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"doku kahn" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

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"doku kahn" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

"Everything he can to kind of support people oil and gas. He loves his industry. And so with that. I just kind of started volunteering on the street team. Shout out to the street to India. And Yeah. It slowly evolved into doing social media. So now I've been doing social media for oil and gas will not work for. I think since last maybe may April or May Pentastar. Yeah so coming up. Thank you so happy that we got two years. If you had to give one social media tip to business owner out there right now listening that could maybe help them engage their followers more. What would that Social Media Tippy? So I'm really passionate about branding and I think something that a lot of times is underutilized. Is just having your logo on everything so anything you put on social media you know and now that. I'm thinking about this. I may be guilty of this too but you all. Are we all the all posters? And then afterwards he go. There was no branding exactly. Yeah so don't even worry about. I understand exactly but just putting your local on things you know a lot of times. People will see something that someone has shared and the logo isn't there. They're looking for it the more you can get your logo in front of someone's face the better. Yeah that would be social. Media is and also people love to see other people so human interaction daily things that aren't so corporate looking. You know what happens behind the scenes people? Love look like the inside. And what's going on? Wonderful Well Alex. Thank you so much. It was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. And it's so that our voices have been together for a long time but now we are personally together in the same room and I just love that and this has been such a pleasure to meet you and I'm so excited for you and your future and you and I were talking before the podcast. You're Notre Douleur by heart and spirit and I love that about you. I am an entrepreneur by marriage. I told my husband. He is the true entrepreneur. I N attest to this. I met him earlier. That I'm now moving. In that direction I just loved the entrepreneurial spirit and I think it's fantastic so I know you'll do great things wherever you go from here. But you already are doing. Great things for your family's companies once again. Alexandra Brazier with Ken grow. She is the Business Development Director. And I'm so excited that you share this time with us and gave us some tips and we learn something and in a minute. You'll hear her voice again. Let's do one more time. Hey I think I'd say hey. Everybody I duNno Chris. They gave me some tips on how to be better at this. So I'm more from her after. I said I'm going to try to spruce up the though you're doing a great job. I level weary Alex. You're so cute. Well thank you again for sharing with us. We appreciate you. How can people find you on social media? Yeah so we're on social media under Kengo Corporation that's on facebook and linked then we also have twitter and instagram. We're not that hip so facebook linked in and twitter. And Yeah a great way if you my contact info. Our website is a great place to go. And that's kind of where you know. You can see rundown of everything and also get my contact great. That's came grow dot com. Alex was a pleasure. Thank you so much. Thank you appreciate you. Well WE WANNA now announce this week's community. Mvp and the community MVP is diamond back energy. Their employees recently took the time to prepare gift baskets for local elementary school and delivered them on Valentine's Day. Isn't that sweet way to go? Diamond back for showing love to our students here in West Texas. I just love that. Also a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand speaking of brands. We're just talking about brands and you can see that. Wonderful Green Logo brand everywhere. They are in an energy technology company in their striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. So that's it for today. Thank you so much for joining us. This concludes our episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin remember my motto dream. Big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a Great Day Alex. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for February we do not have any. Oj UNHAPPY HOURS IN FEBRUARY. But we do have an exciting event coming up in Pittsburgh. This'll be our first happy hour there in March and it will be taking place on March twenty fifth the location to be determined so be sure to follow us on Facebook Link. Dan Or twitter to keep up with Those announcements and to purchase tickets the Houston. Api luncheon will be on February eleventh. This will be a networking about with top oil and gas business leaders and they a promise that you'll learning something really cool so check it out and sign up for that event. The wildcatters ball will be on February seventh in Houston. This fall is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising for the IP A Educational Foundation proceeds go toward funding foundations energy education program. The Energy Houston three gun. Chapter will be on March Twentieth in Houston. This event fills up really quickly so make sure to get your team. Enter the best way to do so is to fax or email. The form with at least a captain's name as soon as possible if you need to wait for a check just noted that on the bottom of form and send it on we will be sending Mark Liqueur and Patrick pistre to Scotland to Aberdeen Scotland on March fifth. Four Doku Kahn. Which is the first event of its kind. It is a conference or creating high impact sales in energy and mark and Patrick will be hosting panel and recording alive. Podcast if you're interested in attending this event visit Dough Karoo CON DOT DOT KAROO DOT COM. And that is d o q a. You See oh that's offered this month. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check again next month for more updates on. Obgyn events tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network. Learn more at. Www DOT org G..

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