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"doherty crawford" Discussed on Dear Baseball Gods,

Dear Baseball Gods,

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"doherty crawford" Discussed on Dear Baseball Gods,

"Hey what's up this is. Dan Blew it. And we are back here with another episode. Your baseball God's this week I do not have guessed I have another one. I'm actually recording with tomorrow. I've known one after that so I've been enjoying the guests but this week we are going a little bit off script because i WanNa talk about not really just so much the book but I WanNa talk about the point of this podcast. The point of the last twenty two years of my life all that sort of stuff that is what's going into this final product within these covers. So if you don't know dear baseball gods. The podcast was started back closing on two years and the original intent was to share stories from my career. That might be impactful to someone over time. It sort of evolved. So the podcasts initially was a lot of stories from me I Lotta guests from teammates sharing their story overtime and evolved into more monologues talking about pitching specific topics so things you might WanNa learn as a parent or or players coach all that sort of stuff. You No more instructional how to kind of things and then. Recently I got back into doing guests. I really enjoyed it and I've also realized over time how challenging is just to have monologue so regularly where I have legitimate content to put out of the forty five minutes? A sixty minute. You know the the podcast sort of length. Obviously a PODCAST GONNA be any sort of duration we want. I know for example. There's a guy called Nelson who organizes the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association. He Does Cornerstone Coaching Academy which is ten twelve minutes. It's a little quick snippets for coaches of things that he does that he thinks to be valuable for someone else like tips and little current topics in in baseball coaching. So obviously there's no wrong way to do it and it can all be your thing. I've really enjoyed the podcast called. It's Micros podcast. Called the way I heard it and he writes these stories of being sixty eight minutes plus a little bit of advertising time before. But they're twelve minute episodes and that's kind of that so anyway. This is evolved over time but originally the point was to share a lot of things that I learned along the way in more like a story form. Now that again is evolved and that sort of the reason I have my blog now so as I've looked at different forms of content and ways I can connect with people and reach people. One of the big demographics that I wanNA reach our kids kids who are GonNa go through the things that I went through in their own way and so sure. Podcasting is a great format. I think it's really more of like the parent format but uh to reach the kids on Youtube and on instagram. A shorter form video based thing was I think my my solution to a high school middle school demographic and of course college as well so over time the stories that I wrote in my book. I'm like Do I want to translate these into podcast land or do I want to translate them into video form and as got my feet wet in video forms of your own my email lists you hear from me once a week. Sometimes twice I share mine. Yuv Logs were are you on episode. Three will come out next week. And I've been explaining a little bit about why I'm doing this flog and as I jumped into it and bought more camera equipment bought more of the Audio and technical devices that I need to do it. Well you can see here. This is a brand new Mike. That probably sounds significantly better. So if you're listening via the PODCAST KNOB YOUTUBE. Of course the audience the same on both those channels but you're listening only through the audio version. You'll hear probably that. My voice sounds better than it used to. And that's because I have this Mike. That costs four hundred dollars instead of ninety nine dollars. So not that. There's anything wrong. I think my podcasts of sound. Good in the past. We have decent. Mike's but this is like a next level Mike and the reason I actually bought this. Mike is because I'll be doing the audiobook version of my book fairly soon. So my goal is again to put up the the highest quality piece of content within my power and my budget and all that other stuff so it can reach more people because I know that if something is easy to listen to as opposed to harsh. It's easy to watch as opposed to low quality. More people are going to give it a chance and then hopefully connect with them in the way that I that I wanted to. So as I've gone through all these different mediums. I've sort of started to put them in their own compartmentalized place where the podcast is evolving into a place where other people can share their long form stories. So I have a guest tomorrow Jimmy Gonzalez. Who's the coach of the South? Bend Silver Hawks. That's a cubs single a affiliate. He's GonNa come on the show. He'll be the week after this airs. And so it's great to hear other people's perspective in journey. I'm only my own version of a coach right. I'm sort of a low energy guy. I'm not a huge Rah. Rah Kinda guy and it's great to just hear different messages from different people. You might hear the same thing that I say from a different person and it connects with you better just like parents who played high level baseball. Bring their kids to my academy simply sometimes because they say you know my son or my daughter tunes me out Even though they definitely know they talked about and they have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share with their own kids. It just depends on the message in the format and all that stuff. So we're very aware of that. I'm very aware of that. And so the packaging is important so hearing it from other people is critical. I've actually really enjoyed meeting new. People recently of either podcast. There's a lot of great minds out there. I've been learning a lot. So it's it's I think finally taken its niche but this week I wanted to give a gap and Kinda talk about some of the things that I'm doing because a lots changing and now that the book is getting close to coming out. I'm really excited about it. I think it's all going to start to Mesh together. Well in the future. Where if you're interested in what I do and you're interested in learning about the journey that is high level sports. You know that that climb up the mountain. That's an analogy. I use over over my book. It's what you're in store for because it's it can be an amazing experience. It can be very heartbreaking experience and if you listen to some of my older episodes like episode thirteen where I explained the worst day of my career Which is also one of the worst in my life You know you know that it's never going to be easy. And it's often how we reframe bad situations and how we react to them and respond to them that makes them you know learning experiences or jeff just flat out defeats so one of these topics on one working on for episode five my blog and that is the peanut butter and Jelly. So when we look at things and this is one of the things I'm going to be doing in my blog is taking the everyday items that means something to me and explaining the story. That's behind them. So if you look at anything in your life the foods that you love the comfort foods that really does make you feel like warm and fuzzy when you're a kid because you made your mom made him or whatever Or the just the the the the paintings on your wall the reasons that we connect with certain objects and and experiences and events. They're very personal and they're always attached to a emotional story. So that's why I think stories so powerful when I do speak and I'm going to start getting back into speaking more Soon as book is done establishing an emotional connection with someone is critical and sharing a personal story that allows yourself to kind of put. Your you know be a little. Vulnerable is a really be part of the process. And so I as I look around as I've written this book. There's so many things that remind me of my journeys something so many things that were a little piece of it and I'll give you an example peanut butter and Jelly which is going to be episode. Five of the. You're my boy blue blog a blog a peanut butter and jelly. When I think of it I immediately taken back to two thousand ten when I was in my rookie season with normal when I was making six hundred dollars a month which was to fifty five ten per paycheck after taxes. And I just think back to the clubhouse how everyday you walk in two thirty you know you have to be on on the field at three thirty. Usually you walk in Ray to get your early work in get your you know get settled all that stuff and there's a table and there's a big loaf of bread to typically to a wheat bread and a loaf of white bread. There's a big jar like an industrial sized jar of Jelly typically grape. I mean almost without exception grape and then a big drum peanut butter and in the Frontier League. Which was the league that I played two dozen ten rookie season than two thousand twelve Evansville. The year I blew my water second time in that league. Obviously don't make any money right. Six hundred twelve hundred. I believe is still the Max. And you pay a dollar a day in clubhouse do so clubhouse dues you pay to the club and basically gives him money to wash your uniform to prepare food in the clubhouse which sometimes only pretty much. Pb AND J. And in general keep your clubhouse tidies the clubhouse attendant and the dues you pay him are basically his salary. He's paid meagerly by the team. If at all and he relies on your dues but in the frontier league the only a dollar a day every other league they're higher than that in the Atlantic League where I play my final three seasons. It was seven dollars a day. So significant bump up in fees. Let's twenty dollars for every homestand. Plus you WANNA tip them if they do a decent job but you also expect a little more from it. So seven dollars a day Gets you a little better post game spread of food? It gives you a little better pre-game foods it'll be more granola bars and Rahman Cup of noodles and and more fresh fruit and all that sort of stuff and then post game is usually see. Actually they've had decent somewhat catered meal or catered meal in the Atlantic League but in the frontier league peanut butter and Jelly for pre-game. That's literally the only food that set out there for you and then after the game you sometimes don't get fed probably thirty percent of games. You don't get fed which is really honestly terrible but sometimes they do feed you and it'll be pretty scrappy not great dinner. That's kind of the reality of that low level independent baseball life in the Frontier League as you go higher and leagues like the American Association. Where I play with Fargo. You get taken care of better. You also pay more in dues again. The Atlantic gets pretty expected that you have a legitimate meal after the game and pretty legitimate like kind of snacky food before the game and most guys bring a meal out. Eat a meal at two o'clock. It's got the ballpark. There's a Latin American restaurant right near the Ballpark in Camden. Were was literally called the Latin American restaurant but I'd grab chicken and rice and fried plantains from there all the Latin guys kind of turned us onto that and eat that go off for BP. Do all that stuff come back. Some snacks start the game. Coffee get me through the game and then post game meal what so when I think of. Pb AND J. I just think that first year was such a formative year for me. You know I was living my dream. I'll so excited. My arm was also killing me so I was struggling to get by both physically and financially. You know six dollars a month. Five five ten after taxes is nothing even though I had an amazing host family denny. Doherty Crawford here normal and if without them putting a roof over my head for free without having no car payment is this old crappy Honda Civic and without Danny enjoy also provided me a lot of food in. I mean I had a pretty full refrigerator. Every day I came home to it would have been really tough to scrap I. I was a little under water or even for that summer. Because I'm relatively frugal but peanut butter and Jelly eight one every day. If not to every day either before pre-game or before the game because they're just like wasn't another option you can't always run out to subway and spend seven bucks that's like half your day's meal money you fifteen dollars meal money now. League and so- peanut butter and Jelly was just the reality and so I ate probably between one hundred thirty and one hundred eighty peanut butter and jelly that summer I wouldn't say I got two two two a day but some days I would have. Three zero burned out but on average I had one and a half a day for an entire summer of one hundred games in the frontier league so peanut butter and Jelly. Whatever look at it will always have that memory that experience that scrapping by? I'm living my dream but I'm struggling and this is what it takes to keep me fed to keep me in the game to give me the energy to do what I need to do. So peanut butter and Jelly to me has a really profound story and and in this episode of I've logged on filming. I'm also tying in some of the minor league wage story because again. That's a big part of it. There's a lawsuit ongoing about minorly wages..

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