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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

"Hello Gamers let's talk about anchor. If you haven't heard about anchor it's easiest way. Make a podcast. It's free and you know us a budget arcade. We love free. There's creation tools that allow you to record. Annetta your podcast right from your phone or your computer in fact. I'm actually using that to record this ad in traffic as I said at a late. That's amazing Anchor would distribute your podcast for you. So it may be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money for your podcast would no minimum listenership. And it's everything that you would need to make a podcast in one place so go to anger dot. Fm start slash. Start to start your own. Podcast I can't wait to hear your podcast. The following podcast is not affiliated with the developers who have created the game's being reviewed. The reviews are solely the opinions of the hosts to be used to make an educated decision. On what games to download and play. Hi This is David. Britvic creator of Diablo and it lurks below. And you're listening to budget arcade. Hello GAMERS AND WELCOME TO BUDGET. Arcade a free to play gaming podcasts. The help you navigate through the growing realm of free play games. I'm Scott I'm Jeff. I'm Elliott I'm sorry. And Welcome to episode number fifty two just to recap. We play a free to play game for a week. And then we rate and review it Elliot. What was this week's game? Dragon Ball Z Dokan battle. It's a free to play mobile game. Based on the Dragon Ball. Anime is developed by two Sukey and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It came out in Japan For android on January Thirtieth Twenty fifteen came out for February nineteen twenty fifteen and then it came out worldwide on IOS and android on July sixteenth of two thousand fifteen Since the game has come out it's Exceeded three hundred million downloads. Worldwide and has grossed out. Guess how much it grossed two billion you say that's quite a large number okay chocolate remember. That's over five. You spend lots of inside joke Tony. I'll get it. I wanted to know that the Audio is all in Japanese whereas the subtitles and all that are English least the English version of it Elliott Jeff. I actually Jeff. I know you're not a big anime fan. But Elliott do you prefer the American voices over the Japanese voices or vice versa. This is the only anime I think the accession may be a few that I do prefer the English speaking voices because to me. They're very iconic. I grew up coming home every day. Watching Nami for two hours. I'd watch that. I watch outlaws store. Big Oh sailor moon which is also my jam. I prefer Sailor Moon English speakers to because again I was like a show when I was younger. I watched so. It's like connick to me. Yeah I definitely outlaw star and Dragon Ball Z. Were to that. I prefer the English as opposed to the Japanese. And then like couple of there's a gun grave was a Japanese. Only that I liked and couple other than that cowboy. Bebop was definitely one. I watched in Japanese overall really. I never Washington Japanese spike. Spiegel's whatever character that guy. The Steve Blum. I think that's his name. He's very conic in the voice world. Oh well the only it's Mike in Chapel to sell even better you. Hey sorry keep going. I didn't mean I grew out of anime really not that I don't dislike it or like it. I just know I watch. I watch it with my kids now. We've been watching my hair. Thank you game play so this game is Kinda like the puzzle game I would say it's exclusively a puzzle game ou our heads dead. Stop right there. So this is a puzzle game. I was like most compare it to of what we played before like marvel. Puzzle quests in that you have a team of fighters That battle but you know the way to initiate battle is to eliminate orbs from the screen of varying colors and there's orbs like four or five stacks orbs all the way up to the opponent you're facing and if you can clear the wharves all the way up to him you get a bonus and the power the colors coordinate to the characters you've three characters and if you coordinate you give more boost you have ten characters. Tea Party. Yeah but you use three at a time rain right. I didn't know there was a party. Got My wasn't invited but as long as you get it all the way back to them. it does more damage and then an animation plays of the fight going down. Which is my favorite part of the game. The animations as someone who doesn't WATCH DRAGON BALL Z. Feel like dragging balls either really cool They're not as indepth as like animations on other games. I mean this is a mobile game. But they're I think they're fun to look at some would say the best part only part that's worth playing of this game some would say some would say others would say just a puzzle game and the other thing too is as you are popping those bubbles. They are giving your player. What's called Chi and or key? Whatever I don't know over guys but fantastic and they call it. They call it key in dungeons and dragons. It's called key. Mugabe premium either slash arcade. Work has your popping the as you're popping these bubbles. They give your players. Kawhi and once you Max out the meter on the character's portrait they will do a special move against the opponent which does a lot more damage and depending on what rank. Your hair color is will also have increased damage as well and so there's like different modes like different campaigns. You can kind of progress through and you're building up your characters As you do so basically you pick a mission. A board appears similar. Like a Mario Party board almost were you. You don't roll dice. You have the options of three different numbers on the bottom of the screen. You clicked number. You want you move that many corresponding spaces you collect or get damaged by whatever you land on And then game is that tear of. It's so straightforward. There's nothing to it. Yeah it's just there it's filler. It's just filler to get to the battle. Did you enjoy the board apart at the board game at? Oh no way. Yeah no not at all. Did you either one of you? Were you able to collect all seven dragon? Balls eight eight. How okay so I did collect all on. What did you wish for one time game? So there was a there was different things that you could wish for one in increase on characters increase on Or like How many friends you can have. And there was a couple other ones but she increased characters and it gave me ten extra slots that I could have characters for and in it also gave me ten of the currency for the game to be able to purchase characters US call. Jeff says this is a puzzle game. I I don't agree because what do you call it? Peak Elliott calmed down okay. So here's what sentences and they usually like to finish them in southern ocean objects as how conversation. The reason I save is go ahead. Scott are you sorry now but go ahead okay now. Good as you're popping bubbles like there's I don't know I just I maybe I didn't understand it but I couldn't get them. The new bubbles of bubbles were higher to fall in such a way that they would give me an advantage. I kind of random how they fell if thought way my small brain no. I agree with that either that or I have a small brain which is possible but you it. Also one of the things about puzzle games or even like puzzle quest or anything else about making a move is setting yourself up for the next move to be even bigger and the orbs drop in a way that you wouldn't expect like I say if I press this these five red orbs will connect and I'll get a big combo and it just never works out that way I agree with you. So would you honored you. Put the game in a bad puzzle game. I would say I mean it's it's definitely a battler but I don't know like yeah I don't know NC. I didn't even play of any of the The multi-player so I don't even know if that's any different it's a puzzle. Game Scott just come around to it. Supposedly it's every bit is a puzzle game as puzzle. Quest is it's basically puzzle quest but with different nine worst puzzles. I don't know I think that's almost an insult to puzzle quest. I'm not trying to insult puzzle quest. I didn't like puzzle. Quest at my kitchen is to do that but to give a comparison puzzle quest nick adults right. And then you use a puzzle mechanic to orchestrate your battles. You usually much better one because you're using bejeweled rules which are sort of you know ubiquitous. And you're using this game. Which tiny uses like? Busta move rules or puzzle. Bobble what they're broken. Yes alley that. Yeah I would say bubble bobble fair game. That's I like that one better because the balls don't fall straight down like other puzzle or write. That part's true. There's no system to how the puzzle operates that no method to the Matt Ryan. But there's no way to kind of at least in my experience and there's GonNa we're GONNA get an email six months from now to tell me on idiot but there's no way that I could tell to play the game in a way that gives you an advantage. I agree with that too. Yeah I do too. But again that could be my small brain What else is there? There's that's it really. Here's your through yet unlocking characters by rolling. Gotcha when we when we get to the pay while we can talk about the Gotcha scandal that befell this game. Oh down excited Elliott with the dirt. I needed something to talk about because I did not find this game enjoyable. I'll sit up in the art. The Arts so well done here Yeah agreed so I mean if you if you download the game and just tried out for the little. The battle animations. 'cause they're great light? The I actually came back to this game several times and I didn't hate it as much as some of the other games. We have Have played but the the art is what kept me. Come back. Just the amazing animations This anime battles playing out on my screen was really fun. It reminded me of heavy other. You Played Project Cross own on the D. S. Yeah Yeah Yeah Kinda like that. Game is okay but it has these really amazing animations that keeps you coming back. I found that the animations reminded me of an episode of Dragon Ball Z. Frequent more Impreza. Could you give it? There isn't any as far as concerned about the size of this game. Either it's a. It's a thick boy. Yes but this game has got something that none of these other thick games that we've played as ever had download all the content but yeah down in the lower right hand corner on the title screen is download all and Scott pointed this out in Bravo. I that's a feature that I would like to see going forward if it's a game. I like just download all the stuff on my phone so I can play it wherever not only that. You don't get stuck downloading download after download after download like we did with your galea lost. Yep I agree. Many screens here bloated. Well and I think that happens with a lot of gotcha games as they progress so many different events and other that it's just so it's unappealing and it turns me off. Yeah even when you get past the main menu. When you're building your team is not self explanatory. I had a fumble my way through it so the menus are bad. I'm just so used to seeing these awful menus mobile games now that finding a simple clear one is the exception paywall. It has a couple different currencies but the main currency is the Dragon Shards. I think they called it or dragon. Gems thing was dragon gems. That's and that's what used to purchase your characters. I think that was the only one that you could actually purchase outright. Yes and you that you can yes. It's not like so like the lowest. Here's my thing with like a Gotcha style game. The lowest purchaseable amount should be how much I have to pay for work. So my thing is I'm not saying I'm not saying it has to be cheap. Okay I'm saying that if you want me to buy character for ten dollars don't have a ninety nine cent option but I know eligible safe. That's how these work. That's how the money is made. I get I but it it. It's ridiculous it is but it's never gonNA change. It's only GonNa Change if if gamers just stop paying the stuff. That's the only way it's going to change. But then just chilling games are actually good. Gamov's flop and that's the thing like don't game do stand up on occasion right Battlefront two What else were there. Any Noman Sky. There were times where everybody and sometimes they do it for stupid reasons and sometimes they do it for the right reasons but I don't think a lot of your hardcore gamers. People who consider themselves hardcore game was care enough about the mobile space to throw a fit. Because yeah they're not. They agreed they're not worried about playing this Dragon Ball Z game on their phone now. Most of them don't even consider mobile gaming to be gamers in the first place. I I don't know what they perceived to beginning but I just if we're using generalities they don't play. They may play Mobile Games. But they're not. It's not where they like. If there's a r so the biggest thing you say is wind up love franchise goes to mobile than they care. Diablo attornal. I don't think that some dragon. Ball Z game. Having terrible micro transactions Is going to be the probe. And that's so synonymous with free to play Mobile Games having horrible economies. That is just kind of not worth bothering to talk about anymore. Yep You're right you're right really. Let's hear the scandal so On November fourteenth twenty seventeen there is a new character released. Kalfa who I'm not familiar with must be a drag ball super thing. It was advertised to be added into the into the Gotcha Pool but only a few players were able to draw her successfully. The majority failed spot. Her presence in the list of possible drops the sledge suspicion that the developer intentionally manipulated her drop rate so most players were poor a lot of money into attempt drawing her in vain while sustaining the illusion that she was still in the Gotcha Pool. Soon after the rumor went public the developer halted the Gotcha function and denied users access. To the list of Gotcha drops temporary explaining the issue is quote an unintentional mistake. I take new. Now come on right. Oh sorry oops we be sorry about that. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa go down the side road again but just note you're in for like and these systems are. Let's talk about chess rush for a second and I'm not talking about the gameplay. They did a treasure. Hunt thing where you play in you'd roll on this board and you get chances to get these pieces these skins and boards and it's like a board game that you buy rolls on and then when she did certain things you had this one out of four chance to either get a really awesome board or three things no one cares about and so I played and played and put money in and played. And which one do you think I got? I one of the garbage things the second one I got one of the garbage things the third one. I got one of the garbage things. Finally I got what I wanted in the worst thing about it. The A lot of those had time limits on right. It's you could use them to like these. Feel like a scam like there. I in what Elliott described is a scam. If they're not being forthright with what you get for putting your money in which I talked about the government interference in gaming and not wanting it. Well one of the things they do. That actually is a good thing is. They're insisting that with GOTCHA systems or any sort of random effect that they're up front with the chances of polling what you want which is a great idea. That's what if it's a point zero five percent chance. Just tell me it's point zero five percent chance. Let's most of your dates right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah the married now so I don't really do the dating scene anymore. Tessa I'll ask her. Okay Google what are my chances? Tonight's worry with that yet. No one came all right. I feel like you just got that new toy at you know things. I don't know if it's picking up on the Mike put whatever replay ability all right. So let's talk about a little bit of a replay ability. There's a lot here. There's tons of missions That you know how the Raphael Wind it's deep. It's a rarity there's just tons if there's a random element to the puzzles at. Maybe if you do figure out how they work You can play and grind to get your players good Did either of you hit like a not a paywall but a place where you couldn't go any further? I guess you'd call it a paywall Were well you can. Yeah Rain but did you. But no idea. I didn't know I didn't either. In fact I was doing the hard missions on pretty much everything and still winning them. There's a couple of times I lost but I had was trying the the three star and so but the the two star I was doing pretty well on with my characters. I actually pulled I think You know we didn't even talk about the character levels like I think the lowest was like an and then there's like s and s are an S. S. R. N. Leggy you are. I think was the top Eric that she can pull and I pulled a couple of the SR characters Actually pretty quickly. But Yeah so. Those carried me through for quite a while and I mean I didn't get a whole like really far. I got through the Cell Saga and then like you know. I didn't really have a whole lot of time to be able to continue playing but yeah I didn't finish the cell saga. I got nothing else to add. I mean replay ability not a lot of replay ability. But there's so much stuff here that you're not playing may be training a little bit. I mean I still have it on my phone some of these games. I take off as soon as I possibly can. I took his so heavy on. My own is like three gigs. Komo LEC- Start NO I don't WanNa buy that up about it Okay never mind this game. Garbage B. minus world judgment at the end of each episode. We decided for game deserves seal. Which is our general thumbs up or thumbs down. These two thirds vote to be approved. Jeff how about you feel. I didn't hate this game as much as I thought I would. It's mindless I put on like a podcast or audio book and just tapped away If you like Dragon Ball Z. Which I don't but the other two of you are familiar with it where I'd say you'd like it And I don't think you like this game but I did not enjoy playing it But it's not as bad as some of the other garbage we played so but it's a it's a no for me. I would you all right. So we got three games here. We got this board game which is very very so-so we have a car collection. Gotcha so that's slightly above. Okay and then you have a puzzle game which again is like Super So-so so it doesn't do any of those three things very well at all. I'm the action of the fighting in the art is great here. It's and that's what kept me playing because everything else was terrible. The menus here disaster it. It's just an overload of trying to get you to spend money. It's overwhelming to me. I know we I complain about that a lot. But it's it here's terrible The only thing that this game has going for it and my opinion is the Dragon. Ball Z overlay. That they put on top of this. You Know Board Game Card Collector Puzzle Game Junk If you took that away his game is very met. So it's definitely an interesting if you take all the overlay stuff make it not dragon? Ball Z to. This would be a pretty crappy. This is going to get a no moral A. I like Puzzle Games but not win. Can't figure out. Oh so what you would call this a puzzle game. Well we don't really call it a puzzle game but but if I hadn't heard but if I had to if I had to actually assign genre to it. I said puzzle. Yeah so puzzle battler no And just the fact that I can't figure out how to strategize and to be able to pop the bubbles that I want to to get the combos that I want and I. I can't see myself playing this anymore and is going to get it. It's a no for me. So this game is not is literally just arcade approved We did however have so much space on my phone. Listener Commentary Jeffer- Elliott. Which one do you WanNa read it? I got some wrong no offence. It Rodin appreciate you. Want just comes from gator. Thing gator. Things says Dokan battle if you were a Dragon Ball. Fan in the slightest. This is the game to play for seeing all your favorite characters and stories heathy capitalizes the from the beginning of Dragon. Ball to drag them out. Super and even fighters e fusions heroes every part of the franchise is present an expertly crafted any well balanced and constantly updated mobile game. The game offers something new at every difficulty from new players to multi year veterans approaching their fifth year anniversary of the game is never lacking in stages to play units to upgrade and teams to be made. It's not. It's not a game that you can just make one team and bulldoze through every stage there are layers of strategy that the game introduces to you. In a natural pace the game the game strategy at the service revolves around a five element system but then gets more and more in depth between unit categories that can boost other units of the same category two links between specific units that boost them when on the same turn rotation different leader skills passive skills can be the difference between passing a level or getting kayode at the last stage. The developers are always changing things up by introducing new units updating old ones or adding new challenges so that there's always a draw to experiment with new units and teams. I play I have been playing the game for just over a year now. And if you're looking for a game that you can just pick up and start playing off. The Bat Dokan battle is definitely a game. That will keep you coming back day after day with something new to do that. Gives us a little more insight into the game play? Guess but still no. Yeah Anders people that like the gate while he just on ninety seven does not stop talking now. It's my arts altron. Turn this great free to play game. Even though it is a Gotcha game because of how free to play friendly. The developers have made. It isn't a game that you'd normally want invest your total and full attention to but that's one of its strengths. There's there are modes where you'll want to pay attention to completely but if you're a little busy with work or watching TV this game is still so easy to play without missing a beat. The community is dedicated. They spend a ton on this game and the developers are constantly improving the game and Both animations I agree and with the quality of life changes that make it easier to navigate and play unlike other similar games. The developers are also very good with balancing and power creep. Yes the newest. Units generally are better. But they don't overshadow the past units so free to play units. All units in new units are still useful interesting. He's had free to play units. I wonder if there's like a paid option of units that you can get. I'm sure there probably is Yeah I'm not looking for wikki. Pages intended doesn't pan. You go on the Dokan Battle. Fandom page it's crazy there's all kinds of everything there it I met. This may be something missing. Maybe we don't understand the puzzle game you know and and how to navigate it where if that was better you'd have a better game you know so. I admit we may be missing something. So we'll read your email six months when you whoever you are you listening. Listen to this and decide that we've said to many human could Scott gets upset. Look forward to hearing from you very sensitive. You know not is upset his code easy. How does he hated any sort of criticism? Which says cody thing to me. Because that dude so chill I mean when I talk. Tony seems largely laid back but all right so next week we are going to be doing our one year anniversary podcast episode. So we're not going to be playing any game but we are going to be going over. You know some of our analytics and other stuff just to update zero view year reviews about our favorite episodes favorite games against still playing. You know that sort of stuff jeff. Obviously still whether we preferred having cody or Elliott. I mean these are the things we will discuss next week. Guests cody will be joining us next week to as well as Coconut wizard how. It's going to be a full house hip and it's GonNa be fun one year. I gotTA congratulations Scott. First Nice work. Thank you guys. This we wouldn't bizzare wouldn't be ten episodes. I go look at my other two podcasts. And see how many of them went over ten episodes. I'll tell you get zero. So Scott put in a lot of work to get us here so her so we want to thank you for joining us. Wherever you're listening we ask that you wouldn't chef Dallas thyself you say Oh my pleasure which is page pomp. Thanks if your true friend gentleman scholar if you want to reach us on social media you can follow us on twitter and Instagram at budget arcade. We have a website. Www DOT budget arcade dot com in a facebook page facebook dot com slash budget or cake. I went out of order. You can join our discord from our webpage as well as well as our twitter page You can send any hate mail to show at budget. Arcade Dot Com music is provided by stingiest download music at Metro Metal Dot Com. And you can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. And game on I'm interrupting you. I'm in arrived next week at the stage. Line just a throwback or is IT K. Points who knows I don't have to play crappy game this week I'm excited.

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Crypto Stories: Rethinking The Merits of Decentralization with John Backus

Venture Stories

51:41 min | 2 years ago

Crypto Stories: Rethinking The Merits of Decentralization with John Backus

"Hey, everybody. It's Eric torbert co-founder partner village. Global eight network driven venture firm, and this is metro stories a podcast covering topics. The G tech business with world leading experts. Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of venture stories my bullets global. I'm joined today by frequent co host twenty Shane writer advisory token daily angel investor also here with John Backus, John. How's it going? Great traveling here, they come to the podcast listener with a brief introduction. John. What are you up to? How did you get into the into the space sin? What are you most excited about in this face? Current Switzer thoughts on your mind. So I've been dipping in and out of the purpose stations twenty thirteen student Stanford, and I was part of the Stanford bitcoin group dropped out to start a company that was originally called box score. And we doing compliance tools for the blockchain stayce that ended up just being normal compliance tools. Not anything botching related three. We rebranded been doing that for many years. More recently started bloom, which is a decentralized protocol with Dokan for us Angelides identity and decentralize lending and then in the past six. Month's crypto has a lot of hard questions you need to answer. So I've been typically doing a deep dive into the history of PD file sharing from nineteen ninety nine two thousand six starting with like Napster ending with the torn and using that as the one that stark example of, you know, Wendy's centralization really went mainstream before any anyone really talked about hypocrites season, the mainstream, and I've been trying to extract as much Mason from back, then then sort of related to what's happening today. Let's get yours. Rely on great repos about it. How did you make the connection that that we can learn a lot from from that era? And what can we learn Louis unpack that a little bit Invicta for us? Yeah. So I'm not sure what's to significantly made me realize that it's a good parallel. I started digging into just for fun. I had his rain with one weekend. Like, the architecture of like, the modern bittorrent protocol, basically makes no sense from a technological perspective. Like, you dark addicted that way because it just like very confusing off a lot of parts are like unnecessarily complicated. And it only makes sense if you view it sort of is like a shadow of the legal system. So I, you know, each disortion that that we go sits in ads steel like people's desire to share files revolts in a modification of how the entire system designs and as dug into that stuff. More. Learn more about like distributed, hash tables and stuff that veterans us. And then you know, I tried to I challenge for myself. I'd say I cannot construct the narrative or how technology shifted over time starting with Napster which was fairly centralized and wound up with you know, modern Victorian, and that was very fine, and basically tracking through how things became more decentralized unless decentralized in that process seemed like an obvious parallel to what's happening in the crypto world day where there's a lot of questions around like how much did we decentralize? There's. A lot of people who sort of you decentralisation as the site ideal that we should all aspire to and you know, the main lesson was sort of that he's interested is actually a much more practical thing that I think it was for the file sharing era. You know, it was very obvious. What things should be centralized in way at each step because you're getting feedback no legal system, but sort of a long answer by main thing sort of wanting decentralisation actually happened in being like, okay, this there's clearly lessons here for the the world can you through the kind of main milestones of the Napster story of? I think that's that's interesting because it sounds like there are it's almost like lean startup development of a system where you start off one way. And then you keep continued happening it, so that's resilient to the restrictions kind of got around after. So. Yeah, it is sort of lean startup where you know, instead of like pivoting, like one company dies, another one. I rise from the ashes by Nasser isn't really like this is one thing. I tried to write about two now. Answers, basically where every or almost all history of like at least music vouchering start because that's when it started becoming mainstream. But if you dial it back another year or two nine hundred ninety seven that's we had pure for central buys three sharing this student at at Stanford who to set up a server at the university and was sharing byles dislike through his own server and use up something like seventy percent of the university's bandwidth and RIA Dino Recording Industry Association of America, even back, then sent them know pretty quick takedown same you can't do this. So even by ninety ninety seven they sort of established like you can't have a centralized distribution mechanism for free music. And so what he will start doing. It said this is actually still before Nazi. They have these like MP three search engines. So you'd go to some website, I N P three board dot com, and you'd search for a song that you wanted to. Download and it would actually be showing you. I was the result of files hosted another websites and the way that work was sort of like those websites the host websites, it'd be taken down all the time. But then the search engine would stop serving them. And so it's sort of added this continuity, where you could always go to these like, search engines and websites, and you know, you sort of had this effective decentralisation I in the hosting because those things could be sort of more federal, and that sort of like foreshadows how Nassar ended up implementing some things where you know. There was a centralized index of you know, who's communities have what files and when he did a search. It would typically check which hosts Rama mine too. And then you could damage many of those or their files rightfully so on on that's sort of how you get an actor hyphen walk through how you get to the architecture by the second way, which is like an e donkey in sort of the third wave, which is a deterrent yet. Please do Gulf. So, you know. Nassar first of all was incredibly popular. I did dislike Dovan in the numbers while back. I don't remember the right now. But basically, especially if you adjust for how much people use the internet Napster's growth from late nineteen ninety nine to two thousand one was at least as impressive or more impressive than Snapchat stroke. So this, you know, this is sort of like this ridiculous breakout success app, which is why we saw dozens and dozens of people trying to build their own Napster's at that. But naturally also like taking a court like pretty quickly. And basically, the central issue was that centralized index of who has what files meant the law that you know, naturals able to ban people if they wanted to if they could filter it bad content of the courts that approve the bait they chose not to do that. And basically Napster demonstrated that they were violating with toilet secondary liability laws for copyright, which means they're not actually violating copy. Have you ever been helping others facilitated? And so that got them shut down and the next wave of said, all right, if we can have a centralized server, you know, if having the ability to ban users and filter searches is what a businessman shutdown than we just will sort of decentralized that part of the nation and put it out to the either. And then you know now for button accord, we can say, oh, we don't control that. That's not part of our doctrine at that. Actually, didn't work. Are you buy you could launch something like his aha or you Don key, or you know, Aguire and stuff like that where each of these has their own product protocol behind him that can't be moderated like centrally and those lasted for years, and that that helped a lot basically in the US these protocols basically had to go all the way to scream court, and the supreme court didn't even want to really destroy these things based on the numbers alone. So that they didn't want to they even had some like. Academic you come in and you different measurements. And they had some ridiculous results like men and nine percent of searches on the design networker for infringing content. But they didn't want to sort of do a trial by numbers. It's actually pretty pretty for anything on spring court. They said that any new technology is gonna be predominantly I used for sort of illicit or sketchy uses in his new that if they will be protocols by the numbers and something like the ipod would probably also be killed. So instead, they introduced this idea of inducement, which basically means it can be proved that while creating your product, you basically created in order to sort of appeal to me to pirates and to invite them to pirate music on your platform, then even for to be treated as if it was a centralized search, and you're liable, and so that killed off basically everything in his face except for a torn between his the only company that didn't do any marketing or have. Like anything really out there in the public that suggested that you know, they created this thing for pirates. If you went to the torn website backing like you three when we didn't even mentioned provisos and download them using between it I had this whole thing. We're talking about habits horns best new way to host website. And you know, bittorrent actually did like went out in. So it became more and more popular at some point. There was something crazy like sixty five percent of internet traffic. And you know, it's very awkward structure compared to go. I'm like, why are we going to open it up? It will search for some song downloaded immediately within the clients in order to use the bittorrent, especially if you never use it before you download this client that doesn't let you search anything which sort of abusing, and we have to go to some like sketchy websites like the pirate bay which have these sort of, you know, offensive ads on the side. And then search for something download this tiny file, which you know. I think a lot of people's confusing, and then you have to open up my own the client, and then you're downloading. Finally, so much more cumbersome process, and you know. That's up to the client. And the search engine is basically this legal distinction that allowed between the operate that sort of matter just much decentralize aspect of everything here. But yeah. Between one out actually by it being a little bit less decentralized and the place where the need to be an instead doing this legal structuring in order to sort of. Avoid the things that ended up killing kazaa and lime wire and other companies like rockstar. So yeah, that's sort of the past from venture as a decentralized. That's really fascinating has a lot of things in common with some of the stuff that's happening in crypto. Now when you were talking about what the supreme court was using to judge whether defense something down inducement inducement. Yeah. Reminds me of augurs launch where people on the side of speculating that most uses for it will be for markets that you're not legally allowed to do now. But the way that position doesn't say anything about that at all. And the protocol is completely separated from the clients that are being built for it. And then the other thing that I thought was interesting is the impact of regulation on the the accessibility for users of these things there's this because of the regulations that enforcement there were certain versions of the stop where. Able teasers others weren't. And so all things equal like you might have imagined a future where people just use that Napster or the three search engine. And that was at if if nobody really kind of sad anything down, but we reached a point that met the bar for what regulators were okay with. And that's like. Because of everything else is not allowed that level of you axes what everybody is using. One question. I tried to answer which I still don't feel. I have a perfect answer for. But you know, one big question the app to ask when you will get a bit torn world is widen. The search in file discovery accident of file sharing and up decentralized. We still basically, you know, if you're using a public tracker in order to find like music or movies that fire it you're still going something like the pirate bay which has incredibly been around for more than ten years. Even though the banners have gone to jail, and you know, it's been ign- down to rated many many times. Like, why isn't this thing decentralized? That's the like, you know, perfect case where he went to avoid the law by adding an and the answer is not clear, but it might be a mixture of the user interface being much worse. If it ends up decentralize, or maybe it's actually just a very hard problem to create a really good decentralized search engine or another answer might be that by the. Time we got to the stage maybe three thousand eight or two thousand nine you know, Netflixing Spotify were starting to take off. And you know, that close enough use case where it's like, okay, I'll pay, you know, dollars a month in order to get access to everything basically meant that. People will no longer had the need to learn the more complicated stuff in order to get access the byles. So no in two thousand four hundred thousand five people were willing to go through all the BS involve learning how to use like the pirate bay and then veterans in order to get access to a movie because they'd pay bunch of money, otherwise or wasn't easy to get them. By the average user might not be willing to spend like twenty thirty minutes in order to learn how to use new central tech just in order to avoid using Netflix knowing that so it's unclear about. Yeah. Centralization just sort of stops at a certain point. I think basically based on whether people are willing to tolerate additional discomfort in order for that next wave to hit. Let's dig into that use case, actually, I mean, it seems like that would be neat enough opportunity for somebody to tackle creating some kind of protocol to index Torrance. What has has anybody tried to do that? And if not why yes said there, there are bunch of tents. So I'm not going to remember all the names of the top my head at what one company, that's actually, very interesting. And one thing I loved defined is people that have been interested in crypto tokens or something before the actual hype cities. It started around the time where we we're in this vile trade, boom, it's a semi academic project, but they actually ship like real financing news did create sort of a decentralized search using a gossip network where basically you can discover different torrents within the triple Tripler network just like contacting other users, and you know, I've tried it out, and I can't really tell whether the US just isn't polished enough. And it could be way better. Or if you know, the the there's some fundamental limitations there that there are some ideas that whenever you decentralize something here inherently introducing, you know, things that need a lot more fault tolerance or introducing more latency things go up and down. I different availabilities. So there's an idea that in this case decentralize search is always going to be a little bit slow or maybe even pull up little ad. There are other attempts to to sort of like crawl the the bitter. Orens de HD. So, you know, this the distributed hash table that holds all the tour and information that is associated with things that are uploaded subway higher base. There are some projects to that sort of try to crawl HD. Download tons and tons of information on all the torrents that are stored in the ditch tea, and then sort of once you have all the terms may love you can bend Duke with local searches against what turns out there. No. So that that'd be that's once it's done indexing. But then that sort of similar to you know, if you download the app today, you have to start it off by doing this big sync with the blockchain, and you know, in both cases have just introduces the question now. Okay. How many users are willing to sit through with thirty minutes sync for example against the bit torn PHD or the watching in order to then use application once it's ready, and that gets back to the idea that once you had something. Roughly convenient enough like networks or started by than, you know, maybe they don't have a reason anymore to wait thirty minutes in order to then just do a search to find out if there's anything there. Yeah. And just just hearing the lay describing I can't help feel like if you apply this lens to all of the products in the space most wouldn't pass the like people actually want to use this test. Would are you pretty pessimistic about a lot of the projects that are trying to build your to centralize alternatives for this and that. Yeah. So I just a friend recently that I I'm starting to feel like the the universal ad group for crypto where everyone does not into crypto doesn't agree with me. Because I actually am very bullish on usage of cryptocurrency and decentralized technology to build interesting new things, but I also feel like I'm starting to strongly disagree with a lot of the ecosystem. And I think a very good Asian of this sort of stuff is probably more. So on the lines of, you know, something like auger where there's this sort of like flirting with abound dri of the law like you talked about before where people expect certain use case that. You know, not might that might not be as legally viable, if a central did by using decentralize technology and some other legal structure and become possible. And now, I don't know if that many companies that are doing that sort of stuff today by my the actually highly used things in his face will be the more like that and less like just decentralize versions of things that you can use even if they're fully centralized that makes sense. Yeah. So you know, if you could imagine John Backus accelerator where you only find things where there's already clear product market fit for some use case that can continue to get shut down. And then you build you build out the minimally decentralize version of it that will allow users to accomplish that you kids, and then just go from there. Yeah. I mean, maybe I'll start that one day. It could either make it decent peace amount of money or no money because it sort of still unclear as the no. A well, you're gonna things that clear take away with the file sharing era is that, you know, all the companies before bit torn, basically like sort of kind of destroyed, you know, hundreds of millions of hundreds of millions of dollars like industry, the news industry in the movie industry, just that they can make a million dollars a year on ads, and even then there was a huge struggle for them to make ads in and then, you know, veterans did all this stuff in order to like open source their protocol and have all these open source clients, and they didn't run their own search engine to and so bit even more. So like, basically all the piracy that happen a bit twins. You know, they don't see a dime, Vermont, which you know, it's part of why you know, the industries in go after them and try to do them that, you know, the they sort of knew that even if they kill between the company there's protocol so out there up in source near one hundred different clients. And the only answer I really add here is that tokenism nation might actually make it possible for the you can have this sort of like, this isn't a great term, but sort of to face sort of. Company approach for you know, you have all the stuff scenes where it's like actually people will probably use the twins in order to pirate Star Wars. But officially it's four down to and, you know, tokens Asian might be one way to the bridge that gap sort of make it so that like if you were using the use case than they're using the token and the token goes up in price personally, dad, but you know, there's a lot of regulation that's still unclear your, and, you know, a lot of people. A lot of stuff is still needs to be proven for tokens course. Yeah. Will limitations of the analogy? You think exist in rod leaders of there's some people who say that we looked too much to history of of the internet and software to predict where cryptos going instead, we should look at the history of money, which means a much different picture. I'm curious terms of limitations of the analogy using existing. But said pushback, you you've heard from others. Yeah. So while writing onto the stuff I've been fairly heads down. And I've gotten clearly a bunch of which fact from people on Twitter that are of be bitcoin, Maximus, Bod Riley. That's eight addition settled ministry money overall. I think my view is like the history of all these different things valuable, and you know, if you understand the deeply you can sort of pick and choose and figure out which forms fit, and what doesn't I mean? I think one of the biggest thing that I'm still grappling as we should carry over ideas from the file-sharing era, or whether it's a terrible idea is sort of ideas around robustness and. And availability, and you know, how tolerance will be of like mistakes within the system set for for vile sharing. You know, it didn't really matter that much like a searched in go through or I'd you know at a certain time of day. You couldn't use your favorite torn search engine in order to discover some content and now it's actually pretty interesting. If you will can do all the different stuff that the are a did to sort of stop Myers e outside of beliefs. We will tactics they did all this stuff to sort of life. Is that technology? I did they added a bunch of garbage data the bittorrent DD. And now that they like exploited some vulnerabilities, and like is I- as hashing mechanism in order to entries corrupt corrupted downloads, which would make people I likely to use his odd because a bunch of downloads would fail after they waited for them, probably twenty minutes, even like that. So. So, you know, basically for the file sharing era. It's clear that even if you have these corrupted downloads and searches that don't go through and stuff like that it mentally fine. Because people really out, you know, I'll just try again, or, you know, at the end of the day, you're just trying to download a movie or something like that. But you know, obviously, what money if like, you know, you pay someone to goes through. And then all of a sudden, it gets reversed like, you know, thirty minutes later or a day later, then that's really not. Okay. Especially if it happened go on. But this is one of the things that as controversial that the question the question, I actually don't know how to answer yet is whether it's okay, if it happened like, you know, if for example, one transaction got reversed per day, but that was it and just like a little bit of huggy something that like my view sort of that the real users of things like bitcoin people trying to use it to the store, value and Venezuela or something like that. In. They are actually viewing bitcoin against alternatives that are really really bad and so similar to file sharing. They may be tolerant of a little bit of volume this, or you know, like it comes within the system, but at the same time, we'd probably still should design these systems to be as robust as possible. So I'm not really sure there, you know, main answers that this this question around robustness for for money steamed, obviously much more importance, and if you could probably make some parallels or some assumptions about the crypto world looking at the Muslim from Valjean era, and possibly be really really wrong. So you previously on maybe tokens might allow these protocols to capture value, and you've also written about it. What if you actually added token to to between, can you talk a little bit about your views on tokens and who to start with thinking on what determine how token after? Thing. So I think one of the really interesting aspects of the file sharing like era that a lot of people don't know about is that Zuko from Z cash ram from bittorrent and some other, you know, early well-known cypher punks like Jim McCoy were working on this thing, and I ninety ninety nine through two thousand one call for germination, and whatever building actually looks a lot. I'd be best is trying to do today. They're trying to build. This emergence file storage system. Where you upload it file to it. And it gets spread out across a bunch of machines. And then there's actually this Defcon talk for my Defcon sexual now at that in two thousand where know Jim McCoy talking about how Mojo nation will be this unstoppable. Decentralized filed storage where the source of your machine, you can earn tokens. And now there's two thousand. So he said you can even catch out those token to. To like, eight dollar EBay, and you know, make money off restoring file. And so this is like, you know, many years before bitcoin even more years before at Theam and the token craze these guys are talking about these Android file storage, and you decentralize incentives and tokens and liquidation and stuff like that. Which is very interesting. And if you actually look at some discussion on Nick Szabo's website from two thousand seven there's this whole sort of post mortem discussion between Jim McCoy Zuko, and example, where I think Jim McCoy's something like, the smartest thing the Branco and bid was removed the token and create bitterns and basically Colorado the incentives of the system to what users actually wanted. So when one is something that mo- donation made that was sort of didn't work out as if that people might leave the machines on all day, you know, storing. Files and seating files and starting another people so that they can have basically unlimited vile like downloads fast foods when they get home. Something like that. And it turns out that people actually revile sharing mainly wanted to open the client download something and close right away when they're done. So what bittorrent does is? It has this thing called a game theoretic hit for tat fitness him. So basically way it works is that when you're downloading a file, even if it's like, a very new file, if someone just uploaded buyer basement like that if you and nine other people are downloading it all at once. And there's just no the original apple later on there. Then everyone who's downloading I, you know, everyone's downloading from each other the demos and pieces and everyone's sort of keeps track of who else is upload into them. And so people will sort of cut off other download IRS if they're not a fast, though, everyone has this incentive through this much more simple. I game theory to upload as fast as possible. Everyone else in the bitterns four. In order to basically next thrown. Download speed and notice incentive only really applies when people are downloading the file it doesn't really carry over to incentivize people to cede after they finished downloading, but you know, that that's the first aspect of life actually think about tokens -ation first of all before people were excited about tokens. And also know what can happen if you have like a really heavyweight Hokkien versus, you know, a comparatively later wait system like this hit for tat mechanism. So I think the next interesting way to secure as to bittorrent trackers. So if this is a site called only in the past or another very popular around one called what that CD these things were invite only they had to get access to them. And you know, I think like Trent Dresner from nine inch nails call. These things like that. I'm going to watch this one of the greatest music, libraries that's ever been created or something like that. I just they got like rare CDs from libraries and rip them the flack to get get points on this thing. Yeah. That that's a perfect example. These things are crazy, and they had all these ridiculous standards on the they had like ten pages worth of rules on how you had ripped music and people would actually do stuff. Like, no, you went to bed that page for I Taylor swift or something every single album, there'd be like a highest possible. Bit rate for black vinyl rip of like the album for people that are willing to download two gigabytes worth you know loss. Let's news. It just so that they could get the highest quality possible, you know, music for her. But it was going back to the point. So, you know, all these private trackers have basically a within their system once you're invited. They have a centralized rule for forcing an upload. Download ratios is like, you know, if you download fight gigabytes from the system, and you've only up wooded hurrying from from other users in new only uploaded like hundred megabytes then you probably gonna get banned because you're nowhere near. A one to wind up down on ratio. So usually you want to at least aim for, you know, five gigabytes downloaded, okay? Bye, bye, uploaded. But then the ideal is to, you know, maybe a bunch of your own stuff or cat, you know, seed a bunch files for a really long time. So that he can for now, it'd be like, I've uploaded one hundred gigabytes downloaded five so, you know, over the next year or two I can just download whatever I wanted to not really worry about it. And if you think about the concept of an upward buffer, you know, so within a centralized system what really talking about in. That example, before is that you have like ninety five gigabytes worth of download credit, and you can just burn through that with downloads. And instant thing is that you can also on ought to be sites earn this like upload credit denominated in terms of gigabyte through different means. So for example, for some of the trackers if you donate money to the system, then they'll credit you with basically fake up. Mode credit, but it will increase the her. There's also an all of these sites. There's bounty systems. It'll say something like, you know, I want a vinyl also slack rip of the new Eminem album. Anyone uploads this? I will like hey them in terms of my upload credit in which case. Like, maybe I give one gigabyte worth of upload credit to Alpe later and other people can sort of pile on. So they can make these really valuable uploads that does like that was one of the coolest features of his private trackers. 'cause there's really there's really nothing else like that on the internet. And it's something that I wanted to see more of in this wave of innovation around Blockchain's. But maybe you're getting this point. But I'm curious your take on which parts of these are a good fit for the technologies that we're using now, and what isn't. Yeah. Yeah. Getting into the point. You know, the fact that you can actually matters is upload buffer that you can earn it through different means. And whatever, you know, basically, we're talking about here. The centralized token did not in terms of gigabytes, and you can imagine Adron, you know, if we decentralize that upload buffer so that it works between different websites and maybe enforce it the protocol. Then we have this night incentive system to. Nope. What others after you're finished downloading that can work between different websites, and now becomes very interesting. And you can attract more in sort of, you know, we stopped talking about this terms of credits and start putting some sort of foreign token, then you know, basically what you can think about here is where we're all. So now thinking about you know, token within decentral. Odd. And so, you know, other questions there come come by pretty quickly. Like, how do you deal with new users to the system while b find a tracker is what they do is. They just when you're very new you're allowed to have a little bit of a deficit, and they just wanted to sort of earn it back quickly within a decent drive. The twin token you can imagine something like maybe other clients allow people of like receive a short term token alone where it's sort of like, I know that you can't pay me any bit torn tokens right now or Zama this. But once you download it when you earn some token, they should automatically go back to me. Then if we go a little bit further, and sort of thing about this more in terms of you know, how else can they token improves that torn does a protocol can imagine decentralized systems like those donkeys system that that we saw every tracker, but using some sort of consensus mechanism sort of oracle mechanism in order to sort of on a decentralized fashion say. You know, I want to loss rip of the new Eminem album. And you know, if someone fills it on any torn tracker, then you can earn some torn tokens order for sharing that and by making this a decentralized. So can you get other interesting effects like people would have the incentive to sort of arbitrage between different torrent trackers? So you know, you got the pirate bay and we've got difference public torn trackers. Like, I I don't know which other ones exist, for example that back in the day. There's many Nova that if a new movie or something pops up on one of them, I really easy way earned Thornton's would be to then upload that same didn't want you down onto that. I'll put it to, you know, many Nova or something like that after it was just went on the pyre bang, so people disincentive to arbitrage between the trackers, and the fact that we were doing there is spreading the availability and increasing the ability of like, these files are being shared within these networks. So. So we've been decentralized incentive to fulfil content requests, we have a decentralized incentives sort of increased availability, and I think the final thing that gets interesting there. This is taking a one step further is making this token, you know, what dateable via you know, an exchange. Well, now people have sorta the profit motive in order to contribute back to the between protocol. So we can imagine having there is right now, it was already sort of having been private tractors inside. If something like Eminem's new album pops up as a brand new upload than a lot of people who are trying to improve their upload buffer will also download it. Just so that they can do a bunch of other people that are very likely going to download it. So they're downloading it just so that they can earn up would pit it. Well, if you had a profit motive to see earn porn tokens, then you know, that gets pretty interesting because then, you know, maybe someone sets up a like high speed high bandwidth server and then a little program that looks tourney damaging really fastened season everyone else right now, that's the profit motive basically to contribute really fast fan with Marshall bandwidth to this decentralized system. Anything Agean other not con affects too. So no the race sort of it on the popular continents seat. It would probably be saturated pretty quick. But another thing you can do is what for that are about to die. So maybe have one cedar and have been around for a while. But you know, people will probably wanted somewhere in the future. So this might be something like maybe a video of Seinfeld Bluebirds that works. You know, it's not signed doll itself. So it's not super high demand. But, you know, people love Seinfeld for the one later. Well, someone could easily write a program to try to find content like this about about to die. Putting real we really deep storage like on Amazon glacier, eating sourcing Higa by of data for many years and sent Davis. So people in this case to very strong incentive to download continental to be. We're gonna want want in the future and store at very cheaply. And then seat later people when they actually wanted so by introducing this profit motive wasn't token. You know, we have this commercial incentive than to add more bandwidth to the benefit of everyone to the network to the or faster. We also had this incentive to long on term. Try to store up that you might want waiter. I which increases the content within effort, and then finally we have this bounty system that gives people an incentive to upload content, but others one I'd so a lot of a lot of features. Having would come from a bitcoin token are sort of like, you know, these trackers Muslim so it will since can you help us generalize. This a little bit. Like, what are what are the lessons that people think about holding projects are existing products? Can learn. From this. Yeah. So I think one of the main things that I felt very strongly after sort of walking through you know, what a token within a bit torn protocol. But main so one thing that's very obvious that you very quickly end up with this general Hearn CD that allows Varga which is good. So you had banned. What storage the value of the contents? Maybe even how fast it'll be a seat at you. And within a veteran system, at least this is actually a very valuable set of things to sort of provide generalizing means of exchanging between. So let's see I mean one comment right away. Here would be that, you know, obviously back in the day when you're trying to do this sort of life credit crypto token before tokens thing order to building nation. There is no arbitrary distinction between a utility tokenistic energy security token, there's all focused on like. What is this helping us barter between and whatnot? And you'll get what bitterns might look like was token. And I if you really good at then it becomes very clear that I am very useful around. And you know, the the security token versus utility token thing would be an after thought, I think once you design that system so sides that I mean, I think that one of the lessons at least from Mojo nation and everything they did versus bit torn engine. The fact that Turin's were and Mojo nation didn't part of that. Is this timing the motivation donation guys was super early? But it's also maybe important to consider that, you know, the the more extreme you get with the incentive balancing system within your decentralized protocol the harder it gets to implement. So you know, you can imagine this game through. A final that between has it's sort of in grand scheme a bit us simpler of a market mechanism than a generalized soaking within a system that can't cash out. It's that'd just be a token that within the system balances incentives, but he can't make money off of it. And then turning that into a token that you can actually make money off of makes it even more complicated. And so, you know, with with normal we already sort of had this idea of like product markets that which means, you know, the desire to use cases out there to we figured out yet. But in the it could be very possible that the more extreme the, you know, financial instrument within the decentralized protocol, the more difficult, it is to find the sort of like decentralized product market fit, which means that I think fossil bed decentralize avenue might just be an order of magnitude harder in terms of finding product market, but you sort of define this, you X level like product Mark fit. And then also the product market fit for the token, which. Inherently is assuming a bunch of things about user behavior. But is this totally separate any need to calibrate. That's I so if I you know, I wrote this long post called resistant protocols how decentralisation evolves where I did the whole walk through from ninety seven to ninety thousand six were starting with centralized and be three sharing and any bittorrent won't thing that people really latch onto in. There is this term I use it been at called minimum viable decentralisation. So I wrote a post an independent post on that which but shorter, and, you know, the idea they're sort of like, you know, the amount of decentralisation news nad do product is the minimum amounts in order to make it legally viable, and if you had any more than that, you know, she's centralization becomes a becomes like a weakness not strength. And so for example, that the interesting thing about bittorrent after when it sort of took over after you know, the the second wave of like. His on graft, sir and other things like that have died in trending bittorrent. Does you know, it's actually less decentralize at the time. Then something like his ach is I had a fully decentralized search system, or you know, sort of like a federated search system, but. Sort of big to call by the got shut down for a bunch of reasons. One being that, you know in their case Australian courts, eventually said something like, well, you could have been Solvay copyright filter in your client needs to do that. And you know, bittorrent had all this legal structuring different structuring within the protocol where no, but the legal structure in being something like the pirate bay runs. The actual, you know, illicit search engine for content in the between company doesn't actually do that. But when the took over when because I you know, died the bittorrent tracker, which is the basically centralized software that that someone runs its associated with the Torrens that actually helps like match up orders Donald for some warrant. So at the time there was no widely use distributed actually for each torn that maybe we download from the buyer bay was then just like fire bass tracker that was actually. Coordinating file change. So compared compared to kazaa I was actually less decentralize, which is sort of weird to think about so they're less centralize yet. They went out, and that's partially because the legal structuring and legal distinctions and their behavior the between fever in the past mattered more than the actual decentralisation aspect a separate point. Here is that you know, if you look back into late news clips, like two thousands. You know, when when natural is fighting the courts like insanely popular. There are a lot of news clips that sort of looked at projects, and sort of know autumn goes something like this. They say that's care. But this new thing called Freenet was totally anonymous file sharing system. That's like totally unstoppable. Is you know coming up, and it's going to be like. Really hard to deal with and this thing called Freenet. It did pop up in in two thousand and it's actually still being developed. It's this crazy it's called garlic routing crazy non-immigration system, and you know, it does distributed file storage sort of like a password puts a little different pieces of the file tn networks. And the none of ization aspect of Freenet is I think even stronger than something like tour because no single node with network really knows. Like what the position is in the network Vanik since and so free net is like has decentralized or distributed file storage under it's like strong, anonymity offering. And the reality ended up being though that you use it. It takes a minute to even respond to a search. I was in the system because it's you. You know has to do this crawl between from peers, and there's all this is an organization stuff that, you know, isn't really necessary in order to create sort of file trying to people wanted when they went to something like the pirate bay. And so while people were really scared of these I fully anonymous full lead central. I is technologies that can do when naturally import the reality. Was that those things take off because they traded in usability way too aggressively in exchange for these I, you know, resilient properties that weren't actually really necessary. Another small example is that for a lot of difference decentralized Baoshan critical. So like, there's a product called E donkey, which is fairly popular as open source four of it's called Emil, which is also popular. But for you know, Email in a bunch of other popular file sharing systems like bits runs. He will creative. I two p forks of them which were I two p sort of like tour, but. Silence. Hobby your end, it's actually it's it is designed to be usable things like file sharing which tour is not. And so people have always been trying to add it to file sharing -application because they're make. Especially when I was a big thing. The R I A was like swimming people who use these systems trying to get people to be scared of doing file sharing. And so a bunch of pretty smart people were like, well, if we made these things anonymous, then you know, that'd be better for everyone. So we got four I'm you'll know ended I to beat a hike e versions of bit. But again, people didn't really use them. And they never really took off. I think that's basically because remorse people. I mean, there's a combination of a lot of people nontechnical people don't know these things exists. And you can't you know, they're not really usable unless everyone who's the exist. But also users who might have known that exist. Now, they're still sort of gut feeling like all right? Even if two thousand people have been sued in in the US for file sharing there's millions of people doing this. So what are the odds that I actually go to court predominantly this file? So I didn't send the problem there too. So the Dame here. Sort of you know, the people that take decentralisation is like are rallying call for you know, we should just do as much as possible. But this is the way forward, it'd probably going down some sort of track and not thinking about the fact that each little piece of decentralisation, you add adds, a stay usability penalty at the system, and it really needs to be calibrated against what are you actually need to do we survive. And then after diving she was built normal product. Those are mainly my thoughts there, I think that is a very sensible way to development in the space. But the vast majority of projects are kind of jumping to the end math the bat now. Okay. What if we had a fully censorship resistant distributed version of these kiss X? Do you feel like we should stop doing that completely and just start doing something a little bit more methodical? And if so it makes sense to me this. So are there any is there anything we lose from not going for like? Superlative censorship resistance in distribution in like permission listeners on this kind of things. Yeah. I mean, it's you know, I think that's basically right end of the day. And also all of these things where I'm sort of calling for like, less decentralisation. I told him in a weird spot cube is this sort of like claims that you can make as crypto outsider and be like, we don't need centralization and wrong time sort of like well now decentralisation she good an announcer circling back to this stuff. But I mean, it all depends on the use case. So for example, if people are building that coin wallets or whatever her to use Venezuela, adding things like tore into our bridges and other mechanisms sort of actually be resilient to censorship. However else people high in those areas are receiving pushback for using bitcoin. Then you actually want to add more decentralisation and obligation or whatever. Because you're actually you have an active adversary that you. You can for very simply know how to fight back against them. But for the rest of the stuff, I I just think it matters a lot to think about what audiences you're building for. So a lot of these really radical. Really permission lists fully decentralize, totally unstoppable. That might be a good thing. If you're building it for someone Edward Snowden in order to communicate with like, Glenn Greenwald or something like that where you know, there are a handful of people in the world who have incredibly sensitive like communication, and otherwise I internet needs and need these really extreme systems. Right. If you build buildings sending for the mainstream consumer, I I don't believe in a reality where no even five or six years from now, the average like software, computer user, or whatever that's like nontechnical is going to think about decentralisation and be like I'm gonna use that. Instead, I think it's going to be be behind the scenes. I no matter what. And at the end of the day, if you're going for mainstream than all the stuff needs to be United still like, you know, what am I going to be paying in order to, you know, add some decentralisation year. How does that affect the unusual and being very conscious about every concession? You make basically because if you decentralize too much, then you should probably going to be a little bit slower and harder to use than a more centralized alternatives. Yeah. I think that's a pretty good good place. Like message to end on going back to the basics thinking about what the users actually wanted to do and designing the products and services in such a way that they are maximizing the usability for those users. Yeah, I totally agree. John any last words where can people find on the internet anything? You wanna leave leave what which they expect? Sure. Yeah. I tweet a lot about crypto and things that at Bacchus on Twitter. So be ACK US. I also post on medium fairly frequently about different crypto things so medium dot com slash at signed j Bacchus. And yeah, I mean still figuring things out in the space, but trying to earn a lot. And then also trying to say things that I don't think are already part of the conversation. So, yeah, this is pleasure. A great mystery Sundays. Yeah. Entrepreneur we'd love to hear from you. Please hit us up at village mobile dot c slash catalyst.

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Good News Brave BAT Holders Google In Trouble

The Cryptoverse

08:59 min | 2 years ago

Good News Brave BAT Holders Google In Trouble

"On today's episode of the cryptovest s? So I've got some good news for any of you holders of the basic attention token out there. I think you'll appreciate this. So many of you may already be familiar with the brave browser project. In fact, some of you might be using it right now to block ads on the cryptovest on YouTube. So the basic idea behind the brave browser is to make advertising opt in rather than opt out. So you could argue that ad blocking is technically opting out because ads appear by default, and then you have to do something proactively to book the ads. I see. I did. Now we'll the the brave browser will pay you the viewer in the basic attention token, if you opt to ten ads on right, it's a brilliant model. It works for creators. It works for viewers. Antics advertises now with it, you're aware of the brave project. Oh, not. You probably have noticed that there is a bit of a privacy movement going on. So a story came out recently showing how the brief pro. Is taking full advantage of this movement and doing so to feather its 'cause I mean, if you are sailing to a destination, he helps if the wind is blowing in the same direction. Right? Because you've got a tailwind, right? So actually, one of the ways in which I always make sure I'm sailing in the right direction with my cryptocurrency investments is to us today sponsor, which is why scripted courtesy full folio. So in addition to cryptocurrency ratings wise also provide a portfolio recommendation service and based on their ratings, this portfolio service, it provides reports every week, the give you a muddle folio to fall it. So this includes like exact coins, whether to increase or decrease your position in any given coin, as well as a breakdown of the percentages to allocate each coin according to the toll portfolio, and then what percentage should be held in cash. Now, the port money that I personally set aside and dedicated to the sevice has performed three times better than the crypto market index this year. So I'm very happy with that. So if you don't feel lost at sea in regards to cryptocurrency information and you just want a simple and clear recommendation service to follow, then Weiss cryptocurrency portfolio could be you if you sign up using my referral link below. Well, you'll help to keep this channel going so head over to the cryptovest dot show click on sponsors to lend more. And if you hate those ads and sponsors lots and you wanna get rid of them, you now can do by going to my patriot on which is also linked on the website at the cryptovest dot show. So now that the new European general data protection regulation GDP is in full force the brave project out petitioning to trigger an e you wide investigation into the practices of ad tech companies like Google and other digital advertising companies. The argument is is that these companies had two years notice and two years to prepare for the GDP coming into effect. And now in force, these tech giants are still falling foul of it. That's the case as the complaint anyway. Now, this is an important case because I'm it will see whether the new European privacy laws have any teeth. All-weather tech giants like Google ASU, powerful that can just push off it, ignore it, which is a concern for right. And also, let's not assume that guilty. Right? Like I said in the last video just because there's an accusation or something accusation of wrongdoing doesn't mean they're guilty by default, right? That's why has the go with illegal process. So Reuters report this and according to Johnny Ryan, who is Braves, chief policy officer, he said, quote, there is a mess and systemic data breach at the heart of the behavioral advertising industry. Despite the two year lead in before GDP at tech companies have failed to comply. So they're saying that even now when a peasant has a website where Google handles the evidencing in that limit where the page loads, intimate personal information in data is collected and then broadcast to dozens of companies full the Pepsi's of profiling and advertising. So if you're back more than a year ago, when I interviewed Brenda nyc the founder of the bright project inventor of Java script and so on, and actually the Mozilla Firefox browser when it was first launched. Brave explained how the browser fingerprinting process worked. That's actually will bring tonight cold in my interview. And this is like where a web site will use information even as a name as you'll computer screen resolution oil, phone, screen resolution, and use that in combination with a bunch of other data to uniquely identify you as a web browser. And that's how they track you between different websites because if the basket of data becomes the fingerprint and it matches that's logically the same peasant. So basically, if. If Google get pinched for this onto the GDP laws, they can be fined up to full percent of their global ten of and how much is that he might ask? Well, according to this district website in two thousand seventeen Google's revenue amounted to one hundred nine point six, five billion US dollars, which could mean a fine of up to four point, four billion dollars if it's the full full cent, but that's not really where the big damage will be done. The real damage will be if this sets a legal precedent and it scares the hell out of smaller ad tech companies. So to me overall, this is a mess destroy from the brave project onto fronts. Number one, if Google gets cleared right, and they get away with it right in the actually behaving correctly. Well, this is some of the best possible for the bright project since they are positioning themselves as the white Knight kind of charging in to slay the evil dragon, indefens- of the people. So every time I've read an. Go by this. It always mentions brave as kind of the white Knight. The one that's built for privacy that blocks ads by default. So even if it tends behaving themselves, still all of that exposure to brave, we'll give people confidence to use it. And number two, if brave wins, it means thousands of ad tech companies. I got any need a new complaint tech platform will tentative forever touching and what do you know? Brave happens to have a privacy century business and advertising model ready made for them to join. So I do look Brinton Ike. The guy comes across his so gentle, but he's such a genius the his time. Now, basic attention Dokan by the numbers is ranked forty fifth on coin Macapa by market cap, and it's currently trading around fifteen cents. Its biggest exchange is by nuns where the basic attention token trades against bitcoin. So. So if we take a one year view of the basic attention charter, we see that bat has fluctuated quite a bit over the last year, but is maintained in this range of between two thousand and six thousand sushi's and it hit its annual actually just a couple of days ago on the twelfth, September around the two thousand six. Oh, she muck. So my fellow, but holders keep an eye on this story. Because if it goes our way and Google gets pinched for this will the basic attention token may increase sharply as a result as demand increases sharply. So that's all good for you today. If you like this episode, go ahead, hit the like button. If you disliked, can the dislike button. Please leave me a comment below its feedback and get subscribed. And if you'd like access to my very best material. So just my structured online causes check out my website, cryptovest city dot com. You can click on goals and take any one of these online courses that I've created for your educational delight. If you want to follow me on the social networks, check out the podcast page on the website and you'll find all the links on there. So I will see you later on today for the weekly livestream. We're going to play the bitcoin lightning game today. So check out the link to that in the video description of the livestream event, download the test net beta version of the lightning network app, and we're going to send some tests net lightning, bitcoin coins, backwards voice to each other instantaneously, former zero fee live on the so check that out, get prepared because it needs to sync with bitcoin blockchain. But other than that's l b back then. So Dylan, it's me risk Onis hang by now.

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 761: Aeternity - Can Blockchain and GDPR Be Compatible?

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Inspired Tech Startup Stories

46:44 min | 1 year ago

761: Aeternity - Can Blockchain and GDPR Be Compatible?

"Welcome to the tank bloke writer podcast, your guy to future, Tech, Trends and innovation in a language. You understand now. Over to your host Neal Hughes. Welcome back to the tech law Greider podcast. Not today. I want you to have your thinking caps on as we tackle incredibly meaty and complex object on the all is a slightly longer episode than usual. But I promise you it will be worth it because the inspiration behind today's. If you came after I found myself, pondering how to big big tech talking points. I actually conflicting with each other. And I'm talking about GDP all versus blockchain in one corner. We have GDP are and essentially GDP empower citizens to delete their personal data at any point. And this is something that is completely odds with the immutability of blockchain. So in the other corner, we have blockchain which is a public record, the is growing and resistant to modification through cryptography, and there has been suggestions in industry around certain amount of O'Neill's about how GDP all and blockchain well actually intersect. And I got a feeling this was gonna be an incredibly complex issue. So I invited Vlad drummer leave. And he's the founder and director of bit hope foundation, the nonprofit organization operates three websites with the aim of promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in Bulgaria and globally, but not only that he's also the digital marketing manager at attorney to you, which is a blockchain network developed to integrate the game ability solution aimed blockchain small contracts. So I think it's fair to say he knows what he's talking about. And he's ROY at the whole industry is both a founder and a digital marketer. So book elope and hold on tight as I beam your ears all the way to Bulgaria. So we can speak with blood about blockchain GDP all adoption and so much more. So massive. Well, welcome to the show. Can you tell the listeners a Alabama who you are? And what you do. Thank you for having me. So my name is flat drama gift actually, flood his love down with. But it's longer. So I use lads and people from the community and t know me as Vlad. So what do I do dirty? I have been with the project says the very starts in the end of the dozen sixteen and I've since the very beginning of started taking care of some content creation. So managing the the blog and all the social media channels and old generally all the communication channels. So read it but gone dark. The forum which was later actually created. We had other jets like slagged and get their those no longer available. But yeah. Generally, doing communications communications and community development community building. I won't call it marketing. But yeah, we just had an interesting app subjects in Turkey with the community and the Epsteins, and we because this all of the different teams inside of thirty are codes. Related to development with sided to call ourselves community developers. So what's what I'm doing is? I'm on part of the community developers. We have small team of community managers, and I'm gonna get them on a daily basis. We are you can say the ears and eyes of of thirty when it comes to digital space and outside words. For people. For people tuning game on familiar with the blockchain or the crypto space. Are they just important to point Tyler eternity is a blockchain network developed to integrate the scalable solution in blockchain smart contracts, and is actually unique blockchain solution helps solve a whole bunch of problems. But it's the founder of attorney t can you just set the Saint L and tell me about the story behind the company and the problems that you set out to solve with blockchain right from the very beginning. Sure. So. So you can call it. The brainchild of Janas who is the founder the team. Actually, he's the guy who ask you to join the team at the very beginning. And actually for the initial game and then to care of the expansion of the team and so forth. So he is as we know he has been very close or what glows when James founder of Dada. Den and have talked about what could be improved on doublets home bitcoin candidate for the bitcoin network. And to have thought about this. These ideas about world computer in how you can create these things goats Mark on tracks on double over blockchain platform and so forth, and so on so they have did some brainstorming just together in chats in person, and at one point done, it starts curium, and then and then Yata Slough decide sore or things that maybe this was not the best way to do it because of skidding skin ability issues, and the fact that you cannot have all of the information all of the accused of Mark contracts, all transactions own chain. And he decided to launch thirty to provide an alternative vision for a scalable, re scalable. Platform that could be used by millions even billions of people worldwide. And this is how it started actually the logical vision of behind the thirty was included or presented in the regional white paper. And it's featured the number of interesting to her lodge grow. Outset elements, which I personally got very interested in when I read it for the first time because I also saw some issues in the chain platforms base and some of the world's grow. Of features of deputy also really clicked with me in terms of the possibilities for the future. Because I am evid fi reader. And I always like any early adopter in thinking about met. What's today? But what could Morrow I was very very mesmerized captivated by the by the inside of the original white Baber. But I will say this is just one part of the of of what three D is the technology. I think there's also unimportant vision behind it. And this is ready to why actually's thirty why does it need to exist? And it's not only so that it's interesting playground for developers. What we believe is that the dirty could be the platform that supports a number of next generation centralized kitchens. Which should the average person can use own their mobile device and Ken Starr participating decentralized global economy that is based on on blockchain, and they can start creating value. They're easy using using thirty. And I think I think this is a baby at the very core of thirties that we imagine a new or parallel or new economy, you can call it that exists that is based on graphic data structures, which is actually a book chain platform, and I think the centralized culinary that we currently see the world going in that direction will be best realised implemented own using blockchain knowledge in this would empower people all around. The world to the able to maybe generate value themselves or improve their way where ways of life. In the let's say the medium and long front. So yeah, I think this is this is quite an introduction. Bad testing now on the subject of blockchain a recent report, recently, I outlined it seventy four percent of blockchain firms here in the u k alone site regulatory issues as being one of their key concerns, and that kind of response highlights at a bit of it on as about how GDP all and blockchain will intersect in particular thing because GDP empower citizens to delete their personal data any point something that is completely odds with the immutability of blockchain, of course, a public record is growing and resistant to modification through quit through cryptography. So the one of the big reasons, I invite you on the show today was helped both myself and people listening make sense of how GDP are and blockchain can actually coexist in increasing digitally in increasingly digital world. I mean, where do you begin to solve a problem like that? Okay. So. There are a number of points. Maybe that needs to clarification before we jump into the discussion yet so relations, of course, quite important. And they are undoubtedly fixing call the book chase basis developing and dissection one of the reasons why we decided to grow lifted shine because conduct with greater letters was much easier. Jump into a meeting with them and discuss the things that we needed to do. To cover before we go into our conveys and just launch the project so relations are quite important in terms of JPR in of first knowing formation. It's it's an interesting topic. So it's the I think it's important to define what personal information is. I know as far as I know actually in did it VR, it could be any type of information that could be used to or could be related to some bus to someone else or to identify person in some way, this is quite broad. I would said any if I'm wrong, you can connect the correct me. If this is not a quick decision believes that. No. But this is quite broad January. And when it comes to Blockchain's. It's also very important to note. What information exactly are this story? So. Baby. The your listeners know that blockchain is some kind of say a database, but it's a very peculiar guy of a database. It's not a database in which resemble you can store. Files or any large of types of files photos or videos or souls, or so on at least this is not the case for for most public Blockchain's and special. So when it comes to information stored on the Belgian is primarily related to transactions and this reductions are. Oh, unified in different blocks. So what can happen in offroad? We happens is that for example. I do his action on the bitcoin blockchain and a used I need to use a specific address. And as somebody sim how finds out addresses mind, and they can follow up on decade. See what's transactions? I have created. This is something that really cannot be addressed. This is called a public book chains function, and they functioned in this way because they won't provide for a good amount of transparency of of what is happening. And this is also a reason why criminals or any kinds of people like that shouldn't be using Blockchain's by what you read the news that using it or building yet for different stuff. Because basically, if you you can identify present that through their public address, you can try to figure out which other persons he's sending this to and this is some kind of a personal information. And I'm pretty sure that this problem for VR the question here is what can the regulators doing this case because but let's say the bitcoin blockchain is a completely decentralized system. So if I run a bitcoin notes, I will have all of this information, all information blocks with me. So I have a copy of every transaction. Action that ever happened in the blockchain since it's starting to thousand nine up to the very latest block. So what could the regulators is against up to them to decide? But I think it's very hard to regulate because they're thousands thousands of copies all around the world. Let it this. And you don't even have to have a food bitcoin or whatever node at home, you can just use another no run by somebody else. It of course, these notes could be running through award at Saint Dr network or any other type will fun like more secure ways of more secure system that can mask the originator of the formation. So I think it would be very hard for for a regulator to to actually I don't do something disrespect. And this is as I said. At the very core of of public dot jump Gulch platforms. So this is I think one side of this. There is a different side that has actually noticed this. I think couple of months ago, somebody was mentioned that there that it's possible to at photos to the bitcoin blockchain, let's say and swans you add up their their revenues. So when you see this as a title, I would call us some kind of a bit Steidl before. All wow, this is interesting crowd. The should be like that. But it should be clarified. What exactly you need to do in order to add a photo? So in each block in the bitcoin blockchain primarily talking about the big Cup of Jane, this is the most popular one in and to be honest. I'm not sure exactly what is the case for Tyrian, for example. But let's say the bitcoin blockchain you have these blocks they had. In transactions inside in their more or less abouts with cigarettes at a could go to three megabytes something. So this base cannot be used for folks. This is only for transactions. There is a digital little space that you can use for to add any other type of information you would like to. But as far as I know this is like something in addition to the block as far as I know it's about four bites and four by two six three small amount of disk space. Let's call or or information. So if you want to for example at a ten kilobytes photo, which is not a large photo. It's a normal size. Float photo, if ten if it's a hundred kilobytes sorry, if it's a hundred kilobytes at means that you will need a huge amount of a number a huge amount of blocks. In which you're adding slow bar of this photo. I think it's about six hundred thousand blocks, I'm not sure exactly what. What's the number is? But it's a very very large amounts of blocks in which you basically need to take the photo divided into this little small pieces like a hundred thousand pieces, let's say and then at a little piece to each block. And this is not something that anyone can do. This is only reserved for the miners. So owning the miners are able to add this additional information while they're building the block. So could not could not be a photo could be something else. Could be I don't know an idea let's say or something else, but it's very hard to to add some maim meaningful information to the blockchain, especially if it's if it's large and so so in order to see this photo, somebody needs to go back needs to see what these like image block this little space. What's what was it used for to make sense of that like, for example, find out this piece number? Sixty five thousand out of one hundred to the photo ending find the other visas because it's not certain that you will be able like a single line on a single line at ruby minding each consecutive block. So you can imagine the one line that route wind this one little piece, but then three other liners will be finding the next locks and then again our line that I will be able to find one. So it will be spread around a huge amount of blocks and somebody needs to develop third Cana. Look for this information make sense of it combined fines and finally maybe somehow find a CD photo. So I think when it comes to Judy PR in the type of situations book chest of not really that much of a threat to this through to to Judy PR. Or? Yeah. Security of information or the accessibility for mission. It is true. That wants some information goal since the blockchain. It will remain there forever. But the use of -bility of that information, I'm quite. Doubtful that it would be used for. We'll be able to be used for something mini meaningful in. Yes. So I hope the nation wasn't complex. But a. Yeah. So you've not see somebody in the hall of the crypto community in the blockchain community. I've, you know, east any uncertainty or any concern about GDP, all everyone pretty much got the same mindset of us. It's not a threat, and it's an obstacle. You'll navigate over. Oh, I think public cultures are created especially yen bitcoins with the blind that it shouldn't be easy to adak by anyone. So if the regulator decides that they are not really I mean, they're doing something wrong or maybe not following the relationship should do. They could try to back them. But what forum your deck? I cannot say. So I would sit booklet bull chance based is not really concerns about Judy are. I think the the GOP's face so the private or permissions Blockchain's base is more concerned. Would you be are because? The youth. The companies that say who are which are creating these types of solutions are usually a stab wished companies or businesses. Well known to have been in good relations breaking for longtime. And now they are developing private permission solution that will most definitely need to be in line with Judy beyond relations. So maybe I can go back to this idea of this. New peddler economy decentralized economy? If you develop if you're a developer in let's say India and use blockchain to develop on and you don't comply you don't comply with Judy PR. It would be very hard for the rate letter to find this person, Jeff or because they can do all sorts of things to hide their identity or heights. The the density of the person who could develop this. Let's call it smart contracts that is currently running on a decentralised logjam platforms. And if they'll vote guttered relations, very hard again for the regulator to to identify them on the other side when it goes to permission or permission book chase. It's very easy to identify who has created a specific piece of software and the relive that can very easily a goal to them and ask them to maybe modify it. So that it's. It's respect the religious. So I think there is a. Yeah. A two two sided the problem is to set one sad his public. Public permission less blockchain and yellow and the other one's privates. But missions up chains base, and there will definitely affected in completely different ways. By Judy are not one of the big raisins on the recording. This daily tech podcast is to highlight. How countries all over the world are being transformed by technology. And as the six smallest country in the entire world Lichtenstein as established itself as a blockchain hope, can you tell me more about this inspirational staff and the story behind the nation's passion for blockchain and the actual out, and they also the opening of the house of blockchain which officially opened which officially opened its doors last year. I believe is that right? Sure. So I kind of missions out how it's all developed with victims Stein in the beginning. So what happened is that? I think even before the beginning. Let's clip Yanni Slough was at a some kind of events foremost event McLeish Stein. Or maybe wasn't that much. Sure exactly where it was. But he he meant he met the the prince of this. I'm not sure I think he's title is not prince. It's something very specific. Julia fish fan, but adults remember what it was. But that's going prince. So they met in the Yanni's laugh mentioned about blockchain explained solar energy. Maybe some maybe not to technically. But maybe experience his ideas about three nineteen and that it's very promising to hold a general and deliver Dan cooks. Get your should get interested in that. And after that, we started communicating with the regulators, of course, anyone who was was needed to be involved in this bag times thirty seven thousand people, I it's the whole country. So it was quite easy to reach anyone at. At any time more or less, and this is this is how we decided to to work with them because they seem very open, and they were very quick to find solutions to some. Let's say problems on the way that larger countries were much slower to toy densify or find solutions through specific problem or to announce some kind of a formal opinion on on the on how for example, a blockchain project can organize a token Dokan distribution event, or whatever in Liechtenstein regulators were quite quick and from their own actually what happened is that they may be sold potential -nology and decided to develop this know-how or these provisions that were communicated with us because he actually was one of the first. Be the first blockchain project in the in the country, and they decided to develop these and formalize them in the time punctuation acts, so now that they have a dedicated piece of legislation which is which concerns blockchain technology in Brooklyn projects, and as far as all also on security don't cuts that are what east one project in lifted Stein, which is organizing as security Dokan offerings. And this is completely acceptable for for the regulators. Yes. I think that's how big Hannah started and from their own or dirty. During the grids a the the house of blockchain gritted presence there. We we have a number of people couldn't lead working living in Liechtenstein and developing the local blockchain cryptocurrency community as far as I know thirties sponsor of the local blockchain meet up, and that people coming from Switzerland, of course, and we we are also going to Switzerland. To mediate with different projects. And yeah. Both to them to maybe join us in the house blockchain, and what is the host of blockchain the idea behind. It is exactly this to be something like a co working space slash into baiter of blockchain block chain companies looking startups, which are going into space, and we as during the, of course, dare and what we can help the next system, and these projects is actually we can provide them with some. Legislatures lifted to fuss sports, or maybe some kind of a a Hokkien date design their Dokan distribution event, or maybe their products is well, also a marketing support we can provide markings or projects which the side on to build on thirty and join us in hustle chain. So a number of and of course, our network, the national network of of experts that we have created developed during the last. A couple of years since the inception of of the project. So it's a they are number of footage already there. There is also a. The now. How did the legal person or the legal experts who has been with us who has helped us actually while the throughout the negotiations over conversations with the regulators he is based there, and there are a number of other projects which are developing sums read the products on topples Blockchain's, not only thirty. But I think also Jim so it's slowly growing, and I think for a country of that size and a committee of that size is doing pretty well. And maybe this is a good place to to mention that this Saturday, we are kickstarting kick-starting first vents, which is called the world creek, Nommik forums. And that's just one day after the World Economic Forum in Davos. Ed's on this event. We would like to talk about the social impacts of of. Gotcha -nology, and how it can be used to to help nuts developing not developed countries that much, but also developing countries, and we are currently. Protected the number of speakers and from Globo and from Switzerland community. This would be the first events that we organize ING, and hopefully it will it will to start a nice addition nice annual tradition of events which look at blockchain not as mechanism. Of of the team is making money fast. But to see it as something that could actually have a very, very significant social impact. And as I said a to empower users or people around the world to to to actually have access to over jetties, which otherwise would not be available we've dodging if polkadot Jenny frustration wasn't there. And I think I also rituals the end of last year that attorney opened up no charities about Bulgaria and Liechtenstein. He told me a little bit more about that kind of work that you're doing the motivations behind. Yes. Exactly. This is also these charities that you mentioned two conditions. They are quite involved in this events the road make forum. And. Charity ease Martin Vogel. Who has been worthy project since again from the very start and the Bulgarian one is headed by Nicola, which I know you're meant for. Yeah. So what is their Japan Cherokees? The primary days for them to support any type of project or initiatives that are not supported by thirty ventures. So not not for profit initiatives. We could call them and specifically research into into the ball volcanic launch and to academic research in we'll talk Shane structures or the graphic data structures security, and so and so on but also up projects which aim to improve the lives of another of people maybe participates from Africa or any kind of any other. Developing country in the world can apply in can apply. Get some financing to develop their charity charitable activities sold local charitable activities. And this could be all in any four. Actually, it's not possible to apply this point, but the editions will be Oakland soon. And yet we will, of course, promote this in all of our channels, and what exactly what's what is the type of project that the foundations review able to sponsor I cannot really say of this point. It's all a matter of. Good. Maybe the considering the project trying to understand it. Speaking words, the project founder and then sat in on. Whether this is a good fit for us or or not. So there is no currently no kind of specifics Oregon requirements at a project needs in order to to participate. I would say maybe the more general environment to set it's not maybe not completely for profits. There couldn't be a mechanism that is it's allowing project to self funded self because in order to continue doing what they're doing or toot performing the difference. Let's call them charitable services, but shouldn't be primarily for profit. This is long from this is in one area and they both have similar similar goals. Now attorney also has a reputation for being one of the blockchain three dot zero platforms which aims to deliver transparency, especially when it comes to governance, Schuyler, ability and efficiency, so tell me a little bit more about your recent partnership with a decentralized exchange platform 'cause I sounds incredibly exciting. This is this is. Yeah. Quite exciting. Centralized exchanges are new type of exchanges which trying to address the problem of single point of failure which centralized exchanges than half. And Berlin actually of single point failure is what bludgeons generally tried to through to address. So you can say that centralized exchanges are very much very much fit into the philosophy of the whole. Doc chain idea so centralized exchange. We were is one a decentralized exchange called wakes sexually it was founded here by some very knowledgeable. I would even say brilliant young developers here in Bulgaria, and and. It has already been functioning for some time. It's it was a I executed as a smart contract on top of the blockchain and what they are. Currently doing is. Transferring the contract all of the GM civility language to our two attorneys on my contract language, which is a functional language code Sophia. And what I really want to see from a centralized exchange is an app, which allows users from their mobile devices and say to get a Dawkins for any other dive, or at least a few other types of of democracies in a very secure way and not trusting a third party. And this is interesting about the centralized exchanges. Well, I mean, the ones that are executed the right way. Of course, is that even if for example, the founders stop. On this. This should be the dishes in the primary actually go even in the founders stopped us aborting exchange. It should continue to function even without them. So it's just you can just imagine it does a program running only opening. Ozanich log infrastructure in this case thirty and then if it's working as it should be. There is no need to to do anything for anyone doesn't need to do anything. Of course, the community since everything's open source the community can improve it on their own. But even without the funders, it can continue to to work and the founders of the centralized change. They don't have access to this very important to the to the funds that are being exchanged on the decentralized exchange. So what and how I imagined? I imagine a little app, which is part of the eco system, and that the user can open their platform, send some bitcoins or eaters or anything else to end, then get some aid. Oh concerns for that in this yet. This is happening not a currently as as happens in a centralized exchange. But maybe using some. Cutting edge like atomic flaps. And this will be really Davis should be the end goal for an essential exchange through enable very seamless switching between currencies. But of course with this. There is a volume requirement that another a number of other considerations. But unquote, confidence that the guys from where the will be able to to really create something that fits with our values of being a decentralized trust Louis platform, and I hope they're exchange will be the same end it will drink some a lot of actually all about a lot of to the community or to anyone who is using the blockchain, and you guys have had a fantastic start to the year. But anything else that you can share with us today about the road ahead for eternity in two thousand nineteen and of course, beyond that. For two thousand nineteen of what we are trying to focus on his really making the platform even more efficient, adding some specific or some some additional functionalities to our main on your future such as stay generals or your calls and governments. We have three scheduled forks ahead, which are going to happen with the first one is going to happen. Again. February ends the next one will be three months after that. And those we are planning to introduce some additional features and improvements to the attorneys you protocol, and even currently I'm a stay the blockchain is functioning quite well, the transactions are happening extremely fast, thanks to bitcoin the bitcoin energy consensus mechanism that we have implemented. It's. Really really fast personally never seen recession happened that fast. So I'm I'm I'm really asking anyone who's listening to this to go to base dot apps within eighty at the absence with a inven- front dot com and really just on a browser any browser on the multi mobile device and create a thirty wallets, and the we are open to set vol- months of baseball amongst to to people to start playing around investing the network because it's really something else. I will take the rejection fees. Also, very important point possessions fees are super low they are three or four times three or four orders of magnitude lower than ah Tyrian. Currently a tweet would like to keep them at in this way in the street to usability user friendliness, but I'm not going to. Go into this. So we've done some what are we expecting what? But I also want to see this year. I want to see a number of user friendly applications to to appear in some of those will come up come from the Epstein, which is working on a number of demento acts and another part of those will come from Starfleet incubator of the projects that have received funding developed some their ideas on the thirty. And I what I really want to see apart from these S community adventure. This what we are trying to do now is to make the communication and the -nology. Very or Morris to understand in order for the community or anyone. Globally to to be able to start building on top of the twenty creating their own apps. No matter what these ads are. And I would like to see more and more apps. Developing on dirty, and showcasing actually it's unique features added unique onto grow futures. And what we have this year. Also is is mission. Starfleet forty two part two which is in which we are again looking for some promising bloodshed projects to join the Starfleet intuition program, and again, develop some usual petitions and yet, I think. I will be very interesting era heads, and I'm really looking forward. I think this is the era in which blockchain project worldwide need to show that the blockchain can be used for various, but by normal people. So it's very friendly and actually grow the user base of people who are using technology and how I see it's it could happen is by incentivizing them to join this decentralized to me, which is much different than for example, the ones that are currently centralized or the services that are centralized. Maybe if you if you different example of a social media at the centralized social media look differently and does not for example, require users to upload content or anything else too. To to the network in dust increase its value to the shareholders of Facebook. But actually did something back which is more tangible. And I see this be dolphins on British sure that the most popular petitions will be those that allow people to generate some kind of additional income for a very small amount of time spent on a desk, and I think we're attorneys oracles their number of opportunities there, and I would like to see a partitions related to to oracles, and we are self that they're deemed we are going to continue to improve the experience that community developers have with blockchain. So that they can really use these really cutting edge of the Gatien's to their full ten show and showcase. A new generation of the apps, which I hope will enter the mainstream and hopefully rule the mainstream at some point I'm conscious. We've covered a lot of Graham today in a different topics. I if we if there is anybody listening that wants to find out more about what you're doing more about the event coming up after Davos and also baby just reach out and contact a member of your team if the any questions what's the best way of finding that information. I'll do the best way is going to the forum at this point because they can they can create a topic and direct stack some of the team members or just started we are monitoring all of the different topics. So that we can provide answers to any question that appears or former the do the most profit people who can from the team who can Asir it. I would say the forum. But of course, also Twitter is an option we have a ready channels bitcoin talk. We are costly on. These generals. So if anyone wants to get into these are desert are just go to attorney dot com. The whole variety of channels select one, and let's start a conversation. Fantastic. Alexa, said earlier in the show one of the reasons on live recording this podcast is to highlight. How countries all over the world are being transformed by technology. And it's the six Motors country in the world and Liechtenstein starting she itself as a blockchain hope and the block the house of blockchain is incredibly cool on its own. But I think I think the industry does have a bit of an image problem at the minute. And a lot of projects were built on future promises to like you said I agree with this year. We're going to start saying the first fruits of all investments, and this is where the real excel and things happen in your rod at the heart of that. But more than anything just bake. Thank you for coming on. And joining me today. Thank you very much for having me. And I'm looking forward to doing this again on any topic while I flat really opened up mile is to the complexities of the industry. An also how technology is transforming our world and look for is doing and indeed attorney doing too. On afro compelled, of course, to check the house of blockchain in Liechtenstein of by travel book lists to there's an Instagram moment. Just way in a happen. Speaking h remember, you can Email me tech blog writer, outlook dot com, Twitter and Instagram is about just at Neo see Hughes, I'm easy to find. But I would love to know your thoughts about the conversation and the conflict between blockchain and GDP. All but one of the biggest takeaways from conversations they use how the crypto communities is fondly coming together instead of falling out with each other and battling every which is their favorite coin lucky some kind of football team because together we can accomplish much more. But before I get to cheesy. I'm afraid it's time for me to go. So a big thank you Phyllis name. And until next time don't be a stranger. Thanks for listening to the tank globe rice on cost until next time. Remember technology is best when it brings people together.

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Omer Levi Hevroni  K8s can keep a secret?

Application Security PodCast

36:42 min | 1 year ago

Omer Levi Hevroni K8s can keep a secret?

"Hey, folks, this is Chris Romeo CEO of security journey and co host of the application security podcasts on this episode of the podcast, Robert, and I are joined by Omer Levi have Ronnie Omer has written extensively on the topic of coober Netease and secrets and he's a self proclaimed super death. He's the author of a tool for secrets management and coober Netease called Kanus cases, open source get ops zero trust secrets encryption and decryption solution for Kuban, and he's applications came to Nabil's users to easily encrypt secrets that can be decrypted only by the application running on Cooper nineties. The encryption is done using strong encryption providers they currently support as your key vault. Google cloud came ass and AS coober nannies can keep a secret. Wanna take a moment to introduce you to security journey at security journey. We believe security is every developers job we work with our customers to help them, build long-term, sustainable security culture amongst all their developers are protest to provide security education. That is first conversational. We don't do lectures. Instead, we let the experts talk about what's important security. The modules are quick ten to twenty minutes in length their deep. We've got some of the best security minds in the industry working to provide this content and the last, but not least fun training. Doesn't have to be boring. We make it engaging and fun for the developers. Visit WWW dot security journey dot com to sign up for a free trial of the security DOJ Joe. The application security podcast here. We. Hey, folks. Welcome to this episode of the application security podcast on this episode. We're going to take a dive into the world of coober Netease. Which this is the first time we've talked about this topic on the app sect podcast. And we're joined today by Omer who is someone who knows quite a bit about coober Netease, and specifically about secrets management Kuban Eddie's, but we'll get into all that. But Omer before we dive into the the the world of coober netties. We gotta know how did you get your start, insecurity? What's your security origin story? So I couldn't not that ended up out. And today I'm walking at the and started walking down like volumes ago as knuckled event about and Hyun his company they have like office on the wall. And at some point that it is that they can't just throw like everything. Come in one place the security team. Just don't get. So this no amendment program. Oh, adequate security jumpings and my nigga automated. Join it because maybe thoughts like insecurity related death, for example of education. And I got these up with with both ends, hence and vote the less Leo's. He wasn't made amazing. Join Johnny in dual artists say obstacle. And this is how I ended up hill today. So would you say you're a graduate of a security champion style program, then so when you first started you're a developer you were not carrying a security title when you first got started. Yeah. And in was at eighty amazing Donnie and that other like incumbent dining we did like a four week of fair Bantus goals in sound spent that splits goals, and we we have closed globe of or the my van foam audit on the low them a false medallions like they look decided chapter events at projects. I'm hiding loud with so headman nothing. It's. Yeah. That's great. And it's just I guess for our listeners out there that are thinking about starting security champion program. If you don't have one already or deciding whether you want to invest in one here's a case study for somebody who transform themselves from a developer into a security person as a result of their interaction with a security maven or security champion program. So that's very cool to hear that story. Now, Omar, I also read your bio that you started programming at a very early age. Our how old were you? When you started coding. I think it was folk. I'd like this is how we go out. I think it's called guide outside. I was like down in my daddy is is as as the ball. It's not as a fee she had a job and the odds-on was like like bid computers if his on. So we always had August kind off a house over the house and like bidding. Thanks. So what we decided to go to the teach me basic. It was all even if. These was enough to get me started. And and they spend it all the time line through slowly, Knox and other fine way. Now, you didn't stall Lennox in the fourth grade did you on our a like, I think for guy that stood out the windows, but still neither window Scott's money. So a moat Lena sun. Yeah. I was going to be that was gonna be super impressed. If you were like links running fourth grader, which would have been pretty pretty cool, but still need that you started your your journey into the world of development. Add as a fourth grader learning the basic programming language, so but before you before you finish school. What's the code that? You're most proud of. I did. Aquatic that score was on. I will compute Lord announce in assembler. And you need to die though that Cam complies and audits and a good idea in another finding assembler or any big numbers. So we need to do it in slaying. A like all that kind of wool. Yeah. Let's let me probably got some good experience in. Let's not a lot of people that can actually legitimately say that they program assembly, and can you know, a lot of people can can break things apart, but they can actually write code from that perspective. So that's pretty cool. All right. So the topic for today is coober netties and secrets management, but I want to start by Omar asking you to give us a working definition of coober netties because I don't know that everybody in our audience knows what Kuban Eddie's is I have a feeling most people do. But just in case somebody doesn't know what coober Netease is what is cool bananas. And what do I do with it? Or so in height vehicle is in August. Like, I sounds thing that Ron containers, but Arkham and contaminants as the core thing that everyone is using the last day of letting on thinks, but I can and I'm going to say something everyone going through south about tiny. But you. Think about the on. Any abstract way? And no, it's not the or that. I know. But if it doesn't know, but then as you can think of Oakland VM, so it's a thing that you'll code and Gwinnett disliked dyslexia landed thing at easily Davide isn't doctor. And so it's any sophisticated system. Full running this company now making sure the running of the sanguine dine out high availability storage or that fundings if your need for production obligation. Okay. So Kuban Eddie's allows you to run across multiple nodes. So you can take your container, and you could scale it to large internet size proportions. Right. Yeah. And you can do all that. And of course, as they go everything. Yes, and coordinating but action against a mammal as define how much him a while. Jack. And and this is why people using it though, still the leaving one this nice. Okay. So now that we have an idea what coober netties is I from what I understand one of the bigger challenges that we face is. And this is bigger than just as it says almost across dealing with internet based applications and web applications is how do you handle the secrets? So let's start by just defining the problem. What is the problem that we that we have when trying to store and keep track of API, keys and passwords and all that type of stuff in a container type of system. Know, I want to make even more moment that I think and they want to go full edited quick about probably Walcott's. And so do I welcome soup? Davis live four months ability, Foale navigation, so this quote, by the devil s Ivanovo is sponsored by the fo deploying to production and everything and as a sponsored by the money going. So the bells on the way wake up tonight. They want hotels. The is evidently now when you add it to stick at management things get more complicated because suddenly you'll have at other fatal if evade that elderlies Asian and you need to make sure that office faith of county. Cuts which vary. Very very sensitive died, puffing Fullington and condoled security without compromising in the. We dug making a. Without compromise into secrets, and and this is what make it such a week giant, and he doesn't, and of course, we also need to make it Stampa because you have never dealt on you need to make it doesn't that is. So a super Dev, I've never heard the term a super death. So a super Dev, then so you own whatever you're working on you own from the the kind of requirements and definition design all the way through till end of life. Yes. And of course, the guilty of you know, United. I hope and so yeah, it's like I invited we had any found a skeleton through define how to quote it. It was the funding. A snack discussion before though are kind of ideas about identity any of them. So I go soup lifts it's about. It's not like, it's something. Yeah. No. It makes sense. Okay. So okay. So we've got this. We've got this idea of super Deb's, they're fully responsible for all the codes. You're doing Dev plus monitoring plus security management, and so how to tau do secrets kind of play into that. What are what is the real challenge that you face as a super Dev trying to deal with secrets? Am the giant is combined from one making sure we have a golden L bus solution the deaths than use it. And because they need something that the other wives. There we spend or the day you thanks, and we don't want that want to suppo so have died. I God and second we want to make sure that they have a secure soican otherwise would comply compromise on security and against gets a sensitive filed open full mention, yes. So give give us some examples of what we would what developers are using secrets four inside of the applications that they right though, I could almost anything do at sonic air tickets. For example. He wanted me to quote, get body at the I thought the I is I hope to guide that if it's not the end to get the dates them. But it hits indicate that you would have something API the iky, a basic in whatever you might. Have to call the database. You might you might need to call it another Michael services and this, Michael Savage. And so these are usually kind of to see I is jokin in south east gate s- secrets whatever. Two things is connected slings. And so the point is that you need a so the problem we're trying to solve is your you. You need a secure way to store that information and make it available to your application without put pasting or without placing it inside of your code or your configuration files that are stored in your repository your source repository. I even as you want the metro that on the off the guys in Manhattan known as beside you off the kitchen, and you need to make sure that your best on ethical bananas. And so new guessing we'd have but now ads and you need to do it is it is. So you'll be my most on the all that. Yeah. In these away with so much now get up get up is the idea of doing everything the against am old ideal ankle. As God infrastructre has good. So you'll have a called the describe how productive looks like. And this is Mike. It's very easy full superlatives walk because they have called the discount everything ended give us audit of you on death. But what to do it's how you put sake guts, though. Yeah. This is the end the end side of the giant. Yeah. Yes. So Robert based on your experience. How often do you see secrets misplaced in source code? Oh, quite often. I mean, you're trying to figure out where do I how do I get it window? I get it. Also, I see often at least in the past. I've seen developers because it's a Deb system. The birdie lax on securing a credentials and sometimes that will transfer over to production as well just because the solution word so we continue to use this production of. Even seen one system. I won't name names where it was funny. They actually were more secure in development than they were in production by the time it got to production. Everything was wide open. All the passwords. Everything was completely wide open mainly because it was easier for the scripting the scripts that we to deploy to manage everything. It didn't know how to deal with any of the crypt did passwords and things like that. So that was a surprise. Yeah. That sounds like not necessarily the best overall architecture play. Yeah. It's not just the architecture. But it doesn't all sponsored at the DevOps provide easy in good does. Because if it done have a good diversity what you have. And this is the John did with soup others, you need to help them and again, jas Yemen. I think that applies to every Dev. I mean every and and owner you bring up a great point there about the fact that when we think about Dev set up s-, and and how security should be integrated a DevOps. We want the depths to have the easy designate easy solution. But also a secure solution and shame on the security team. If they don't provide the developers with a cookie cutter approach to how they do secrets management that's enforced, and and checked in all that other types of type of good stuff. This is exactly well, we was like eight months ago when we started the way had win spent out f-faulty is deployed thanks to go. But not this. But we had once month loving them. We didn't solve the problem. So everything was perfect and besides Sega's. Okay. So you see so eight months ago you began the journey of moving everything over to Cooper networks. Yes. And we spend about the fault of making it easy. Because if you have a welcome, it's not the isn't. And so I wasn't. I bought the devastating and we have spent a lot of effort of dying to make a decision beside the guts because it was out one. Okay. So we've identified kind of we've defined coober Netease with defined some of the challenges that the super dabs and even regular dabs are going to have in working with secrets management. What are some of the solutions? Then from Kuban Andy's perspective Omer that we have to be able to help us solve this problem. So they must have a boat is ios a native object who has a negative Gord cigarettes, which nightmare like the ninety flight short suppose, stole sick, and the stamps spend that other f- oath might think this object secure analytical deal than that. I don't of mitigations actual that on the Olympic would have. And but they want dining Fordham. And if you want to large money fist of fire that they skied at stake. Adjacent only on the Sega is go those basics Defoe in this fire, which is not good. And it's not something you can commit the cellphone, even specified. I think this also indentation. So using Gladys Tikka is not easy with your ducts. And and at some point with we end the dock and she wanted about overnights on Croatian where you'll care the stakeouts actually inconvenience you I oh with jobs at the, but the don't stole the the Ellen any anyone at us because we're band to kill so the guts stole the acting Gladys and each time you need to modify sick after the download eight v. Money fight the damage that Tony. And this is not say the for these noise because this is like the most of all Josie that sounds like it would be a bit of a of a management nightmare though. If you have if you have to constantly update any secrets directly through coober nutty, and you can't store them anywhere else. I mean, what happens if your cluster, I mean, granted you probably have a number of high availability features and things. But what if for some reason, your cluster was knocked out you basically have to reset all of those secrets and everything else. Yeah. And it's not just that. It's even Willis because AMB you we need to go about calories. Consumed a stake that's annual lights. So they ought to ways to consume a stick at into code while the way using violence, which sound security expert would alga is not that good idea. Did you say was that environment variable yet air, so it's like, yeah. There is an open discussion. I bet is a gold Obama idea in, but we can put that aside. So it could go with seem there if you choose to go with the fine, which is Don Don Valentine, and you'll probably end up having one giant Safai? So I might you have the ice on fire ending. This Friday will have my bike is like token, A M, F guy TBN the values, and then your tech this fire Dewick basic phone coats because cigarettes, sixty golden any Texas. Both in secret now to object. Float you need to do. Get the code domestics Defoe get the organism modify the zone. And encoded Beck and he's going to go nowadays. So yeah, that sounds that doesn't sound very easy. That sounds that sounds pretty difficult from an overall day to day management perspective is at the case. Definitely the case. Then this is what I understood we started the abode saying we can use these tickets, but very soon we get the debt situation will modify is how am Kambas in. We look on down dates in the UK get tickets, which is basically native wanted to stick gifted. So don't wait. You can put them in gift in its own some of the problems now is that a native is that when you're talking about this encrypted secret, and we still within the native world of coober Netease. Or of we have we branched out to something else. Now, it's it's hybrid. Because these a extent that was the combative style. Throw probably about the but according to Highland because they ended up getting a negative tickets. So in your souls, go you'll have an object. It gives us by Dan, you would have on the glass tickets. So this is why and high with approach. Okay. Now, you you mentioned to you talked about sealed secrets and helm secrets tell me, I don't know. I don't know the difference between those so maybe gimme a little explanation of what a sealed secret is versus a helm secret. So both of significant stop by the same label will give you the same thing away. Don't get it guts the difference between them is how you get the secrets and ready to give him inevitable site. Just when the thing is if north Augusta, so so if I found you'll have a scientific and then when it gets a magic happens and. Acted foam that that get the so. Ham stakeouts walk debate differently. It the gift that gift at the deployment step outside. His and Dan scared that so the difference between them is wended caption is done, and it's outta saw in how long that Gibson is sick. That's woke with a one keep the class, which is not that secure will enhance ticket is a big mega. It's using was soaps was up season open source by Mazda that tends to boats full extent game as thinks like it a WF have to Samsa both came as key management services. Right yet. It said boy that by w ESO AWS Amazon aware annex boats. The I in full candidate that has sensible. So have is a is a lot more secure than Santa tickets. It's a again have one give the glass. Not secure in one keeper is that like a password manager one keeper. No, keep a out and say keep out our say, okay. All right say, I think it's onsite got it. Okay. And so seen secrets and helm secrets these are not built in to coober Netease. These are external things that were created after created by outside non coober Netease people to solve the problem. Yes. In store. Guilty park appeal in have Seca enforc- like wireless, he goes him, and is big admendments vocal Benedict's. And so if the not does animal is something swan to you're you're in need to find out and is like the all right? So we know we don't like built in secrets using the built in secrets because from Kuban Eddie's because they're hard to manage and we've talked about why sealed and helm secrets are not necessarily the MO the best overall solution. Is there any answer? Like, what is what is what where did you land in your deployment? So we didn't out with no on hashtag avert, which I'm sure other audience of Amelia went. Yep. It it's basically give still that the secure and any dusting. But it's not get ups, which is the mandate is on the we decided not to use it in and adept Bont. At least I was very confused because like I looked all over the place. And there was no just exhibited. I coach Phil cord walk with our walks again day soup deaths, and each was really how to situation the win. Because I know we don't have a good Samaritan forsakes. But there was no, I know exist outta in. And I was a bit disappointed end in no executive why the dough and then one day while walking on I am counting at obvious. Get the tickets solution agent of awoke with obvious, and it's a nice needs to him. It's basically led to get a secret foes, Pacifica, Thaba, supposedly expose public ever on. On. So we're gonna give the tickets specific both doing and then under this supposedly bid Sunday, gifted. And when I so I was really list because if you think about secure, and that the rock on how I can do the same thing through Andy his hokum was bump in his in open. I bid Sedova which Mexico. Let you do the same thing. Novice gifted tickets. It's specific negation in uncleanliness. And this update convicted. So if you go back to the and they went woke is anyone gonna get the sickest, but one this once the steak is that no-one come get it. If I have let's say I have a secret I'm writing a new piece of code. What are the steps that I go through as I interact with canvas us KOMO night, which basically docked with so years the annual. To give their at the I think Santa gift unit. The what you want to. Which location? He wanted to get an in which basically gushing lives the way identify objects guard service again service McCarthyism objects clinics object that provide identity for in application Daniels, this Dokan to interact with Gladys API any other at the I N Yukon gift of Michigan's thirty seven it's early needs vigils. So you need to give KOMO slip on dose again. The Seca the application or the seven count used by definition. The nice base come wasn't gift ticket at dawn X loyal now. The dividend us with the cigarettes in the with the Facebook, whatever using because it says thong a gift so put it wherever you want in. And then CIC de magic Aron A O called got into Coban Itis and off to get stuck with stuff need to interact with almost a provide the seventy Kataoka end that gift it's come on. The photo session. And if the in did get this application mistake is the that end up getting together with Beck, and then it can use its Duca foam. It's up occasion. Okay. So. Whereas where are my secrets stored than even when there, and then encrypted format is as chemists something that's using is it providing or storing? My my distinct files or is there is this like a cloud service, or what am I interacting with? Where's this API actually live that I'm interacting with KOMO does not hand at a devout of snowing. The cigarette you can still the cigarettes when I put out a modified. And so I get eight story the San place William so on down to five she was deployed off against the production. So it's to be based by seven it or bay blob in the cloud with company guy almost and tonight the eye on the inside in its natural any Sanguinetti. So with would be better to 'em until is application based on the seventh account Dokan. Got it. So then so then it keeps its keys inside coober Netease. No. Come one has a blog and kicked him in. System. So go ethnic almost suppose a memo ESPN, which is the most insecure stretching. Komo's by the agile gave up in edgy sippy. Chemists both of stalling in solutions provided to sympathize Johnson Adua provide I say, thank you copied. The be out associates like negative to Sam off sounding in it said plug advantaged city as he knew on gidget system in. So it becomes a sort of becomes a interface to these other annot Escher Keeble another solutions like that. So it sounds like it will allow you to use other mechanisms as well, pretty seamlessly. Yes. That he is to make it easy for negation to Doke with this stowing against count. And solving the come with. So so the layoff without getting on those Asian this come with Saudi does not end. Okay. So chemist is really the it's really the middleware between coober Netease. And as your key vault or Google, cloud K M s and and I see you're going to do in the future AWS, K mess. So it becomes that middleware layer that just handles the connection between Kuban Eddie's and the storage and the secure secret storage. Yes. And we do open innovative if you're. I think something us outside of stick out is not the problem that these unique on equivalence. And ideally at some point, we we can say, for example, I have a Lambda running end of US and use the identity of the Lambda to Atlantic took almost and yet my secrets focus, but this is like air very following the old, but I definitely states going though, because it's consort of luck big open. But than just tickets. Okay. So what are some of the things that it can help you with in terms of threats? The solution will help you with. So am I think demand is come ons is super mechanic is device infant by mission within the fact that no-one conduct the sickest, you'll have one way in kitchen max, thanks a lot mall in a simpler. Because now the tax office of weather sick of list is on ended up getting and of course, on the whether debit up by genetic. And but that is it on tomato than in outta. Will you have all that let your latest ticket on the case or something like that? In addicted. His whining wants those ten debt and your dad that income was days note, but Mason management because days one slack mission management. It's improved a security significantly in. And we put it out. The automaker Gatien's, for example, will make the secure the CIA secured. It's info such Bs by defaulting. It said I suppose that they had been for example in with you'll that a. Date. The I has secured dentist covering or the called Anthony injury. Oh, we have a through the offense API's actually have come on one hundred Gibson in one handed him. So once you have with the offense, Michael sivy says, you can expose only one of them today. The one the end of the kitchen does knock-kneed ex- exposed and all of these things that suffice significantly in intimated lethal Evelyn we except when in Junkin, I took physician foam OS without security project. It's a nice authored, the document different sets mitigations or cloud, the provide us, and so they used junk junk bonds and Ryozo is check it out on apple and you consider the defense threats in mitigation with think about when it was when we did a threat to. In. So this thing about the mall is styled on that. And. So this is security point. Of course, we execute. The NBA omega easy will the sponsored by skeletal because evidence and the thanks missed. So if think about in the positive specifies alkaloid Baltics. Okay. Good. So let's say we wanna follow up in and get some more information where where would we go to to get some more information on cornet as in secrets and Coon lesson and other kinds of solutions. I want the. No. On a pseudo engineering bub, and if not government, but the months the tanks that talked about in the mall, and it's as how stocked with him once slowly it's want ham come on in at least enhance out make it easy to instill. Come was. And so we can dated go vote than than get into the depot we have data insufficiently Dennis expanding. How still wants to kill it. And we have a slick so we're gonna come back with us come on snack. And if you have any west income ask we would be more than happy to unsafe and head out of it. But he was okay. And you have a link to that threat model you were talking about as well in the blog app, and am bluer. I were sent it through all the doubt. Okay. Yeah. We'll make sure it's available. Okay. Right. Right. Any any last thoughts? Thanks for for joining us today. But it any less sauce for our listeners. Am. I think the most that finds is what with talked about at the beginning thinking about how we as a security finance gonna make the world of the welcome dividends, easy and head of them. She was divided in most solution. And this was the main one division evasion. By behind Kim was making a look how they will make mistakes and expose the guts to who the wall. Said we're well. Thank you very much. Joining thank you very much for having me was nice of getting. Thanks for listening to the application security podcast. If you enjoy the podcast, please do us a favor and visit the item store and us a five star rating are intra music is eight bit kung FU by born and teaching and the outgrow is southern delight by Savan carton Berg, you can find us on Twitter at absecon podcast or on the web at WWW dot apsect podcast dot org.

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Feel-Good Habits | Rochelle Humes

The Emma Guns Show

21:28 min | 2 months ago

Feel-Good Habits | Rochelle Humes

"Hi, this is Brookdale Vard from naked beauty. Are you tired of feeling housebound? I sure am break free with the new unbound cordless auto curler from conair. It's a high performance auto curler that's rechargeable in gets you up to sixty minutes of cord free runtime. Just think of all of the incredible hair looks you can create in sixty minutes unbound away from your wall. Don't get tied down by cords. Love your look live unbound check it out at conair. Dot Com and search unbound. and. Hello Hi, and welcome to another episode of Feel Good Habits. This time I'm joined by TV presenter, all their and Entrepreneur Rochelle seems he was making a return to the costs. Now listeners, you know I, like to be very upfront with us or just wanted to let you know that this episode does contain product placement. No money has changed hands. The currency in this instance is the time with Michelle she's working with Burt Bakshi curates brilliant beauty boxes with them and they. Really, fit into her good habits. So I said yes. Let's get it back on the show because I know how much you enjoyed her appearance on the show when she came on in two thousand and nineteen but I just wanted to be really start with you and that up before we get going always see the links to ever shells birch box will be in the show notes. So here she is making a welcome return or shall teams back on the emigrant show. What shall James Welcome back to the podcast thing goes thank you very much for having me back I'm really excited actually about this because this is you chatting about your feel-good habits and I love it. I. Love Anything. Good plays, Samra. Yeah because listeners for context shall very kindly I mean literally the day before you're due to start to start maternity, the is very generously giving us how tad time. Talking about feel-good savage sits. and. You have a little bit of a sneak peek. I. Know a little bit about what you're going to be talking about and your feel-good habit is brilliant because it. It's very British. But what is your I bet my fast As my Stephanie Sunday. Were family. Like some people when I signed on August. Style wannacry arrive. That's not that's not Chin in like the thought we know the pressure of cooking a star in the morning types like we ain't about. To US ray. And I just enough that like really just night someday. So vibrant every comes lows in food ill die and then yeah. Really. Good family time. Well. I had a very important question based on the answer, which is how you rice potatoes Michelle. Good. Really good. That's why I like to cook it, and that's really Tau is any a couple places after for Sunday night because I'm fussy about is I think I'd say yeah once she figured out how to good Roasti. Bros could literally go to the next level so. There is Patisserie let's not get it. This is going to sound really nerdy but what's what's your fat to use goose butter olive oil I use aid that goose or duck? Oh, messing about in the house. and. Doesn't have to be Christmas. So many flooded out. Christmas I'm not this guy. My Mom's always Christmas and by the case I'm like Whoa. Do. Yeah how'd you get them crispy? And then my other questions is because this has been a personal journey for me also is. Is How is your gravy? Circus. I'm not fan rony. When you go out and I give you ju- No. No I'm not a high when I say that I'm not trying to make fancy. Just. Give me a good. Day Yeah So I do enough it. That's what we do in this Sunday I. Think he's just really nice. So my kids love is well. We were up in the morning pain in the butt sites is. Musical than just that. So family time I love where there's just knipe man's. Yeah, properly city. Yeah and it makes what could be a lazy day just has a focal point. So it makes it feel like dad having day you've been a bit productive lace. Yeah and then when you get to the end of the Sunday lunch because you've done all the prep, are you able to then? Go, and sit down on the cipher everyone else the cleanup crew is not your business as my intention just what? Does it just doesn't, and then you know when you know people so. Say you start. Let, we need anything it's not really an offer. GET SNUCK IN. That, tell me to let you now. My. Out of my yeah needs help and then they will continue their compensation. Slightly Mum's the best. Time that we ninth didn't do is the Rosa's big or any tries is in on What am I gonNa do with all of this now then they ever gonNA clean again yeah. They just feel describes gross stood. Needs to go shopping for new try. Yeah. Take them out and give them a good hosing. And actually I think your second habit is something that quite a lot of people do after a Sunday roast at dinovite you. I mean. I. Love This. I mean I I'll be honest. This is my this is my other happy but this is Marva Saturday. Okay. Then a off after the most. especially. Romi to the next room and buy a good we a good woke getting out and like we obviously I've looked I. think that was everyone's so. Power dice getting out and having a nice school. Dokan stuff than the kids it always starts the kids. They won't take school to take bike and it starts that and it starts you know really nice and then. Twenty minutes half an hour in allies it's not really one of blockading. Bodies. Anymore, can you can't be me? So the ends up we start so really lovely and then it ends up with me in. One that was just GonNa skip back in a child the up one a bike up. And the Doak is somewhat let's Just not that so fresh ever and getting out and getting the kids out. Of being outdoors I think is really nice. What do I do not see that other Sunday we used to the did was in the. Day, and then go out for the vote but at. The will become a few between because I figured if I walk too far by because all out. And Do, you have any particular groups that you like would you like discovering? We go we that we have normally David is nasty something different. Like driving somewhere then going all. Yeah is not semi Anita new. Today Yeah. Good to. Of exploring. Yeah, and like any I was about women but there are plenty of men who listen to this pausing. You're very welcome. Like. Any person who enjoys Pampa time you really do like you beauty products and if going to thing about discovering beauty. I am such a product John K and I wish it wasn't love nothing more than like governing fake department still or like you know a health shopping finding a random cream like I'm sandbox for it to the point where it's like. After Brady I'm Virginia a COCKATOO under. My sink is just like. By nothing and now flight it's. A different thing everyone who is not she comes to my my get. Size if got hamels because they said you got that and. That's why left doing these boxes with batch box because I just think they're really good at showing me products that neigh because I'm always trying something. But then I also have this latest one is limited box so. It's great because it's not just subscribers and. It's like it's a few new bits of tried and often add-in. Trusty favorites that I just can't live without i. Lang. COMB. Hip. Nice Sky. Another, that's not abusive product such as. Like. But it is the best scar I. You know they'll be billion scars that come out on always try it for bed. Just bought. The Pat McGrath one, which is lovely but it's not land comic Nice is just wait I. Think Identity Squad pass no thing with Scotla. Not. But it's just that's the one I'm Radio Wax Mike Aponte is here is my best friend as well. Inches mature at like probably about ten years ago and I've like not. So strides since. Oil. And then yeah, I could really good hammer him skin the minute I swear description de I just think like downtime for me just means Spice Mosque hammer and just trying to coffey a south of Nice make one in spokes which just smells like holiday. Yet, but you need united just not. So black. Tropical Payment Calorie Every time he's on July. Yeah just think it's just I'm rainy in the like. Self Chasm divides. Yeah As, you can relay obviously like. Myself carries always done between in and around the kids. So it's kind of like up ahead, us. And then new two days later I'm not really. Wanted. She's nice and so but probably because it's been in for longer than he was supposed to be. The Yeah I just think as soon as you all like. It's nice to just feel properly office net. Hundred percent I think everyone discovered a love affair smalls during lockdown or at least doing something different something well as was like. You doing that I'm GonNa kill and not always. I put the arrived new am. The new Polish my box went actually. Think GATT nude policies. The best it's not Track Guy The guy when I got Nash they can you need something different die? Basically like you say boy. Oh try something else look down on the artist we go out to heighten is it snowed and so yeah look down us all into like hair color s manicure it's. Everything chefs. Movie House. The day. Like, we let all these new skills that we didn't have before. Yeah yeah, it was definitely A. Friend of mine who recently the great accelerator. Go to really put your foot down and go in a particular direction. How's your How's the way you've talked to your skin change during your pregnancy? Today. Well, it's really. It's really like maintenance in pregnant. Say I, they talk about this glove that you got a man. I just find that that doesn't happen for a while because. I get morning sickness and then I've liked up pressure on them out blow I. Always Dream. So I, was you never see. A have ninety S is. The broadcast minimal, and for me, it's just a massive breakout classes but I mean is lacob to do a lot more to keep it. So. Why but yeah, it's really low maintenance impertinence as handy, which is hand I mean about the only thing that is will there. Yeah. And then which leads quite nicely onto one of your other habits which is about. Doing facials. Yeah. Honestly they come around him assist isn't the first thing that Must Be. What was it that in a and I love like? I've I've let Saimaa I've said Lucky and what really pay Paul and a really good guy acquisition Kepa and that does the most fabulous frazier's these at she goes on brand. Defects Mosque. and. So, we're really lucky over the years to like tight-lip nuggets from people that I. Love Like I will actually do my proper fight show. And they like you need to have some extraction. Find it Seifan attracted it to Marvin and he just gets Brady stressors May. Stop picking. He's really yeah. You're selling. So I tried to wrestle him to like might please. Let me help. But he doesn't like it so much. So when my sisters come a really. Guy Freight them because they'll let me and then I can. Do you going for the whole thing you do it like a good proper hour-long spa face. They liked back half the I. Could do a proper place you. Honestly I would really like to do that if this wasn't my job. I. Think. Yeah. I find it really therapeutic. Weighty Day really I think you can really see the difference after. And I only say people must think I like to for seventy different skincare brand. Just I'm not selling them. I promise you I'm non-commission. I just really like them. What's what? What do you have? Any particular favorites? If. I've got a lot of different scientific thanks mass yet today and I am a kills one in my box, which is enough which is. Really hot writing anything hydrates. Nothing is good and I think I don't think. Over say if you if your skin split up also is good too hard drive say I think. Sometimes what happens an anonymous from financial specialist? If you if you get breakout sometimes you think. That, you should start your skin dry skin out because you've had a breakout but actually. A lot of the time because you're doing that your skin them produces oil, which then gets trapped and then you get, we know the the the bumps and stuff even more side. So I think the Hydroxy Moss I think it's as it says hydrated and I would always pick up that mosque. Yeah there's a difference moisture in the skin and oil miskin. And Oil is what you want. But meisters always. Yeah always sounds like, yeah. Maybe maybe need to rise up your facial protocol caroline. He Eh. It'd be too much. That's why they sometimes up just found this newport. I also feel like if you've had a good if you've ever had a good facial don t there's something about you but I've wanted to then use those same sort of muscles techniques on someone else I never I love which again, I put in my box I've done it in my previous box as well but just purely convinces brilliant. The J.J. Roller. I will say in front of ten A and I will just run. Into that count me out anyway. And I love it. So funny my duty was cannot have one of those. So now after the bob she puts, it works strides she likes to have live gut. But I, keep them in my in my back and if we're gonna any start, let when I do this morning I wanted is. On my way in the back of the car I dislike we'll just guy from my is at. Any rate he came to. One side. And, then the. So yeah that's kind of. One of my. Top things the way she as during the heatwave I kept my rose courts one in the fridge and it was a Isn't that. So. So on sign-on you start using on your face and then you're like, it's down your neck. And then needs pretty back in the fridge. 'cause you. Exactly but it's amazing for a minute. Okay and now now onto your final, your final feel-good habit, which is another tasty one. Is another text is a bit by King. Good old fashioned Viking with my kids they love it. I love it if you're having one of them as we alike. Oh. I WANNA tying them but I don't really want to get out got out the house or whatever, and is the perfect thing to do and I just think this sounds really comforting about biking. I. Mean I'm a better cook than I am a by here. Because I find it quite technical as in like the measurements that have to be not quite on. You've left one thing I. IT might sink call. The other might spread too much. So he jeff is definitely more technical find whereas I'm not one of those cooks that will have the put ever come back in tips. I l. said like studying. So. And I just love it as something my kids love at the subsequent in house, but you know just it makes me happy. And there anything is there anything you'll particularly cakes cakes? Bread. Every we did cookies the appetite. and not yet what she really not box again an a what I did something not right and they expressed a little bit. I think hunters. wrote I think I broke them into the size I think natural cookie should Bain raid I expand. Next time goes smaller than that. The mix expand. So then when he pulled out the cookie, was it just the entire train just? Like a big cookie dry who nice. Massive Cookie. But it tends to have good. Everyone. We just repel pizza allow it was such a good idea on the. Living by myself it's dangerous to buy bike because I just because you say. Well. That's the problem like allies today. Case. Who after S- coke and then she goes to school tomorrow and then I'll be here. The cookies again. Demolished why mom? Yea I've seen a few friends recently for socially distance walks and they've all brought me like a piece of banana bread or something. Yeah. We have to get rid of our houses. That's why you had a pilot at one point if dislike things in kitchen row or they're just like banana bread cookie. That is. I wouldn't be mad at these have been great feel good habits Michelle. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much. Next tool kit about feel-good in this funny world when a thing isn't it just? The night. Thank you so much. Obviously the links to your box box. Yes. We'll be in the show. Some will obviously share that on social media. Thank you. Here.

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Ep. 281 - LiquidApps: The Missing Link, w/ CEO & co-founder Beni Hakak


29:48 min | 1 year ago

Ep. 281 - LiquidApps: The Missing Link, w/ CEO & co-founder Beni Hakak

"Intro guys blah. What is up current nation? Good citizens are having a good morning here. We are joined by Bennie. Haycock the CEO and Co founder of liquid ads. You know we just been shooting the ship for the last twelve twelve minutes and having a lot of laughs and I just made a very interesting noise Trying to start this episode. Where did that come from it I I I don't even WANNA start? I don't even WanNa get into it. Maybe it could be in the morning. Let's let's have a bloopers episode one. Doc something for that gastritis Finish or whatever that was many thank you for putting up with us. I'll just start with that. Yes my pleasure. So He's a survivor of crypto. One on one. So you're open Israel right now. Is that correct Tel reviewed. Actually my office right now. Awesome are employees like seven. PM We're working here. So I just I love it. I love the The dedication in peace of mind and I are no No Stranger to late hours in the office that is for sure so so liquid APPs of course so thank you for having me first of all a lot of people in the space. A little technical people are really familiar with the Internet is bills right We have avid. ISP's and protocal there We have the web services and websites on top of it. Applications we to kind of closer Luke Over how the blockchain was created how it goes to build we started in us and I think that is the most used doctrine today. The number says anyway it's the home of depths in a sense but I love. The boulevards are actually only stadium that the biggest community of developers offers but they're stuck because skill ability issues so it was really important to us. Since we're not maximalist in any way to create the best inter operability solution we could think of to this middleware so we have a mechanism in place to create this cross chain. Decentralized solution that transaction being passed in between these blocking jeff at a high level like the number one goal of liquid APPs is to you know have enabled cross chain value transfers. No I think that this is incidental. You know that's something because you can make out of the service I want to allow developers and users to use blockchain chain as it is the Internet meaning we do not know how websites work you know what maybe Aaron does but most of them they do not think about the back end of the website. We don't know which service servers website is using. We don't know which is the. The APP is using if a developer chooses to use ethereal E.. Ost doesn't matter as long as the DAB works and is cost effective effective in Crohn's fast enough and everything is decentralized and the integrity of the change. Thank you chose is safely kept. This is what we allow be. So this sounds like a open stack but running on blockchain. Nodes it's more decentralized. Is that correct. It's one of the features that we can present. Yes that's so so. Why did you build us? What inspired you to solve this problem in the way that you've done reading question We started delivers we were Lost two-thirds of Yaas and before that I was part of the BANCORP team And got into no ethereal really well On is frozen ponds and when I saw it I understood the opportunity of this web three point. I know eco-system and we really thought me and my pal my partner with you That we should learn more about this technology. I know that there's a lot of criticism regarding eels and governance. But let's look at his former technology for the view right now. It is the best blockchain right now. In terms of transaction costs and transaction speed. When we dug into cold we started? It's still not sufficient so if we're talking talking about mass adoption all the time. That's the teacher. The blockchain entrepreneurs VOCA or two years. It's not really possible. People like if I would go to a friend of mine which is a developer. And don't listen. There's this blockchain thing and it's really cool. They should develop on top of it. The limitations will. We'll get into tell me you know what. Let me know what you get better. Because I can't do it like this and we wanted to create mass adoption by building the infrastructure to allow that. I think what you've done is really cool but going off topic for just a second but remaining on the topic of mass adoption. What's what's the crypto on blockchain culture like they're in Israel? I know there's a lot of projects out there. I assume legislations friendly are. You guys is in really hot competition or is there a lot of camaraderie and trying to build Israel as the next of capital for Crypto. What's it like over there really cool? No question I have to stay Just a big a bit of a broader look of the startup space in Israel that the name startup nation is something career locked in Israel. A lot of entrepreneurs at the most The the highest percentage of startups or copy signed a world so generally speaking in the startup space Israelis Dried star next to many other stars. on blockchain specifically We are I think still in the baby steps like the largest the the brightest developers in Israel are yet to be in the blockchain space. But this is an opportunity as well we have many companies that Israel You have their RND company of Bank. Or based in Israel you have a few other's orbs with our in Israel And I think it's getting more and more common of a Woodward A lot of corporates like IBM are actually basing their Blockchain team in Israel and we just had a great conversation with a guy named Luke Earner. WHO's very heavily involved in space over there? So I'm sure you're familiar with him and then Mile Buddies D- have is based based in Israel. Too that's correct. Yeah we were like. It's pretty funny. Tel Aviv is the capital capital of Israel. Most of the starts are here. But even though it's really really small undocking Less than a million In population we never see each other. And that's how it is too busy working exactly late night like today. I never left the office But we support each other The conferences it's Har here are amazing Lots of good people and So answering your original question. I I think that the Israel can become a key player in the blockchain space specifically with them out of cryptographer 's and academia academia we have here surrounding this space. I'm kind of curious. About like the philosophy behind what you guys are doing. In regards to this blockchain's cryptocurrency solved any humanitarian problems. In in your eyes you know I've been to bancorp before as I mentioned and one of the projects that I was the gold with was community currencies in Africa. Talking talking about the economic aspect of Tokens. There's a lot of things in behavioral economics. That can be a a real benefits to all these poor countries whether it's in Africa or any other place in the world there is a research by by someone called Bernardi. It's hard. He mentioned their community. Currencies are the way for sustainable better economy. We started something regarding his research in Kenya and created a community currency based on blockchain technology. Back then it was interior and gave this the community so they can trade among themselves rather than pay in Kenyan shillings. Which is there yet guernsey and apparently once you give them a means for trading it makes them amount of transaction skyrocket like ten fifteen times a day once you have more transaction debt economy is actually becoming better and better but that's one aspect? The other aspect is obviously monetary systems in general. How do you make sure that Fiat currency or any currency sustain its value when we work and we make love of effort and and there's labor involved? How do you make sure that by creating inflation? By the company company country creating replacing used still get the same amount of money because you cannot control inflation income Stu Fiat currencies the right. There is a central entity. That does that for you but you have no means as a as an individual to factors back so I believe that the libra and facebook coming with this and the fact that they have so many issues right now with the issue instead of their token shows that governments understand this as well understand that. There's something unique and sometimes you even frightening. Yeah there's something afoot in crypto currencies. We saw like. There's a lot of senators right now. L. Sending letters through credit companies and others were involved in Lebron before. It's really interesting to see. Because one of the things it liberates rain we need the world is actually education about blocking many people have not heard about watching before that so I kinda talk a little bit about block producing versus mining. So I I know that you used to be like liquid liquid e OSS right and you guys were top five for a long time of. Es this block producers Yes do you think that deep costs are delegated state. Do you think that is a viable consensus model. You know if what would you fix. What would you keep the same really good question? I think. Mining the worst part about mining is the fact that a lot of processing sitting power is being spent on something which is not valuable. No one cares about the solution for equation but it's an any quesion its purpose is determining who's next in line and when you think about it this way pretty weird because you know when we were kids the other means to decide who's next in games and stuff like that so I think that's what depots has done is to vote for people that we I believe will not sacrifice their name and reputation by manipulating the chain and we head away to check the the one manipulated the chain. So if you do we can take you down you know how. How would you determine if something decentralized you know we all Herzog from your bank or he always says that you can fork something it means? It's decentralized okay that's a good one yeah I guess so. So if you can't fork deep ause if you see someone is manipulating the system it decentralized decentralized enough and by someone who has been there okay. I saw what has been going on. What's been done? How's the government working the the people who were you know on the top twenty one in a sense? It makes people uncomfortable knowing that there are only twenty. twenty-one lock producers that are cycling and Closing the blocks one after the other because it kind of implies like an oligopoly but you you know what but what is mining pools in exterior bitcoin. If that's so but I think it's different in in mining pools because you have mining pools that are made up of of all sorts of different individuals all across the world contributing their Hash power towards a mining pool so if a mining kind of goes rogue or the mining pool operator I should goes rogue than individuals can withdraw their Hash power from that pool unless yeah definitely not no. You're right you're right right it but you can still have a fifty one percent attack using meaningful because you do not know like with zoom what you just said This is the computers are spread across the world and people can withdraw their processing power. But there might the more than meets the eye that is correct. This is that you don't know for certain we know for a fact that there are a few mining holes in the world that operates today. I think it's approximately four or five so in that sense twenty one that you know we know who they are is that better. Is that worse. I personally think that this was like a general but but on a personal note. I believe that decentralization is a spectrum and is not like either decentralized or centralized. There's a gray area absolutely agree it all about the tension between the two and how far far away you are willing to go in order to sacrifice speed or sacrifice costs. So let's let's move on into Back to liquidate for a second if they want morphing in that sense. Oh Yeah Yeah sure when you talk about interoperability in that sense you can create a mechanism where adapt will operate on ethereal. Okay the oldest state all the logic covet will be on ethereal but the processing power will actually take place on a new house and a transaction will be closed closed on theory. And this combines everything and this combined like the trust issue here with the solidity not of some sorts on exterior and that's what can you could link allows dealer friend WHO's interested in getting into crypto currency but they don't know where to start building their portfolio folio. Well we have the answer. It's called copy traitor by e Toro with copywriter. You can automatically copy every trade of e Toro's rose to top crypto traders just like myself or Bryce or Kevin at the exact price point and in real time no need to study up on markets or develop your own strategies prodigies simply just sign up and copy our trades any profits that we make you do two proportional to your investment of course with E.. Toro you get it. Access to the world's most popular cryptocurrencies with transparent trading fees. All in one easy to use APP. Copy the smart money with E. Toro join now at aditorial dot com slash crypto. WanNa one. I mean there's so much you can do with this. What's The coolest thing you've seen built with? Liquid up so far is called moonlight. It's a fiber like Obligation it's coming from the centralized world to decentralize. The company was founded in two thousand fourteen. And could you really quickly explain what fiber is because there's probably a lot of people haven't heard of it it's freelancers platform allowing for people to Kind of present. What they can do and other people or companies can take this services that other people offering like designers dead for higher etc They have approximately seven hundred fifty thousand users. A lot of them are daily basis users and they're using the decentralize role now. They're using liquid APPs to facilitate their storage on. Es I oh wow and what would they do this. I think the essence of this is a competitive advantage advantage. I have one employee. It was banned from fiber. I haven't asked why but interest- interesting because even get banned from platform. You don't WanNa lose all of your Stevie you don't WanNa lose all reputation that you Assembled so far right so this is why you don't if you don't lose your reputation and and see in the process you know that you can. You don't even need to trust the system you're signing in. No one owns your data but you still have the front end of Moonlighting in order to interact with others. I think it's a really really cool concept and what moonlighting did it is something that I believe. More and more organizations are going to do from here on out and we'll have our own data protected that'd from things like banning changing and those both ways because as a company if I'm going and wanting to find a freelance right now I want to know that the reputation that they have is legit. What I see is actually there in I? I know who said what is good for users freelancers themselves and it's good for whomever wants to give them the next gate in. So there's you guys also have a token right yes. How does the token work and how does it also like a crew value and been able to go back the and essence of it is to incentivize this whole ecosystem that has been built? But he's got the data network and this is kind of a getting to talk about. How do all these services coming to play? Because liquid APPS does not provide these services we are at acknowledged company. We build tools rebuild services. And we'd blow them through the world and there are other entities they're cold data service providers. DSP's currently more than twenty five of them across the world and they the one that gives these Serbs provide be ram be CPU liquid. Oracle's would accounts liquid excetera and the way this ecosystem is working is by and the one hand. There's this though. Can we did not give any cost most in initial cost. We did something which is called a reverse auction. That community is the one that chooses how much the value of the token is each every day. That's like how ghost did their ICU. Precisely this is on the one hand secondhand secondhand. There are these. DSP's in day get to choose how much they will try each and every service and there are are the developers users of this utility mechanism and the way they they get service this is by staking these data cans to the speech for example. It's like going to a cellular company and wanting a data the plan. You have if you want at Biran. which is the memory solution? The storage solution. You can have one gigabyte for X. amount of time and it will cost you a minimum. Speaking of a hundred thousand dapper tokens. So so they're developer will go there. One of the portals are about seven Porto's that the community has built. And it will stake gap tokens to a specific depth provider and the system will take it from there. Everything will be happening of course on chain at the end of this quota did that developer will need steak. Once more it's happened medically of course but the essence of this is we created three markets ecosystem. No one is in control of Christ of anything whether it's the services himself or the price of the token And this is how Oh sorry end end endangerment division for these species is by inflation over the Dokan my kiosks as you mentioned being sent a vacation is being spreading flation. pro-rata to the amount of data can stay to the specific pick that service provider. It's pretty confusing I think staking and all that kind of stuff. I think just one of those things that as we move into this new world with theam 2.0. Point Oh it's going to become much more much more clear. Yeah all that kind of stuff I think I think staking just a way for you to receive you service. We ought to losing any a a actual tokens like you. Don't pass along folks. It's like putting it aside but still in your world. That's why I don't like the word lending with lending means that it actually goes out of your wallet in this in this case. It's not it's stealing your wallet but it's like locked. It's locked for a specific purpose. No one can touch it for example No one can take from from you but you can't take from their wallet either for specific timeframe and Allows you to get services so that's great great. Okay I'll I'll look this aside perserve that that sounds interesting enough. It's really fascinating what you've got built over there. It's really a game changer. For a lot of doubt development. And we've really seen in we're real. We're still waiting for that. One killer doubt but if it has crushing compatibility no longer has has to choose really which one to go on so I think this is a tremendous step forward. So let's take a step back for a second though. What were you doing? Prior to Crypto. Are there any familiar signed trends from the past that you really think is GonNa make this industry. Successful violent engineer myself My background is industrial engineering and I had a few companies in the past. I was focusing guide up Becker the date. Hey and I've seen many you know in many industries. Nothing was as fascinating as blockchain. I have to say what rock means a this space. Actually my wife one day. She told me Benny there. A couple of guys were that talks about Bitcoin you want. Do you know what it is. I started researching I created a report. ecosystem in two thousand seventeen when right before the the hype Started my adventure at bank or afterwards. Blockchain is the first and I think only field that allows you to combine technical data in data or technical knowledge with behavioral electronics. Which I I love personally? This was something that I really focused during my degree and everything I read in my little first time is connected to that. He's also about computers and people and there's not a lot of spaces or our fields that are combining these two worlds when we talk about y blocking via think. It's the next thing I believe that starting from the beginning of the Internet The first years of the Internet still now we've seen saying that the majority of money and power is at the hands of a few corporates that are gaining more and more strength strength now and it's really really hard for new companies to rise to these same fields and talking about Google facebook Amazon. And I think the next phase of these interrelations of technology today is going to be done in a decentralized way love it no I I completely agree and kind of just enclosing you know. What's another crypto or blockchain company outside of Liquid APPs or. Let's say at a bank or what's what's another company that we should be paying attention to somebody. That's doing some really amazing innovative work. I personally love effect. They I the company that said. You know what we're GonNa take what we know from the outside world Labor that that is being phased for we're going to take all of the data from They're doing right now. Notation for example of images Komo on chain and they want to allow for a to exist on the chain itself. So people can be gable are able to create their own and hadn't other things in a decentralized way in imperilled to the current system that Google is offering for example on chain A. That's something I haven't really dug into but sound super fascinating. Hope that a good citizens here crypt nation. Go check that out. I can't even wrap my head around that one. I need to take inap- adults. They is infiltrated our blockchain. We'll benny so much for joining us. And telling us all about liquid apps if the the good people want to follow you on twitter or check out your website. Where can we pointed to sure that at Beni Gok at twitter your an-and telegram field three thirty pm me and a website liquid APPs? I O amazing all right everybody nobody we will see you in just a couple days We got some more exciting episodes coming out for you Take care everybody inventing thanks for joining us

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Iran linked to DNS hijacking campaign. Smart doorbells not smart enough about security. Fuze cards are convenient for crooks, too. Huawei espionage arrest in Poland. Russian sympathy for NSA.

The CyberWire

22:04 min | 2 years ago

Iran linked to DNS hijacking campaign. Smart doorbells not smart enough about security. Fuze cards are convenient for crooks, too. Huawei espionage arrest in Poland. Russian sympathy for NSA.

"Fireeye calls out Arana with moderate confidence for a long running DNS hijacking campaign smart doorbells may not be smart enough for their users comfort. If reports video-sharing are to be credited. Crooks are finding fused cards as handy as consumers do Holand makes two arrests in an espionage case linked to Weiwei and the Russian media are happy to offer sympathy for NSA for some alleged security lapses at fort Meade. And now a word from our sponsor extra hop the enterprise, cyber analytics company, delivering security from the inside out as your organization continues to expand outside the data center to the cloud branch office and device edge, your attack surface opens up to more and more risk with major breaches. Announce nearly every day security operations teams need a better way to identify vulnerabilities and hunt threats inside the perimeter. Extra hop cuts through the noise of traditional security alerts with network traffic analysis that provides full EastWest visibility time threat detection from core to cloud and guided investigation workflows all the clarity and context you need to act quickly and with confidence. Don't take our word for it. Explore. The interactive demo at extra hop dot com slash cyber. That's extra hop dot com slash cyber. And we thank extra for sponsoring are. Show. From the cyber wire studios data tribe. I'm Dave bittner with your cyber wire summary for Friday, January eleventh twenty nineteen researchers at security firm fire is Mandy and division are connecting along running DNS hijacking campaign. That's affected enterprises worldwide, many of them, private sector infrastructure companies and Middle Eastern governments to Iran, according to security week, the attribution is tentative and as usual, circumstantial and fire. I notes that there may be more than one threat group at work. But their report concludes with moderate confidence that the operation is quote conducted by persons based in Iran, and that the activity aligns with Irani in government interests, and quote, it's worth noting that moderate confidence is based on a P addresses an alignment with government policy. It's enough to Q further investigation and to inform defensive measures fire. I says they've. Scene. Three ways. The attackers have worked in the first the attackers create a let's in crypt certificate and change. The a record FireEye points out that Cisco Talos researchers have earlier reported the same approach a second tactic involves altering the DNS NS record. And the third method uses DNS redirection, the attackers aren't likely to go away anytime soon, if they are as fire I maintains operating under the sponsorship and direction of the Iranian government, then Ronnie and cyber operators are showing continuing growth and sophistication and effectiveness. Alexa. Could you get that? Unless you know, someone circulating a petition to save the leprechauns or something like that. Amazon's ring smart, doorbell and security system seems to involve more natural intelligence than users might have expected. The intercept reports that video feeds from rings home cameras are being watched analyzed and possibly shared by human, watch standards and the company executives in mostly Ukrainian developer shops. Ring told tech crunch that this mischaracterizes what happened and that ring only uses less private neighborhood, watch video for training purposes and tech crunch does observe that ring seems to have grown more security conscious since its acquisition by Amazon. However, the story develops it. Again, suggests the backwards striking potential of network security devices Krebs on security passes on a warning from the US secret, service street hood. Who use stolen credit cards are turning to fuse cards as a convenient way of holding a large number of cards on a single well card the fuse card, which seems like a nice convenient and entirely legitimate idea is a storage device the size and shape of credit card on which the user can load multiple cards on a single fuse. There are no numbers printed on the card itself, which should alleviate worries about shoulder surfing capturing numbers with a phone camera. And so on unfortunately, crooks have also figuring out the advantages, you look spacious if you're shuffling through a bunch of stolen cards at a terminal with fused card. It's easier to look legit. Polish. Authorities have made two arrests in an espionage case linked to wa away. The Wall Street Journal reports that the suspects who haven't been publicly identified our wall weighs sales director for Poland. A Chinese national and a former deputy head of IT security for Poland's internal security agency, a polish citizen while polish authorities haven't named the wall way executive they've arrested. The state media have said, he's washing Wong. Who's known by his colleagues associates and customers in Poland as Stanislaw Wong. One informant. Told the journal, quote, he was a really well known Chinese guy in Poland and was always around in quote sounding more like a Damon Runyon character than he probably intended. Anyway, this well known guy this STAN Wong who was always around is said to be a graduate of a Chinese intelligence school and to have served in that country's consulate in the port city of Dansk. The police also made a search of both the Chinese Nash. Channels home and the local while way offices. They are said to have seized documents and electronic data thought relevant to the case. Both men have entered a plea of not guilty. The espionage charges could bring a sentence of up to ten years. The cases significant in that it's a spying beef the Weiwei CFO arrested in Vancouver on a US complaint is being held on suspicion of aiding sanctions not so with the arrest in Poland this directly concerns, espionage and one of the things while way has offered in its defense as it faces suspicion of being a security risk is that none of its people are being charged with espionage. That's now no longer true. Those interested in the Russian media's take on Kosinski is role in the Hal Martin case may consult RT and Sputnik. Mr Martin, you will recall is the former NSA contractor arrested in two thousand sixteen on charges of mishandling and misappropriating classified information, the executive summary Moscow 's press is looking at the whole affair with understandable shot and Freud an essay security is sorry, not what's to be expected from a world class intelligence service. And fort Meade owes Kasparov ski it's thanks and maybe bend apology. The concern for NSA's professional standards is touching even if somewhat tongue in cheek, but it's a legitimate observation. How do you let terabytes of secret material walkout of secure facility? Perhaps some explanation will be forthcoming should Mr Martin enter the guilty plea. The government expects later this month. Details of the allocution could be instructive. Now a moment to tell you about our sponsor Attila security attacks on the US defense industrial base supply chain otherwise known as dibs. He's one of the most pervasive cyber threats facing our nation today, dibs are vulnerable for a variety of reasons ranging from legacy software and systems and a corporate culture that values operations over IT security, cybercriminals exploit these weaknesses and target their attacks on dibs in order to gain access to government networks. Attila security is tackling. This threat had on a Tila securities, go silent technology features a portable security appliance that installs in minutes by any nontechnical user, go silent is a firewall and VPN in one and turns unsecured data transmissions into top secret level security communications in just minutes. Attila securities products and solutions in. Able organizations to keep data secure while avoiding disruptions to daily operations to learn more about how Attila secures the dip supply chain. Visit Attila SEK dot com. That's spelled ATT. I L A S E C dot com. And we thank Tila for sponsoring our show. And joining me once again is Craig Williams. He's the director of Talos outreach at Cisco. Chris great to have you back. Your team has been working on an attack that you. Call Persian stalker. And we want to dig into that today. Give us the background here. What are you all looking at? Well, Persian stalkers probably one of the longest done in a while actually got a hard time for my coworkers. Putting out at thirty five page blog goes, but but one of the things that I thought was so interesting about this was the fact that it targeted secure messaging apps, if you think back to some of the research we've done prior in the year. You may remember when we did the research in Iowa devices, we saw people that are subject these same type of apps, and you know, pilfering out the contents of what we're thought to be secure messaging. And so when we saw something similar again being exploited in the wild yet through a different means in naturally shot to the top remind. And so what's going on here? What are they doing and who are they targeting? Well, it looks like they're targeting the people in Iran in their basically, you know, spying on them. I it's it's one of the cases of the government trying to find ways to monitor the people. That's our current moderate confidence guests I'd say and to do that they have a number of ways of actually getting apps onto the phone and looking at those were thought to be encrypted communications is this a case where they're taking a legitimate app and replacing it with version that's been modified in some cases. Yes, you know. I think one of the one of the more interesting things here is that it's a case of state-sponsored actors, basically deploying surveillance mechanisms right? And there are several described in the paper, you know, specific ones around telegram, Instagram, even things like manipulating BGP to actually, you know, modify the way that traffic is routed in the country. It's a lot of interesting things. It's a lot of insidious ways to monitor the population. And. I think this is the type of thing we're going to see more of right? This type of software these type of techniques they're not gonna go away. We're going to continue to see them. And I think that's why it's so important that we document these. So that users can be aware that not only is it happening. But no to look for. So that they can tell if it's happening to them. Yeah. It seems to me like if nothing else it also injects a certain amount of uncertainty into the mix of people who are relying on these sorts of apps to not be one hundred percent sure that they're safe. Well, and especially if you happen to unfortunately being a country that's tended to ban the apps, right? And a lot of those cases people can't turn to leg the trusted Google app. Store writer the trusted apple app store and download the zaps because they've been banned. And as a result they're forced to use. You know, let's call it gray area abs- stores where the software may or may not be legitimate. And even if it appears to be legitimate may be tampered with to allow people to monitor your communications. Yeah. The research is on the Talos website, and it's called Persian Stocker. So check it out Craig Williams. Thanks for joining us. Ain't you? Now, I'd like to share some words about our sponsor silence. Hey, I stands for artificial intelligence, of course. But nowadays, it also means all image or anthropomorphized incredibly. There's a serious reality under the hype. But it can be difficult to see through to it. As the experts at silence will tell you a isn't a self-aware Skynet ready to send in the Terminator's. It's a tool that trains on data to develop useful algorithms, and like all tools, it can be used for good or evil if you'd like to learn more about how AI is being weaponized, and what you can do about it. Visit threat vector dot silence dot com and check out their report security using AI for evil. That's threat. Becker dot silence dot com. We're happy to say that their products. Protect our systems here at the cyber wire. And we thank silence for sponsoring our show. My guest today is rod Jeeves, Dollah Kia. He's VP products and business development at knock knock labs company focused on making authentication simple, strong and scalable in modern computing environments, our conversation focused on biometric authentication, especially the emerging field of behavioral biometrics, obviously by metric measures have been with us for for a long time. You know, the used thumbprints on paper, for example for a for a long time to try and match people up of presented themselves. And then with the advent of the iphone biometrics started to flow into mobile devices, and the iphone Dutch ide- was was one of the first widespread where you could use biometric initially to unlock your phone interviews ING been for example, in by the obviously I should say that mobile biometrics have been a huge hit. Hit if you ever use the device that has one of these capabilities, whether it's it's a face or a finger or hopefully, someday voice cetera. You never gonna go back to a device without that comedians because it is just so natural. And it's not something that taxes you cognitively. And this is what users like, and if you can build in the right security behind it which people like, apple and Samsung in the fight reliance have done than you have high assurance that this is going to spec your privacy that is going to be secure and that you're going to be protected from what be called scalable attacks. This tarred may of biometrics has to do with behavior. One of the nineteen about the mobile device is that it comes with the law sensors that backed into the device of that GPS sensor data scope or other kinds of things that indicate angle temperature. Sensing does lots of interesting sensors that phone. The useful idea of different purposes, as it comes out that you can use software to monitor these various sensors and try to create a Basel pitcher off the person that is supposedly using the device in this composite example, the gate that you David someone that holds the phone at a certain angle fairly consistently that you're typing speed is something predictable that you tend to make the the same kinds of mistakes know, it as things when when you die that notations are basically within the GIO fence if you will. So it's it's the collection of all of these different signals that together create this this probabilistic view that it's probably David s that's holding the phone in the as new wave is guard. Behavioral biometrics and their syllabi early days of this technology today difficultly these behavior by metrics of not used as the primary mode of indication. So a good way to think about the user journey is that Rennie when you want to onboard someone for the very first time than at that point. You have to go through a briefing process them. So David has to has proved to a Bank that he's David by were two of whatever the Bank has set up as identity proofing process. Whether that's government ide-, whether that sobbing, president person presenting may be, you know, a utility Bill and a driver's license or bass border, but certificate identity proofing is a whole a competence in itself. So once you've proved someone than difficult you hand, the credential of some kind whether that credential is a boss word, a Dokan of some kind. The usage of biometrics phone, but you've norlander us like touch ID enrolling a user and giving them that credential. You basically tell them please present this credential to me when you wish to access my services, and that is difficult card authentication once he was educated. Someone you start a session with them in for reasons of convenience sometimes or dignity because the old ways of doing vindication of the non biometric ways of ventilation were kind of clumsy like boss words, or or fiddly tokens that you carry around with you like ok p tokens you wanted to try and maintain long lived sessions without having to go back in the user the brew award again. And so in this a strong session management live difficulty used a what I've called this signals in order to figure out whether it's the same person still or has something changed than. It's in that session management that things like behavioral biometrics spin best. And then ran for somebody's in the collection of your risk. Can you'll be able biometrics which argue are are simply a part of this management spectrum indicate that maybe the USA changed or something that match or or something about the sensors is indicating that something's off than you can go back, and you can say, hey, would you please FIFA figure would you please present your boss for your token, or whatever it is that you originally indicated with and so that is what we think that I'd scope for for behavior. Biometrics is it's an augmentation to the primary authentication and proofing that has already been done. So it's not a substitute approving or for for eventing. But once you someone unauthenticated someone if you want to maintain a long lived session with with lower risk. Than by behaving biometrics, maybe something for you to consider. And is there any data? That's been gathered on the effect of the effectiveness of this in terms of do the users like it, and is it helping with the security. Well, that's a great question. So so I think the the these very video early days, obviously that our vendor propriety claims about defectiveness of this technology that are no objective standards. So so he, you know, even even for both for basic biometrics like mobile biometrics now that are established standards that measure the efficacy of the biometric sensor on your phone like the fingerprint sensor or the facial recognition. And that is available studied they practice about how you would attack these systems, how you defend them, what kind of attacks possible, etc. In video lead as of by metrics sort sort of an unproven that knowledge. So that a lot of lot of vendor claims about the relative effectiveness of this. But a lot of the effectiveness may be coming from from things like device idea other than from from the behavioral techniques themselves, however behaving techniques of any promising, and I suspect that over the next decade, you know, people like NIST and others start take a hard look at what the actually activeness of the behavioral techniques happens to be in in how you would start to incorporate them in a more consistent way. Inside the to me. These things are by themselves in isolation never replacements for for each other. You need to use these techniques. All coupled together, so strong proofing strong authentication strong risk signals and then things like behavior by metrics to augment those risk assessments. If you feel like you mean, nearly long-lived sessions with the user that's Raji Dollah Kia from knock knock labs. And that's the cyber wire. Thanks to all of our sponsors for making the cyber wire possible. Especially are supporting sponsor observe it. The leading insider threat management platform. Learn more at observe it dot com. The cyber wire podcast is proudly produced in Maryland out of the startup studios of data tribe with their co building the next generation of cyber security teams. And technology are cyber wire editor is John Patrick social media editor Jennifer Ivan technical editor, Chris Russell executive editor Peter Kilby, and I'm Dave bittner. Thanks for listening.

USA Iran Poland Attila AI NSA Weiwei CFO Cisco Dave bittner David s Craig Williams Chris Russell executive apple Ring Amazon fort Meade editor Stanislaw Wong
NNJ 128 Corona ASMR

Ninja News Japan

26:23 min | 4 months ago

NNJ 128 Corona ASMR

"July fifth. Is Bikini Day in Japan. Most of these sort of. NON official celebratory events. Have a reason that is some sort of play on words. In this case July fifth. Doesn't seem to actually have one of those, so it actually has no reason to exist. I looked into it. A bit I mean Bhai bid I mean about ten minutes once. I didn't find anything in ten minutes I decided that this was not worth my time. The only thing I could come up with or the only thing the internet could come up with for me. Was that July fifth is sort of the beginning of the season in Japan? The beginning of when you can start wearing a bikini to the beach. The thing is these this year. That since July fifth basically rained every day we've hit rainy season so I would also need to check if rainy season and consistent I know what happens around, July. And it sucks if you live in Japan right now. It's hot and then it rains, and it's hot and humid. And sometimes it's hot and humid while it rains. And I being Canadian, who grew up with it's hot, and then it rains, and it immediately cools down. I still now after living in Japan for like twenty years can't get that out of my head that this is not natural that after it rains, it cools off, so I kind of look forward to that, and then it doesn't then I'm like God I live in Japan. anyways on the Internet if you search for Bikini Day, you'll find various websites. Posting lots of pictures usually from twitter. Of Japanese girls, wearing bikinis on Bikini Day on July fifth lot of models and things like that will post a bikini picture. This is a public service announcement. If that's what you're into. You have to wait till next year. Now I mean it's not like you couldn't find Bikini pictures on other days. It's just if you are. That Lazy. You could wait until next year until July fifth and then press a button on twitter search. Bikini Dan. You'll get lots of results. Like fresh ones I don't know I. Guess they probably don't take a picture for Bikini Day. They probably just grab an old bikini picture and post it a lot easier. That's what I would do. I would be. A Lazy. Model. So I would want all the adulation I would want all the people going who he's so beautiful in his bikini. I would want all that and I would want all the money associated with it like people sending me. I would make an only fans and I. Put my button the camera for money. then. But I'm also lazy. And Lazy can be efficient, but it also could be dishonest, so that's something you've got to be aware of. I think I wouldn't be a great bikini model. Not? It's not physical. Let's make that clear as I. Physically! If this was my job, I would put a little more effort into it and I would probably be able to pull it off all right. I mean I don't think I. Have Bikini Body Right now, but I wouldn't be ashamed to take off my shirt. So we have a Bevy of? Corona by stories. Because, it's not gone. Over the last week Japan hit, or Tokyo specifically hit two hundred cases a day for four days, and that's up from for a little while it was down into the double digits. Maybe even they got down to ten a day for a few days. It was really low, and it looked like it was just y'all a little bit more. It'll go away and then it started going up. And last week reported. that. Out of two hundred and some cases eighty three were young men who had all gone out. There's actually a theater. Put on a show in thirty cases came from that, so it's someone in the audience. Maybe had Co.. It was all traced back to this one show. There's actors and actresses have it audience members have it so I was actually think you like what was more likely someone in the audience like? An coughed into the audience and they got it. And then someone went backstage and spread it to the the actors or someone on stage had it. Maybe during or would just talking and shot into the audience. Not like one options better than the other. It just became an interesting thing of sort of physics in what would be more likely. But now we're getting lots of Kovic Stories again and. I was I got several messages that my tone changed near the sort of end of the peak. I DIDN'T WANNA. Talk about corona anymore. But we have a lot of random ones and that's. Okay I'm just sort of reality we have to deal with, and maybe I'm just gonNA. Get more comfortable with it over time. So it's two hundred cases a day for four days. It's down to one hundred nineteen, so it's actually started going down. The last report I read was probably a day or two old now, so maybe a yesterday or the day before they had one hundred nineteen cases in Tokyo, and they keep measuring Tokyo. It's not the whole country because Tokyo is of course going to be epicenter. They do on occasion. Put on the news like a full map of Japan. How many cases are in each prefecture and the one I live in in the one I work in both zero now I'm still taking all the precautions. Zero doesn't mean there are no cases are no reported cases or no cases they've actually found. So I still wear my mask I. IF I hold onto a bar on the train I wash my hands as soon as I get off and I use the hand sanitizer, because that's not you know that's not scarce anymore. An interesting thing that's happening Shinjuku. In Tokyo and Shinjuku. If you get corona virus. And you live in Shinjuku. The government local government will give you one hundred thousand yen, and they're calling it condolence money. The weird thing is in Shinjuku. They have more cases and less residence than elsewhere in Japan. So basically you have a smaller population that seems to have more cases of corona virus than anywhere else, and the government's like Oh that's so sad. Let's give them some money. The reason that this has become sort of the new epicenter. Is for exactly the same reason is those young men were getting. It is that this is where all the bars and hostess bars and nightlife is in Japan. So they're thinking anyone who lives in that area. Other people are coming there who have corona virus and bring it to this place and sort of leave behind his leave, and then it stays in this area. But. Other residents of Tokyo are complaining saying it's not fair, and it's weird that you're giving a place where they seem to be getting more coronavirus than anyone else one hundred thousand, and then not giving it to anyone else. As for. Suspicious spikes and weird things. Okinawa has some American military base and we all know America's still going crazy. They still have more cases than anyone else. It still basically peak pandemic and yet they seem to be acting like it's not. That's an interesting. Side Note. Because it's a military base full of American soldiers. The actual numbers are sort of classified, so they're not allowed to say like. The whole base has been decimated by corona virus. Because that would essentially say oh, you know potential terrorists or threats were not protected right now. Everyone's in bed with krona virus news articles have stated dozens of cases. A large number of cases, so they can't be specific, so that's the information they're getting. From people in the area, and like sorta leaks that have gone out there estimating up to sixty cases now this matches Tokyo for the same day that that newspaper article went out. So one military base. Matched the city of Tokyo for the number of cases. then. It was reported that they were thirty two cases up the next day, so I don't know why they gave you that one because they said we have an undetermined number, but plus thirty two the next day, and that puts them over ninety, which actually means this one base in Okinawa ended up having more cases than Tokyo in the same day. America. You know they're really killing it with Corona, and they've imbued that upon their soldiers, so whatever the soldiers are doing. They're not being safe about I bet. The soldiers aren't wearing masks. I bet they're not being forced to wash their hands and Hanson hand sanitizer all the time. And if you know the image holds. Like these are sort of more conservative people, there sort of trump followers, and they believe what trump says. They are less likely to protect themselves. And that would explain why. Corona virus is now decimating this Okinawan base. The weird side note is people in Okinawa. They hate these military bases. They don't want them there. They think it sort of makes them a target. I think it brings war to essentially trying to be a peaceful area. So I. Don't know if they're happy about it I. Think what they're worried about. IS PEOPLE COMING OFF BASE AND SPREADING CORONA VIRUS? Because if they have that many cases, it's obviously they're not taking care of themselves if they're not taking care of themselves, they're not going to be worried about other people. Further Corona Virus News. I can't get away from it. That's actually been all the news this week. So honestly it is odd facts about corona virus sort of things that are happening because of it. you will remember I. Think was last. I think it was two weeks ago. I talked about I installed. Coca, which is an APP contact tracing out for Japan and it had problems when it was first released because it wasn't doing his job. And the point is, people have downloaded and use it. and the majority of people's asked me like sixty percent seventy percent, maybe seventy five percent for it to be actually effective. Promise the APP doesn't work. So it's been. It's been suspended again. There was a bug with the input information. So. If I get corona buyers, I can track the disease. I'm given a number. I'm supposed to put that number into the APP and then. That number would then register with anyone who's had contact with me, but it's that number is separate from everything else, so it's the ideas that keep my personal information private, but then people who've been in contact with me. You can then take care of themselves and get themselves checked. It apparently does not recognize that number, so no alert ever went out so even if I got corona virus, and I followed all the steps, and I put in my number. no-one be alerted. Because didn't actually recognize the input so. This is garbage now. I downloaded it and I tried to get other people to download it because you know the whole point is a majority of people have to have it, but even if you downloaded apparently doesn't do anything so. At that point who cares? There were only six point eight million downloads, and again in the country, one hundred thirty two million people. That's not that many. There's a motorcycle going outside. The kid next door. All Right! He got a new motorcycle awhile ago. He's very excited about it. He will spend time just revving the engine. He just wants to hear that sweet noise of the motorcycle. Okay call me ninety nine. Comma cat is a big collection. I only ever looked at it on the Internet for pictures of girls and costly. Being very honest about that is the only bit that interest me, but what? It really is a selling comics, I would make comics at home and I would sell them. My original comics rip comics, and there was kind of like a. it's kind of like a blind eye. If you sell your rip-off comic, so let's say I'm the creative Nado toe and you create your. Ship, comic and you sell it at copycat. There is actually very good chance I won't say anything or I will come after you legally because it's kind of understood, that says what happens there in his for young artists, new artists to get their workout, and you know where you can buy really weird creepy stuff. It is also where you can buy really good stuff, and there's a lot of girls wearing not very much closed because their cost playing girls who don't wear a lot of close. Not that that's the part you should focus on. Comic Ninety nine has been of course canceled. And it will be. They're going to wait until golden week twenty twenty one. That's next May. And that's when they're going to have it. They're going to have a virtual version, but again the virtual version. No one really knows what that means, and you can't sell physical copies. The whole point is I could go there by physical copy of comic and take it home and actually read it. It's not going to be the same selling that over the Internet. So that's going to be hard for people who actually do make some money off, comment. Scary result of Corona virus and the whole lockdown and people being scared and quite reasonably I'm not actually saying this is a wrong idea. It's just a scary consequence. People have been not vaccinating their kids because the coronavirus. It's not because of coronavirus because they're like. I don't WanNa. Take my kid to a clinic or other sick people who might have corona virus, and then we all get corona virus. This the last couple of months. Since. Vaccination is mandatory in Japan. You actually have to legally. You have to vaccinate your kids. You can't not vaccinate your kids. Because their fear of infection, thirty three percent of the people didn't vaccinate now. That's not to say. They're opposed to vaccination facts, most Japanese people because it's a legal requirement because it's a sort of a normal thing, they don't even think about it. You just vaccinate your kids. This is an interesting case for anti vaccines because they say it causes autism. Causes all these kinds of problems. If that were true, you would have a significant spike of autism and things like that in Japan compared to America, which is not the case. they do have more cases of autism compared to previous sort of generations, but that's because of diagnosis so now dislike corona virus. If you test for it, and you know what to test for, you get more results. So. That's why the number of autism cases has been going up in years. Because now they can recognize autism better so if you ever meet an anti vaccine taxis. Japan is a case study. Ninety, nine, maybe even one hundred percent of the people here, certainly anyone born here has been vaccinated and check the cases of autism. Seventeen percent of the thirty three percent have already rebooked, so it's not that there were refusing to vaccinate. They're just like I'm going to wait. Until everything calms down and sixteen percent are still waiting until basically coronavirus goes away. The scary bit is those diseases that you vaccinate four. The come back because I know. An anti vaccines took hold in America. You saw a resurgence of diseases that were essentially gone like measles and stuff They came back. So that's terrifying. The total side issue in Mongolia there was a couple that eight deliver of some author or something that they caught, and they got the black plague, so that could come back, and that was last year, but it's actually happened more than once in Mongolia since then so. Some most look forward to I, guess. I don't know. The Olympics also heavily affected by Corona virus have started issuing refunds over the delay, so if you bought tickets to the Olympics you can get your money back now. Those. Tickets will still be good if you hold onto them. You can still go to the Olympics when they happen. Should, they happen. That's actually the thing. But if you hold on your ticket, it's still good. It's not going to get canceled or change. You have to buy it again. Just have to keep your ticket and you'll be able to go to the event. The schedule is staying. Basically, the same is because it's x amount of months later. That's GONNA. Make it very difficult for people who were traveling to Japan. To actually travel so if that's the situation, you can get your money back so at least no one's getting ripped off. Actually kind of was happy about that. What? I was actually kind of happy about that. Four point four eight million tickets were sold for the Olympics. And Eighty percents of the venues they were going to use. Have Been Re secured so. One of the stories did a couple weeks ago. Maybe even a month ago was how all the venues and stuff with the Olympics like those are all contracts, and all those contracts expires. If they wanted to Redo the Olympics, they had to renegotiate all those contracts pretty much. All of it has already been secured again. I think those venues want the Olympics as much as the Olympics WanNa. Go there so I don't. For I don't think it would be that big a deal, but still there's twenty percent, and maybe the problem is. They already had other stuff booked that they're still going to go through with. And the government in Japan, he's making an interesting decision by promoting travel. We missed cherry blossom season. And we missed golden week because of Krona virus so golden week is a week long holiday. It's a bunch of national holidays, but people get the whole week off in general, and it is one of the prime time travel I usually don't travel them because the roads are congested, it's so busy. It's just not fun and every tourist places full. This is led to a promotional campaign. Let me saying. Let's travel in Japan. Let's revisit Japan. Let's get to know Japan because one of the things they're saying is that domestic travel is going to reinvigorate the economy? But the people who live in these areas don't want people traveling there, so there are a couple of places, is co people have been interviewed line? And what they said was look my prefecture. My town had zero corona virus cases. We don't want people from Tokyo bringing it here now. So it's a nice idea to travel and stuff, but at the end of the day. Krona virus is still a thing, and if people start traveling so I, get on the on the train. I have grown virus is spread it to everyone in the car of the train, and then we all get off into this town. We all spread out. Yeah, you're looking at like a new of corona virus. Is One of the arguments again. America's opening up states and stuff not having quarantine. There's also a campaign for fifty percents off Shinkansen Tickets Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. I mean that would be nice again if you want to travel, but. You honestly probably should not travel. Until the coronavirus is a thing of the past. But there may be a solution. So I mentioned a supercomputer. Japan now has the fastest supercomputer in the world. And they said this is the computer to solve this problem, so it said. How do we stop the corona virus spreading and they were talking about train specifically. In, the supercomputer said you have to open. The windows have less people on the train. And this will increase. Ventilation. So you can't have too many people on the train because that actually blocks the air moving around, but without ventilation it means you actually have less problems. If you, open the windows and have fifty percent people in the car on the train. That will be two to three times more ventilation. And that will help stop transmission. Duh. I. Mean honestly if you said Hey Peter. We're going to give you the same amount of money. We paid for the electricity for this stupid machine. How would you stop the virus on a train? I would say put less people on the train and opened the windows. Yeah. We know that the problem is in the rain. You can't open the windows because we actually just had a couple of really heavy rain days. If you open the windows, you wouldn't be able to stand anywhere close to the windows, or you could just get wet. That is an option. and the idea of packing people in the train is great, except that's the problem is the whole point of the trains and Japan is. They're packed full of people. It's one of these efficient systems. It's no one likes it. I hate being packed on trade just like anyone else, but that's just the reality so way to go supercomputer. You came up with an answer. That's not gonNA work. Let's get into some not corona virus news I did try to find as much non corona virus stuff. Is I could? There was a girl standing on the street. She's sixteen years old I'm GonNa assume she's cute. Man Walks up and grabs, but and she was waiting for a mom or mom comes up, and the girl says that do gramma, but the mom. Grabs, the Guy Ts twenty five year old office worker. and. She holds him there until the police arrive. So I don't know of this. Mom was particularly hard core and strong, or this guy was particularly weak, but either way this did not work out for that guy, and it's weirdly satisfying to have a mom. Just take down at twenty five year old, Dude. A former host decided that since his day job or his night job had been devastated by coronavirus. No one was coming to the club anymore that he he's GonNa Start Committing fraud. So he went to an Old Lady's House and he pretended to be a member of a guarantor association, and there's one is in her eighties. and. He got her Bancard, and then he went to the bank and withdrew. Two million. The woman immediately after he left called the police, so she actually let the fraud happen so that he could actually be arrested for a crime. Because you're saying this guy's impersonating a Garin tour and might be a lesser crime. The best part of the story that was reasoning was. She called the police and said he has strange hair for such an association. So he still had his host club hair which again if you don't come from Japan live Japan have never been in Japan and it's a hard thing to imagine you just have to imagine large. Forward facing spiky hair with tons of product in it. which does give off a very very specific image? Which? Someone from a guarantors association probably would not have so the woman was was dead on. She's eighty years old and she's like that guy with that hair does not work for a guarantors association. I'M GONNA. Let them rip me off and call the cops and get this taken care of, and she did so that satisfying. Survey since got to have a little survey and every now and then. Twenty to thirty year, old Japanese people sleep eight hours a day, which is forty five fifty minutes longer than ten years. They're saying that men from twenty to thirty four sleeping seven hours and fifty five minutes a night, which is up from two thousand five, which was seven hours and eleven minutes women. Are Sleeping seven hours and fifty nine minutes a night, which is up from seven hours and nineteen minutes, so women on average sleeping four to five minutes longer than men in Japan if they're in their twenties thirties. They're saying that this is because people are more likely to stay home. They're enjoying activities at home. And the saying a lot of people fall asleep while playing with their smartphone so either on their phone, and then they fall asleep because they're already in bed. I don't know if that's good or bad like I've heard all this stuff about you know smartphones before bed or bad, and you don't sleep as well, but if people are getting like an hour, more sleep. That can't be too bad, right? But talking about sleep. S Morris. Something that I do not understand. But there are four videos online. I will post the links. People are really desperate for them. And it's sort of a drama of girls going to bed with you and you can listen to this as you fall. Off To sleep so the one you're gonNA listen to. This is part of a clip. Thirty minutes long. and. This would not help me sleep the. anime voice to me is not conducive to sleep. It's I know it's supposed to sickly sweet, and it's high pitch for me. It's grading is too much if I was not fully awake, and you know one hundred percent capable in my willpower. I would not be able to handle this, so if I was going to sleep, I would lose my mind so I'm just GONNA. Play a couple clips for you of that. Income? KUNA. June be take you must. Be No. He's Optimal mud must. Dokan, who the? Go, online, this. Being done Mondays. Oakland all. Know who? This data. Chemo deal now goes on. Kinshasa NI-. Got All. Night dip us. I. Know if you found that relaxing if you found that something that would help you sleep at night. I for a very small fee. We'll do my own version of that. Because I assumed my voice can't be any worse. Lever text to a voice, question or comment at Voice Link Dot FM Slash Veloce podcast. Click the link in the show description. You can tweet questions or comments. Edna News Japan or join the facebook group. On facebook such an engineer's Japan sexy out Hamas. Think it was. Six my chair. I think it was. It's legally you cannot vaccinate your kids. Legal you cannot. Okay, so you're? You're creepy on I'll save that one for last.

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Fernando Martinelli: Balancer  The Automated Market Maker Protocol for Programmable Liquidity


1:33:17 hr | 4 months ago

Fernando Martinelli: Balancer The Automated Market Maker Protocol for Programmable Liquidity

"This is epicenter episode three fifty with guest, Fernando Martinelli? I am statistic with you and you're listening to epicenter the podcast where we interview crypto founders builders and thought leaders on this show we dive to learn how things work at a technical level, and we fly high to understand visionary concepts and long term trends. If you like epicenter, the best way to support us is to leave a review on apple podcasts. If you're on a MAC or vice, the easiest way to do that is to go. Epicenter dot rocks slash Apple. Today. Our guest is Fernando Martinelli. He's the CO founder and CEO of Balancer laps. Balancer is a generalized automated market maker Protocol, or am it allows anyone to place liquidity into a pool and put it to use on one side. We have liquidity providers who generally seek to balance their holdings, and they can do that by placing it in an Amazon protocol like balancer. They'll get rewarded with trading fees, and on the other side. We have traders just looking for the best rate possible. One Way to look at balancer is generalization of swap. However, balance pools aren't restricted to the same twenty twenty split between two tokens. A bouncer pool can support up to eight tokens with any distribution for example one could create a pool with seventy percent wrapped eath, twenty percent die and ten percents, link and balanced are uses smart order routing which ensures trades get sent to the pools which provide the best rate possible so essentially balance pools can be seen as a sort of self balancing index fund, which pays you for contributing liquidity to the platform. So the inner workings of Bouncer quite complex, so thankfully we have mayor and sunny on this one to break things down and help us get a better understanding of how to protocol works, and also the token economics which allow it to function, and the governance of the protocol enabled by Bell Tokens. This week. The interview debrief is free for all subscribers, and for everyone to hear and sunny and mirror go on for an extra fifteen minutes, and they talk about token economics and the business model of balancer. If you like the interview debrief, you want to check out epicenter premium to get these every week. As a premium subscriber, you'll get access to a private RSS. RSS Feed where you can hear the debrief after every episode, you'll also get enhanced features like episode transcripts and interview chapters allow you to easily skip to specific sections of the interview. You'll also get access to round table discussions and bonus content that we put out from time to time, and you can sign up for Epson premium at premium dot epicentre dot TV. And with that! Here's our interview with Fernando Martinelli. So today. We have on with US Nando. Martinelli who is the CEO of Balancer labs where they are building the balancer protocol. It's great to have you on Fernando. Gravy here. Thanks for inviting me guys. Yeah so me, and my here been following the balancer work for a long time I think we here was very interested. In sort of like multi-asset pools, I've also been really interested for a while in just like you know more advanced parameters, ation of swap, or am M's 'cause like I have this giant blog post I rode a couple months ago. where I'm like. Oh I. WanNa prammer tries. And, then someone's like. Oh, you should go check. Our is doing and it's like Oh. Wow, this is really cool. Yeah, happy to finally be able to chat with you about this stuff, so he goes a little bit about your background and how you got into Crypto in the first place. What were you working on before balancer anything? So I'm a mechanics engineer and I did a master's in robotics. IMAGE-PROCESSING I also did an NBA at the Sorbonne University in Paris worked for Bain Company as a strategy consultant in Germany. I actually created a few startups already in the past, I started very young when I was fourteen, I created this cybercafe that was very very successful, because it was the time where people were addicted to counter strike and I was myself, too. I figured I should create the my own cybercafe. I went to Europe and asked her. I worked for Bain. Company I created this company that allows people to prepare for interviews called Pret- Lounge. Got Back to Brazil and created an energy drink company like quite different, and how I got involved with Krypton First Place was late twenty twelve. I got introduced to it by friend at first just like dismissed it completely like this is a Ponzi scheme. You're only going to buy this thing if you believe that otters will buy it, and the value will grow, just because like people are buying into it then seven time I looked at it early twenty thirteen. It really struck me like how revolutionary this and I kept kind of a paying close attention. CERIUM came out it really. Really like kind of caught my attention because I think that bitcoins vary is great for like obey, SOM- money layer, but if you has this flexibility that allows you to create the financial system instead of a coin right I was very excited with stable coins. That was something that I really believe we need to get mass adoption since then I still do any theorem allowed that, and that got me like to be participating in the early days of the maker Dot community. This is where I got to meet Rune and Nikolai and all the guys in early, two thousand sixteen. I collaborated a little bit with McDowell doing some research on the control mechanisms for the target rate feedback mechanism that didn't get applied, and now there's like reflects her. That's actually reviving all those control ideas with a mean and Stefan, so yeah, that this kind of an overview of how to here. And, so a lot of the early balancer team is from the Mako community right to like Nikolai and like. Mike McDonald as well, and was there anything in particular like those are problem that you guys faced in like designing maker, and you're like okay I need to go. This balancer is going to be the solution to some problem. We were facing there. Wasn't a problem. We're trying to solve for me. Curt was so bowser started as a research project at blocked science, which is an an engineering research development analytics firm, and that was kind of me alone collaborating with them, and yeah, the reason why balancers started and first place was like this idea of how can keep portfolio. Stable in terms of percentage of value distributed like you WanNa, be positioning trading, and you don't WanNa have to actively go and buy and sell tokens, just because one of them went up by a lot, so you want to have this kind of peace of mind of being passively investing in a basket, and having being automatically rebalanced for you, that was the beginning of everything and yeah. We spent off of block science and created balancer as its own company and I showed this to Nikolai. He was extremely excited because he had this problem I had liberal myself to like. How can I put my tokens provide liquidity with them if Back then only there was only swap and you just like put fifty fifteen Nikolai as being one of the founders. He has a lot more NPR. At least I suppose denise, so it would be great for him to have an eight hundred twenty pool right within Karen Eath, and he really loved the idea. He then joined as our chief, architect and Tech Advisor wrote a lot of the code. Mike McDonald joined as CTO and co-founders while and yeah. This is kind of how we got to here. So, if the original goal was to figure out how to like, do passive portfolio, management, or something more sinister to like set protocol I would say that what pointed a transition to Dan becoming like also liquidity providing. It was a consequence like when you want that to happen, then you need someone to do the training for you right, so the idea is that it's a two sided market where you have like the bright prices in place for people to be incentivize rational players to be incentivized to be doing the trades. You want, so if you're who needs to sell a Furby, you. WanNa. Let people be marginally incentivized to buy. Be Free or your duty the opposite trade it then creates this massive amount of liquidity where like everyone's using this common product, which is balancer, they're all creating pools and adding tokens sedan that creates this massive liquidity debt makes it very easy and gives great conditions for people to train. I'm really curious about the generalization of municipal right. You have UNICEF all. which is this constant product market maker in which there are? Accent why. And it's a pool which is fifty fifty, and then in some ways balanced extends that formula to it introduces autumn's than it introduces exponents in these domes generalization of UNICEF who had been real of generalizing UNICEF Blake that than power did that idea come about? It was me so I came up with that formula back in early twenty eighteen, and since Dan, it was a long process of modeling and simulating things in lots of things that formula that a ha moment came while while sleeping I had like tried dozens and dozens of things and. Written a hundred, maybe pages of a mathematical skirts because one thing is to get that simple and kind of. Small were very simple. Formula Your things to prove that that formula like if you take partial derivatives of two tokens, and you prove that you're gonNA always have the same value in each of the token, so it seems very simple, but it was a lot of time spent. Yeah working on that I also did. During my undergraduate studies, I did advanced mathematics at the university. So that helped quite a bit. Yeah, it was pretty much myself. Maybe, before we dive deeper into the math, or could you maybe give a broad overview of what is balancer? And what does the protocol do? balancers and an am protocal for programmable liquidity, and am there since for automated market making it's a complicated. Nothing, but the protocol trades automatically. That means that balance allows for the creation of flexible liquidity pools that are continuously South rebalanced sort of protocol make sure that those polls are replaced, and that's what we spoke about the nice thing about those polls, and if you look at. It also does that. If you go to contracts that swap has you're going to see that the value in the token value? So if you're talking by yourself, you want you can. You can see the token value is you're going to see that? Those that are almost to say UNICEF Bob always keeps that those pools at fifty fifty percentage distribution of value now allows you to do that with many tokens, not only to. Not only like the same weights, so you can have twenty percent token, twenty percent token and sixty percent token see you can have up to eight tokens, and you can also choose the trading fee that you want your pool to have, and that's fixed also for UNICEF at your point three. So you can think of a bouncer pool as the Knicks Fund where instead of the Elliott LP's paying a fee, forty administrators to manage the fund and sell the tokens that go up, which is what happens in commission finance, it actually pays the LP's for providing liquidity to those funds, so it kind of invert that idea of I'm paying for an INEX- manager to take care of my funds and rebalancing for me. It's actually I'm getting paid for letting people use my liquidity in that INEX- fun to trade so yeah, maybe kind of finalizing the answer you asked about like who are uses what's in. In it for them, there's two types of users. It's a two sided market on the one hand. You have the liquidity providers who are looking to both balance. They're holding, so they don't want to be over exposed to one of the tokens stead they hold, so they wanNA, be selling those tokens as those go up, and the other use case is you're making trading fees right? People cell by cell by your charging a small fee out of each of those traits, so you're accumulating more and more funds, so it's a way in which you can generate some interest or some some trading fee revenue. The other side is you have traders and they want to trade for be. They don't care where that's coming from. They just want to have the best rates or conditions possible going and balancer can use on the liquidity of all depose to offer someone trade. So one way to think of balancer is that balance it takes do different parts of the financial supply gene, all the different parts in the traditional financial supply chain, and it kind of merges them into one on one side. You have the asset management supply chain, which is me. Into Fidelity and then managing the index fund for them. For me and fidelity has like trillions of dollars of asset on its balance sheet, and then on the other side, you have the market makers which operating on a different exchanges. The New York Stock Exchange. All the exchanges and these market makers are people that have the assets are not always willing to court prices on on the asset, so they have used in British pounds and a link to all an exchange between them the nature of a market. Market maker, traditional market make it is that they need access to assets so that they can make the market and the nature of an asset manager is that they have lots of assets which have been sourced from all of the people that own the index token, and normally you know like these two are quite silo. These two functions of finance are done by different entities. One of these entities has affect the other needs asserts, but the twin never meet. Finance But balance serve almost the system whereas smart contract where both these parts of the supply chain exist inside one smart contract, so you have users at one in index supplying assets. And those assets being used to make market and the market maker is the smart contract itself, so it's like it's compressing down the entire financial supply chain into set of smart contracts and allowing for a new kind of efficiency to emerge out because of that compression. I couldn't have done a better job at kind of doing that analogy than you did that. That was a extremely good and I I totally agree with that the idea is that balancer using Ethiopian which is an amazing product, amazing revolution for society it. Spreads the fees that are now going to fidelity to Nasdaq, why AC- to all those regulated entities that has to spend a lot of money, being regulated and paying lots of salaries. This is why you have to be an index fund manager for them to to manage your funds for you. The beautifully theorem in yeah decentralize finances that you don't need anyone for Dad because you have smart contracts controlling that in its stolley trust laws in permission. So yeah, we're just combining those two sides of the market in yes, spreading fees across them, so no one is getting in the middle anymore, and this is not only cheaper for everyone. It's more efficient and faster and has a lot of advantages. So one of the questions I have though here is I understand? Why does well as a trading venue? But when you say as a fund portfolio management, you know when you do portfolio management usually want to rebalance occasionally so full you have like eighty percent bonds, twenty percent stocks, and then suddenly the stocks to access or three acts, and now you have way more stocks, and then at some point you re balance your cell stocks to equal. Equal out for the problem. Is I feel like the portfolio management? The profit works because it happens at like sort of longer intervals where you let the stocks rise for a week, and then you rebalance, but feel the problem with doing it on balancer is the rebalancing is almost like two overeager where it rebounds US too quickly. It's continuous rebalancing, and so you're rebalancing before you even get to realize the profits of the stocks rising so. For that reason is it really act as a good portfolio management tool in that case. That's a great question sunny so actually there is a way to simulate what exactly what you're saying like. Wait for there to be some profit for one of the tokens to go up by a given amount before you start selling that and I wrote an article on that, which is how to use bouncer pools with high fees to simulate swing trading so when you have. Have a high field. Say Ten percent. Your pool is only going to sell, or it's only gonNA. Be Profitable. Also. Let's say you is two hundred dollars. Your pool with a ten percent fee is sally at two hundred and twenty and buying at around one hundred and eighty right, so what happens is the price is stuck until someone traits, and if the external market price. Price goes from two hundred all the way to two hundred and twenty one. That's when someone's going to buy from you. So you're going. Be Sally at two hundred and twenty, and then if the price goes down, and whatever it's between that in that bandwidth, like between one hundred eighty in two, hundred and twenty, you're not selling, nor by because it makes no sense for. For external actress, rational actors to pay more or less than the current market price, so if it falls down to one hundred eighty, and actually you start buying if so, this acts exactly as you say so that the fact that you can customize the fees allows you to choose like what strategy you want. If you WANNA be rebounding very often, that would be zero. Or if you want to rebalance like their sporadically when prices have used variations, that's a higher fee, so you can't control that with the which is pretty cool, right and interesting thought about that because we're uses your wing, three percent on you talk, which is fixed right so that that's why people I think never thought about that, but that's actually pretty powerful Is it possible to make these much more resilient. Where like you know sometimes the fee you want wanted to be higher for some reasons. When maybe there's higher volatility or maybe wanted to be lower when there's lower volatility or how dynamic is are these fees, or is it like you said a fee one time? Okay, we're doing ten percent for this pool on. It stuck there. Great Question I, think in order for me to be able to answer that I'd have to kind of explain a few things real quick. We have two types of balancer pools today in balanced view, one, which are the private pools in the shared pools, so the first one's the private pools are owned by address, and only that address can add liquidity to those fools, and because there's only liquidity from that address that addressed the owner of the book can do whatever they want, so they can do it exactly what you're saying. It can start with a high fee. Add more funds and change weights at new. Tokens. Remove Tokens in decrease the fees. They can do whatever they want because it's their pool. Now, we also have the the equivalent to UNICEF markets, which are share booths, which are immutable, so you cannot change anything, and that's necessary, because other people can put money into that as well so if you allow the creator of that pool to change in Addo a new token, they would be able to just add their token at the one hundred percent of the supply and drain the funds. Everyone else so that's why shared booze have to be immutable. The Nice thing about balancer is that you can have private pool that's controlled and it's actually compose ability on A. It can be controlled by or owned by a contract not by an address. So that's my contract is what we call or that whole kind of structure is what we call Smart Bulls so smart pools are actually private pools at the base layer like they're seen as private schools by protocal, but the owner of those private pools are smart contracts that can be gateways for external liquidity and one of the like the use cases that I think is the coolest like one. One of the close wants is exactly what you said is like imagine a surge pricing, pool or search pricing fee pool when there's a lot of demand for liquidity think Black Thursday. Everyone like is desperate to close their vaults because they're gonNA. Get liquidated. They don't care if they're paying zero point three, five, one or two percent right just need liquidity, so this is one that smart contract the controls and owns that fool says okay. It's high-velocity time I'll just like. Like crank up my face and I'M GONNA make this bull more profitable, and then what that means is that it's like Uber when it's raining like no one wants to drive in. Everyone wants to take the cab. So what happens is the prices. Go Up, so you attract more drivers to the streets, and that's exactly what happens by increasing the fee of that poor. In Times of high volatility, you attract more liquidity providers, and that in turn makes that pull batter for. For traders because the slippage is going to be lower because the more liquid you have, the Lord the slippage, so you actually are matching both sides, supply and demand, which makes that smart pool, a lot more efficient for both sides, so I think that in the future we're gonNA. See a lot more smart than we're working a lot on that. In audit teams as well as opposed to just shampoos that are immutable. We're GONNA. See a lot more of those Marcos. The difficulty. Shared with the public is that a public pool is probably good for trading, but as a portfolio management solution, a public pool is not so good. 'cause like once you set a particular set of assets and certain books and bitches for that assets that thing is kind of frozen forever and garn adapt to changing circumstances. That's not an ideal portfolio for anybody. It is frozen, but you can withdraw your liquidity at any moment, so there's no lock-up period of liquidity, so if you find that basket are like that the fees of that pool are not ideal that you can just move migrate year liquidity to the Pool you like more, and we've been seeing that a lot happening on balance her lately, so pose that we're big at the beginning now, people realize okay. The fee here was not ideal, so let's move to a APU with a higher fee. So even the pool is static. Your liquidity is not you can migrate your liquidity anytime, and we're also working without a teams and inside balancer. To create like those intelligent migrations are my graders. If we attack that there's a better pool for exactly. We're similar distribution or basket that you already have that tool with one click, you can just migrate your your liquidity to a better pool. That's more profitable or whatnot. But it does require active management than. Yes if you're talking about the shared goals, but not if you're talking about as Marple, which is the search for pricing? Those Marcus can also change. The weights can also change the yeah adnew Tokens, and there's a very nice example of our like to give about. A few actually but Rio t is this company that token is is real estate on theory, they are building a smart people that does exactly that they are constantly adding new properties to realty, so instead of like having everyone migrating to a new shared pool with an extra property. What they do is they create smart pool where they are the controllers of the assets that can add new properties. They can remove out properties, and if they have more than age properties. Is Limited to h Tokens today in conversion. Can Do is they can replace a property by a pool of properties so now instead of having just eight properties, you can have different CDs. Each city is actually a pool that contains properties in that city. So you have Florida, Detroit and The Nice thing about that, is that yours mark pool token so actually also smart pools are token is so you own? A part of that's markle that Tolkien does not change, even though the all the properties are being updated and changing the weights, you can use that smart pool like the the moderate token. You can use it as a maker. Dow Collateral because that Tokens. Canonical. It's not GonNa Change, so that's really powerful. Of course you have to trust the guys at Rio t feel ready dressing them to hold those properties on your behalf Lake Tokenism those. You're actually already trusting them anyways. So a smart pull if they WANNA do like they would have to implement their own tokens ation into distribution shares, because the balance of particle just sees it as a private address. They have to sort of do their own shares. However, they want and like deal with like how to you know when people add liquidity issuing shares and all of that. SMART was we'll have parts of the controller of that private pool issues shares UC twenty shares for people who provide liquidity to that controller the controller, then best that liquidity down to the pool. It controls, but then the controller itself issues twenty shares four PM for providing liquidity. We're working in almost launching an auditing right now. Smart Pool Factory. It's like a template that anyone can create their own smart people, and they can actually decide what rights that's Marple that are creating. Creating, we'll have I can choose to create a smart that can only change the Swazi. I can choose as Marco that can add tokens, but not change the Swazi. So you have all those like Lavers, you can change your switches. You can turn on and off, and then you have that smart will without having to deploy any code at all in all of those are Uc twenty compatible, so they issue shares that can be used as an see twenty anywhere on here. I can sort of see two types of smart pools at or two broad categories, and there's really a spectrum, but there's one which is more sort of governance focus, smart pools, which are like you know, you can imagine them. Basically being Dow's and similar to make almost use governance to make decisions, and then on the other side you have you mentioned earlier reflector lab rational more automated like using smart pools smart contracts to Bake Better Smarter Algorithm? MIC things at adjust. And is obviously a spectrum in the middle. So what's ones have more traction right now? and which ones do you personally see as being going to be more popular going down the road? Right now we're not seeing a lot of smartphones out there. It's like really the early days. It's very nascent and incipient. The guys pile did an amazing job. They've already come up with their own smart pool. They didn't wait for us which was awesome. They have this doubt controlled smart pool where the Dow can decide, okay, let's change the weight of this Dokan, because now like they have. The bts people spas the US. People's flaws pies so now it. Has You're not or USC? USC has some trust. Trust issues so let's agree that we should decrease wait and then a vote, and then the Dow decides that the controller of that private pool like a smart has to change reduce the weight of that stable coin that is having problems so for now. That's pretty much the smartphones we have around in terms of what's more promising. That's a great question I. So one thing that I think. Think will be huge for Bowser is going to be treasury management, so if you have a project or company, whatever that has funds on chain you WanNa have like some sort of management where you don't want to be overexposed for example an insurance product. They have different types of assets that they will need to use in case some claims someone gets hacked. They need to use that insurance. Insurance Fund that insurance, fund itself has to be risk managed so that if one of the assets goes up by a lot, you don't WanNa, be holding ninety nine percent of all the the insurance funds in that asset so balancers, perfect or that it will be selling that token as it goes up and if he goes down, then it revise it, so it's a great way to use. Thing that another way I really like. The concept of liquidity bootstrapping pools and add an article weekend. Maybe link in the show notes by Mike McDonald, our CTO. He talks about how project that's. Starting and has a lot of tokens that they want to sell like an issue they can start with a smartphone that has ninety five percent of that project, oaken, and five percent eath or die, and then over the course of six months to a year they will start flipping those weights so at the end of a year. You're actually GONNA end up with ninety five percents. Percents die in five percent. You product token so slowly you allow people to poke. That's contract in update the weights according to that schedule of a year and what you're doing is you're selling in a year. You're selling ninety percent of your tokens, and along the way you letting people trade. You're making your token very liquid, which is one of the biggest problems for for projects? They pay. A lot of money for private companies to be market making centralized exchanges the before enlisting listed on violence, they pay for those market makers to make sure that there's some liquidity. And Sell, and now they can do all of that on balancer without paying anything, and actually that maybe segue to the next topic, but they actually are getting. Tokens in return, so they getting some tokens that will allow them to have a voice or to to vote in the direction the future direction of the product, so they only have like. In my opinion. About this like I e. o or ideo initial decks offering I guess you could call it, so let's take the example of the Yuma token launch, so we just had on the podcast last week, and so for them what happened was they were trying to sell off relatively small percentage of their tokens of their total supply, which is only about two percent on UNICEF they have to. To do like a fifty fifty balance. It turns out. They weren't able to it that much e in either and the problem was as people bought in the price was just fluctuating way too wildly like it. There wasn't enough liquidity to make it a usable. How do you fix this in Balancer or is there somehow I can use the waiting system of balance to have done this better? Project wants to sell your project tokens and cutting in case of. They didn't have a lot of eighth so what they could have done on balancer is they could have put. Let's say twenty percent of the weight of that full in youth in eighty percent in Oman Tokens, so the overall pool would have a lot more value in it, which would have made it more liquid, so the lipid for the same size of of trade would have gone down, so it would be much better for traders now the thing. Thing that I like most about L. BP's liquidity treading pools. That idea is that what you could do is start with a very high price to avoid this kind of a bank run like everyone's trying to be the first ones to buy because they know that the price prices starting as like the price in. Everyone knows that Luma's very successful is a great project, so everyone wants to be the first by just the sell to dump on top of. The late kind of laggards so what you can do with Bowser is you start with a very high price, and then what you do, is you start decreasing the weight of your project? Open an increasing the weight of. If no one traits, the effect that it has is your decreasing the of you token, so let's say you start with ninety five, five, a very high price, and then no one buys, and it starts decreasing the weight at some point, the price will become interesting for someone, and then what you do, is you complete me? Get rid of that high or those kind of important is people that just want to buy and resell because people know that if no one buys, the price will fall, so they will wait for the right moment for them to step in and if anyone wants to buy before that they. But they know that the price is high and it will keep falling. If people don't just keep buying defying, the price will fall. That's so cool. It's basically like a combination of a Dutch auction with an automated market maker into like. So cool. Yeah so it's a Dutch auction because anyone can wait until the price goes down, but it's an am, and because, if along the way people start buying, the price will grow right. So that that's pretty pretty cool. Going back to the topic of smart pools and the algorithm mix style ones to me, it seems one of the things that would be the most useful in a in A. Better Smarter am would be essentially how I see. It is when you design a fee model. There's three parameters you can take into account. Bridges, volume, slippage, and volatility, and currently UNICEF only takes into account, the volume which point three percent times volume. The one that you'd really want to take into account though is volatility. If you want, you want to be able to say that like. Hey, okay as our thing is getting more volatile autumn. Increase the fee. Can I do that on balance, or is that easy it how? To, they started like sort of keeping this like. historical records of prices and stuff and you know what how hard would it be to construct a volatility index on balancer? That's consumable by a smart contract. That's a good question so i. don't believe that we're. We want to focus on that. Because that's a quite a complex problem, innovate self especially for. If you want to do that on chain, then it becomes even harder. You need an oracle. You need some like like some history of prices in the past, their projects that are still doing doing great work on that for example open. They're building on top of balances as well. They have some some ideas around volatility, and how you can get that information on chain today. What what you can do with? What I said like you, you have a smart bull that has a controller that can just change the trading fee, and it gets like some external sources data could be off chain, someone who really like a monkey watching the Monitor and sandy transaction, which is increased the decrease, or you can be like something more conflicts till we unchain using opens information so yeah, now now you do need some external sources of information to to use volatility, but the thing is that you can't write a balancer. Pools are flexible. You can change the swap kfi according to liquid to velocity. What what data is available from balancer that I can like query in from my old spark contract. For example store chain, they are doing you know along with volume they also taking into account, the spread of a how what does what the slippage of traders and they charge fees differently based off of what the basically how much the quantities in that pool right now is it easy to sort of like paying the balance or contract for that information, so I can have my my smart pool B. Take that into account. Yeah there's ways how you can control that so what you could do, is you have? A trade function in the controller. So you say like now you cannot trade directly with my pool. Because my police kind of time off, the controller can set public swap, true or false, and then what can they can do like it's falsely cannot trade directly at the base layer like protocol layer of bouncer you want, but if you want trade, you can talk to me and I will. This transaction out, let let let it be tradable off. Turn it on the according to the AMMONIA WANNA trade I'll let you trade, and then I'll turn it off again and you get. With the fee that I want so that's really cool. Yeah, so the there's also team that's working on that yeah! So essentially. Indian balancer. Visa. The assets you put in, there are customizable of. The vague soccer's demise able how much each as gifts! Fees at customizable. And, we also discussed. That menu may diffuse customizable. You also get behavior that. Detailing frequency can also drop if you increase the stating in Canada via fees, you get customers of getting fees. For customizable, as is the control of a balance in food, so it can be an individual can be affirm. It can be a doll, etc.. What is customizable is? The switching on off, awesome booed. And more dense. Well! What point is this too confusing for users? You know one of the things that attracted people to swap was. It's like you know here's I. Have Some Ethan Die I? Don't know what to do like sort of putting this pool. Forget it, but now it's like you know what if there's a difference smart pools, who all are like you know for the similar payers. They're like now now. There's so many decisions after make again and after like look, okay, who which smart pool is better? At what point do we start to lose out on? What made am FM so attractive in the first place? Austin I do think that we're we have we're very. Opinionated there we wanna be the basely leg like the money lag, the primitive that people used to build applications on top of so if you want something simple sunny, because your users are used to UNICEF swapping, just want to throw like to tokens there you can just use balancer and create your own your wife or balancer that does exactly that even better like balancer has this native function that allows you to provide liquidity with only one token so you? You have a of eight token seeking just invest in that pool, using one of your one of the Tokens enough pool, so you don't need to have all the tokens and. Add them together you, can you don't need to? And if you, WanNa do like something more complex like. We saw lots of interesting projects building on top of balancer at heck money. One of them is like my defy pie. You can do so many things you can go to Houma and you can like. Start this synthetic, and then you can put those headaches into a balance or pool. You can change the the the the fees the so. It's the spectrum of complexity that's on the player, and we restrain ourselves, or we restrict ourselves to being a very good product that is flexible that allows people like to to get creative on top of. So in some senses. Gone Project. And the on project team in said. Building a vote for those other people are gonNA come in. The actual owls. And our framework is so extensive legitimize able that began conceivably matching a lot of the needs of users and. Balances something like that. Except for these these balls you're building the. That extremely expensive move, and then other people will come in better the applications that go to the the end users. But flowing out of that kind of. Is a national question of. How does how does the basically extract value in this? In this economy off many designing customized foods and many other people computing assets That's become interesting question when we talk about the business models at all. Yes, so the the answer to that, is it? Really is up to the governance to the side when there will be if there will be a product reliable fee that face layers, all is where all liquidity sits, and it's also like where traders tap onto for trade, so it doesn't matter if you have like there's Mark Pool that changes your the swap, Fyi when there's like more volatile times or that who is managing treasury of Dow it really doesn't matter for trader who wants to trade for be. It doesn't matter where it comes from the balanced or ecosystem. As long as it's imbalanced her, it will be used to get the best trait possible, and at that point the protocol can decide that the governor's. Tokens are governed still. Out The balance of protocol they can decide okay from now on. We believe that we are adding value to the system already. People are really using balancer lot, so we deserve like to to get a small fraction of that. It's up to the governor's to holders, and it's a tricky decision, because like everything's open source and it's. Anyone can clone and start a copycat so if you charge too high of a fee, people can just fork it and use a copy without any fees if you charge. Yeah charge no fees than at the same time. People might not be so incentivized to be to be paying attention to everything to be making informed decisions, so it's like in the marcy like you have to pay the governance of president and yeah, at some point that could be the case where there is some fees they're going to to. Balto can hold us to kind of incentivize them to make the educated right decisions for the good of the practical. Yeah so I, think it maybe once interesting. Stocks needs. To be banned this unless Sonny as a different question. Well what I wanted to say was like so you guys pitched this as a governance token and this whole. Concept of governance token, you know zero x started like picking their token like years ago as Oh, the point of this token is a governance token. Would it be fair to say that? The true value of governance tokens is in its potential ability to add fees eventually that extract value, or do you think that there is some larger external value to government still outside of that as well? That's a very good question. Philosophical one I think if you're like a rational actor sunny, the only point is like a discounted cash flow of a future cash flows right, so how much? I can make with a with this spoken that I'm holding in future in there. You have to factor in what's the percentage of chance that that will ever be in an all those calculations for rational actor will the fine how much tokens worth today and if you're like if you're like? A philanthropist or you're like defy, and you just want to be part of the decision making process. You might just WanNa pay for for about token because you wanna like give your say in in have a voice into how things unfold in future, so I think they're like. Yeah, if you if you thinking rationally than it's the probability of there being fee in the future. So? Yeah, so is my hero saying let's talk about the ballot oh in itself, and so you guys have been very public and saying that the goal is you want balancer lives as a company to disappear Why is that the goal? And how have you designed the ballot token to? Achieve that goal. So, that that kind of Is Something I. had is into the DNA of the team that built balancer. We're like the purest that it's more like the early days of the maker Dow. Developers we don't want to be like a centralized company that's controlling the protocol in getting fees. We want this to be like a renewed community common good, and we want this to be self sustainable in not to depend on on us where like doing doing the work right now, but we're seeing a lot of people building tools on top of balancer. He has posed vision predictions exchange. So many nice tools that people are doing. This is exactly the direction we want to go to in the near future. Say like four or five years. It is that it will be just like ethereal or just like like Lennox. It's it's an open source, software or platform that people are just incentivize to be building on top of an and improving. That's kind of the idea. We don't want to be centralizing any decisions or this should evolve. How have you designed the token? What is the ban token and? What does it do because as the Sunday? Balancer is is an idea. It's his design of. Foods the knee. Another asset that you have is your Which is so gendelman extensible? You baited various kinds of those. And then you ever talk, and so, how does it okay? Nick Society influence over. Would the gold. The design. What is the connection between these these elements? Great question, so the answer dares that we knew that it's hard to start with an unchain governance system very complex with lots of parameters that governance have to decide it's. It's just like not realistic to start that way so what we did instead was. Let's start with something that has no Adnan case has no kill. Switches has no upgrade ability. That's balanced. Lovie one you. Deploy Pool that will live for as long as lethem lives that. Are like objective. Let's be very conservative, and there's no way you can game the system or control it. There's governs spokane four view one now in the next versions, not sure if he to ready, but three before probably will start getting the ball token more intertwined in the code and getting more of unchained governance like spouse like having with maker dollars. You just propose this this new kind of feature on chain and you cast a spell. Spell and people vote on it, and if it's approved, then it automatically gets implemented at the code level at the like on chain level. Now what we're doing is we're ready using house or Tokens for people to signal to vote on chain, but by signing messages only carbon voting. They're not sending transactions so by by doing that. We can't interrupt very fast. How how the government and the decisions take place for example, the bow liquidity mining. Program were distributing tokens every week to people who provided quitting on Balancer we. WanNa provide liquidity or a give bow tokens for the credit providers that are providing the most useful liquidity. What is the most useful equity that's a very subjective thing, and instead of doing like confident in saying well, we're just going to distribute like one token block half half two lenders and borrowers, and that's it now. We decided to say well. It could be more complex than that end it is. Let's just like do everything off chain distribute decide how we're going to distribute that. Often according to some rules that the community itself will iterating on and will improve on in they do that by using their ball tokens and voting for for changes for new factors, and that has worked very well so far it's it's interesting to see how the community has proposed new things and they got prove then. Yeah, it's it's really. Great to see. To me like the fundamental thing fundamentally. Issue appears to be that you have. And is individuals have? Though these trailers and duly. Portfolio orders regulators of the. But you have ascension that design open scored. And that can be implemented? You give him. COZMA Sensiti gators street SALONA. Different be began can can do the same. That doesn't. To be anything which is like a network of foods. Which one hundred each having some aspects again they're doing something. Each? Getting more utility DOT network level coordination. If you had nickel of foods of some kind bendy balance Dokan food have some claim. Would Menu Goes Ladies Augustine that network, but that seems to be absent from your system doesn't. No, it's not it is there. It will be more so in in in future versions, but an example of how this is already the case. Here is when you have a trade. You, you can use our S wa. You can trade with individual calls so you can just say well. This is a nice full has a lot of ethan maker I'll just tell you trade with that. But this is not the ideal. Do move for trader. Do think they should do is to use our smart order router. Smart Order router looks at all the pools that are on Balancer, and he sees all the polls that have an MPR, k. r., and then splits your order in a way that is optimal for you to get the most return possible so whenever you're trading on, or you're not trading with the against specific. Bowl your trading. Trading against the Prodigal and the protocol uses that network as you said one hundred goals and chooses okay. A thousand East I'll send two, hundred, two, hundred, two, hundred and four hundred, and that that way you get the most emperor back. It's no different than what actually one inches doing already one inches is doing that network across the different protocols right so it looks for liquidity on UNICEF. Album, balancer on. And it gets like the distribution that suits. That trade returns the most. From from this trade. Yeah I was just GonNa. Ask that a why what's the benefit of doing that? Isn't that going to be someone expensive to do on chain and wouldn't like doing a off chain aggregation of to what would be the benefit of going through this versus letting one inch us their node to query like every balanced people and figure out optimal routing. On we don't do that Allen chain. Apologies if that that sounds like that, not so our so is a javascript. Package that you just execute client side it asks for pooling formation from our sub graph, and then runs like some some as the war algorithm, and then prepares already okay. This is the trade that is going to be optimal and then. Just. Execute the trade. Just send like I want to trade with that pool. That much that will that much then you execute? We do have working right now in our on China's war, because many particles need that to happen on chain, they just want to say on chain balancer one sell one hundred eight for die. Please help me. You cannot access Java packages right, so we're finalizing our on chain as far as well, but what I told you about was off chain, and yes, so short one inch can do that can poke all the polls individually, but it can get very messy because we now have about a thousand pools. So what we do is like we make it transparent for Dan in give them already like figure of what the the balanced. Our ecosystem can offer in terms of bass liquidity, and then they used that as if it was just like a single UNICEF while. They can treat that much better to cannot handle thousand different exchanges, which would be, they had like a thousand different pools, each of them like treated like a UNICEF Walpole, so we're kind of facilitating the interaction, the interaction of Or integrators Sir with our own solar. One thing I've always wondered. Is that these balance of booze? So each individual phone is. At some level, being arbitrageurs to discover the exchange rate between us there's. So many things at ease M. It could conceivably be dicky's that. Two hundred different pools are being. Separately to discover the price. Going back, not be the value prop of Who's balanced so there? Somehow this intelligence is it allows shading of this elegance in some way, and it makes him legwork of foods more than on chain, and that's the value prop that even if you want to build your own go and join specifically balance work goes embracing intelligence as the best day. Totally absolately, so we'll see. Here is that we're not gonNA have one hundred posed very similar. Because this is still it's rationally. Wrong right? You're not gonNA, put your create pay fifty or one hundred dollars today to to deploy a pool, or you're not going to put your money thousand dollars. Eighty twenty maker East ball is in a that has another thousand dollars. If there is the same exact pool with a million dollars right because that one million dollar pool is going to be profitable for Arbor's to trade in generate fees. With variations of price, a lot smaller than the variations of prize in one thousand dollar pool right so you're gonNA see naturally the liquidity coalescing or revolving around some sweet spots and the Nice thing about it is that we're not aiming to say what the sweet spots are going to say. Zero point three percent is the right fee. It's up to you if you WANNA if you WANNA put zero point five percent. If that is a profitable choice, what will happen is that people off chain will just observe deposed. See that was a good choice, and actually my liquidity will might migrate to Your Pool. Does that make sense? To me, that doesn't make sense because to me. One of the value props for that. Hey. I can my own portfolio now south person can come. Say in my for you. Eat his spend. Percents make a history Bush set. And some MEKA maximum Hey, life or for you make it is going to be eighty percent of the ten percent. And both odd value bulletin boards get their foods and the balance Be Eaten in a way that. Both phones. So I I. Don't see. US As being consistent where you want people flexibility. Percentages so embiid, those are different foles, verizon liquidity side. You're saying. Teams, eastern makers should get consolidated. Go on. Their. Portfolio management backseat inquires. There will be lots of foods with these eastern maker in. Discussing Prices Independent. Yeah what it tried to to say. Is that for a similar pools and exposures? Then you're not GonNa see so much fragmentation, but that's only if there is a an LP that wants to be ninety percent exposed to ethan ten percent to NPR. It's not compatible to nine percent. Him Characteristics right so they will have to be two different pools for those two different needs, but what I'm saying that there's not going to be a thousand pools so ninety ten nine eleven eight, hundred twelve, because there is like some some threshold where it makes sense to kind of give up a little bit on your exact exposure that you wanted to being part of a very close exposure, but To in a pool that is already it's used very often, and it's generating lots of trading fees, and it's very profitable zapping sense. So going back to you mention a little bit ago about distribution of bowel and so one of the interesting things that you guys are doing. Is You know people who are providing liquidity on different balancer pools? You're sort of air-dropping bow tokens to them, and this is sort of a you know it. Sauce to problems of one. How do you distribute token to users I mean? Liquidate, providers, and also you incentivize liquidity. But then you know with this whole. Crate. Defy craze with like liquidity, mining and yield farming, and all this stuff that's been going on. You're actually. The first one we've had on WHO's like you know been part of this whole. You know game. I guess What's it like sort of the takeaways from this process? And I also remember reading that there was like you know some sort of like weird things where people could game the quantity mining, and so there have to be like what are the problems you ran into? What solutions are you guys working on? So yeah I absolutely think that this is a first and foremost away to distribute ownership of your protocol to who really care about it, and those are users, those are the liquidity providers who are making it possible for traders to Trae so that that was the decision like how again getting back to the subject subjectivity of usefulness for liquidity. How'd you say liquid is useful while usually how much before trading with with that full, but that is very easily game. -Able, you can just wash trade in. That would be like a catastrophe very hard to come around, so we decided to say well, if if you add liquidity to than you get. And we knew that this dislike was prone or very likely going to be gained. Because, our idea was to let the community step in and come up with. Cool suggestions to improve this process. So what we initially did is, it's just like a percentage of total value of the liquidity provide. Proportionate to the full liquidity on balancer. And and your token has to be listed on coin Gecko as long as there's a price tag to your token, because there's non, you cannot talk about us. US liquidity that you're providing right, so you have to have? To Tokens in full because you have to be able to trade to. That have a price tag on on coin, Geico and then. Very quickly we yeah, the the community and we knew that already, but we wanted the community to step in and. Can't come to the same conclusion. Community realized that if you have a pool, that's ninety eight to that pull is even though there's a lot of value locked in dollars. That doesn't facilitate a lot of traits, because if you treat a little bit that will ready like changed the price a lot, so you have a high slippage for uneven pools where the community came up with was okay, let's introduce a ratio factor which says that pose at had very uneven weights. They're going to get less. Bow for the same USD value locked, and that's just like one of the examples. Are Examples are. Hard bagged tokens, so if you create a poor, that has died in a DI. Both are listed on on coined. GEICO and you can put like a lot of money there. You know you have no risk of people wake. Of impermanent laws, and then we can get back to that again, but there's no real risk volatility there because you know those are pegged, so if you have a pool like that with zero point, five percents fee, there's not going to be one single trade on that pool because people can just use the Arctic contract to. To wrap in, die to a die right. Yeah, so we created this hard PAG, which says like you're GONNA be slashed. Play a lot if he does provide that not so useful liquidity and yeah, and then so on so forth we have. A very complex kind of system to distribute liquidity today, which has evolved according to the demands of the community which are how does how does slashing it just like a governance space slashing like Oh sorry Maybe slashing is the wrong word. You get penalized for providing liquidity Hard packed, so you actually don't get as much vowel for the same USD. Would if you had ethan maker, you know, care an east so the same. Here! For die will get a lot less. than ten dollars for NPR. If. That makes sense and digital sort of possible, because the bow isn't being disputed by a smart contract or something right it just being disturbed. Okay, that was exactly that point like that. That was really what differentiates us from compound compound took a longtime actually into bake that into the smart contracts already and we believe that it's we're so much in the early days there's so much to learn and to prove that with decided to to keep that off because anyways like if you look at compounds, governance concentrated team has a lot of token, so they can still the site pre-match the outcome of the vote right so there isn't ready. Like a social contract there that they will let the community the the side, but still you have to trust the founders that they're not gonNa vote, and it's the same for balancer. Right we devote the team is. In these early days are well. We haven't distributed so many bow tokens yet so we could, even if it was unchain of control the governance process if we broke this social contract that we have to not vote and let the community kind of build and vote with their token, so if we already if the meeting is already trust us to keep that social contract, why not just do like things off chain, which is a lot more efficient and easy to work on into eatery into improve right, so that was our thought process, so that that makes makes little sense. especially with for balance. They is a lot of Lord of emergent complexity around liquidity mining here and maybe you want to be able to. Leave the decision process as as things like needs more valuable to. Bail out the tokens to some particular token there in short supply for example. Could be role for human subjectively here. What the best is batting celebs has has raised financing, and so is defined as all be financing raised by Senator Dorgan's are. Obvious Equity Financing Rounds Company said, but from the Dow. Yes so this is actually we've been quite innovative in. I think we were one of the I S Steph G. Agreement for future, Senator Green for future governance, what that means is that investors not only acquired equity, but also the pro rata share of governor tokens that that equity maps to so what we did is balanced labs to the the company that race venture capital with accomplished placeholder in order on investors it has. The right to get twenty five million tokens out of a possible cap in the future one hundred million tokens, so if you have one percent if you invested one percent in the equity about Sir labs, you have one percent of the twenty five million tokens, so it's so the investors, both got equity in Tokens and this is probably not going to be the case for our future. Fundraising rounds because yeah, we. WanNa WanNa make it more simple simpler by having this future fundraising fund, which will be used for. For Selling Tokens in. New Series Yeah. That's really interesting so what you're trying to do with this STF G. Format is you're trying to make your investors in different way the value or could. So if value accrues the token. Have a game on. It the company. They have a game. On that so you you understand to make them in different so that it gives you flexability. Though we have been very. Up Front and candidate about the equity, not being worth anything very likely in the future, because since the beginning we had this in mind that We WanNa make this radical like a common good that is going to be owned by the ball token holders, and the company ideally will be dissolved in the equities, not gonNA mean anything at all, so that that that's hopefully you the outcome that we're going for. That's quite nicholas decisions. Do find it hard to convince. LEAPER! Join your team and. Your equity is going to be worthless ally. Holly Incentive EMPLOYEES THAT That's a great, so this is not something that's going to happen overnight next year, so it's probably a long. A process like five years maybe ten years. And what I? What I that also includes myself not only our employees right? Here so what I what I think is that even though the company itself is going to be dissolved. That doesn't mean that. The team that's now a working for balancing labs won't be able to work further on balancer right because then we're going to have like we're gonNA find some other common good ways of financing like bitcoin grants or Whatever means we can find to finance the development on a platform. What will probably be involved with that? Like photonic is not paid by by the the foundation as at least as far as I know, but he's still involved is still doing work, and there's many people are working for four ethereal with other kind of incentives in mind, not not necessarily getting a salary from an essentials entity. So this is how I envisioned the future of balancer. So. Given all this like liquidity mining that are incentivisation that's been happening. One thing we see on balancer is basically it's beating UNICEF up massively on liquidity, but not yet on trading volume. So what? Why is this? And what are sort of? What's your plans on? We've got the liquidity now how you can play on attracting the volume trading volume. Great question so. This is because we've been around for a few months and swap has been around for a lot. Longer and saw is integrated with pretty much everything in the FI. Like whatever platform more front end or like. Distribution APP like. Or Zapper FI-. They've all been integrated with UNICEF for a long time, so UNICEF is seen by everyone. It's also like a brand. People think of trading. They go to decentralize rating. They go to UNICEF Wa. So It's a matter of time until we have like integration spy xerox. CPI. They're finalizing integration or Khyber Network. They're also finalizing integration. has started already integrated with balance. They want so Perez swap also working on on integrating balances. We need time to kind of getting great right, so that's the first thing. The second thing is that actually? USEFUL LIQUIDITY IS. The most efficient possible because it's always fifty fifty, so there's a lot of liquidity balancer there. There's like a two hundred dollar pool one Paul has two hundred dollars now, which is why I am the curve white curve token. That pose a ninety eight to so it naturally has effective liquidity, the effective liquid that who has is a lot lower than two hundred million dollars right, so it's hard to compare volume between UNICEF up imbalance her because balancer allows for flexibility, which means that not all liquidity will be efficient or the most efficient for traders, because that means they are like the polls are fifty, fifty or third, third, third or twenty five win fight and find that that's not the case. What would you say is the most unique or interesting pool that you've seen? Or maybe it's not been deployed yet, but like. You know that people are working on. There's so many. So I think LP's are going to be a huge thing as I said earlier sunny like the idea of. The audio late show decentralize exchange offer this flexibility of having smart poll that has this schedule of weights flipping letting people not only by your tokens, but also create liquidity all wrapped in one to me. This is very powerful. One pull that I'm really excited to see a coming out and I. Don't know if you've talked about that last week. You had UMA here in the show. The, there's this idea of having a perpetual synthetic pool so what us is. They have this this awesome system that allows you to create any synthetic. The has an expiry date, and often what you see is people seeking exposure to goad without an expiry date, so they want to be just long goat, but that doesn't work so simply like so so easily for a product to do directly because. Maybe? They explained that, but they need this expiry date in order for the underlying price and synthetic rights not to deviate a lot. So what you can do is you can have different months like synthetics expire dates of different months all in the same in the same poor and what you do, is Mark Pool that as soon as one of the expiry dates is getting close to maturation. You start decreasing that wait to start phasing out that that goad. Let's say September because it's close and you start facing in. November so, and that is naturally done by arbitrageurs that do those traits for marginal profit, so your your pool is actually leaking a little bit of. But you know that your pool will always have like three or four different months that are being recycled automatically so not only you create this one place for people want to have exposure to goad November to trade with good exposure, September. People can trade between those different different months. You also creating an explosion, a perpetual exposure to go, which is the token of the pool so that? That poor issuing yesterday twenty tokens that represent exposure to goad full stop so that that's amazing. The option to to have go December and you trade for September, but you can also by the token to push share, which is just exposure to go, and yet to me that that's a very interesting example of a full. That will be launched. We're working closely with the guys on that. That that, shutting with my friends at open, and that's you know other problems that they face off, and that's also why they're looking at balance or to do something similar as well. Cool, so what are you? What's like the future like you? You scattered throughout the docks. That mentions Balancer v two, but he's not a lot of details. What what what what is? What can we expect to see? If you too will be a lot more efficient in terms of gas costs. We're going to go to the single vote architecture since Ted of creating. A new smart contract for every pool that's deployed. You're actually just creating like an internal accounting for the pool. You created inside of this big contract. That is bouncer V to. That will allow us to do cool things like. Sean so all of a sudden you have all the mk are from all the pools sitting on the same contract, so we can have like flesh loans that are huge. And that also will allow you to do arbitrage between pools in a much more efficient way because. All you're doing is like you're changing internal accounting balances of the pools inside the same contract. You're not sending USC. Twenty tokens a like across different fools. You're not paying for all those years twenty transfers. All you pay is at the end. This is what you're. GonNa get token a so then balancer vault translates you that amount and gets from you that amount of token be that you sowed so that that will create a lot more a lot more possibilities for arbitrage for traders. Yeah and we'll we'll we'll. We'll have like nice features while like more flexibility in terms of For example, you can have circuit breakers, so he can. Set Your Pool to stop selling if one of the tokens goes below. Price X and this is something that. Knows has been asked asking for because you have predictions markets, one of the tokens can just like outright. Go to zero, and that is a a problem because the bogut strained so having circuit breakers, like allows you to say okay, so whenever one of the outcomes is known, the would just freeze because the price will go beyond the threat show that I'm willing to to let people trade against lots of Nice. Nice features and cool things that we're getting feedback from the community like you should do that and you should this will. We'll do a lot of. Improvements also in terms of flexibility. It's going to be there cool. Awesome, thank you. Thanks for taking the time to chat with arsene. Teach US more about balancer. Thanks a lot. Here, so yeah, if you want to know more about balanced, or you can go to our dischord channel, you can go to. You can follow us on twitter at Balancer labs I'm F C. Martin Elliott on twitter as well. Yeah, it's been a pleasure, guys, great questions and yeah, looking forward to Jenny more offline. Thanks. So, what did you think of? The project. I mean I've always felt serves agree project. Yeah. I I wrote like long blog post couple of months ago called like the swap or dowling. Dour fighting swap and making the unit network and. I wrote this long thing, and then as soon as I publish it. People like wait you go check out balancer because that's exactly what they're doing. Like. WHOA! I looked balanced early on when you. I showed it to me, but back I was. Just like you know multi-dimensional swap. But like I didn't realize that they were so focused on like. All this generalized generalization, which is what I find super fascinating because I just think that. Whole yeah. I always thought like okay this x times. Why Equals K. that? There's no way that's the optimal like formula that just like you know. Someone just pulled that out of the hat and like. But I'm excited to see that they're so focused on probation. especially I imagine they're going to get even more. We didn't talk about this on the thing, but. I'm willing to bet you know. They're going to even start doing other types of curves just like the same constant product contract one, but there's other projects for. Yeah. There's other ones I cur finance, which are more flat for stable coins or you can. You can do some wacky stuff probably that I'm excited about it from that sense. I just feel. That it's it's a very elastic primitive. And Entering into lots of different. Applications. Much of much of the use cases something like batteries aren't just understood on imagine, are they the? This project is just elasticity. On non how can mutate and this? So what do you think one of the questions I have? Do you think ams in general are a long term? Sustainable. Concept, though like this is. The feels like what balancer. Operation, they're making am or the giving AMM's the opportunity to be smarter than Ex Y. Equals K., but at the end of the day I still feel your automated marking maker or you know. I'll I'LL RHYTHMIC MARKET MAKEOVER? You want to call it like algorithms. marketmakers even. Real mark. Makers Algorithm the difference. Is that a smart contract? Market maker doesn't have access to? External data. And I feel that because of that it will. Always be worse than like a real market maker who can quote you prices, but like has access to real world data, and it seems that what's Hot Liquids Happen, is? How I see automatic marketmakers is that this is what they're doing they. Traditional market maker, you have someone with capital as well as knowledge or information or expertise and they're. Providing quotes and it's the same entity. AM seemed to be splitting these into two different categories one is the capital providers, and then there's the information providers and the capital providers are these dumb. Capo varghese fried capital, and then all the information benefits are going to the arbitrageurs and it seems that like. The arbitrageurs are screwing over the capital providers unless you can get your fees to be high enough like, and this is the whole in permanence loss situation right where? oftentimes the if the va if it's not. Unless you have enough volume, your capital providers really get screwed over. And the of smarter market maker could do better. So what do you think about this? I really, but is a downside of this gin, this generation of or COULD MAKERS That In the sense that the automated marketmakers. Have! Blind and they're dumb. Blind because. They are unable to see what's happening on other markets. And, they're don't because. They don't have the inflammation, but they don't even have the mechanisms to include that information decision making. So, would it be saying balancer is making them less dumb, but it's not making them less blind. Yeah! It's not making them Louis Blind right so it it still lying. So I do agree that. This lack of blindness is is a descend one edge for the main market makers. But it's also the case of your so early in the game. No. Municipal Open balancer combined disinterest cases two years old. And there's. The Oh fifty years. Hundred Years Developed this thing. and. Analog can happen and I think eventually believed blindness will go away. I'm not sure how they acquire information from duty world because it's hard problem. So. But I do feel that. Face these protocols just so massive that. It will be surmounted and will have to win. Market makers that are. More efficient than Gedney's. That's the optimistic kids. Are they going to remain for more niche assets, or do you think that like they're going to overtake lake? Currently where I see them going is that they are the great for like Weird Nisha assets like options are like like Wi, fi tokens, or whatever, but it's like religion market. Are they going to take over the BTC USD pair like? where, that pair is just like the biggest pair on like all centralized exchanges is gonNA. Take over that. I think that's unlikely. Do, that's unlikely I think I think. Divert, the Monitor St Long Day of asserts that automated marketmakers case to today. That's the initial niche they in the populated. Now, question is beyond the initial niece. Can they invade other niches and then. One day DOOBY BTC USDA, not only. BTC USD were one finding the huge. Are you want to do all you? You Model Hardiman Monica's is the future like that I. Think it depends a lot on how efficient these things get! These things can be made to be and I think it. Boys don't question of. What kinds of data can be? Given the these automated marketmakers at homeless intelligence you get. Into them. And both are hard questions goes. Getting data means nothing a protocol by which you can trust the quality of that data. The intelligence probably means a lot of competition I don bullet. Those diamonds Shire's Lachin's. Limited today. Now I think those dimensions were bazaar marketmakers marketmakers go lot. But. But if they remained it, mean the state I think are most of this day. Love Acids. What would you think? I, think that there. Yeah, I don't know. I think that until they start in until they figure out how to do that. Solve that blindness problem it will. As soon as there's a larger market for that the that pair than the AM. Start, running into problems when the largest pair for that market is the amount that it works fine, because the because then they amend is the price. It's setting the pricing but one. The real price whatever that means is being set somewhere else then. That's where the. Capital providers stripe to really get screwed over 'cause. The arbitrageurs make although prophets there. Yet. Those reasons I haven't contributed any liquidity to a universal Poli because. Because it has a mix. Of Isa! My bitcoin really liquid to assets on. Some level morning these last six goes. You expect them to go up at rice, but men aspects grew up in price. And you for them, we're doing liquidated. Roydon you making losses exactly that same point. So. So some little that that that that is what has prevented me from actually putting assets into into the market makers now. Yes so I think. I think leash. Reality Bill State Dokan saw these by tokens or The decisions is different. Let's see? Howard evolves I'm I'm actually going bullish on this space? Even though these solutions don't exist today. My my instinct is that the design space so massive that ended up being solved. But. You you were. Asking quite a bit about like the network effects of the balance or protocol and you, she imprint of skeptical. Do you still? How do you feel after that discussion? So. Ballots has worked really good. design. And some never you know. I mean if this was to be an economics, paper or something. If if I imagine balancing economics, people, this might end up becoming. One of the most cited papers of. Daily Future. Design ideas level of that design. It's amazing. That's my vision. But. I'm not sure that won't be called Quality Eight how holiday designed does. But it's is unique. It's than average or whatever. But I feel you. Balance is skin of lacking, is that? There is a great design. There's score and then there's the stoke in. The question of how this don't could actually captures value. Is Not balance now. Of course. You mentioned sunny that don't Miss Someday said Hey, there's a certain fee that you. Had these fools and. And, that's how capture, but then aggression just ships to being okay. They don't give fee. What prevents these liquidity? Loiter some migrating to the next two calls. And then you ask that question what them for minority vertical. It's then you can dealers. It gave for this to be viable. That has to be some NATO look effect associated with medical schools now now the. They were given would. Smart or ME. Smart or the are in seems like a competing team play they can come and build a smart our the ordered out of balance as a a centralized entity and captured the value at all smart. which is what one inch is doing? Is doing so it doesn't feel good way by which the the oil sales. Gaps defensive mode and value. I think they to me which current balance! That is the gap. That I would. I would think about when I will make a decision of whether the. Not. 'cause he's if bag gap can be solved but I think this is going to be one of the grade investments of the space. It could be interested in campus space, but the uncertainty around. Then not being able to solve the gap. Is. What would make me skeptical of buying the battle? What is your sense? Yeah I. Agree I think Smart Order routing isn't the solution. I one under if. Yeah like you said there has to be some way of where the network's all the pool of America. Pools are somehow sharing information with each other such that they can help balance each other out in that way. That sort of almost. That's sort of key. I think that has to be figured out. Because all elite. are talking about how these are blind. Now Okay So. Is Blind, but even if you could make it less blind by having that pool, your. Info from other people's. Then it's only solution. You're making it less lying, but if you make. Things list blind then they could be some kind of network effect. That's my impression. He mentioned flash loans right. To. Is there a way where we can? SOMEHOW RESTRICT THE FLASH LOANS SAYS YOU'RE ALLOWED TO USE splash loans as long as you're. You're arbitraging like within balancer pools, so you can use a flash loan from pull to go arbitrage and other balancer pool, but you're not allowed to, but somehow play some restriction where you can't use the the. FLASH LOAN TO GO. Do you know you can't go use it to? Do something on Swab or combat whatever? Free Arbitrage Amongst bouncer pools only that that seems like A. As more quickly than the arbitraging basically gets better and better on balancer alone that that would be really interesting. That would be interesting, so I think some mechanism like that. is needed and aisles thinking it is probably coming, but if Steve from an investor's perspective, I will want a very clear answer to that. Before buying. While you can't buy. Any way anyways, right? You have to go I'm sure that you can buy on a balanced pool, but yeah but do something equity mining. Concern Larcher right. Yeah, it's it's certainly I feel. It is a really interesting. Project and I respect the idea a lot. My Nick Big. Is You know how the Tra station Business Martin but We have time to solve that right like this is a long game the long game so. Well looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I hope you enjoy the interview debrief and you can get access to every week by becoming a premium subscriber as a premium subscriber, you'll get access to a private feed where you can hear the debrief every week, and you also get enhanced features like full episode transcripts in your podcast player and interview chapters allow you to easily skip to specific sections of the interview. You'll also get exclusive access to round table conversations and bonus content. We put out from time to time to learn more and become a premium subscriber, gonNA premium dot epicentre dot TV, thanks.

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#76 Relevance = Resonance in terms of Attracting Clients

"What is going on squad? Welcome to the James is make money on my podcast. The number one show for you want to make more money change more. Oh people's lives and have more of an impact on the world although spending thousands of dollars on a website or even paid at my name's Brian Mark and I've been all my fitness coach for four years and in my four years coaching. I helped over one thousand. Online fitness clients completely transform their lives and in the last year I decided to start stepping up and sharing my knowledge with personal trainers on how I hi quit my job and I took my business online. In last year I helped over one hundred trainers quit their jobs and take their businesses fulltime online. So if you're brand new hear them welcome. I have a Free Free Ebo for you. That talks about how my clients ten game month with ministry. I'm stores with your name all you gotta do. DM ME on instagram. That's at Mark Fit and I will send you your guide on how my clients make ten thousand dollars a month instagram stories. Now let's get into showed what is going on I go into Boise would be marquette coming at you with another episode of the Chain Osmond Winning podcast and today we're GONNA be talking about how being relevant equals being resident would your ideal clients so so guys. The truth is begged post equal results. And I see a lot of business coaches at opposing this. These super vague post on the Internet. And when I say vague post I mean like talking about positive mindsets or talking about self love or confidence or positively or anything like that and all of these things are very very important for ideal clients understand that obviously want to be positive zipping. Be Confident all these things are a part of our journey butts. You guys ever feel like nobody's reaching out from your content. You're feeling like you're putting all this content and social media. You're putting all this effort or are your social media your livestream. QNA's all the stuff but nobody's reaching out right. Do you ever feel like you're not emotionally connecting with your audience. You feel like people aren't like reaching across the screen green and saying like Y'all this is this is like talking about me. I'm going to give you guys a bulletproof way to emotionally connect with your audience in today's podcast. We're GONNA be talking about a bulletproof way to create an emotional connection with your audience and not just an emotional connection. I want to teach you how to go. Deep with your ideal clients and has gas and take any single post you guys make your social media and make it so that it it really resonates hits home so that you know exactly how to attract clients with each and every single post so the goal of this podcast is to teach you guys how to go the deep emotionally resonant and how to connect your ideal clients so I was having a conversation with one of my clients Matt about the power of being emotionally connected to your audience and really understanding ending. Your audience is going through that so matt. My boy is a microgram. I love him. He did this livestream and on the livestream he was talking about mentorship. And he's talking about. How mentorship is really Orton? Mentorship will equals feet right so if you like you have a mentor. If you hire mental and you follow Metro mentorship will get you faster. So Matt was talking about mentorship and Matt coaches coach's fat loss clients. Okay so all. Those match message was super great. Like hiring a mentor is good. It does eagles feed his fat loss. Clients might not make the connection with Tau hiring a mentor will help them to their foul schools. Faster because Mac didn't say that in the last week the only thing Matt said was having a mentor is good for you. And they'll help we get there faster. Have you guys ever done that. Who here has ever written a post or done a livestream about having a positive mindset weirs ever done that or maybe you wrote a post about how developing confidence good? You need to develop self confidence if you guys have done something like that like a self confidence or self love post or a mindset boats right so a lot of us make these these posts on social media and we want to connect with their idea client but we don't actually connect. The DOTS are ideal to understand how the concept will relate to them so today. We're going to be talking about. How Resonance Equals Relevance So in order to be relevant to your ideal client your content needs to be resonant to your ideal clients so basically basically it is set in the marketing space? Marketing will join the conversation people's minds which means in order for us to connect with their ideal clients. Who need to know? The conversation conversation is happening in our ideal clients heads in order to be successful marketing approach. So we can't hope that our ideal client will connect the dots right like we can't hope that ideal client will listen into our livestream about mindset and understand how it relates to their fat loss journey literally delight laid out for them and show them. This is how having a positive mindset will affect your fat loss journey. So here's a practical example. We need to make it crystal clear. So today I wrote a post about how self-doubt is a dream killer self-doubt as a dream car now. Self doubt in itself is a concept that can apply to a lot of different areas of your life right so if you doubt yourself in your fat loss journey will end up. Happening is navy will follow meal plan because going to all through if you dealt with your boss journey. Maybe you won't hire personal trainer because you feel like you're not off program if you doubt yourself and your fat loss journey you might not even get started because as you're afraid you're not gonNA ball through rights. self-doubt can apply to fitness self-doubt can also applied relationships. Maybe selden relationships means that you don't approach your your partner because because you're afraid that they might say no to you or selling relationships means that like maybe you're like dating somebody but you will like Mitt because you dealt your ability to all through the relationship or maybe self-doubt on a relationship shipping you're in a relationship and you sabotage it because you don't it. It's going to work but anyways right. So self-doubt can apply to relationships but my ideal clients on my trainers. There's isn't relationships and isn't fat loss. So when I wrote my post about self-doubt I connected on my trainers and this is what that looks like. So if you're only trainer and you're trying to build your business maybe you won't write your post because you're afraid of what other people will affect you guys ever done that like maybe you don't go live because you're afraid of what your friends or your family. You might think it'd be going. I've read so self to your business. Maybe if you doubt yourself in your online business journey you won't hire the mentor because you were afraid that you will follow. Oh through and you won't actually do the program. This is making sense. Maybe if you dealt yourself in your online business journey you won't need them host consistently because you don't believe that it will work out for you right if if you don't yourself and your online business journey maybe you will resist booking calls potential clients because you don't think that you're going to sell the client anyway. So there's no point in even booking the call so self self-doubt can kill Your Business. Is this making sense. I'm connecting self-doubt to my ideal client. I'm connecting self doubt on how it relates to my ideal client on their journey. Ernie self-doubt in itself is an abstract concept right. Self Dokan apply to a lot of areas of my life I wanNA create emotionally powerful content or my ideal your client which is on my trainers then. I must connect self doubt sue online training. I must connected to what it looks like an online training journey. Just like for you guys is if any one of you guys. All my trainers was to write a post about self doubt you better write it and how it relates to the person that you want to connect with right you need need to make real for that person just like I made it real for you guys myself. So I'm Anne at crystal clear because I understand on business coaches. I understand what you guys are going through through. I know what you're struggling with. I know what holds you back. And so when I write my postal self-doubt I write it about how selves dealt will to you on your journey if you allow self doubt to creep. Does this make sense. If you're listening to the PODCAST. Give me a silent head to watch this facebook instagram. Jobs video of you so by writing the post about self doubt to you I create emotional resonance means that you connect to my content. Because I understand you right now. Let's take another example so kirsten my girlfriend is actually a super big coincidence by the way super funny so so I read my post here this morning. And then she read her post to me and her post was also belt self-doubt which we didn't find Larry's and so this is what her posts it. A lot of ladies. You think well I may as well go big or go home finisher so instead of doing go bigger go home you start small by cleaning up your house because a clean house equals clean my because the truth you. There's not a lot of people are willing to do what it takes to lose weight because when things get tough they throw in the towel or maybe they dealt themselves and believe me when I say dealt will be the enemy of your fitness fitness turning. You see what you did. She took self-doubt which is an abstract concept and related to her ideal client who might be going through fitness journey and might be doubting themselves salves and so they don't start or they throw in the towel because they feel like they're not worth you're not getting enough she wrote the post to her ideal client and I can't stress how important this is you guys is because if you're going to write a post about positively then you also need to write about how that awesome is going to affect your clients fitness journey clear if you're writing post about like let's say your ideal client is looking towards body fat than when you post your workouts or your recipes and you need to talk about how the workout or the recipe is going to widen their fat plus journey. You need to write the actual post to the person that you're trying to speak to you. Resonance equals relevant. If you WANNA be relevant your ideal client you really need to know oh who your ideal client is so that you could write to that person right. So no more abstract posts about self love or positively or confidence or anything like that because relevance equals resonates. It's relevance equals resonance if you WanNa be relevant to your ideal client and you need to be resident your ideal clients so when you're doing instagram story. Talking about why getting to bed early Orange Start Your day talk about how would bide your ideal client on their fitness journey. So really this whole idea of ideal client is to get really crystal clear on and who is it. You want to serve and writing your post to that specific person so when I'm writing my constant you guys. I'm literally imagining myself. That I'm writing my content one specific person so there's one person that I'm in writing to and that one person is going through a specific struggle in their journey right so that one person is like struggling to lose body because they've tried all these inbreeds before nothing seems to work so they like they're frustrated. They're overwhelmed. There's so much information on the Internet. They've hired personal trainers before and it didn't work out in the past. So what does that person struggle in their journey right. What are the obstacles that that person is facing so my ideal client? What are the obstacles that they're facing and coming up against when they're trying to lose weight? What are their biggest goals and aspirations so my ideal client and everybody has different ideal clients in your ideal client like what are their goals and aspirations? And how can you relate your content to those goals and aspirations so when you're writing a postal goal setting zone ordinance. How will you write that post about? How goal setting will help them on their journey? Is this making sense. Are you guys getting this. Guy's following along you listen to the podcast me like a silent had not right. Why haven't they been able to accomplish goals on their own? What are they tried? That hasn't worked before right. So getting ryssdal clear on your Avatar and who you want to serve is the biggest and the first most important step on writing content to that person. Then take any concept that you WANNA communicate your ideal client and ask yourself. How does this concept relate to the person I'm trying to serve? So I'm I'm trying to serve women who are overweight that our moms. That are busy too busy to go to the gym. Maybe they're GONNA DO Homework. Then how my post relate to that specific person basically what I told him that is you need to do all the thinking for your ideal client right. People don't want to do to thinking if they read your post and they don't understand how released to them. People don't want to do the things you I want to do. The thinking for your ideal client and think about like I'm writing about competence and I'm trying to help men that are trying to gain lean muscle like how does Mike Post relate to this. Specific Person. Right irrelevance equals resonance in attracting. You're ideal clients. If you want to start attracting clients with your social media posts. Then you need to start asking yourself how each and every single post you're putting your social media is going to relate you client and if you do that if you start getting relevant with your ideal client you're going to start to resonate with your client that you such resonate with more people we're gonNA reach out more people are going to ask for help and you're going to have more clients in your officer. Google aren't only just so that brings us to the end of today's episode relevance Equals Resonant. So if you guys are communicating getting a message on social media you really ask yourself. How does this message apply to that person that want to work with and then you write that content to that person? Jefferson struggles to the goals to their aspirations. And that's all you're going to start to attract that type of person that you want to work within your social media posts all right thank you so much tuning in. This is make podcasts. I'm your host mark fit if you want to win the cash. All you gotTa do is screen. Shot that you're listening to an episode shared your instagram story technique happy market so I can see listening and it will automatically enter to win the draw the more entries entries. You get the more chance. They're going to win stars cash. I gave one thousand dollars cash last month. A girl Kelly left she's crushing. It shows her story all the time. She had the most draws so she won the contest. So thank you so much for tuning in this is the change is make money on the train and bought gas until the next episode. I will talk you soon. Spot Hey if you're brand new here thank you again the end for spending your valuable time with me. I really appreciate it. I truly do respect your time and I hope this was valuable for you. So if you're brand new listener again thank you for checking out the show. And don't forget you can grab your a copy of the book how my clients make ten thousand dollars a month with instagram stories over instagram. All you gotTa do is. Dam Me Abby Margaret and. Tell me that you listened to the podcast. Be Sure to join me on the next episode so against them. What you're spending your time with Albert to cash new on the next episode jeans is make money the online trader podcast uh-huh?

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Episode 489: Big Phil on the "Nairobi man", military coup in the UK, and his favorite dogs


29:15 min | 1 year ago

Episode 489: Big Phil on the "Nairobi man", military coup in the UK, and his favorite dogs

"Is. It doesn't work. You're just not using enough. You're listening to so lady our special operations military meals on straight talk with the guys in the community Untie welcome to suffer. Radio with big Phil Champion from across the pond. Don't forget on time and we're on target at Safra Dot. Oh come this week. What other talk a big medal? Also GonNa talk about the possibility of a military coup. But I'm also we're GONNA talk about more and more choice of dog and why I chose my dog and I think we're going to do the feature every now again about dogs in particular it because they are such a great animal and they are more and more widely spread been used by the military for a number of different purposes search attack etc etc etc special forces using them all over the place now which is really good news if you're a dog of course right where we'll start. Let's start with no rugby man. This story broke January Til Nairobi pitches start emerging of a guy in dreams body the armagh onto the teeth marauding around a Kenyan shopping mile. Oh sources stuff going on inside bangs POPs whistles you name it. Great Gag Hag live. The national soldiers following him and all sorts of stuff being declared took turns out that the press reported on this almost straightaway and although it's reported that it was mild unit the SAS. Of course. I wouldn't know anything about it and I wouldn't be talking about eight but all I can do is uh-huh analyze what the press said and say maybe perhaps could be where might not get to read between the lines and wrong because I'm sailing clubs the wind as it were so let's just suppose that's just oppose it. It was a training task out in the in Kenya when beyond unrealistic to believe that somebody would be out there doing some sort of training activity. We've local special forces and often as a big case of somebody being in the right place at the right time here because obviously the guy the guy was off duty you can quite clearly see invitations ready to go. He's a he's been caught on the hop given his car Morris and a stuck destroy on and he's got involved where every time you know there's all sorts of rumors. He was shopping he was doing is he was doing. He was doing wherever he's come from these monies against into whose car down that space when he gets the finds out that there are terrorist active shooter in the building and Kenyans oversee trying to formulate. I plan to get in there and flushes people out. It turns out that he goes in more than once he does get involved in firefight himself allegedly oversee WOFFORD. He gets involved in a bit of a firefight and self flat packs a few of them. I wouldn't imagine then helps. Evacuate the feeble evacuating put all sorts of inches of incumbent. Going coming and going coming and going more than once for more than one entry all sorts of stuff in her side and it is quite clear. The he's done an absolutely superb job so he's led the whole thing you see him briefing Kenyan soldiers in the back of the wagon. There's all sorts of Fergie until the proper corden was established. There was press all over this one. So there's all sorts of been lied. Luckily and quite respectively actively so they haven't put his face out public was he's been a bit of a blessing really. Because I mean from what I hear you know he's still. I still got a bit of life left in the tank as it were doesn't WanNa begin our strike. Why so long when you want as your face splattered all over the press still serving? That's for sure China anyway. As we've ever vent the passing from the Ministry of Defence is neither confirm nor deny this is a special forces fig never will they never ever will I still. You don't quite agree with policy myself thing. Sometimes they should be a time when you say yes. That was a house we've had out because he's playing. Elvis it stays in the face doesn't look at the Iranian embassy. That was blatantly. Yes but in this case again the site they will never confirm nor deny so. You'll get nothing on this one however now now it's time for the Guy Oversea to be awarded a medal for his bravery. And you can't deny that no matter what units each from so it will be awarded a medal metal that he's going to get this. Could conspicuous gallantry cross the CDC is second only to the Victoria Cross and that's for battlefield. Heroism McCoy I so I would imagine the enemies they didn't have. Ac for this other Victoria crosses because technically this wasn't a battlefield it was a stream extreme bravery. How ever because he's Bellefield? Technically and this has happened before because one of our guys go to the CDC in Sierra Leone which again was a hostage talk situation because it wasn't actually a war he can't walk across this metal the CDC it was created in nineteen ninety the free and the first recipient was a corporal wind mills of the First Time In June Wellington's regiment his actions in Bosnia and if it the first time the SAS one one was in Sierra Leone. A few years later say is a huge huge medal. One second tour across his up another a site. I genuinely believe the only reason you think of the Victoria Cross for this was purely and solely because it wasn't about field action so metal the metal features stove across and the Laurel Wreath and is mounted on the white ribbon with a blue and red cringe. Stri okay so I would say that one you can say that one on the price squad eastern something extremely bright for it and fairplay to him saw. The Ministry of defensive has not commented on Special Forces again but the press assigned the meadows around hours in upcoming appraisals on his list which is expected to be published at the end of this month. The US earlier this year because of Brexit take these awards have been done slightly later than normal and a coastal climbing. Not go their own sources climbing an SAS guard has won this medal meadow. Well wherever isn't and I'm not going to tell you. It is a great great great achievement bodies individual and one the will pitch. Tell me that picture of him going through the door ready for anything. We've his body. Armor is Jay Peachey will be on conic without a doubt that will be one of the most iconic electronic pitches would accept militarily of this decade without a doubt is actually already made a t shirt with this on it was a very good seller until we only is an iconic by connick pager of of of that guy he's head wrapped in Chicago. Whatever it was with his weapon body and change on burst through a door and straight into action straight into action? Now we're hesitate. I mentioned about no no war might go might not. Oh he went straight through that door straight into action and that's when you in the UK now and you see these people moaning about soldiers and soldiers eljay that and so. Does the other fully grasped the situation what this man's just done. He's done something extremely bright. He could've over the bow. Saudi could've taken in command role and say what you go in there. You do. Is You do that you you know he didn't do that. He took the ball bottle homes. He picked up his weapon. He picked them and put on his own body armor and led the charge from the front. It don't get any braver than that now. I have spoken to about this. No so bright place. At Araya time he might wind up in the right place at the right time and there might be people out here myself included defending myself. Well you know I would love to have been that man to be pleasure. That time I it wasn't he was and he did extremely well so I'm really ready to see the guy get in an absolute and absolutely walker of a medal a massive medal overnight tonight. We we've just about covered the Narrow v Man's CG The conspicuous Gallantry Cross what a what a finger hanging on your chest but they got so much. I'm going to do about it. The fifty over the fall river okay. We're GONNA go now him so news. This awaken obviously. We've got the general elections coming up here and there's all sorts of Hullabaloo about the Labor Party so I'm not going to magically tell people with I should read his salary up or Labor Party is what it is. Labor probably has its policies. Conserve probably has their policies and lots of other little power is do their own things. Bits and pieces but the not realistic enough in the UK is going to be. It's going to be one of the it's going to be the concern pie or it's going to be the Labor Party that win. This election is without doubt. There ain't nobody else else at the moment big enough to step in and take these two now. The Labour leader the Lieber leader of the the leader of the Labour Pie. Jeremy Corbyn the guy now. Jeremy Corbyn doesn't gain any love. All Trust from any servicemen. I've ever spoken to. He has refused repeatedly to denounce to a free terrorist organizations including Hamas including the Irish Republican Army of whom he's been pictured with you know many occasions Gerry Adams and McGuinness would blatantly went up against Bray soldiers soldiers people who blatantly behind many atrocities against Brazilians on British soil. Guy and Jeremy Corbyn has been ghost with these people through a very very long time. It doesn't deny if he doesn't then is out there. You can look online. You can go wherever you like. And you're going to see lots. And Lots and lots of evidence of him smoothing with people who we consider as terrorists or certainly. We didn't die. You know the fact that somebody's played must been reprieved now calling themselves. Politicians doesn't hold the white with at the time. Especially when you look at the fact we've got this historic allegation thing going on whereby why our troops are being hauled over the coals and possibly facing prosecution whilst the Irish Republican Army but given letters of comfort to ensure them mm-hmm the they wouldn't be tried to over two calls and wouldn't get any further travel even if it claims that they had done something wrong. So it's all wrong. There's always all wrong but at the top the top. What is big picture? Since Jeremy Corbyn now maybe like this loud policies of the Labour Party. It goes deeper than that I think for most people people a lot of people in this country. I'll saying labor. They like the light of the policies command premium different difference to most of it's tough policies or not and quite frankly most of most of them are completely way off the mark so it doesn't make a difference to me in that respect however with a my luck Jeremy Corbyn who so blatantly against our armed forces doesn't turn up to remembrance praise and that sort of stuff where he can help and saw so he just refusal to put down or condone. What they do is absolutely insanely mad for people now? So what are we going with this. Well let's have approaches the independent in the UK British army. Let me let me read this for you. So we can get British army could stage mutiny on the Corp in say the senior generals goes onto say generals allow prime minister to jeopardize the security of the sky. Now is well known that the Colwin has rubbed shoulders of all these subversive organizations and and does almost the pull them at a white publicly which is which is absolutely absurd by his policies as regarding thing things on nuclear to turn. This is what we general society so this general particular sign that if he started to do stuff which was going to undermine the security of this country massive defense cuts removal of a nuclear program. And I don't think different other things you know. A military alliances could get down nice to have with various different agencies that we work with closely. Now if he's going to do something is going to jeopardize or lower the security of this country three then I think what again Roy early signs that something drastic. We'll have to be done. And it's a horrendous render thing to be signed it there would be more or less. I mean there's I knew Tony New. And he's a strong word on his own and carried it. F- sentence in in many campaign campaign. Military coup is something that you would only really associate with small African countries that want to overthrow dictators not a Western country. which is as you know to all intents and purposes one of the world leaders so very very worrying statement? Should this this story turn out to be true. Would I support a military coup. Well having served myself and having many friends who who still serving house served I want to serve. Even I would have to say that. I failed exactly the Siamese this irving general in as far as genuinely believed that if there was a government implies nice that did not support the will of the people in as far as the security of this country owes going to undermine the security array of this country I would have to support any action taken by anyone in Tokyo trying to knock on declaring the military myself. I've got to say if there was somebody detrimental to the well being of this country from angle then often to support him. I I mean it's one thing you know people arguing about brexit and what I saw stuff. You could argue. That it's people to stop is a mess but all security isn't a breach. We all staring down the barrel of being around serious. He's big stores so we're going to keep when all these elections very very closely because a lot of sacred that could be a massive one. Can you imagine that a military coup in the UK doesn't sound right. Does it inside. But I'll say that's going. Independent is a is a big piper in the guy. And that's what they're saying. I serving general serving senior general spicy designed in. There's a possibility that should Jeremy Corbyn gain the the army would have to meet any. Wow that's how right is general's supposed to serve during the troubles again. He goes on about saying he taken by Mr Corbin's refusal to condemn the IRA which killed seven hundred troops and in just seven thousand mortar conflict. That's a lot of people. The the general central he also said the general said many soldiers discuss it or the comments of Kuban Jomon Dowell about the alright menu of not only motive British soldiers but also hundreds of members of their own community responding to the general suggestion of potential mutiny. Among members of the armed forces the Labor source told the Independent. It does does seem like a quite extraordinary statement Labour's newly-appointed Charlotte Secretary. Hilary Benn has said he does not believe later back even nuclear disarmament or draw from military lines Mr Gore with early announced he would be pulling out of the Stop the War Coalition Conference to to a busy schedule. Hey guys on speculation speculation. What sells newspapers speculation? Of course it does so. That's independent Megan's of massive waves in the UK lean into the military coup. Wow how'd you just the fourth. I'm even saying that I'm just record. This is my clear although endorsing oh trying to encourage a one way or another country. He's nothing to do with me. I got stolen independent. You know stuck anybody names that if I was somebody comes up with story and says in general but doesn't give his name. Why be the red flags are operating this? Let's just see which way and who wins. Let's give of news and I'm also excited to talk about a new sponsor and just talk about sponsorship in general we've had a really big show on Safra Radio on his for awhile and and I've been times where we we've let couple sponsors like you just got to almost too Too many sponsors on the shows we dial it back. Because we're really I think careful with you. Know who he who we partner with but one of our news sponsors is Mac Weldon and they're really interested company. I'm getting some products. Set out to personally test. But I like Mac wellman's mission. I draw a lot of parallels To what they they're Eureka moment in their mission to to kind of like why we started setup software as a company just getting frustrated with a lot of content this is out there and the and the traditional media space it just were getting military content wrong but MAC welcome was founded because they wanted more out another basics and the frustration was there. Eureka moment happened when they're in a department store. I'll full brands. That dominated your top drawer your mind numbing assortment of underwear socks and they realize that consists of equality became a game of Roulette so they decided to take matters in their own hands and they they started back. While from scratch engineer there on fabric made sure the design process with meticulous essentially. You could count on the same fit each time and how how many of us have been maceration where you know you just is become this commodity right. You're of other brands. So it's cool. Let like mack well and is really carved out a niche for themselves and for sure is just from my brief glance on the website and learning about the macworld brand basically damn sure better. Whatever I'm wearing right now and probably better than what you're wearing right now so anyway? CHECK OUT MAC. Well Dot Com for any of the listeners. You'll get twenty percents off your first order at macworld and dot com and that's Mac K. W. Not L. D. O. N. macworld and DOT COM enter Promo Code Soft Rep and you'll get twenty twenty off your first purchase so excited how macworld quelled on We got some really cool sponsors and giving away the next feature on her do the shopping. It's very close is to me. He's my dog now on dogs. They're man's best friend. Everyone says they man's best friend and they are without doubt miles best friend and and a lot of people will say there's a lot of different breaks out there and a lot of choice and a lot of reasons why you would wanNA talk. You just want to throw. Oh for company. You might want to protect your house. You might want to keep enough of it though company. There's a hundred days later. I don't personally because I love dogs and I always like to have a dog about Scottish. Terriers Okay Macho is a dog goes on topic and what choice of dog. This week is the Scottish terrier up the black doll stories. The ones not get confused with West highland terriers because that really gets that really gets me down Stereo or Aberdeen Terrier as I happen nine before is the black one. The one that looks at the monopoly. Talk or have a job where they come. They are predominantly Scottish terrier from north of the border but they've been bred in the UK for quite some time. I mean that you know they. They first started appear Leandra eighteen hundred zero to four and then they breath. I mean some people say it's one of these doses bread the dossier acceptable to counter. I saw that you can get a few health issues with them. Why do I love my Scottish terrier? I'll tell you why Terry because militarily if you look back over history there was a guy that I'm GonNa gays name right now. And he basically there was lots of stories about these dose as he called them die. Hards Okay and the Royal Scots. And I think it was the fourth some some bootle Jew who something anyway in the Royal Scots on the late eighteen. Hundreds ignore into the Royal Scots the report to have a pack of these dogs and they took him everywhere and they four absolutely ferociously and they were loyal dogs. Now I can tell you now. Andrew must always terrier and reading scores. Go a guy is an extremely extremely loyal dog a dozen strike from his city if a day if somebody comes in he's not a he's not enough so he doesn't go banging embarking on but I'll tell you now if you went went after a probably a probably cyber cooling overall because he's got massive massive teach all right it looks a little tiny. He looks all Cuban cutting. But when you lift up his GEL and I will look inside his life. Wow how they are big right. So the way he was designed in the way he's been bred them to send him in the house for things badges and rats so you always ARATU. Essentially they bred them bred them quite powerful so that they could send Donna how big teeth Repairman Taryn and pull the badger out badges fierce animal in the paddock. Who Badger if you're from the states if you're not familiar with them over the eleanor shore via the nor but the budget is descended dog after Badger? He's got to be a feel right so we'll get down there they sink. He's taken that his badge right now. The tables and a stereo extremely fake if you hold them. They feel like acacia piece of road but thick piece of rope and the bread says that you can pull the tail so you pull dog Badger. And then if analysis attached the whole his back legs a quite big and strong so he will be held himself from being poured into the how and you you only tile and pull him out with the budget. That's the way they are a hardy dog they're very very hardy. DOVER NOT GONNA so Royal Scots as she used to take them into battle and therefore extremely hard these talks did so to me straightaway just looking at the type of breeding top dog. It was taught. Eight knockout token particular base another hill Doganov even a small flying on them psalm bruising grabbing thing when I come the American they came over to America again like Titan understood must have been I think they were very first report in America and he's the only dog is is I the frequented the White House Frey Times Alsatians have lived in their free time. Disguised terriers of also lived in the White House. Re towns on Thomas Franklin Roosevelt terrier's. I only only statue these these go. Scottish terrier William which is which is to George Bush. The can't seven of them. They had a pack of scores which is quite cool. Let's say they're on extremely cold. Luckily history of them bread bread bread bread And that you know this is a strange thing about those types. Ninety Years Nineteen ninety odd years is something like six to eight generations dog to create a breed and overseas. They Find Czerny drove a braided overseas stopped and a few problems. But the Scotty Lago site this come from nicknamed the die hard from his days where it used to go into battle the Royal Scots. And I think there's the Scots are actually known as the thaw heart Scott's or something I they do have these these lasting imprint on fine old regiment Scottish regiment known as the diehards so the dobozy hope was actually nicknamed diehard trump as well so they really have gone punchy a punch. Yeah Judy's dogs. I mean that's why I like him because he punches well above is white. Does your Andrew. He's these are all talk. so that's more choices. Dokan Afolabi. It'd be nice to come at dogs. Forget all social media but big field campion on instagram big field camping on twitter facebook. Everything's at feel campaign if you want. If you want to teach y'all though who you talk about your dog in particular Fiji Autobahn and let me know we don't talk about it. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa counter actually got a dog expert. A friend of Mine Connie lines he trains. Those did adults for the Olympics. Sir Stiffer dokes folks. This dog that don't mind for the moment he does attack dogs and I absolutely superb. What creature walks working and working with different Kale official Andrews a lovely Toke score? He's on really. Were in those to be honest anymore. spos- nobody's really taking them into battle impacts the last five minutes anymore but I'm now decided plenty does the mountain walls and all that sort of stuff and I'll get nothing will get done in one week. Good chat with Donna. All about dogs and all about disor stuff that they do because those are such cool animals alongside the man's best friend and my best friend to Bositis we. We've covered stories toys. which is my choice though not more? doper a daily. So there we got. Forget yourself online. I WANNA cry club. They're up to plenty of coast off Silky and all about the crowd Club Academy. That was such a cool a cool weekend. If I mean it was a great challenge to come over to the Americans see. That's but but a great weekend this other stuff we did. There was a little trailer on nine. If you look online the moment showing some of the stuff that we did awesome stuff was most guys. FORGET SOFTWARE SAFRA DOT COM. Check out what's going on my non shows on free times a week it among the best to show and as soon as I worked out I'LL BE I'll be a regular feature on software. I am now I've got. We got we right here in gun twice a month. I'll be free times a week or she'll be. We all know SUFFERD DOT COM on their facebook page case chairman of facebook and See Walt. I'm up to. That's about one time for this week. It's been fun fun. Time with dog for a walk of a long week of just come back from Bulgaria as he so area but all posting stuff on my own facebook page and now probably managed to get some stuff on the software dot com as well with some of the stuff up and during the era extremely cold place to go if you're in Europe because one of the places where you can do the stuff on the on the rangers and that is have proper move boxes in the workforce or so you'll see some pretty cool stuff in a month almost ultra leader from Bulgaria the site. I should be featuring some more dogs for down the non nor only man's go he's medal and at the moment we don't who's GonNa win the election and we won't laugh when the election Russian so this just happens until next time starring Saif does wins. Don't forget side checkout cry club and checkout now software used in listening to serve radio new episodes every Wednesday and Friday follow the show on instagram and twitter pets so read lady Uh.

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 Superyachts and private schools: Britain's dirty money problem

Today in Focus

31:56 min | 1 year ago

Superyachts and private schools: Britain's dirty money problem

"Today, how billions of dollars of Russian money made its way into Europe fire a network of tax haven firms and an opinion memories of the prodigies lead singer, Keith. So you've been kind of living in breathing all of their must be kind of saying dolla signs in your sleep at the moment. Yes. It's a it's a it's a big sprawling massive data. We've seen about one point three million files, and it's thought to be one of the largest ever leaks banking data. What did you think when you first came across this leak because he works a lot on the forefront of the Panama papers investigation. When you saw this. Esme? Saying oh, God known another one gonna be stuck here for months. The guardians. Juliet goss. I'd regularly reports on big money and corruption she's won awards for her investigations into the Panama papers, and the HSBC files. And now, she's turned her attention to something called the troika laundromat in one of the biggest banking leaks ever say, oh, no, no again. But the must been something in you. That was a bit kind of excited Hugh might lie at the end of this trial. Yes. Well, I'm really interested in where the money ends up. Koso- much ends up here in the. The case very reluctant to plant down on this earth money or prosecute any institution which handles it knowing the Juliet has been digging into a network of shell companies companies that appear to be set up for the sole purpose of moving money from Russia into Europe that work is called a laundromat because it works like a washing machine all sorts of money goes in some of it thirty. But all of it comes out looking team. Yes. You think of it like a gos- of water? So it will serve you. Release a drop of ink into it to see the Inca. I eventually gets deleted mixed with the water and eventually dissolves to the point where it's visible. I think not similar to what is going on here. So as the money goes through the different shell companies. We can see that some of the money going in his criminal will potentially criminal. But it's it's actually really impossible to separate that from the rest of the money legitimate money. The troika laundromat is complicated. Did but bear with us because the network takes us to private jets and private schools, Putin's best friend and not one but two princes. From the guardian. I'm India Rakkason today in focus inside the money machine that moved billions from Russia to Europe. So Juliette you and other investigative journalists around the world have been working on this huge investigation. Which is finally now been published a new calling it the troika laundromat. What is the trick laundromat? Well, the trickle laundromat was basically a huge financial peration money moving machine. They helped move billions of dollars of private wealth out of Russia and into Europe, and it's called a troika laundromat because it was being run by an independent arm of troika dialogue, which was a Russian investment Bank. But the league was wider than that. We actually saw one point three million transactions involving over two hundred thirty thousand account holders. Most of these shell companies. The league comes from different Baltic banks mainly ankle G Q in this area. The troika laundromat was about seventy of show companies. But what we've also seen amongst. All this other information is a series of other mini laundromats. Okay. How much money are we talking about flowing through from Russia into Europe? And where does it come from? Is it all just individuals personal wealth? We think most of the money comes from personal wealth. He's a wealthy business people and their families. But some of it seems to come from Russian frauds in total. We're talking about four point six billion dollars coming into Europe. A lot of the four point six billion dollars is probably money that was legitimately earned, but through very careful tracing. It also seems that some of this cash comes directly from shell companies used to loan to the proceeds of crime, and we've traced three specific very high profile cases and the victims of these frauds with the ordinary Russian taxpayers. The thing is when the money comes out at the other side in Europe. You can't say for sure with a bit of money that's being spent on a y'all to private school fees, whatever as come from frauds or from completely legitimate sources, that's because it's hoping mixed together. And because it's being mixed together. Only service providers in England and Spain wherever at the other end, they don't know whether this don't money in there. They have no reason to suspect that anything is wrong. And what we're being told by the private clients troikas that they had no idea about the other money flowing through this network, either the money moves around in a convoluted way it's fake, and it's confusing and probably deliberately so. What do we know about who was running troika at the time? This is happening. So we know that the chairman of the board of troika at the time was nominee in cooled Ruben Damien than he had a big stake in the Bank. They were one of the pioneering investment banks in Russia to you more more connections with people who different countries, more and more Virginia studied together to exchange ideas to exchange views. And they were seen as very western friendly Rueben von and as far as he is known in the financial world is seen as very much the acceptable face of Russian capitalism won't see like, I guess he looks like sort of friendly on cool. You know, he's kind of he's he's a bit Father Christmas is a big man with a big belly. And he's he's open. He's chatty is going to big house here. Nandan sent his children to school here. He's from menia and he likes to hang out and devils. Philanthropist. Cheer of the idea foundation. Ruben ver- Danica he could founded the Aurora prize, which is a price fool humanitarian, what movie star George Clooney. And in fact, he this way to George Clooney unredacted come tell media to give out the price. I wanted to give a toast to to Ruben. And honestly, if we were giving out awards in some way or another. Probably be giving them to you. And that's the truth. How much did ribbon onion as the controlling shareholder of troika know about what the Bank was doing running this network move money into Europe. Well, he says the network was an independent arm of his main investment Bank. He was never involved in its operational management, and he had no data day interaction with its activities. But ultimately, he was the boss he was a controlling shareholder of. So I think it's perfectly fair to ask questions about how like touch the regulation of the of this independent network was under his leadership. Anyway, his response to us was that their compliance procedures met all the requirements of the legislation a time. So the basic idea of the laundromat is to move money. Some it criminal some of it not like you said from Russia to Europe where it can be spent without questions being ost, essentially. So how does it work? Let's try and just follow the money a bit. What's the first step will the first thing you have to do is you have to get the money out? Russia so stuff at troika operated. A series of seventy shell companies. They would do is run the money into these shell companies and then between them through a maze like series of exchanges. So the money would become anonymous and mixed together. There's a big effort to disguise who really owns and controls. These companies way, they do it is they use proxies nominees people who've sold their signatures or given their signatures to the Bank and his signature stumped on the documents. But what we see in the data is the it's troika staff. Managing these companies not. The people whose names appear as the owners, right? So these people have absolutely nothing today with the network. A toll pubescent are being used to move money from one shell company to the other. Did you manage to track any of these people down? We did we've got some brilliant million reporters and Russian reporters who've managed TRITON down and feed them what sort of people than not rich. And this is where I think this really sticks in the throat. So these are people signing off on deals might be worth hundreds of millions of dollars on of them. As a cleaning lady. Two of them are seasonal construction workers another lives with his parents in a flat when he was visited they didn't even have the heating on one was shown a contract with his signature on it in which forty million dollars changed hands. And he's he said that's my signature, but I've never seen. This contract must have been faked. I think some of them were aware, but one thing you can. Be sure of these not the people who controlled the company's troika staff controlled the companies, and we know that because they are the ones who gave their contact details. Their emails and the phone numbers to the Bank that was moving the money for these companies when the Bank needed instructions it went troika didn't go to the people's whose signatures appeared in go to the cleaning lady in Moscow. They have these shell companies. I'm an money's moving into them. How does it then get into the what's the next step Puckett banks banks a willing to ask too many questions that are based in Europe? And in this case the pocket Bank was Lithuanian Bank ukiah, which is where we got a lot of the leak data for this investigation. From once. It's in an e you Bank that has a licensed or pre European Union. It can then go into other banks HSBC or coots, and it does without too many questions that kind of point where it's like, it's almost the money can kind of blacks. And now it can just get into the system. It's in the system. That's it. It's breached the wall around Europe that's meant to protect us from accepting laundered funds. Once it's passed through the Lithuanian Bank to Ye K what's the final step. Why does end up in some cases, we can see payments start out of Lithuania to the service provider said could be firm of interior designers in London, it could be rose. Royce Motors in London could be coots Bank in London. It could be the purchase of land to build a holiday home and Spain pain for the crewing and maintenance of private jets. This is spending wealth spending wealth flashy base binding blink spending. What's the most playing thing? You saying one of Mr. Vardanian associates in Kosheh holders and troika loved yachts. And we've seen seventy million in payments for his yachts. He appears to have bought a maintain to your with this money. One was called the celestial hope and one was the quintessential. Actually, this kind of amazing video online ov the yard of the quintessential. It gives you a virtual tour of it. It's unbelievably flashy. Quintessentially. This is your captain speaking it's going to be another beautiful day. I think they spend sixty thousand dollars in stolen, like her mom type sooner another fifteen grand on water Tores. Fish water toy. Like. That's like a floating seahorse. A ferry golden Lilo when it's just one of these phone teams. But really, really good. In fact, the ship itself. The daughter was in fee describing how each room is scented with perfume made from wine from their -talian vineyard. And we can also see the payments to purchase and maintain that going through the laundromat own perfume for that y'all rooms from Nevin yard from vineyard. We talked about even vote on the beginning. He's the philanthropist and also the controlling shareholder of troika was he using this network or companies within this network for personal spending. He was using this note cover his private expenses. We can see money to his mother-in-law in Spain. But it's really weird because the purpose of the transactions is recorded in the banks books as con contracts and loans for his mother his mother in law seems like a very efficient sorta for Asian ship. Donya Nossa had a very big party for stuff in two thousand seven and he hired throw extol prince to come and play. And we can see the transactions two million euros. And he also paid for his children to go to hill house school in London say that the fees for hill house can be seen coming out of one of the largest companies in the laundromat. So perhaps we should say at this point. There's no evidence that Vardanyan is paying for these things with the proceeds of any crime tool. And in fact, there's no suggestion he did anything illegal. But what we can clearly see is the the funds flowing in to the shell company used by Valdanian. If you track them back several steps you get to a series of shell companies outside of the troika network pumping money into the troika network and those those shell companies outside of named by prosecutors as having laundered the proceeds of major frauds in Russia. An exclusive private school fees. They seem to be quite popular way of spending money through laundromat. They may other other examples in the leaks that you've seen there are many. So for example, one of the big laundromat companies was paying all sorts of school fees. We've seen lots in college there and also Ondo school. They're both big private schools in the UK big well-known, establish private schools. But we'll so seeing transfers from shell companies outside of the troika network. For example, another shell company sent three hundred thousand pounds to Charterhouse school five years worth of school fees up front. Chata has those Abe very prestigious big private school a very prestigious private school, Jeremy hunt. The foreign secretary was head boy there. Ralph o Williams actually went to the school to and even named a piece of music that he composed in memory of his time there. Describes itself is inland. Most historic school. And probably rightly so, but you know, this money came from a shell company for from Russia. I don't know how many questions we're all about its origin with what they how they responded to the fact that this money's coming from. They haven't given us any details about the checks that they carried out what they say is that they do take these issues really seriously now, and it was a different climate then very expensive school. So they must be getting quite baked transactions from a lot of people all the time. Do they have a process to check women? He's coming from two really good question. So in the independent schools bursts association has been in touch because I think they're trying to tighten guidelines and one of the things I've suggested to them if you're accepting money from a company registered attack, saving appears to have no presence in the real world of business. Also questions. One of the more curious things you've found in these leaks relates to Prince Charles unto a country estate called them freeze house in Scotland them freeze was at risk of being sold to a private buyer. So Prince Charles stepped in and he bought it through his charity in order to restore it. Why would he do that? He dubs architecture Dumfries houses, real gem. It contains a collection of some of its specially commissioned Chippendale furniture, sort of essence of Dumfries really this cabinet Chippendale, these burst. It is very special. Very unusual. And the house itself is really beautiful Dumfries house was bought in two thousand seven and it was a lot of money. It was forty five million pounds. There were a lot of phys the prince have paid at the time, and he'd also created back holes in the balance sheet of his charities to do it. He talked to borrow twenty million to fund it. Fear of failure D N, detain it. Maybe I would have done better to do. Nothing to criticize. But. Gotta get stuck in and try to make a difference. And if he doesn't he doesn't these can be exposed in my position they're saying live dangerously. Prince Charles has got to raise a lot of money for Dumfries house. So he goes on a fundraising drive one person. He step said is Ruben Vardanyan he does and he starts making payments. We've got the first one in two thousand and nine on the in after that and the on in twenty eleven and it will adds up to about two hundred thousand dollars after these initial payments came through the laundromat more money. Started flowing in from Dannon. This money doesn't come through the troika companies or from Yukio because by the stage for Dannon assault troika, and he's become very wealthy. And he started spending his money on charities and one of them is a UK charity that he set up in two thousand thirteen he gets together a group of other Russian diners, and they give combined one point five million pounds for the restoration of a whole outbuilding Dumfries house. Now, this building is going to make money to help pay the running of the stately home. It's going to have sixteen luxury lodges way, you know, can come stay obviously Conway next holiday. So this money looks pretty above board. But the initial two hundred thousand dollars is a bit strange. It came from shell company, which is part of this troika laundromats that was registered in the British Virgin Islands. And as you've said a lot of money, positively this network some of it is from crime, some of it, not I find it really strange because why didn't the money come from Ruben volt onions account in his own name wherever coots Bank in London Vancouver Russia in Moscow, wouldn't you be a bit flummoxed? If someone told you they were donating, and then and then the money arrives, Michelle company in the BVI. I'm not I know that. Years ago people wanted to suspicious about money coming from Russia, but perhaps they should have asked a few more questions. So one of the names that appears in these documents, and that people might remember from your coverage at the Panama papers is April Dugan. Who is he and is it significant that he's here again? Sergei role Dugan is a cellist. He's a modest living musician. Also godfather t Vladimir Putin's eldest child, and he says friend. See the cellist, then we must it must be very good because it's very rich. It's music playing because what the Panama papers showed was that. He ends companies that received tens of millions, and what many people believe is that the off show companies that he was apparently benefiting from really the asset since like those belong to the Russian president. What we see in the truck laundromat is this company supposedly owned by role Dugan received about seventy million dollars of payments from troika manage companies to low of money than he's looking after seventy million's a lot money for cellist. Yeah. Okay. So are we saying then that partitions decisions like through family and several high profile English private schools have accepted money through shell companies that are associated with a network that's linked to huge fraud cases in Russia. Even if they can't know this specific money, they are receiving might not be traceable to criminal funds shouldn't people be doing better due-diligence than this. Yes. And I'm not the only one who thinks so the national security minister Ben Wallace, she came out and all stores him and said the party, we don't just want banks to check the money that's coming in. We really need the facilitators the lawyers and the accountants to do it. And we need the service providers to do it. So stay taints auctioneers people sending final people selling luxury 'cause even luxury handbags without sounding pessimistic. How much actual appetite is that to stop money coming into the UK who source we contres, and which might be from crime. I spoke to Bill Browder the anti corruption campaigner, and he said the city of London is float on a sea of dirty Russian money. And that's why there's no appetite to turn off the tap. How much truth? Do you think there, isn't that? I think that's always been nuns role hasn't it? It's a financial centre. You think those traits in it's just floating on dirty version money, I think there's all sorts of money. Let's dirty money from Nigeria this dirty money from as a by, Sean. Yeah. I mean, that's why house prices went through the roof in Kensington at Chelsea London is a safe place to stash to cash where does the responsibility lie like wack, where should we be trying to stop this happening? The national crime agency on trying and they've brought a couple of successful cases, so far, but they need political. Backing I think they have it from some parts of government. But I think it's I don't think it's a do not think Theresa May wants to chase Russian money out of the UK. I've seen absolutely no sign of her desire to do this. In fact, I've seen her block measures by other ministers say what's going to come of this investigation. You'll be paid some of this back wouldn't it? You know, if the national crime agency came along with some unexplained, well solders and see some some of the properties are with this money, or I mean, why should we care right? We we will benefit it's victimless crime. Well, it's not victimless is it because we can see Russian tax payers are the victims. But does think in the end also it allows the Russian state continue operating in the way in the correct way that it doesn't actually presents a national security threat. If you turn off the taps, you might limit Putin's power. But if you leave them running what you end up with this regime, that's causing trouble found X Crimea. And that came home to the UK exactly a year ago this week with the Russian orchestrated deadly nerve agent attack in the streets of Salisbury. T-that? Thank you very much. Thank you. In response to the claim that staff as an independent arm of troika apparently helped organize the transfer of seventeen million dollars to one of Putin's best friend Sergei Dulken. Ruben Vardanyan said I haven't done any business with him. Personally. Why did he receive money from Choi KC companies? I didn't know anything about that said Gabriel Dolgen has said his wealth was merely a series of donations from rich businessmen in order to purchase expensive musical instruments fee. Young russians. Vladimir Putin has said almost all the money. Roll Dokan earned was on acquiring musical instruments from abroad and bringing them to Russia explaining why the money for Dumfries house was paid for Qantas one of the companies in the laundromat Ruben fought Dannon said he did instruct his office to transfer funds to the prince of Wales charity fund, but says his office was in charge of the details. Clarence House spokesman said the prince of Wales charities operate independently of the prince himself in relation to all decisions around fundraising. The prince's charities said, they apply rebuffed due diligence processes, and that the donations in question had raised no red flags when checks being made you can read more about the troika laundromat and all of God's work at the guardian dot com. Next remembering the man behind Firestarter, the music video banned from the BBC. Keith Flint from the prodigy was one of the most iconic figures of British music in the nineteen ninety s following his death this weekend. The guardians music additive. Ben Beaumont Thomas has been reflecting on what Keith meant to British pucker. Very few from men of British grapes have had such a arresting image. This black eyeliner the spiked hair. The mad staring eyes. These things will tropes. It was slightly coined in the punk era. But I think that they were just dialed up to a level of intense tape by Flint, we really hadn't seen before and took the policy from being a really exciting dance creep into a fully-fledged pop and rock and roll group that can speak to a huge number of people. I five thought to reached number one. And I can really clearly remember this happening and not good. The present who told the pope said something like if your parents have just left the room, you might want to get them back in here for this. Because they they didn't era live performance of poetry. They played the music video which features Keith lint in a kind of conic stars and stripes. Uv outfit looking like he's just escaped from some kind of medium secure facility. Dancing around an underground cavern girding, the cameras hollering these lyrics about self association and destruction straight to the camera and beating himself around the head. And it was an extremely arresting video must've been about twelve at the time. And you know, I haven't come across anything like this. My sister was telling me, actually, yes. Say that she was scared stiff by this video, and it turned out the actually this video terrified a great number of children across the UK. And there were a number of complaints, the BBC in the BBC actually vans that video. What made fun starter and breed of the land. So powerful is that they came out time when rip up was starting to sour as Tommy's. It goes into this other Bauge zone. The pro Aji help usher in this age of people at dam and the chemical brothers and doff punk. I think that the way that culture has changed. It's feeding into the way that people are thinking about Keith we know world anymore where video would be banned on top of the pops top of the post. No longer exists. We no longer sit down as a nation around a small number of cultural media. We listen to music either on vinyl and CD for generally towards the demographic and on streaming for younger demographic, and these worlds can be quite divorced and people often create a sort of cherry picked version of their own pop. Music. Now, I think that Keith Flint in some ways is one of the last people from that pre incident aero who the whole nation rallied around and the whole nation was startled by all at once or the same time Friday night on top of the pose. So that he was able to become a sort of cultural icon of the back of of that if unified coach conversation in the UK K, I think I don't want to play the ups he much I think the the key thing is that he's unforgettable indelibly store. Attention. That's today. My thanks Juliette Garside and Ben Vermont Thomas today's program was produced by Joshua Kelly and Amy Walker sound design was by execute and executive produces on the codex in and filming we will be back tomorrow.

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Rubber Ducks and Free Books  Episode 122

This is Rammy - the podcast about Ramsbottom, its residents and businesses.

18:31 min | 2 years ago

Rubber Ducks and Free Books Episode 122

"On this episode of this I have a visit from Paul Jenkins and I tell you how it's free book is Rami. Your locally produced a weekly podcast all costs bringing these events interviews and information from the House of Rounds Folsom with the Ohio. Hello and welcome to another episode of this is rummy hope you find very good weekend. It's been extremely windy around here. It's been raining. It's been sideways. Rain stuff happened with a wind up nipped out an didn't see too much damage still had all offense panels which is surprising because pretty much any minor. Steve WYNN usually knocks them out of their their holdings that do need those fixed books out flea. You didn't have any issues so this week we are talking rubber ducks and free books so as you very well may know Sunday. The thirteenth of January was of of course rubber ducky day. I don't think I needed to tell you that pre show you dean you but assuming you did you do now so you probably probably thinking well stocked with Ramsbottom. Well not only is there a giant robot grace every year with the Ramsbottom Rotary Club down at the river also it's got to do with Paul Jenkins now. You may recognize the name Paul Jenkins. Maybe know him. Maybe the room club because he's lost his two for for the town as well. He's also involved in a park for example which takes place in in Noto Pack Release Junior Parker Run so runs Boston podcast regular Paul Jenkins as on a mission now that mission is what he's called. The people who celebrate liberated everything now throughout the year Paul is going to be taking part and with his sons as well is going to be taking part in whatever day event. It happens to be on so for example. He's already doing National Trivia Day. which is you know? It's January fourth national your Nj January tenth and obviously now he is done National Rubber Ducky Day. Which is January the thirteenth so I did it noticed that it was coming to be the Roberto key day and I offered to loan out my giant. Dope have giant full the duck race that does take parts every yeah. I've only taken out once but you know is getting you sell now clearly now. I know you might be thinking what nonsense these national final days. Iras all loaded Roche Book is fun isn't it really in the world is already too serious so why not check out. The facebook spoke pay. You'll see a picture of Actually you'll see a picture in the show notes if you look at the show notes on they see Romney. Dot Co dot UK and you will see Paul myself is and we found a little photo opportunity with the duck as well they chair. What was the cold I forget now but the they'd get named whilst styles Paul popped over and how to look at the Dokan took some pictures with it put check out the facebook page of a link to the facebook page in the show notes for suit this episode is number one hundred twenty two but if you did want to check out you can also on facebook for the people who celebrated celebrated everything on you probably recognize it there and you'll see Pola as the days Paul's coming up. I did suggest to his son because he's helping him. Maybe you need to look ahead and look at things like National Theme Park Day at National on on a skydiving day anything that some fun things but I was told that polly trying to keep this on budget trying to keep it as cheap as possible which I can understand but talk show the be so max days in the coming up which should be quite fun so good look to Paul doing and yeah look forward to seeing what the days you've got coming mangope so while some token about national days his this week not a competition quiz question and so each week so far I have been put into putting forward to you the listener a not a competition quiz question. It's not a competition because you can't win anything but it is a quiz question so the question this week is on what day is international podcast day so the answer to this. He's GONNA go up. A little later on in the show have a think international podcast day take place every year. What Day is it right so we've had the DOC which is obviously the duck in in the of robotics and free book so is Free Books Well. I just found out the the the tossing totting ten tea room a doing a free book offer so currently happening in winter or at least I mean it says says for a limited time to safer winter depending on how popular I guess I guess they might run out books. Touching tea room is owned by a the Holcombe Brook resident called Kellyanne simister now. He's opened a believe in October last year so he's only been open for a few months now and is situated inside the talking ten center. This ten center is a library and offices this cafe in tea room as well. Now the snow really scheme but the the idea is that you will go and you will. You'll be basically by a cup of coffee. Whatever and you get free book so. He's there is free book with every brew is what is what they call in now. It's a vintage cafe. You can get food and stuff desire as well and you can get breakfast lunch afternoon tea coffee cake whatever and you can get a free book now this going to be a variety of different books there. I think the role secondhand than the one hundred percents pretty shoals secondhand but that's in my opinion. That's what makes it more interesting too. If you go out shopping for books than you might already already have a book in mind but if you're getting given a free book with a drink anyway then you probably going to be a little bit more adventurous. Maybe grab something that you've not read before. You've heard awful. Maybe even you just like the Cova now. Toddington isn't that far away so before you say a minute and that's not even Ramsbotham. It's only two and a half miles away oy. It's a six minute drive or just about just under an hour's walk so that'd be perfectly quiet nice walk. The walk there have you t probably load upon cake is well. If you do in like two hours of kid and then you go back hopefully the rain stays dry for you with the weather. Who knows you never know we from the but it's a really fantastic idea so well done. Kelly Kellyanne as you'd like to visit make me interested and a one person I I do know he was visited there and is very happy with what is being provided is Kristine Gillis. Who is a local Toronto mother a few times? She's a member of the rump community hope and also she is very pedantic when it comes to English so please Christine if you don't the show notes too closely because with arousal mistakes in the moving onto the fantastic ramsbottom united news no not going to lose all of the matches being things too much since the last podcast episode I will focus on one which is very very interested indeed a not as our the current standing in the FAA trophy so ramsbottom United States are currently the team and the Lowest League in the cup. I believe the match we had most recently was with. Weymouth home our hope and they took place on Saturday. The twelfth of January now weymouth currently the third in the evil stick league premier south which is bev mouthful by anyway and it's a number of places rows but my dad have a look to try and work out how many places because they've kind of go south premier and we've got a null primary room wearing west and east I've got no idea so as at least the the League possibly two leagues. I don't know account work out but definitely a leak was anyway and at the top of that league as well so that should give you an idea of what type of team we were playing now weymouth as expected they were not pushovers but I do think it may have suspected a little less from our team because we mow them much in quality especially in passion as well now the first match the first goal of the Serie was opened up for by Weymouth and that was by Jake McCarthy on thirty seven minutes there wasn't much in the way of goals from that point was was there was one nil all the way until half time no additional goals it was a few chances here and there we definitely gave him a good run for their money in that first half off a boat we did breakthrough finally on managed to get brilliant goal from Rumsfeld regular Nick Evangeline US on sixty the eight minutes however it wasn't too long before the end of the match on eighty three minutes when weymouth scored again bringing the school to warn a goal from Calvin Brooks and the minutes ticking on eighty three minutes. He's not really the point in a much way you want to be. You want to be two one down. and we didn't know we didn't actually know what the time either how many minutes have at the time there would be so ninety minutes came and went and then on the last minute of time and I'm about to butcher your name but I will good he would not sure but even good and scored for united scores making it to all now. They stroll means that we're going to obviously have to go to. Weymouth for the next like he's on Tuesday a not only that they draw actually means that for the first time in the club's history Rum's bought me an it will be in the competition's third round draw on Monday so obviously it's going to be alway myth depending on who wins the match but it'd be very very nice to see who could potentially be playing as well well now. That is the good news. The bad news is obviously on Tuesday. We're going to need to travel down to weymouth now. That's a little bit further in fact it's probably one of the furthest assistances. I think we've ever travelled. I'm not sure but it's definitely one of the furthest in recent in recent years and wake us quite nice have been the my sister lives. It's not too far away but it is a five hour. Drive from Ramsbotham bow two hundred and seventy miles also obviously some of vow plays. I expect they have jobs. I'm hoping that we can get full squad and the worst is always the potential that that was going to be a repeat leg but I'm just hoping that that's been signed off by the bosses the managers whatever we get a full squad it'd be great if we might get the full team that and obviously it's even better if we come back victorious. Now kickoff is at seven forty five pm in Weymouth now if you're making the trip down good on you as amazing I couldn't do. I've got family responsibilities. Hey of people into kids to bed at the time but I also I don't know if any any of you actually are traveling down especially any of the rummy ultras will be visited but hopefully somebody is and we can have a good idea of what the score is APP. Ah please do check out the roads by two feet obviously also as a whole much for Weymouth so maybe check out that which feeds or facebook pages as well that might give you an idea of fault discoloration and what's going on. I will re sweet any of the schools as well so if you check out this these rummy at cody. UK There's a contact link a a- An obviously you can get links to the twitter page where I will re tweet any schools. I do see so all the best for all of the guys on I do hope we come away with with a win being a be amazed if we come away with a win that be absolutely fantastic moving on to another regular segment which is the upcoming offense full ramsbottom and so of surrounding areas generals to from Boston well. It's going to be honest. The events come to Beth February apart from the ramsbottom united home much on the twenty sixth which is against let me just pull out for your actually because I said there's a whole month on the twenty six button button actually find out who it was. I saw skelmersdale we are playing skelmersdale on January the twenty six th at home. It's a Saturday and it is a three PM kickoff skelmersdale currently bottom of the tickly that we're in the united as of the recording a we are ninth on thirty six points so helpful. We're GONNA win a geek. Never tell whether or not a team that's right. The League is really going to be going for obviously trying. Cow Thought thought that relegation-zone I don't even know if there is a relegation zone to be able to think we're possibly the lowest division and boots obviously they were going to have that big long travel a two-way myth on Tuesday now hopefully everybody will be recovered for the following Saturday but a WHO knows. Hopefully we'll get that win and we'll see how it goes but yeah not say so. If you've any events coming up please let me know oh an either sent me a link to or give me some detail and I'll do my very best to get into the events calendar I have been tweeting out and posting on the facebook page. Eh links to the events as they're added to the calendar as well so make sure you following all of the social media pages to find out just when things are going on but if you do recognize ignites anything if if if you've gone to vent poor you recognize his advance criminal missing from the calendar they think should be in the please. Do let me know my very best to get the on so moving on to the last of the regular sections. which is the shoutouts so as always thank you very much to all of the followers of of the social media pages so whether you've been following for hang on a minute? I didn't tell you what the answer to this. Week's not a competition quiz. Question question was so just to remind you the sorry the question to this week's not a competition quiz question is on what day is International International Podcast Day on not is as you all know 'cause I've done a few things on this in the past international podcast day this year Eh is Monday. The thirtieth of September is always the thirtieth touched of September just this year Monday and on the day or at least very much around the day I have offered for Paul to take over the podcast so we currently talking about way could potentially do you essentially I'm handing over the reins on that date to poll so kind of a mash up between the people who celebrate everything and Karami Puck custos well. She'll be interesting to see what happens but we'll see how that goes so moving back onto the the shoutouts so always thank you very much to everybody following all of the pages the shouts out this week four. Lee Robson Vicky Styles Kolin Williamson Jason Norris Lisa Lewis Keith Ingram Alex Worrell and James Louis. Thank you very much for everyone that follows thank you very much to those people as well particularly if you do want to shout out in a future episode and if you're listening now for example you think. I've never heard my name mentioned on. This show taught touch bit then. Please get in touch. I will mole then happily mentioned you on the Puck custos well so thank you very much that right so so. I'm going to wrap it up for now. I don't know how long we've got this episode. Four is probably just over fifty minutes also so thank thank you very much for taking fifteen minutes to listen to this episode of the podcast. If there's anything you'd like to hear more of less of on the podcast and please do get in touch as always this is remedied CODA. UK is way you can find all the links for everything like contact information the events calendar all of the the posts which had not podcast episodes for example sometimes out right things going on around the town so yeah. You've got thoughts so you can get in touch with that. and that's eight for this episode next episode. I am actually recording an interview on shoes day evening. which kind of clashes with the football to it won't be too long. I do not interview full so I will be recorded interview Tuesday evening so watch this space to find out who is with and when is going to be released and yes so. Hopefully you have a fantastic week. Thank you once again for listening to my self on this. Israeli speech again next week. Thanks for listening to the show existed businesses local members breath and rummy individuals in an effort to bring more attention to ask fantastic town if you like this is Romi subscribing leaving us to review or sharing sharing with your friends

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Podcast: Is Christianity Good for Science? With John Lennox

The BreakPoint Podcast

29:37 min | 1 year ago

Podcast: Is Christianity Good for Science? With John Lennox

"Yeah. Shane Morris with the Colson center. Our theme for this year's Wilberforce weekend was is Christianity. Still good for the world today on the break point podcast. We present one of the absolute highlights of the weekend. John Lennox's riveting talk on is Christianity, good for science or as he put it is Christianity, a good world view in which to do science. If you've ever been wary of defending Christianity from a false accusation that it's anti-science or that science is the only reliable explanation of reality. This presentation is for you. Dr Lennox is a professor of mathematics, emeritus at the university of Oxford and fellow in mathematics and philosophy of science at green Templeton College Oxford here he is as introduced by Warren Cole. Smith. Now, as you know, by now the theme for this year's Wilberforce weekend is Christianity still good for the world. And to get started this morning. I'd like to bring up to the stage at John Lennox who asks an answers, the question is Christianity anti science to how many of you were at the museum of the bible on Thursday night for the Socrates in the city of end. Yeah, we had about four hundred and fifty people to hear John Lennox and Eric Metaxas begin that conversation. And today, we will continue that conversation with Dr Lennox his complete biography is in the program. But by way of introduction, I would add that there's, perhaps, no better person on the planet to address the question before us than Dr Lennox. And so I'm pleased to let you know that during the break the first break Dr lineage will be signing copies of his book can science, explain everything in the lobby, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome Dr John Lennox. The Monning, ladies and gentlemen. It was pathetic. Good morning. To. No. I see that I'm not like the Bishop returned up with a little country church. And as he was climbing into the pope it with the local minister, he sold, there were only three old ladies in the congregation and the whispered to the minister, did you tend to my was coming? He said, no, but word seems to have got around. Now, I discovered this morning that I didn't ask to do a different talk from the one advertised of the program. I was invited to speak on is Christie addity good for science not has been changed into a negative is Christianity empty signs. But they're both the flip side of a coin. But I'm going to go with the main objective of this conference because it's a very interesting way of putting it Christianity is a world view. And science is a set of intellectual disciplines geared, Tom to standing the world around us. So the question really is, is Christianity? A good world view in which to-do. Silence. Now, many will object and claim that science has worldview neutral, and from the large part, they are right. There's no particular worldview context for pure mathematics, which is my own failed. However, some claim that naturalists them is the proper worldview in which to do science, and some very eminent. Scientists will tell you straight that science is actually applied naturalists. So it raises the date, but important question of what is the precise relationship between science and worldview is Christianity? Good for science. Yes. Because Christianity is true. And that is a very important statement Christianity, I believe is the story that makes maximum. Sense of the universe around us and science is a very small subset of the methodologies. We use to investigate that universe. I'm as passionate about literature as I am about the natural sciences. And that is to be seen in the Christian origins of our institutions of learning Oxford. Deo saloon Manatt CEO, may on gov is my light Harvard used to be Venegas in Christo at Cleese ER, then they reduced to Veritas, but it still comes from scripture, those people find our institutions believed that Christie 'unity funded a solid and stable base on which learning can be built. They regarded that as a fundamental axiom and by doing that they were pointing up. The fact that often escapes notice that in any philosophy or worldview, you must start somewhere. You must start with certain axioms scripture starts with in the beginning. God created the heavens on the earth. God is assumed he's not proved there's no evidence for God in that initial statement, the evidence comes later, and, of course, as someone who's now old enough to heard see us, Louis personally, I think one of the best commentaries on this is his comment that I believe in the sun, not only because I see it. But because in its light I see everything else people in our contemporary world at all through history. Look for a story into which to fit their lives and experience and science is an important, but small part of humor. Yeon intellectual endeavor, and it fits perfectly, I believe into the Christian faith, because you see axiomatically for science is the faith that me stress that word that science can be done. You cannot do science without believing. It can be done making them more precise. You can't do science without believing that the universe's rationally intelligible more precisely still you kind of do hard science without believing that the universe is mathematically intelligible. Now, the next logical question is, why should you believe that? And our universities around the world. The major ones were funded by people who had Arash now for believing that it was their belief coming from scripture that the universe had a rational creator or gain Vigdor, who won the Nobel prize for physics Tokes about the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics. How does mathematics work? I've strike thinking relates to the Universite there. He says it's unreasonable it is if you're an atheist, but it's perfectly reasonable and rational, if you are a biblical worldview person, as I myself now interestingly enough, what I've just said is vastly important in the contemporary debate because the world has been deceived into thinking that over there. You've got science and over here. You've got faith. What do you mean by faith in that context if you mean faith in the sense of religion than I understand you? But if you mean faith in the subjective sense of believing something or someone then that is a false and a dangerously false dichotomy because science is based on faith as I just said, and that is so important, because we align ourselves to think, in sloppy language, and so Christians are written off their people of faith and faith nine by definition, even in Webster's dictionary. I'm sorry to say is faith. Nine believing what you know, isn't true or believing something where there's no evidence we need to fight against up. I'm point out the faith is an ordinary word coming from Latin feed days, and it means trust confidence fidelity. And of course. You would be a fool to trust any proposition or any person without having an evidence base for that blind faith has been redefined as true faith. That's nonsense. Let's drive a cotton horses through it. And let's get back to the fact that every belief system and cluding atheism is a belief system. I mean, it's quite remarkable. I debated Peter singer some time ago in Melbourne about the existence of God. And I'm usually honest with people well, I try always to be honest with, and I tell them about my parental influence that they were believers and very impressive believers and singer got up. And he said, well, there you are. That's my main really reason against religion people remain in the faith in which they grew up. And I thought this is going to be fun. So I said to singer when I go to chance to speak, I've. Told people about my parents. What about yours where they atheists? Yes, they wear he said, oh, I said, interesting, you've stayed in the faith in which you are brought up. OD says it isn't a faith patriot. I'm really sorry. I thought you believed it. Now we need to learn from that. Here's one of the top rated philosophers in the world who doesn't realize his atheism is a faith belief system. That's our problem. We're sitting at an unequal table. One side says, we are not people of faith like Dokan 's atheists of no faith, and then he writes a whole book on what he believes. I mean, the nonsense contained to that is breathtaking and we need to sit at the table with every right? Saying you have a world view that you believe I have a world view that I believe let's talk asked the more important question. What is the basis for the truth of our worldview is Christianity, good for science. Yes, it's wonderful. Because it started that, I mean, the bible did because page to if the bible says. God said the humans go you name the animals taxonomy is the fundamental intellectual discipline every science. And every aspect of human, intellectual endeavor creates names for things that's type, so maybe and it's the fundamental discipline. And it's interesting that God said you do it. I'm going to do it for you, a low intriguingly gov named about five bits of the universe. I wonder if you've ever wondered why I'm not going to say anymore, but I leave you intrigued. But you see Genesis is fundamental to all intellectual disciplines. It's not auntie. Silence. It's opening the whole thing up and then interestingly enough, Peter Harrison, who was an Oxford does they second professor of science and religion back in the strata has the intriguing thesis that it's not only the. Doctrine of creation. The facilitates the rise of science, and that's very important is see I sit here as a kind of scientist who's a Christian. I notice shame to that. Why not? Because arguably it was Christianity gave me my subject CS Lewis, commenting on the fact that the pioneers of modern science and notice that modern science and the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were all believers and these says, men became scientific because they expected law in nature and they expected Lord nature because they believed in the law giver, far from Christianity being empty science. It's the birthplace of silence. It's the motor that drove silence. And unfortunately they and a very subjective postmodern kind of academic world people forget history, we need to get back to the history of science. It is enormously impose. But Peter Harrison goes further. He says it's not only the doctrine of creation at Secondly, the doctrine of contingency that as we read scripture, we see the God can create a universe. Anyway, he likes and therefore in order to find out, we've got to go look, we don't start by imposing a pre assigned matrix of interpretation now that was crucial at the time of Newton and Kepler. The Qasr Aristotle's paradigm had reigned for centuries. And the idea was just to take one example of this, that perfection perfect motion was circular. So here is Kepler. He goes to Prague. There's a court method Titian. He's given an assignment by Tico Broadway. The famous astronomer to work out the orbits of the planets from the observations that brought have made and. He's asked to produce a circular solution to their motion. And of course, simple circles won't do, so you started having circles running around circles, epi cycles, had got so complex that suddenly hepler had a genius idea that Trump's formed science. Why don't I just look and see what it looks like? And so he abandoned the arrows detailing worldview to make up survey shins, and it wasn't long after that, where he came up with the fact that the planets moved and equally perfect ellipses now. We look at that and we can see it. But we are risking exactly the same thing today because many people impose a naturalistic paradigm. Do you remember what his center near sciences applied naturalism, so you must not interpret the universe, and any way that involves a mind and put, but who said, so who said, so you're going to find science if you like to exclude that? But then, of course you cannot, then find any evidence of it if I design a machine that cannot see X rays, but can. Only. See visible light at you are called run confront votes. Bergen Germany, and you come along, and say, I discovered x-rays. Oh, let me say and I point my Shane, and I say, I don't say them there for they don't exist. That's what we're in danger of doing, but I'm encouraged by some. Rebellious people like myself, who insist that we are allowed to ask the bigger Christian. So Peter Harrison actually suggests that it's not only those two doctrines, but it was the reformers attitude to the turpitude of scripture that aided the rise of science instead of going to allegorical interpretations. Let's see what stripped, her actually says, let's see what the universe says, and that, of course transform the understanding of scripture. I'm Shane Morris. You're enjoying John Lennox's presentation from this year's Wilberforce weekend, we couldn't keep these podcast episodes, coming to you without the generous support of donors like you if you're a regular donor to the Colson center, I wanna take this opportunity to say thank you. If you're not, there's no better time than now we near the end of our fiscal year on June thirtieth to become a financial supporter of the Colson center. Just go to breakpoint dot org and hit the give button at the top of the page. Thanks very much. Now back to Dr John Lennox now, of course, it's very obvious that the bible is not a type spoke of silence. I have never taught mathematics from the Vikas nor would I ever do that. But the danger of is to run into what Stephen Jay Gould called non overlapping majesty area science here the bible there. And if you keep them, non mixing, that's fine. But if you read the small front, what it says, is that science themes reality and religion data's with fairy stories like Santa Claus on gob, and that won't do either, why are you let not do because the very opening statement of the biblical worldview in the beginning God, created the heavens and the earth. What heavens on earth is talking about the same one that astrophysicists study, and it is impressed, many people throughout history how done to an set down to earth, but done to the universe that we're familiar with the early chapters of Genesis are at talks about the stars at talks about the moon in the some not as gods. But as bits of the universe fascinating bits of the universe. It talks about familiar, plants and animals and all the rest of it, it is absolutely the same universe that science itself studies. Now, some time ago, I was at a very famous institution that I'm not allowed to name and I was in the collection of people that ranged from philosophy to the all Aji, but they were mostly scientists and physicists that have been involved in some famous experiments, and there were two people there. I was there and Lawrence crisis, there of ASU. An Lawrence Christ's has been known to go around with Richard Dawkins, mocking. Trust the entity under the sink clear to everybody that the were to pull her up, a sits in the room Krause myself. And I was the token Christian than I was asked to give a five nano second talk on. What I believe, and I mentioned Genesis and I was interrupted very violently. One of the world's leading, physicists, said, stop professor antics, please tell us you're joking. Please tell us your joking. They raised voice when you said that the bible could be of any relevance to twenty first century science. There was dead. Silence as you're gonna mansion and I said, no. Of course, I wasn't joking. Now, the bible is pre bottom science by definition. That's an ancient document. But it'd be just put something to you, the idea that there was beginning to space time when that appear Zhores lameta, who was a priest incidently my point that, that came up with the idea of big bang, but the actual evidence for a beginning to space time only began to consolidate with ten zeroes and discovery the microwave background the expansion of the universe, the recession of the galaxies and all kinds of stuff in the nineteen sixties. And I said, I'm old enough to been in Cambridge in the nineteen sixties. And when that was first suggested it was resisted at the highest level in the British scientific establishment. And there was an editorial in nature by the then editor Maddox. And he said, we must resist this idea. That was the beginning. Why it'll give too much leverage to people who believe the bible. Isn't that interesting, the biggest advance and astrophysics in the twentieth, century resisted because it would support the bible Nuys sent to this physicist. Juneau something if you have been wedded to Aristotle's, and is the terminal universe for centuries, and you'd been prepared to consider an alternative world view. That was presented to you in scripture der. I suggest that you could have made a prediction based on that worldview. You could have started looking for scientific evidence that there was a beginning. Undo his utter silence. When I said that said, of course, I wasn't joking. This is a serious worldview and science didn't take it seriously. But now you've got to because you have this convergence with current scientific thinking signs changes, of course as those times the interpretation of scripture, but at the moment, there's a convergence and you need to take that very seriously. The bible would have been good for science, but you weren't interested in it. And that brought the and brings me to the whole vexed question today about the origins of the universe. It is common today crisis book a universe from nothing. And so I go around giving lectures about nothing. You know, nothing is a fascinating topic, and the ancient question of Leibnitz philosopher and others as well. Why is there something rather than nothing? Well, it seriously important because astro-physics has forced thinking into a corner. They got a universe that appears. Well, you've got to be able to get it from nothing. And now we rejoice in the marvelous ideas that, of course, the universe comes from nothing because nothing creates the universe. Well, Stephen hawking was an exponent of that and is solution and his way of getting rid of God, was to say the coasters law of gravity the universe continent will create from nothing. That's a flat contradiction to start with the coasters law of gravity because there's something low like property because there's something, the universe was created self from nothing. Well, it's nonsense. That is just a logical contradiction. And then you ask what nothing is. I did discovery do something. It's a quantum vacuum and all this kind of thing. And I had a very fascinating debate with Alan Guth, the father of modern inflation theory about the universe in the MIT. Harvard, faculty club and Allen's very pleasant shop. And I asked the first question, which I rarely do and I said Allen since we're here, I have a burning question. I there in the world the public space, there's much ado about nothing and I said the tell me as an Astro physicist. When you use the word nothing. Do you mean what most people made the absence of anything he said, no, we do not? I said, thank you very much. They have not solved the problem. But now coming from the biblical point of view, think of this, flood of light you see the bible tells us that the universe comes from nothing physical. It doesn't come from nothing. It comes from God, who is spirit. And that's a profound standing on its head of naturalist philosophy. You see what we're facing the tension in the academy is between. Well, we're standing between golden nothing as an explanation for the universe. I never thought we'd get there, but that's where we've got to, and we have to ask, which of the two makes sense, and that early chapter of Genesis tells us, coupling it with John won a brilliant thing in the beginning was the word. That is the word already was. That is an existence statement. The word is eternal. The word is not nothing. And then it goes on to say all things unfortunately, many of our translation say all things were made by him. Well, that's true. But it's not what it says, what it says is all things came to be through him. It's an existence statement. So God is a ternal everything else comes to be. And it's answering. How did everything else come to be, including you and me the word this is a mind based word based universe. That was created according to Genesis in the series of speech acts that are the exact opposite of a random guided process that's fantastic stuff, because if we took the biblical revelation series, the isn't good for science. Yes. Because it points up the centrality of information. And input of mind, and the physicists are getting there because they know realize that information is a fundamental quantity. Many of them night say that it cannot be reduced to physics and chemistry that ought to be obvious even to a child because information is not material, but it's real. And so we have this fascinating situation where Genesis is increasingly good for science. Now, finally, the bible delivers us from scientism believing the sciences, the only way to truth. That's a logical contradiction because the statement sciences, the only way to truth is not a statement of science. So if it's true, it's false. It's too early in the morning for logic. Obviously. But Boeing further than that, to say science as the only way to truth men, she shut down half the departments in all universities in the world literatures away to truth, and the great scientists realized that the Bible's away to truth philosophies Awale to truth because and here's the central floor rationality does not finish with science sciences, and co extensive with rationality and let me put it this way. The God explanation doesn't come flicked or compete with true science. Why would it no more competes with science than saying that the Henry Ford explanation of a motorcar competes with the law of internal combustion? It just doesn't. So is Christianity. Good for science. Absolutely wonderful. And the final thing Christianity gives us that science doesn't is a moral framework in which to work, it gives us a vertical access. That morality is transcended not just subjective and we're swimming in a world, which is a save subjective as of, and we desperately need tomorrow, framework to value it the technological products of science. What are we going to do with a what are we going to do with automatic weapons? What are we going to do with? And it's endless Christianity can give us up background. But best of all science stops with this world in this universe. But as this point tonight this universe isn't the only one that exists there's a bigger world coming. Science component towards it. But as I said, all the leaves of the New Testament are. Are wrestling with the expectation of eternity. That's the real stuff, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the breakpoint podcast as I mentioned earlier June, thirtieth is the end of the Colson center, fiscal year. If you're enjoying the break point podcast, we'd really appreciate you considering making a donation to help us envy, your strong, just come to breakpoint dot org and click on give thanks for the goals in center. I'm Shane Morris.

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103: They Call Us Lucky Grandma

"Hey guys neck song here just wanted to give you a quick heads up on a few things this up. So was recorded earlier last year prior to coded the audio quality isn't the best, but the episode still really good lucky. Grandma is airing in virtual theaters today and it's now available for preorder on itunes. Find out more at good deed entertainment, dot com slash. Lucky Grandma. That's good. Deed entertainment, dot com slash. Lucky. Grandma. We'll have lincoln the description. Long. Welcome to another district. Averaged about what's happening? I'm bill you jeff and we have a lot to celebrate including the guest. We haven't studio fill. Today. Okay. So we have here representatives from a new feature film. That's. Coming soon, it is called Lucky Grandma. In Studio, we have a call writer, Angela Chang Hello, we have writer director Stacy, Sealy High, and we have the star, the legendary, the iconic iconic, the amazing side. Jim. Boy, what else can we say this having you guys here isn't just feeding because you're one of the showcase films in the La. Phil. Vessel Right but also because. We thought it was a real great opportunity to talk both about come to the past and the present in some ways of Asian Americans and film with someone who seen all of that. And that'll beats I, of course. And also talk about this film because it's kind of a unique showcase. In many ways, the role that really puts in the center of the screen that we've all been waiting for a lot of ways I. mean you know? The Joy luck club, you know as Auntie, Lynda, OB, incomparable until. You've always had a particularly unique presence and I feel. We want to see more of it and this show. This movie really does give us everything that we're looking for so. Tells more about the film So lucky Gramma is the story of. A little bit grumpy superstitious. chain-smoking ordinary Chinese grandma plagued by side Chen. She. Gets, her fortune told and. Takes a chance at the casino ends up on the wrong side of luck. I. Would say a little bit of trouble. So it's a dark comedy and we hope it's a lot of fun So I've been actually following the. Production of this little while I know that you won a the screenplay won an award at Tribeca that right? Yeah. We got this grant from. Home Institute in at and T. as called untold stories, and it was really a godsend because I'm sure you guys can imagine. that. Making a movie with an eight year old grandma in mostly in Chinese was a little bit of. In Hollywood, so It was really a little bit of a minor miracle. This movie I mean talk. About, untold. Stories I think This is sort of this is taking the the camera and the Lens focusing on something we never seen before. You know we'd never usually. Our hero in this is somebody who never gets shine but you know you go to Chinatown grandmas are everywhere and. This is very cool. Unique Story. I I'm wondering what? What was the seed of the like? What inspired you to focus this on this story? You know? Yeah. Well, I mean, I had taken these buses. They have these buses that we from Chinatown. In New York to all the nearby casinos and tristate area near they advertise in the Chinese newspaper. There's like billboards in Chinatown, all the casinos. To Gamble to. And so I had taken a few these buses and seen the full of old Chinese people and so. One day I sort of had this image of the bus scene. That's the beginning the movie with one of the GRANDMAS having this bag of money following in her lap. And those sort of really the seat of the idea and I called Angela and recruited her. Yeah, and then say see pitched the premise to me and we immediately started talking about will whose main character say she had this idea that it was the main character was one hundred percent of an elderly Chinese woman. And as we started building the character, it just reminded me so much of my own grandmother and. I think for reminded her so much of her own mom. Kind of ornery free spirit or like independently. Spirited woman who is. Just very fierce and unapologetic. And we just built it from there I feel like. It's A testimony to the fact that the world is really kind of run by Asian women of a certain age, right? Like Asian, Grandma's pretty much carried this community on their shoulders. And have done. So for time immemorial. What's really kind of? Heart warming, but also a little sweet about the film is. Does show what happens when you get that age and. You have to make decisions about what your life is going to be when you don't have the people around you. The people you've you've. been with for for most your life and. I think I mean. At some point when you actually approached cy with this story What was your first thought when you read the script and was there anything about it that really particularly connected with you? When when I read it. Looks. She is in every scene of the full. The first attraction. The second one is stout a my die filming it. Pickers, she's not only in every fell. She sort of it is a kind of semi action film. So, so there's a huge conflict. There was there were some stuff in there. Right? I mean you're in some fights. Were not. I didn't do all of it. But I. Did do quite a bit because I've forgot forgot my age actually am nilly. Will another four years a ninety and? especially that. Bit Wish. You was to me to run in the at that little shop and start to run. and. A me a half fallen couple of times for the must have very good. My doctor told me often system. Don't realize that you're not young anymore. I think a lot of us go. It's it's incredible that you're. You're I sort of showcase. Starring role is taking place in the Senate is an action role is kind of almost like. A film. Noir slash. Black comedy. Gangster against. Does against the movie. Yeah. My correct. Micro I was reading through your resume. You're IMDB profile. I think is technically your first lead role in the film. Yeah. In a film. No, no, no, no, no. No you. Don't hours a spend my time in England, how right and join a club of causes. After thank, amy. Town. That's where the age start to creep in. And to the same these two, but for. Me In some way, Joys Luck Club started my fourth. Fourth period in acting. And it turns out to be very very long. Twenty six years ago, launch after. Now, given me another way I've spent but. With. You know I can do it asserts are do stage in animal and I have done mammoths. Read, that's what that's what I consider myself as a stay doctor, but I can't do that. Then Mill Creek Z. can't do it every night. And Yup, because I've been doing SORTA maricel stage work. So film has never been the main thing and it's not true. The quite extraordinary that. This film that the there is a character that is a woman, an Asian woman, the old Asian woman, and she's a never ever seen a mom in the. Is there a new one and the other film that has no I. Don't think so I don't think. So either in America or in Asia for that matter. Houston the first time I've really seen. A character drawn like this and centered like this, and as exceptionally prepared, you know played and performed as as well. I. I. think that's one of the things other reviewers have said is. You can save more with a single glance, a single gesture of a cigarette and a lot of people do an entire model. So. What I think this is also due to the experience. none I mean the time that I have been doing this and also don't forget also was born in the theater. SOCIETA is not something. Terribly A. Strange or even over glamorous to me because I know what's it like you know says that helps. But I bet well, I say to young actors you know especially in America, you do a lot of. Of Television you are not you're. You're not demanded to have lots of deep emotion expect. It could be. You can get away with being fairly superficial shallow I stepped, but you you have to go and. Get so bored boring said telling them. You got to go and you could do another reading. You go to a lot of museums you took. That's where the depth start is and get you get to a certain age. You have so much experience. Thus way it's come from you to that way. You can do less and less and less in. You can express more than more and more. I just say we have to note how much your character smokes in. Its own character, this smoke in the. Became concerned for your health while watching the movie. My cutting. Ah. worked. All over the world and also directed in home. Calm, and there was one that I was always a love to smoke i. mean especially when you interviewed because you do a big sort of. Got Salt actually. I only liked to light it. because. You know it's the. It's the package open. Oh, I'm going to encourage people to smoke because I know the people who smoke knows exactly what I'm talking about. So anyway, it's all that stuff that packing and the lighting, and then you know that the shaking the hair. And of course, talked me long to give it up. I mean that sofas quite a funny story, but may almost stories of all? No. Because I've lived very long. So the first thing. Tamblyn, the Joel Club My. Doctor said to me Tony. Sam Worried about I. GotTa take up smoking again. I. Sit here. I. Don't a real, well, thus the list of my warriors. The fake. Cigarettes. Disgusting. That's why if you WANNA give up cigarettes gone by fake cigarettes and you will stop smoking immediately. Because that was the least. The the hub to know to be these worrying things. Well. You're when you're running around and getting shot out. The. Tires do know. But it is true though that that ability to kind of do something with their hands with is you know it comes from theater. It comes from being able to take small things and make them bigger. I. I'm curious. San. Angelo, did you guys are ready when you started building a character? Did you imagine anybody in line and for that matter? Imagine cyber was? Was it sort of more? Abstract before she arrived on the scene. I feel like it was a little more abstract when she got larger than life in our minds like we didn't write it for a particular actress Then when I met CY basically new within five seconds that she was grandma. You life is very different, but your spirit is very similar. Background is totally different. You know it's said that fierceness independence. The same kind of will never apologize. especially as a nation. And as a Asian woman nothing I can boast improperly the first angry Asian told. OFF I can prove it, but just look into my cuttings in England. The first one who started tell that they expected when. Journalists come to interview me that think I'm some Lotus blossom. Do they get a shock? CACTUS. Louis. Boston. Hi I'm Marvin and I'm Rira worthy host of books and Bobo. A Book Club. The books for Asian American authors. Every month we take a book by author to read and discuss the show. We read a wide variety of genres from contemporary to historical fiction fantasy, the memoirs and Crime Thrillers to Romans. Some of our passbook club picks are Pachinko by mingeon lean source or to the crown by Sancho and devotion of suspect axe by go he gushing no rover, what's new in? In the Asian American Literary Road and chat with some towns authors about their work. So whether you want to start reading for fun again or diversify your list, we got your Asian literature cravings cover for more info. Check out our website at books. Some BOBA DOT com. You can listen to us on itunes, Google play spotify, and wherever you find your podcast part of the potluck podcast collective. The script, the story, it actually costs for a couple of. Interesting. Unique castings or demands, I think you have. Your. Grandma right, and then you need an older Asian. Actress who can handle being in every frame. Had the character of big pond. WHO's like? I remember when you guys were casting that I saw, I saw the casting call and. Required like this gigantic. Chinese. Dude. Right. And I was just wondering like. Can you talk about the process and then eventually cashing the the? Actress Name Corey. Corey. WHO ended up being big pond. Now. I mean he was really straight out of our imagination. Yeah, we're writing. Well, we kind of had this idea. We wanted Andre the giant Chinese. Because we grew up watching Chinese movies, but we also grow watching princess bride is. We didn't know where we're GONNA. Find Him. We are like scouring, posting on blogs looking at wrestlers, stunt guys. Canada, you know La like Oh. All over the place, and then we just got really lucky because we were still casting still looking for him from rehired our script supervisor before we finish casting and script supervisor. Yeah, Basically from Taiwan and had read the script and was like, Hey, have you heard of this tiny basketball player, but he started acting and yes, she sent us a youtube link or his instagram or something. Yeah. And then we got very excited and he sent an audition tape which was hilarious. He Lake. You sit in this youtube tape where he stands in front of a door and he's like. So the character description says big Pong is as big as the doors so I've standing in front of. You can see I'm perfect. I mean, that's I. think that's a lucky truly luck, and he's got such a sense of humor and he is very sweet. And he just had a baby. Yes. A very tall baby. I really love the. Comparison to princess bride because there is something sort of Andre, the giant Wallace Shawn s come out. It's. So it's so beautiful. I don't WanNa ruin too much movie, but I feel some of the sweetest moments in the movie really are. Grandma adopting Pong, and you know, maybe he eats watching soap operas with him and everything. It's. It's. Such a sweetness to film that has edges to it in some ways. and. I'm kind of curious how you guys were like. I mean you. For one. So. Much of the dialogue in in the shows, Chinese right and is his first language. Chinese. Yeah. He's from Taiwan. So yeah, he's Mandarin Speaker and obviously you speak. Now. My Mandarin is not perfect because when I was young when a from Sherman nobody spoke Mandarin Mandarin own very recent. After the. Communist. In the fifties, don't forget that everybody has to learn Mandarin and quite rightly. So so the. Chinese. People can communicate with each other. So even in this film, there are so many news different kinds of Chinese speaking different languages because we're talking about older generation. One is a Vietnamese from Vietnam, can't speak Cantonese Macon's speak Mandarin. So we have also different combinations of Chinese people and yet the camaraderie. The connectedness was so apparent, I mean clearly. There wasn't A. A cultural or or. The human gap between you and and Corey Did you guys take to another kind of grandmother grants was? Well I think tennis. So pro provincial conscious. Mich-. Dislike. If you come from the same province, well, you know it's quite different if another province. That's why. Shit Austin watching the right. You wrote it didn't they in the same province thought really helped. Is Like your your family members when you're coming from the same, the same town, same village, Same Province I. So What was what was the actual shoot like you were shooting in? Chinatown right and then you actually have ride the buses and so on. So forth and shoot on those buses or what we got our own special buzz. Knack on one of those. Well, it wasn't Chinatown bus, but the same kind of us. But the bus drivers. Professional a professional. Because he did do. It. He did a swerving. Yeah. Is He was very nice. Company. He was funny. Yeah. She just thinking something's cantinas wasn't Sally's Anti. I'm trying to remember how we got I. Don't remember I. Feel Like I. Remember she was a film, Fan Ray. Yeah. We went to like the parking lot full chinatown buses basically outside of the airport and got to pick our bus. We've visited multiple buses and we've got to take the one that we wanted has the lake. Street that we liked. and. We wanted to DVD player that work just in case. Yeah. I. Think. That's kind of a a representative represent representative story for how are shoot went. There was just a lot of favors and asking people in the Chinese community to help bow and it's very indie filmmaking. Yeah. It was really a labor of love from everybody across the board. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. You guys shot like in Chinatown and just kind of China like. Shoot on the street wrangling extras in China I just I was just wondering if there was anything funny that happened there. Well the funders thing is. First of all the all these extra people speak English to sky horse the. Sky. Looks. Mandarin. Like, she doesn't understand the thing and then somebody spoke in Cantonese is as the same expression. So said it in, French said, where did you find this in the WHO were should said, no nobody understood me says a crisis. I'm going to sit next to his act next to me. Well, finally sat next to midsize said in Mandir is at where do. You said show. So. Of course was the nattering and he turns out. To be the best friend, all of my step were on the. Yeah. Millions of people not the brother must step what nephew? Yeah. Yeah. Best. Friend step nephew is the guy. I. So why didn't you say that? You should. Yeah So a lot of. A lot of roll, the dice fortune associated with lucky GRANDPA. Apropos. How about shooting of the casinos that must've been interesting to? luxuriance compared to Chinatown yet, Chinatown was tough. WHO's tough. It was crazy cramped and hot nobody wants to listen to you because you're. It's just a bunch of new. Yorkers walking around, they don't care. There's a movie being shot. They don't care. especially. They're like Chinese New Yorkers to. So if there's a PA they're. Trying to tell them like excuse, me were shooting something. They're not gonNA. Listen to the VA GONNA. Walk. Like what I'm trying to get to the fish mark? Whatever. So they just like walk in the middle of the shot or they stop and stare at the Monitor and ask what you're. Yeah. It was a lot of that was disproportionate amount of that of that. A lot of actual Chinese grandmothers were probably the biggest, the biggest. Challenge. Yes. Integrity of the set as it were. Yes. You would be right. Yeah. The casino is very luxurious. COSIMA was no problem. They were very nice. Shot in foxwoods in Connecticut should give them a little shout out. They definitely have large Chinese clientele. They even have a fatal bakery. There's like one on canal. Street and they basically have another location second location at foxwoods. Raised attempt for that. Yes. This totally Chinese section. Not when there's section, I don't mean little amid the places. So huge that. Thank God I have. My friend and become from my assistant, wheeling me around because I I certainly Khanabal home. But. It's amazing because you know Chinese love to gamble. I'm the only journalists who hates gambling. And it's amazing the. Way You see. Ashtrays. And I thought, you know this this bitten, you're not supposed to in America, a smoking or no bucked. After we finished, we all want to have a drink. And it's midnight and Connecticut you can't. Drink. I love. Even though it's under reservation, they still follow Connecticut was. So you can drink, you can definitely still smoke. Devices very carefully. What they wanted to to raise in the context of this film and and maybe our era right I. Mean, you know. We're I think we're in a very different. chapter of Hollywood. Now, we're starting to see representation of all kinds, but in a lot of ways, lucky grandma does feel like exemplary of. What seems to like a budding trend I feel like this is this is the era for. Actresses in particular to have their fifth chapters of acting, right. We're talking about Lisa. Lu Crazed Asians. Song the the idea that you know all of a sudden. People Waking Up to. The legacy of town community and almost going back and filling in the dots because really amazing when I see Lucille work. When I I I'm looking I feel like she's a master at work right when I saw Lisa's presence at ninety one years old on occasions. She completely occupy the screen she took it over and this film I mean the proves their. Side your ability to to draw the screen and to fill it and and as absolute magnetic. Even quiet moments it. It just highlights like we're. We're all these films all along star inside chance. So. What are your thoughts about that? Like the the idea that now Hollywood kind of awakening perhaps too to his talent that. Is Finding its time. Maybe a little later than expected. Well, I'd tell you tell Young Asians. been there for so long first of all. Don't. was. The would I always will was it might for forget. Don't. whine. Okay fight. But. Don't why in the big difference. Fight this meaning. You speak out. Very, strongly, you try to compete with the best not with Miguel go. You go and improve yourself. Wine means Oh. You know I'm Asian and lamb were I'm the victim. It's the victimization. Yes. Asians have been very much victims especially through my life. But it's time to stop because Asian now on the rise. And they need. US why money. Talk. You know. You really did not have to actually. Write the character you have the. Just amazing to me I. I mean I would love to see if it were possible. To continue almost like John. Wick. We've talked about it action. Lucky. Grandma too. She goes to Vegas. I think you know to your point. I. Think. You. Talk about sort of Hollywood sort of waking up to seeing this the this talent in our communities legacy. But I'm like. Hollywood isn't a handing out ramble roles. Just it's you look at the people who are creating the roles. It's people of Argentina. Were kind of rising up now. It's John. Tubing. We need to get Lisa Lu. You know it's it's off the. Like, let's let's let's. Shine a light on on the seals work and it's like, say you know saying like, I, want to write a role specifically for Chinese grandma. You know it's like it is sort of like us. We have the still still look inward to to to look to and shine the light on those who've come before it really and make sure everyone knows they're still here. They're great and. Yeah and I think one of the things that's interesting difference between sort of movie Asians and other minorities. Engine. I always talk about how we grew up watching movies from Hong Kong from Taiwan from China you know. So you grow up watching that stuff and you don't think about the fact that there's no white people in it. You know you know how many of those old Hong Kong things like this? No token white character, right, and you just watching it. It's Asian people everywhere and you're watching the story and so for. A long time I think, I wasn't aware enough. It's not like I was just watching American movies, and so I was just reading the story that I wanted to write. Asian is in this movie and yeah, that's just the story that it is, and it's only like as you try to make things within an American system, specifically that you're like Oh, maybe this is a deal, and maybe this is a little bit more of a challenge raising money finding the star only within the American Hollywood system that it's historically a challenge, but I think that we still have something to look to. Many of older generation of actresses were able to work because they were able to work in Asia and they had those roles. You know I, think about you know an african-american or maybe some other places that don't other groups that didn't have that same media ecosystem. Like they didn't have their own movies too like look to, and so I. Think you know we are lucky that there's a whole range of Asian tours, Asian actors and actresses who were able to still act in Asia and why didn't act in Asia ones? Yeah. But before that, I wouldn't teach That's old but. What so that that's not. Not, not. Every Asian can act in in Asia right posted. The language probe. But. Also, I always said to Asians when they do. You know it gets a little role and and all that as well. I mean think of the poem. European I don't like to say white man I don't like Whiter. Why does a color until and white? We know white. Okay. Only pay. People I. Mean, think of the foreigners foreigners in China actor, how many jobs do they get? Yeah. We'll say it is fascinating. I friends who has been the Caucasian actor. Especially for like Hong Kong Japanese. And they end up getting typecast in a very similar fashion. CETERA. Just. Yes there is. An. Air Just in my head. But that's troll. You know my brother was he's passed away now. I mean, he's very European Dokan because I'm one as Scottish and he often was cost us the. Has To. Be American. And it's the same same thing. If, you think like that. Then you realize you're not the victim. It's the natural thing. So therefore, the wine because if you want everybody thinks, Oh, you're Asian. Oh, you don't get many jobs. So I'll just pay you less especially. If you're a woman can even pay you let even less. That's what I'm always telling Asians Dome. Dome? Don't think Josephus victim. Well, that is a bracing. urged victim to the next generation. I'm going to repeat that the Hudson personally. I don't want to go to bed. You've been listening to they call US Bruce with Jeff, Yang, and Phil. You. Our theme music is by Carol One, our producer is nick song. They call US Bruce is a member of the POTLUCK podcast collective between unique voices and stories from the asian-american community. Find. OUT MORE AT COD CAST POTLUCK DOT com. And thanks for listening.

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Cake Show Conversation: Tennis Player James Blake on World Team Tennis All-Star Challenge

The Cake Show

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Cake Show Conversation: Tennis Player James Blake on World Team Tennis All-Star Challenge

"Welcome back to the fan the Brian Heating, and Cooling Studios Guards here, and I'm pleased to be joined now by James Blake a guy who's been on the station of timer to over the years as his tennis travels have brought him through Minneapolis and Saint Paul, he's actually going to be front and center this Saturday. April Fourth, twelve, thirty central with the World Team tennis celebrity. All Star, match on CBS and we're all looking for things to watch. We're all looking for things to occupy our. Our time in this quarantine state now and luckily this was played all the way back in March I, which seems like years ago, but James Blake is joining us now. He's coaching a coach of the team Bryan. Brothers during the All Star match ten singles title seven Doubles Championships won a World Team Tennis Championship with the San Diego Aviators and one of the all time. Good guys in the smartest Tennis Guy James. It's a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks for taking the time. Thanks for having. Exciting to have TV sports on TV and this was March I i. remember seeing the tweets about and everything really the last time anybody I was out in public in a big crowd. What do you remember about the day? Or what can people look forward through this Saturday? well, if if I, any being real team kind of if you haven't seen married. tune in and get a appealed for the slightly different environment. It's not like normal tennis. Tennessee just. The the US Open quiet in between the planes. As much more serious than this is the. Time that the players are are seriously playing, but there's a lot of music in between the having time, and it's really really fast the Max just up to five It's five sets of of up the five. No ad scoring and men and women are equal one of the greatest things Billie Jean king was founder. One great thing in my opinion did about. About it, men and women are exactly equal. The women play two matches and then play two matches, and there's one mixed doubles match so a lot of I'm just they're pretty much. Picking Ball for this team gave the players are excellent I'm just a I'm just showing up the coach me against Martin Fashionable Minnesota. Zone and he's I might be. Be The enemy today I'm this station, but It was a lot of fun and you're. Go go way back. Yeah, I've been talking to Mardy fish about we need to get a world team, which is here James I? We had one when I was growing up the Minnesota Penguins and absent, so you got Jimmy Connors Bjorn Borg and Johan Kriek was. was on our team so like all these legends, but you say right, I mean the World Team Tennis Format really brings you guys, the players and the coaches, maybe even a lot closer, and it's a lot more of an intimate look, really because we get to actually see your personalities when you're not, you know in the fifth set the US Open Right. Absolutely it is and I. Mean now that I'm retired off the main tour and I play some of the legends events senior events. Whatever you WANNA. Call Them You get to see a lot more personality because you're still trying. We're all going to be competitive. No matter what, but it's not the same sort of pressure. It's not the same sort of environment as that that main toity disappear WPA tour. They definitely seem more the personality, and like you said as a teen. You get closer you. He ended up women friendships because tennis is such. Such an isolating Florida so those individual this year. You are actually a part of a team, so how often besides the Bryan brothers? We're always cheering for each other on each other teams. You're not normally I'm not sitting there. Going crazy cheering chromatic keys Taylor Townsend. Mardi isn't always sitting there in his Davis Cup. Captain, so he has always Jim Ryan, Harrison, but You're not always sitting there. Cheering and you're not excited and and fully involved in the in the Matt's as much but team tennis when I first started. My first season when I was nineteen years old and had an absolute. Then there's been a been a part of it ever since almost every year, and I really love it because I've Played College High School Tennis Davis Cup pop up any sort of a way to get a team. Atmosphere into tennis is a lot of fun, your parents and friends. And buying the May, not merely form. Speaking with James Blake is the coach of team. Bryan Brothers during the World Team Tennis Celebrity All Star. Match this Saturday April fourth twelve, thirty central on CBS. You mentioned the isolating nature of tennis. I'm curious house isolation treating you right now I. Know I know you're married and you have kids, so I'm sure you probably prefer. Isolation but How. How's quarantine life treating you? You know it's been great. It's something on this morning. Saying that I think kids handle it better than adults. Sailing through this. We're having fun doing the Little Blake School every morning. My Wife's my wife's in this morning to handling that right now where? They've got their assignments. They've got the work done. After our morning walk, we got the kids active. And I think one of the big things I saw someone write about right at the beginning of this is one of the astronauts talking about one of the things that the important it's putting on schedule and still trying to stick to that and I'm into a little flexible, but. This with the kids and they've they've done great. I, can and I feel? So lucky that we do have a yard where yup three blocks from the ocean. We get to walk down. We can't walk on the beach anymore, but we can walk to see it at least. and be outside there enough away from other people, but just isolated with our family family and I I definitely just feel really really lucky and my wife and a high of have joked about I think it's a good thing we can talk about it. We joke about the divorce. Rate has got to go way up. Time, but the fact that we're still joking about it I. Think means that we're. We're pretty safe and we're having we're. We're definitely having a great time and and China enjoy wanting the world to go back to normal. but making the absolute best of the situation. We're in right now. I think a lot of people. Yeah, you have to joke about it a little bit and I love the divorce rate line. I also love where if there is a baby boom in nine months, it's going to be. It's GONNA be all firstborn children because. It's more likely. One of mine is up for adoption than adding to anybody. But? Let's say it's you mentioned normalcy and I. It's crazy and tennis really was one of the first sports to be impacted by this with the cancellation of Indian Wells and I know you're involved in Miami. And that's obviously postponed, but you look around the World James and French Open you know change. Wimbledon now is going to be changed I I know there's a lot of people worried about the US Open here on the state side. Just what's it been like? Like to watch everything Kinda, just stop and I. Don't have to tell you. I mean we talk about unemployment and job furloughs, and they're happening all over the place and everybody's dealing with a different degree of something, but when tennis players can't play, they don't make money right, and obviously the the select few endorsements and things like that, but what's been the reaction kind of inside the tennis world on how people are dealing with this because it has to be. is a trying time for everybody. Of course. Let's get that disclaimer out of the way, but there's everybody's got an interesting scenario and tennis players. I think would have would have an interesting one as well. Most of them are not under contract so. You, pay you pay you get paid when when you play, and so they can't play right now and really up. In Limo, it's It's really interesting and I would say a scary time for a lot of players that are outside the top, because they can't make any money right now. You can't even practice. a Lotta in a Lotta cases distancing So you don't know what to do, you can run on your own. You could work out in your house. You can do a lot of a lot of stuff to hopefully get yourself stronger, but that's about it and The big thing is they don't know when it's coming back. We weren't gonNA. Burst Warranty. Shutdown like with Indian Wells and Miami followed suit and I. Think in my opinion that maybe one of the last to come back because to be fair you really have to have. Controlled throughout the entire globe, exactly it make it fair and say okay. We're going to have Wimbledon. We're going to have the US Open. Even though Italy is still totally lockdown, bobby up on any and Mikhail. Bertini can't get there They got. They can't solve because they've been down or any other country or God Forbid Rafa. He can't get insane because lockdown or you know you can't. You can't do it until the entire world is able to travel and be able to be back getting to a neutral site whether it be women whether it be the US Open or possibly even pair of their lawns, and so I think it's GonNa. Be It's GonNa? Be a long time for kind of in my opinion, that's the no, no first-hand knowledge, no inside dealings or anything like that. It's just my opinion, and my guess that it's GonNa. Be Quite awhile. Fortunately, I was speaking with someone. You know kind. kind of around the US Open a couple of weeks ago, actually about a week ago and this person said you know truthfully I mean. How does it make any sense that in you know three or four months? Millions of New Yorkers are just going to hop on the seven train and go hang out in flushing right, and not to mention like you said the international implications were players from forty or so countries are coming in, and obviously we've got to get a handle on this covid nineteen, but it I think it's a very realistic possibility that we might not see another ball until November. December right. I agree and it's sad. I can fantasy. It's. To not have that, but reality is definitely needs to be under control before we before we take that step and We need to make sure that it's not something that's done. irrationally where he started out too soon, and then you begin another huge pandemic because you know someone else in back. Then? You're in a stadium and aircraft, dating twenty thousand people, and you it back to you soon, and some people are just become infected, and that it you know start the whole nother sort of domino effect than I don't know. I mean I did hear today. The opened facility is is becoming a Hospital Ryan Very Aqua, three hundred and fifty beds, so I mean I. Think that three months from now it's going to go from being a hospital where it's how the three hundred and fifty people so much overblown with. Who to becoming a where Roger and Rafa Novak in thirteen hundred playing in front of twenty thousand people just if aren't you imagine, but it's also crazy and hard to imagine that it was only less than a month ago that we were out there at the Kosta Bryant seen tennis match, and everyone's having fun, and no one even thought about this and how quickly it's changed from that what it is today, so what it could be three member now as well You know there's there's so. So many variables could change it hopefully for the for the better in our final couple of minutes James I want to talk about your career. Little Bit. You've said before that. Breaking your neck and getting shingles may have been the the best thing that's ever happened to you. Maybe not the shingles as much, but I know that the breaking of your neck explain I've read your book as well. That goes back two thousand seven. Explain why breaking your neck was the best thing that's ever happened to you. Well from the physical pain, it got me home to spend the last for six weeks I made out life with him and don't know I would've never. Had that opportunity because I, he wouldn't is very pragmatic. told me to come home on. Throw and the time just before. The French Open would have been over there throughout the. Season and that component, so it ended up being a bad thing to be home by my dad's side while he was battling cancer, stomach, cancer and then passed away on July, third and so for me to be there. Douse the best thing for me in the long in the grand scheme of things whether it affected my tennis career or not, it was just better for me as a person and with my family, and and being around, and then getting singled right after that was distress of being around with my dad, and and now I'm going on like without my hero That that actually forced me to slow down my my life down in general I I was thinking I was going to rush back on the tour. my body. Let me know that. My brain needs to slow down. I need to be with my friends and family at this time and and it gave me a better perspective in my opinion for her life, and for my my career, and then it got back when it got back. Back you know it wasn't. It wasn't something that I had to go back to. And when I got back I had a in my opinion, a good perspective on how quickly it could end and how lucky I was to be doing what I loved, and and having enough friends and family around the cared about me, whether or not long I anytime well, and that to me was what made the Jay? Block at the US Open so cool. Even though I. I grew up in the Agassi Sampras did so. I grew up in those here aside didn't necessarily love the disrupters, Andy Roddick and James, Blake and Mardy fish coming through, but to me. That's what made the J. blocks so cool is that you've set up before? Those were your people that when you are in those tough times they were. They're bringing you dinner and making you laugh and Kinda take your mind off things into have them. Definitely having a lot more fun than most people do at night session at the US Open. which is saying something that was what made that whole Jay Black pretty cool, right? Yeah. Only people came up like Oh. Do you people crazy I? You know what are they? What are they doing, do they? They just like. Are you paying them or another guys? That brought me dinner. Those are the guys that no I mean I could have gone through that whole line and people that whole suite of people and do their life stories and they told me stories that picture the May nine ten years old I could. I could go through everything they've been through in their lives. Their ups and downs and I was getting the best things about that time as a tennis player I I started on nineteen. Got On on the show, and then your inaugural life, but you're also. You're kind of in and out. I missed so many weddings. I missed so many graduations. I missed a lot of a lot of big events in a lot of their lives but then when I slow down, be a part of their lives for for for a long time, and you're part of their life daily. You just get a better sense of What's going on in their lives and being a part of it and and they get a sense of you and it was so special to me, and those are the people that I'll you know I'll always be friends that I mean most of them I talked to. To, it's not daily every other day, and so they were and it funny jokes about how much fun they had those hour many years they were there six seven eight years that they were They're sharing gone crazy and separately Muslim Dokan. Like I've ruined the US Open for them. Not Go. It's just not as exciting going with a true connection now even though they they love tennis, and and they WANNA watch, but they don't have that same connection to any player so it's it's just funny that they They had so much fun and that time, and that meant so much to me that win or lose no matter what afterwards I got to see all them we. Right by that. Red Star cafe the all. And we get to have laugh or cry. Day or something like that, but it was It was a lot of fun. Well, you make the quarterfinals a couple of times you lose to Andre in that epoch, five setter match that went into the night, one of those classic matches, a lost to Federer as well in the corners I'm curious if I asked you in two thousand six in interim interview room. Room one of Arthur. Ash Stadium and I said. Hey James I'm GonNa talk to you. In fourteen years in Roger. Federer's not only still gonNA be playing. He's going to be top three or four in the world, and he's GonNa still be winning majors fourteen years later, and by the way rob is going to be around as well. What would you have told me? Roger Thirty eight years old. It's still be I. Just don't know I mean I at that time I thought he was the freaking major news, absolutely obliterating field in two thousand, six, thousand seven that time, but I thought my goodness. He's GONNA dominate for years to come, but if he's told the twenty twenty, he's guilty dominant and say okay. Come on now. You're pushing it now. You're talking I, mean first. First of all legend of all leggings and times his ability previously, but then you're talking leading along deputy to like the up. That's absolutely absolutely every single thing. Happy Right and he's not. That knows huge injuries. You'd have to not just lose interest you'd have to not want to. Just you. Know off or do anything. No major illnesses nothing else that can happen. Just get tired of traveling anything. But he's going and still able to compete. Aged is absolutely mind boggling. 'cause I know how hard it is for me to cover. That was the big difference for me when I retired that I couldn't recover one good I felt like the next day my body was. Aching it was just making it so that it was not into the continue playing well. These been new ornament so for me for him for him to do that is one of the most incredible things thirty eight years old, the other cover I two five. A day apart at. Probably going be that I've said. James is kind of the resident tennis fan around here is like the top four. If you WANNA, limit it to that. When Murray was back there, but even the top three for about a decade, it wasn't just the majors where they were playing each other in the semis. Basically every week it was almost every masters. Obviously, Andy had to say in that you had to say in that Marty had a say in that other guys came in and say in that, but that group to me. I call it the golden age of tennis and what I say about the Americans is it's I? Think it was I. Know You guys probably have. have mixed feelings about coming up in that era because you all had great careers, but you're also coming on the heels of sampras-agassi Courier Chang and everything and I. Don't know if you guys will ever be truly appreciated because you finish the year in the top five, Marty finish in the top ten Roddick was in the top ten for a decade won a major. You had I guess the the fortunate having a front row seat, but also the misfortune of having to deal with with those guys in that era. How do you feel about you know that you know playing in that era? I still feel lucky I feel lucky to be able to do what I did for a living and enjoy it and be around with guys, and now the fact that they're still going is exactly pointing Anita got the. It gives me a little bit of credibility with my kids when I fell. Seventy five and anytime. Hey, Daddy, daddy actually. On. Times no way you didn't. Know, they appreciate that so that's pretty cool, and then of course then they ask why I'm playing and after. That I'm a little more normal than than the freakish athletes that are up there still on screen that are playing at that age but Lucky and I do feel like. Yeah, we, we may not get a ton of appreciation, but I do see actually got a little bit of it. in the last four or five years, or so when people are realizing, we got don or carrying the mantle a little bit. He's been in the top ten top twenty three. Years I was the president, but then we'd had. been there for a second and really nobody else being that top sanctuary for a second up top top ten or eleven in the world and otherwise like they're realizing I can't maybe envy and Dame's Mardi Gras free and Taylor. Then weren't that Madison Generation. It's just that they were following a generation that was kind of epic was one of the greatest of all time in terms of San Agassi chain carrier. Todd, Martin Washington. You know that that racing was so special that. Of course we're GONNA we're. GonNa fail when we come to compare them, but against a lot of other generations. We're not as bad as people kind of made us trying to make us feel at that point, but we also never felt that I mean we felt like we were dealing with the pressure. Right? Andy the second great job and I did my best. I'm. That we can do you can't. I can't beat Pete. Sampras Andre Agassi I can I can. Do My best and. We did a pretty good job of just trying to try and do that ourselves. Last thing James as we kind of wrap it up and bring it full circle. We're talking with James Blake because the world team tennis celebrity. All Star match is going to be on TV on CBS Saturday April fourth, and just happened about a month ago may I and it was A. A back then as you were saying James it was it was a different world. The biggest story was that Maria Sharapova had just announced her retirement. She was in San Diego with you. Guys, remind people what's What's at stake in quotation marks on Saturdays? They watch on CBS, the celebrity all star matches. You are one of the coaches of team. Bryan brothers. Yeah well. This is a lot of bragging rights. Trophy and bragging rights between the coaches myself. Mardy fish and go way back and there's a lot of crafts docked before, so you guys can can see how turns out, but it was It was the scenery as well right after her retirement, and then the rest of the guys you know they're. They're out there. They're competing. They're. They're working their tails off. throughout the whole year, and this is the an advance, if a Lotta Fun, but these guys are good, I mean. Mean? It's one being the coach and get to see that anymore I'm usually in in a commentary booth, but now being right up there I'm I'm work? This again reminds me how good these guys are. And how bad I am I'm retired and not getting out there and one hundred forty mile. An hour is coming at me anymore. Well, and it's really one of the chances you can see to watch the Bryan brothers and we talk about legends in the game I mean. Obviously on the double side have been phenomenal in their forty one years old I. Mean they're like? And I remember watching them in Washington DC. I was sixteen. I'm thirty seven now, and they had just come on the scene, so and now their last final season here has been interrupted a little bit, but it's always cool. The brothers know how to put on a show for the fans. Definitely they do. Here on my. James I'll let you get back to the Blake School. I enjoy the walk. Stay safe, and hopefully we'll be watching you on television, not just this Saturday on CBS, but of course for ESPN. Hopefully maybe a grand slam or two POPs up towards the end of the year I appreciate you taking the time I enjoyed the conversation. Thanks a lot.

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Oddworld Abes Odysse - GMMF 47


1:25:36 hr | 1 year ago

Oddworld Abes Odysse - GMMF 47

"Everybody often episode forty seven again. My mom found I m Mike Atherton. Hello who's with me tonight. Stephan Jaydee Hughes. I'm again welcome. Everybody or is in in the way the this week. We're talking about L.. Stewart picked. You WanNa tell us the lovely game that you pick for us this week jar. We're all coming of. We're running right after Thanksgiving by the way so sound tired. Everyone's just like Leap this week. We're playing a game that I picked that was in my. It was one of my blind spots for a long long time and never played any of them odd World AIDS Odyssey. The nine hundred ninety seven answers to the question games are so political now. The game is pretty damn political. Yeah I was surprised I never played it I. I'd only he ever seen like the box I for which is because the box art was. I remember seeing the windows box for and the windows boxes like a giant combined. Your sized square box like yeah. It's it's shaped kind of weird and shaped kind of odd and I remember like Some point being able to open it and look at the manual for this game in the manual was again just the giant square manual was like eight and a half by eight and a half very strange. That is it something I know nothing about this game. Except that there's a fish guy in it and that's it presumably a not really a fish guy just just want fit talking about much. Yeah munches Odyssey. That is not this game which is really a fish munches Like a one legged fish say apis aflame wave corporate America later anymore. But he's more. He's more fish. humanoid than regular humanoid same question hunter said. What Game Are you playing? Were you playing honestly. I would argue that a it looks far more fish like than humanly turned on or something. Have you ever watched a like hell help boy or something l.. Boy Eight and help boy fins. Here's three fingers right. I mean that's what he's talking about the moon and the one part is so. Look at your hand Mike. How many fingers you have in your hands? I have five but I could have three accidents of five or three. That doesn't make you a fish. I'm looking at face the face. especially what kind of fish are you shouldn't in over there in Virginia that lives near the water. All right I think I know what officials and others Florida. There's no fishing for it. He looks more tribal than any man killed them all all this. I mean I don't know how you get fish a shot. I understand if someone doesn't like a catfish bass whiskers I also don't have like bodies arms but wait wait. Did we all play the game here. L. Thieves oddest oddest sounds. I think you play Odyssey Bay. According to the Wikki Mudo gins which is what it is. They are chameleon like in nature. We're Dawkins skains Murdoch in Mongoloid. Whatever the hell local saying chameleon more than fish I wouldn't even say chameleon but I'll give them that I would argue I would argue. Chameleons look more like this than people think Abe looks more like a chameleon. When you're using the comparison sure you you are right? He looks more like a fish. 'cause meals more efficient than a human. It's like He looks like if Nema was really really sick. When Marlin found him? You'd have you'd have to have some oil Mohawk on some arms and legs and not be swimming lots of makeup but oh my God. I'm not saying you look such. He looks like such efficient question. When I thank God you know what he looks like like he looks like the tribal dude from the end of beetlejuice? With a shrunken head. Yea Yeah Yeah Right. Yeah the fish. Oh that odd fish. I remember that Office Affairs Everson beetlejuice together talking about Great Carolyn like It's one of those like the Goumas from the Super Mario Brothers movie from the movie. Yeah I will give you that. I would have more than the fish. which by the way is a great move? I'm realizing now that I thought that the little hair not thing. He has on top of his head. which by the way Stephan tribals animals are just people? They aren't as separate species. His aesthetic is tribal. Yeah he's like after starting human he's a tribal. Hey savage is. Don't be down on. The tribal fish are buried. GLOWNA lists I everybody but I realized the opposite is not a I thought it was like a thin. But it's a chameleon tail just sticking opposite what what was hair and it's definitely it's definitely there it's like scaly. Go Look of a picture of a right now that he doesn't have a chameleon tail granted. Okay so so I apologize for audience. We all played like the nine hundred ninety s our lease I played the nineteen ninety seven seven versions of the game. So we're running off graphics. That are very Very let's say Blurry Stephan Plate the new and tasty version I played both uh-huh okay. Yeah but For this week Yep well you play these games. I also even played some munches honesty as well am I bigness game. I did not realize how absolutely difficult it would be he is. It's hard to say. This is a very hard as looking at a caller of of of A. We aren't going to get past. The I mean May- maybe you tell you I don't see a tale again tribal. He has little like feathers on his head. A whip like tail. What's not say either? Chameleons chameleons don't let me. I'm I'm old I hold on everybody. I Open my browser. I'm going to go to the fucking. wiki imposes picture in the call. Everyone could sit here and I don't care if this dude orbiting sent hair to the people with the no have seen neighb- is hair. It is nothing else. There's no fish thing here. We're moving on air. hairtail tale that you guys are all crazy on on oh there will be spoilers raves Odyssey. AAH Don't think anything else that you've been warned when we ever get there at some point overdone talk about the fish I wonder is. I will concede he looks more chameleon like than fish like like he definitely has a chameleon tear tail on his head. I can agree with that. It's I'M GONNA ask each question later. Look at this goddamn picture this to everybody like this picture. That's a chameleon tail and it's not okay. I've done career. You'll get one giant strand of hair. No it's like many about the heat. You got a haircut like polio. It's it's solid. It's talk to people with dreadlocks haircut. Mike do you go and get one haircut one and piece of hair your entire head is just I'm down just because I can say I can. That's a chameleon fail. He's like give me the. Give me the give tape special. There is no way in that picture. I said that that has hair. That is a tale so anyway there's I think he looks like a human journalist would call it the nineties. Dark souls dark souls. I would call it. It is hard like I mean I play with is with the court. 'cause I know it's stupid. Heart is very earliest part. There was one part about pretty. Throw my controller the war. We'll talk about that later. But that's that's the fish you think that looks like fish. Well I guess it Kinda look. This wasn't talking bad guys. This picture munch munches Odyssey which came out three years after this game. I think three or something like came out in the future after this. And that's what he argued about me. It looks more like a fish than a nothing. I if anything I would say. That's an Allier. Neither looks like a fish. That's the process who one is a chameleon and the other is an alligator. Hasn't knows has a nose and it has like the alligator mouth chameleon with hill. They were gonNA find out that someone took a dictionary in front of Stewards Change. All the animal names different animals. So he's like a human community. Not Human Kamal Backwards Stewart has just eating too much Turkey. Is You know. Wake up next week and he's GonNa be like green and covered in scales and he's like Yup up human looks even to me all good here so as we were saying earlier this game is really fucking heart by there. There are a lot of parts where it's very it's very. You have to be precise I they only give you enough time to run and make jump in a lot of different parts. I did not like that. Yeah Yeah I love this. This is going to be like a puzzle solving platformer. And there's like a Shitload of combat and they throw a ton of abilities at you and it's like no time to bring. It's just God's in the second you like get a handle on your lease finally. It's time to switch it up. Yeah I realize you go. Hello Hello I'm Phil Way too late in the game. Oh really so you weren't. You weren't rescuing any of the other Sounds like you didn't get the good into. We'll talk about that later but now so for audience explains tried to explain this story of this. It's if if Dr seuss Sousse had a baby with Edgar Allan Poe and then they that may be wrote soiling grain. That's what ABS Odyssey is. McDonald's was like Whoa. We're out of cows does. Let's just start cooking the employees right. Yeah exactly that's why is a a I don't know his last name would do doc in immolate Abe odd odd Abe Abe eased dot C.. Name and he's he's darken which I kept saying saying Dugan every time do he's Duke and he is the employee of the month at rupture farms which is like the primary hi. Mary meet Acting Company in the entire world. It slash the only one and he's like I'm the employee of the month while I would be if I wasn't a slave like okay. So we're doing this. This is a slightly. They don't at least he doesn't realize that their slave think. Oh we're just going to work. We work twenty hours a day. Able I think they they do well. No it's hard to tell how in the early Tutsi and he says I'm employee of the month. Why was there? I was technically a slave. He doesn't really. He just realized it when they're GONNA kill him. Yeah they figure it out later. Oppressed is what it is. Abe is a He's a hapless Duke and He's just walking down the hallway. One day randomly washing the floors and he over hears all the the higher ups the company. What's great is the opening starts off by all the posters? Say This is going all the posters and all the cut scenes in this game. They're all set up in Abad rhyming structure except sometimes they aren't really threw me off. But most parts there Abad writing structure. He's talking about how like what were they were scrapped. Cakes paramount is updates and it was one more league. Meech Meech munchies. Yeah he's talking about how they used to do. The best likes crabcakes in the business or they used to make the best in the business and then they ran out of meech. They went extinct so they had but they still make paramedic applies scrap cakes and they're walking. He's walking by the higher upscale allowing a new product. We we don't have enough meat. New are all the meat. were making us going extinct and I was like I know will well. They all talk like Benjamin zooey characters but the general consensus as I. You know. We'll just cook up but instead it is it Miyoko bars. They're gonNA make or something right obstacles in that what I possible all made out of a fish. It sounds good to me. He doesn't look like a tasty popzette healing obstacle to me. I mean okay. I'm going to stop but that joke house. The Vegas look like fish. You Just a trenchcoat legs. Yeah Lakes and well giant arms and their legs are really tiny. I think right like you don't sound appetizing either paramount. I looked up when a pair of my was knows like us trying to figure out what biology of it was and it just looks like the alien from the thing it looks like a bug. It kinda does Alex like it'd be crunchy and I don't know if I'd want access accent skeleton in a pie I mean like when you when you see the pair of my ask when you see it look giant ribcage. They're cutting up early in the game And the scribes are like excess cancer. Hell demons that maybe are like some Scorpion In there I don't know none of these things. It would make it tasty item. Not Let me consider the fact that they're being eaten by fish. Alligator Chameleon monsters that have you seen the world that this game takes takes place in any way. I'd be concerned after overhearing. His plans aid has to escape and save all of his fellow slaves which is only one hundred of them including Abe guys. Same All and get out and learn all these chance and destroyed a big bad the Boston and and Before we move on I also just wanted to jump in with a fun fact that the doc in pots we actually had severed dock and head on a stick originally uh-huh but they couldn't. They switched it up because an incident in Japan where someone was murdered at school and their head was placed post in front of the school. What the phone? We're talking about two real. I've heard sometimes I'll watch like Jesus. Japan is obsessed with like weird serial killers. It'll I'll hear stories out of Japan of Jesus Pants look at our country. We don't have like going around you know. Didn't they just catch Chiro. Learns Pan like three years ago. Maybe not even that long ago they call it like a nurse who killed potentially like two hundred to three hundred people that sounds sounds vaguely familiar poisoning patients for years. Finally Dexter episode by the way. Dexter Dexter Dexter okay. Lab Leapt to. I remember that episode where Patients Tedious Job at the school office. You murdered the entire student body real upslope. nope almost does. Actually she did it by accident. Real episode is doing with my potassium. Bounce I I do like that scene where it shows all the boards and all the prophets are down there talking all stupid. I do really like that at and it's all it's all the idea like this whole game is all kind of joke on real white. Where every we're on Capitol Hill Yeah? GTA satire or so so over the top but also like still kinda biting and funny. But he's calling us the mood dot com. Because you know we all look like fish so fating that you know we're slaves to the to the and and you know to the factories or wherever we work is kind of the idea with this game you know. I felt like the game of saying chain behind it entire messages. The game is essentially wake up. People people basically. Yeah this. This game was not subtle it was definitely like right out the gate it was it was. Industrialization is bad. Let's not eat all the fucking gals the way the way I always equated the humor in this is kind of like itchy and scratchy. Like it's just over the top. It's meant to be funny. Yeah Sand Scary. I laughed. I laughed quite a few poisonous game. Worked quite a few. I like dark humor so yup the crying game it was killing me so yeah I don't have white platforms and I don't like really challenging game and and we put it together so we've laid the most challenging platformer act. This is really a I think a cinematic platformer. He's kind of what it's called. There are puzzles cinematic. Oh yeah the Jonah. Cinematic Life One by issues with Abe. Is that he when he runs. When you stop running? He slides a lot and it took me way too long real. You can run and jump off a ledge wait too long that out and it just in general any any time you have to stop like hit a switch is a little bit of issue. Yeah a very agile chameleon I mean you can even die from running into a wall too hard. You can't just like a fish. Don't fall too high. You will die for sure. And the height isn't even that high like e e E. You can't draw too far. Yeah no escape. It reminded me so much of like limbo and inside those are like the only other like I was trying to other. There's cinematic platformer and I got like. What's that Zombie game Yeah deadlight I'm trying to think of other games kind of like this and those are like the only three I really think off the top of my head. Yeah that's fair. I mean we should point out that this is a side scrolling game. It's not ah three D platformer person. No no yeah. It's a science girl or boy plays with the camera a lot a lot. I was really surprised. Is like that opening level. Is You like they catch you like I guess you spying on them. If you're just overhearing the conversation that like Oh we gotta kill him and you just immediately takeoff and the whole first third of the game is getting out of the factory pretty much. Yeah exactly. I didn't mind that part so much now. I also like you have the overseers ears which are called which I don't know what the hell they look like. Geena machine guns that you can say hello to them L. now you've got guns and robotic legs and cuttlefish smells back with the fish. They look like They look like what I imagined. The reapers would look like in a first mass effect if they they did. Try Kofi spaces and robotic legs Jacqueline's well from what I read. Apparently that their their visors on their mass ask their eyes are actually further. Back than that in the visors are supposed to help them see forward because you can. You can run in front of them as long long as your fast and you catch them off guard. They won't they were like what's his name for my appreciation raccoon city. The your day is name is dumb ass was that name Specter is if it it was something it might be for is. It was something ironic given that he can't see hot Goldman. Yeah it was hot Coleman By the way hair mys- look really fucking creepy sector visor Bodrogi Specter goggle things at point. Different directions yeah. I didn't I didn't have a problem so much with the whole name. I just forgot their names has left me guys. I just thought it was this leagues in the slogs. The slobs are like the the evil dog looking things. Yeah and I gotta say I almost felt a little bit bad when you visit best asleep because you can chant as long as there isn't a item in the game that prevents you from camping with the have. How all over the place called chant chant protectors or chant something? I've forgotten the machines that apply around and zapped you and then you get and then you you can't change but you can possess slig- out. Now they go oh is your possessing them and I always felt bad when you take it over. Come here boy and you call when the slogs to follow follow you and then you can shoot him in the back but I as long as the second evolution of the gravity of tremors so yeah down in eyeless dog with a giant mouth size of its head the the the the the Okay what are the two streakers. That's author streakers from premise to Earth's to nitric we've loop but I do now shops after Jackson who the slog when you possess that's the slig- got pregnant. I know it's already in me. And I played this game this week and you can send them down tunnels to eat slipped. Eat the slicks either enemy. Let's just say that dogs cuttlefish and what are the other was big bats ads. They're not really in this game. That is like the old sears. Compare the one that like a corporate. CEO's of the company and there's a bunch of them in the board. I mean essentially or room I call them. I call them. shoemakers cuttlefish fro droids and. Let's see other. There's like a mind thing that like flows around sale. which was David those things I mean? There are parts in this game where you have to time it. Just right when the There's this rotating mind that will move around the screen that you're on and usually it just goes in a certain pattern but certain levels it just goes after you so God this game. We should motion. Should explain that. Every single frame in this game is basically a puzzle. Is What or multiple frames. They'll be like you have multiple room. You have to do certain things before you can move on to the checkpoint and it's all like okay you have to draw the guy into this room possessed the guy here run him back over overshoot this guy run over here shoot back Guy Right. All in one fell swoop to yeah well for me. It wasn't one usually but you know let's I would have never I would never got I would never got his name But also as you're escaping factory you're supposed to rescue the fellow Duquesne's and then I would see them. But I did not go. Oh come on me and I'm like oh I don't worry about it later and by sucker laser I'm escaping. Ip's apart in the ending but you you played this game. You'll see you fell doke into. Who are scrubbing the ground and stuff and you're supposed to you have to rescue them in to rescue and we have to walk you hold down L.? To and trying with the game does not tell you and he'll go along Tom and they'll go well. And then you have to follow up with follow me and then you'll bring them to a portal and then you get the portal offered. Yeah Yeah but for the longest time. I didn't know that I didn't know what to do with them. I just left him he just left him to die and when I got back to the factory and the end of the game is like casualties thirty. I'm like thirty dollars advice because I didn't rescue them in the beginning. Love Love the factory setting his game I love the background Aw Limbo it's like at the exact same limbo static factory so hill factories are hell. I'm good. They're all five times in a row but like yeah as you're going through the game alcott. It's like say the game boy sit against it's it's it's so beautifully framed so many frames of the game or something like areas as the game have like giant signs in the background are just like blatant propaganda. There's one that's like if you survive all the other like one one one escaped jokin. Means Twenty nine killed Madeleine. Yeah like if you escape all the all of your friends on this level will be guilt. So what happens in North Korea. North Korea like Pizza Hologram signs. The background where it says this kind of work. Escapes escapes casualties. I think of is that is the whole idea that if they escape like you said there's just GonNa kill everyone else and you're gonNA they're gonNA to pay the price for you escaping. It does remind me again it was probably shot at different dictatorships in in our in real life right right. That's got the only like hit. The game gives you that you should be doing that. The game doesn't come out and say I know point. Does anyone come out and say hey save these other medallions. It's just stuff back like. Yeah there's a room there's ruined with spray. Paint the walls to save us and things. Yeah yeah very little about the actual game play is given to you directly aside from some very basic controls with those pizza signs that are just like the factories to say. Hey like press press eight jumpy the it it. I didn't know you could talk to people. I did not find out until after when you come back to the factory desks when I realize you can talk to people one rescuer love so much going onto the hello. Hello okay. Why if you walk doc into a trap like I did one time? I'm pretty sure he said Oh or oil or something like oh no interface happening. I was trying to rescue on every time I stayed. Follow me. And he jumped into the meat grinder and I couldn't figure out to get him and he can just die. Let's not let's not forget the point out the fact that as has a you can be a masochist in. Kill your mellow mood documents. Alemi to your death. Yeah throwing right I had to possess a slig- and you have I not a shock and I swear that's the machine gun you can hold it down it's sort of one EDA's schalken inner city. Oh maybe I'm thinking later on the game. Then the machine gun says a part where you play you possess a slave and you have to kill all the fucking slogs on the planet. They just keep coming coming yeah. They'd run out of the Kennels like twenty thirty minutes terrible more than that. It's like it's like four at a time and I think I think there's like eight waves. It's ridiculous and you can't hold down the trigger because you hold on the trigger when you're when you're one of these flicks they step back and they'll step off screen and then you're done I I could I like okay. I'll just shoot. Don't shoot jumped out of the screen and killed me and it was okay. That's nice. That's our Bang Bang Bang Bang for like a good five five minutes. You were just firing a shotgun nonstop. I was like five minutes but it's foggier should be. It's a long time and entirely too long. It's it's ridiculous ridiculously. It's it's long enough to get so point where you're like. Oh boy this is going on for a while and it Kinda comes back around and you're like this is spun and then it goes back to being a drag has enough enough time to hit you in waves of Jesus Christ funding ends in judo law. They do repeat the same puzzles they add to it they change them up and they keep keep them fresh even though it does some things get boring but it. You aren't being smacked with the same exact thing over and over again. Keep challenging you with new ways. I give you your as he's now figure out how to use these three grenades we're going to give you to escape this level a game. Never lets you feel comfortable new news. You don't elect at no point. Will you feel like you're in control. You never or you get one time where you Kinda feel powered up but it it's like it's only lever is a puzzle part you get up to do a puzzle and then you go on and you're not powered up at the time you're in control is the main menu where you can go to. The game sounds and pushed hard footing. Yeah Yeah Okay. I didn't know you could fart. two-way later this gave you out L. compressor just as a puzzle that wash your sex in the game where you have to do like a music puzzle and series. Shut the fuck up to stop searching web for Fart puzzle perform. I actually gave the music puzzle and the key to like letting the other Chameleon fish no that you finish the puzzle is by far. Will you go. Hello Hello fast word. You're dealing you that I will admit got old to me after bring fast I after the first one I was like okay. That's funny joke. I find funny but the whole gang like test section. Where do you get rescued by big face? That's his name that's not a dumb nickname. My made up. His name is big face. It has big basin pretty right because he wears the mask and so therefore that's space or them. I actually face I have not but Yes he by big face and he's like Oh you have to pass the test of the medallions and so you go into a fucking King temple which is just filled with medallions and I guess slaves that are there no captured the rest of the Dokan so they can start child. Yup Oh there's also para might cause you had a pair of my nest and scare nest rattled is paramount's and slaves and slogs for everything. The answer is flawed but all in there have a music puzzle like Password System the passage. Just they sing a song and then you have to sing it back in any far and then you keep going and every single time at the end of every single one you far out. Okay you we know the in the sequel Accident that is five times worse you have to memorize at least like twenty different things of dialogue Ever were never playing on this. PODCAST are known on the list. It's already on next week's episode. I don't think then. There's a seven of them for the series now. None there's Odyssey. APES EXODUS ODD World Stranger's wrath ask which came after odd were adventures and ahve advertisers do but those are just like ports right there remained out hand held and and there's a new one that's about or you know in development solely I saw that Full graph half is the one that I played before that I would definitely be on the show at some. It's such a weird like I. Don't I don't understand. So the company that makes these is operatives inhabitants designers Lauren landing. Everybody fucking loves. Apparently every view I saw was Lord. Landing is a God lovelorn adding a lot and I kept laughing because I was like this. Company has made like three Games essentially and just survive of releasing them and remastering them for years. It like as Odyssey accidents and much is on us and then out of world non-world ventures to which are remakes of OSCE and Exodus and then train Russia. which is a different game? If the first shooter so downing running game five years after that Stranger's wrath hd mission and then after that much as Odyssey mission and then new and tasty which was essentially a rebate from the ground up as Odyssey and then sandstorm which is a retelling of AIDS exit this New and tasty by the way everyone gave it shit when it came out and I didn't understand why because I thought it looked amazing but the more you play hit the more you realize that they fucked up all the art style in it and everything looks clean and very nice. Yeah that's like disgusting thing industrial wasteland. Exactly they totally botched it. Oh that sucks yeah. I didn't I didn't play the remake I played the PS one version. Then either. You don't plan it. They were like we're remaking Jack to and it's isolating clean like Tokyo Clean Cityscape. It's Nice looks great. What's everyone angry about as we were saying earlier? One thing like we mentioned briefly. I mentioned get grenades in this game. You get rocks and you get grenades and their only purpose is to solve. Certain puzzles like Iraq is to distract them. Unusually wasn't yeah food to you. Get Meat Yeah you get meat for the pair bear might fucking pyramids even grenades like you use the grenades to kill enemies but even that is more of a feels feels like a puzzle. It doesn't feel like timing out. Yeah until it blows up. And the way you find out how many clicks takes blow yourself up and then throw it the either blow up a guy but even then it's it's terrible. I just not very accurate easiest mechanic. Nothing easy game. Nothing's dying is okay. Okay to point out spray annoy myself because I rescued. All of adoptions game Australia not to and at the end at the end I realized that you don't we'll have to rescue all the medallions to get to get into. You only need to save fifty. That's how I got the good ending house like motherfucker I put so what's Goddamn time. Saving does got the fish people. If only you have the Internet but look these things up. I just assumed I had to save all of them. I mean in my head I was like like. This is a game from nineteen ninety-seven the state like the good ending. State is save everybody in the bat and he says is like even if you miss one your thoughts that was my. That was my assumption of game from ninety seven not realizing that this game is like way better than most nineteen ninety-seven games. I think my exit us. Actually you light up the savior of your wanted to get the good ending cheese and it's twice as hard disks. Let's never do that. It's two discs in Moscow. None of us all right. Do you have a question for you guys. When after you escape the the hell the hell factory and you're running around? You seem a little banners across their fate across their mouths and they have slingshot. Are you supposed to talk to them to get past them. Yeah okay I rolled and jumped and and every so often they get lucky and they wouldn't shoot me figure out how to get past them so I would just saving loads saving low and if you do it right they won't shoot you for some reason. DACHSHUNDS campfire fire straight. When he fired Mike they laugh l.? I just rolled in jump and then every so often I get lucky enough and he. They wouldn't shoot nice move on his part. There are multiple like a good twenty percent of the Puzzles Games. Need to be solved by fighting for got Ya. It's like that should happen in fucking a Banjo Kazoo. And I gave so much Shaka's humor's wasn't for me. When do you in Utah? Fart noises invasion very well kept blower. It's just it's just nothing for it or is this a long time like the podcast. I would have been awhile was like a year ago. Also I still remember the Farts I they haunt me and mostly yeah I just like I love so much of the humor in this game but been yeah just the farts are like I think you just have to be a fart person like some people really Liam join farts. I don't really I I like one fart. I will laugh at but after twenty years like I. This is getting old. Yeah same very nineties humor. If you're the kind had a person that would go into somebody else's house far and laugh in this game is played perfect way. That's the review on the back of the box. They aren't they viewed by dinner schemes. Three you you like to enjoy party at work and then people's houses you joy they look at. You would discuss that. I had the game for you. You need to look up to see who at Gamer horrid review this game because it got eight nine points you five for like eight and nine hundred like across the board except for Aegean which gave the seventy five everybody else's like this game solid eight or nine gene was like Nah. It's a seven Novak you but Aga said that basically was the game generation so maybe don't elephant never told that story on the podcast but a long time ago when I was in school for game. Aim Design one of my teachers. Were just like pull up various magazine Marie sites and put them on the board and just want us like talk about them at the beginning. Classes are like Oh we like what you think of this. What do you think of this? And he pulled up an article over my dead space three the game of the generation and and the whole class the whole it was like a two hour glass and the whole class was him shitting. All over is in for this one. Arctic the gave Gabe Shit the fuck everything else. Dead Space Three came out. I guess everything else just sucks because everything else is irrelevant. It's the why shouldn't even try anymore because that's basically it was. What do you fuck them like that? Okay Good Luck. So he had he was actually developed. Mellberg don't like age of Empires and a couple other days. It's just he's at work on space. Three that's what I will never forget. Get a heavy yelling about Aegean baseball review for the rest of my. He's still a carrot. It's not a game generation for maybe dead space to all right. Why are we talking about the while here actually back so basically this little game we've kinda covered it actually but basically said yeah aid? Abe escapes from the plant and when he escaped he runs into the moon and on the moon he see something that looks like his hand so he puts it up and he realizes it's the same It it fits right in with the moon and in Japan they actually Found it as an insult to put four fingers on the AIDS hand because of the meat packing subclass which is basically what. This is about So they only put three. They found it offensive that yes. They might have been four Japan's unlucky number. Yeah I think it's the same death or are like a bunch of games OCTA them. They're like a That's our thing. I think you guys Japan man if you were if you're under the gun you pissed off Boston to cut off your finger as a tribute album and he was saying though like after you do meet awesome that match thank you. Don't actually go to the moon. You just he sees the moon and he's looks up and goes. Oh it lines up is kind of a glut Kennedy idiot but hey well. He's he's like What is it Wiley Coyote clubs? Yeah Yeah that's fair. What's the on Land Dan Right? Yeah yeah he's doing his best for fish man all right slash no. He's no he's doing what he can the part. That really pissed me off Kato. So after you're kind of like you're in the area and you have to like we were saying past doc in any go to these two temples and for some reason I decide so you have the paramedics that we talked about earlier in the scrap. Your scarabs scrap. Whatever the welfare and the you'd have their nest and I want to grab one? I not not just like I'll just do this one first and that's the harder everyone all my God. I was ready to fucking controller. Everyone part to doing this game and the problem is there's one part where you have the scrabble grab think of like a bull. We're going to call it a bull and he's running back and forth under the platform and you have time. If you're stealth game. You have to wait until he goes all the way the other edge dropdown run over ever grabbed the switch and then run and jump back. Well I didn't know you could run and jump. I thought you had a run stop then just not enough time to do that. I try is like thirty forty. Hi I watched the video. He runs and jumps like motherfucking game and he ran a dish. I dried APP like fucking cheap. I almost did it without running. and W I almost had it but I just couldn't get it because they're not running jump before then. Though I I spoke to but you can do the game without running jumping. Before that. It's much harder I handicap myself but you can Senate bikes made for the game where now people are going to challenge themselves to just running not jump Bethlehem Gore. I guess my Stereo New Category Games done slow. But they'll scare things in general Like bowls you have to go through Mr Area with these puzzles and you have to. They get together. They fight each other. But sometimes you haven't fight. You gotTA run fast enough if they get done fighting they're gonNA come kill you which happened all all my any so long. And then there's a final depart with a scrabble where I mean. I'm assuming it's all one check when you're not playing the way I played it and you have to run jump run jump new scratch you have to you have to roll. You have to run and roll through a hole which I never knew how to do and I find learn how. Oh my God what. I was getting so pissed off is everything is like you have to be spot on. You have no time to think you have no time to plan your jumped. You just have to do it. And you're being chased entire time. The the second scientists game gives you like any sort of ability. It's like all right. I hope you're an expert at it. Okay you use a grenade hope you know how to use them and then the other. The other temple with the pyramids pair. They didn't seem as bad like they look like what's a good example for a pyramid other than penis like. It looks like it's scared of you. If you start go for it and it jumps away and with doing Jewish if making you think Oh. You're I'm in charge and as you walked towards it and chase it it turns around and eat you instead. He's that hot dog. Maybe look she doesn't eat me. They look like the The stalker form of the flowing from aleatory. Anybody yeah like a spider flood things that Okay Yep I haven't played halo when I'll Albee doing nothing but doing that today so today today. We're doing this on December first in two days mass chief. BC's Oh that's right. You'd like hearing for me for a while already out. Actually I assault on steam earlier. I think its own. Stand as a preorder. Yeah There was on sale. Two fused god-like. Where's to go? Yeah Bye I. I've definitely not starting Steve Right now to check. That would be ridiculous in the middle of talking about yourself of it just all right. I was you're dealing with a pair of my desk for you. We also kind of meat. You can use the meat to distract a pair of Mike but you don't have that much time they'll eat the meat Hey you know let's get. That sounds good. Oh my I was getting this game. If pissed me off. And there'd be parked right would save mid puzzle and realize I fucked up the whole puzzle earlier in the section. You have to start over anyway because I just did it wrong Those game I like everything outside the factory like you are the bottle of the food chain everything everything is going to kill you. Yeah I like I like. I was expecting you to get out. And it's like like in a standard gain. You get out and there's other medallions as in like they teach you how to survive and they're just like normal people but in this game you get out and it's like everything in the world is trying to kill you. The factory was like almost safer by comparison breath safer well until they decide to start like cutting y'all to be sleds but before it was like you were workforce. I mean you get out. You're like oh no it's it's even worse out here. Everything is trying to add. By the way Stewart was right it is the third by bad. It's not like I've been chatting every day I dream about a win. The first halo on the show eventually so it's already in the schedule. Agile wallaby playing it in today's so our next her next game is short. Shouldn't have a problem. I was listening to the soundtrack to get ready for Halo and I had to stop. Because I've been through this before if I listened to the Halo Soundtrack while driving. That's dangerous dangerous combination award hog. Because I've got my truck. I've got a pretty big truck and I'll be listening to music and I'll be imagining aging myself in a word hog and I'm like Oh my God I'm going hundred thousand. We're under attack. Brennan writes me aggressive. It makes me progressive. When I'm driving? It starts playing and you're like yeah fuck shit up Owain up on a road with other people like that the average there's something called and then also when you finish these two temples you get like tattoos on your hand which give you a power that you only use. What three times? Four Times in the game. A really stupid power he morphs into Parts Carol Part Para might part mood okay. Let's say a weird asking for like two seconds into shoots a blast all over the level destroys all the mind destroys all the enemies on that screen and then your power goes away. You don't get it again to the game tells you UH. Isn't it kind of like a metaphor that he's like taking revenge on the company for all the dirty deeds they did to them like all the different species or whatever. Yeah something yeah yeah. That's what I took away from it. I didn't like it looked cool. We haven't mentioned The fact that a as his mouth is so shut. We haven't mentioned that we were too busy talking about the Mohawk earlier Fischer. Not by the way I'm seeing concept art of Abe now because what his tattoos like WII Games which I think Which I definitely am not GonNa get but I definitely want to get I? I actually have a fact here by Lorne lanning thing about why his mouth is stitched Aid stitched mouth was done because when he was born he was more of a crybaby and it was something that was done to him to help the situation it was done before he developed consciousness causing him to perceive the stitches as part of a why you all the pictures in the background have stitches is on the the fish mounts because bitches get stitches at since gets that'd be a great sketches. Ll I like how when you look when you start running away immediately. A mug shot of you comes up with your name like crudely drawn on. That's how you find find out the media. Yeah and it's it's yeah. It's your employees picture like that's the picture that copay has of you. Incase you try to escape it just naturally have it but you know everyone who went when you went to go get your job or your hair. Whatever work now addict orientation? Don't trust them. They're going to kill you one day. Get your whole i. People who know me know talk about this affair amount by love graffiti and B Games. I love like stuff drawn. Walls like one of my favorite games is life or death because of that it's like almost specifically and everything in the safe rooms. I love this game called Ms Created that has some of the coolest graffiti and even though the game itself is this shit and I wouldn't play it. It's like a daisy knock off. That is not very good. The graffiti is great and I think in as Odyssey was really cool like seeing the a fish mouth like the fish face posted up and like shit written all over like save us and the implication that the other other medallions of sorry like I don't understand like idolizing him but he's got his following popping up about a rough game right in in by in my game they didn't idolize me. I let them all. That's on you that's your fault but then why gay. I love the stylized sized faces with like the is crossed out and it's like just so much like blatant propaganda Alpo all looked really cool actually or something that if excape everyone dies new quote for the shirt assaulted dies you leave the big killer estimates the art you go as you as you progress through the factory the Second Badger. Actually I was actually saving medallions. Finally and I did like when you finally get near the end. Should we start going on the end of this game. Almost everything Sir Okay I did like it like what you get near the end the game you finally get into the boredom that you saw in the first part of the game when he's looking through the window and realize Oh shit they're gonNA start killing us and you end up using that power that is at all the races kind of getting revenge for getting getting killed and he kills all the board members and the guard almost all the board members and just slightly both as shoot through start blowing up everybody at is to recall who was on the coolest in this game and then you get knocked out or something they grab you. I can't remember exactly it's in the face and then yet knocks you out and they drag. I use my you up above a grinder and the whole game. Is Abe narrating. What happened as he's hanging above this grinder? It's like a hole in the ground and it's like it's in the dust Sarla bet. Yeah basically. It's just a hole in the ground with like a bunch of grinding teeth in it and you're hung up by your hands and the gluck in which account what was his name the main one Molly Molly I remember that. Because of Rohrschack from Watchmen Mall. You Walk Your Locker with team. Yeah I read watchmen to. I've only seen this accident or movie. I you should read it. Well maybe we re we might read on a certain podcasts casts at some point in the future watch the show is all I haven't picked up show it all here with And it's really good but disturbingly artsy were saying about Dokan token or whatever the hell is Amos gluskin. Okay like I said this game is very Dr Seuss esque. It's like with slaves and slogs in the naral rhyming structure. It feels like okay. What's that The Laura Acts like if the Laura acts was like are rated is summer the Laura acts guns or something. He's got tied up and he's giving you each. You don't really speak English. No one else does speak. Why they like mumble? Yeah anything going on. Abby Eh sleeps talking though yeah the annoying thing. Is that like the whole all the narration. This game is set up in rhyming structure and and then sometimes but like molly will say something. And that's Mitt to complete arrive but it doesn't rhyme it's just like and that's when they want us to sing remember that's not a fucking run. You can't just through that quoth the Raven it's a it threw me off so much to have to have a Ryan Not Ryan to have like like an hour of very structured ochsner narration. And then just drop it at. Some blinds threw me off so much. It's a big anyone curious. PISS OFF STU starter. Rhyme and don't finish it. No it's okay. If you start a Ryan don't finish it. I'll just finish it in my head but if you had all it yeah if you always have if you have a rhyme going on like like if the end of the end of like you don't like time it works out is the end of low Fuck if it's not dead presence as I have. No Eddie we talked about is a song called lump by the presidents of the president's the USA. She's long she's and the song initially initially had a rhyming in. And then we're Yankee did a parody of occult gump and he ended with Like he's he's got an that's all I have to say about that. That and that's how hint it's like okay. That's deserved but if you have like the end of Chris that won't Christmas Ryan About Santa Coming and you just end it with a random sentenced the meal. I don't know if it's OCD. Thing what it's weird. It is weird. I agree and I just listened to it. I don't I don't all right three endings. I WanNa want to stay in my rants about in the right way and I got the bad. It'll be because I'm a bastard. I didn't rescue you. have to your strength. You could if you rescue under fifty gets the bad ending if you rescue between fifty and ninety nine get the good ending and if you rescue one hundred you get the best Eddie like you can't and ninety right right. Well now I am. I remember this wrong. If it's less than fifty s about anything if it's more than fifty good and then and if you get the good ending don't you also get get like the like promotional and like alternate trailer or something is one of the endings in the main menu. I think if you get all of them then you get an extra bonus ending joining which might be that promotional one. Yeah that's really fucking weird. Did anybody else watch that. I know it's it's bizarre. What's good yeah Let's say what's the what's the bad thing. Is I think a better defense. I got it so I didn't. I knew it was a bad anybody still figuring things might be a little okay. So he's hanging up by the by by his hands and then they has a bunch of Dokan standing by the fire saying we should help them. They're like screw that schmuck. He didn't help us. I'm I'm like Oh shit and then they don't come help you. They dropped in the grinder tablet on the last three. Help him let him suffer. It's it's literally nothing you did mattered. Yeah basically which I guess means the whole point of the game is to rescue them tokens and be a good day. It's just like I'm okay. Okay was ABC because I will ever play this game again so I'm fine with that but I gotta go down because your completion. Yes a real problem. Yeah it takes me a long time to finish like Draghi's inquisition. This is so many. Elective thing I forget. All of them. We walking around like I have. I have twenty out of twenty one songs whereas last fucking song or is he just have to wait. You just have to wait for someone to sing it. Oh I got the good ending which Why don't you tell us the good ending is all the medallions are like? They're role in this kit. which I describe as a the party hit from the Second Matrix movie or they're all Diana they're having that like the crazy? Yeah the crazy crazy like orgy. Drumbeat hate that part of that movie by the way. So that part of that very we're morpheus is just giving his speech along that that's my favorite part of that movie. You know we got talk about something or we're just doing his His warriors speech. He's like can you dig it and I just started rubbing and having sex. It's great you're going to go down man. Men's we'll have one last Hurrah my last orgy so all right so you you were saying. While the ending of they're they're getting ready for their massive mud and drum. Orgy These morpheus speaking and then and then aid comes out and big face shows up. You're still it's still like opens up with you hanging over the pit. By the way it's going back and forth it goes chose that shows you hanging over the pit and embiid it shows up as a chance and like shocks me not related to death but enough for his close the fall I fly off and you see that he's got a really rude body these alike he looks like a Disney villain at first where his his long cloak on any shocks. And it's real. He's got these like weird as arms and these tiny little legs lake and supposed to be like Like is really inadequate downstairs to the stage in front of all the orgy medallions and they all the chance to yell and say Hey Yea Brigade has to cut the block. Before the ordinary starts a effort matrix they save. Yes that's the black. That's that's going to be an Saul store. He entirety of soul storm is just one long. We Talkin Orgy. I'd play with with the exact with the exact sound bite. Light of Beatrix to playing tough it still. That's a ten out great I'm Steffan. Did you see the promotional thing that we were just talking about. Not that I have no idea what it is. I actually started watching it and then I just clicked. Pascet guys details it some One week talking about it. Sorry it didn't work out. Well it's nothing you're just ignore my song. Yeah take that. I don't know why it's there's they don't call it like the promotional trailer they call it somebody else within the game. What it's like It's eight eight starts looking to here. I was just thinking what if what if hugh rescued all the medallions and at the end. You're waiting for that special ending and it's just Rick Ashley going to give you a out. Were were chanting for you. And it's like the the device that like chicken farms where you're just comes in. That's all of their heads off to like. Yeah thanks you got it all together in one one place catch them all comes out wringing his hands like they just have polka balls in their feet and thrown like. It's like the first metro game where the bad thing is the good thing. I'm trying to think of how to even describe this. God Damn trailer that you have A. It's so weird you're like it's a like like on the floor and a TV flies up to him. It's the best way I can make described as saying it's like it's like If anyone's play Fallen Colony Vegas It's like the row like the TV robots from the big empty Over lose votes all Alex like that and it just starts in a very cold in creepy voice explaining how Abe is going to be like the chosen one for his people and all these devices come out an aide is like freaking out and hanging at this point and like all these like weird surgical tools are coming out and he's getting closer and closer to eight or just like overshadow. Am Am and it cuts the black like okay. That was weird certainly weird. Yeah that doesn't. I'm glad I didn't watch the. That sounds stupid. Though it's fame you're GONNA be the one a year going to be the one to save everybody in Asia. Yeah this is it. I think Abe is like I wouldn't say he's an idiot. I'd say he's like a buffoon he reminded me a lot. A lot of Like Roger Rabbit. Yeah yeah that's what it wasn't just keep saying different words idiot now. He's like a hapless lovable all like buffoon indecision kind of idiot. Yeah he's like totally soon doesn't know what he's doing. He knows what he's doing. He's just like homes zero weird. Okay we actually got a lot of feedback from people about this game. He's like if Bill Murray was a cartoon character uh-huh and completely hammered. Yeah I took groundskeeper from caddyshack. Yeah exactly from caddyshack. If it was the chosen one see we go somehow. Alright two things I want to say for one. They want to say for questions or not really quite at this point not not even questions anymore. But August and the we didn't mention we should mention early on the front of the box that says no menus. No inventory bars. No score peeping noteworthy those scorekeeping just infinite lives victims to rescue in in a supposedly challenging gameplay. which kind of what you get yourself into but yeah I forgot to mentioned earlier and I do want to say that I did? I did approach this in four different groups I ask you got a ton of feedback. We're not gonNA read all of it but I wanna read definitely some that people had I I want to read from Daniel Mellman said I love this game. Make sure to play twice no way in hell or I'm never had they don't want some good all right. I think I can agree with this woman from do Gold Manzar pent. Sorry if I pronounced aim wrong and you're listening to this. It's a game. I wanted to like dearly but ultimately would just frustrated frustrated by it had cool mechanics very good art direction and a somewhat simple but effective plot. The atmosphere is the best part of the game. It's a shame that it gets too difficult to quick and it feels sluggish in a way. I don't like you know I can agree with that. I agree with that. I mean it definitely really just it gets very challenging. There's one thing we completely skipped over which I now that brought this up that I felt kind of broke up some of the challenging gameplay or at least it helped with jumps when you get that you think is his name the Little Yoshino laugher. I'll I I liked him he only use them to make a few different jumps after. Like do puzzles because he starts eating. Honey won't leave. But he hates these like Winnie the Pooh and I think it might be there right. Yes yes is he had a date probably not enough animal. It looks like it. Looks like from Ice Age aalto. Dennis a slow victory Daniel Locks that I have fond memories of making Abe save up follow me and partying sounds over and over. You must have been a child at the time. It is not funny anymore. Yeah if I played this game when I was like eight fucking loved it. Maybe I don't know what it might have been more fun. came out. Ninety nine. Might be semi seven so I was ten probably found it funny. I was four so go ahead. Three arts yet. I was probably tend to so are at that point for my door to save it from mark. Goldstein you said. I've loved this game as a kid. The tone at fear and humor I greatly enjoyed the grimy Machinery Setting is one of my favorites just to look and feel of it is so so cool and interesting it is still as though the whole anti consumerism. Message flew over my young mind. We have the fun of this. Yeah and he said Sequel AIDS this way better. I never want to find out sir. Never alligator that. It is better I would love to Out Love like a rule who played as Odyssey's a kid and they can play as adults just not like. This is what I play. Oh Oh give back in the show. We kind of skipped over but all four of us. This is our first experience with his. Yeah yeah no I played it as a kid. What the hell am I talking about? Yeah Yeah I three of US Stephens and this this comment from drew drew van ratings and wait Alemi. Okay okay. I mean values are just fine. Oh southern earl. Culture aged exodus is even better a great puzzle platform with a weird tripping story all those pitched one game with pre rendered backgrounds. Hold up so well for me. I'm sure nostalgic plays a a big partner. Yes yes it does. If you like these games please play harder darkness. I don't think that's happening now. I have no such a game to stay away from Ross darkness. I think if a Super Nintendo game now especially PS one. I looked at him thinking. Okay you're thinking out a world or another another world yea I I know what you're talk. Yeah because I. I've looked up a whole list of all the cinematic by farmers and doing this really hard darkness is way more like bullshit but I was like it having looked at it. I am vaguely interested. I mean maybe I I don't WanNa same guys you made another world. I know that That doesn't entice me all right. This is from jails Pontus. I know I pronounced runoff. That wrong I said was was a bit better balance if I recall correctly. At least I didn't remember that one having as many tiny based puzzles fucking hyphen based puzzles are all Over this damn game Playing harder darkness just looked it up in the composer for darkness was the same guy who composed the music for a homeward rebound the rentable journey. What are we doing here? Oh a tombstone holy Shit. Yeah we're fucking playing. That gave us the gift of Shit Monster Heating the main character. This has really brutal heart really brutal death animations for a game that you play the kid like like two thousand thirteen brutal or I don't know I grew shop. This guy did the fuck him. This is such weird careers I he did this. He did the he did the score for rescuers down under homeward bound. Baby's Day out in tombstone. Okay I got this I want to read Joshi Gavilan. They said just go on house. The greatest game ever made. That was this common. That was my fault noise. It didn't come up very good. I don't think they square off like Mike now. I say ever got him months now. We are back up two more comments and we'll be done with questions okay. She'd take care. I shouldn't even say questions anymore. In the show they never question from there. Yeah this law men are the best side scrolling games ever made in my opinion Nia. I can see how people think opinion. I disagree when I can see how people will make that disagree. There's a lot of people that said love this game and things of that nature and people really liked this game for ninety seven. It's really impressive. I I worry that we did do just because he's really impressed. Chevy kind of counterfeit will offer bucks to watch. I like to more things. 'cause there's over one from Joel Hobbles had no menus and I didn't get that right away to like. Oh yeah he's on recover. 'cause everything's being everything's getting cooked and eaten but Ashley Measures. This is the last thing I'm going to read said I remember renting it from a video shop store near me and accidentally keeping in it and I still have. It's one of my not my favorite game in the morning and the remastered fouls it up quickly. I think it's doesn't agree quite the overdue feet. You got and I Walk Buster. You're okay yeah. I prompt anymore. I definitely didn't do that. There's no way I rented a bunch of stuff from blockbuster when they were going out of business bad things you really because you know the only person that got that money were with that collects. And I'm definitely not going to do the same thing when game stop goes out of business. Oh never well that wouldn't be renting. That'd be just by for instance right box of red box out of his most mentioned we will eventually it will everything will actually did read by still buy dollars. THAT'S ALMOST DO I. It's weird. That five dollars seems like too much for a single movie. Now Right. It's a dollar for dollar here to what kind of red box you want. Some guy in the corner premium to one in a long time. Last time I went to one of those like that was a long time. There's a couple of years ago though. This is just like I mean like movies on Youtube or still like five dollars. Yeah they vary yeah they do very sometimes. It's like the movie just came out seventeen dollars against psyched owned for as long as YouTube. Besides let you own it but yeah some movies are just like I duNno. I WANNA watch like I really shit. The old movie and they'll be like this movie is thirteen dollars like why is movie. Came out forty years ago and it has like thirty percents Mehta's wise. It's still thirteen dollars on easy the summer you want. You just WANNA watch homeward bound. Okay talk just now. It's beautiful movie I it's all right. I'm hunter why don't you go first. Hello Oh holy. Shit rebound is twenty dollars to fucking by HD. Got Damn it. It's bad it's the same composer's tombstone how about you shelter boxer this gym while someone someone else's shelves shelf I mean I'm collector anything itself. Yeah see we're GonNa take this speech to the south. That's high praise. Okay I I I respect your opinion I want you. Yeah it's like Like an honorary honorary okay. I mean he does deserve it because it is a famous type game has a legacy. I instantly famous. Yeah I don't know if I don't I mean going back to it. I actually still had fun. This isn't my favorite game in the series. So it's hard for me to say because exodus is like ten ten times better than this one. They improved it in every single way. But I don't know for an Ip like when when like Lauren landings idea for this was he was looking at the games this coming out looking at the game scape and he wanted to create something unique. He didn't WanNA create you. Know Guy with guns blazing falling five stories killing everything so so I kinda respect that also respect the time and interesting concepts they put into the game of like using speech and traps. And I'm having to save your fellow Dawkins I mean stuff like that and you can kill em too which is great. I really respect the shit out of that because nobody else was doing that at at that time in fact. I don't think anybody did the same thing except for hardy darkness. Whatever the hell it's called? Eso It's just you know a and if you're willing to go out on a limb and create something and it actually comes out to be something that people like. I mean I just I like it. I like this game. I like the sequels butter but ah I respect what they did with this Ip. And I put it on the shelf just for that room. I was not what I was expecting this to go. I want I used to. I don't know I'm very racing to. It's I don't know like the last like three games. We've played all been really difficult have been really difficult. I WANNA say they all have been really difficult and skinny remember. I think I don't know if we're GONNA sell this or not. I don't know I liked it a lot. I had a lot of fun playing this game and like seven. It's it's so different than any other game. We played really the only time you get gun is when you take control of the slaves and even then you shoot Utica enemies on you blow up and urge game to be so quick to get to try to go so far away from the like stairs ever go. Violent Protagonists agonists but still have a totally brutal violent game was just a crushing atmosphere. I really love that. I really love so much. This game is just like some of the humor. It fell flat for me. It was like a little wealthier mature head. I played this as a kid. I think this would be one of my favorite games because I felt really out. This game is really satisfying to beat. Yes I do that I would put this after this on par with like fallout. Like the first two fallout games like beating eating those as a fucking challenge but when you beat them you feel like you've actually beaten something and when he gets to the good scam you're like yeah fuck and did that. I fucking beat this game. I can't get no I tried. I think I'm GonNa put this on my shelf. I really did have John Flying it and I like Stafford's that I respect. I respect this game a lot. It's different you're doing something. Like original unique and for for them to make essentially three games that people loved enough for them to just make remakes of those same three games for the next twenty five years. That's impressive there's nothing to scoff at like. They clearly gave us about this world vaguely give a shit about the series resonable Capcom levels of dedication. Yeah Yeah and then they go back twenty years later. It'd be like Hey. We're going to remake that game that everyone remembers ninety seven. We're GONNA make it all. I got some say visit white as perfect as we wanted it today. So we're going to keep trying to make it as you used to be able to buy this game on on live on live. Anyone knows the hell. I'm talking about all rest in peace that computer streaming thing that came out apparently from two thousand nine to two thousand fifteen and died my God. I totally forgot about in looking at like what systems. This was odd. I'm live I'm like what what is. Why does this sound familiar? Google again we. You'RE GONNA be around long either so not exactly what you have to. You have to respect. People who do why to this day are still. We're going to do an online only. It came game system wide net. Lakes where you can stream day and it's failed every single time and yet don't don't know xbox one or not area. Are we ever going to be there. I think so when states not yeah not here. Like the fucking Internet sexier. Yeah Yeah but things have to happen. That basically our entire infrastructure has to be completely redone for that to be liable. Everybody you ever saw rob and maybe fire Gitai out of Canada doesn't sell off. You would need to start. Stop Regulation of certain certain things when it comes to the data caps because you've data caffeine is not gonNa work but let's talk about on the show. I was not expecting everyone to put this game on the show. Everyone everyone expected to put the game away. Shell thought I thought for sure we all burn it. I couldn't decide until just now that was deciding. Yeah I wasn't going to be shirts. Life played it again because it's rough to go back to like an absolute guys. It's what I really. It's the charm. It has that Weird charm that like. Ask like weirdness student and I just love. Yeah you do love weird. That's for sure. Sure came onto the ball. 'cause I never never WANNA play this game and that was a good game will agree. It's the game but is not for me is the game that made me upset. I played it. I beat it and I never WANNA look again. Yes I'm PROB- Yes. I housing say Mike. I expect the honestly put it on the shelf because I mean it just seems like with save states would probably be easier on easier. Yes but it's easier Asian aspect of if I can save inbetween puzzle but it still is pitch to do something with puzzle real l.. Counselor I didn't realize you can pause this game until very near the end because I think I have controller screwed up and my pause was right on the second on the bottom joystick. For some reason. It's not start so I didn't think this game had a feature so I didn't use as write would've you saved. I couldn't stop moving. I wouldn't say V when I did save Dave. I screwed myself a couple of times but this is still very county and if you do wanNA play if this sounds interesting to you it's around I mean hey it's not a play station. Classic if you bought one of those like guy did or new on. Es Four right yes. That's right yeah steph up. You know. Don't play that one doing daisy easiest. It's it's like their version. I got was like playing Newin. Tasty would be like saying I wanNA play the original resident evil. So I'm GonNa play the resonance you remain. I would acquainted to if they somebody said look. We're going to remake your favorite game and it's nothing like the original game at all points. It lacks all representation is just the same characters. That's that's okay well. This game is on playstation xbox rebate they. Were I wanNA play. Like mortal Kombat two game versus Bordeaux Kombat annihilation is the Amazing Spiderman. Two Games all right as I think we should. I think we should mention what we're going to be talking about next week. I actually don't think we changed when we change things this yes because this was next week and next supposed to be this week but we had to switch from due to our guest. Okay so then do this yes. We're playing next week. A game that I can can knock fucking weight already beat by the way but I cannot wait talk about next week. Plane Star Wars shadows of the Empire for four or whatever whatever version you WANNA play. I didn't know again. We were going to. Actually you know you're playing a different fear. Fear factor the following week now. The following week is perfect and then linked to the path. I didn't say that yet. Well you'll cut it now. What are we playing next week? Star Wars shadows of the empire and for those that are still listening then we are playing fear effect. Then we are playing Louisville Louisville Luther the fastest shifts. There's going to be announced anyway by the time you're listening to the so it doesn't matter the schedule a little bit and I always throughout the day. I try not to check my phone if I'm like at work or talking to were at school so I'll just check my phone. It'll be like ninety six messages for my staffing and I'm like Oh God okay go back. What's going on the list? All right and I was like an old list apparently I I always. I'm fucking glad with this because I I was about to start playing fair. You should play for your. I mean Chelsea Empire you can beat in one city if you really sours off by plays twice short stories a good funny of next week. We're like we're shadows empire like Quickly and walk away all right I I wanNA thank everyone for joining us and listening to another episode. Okay my mom I wanNA thank you for taking the time out to join us on this crazy ass show. That'd beer and I wanna give a quick shelter. Awesome intro altro from Bobby. All Be Aka Mike Stony from his EP. Olen God so yes so please. He's follow him in Lincoln. It's also okay. I forgot to mention hundred podcast. You should it took me up on Youtube. VG X seven I do a podcast everything you want. Nothing you need it's Usually the weekly game discussion that devolves into arguing about bad food choices movies. TV What have you And then I'll show ultimate gaming that heavily inspired by G. Force Exploit Andrew Lincoln the show notes for his podcast and his the everything. All the things. Yeah I was GonNa have you mentioned that earlier but it's been such a mess trying going to get this recording going tonight with everything I'd go on blue. We also went. Oh yeah about everyday. I'd have fellow podcasters part of this. PODCAST I four is Stephan and I both going by the bullet and do it for the first fourteen. Fifteen episode deejay did it. Now I do it actually. You should just like trying to surprise staffer nervy with it or something and see if we can do it from memory this. You won't remember this conversation. Brought that no. I definitely definitely remember because we do. Please follow facebook. Instagram Graham twitter. We are gained my mom my mom foul just search as my mom mom Google ads. Whatever you WANNA find us on we'll find I it because the websites maybe search coming right? We're getting close enough. Yeah yet sherzer coming We are changing our low veil up to make a little bit more. Professional Service are tuning mess that I made at the very beginning. Oh Gosh I like your cartoony I did. Everyone seems to like it. I fucking hate it because I made it. But it's actually of course gets a nuclear from your point shirts some some stuff online maybe Pacer on a it's a I am also hopefully over the break. I'll have time to also make a quick website for us Stewart's professional so he's taking his time Eh quotes around that I quote unquote professional right. Oh this has been another episode. And I want to and we're going to end this recording. Everyone hello why the.

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Is Christs Divinity Necessary in Evangelism Ep.23

Theology Answers Podcast

29:46 min | 1 year ago

Is Christs Divinity Necessary in Evangelism Ep.23

"The question today related to all of the you know the last few episodes dealing with the Deity of Christ and brother Edward The question we have today is is the Deity of Christ as a doctrine necessary in evangelism in other words should you know it if it is and what do we do with it if it's not then when do we fully man and that's all the time we have for this episode of the answers please go to the website and ask your question we'd love to talk to you Laurie Bliss in millions or some that do not understand the gospel would really define the Gospel as something is the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ and we hear it all the Tom every Colt has evangelism every company has evangelism really the good news of financial prosperity abundant life in that context what's abundant life financial prosperity If you were to add so I think it's the Gospel is so model these days and it's distorted that's why and you know me James That's why I like to stay strictly biblical on US many average Christian folks they'll they'll add all kinds of things they'll even include anti theology evangelism or the good news about Christ that's define in different ways by a whole lot of different people because in some were faith circles the good news about what what's necessary in the articulating articulating the Gospel what specifics are necessary in the basics but when it comes to I'm that the good news of what you can get out of it or what you can do because he died on the cross now you can do this all you gotTa do have the faith and that's the good news and all these things a good message right so we're talking about vandalism were called to communicate the good news about Christ now notice I said her or the evangelism book of the Bible so when we talk about evangelism we're really learning by gleaning the practices and the commandments that we see in the script things that really wasn't part of Paul's Gospel I and and you know similar to we talked about this similar to cannon seen a lot of different methods and messages concerning evangelism and we're going to talk about that too in the future we have that question ready to go in a future episode but the Deity of Christ you know is is it enough to just say that Jesus dot or do we have to deal with Jesus as God come to Earth and so that's going to be the topic of our discussion tonight and I think we're just GONNA play by ear there's not really the evangelism chat talk about the good news of the company so evangelism is something that I've heard my entire life I know you you have his have worked historically in advance realistic ministries before and we'll talk about those on some future episodes but with with it comes to the Deity of Christ a lot of people have have always Angela on what is evangelism how should we do evangelism you know what does the Bible say about evangelism because you know evangelism by definition simply or untouchable calvinism who involve themselves in adding to the Gospel other than the Gospel that Paul define all these other things addition when people add to the Bible and cannon reduction when people take away from the Bible James and you probably see it more people are either her and don't don't you say that it usually just boils down to the doctrine to the teaching of scripture that we are to assimilate and to then continue to to adding or subtracting from the Gospel right that's clearly defined and its sufficiency in the New Testament texts yes absolutely I mean even have people who are hired and the title of that they hold in the companies now tech companies called evangelist and they're supposed to go around the world and I think you hit on a couple of key things it is the gospel it is the good news of Jesus Christ you know in most of the things that we talk about on on these broadcasts got the term from Gospel Evangelism almost transliteration of ood angrily on the good news right good good ooh proclamation biblical definitions and I I will say this there's philosophical cavernous I'm not focusing just on a millions because I'm going to talk about the philosophical cavernous yes out into teach others how how would you define evangelism in a in a more succinct way woes says the word comes from how we how we translate as we talk about the the doctrines of Christ and their numerous there are a lot of different teachings that we learn about Christ who he is what are a lot of just endless truth to learn about the person the nature of the work of Jesus Christ but there are some basics and you know not of Christ is most important and we've talked about Christ being God and we've shown in the scripture where Christ claim to be I am where the father testify all of them I don't think we have to have a twelve point outline when we share the gospel that's something to that you know we we should talk about but I've been trained and certified and Comedy Different Gospel Iterations Gospel presentation types and I find it just dealing with the the teaching of the Bible relating to the world he's done and for whom did he accomplish these things what did he accomplish you know and there's there it's manifold really if we start looking in the scripture he is the God the son one of three persons of the of the God of the Bible and so I think if Jesus is to be taught is that he is God where the spirit testifies that he is God that the apostles and the scriptures and holistically old and New Testament testified that he is God corey if Jesus is not God there is no efficacy to his crossword whatsoever and the resurrection is ally because if Jesus were a man evangelistic I'm with you I believe that that is one of the key things that are necessary so I would answer this question the affirmative yes the Deity of Christ all says that when you add to Christ anything that you have done what you've created no gospel a false gospel the necessary doctrine when we are teaching the Gospel the good news of Christ because of Jesus was just some man it's not good news at all a really sad story so the ad or subtract you add subtract so really the deity of Christ if it's if it's not purposefully part of our evangelists would send the son of man he would send the Christ the Emmanuel God with us to be the the one who worked Redan stick message are we are we are you saying that we're detracting or reducing the Gospel in that way and if so why why would you why would you say that okay probably has a junior high education of the Bible and the question is did God's has the Gospel I should say this would save his people from their sins God would do that and the prophets teach that God would send his son he in your experience you deal with a lot of the colts you deal with a lot of world religions and a lot of integrations most people would even say our colts but you know Bauer you know Jesus in simple terms and we need to preach forgiveness of sins and the love of God etc etc it's not this but we need as I find the main thesis appall pulse main thesis of Romans is simply this the the the method of justice was it a different requirement in the old testament than that of the new no it's not I mean the ultimate Gospel is that y'all whe shen for his people so no the New Testament Gospel and the Old Testament Gospel Abraham's faith is exactly like mine we believe that this of course that's a philosophical assertion it's not a biblical one right and here's a question to you because you know the average Christian two things how many times have you heard well you know the DA cries all that can come later but right now we need to preach edition they add to the Gospel they add to that scripture they added the person of Christ or like you said they redact they take away and in doing that what Paul says odds method of justification has not changed its through faith alone and the very marrow of the Gospel Jesus Christ Very Author of the Gospel would be worthy of death and would have stayed in the grave to face the judgement so I just I mean but what you do I mean did God saves his people from their sense we've been as as I mentioned before you take the Romans and David someone under the law and then he talks about himself and his church and of course we by way of extension can apply this from Abraham onwards he's he's known the sacred which is which would have been the old testament right right which is able to give him wisdom that leads a salvation all the prophets testified that everyone who believes in him receive forgiveness of sins through his name or through his so does the book of Hebrews we are to pay attention to what we've heard too those ridings so it wasn't just Paul it was the all the apostles it was all of the in Gospel for Abraham than that of Paul in the New Testament people and everyone under the law and that Peter had that same argument and so does over the place one God three persons so I think Jesus clearly shuts the argument and answers the Question Gospel as in the new tests different they they need to go back in scripture so with that I we established that the Gospel is the is the Deity of Christ a necessity for modern day evangelism and Jesus says it less added answers your question James is it necessary is the Deity of Christ necessary in evangelism while according to and through right in what in Christ Jesus so if anyone says the requirements are different or the very person of the has the Gospel in terms of its proclamation and definition has its chip has its CIA has changed from the old and New Testament power or authority now keep into that thought that it's the same Christ it's the same proclamation the only difference is in the New Testament we have more affirms that for if you believe the infallibility of scripture that when when Timothy was a childhood from his childhood sacred the writers of the New Testament they all had that same mindset that the Old Testament Pau had the same gospel absolutely in Pau firms that by saying has not changed it's a different version in the old testament different requirement one of my favorite passages is acts ten forty three about him about Christ bliss ity and the sufficiency in the Old Testament Gospel is the same as for us and the New Testament believers TV Scher that scripture and colts is the fact that Jesus is the God of Heaven who created all things eternally he is God the son he did not as we clearly see when we look scour the Old Testament they believed in a divine coming of Divine Messiah and the interacted with the angel of the Lord odd for our sins according to the scriptures buried raised on the third day according to the scriptures and then the witness of the twelve and I know that Colt has their parameters historically people have said colts or false religions or world religions but in the end everything that is not occasion has not changed that's correct and if the method of any gives Abraham guy a man not under the law right pre law and then he gives the example of John Eight twenty four it is that means it would have been necessary for Abraham it would have been necessary for Moses for Josh for all the Old Testament believer the flesh that's not salvation right and if you think about this to you think about all of the different and I used the word cult a lot dimick's or his intellect that to believe that Jesus is God and to trust fully in his sufficient crossword that he substituted himself the people and then imputes his own perfection and righteousness to our account that is something that God the Holy Spirit grant you it is a gift it led Timothy to salvation and unless you believe the requirements are different it's the same requirements of today the we're talking about we're talking about the Jesus who declares himself if you do not believe that I am you will perish in your sent to the Pharisees so we have to we have to remind our audience you'll have to remember that belief is not a cognitive work of Man's act basis is the god of scripture he's a god sort of like the Russell lights would and and and so on and so forth it doesn't really matter the points that they believe or the pre existence of Christ until the crisis all through the Old Testament and I would assert that the trinity is all through the meaning the concept of the trinity is all believe you know we think that the the Russell Lights have a different gospel because they don't believe Jesus God or you know mormonism because I don't believe G. True is a cold period your main I mean very but yet evangelical as you know buying large would say oh yeah we don't believe that God it doesn't matter if you nee the name of Christ and and do you know call him Lord and all if you don't believe he's God in reason illustrations we can just make the assertion that Christ makes he is the God of the Bible we can go to John One we can go to but what takes Christianity contextual Christianity from the holy writ and sets it apart from all the other iterations that US information but you can't say that I mean we're talking all the prophets testify to Christ that whoever believes in him receive forgiveness ascends through his name began he is eternal and I hear a lot of times people say to me and I don't I don't Balk at this I think it's good while the Gospels Very simple all the prophets that's what Luke says he was he was impeccable in his historical knowledge and writing so therefore when we look at passages second Timothy Three fifteen paul when Paul says or when Jesus said in John Twenty four look unless you believe that I am God you will perish in your since own those specific topics throughout the last year or so and so so when we see this you know yes we don't have to get down to the nitty gritty we're not talking about having to come to the table with all of these logical examples and all these apologetic or political examples and all of these different types of stores left so we've also that's right it's a result of the work of regeneration and it is given to the elect and if you WanNa know more about that we've done episode breath that the God the eternal son of God took on flesh and John Twenty what do we see there it just one of God he died for our sins so if he is not God who cares he martyred himself all and good right yeah so it's it's an imperative and you know if people don't believe it then it's not on us demonte appeared to me on the road to Damascus but if you really see the implication of just that basics so we just talk about Jesus but who is the g to do something to respond to something to say some magic words or to or to accept something but even even what they're saying is so devoid the tree he appeared to Keva safest and the twelve and then more than five hundred the brothers whom are still living and though some have died and he appeared to James Sorta wear evangelism has gone to just getting the getting the human person you know getting the people who are listening to the to this whatever presentation that might be could talk all night about different types of evangelism and different weird messages about accepting them in your heart and all this kind of stuff even then that us in Rome in a ten thirty six a few verses before forty three I was just reading Luke says he records you know the message he sent First Corinthians Fifteen this gospel that I that I gave to you received a pass on the US first importance and then Paul quotes that Christ died Washington we can go to Hebrews one we can show that Jesus is God because according to the Scriptures he is holy anointed one of God he has the right where says these things are written that you know that you may believe and Bob believing you have life in his name by his authority by his work I thank God for for ministries like Jeremiah cry and Mike Stockwell and Ryan Denton these guys that that are calvinistic and they go out the apostles and last of all he appeared to me as to one normally born I think is what he you know Paul on you know some kind of the typical Aminian presentation of which you can do and God loves you and has a great plan for all these things but aw that's a phrase of Deity my friend he is Lord overall but he says the message that he sent through the people to the people of Israel the people of Israel proclaiming to the people of Israel proclaiming the good news of peace through Jesus Christ he is Lord over the Proclamation Old Testament I quoted ten forty three of acts but I love the the same jest same ah good stuff it always I've seen many many many open air evangelists who are open air meaning out you know feet of those participle here Gospel ising the good things right God that's we are called called the do right we're all supposed to be out in the streets and universities only things and you know I listen to their message you barely many times I don't hear anything it's normally Again this is axe thirty years or so of the of the early Church and interestingly in the book of fold the feet or actually in the Greek how timely that word linguistically has a better import I think how timely the with the right message and they go out there the right people with the right message because they they preach not only Christ crucified but the Deity of Christ and when you look at the script we were talking about the Ios and interactions the apostles and look at their content you know acts thirteen thirty three they apply he applied lacks some of the messages would probably be considered You know not enough today as not sufficient enough right but the context we love you have a different crisis the difficult and I think that that's I think that that's something that people either forget about because as you know as we person of Christ is being affirmed as Lord over Ause we just heard he is the Lord and many times we see people calling upon the name of Jesus of acts that I would invite everyone to look at all those messages is simply this Jesus Christ the Divine Messiah was rate was crucified for Sin You should see the Gospel being proclaimed for instance in acts you have over thirty years right thirty years of at least thirty years of messages right and we look at Stephen you know the when he talks about the the son of man the righteous one son a man I mean sit there and convince them because it is it is the work of the Holy Spirit in that in that way but you know what I'll I'll just let you talk I just got a little soapbox there proclaiming the good news through Peace Look the gospel the word even is found nausea what is it fifty two seven how beautiful right how beautiful the same sufficiency lead that lead Timothy to salvation simple doctrine and we need to proclaim gene and my rule always is to stay biblical I see the sufficiency of the Gospel being proclaimed in the in the in the Old Testament I see this was the message and it was simple it was sufficient they get they didn't get into some of the nuts and bolts did paul talks about because this is sufficient evangelism ends and raised from the dead justification through faith alone I mean that that's the message of Ax forgiveness through Christ alone through faith alone but the a phrase of Deity you know we see this Oliver Acts that the resurrection the Resurrection Savior was God in the Flesh and that Jesus Christ crucified but he's God in the flesh and you were asking about the Bible or the Gospel you know what is the Gospel well you know we we have the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this is Calvin that same at sufficient and although many rejected and call it foolish and all these things so that it's the accurate gospel Romans one sixteen that the power of God for salvation that's our duty to preach Christ crucified to preach the work of the Sun Gospel but the fact that matters when we're talking about evangelism we have to be clear of the message in wish we're proclaimed the result of the Gospel Scripture defines the Gospel as exclusively the work of the son the gospel of God in definitions of the Gospel. Look we're we're good galvanise here and Calvin said this the entire Gospel consists mainly of there's one in verse one of Three Paul Says The Gospel of God concerning his son not the works of man but it concerns the sun the name of the Lord and such language if you look in the Old Testament was applied the kway Like Paul does it to Romans Tenth Thirteen Joel Two thirty two psalm two seven to the Sun you know you're my son Today I begotten you the these are all via Christ passages and it talks about the Resurrection The Gospel Proclamation Good News which I preach meaning areas indicative there he already had preached it he's not saying I appreciate this region salvation through grace alone that your kids know what salvation by grace alone means right die for our sins according to the Gospel or Scriptures seven of David does get more liberal according to my gospel you know what that means the incarnation should be included for what I delivered pair Dokan the Gospel is protest I am importance so the Apostle Paul the Gospel I of importance it's a and and you and I talked about this in terms of what is the Gospel well it's not your faith faith repentance not obedience all that stuff is what you are saved the Gospel the proclamation if you hold fast to the word which I preached unless you believe in vain now here's the important passages rush in your sense in other words it's not a civic message if it lacks the Deity of Christ it's not a Cell Vic Evangelism is incomplete means the Gospel isn't about man has nothing to do with man right don't confuse the result with the substance as career and then in second the result is what we we have faith as a result we believe we hear the scriptures as a result and James I'll ask you this question don't you find that some and that he was buried and he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures here's the point Paul Scott Spoil for our sins now it's the Christ Paul preached who was the Lord of Glory God that God Christ died for our sins it was a real death that produce justification in your feet are dirty they're not beautiful and one more first Corinthians fifteen one through four Paul says I make no new brother who angrily you know the necessity of the Gospel proclamation what needs to be included but the incarnation pulses escort my gospel. You can't have an incomplete gospel great it's not efficacious they're your feet are beautiful if you have an incomplete or distorted Gospel you have to include the incarnation describes to the men of Athens in Verse Twenty Two at Areopagus he says there you have an inscription to the UN Timothy Two eight remember Jesus Christ risen from the dead another affirmation of the resurrection a Spermatozoa that's the term Paul us it's not the Gospel but I'm thinking where do you find such a concept not just that other things that have to do with Gospel Edition or Gospel that's the work of Christ right and e- calls it first of important again we have to distinguish between the result and the 'cause the causes the Gospel consists only of the cross work of Christ from his incarnation became flesh to his resurrection. There's Paul said as part of my Gospel you have to include the Deity of Christ because Jesus said unless you know and believe that I am God you will be own God now what therefore you worship as unknown this opera claim to you and he says the God who made the world and everything in it the Lord of Heaven and Earth People are there committee word fallacies meaning they'll look at a word like a term and if the run out of time with this particular question but I was sitting there the whole time thinking Paul chat where seventeen of acts when he it's supreme over in times it's a pre all other doctrines would also I received that in here it is that Jesus Christ that Christ get in so that's sort of our topic for today our question for today and it's going to lead into some other questions that we're going to be answering over the next few episodes related to of it divinity of Christ we also as you've so perfectly mentioned the humanity of Christ you cannot have one without the other or you have no gospel so issues you know some people want to go beyond the simplicity of the Gospel and say unless a- says this unless unless you're teaching the election the fact that Jesus Christ is the God of Heaven in Kearney also fully or truly like I like to say truly God fully God and truly man doctrine to you right now which also I

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Part 2 - Forgiveness: Releasing Ourselves and Others from Aversive Blame (2019-05-01)

Tara Brach

54:51 min | 1 year ago

Part 2 - Forgiveness: Releasing Ourselves and Others from Aversive Blame (2019-05-01)

"Greetings. We offer these podcasts freely and your support really makes a difference to make donation, please. Visit tar Brock dot com. Number. Stan welcome. Like to begin this talk with a brief story teaching story, that's really western wisdom. And this is of a reporter who is interviewing a very well known successful Bank president and his opening question was what is the question. What is the really secret of your success? And the responses to words and what sir they right decisions? But how do you make right decisions one word, what does that serve experience? And how do you get experience two words? And what does that sir wrong decisions? I was reflecting on this. And I remembered one of the lines from zen master Dokan, which is that we must make one mistake after another in this life and thinking, okay. So what does that really mean? And and really getting the word mistake, not taking accurately, and that the very nature of our existences that we come into this universe, and we kinda perceive separateness, and we start developing all our behaviors around this separate self that feels threatened in that needs more and it's inevitable. That our lands of separation has us make mistakes, we all do it, including stakes that we deeply regret. And in as the Bank president says, and this is I remember this in my earliest. Training is a psychotherapist the great reframe ass-. It's not failure. It's feedback. That if our mistakes are ways of misunderstanding or confusion reactively can become a domain for learning. We keep growing waking up and that they've become a domain for self condemnation than we actually block are ever Lucien. So this is the preface to the second of a three part series. I'm doing that's not three weeks in a row it's far from that. It's going to be spotted over really a month and a half. But when I thought about it that really makes sense because for those of you that really want to practice with this. If you want to make this a real what we call Assad, NAR spiritual practice, forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. It takes weeks and weeks just to set the foundations of some new habits. The quote from Rumi that I find I return to over and over again when I talk about this is that your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find the barriers you've created against it. And the single greatest barrier. The blocks are loving is the way we go to war with ourselves. You know, consider ourselves bad wrong and blame ourselves and the way we go to war with each other. So we'll be exploring now in the second class. How to be able to release those barriers and the first class was when we get into this chronic self blame. And tonight, we're going to be dropping at deeper and looking at how do we forgive ourselves or let go of that self condemnation when we're holding very deep sense of unforgiveness are self condemnation when we feel like we really violated something. Okay. And it's a real hard. This is a difficult one. And yet. So many people I work with when we start kind of honing in on where the deepest core place of stock. Mrs it's that I haven't forgiven myself for the way, I did a fill in the blanks. And so to the extent that you might have that going on to some degree. It'll be an opportunity for you to sense where have I where am I still holding against myself wherever I not forgiven and begin to loosen and soften that and I can promise that even the intention to do that. Can really profoundly open up more space, more wisdom, our perspective and more kindness. So that's the challenge in the invitation. Some of you might have noticed this Buddha here because it's here all the time. I wanna tell you a little bit of the story behind this Buddha. One of my best friends whose another s senior Dharma teacher in this Washington DC area, Lewisham Montero as and I were together and decided we were going to go buy a Buddha for our community, and we looked at many, many, many Buddhas, and voila this is the Buddha we found, and we're really happy to present it to the community, and we put it up here and people came up and looked and I started noticing when people were looking at it that there are kind of going like that. And then I realized I was looking at it that I was leaning like that. And it's because if you take a close, look, this is a leaning Buddha. It the cast is leaning. It's imperfect. It's a mistake on a level of the cast and our community. Here finds that this is one of the greatest good fortune. So we've ever had to have a leaning Buddhas are Buddha here. And I think you can probably put the pieces together on how calm. That we are all Liaoning Buddha's. I mean, everyone of us. We have this awareness this capacity for awareness and love this very it's very integral to what we are. And we all of us have cast conditioning that we absolutely have no choice about every one of us. I mean, you can trace the influences if you start naming them whatever's handed over generational ee and genetically and in our individual upbringings and our cultures. We did not as we are in conning sign on the dotted line checking off how he wanted to be. We came in with really strong conditioning, and it's conditioning to perceive things a certain way that aren't accurate. It's all it's biased in so many ways against ourselves and others, and I could go on and on. But the the bottom line is that. We're leaning, and it leads to off balance behaviors all of us. And then what we do us leaning Buddha's is look at ourselves and go. Geez. Leaning that sucks. And then we push shove ourselves with self judgment till we lean more does that make sense. That's kind of like a that's like a summary of what happens, you know. We're conditioned to be a certain way. And then we blame ourselves and in the Buddhist teachings that that goes with the story of the second arrow that the first darrow's the conditioning to be fearful or angrier hurt or confused or whatever it is. And the second arrow is saying I am bad for that. The second hour is more of the first Storrow it's like if the first stars feeling a lot of version than aversion to the version at just double set. So. This is how we get really caught in trance, and the understanding that we're going to be exploring that are non perfection are cast and conditioning is not our fault, and to truly get that is really really freeing. It's also really controversial. Because as soon as we say, okay, the way I am is not my fault. We think oh, then I'm not going to be responsible or accountable, and then I'm just going to here. I'll give you an example. This is. From Saturday Night Live you remember how handy put it. He said the first thing was I learned to forgive myself. Then I told myself go ahead, do whatever you want. Okay. By me. And then Yogi Berra, I never blamed myself when I'm not hitting. I just blame the bad and keeps up change bats. After all if I know it's not my fault that I'm not hitting. How can I get mad at myself now? So you get the idea that there's this fear. If we say, it's not my fault that I lose my temper are that I'm prone towards diction are that. I'm so insecure that I don't get out and do the things I need to do our that in some way. Harsh on my child. It's not my fault. Then it's like, we're saying green lied were condoning at. We'll look at how that's not the case. But mostly the bottom line principle is that the tendency to condemn ourselves for leaning creates more leaning, okay that it's more suffering. Another words if out of feeling flawed we end up over eating to soothe our anxiety, our drugging or whatever it is. And then we hate ourselves for it. That's called a sadness. A secondary force. That keeps on the looping keeps us looping in the same behavior. So I'm talking about deep self condemnation. But the reality is that even when we judge ourselves a little for Liaoning were still cutting ourselves off from our possibilities of growing, even when there's just a little bit of judgment in some way or inclined to more mistakes because of the verse of twist of the judging. By way, of example, on mom, sent me an Email describing a conundrum she got into very into organic foods and bringing up her children vegetarian healthy lifestyles so on and she described how much she gets really busy. Sometimes she can't get to the grocery store. And then she feels like she's really letting them down. She's not she's not doing it. Right. And so it's just one evening where she hadn't been able to shop. She landed up looking in the in the freezer, nausea. She was a frozen pizza, and she said, okay, guys, we're gonna frozen pizza for dinner, and he tried to keep the guilt out of voice that this was not a homemade organic meal and her son immediately picked up something because he resisted he said, I don't want frozen pizza, and she said, I remained calm. And I said, so we're having tonight even though is. Beating myself, but he got more and more resistant on the verge of tantrum. You know? I don't want frozen pizza. I don't want frozen pizza. So she's got almost saying this mantra that so we're having for dinner. It's all we have in the house. It'll be okay. And have you ever even had a frozen pizza? So she's going she's going crazy mind because I'm such a bad. Mom. I can't believe I'm doing this. Of course, it don't like frozen pizza. I don't like it either. But I'm doing the best. She's basically, she's creating yourself into kind of a monster. And then our child is even more of a monster for for only being willing to eat organic foods. Okay. So this is the conundrum and she's raising entitled brats. I'm bad. Mom, Bubba, blah. And then she takes deep breath. That's what we're having tonight for dinner, sweetie, and I'm tired, and that's what we have in. It'll be okay. And she looks at her son steer tear-streaked voice. And he looks at her and says she's actually quite calmly for three old. Okay. Mom, but could we at least heated up? She was giving her frozen pizza. We can't control that the conditioning is there we can't control that we sometimes act out of another which we can't control. What's happened in the past that there's if you just take a moment and sense, it's done, you know, one one writer said that, you know, forgiveness giving up all hope for a better past you know, we can't change it. But what we can do if we're feeling like, we're leaning Buddha's, and we've been kind of locking ourself in is we can plant seeds for the future in how we relate right now to these imperfect casts, and these 'perfect cells. That's what you can do you can plant seeds for the future and as long as we condemn ourselves. We're planning the seats of more leaning. So now, we're going to look at how we can begin to remove the second arrow that that blame. But I it's really important to inquire, and they're looking to do it in create a gather, which is caca my hold on so tight to blaming ourselves. And the question I'd like to ask you, and you might close your eyes. So you can just reflect on this right now. Take a moment to bring to mind some place that is as of yet not forgiven that you still find your really holding against yourself. So take a moment to bring that to mind. In the question for you is this what is wrong with forgiving yourself? What is wrong with it? Notice what you might be afraid of or what can go wrong. You can. Continue to reflect on this. You might if and for those of you that want to it's find open your eyes like to hear from a few people just like a few words like under a sentence. What is wrong with forgiving yourself? And if you speak to speak, really loud. I am not being responsible. If I forgive myself. I'll do it again. Yep. If I if I forgive myself. I'll just go do it again. Yeah. Say it again. People will dislike me if I forgive myself. Again. How many of you felt that if I forgive myself? I'll just go on being bad. Yeah. More and I saw somebody else's hand over there. Yes. I'm condoning what I did. Yes. If I forgive myself. It's like, I'm condoning what I did. The story. Five give myself. And if I let go of the story of a bad person that transgressed who will I be? So it really drops the bottom out of our whole identity. That's good good. Any anyone else rate has one right here. So yes, sure. One more. Then I'd have to admit I was wrong in the first place. Okay. So that's when when I work with people and do forgiveness workshops, and so on many people have that sense. If I forgive myself off, just go on being bad, some say that punishing as my way of paying back. It's a kind of way of redeeming myself. I'm wondering if any of you notice that one. Few people are are not in their head letting myself get away with it makes me more bad. At least I'm a little less bad. If I don't let myself get away with that are if I forgive some people feel like then I'll really have to face an except the pain of what happened. So if you honestly now witness yourself in your unselfish forgiving stance has it helped. Again, I'm not gonna do a handwriting here for some reason it feels a little bit intimate, but. Whenever I asked that a lot when I'm working with students. How is this helping you? How is the self condemnation self hate self-criticism, helping and most people have the understanding our intelligence, it's not helping but there is some part of than the believes it still serving them even though it's not helping it's kind of their both there. And if we look as a society, if we look at bringing up children does punishing children help them it might control their behavior temporarily. But it does it really help. Does it help in our Justice system to punish? Really? It locked in bad person hood. It lacks locks in a sense of bad person hood, which actually leads to more mistakes more acting out of the cast. I often share story that of teaching from an African tribe in a movie I saw which was that. Vengeance is a lazy form of grief. Vengeance is a lazy form of grief. And when we take vengeance on others. It's because we're in some way, avoiding the whole process of grieving what really happened 'em when we take vengeance on ourselves. Seek Zach same thing we're punishing ourselves. So we don't have to face something that's difficult and painful at a only actually locks us in even more. So it liked to do is explore with you when we are caught in that kind of self punt. Shing or non forgiving stance how we can begin to loosen it how we can begin to lease those barriers and for your heart, and I'll do it through sharing story. This is from some years back. These stories are never quick fixes. We're gonna do the reign of self forgiveness. It's not a one shot. We've taken years to groove in those neuro pathways that go I'm bad for this. So it takes rerunning the stream of forgiving heart energy through a lot of rounds. And yet each time it can soften and loosen and free up a certain amount in a very beautiful way. So keeping that in mind, keeping that it's very layered and complex each of us has our own layering of how we're holding against ourselves. All share this woman's story. So this is a woman who had a pretty difficult marriage, and she had one daughter, and while our daughter was growing up she had several affairs. She's very immersed in our work. She was in some TV news production studio, locally, she also struggled with being addicted to prescription drugs and she and her husband, divorced. When her daughter was fifteen and her daughter felt like she was a narcissist. That's what she called her mother. And there was enough hostility daughter decide to live had the choice and decide to live with her father. So over the years, the relate their relationship soften some little there was more civility, but it was clearly real distance. And when I met this woman her daughter was thirty years old her daughter had her own struggles with, you know, executive depression Bolivia, and she was three months pregnant, and this woman had been. Going doing twelve step programs have been meditating really wanted to make amends and wanted to establish a much more real relationship with their daughter and then with grandchild. So the challenge was that every time she would visit are being touch she froze and some part of her felt so famed of herself and so under serving the relationship that she was really Steph and it just perpetuated. She just she couldn't she'll paralyze non natural their daughter. And so when we met you just basically said, I can't forgive myself for being so self absorbed as a parent that I entered her, and she's now a suffering young adult that was the basic thing. And so when I asked her the question, I asked you what would be wrong with forgiving yourself her. First response was then I'd be getting away with something. And it's wrong. I was bad and. And then I asked her the follow up question that weeks will how does not letting yourself get away with it help. And she knew she said that that all her life. She had hated herself as long as she could remember her mother her mother was an alcoholic father left went too young. And she always felt like this nuisance in a burden and then became a while teen, and, you know, looking for love and all the wrong places and hating herself all the time for it and hating yourself never help. But she was just that was her habit of life as hating herself. And. Then she just went ahead, and hated herself and was a bad, mom and hater, self more. So that that's the background. So there we are doing reign of self forgiveness with with that cluster at gives you a sense, and the recognizing allowing was okay on worthy and bad and unlovable and just recognizing that and allowing was not like a big. Yes to that. It was more. Okay. Let's just create some space and let that be here right now. And then the investigating and I'm speaking as if you know rain, but the acronym is in a very straightforward way. You recognize an allow what's going on? Then you have vested primarily in the body, and then the Anna's nurturing. And that's where the forgiveness comes in. So in the investigating the belief. She had was I heard the everybody I love, and then underneath that was a mix of fear and self hate. What I sometimes do investigating in rain is I invite people to let their face take the expression that they're feeling inside their body and let their even their posture do it, and I had her do that at when she's feeling failure and self Hayden unlovable. And and you know, she could see you're starting to go into the kind of futile position, and then to sense. So that is the state that she was living a lot of her life. And and when she registered that that this incredibly unpleasant pulled into futile positions self hating stance was the state she was in most of the time. And how it shut out any possibility of connecting with others at totally isolated her that. Was when she started tearing up. And she could feel sense of grieving that was coming up around being so caught in that transfer self hatred. Investigating ends with often asking what is that place in you? That's most vulnerable in grieving need. And it's usually some form of love of acceptance of forgiveness of of nurturing, the Anna's nurture, and for her it was it needed to feel forgiven that there's some basic goodness there that you have you have a heart that can love it just needed some basic forgiving, and I often say in where do you wanna feel that from because for her? She was too regressed to be able to do self nurturing. Sometimes we can do that. In fact, most of us at certain times can put our hand on our heart, and someway, offer some kindness and really do some healing. But for her she needs to she needed to feel it from her sense of God of the divine that she had a sense of divine the divine loving energy in the unit. Verse that's formless, and there that she felt very disconnected from but she needed to feel like that formless presence was forgiving her. So for the nurturing, I guided her in that, I I had her look through the eyes of the kind of the intelligence of that that spirit that wisdom and just to see the stock Ness the place. She was caught. I sometimes describe this. As seeing how when let's say, you're feeling when you're get very aggressive. How the gresh is coming from a place to fear our for her how're narcissism and her self-centeredness was coming because she was trying to meet her needs. So it was inviting her to look through the kind of the eyes of the of the divine to see her own vulnerability in a really caring way. And so I had her put her hand on her heart and maj in that sensing herself being seen and understood her own vulnerability being seen and diffuse a sense of forgiveness Washington from the divine. And that was her practice over and over and over again to feel herself stuck in self hatred recognize allow self hatred to feel how it is in the body to fuel the grieving for being so stock and then to imagine incense theirself being bathe in wash by forgiveness from a benevolent a sense of the diviners spirit. So on a say, honestly, it took months and months of her repeating that to begin to sense that she could be with herself and not feel. The grip of self aversion, many many rounds our daughter was getting more and more pregnant as she was doing this process. So there she is she's getting washed by the diviner daughters Billy's growing, very real way. And they found out that her daughter was is going to have twins just to add to add to it. But she found she was more and more after she would feel wash through with forgiveness. She found you could start holding her daughter and the babies that were inside her daughter in that same kind of loving presence so daughter gave birth. She was I mean, they're the daughter needed her so much that some of that distance just fell away because she was really quite there to be helpful. But what she told me was in. This was the big thing that it was by leading in forgiveness that she felt that she actually was free to love without holding back those babies and her daughter first time in her life. She felt that she was able to be loving. But it was came from letting in love. Rather than condemning the leaning Buddha. She had to embrace. She had a lead that that leaning Buddha embraced. So that that goal that love could flow outward. So couple of comments. Our vengeance against ourselves for what we've done wrong is a lazy form of grief. When we've done stuff that's been hurtful, we need to grieve it it. It's sad. It's painful, but to grieve it and to allow ourselves to feel forgiven to know that it's not our fault, and what I have seen over and over is that when we really get that. It's not our fault. We become more responsible. We become able to respond from a much more, whole and wise and intelligent place. It's not like we're responsible when we're blaming ourselves. We feel small we hide. Extend this now and say that. You can see it on a cultural level just the way we get locked into the trance of self condemnation self punishment that that limbic strategy is what keeps a culture what I call limbic culture in a place of real contraction. Where those that are suffering end up suffering even more the more we use punishment. Whether it's. For prison in imprisoning people instead of rehab capital punishment. Whether it's a kind of a fundamentalist punitive way of bringing up children, the more. We kind of lock people in to living in fear based way, and you can really see it in our culture Howitt, particularly ends up injuring non dominant populations having a fundamentalist kind of punishing culture. I think so often of the the punishment that comes with being caught with cocaine versus crack are I think of now with the with the opioid crisis. It's considered to be a human mental health crisis versus the badness. If somebody is accused of and found with crack that one is, you know, Hugh. Human problem and challenge, and the others criminal, and guess who are those that are having the human problem versus those that are being considered criminal it happens over and over again that in a limit culture that's basing itself on punishment, the punishment ends up landing on those of the non dominant culture punish those trying to enter be part of our country. Punish those that are already down. So I'm naming that because there's always parallels between the work. We're doing an ourselves to wake up our hearts to our selves and having this ripple out being part of a culture that actually lives from more compassion and has the potential healing. Does that make sense to to bring it to both levels? In contrast to Olympic culture. A wise culture has a very different response to a leaning Buddha. One. One of my favorite off stories. I found this from Alice Walker was a forgiveness ritual and an African trap tribe when someone violates the rules and the customs. K this going against rules and customs, they call together gathering all members, and they form one greed circle. And that person's in the middle of the circle. And that everyone in the tribe tells that person what is good about them stories about good kind generous things they've done in their life. And this ritual recitation collapse for several days, and when it's over the circles broken and everyone celebrates as a person feels they're they're belong again in the tribe. And the tribe. Never rejected them it. Just they themselves felt isolated and out of that miss taken perception of separation the acting aways that weren't healthy for the trial. So they were rehabilitated by being reminded of their goodness. Can you imagine if instead of imprisoning people we could have some different ways of and I'm not saying that everybody will respond to this. I think some people I think there's such a thing as you know, people that are unreachable in those ways perhaps psychopaths, but so many people are injured and could be healed. If we went out with compassion versus punishment. Okay. Last piece. So we're talking about the necessity of self forgiveness as a prerequisite to continued evolution that we need to do that for ourselves. I want to give the final part of the self-rule Guinness process, which is tone -ment. And it's a word from England fifteen ten and what it means is what really brings us fully at one with ourselves with each other with the sacred and the process of moving from that separateness where we've in some way created violation. Then we've gone down on ourselves back into one nece involves offering reparation. K? It involves in some way could be actively through an apology or making amends to if that's not possible the person's dead. That's not a way we can do it to our heart offering Karen prayer can be any of those levels. But that's an integral part of moving from that that separateness and making a mistake and blaming ourselves to really feel in our belonging from the inside out with each other. And I thought I would share a one of the stories of atonement that I has always just touched me, so deeply, and this is a story about a Vietnam. Vet who killed a young Vietnamese Mandarin the war? He had a photo in his pocket in of this a young man had killed in a little girl. And he he through the years after the war. He had this real hard play time of having killed this, man. And so when the Vietnam memorial was built he took the pilgrimage he took that little picture and left it on the wall wasn't labeled or anything, and it was part of this book that some of you may have seen calls offerings at the wall. How many of you seen that some of you? Somehow through a fellow vet it made it back to him the picture. And I wanted to say what what he wrote with along with the picture. This is what he left on the wall. He said, dear sir, and the solicitor that he wrote to this man that he'd killed for twenty two years. I've carried your picture in my wallet. I was only eighteen years old that day reface each other on the trail, and she live yet nam why you didn't take my life on ever know, you stared at me so long armed with your AK forty seven and you didn't fire. Forgive me for taking your life. I was reacting. Just the way I was trained to kill thec. So many times over the years. I've stared at your picture and your daughter, I suspect each time, my heart and guts would burn with the pain of guilt. I've two daughters of my own now, I've receive you as a brave soldier defending his homeland above all else. I can our respect. The importance life health for you, I suppose that is why Mabel to be here today. It's time for me to continue the life process in release the pain and guilt forgiveness. I found out a couple of years ago that there's actually more to the story that when he when the photo was returned to him not letter 'cause it was now in the book he decided to go went with his wife. I think to Vietnam to meet the daughter of the man that he had met on the trail in July. So we traveled to Vietnam to return the photo. And so two an interpreter the sky richer Latrell introduced himself to the daughter and her brother and said, tell her this is the photo I took from her father's wall at the day, I shot and kill them. And I'm returning it. And this is the cracking voice. He asked for her forgiveness. And after an awkward moment, they the woman burst into tears and fell into his arms. And so they're they are sobbing and embracing. Then they explain through the interpreter that for them in terms of their beliefs. This is their father himself finally coming home from the war. And that they both believed that his spirit lived on through rich, the sky, and whether or not we think it superstition for them that was the day. Their father spirit came home to him. And for me, there's has to be some truth because there's something about the heart space. That is the connects us all that was woken up in rich and his willingness to fuel the grieving and do the cell forgiving, and then out of that to be able to share his heart with them. So this is a tone meant that that we need to forgive ourselves for Liaoning. And then we're others have been hurt in any way, we can extend our hearts, and that's what completes it. We're going to be practicing as a way to close our time together the reign of of self forgiveness. So be inviting you if you will to scan your own life and sense what you might wanna work with. I take a moment to pause adjusts higher sitting. This is the practice of letting go of the barriers to love. And in this case some place that you're unforgiving torture yourself where you can't forgive the leaning Buddha or feels very personal like, it's really your fault. And to keep in mind that if you're suffering near believing something that's untrue. May be true. That others have been hurt or that you've hurt yourself. But it's not true that at your fault. We often talk about that metaphor the dog with a leg in its trap that it wouldn't behave aggressively of it didn't have a leg. It's like cardinal trap. And when we behave in ways like the leaning Buddha. It's cousin some way our conditioning. Is creating pain. There's unmet needs. There's our own hurts and fears playing out. And that doesn't mean we can't learn new ways to operate. But it doesn't help to add that second hour to show the leaning Buddha. So it leans more. So we begin with our intention, which is to open, our heart. Some to ourselves. And we bring to mind locate some situations something that we've done in the past or that we're still finding ourselves doing that. We blame ourselves for it can be current that feels something that feels unforgiven unforgivable unacceptable. Maybe some behaviors or feelings that arise around relationship, family other. It'd be addictive behavior. Some way we approach our work. And reflect as if you're watching a movie in lower yourself to go to the situation or the frame that most will arouse this reaction of blame. Really most turns you on yourself. Freeze the frame, so you can see the setting and if there's another person see them and their face, and what's being said. May be a memory of way back. But whatever your behaviors were that you continue to in some way condemn. Rain begins by recognizing whatever is predominantly going on inside. You the version of the blame the anger toward yourself. The distaste. The judgment. And the allow is the willingness depaz right now just let all that be there. Give us some space. So that you can deepen your attention, and perhaps move towards some healing. The eye of rain. With mindfulness we begin to just explore a little more deeply and primarily will explore in the body. But there's a few places that will ask questions that are are not just the body. You might sense what most wants attention right now. What is the most difficult feeling may be the place of feeling failure? Shame badness judgment hatred. Fear. Be aware of what you're believing about yourself. That this is bad. This is wrong. This reflects on me that I'm a bad person in some way. The bad things will happen in the future. Because of it. Whatever belief might be there just to notice that. To notice. How that believe lives in your body? So if you're feeling personal badness, what does that feel like in your body? Feel your throat your heart belly even let your body posture. Take the position that expresses how you feel about yourself and the feelings that are going on. And you can let your face take that expression to it might be grim at might be fearful might be have some disgust. It'll help you contact very directly. The experience inside too. When you're at war with yourself when you're turned on yourself. And if you could go right to the center of the vulnerability the place that feels real bad badness, real wrongness, real not. Okay, nece. And since how long has this been here? How long have you been living with the sense deep sense of something wrong? And how is that affected your heart near relationships? Fiscal comprehensive mindfulness to sense the impact how things have played in your life. Just to notice what it's like to to bear witness to how much the feeling of being at war with yourself as as impacted your life. You might even put your hand where you feel the most vulnerable ity begin to really contact. It was some gentleness. I often put my hand on my heart. Could be your belly or cheek 'cause you're gonna begin to communicate with this place in you that feels so caught and self version are unforgiveness, and you might ask what does this place most need? What would bring healing to this place? What is it need to trust or few? Does it need to feel forgiveness from the outside or your own forgiveness? Does it need to feel loved in? Hell. In you might call on whatever source. You feel could best offer care inwardly might be your own most, devolved wise, and compassionate heart mind. It might be calling on the Buddha. God or Jesus divine mother are some well known person you deeply trust. Her a personal healer teacher friend. Might be for many people surpased just feeling the love and forgiveness and acceptance pets don't even need to forgive us. They just love us. So since that loving presence here. Your own of self or your are some spiritual presence and imagine incense and feel. The loving that this part of you needs flowing in. The forgiveness the care. Sense that this moral wakened being sees you through is of compassion sees how your leg was caught in a trap in some way. You're hurting you add needs. There were unmet. That were causing you to lean to behave the way you did. Sense loving forgiving energy flowing in to the place in you that most needs it. And since what message would most matter to receive right now. What's the message that will most help you? What's the reminder? Base last few moments. You might deepen your intention to. Take the risk and Latin forgiveness. Like, a bath of warm light. Saturating right to the core of the place in you that is felt most tight most Aversa most not okay. The words of one of the spiritual masters teachings of Bob, which is my beloved child break, your heart. No longer each time. You judge yourself you break your own heart. You stop feeding on the love which is the wellspring of your vitality. The time has come your time to see to celebrate to live to trust the goodness that you are let no one no thing. No idea. Our ideal of structure, and if one comes even the name of truth forgive it for its unknowing. To not fight stop the war and let go and breathe into the goodness. That you are. As you complete the meditation to scan and sense, if there's any judgment for how you did the meditation because we tend to be really good at judging everything and to have that mindfulness that can let go that judgment and essential intention to revisit again and again with a loving and forgiving. Caring energy, the parts of your being that most seek healing. No mistake, I'm blessings. 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