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"doctor timothy johnston" Discussed on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

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"doctor timothy johnston" Discussed on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

"I mean, how often do you really need to have your teeth cleaned? Do you really need them cleaned often I guess right? Definitely could be part of the problem. Well, kind of go into the vet. How often do you get your? When was the last time? You took your cat to get their teeth cleaned your cats. Two months ago I think schedule where it's like every six months or something like really subscription thing. Gosh. No kidding. So you go and do that. So so the other side of it is this. So called a new dentists that I have a dentist I I don't particularly like the brand of pliers. So. I made this appointment to go to this other dentist that was recommended to me and I called and I'm like, Hey, I want to set up an appointment as soon as I can I have a broken tooth I know that's not probably not the first thing she she goes okay no problem but you need to have a consult to come in I and I'm like, okay. When I come in for the console, can they make the repair the same day and she said, no so I'm like I, I have an issue that I need to have resolved. and. It was kind of like just I don't know I didn't feel like really comfortable with how is being handled. So I'm like. Okay. So I called my dentist that that I think his name is either dewalt or or or or blocking decker I don't know this. But I think his middle name is impact ranch. That means. All right. Anyway. So Strickland's gotTa do the interview with the dentist on. Tuesday. So listen in in the next couple of weeks doctor Timothy Johnston's are you gonNA write the Intro for me. What do you do it? So well, I don't know how to write cushite like I will make sure it's taking care of all right. How about that? It's actually he's got a really good. Handle the interest a little differently through this particular client that sends us a lot of guests because I think they craft their own and I don't really like to go off script too far all the more reason why you should write this one. So I don't think really rude and in changing it up no, no no. What I'm saying is they. They provide the intro and you just read it in that particular case with the particular client I don't like to go off script. So I'M NOT GONNA go off script. So the one that they've written and what's really cool also strict you'll love this. There's actually questions that have already been provided to also. So when I said key right the intro up..

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