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"doering ryan" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"doering ryan" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"You can't get caught up in the moment, or whatever his lame excuse is going to be for this. But he also never apologize. So we then get. Dna is also upset with Kato because because she was the whole Dina thing. Let's let's talk about the other side of where Kato's wrong here. Is that DNA really likes Cato really liked Kato really was on board with working with Kato? But. But KEDO decided not to tell her about the vote for Jonathan Dina was upset about that Kato did her wrong. She was upset because she was upset Cato was like. Now, eight her she's upset with me. And she's on the block somebody that he should be able to work instead of apologizing and just being like, I'm sorry. I just I didn't know what to do. And I know you like Jonathan I didn't want to implicate whatever he nominated her. And so now she's obviously upset about that and about the deteriorating relationship here. So that's that's happening as well. Right remarkable game play is just like any person who might possibly nominate you at any point in the future. Just get rid of the don't try to build any prince because totally work. So tame our talks with Lolo and her solution to their conflict is all right? You know what? We just won't talk game. I'm not gonna talk game with you and Natalie anymore because I just I wanna be able to remain friends with you guys. Yeah. And not only that. But she's also not gonna talk to Ricky anymore because Ricky didn't come in check on her or check in with her at all during the day after all this happened. So, you know, she's also really mad at Kato. So she has just decided to with. With house and not speak. But for people now, here's the thing about taymor. If she is upset, and you don't go and see if she like how she's doing then you're dead to her. If you do come and see how she's doing then she'll probably get into an argument with you because she's upset, but that's better than not coming to see if she's upset because if you don't come to see if she's upset then you're dead to her like Kato and Ricky or just dead to her right now, and she never wants to see or speak to them ever again. But she will end up having a couple of hours later conversational Kato. So maybe maybe voiding her is actually the best Raji, and then talking with her after things have settled who knows who knows is. It's a tricky. It's a tricky situation wrecking situation. Tricky ricky. So we get a conversation with Natalie low low, Tom and Kato they come together to talk about the plan for the week. They discuss back Doering Ryan that seems to be the main plan right now is let's take off taymor and will end up back during Ryan and everything will be fine. And happy lo lo is kind of like what about Joey though, could we do Joey instead Ryan like maybe thinking about Joey because I still have some weird relationship with Ryan. Maybe I dunno argument, and I can't possibly I give her enough credit to not believe that she actually thinks this. But her argument for keeping Ryan is so funny to me, which is that like America is going to turn on you hit. Oh, if you nominate Ryan because Ryan is so popular it's America's sweetheart Ryan locked e who like we only know as like. Being a moron and be like lying about having a crime committed against them during the Olympics. Like is. He's the someone that people are like, no, not our poor. Sweet right. Not Ryan locked -i. I mean. To be fair as he points out when he's in the diary room there apparently telling him that he's made for TV. They're loving everything that he's giving them in the diary room. And I don't know I think he is kind of coming off as one of the more likely people on the cast, which is probably saying more about the cast. Hundred percent agree with? I think he's pretty good on this..

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