype for summer slam. What it's still crazy. How much has happened last. Like eight days of wrestling so We had in An edge promo at the start to build up his match with seth any thoughts on that thought. It was fantastic. I thought it was so much more effective than what they've been doing with ed rollins in terms of hammering home the importance of the match and i thought it was one of the best Today pros longtime edges Which is very good on the mike when when he's called to to do so then ramos stereo j. lucille one-on-one j. wentz twelve minutes They they seemed to not do a lot with With rain dominic Call saddam's trying to help his dad but it just didn't work out tonight and so there were still laying the groundwork for something and i thought somebody would happen at summer slam to pay that often. It felt like between friday and saturday not sunday. Mvp a they either dimple the trigger. Never planned to what so. I'm still not quite sure what to make. Out of out of the dominant stuff. I didn't sense that they were about to pull the trigger. I think it's sort of a longer story. I mean these are after all a father and a son like you would. You would expect more than just a over interference on smackdown to caused the break-up of a father and a son so hopefully they'll have more excuse when that happens The metro sign a long line of matches during the two teams With the story being trying to cheat and then getting caught and right loosen the not. Kevin owens barron corbin. Corbin wins by d. Q in three minutes mcafee said there is a six foot six trash bag on the run with something. He doesn't own and Big was upset that his money. The bank got stolen anyway. Any thoughts on all that short mash bad. Finish a killer. Braxton interviewed then champion. Bianca beller any thoughts on that. I thought it was good. Good good shirt followed by bianca. By the way you know after the after summer sam. You'd asked me where they're going to head next laid out to potential scenario one with bianca going keel and funeral with becky and the other with bianca and becky both being facing sasha a he'll and i didn't even the idea that back you would be turning Just because it's such an obviously stupid idea trying to turn the most popular restaurant the entire company after she were transferred giving birth. Look even if it was back idea. They should have just said no. That's about idea. Sorry becky lord knows the teller. No-one enough things as it is Biggest boy as far as scenarios that are dangerous for bianca like trying to have her feud with becky his back supposed to be turning heel is not a good spot for bianca. Bel air so we'll see how this turns out with five days to reflect on it is this. Is there something opt from an optics standpoint or even beyond just optics about having bianca lose that way as an african american woman in in bringing back memories of how listener treated kofi and some other situations regarding triple eight. Yeah yeah and some others that. I don't think coco viewer and rick. Martel story angry about that. I mean is that something they should have at least been cognizant of do you think they were and they relished in in in there just waiting for opportunities to to pull the rug out from under minorities who they have invested heavily in for months like. I don't say that mockingly. I mean it sounds mocking case by case. But yeah your thoughts on it. Five days later the optics and the reality of it. My my mind is not changed. I think it was a very silly thing to do. And i i don't think it militias. I think there's just you know like that's how vince doesn't a lot of things. There are very few people that he views a stars. In order for someone to start they generally have to stop for a long period of time and when he gets one of these people that he considers a star because there are so few of them. He's very quick to just have them run over anybody else that he's been building up that he doesn't think of as a star and you. That's what i did there. Which is part of the reason. He has a few stars. So if that was totally storm in bianca place who got the winner wrestlemainia and becky came back. Same decisions made and for the same reasons. Of course. I mean the question would be whether he would care more in the place of well. I guess you could say well. The argument would be that he would give more of a chance to a white star. But i don't think so you know. I don't think he thinks along along those lines. I think I think it's harder for people to become a star. Depending upon the way they look and vincent lands Mindset because he has sort of very narrow a narrow focus in that regard but You know i i don't. I don't think necessarily that that tony song would have been any more likely to be perceived that way. Yeah yup natalia versus shots antiguan on italian tomato. One this one. No no shots your thoughts on that time when you watched it to be you just kind of accept that there's little long term planning direction but this feels like it's being booked by someone like find out amnesia where we've now seen shots antiguan beaten italian to meena in three different non title matches which lasted two minutes and fifty eight seconds three minutes and fourteen seconds and three minutes and twenty seconds respectively. I mean what is happening here. How i mean how does this. How do you not have quality. Control like wired the challenges. Be the champions in the exact same time over and over and over again like what is happening. I hope that's rhetorical. Because i don't know they're filling tv time. Todd i'm trying to get to summer. Slamming they they do not have another way that they meaning vince. Mcmahon don't have another way to do things that they're that they're in the groove undoing in it results in this. Here's my answer to rhetorical all right. So remember to Seth mocked edges promo from earlier. your thoughts on performance here. I thought he was fine. The segment was just a backdrop for the edge dropping liquid on rollins which i thought was on the side but at least it did fit into volunteering. All these unique suits. She'll wearing a bunch of unique suit. Something bad should happen. The suits so that did happen In the context of professional. Okay if you know in everyday life you see someone in an unusual suit. We need to find some sort of liquid to to dump on them. It's tempting though. yeah. I think so. Yeah all right mattis for notice. Otis wins in in three minutes thoughts. Continue to put us in this time over mont us and we'll see if anything comes up but You know they've been doing it for a little while. Yeah shinsegei nakimora rick boobs against cruise and keys boobs and not worry when this one and four minutes and mcafee is very excited seems i. It seems like They're they're the cruises run getting a push on. Tv is coming coming to an end but sometimes you can draw too many conclusions from the way that would be kinda flippantly books and things your take on that. Yeah i mean. I definitely think it's possible to draw two conclusions but that was certainly the conclusion either. So you know. Yeah they They seem to be flagging pretty clearly with boobs. Who you know has been presented at this point. It's not even really even being wrestler Beating apollo mini after nakimora. It felt like they were flagging. Fans that they d- pushing apollo crews bianca. Bel air zilina. Vega your ereck susan carmella. Yeah got i had a typo here too..

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