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"dodd buckman" Discussed on The BBQ Central Show

"And the problem here like in the crackle a two to three to have a fire board I've had it for a long time and for the majority of that long time it sat in a drawer I Ryan and monitor all secrets the same time is so not so easy well worth the money great Christmas gift if you haven't thinking about this is on the did I feel very passionate about now because as I had said when they sent me one and I didn't pay any money for it but when they sent me one I chucked it right in the drawer because I was a little worried about how hard it was going to be to set up and so it sat there for months then I decided to give it a try because I thought so easy you gotta go get I'm telling you right now if you are asking for something for Christmas or if you're looking for a gift because you think you have everything and if you don't have a firebird go to your love your wife whatever girlfriend sex love or whatever you like and say hey person I wanNA fire board this year you will thank me later you will thank me so easy so versatile super easy to set up I can't believe how easy was Sir I'm on a tangent here but let me tell you something still to come on the show tonight it is the forest Tuesday of the month that's the correspondents thank you don't forget you can follow me socially bbq central show on Instagram and twitter and tick tock slash at BBQ central show for all of those slap Ashby Bq central show on facebook if you WANNA do that thing no problem coming up on the best moments of the barbecue central show in ten minutes or less this Friday if you can believe it we are episode ninety five that means if my math is correct five weeks from now we will be an episode one hundred episode ninety five however takes you back to October Twentieth Twenty fifteen so almost four years to the day actually a little over four years to the day and I part is a barbecue roundtable and I hate to admit this but I am not going to lie about it we had Robin Lindores on this competition on this round table we had bill Minahan away from a nostalgic standpoint of the show Bill Minihan who was on the show I don't know if it was semi-regular Louis but he was he had been on a couple times what a great personality bill was I don't know how we lost contact or maybe he just got out of barbecue or maybe I just stopped reaching out but I don't know a lot of things transpire during the course of the show but when he was on a great ball of energy and always had a take not afraid to share it he was a great gift and then Chad war and here's where I need to apologize I don't know who had worn is any Chad ward or chat Warren John Send me a message immediately is a Chad warned in the best of because I don't know who Chadbourne is anymore I apologize Chad if it is Chad Warren if it's ward I know who Chad is and he don't know me anymore if it's Chad Warren I apologize I just don't remember her four years ago why do I know him John why did I have him on boy I hate to say that but you talked to so many people and he just falls through the cracks my humble apologies chat my humble apologies so that's the first part of best moments event in the Second apart Daniel Vaughan also stopped by to talk about being the Texas monthly barbecue editor right now I have to stall because I was going do one story before we get into the embedded correspondent segment but now I want I share a different story with you because I just mentioned Daniel Vaughan if you are on social media maybe you did see this maybe you didn't see this but there's a account called. BBQ confessions BBQ confessionals while I cannot say that when I was watching or reading this guy he said that he was is going to take the countdown after this but basically he finds names in the industry to to give Barbecue Confession and here's one from Texas monthly's Barbecue Wetter Daniel von and I quote far away from home in the Big Band region I was filming with Kelsey Per Bisky for Barbecue quest as a co host we had just got done with our first of three days of shooting hadn't eaten any barbecue that day because we were saving it for the last two days at dinner that night in Alpine we all ate the same thing except I had a salad with chicken fried steak which is what I'm guessing got me sick back at the hotel I woke up at two. AM with sudden urged to use the bathroom which is never a good thing I was up all night puking had diarrhea had to meet the crew at six. Am to drive to the first location as we got to convenience West in marfa midtown after shooting background scene for the show I hadn't eaten all day and was hydrating as much as I could I held down the puking but it was definitely not but but I was definitely not farting with confidence party with we sit down at large tray of food I realized the way the producers wanted to shoot this was to have us eat every thing on the tray not clean the trae but a piece here a piece there shoot a couple of times forcing a smile like I'm feeling good about it as I hungry I as I look hunger as I can for Barbecue got done headed back to the hotel for a night of vomiting for for the night vomiting stop but still had diarrhea next morning makeup blah blah blah Take a picture with the whole crew and Dodd Buckman. DB's owner the sun hits me and just the right way and I sneeze I there's a code you tell the production staff that you need a bathroom break very quickly since there's no bathroom it's IDB's had to jump in one of their vehicles drove down the gas station at the gas station bathroom I immediately threw away my underwear in the trash cleaned up as I could spread my shorts with a breeze that was there changing clothes was not an option sense we needed continuity from shot to shot and we had the same outfits on hop back to the car and headed back to the shoot we made it through the rest shoot got back in my car drove seven and a half hours back home to Dallas how about that Daniel them out of all the time you've been on the show that's a story you didn't want to talk about bring up that's a barbecue confession right there sneezed and crapped his pants by the way he was sick not I mean it is growth he was sick sneezed crap his pants left to go to the gas station freshened up best he could and to stay consistent stayed with the same clothes which was ballsy and then drove eight hours home after the fact wow we gotta ask him about that next time Noda we're leading with that Daniel hopefully this doesn't get back to our we have the embedded respondents coming up I will talk to.

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