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"dog mountain community" Discussed on The Box Of Oddities

"Passion project a thing that they believed that that we need to have unfortunately the UNIX fell on hard times during the two thousand eight financial crisis and Steven in January of two thousand, ten was despondent over having to have laid off employees. They lost a lot of money. They weren't able to maintain the employees that they had hired. And so at the age of sixty one, he took his own life in June of two thousand thirteen, after three years of maintaining dog mountain on her own and struggling to keep it going and grow this project that meant so much to her and her husband. Gwen passed away as well. The Dog Mountain community released a statement. Gwen never got over the loss of Stephen and missed him terribly every day. As you all know after Stephen's death, she devoted her life to continuing his legacy as a great artist, she continued to manage the gallery and kept active in community affairs. She vowed to help. Turn Saint John's Berry into one. One of the most dog friendly places in Vermont so this year, the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the dog chapel the dog mountain website posted finally in the year two thousand, the dog chapel was introduced to the world is a symbol of peace, love and remembrance in the twenty years, since it has been transformed into a living piece of communal art and history ever-evolving, each new note and photo pin to the overflowing walls, the chapel has become a unique and moving physical embodiment of the unending love. People have to give in these times especially places like the dog chapel deserve to be celebrated and cherished. That is so beautiful. It's sad that that his life ended with him being despondent and sad. Because clearly, he gave so much joy to people through his works and. This one in particular, the the struggle was not new, though he had lived most of his life, battling depression, and so it was I from the vibe. That I got from the articles that I. Read and the statements released by friends and relatives. It seems like this was kind of all that he could handle like he gave what he wanted to give back and was would just wasn't able to fight anymore. It's interesting. How many creative people suffer from depression? I've not seen any statistics on it, but I would venture to guess it's a pretty high percentage. Absolutely name so friends of Dog Mountain is a nonprofit organization that was established by family and friends of Stephen and Gwen. That's committed to ensuring the dog mountain and the Stephen Unit Gallery and the dog chapel will not just survive. Survive but thrive, and you can find more on the website. Dog Mt Dot Com. There's all kinds of information about Stevens art and the legacy, and where you can donate to help. Keep this passion project going. There's actually been a documentary made about the location as well. It's called Dog Mountain, a love story and I think I'd really like to watch that slash. Never Watch it because I don't think I'll make it through. Yeah. We have a very dear friend who had to say goodbye to his dog today. So. This story I think affects you and I may be. A bit more because of that I know this is kind of a bummer and I tried to figure out like how to like. Put the whole death part in the first part and then move, but there's no way you. GotTa tell a story as it is, and so I wanted to leave you with this. It's a quote from Stephen Eunuch that I found him. One of the articles that I read I received inspiration to accomplish certain things in life, and that figures into a bigger equation. You have to give to get. That's beautiful. You know who okay yeah. Dogs, they're great Yeah, they're so great dogs. And we love you and we love the you hang out with us, and we want to welcome our latest premium subscribers to the box of oddities. We're going to be releasing our next bonus episode in just a few days. So if you're not a member yet now is a good time to join you. Get the bonus episode. You get all of the episodes ad free. You get them a day early and you get access to the back channel, which is direct contact with us so if you want to send a message through the back channel, says fuck you Katrina for giving me all these feelings. You big stupid ahead. You know she's.

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