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"Worth of lays Orthopedic laser sensors is proud to sponsor the ortho Show podcast with a laser with big laser centres is killing it right now. We have six centers open with two more opening in the next day weeks with 10,000 sites in the queue across the country were exclusively powered by the MLS M8 Laser Technology laser treatment is an awesome alternative to traditional cortisone shots and surgery for all of your acute and chronic Orthopedic pain needs for your patience to find out how you can supercharged it worth of you to practice and become a part of the ortho laser Community go to the ortho laser website at ww.w. Worth of laser with a z, That's www.ortho.com. For medical media. This is the author show. Hello world. Dr. Scott sigmon here for another episode of the ortho Show podcast. I'm really excited for this one today. We actually have a dear friend of mine. He's an orthopedic surgeon world renowned educator entrepreneur author. He may actually be busier than the fro. I am not sure but the man does not stop. He's a good friend of mine. Welcome. Alejandro Padilla, how are you brother? I'm great. Thanks for having me. It's always a pleasure. You know, it's I'm having a hard time keeping up with you man. All the cool stuff you do it. I mean, so just so everybody knows one of the things that Alejandro and I share years that we are both fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, which was a great honor for the two of us and we can talk a little bit of that as as we get going. But you know, I think that you know, I think something you up is perfect as you were telling us exactly what you were doing right before you got on air. Why don't you tell us what you're doing literally before we started the podcast. Well my yeah, my my PA is a dead. Should be closed by now, but I was doing a proximal humerus or a f with was actually one of those new radio loose and plates so and patient actually shot got the time wrong. So showed up late. So we were a little bit worried about being punctual here. But but we got it done. So I'm very fortunate right down the hall or my operating rooms. So everything's in one place and you know, I didn't want them to keep your throat waiting. So yeah. Well, we appreciate I hope that the PA is got his finger on the wound there. Okay, and the page is not bleeding out. But well, it's a she and she maybe she may be delivering right now because she's off completely. So that's why I just leave her pregnant in the room. Don't worry so you can come out to the podcast. I love it. But but no, I think the story that's what I love about your practice in particular is that the patient was from Allah, correct? Yeah. Yeah he We call him he had a fall and he was almost three weeks ago now and I think what happened is he started asking around, you know, the the fracture was in a lot of virus and obviously like everyone he wanted a great result. And so he ended up contacting me through to my website through a patient from there and I flew here and he'll be here, you know for early next week and then you'll go home and you do it. That's awesome. I mean you do a lot of that. I mean so how well, you know for our young, you know Orthopedic out there that are trying to Brand themselves and develop a practice as to who they are. How does that I mean, obviously you're bilingual status goes a long way to be able to speak in the native tongue. But but how did you build that business office? I think you know, we all do the same thing, right? We all you know, medically we treat everybody the same right? There's no question, but there's certain populations of a page. You might spend a little bit extra time. You might ask them about the wife and kids a little bit more and I started doing that with my International patience and encouraging them to go to my website and off and ask questions and I'm very responsive. I'll I'll answer them at midnight or new inquiries and then I have a full time you met Susan who helped me organize this and she is an international patient coordinator. So they don't have to deal with six different people in in a busy office. They have one 1 staff member really caters to them and and then it's a lot of word-of-mouth and then there's also some education there. I like to travel like you do Scott and I I make sure I go to these countries and I'll even do a A meet-and-greet in the hotel Ballroom sometimes or off with the lobby and and frankly, you know, I'm fortunate in that. I'm in Miami. I'm Miami's I say to people it's not even the u.s. Really it's kind of the capital Latin America so we get Caribbean. South America Central America and some some snow bird from Canada and it's an occasional some Europeans as well. Yeah, I can tell you all the things that I have in my life and all the people who are working for me. I don't have an IPC wage. So that's the international page recorder. So I'll have to work with getting myself an IPC. But but no, I mean that's truly remarkable. I mean you do have this International practice in that brand is really difficult to be able to cultivate and so I think that is a great message for some of our listeners as to how you separate yourself and being able to what your message what's your brand offers with your caring for patients one of the passions that the two of us share. That's why we're both fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is that we love to educate and prior to this crazy pandemic. We would travel a lot together many times but separately to various places all around the world always looking for opportunities to to both educate others, but then become educated yourself and so how why why is this such a passion wage? I think I realized that if I wanted to myself learn more I had to get different perspectives. So, you know granted a u s has, you know, power house and met him but I think we overlooked that there are great ideas in other countries certainly in Europe. But even in Latin America where in many countries they they might have to make do with less resources. So I I bring back little little things from each country and and certainly they they they like to hear what what I have to say, but I share these ideas in in in other places that maybe I picked up whether it be an awfully or in Brazil. So that is just for me made me a better physician and I just realized that early on I did in a fellowship in in Jersey and that's when I got the travel bug what happened is my my mentor went away for three weeks on vacation to Virginia in France, so I had to get Key Biscayne. So and I knew he was going to do that. So I arranged for visits to do in Switzerland. Would you lie buchler and burn I went to Italy and I went to Strasbourg France would we now be Fouche and I realized that I I enjoyed that I enjoyed learning from them picking up other ideas and and traveling different Cuisines meeting different people and they've left. So I I just built upon that so I couldn't agree more. I mean that's one of the reasons that I've developed a passion for travel in education as well. I always bring home as much money as I give when I go away meeting with these doctors and the different techniques and styles that they have and you're absolutely right. There are fantastic orthopedic surgeons doing Innovative things all around the world. It would be very shallow minded to think that the only thing you can learn is an orthopedic residency in America or Fellowship. So kudos to you and and really in that and that constant quest of birth. Education as well as travel and we're going to hopefully one day get back on planes again and be able to start doing that again. Although it seems to be all virtual at this point one of the other things that you and I share is our passion for entrepreneurship, which as an orthopedic surgeon is a rare bird, right? I mean most of us want to stay in and do their thing go to the operating room see patients. There's not a lot of us are activated and thinking who are willing to even take risks and move forward. So tell us about your experience as an entrepreneur. Well, I I I refer to it's got as a curse be honest. I really I really think that you know, I kind of wish I was content with how things are but I just realized that I see a problem and and for some reason I have this compulsion to fix it off and it's the same thing with health care. So I I realized good twelve fifteen years ago that everybody was coming to me as as a hand guy had really been typically. Yep. Three or four different doctors, you know, they might have gone to the ER then it's a work comp injury. So they go to a knock health and then that person say, you know, maybe often the times Primary Care doc doing our work and then they then they send them to the orthopedic surgeon. He wants Peter says, you know, I don't really do complex risks. I'm I'm a hip and knee guy, right so I'm the fourth doctor and I thought that was not only bad for the patient but really bad for our health care System incredibly costly cumbersome and delaying treatment often as we all know and can portray that outcomes. So I kind of went on this mission to try to change that. That's that was you know, that that's been the hardest thing I've ever done. I've done some entrepreneurship in terms of medical devices and that has its own headaches. But trying to change how health care is active or delivered is is really really a mouthful and so that's where orthonow came from. Yes. So now I wouldn't be able to tell the audience about what it's all about choice. So we've seen this incredible growth of urgent care centers. And and I think there's a lot of good to them. I don't I don't think you know somebody with a sore throat possible strep throat needs to go to an ER and compete with that patient having an acute MI or an asthma attack or or a femur fracture for that matter and it's same thing when Orthopedics and most Orthopedics. Let's face it, you know, it is sort of foul patient event and many times are minor minor injuries or just aches and pains. Somebody been having back pain or knee pain for for six months being able Go to a walk-in Center where they also have expertise so they have the convenience of a traditional urgent care, but the expertise that an Orthopedic Urgent Care which by the way, I get away from using that term because people understandably think it's only urgent and it actually isn't it's many we have a very extensive data analytics that shows a 70% of our patients come for pain a number one last few months has been right knee pain. So are we we can tell you month-to-month. What are the most common presenting diagnosis? And the reason that it it's just so much easier for the patient to get seen, you know, any any busy orthopedic surgeon may take at least a week or two to get an appointment and we are a now kind of culture particularly many miles and they they don't want to just now they want to be able to do it with this. So our our app one one of the Innovation award for sports medicine. We call it on my way now dead. And the patient can let let the closest orthonow know they see that by GPS you'll see the hours and they'll be able to send an alert and then call an Uber and now will lift. We just partner would lift his office inside the app so that they can be taken from say the soccer field or the work the workplace The Factory and then they can send a picture of their injury as well and get an estimate what time you'll be there. So, you know, all of that just totally disrupts the traditional process. So so let me get this straight. Yeah, so, all right. So you've got your cell phone you're on your scooter you fall down your break your wrist. You got your app right on your cellphone. You click click on Ortho. Now you find out where the closest one is what the waiting room is Uber pix you show up you send a picture in so before you even get there the doctor where the pa knows exactly. What's what to expect and you're rolling you get treated. That's like that's fantastic. Yeah, and they've got and we've got them. X-ray set up for a wrist or hand series as opposed to a lumbar spine, right? So so so all of a sudden it's just a different process and now they can register and we by the way we continue to improve it. We're we're this rolling out our fourth generation this I think this at the end of this week where the Physicians because we have a different app than we used to communicate. Right? So the ortho bappy a wants to run it by say the hand guy. So I will look at that last night. I saw at 9:00 at night. They mid-shaft proximal humerus fracture in about literally sixty degrees of virus thought well that definitely needs going to need to be played it or or rotted depending on your preference and and in fact because of the insurance they ended up, you know, I said, you know contact one of my colleagues are already registered in the app, so they they so I can see the X-ray and we can make a decision remote but there's the app and and then you can actually refer other people so the the coach For the the adjuster the insurance adjuster can just hit referrals. And then it could type in just the name a phone number and may end any email if they have it and then they're going to get called by us. And then the team knows that's fantastic. So the assumption is you must have an e guy right you gotta you gotta Foot and Ankle person, you know, so you've got these specials that are part of the process of Ortho now and so it really is it's really not urgent care. It's just it's like efficient care, you know, literally the ability to to maneuver these people around we've used a word Orthopedics on demand which which is kind of funny because it's a group it's all web-based. It's it's different. It's not a brick-and-mortar like ours but we you know, we we need to collaborate and get these ideas together because there's a some Orthopedics in California who are doing something sort of someone about getting access to the to the right surgeon very quickly, but all all web-based and they they use the term which we had also come up with years ago of Orthopedics on demand. So we have a number of different Kind of catch phrases and terms because using the word Urgent Care actually doesn't doesn't capture the whole picture as as you just pick that agreed. I mean you got a patient that comes in with me page instead of having to go through a primary care then call an orthopedic surgeon get an appointment two weeks. If you guys make a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, it goes to the knee guy looks at the X-ray and the PA can do a cortisone injection or maybe as a wrong direction and the patient gets relief immediately instead of having to go through the entire process exactly. You know, we're engaging now, it's erratic because you know, we we also act as sort of a Clearinghouse for for newer treatments sure we want to be able to offer you know, so we do orthobiologics as you know, we want to get engaged with with a laser you need a laser. The only thing you're missing is a laser. It's true. Well, there's another thing we're missing and that's called Capital we have that, you know, perhaps that's one of my one of my many mistakes was that I didn't really seek funding early on I thought That my Orthopedic colleagues would really Embrace this idea. So rather than getting we did a franchise because that way I don't need capital. In other words. It's going to be there's anyway all we're doing home of selling them the you know, the the whole the whole manual the The Branding the Yap everything the telemedicine which we've had for years now all of these things but you know, we're all busy problem is from our colleagues to kind of shift gears is what was much more challenging than I thought. So I I really should have sought capital and and and we're doing that now we have a Investment Group that's very interesting from the Northeast and you know, I think some good things are about to happen. Yeah. I mean why wouldn't you know CVS or Walmart or any of these places that are already thinking about this as part of their business structure down there definitely has to be some private Equity that would be interested in this sort of a concept. We you know, as you know, I'm in the franchise business as well. We're doing pretty good post-pandemic just because you know, people are looking for another job Have a new source at this point and cuz not everything is up back to normal completely yet. But no this is a great idea. It's a great concept. It's going to have to work. It's just this is what we talked about though is as entrepreneurs, right? It's more failure than it is Success. It's it's the it's the courage to persevere and continue on with your idea. You know, I didn't think I'd be in the messy middle this long, but I read a book by off by belsky and it's called the messy middle and what you know, the we romanticize the all the the startup editor garage and then when they sell for a multiple, but nobody talks about the majority of the time spent in that middle section where you're just you're just scrambling you're trying to keep the lights on your you know, you're paying your team. So I'm excited to report that you don't know this. My boss is actually in the Next Room meeting with a group of Pediatricians. The there's a new CEO in town new sheriff. So he came down from a big academic program in New York. He was tired of birth. Big hospitals and and the bureaucracy and you wanted to do something really Innovative. So he's very excited. This is his second week and we're excited to have him because he's bringing, you know certain certain approaches that that frankly we we just, you know, we we were not great at Yeah, I have a fantastic CEO as part of my group and it's absolutely necessary. Thank you, Mark mollenkopf just for the record and you know, it really makes a huge difference in the ability to to do what we do best right. What we do is the the orthopedic side of it, but now let's get a business-minded person in to be able to take it to the next level. So that's fantastic. So Mazel Tov fantastic congratulations, and I know it's going to take to the next level. That's great. So what are the other things before we get to your book that we share is are opioids bearing philosophy. Isn't that such a great way to live if it's completely different life, you know, I had a video conference today with adjusters from a huge TPA, you know work comp there was probably about thirty people on on the zoom call and I played a video it's on my website would regeneten which your user as well. Right? I am I allowed to say the cow patch or yeah, you can definitely call it the cow if you Google Chrome Touch the number one, two, three and four actual Cal patches, which is Calvin or but I'm number one. If you go back out money. That's great. I'm going to continue that and pull up your SEO there is there you go. I appreciate you. Thank you. So do I play for them this video which which they they helped produce which really came out great. I don't know if you've ever seen it but it's a sheriff who tore is cuffing. He sell was actually a partial tear but very painful as you know, somebody's hurt more than a complete chair and he was Hurricane Irma was what two and two years ago, and he was trying to clear trees down in Isla Morada or at Marathon way down in the keys and he came and we did this video and in the video. He says that he never had page. He literally mean the leadership. He goes. I couldn't believe it and it's true. You have these patients. I had a patient with a reverse shoulder recently and I do those out patient and the patient tells me they took like two months bills only cuz they felt like they they should you know, cuz we give them we don't have a few just so I don't get woken up at 3 in the morning, but we don't give them the 30 tablets like we used to but that's just so everybody knows his lips need a shoulder replacement. So undergo a shoulder replacement as an outpatient and literally not have to take any opioids. We're literally 2 years ago. If you underwent a shoulder replacement you were in the hospital probably for at least a day, if not two days depending on your pain management. So, you know opioid sparing is awesome for the patience. It's awesome for us as doctors now, right? Cuz because you don't have to write refills or worried people getting addicted to medication. It's just a great. It's such a liberating way to be able to take care of patients. And so we're thrilled to have you on board as a leader in a spokesperson. So thank God Of that but you know you mentioned education. I mean I didn't you know granted. I I was I had my you know, I think kind of on the pulse but I didn't convert over really fully until you know, I was with you in in in Ireland. So this is the power of trouble I I've learned so much sometimes for my American colleagues somewhere else cuz I'm able to completely Focus off. We're not completely we drank a lot of plates of beer. But but but but outside of that we got to hear some great talks and I came back energized from from Ireland. I had already had been using the the patch regen attend college and patch for for quite a few years, but I had a really fully embraced with exparel and that was that was this been a game-changer for practice and my my PA loves it. She's in charge of that. I mean, she's like militant about Doling out anything other than combined, you know and said and and extra strength Tylenol, right? Cuz her mom That much better to she does the new prescriptions at all. So last call's at night. Ironically. No nausea. Yeah. No, it's just it's just so much better for everybody. So one of the things that I'm most proud of you as one of your accomplishments is that is your book, you know, Healthcare From The Trenches it was just published released probably about 3 months ago now or so long and you know, it's just a great story. It's a it's a it's a about you and your passion over Decades of practicing medicine looking and seeing all the things that just aren't working and not really being able to give a discourse about what you think, you know how you can get things better. And one of the things that I loved is that you you brought in experts and other people's opinions to to sort of filling gaps. It wasn't just Alejandro Padilla, but it was a chorus of people and you're so brilliant cuz you brought me in obviously to do a little piece for you through so I thank you about that for my moment of Fame in your book on opioids bearing birth. You mentioned it, you know, we we did that interview with you and then we we put your your perspective in several different areas. And that's what we did with you notice 26 other contributors. Yeah, so tell us tell us about the book in the past, you know, where it came from and and how and how's it doing by the way? It's doing great. I had two different radio interviews today talking about it because as we're come to election time, we should press release recently talking about the fact that both the RNC and the DNC convention. Neither one of them really discuss Health Care in terms of any concrete ideas and you've seen that in every other direction. So it's going to be interesting what happens I wrote it honestly on a frustration I wrote it out of every Monday I Hear What patients go through to get the care. I know what my staff goes through when I you know, I'm I tell a patient they need, you know, or a half of a wrist fracture and all these hurdles. We have to jump through so I started writing a song Over a year ago, but you know as busy as we are I dedicate a little bit of time each week and then boom KO videos white. So we all hunkered down. So what do you think? I did finish your book knocked out the book. Yes, I you know, I I watch my share of Netflix, but but I didn't binge. I really spent twelve to fourteen hours a day. I wrote basically all of the person part which is the first third that gives I think the patience and understanding of what all of us go through from from medical education. It's pretty lengthy process as we know and I I think we all love it, but we realized it's it's it's it's grueling and then to go from that to go into practice by talk about early practice and then all of a sudden bam, I hit them at all these hurdles Governor a big Health Care Systems Insurance big huge chapter on insurance companies, then you know opportunists right in healthcare, you know, there's opportunities everywhere off. And then and then medical malpractice, of course, so so I already sections are done. Once the reader has sort of empathize with our process of of of of of learning and training for this. We're really what is a vocation and a passion I think for all of us and the public I don't think fully understands that I read the making of surgery when I was eleven years old William a Nolan MD Incredible Book turns out he trained at bellevue's he was a general surgeon who trained at Bellevue little did I know, you know that, you know fifteen years later. May I be training a Bellevue just like him and that that was pretty special for me. Yeah, you know, we really want to commend you and what a great great way to spend your PIN damage to be able to get your passion out and you know, the book is resonating. It's really doing well for for the for our listeners and get it on amazon.com. Again, it's Healthcare From The Trenches. It's a great read it gives birth. Really thorough explanation of what we as orthopedic surgeons go through in our training and then the personal experiences that you went through as well as the obstacles that we face as clinicians trying to provide the best health care in the world. So well done my brother. Thank you. Thank you. I you know, I hope it generates dialogue. That's the main. I mean there's some Solutions in the last chapter, but the idea is just to generate dialogue and we're hoping to get people to there's a Facebook group when I was called Healthcare From The Trenches and I'm hoping that eventually colleagues go on and say, you know, what else I had this patient with, you know, like recently had a patient with a metacarpal fracture, you know, was it an insurance and they wouldn't they weren't authorized I could have fixed it same day. I had the ort may be down the hall so they literally made the poor girl weight and tire week just to put two little screws in a rotated fourth metacarpal fracture that took me 20 minutes log. It's it's absurd what goes on I don't think people understand it. All right, my friend tell us where I want everybody in the world to be able to know where they can find Alejandro Padilla. So that's where they going to find you a few weeks ago. I was home a lot but no, I'm I'm I'm easy to reach through my website. I started that even when I was at my command center which the group, you know disbanded at some point, but I started my own website cuz I figured I I'm responsible for a completely and that's just dr. Padilla. Calm down, that's for colleagues. That's for potential visiting fellows. That's for patients. That's you know, for friends and it's just a great way to interact. I mean wage Lucky in this age where where you can be really accessible but you do that as well as anyone on the planet. So at this point I want to say as my birth They're of another with a Pedic mother. I can't thank you enough for spending the time and coming out and sharing your story here on the earth or Show podcast. Thank you. Scott, really really a pleasure and I love what you're doing and bringing home and just sharing ideas like this in a casual Manner and I I hope that we can do it over a pint again very soon. So absolutely my friend. Absolutely. This is dr. Scott sigmon. I want to thank our co-sponsors worth of laser Wikipedia Glazier centres Doctor Scott sigmon, hashtag followed the fro host of the ortho show till next time.

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Digimon Adventure 2020: Twenty - Takeru, Oniichan, Doctor Scott!

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Digimon Adventure 2020: Twenty - Takeru, Oniichan, Doctor Scott!

"Hello everyone, and welcome to new episode of. Loxton. Translation on this time, we covered digital adventure twenty, twenty episode twenty, the Seventh One awakens I'm May and I'm joined by quin adding. A new and with that let's get on the synopsis. So the episode Takes off from the last episode where suddenly something incredibly able is passing overhead and it's Vilgam on Rambo from frontier that other season that forgot it had other characters you have a Lot from four. Yeah and I was hoping of the old man imagine if we get the we get frontier, but it's got the same law but it's good. No. No. So now but I'm still hopeful. Probably only saw, but you know so veldman seems to absorb or abduct Tucker or something, and it's kind of this. So indigent on a Lotta the. Times. Sometimes give up drawing the facial features of characters. But I feel like this episode just really just did not want to draw any characters that than a certain distance away from where the camera would be. God. This episode was so lazy in so many ways like Tucker just doesn't have a face and sometimes it's just like it's only zooming you notice that they don't have faces but this season's being extremely bad giving anybody a face if they in the distance at all, because a lot of things when they're in the distance if they're still the main focus of. What we're looking at, they should still have some details or lacy look at them and think they have details something. Yeah just it and it was basically in every screen where the characters were on that they were maybe a couple of made us away from the quote Unquote Camera. They just didn't have any facial features like. Little dots for eyes or little lines just blank. Facial features just blank and that's I mean I know it's like just an nitpick but it's just kind of I've never noticed this much in any shore before. It wasn't great and then just God, everything about the just massive number of kidnappings we've had in the show. It's just it's every episode with the will was separated up. It's a kidnapping. It's just it's just constant end I don't know I just I was kind of looking forward. At. The end of the episode what I thought was happening even though we sort of knew that. Wasn't going to be doing too well off told the touching your motto we're going to be kidnapped and that sort of started like to carries off and I guess if it was touching amount of being kidnapped that would have been fine whatever because getting them off the screen and I was kind of hoping okay. This is now Tucker is like arc where he's going to be super brave and he's going to try to rescue his brother and some kid he just met. But and that'll be that that could have been good but now. It's fine but I I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. So the group decides to flay as destroyed and Leeann says felt, when is powerful Bisi to stop talking? Like. Oh. If if definitely has power of of a such strong digital wow, we must be so powerful and just like, yeah, I guess. We just forgetting pal levels exist because like we we can pull a megan worn out of thin air and Veldman is. A perfect. I think like the. Spirit Vegas. I mean, don't know Pam was cool or at least was in in frontier, and then kind of sucked here I think complete you for God everything in. Frontier. The that's fine. We're kind of doing it all again. Here it's just grabbing bids from other seasons, and this episode makes it very, very clear that this season is just grabbing ideas from other seasons is not trying to do something new like at montage do something new and even like more or less cross was trying to do something new. But this one seems like it's grubbing aspects from every single season and not really doing much except for savings I don't think I've seen anything that is reminiscent of savers yet besides like stadium on but that's about it. Tarchys. Punch some digital, right? Yeah. Yeah he at one point he was fighting with which was cool. The digit on got too big to punch yeah. Never stopped Massaro. So yeah, it's okay. Then including that that's every season it's taken something from maybe except for zero to. I mean, this whole cast of characters is also zero to, yes. All I'm wait no to carry being like grumpy I guess. Because he was not this character in the originally was kind of like he would just cry getting brave even -ducted me and. My brother I melby upset by this hey, can you stop? Telling his vocabulary this week. Yeah. He's went from on each on two. Yum it. So well done. I guess we're so mad at this episode where does not even go to do the synopsis because by just jumping around but they would. Point of time where the lines were just talking on the John Tucker. John. They were distressed. particularly. distressed. But distress they were at I. Just could not. Keep it all together. I started laughing during that sequence when I'm supposed to care about these characters, I just wanted to see more of the the digital zoom call we had in the only saying that matted. The. The scene of the other characters to what were we couldn't be bothered to have two of them show up. Exploded animating or paying voice actors today. So they're just late. Yeah it's fine whatever. Miami's probably getting ready because she needs to. She needs to actually take time. Also she's pictures probably like or she could be a slave because that would. Basically not I don't think they've been asleep for three days or you know someone's parents could care enough about them to not want them to go out the day after they disappeared for three days. Oh, it's absolutely joe like I. Guess if I had to pick two characters to not be able to go out, it would be like I think maimings go incredibly like caring loving parents who probably would just say, Hey, you're not allowed at you'll grounded we won't be completely reasoning kosher this week. Excited and then. An officer Joe would be like, maybe he's parents would need to punish him because he'd be like I'm grounding myself Dad. Boring you I guess as long as just skipping I seriously want to know how that conversation went. So where have you been for three days during a blackout? Anyway my legs hurt from all the time sitting and say, no, no back up a bit. Yeah. Like maybe I I, just hope it's sort of setting the groundwork for actually some character fits in the future I i. think if we were going to get more out of anyone's parents, we'd have gotten a ten second flashback involved. So mom having a voice actress. Yeah but. I'm still hopeful that though they'll be actually some characters may be after the Yamato in touchy show is done. We get to be back with the characters who I care about. Anyway so we will we'll go onto synopsis it. They're they're all things that happen. So Matron show up because I love megamall but I was really kind of annoyed that we didn't get Gigamon like we did in digital adventure when the middle the Middle Empire area where Mega Gigamon just trying to nuke the kids that was great. I'm really glad that up. He's probably one of my favorite digital big big dragon big big dangerous snake I love him so much I, the edge too. So Liam like, Hey, unit how lost episode I was like Hey I will find this monster in you run ahead. Let's do that again. So he stays behind to fight the mega on and just a bit of a flash forward into the episode when we when we say Liam on again he is like standing on top of like Mega. Just of scream. Yet. But it's kind of cool thing you know the part of the digital like he just standing on it. Kinda cool. Registered up for the record I can Liam on clock. We got four minutes of Leeann this episode bringing our total to seventeen. Yeah, he wasn't even. Like the. Episode except that he was standing hate last time I think it would be bad if we had to perfects ends up fairly strong adult failed to Beta. Perfect. So I'm going to just sort of hang out here in the Beta mega drone so I guess that's sort of what happens they just kind of had to take him away. So it wasn't too digital struggling to find a perfect level, which was we they certainly weren't struggling we. We beat Veldman very easily Oh. Yes. After after hyping up what a strong man he was. It was it was it was with the magic shown in Jesus power. K Missile Surfing words that somehow. It was so. That's part of the episode. It was cool. It was so it was silly. IDEA. Yeah that is a new thing we did this week but I, just wish that way. While he's writing things didn't look. So disinterestedly, he looked so bored missile. Like he's just. He's just kind of upset when it's not a bad him like like Oh. Yeah. I'm sure armed. I'm just going to sit on milligram attack. Okay anyway. So the That we sorry I got ahead of myself again, skin some. Lucians. And immediately I am incredibly worried about this episode as. Six minutes into the episode and we get to evolutions and then not even split-screen evolutions. We get the full animation sequence of Montenegro Ramon and then we have grown to Middle Graham on end I. I've always said that you can kind of tell how quality episodes going to be by how many evolutions I put in the first few minutes or if they skip evolutions or they decided to split screen evolution and it's just on no and still the track record for that, he's doing pretty well, my my evolution episode theory. Won't this split screen. In modest the horrible episodes recently though. We did a combined evolution in a while back which. I think that's like. No No. That was that was during the one where we didn't have enough budget to make Omega Man Lake Exists I. Knew I. Don't think it wasn't that almost like I. have to go check I guess. But anyway, most the time when we have like evolution's didn't episode like this early or not split up or skipped all sped up it just it seems to be a not fantastic episode. So immediately Maya, my hopes are restored sort of when we see Cochrane human world to connect to digitize and source shows up and says that she was told off by her mother and then we get a frame of her nays with her very traditional looking mother and H is really great. She actually got scolded. It's been three whole days in these kids attend they should be in trouble. The fact that type she's must think of saying, Hey, Seora, you'll Totti's friend do. Hope. Now, meanwhile, we have an actual character being punished but. Maybe not punish but like at least full off. The either either titus mom just doesn't care about Taichi. History of vanishing multiple days at a time without. I think it's not I think the rod is bad. Okay Fair. Yeah. But both sort of eight still even if your kid is missing for three days, you still going to get any of this is like a common occurrence. Moose do should worry about kid or at least ask the kids friend because you know kids are probably not going to just roam the streets alone. They're probably going to be with their friends. So it's weird the. She said Hey seora touchy friend and then didn't say bottom y speaking of time we have seen him if she's name. and. Then she's like, oh, by the way have this other kid who I guess we're GonNa Forget exists because we've skipped Nike a day I guess and Nov Music Oh. No I thought that was least going to be okay. We'll get like he carried talking. We'll get some character just gonNA forget that existed. With. That was just seeing he carried there was literally no point of having that same because time cheese mum didn't even notice her kid was going anyway. It's really nice having some sort of realistic parenting of. Disorder. Hey. Kid you'll go to three days. I'm GonNa tell you off like thank you. Thank you. So we didn't get the same that we should have got. We didn't get any personality any relationship between the two, but it was something. and. Then, we have kershaw or looking concerned, which is almost some character but I guess we're just going to. Skip over. That Plane. reveal. Possible character development I mean. Because I think a cochrane. Character. Any sort of relationship, his parents and the realization they don't they're his adoptive parents be still love him anyway. I feel like that was one of the strong points of the original and I really like some kind of looking forward to the fact that we may get something like that. But it is kind of weed that it's episode at twenty in the original like. The original had a lot of problems. The original is not as good as you know, people can say it is like you take off the nostalgia goggles originals kind of got a lot of floors in a kind of a lot of you know boring episodes but they four shouted customer his parents being his adoptive parents and not biological in episode I think it was episode four. Revolution episode was so that the case was Eliane. Probably Yeah Oh. Yeah. Because it was before Amy's but it's just kind of weird that we're getting twenty episodes in. But I'm still kind of hoping that it can be good like I. Still think the season is probably better than the original but we've done over forty six episodes to go. It could definitely end up being was GAIA especially to look like we're maybe going to get more gray model next time, which is why that's concerning. We have forty six episodes left. What are we gonNA do for forty six episodes unless we're just going zero to unless this is going to be thirty something episode and thirty something episodes zero to. Beth what we're doing then we really have not set that up. Well, I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you. Jumping all of this ups and I don't know I'm kind of hoping next time it sums of dark evolution. But I don't know if. People are saying mcgann's mom because if the shot we get in the evolution sequence, I still think that's just fly from law that that's just what part where parts of Metal Graham on come from. Yeah. I'd be down for it but I don't see it happening. I mean, we're not Getting Skull Raymond Pat Like Sofa. would be to go hey, let's get the Knicks solution. All scope Raimondo like skull gray was a threat because that was the first perfect that they had on their team. None of the kids had perfect yet, and we just kind of have to wait until skull grime on run out of energy I feel like it would be to get skull rame on now unless we're getting a doc evolution to ultimate, instead we quote. Don't expect me Mcginn dribble. A lot of people saying begins Ramon. Feel bad here. I I also don't think we're getting a dark evolution based on the wording of the the preview, which was late we're going to have a vehicle that has never before he and it's like a if he's not accept. So like a wondrous uptight or something, it's not tied turning update I feel like I don't know it seems to positive to be adopted volition I think we're just going to Wolfgramm on which is just Twenty one episodes wasn't the twenty first episode of adventure home away from home just got middle. Graham you're like. I I just I feel like what they're gonNA do for forty six episodes. If like if we didn't know it was going to be sixty six episodes long I would think that this is going to be thirty episodes season the way it's going and Davey Mon eastern the main bowl. Yeah. I could even see a turning into twenty six at this point, you just do one more. And then you're done like ignoring Powell levels because Debbie Mon is by the way at adult level digital. Degree to which we don't care about him and we still we just have him dropped exposition to no one every episode think the trying to frame house his power comes from his. And strike while then his physical power Roy. Busy mastermind, not like the. At, least to have a showdown with them, where he suddenly going to be super strong and be able to fight nominee monir, whatever I honestly think that we may be done with Mega Mona, feel like with Andrew, being both an egg and kidnapped I feel like that takes away to carries Jesus Powell's temporarily GonNa have a mega. Ammonia. Again Ward Rain and should still be able to just utterly Curbstone Debbie Mon- which sells make sense. Thank. Not going to be what happens because that's not digital mon- look Debbie desimone could show up and then immediately get eaten by the dock masters and I be like this makes sense like even the Whiskey Ping we've been talking of heavy on the entire season and even if it is amounts to nothing, it would make more sense for the dock mosses to be fought because we're going to another evolution arc and I just all I can care about is the the evolution of Lily Monteiro's Mon to be honest like I'm. Looking forward to that, because we're in the real world, we're GONNA have some parent moments yet. Good good. Good. Good good. If we are though it's it's still very weird to me that we're back in the real world except Lake. The whole thing we're, hey, we should really go search for the other digital mine has been just completely obviated. We don't care about that because we fixed it. They just they call we found them which I guess it was actually where we're up to in the Synopsis So robuck contract. So when source says that she gets A text from amy and jokes running late Cochrane's able to finally connect attend tomorrow, and they will be happy to see each other even if it's just on zoom coal and then Cochrane runs off Mason impossible is paying attention to the screen which seems like a weird choice because just sites game and also I feel like nobody in Japan like it's not good to be on like a phone call in public like or not leave. Fondly upon maybe that's why he's running away but it's still like it is kind of weird. The someone would just look at the screen. I duNNo. Anyway so pm on the Zoom Coal in a pounding old digital, wondering the network, which is wet touchy Wilson the first episode, End, the digital tasks on looking at what's going on, and then we say evil squid looking thing. So I think we're just GONNA have a full game again with the eight squid looking thing and the these digital end it would not surprise me if we just decided to have the evolution episode of all four in one episode because they do not care about these characters. God show with No. Right out the only characters who have personalities or apparently vocabularies. Yeah. Like the sides on each. Like I just I don't know why they're spending so much time not the characters that they've actually given well, sore doesn't have much for personality. Believe me that him mom actually cared about her. The other characters we know that Joe. Kosher and Maimi all have personalities I D-. Besides what we saw about touchy and he's personnel office who episodes I don't know anything new about personnel via Matas personality is he has a brother to carry his he is eight and also yell at bird but. Like I'm not looking forward to hey cari either because he has been shown to have no knowledge at all him. By. Anyway that's my. WHO's telling? Yeah like her personality is the Jesus Child and that guests that was her personality in the original. But also bad it's just like this. This is what this is like somehow worse because she was still she talked complete. And she wasn't half the series big just like background Jesus Child Yeah. Paid. So twenty one, I mean in the novel we have like as tonci leaving he says us he digital and on the table and touches like Oh. That's nice. Do you like? which is a great addition because she's actually kind of realistic like she's like Hey Taichi look monsoon on the TV. Let's look at them I at least there's some personality their entice just like, oh, she's just sick. I'm going to just disregard what my sister my sister just said about seeing multiple on the Tei but just to be fair that that's kind of reasonable I guess. You don't usually say most on the. Anyway. Again, way on fashion because we get back to time any Masha. Finding. Veldman Way Ramon is writing the nipple missile and obviously if it makes up for the fact that we won't almost accept the fact that we don't get to continue on with what's happening in the human world because that's a no I care about her showroom. At anything that happened in this episode Yeah and look knowing that soars mum yelled at her make Sora have more of a character than we've ever seen have in this season of like thank you. Russia's for finally giving Seora something even though was. It wasn't even. An animation it was just a screen of her apologizing linked with that in the noise or anything, and it was still better than the entire podcast episode that didn't feature that. So you emotional anti Shia trying to find with some tactics in timings in the but apparently, their plan involves having your motto Leap Carol Over What looks to be several meters more than what a child should be able to jump for but whatever he's passionate end. Thing way humans unable to be very strong with after the mother or something, I don't know. He, he just starts to break through the to carry ball and weight room on US takeover, and then you maters like no, I have to be stupid. It's. More than just I'm sure maybe even replies he just sold. It looks where and probably says Tucker because. He doesn't do anything like bursting through this bowl and honestly I guess it would be emotional. If this didn't just this didn't exact. The exact thing happened in timers, but it was more meaningful. Bogle was episode fifty I cared about the character in the bowl, and also it was the the catch tried to burst the character out of the bowl was the character killed dig, make the character balls cat so no I don't. I. Don't know the in Tamers had emotional stakes here. It's just like Oh. Yeah. Hey, we're gonNA free that kid who got kidnapped two minutes ago and also it felt kind of weird that you motto was bursting through the ball. This is extremely dangerous thing I meant to say, Oh, look what he's risking his brother, but it just feels weird because you just can't eat digital and to do it doesn't. Do anything because he nothing happens he's not even vaguely inconvenienced. No, it's it's secrecy all. Feat. Fine Yeah, and it's just it just is it. It doesn't. It's not as meaningful as be also on doing the exact same thing to jury in the ball like it just with much more meaningful. Build up. Jewelry. With conscious. She didn't want to be in also the fact that feels simone was breaking her out onto he. Yeah. He was like the end he went from being able to being a good guy trying to rescue jury that was meaningful. It's I mean, it's another meant to be meaningful and I'm sure if it's a little bit meaningful it just sort of like, oh, it's a thing a good. It makes it has emotions, but it just doesn't feel as much as it tries to be. Much play here. Yeah. It's just on D'Amato loves TUCKER RU I'm wants to save him it relies. We. Exist any emotions from having seen adventure which like at various points they've also tried to play tic people who are new to the series and. An excellent. Yeah. This episode is an excellent example of them trying to play for both because I guess we'll get into it now when it's revealed that angel. On is one holly digital end to to carries partner digital care was chosen. That means nothing to me already newell this even the hadn't said that the holy digital would you know Talamona Panama on kind of assumed it as soon as I mentioned it then being part of the original eight digital side the world and being still alive whatever it just But. That moment would have meant a lot more to me had I not already known that Tucker was the seventy destined and moments his partner. But then again, they also have no real build up except for Yamato saying to Carrie's name a lot and mentioning he has a brother. Nature just. That that's his character. It's just it's just the join hands the crest show up. So again, that would be more full. Had I not known that Tucker was the but the the lack of buildup also makes it hard to care about the characters if I didn't know who Tucker was. And by the way, this whole time time cheese just watching. Meet Bashful Macho just staring not doing anything end this whole time. It would be kind of cool him to have any like memory or just a flash of like he assisted at all without her yeah. Yeah. Because like I know it's not a bad time. She this isn't a she focused. This is not touchy episode, but it would be sure nice. If we remembered that he had a sibling, this whole season is just Taichi any family forgetting that the? Objects Home Initiative Oh, I can't see them right now so they don't exist. Relatives. Big Deal, those first three episodes, and then now he just does not care Ranna folks like he's pointing episodes. It was just like mom my mom and sister endanger I'm going to go fair evade like that was really cool like Oh. Wow tighty. So brave. That was courage and then never again, like Tachi has not had a character moment even evolution episodes since I want to say episode tool three. We. Basically you motto and I mean that was still before before the covid hiatus. But the thing is I know I always say, Oh, I don't want touch outer fighting a so cliche but lease if they fought, it would have given us something. Like I think they might afford once and it was just kind of they dealt with the very periphery. Like adults and ten ten like. I I know I. Shouldn't like this won't volunteer between children's but. are a ten year old. The only way to do anything is to punch like that's kind of problems when you ten is just like I have to have made it up half defy and that's just especially when you're. Protagonist. Them splitting up when they had a disagreement in like the original series made sense because it was episode like forty five and they had basically aged for at least a year being in the digital world. So whatever but it just feels like themselves settling things like well, I. Think we should go this way. Let's set that separate or whatever their mind argument was doesn't it didn't mean as much as in sub-zero is punch in the original one where they just started fighting in the new model Saad crying because he was just really worried about his brother that was more emotion than with senior motto have he was just kind of grumpy and instead city had a brother in the season and. Year like it. This episode is primarily because of the episodes before not building up anything. Yeah. Like I don't care about Taco this season I like at all. No, I know. You exist the characters that's like in this episode number characters like doing nothing. No. But the thing is like you know what was good adleman you know what didn't try to like play into the minds of people like full grown adults Belgiu at they were Easter eggs. They would definitely you know the Oklahoman Crossover episode, which was members from. The end of the season but It still didn't play into the like didn't play to the audience saying, Hey, remember this all the time. It wasn't as pandering as Halo. Nostalgia. It was for kids at Mon was for kids. It wasn't for adults who grew up with digital on it was for people who are new to the state the series will add it was attending. Yeah it was it's definitely aren't saying it didn't. It wasn't rape vote it wasn't a sequel it was its own US season. Of. misspell. Jazz a crutch constantly. No it just it had references like very, very subtle references I. Know I've mentioned a lot but in the episode with A. Horror gets Gash motoo evolved global on. There's a lot of our wargames games like imagery like when he's falling down to glow and like this, just a bunch of imagery but it's so social like he but you might not even realize like honestly I don't think I realized it until the Internet said Hey look at these two frames don't they look the same and it was still in wife like could be a coincidence looks really nice like it's not just like it all this is a direct reference. It was an enjoyable on its own end. Atmosphere kids this season makeup once bay for the die hard fans who grew up with digital still like digital unlike us or like the defense who just knew who just needed digital like this I each season Trying, to play for both, it's not doing well for here I would be really curious to see what a ten year old who just saw episode and hadn't seen any other digit on thinks about this because I bet they also don't care about talk you at all like at the risk of this being the weeds sent instead of ever comes out of my head I. Wish I had access to a ten year old son make them watch this and say, Hey, what do you think and I'm sure the kids would say Yay pretty colors because there had. Analyzed like you like you I I loved zero to as it was my favorites as it was my favorite season till I watched it as an adult i. just I loved how it was. Cool. I loved how we got lots of evolutions because I love evolution episodes. I thought the characters were all great and fun with Clinton was growing up with these characters I cared about like very something. God Damn this series yeah. because. I was also like ten an hour just like Yay. Episode. I love this this so cool. But when I stopped thinking about it as an actual adult, all like maybe even an older teenager just sorta like. This is not as good as I remember. But so a kid would probably still enjoy this because they don't need to think about things that they consume that tend to think about things they continue just has to be somewhat enjoyable but I duNno. Dismay like like ought to think that into time is as a kid I, know that it wasn't. It was airing the we'd time and they didn't show the whole season but I was like not that keen on it I just like rookie annoyed me the couches just seemed kind of boring. Now's don't like all these cowardice realistic like Visa Realistic Ten year olds. I don't want to sort of go and do things like ice to not like your in zero to either because I'm like, oh. Why is he? Why is he like this? Oh, your nine year old boy who doesn't really WANNA save the world because he's a nine-year-old. Boy Yeah, he's a nine year old boy he lost his dad has some trauma. And doesn't really want anybody to die you should. Pug. All know yours like Yori like the only time that I was annoyed with zero two was a kid was when I found out that yearly becomes a hassle yeah. And that's still terrible. It's still like well the. Fixed it because it turns out she just told maternity leave. She actually like is a software engineer and works like No. Yeah. I'm not sure it's I think it's full of emotion was four or with Cochrane but works like alongside Khosro as a software engineer on. A Tony Inches going back like next year. She's not like taking forever of she has like a million kids. She's just temporarily on like maternity leave. I think she might even reference Ken might be taking some time off to. which that's what parenting should be choudary. Oh, you birth the Kid your problem. Like. A two person thing like unless you don't have another person which is like that's a that's still a lot of you. To do that. Yeah. But if you if you have another person to help you out, they should especially if they contributed to the birthing. then. They should definitely help out. So anyway, that was also not this season that was like a ten minute. We're we're. The weeds here but Let's finish up personnel. So, this point is this episode and the season does not do well because the laid up the steps could be better with better late up anyway. So when we we just had talked to not have any remembrance about his system, whatever the characters forget they're in middle mid battle and where groom on is able to to jump off whatever he is to catch the falling Tuck, ruin your motto who falling, and then it makes sense because middle grandma and then have them both. So terrible. It's going unnoticed mentioned to dramatic again, if I was a ten year old to be like Oh, that's so exciting but it just doesn't make sense wise Middle Graham on not just like he was going to catch them both anyway way groom on plummeting to his death doesn't look. Just not good as an adult and they've they're playing to an adult they should. Make. Things that. Can enjoy well, and of course, like scientist me is like put terminal velocity but that's not important yet. He could wishes say the digital world has different like Loza physics and that hurting. Up at so many seasons of said that I've just been like whatever find digital railway this whatever. I'm fine with doing that. I'm fond with like like it's a show that fighting monsters unexpected the physics. Like. Yeah like I just metal grimaud does not look like something that could and he doesn't have like jets to help him fly or anything but that's foolish. Purple Wings. Did Not realize we're wings for years. Oh No, no one did. I've seen so many combination as saying well, Middle Graham, on can fly like I. Don't think we've ever seen metal grown fly I think we've seen wag room on fly more than metal grandma and he doesn't even have wings he just jumps through. Anyway. So it just unusual that he jumps to. Veldman looks like he is defeated touching your Mata, which is probably one of the other parkside enjoyed in the episode to carry looks determined tells to stop it and I guess he kind of does like he doesn't immediately eight to the small child. which feels like if I was a giant giant bowed and this tiny year old was telling me to stop it. I would just ate the child like not an issue. Off and they margins. Simply not. The other yes. But seriously, and then we have like Angel show up and Oh it's so dramatic. But then again, it's like what? Maybe five four to standing there. I know. In time wise. It's just you know probably full seconds such slow down will spit up whatever. And I. Didn't think about eating eating the angel at any point or you know just doing a squash. Asia's will. Hi. Supposed to care about engine dying because he said word he says. which is also. The. Only thing you. Can we get like I'm sorry vowed drinking game. Take a shot. Every time somebody says to care. Only Japan. And take two if it's followed by. Leaky Say. Like. Can I WANNA see transcript of this episode Like I'd like just went for it. I see the scripted this episode and I just wanted to know have any woods in the soda weren't Care Niche Allen or a digital on saying its name like was honestly shocked when Tucker got a second word. Like like he could have just yelled on each sean at the. Like but that would have been. So in character because you know when you most hotels grew onto evolved, he doesn't say Guram on he says to carry like what? What? Are we doing this? Why could we only pay to the actors to say like a bunch like less than ten words like the majority of the words was said by two characters who aren't even relevant in this episode and it was the best because I feel like sore had more episode more. Lines in this episode than any other episode saying so far, and it wasn't even the focus episode and she probably had the most amount of lines in the episode and all the characters just. What I'm just losing it I just. I just? Why Just. Like this episode was bad when I watched it and I feel like it's even worse actually just talking about it because I realized that as I said, this could have been good and it could I be exact. Same Way had we had any build up this episode could have been a okay decent dish episode. Anyway. So Mata says what is super obvious but we had to give him more lines because Seora has had more lines. So you mantra says all. I want to point out the he doesn't say so many still doesn't say me words. He literally says Oh glowing toss. It's like holy digital and that would be looking for, and then that must mean like that's about it so. He says this must be the holy digital and I'm like, yeah, it's both holy. well-done. Take those boxes. Engine takes to carries hand activated device and the another good part of the episode, which is so like so Mina I guess but it's just a good part of the episode because something has to be good is the agent has damage like he's metal plates cracked and he has like this huge raid wound on his on it looks like something's being like the chains have been like. Scratching him unlike chafing, I'm. I cared how Andrew on ended up there or that I thought we would actually get an answer to that all I don't think. I mean. The start of the. Rather. Than we've come into halfway through, but we'll get to that at the end I still don't think we're going I think that was the. Debbie manufactured story. I. Don't think that I think that's as bad as much character as damone antimony going to get, which is really sad I am. That we will have talker route speak in full sentences this entire series and I will I hope that that's not true. But I kind of like well, we're GONNA have coury woman of fall too many words for a small child. Then we're going to have tycoon with. Together they make up to. Eight year old with lot with the same like a decent amount of words to fat will. So at year, olds don't shut up like they talk a lot. They like to ask questions, which is reasonable small. They want to know things I commend that also reminder that kosher is nine only a year older than the characters were written as babies I just want to point that out and I, know that a year is a Linda when you got small. like when I was nine on fairly soon I had like a friend who was eight and it was really just A. It. Was a year less than a year age difference sort of still. The same age like you eight nine not that much of a difference in year two or three. You're still in the bottom half of promise school anyway. So yeah this whole thing doesn't feel like he feels lacking because I already knew the crew was chosen and the. Partner, I made the connection that he was the holy digital. What? Yeah it's like at least in digital adventure. Like almost social event, he carry being the age old singer is an adult it's like okay no. Now this was super. It's super obvious. But as a kid, it was all what he carry. She's that even the show like tells you about like a couple of episodes before because you are a child, you don't process or you forget the because it's been like longer than seven days, which is also very, very obvious. Factor Tucker crews being Indian tro where the demand for twenty. And he curry to, which is just so weird. It just it is. We the opening didn't like didn't have didn't start with just the characters who we were going to maybe late it also had to carry when hanging out which made it look like they already knew each other. It was weird that they didn't with that on still wanting to know what that vague phone call was about was it really just modest saying, Hey, I'm going to be gone. You stay put but it just seemed like it was going to be so much more meaningful all we're not just. Going by the way, Yamato has broker back the information. You know what I think too. Carol also said on each and. All. Which said like. Why why has to carry head Molin saying on each on self than source had basically in every other episode besides this one I don't know our anyway. So Leone sees the light of from Engineering Metal Grey Mona legroom on a given the power from the Jesus lives and. A worried that that which can do a mega again but he cari wasn't he is. So I guess I couldn't. So they just got magical shown in to the bad Guy Angela dies mccown. EG which I guess it's the same sort of thing they had in the original win engine. Like instead of absorbing the powers of others and in usettled like as an attack, he just gave his power to the other characters assists time. Thought it still felt if felt kind of weird that he just died. If. He gave his he gave his house to the other digital with seeing that before it felt we'd that. Got a word and that's that's what we got out of our twenty some episode long build up to this moment you know what to be more meaningful if one, we didn't have listen to perfect yet it was just great on groom on this battle. Okay. Flaunting the perfect level, slightly more of a reasonable struggle, and then we had on giving his power to the adult levels just to be able to beat the perfect level that would make. Much easier yeah. Well, especially because even before that happened Velgo was not a significant threat right up until after was saved. Yes, and also the thing is the time to. The power of an adult level Jim on I'm just looking. To try and find out his level, it says hybrid he's year. He. Privilege. welte mets. Yea. So he's he's not level above, but it still feels we'd that, and I don't live with digital and gave to perfects who have previously been able to fight perfect levels on their own just like a middle ground have like really fought perfect on their own and one but that was the revolution. Lloyd? So they had above and now we need out of. It felt we'd. Did you know they'll be the same awful will still be more powerful the ditch on a level. But the point is is still Angela who was an adult level digital giving his power year although entering. Always. Yeah, which is real bad and also I mean ultimately this was just they had to get away from Point A., which was Andrew Mon is alive to and Germany's an egg and they came up with now and now we're also going to I, guess, destroy his memories because that's what happened to the other digital when they got reincarnated as the eggs they forgot what they were before told colleagues remember is we need the only other person who has any memories yeah. Because Taiwan but I still have hopes for that. Hopefully, we still go with maybe towns joined the side of evil but she knows who she is that would be interesting and. Like Fun to watch I think the show is gonNA. Give me at this point, oh? Absolutely. Not So They. They have the shining magic they win, and then engine decides to die and pace out ogm on says the Digital WanNa born his duty Thomaz and they reborn as did you Thomas? Nobody. Yeah apparently but the thing is nutritional. We said that I'll even Daddy, Mon will go back to the promise village. died literally last episode we did not see. Did you tell I think? He was just I think it they choose they choose what they want if they wanNA. REINCARNATE County. Sorry I meant the rises to. The point. Where they reincarnate potentially maybe because maybe probably village doesn't exist in this. We don't know yet I don't know this guy's of reboot you'll be called secondary coach. In fairness, it wasn't. It wasn't primary accepted the where it was hegemony in the original village of beginnings which is. Yeah. So everyone just stays at the egg nobody thinks of grabbing the egg. So skull not one shows up and steals it across was the Raja's same to vaguely remember We have no. I am shocked that someone gets kidnapped in this show again same thing with frontier, we decided to kidnap the eggs like. Sorry. Can I can I give you an egg destroying fiscal on being short I don't skull not one. We'd kind design Cuban. Wanting to call him like a his evolution which is just like Black Knight Mon but whatever. An WE HAVE DEBBIE MON addressing again, nobody it all just standing there saying, I'm able what's up here I'm going to have the most amount of lines in the entire episode by not saying the words to care or on each on it's just And then we finally have something good the end we have kosher introducing Cub Terry Mon.. In the Encyclopedia Pretty Grey says that cubbage Says he's Haiti's haunt ride on, but it's comfortable. So I guess we don't know if he has a pillow will whatever keeps on saying and Then, we have the precious moment of coverage trying to teach him jokes as I fly. But Cochrane doesn't understand like half of them and I'm just like Oh that was so like that was much more pure than I could have ever imagined I was kind of like hoping that we might get Saying country ones the best. But this is so much better than that like the rot clearly put all their efforts into the digital acadia. Do. We have any highlights I've mentioned my to. The battle damage on anjem on, and the fact that soars mum acknowledged that they'd been gone three days and same actually tell her off even though he didn't say it. We didn't. We had to like if they didn't if they skipped the dilutions to Meta Graham on a way groom on, we could have actually had a saying. Maybe Sora. Being yelled at an in store sneaking out the next day because she probably should have been ground really mighty should be, oh, my God she could have died and that's just with the Parker Maputo's. So she pulled me snuck out like which is what I'm reading into it is probably not true but. Whatever we don't even know why Joe me on a Joy Paul be granted himself. Grounded, but the show is not telling us that but still the highlights are the characters seemed to get in Trouble Kirsh Roy improbity also got in trouble, but also may have overheard his parents saying, oh, he was gone three days. He's did something something adoption I dunno yeah. One of those May. Be Curious maybe it's like. You know people like have animals that PA and make the thoughts like well, don't another one like what if? Like well, we lost that one to adopt another kid. Of a terrible. I don't know. Yeah. I'm curious to see if we're going to get any interesting bits about what happened with people's while they were gone I think once we're done with the whatever is going on in the digital world which I just don't care ban. I, think we're going to have the real world like maybe not my oldest one arc, but it's going to be in the same place as the my oldest one year like similar place and I feel like that's going to be the best. Because it was originally. And I think Tasha Numata, which is going to be in the digital world having the plot and these characters going to have better applause, which isn't even plot that just going to hanging out in the real world having family moments and character moments in the used. To make a slice of life. Did you like show I would love that light post zero to just like a whole season of them, just hanging out and having real world shenanigans please. Yeah. What if Lucky Star but they all had digital garbage I guess like just that'd be the best thing ever I. Yes. Sure. Shown and big fine. That's great. Wonderful. Emotional moments. Great. I'm sorry. Slice of life with digital would be so pleasant like just like Ireland were anything nothing. Who Sends Send me a copy of the Lucky Star intro song, but it's demand dancing to it all that absolutely executives there was so many of those like ten years ago that there was like Evan? Galleon, one's really well dumb parody I'm positive there has to be a digital one like it it's. It's definitely the is probably don't even. Yes I'M GONNA say this one straight off it must exist but if it doesn't, it should like. Maimi impalpable on in like the the cheerleader outfits because I would be so good. Anywhere, we actually highlights or just things that we wish could happen spire castle. He looked Catechal oh. Yeah. Debbie MOANS seines even though it's sort of him giving position to again no one knows who he who is he told. US is but who is he? He must be talking to like an I thought that it might be like. Scotland. But then we saw skull not one, and then he still decide to speak nothing is he just like talking to the doc? Moss's DOC MOSS IS GONNA say you didn't try to kill the kids hard enough. We're going to eat you like I. Yeah, I was episode was so bad and then I'm sort of vaguely curious about what he meant by the egg being easy to to turn into evil this. Guts I'm excited about what? The episode yeah. I don't have any faith that anything good to happen like the this could have been all coin to Cancun. The whole time like, Oh, I just was trying to get to make Tucker just so I could do something when he clarified it would. Be Able to So here's the thing we were all like it'd be so cool evangelist Emma. We've got an has had to expand his power to save Tucker from Valdemar. Now. This. Yeah. So. This is now going to be contaminated by Debbie Mon and basically parents could be evil which I'm really excited because it means and excite for that because it means we basically get the whole. On the dockside thing returned back which we wanted in the first place or sounds cool and exciting just this different promise but. This season so far hasn't been very good with them. Up to things we've hubs we've had fan theories about like I'll be really cool if and Germans evil. But instead of just like jumping at the point where he's already contaminated, we get to see it happen. So He may actually car truck out of this, which is really cool. Maybe talker was well because talk me this whole time was like covid in doc maybe it was miasma I dunno, it was just darkness the entire time I would be onboard for. evil. Tucker was well, I doubt that's going to happen I. Don't really see that it'd be cool but. In for Now has been corrupted by Debbie mom and they have to somehow get him back because like this is an sound Birdman dot rings ration- where he just break it in an episode and the back to normal. Is An opportunity for struggle there. Can Be hurtful and say what what I think might happen but I? Most likely wrong. It's probably will I think it's better than anything the Rhonda's they can put in of. So let's say the Talker is surrounded by darkness and has like maybe he doesn't show any corruption himself, but he spends like the next knowing digital on fifteen episodes holding the egg and his rubbing off all this evil energy. So maybe it's not so much debbie more. Touching the egg, it's actually took care of his fault, and then we have the big reveal of detriment saying he became able but this wasn't our because of me. It was actually because of who we have liked to carry dealing with I. Think we're just going to get fifteen episodes of him holding an egg that it turns out we will we will be shown next episode. Or something in it? I. Don't think Tucker is going to get the book. I haven't got it now and it's going to corrupt. Maybe. The next ten minutes or like some different digits digital from. Go Back I. Think we're going to get it back next episode I think we'll grand-mom's going to be like a high. Skull. Not One's going to die immediately and we're GONNA get the back end dusts, dust hands. It's fine old on Trevor Checkup Club. No. I think ultimately, the ones going to dive I'll try to get through to this. Might be. And then that activates the evolution to ultimate. Yeah because that always happen. Yeah. Yeah. On just a vehicle for allowing voice to express man pain. Yeah I mean thanks as land but seriously do we have any actual other highlights besides like things that could happen because? You know that that is a very hopeful fact that you said Stevie I just some parts of the episode. As far as I can get. Yeah. Some some parts would. Good. As I said Kosher. Intent among existing source. Mum Punishing Her end Shimon having some battle damage from just ripping out of the restraints I duNNo. In killed. Angel Way was angel and like where where was he was he inside Veldman I thought he was at the castle the Halley. Get properties. Inside, to care, we. Could maybe see in development but I think it was just supposed to be evil dimension of evil epithet that she's so lane with he just we summoned just he just sort of spawned and died and said one word and that word was to carry new it's his. To try, there's a parallel between your mattos, bamboo tucker and angie bond tackle ru they. Pass. Away. They. have an equal amount of love for Tucker. This is the closest thing. We've seen onscreen. Except for the interim accepting. The tro is still creepy. Dislike it I love it. I just I just I love the so many nights, aspects of it I. I love how we have made me looking for Powell one in a forest of penalties and then getting emotional when she says her and then swing through digital nonsense ages it's nice. Basic Gif of just Tai. Chi. Ultrasound shadow and. Try and tell me about creeping. I. Really I like it I'm. Any other holidays too long. Live One Mitra state is I actually think I kind of like the Nipple missile surfboard I like. That it was. It was it was weird but it was kind of fun and it was the only it was I liked I liked thought it was fun and it was a new way of getting their. Yamato running up a metal grains claw attack. That was Kinda cool made no sense. Very dangerous. Wiggle Room on could have just donald that, but we needed the screaming of. China to heroin you know. On each and Big Wolf Sorry Big Wolf into carry doesn't mean as mean as much. Yeah although honestly just like Big Wolf could have jumped him over there and not been quite so dangerous. And also. By. Destroying. That's neat. That's that's the thing that we depart despite him having wings we have actually seen gone. Bad. and. Why didn't veldman decide to eat them at any of these points way it was just sort of for got will battle. So we just Kinda stood there screaming I donald trump was so positive felt gone. He we only know he was strong because someone had us yet Liam on told us any stepped on valve Mon.. With a very lazy animation of well there was Feldman and nowadays novell's moon. Hall that was cool. Yeah. But it just it seemed. I was very happy with development sort of like you know battleship sorta thing that was going on I just I don't know anything else that was good. Because, we can move onto low lines, but I think with more or less Sadegh like sit on. The episode, the main pot of the episode was the worst though was the fact that there was no lead up. Like this episode suffered from bad writing from previous episodes, not just the episode itself. We had episode eighteen, which we all said was the worst episode. But at least said it sowed wasn't really hurt by anything else in the previous episodes it just was again that was also another episode. We just didn't have any talking I dunno Not No good So do we have any anything else to say? Music. Yeah a extreme fight just did not for the chase sequence. I gotTA. Say when when we did Koichi we got bad ass song for this. It's the DUB. gave us like a great song like very hedgy while I just was thinking of a thought to Bassett which is maybe my favorite digital also. Also also here his character song in the original but the English dub gave us some like edgy. SORT. Of thing, and it was it was great like that was gotta give me some music to the. Third. Need Mall trucks the frontier had a lot of problems but I still think one of the greatest moments is win dusk. One realizes that he's Koichi in he's brother any has like yeah when I thought it was gonNA Marie. Downstairs that that was probably one of the best parts of frontier other than the law which could have been good. It's just you know him realizing Oh like we get the flashbacks of you know the grandmas saying all you have a brother and then him trying to extol brother ends up like Karma like God. More. COULD TURN INTO INCHEON GRANDMA. Yeah. Like honestly think that might be what's happening. I would be onboard that we need like there are ten legendary warriors than we would need another two unless we're just gonNA grab like cannon Rio because of the the ninth and tenth quote Unquote Chosen Children I find with that. Yet. Unless we're going to just not doing a great job, zero I would be so on board to have ancient Arizona, who is by the way finally showing up on a virtual pet, the pendulum said is having ancient our Moan, and that's just sort of good because I love ancient unresponsive much. She's finally showing up and she'd never released shown up before an emotional about this. Yeah Letter it said is very adorable by the way I'd say. But. It's I pick and choose to tank lease actually ZIP ZIP. But it sounds weird sayings that though has those really bad. Anyway but isn't it also dragon bowls that though I don't remember offhand but I think he might be right I still think. They they don't say the say said Zip though which is neither here it's not zero. It's door with Tia Anyway, also digital. I, it is eight to really say about compared with the original series. Besides look Soroush, mum. was. Hundred more than this. Yeah and John I cared about in the original and like. I cared about and instead I just started laughing when the only thing and Germont said, we'll talk you. Funny. Thing because it was filled areas. You know the episode of Dixon's laboratory, which is lifted from AAJ end. Dixon Dedi says, that's all you can say it's all even say that's all I could do this entire. By being. A woman of taste what with injury ashes? Show. Look you could also go even like one step further and probably a little bit older and say Mold A Like. It's just it's very much like A. Medial grid to characters will just exchange their names and like don't discuss like it's just. There are so many ways you could just like take this and make it sort of like a maim on each Tucker ru Dr Scott or something I don't know it's just This was Henrico. They made it so like not meaning, they made it not meaningful made the word Tucker and a neon just not mean anything and can we get beamed hands but it's this episode. I don't know what that is but someone please make esteemed hands Memphis episode. I don't know how that could happen that. I'm sure it's going to be yeah. Oh, I will say engima showing up only to die after doing nothing useful besides like making other people blow up Tuxedo had some skill Tuxedo mask say. Do Anything Energy. Support Class. Like a good way. He's Bercy made yet. The only he's only mercy main because people told him to. He made the ended up doing one thing. The entire battle did the opposite of a rice. So much you can do to make fun of this episode is just awful awful episode I am looking forward to all of relations may yeah, just. Instinct memes that people at the podcast with this week please please just ask us the Dank names of just like it's it's the new main format. It's Tucker on each. And another thing is you can say is that Dr Scott is don't he i? O issued. But talking with face is this only Chen. I love that. is so many means you can make out of this and a one. You'd want everyone to tweet at translation as whatever made me can come up with to do this. Ready. To Hey, awkward gravy. Okay I think each of us should also make a maim to like get it started, but it just means I need to watch the episode just for screen shots again, which I guess I'll have to do after but. Anyway. So what fade characters because? I'm sorry that Mambas sores mum I'm torn. Would it be wrong? Would it be wrong to go with JOE? For not being there. I'm going to say no, because you've picked Joel Lot any picture lost episode. It's great. Any also was he had at least two lines. I'm going to make the ruling and say, no Joe, this time because he doesn't actually show. You Go. Mom Look. PAL ON TUNA SEC QUINTON GO I'm torn and you can help me figure it out. Should I go with these laptop or did you monitor Kapadia the okay I'm GonNa say did you want cycle patio? It had more personality than anyone else in the show. Khosro then. Coach. Bit Now specifically, the Encyclopedia be crushing rather than any. Real personality during the just stop speaking characters just started picking a random. Of the show I, she will pick characters again when they when the show gives us character made this. That I have to pick a real character if it scores above to Yikes didn't you lost episode above? Five Oh I really shouldn't have because that episode was maybe not as terribles this but still pretty terrible. All right maybe above like three year two, three, three lower than allowed to pick inanimate objects if I want to. Okay. Three B. Have you decided Be A two I'm. allowed. To pick abstract concepts. Yes definitely. Look the great sky giant with still more relevant than anything else in that if I really wanted and also the bogey Jackson. was. Present. That was more than any other characters but yeah, I picked mum because now congratulations on acknowledging that your child was missing for three days and actually doing something about it like telling the kickoff. Okay. Yeah. To decision. Okay. What is it? Ten to Amman because he's had writer kosher. Yeah. That's fair like. If, like source wasn't like shown and we we didn't know that she was told I would have picked pal mon just because her face of complete. Disinterest in like the fact Mamie wasn't they? Just out that sounds like. Her face is also just like made the entire episode like Oh maybe even going to show up He just. Like. Yeah I can't believe that soars mom was my favorite. But I can't of any other choice and. Other than pen wants to be a mom is my choice. What about how look I think rating which is the next question is is going to change. I gave it a three point five talking about I think I'm going to give a three. I, think I'm going to distill it down just a little bit of, but it's not as good as the lost episode episode nine am which is also three. So it's like more of like a two point eight per say. Because a source. Mom If if that, okay. If we just cut out the real-world portion, completely, the episode would've probably just been two or two point four. But with that pot, and with the fact that engineer had battled damage, it makes it a three and. Only, because of those two minor minor Monica. PODS. With the to us you guys two. Pretty Terrible, Stevie? Alkaloid. Down the middle. With a two point five. That's The end and that's supposed to speak excited for it could go. That's the same as a lot of episodes that sort of end if a sort of this could guy somewhere like lost episode had the civil the left steps Oh. Plus episodes. Very predictable next episodes last left having to carry in like being the Congo that felt kind of promising bigly briefly vaguely Familiar. Enough yet. This still has some hard to it, but also the ego which never looking forward to us. So how ratings together gave a seven point five, which means it is currently tied for. The loss, the simplify being the same as what we gave episode nineteen. So we'll just go to a ranking quickly and see how we individually this I. Put this as A. Apparently high than it should have been I'm going to move that around just bear with me I originally had it apparently above episode nineteen just by one place but I'm going to put episode Yeah Okay I found headed above episode three which despite having Damone in it Is probably still better than this moving around quite a bit for my original ranking. And now, I'm putting this in third last place. So with episode eighteen, being the worst episode ten being slightly better than episode twenty being. A little bit better ish Stevie where are we putting episode twenty? I'm GonNa put I think it's false from Bonn between three five. Yup that's that's a reasonable price for. And Quinn where are we putting episode twenty? Remember you have your overall and then you have your individual? So I'm going with. Third from bottom dead from. Leeds tendency So. Basically, what? Yep Cool. So I with what bottom threes we have modern Quin, which is episode eighteen being the worst episode ten being. Better Ish and the Nips Oh twenty being veterans still bad and then we have stevie with. My apologies way. You said, fourth lost. Thirteen between episodes three and five is what I meant. That's. Draw interest confused. Okay. Okay. Through Saturday between three and five. So y'all bottom. Five. Episode Twenty being the least bad of the bottom five episode five in episode nineteen episode four in episode eighteen in the bad place. So let we bless. That was. Were a worse than episode nineteen right. He. was, Hoffa. Point. Oh Yea. Yeah, that's right a but in general. Quinn and I both had it worse than episode nineteen. So I think that means that in the writings, it's just a little it's just Below that because they're equal. Does everyone knows everyone okay with that being overall I have no strong feelings. One way or another. Like it's a shame that a lot of digital and it's just sort of I have strong feelings, one way or another, but Tucker Rooney challenges. So our overall ranking out straight out the whole thing episode fourteen, the King of insects clash episode fifteen zones on hammered lightning episode twelve blossoms episode six targeted. Kingdom Episode Sixteen, the Jet Black Shadow invades Tokyo episode seventeen the battle in Tokyo against the wrote on episode one. Tokyo digital crisis. Episode. Nine the ultimate invasion episode to work. Episode seven that Manjo Canot episode eight children saved episode. Episode Five, the Holy Digital episode thirteen grew on of the Crimson Wings episode eleven wolf standing up the desert From on episode four bedroom one source I kind of just combined woods episode to the digital world. Episode. Nineteen how Joachin Episode Twenty Seventh One Awakens episode ten Super Evolution of Steel Episode I. Campaign Tucker's Annihilation. Please get good again digital. If that is okay, I would really like some good digital happening because we're not getting much of the good digital lightly. Episode? Police, they make you watch it. There's. His strange height I've seen as glimmer of hope when the amount of hope has been. Yup died and then got kidnapped I. Mean you really get normally giving Hausler So onto questions before we finish up first of all Anna Bear. On Youtube says that. They would definitely think even how to Caroline Leone, will be introduced in the same episodes in cannot cannot believe that that will rise in some way but he had this episode coming off. The previous episode does not make does not make this. We'd often going at all. Well, I can't believe we will complain about touchy episode in the We'd Virgil and digital through foreign some we step aside has no character of the show. Yeah because apparently we can do. With no characters. Next of Matthias says watching the original adventure in Japanese, now watching venture twenty, twenty weekly will they can say this show is so bad. It peaked with the death of Oregon and then we went all downhill from there and yet the goal was really like dramatic and I feel like we've not had much since really like we've had some good moments but they've been evolution episodes in terms of the plot had not much like. next we have sleek amy seven who says the infiltrate to the cargo was lacklustre it would have been better if the situation was more like the kids at infiltrate alcohol and they address how easy it was and revealed it was all a setup. By Leviathan, he that was great. I loved how whenever you thought something was like either to easy or head of certain criticism about the shore the shorthanded to address it like immediately like I know at moments, we'd help like they know no one connected the fact that alcohol was run by. The whole trump that was despite having signed logo. But if that's honestly one of the few complaints ahead of Admiral with they pounding ran out of time about the the whoever was the athlete Arriva who evolved a Ski Cameron at one point area that they just sort of apparently ran tom was meant to be Yuejin Yeah. So anyway. Yeah it was like those with the tomato the characters not make no one making a connection between. Lebron but yet I loved how at one head this really easy moment where I I was like all this is terrible. They've made able trace so easy and it turned up everything was attracted. This whole thing was along plan like but the entire time where you think this is going. To wealth of the characters but it is digital. So I won't complain about it too. Hud was just like everything like everything was set up by Leviathan. The whole plot it was just it was every bit of convenience whenever you set off surplus convenient they sort of run into the next evolution that's convenient like that happening addition on is normal but the fact it was a trap was kind of. was kind of Nice like this. Reminded to the future can't just have characters announce how they feel that makes me very angry. Futurama. So next we have Alpha Magi who says that they hope fell what evolves. So touching Masha can keep the PEC MOANS and spot among can Rodney Peck Mon can't believe that they forgot that that was going to die. Yes wish can't forget that the pick loans ever existed They will show up briefly and then never again. We've got nipple missiles that have can transport us. Now, why would we need technician to Leo Motherlode? But. What happens to the? We get picked on characters apparently, they've also died. On dies, which is like I can speak Oh. Yeah. What what's the over under to? Die, quickly nor I don't think they're ever GONNA, show up ever again I think the going to get that they exist. Must GonNa catch up riding on a pacman makes up. So I I know what like he just shows up and these two ways I can think of happening him either not being Peck Moan and them saying Westpac Pacman Oh, he died or him showing up without Pick Moan And that? And no one like blinks like everyone's like. Well, Liam wants you that's a character. And no reference. Yeah. So those are the questions. Do we have any discussion points that we want to address before we move onto the? I don't think. So we're pretty talked out. Yeah. Yeah I think we spent the entire Synopsis Talking about points. So when we go to the discussion like well, we did we did. We we did bad episodes. We mix them together. It's fine. Yeah. I mean I feel like despite the episode nothing's bad as episode eighteen I feel like we had more complaints earliest we spend more time talking about what we didn't like because episode a team was just what if we took has been ultimately happened on tented stretch to twenty and that was annoying but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen and it also didn't have any characters talking that would sort of like walking real slow and then fighting also real slow and a at least like like that it's just bad. This one at least had things that were happening that were knowing absolutely. Free wait for no reason yet there was no like episode I could not be saved by the previous episodes. Episode Twenty could have been saved by the previous episodes. Imagine if we care about these characters, this episode would be i WanNa say, could it could have been a four out of five for me? Just if we had you know some emotion about Takara beforehand that wasn't just I've got a brother like any sort of like lit up that had trying to have to carry saying little lines as possible Sawyer, we could make it may apparently. It was like it was almost like trying to not have him say anything to not reveal his character and they're probably doing the same he carried doing. So made it same like he had no character. Like imagine if we can't about Tucker, this episode could be good if we had any emotion about Yamato Auto career besides you motto has a brother carries the brother and also the holy digital we're looking for which is the only bit is actually built on full the episode. This episode notice by episode eighteen, but could have been better and that's my. That's my take away from episode antibodies better, Omega Man that's my hot take of the episode. Dear it. I would I would agree that it honestly depends like I. Think. I. Will Game is still one of the best paces of digital like like Digital Media it is enjoyable. I, like it I think is probably the best digital movie or least it's definitely up there digital don't do good digital movies I just visited one good that you mon- movie and it was made of three movies. Yeah like. About the DUB, like the digital movie making the third part. Like. Much shorter somehow made it better like I always when I was like edgy inside the dumps. Bad do so. They just all awful. Whoever does a double watches? It is terrible and then I, was thinking that and then when I watched the dove and then watch the original and compared the two I was like, oh, the originals really boring Oh. Thank you. Thank you. Just name more hugh actually. Made this better and also links to three and near the digital means what if I me? Has the Dingy Rob. Thank you everyone for listening and can join US next time episode twenty, one, the tide turning update. Do we have any predictions other than what we've already told have speculated upon next episode bad I think the tide is turning. Favor I think is going to be bad because I don't expect anything that's not Wolfgramm on and I don't want to not the revolution oxidation because we're GONNA go through percent. So that's what's going to happen I. Don't like I hope that it's just like the fact we get it saying Middle Gray is introducing encyclopedia. Next time is just like a misstep who cares about that not saying that we're GONNA get Wolfgramm on and I hope that it's not an evolution i. hope that it's just a power up i. know that sounds kind of lame but it is like I just don't evolution off just yet I. I still think it's going to happen. That's the might. One but yeah, no that she has served any of them like touchy touchy deserve like the evolution from uncle grain. That's fine. But after that now, that's it. He at Tachi went from having like the most character to the laced, like how they spending more time with cowardice without personality than catches that actually surprisingly given personality to which is. The, other four, any other addictions Tuqiri will say only champ at least once no I mean probably at least once because that's what he calls him fifty fifty odds he doesn't get any other lines. WHO's GONNA play be only chance drinking game next week Oh. Yeah. I'm down to. Talk. Oh Gosh golly. Live Reaction Westernization, that'd be fun. Well I think y'all like asleep when. I. Want Shores Your Watch like two PM and then y'all watch like before we do the podcast and that's what I'm asleep. Yeah. You'd have to get up at like seven am and do a drinking game. So it's probably not an idea. No, I'm already I'm already waking up at seven am to the recording, but then you'd have to get drunk reporting, which is not a great idea. And like I start like the reason we do it at seven miss because I work at like nine but I'm also working remotely. So I can literally go from recording the episode to working without moving because it's my computer. So as soon as I work from home, which apparently were opening up again on the first of which is. A orphaned off briefly winter that was weird but so I might be going back to like work at the office so It depends. But I'm down for like the drinking game of me doing it separately. I mean being in order to have one drinking game the day before. Yeah Let's. Let's all just like tally up how many drinks we do. And compare if we missed any. Anyway. So I think that's it for a pretty I. Possible the Amon death next week yet, which activates the power up all the. I mean well dumb. They not calling the episode Liam on dies well done for them, and also that would maybe only lives for like what twenty minutes. Yeah Twenty minutes of so yes thanks for listening link dumpster description rebels, awesome subscription, indigo mortgages Shit said to you contact us and stabbed transactional jamile dot com on comments on the subsoil message on our website listen transitional dot com. You can follow us at transaction on twitter or on facebook. Ta is issue which just lost in translation one. We have discussion that on with the will and a red on solid and would appreciate if you will views in any podcasts knee after us and give you a shout on the podcast. You can also donate a paycheck wish link I was doing so well, you can donate to a page on which link description month almost in there which gets you access to release dischord server but there are high levels, more awards, notes, Elliott's end more, and thank you twelve councils on. Patriot Joe Stephen raised four. ARCA. Cod Washy Chiesa who can fall in a? Sorry I recently that twitter at two, twenty, six, kyle limit whose line on Tumblr Nicholas Matama Sam spot case from gone we'll hunting one hundred, hundred what podcast overhead Rick twenty-five Magma's Lucas Blind man nj or if you can make one initial payback, we took family description. It's PAYPAL's domains such as Ramon, and have a coffee account, which is K. O. Hyphen F. I dot com slash Adra, and, of course. Stevie and Quinn thank you for joining me this Time Stadium Wick we find you. The best that. We are. That's where we at. And Quinn Mum Cast, sometime Ya. Yes. New episodes tomorrow. And Drinking Games special for Halloween. But yes, of course, thank you for joining me and thank you everyone for listening to us rant for almost two hours ask. This episode So, yes. See guys next time.

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May 22, Hr 2  Greeley Farmers Market, creative graduation, and the coronavirus response

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

22:55 min | 5 months ago

May 22, Hr 2 Greeley Farmers Market, creative graduation, and the coronavirus response

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI well as St Joe's slowly returns to some semblance of normalcy during the time of covid. Nineteen some good news seven. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as the Greeley farmers market is set to open June six. Of course what they number of Safety precautions and restrictions in place. We're going front pizza by TAMRA. Markered out of the Greeley trip city officials announced just yesterday that the Greeley Farmers Market to will open for the summer season beginning Saturday June six now. According to a press release from the city state public health officials deemed the market quotes an essential business and a fundamental part of Colorado's food supply chain. Aren't you tired of hearing government picking winners and losers? What is essential what is essential this as you have six hundred doctors that yesterday even Washington Post jumping on board talking about the very real psychological impact so many particularly small business owners are seeing as they're watching their life's dream go down the tubes as a result of government picking winners and losers with what is essential. What is non essential saying this? This could lead to a catastrophic health crisis in terms of a mental health crisis and substance abuse alcohol abuse drug abuse. Suicides heard this morning and this really floored me. I don't know if you heard this or not. But you've got doctors out of out of California saying that they are seeing more deaths attributable to suicide in the past four weeks as a result of all the stress and anxiety and uncertainty. Now they're making that connection. I'm not but what else could you attributed to seeing more suicides over the past four weeks than they typically see in a year when you look at the aspect of relationships and those perhaps who don't have the smoothest relationships we're seeing an uptick in domestic violence? The list goes on and on even the Washington Post of all publications saying yes. It is time for us to get back to work. But I digress. The market takes place from a end noon every Saturday at the Union Pacific depot to Seventh Avenue in Greeley. It's set to run through October thirty first. Andrea herring is the Greeley Farmers Market Manager Andrea says keeping fresh local food accessible as important to our community and indeed our state's economy. We look forward to seeing some returning and indeed some new vendors as well like many businesses the market will open with safety measures in place to protect vendors and customers from covid nineteen. All vendors. Must wear face masks. While visitors to the market are not required to wear masks. They are encouraged to do so. There will be signs indicating the entrance and exit to keep traffic flowing. One way through the market. I am still struggling with that. I have to be honest with you. I'm pretty transparent but I was just at Walmart yesterday and try as I might to follow all the sign age. It's a bit overwhelming and I find myself typically going the wrong way down the aisle so I just turn around and go the right way but I mean it's it's it's kind of a secure route through a store. Now I do the best I can. During peak hours organizers may limit the number of people allowed into the market as to maintain maintain that six feet social distancing guideline safety rules of operations will be followed herring explain we encourage anyone with underlying health conditions not to attend. The market market organizers encourage visitors to abide by the following covid nineteen safety guidelines while at the event. And of course you know these my heart. It is suggested that you wear a mask. You Might WanNa take a list of what you need. Make sure your hands are clean Six feet of such distance from others limit. What you touch minimize the use of cash and don't eat at the market. Essential food item vendors. Hate that term will be at the market with additional vendors added in during the season and to support to support shopping with the purpose and to minimize social gatherings at the market there will not be any entertainment or kids activities. And if you need more information on the market it's a hours or how to apply to become a vendor. All you have to do is go to Greeley gove dot com forward slash f. m. this as the Greeley's farmer. Greeley farmers market is set to open with of course restrictions. June six seven. Thirteen now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. All right so we have the unemployment numbers non-employment those initial jobless claims numbers the weekly jobless claims numbers coming in Last or just yesterday and the bottom line is we're now looking at about thirty eight point five million across the country who have filed those claims well nearly eighteen thousand Colorado's have followed suit. We'll get into that in just a few posing on seven fifteen now thirteen ten. Kfi K A thirteen ten K. K. Dot Com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado. Since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine. Seven three seven eight fourteen. O nine or carrying hearts H H dot Com all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Hey the latest on covid nineteen local news and sports. We're here with you thirteen ten. Kfi K. and thirteen ten KFI K DOT com. Got Greeley students organizing a graduation crews for their senior celebration. But not the type of cruise a you might expect seven twenty one now thirteen ten. Kfi Gay Thirteen ten KFI DOT com mornings with gail local. Fueled by greats Western petroleum as well. They're tapping into their ingenuity and their creativity. We're GONNA peace out of the trip by Jaden Watson Fisher Greeley High School. Seniors might not get a typical graduation ceremony because of covid nineteen but Well they'll get one a little bit more creative. You had three agreeably central students organizing a mobile celebration for all seniors. Seniors can decorate their cars. Whether caps and gowns for the graduation crews. It'll take place at seven pm tomorrow. Seniors Juliane Abalos and Alexis. Mongolia began organizing the event about a week ago. This after among we saw a similar idea from Fort Collins high school the two worked with city officials and district six leadership to determine the logistics of the parade. Kyle crews another senior worked on Worked as an event promoter to share information on Social Media Abalos said at first. It was just an idea. I didn't think it would get this big. It was one message. Now everybody's involved in it. The team is expecting anywhere from three hundred to five hundred cars in the parade with students from every local school. Avalon said this is an opportunity for all high school seniors to celebrate their accomplishments. He noted some students including himself might not be able to attend the in person ceremonies over the summer and this gives them not only a sense of accomplishment as they finish their high school years but indeed a sense of closure. All students will meet it Island Grove Regional Park Lineup for the parade. Cars will follow a police escort among along the designated route approved by city administrators. It'll pass major high schools including the charter schools and at Northridge. Police officers will assist to ensure the parade flow move seamlessly at intersections. And well they might and this is something you might WanNa be aware of. They might block portions of the streets. The parade will travel slowly and hazard lights will be used to indicate which vehicles are participants now. Sadly parents could not ride in the parade unless they drive a student who doesn't have a licence. They can view the parade from their child's high school or the sidewalk of course Practicing safe social distancing and all the other recommendations in an effort to stave off being infected by Cova nineteen. The student organizers and participants and spectators are encouraged to wear masks and once again practice all those CDC recommendations for distancing Avalos met with city and school leaders earlier this week to create the plan designed to keep students other motorists and bystanders safe. During the event the students said that yeah while the school do indeed have rivalries. This is a chance for all of them to come together. They're looking forward to seeing everyone smiling and bringing something positive to a situation in a very uncertain time. Monkowila said I'm excited to see everyone's last time gathering together since it would have been our graduation day seeing everyone in their caps and gowns. And seeing how far we've all come and how far I might add. You will go now here. The parade details students will be staged at Island Grove Regional Park of by seven. Pm Tomorrow. That's when the parade gets underway. The graduation crews all participants must remain their vehicles at island grove during the parade. Drivers Must Flash Hazard Lights during the parade to signify their participation and those without them will be removed from the parade staff will dismiss cars to begin the parade route. No one should leave. Island Grove until staff member instructs them. They're also instructed to follow the lead police car. Police officers will stop traffic at intersections to the ensure that the parade can traveled unimpeded and uninterrupted. The lead police car will be driving under fifteen miles per hour All participants are to stay in the outside lane and single line during the cruise. The graduation cruise the inside lane. Maybe needed to allow other non-participatory motorists to move around. The parade spectators are advised. Stay on sidewalks or in parking. Lots they can not approach to cars or stand in the streets. Cars must stay together. Allow gaps to form. No cars can join or leave the parade. During the procession. A police escort will end the parade and no students who are tardy to the proverbial party will be allowed to follow it. The parade will not stop until cars reach Northridge High School. Participants will accent in a one way passion after the event actually draws to a conclusion. But we're going to dub this a best of our community segment powered by PD C. Energy. This as a Greeley students organized that graduation crews for their senior celebrate brazen getting underway tomorrow. Seven P am starting at Island Grove Regional Park seven twenty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi Gay Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. Well we have those weekly Unemployment those weekly initial unemployment claims come out just yesterday. We're now seeing a total of thirty eight point. Five million initial unemployment claims as a result of the fallout of those folks losing their jobs or being furloughed from their jobs because of covid nineteen well an additional seventeen thousand eight hundred twenty. Five people filed for unemployment benefits in the week ending may sixteenth this according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Down from twenty two thousand four hundred and eighty three the week prior an additional seven. Thousand six hundred and thirty-three self employed in those so-called gig workers applied for federal pandemic unemployment assistance. This is the fifth week in a row of gradual declines following the national model here in regular unemployment claims over the past nine weeks. A total of four hundred. Seventy six thousand six hundred and thirteen initial unemployment claims have been filed. We're confirmed piece. By Lucas. High Biz West Prairie Mountain media. That figure includes a federal pandemic unemployment assistant filings for the week ending May Sixteenth Colorado distributed eighty eight point eight million dollars in regular unemployment insurance benefits. That's down from six million dollars the prior week prior to April prior to the COVID nineteen outbreak. The state paid out a weekly average of eight point. Seven million put that into perspective according to the Colorado Department of Labor and unemployment during the height of the great recession nineteen million dollars and a regular unemployment. Insurance benefits were paid out on average weekly basis. One hundred two point. Eight million dollars in benefits were paid out in. May Two thousand nine. The previous highest monthly total on record approximately three hundred and fifteen million dollars in regular unemployment. Insurance benefits were paid out in April of Twenty. Twenty on seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM slackers the market rally pauses ahead of the three day weekend. Well what excuses there for that Keith? Wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick in the Danettes Weekday as nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi KINDA interesting Just want to reflect on a point that Keith wineman presidential wealth management because I actually have the story in front of me this as president trump says he will not close the country if a second wave of corona virus hits now the precursor to that story. And I don't know whether you saw this or not was what would be our appetite. Our collective appetite if that second wave as many health experts expect that second wave of corona virus does roll through the country in the fall. What would be our appetite for yet? More stay at home or shelter at home orders. I think many of us know the answer to that because Well we were rapidly getting to the point of out and out rebellion with Some of the more draconian measures put into place by any number of governors across the country but President Donald Trump said. We are not closing our country if the US is hit by a second way of Corona virus infections once again. And I guess. Hindsight is twenty twenty but as a doctor. Scott Atlas says out of Stanford wouldn't it have made more sense from the very beginning and understanding? This is novel coronavirus but there are similarities between corona and wouldn't have made more sense said Dr Scott Atlas instead of quarantining the healthy. We quarantined those who are most vulnerable to any CORONA VIRUS. That category includes the elderly Those with underlying has conditions. Those who are you know compromise. The list goes on and on and I can't help but think that perhaps maybe even the government learned a lesson here as they learn more about Cova nineteen the epicenter of Covid nineteen and if it does return in the fall perhaps it is better to quarantine those most vulnerable. The sick and not the healthy president trump went on to say when asked about a second wave during a tour of Ford Factory in Michigan in which he did not wear a face mask and of course the mainstream media is going absolutely crazy over that fact. He's tested almost every day. People say that that's a very distinct pop. Possibility it's standard Referring to closing down the country but what he really was saying is we're going to put out the fires. Were not going to close the country whether it's an ember or flame we're going to put it out but we are not closing the country. I think that's very wise. How about you nine? Seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten seven fifty one. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi BURSTS UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seven fifty five all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Hey All sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Egypt wonder why reopening so polarize us in a time of covid nineteen representative Dan Crenshaw who we've had the great joy of having on the show has some ideas The showed up a few days ago and the Wall Street Journal. He says the divide over lockdowns reflects deeper differences in attitudes toward risk choice liberty and morality. Some fifty seven thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com saying the debates over reopening. The economy has very peculiar characteristic. Breaks down almost entirely along. Political Lines Liberals emphasized the dangers of an open society shaming those who want to go back to work conservatives argue the opposite red states are steadily reopening while most that blue states lag. Isn't it obvious that such a debate should not be partisan but it is? Why one popular explanation is that all roads lead the president trump and whatever he says well you can count on the left to say the exact opposite geographic distribution has also been proposed as a factor as liberals tend to packed into crowded cities where the virus spreads more easily. Walk Conservatives. Populate. The more rural safer regions another factor is that the economic fallout has harmed working class high school educated. Americans far worse than liberal leaning a college educated states. It's easy to prioritize public health when you work comfortably from home. Finally the far left is treating lockdowns and the cons the The economic devastation as an opportunity to re structure America into a socialist utopia. So they're definitely in no today. Conservatives are the ones ready to confront risk head on liberals also more comfortable with the government that regulates more behavior and provides more services says representative Dan Crenshaw. The liberal approach betrays a lack of imagination. Just because you dislike. Mr Trump doesn't mean that he has categorically wrong here. And just because you can rope work remotely at others can too just because you don't want to confront wrist doesn't mean others should be prevented from doing so and just because you have a single dimensional view of carrying doesn't mean we can afford to ignore the consequences of economic devastation. The American people are responsible enough to live free and confront risky. Says why not let them do so? Kfta Greeley Thirteen ten KFI. A PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

KFI Colorado Greeley Farmers Market Greeley President Donald Trump KFI KFI Kfi K. Gail president K. F. K. Covid Island Grove Regional Park Colorado Kfi Washington Post covid Cova Andrea herring
Superbug in the U.S.; Market Morale; Remembering Jack Welch

Squawk Pod

33:44 min | 8 months ago

Superbug in the U.S.; Market Morale; Remembering Jack Welch

"Today's uncertainty may cause you to question your investment strategy but with the right perspective and investment solutions. We think it's possible to stay on track toward long-term goals with Janice. Henson abandon your dance. Not your financial goals bringing show musically squawk pod daily podcast brought to you by the team behind squawk box worst control to CNBC's essential morning show every day. Get the best stories. Debate and analysis from the biggest names in business and politics are coming to enact today on swat pot coming back from wall. Street's worst week since the financial crisis. Cnbc's senior markets commentator. Mike Santoli probably be pretty reserved about making bold predictions about exactly where you go from here. Health authorities have confirmed the second corona virus death in the US former FDA chief Scott leave charts the path ahead in parts of the country would pass the point where we can contain this. We're going to have to look towards mitigation and the infectious disease physician. Who wrote superbugs? Dr Matt McCarthy Organic Store Closures here. We're hearing that life's GonNa go about Just like normal. That's not true those stories and more. I'M NBC producer. Katie Kramer. It's Monday march. Second Twenty twenty. Squawk pot begins right now. Becky by and three to one culinary good morning everybody welcome to Squawk box here on. Cnbc we're live from the Nasdaq market site in Times Square. I'm becky quick. Along with Joe Kernan and Mike Santoli. Andrew is out today our guest house. The morning is Liz. Yup She is the director of market strategy. Ny Investment Management. It's good to have you here to be here. I on this Monday podcast. The markets last week was the worst week on Wall Street. Since the financial crisis the Dow Jones composite went from its fifty two week high to its fifty two week low in ten trading days. That's the fastest flip on record since the nineteen thirties. More than ninety six percent of the stocks in the five hundred were in correction territory as the market opened today and this is all of course prompted by fears of a worsening corona virus outbreak the second. Us death was confirmed in Seattle over the weekend. And the first case in Manhattan has been confirmed the total number of cases in the. Us is now above eighty last week on squawk box former. Fed Governor Kevin. Warsh argued that to combat investor and consumer anxieties about a potential pandemic. The Federal Reserve should coordinate with other central banks. He urged the Fed to cut interest rates and opined on the feds lack of ammunition in times of crisis. The sooner they cut the better. It's a signal to businesses out there that they shouldn't decide to give up on twenty twenty you can hear the highlights of Kevin worship colorful economic analysis complete with knives and gunfights on Friday squad years. Joe Kernan today in the old days money supply every Friday. That would come out. So of the the headline was you know. Stock Selloff as asteroid heads towards the Earth. Imminent destruction likely. I was at ten. Am but market rallied in the afternoon after money. Supply is less than the Fed really. Is that GonNa be what I think? The context matters. I understand. We have more Sean. Any made the case. But really mean mean that kind of context. The Dow's thirty five hundred points so if we're bouncing a little bit in the in a very very overstretched market to the downside at least because we've already priced in something pretty dramatic in terms of new cases and economic impact. And all the rest of it but I do think that at least in the short term the idea that the Fed is going to use AMMO. It has perhaps is enough to at least kind of lubricate the market. Well we're getting. We're disconnecting again between the the Fixed Income and and the equity markets where we had that big APP. Maybe you didn't know how it's going to resolve itself even if we get news from the Fed this week that they're going to be more supportive. It's a band aid right. It's a sentiment band-aid we're GONNA continue to get bad news out of the economy's both here and abroad. We're going to continue to get revisions and earnings. The Fed can only kind keep us afloat and we'll probably chop around Mike. I know we talked about this last week. We'll probably chop around in a range until that bad news is over. Legendary investor. Lee cooperman weighed in last night during a CNBC special. We've had plenty of twelve percents corrections but none that I recall in three days and we've gone from complacency to fear in a very short time frame Mike. I think the correction the rapid decline. Also coming from an all time high is what really copy attention and relatively rare in both those respects and the damage done in a very short period of time in terms of the number of stocks down on heavy volume way below their turn all these indicators of how far the rubber band is stretched is our very extreme right. Now the issue is it also means. The market's just really unsettled. I mean you only get that way. If people were caught way all sides on something and they have an outlook that it's completely in a fog and I think that's why right now. Your the volatility index above forty. And you have like. We said the bond market and buying panic right now. All those things suggest you should probably be pretty reserved about making predictions about exactly where you go from here. And it's going to take one. Relevant marker here is that the low and the SNP. From Friday morning around twenty fifty we close one hundred points above that right very big rally late Friday when it was short covering people getting out of the way again. Just oversold now. That's an interesting point. Because that's essentially where we were trading most of last summer summer during that pullback and we were afraid of Flat Yo curb your afraid of recession so it took. It took out the entire. The world is going to recover advance that we got since August October. Just explaining the Friday narrative that short-covering and that wasn't obviously that was going to be not late in the day. The response could have just as easily been. We got two days to find more cases and have more deaths than we could have a thousand there are. There's eighty but going into the weekend I think that the consensus or or the the you know the if you just looked at the knee jerk reaction it was that. I don't want to be long for these next two days which I think it was. Mechanical was making a bet the week it's like. I'm learning from betting on basketball. It doesn't matter who's playing either team can win on and on Friday. There's no way it was a fifty fifty flip was mark. We're GONNA meltdown in the last half hour in these markets. I'll go to baseball where it's like. There's this thing as momentum if you get blown out one day momentum is Tamara starting pitcher. You start the next day. You see who shows that's true too with a basketball march madness if we have it this year but I can make baseball. Okay it'll be on. Tv Corona virus has investors spooked and also has many consumers running to stock up on goods retail expert. Jan Nathan has been serving stores. Did that a lot over the weekend and he joins US right now with his findings Jan. It's good to see you. You'd see you all right. So let's talk about this. I saw some news report over the weekend. Where seventy six percent of people said. They'd like to stay away. From malls versus seventy five percent. Who said they'd like to stay away from public transportation? I Dunno you. Kinda way being in a crowded subway car versus being in a macy's I think I might take the ladder. But what did you see over the weekend as you were out shopping and Checking things out. I was on metro north and the subway in to mall. So I guess you know odds are like zero getting through this but the malls warranty Hudson Yard. I was Danbury fair and empties pejorative term. But it was very light as far as the people who were there. I was also at Costco and stop and shop and it was literally the I've ever seen the COSCO. I was then and it's never busy at the end of February. I mean it's like very normal at the end of February. You're supposed to be able to drive in and park. They're supposed to be shopping. Carts there was neither. I literally had to drive around the parking lot until somebody pulled out to park. That's never happened to me. And all the TRIPS. I've ever made this particular costco including at Christmas and Thanksgiving. It's not just that KOSCO. There were reports over the weekend to the West Coast to the east coast. They were they were people. Were out and stocking up. I guess that's a normal consideration when people start to get fearful they WANNA make sure they stock up in case there are supply issues down the road and it was also Walmart and target and wanted to stop and shop which decimated like every cleaning product out of the aisle gone but there was the same story at Costco literally. They were buying rice packaged rice at such a rate that the shop people are people who are stuck in the store bringing in and out park in the aisle instead of putting it on the shelves and people were just put it in another carts and every cart. When I got there was gone when you all the cards are gone at Casco. Pretty Busy Day. So it was pretty amazing. What does that mean? I mean? This is a dramatic few days that you're going to see people stocking up. Does this actually matter to the bottom lines of any of these companies? Oh I don't think this is a few days. I think you're GONNA see this go on for a long time. Remember two thousand nine when we had the swine flu. H H one. In one vaguely sixty million people in America were come came down with swine flu over a one year period. Two hundred seventy five thousand of them got hospitalized and twelve thousand. Thirteen thousand died. This thing may not look like that but right now people think it's going to look like that we could see the stocking up going on for quite a while because this could cycle through as each new part of the country comes under the. What does that mean for the supply chain just in terms of this becoming a self fulfilling prophecy if people are out stocking up then it means that the shortages are more likely to happen now. It's like when everybody fill their tank with gas back in one thousand nine seventy three right and all the gas was gone. It was all people to their cars. We're going to see that the stores I was in literally I asked people the Children's I always the children's aisle for flu and cough and cold medicine was completely gone. There was nothing there so I asked her. You bring him out from the back and they said we don't have anymore. Bring out from the back when I got to the Pasta. Only organic expensive. Pasta was left. All the regular pasta was gone so I said are you. Bring it up from the back. Nope it's just whatever's here is what's here. So will they replenish sure but the supply chains? We'll get strained and we also know that some things that come out of China the supply chain already strained and so we're going to see more and more of that but it's just an interesting phenomenon when we talked to Walmart about what was happening in China. They kept all their stores open so they had a really good database. They said the Knicks of what people bought completely changed and delivery skyrocketed. We'll deliveries will skyrocket here and this will be a change to consumers abbots because once you start buying online you don't stop buying online and once you buy a product online you keep buying the product online and that's happened with every cohort in the economy. That's every product Jan. Thanks for coming in good to see you. Media reports say Elliott Management is taken roughly one billion dollars stake in twitter and nominated for directors to the board Elliott which is known for its activist. Campaigns has been in talks twitter's management about its desire for the company to find a full-time CEO twitter's Jack Dorsey also CEO of Square of course and he said last year he plans to move to Africa for three to six months this year. There's a Lotta talk over the weekend about whether this was a political move because just connections with the president but this seems like a pretty easy woman. Ceo has two jobs and he says he's moving to Africa these because it was a pretty easy target by saying you're going to go to Africa for three to six months. Easy time for one of these guys to step in and say Let's pay square. A square is a big company. I started it was kind of this thing I have on the side maybe promising. And so it's it seems like it's at least one job. Cheese will be next next on Squawk pod infectious disease. Doctor Matt McCarthy warns that the Corona virus outbreak in the US could be much worse than we think in New York state right. The person who tested positive was only the thirty second test. We've done in the state that is a national scandal. That conversation after this today's uncertainty may cause you to question your investment strategy but with the right perspective and investment solutions. We think it's possible to stay on track toward long-term goals with Janice Henderson. Abandon your dance. Not your financial goals. You're listening to squad from CNBC. Good morning everybody. Welcome back to Squawk box here on. Cnbc I'm becky quick. Along with Joe and and Mike Santoli our guest host this morning is Liz Young. She's director of Market Strategy Mellon Investment Management New overnight China confirming two hundred new cases of the virus and the outbreak is taking a toll on the economy. Their new survey data showed China's manufacturing activity slumped in February. The purchasing managers index came in at forty point three. That's the lowest readings since the survey was launched. Back in two thousand and four Japan meantime reporting five new cases overnight and controversial school. Closures began their today for most of the country. Creating child-care problems for millions of workers auto sales in Japan tumbled ten percent in February as the virus outbreak led to production disruptions and South Korea reported nearly five hundred new cases overnight bringing the total there to more than forty three hundred. That's pretty amazing. These just all this the ramp in China you see. There are Japan the article that in Japan people. The flu season is being minimized because people are washing hand so much and staying home from work that they're normal people are doing better because in that entire county how many. Let's do that all the time I started. I started started. Welcome and then you hear China. That's such a bizarre story where you said okay. Two hundred two hundred cases but the size of China in two hundred cases and yet you've got a piece of forty that's a disconnect and shows you. Here's what's doing. Not What China? Actually did they intentionally shutdown and tried to quarantine. The fear of fear of the corona value. Went out to work. Maybe I understand anybody. Test it to the number of new cases is not proportionate economic damage is being done and it's the same thing that can happen. Economic Shutdown is the type of thing that China did that by the way most of have been applauding them for taking these extreme measures because it meant that it didn't spread more rapidly for the amount of cases that you have a country like China to see the economic damage versus the actual number of cases. I mean they did order to come out of the workforce right. I mean they quarantine enough people. They don't all necessarily need to be infected. They're just not at work. They're not producing anything. And that's been the issue and then you pass through it kind of builds on itself you pass through a certain area and then those people can't go to work for a certain amount of time so it brings. I mean at some point. A third. Almost a third of the workforce out of we have this type of damping of economic activity with eighty thousand or ninety thousand total cases globally. Yeah what happens when we have if we have a million cases I then it won't be as proportional because we've already discounted it seems like we've already discounted by in case Canada. Lot of economic activity. Shut yes exactly and you just wonder if we could get a quick therapeutic that could deal with the symptoms with people that that get worse to be great then we may go back. Eunice tweeted earlier today. About how stem cell therapy supposedly worked at a patient who was very sick from this southern things go back after yard and the only thing that fear we might go back in in Hindsight. Say That at some point that we. I'm hoping I'm hoping and then the other then there's pockets scenario. Would you be worse okay? We are joined by a couple of gentlemen. That know what they're talking about. Thank you meg. Let's talk to your doctor. Scott Gottlieb former. Fda Commissioner and CVC contributor. He serves on both Pfizer's and Aluminum Boards and Dr Matt McCarthy An Infectious Disease Physician who is the author of superbugs the race. The stop an epidemic Thank you both for joining us. Just start off on a little bit. Different Tangent Gentlemen. In the I mean. When did we discover penicillin? It was like in the thirty s or so it wasn't I mean what we've done in the past ninety years in the whole history of human existence. It's amazing where we are right. Discovered in nineteen twenty seven points available in nineteen forty four. We've had a long and successful history of Diagnostics and therapeutics and we're better and better. We can see when we sequence to sing instantaneously. Almost we can do. It ought in an automated way. Why shouldn't we be hopeful that we can come up with a therapeutic quickly? Let me tell you the problem right now before I came here this morning. I was in the emergency room seeing patients. I still do not have a rapid diagnostic test available to well. That's easy to do. Is it not? Is it hard to manufacture? It is easy to for some countries. What happened in the United States is that the CDC created test Senate test out to fifty states and then said hold up? Don't use it. Let us fix it. How we hear that. It's coming very soon but I'm here to tell you right now. At one of the busiest hospitals in the country. I don't have it at my fingertips. I still have to call the Department of Health. I still have to make my case. Plead to test people. This is not good. We know that there are cases in the United States. There are going to be hundreds by middle of week. There's going to be thousands by next week and is a testing. What do you do people in the emergency room? If you can't test them well we call and we try to test. We isolate them. We have an outstanding team of infection. Control practitioners who know how to handle this. But they're hamstrung by the fact that we don't have a diagnostic test available. People getting sent home because I read reports that over the weekend. We're not sending people home. We're making sure they get what supportive care we can give but keep in mind we now have this in New York state right. The person who tested positive was only the thirty second test. We've done in this state. That is national scandal. They're testing ten thousand a day in some countries and we can't get this off the ground. I'm a practitioner on the firing line. And I don't have the tools to properly care for patients today. The challenges that providers can't take proper precautions if they can't talk about this for weeks. This is what we need to do. We need to have a vaccine strategy. I think a vaccine is a year or two away. I think we need to think about what we're going to have in the fall back. Stopped this when this. Hopefully this will start to dissipate in July and August. But it's going to probably come back in the fall and then what next and the only thing that could be available in the near term therapeutic antibodies prophylaxis or drugs. Vaccines Much lie isn't something existing in the HIV regimen. That might work on on a well. We have an HIV drug Kalija. That we're studying right now. It's in a clinical trial. That information is not going to be available for a while. The message today is we're hearing from this administration. That risk is low and that things are probably going to be okay. You don't need to change your lifestyle that's simply not true. There are going to be thousands of cases here. We have already moved from containment to mitigation. We are trying to lessen the severity. Here you're going to see widespread disruption to daily life. Do not believe the false. Reassurance does that mean in terms of what people should do on a daily basis. Look I think that I think we're GONNA have outbreaks here in the US. There's no question about that. I think in in parts of the country would past the point where we can contain this. We're going to have to look towards mitigation Washington State California. It doesn't need to become epidemic. We have a much more advanced healthcare system. We have better infection control procedures in hospitals. I think we have the capacity to do that. I agree we need to start taking more aggressive steps right now to make sure that this doesn't become China. Hit testing that how to China possibly be on the downside of the epidemic cow. Well and there's also something called the boomerang effect which we may be seeing in who right now. Which is that places. We think are clear are starting to have rates creep up. We may see things bounce back. But the key here is do not believe the false reassurance. I'm telling you the cases are about to surge and only then. Can we make informed decision that lower denominator on on the mortality? Absolutely so we're talking about mortality rate. I see numbers like one to two percent thrown around. I don't believe that the modeling we're using. We're using data out of Korea. We think that's the best thing that point. Two point. Four percent of that's twice as bad as a seasonal a very bad flu season. Keep in mind. Flu Kills Twenty five nine thousand Americans so worried that has been caused already in the economic effects are much more than twice the mortality rate of the flu. Where ten times more what do you. What do you make of the diamond for instance? Because I know that's not a typical population. But the case fatality rate. There's GONNA be above one percent probably when you know if you're an eight because it's an older population right. So if you're an eighty year old on a cruise ship. You're in trouble. I mean the case fatality rates over ten percent We're seeing ages one to nine exceedingly low right. There's a lot about this absolutely so widespread surveillance is going to start giving us information so that we can make these informed decisions about whether March madness needs to be cancelled. Are there different levels of panic around the country and the reason I'm asking is because I was in Detroit last week and this is a small example but I asked a room full of clients and investors are you worried about corona virus and they unanimously said. No and I said. Are you not worried? Because you think you're going to catch it in your still be okay or are you not worried. Because you don't think you're gonNA catch it and they said we're going to be. I think this is going for a while. This is going to be regionally. GonNa have regional outbreaks where you're going to have more focus on it in certain parts of the country Washington state. We're probably a couple of weeks away from some significant measures in Washington state to try to mitigate spread in northern California's. Well look a couple of weeks away. It's got an incubation period of potentially a couple of weeks so are we kind of just always going to be behind the eight ball on this where reacting to the news. Two weeks later. We have a lot of undiagnosed cases to his point right. Now there's probably you know low thousands of cases in this country that we now need to turn over the car. And so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have a surge cases before we start to catch up to the actual level of spread. You know it's a big country. Three hundred thirty million people so even if you have several thousand cases your risk of contracting it's still low but that could change very quickly. Japan is taking some pretty extreme measures like co closing schools that they're not diagnosing their cases there as aggressively as South Korea. That's where we're going to school closures here. Definitely you know. We're we're hearing that life's GonNa go about Just like normal. That's not true and to speak to the earlier question. I'll tell you I live in Westchester and when I'm walking around Westchester not really worried about corona virus. But when I get on the six train when I'm walking around Time Square when I'm in the emergency room every single day caring for patients. I am very worried joining today. Santo you've got is because I ride the subway because you're supposed to Scott it say how many. How many cases do you suspect you've seen if you had enough cases testing? How many cases would you have tested? We've seen one case in New York. I bet hundreds I bet there are thousands in the United States. And the longer we wait to get testing up and running the worst. This is going to be but I'm telling you as a practicing clinician. We're not there. I thought they were shipping tests to California in Bulk CAPAC- by the end of this week. So we have about one hundred public health. Labs will have a capacity to do one hundred tests day so it's a ten thousand tests a day by the end of this week. That still requires physicians like you to call the Public Health Department of State to order the test. That's cumbersome by the end of the week after that we should have maybe as much as another ten thousand tests capacity -Oday so we'll be at twenty thousand tests that we can run per day as we bring on the academic labs that's GonNa make a lot easier for physicians like our gas to order tests within their house. That's not what you want right. So that's right so a week or two from now is when we're going to begin getting real information right now. We'RE STILL LARGELY FLYING BLIND. So if you're worried about fear and uncertainty we're still in the thick of things stick. You had talked about the Scott earlier. Just this idea of testing and trying to get all those numbers out there did the CDC screw this up well the CDC's test didn't work they shipped a test. That was fall. Dana had to recall that we lost critical weeks. I think what we should have been doing. Some Latini is to promulgate that CD. Also working with manufacturers like Kijang Thermo Fisher Roche and working with the academic labs to get their tests out there as well so that way we had multiple shots on goal and we weren't just waiting for one test. Because if we had a hiccup which we did now we see the consequences that we lost some critical weeks. We lost about three critical weeks doctors both. Thanks thanks for being here. Thanks a lot when. Squawk pod comes back remembering Jack Welsh the former General Electric Chairman and CEO and original booster of CNBC. Who died at age? Eighty four we're back. This is Squawk pod. Our last segment today is one. We didn't plan to bring you the squawk box team got word. During today's broadcast that Jack Welsh had passed away at the age of eighty four. A working class kid for Massachusetts who was dubbed the manager of the century by fortune he was the longtime CEO of General Electric the former parent company of CNBC during his twenty years running g Jack. Welsh drove the company's market value from fourteen billion to more than four hundred billion. He was called Neutron Jack a nickname. He hated after cutting more than one hundred thousand jobs in his early days. Ceo Good corporations create a healthy atmosphere. Where people can thrive and grow and benefit their families and have great lives. I believe to my toes. In one thousand nine hundred six G acquired the parent company of NBC and Welsh was instrumental in the network's first foray into cable with the nineteen eighty-nine launch of the consumer news and Business Channel CNBC. Here's Welsh a few years ago with Joe in Becky on the red carpet at CNBC's twenty fifth anniversary party. It's no different than any other game. And what we had to do was to take it from being a dry text. Paper chose the locker room. Mchugh will show what the game was all about how the witness belt and Hololens spell. That's what's what's designed to Jack Welsh. Step down as CEO in two thousand one famously setting up internal succession race for his job. But General Electric struggled in the wake of the September eleventh attacks that Tuesday after Welsh left the company and the Financial Crisis of two thousand eight which was devastating for the lending unit that Welsh had dramatically expanded while CEO during retirement. Welsh continued to participate in the dialogue of modern business. He wrote several books as a management guru focused on winning. How can I have a regret? I mean on Irish Kim. Salem winds up with the greatest job in the world and I was trying to make ten thousand bucks to level. I A great run. What a life and anybody. That's been CECE for For a while I mean this is not talking about a really a business associates talking about almost almost as close as a as a family member. 'cause goes all the way back. That was Jack's idea to outbid Westinghouse to buy financial news network back in the early nineties and there were people a lot of people take credit for owning CNBC. Now that that were wringing their hands and afraid to spend the money in Jack I know for a fact pushed it through and bought. And that's when we that's what I met him in about nineteen ninety two and he he loves CNBC so much that we all got to be like this thing we'd be at a function. I remember the first time it I was in total. Nobody and we were up in Connecticut at the The bridgeport charity function. And he invited me to come and sit at his table because he loves CNBC so much and that became a really long relationship is very very. We're all very close to dinner at his house. Many times the two of us and I got married. He and suzy hosted us at The Red Sox had an impromptu Engagement Party for US Golf New Court beat beat Greg. Norman beat Greg Norman without not not with strokes be regularised before seventy one thing. Warren Buffett always says is that You have to have people that you don't want to disappoint in life that that drives you to be better. Jack was one of those people who never wanted to disappoint. He was very close. Very warm but also you wanted to make sure you didn't disappoint him as an employee or as person To make sure you could live up to the standards that he didn't place on you but that you put on yourself because you wanted to make sure he breathed the GE way into CNBC TWO. We head cards initially there. I remember no headaches. Which meant never do anything. Where if someone found out what you were doing where you sort of disguise what you're doing boundary list behavior. Didn't it was another thing? We had a card with six ten minutes on it and and we still had we we took six sigma at CNBC. Which one mistake in six million tries with difficult for new sports we? We never really h-hit that but I mean the the what Jack Meant to CNBC and NBC is permeated across the entire land. It's worth noting somebody so much of what people take for granted about business kind of came from him to hold be one or two in your industry or get out and the idea that the core business. Ge was kind of good management during his reign. That really was it. Yeah it was a conglomerate but you kind of had this ethic and discipline that pervade every component of the company had to be profitable and running that through and he had the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University to try and pass that on to future generations. Stop trying to help people become better. Better managers better better. You'd never know it's Oh boy. Here's an email from Jack and they come in at any time because he was watching. Cnbc right right to the Do you remember when Mark Haines got in trouble for Downmarket Day? I wasn't there that legend about it. You were there you tell the story Mark Ed. It was scary day and we have middle managers That have one idea. And then we had a guy like Jack Welch so Mark Canes Wore a Red Cross helmet because the futures are down. I don't know back then. Probably two hundred hundred points a lot back then so we had the middle management type came out and he was running the place and just remarking said get that off. Don't ever put that on again. You're in trouble. Just reading him and then factors back then. A fax came in from Jack. Welch said to this Guy Bruno Anyway. That was the greatest moment on. Cnbc what markings just did keep it up. Just watch it. It's like watching someone you know is wrong. But you can't say because you work form and then seeing the guy above him. Due to the way it played out was was amazed that was Jack Active in everybody's life and active in every aspect of the business. All the way down. I mean when you said you were not met. I was a nobody and I met him and he was so engaging wanted to know about the business. Wanted to know what you were doing on every step of the way because he just cared that much about every aspect of numbers better than anybody back then was described as a a fleet or a SPEC on the flea on the on the tail of the dog of the pack that was still new rate every day new to the to the exact numbers with the ratings were every day it was an amazing really smart but also you know the struggled with with some speech issues. Entire left to right up to the greatest. Ceo and by the way came to support all of these stuttering gals. There was one that I went to an hosted and he was there every single time to make sure that other people could look to him as a role model people who had issues with things like that there will be. I GUESS. A service Either Thursday Friday the public. If if I got that right public is this is it ten. It's going to be celebrated by Cardinal Timothy Dolan the Archbishop at Saint Patrick's Cathedral determined at this point but it will be open to the public that service the burial will be private and in lieu of flowers. The families asking that donations be made to the boys and Girls Club of Salem Massachusetts. Suzy was such a I mean it. He was so joyful the last two decades two decades of life because of Susie Welsh or thoughts do go out to Susie and the rest of the world family. Jack died at the age of eighty four. And that's the show for today. Thanks for listening to Squawk Pot. We'll be back here tomorrow. I'm Kelly Evans host of CNBC's the exchange which is now a podcast subscribe today. It's your one stop shop for the day's top business stories. Plus listen in for lots of original reporting in-depth conversation and some of the best of CNBC's award winning investigative work. Subscribe to the Exchange for free. And you can always catch the exchange live weekdays at one. Pm Eastern only on CNBC. So you then.

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The Conspiracy Farm EPISODE 100 Part 2! Chemical Free Body CEO Tim James

The Conspiracy Farm

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The Conspiracy Farm EPISODE 100 Part 2! Chemical Free Body CEO Tim James

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the conspiracy bar where we don't start the conspiracies we have low water now you're host of the most they know they are most important near web i brought to you ladies and gentlemen or ladies and gentlemen welcome once again part two of the one hundred episode of the conspiracy farm man this has been a nice awesome day first episode with sam tripoli great conversation great friend of the show and this guy here man he has been rolling with us literally leave from day one this guy i mean i can't thank him enough for his awesome faithful support to the conspiracy farm he is one of our sponsors easy el heavy of chemicals free body ladies and gentlemen some great announcements tonight some awesome information if you want some of his products checkout www the conspiracy farm dot com again he is one of our sponsors you can go click the link or if you wanna go his page www the a chemical free body dot com french less farmer ladies and gentlemen welcome to the program tim james what's up brother hey guys thanks for having me on again it's gonna be a lot of fun in as always for the one hundredth time i am rolling shotgun with my homeboy military what's going on champ well it's very hard half okay you do including me i would never leave you out however left you out of that well covered at one time i went house that one i got one one hundred come on man that's some good averages right there my goodness ultimately were were pumped out come back on because going doing a bunch of great nothing but i had a reach out to him for help her out of a lady that i went to school weather in high school who's battle for over a decade with cancer and she's giving up on the chemo and radiation and all the other stuff and and so we've we've gone the chemicals three body and i showed her some soften jumped ship there's some stuff in a row or of already the undertaker a pretty major project 'em i'm hoping it's not too late for my two yeah you know what pat you you you just never know because i've had people that i've worked with us that have been way worse way worse off and she is that surprised me and they made it and i even i didn't think they were gonna make it and then there's been people that are looks a lot better than she is and then they they didn't make it so you know a lot of it really boils down to attitude and they're they're why they wanna lives and and a lot of other factors but tom you just don't know all you can do is what i do as a healer is basically and i don't heal anybody i'm not a doctor so there's my disclaimer and i don't provide medical advice is i provide the frequency and the support in the hope that they can will cause a lot of times they don't have that they don't have that and then that's like that when so if i could help them raise their frequency up and believe that they can heal that's their best shot before the anything they eater take supplements saying like we're continuing the fight right so i have a a fighter that trend well many years ago his dad was asked the question is interesting because privy to it and somebody's asking the question they said when you you get all and he said it's the moment you stopped caring among these journals when you truly get old and that that that was something has stuck with me i mean that was probably fifteen years ago and it's true it really is you could tell when people just stop caring and give up and get all you like what you just alluded to tim even with cancer pays i think you could transfer that and just normal life right you look at doctor bruce lipton's book the biology of believe the art thought process are mindset can truly truly dictate are biology so a good positive mindset is absolutely important may not even just you know as a cancer her cancer patient but just generally in life man you gotta you gotta keep that positive attitude going it's all about attitude totally and i wanna congratulate you guys on you're one hunters episode man thank you so much again man i don't even say it's man you're support has been so crucial you know it's tough doing a show like this to get sponsors on line you know whenever gonna get snickers and bud light at cetera but man i mean i don't even want that i want stuff like what you're what they mean mainstream sponsors a a little scared but i mean you you've got a huge company in you know you're transforming lies and that's really kind of a lot of what we talk about on the show here man disinformation helping to transform lies and even medical medical stuff but you know health and wellness materials that you have greens eighty five leaves and german you did not have green eighty five and you're cabinet right now for the level of decency what is wrong with you right out there right now chemicals and every body dot com french less farmer i'm telling you i'm not even think of him as a sponsor do this stuff it it is absolute game changer so refresh everybody tim i mean green eighty five that is some of the do is concentrated vegetables you could possibly get break it down i will make sure you guys are listening to things number one please share this videos with friends and promote the conspiracy farm and let's double their viewership and get the message out there that's number one and help you guys grow this so they can do it fulltime that would be awesome 'em number two 'em is a the greens and why they work so well is because i have a doctor on staff with his doctor scott treadway formulator 'em master herbalist he i know he he's got a great story i mean that guy who's gonna he's going to cornell university it'd be come a medical doctor like other people his family he was expected to become you know scott treadway md and he said you know i don't i don't wanna he got into and he's like this isn't what i want it so he went into the natural pathak medicine starts today and he's like this isn't deep enough this isn't what i want and then he ended up going india in studying under two 'em in an apprenticeship program ever to lineages two different clinics have over a thousand years of apprenticeship where you know they pass it on a pass it on a pass on over the years they figured out basically what doesn't work and anthem from that he he studied a chinese herbal edgy and then also westerner ballsy so he's he's mixing indian herbology chinese herbology in western herbology an actual clinical work like he worked with patients on a daily basis so this isn't just some nerd in the laboratory laboratory all the time he was out in the front lines and now he's been hurt in the laboratory but time and he's a great guy and he truly wants to help people so he knows how herbs are going to affect the human physiology of the body inside and out when he makes the formulas because of all this training so having him on board and being able to mentor angered him has been one of the reasons why my products work so well it's not because of me it's because i got so frustrated with us as health coach and now you know cushion people on their whole life that you know these supplements are needed when people are on a cliff and they're about the fall off and they have health issues or whatever and i do all this research and i find this really awesome product and i'm like okay this is great you're gonna use this to clean your gut and this is gonna help you clean your blood and you're fat in your muscle tissue and this one's gonna give you the nutrients like the greens and these were the best robotics and then i find that six months later the they changed ingredients or they got bought by a big corporation in ups fedex in there and it's like i do all this research over and over and over again this happened multiple times guys like i'd have my little repertoire or yeah i wanna start a supplement company like that's a lot of work you know and it's like out of frustration 'em that's where came in i was introduced the doctor scott treadway after about thirty different interviews and he finally was the guy knew in my heart i felt it and 'em 'cause he was really truly want to help people so that's why the for my products work is because that guy's a fucking genius and he'd been doing this after thirty seven years and he he consults with seventeen a nutritional supplement companies in the world they hire him to make formulas and do that kind of stuff and i don't i don't wanna interrupt you but i almost have to hide throughout the years of being a professional fighter professional coach all that good stuff a supplement companies have come along there were there were very very high level right not to notch year later but 'em in different areas of of soon tasha let's put it that way but they were very very good yeah yeah there were several of them that i mean there was there is a product called 'em jitsu or are she oxy to turn remember i'm not gonna mention the company but it was literally every antioxidant known demand put into this these capsules yeah the castle itself was a rice protein spray white whatever combo sillier body would accept it wet food yeah and it works it works i literally from the moment i served taking it welcome spring four rounds of professional boxers till twelve rounds with professional boxer is two weeks where a my my insurance i was doing things that i never even dreamed of being able to deal then there were other products that were attorney in my mother's others here from white to salt pepper and improving my brothers eyesight my brother's a eyesight were going backwards on prescriptions you gotta go back and get all glass prescriptions 'em and then they were brought out and then they took a dive because they just split sellers in on a shopping in destroying this product so you're one of those few out there that has not sold out as not allowed cylinders to go into products everything is all natural whole fruits yeah you're credible so yeah thanks for that man cave it's awesome so i do have the get a lot of the credit to doctor treadway but one thing that's cool about our relationship is i challenge everything so when he says something i'm always challenging things as i'm learning and 'em i've actually you know give him a few ideas along the way and we made some changes system things so that's 'cause i wanna get to the bottom of stuff you know it's really a little bit the that he you know as smart as he is obviously he probably could have been a great doctor with allopathic medicine and a lot of people going allopathic medicine and think that's kind of the be all end all and they do help help people live but i mean transferring that intern natural pathak in my opinion that's more preventative healthcare you know getting getting you know not waiting for the bombs go off before you calling the bomb squad like making sure you're taking care of this stuff preemptively so you're not going in for emergency surgery because of this or that would allopathic medicine you know does treating does help a natural pathak when it's in my opinion helps you know like i said be more proactive what you're held court health healthcare and like we talked about all the time when you're on let food medicine in medicine be like food and that's really in the vein of more natural pathak and obviously allopathic so that's cool and i'd really like the meat that guy yeah his story dude i'm not gonna get into all of it but before he was even a doctor he healed the son of attention deficit disorder and 'em he actually went to like a candy company they were selling 'em catch ship hines or something and the big vats after they're done at the bottom there's wasted they get rid of and he put a deal together and got that waste material now this isn't like now because it's stuff's all gmo's sprayed stuff like the chemicals but 'em hit that stephanie made supplements out of that and gave it to his son in that he'll the center of attention deficit disorder 'em because of all the nutrients it were at the bottom from all those the you know the tomatoes is it amazing so this is i mean this guy has historians so so awesome like they have the instinct to do that i mean what dad would just like figure this stuff out on his own research it and then go to a company in scrape up the bottom of a vat full a tomato paste and figure it out you know what i mean like really cool going back to what pat was saying man in this and we have this conversation almost every time you're on as far as choosing a better quality of life in yourself you know what i mean the the food choices we make me included sometimes just we know a lot of this stuff is bad for us and it's poison but yet we still continue to consume it even in light of all of this information we have about raw fruits and vegetables drinking water chewing your food at cetera et cetera how do we how do we get people to care more like pat was saying you know you get older you start caring and you just see that you walk around and see people grocery carts it's like wow this freaking diabetes right there and that cart and you've got five or six tater how many kids hanging out with mom and she just buying a garbage how do we how do we heard that gap so what i try to do now is i try to meet people where they're at and just you know a lot of like you said a lot of people know the a lot of this stuff is you know teenager it's not good it's friday but there's so many deep emotional all ties to food like mom used to bring you food when you're a kid and you love your mom and maybe that's the only thing that you and you're mom have together because you'll have a good relationship was so you know i know a lady that 'em i told her about this kind of stuff in the beginning she's like i can't i have to make i have to make that stuff is my is my kids will never come see me you know and then there's emotional trauma a we get out of people in the coaching program maybe they got beat when they were a little kid or molested or well or or or or used in a dope or or a spouse that's maybe an incredible cook who makes all kinds of different types of nothing on a case of fast to you want it to be out there yeah right yeah so what that's that's are whole program is designed around this because a lot of people aren't going to get coached in reality i mean they have to like on are program you have to go online you have to fill out a form on the coaching tab and unscheduled time with me irwin in my coaches and when they fill out that form the people are using like oh my god i didn't realize my when i was filling out that form i just realized you know how bad of a situation i'm in i gotta do something just by filling out the form but how many people take the time to fill out a form they asked a bunch of health questions right they don't they're the only time that usually happens is when they have a lumber tumor or their heart have a heart attack and then they have to fill out forms and tell everything that's happened about so we so what we did was it and are program their daily detox program and these nutritional supplements is just give people a leg up and 'em the foundation of that again is drinking adequate amounts of number one adequate amounts of purified water number two chewing their food until liquefied number three avoiding liquids with meals game changer big time and then number four is breath work and just doing taking some deep breaths you know just a few of those before you eat to to bring you back in the rest and digest mon take out a fighter flight because you are stressed out and it's the number one killer america stress so those basic for things don't cost anything and for those of you listening today if you can program reentering appointments in your phone to remind you to drink water junior food avoid liquids and take some breath work when you eat and stuff like that that will change their life you'll start feeling better you wanna take it to another level we have the are products to help you detox and cleanse against nutrition and give you more energy mental clarity start losing the way and that's where you start people you don't starting with exercise you don't starting with dietary changes unless they got like stage for something they're ready to do it the average person so busy and so polluted and so just just just inundated with their bodies for chemicals that they just don't have the energy to do anything they don't wanna make any changes so this starts changing things like if you guys noticed since you've taking drinking largest taken the greens have you noticed your taste buds changing a little bit yeah i had been eating some kind of weird weird but well what what's what's weird for me is that i'm i'm liking me less and less taste buds will change typically hunger cravings will go down and said eating whole played half of play these types of the us will be consistently from from her clients so that's how it begins we we we we help people change their physiology from the inside out by cleaning out the gutter cleaning up the blood in the fat and the muscle tissue and supplying the body what's what's missing in the soil it's just not in are food i mean most people's food shipped on average fifteen hundred and twenty five hundred miles how healthy is agronomy it's dead even cucumber seller designed to you're coaching that you know people don't have almost like obese people like they go to the gym the first day like oh my god i gotta do this again tomorrow like they just don't have patients were the process you find that in in some of your coaching yeah and they also what they do is they go for two or three hours in the gym kill themselves cells and get sore they're never put their tennis shoes on again the next day that's a big problem so for me people if they want to do exercise i want them to walk around the block her walked in the mailbox or i want them to get on a mini trampoline and bounced ten times or i'll have them do and that's pretty much it exercise and they're like what are you talking about ten times longer net well i'm sure you can but the habits more important than the amount you know like if you're gonna run a marathon you don't go run a marathon you start off run a mile route two two miles you work your way up so the habits more important and what they find is when they go outside they know all they gotta do is walk to the mailbox walk around the block they're gonna probably walk a little bit farther yeah they're gonna bounce on that mini trampoline a little bit more and that's how change starts it's about the habit in movement is more important than actually go in and just killing yourself and trying to run a marathon or lift a bunch of weights or you know play hoops today that there was a a pad who is who is gsp's trainer the guy the montreal a four or yeah for ever ever get his david certainly but he was on joe rogan and he said that very thing he's like when i start people out i don't have them do as many politicians can work out to failure i have you do one or two and then you come in tomorrow two or three because like you said if you blast you're muscles you're so sore even if sometimes you're in shape you're so sore like dude i can't move not doing this again yeah and if you just slowly incrementally do it almost like a lot like why did to yesterday i did for today i mean you start having those small successes that bill to like i said you go talk to the mailbox and soon enough you're walking around the block yeah and you're also building that emotional muscle to and you're feeling good about the process rather than oh shit i'm so store you know i can't find doing that again right and you know i don't wanna go do again that was painful yeah we we avoid pain and we move towards pleasure so yeah there there is a huge mental component to a lot of it like you were saying borough so you have some i mean obviously i do ask yes so what what you're talking about willis you watching porn were doing the show fat come on man no continue quick so you have some pretty cool stuff going on we were talking yesterday tim and you know obviously you know you've been you've been doing facebook live videos talking to you how heroes pretty much every day and i think that's absolutely awesome you're taking it to another level archie my friend yeah very soon we've we've set up a studio and we're gonna be launching the health herro show podcast and that's it'll be cool that'll be a weekly show were also gonna step it up on all social media so you know instagram and facebook and twitter and snapchat addresses were putting all that together and that's that's really exciting i'm really pumped about that stuff 'cause that's gonna get are messages to more people that need it and want it would you say show the show is called out you're healthier healthier oh show i think that's a great night yeah that's how it started out all the videos and the whole shtick is like it's it's like you become healthier right by changing yourself and you improve your health and just by the active changing yourself you give other people around you permission to do the same to on a regular do what's that one marianne williamson some are deepest fears that said that's what it is at the end it's like when you embrace when you get rid of your fears you unconsciously give people permission to do the same thing that's almost literally yes and here's here's here's the here's the downside of that is that it's not really downside is some people are not going to change no matter what you do that in the toughest part is they're usually the most the most important to you and your loved ones and your closest friends but if you stick with it that's the best chance you gotta helping him so yeah more importantly so change yourself so you become a healthier and then you could lift other people up have better health and a better health and a better life is if you don't have you're health i don't care how much money you got when i was a financial visor i saw people coming in with millions of dollars and you know rental property schedules a real estate where pages long and but you know they had the leave in the middle of the appointment because acid reflex were so bad that you know it's just like they missed appointments for doctor you don't have you're how you're screwed wind young you didn't come out you know you you however many years ago i saw some you're older pictures you are missing any meals my friend and you know i was i was i was on the chopping block as far as my health goes you know thirty eight pounds overweight fatigue 'em skin issues on my elbows my knee my back 'em blood coming out of my stools on my head operation at oregon removed and wasn't you know as fat imploded and inflamed and bloated and and i look back at those pictures and i when i show people my picture before picture there like i can't believe that you look back and i'm like i don't how the hell out there now and that's what's really cool is that you you're you're own personal testimony i mean you got testimonials from people all the time from the people you helped but i mean you yourself you're walking testimony is the ceo of chemical free body you were there you made that choice to transform your life through these different steps that you've already taken that you're asking other people take so yeah and they're so they're so simple and it's like i felt so inspired by this and like i have to tell other people about this unlike 'cause i was lost times confused i wasn't athlete for thirty years i played baseball but a high level and you know i was falling apart and it was just a matter of time before i had a heart attack had having a surgery or could have possibly gotten cancer i mean look around everybody's getting cancer it's getting crazy so i don't i don't i wouldn't any part of that stuff i don't like going to the doctor i don't wanna have any more surgery so i did it out of fear i changed my life is i'm scared because i saw what was going on around me and i just lost a friend of mine at age forty two a stomach cancer i'm a baseball team that guy was ripped and he was great shape so i realized firm that that it's really about the inside out doesn't matter what you look like on the outside of if you're oregon systems are not well taken care of in in you know like a car you know wellmaintained in and clean and you know and like we just we talk about the detox and have good field position you're not doing that you know man it's just it might not end up very well for you so incredible down that road and you know i don't wanna go down that road so it wasn't basically out of fears and i made i mean changes so talk talk to us about vegan versus me how much do well though are well at completely transformed my life i mean all my health issues is i just just just mentioned to you 'em most of them are gone and sixty days but you know i went from zero to hero i mean like literally the healthier like boom like that and that's what we don't we don't teach that now because my story 'cause i had a friend with cancer and he had do the lifestyle hunter percent 'cause he was dying right so i decided to do with him to support 'cause he wendell died his last year or two in a complete transfer my life so again i have people not change their diet and exercise we start start daily detox inverse drinking the water joined the food and that stuff but time within sixty days man and then by eight months later that big patches threats of so many completely gone so total in eight months and i was like a whole new person like literally like i gotta get new closed 'cause as were enlarges in extra large and i were small mediums again 'em and i feel good and i've been able to maintain it for nine and a half years and that's why i think i'm a pretty good model for people 'cause not i mean it's it's coming coming up on a decade now i've kept kept this ship brennan ryan body and i i'm getting healthier every year how all i do see that where people don't you know they're they're in bad position you fix them and then they kind of like low themselves back into a sense of complacency like i'm better now like and go back to well that happened one thing i will say i don't fix anybody i don't heal anybody i can't do that i just can't provide guidance and allow them to do it themselves so but some people some people do slip back a little bit and then they come forward and you know everybody's on their own journey yeah true all i can do is just keep being me giving them permission to you know be super healthy and you know so they forty six m you know i can run you know thirty barefoot sprints in the grass and and do do a lot of fun stuff in my kids did other dads sit on the sidelines and ryan end do you know yeah so when you were a poverty salt institute at what point in the process how long were you there at what point in the process the juice a half ago well it was on day five basically well when you go there you have no choice 'cause that's all there you're not in me right but that wasn't my choice which is my environment had changed right 'em and i can tell you when i went through a pretty hardcore detox the first four days it was not day for is not fun for me it was like headaches night sweats irritability i was having hallucinations about hot wearing a car and going to mcdonald's and i hadn't even down fifteen year old highway like you had a dream about how far card the cook mcdonald's lead on a fifty acre complex and you know you're there is no cars there nothing you know it's just like that bicycles you're around i mean you can get a rental car but we didn't have one at the time and 'em vegetables and beans and nuts and is that a wall you noticed people that you're coaching hit they're like man i'm feeling so i'm still be feeling so good but i'm feeling so quote quote unquote kind of bad news is you're not anymore and that's why we do the very gentle daily detox we just average person's got a life kids jetta soccer practice they're you know they're taking care of ill parents you know there's a traveling vacations all this stuff's going on when you gotta hypocrisy you're there to do one thing to learn and the he'll when you're at work and you've got all this stuff going on most people they're not gonna go through that you can't do i couldn't function on day four in the bed at like eight o'clock pull the covers over my head hoping the god it the next day i woke up it was gonna be over 'cause they said day for five the detail you come out of the detox the initial hard part of it and it did and on day five i woke up and man i felt like i had by talent in energy running through my blood i looked at charles i said dude you're gonna lift he's like yeah i think i am i'll do the whole thing with you on ongoing plant based and a rock and roll and that was the day path and i made that decision was on day five look at my friend and i support him and 'em in decided i was gonna do it and i did it i'm seeing a lot more people fasting now to kelly jeffries another one of our sponsor firm dish tv i mean he did a legal seventy two hours and he said after he said well obviously it's tough but after and he said he felt amazing i'm just i'm a lot more of that people are starting to catch on man that you know yeah and again for those listening if you're done with a serious health concern east really look into again i don't give medical advice but 'em a three day water fast incomplete three of five day water fast will completely reset your body injury in system it's pretty powerful stuff and it's if it gets tough you know we start mixing in the greens and stuff like that like are green eighty five for a million chug that down three four five times a day and i asked her what the greens eighty five again i i know we're just plugging away at it but i'm telling you for me i mean even the the guts of critical clinton said are taking care of you're got 'cause if people don't know you have more sarah tone in god's and then you're brain and truly you're gut health is how you are able to absorb some of these nutrients and michael nutrition you're food if you're got messed up it's it's really you gotta fix you got yeah serotonin the happy juice so if you wanna be happy you might wanna have a lot of want to have a lot of serotonin and you're body right and like you said most of its in the guts so that's our main focus is taken helping people learn to take care of their got make it easy for sure well another another sort of announcement that you got going on another thing that i've noticed is starting to become more mainstream if you will is is some of these ceremonies some of these things if you will that people are getting into that a stem from some amazonian peruvian a jungle stuff once you talk about some stuff you've got planned on planned for august what's going down sure so as you guys know i think the last episode amazon i did eight liver cleanse and show you my goals are my liver stones that was a lot of fun so i am on the hunt every single day trying to find anything i can to improve myself physically mentally emotionally and spiritually and a and a few weeks 'em i'm going to and i walk a ceremony and 'em it's a very for those listening it's a very powerful plant medicine and when work with properly could change your life 'em so i had a couple of guys throughout the years is before i got and all this health stuff you know business owners and stuff like that and professionals and like three of four told me like i i did this i walk a deal and i'm like dude that's crazy you know they go jungle and sherman's and they you know a lot of people were throwing up and that kind of stuff when they drink it and they're also the same thing changed my life and they were dropped dead serious this is like well that sounds cool but i ain't doing that deal so you know it went off my life and 'em after hypocrisy i realized that there is more there is more that i wanna tap into spiritually i don't know what it was and i really worked on that and i think through meditation and in a lot of stuff i've been doing i've made some good inroads in my life spiritually like big time and i feel really good about that now before us completely lost and i've even met some people that have done iowa hoskins and spend time with them and i felt like i was kinda up close to that level with some of the work that i've done without it and 'em but it's pretty cool 'em you guys know much about it yeah the death irvine they call it that was originally called that so i off is just the t that is made from two plants and basically the active ingredient in it's called d m t steinmetz so a trip dummy dummy which is also so now is the spirit molecule and it's found in all living things so this is really cool every living thing every plant every every being has dmt in it so the problem is like if you eat a bunch of plants when you ingest it you're body ashley blocks uptake of dmt now you're neil gland i think you're living your lungs also make it but here's the cool thing the only time dmv dmt and your body is released is when you die yeah and that's kind of trippy so what what i've learned from a lot of people like that molecules released help you kinda shed and smooth out all the rough crap that's happened to you and you're lifetime and make a transition back to you know you're higher self god he shared whatever whatever you wanna call call it the the one a smooth and easy and 'em invalid what would a the desire of lasca does is that you take this tea and you could actually released that molecule and you get to experience effects of dmt t four seventy eight hours seven defrocking eight hours now some people smoke it lasts like twenty minutes but i'm doing the i don't wanna smoke anything so one of my lungs but anyway so i'm drinking drinking yeah i'm gonna eat something with the mouthed the mayor why inhibitors is something that helps release the dmz into the body that helps yeah 'cause normally i guess yeah yeah so yeah it's made out to plants in the first one is a jungle reef 'em it's called a psycho trio of varieties or it's also known as m chuck ruta and it's loaded with dmt the second one is 'em it's a flowering vying called a a bannister bannister oh ps 'em copy also known as the vining assault this is the mayor when you're talking about mayo inhibitor stands for shorter so it's modeled mean oxidized inhibitor basically it stops to buy from blocking the absorption of the the dmt so that you can get your bloodstream in the brain so when you when you take this flower in you could now you mix some thee 'em that flowering vine 'em allows visit to get into the blood and go through the blood brain barrier and get into your brain which is pretty powerful so think about this like these indigenous people with no labs her nothing figured out a way to get dmt into your brain endear blood mixing in through hunger georgia thousands of years exactly yeah search you know what i'm saying so that has that talk about theater next you know you yeah what people come out like on the other side yeah so so you know a lot of people have used dmt recreationally in certain spiritual ceremonies like jeffrey was talking about they have all spoken at the same effects being propelled into an eagle less existence in some type of other worldly dimension where the you know the self this merged with energy in the ego is stripped and people get his visions and those were experiencing minutes them 'em describe it as like in in it's just really indescribable a lot of people a spiritual warfare yeah yeah a lot of people's testified that 'em we've talked about time the time doesn't exist under the influence of cmt interviewed state of oneness and everyone that i've spoken spoken with like i said they all say the same thing changed my life so i pulled from all that past stuff 'em my girlfriend now has a she's kind of a practicing sharman 'em she's done she's done at like nine times when i do basically on friday and saturday so i'm gonna be taking it twice on a friday and saturday so in reality she's done eighteen times some of the common works in second place number one well i can't i can't disclose it what say how well in oregon that's where i'm at now or an will you be filming this experience now that's not allowed it is a lot but you say it's so i mean all see the only thing that you don't see experiments right i want to i want i want it on because i don't wanna know what happens when there's a there is a great documentary i think it's on netflix somewhere where they like i think it was four five maybe celebrities or something just remembering chelsea handler is one of them she went down there and they did do it twice so the first night she did it was so weird laze in gemini suggests were watching everybody takes it and everybody has their experience except for chelsea she's so you could just tell she's so it's it was impressive how she was mentally blocking out the effects of dmt she's like oh i don't i don't i don't know what you guys are tripping i don't feel anything i don't feel anything the next night she did it and they were doing it in a group the next night she did it was just with the shaman in the medicine man she blasted off and it was a complete like she's balling she's talking about her family i mean she's just she's open she literally it was just weird that transition from the one night of her tempting did you know that those people like oh i don't feel nothing is not gonna affect me and she she almost made herself not feel it and then the next night she totally open up and it was it was really really a beautiful thing man it really is yeah i'm almost scared to do it just me but i would love to come out that other end is like wow there that was that was freaking amazing yeah my my girlfriend told me about it and she said you know usually it could take up to two hours fritz take affect or it might not take effect all she said she's had trips where she just blasted off immediately was just out in the stratosphere and then she said to a two of the eighteen times it was like she didn't even have any at all really so what's really important is people either really clean diet before they do it it's really important that they don't have sex at least in like seventy two hours i had a list of things you can't have like spicy foods or fermented foods there's certain things on the food list you wanna stay away from alcohol all this stuff and then you have to go into it with a really good attitude and then you have to realize that this is medicine and you have to treat it as such and you have to go in with a focus and then after you go to the experienced that's when you just set wasn't you really wanna take the time to allow to work their way through its body it's it's pretty cool like i i realize it at the dmz actually affects you and make you love the brain an it goes into memories it could help like likes sweep out or rewi rewire like bad past traumas yeah so they don't affect you and keep holding you back and you let go and maybe deadbeat you or or you're you're you're you know something happened something somebody molested you or you know you just had a bad experience in your life where you you know maybe didn't make the the choir and everybody laughed at you and you didn't think much a back end up with a lot of yeah it affects everybody and affects everybody and all i know is again way back in the day talking to those three four friends of mine who were business professionals and they all had the stone cold look on their face you're like do that she had changed my life and i was like and it's a beautiful day man again almost like the health issues people but are becoming more and more wise to you just saw a colorado just legalize mushrooms and i mean i'm not advocating just go out regulation recreationally do it because this stuff is very powerful the active ingredient in in mushrooms is still assignment in you know you see you know certain therapists giving india made to some other couples in helping marriages so some of these some of these hardcore psychedelic psycho trophic medicines are are now finally getting there due respect i like you said you had or whoever said it would have been over thousands of years oh yeah and it's been demonized but now people are actually starting to understand the real spiritual and health benefits like you know from depression ptsd i quit smoking i could drink or whatever it is man it's transforming people's live oh yeah i mean people are just getting off all kinds of problems and addictions in fact that i know if you guys know terence mckenna he's kind of lord in expert he says dmt is mushrooms times a million plus aliens i was listening to like armor marcus in joe rogan they they do that stuff a lot so it's like hearing their testimonies i mean i don't i don't wanna scare people offer whatever but sometimes it's not always pleasant the process because it is a process and then coming out the other end oftentimes you're better but there is oh my lack of a better term a spiritual cleansing that goes on you have heard some of these negative emotions negative experiences and relive them if you will but you come out the other end really not that i've done it but i've just seen in read about it for years and it's it's definitely changed a lot of people man yeah like what's the worst thing that could happen i mean it's like you throw up while you you get in the end you can you can 'em you're gonna have a code brown to there's some there's some code brown is that go on down there to oh yeah i it happens telling telling me about the code brown will allow let me just happens you shit yourselves man you know what i mean it's it's it's you're you're kind of just as you're releasing all this spiritual stuff you're releasing you're purging vomit and you're purging poop poop purging toxicity and that's what i'm gonna ask you a tim in you're even you're white you're girlfriend her other have you heard any quote unquote bad trips about any bad trips a she had there is a gal new 'em it looks at her group last time and she was like freaking out and the women had the kind of hold her down for about twenty minutes until she settled down but you know it's things can happen like that 'em i'm to the point you just brought something up though i don't think i'm i think i'm gonna faster about three days before i go in there so i don't have any code brown's while they're circling aware of it they're like they're so moving into that other dimension they're not what i view myself that i wasn't i don't even remember but i think it's cool so i mean i wanna do i mean i guess right now is the perfect kind of before and after i would definitely wanna do and let this be the before what do you kind of expecting from it and when you come back from it i would definitely gonna talk about how it was didn't meet your expectations break tation acceded well you know i'm hopeful that i'll say it changed my life that's what i'm looking for i'm looking for a more clarity in my life and 'em more joy more happiness more excitement and if have some past stuff traumas were what they may be that i can bring up and get rid of earn rewrite them and and feel better about myself and feel lighter and be able to move forward quicker and help more people than you know that's why i'm doing it and you know from my own selfish reasons but again by me making the changes in myself that's how i give other people permission to do it so i'm like you know i'm a guinea pig i do everything on myself and perverse before i recommend it to anybody and i'm ready i'm ready for this now so i'm i'm really excited excited about it and i'll definitely let you guys know 'em on the backside what's up i i did for you man when you told me you're gonna do it i'll just like oh my god like europe 'perfect i mean you like you said you've you've already done kind of your own spiritual work obviously you're health work and like you said you're almost ready for this kind of to embrace this time next level of spirituality if you will so i mean i think people who do have those bad trips whether it's suicide and acid or ha i think they're they're just not ready i think even are normal life we need the kind of meditate and kind of put things in perspective because there's so much stuff going on her brand sometimes we don't even remember we remember and then we go do something like that and it's just like they're just flooded with you know stuff then you really they just can't handle or they may have something that's really really traumatic they're releasing could be good yeah yeah for sure for sure i get mine state minded i think i think it's important whether it's released to the public you're not to leave phone wrote back and watch yeah 'em i will ask permission see if i could do that militants you guys had a like a hidden camera could put up this is what this is kind of crazy a chaplain talking to you think about it a you know when i was younger when we ate mushrooms perhaps not a then do it that often but i tried a few times and had some amazing experiences on it the you know you didn't tell anybody is it really a you know you didn't mushrooms my goodness i so now here we are talking about dmt are lasca yeah just basically saying look this is what i'm gonna go do and it's it's kind of an interesting a different angle concept and mindset but we we've reached in today's world that i'm gonna go do i watched gun and i'm telling the world and that's what goes there's i think there's less and less of until leaves a term there's less and less reefer madness going right i mean it's my grief you're gonna jump out of window and rape a woman i mean we just now were just more educated now whether it's that or whether it's you know the psychedelic we just like a sale doctors are using md may in in marital counseling at cetera et cetera so were the spiritual awakening exactly there has been this more elevation of consciousness right and you guys all know that a lot of this has been they tried to lump in this fear mongering is what it is they anything that's good for people it seems like most things are good people it's like they tried to suppress especially if it replaces a synthetic version somewhere else where there's money to be maybe not i oftentimes yeah i mean when you have like will you know i like i said i haven't experienced i walk yet but from my research and the people i know closely intimately would have done it multiple times i'm excited about it and it makes sense for my life path right now so i'm gonna do it but that's bad as it gets lumped into drugs but yeah it's it's a plant medicine if you treat is such a trip respect and make sure you're getting the good stuff and you're fine um you know but but it's okay at it like we have a huge opiate opioid crisis and it's okay to keep prescribing that stuff's exactly where this is a part of what we talk about on the show ladies and gentlemen version of reality up and down and down his up but you know i'll be angsty here's a follower man i really really am because you know i'm a big fan of yours lovie the death in you know you have you have helped me you know change a lot of my eating habits and you know green eighty five and then cleaning my god like i was i mean i wasn't full on anything really bad but i mean it was just i just noticed certain things like skin conditions like you said i would have an occasional kind of acid reflex or whatever it was but it all just kind of went away it is you know things have slowly change and i haven't even put it a hundred hundred percent in it so if i'm if i was to really really you know knock it out of making only imagine you know the changes that could happen that's awesome i'm not read english thank you thank you and i'm i'm not getting any younger when none of us getting any younger selves talking to a friend of the day you know we've lost some friends lately and it's just like man where organic getting into that like drop dead but i thought he was fine like you said he looked good he was wrapped it but you know he had a heart attack or stroke and it's just like man you gotta really be way more conscience i yeah and the reality is real gonna go sunday day but the bottom line for me is like i'm gonna make sure that while i'm here i'm as healthy as they possibly can be i'm gonna have fun i'm gonna set a great example for my children and my family and the community members around me and i'm just gonna leave by example and i i really i i just refuse to age i mean i'm not gonna age emotionally my body will age but i'm gonna slow that process down as much as possible i'm gonna be the grandpar great grandpa sprinting down the beach with the great grandkids like well how is that possible well you know that guy loved himself that's what it boils down to and as willing to do what it took and willing to do with other people weren't willing to do they were frayed to embarrass themselves in front of other people say you know to the white bond with the you know the hotdog or he wasn't he wasn't afraid to go do some iowa lasca or you know choose food reduced breath work perforate what's tim over there doing breathing or if it's that breath and that is a beautiful thing about the show improve people need that man you walk it like you talking so i mean like again when people get to know you and they see pictures and you're like people are trying to sell surprised like no dude i was in a bad place i made the choice to transfer my life and here's how i did it that i mean those kind of personal testimony that goes a long long way yeah in all people have to do is just get on a program for ninety days and it's over they're gonna start they're gonna feel better i mean there's just no there's no way it's not gonna happen right not possible awesome sauce who will patrick any any closing comments statements far boy here before we had a it's actually not even go into the jungle you guys said oregon and i feel like i've i've from that documentary it's it's very common in california the west coast that they're getting i'm not saying this is you you're getting stuff the people are getting stuff shipped over in they're having these these ceremonies in if you will in people's homes and that's just a beautiful thing you don't have to go the desert the medicine come to you and at the desert mongo's aki that's all i saw a what i have to i if i'm gonna do it i walked it'll be a sweat lodge in arizona in a hundred and thirty degree chat or a tv and and just sort of sweat it out i dunno with that right yeah yeah i just have to do it that way again if you wanna make that much harder on you're so 'cause what they were there in these little huts in the jungle and they're kind of sit in a circle and their own little yoga mats and they're kind of just chilling waiting for the kick in and what's what's really fascinating bro as we start talking about some inter dimensional extra dimensional stuff some of the information i've seen and i've read you'll say five people and they will all see the same entity they're all kind of see the same there in that you know like man i heard while while you're tapping into something man when all five of you guys were seeing the same whatever it is that that's a pretty serious stuff man it's really cool though yeah and a lot of people get scared about that stuff i'm getting excited about it you know you probably noticed that were maybe you're girlfriend or wife you said something she had the same thought at the same time you're like that happens 'cause you're you're frequencies you're you're linked year i think you know that's how that works and we have that ability to do that with just 'em were so busy flipping channels and flipping through facebook's and and all that stuff and that kind of we're talking about with sam sam tripoli today on the first part of are hundred episode episode you know we just we don't understand there's so much going on outside of what we can perceive you are ltd biological system spacesuit here could only received who are citing smell and are feeling touch it cetera cetera but you know the light spectrum we know x ray exist we know infrared exist we know galleries we can't see them we know they're there and that's just scratching the surface of what's going on outside of what we perceive so i'm i'll be so anxious for so when did going down again what's the date yeah whenever a b in a few weeks two weeks you know he doesn't where's where's the first part of late late july early august i'll be completed and then i'll i'll i'll guys above you know what happened so you know they're sort of questionnaire or preparation you do bmg oh yeah yeah of course there's a the meals and things you should abstain from like i said like you know sex first certain amount of time you should you know make sure you're not smoking cigarettes smoking marijuana smoke smoking anything you just wanna be clean advise that could really affect the medicine in your experience okay yeah this is this is a film us you gotta well i'm i'm glad you said that 'cause i'm m i never even thought about it but not so good idea you're worthy archives though that would that would be amazing for your personal archives that would just be really cool to look back on it but i mean not only whatever they should be cool no impact you wanna be in a shooting yourself you know after that's a that's a must give me will mosaic i heard it i deliver clinton's episode you did then you pull out those little freaking pebbles you held near hand a little little shit fragments i'm like wow this guy's going hard in the paint nearly dozen i i wouldn't language in the ball you know what i mean they collect they have like fifty in her hand i'm like dude and you're like yeah i had the pick it out of my i'm like all right all right i take it all right well i i'm not in one of the dude i just had a scoop mothers easy did you smiliar fingers after you're done i joke of i'm guessing you're gonna wanna get a some sort of a or something or those come out before that i was good deal yeah oh yeah i'll probably faster three days and then i gotta ask sillier are rising commodity and get cleaned up so you don't shoot yourself yeah that's probably a good idea pat i'm just throwing it out there we're we're really super focused on the code round here tonight ladies and gentlemen dude i am i am really i am super super super had it was not worried about anything until now he's gonna go into it wearing a diaper that one hot chicken sitting across from you doing i alaska you should consult with doesn't work out well like him wearing a diaper i don't get it this is gonna happen out revert back to a three year old movie paint with that stuff on the wall and all right pat shot conspiracy farm that i'm filming it is hot blonde across me won't be admiring well that's the beautiful the whole thing about this whole process is like you said the one thing that really really happens paramount is it strips the ego you're not even thinking about stuff like that so that's really cool part of the process and i'm really happy for you dude i'm happy for the podcast i'm happy for you taking things in the next level and i happy and thankful that you have decided to take a bit of a risk and put your name and your company's name and reputation on the line to come on board with the conspiracy farm literally almost literally lays ever from day one tim james has been on the team for a very high second and i can't thank him enough for it man well and i can't tell you why i did it because when i met pat 'em i felt like we were cut from the same cloth this because you know it's just like my dad were you know you do what's right you avoid what's wrong and that's it there's you know you you know just he's a good human being in a good man and a true i you know much love here well man i got jeffrey and i totally i built the same about you you guys are good people you know that's what it boils down to you're real people trend at a really good things help other people 'em having better liars information true information right information is power man is power well they're gonna let you slide my man chemicals free body dot com front slash farmer if for whatever reason landed on facebook seemed to me not cooperating with is it for whatever reason you cannot click that link participate in that found just cut and pasted interviewer all space it should work normally should work if it is it like i said i think it's just facebook's twitter it's fine yeah chemical free body dot com slash farmer in get the greens eighty five people come on aggregate claims all of it but the greens eighty five from me all of it's been game changers but the greens eighty five like i wake up literally almost every day though scooping my water in it just changes my whole all day energy like i said i sleep better poop but i mean it's just game changing stuff man i know it's maybe too much information but it works it works it absolutely works you guys got a checkout pat when you got that like cup you put the greens in that's got the light ice cubes and it light up like well yeah i mean there wasn't using mason jars using the mickey mouse club so maybe i'm using too much tim because when i when i put mine in my cup and i thought i tried to test it out with a cuban the the water comes to dark you couldn't see the the light oh okay it's it's very lays down is very very concentrated greens like if you're not a big veggie person i get it i mean this stuff will get you all of your nutrients and you're michael nutrients in scooper to right i mean it's ashley abductor treadway ashley figuring it out but i think it's gonna end up somewhere between one scoop is somewhere between three to five pounds of fresh cut and vegetables grown in a really dense nutri has had his say yeah yeah it's gonna be good oh i wanna get out as a free gift if you're listening right now what do i have to say that again to be equivalent of two what's it equivalent of two skill doing the research but it's gonna end up probably somewhere between three to five pounds of fresh rush picked like you know organic naturally occurring vegetables vegetables that his from his third dance good soil you know that's the key you clearly cannot eat that much festivals in one sitting so i mean that's you're you're getting it all talked into like one and it's water you throw it in water and it tastes fantastic to it's not something that you know you gotta choke down it tastes really well is it fair rush yeah liquid vegetables yeah i v eight on steroids and they have that code to that make sure they used a farmer couldn't get the five percent off their first order that's important yeah promo code when you check out ladies and gentlemen throw that promo code farmer in there a chemical free body french last farmer and then as you're checking out throw that promo code in there and you will get discounts on products six and ten man i love you brother thank you for joining us for this one hundred episode we're looking forward to one hundred more intimidate taking his up to the next level which is gonna help us take are stuff to the next level check out the video i have on my you to page or even the video that is indeed chemical free body french less farmer of pat and him talking about the chemicals are the the greens and all that it's done for him the do the busiest hackman in some of that stuff is just been helping him a definitely stay up with this is crazy don't get sick that's all i know i don't get it for sure it went sours yeah exactly where any closing statements timothy love yourself and fall you're highest excitement take care of yourself and 'em and just you know let the let the changes begin if you're not where you wanna be in your life 'em you're gonna have to make some changes let's just make comes small and making consistent and let him let him take root and and see where they take you the choice is yours to choose a better quality of life www the conspiracy farm dot com www chemicals free body dot com for instance farmer this has been l has fate of chemical free body tim james lookout for his podcast and look out for the follow up on

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170: The Science of Magic

The Psychology Podcast

48:49 min | 1 year ago

170: The Science of Magic

"Welcome to the psychology podcast where we give you insights of the mind brain behavior in creativity i'm doctor scott very culminating and each episode i have a conversation with the gas to will stimulate your mind to give you a greater understanding of yourselves others in the world with living hopefully will also provide a glimpse of the human possibility dextra listening and enjoy the podcast today it's great to have you stopped cold and on the show born in switzerland coon discovered his passion from magic at the age of thirteen and much of his teenage years were dedicated pollution and deception at the age of nineteen he moved to london a follow his dream of becoming a professional magician but his career took a dramatic change after he discovered a keen interest per psychology oh gustaf went on a study psychology at sussex university until the end of his phd he noticed a direct link between magic in psychology is unique background in science and magic allowed him to build bridges between these two demeans which helped establish the science of magic komi is a reader at goldsmiths university of london and director of the magical lab which stands firm mind gained attention in general illusionary cognition he's one of the pioneering researchers in the science of magic and he's one of the founding members and president of the science of magic association his latest book is called experiencing the impossible the science magic jack gustaf's so great to talk to you today hello hi you sound very excited to be on the show on my yeah okay yeah well thank you for being on the show this is the first time we've represented magic and i personally am very excited i have this conversation because i was really the magic of the child i used to do like apartments things like that that you know glenn children's parties and never really got by the back but yeah you did actual foreman says yes yes i pull rabbits out of hats and while all sorts of things but i you know i'm just fascinated with it i wonder to what extent it influenced my interest in psychology there's a link there there's something that let you up when when you discovered psychology in which they overlap there and what's the ven diagram yeah but it's a it's a bit of a weird link because it didn't look good and i expected it would take because of what you like when you books or magic but i was interested interested in anything that could improve performance isn't already low rating we books from palmar eating to body language emeco psychology is well because magic is radio what about psychology magic it's a price that happens in sought spectators mind an to create a powerful magical illusion you really need to understand how humans think and behave and so i read a lot of psychology pop psychology books as a teenager and it was really my passion for managing that sparked my interest in psychology so i went to study psychology at university but i was rather disappointed because none of us are coverage it all came cross university at anything do way magic in rob talk to people about magic they thought it was interesting but it just didn't have any research done on this and then went on to do a phd in consciousness and he was earning towards the end of my phd actually pro poli brea lost his link between psychology in magic because a lot of questions a psychologist signed dressed in just consciousness belief attention free will will these old principles that magicians i've learned about the generations and that was ready to spark for me to establish a salon magic restarted or simply trying to understand how machines can misdirect people's attention yeah i mean if you look at be perception literature it's all about allusions well yeah i mean it's it's a load of eight and there's there's lots of indirect links and if you think about the perception electric but even developmental psychologist is well because the lord of the developmental paradigms used icy input magic tricks as well so developmental psychologist comes just before magic tricks for infants and young children they measure how they respond to them as a way of radio understanding how the brain works and rob in pullman magic just kids we issue before magic tricks for adults again as a way of understanding how human condition works a wonderful so do you still perform at all or did you ever before yeah you subsumed semi crushingly my big aimed most become a professional magician i grew up in switzerland i at the age of nineteen to london to start my career right now a fresh images she failed quite badly endow just couldn't find enough work and ducks will then lead me back into academia again really so it's like those those who can't teach what's expression can't do it teach it yeah well maybe not quite as hard on yourself no quiet all right i think it's also available actually i became more interested in studying more about the human mind then just typical may magic is that cognitive dissonance other days i think i think also eva's i came to london in at the time when magic just simply wasn't that she's not popular i think magic is brady popular in the uk at the moment by the time it was very difficult to get paid work i was also trained as a busca in london busking were banned in most places at the time so again that made it very difficult make anything i have two questions one was busking into why with demand ski well busking is street performing students ocean giannini so i was trained as a street coleman and a boy band i no never baby fully understood that there were any very few places in needham but she allowed to ask so let's back up a second and define the word magic because you talk about that a little bit near booking and i'm sorry if we could put some parameters parameters around that like what's not magic magic it's one of these very tough times to find like consciousness a lot of other things and i think is a very ill defined simon the orleans stood time as well what's interesting about magic from a performance point of view that magicians spend a little time haunting about how you can create magic but they don't have that much time i want to understand the concept itself means very little is ready nine about the concept of magic so in performance complex and again hand i mean this is like it's a bit markeith the kind of magical i'm interested in is performance magic the magic that limitation you tricks and deception to create the illusion of impulse whipple difference to some people who genuinely believe in magical miracles up so the magic on talking about israeli entertainment magic so to understand much it i think of magic is radio being about come slick about according to comb through like deep concern dog brain between things you believe the people of all the things you just experience so you were talking about how you major rabbits pay from house up all meant so what's the beautiful league zone poll way consciously and logically you know who that rabbits com simply materialize is being sought a half as you pulling that rabbit out of that how does exactly what you're experiencing and so magic creates a very interesting coconut this conflict between the thing that you experiencing the things that you believe to be so that's why i think magic and we need magic in the world i mean if we if nothing magical wouldn't be pretty boring i think so i think i mean again this is the one of the interesting questions that we install starting to look at it as well as well why are people so drones walls magic and i think when we talk about the science of magic there's a lot of focus on the section of elation the tricking law positive side about magic is well in that magic complicit warmed a list of the whole range of really powerful positive emotions and it can make the will just a happier place is well oh i love that 'cause i mean that's a particular link that you've scientifically been investigating the link to wellbeing how is magic linked to wellbeing so this is also programs all magicians of in using magic why your in home think people's wellbeing and we become very interested in trying to make this link between magic and they announced the wellbeing in my phd students began ski he's dedicated his whole phd tools i'm standing this and i think magic can be used at home wellbeing being in different ways one of the most powerful way is ready three teaching people to the full magic and we should do this that goldsmith where we train none of us students in magic they participate in magic workshops right at the beginning of the cold weather low in a whole range of magic tricks and we find that this is a rating positive impact on that lived in that it just their self esteem so never poll that she learning magic makes me feel better about themselves and it also in homes and they have reported wellbeing is wells off the participating in these workshops they were told that she feel better about themselves as well so learning how to perform magic increases will being yes they can i think he can wait now will be interested in seeing those steve and specifically investigate not say steve is my listeners aren't gonna know exactly who stephen as a leaf against one of my phd students in the magic lap he's been focusing on this wellbeing aspect of our such great but yeah i think magic is called a load of rating how full components because full bottom and one of the reasons why will be interested in magic he's a very few i mean you one exception in that you've called deep background magic is well but most of our students have never pull the rabbit out of the hat to the old starting at the same point in terms of expertise magic and although it takes thousands of hours of training become a professional magician is actually quite easy for people to learn simple magic tricks and what we find is that magic is a great to whereby we could teach them on a skill that previously they thought it was just completely impossible you won't magician forming a tree example he may cops a piece of rope in half and then magically restore that you won't stay very curious about it you feel i have no idea how it's done an participants genuinely think that it's impossible for them to be able to do this with in relatively short amount of time we connect she teach them to perform these types of tricks and performing these tricks in front of other people provide eastern looks ready positive feedback and i think that's what makes them feel better about themselves so it also there's this feeling like a sense of control right like you hear a lot of magicians talk about early childhood is like being bullied or or being outcast in some way an end doesn't it kind of make you feel like you're doing went up on others i think so i mean i think it means inches and interesting point really the whole bullying because when he talks a little bit magicians loaded magician claim that they go into magic because they were struggling in school all day monday i'll call some and i think magic can give you a special skill but you can do something which others concert and i mean on a firm unethical bullied at school but definitely being full magic the punt tools that will just being close otherwise and i think that can be useful thing again in terms of helping people they may not necessarily feel very good about themselves or have lack lack social skills while i think yeah being accepted the full magic if you scrape the pilot and conductor social interaction andy something that people talk about and that makes it interesting as well so again i think that's another really interesting aspect of magic yeah it's just an observation i mean i'm not magicians there's also obviously will being benefits to experiencing magic right not like do being the one doing it but just being any audience yeah so i think there's again there's no not much is known about the impact that experience you mentioned so simply watching magic as a spectator can have in people's wellbeing but this summer such a huge in the book ski you should not watching magical come come in contact compton concrete people's creativity as these studies that will carry children were children go to see video clip so harry potter extra and some of these extra concrete in the magic of this new magical ends the case she she won't be magical called and they schools high old creativity house creativity and thinking sorry like diverge and thinking like comey says the brent spence bridge if it says so that says i think one of the said they used the joint task and an alternative uses a controlled way by the kids are given a word or concept and they have to come up with little sister and create to use this whole concept of those types of that well that's cool that link to creativity why do you think there's a link to creativity passing i think magic is all about what is it by experiencing impulse alon he pushes the boundaries of what is possible a so you watch some of you mentioned like a numerous someone doing some wind breathing night consciously think united that minder eating asian ashley culpable in yet suddenly you're experiencing some things that frees you felt was just completely impossible nothing dot potentially in homes pete poles wide and you'll thinking about sworn in most people's creativity is well woes that i thought was just a bit of a system file looks back right now and then it just that look okay it's not like gun shop but anyway will just overlook that so this is great i'm glad you touching you know great tip my like i did he whenever one of my guests used the word creativity you know there's just research showing that it just experiencing i mean there's like systematic research showing a weird experiences increase creative thinking like they've done experiments where they put people in virtual reality environment and if you walk towards a table and it's defined all gravity so i think supposed to get bigger as you get closer them but they get smaller you know people just completely changing all the things people used to in their daily life and you find that they do better on creativity tests i'll send some of those papers okay stopping right i mean not linked with some of these ideas that we have about magic as well because of calls magic ingredient will about yeah you entering the world when you things are possible and i think there's a there's a there's a link to charles it is well i mean i'll see also three young kids in their sense of creativity is just absolutely amazing call austin when we talked to people arrested in watching some magic tricks they rip whole eight feel it reminds him of childhood and again i think we haven't done much research and yet they strongly believe that when you watching very strong magic eight can elicit emotionally experiences are very similar to charles experiences and need vote sensation that you will do ridi lots of things a possible again i mean if i'm gonna put my kids when they're playing out there and play so creative and i mean i'm say bullring compacted to them because i have all these stricter rules handy arias about what he's about what is possible and so again i think it's possible that watching and experiencing magic elicits these on emotionally experiences that can just break down some areas and make you will create tisch that anything they don't make us more creative i'm a big proponent of that just wanna take this moment to thank you all for your support of the podcast over the years it's been a real privilege let's do this podcast free all for the past four years it's been a real labor of love if you liked it further support the podcast i wanna let you know a few things you could do to help make it a better experience for you all first i'd really appreciate if you could subscribe to the psychology podcast and i tunes and this would help make this show more prominent i tunes and increase our listenership i believe you could subscribe both on your phone on your computer second it'd be great if you could give the show a rating and review and i tunes i definitely read all the reviews and they're helpful the others who are thinking about giving giving the show listen another thing you can do is donate something to the show even just the price of a cup of coffee would really helped me continue to do this podcast free all to donate something you could go the psychology podcast dot com and click on the link at the bottom this has become a sponsor so thanks again fewer incredible support of the show over the years you know i do the show free all because i truly love sharing my enthusiasm in love of the mind bringing creativity in i really appreciate you joining me on this journey okay now back to the show so you mentioned misdirection earlier i think destruction is just like one of the biggest things in the magician tool kits there's been these elaborate set up some things like i'll watch like a show and be like wow that is just impossible and and i'll like go roll like how the magician do that and they're all using forums and threads deacon sometimes i should find out the truth and some of the things in the most but now like it's a whole elaborate thing but it all came down to just the magician at one point was just i turn my head in that they said look at this this amazing thing over here and then and then they just put the whole elephant there we didn't see it but these have saying like some of it it seems so elaborate when it just came down a really simple misdirection yes i mean i think i mean i i fully agree in a misdirection is really central to old magic i published a paper a few years ago which try to conceptualize and categorize old different principles in misdirection and doing so suddenly realize the national hot old magic is misdirection in that is almost impossible to think of any any magic trick we've now misdirection but i think there's a lot of misconceptions about misdirection she needs as well when you look up the time misdirection pedia whiny dictionary jimmy simply talks about attention in talks about distracting someone's attention to prevent them from seeing things happen an intentional misdirection is important component but misdirection far more complex in that it in voles competitive price this across the whole wide range of spectrum but manipulating you attending to is simply one misdirection price us be seeking used misdirection jimmy play how would you remember about the event and you could also used misdirection too many like how you reconstructing event and then she reason about a month and so the way that we think of misdirection now is ready linking you to all corners of understanding of the human mind we should look sites including her sister the perception of something memory i'm right off stephen and then your reasoning about be event as well so there's a lot more that goes into it yet is the law so it's i mean you could think about me starbucks in as many predicting what you're seeing politicals when you're watching a magic trick in the officers each one book how how it's dumb mistakes can have that looks different levels so you may not necessarily have seen what happens so in that company before my she working out how it's dumb or maybe eddie sorts but you simply didn't remember right so that's where the memory processes king cake in oil you could remember all the details about the magic trick but you seem kind of lashley were inhale and so that will be the reasoning person being starring the ice so i'm curious like just magic kevin narrow basis like what if we looked at in the brain of the person they're being misdirected like what would we see what is you're on research done well i think everything go niro basic i know i know as long as you're live leading question and logan except the old cognition happened all right well this is the question posed in your book but i i think there's a backhand this is nanny this is about ten years ago will more we stopped at the projects that wants to study deniro basis all magic in terms of unhappy about magic on me watching simple magic tricks now i was lucky collaborate with a friend of mine ben paris she was working in the lab where they have access to near imaging which allowed us to use functional near imaging ditch one study the brain activation station while people watching any magic trick that the time we but this is i mean how satan says call water near imaging has means doma law and the law ten years but this is the time but you could still get really excited about just identify fonda brain area that will be responsible for particular tosco so and on dream walls at the time just just find this one spot in the brain that will be responding to magic and we orgy came out by name quoting the magic magic show you a little bit and kind of like about and so we created low so video clips so me performing magic tricks or little this is like she's still we didn't have much funding so there's a lot of those films in my bedroom meet the foaming magic tricks and we have controlled conditions as well so she's on blog which make calling disappear and indies condo studies you need a control condition as well so would you use the coin and do something unusual but i can't remember what it was on maybe i'll put brush my teeth or shoved it in my ale something like that and we'd been scanned people's brains while still watching these magic tricks and compiled compared the niro activation to blend of watching something that will simply unusual the results of rating very surprising in that because fatty localized activation and that most responsible for the perception of magic trick which was ended the those electric pre from the cortex and then area now yeah you see see all these you see conflict resolution exactly and now is the time really disappointing because we were trying to find any more specific area but then of course it turns out bobby acdc age responsible for the conflict resolution which fits very nicely now with this idea that magic it's meeting all about conflict between the things that you experiencing the things you believe to be possible although we were disappointed at the time vaccine now the way that we thinking about magic a lot of this near imaging bucks make somewhat more than oh for sure i mean obviously there is like a magic part of the brain like this is a process that we go through true alon are daily life and magic plays on these deeply involved brain areas yeah nothing after radiant political point magic magic is unique in that he can create a sense of warmed and of course all the cooking process by involves the magic happen to us all the time all the time actually lesions we're constantly being fooled by looking solutions is just a hearing the day today largely just don't realize you'll be fooled by elation and the game but this company conflict me maybe something unique magic or maybe it's ready very similar to all the condo complex and we'll still get you the beginning which wants discover so do we all experienced the same magic it's very difficult to to be no wall someone else's experience thing but i don't think we do and there's several reasons one i mean if we think about they say if magic like you know think of magic is being about this conflict and is comforting relies on two main factors the first one is what you are proceeding and the second one is what you believe to be possible now of course we all have different beliefs about what is possible 'em think binding streaming zone with kids now to go very different beliefs about the world and so things that seem impossible loss may she seems possible for them so if you think about the compton like a lady already own am in since the doing half the concept don't object permanency in what this means is not with them object that go out sykes may also disappear even on nights i asian object is simply included by something i'm single cup of coffee on your table and you'll books of rice krispies including a view of a cup of coffee coffee cup of coffee hasn't paid still that even though you can't see it now this is object permanence in the party says that doesn't take cain until until quad later on in life and so we get this object permanency since since overnight low off magic tricks where you make an object disappear and you really surprised and amazed by that now you're amazed amazed by this because you know the objects don't simply disappear in everyday life young child when half that concept and so then simply make objectives it pay but unless you stop all come clicked and indeed look develop mentally children have a very different experience of magic tricks to adults think even for us adult's we all athletes beliefs about the golden since magic is about creating this conflict between your experience and you believe you will probably experienced the magic trick is very differently to the way i do it again like unexpectedly in the rate on this when i think about mind breathing i'll have a full wind meeting affect people who genuinely believe that these things all possible and they act shakespeare in the mind breathing magic trick being very different to someone who's more skeptical about this so i think that's a lung level level but then it just conflict it's about the belief and you experience and again the movie learning about how the human brain works the woman we've come to realize that old experiences of wells already very different as swell and so even that we all experienced the vote differently that also implies that we should be experiencing magic very differently as well yeah but i mean isn't that the magician banking on the fact that their audience and not experiencing currently i guess you're you're hoping that you're audience with a bunch of newbies will you do to the extent that may not think of the magician you do try to create this invasion in everyone but you'll never have to deal with james will never respond everybody's different and so everybody will respond differently to that effect now in certain circumstances differences maybe smaller by others that may be bigger as well oh i'm just so interested in different types magic and there's a particular type of interest me on these were they called the mind delusion us yet and mental ism so interesting mental myself show in vegas not that long ago that just really it blew my mind i just can't understand how he and i talked to the people efforts like were you planet doing no he literally gas the name of my obscure name of my ex girlfriend and i just don't understand how they do it can you tell me how they do it powered enough trouble with the magic suckle about the magic circle must love you but i am currently being investigated by the exposure committee and a good chunk on being expelled from the magic my gosh that sounds horrible ending people on the may stop magician missed all right your attention it's pretty much a yeah you have a whole theory about the bees busy in theory of mr action like that so nerdy that's you must be expelled i'll have to be expelled about but i mean i'll try to but the most of this research i mean i love magic in the ridi one of giving away any secrets and and in this case i have no what they have done nothing mental ism me mentally missouri fascinating area all magic and it's probably one of the most popular areas like magic is well i think what's really interesting about mental ism is that it was the boundary between real magic and trickery so when you watching a magician turning a rabbit out to the hatch most people know trick like you don't think about the magicians go genuine mentioned powers you realize that you are seeing each an elaborate illusion the mental ism isn't even slightly different area because one someone styles feeding your mind become much more likely to actually set you're seeing as being genuine rail in particular when footmen mentally start using psychological principles as well so in the states with it i mean like in the uk darren brown is a very popular oh you mentioned him i mean one of my favorite magician you know him personally i don't know him personally bob brady brady like a lot of his lesion then of course he sit there and brown he created a new type of magic richie kohl's mind control such wa didn't claiming that he's breathing people's mind he claims to be using psychological principles to greet someone stole so you may claim is reading body language all micro expressions or used elaborate psychological priming to include unsealed decision making is well what's interesting about this is that when people watch these types of lesion they genuinely believe a four three win actual fact offscreen holes simple magic tricks i mean i'm saying simple is not saint paul because they're breathing very clever magic trick similar condo magic trick the all the magicians they use when they claimed that breathing mind ball there and browning doing he he's giving you a psychological street or explanation as to why he's actually doing now we've done a lot of work research on this show that people genuinely believe this stuff in the rail almost even more boring that it doesn't really matter of what do you tell people that i'm watching a magician or college so even if they tell the you watching a magician eating tricks people still genuinely believe that the comic principles that they claim to be doing oh actually rail and this is what my mental is so interesting that everybody loves the things sweden real magic what people think real magic trickery mhm in obviously there's individual differences and aaron and how people perceive that you might have the diehard cynics when you tell them well that like changes something their brain we were seen it yet so we've seen over the last five years or more we've been covering a big research project and not just on these mental it's a matter of fact you talk logical explanation but also using spiritualist explanation and so will be interesting hey is white people believe in june in magic and things that nobody will be impossible and so in these experiments berman's we get a magician to calm and the form some magic in for students and they use this form of mental ism so we create eight fake spiritual experience whereby the magician may breed possums or a a bead personal information about a person didn't do any specific rating way we get them to find out about the deceased relatives now this is done using tricks right khyber tricks and very powerful trick trick baja off the participants but initially told that they gonna be watching a magician all y'all hall for told the watching engine when psychic now what's very interesting is that this manipulation side this framing whether we tell the magician or like you have very little impact on how they well i've just seen so we have people we we've told you're watching a magician he's using tricks and this still jane we need believe that the person's going to go rails spiritual power but what we find is that people's interpretation of what they're seeing is a very strong feeling that prime believe says he suggested this whole in a die hard skeptics will stable the tree people they're seeing around to trickery wall while most of the the belief is more likely to achieve what they're seeing too generous spiritual panelist have you looked at openness to experience is a personality moderator we have in this context no we have another context looking at enjoyment magic but while the surprise ling xt on any relation between experience and people enjoyment magic which some of which i would've predicted to find any correlation between any of the major detroit that's good news for you know certainly gonna say something that is such that wasn't very disappointing but of course in some with the eagles have very encouraging that it suggests that actually magic tapping to something that's very broad universal universal so what is the magicians force the magician stolz aid principle that mission you infantile decision making example you may be off to pick a cop someone upper deck of pain clean causal shuffled caught an ostrich pick a card i then say radio mind binational fight roads in the review of mine muscles card which means that i knew beforehand which called that you'll be choosing an magician foles isn't general principle print a bit like misdirection by by magicians just got lots of different psychological tricks and principles they could use to manipulate decision making but what's important about this is that the decision making is being influenced even though you are not aware of this insurance so you feel like you've made a free choice in actual fact choices being forced oh wow so have you been staying that personally yeah so again it's a m one of my other phd students out as a pilot she's dedicating hope phd was trying to understand psychological skull mechanisms that on the large obstructed justice they saw a logical these posters and again i thought college if we may be interested in this because if you think of it like free will is the central concept you're manipulating freeway at this peanut it's been one of these holy grails of psychology ready just fine powerful white manipulating people decision making persistence chicken about supplemental perception of all the forms of priming an old are these principles work that affects jim nobody reads very very limited which makes it difficult foster lexi study these protesters in the lab really finding magician shows is that we call is rating powerful principles joe highly reliable and yet people completely oblivious the choices being manipulated additional charges and great tools to study called such free will and people sent by agency yeah i worry about people who used magic or not good for you but i mean a lot of you do a lot of people studying up on like hypnosis and things like that china and manipulate people yeah i mean i think isn't worried with all these i mean that's sort of mentioned nathan isis i think the whole device you think about the hold the impact that fake news and a lot of these other forms of misdirection which were much of biggest kind of hats and are being exploited politicians man out organization i think by is quite boring and then i guess i mean this is one of the reasons why we're interested in all this research is just fun way to protect ourselves from that says well so we just started the project which is funded by the australian in government which is like she's looking at whether they be in increments some these magic techniques into artificial intelligence so what did we connect she used magic principles to prevent the old socialist to prevent this from being cheated by bolt and although official intelligence tosses yeah i just told you is interesting one a one thinking getting a constitutional power to really blow reminds hopefully play magicians when they become obsolete you know it feels like the presentation part is a big part of it right the human charisma apart to you the whole showmanship within about you all radius and chill oh yeah agreed i know you do talk about the link between magic been machine attraction in your book yet is there anything else you wanna say about that topic number on it so that's the interesting thing i wasn't a purple even lost weight the wouldn't have necessarily i know i was like national battle but just closed again mentioned eighty ra beginning one of the reasons why i'm interested in magic age because i think it relates to so many things that'd be just like look around swell scored a lot of time to conduct that shipments tree will saw a load of os she mentioned peterman direction also realizing dari similan lesions as well so as we are now having to completion of the sky fucking see all these different combs well this is old an illusion i'm not gonna see a picture of face you'll actually maybe that similarly when you taking a flaw and you throw it in the trash can will fun hasn't actually been deleted this is all very elaborate illusion and as human computer interaction designers will the challenges that they face of quite similar to the challenges the magician site speak to somebody please call a computer programmer you need to create a cotton that provides illusion that you are actually interact with the rail object is well underway diminished we look at technological as well just northeast of tbone being made possible by creating these powerful illusion andy reid in thank you mike reid a book on neil i pass you just have to swipe to me by to get the to ten the next page will be swiping actions create the illusion of yoshi toning a physical page and i think a lot of the prince that magicians being developed paying in that magic mushrooms context can be implemented in hong a human peachable tractions is well now i'm really interesting how that develops in the coming years yeah but this is something that has been making quite quickly as well as a graphical interfaces are increasing its moments of another one of my phd students and trendy she's like she's looking at how we can implement charleston principles in gaming in four months to increase user experiencing user experiences walls gaming is well we had a very smart principles those are cleaner so how could we advance see magic in denver well this is something that i've spent the last fifteen games more cianci in orange to make tight magic more seriously because i think it allows now those communities that even mind very unique angle in such provides us with a great tool to start the human condition leave leave cut fha radiate beginning low magician lost on just just so magic is just a bit of on the think now we're at the point where my jeans tool to my undergraduate courses as well come off textbooks is once you become fattier now this she'll think jump magicians off had more frosty reception radian much much more skeptical which i've been reading quotes supply spot in that went up towel magicians about using sons in holland endeavor they'll come back and say well you know well we've been told me these magic magic joe magician not necessarily then possibly but magicians deformities magic tricks centuries if not millennia and such massive headstart radio and i'll psychologists and now parsley i mean i can't disagree but this is one of my motivation using magic it's a tool to study the mind as being because speaking tapping all excuse claude knowledge about how the brain works most magicians a very good at noon walk on a trick what didn't necessarily understand why they work and i think that's why sunscreen radio help us just a scientist in psychology we go pretty good blueprint of how the human mind works and that could potentially in now magicians to create much more powerful than lesions but even though i think they using they psychological also fought the scientific method can be used in homes magic because i mean magic as we age field in that i'm like most other forms like musical flying up till dawn sorts rama night magic schools magic if something but he's learned through these teams for those structures and most of the knowledge that magician have accumulated realizing introspection in realizing informally introspection about doing covering up performance he finally waking up for woman's just reposting experiment is and then watching these white rock and these are being down and some of these ideas are property correct authors on enough think if you wanna own magic i think we need to do more objective emotions domestic scientific principles to eighty study what did these principles that she rock or not and i think that's west on skin health as well but at the moment i think this is a very river leash county and still take a few years so much and some bullets which are she stopped new research project which is down by using science of buying a home sitting magic magicians will like old oh that's so cool summer you can actually influenced being killed his magic itself not just a magic influence exceptionally yeah i think because annoys why she gift so the thing back as well because most of our research and i think the misunderstanding comes from as well mystify book uses magic of radio understanding human stephen brain and been no no no triumphant homes magic and say magicians off look at this recession well this is radio one mania called ready see have worked in dubber used his low budget to improve my magic nichols the reason why this book and didn't not snow will be in terms of me and so what we try to do but the portuguese really illustrates how silence can be used so how much conductor on it and i wish you all the best with us never is there anything else you want it to mentioned about the researcher currently working on no i guess they think the mention is that it shouldn't isn't very exciting news new field of study i've been amazed how in the last fifteen years or so it's just it's expanding so dramatically and be now people all over the world using magic as a way of on the standing a whole range of colors preston and you mentioned the science of magic association beginning so i think anybody who's interested in this and dj countless onset metric association and behold regular called the next one is gonna be in chicago which brings together magicians and psychology said we got lost his bensimon keynote speakers cyclamen she saw it on radio eminent magician is well mullah mccain simon errands and eugene great conference is very slow and steady charge bridge this gap between sons magic oh that's great you know i'm a big fan of dino simmons well thanks again for being on the psychology podcast and talking about this topic that we haven't represented yet on the show thank you very much scott thanks for listening to the psychology podcast can i hope you enjoyed this episode if you'd like to react in some way there's something you heard i courage you to join in the discussion at the psychology podcast dot com that's the psychology podcast dot com i also believe that a

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State v. Rocky Myers  Episode 3 - Skin in the Game


49:57 min | 1 year ago

State v. Rocky Myers Episode 3 - Skin in the Game

"Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents you'll proudly mold along ask if anybody noticed you mow the lawn till people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having the motive on again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations and the reason h b a mini series the night of viewers tuned realised the show folks in the skin condition of john detroit attorney almost as much as he actual murder itself section dermatologist escaped in that rate if like that's gonna cure anything i don't know maybe house in the capital door about my feet by contagious executive producer and writer richard right with later north of tv critics and fans have quote picked up on exit as a metaphor for the frustrations of finding a solution entire judicial system but what if that seems skin condition were not a frustration but instead the solutions stick questioning by the rocky myers kilby may tucker i wonder if that were the only reason should be taken off death row i ooh ooh hello and welcome the undisclosed the state versus rocky myers this is the third episode in there for episode series about a nineteen ninetyone murdering decatur alabama and the man who sits in deathrow despite strong evidence he's innocent man this is colin miller and associate professor at the university of south carolina school for rob you're sick this week's i'm driving my car her students simply pay calling the students in i'm part of metal to an attorney at clinton npr's kelsey in washington dc f b here's what i love about simply safe these guys obsess over the details sweaty alarm system is so good here's an example a typical glass break sensors sometimes gets fooled a false positive sounds like dropped plates sort of baby crying simply safe didn't want to settle for typical because really good home security should be really accurate so they actually constructed a glass break test facility they ran over ten thousand live glass break simulations refining their detection technology until it was so accurate it could distinguish a broken plate from a broken window this is the level of detail simply safe puts the everything they do it sets them apart from other security companies simply safe system is designed so never notice it never have to think about it it's that easy and intuitive there's no contract they work hard to earn your business twenty four seven monitoring with police and fire dispatch is just fifteen dollars a month it's the best around the clock protection you can find and now you could order simply safe security system today at simply safe undisclosed dot com simply safe will also donate one to a family in need that simply safe undisclosed dot com simply safe undisclosed dot com and let's go back to the crime scene who described episode one of the series both luke maye tucker and maybe gotten so the man had come to the door with the bloodstained white t shirt and said he was bleeding to death the man had a physical altercation with both women stabbing took her four times and done once demand enforce clear mood vcr didn't connect to a tv and people blocks the police there after took tucker and dozens clothing protesting search the crime scene for evidence and dusted fingerprints and the places where tucker and that inside the perpetrator had been the most promising leads for a fingerprint on the glass door and the cabinet vcr was taken an appalling prints in the front door that the fingerprint examination of platforms said was quote believed to be the suspects so what were the results solta protesting this evidence ears rockies attorney casey keaton no forensic evidence connected mr myers to the crime back then mr myers was under a doctor's care for severe eczema which cosby is very dry skin to read lifelike off so mr myers been present at mrs tucker's house that evening his skin condition surely would have indicated it but police collected no forensic evidence from the crime prime saying or the victims clothing that late anything semester myers that's right there were no skin cells hair or fingerprints the crime scene there were mass rocky myers and none of his dna was found there but when the second part of keep statement do the rocky myers extreme eczema what's the likelihood that he left behind physical evidence at the crime scene if he'd been there well let's start with the nature of rockies accident at the time of the crime here's describing it a trial i was born with eggs emma it just skin disorder my skin is very dry and it irritates real easy i'm allergic to a lot of things and i'm allergic to dust by sweat too much it breaks me out i rub against something that's dirty i can't wrestle with somebody there's not showered a breakout we didn't have no money or nothing like that i got real bad because they move new jersey down here my skin was real bad when flake up like fish scales like you got this tight shirt wrecking do like this'll be end of the day and skin will fall into the forest my my face my hair was falling out and everything i was seeing a doctor scott was getting treatment at washington helping no of course you might say that rocky with exaggerating this condition because he knew at this point but no physical evidence and found at the scene but we also have the testimony of the officers who saw his skin condition when they arrested him here's officer dwight hail let's talk about that skin condition he had real bad flaky skin condition yes sir in fact the skimmer scaling up his arms wasn't it yes it was endeared officer john boy now when you first talk with robyn myers about this case he indicated she had a skin condition which is rather severe yes he did end the skin conditions on his forearms he wants man made note of it yesterday and it something which is quite noticeable yes sir i ask rocky about the origin of as eggs emma you know when you were first diagnosed with eggs no matter how old your baby our mom says when i was born i understand hospital for a while so the figure it out and everything and she used put those songs on my hands the stop me from scratch scratch among scare so i've had it all life i dennis rocky about the nature of his ex back in nineteen ninety one around the time of the murder in in my wife and child you talking about it of bees and it could be dry skin i wanna be you and i've never i've never thinking about it now i'm embarrassed i'm embarrassed right now thinking about it but back then i didn't i wasn't embarrassing didn't bother me because my wife and she she knew my my condition edition and everything like that they had you know and yeah it was it was awful back then it was really bad signal living where we're at my house but relive that was messed up you know i had one of the reasons why let us rent the house i can't remember what it was so cheap because he wasn't picks her up and they said well if you fix this up to you completely here you go really really cheap so we know why it take for us it put when losing we had the fight with all kinds of books and stuff like that they're announcing not good that was never ever good firm a scare especially when it's cold right it's not good for my skin at all but there was around that time i had a bad player or around that comment and contribute their true true readers my living conditions and it will create enough that it was cold so what exactly is now here's doctor theater first a pediatrician reminds children's hospital eczema is a red itchy rash made up a tiny little red bumps but sometimes lose floater crossed over it's commonly found in about ten percent of infants and young children from zero we're at a five what's interesting is fifty percent of the time it goes away by adolescence but fifty percent of the time goes on to be associated with other allergic illnesses like hay fever and even asthma that's because eczema isn't allergic reactions of something that irritates the skin it could be pollen and mold it could be second hand tobacco smoke it could be a wolf fabric could even be stress or sweaty something gets the skin set and it starts to cause those little red bumps now it turns out that there is no particular test diagnose x except the parents of the rash and possibly a family history so where do you find it well you might find it on the baby's cheeks on their forehead on their scout his kids get older shows up on their chest when their arms in their life particularly in the creases of the elbow and behind the knees rockies one of those people who eczema but never went away as he got older in his ex my didn't need spread to his arms and so is it all plausible defending with eggs my like rocky myers would not leave behind any physical evidence of the crime scene like the one including may tucker case it's a question research teams in germany decided attack a few years ago the team did a study in published its findings in an article entitled good shutter bad shedder any international journal of legal madison i was able to speak to one of the principal researchers in the study doctor nicole yvonne worm schork i started by asking her why they did this study there was always in the front of the field this question about how much dna you we'd lose when you touch something and we need to do some systematic some ethics investigations with that then so when you when you check the little children there were many studies out publish showing a kid was a here you can touch something and you can get in a genetic fingerprint on that one's off of course also the paper about good that shut up and we had the idea to we try a systematic approach to check on why you are bad or good shattered and of course it's totally individual i'm specific but also you have to keep in mind the possible skin conditions such a specific diseases right and so leaving connector a different world and such like that cats a person's a great skin and because we were we knew we dry skin persons with a specific caesar's as you can rejoin the paper to see how big a difference we hear i asked her about the story itself so what would we did before what's working in the paper we we had the glass and play and when you have to touch the play to a yes to give a hand afloat handprint that we didn't we have signed a pc all to check for for the old orange duman specific dna and of course we could see typing and we also we are as a forensic experts we are sometimes also ruled by court and the judge says they also ask how likely it is let you weedy shed you'll dna just by touching sometimes and say i'm confused or they don't believe it when you have a weekly high amount of dna from objects that we only touched and then fill this wants to win back ideas background i you know and to see if there is a nation into specific things either it's hard to imagine a better study designed for the rocky myers case in the study the researchers have the state participants hold glass plates in this case the rocky the decatur please head understandably held a strong beliefs at a fingerprint on the glass door of the house may tucker's vcr had been left by her killer so what were the results of the study first study participants with normal can you touch the glass plates nine percent left behind a full dna profile people with skin all sorts of new treatment well twenty percent left behind a dna profile in those psoriasis needed treatment sixty four percent left behind a dna profile so that leaves us eight percent with eczema are eight optima titus but needed treatment that this is a long disease when when you check the most dna because you you skin it's dry and it's like you have this little a democrat doesn't the skin that you will lose a lot of and so he just said a lot lately in terms of numbers ninety percent of participants would eczema left behind a full dna profile and then there's be amount of dna those left behind people eczema versus dose of healthy skin and i think defining what i saw on there was that sort of you'll be four times as much dna behind when you're a topic dermatitis sooner someone like their skin is not correct yeah so it's just that's that's the important thing also because the sins of the exception systematic approach you also have to keep in mind that's a little under estimated we think because you know he was he m x experimental potential wants to touch they lost last played until then to check how much can you news on the plate and we'll live when you touch of things and you you were they touched things differently you know you know what i mean so that then you have much more contact impact more impact and so we think actually as in real life you when when you have substance skin disease you should know even more right an of course this underestimation what seemed to be a play in the death of luke maye talker where the perpetrator didn't just touch the glass door but also had a violent encounter with those tucker enemy dutton and also forcefully dislodged vcr so given the nature of the crime in this case what's the likelihood that rocky could have been a perpetrator the counter impact will say if possible with victims when when you touch each other and then you have the it's not only cafo touching and then you then you have pills and the clothes robbing a well you're scanning and and all those short definitely need to to affect the q weedy news a skin cells right and i think we need to cool and your range like what what you're describing when you have such a person who has a skin condition and as far as i know that we saw that in and of course and experimental 'em studied but also with colleagues having meetings back skinny they use dna all the time finally is ending the conversation with doctors works work she said the magic words my colleague mccann on i we also we we ride report a few bad for the jets show for the court whatever hope to how likely is it it's and then from our point point of view so okay needs to that but i i think that's a rather strange has earned a usually we have in seattle ways people lose so much dna and we have to explain where they knew everything thing and that's pretty easy because they knew so much about now this is even you're you're kidding we interesting that's right for you that would be following up together a port unlikely sort of rocky committing the crime but is there another reason to believe this study actually underestimate sti odds that rocky would have left physical evidence of the crime scene late last year a story quote a doctor theater erosion of the baylor college of medicine saying quote each topic dermatitis is an emergency and blacks anything you were joined the worst caucasian eggs and the patient do it sooner and african americans so what do you mean by that i reached out to him and he said i mean three things one is the eggs automates irregular regular in stigmatizing skin meditation african americans another is the co morbidity is associated with eggs emma like heart attacks and strokes are more frequently seen any african american community with a skin condition often goes undiagnosed for a longer period of time and then finally most importantly we have this this is pretty specific to black individuals as opposed to any scared of caller for reasons that we don't understand black skim responds it's too inflammatory process these injuries trauma more more rapidly and more violently producing a lot of scar tissue so he lloyd's would be the the prototype but you don't necessarily get q and somebody a topic dermatitis but you do get thickening of the skin so it feels funny feel funny other people you know someone holding your hand in your hands all pick it up more likely to happen in african american in the story quitting doctor rose and there's a fourth reason given for eczema being an emergency any african american community they say twist study by a team led by doctor emma got many ascii be a big school of medicine at mount sinai medical center as he article notes the researchers discovered that not only is the mock your profile just cannot people maximum different competitors without it but that african americans the disorder show more skin information then european american and so there's every reason to believe that rocky had more inflammation in skin shedding the european americans and then german study what that means is even less likely that rocky kill may tucker mm i am totally guilty of buying way more beauty products then i need but here's the thing i don't feel guilty anymore because ever since i started using fab fit fund if i get full size products like a whole box law that for just forty nine ninety nine a box it comes to your house four times a year i love 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dollars off your first fab fit fund box there's another reason that we should have significant doubts about whether rocky myers kelp limit tucker and it takes us back to episode one and the concept of residual doubt that gap between reasonable doubt in no doubt after the recent exoneration of charles ray fench whose case we covered on a bonus episode of the podcast there had been eight hundred and sixty six deathrow exonerations in this country tree the state with the most deathrow exonerations is florida which used to allow for both one non unanimous jury that folks where say you have and eleven to one or tended to jury vote that leads to a death sentence in to judicial override which where you'd have say a judge to override the ten two or nine three jury vote in favor of license and instead imposes a death sentence it's perhaps unsurprisingly in that florida has been most deathrow throw exonerations twenty nine and total as we told you in episode one robert dunham and his team at the death penalty information center were able to get the jury votes and twenty two of those cases again here with their findings about those cases twenty twenty there were a non unanimous jury votes that have either judicial override or a majority but not unanimous jury recommending the death penalty that's right twenty out of the twenty two deathrow exonerations nations or ninety one percent rider cases of non unanimous votes were judicial override now might not technically be correct dako is done in florida judicial override because florida explicitly deemed the jury's voted visory with a judge then having a final saying the sentence and it's twenty fifteen opinion in hurst versus florida united states supreme court declared the scheme unconstitutional here's justice or the money or announcing the court's opinion her sister asceticism violates the sixth amendment right to a jury trial this try require surgery not just the judge supine any back beyond a reasonable doubt it says exposes the fed to additional punishment it hurts his case the maximum punishment he could have seen on the basis of the first jury's verdict at second the jury's recommendation what's life imprisonment florida law unconstitutionally allowed a judge to enhance hearses sentence by finding the critical facts missing from the jury verdict this meant that florida couldn't news it's version of judicial override going forward but what about inmates who already been given death sentences on traditional rep procedures again here's robert dunham in florida statutorily eliminated a judicial override statutorily eliminated a hand v non unanimous jury verdict was declared unconstitutional and then that's totally eliminated the florida supreme court decided that they they unconstitutionality of non unanimous juries became clear in two thousand and two when you as supreme court ruled in a case called bringing verse arizona that there is any right to a jury determination of every fact necessary to impose the death penalty and when there's a right to a jury determination has always been considered a unanimous finding by juries josie florida supreme court cases that became final prior to two thousand two you should go ahead and execute the be the case after two thousand two they're granted new penalty phase hearing new series in a row so what's this all means it it means going forward a defendant in florida can only get a death sentence if all twelve jurors vote to death penalty enemies only five men remain on sort of death row based on their judicial override or eight non unanimous jury verdicts one of those men is tommy siegler is attempting a dna testing in this case recently covered in a series by the tampa bay times here's a clip of ziegler not coverage offering sent me a copy of that article from the orlando sentinel newspaper it was on loss and lamar did in state attorney using dna to conduct the first man in the united states of america with dna i read that article made this a cup of coffee you read that article again read that article third time i said okay if they can convince this man using dna sinclair me using dna and knocked it down robes terry headley vernon davis letter the remote i want it why dna one become a damn expert on dna when everything they've ever been published a dude i said to me is he still hasn't gotten the testing in the state of florida has denied prisoners access the dna testing seventy times including four eight men who have been executed including for a handful given non yana missteps and says this might explain why delaware another state that had usual override made a different decision in the wake of the hearst decision again here's robert dunham where she worked there statute unconstitutional constitutional apply that everybody on death row in their own finally let's turn the alabama which was the third and final state to allow for judicial override late florida alabama allowed to both none none a mystery debts boots and judicial override the letters what happened in rockies case just rocket attorney cheesy cheesy the jury recommended nine to three that mr mars they sentenced to life without the possibility of parole however the judge overrode the jury's recommendation and sensationalized tobacco book now at this point you might be wondering whether judicial override ever work the other way but the judge overruling address commendations death and instead imposing a life sentence he answer is it a could end this accident initial purpose of judicial override again here's robert dunham behind judicial override whizzes going provide an additional layer of accuracy protection that not the way it worked out in any of it simply put the numbers in alabama stark in nine cases the judge overall the jury's recommendation of a death sentence imposed a life sentence meanwhile meanwhile in ninety three cases the judge wrote a dream life sentence recommendation and instead imposed a death sentence so when it comes to this disparity well first we had the racism defendants in their victims almost always it's worried cases in which there were african american defend its typically cases in which they were african american defend it's an white victims done at me saying equal justice initiative report which found that more than half the judicial overrides of life sentences in alabama were case with african american defendants despite the fact african americans only make up twenty six percent the population in alabama moreover that same study found that seventy five percent of judicial overrides of life sentences were cases of white victims despite only thirty five percent of all homicide victims in alabama being white supremacy myers and african american man convicted of killing a white woman these strikes went into as prescribed three we had this fact the judges in alabama elected and what we saw over and over again was that these judges would increasing number overrides election years and years they were for retention or when they had a selection dunham again referencing be equal justice initiative study which found the judicial overrides adds to death sentences spiked in election years with judges presumably trying to show the public but they were tough on crime for example in the election year of two thousand eight thirty percent of new death sentences were impose additional override compared a seven percent in nineteen eighty seven and i'm watching here and guess what the judge who overrode the jury's license and rockies case in opposed desens instead he was up for reelection but according to one rockies trial attorneys the factors electioneer might not have even mattered case would have tried before a judge who gave their death penalty an average capital case no matter what the recommendation of the jury gay gay death in every capitol case without accepting i remember trying the case was co counsel site of alabama versus roy burgess the ad that overturned on appeal he was a vote to get his dance in reverse man he was a nine to rape her alive no because he was only sixteen and a half this was you know praying they all right guys right my co counsel when they judge overrode they verdict the jury in the state of alabama versus roy mergers backup cancel ran down the hall to the men's room and vomited mel now burgess did have a death sentence thrown out but he was not declared innocent in that maybe if you're wondering how many death row exonerations at alabama were the result of unanimous jury despots answer zero there have been six cetera exonerations alabama one honoree was gary drinker to waive the jury vote because he was afraid they vote per license and he wants a death sentence which would allow for appointed counsel and appeal wager that somehow paid off and then we have defined other honorees the one you're like this case of baltimore million who is the subject of bryan stevenson playing book just mercy here's stevenson talking about this case be amazing thing with at the time of the crime he was actually raising money for his sister's church in about thirty people of color with him eleven miles from the crime scene so they knew he was innocent and when he was arrested they went to the sheriff until you got the wrong man they were ignored child lasted a day and a half he was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life without parole by the jury in the trial judge his name was robert e lee key overrode the jury's verdict and impose the death penalty and he spent the next six years on death row when i start working working on the case 'em they hit convicted in based on the testimony of one man i found out that this man had been coerced testify falsely it just admitted to me that it was all a lie and then he told me that he had been recorded tried to persuade them that he shouldn't do this and so we start looking we found tapes where the police had interrogated this man while they were forcing him to testify falsely infra centers are reason they tape recordings session so the witnesses actually on stay on the tape saying quote you want me to frame an innocent man per murder and i don't feel right about that police officer saying well you better give us what we want or gonna put you on death row a second alabama bathrooms honoree is anthony ray hidden he was convicted of murder largely based upon ballistics expert who testified the bullets using the murder came from his gun thirty years after the jurors entity nanya verdict the death sentence that solicits expert changed his tune here's hidden describing what happened they come back and forth to use that word means testing fluids in each city the fullest do not match the way they latch thirty years but democrats say they will hearing he sort of you're doing this dislike of print they don't change stay station may vary you other debts drugs honorees now dan i include daniel weighed more who released radio violation after a judge overload each for jury vote in favor of a life sentence in wesley quick who's convicted on non unanimous stray debt so despite strong evidence pointing in the direction of an alternate suspect and then we had randall padgett who is giving the death penalty see after being wrongfully convicted of the murder of his ex wife and the jury boarding ninety three in favor of a life sentence here patch described his physical reaction to the judges override the dodo road the laugh about the the jury recommended and finished my electric chair and what was that like like a like a nightmare a lot being in a whole different planet a explain it to her when i spoke with rocky he described a similar reaction when the judge overrode the jury's ninety two in favor of a life sentence remember this thing that ever happened to me if the guilty party you know didn't hurt me as much as when the judge said that officer threat to society nowhere else in of course he told the truth annual road to four thirteen it'd be but he told me that our three to six size tease you know their dollars can be trusted outfit out start killing everybody and i'm like that's that's so far from the truth prophetic really really hurts real estate because you're older notice like somebody said donald trump and you know what you're doing you know what i'm saying and in it hurts you refresh leadership is somebody like like like the summary of their child and your wife somebody that david that george wasn't on snl bush illinois words was like needles shaw's now slowing through there that are now we've been talking about judicial override in the context of residual doubt theoretical sense with that theory being it's like the jurors broke for life sentences and capitol cases in which they harbor some doubt about the defendant's guilt but it turns out that it's not just theoretical patrick mulvaney and his team at the southern center for human rights spoke with the jurors some of these alabama cases we went and talked to some of the jurors from those cases and their experience is really line up with this certain about residual doubt jurors from several of those cases said we voted for life at the penalty phase of because we had some doubts about the defendant's guilt at and then the judge overrode the jury impose the death penalty in years later we find out that those individuals were were wrongfully convicted so did some shares in the rocky myers case also hold residual doubts well it goes well beyond that some jurors documents case were convinced he was innocent here's jeremy pocket he is innocent man is very important to me there's no then it goes but i don't think about this and i think back securing the gear and they'll issue if there was something that would get done differently and there was outraged over time we only had certain decisions we make it when we did the best we could do but we couldn't not change what the judge did i remember this man every day every day i wake up and i think about sometime during the day is snakes in my mind it's hard burnham so what is puckett mean about their choices being limited well she says that the jury selection didn't start well and things didn't improve screw wants to trough start at one man i forget what the question was his answer into a bump morale was i feel like it's a man has made it through the grand jury anti trump that he's guilty and he made the cut for the jury so at that point in my mind i thought how are we ever going to be able to make a fair decision if was i mean we had had i mean it couldn't work if one person already went in thinking i'm gonna vote that is guilty no matter what and i don't know how he got in that cut but he did so i have concerns already going into the liberation and even before we got that for several times jaren the trolls the man sitting next to me with sleeping several times 'em i would have tonight in why came up and no one you know acted like it was dale you know as a gym in a couple of times the blight the bagless prompted me in the other jurors you know they would get someone's attention and they go down the line and get made it his elbow women came up his you know wake up and nonetheless pocket listen closely to be evidence and it left her without any belief that rocky myers had killed may talker i don't feel like the state ever prove he he did anything donald connection to ask him remember is that he had the vcr in his story hey i mean it was unbelievable how he got they say or because of his way of life that did not connect him with murder 'em and there was some one of the jurors in there they kept saying over and over a radic tracks you know just look at the ride at tracks says while he was using to refer to the vc are connected to wear volcano cars in it just you know that even make any sense someone's gonna find something in the sally kill someone in puckett wasn't alone there were other jurors who thought rocky he is innocent including the one african american on the jury i remember the one black man i remember him cry hazelwood some say in our one of the last ones to the guilty of course this may be wondering how these jurors ended up finding parking myers guilty if they believe him to be innocent according the pocket there were two reasons the first ones the bayless struggle what's going on back there with us in and deliberations and we were kind of feeling pressure 'em the bayless comments talking to a bad lighting performing and let her know that they did hurt yeah i don't know what was said the foreman let us know that you know when they daria you know they're they're white non us they're tired when they do make the decision and if you're wondering no this isn't proper ends before person or any of the jurors had a porn about the bailiff had done it would have been grounds for a mistrial in speaking of grounds from mistrial we have the second reason the innocently jurors decide devote guilty are hands were tied the clause and this is actually the discussion lifts the jury deliberations we had in our minds we played the scenario but innocent vote was or not guilty about without question it was not gonna happen with the people that were failing that added a guilty about could go two ways food voting guilty they'll say we could recommend the death penalty awaken guilty and recommend loss in prison in canada shaded when you get shaded for him to go to prison for life and we shut why or i can only set for myself off how i do it's the only way to do it and look up if he if we haven't been following this let's discuss to if he had a mistrial hey could get a jury guilty and they were just sick the death penalty and the reason i feel so strongly somebody may have been a prison pecan children are cattail during testimony in front of his wife and his kids i think it's just the one song but i children of my own just to toronto magin being separated from them have influence on them that you needed to have to grow and be healthy and to be able to fill out they lost i felt like if we could have that opportunity to be a father and half communications children at least we could have done something good from that tom because that's the only good that they're gonna come from it that's what's known as they compromise verdict and it's not supposed to happen indeed sp attorneys had done what's known as opposed starting wild deer in the jury had mentioned their customers verdict in mistrial would have been declared but now now years later nothing can be done for my pocket devastating enter found out later that a judge has changed it is devastated i had already told my family said i don't wanna know anything else about it if he's in the news if they if they saw 'em comes up i don't wanna know anything about it and not have thought that thinks it already happened because it has been so many years and i hadn't heard anything that's all they did a good job my family did a good job of keeping that her name now i'm knows nothing they had been forgotten about it just like cast aside forgotten about the rocky myers isn't only alabama death row inmate cast aside we noted earlier the delaware and florida only other states have you additional override got rid of their procedures asked the supreme pinehurst with dell recurring all right inmates on death row in only five or right inmates remaining in florida after many were giving me sentencing like these states alabama also eliminated just sort of right after first but it didn't apply retroactively actively mean they're dozens of men in alabama's deathrow based upon a procedure that no longer exists in alabama did get rid of judicial variety it's still allows the death penalty based upon jury votes have eleven to one or tend to in favor of debt which was the vote and anthony ray hidden case alabama is now the only state that allows for ninety nine a mystery votes although the arch weather stage but the quickey procedures i'm currently working some alabama representatives on changing this law and were hoping it'd be successful next year to but where does this leave rocky myers well several alabama inmates judicial over i death sentences and brought constitutional challenges their sentences summer based upon the supreme court's ruling in hurst but those might be a tough sell because of the nature of florida all procedure other challenge however sounds more promising there's another issue which i think was one of the reasons why is he alabama legislature ultimately did away with his judicial override a dad is an eighth amendment argument humidity amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment but the united states supreme court has said that in determining whether eight punishment is cruel and unusual punishment you look to be volving standards of decency in u s friday and that is measured first by a legislative judgments about what an appropriate process yes and then there were a series of other factors that you take a look at when you apply revolving standards analysis to judicial overripe you see that there was only one state left that allowed it andy usa supreme court has declared a number of practices and the death and only three unconstitutional when there were in some instances twenty states ville out it but in most instances around two or three states that still out it basically this seems seems like a compelling argument but it might not be the strongest argument for taking rocky myers off death row that reason there's a reason there's been compared to judicial override as a reason to believe that a death row inmate is innocent inter reason almost certainly applies rocky myers but it's also a reason the rockies never fully been able to raise in court because he was abandoned by the account so next time on undisclosed mm a big thank you to everybody who makes undisclosed possible thank you to our sponsors who help us put on episodes week after week thank you to the executive producer for helping keep keep this ship afloat thank you to her about golden boy are fantastic audio producer and also co host and producer of a couple of my favorite podcasts including crime writers on do not miss her podcast thank youtuber lewke for are logo to christie for maintaining a website also so a big thank you to our listeners thanks for coming back week after week check us out and make sure to follow us on line on twitter instagram and facebook are handle is at undisclosed pod end please do not forget to subscribe to us on i tunes and great thanks so much see you in a week l nine after a long day of being pulled in every direction

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Democracy Now! 2019-07-03 Wednesday

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Democracy Now! 2019-07-03 Wednesday

"Ooh we we are in this is democracy now not how'd you want should wear uniform for the united states in any agency best response for this posting brought this great shame to cross the border patrol department of homeland security customs and border protection is open an investigation into the posting of racist and zena phobic messages by current and former border patrol agent private facebook group will speak to pro bowl safety thompson who broke the story that's national outrage then to tucson arizona where federal prosecutors have decided to retry the humanitarian aid volunteer scott warren with no more debt for helping migrants why do you not know what the government has hope to accomplish here i do know put you back about this has been in will continue to be raising a public consciousness a greater awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the borderlands more volunteers who wants to stand in solidarity with migrants we'll hear scott warren in his own words and speak to one of his colleagues with the group no more debt all that and more coming up welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the warren peace report i'm amy goodman a damning new report port and shocking photos has been released by the department of homeland security's internal watchdog it's adding to the mounting outcry over detention conditions for asylum seekers along d u s mexico border acting inspector general jennifer castello is urging dhs quote take immediate steps to alleviate dangerous overcrowding and prolonged detention of children and adults in the rio grande valley the report notes migrants are being held without sufficient food or access to medical care some children had not received a hot meal since being locked up and beg not to be returned to their cells inspectors observed over twenty five hundred children who had been held longer than the three days permitted under a key court settlement known as the flora's agreement photos accompanying the report show extreme overcrowding including people huddled in cells and standing room only conditions some held there for months some photos also show asylumseekers holding up signs worthy inspectors one of which reads help npr npr reports dhs is currently on the hunt for news sites across several southern states to continue to detain migrant children meanwhile lawmakers continue to make their own trips to immigrants jails with florida congress member frederica wilson leading the delegation to this day that included congress member john lewis to visit the homestead facility in florida less than an hour from the first democratic presidential primary debates last week in related news another other central american migrants has died and you ask custody after becoming sick while locked up but houston immigration trail thirty year old honduran nato's any alexis ball but almost taught us was detained at the end of may before being handed over to ice in june he died in a houston hospital sunday after being found on responsible in his detention so the cause of death remains undetermined done an autopsy is scheduled a federal judge in washington state has blocked the trump administration plan to lock up asylumseekers while they wait for the outcome of their cases the policy which was set to take effect this month would have denied asylum seekers bond hearings they feel you which brought the suit alongside other rights groups welcome the decision saying quote try as it may the government can't circumvent the constitution in an effort to deter and punish asylumseekers applying for protection this ruling will provide much needed relief for people being detained and cruel and inhumane conditions while going through the asylum process see sale you said in more immigration is npr's reporting the department of homeland security has sent out fine to a number of immigrants for quote failing to depart the uss previously agreed the fines in some cases are as high as a half a million dollars elizabeth taylor and attorney for one of the recipients so the dhs fine told npr administration is issuing the fines to increase pressure on immigrant communities and maybe laying the groundwork for further criminal penalties she said quote i laugh because there has to be someone some basement in dc thinking oh what else can i do to mess with immigrants what else can i do to hurt them she said earlier this week trump said previously announced immigration raids will begin after the upcoming july fourth weekend if congress fails to pass new restrictions on asylum seekers again the trump administration said immigration raids will begin after the july fourth weekend nationwide protests were held tuesday under the banner closes the camps calling on lawmakers to shutdown immigrant jail defund detention and deportation and reunite separated families this is a demonstrator in new york city has i want to make sure that people know that not all americans americans are we are a country of migrants immigrant and make sure you are history and welcome generations are coming to build our country so it'd be against the year new jersey senator twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate cory booker says if elected he will virtually eliminate immigrant detention through executive authority as he unveiled his immigration reform plan to stay senator booker's plan would phase out privately run immigrant prisons and stop criminalizing immigration he's also going to restore and expand daca and other protected status programs reverse trump zero tolerance family separation policy expand legal pathway to citizenship and put in place accountability mechanisms for ice and cbp other twenty twenty candidates have also said they would effectively do away with immigrant detention including former san antonio mayor in housing and urban development secretary who leon castro last week senator bernie sanders said his first executive actions would undo all of trump's anti immigrant policies the trump administration's dropped its effort to include a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census last week the supreme court ruled the question could not be added to next year's form saying the administration's justification for its inclusion inclusion appears to have been contrived trump had originally threatened to delay the constitutionally mandated census after the ruling but the justice department confirmed to his day that they've given the green light to start printing the forms they fill you in seventeen states filed a lawsuit to prevent the citizenship question from being added census officials estimated six point five million people would not respond to the census negatively impacting areas where large urge immigrant communities success the house ways and means committee has sued the treasury department and they i arrest over their refusal to handover precedent trump's tax returns democrats issued subpoenas for trump's financial record's kurds in may trump's legal counsel dumped the lawsuit presidential harassment and said they would fight it in court in libya and overnight airstrike killed at least forty people and injured at least eighty others at a migrant detention center near the capital tripoli the facility house mostly african migrants viewing back government of national accord is blaming the opposition libyan national army led by the renegade general lethal halftime violence around aaa has been mounting since starts forces launched and offensive to capture tripoli human rights groups say both sides may have committed war crimes by attacking heavily populated civilian areas in israel members of ethiopian community took to the streets to stay to protest racism and the police killing of teenagers solomon tech in high five on sunday major roads were blocked sixty people were arrested as police clashed with protesters but he's released police orange learning there are criminals inside the police force and the police leadership is unable to condemn the and it creates not only damaged but also deaths in california usa navy seal special operations chief edward gallagher has been acquitted of murder after a jury found him not guilty on all charges except for the least serious charge of taking a photo over the dead body of a captive teenage it's combating in iraq gallagher was accused of multiple war crimes including shooting to iraqi civilians and fatally stabbing the captive teenager in the neck the verdict came despite several of his fellow navy be seals testifying as witnesses to be alleged murder during the trial a navy seal medic testified he not gallagher was actually responsible for the killing of a teenager throwing the prosecution's case into disarray medics said he is fixated the victim as mercy killing after gallagher stabbed him the prosecutors say the claim was fabricated to protect gallagher gallagher is set to be sentenced today in faces up to four months behind bars though his lawyer says he will not return person since he's already spent more than four months and pretrial detention in arizona federal prosecutors announced tuesday they will retry humanitarian activists and no more deaths volunteer doctor scott warren after a jury refused convicting last month for providing water food clean closed in bed stuy to undocumented migrants crossing the seminar in desert prosecutors have however drop the conspiracy charge against warren prosecutors were pete their case against him in front of a jury in november if convicted doctor warren faces up to ten years behind bars this is scott warren responding to the news to stay in front of the federal courthouse in tucson i do not know what the government has hope to accomplish here i do know what effect of all this has been in will continue to be a racing in public consciousness greater awareness of the humanitarian syrian crisis in the borderlands more volunteers who wants to stand in solidarity with migrants local resident defending their resistance the border walls in the militarization of our communities water water is wizard will have more on this later in the broadcast with catherine gaffney of no more deaths a black patient was arrested outside in illinois hospital last month he is now speaking speaking out about his experience twenty four year old shaquille dukes and his partner and brother were arrested while they were taking a walk near the hospital were dukes was being treated for pneumonia this is despite the fact he was wearing a hospital gown and had an ivy drifting in his arm at the time as he pushed the poll walking next to it in a facebook post stoop said hospitals security guard call the police and accused of stealing be ivy equipment to resell on ebay do since filed a complaint unfair unbiased conduct by responding officers nike has withdrawn a new independence day themed airmax sneaker design design which reportedly next after calling capper nick raised concerns about the use of the betsy ross flag a symbol associated with the american revolution in an era of slavery the flag has since been used by white supremacist groups capper nick the former san francisco cisco forty niners quarterback who many believe was iced out of the nfl for taking the knee before games to protest police brutality was featured in a nike ad campaign last year in response to a nike polling the sneaker arizona's republican publican governor doug ducey cancelled a one million dollar grant for new factory well texas senator ted cruz tweeted nike quote only wants to sell sneakers to people who hate be american flag senate majority leader mitch mcconnell connell criticize nike saying he would place the first order for the sneakers if nike reverses it's decision time so reportedly at the ready for trump's fourth of july celebrations in washington dc despite city officials objecting to the parade because of concerns of physical damage to the mall due to the massive military hardware trump is also ordered a fly over by military aircraft including air force one republican operatives are reportedly handing out vip tickets republican donors as well as general admission entry to attend trump's plan speech at the lincoln memorial the washington post is reporting nearly two and a half million dollars from the national park service will be diverted to cover the cost of the fourth of july celebrations chubb became the first major insurance company in the u s to announce it will no longer provide coverage for coal companies chubs move this week came after mounting pressure from environmental groups and will extend its coverage bantu companies that produce more than thirty percent of their energy from coal marianne head of the sierra clubs beyond coal campaign applauded the move saying they insurance industry risks being on the hook for trillions of dollars in damages linked to climate change from rising seas sees two wildfires and storms insurers are well aware of that danger and also well aware that the markets in the public are turning away from coal which could leave them holding the bag foreign absolute indus obsolete industry she said last month what's the hottest june on record's marked by a recordbreaking heat wave across europe which saw temperatures soar as high as fifty degrees higher than normal and parts of france germany spain italy meanwhile back in the uss recordbreaking he has gripped alaska exacerbating some three hundred fifty different wildfires across the state in recent days and accelerating the melting glaciers end in london climate activists with extinction rebellion marched on five major oil companies these headquarters to stay to call for an end to drilling during london climate action week this is organizer lola parent london time as i mentioned we know more people would rather brainwashed some of the headlines this is democracy now democracy now dot or the warren peace report i'm amy goodman and i'm one gonzales welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world you us customs and border protection has opened an investigation into the posting of racist and zena phobic messages by current and former border patrol agents on a private facebook group more the ninety five hundred people a part of the group which was exposed by pro pulled a gun on monday the group's facebook page is filled with a racist homophobic anti immigrant and massage in this stick content sent the migrants as well as some lawmakers and other high profile people one post contain they photo shopped image of congress member alexandria ocasio cortez being sexually assaulted by president trump in another threat members of the group made fun of video of a man trying to carry a child to a rapid a river in a plastic bag someone commented quote at least it's already in a trash bag unquote ass by reporter respond to her depiction in the facebook post host congress member okasha cortez said it was quote indicative of the culture she observed inside the migrant persian sanchez visited and says she did not feel safe around of the border patrol officers why why would not have any comment about about you and they groom i mean i think it's just a memory on mundane members of the new york congressional delegation came together to condemn the postings and the private facebook group this is congress member nydia velazquez but here is the most chilling part the people behind these folks are responsible for their well being their most vulnerable among us children pregnant women families that end during vesper conditions on this poll suggests they literally in the hands of people who who engage in violence racist phone lines behavior well some more we go to berkeley california where were joined by ac thompson he's the man who broke the story the propublica reporter who covers border patrol and policing on the southern border as well as hate crimes in racial extreme that's his new pieces headlined inside the secret border patrol facebook group where agents joke about migrant deaths and post sexist means ac welcome back to democracy now why don't you take us on the journey first how you were alerted to this group that has what more than ninety five hundred participants you know i think what's important to note is there are people within the border patrol and the broader cbp agency who don't like what's going on there they say look the culture has gotten toxic in his got and dangerous and there are people that were in that facebook group who said i wanna alert the media about this is what's going on is absolutely unconscionable interestingly a about seven thousand people have left the group since we first did are reporting and i think that says something that people realize this is not not a group they wanna be associated with and what what's happening there was absolutely incorrect but talk about exactly what you found in this group in this on facebook group where people people saying i'll tell you i've been reporting on law enforcement from within twenty years and i have never seen anything like this i spent time with corrupt cops with cops who went to prison and i i just have not seen people who would post means joking about sexual assault apparently celebrating sexual assault in i have not seen a people you know sort of posting these things were burning to the folks at they're supposed to interact with with the migrants as as essentially trash or subhuman a and like i say mental lot of backups this is way outside of the norms of normal behavior weather in the civilian world of the law enforcement world there were means about homophobia about mocking anderson cooper sexuality there were means a questioning whether a migrants who had died a train across the river between the united states and mexico were actually if that actually happened referring to them as floaters and saying maybe it was all a skiing concocted by the democrats and liberals i i mean the the levels of antipathy for women a fruit from migrants and just people in general very very high ac you noted a that cbp agents who have posted this kind of vitriol online in the past have also been a a found to have been involved in a not in violence or illegal activities against migrants could you talk about that as well no i mean i think to me one of the things that's interesting concerning right is that we know that a by v agencies own reporting they get quote unquote hundreds of allegations of excessive force every year we know that they a by their own reporting discipline a handful of be agents and officers accused in those allegations of excessive force we know that just recently in california to guatemalan teenage girls a settled eight suit width a b agency alleging that they were sexually groped by an agent in eight border patrol station in texas be agency paid out about a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to settle that case suggesting that it was not a case they wanna just take the trial and what we know what i can tell you is it appears that the agent in question has not been disciplined and is still on the fours in further that they see me did not seem willing to disclose his name to the lawyers who were litigating that case now we're talking about cb p s a law federal law enforcement agency that has already bigger than than the fbi's the dna it's the largest federal law enforcement i mean agency it also has an extremely high rector of agents being arrested doesn't it yeah that's that's pretty stunning right so this is the the nation's largest law enforcement agency and when you combined a customs officers with border patrol troll agents you're talking about around forty thousand law enforcement agents much much bigger than any other law enforcement agencies in the country of what we know is that for years now about two hundred and fifty a employees cbp had been arrested every year and that's a really high number of the charges ranging from the minor traffic stuff to you know serious allegations of drug trafficking of human smuggling of domestic violence cetera we're gonna go to break and then come back to our discussion with ac thompson the reporter who broke the story of this private the secret ninety five hundred member facebook group where will will talk about some of these issues that they talk about 'em will talk about epithets they hurl his new pieces headlined inside the secret border patrol facebook group where agents joke about migrant deaths and post texas means stay with us know when rations i so shame been strong he will run into is running through my mind we don't know run at my running out of time stockton assembly i prayed that the sunshine started from the bottom that underlying by the late senator ron sometimes don't define the reno man they run it through my mind my magic don't believe me there are no longer can be labeled a real somewhere down the line strom but we found on coleraine overpaying up along the way up through the night the bond no one to russians are running refugee featuring greg reporter uncommon says democracy now i'm amy goodman with one gonzales on monday members of new york congressional delegation came together to condemn racist postings by current and former federal a border patrol agents in his private facebook group this is congresswoman yvette clark of brooklyn as a member of the committee on homeland security i am extremely appalled by what has been uncovered by propublica as eight facebook page that is gathering post by over nine thousand current and former cbp officers this has come to an end those individuals must be identified much either resign immediately or being removed from their pope's there is no excuse for that type of behavior amongst the officers that protect us as a nation that are responsible for giving shelter care to refugee i've heard a lot of language about who these people are born our southern border let's make it clear they are seeking refuge in the united states of america we send funding around the world do refugee camp in nation that award dorn end here we have our own our own border the most horrific detention of humankind in this generation radiation in the united states of america we cannot abide with this we will not abide with this as as my colleagues have set waiver from donald trump that he sees these refugees as an infestation they should let me say that they infestation that we are witnessing is within the department of homeland security is among those cbp agent who has determined that they are going to see these individuals as less than human end that they will challenge members of congress who are only doing their job in seeking out the truth about what is taking place along the border am bringing light to what must be done to recapture our humanity as a nation as so let me just say this i will not sleep i will not wink i will be focused like a laser on uprooting all those within the department of homeland security whether they are in customs and border protection or they are in ice those who would prey upon the senseless individuals women and children who is seeking refuge in our nation must be purged urged from our federal service so that we can recapture who we are as a nation which is a nation who is welcomed the refugee a nation that is what welcome immigrants above all nations that is great cause of an immigrant tradition that was brooklyn democratic congresswoman yvette clark speaking with members of the new york congressional delegation on tuesdays not monday still with us is ac see thompson propublica his new pieces titled inside the secret border patrol facebook group where agents joke about migrant deaths and post sexist maims a ac in terms of a some of these particular around for instance a congresswoman alexandria okasha cortez that was that was a fat that you found on this facebook post but you talk about that as well yeah you know there's a particular a sort vitriol directed at the congresswoman so there were pose a depicting her engaged in sexual activities with migrants in detention there were supposed it's been talked about a lot of her being sexually assaulted by the president there were posts about hurling burritos at her and congresswoman veronica escobar as they visited a detention facilities in clint texas recently and there were derogatory a slurs and used against her and other congresswoman and i think that's one of the key issues here is is sort of hyper male culture of you know basically toxic masculinity they use a cliche but it's going on at the agency on monday night congress member alexandria cossio cortez tweeted there are twenty thousand total customs and border patrol agents in u s ninety five hundred hundred almost half that number are in a racist sexually violent secret cbp facebook group they're threatening violence and members of congress how do you think they're treating caged children and families later i always say tweeted just left the first cbp facility i see why is seeping cbp officers were being so physically and sexually threatening towards me officers were keeping women in cells with no water and told them to drink out of the toilets and this was them on their good behavior in front of members of congress congress member and is alexandria cossio cortez said a ac thompson if you could take this further and talk about this group this private secret facebook group how people came to be a part of it and as you release one story after another i mean this has to say the least you've gotten to the trump administration our cbp says are launching an investigation among other things on a if you talk about how are people coming forward more and more to you yeah absolutely and i think that's an important thing to note there people with in border patrol with in cbp who think this is awful who say look we have a job to do it's a tough job a it's very very difficult but but we also have a need to behave decently and that's what law enforcement does is even under tough conditions they behave admirably and that's not happening right now so people are absolutely blowing the whistle and i encourage anyone else who wants to come forward word to reach out to me and i think there are people within this agency who just say look this is what's happening here is not acceptable and i think that's what you've seen width be inspector general for homeland security to which is part of the broader a vhs unbrella saying a the conditions were seeing in detention or inappropriate the discipline and misconduct a patterns as cb p are inappropriate and this is something that were going to a report on a ac we've seen in recent months exposures of other types of social media group sub by by law enforcement officers in philadelphia and other cities where there was rampant racism and a a a and homophobia and goes police departments have begun to take action but as you have written a d m v customs and border protections discipline system which was investigated by congress a few years ago during the obama administration is not substantially changed much has another gonna be new hearings a coming up next week a over the this latest reporter viewers but what about this whole situation of the discipline procedure seizure within the agency well i mean i think there have been major changes 'em in the last several years what we used to see was a high number of shootings often cross border shootings at mexican nationals and that has dropped dramatically because of new policies that were implemented during the obama administration so there have been big improvements there but i think what you see is that you see a fragmented disciplined system where a lot of issues are handled at the local local level by station supervisors and watch supervisors it goes on a some stuff as handle a bye see me peas internal affairs other cases are handled by dhs says inspector general other cases may end up being handled by b f b i and finally the department of justice a oh yeah also there's dhs civil rights office so when you have this many different sort of oversight body is i think sometimes what happens is you don't really have effective oversight but there's turf battles things fall between the cracks and there's no sort of unified affective disciplinary system i think that's what we're seeing in general that agency ac thompson you write in your piece and propublica in early two thousand eighteen federal investigators found a raft of disturbing and racist text messages sent by border patrol agents in southern arizona after searching the phone of matthew boeing an agent charged with running down a guatemalan migrants with a ford f one fifty pickup truck the tax which revealed in a court filing in federal court in tucson described migrants squats as wild beep beep being nurse and subhuman the messages included repeated discussions about burning the migrants prince up now that's from over a year ago and if you could talk about how you think these rebel at what has been going on over this time at the connection of c m of the gina phobic racist massaging this language with violence at and talk about what's coming of this do you think this is a system that should simply be reformed or abolished no i think what you've seen over recent decades at border patrol a in the broader cb p is there been issues there's been a troubled history there but i think if you look back to the bush administration george w bush you look back bama administration a the tone from the top wasn't very different than what you're getting now and i think what you get and the trump administration is eight very demagogue tone a very divisive tone and i think the dad is affecting thing the sort of actions on the ground by the frontline agents and officers at cb p and i think that's a huge part of the problem that we're seeing now i think that's how things have changed would you like to see some of the white house press corps hopefully i asked president trump about his reaction to these posts a specially a pulse of him sexually assaulting a congresswoman ocasio cortez i absolutely would and i heard a question asked him about this yesterday i believe and he seemed to think that it wasn't a particularly important thing from what i could tell so your piece this coming out at the same time that the department of homeland security's office the inspector general has come out with this damning report saying the situation as is eddie critical crisis level and you have this series of photographs that were released i'm not talking about a walking castro inside with the hispanic congressional delegation you know actually using it figuring out a way to get video out of what what's going on inside which was also so horrific but these are pictures taken by the department of homeland security itself will be office of inspector general that show and been grievous scandalous overcrowding on the children the people were putting up signs that say help and reminded me of hurricane katrina with people on the roof saying help on major the pictures from inside the department can you talk about the significance of this report coming out at the same time that your important as kind of out yeah i think the conditions that we've seen in a detention along the border absolutely horrifying right i think one of the things that's concerning about this is that we've seen these surges in 'em immigration across the border at different times this is not a new thing we went through this phenomenon a during the last administration so this is something that an agency that says well funded as cbp shouldn't be prepared for this something that it's something that we know is going to happen from time to time a on the border and so you could be prepared and couldn't be ready to deal with this in a much more humane way then stuffing people in cages by the hundreds we wanna turn to the head of the house judiciary committee new york congressman vern jerrold nadler who also spoke on to stay here in new york along with other members of the new york delegation yeah majors we have seen in the last few days from the detention centers in texas obviously discussing these conditions under which women and children are being held are disgusting and amount and nothing short of child abuse and degradation the fact that immigrants that migrants within the united states can be subjected to such conditions such tortured such deliberate torture is a symptom and the consequences of the culture of contempt start at the top by the president's when the president's reverse the human beings things as infestation as if they were rodents not human beings this sets the tone and sets the permission peter people to be brutal and to be dehumanizing all the people who are in those detention facilities migrants they all claim asylum some of them are entitled under our law to asylum some are not all are entitled to humanity to decent treatment to decent judicial adjudication and not to be tortured or regarded as refugees all the people administration who have done this were permitted are guilty of child abuse which is a crime we prosecute the people you agents it's on facebook who express such contemptuous and racist attitudes are not to be there they ought to be fired but again they're not entirely to blame because they're reflecting the racism from the white house they're affecting the racism right down the line we have to put a stop to this that was a congress member jerrold nadler of the chair of the house judiciary committee a ac thompson united states wouldn't keep murderers a or a person's of war in conditions like this yet they're keeping right in our government is keeping a people seeking asylum coming across the border a and seeking gain asylum in these conditions what do you think needs to be done a by the by congress when end by the american people all over this situation right now yeah i think you're exactly right we've seen one court case after another involving following a conventional prisons and say you you need to hold people inhumane conditions and i think that's really what you were going to expect from the public from policymakers is that you just simply cannot hold human beings beings in these sorts of absolutely awful deplorable conditions that that's not what america's about that's not what what we expect from a institutions the taxpayers fund is to keep people and these kinds of conditions i think that's i think that this current situation just simply cannot hold people will not put up with the ac before we move on i wanna ask you about another story in virginia james fields a self described neo nazi killed actress heather higher and anti hate rally in two thousand seventeen was sentenced friday to life in prison fields plowed his car into a crowd of anti racist protesters in charlottesville at the counter protest of the white supremacist unite the right rally following the rally hires killing precedent trump claimed they were fine people on both sides chasing you were in charlottesville in two thousand seventeen and did they award winning frontline documentary documenting hate can you talk about the significance of the sentencing of james field on and also the work you did identifying the ku klux klan white supremacists who were marching perhaps scarier than if they were marching under under white sheet says if they felt comfortable to march with their faces completely exposed and you steadfastly have identified a number of these people so the significance of the sentencing of fields and the work you did there and if you see connections to what you're doing right now a a exposing this private facebook group from nearly ten thousand border agents yeah i think i think the the field case is a really important case victory prosecutors scooters in some of these other cases that we've seen coming out of unite the right at coming out of the the white supremacist violence that year prosecutors have had mixed results some of these cases have been tossed out by judges and this is one of the ones that have been really a very successful prosecutors and i think it's a key key message being sent there i think the thing that i see that's really disturbing right is when you go inside the the white supremacist chats there is this massaging neither is this a almost in the santa fe there's this anger at everyone in this discussion of all these different groups of people as subhuman when you go inside the border patrol facebook group the secret facebook the group a lot of these guys maybe most of these people are chicanos a lot of mexican americans and yet there's also this sort of massage any an a beach humanizing sort of language and sort of a sense that a one group of people migrants rv other and they're so different from us that they can't really be human and i i see that definite definite parallels between the two different sorts of a group the the white supremacist groups and what they're talking about online and then these border patrol facebook groups and sort of what they're talking about online even though a lot of the people in the the border patrol group are not white well are you gonna be testifying before congress i dunno i think i hope not but will see an also did you have any evidence of cbp customs and border protection or other agencies agencies and less government knowing about this private this what you call secret facebook page yeah yeah i i called secret because that's what is labeled as on base book it's not visible the outsiders or members 'em explain that explain the difference between private in secret right right so this is a people ask me like how do i find the facebook group and the answer is you don't find it in less you been invited to join it and it is labeled on the front page as a secret secret group it is not visible the outsiders at all 'em i don't know that this has been reported to any of those many different oversight body is cbp before this 'em i have to think it probably was at some point and that'll be i think a key thing to ask a policy makers an agency officials like hey dude anyone tell you about this because there were a lot of people in it and seemed like somebody do have reported this in the past and if so what happened to that report did you act on it ac thompson we wanna thank you for being with us say see thompson propublica his new pace headlined inside the secret border patrol facebook group for agents agents joke about migrant deaths and post sexist means will link to it at democracy now dot org when we come back we go to tucson arizona where federal prosecutors have decided to retry humanitarian aid volunteer scott warren or trying to ensure that migrants get water get food get clothing as they make their way into this country stay with us i love my son's latest tom ball so man oh man i guess a binary them don't get too little league it's going no no not bad in a win again about thrown scary known about gig god knows what else can say they cool little fluffy body did these men in my legs so now we've got a big seeming lovely lease new imploded does seem like a game did not know quinn stop by feels you won the blues buddhist to ice by the celia you can go to their performance at democracy now are interviewing them that democracy now dot or it i'm amy goodman with one gonzales this is the warren peace report we turn out a tucson arizona where federal prosecutors said tuesday they will retry humanitarian active is scott warrant on two charges is related to aging migrants along the us mexico border if convicted he faces up to ten years in prison this comes just a few weeks after a jury refused to convince warren for providing water food clean closing beds to undocumented migrants crossing the northern desert in southern arizona state jurors found warren not guilty for said he was federal prosecutors will make their case against warren again an eight day jury trial in november they dropped a conspiracy charge against scott warrant isn't activists with us americans and no more deaths switches help refugees and migrants survived the deadly journey across the us border by leaving water and food and the harsh and are in desert where the temperature pitcher often reaches three digits during the summer months warren responded to tuesdays announcement by pledging that work to assist migrant population would continue he was speaking outside the federal courthouse in tucson ten troublesome my friends and family and loved ones but all of us all of you a we've done our best can we really should take a moment to celebrate that as we prepare for this feature why do you not know what the government has hope to accomplish here i do know what these facts of all this has been in will continue to be raising public consciousness a greater awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the borderlands more volunteers who wants to stand in solidarity with migrants local residents defending their resistance the border walls in the militarization truth asian communities water water in the desert at a time when most thank you for all your support and i love you all very very much that scott warren he's strong support from elected officials human rights defenders faith leaders across the world and a letter last week fifteen you at senators urged the department of justice to drop charges against and saying quote providing humanitarian aid should never be a crime we go now to tucson arizona to speak with catherine gaffney inactive us who volunteered with no more deaths per ten years she drops of water almost every day in the snoring desert in arizona catherine welcome back to democracy now we spoke with you alongside scott warren right as he was about to go into this trial on he was 'em eight of the twelve jurors found him not guilty so many people thought the government would stop yesterday just as the photos those from the department of homeland security were released by the office of the inspector general within dhs the horrific conditions in the migrants centers we get this word that scott the uss government the trump administration will retry scott on can you talk about the significance of this sure thank you amy it's really unconscionable that the department of justice would continue to prosecute doctor warren along these charges 'em as you mentioned the prosecuting attorney's anna right and they know walters failed to convince a jury sent doctor warrants a prison in june and the fact that under the direction of trump appointee michael bailey a dui attorney's office in arizona has decided to retry scott 'em dropping the conspiracy charge but still pursuing the two counts of harboring really shows extreme measures that they are attempting to go to to criminalize humanitarian relief in the context of not only really a national conversation around a humanitarian crisis on the border and the suppose it government response a you know seeking to bring humanitarian aid to the border 'em in you know in a moment where there's a lot of attention being paid to these abuses and where we know that people are continuing today crossing the desert concert i'm wondering also on tuesdays if you could talk about amnesty international report that came out saving live is not a crime and talking about being politically motivated legal harassment of a migrant rights defenders by the usa here's america's because the director of erica gore vada cross us she wrote quote the trump administration is targeting of human rights defenders discriminatory misuse of the criminal justice system says it on a slippery slope taught authoritarianism oh you're comments that's right so a amnesty is documented cases of targeted a prosecution surveillance 'em harassment of human rights defenders immigrant rights advocates really up and down the border from california texas 'em including in the auto area where a doctor warren an end his a humanitarian aid groups work and what we really see that as isn't escalation of a long standing 'em tactic of a china criminalize 'em basin migration and a really cause this a crisis of a death in disappearances along the border 'em there's the longstanding voters strategy has been prevention through deterrence which deliberately seeks to make the border crossing at a deadly experience and so what we've seen in the last two years is really an expansion of that to become also an attack on a those who would seek to respond to the crisis of humanitarian amnesty report includes a section on scott lawrence case saying if doctor warren were convicted in imprisoned on these absurd charges amnesty international would recognize him as a prisoner of conscience detained for his volunteer activities motivated by humanitarian principles and his religious beliefs on that was what amnesty said i wanna turn to scott warren talking about finding the remains of migrants who have died while crossing into the united states this is a clip from the intercepts mini documentary titled let them have water we went from finding man every other month to like finding five set of human remains a on a on a single trip hiking shooting rally rally a and then going back a week later and finding more sets of remains in then on a single day of searching finding lay basis remains and bodies the people who died an adjacent areas of the bombing range and on the base of create a so just this like scale of this crisis of the humanitarian crisis in the missing persons so that scott warren in intercepts let them have water couldn't help but notice it yesterday when the federal prosecutors came out just say that they were going to retry scott warren this time the same time the photos came out that i motivating people all over the country their protests all over the country and this is a message from the trump administration to say don't you dare do this because this guy is going trial once again in the fact that when scott warren was first arrested it was also just hours after no more deaths had released a video of the border agents taking water that you and others had put in the harsh and are in desert gallons and gallons of water and dumping that water so back then scott's arrest and right after the video comes out of the border agents dumping the water now v office of inspector general within the dhs releases all these horrific photos of the scandalous conditions inside the migrant jails and the federal prosecutors come out and try to make scott warren the story again say if you dare try and deal this this is what we're gonna do catherine that's right and you know it really is no surprise or secret 'em that border patrol conditions are inhumane and abusive as early as two thousand eleven eleven numerous put out a report culture of cruelty that documented overcrowding a denial of medical treatment and our food and water to migrants being held in border patrol custody so it's really not surprised and this is an agency that has shown that culture of cruelty t and abusive practices of not only under the trump administration but really for decades now 'em and you know scott a lives in auto lives in the same desert where actually the day after his trial tile ended the a girl car was found the six year old girl from india has died from heat exposure while her mother went out in search of water so he along with is not only other humanitarian aid volunteers but border residents are responding to a crisis in their backyards and scott did what anyone else would do when asked for help a by two people in distress which was he gave some food and water he made sure they had medical care and he didn't ask for their documentation before doing that catherine again catherine gaffney wanna thank you so much for being with us longtime activism volunteer with no more deaths that does it first show i'll be speaking july fourth in chicago at the hyatt regency mccormick place at seven thirty check our website at democracy now dot org nuts shang

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Scott Gottlieb on the future of pandemics and public health after COVID-19

The Munk Debates

56:07 min | 5 months ago

Scott Gottlieb on the future of pandemics and public health after COVID-19

"Welcome to the munk debates podcast every episode we normally provide you with a civil insubstantial debate on the big issues of the day but our world as we know it has changed and so has our format for the next few weeks. We're bringing you a special series. Called the monk dialogues we invite the sharpest minds and brightest thinkers for one on one conversations live on facebook to reflect on what our world will look like after the covid nineteen pandemic. These dialogues provide you the listener with original insights into the pandemics impact on everything from our shared values to the economy to international affairs. This week we bring you former commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration Dr Scott Gottlieb in conversation with rudyard griffiths. This isn't edited version of the live event. Recorded Thursday may twenty first tie. I'm Richard Griffiths. The host of the monk dialogues and welcome to our program this evening on. Tonight's edition of the Bunk Dialogues. Where the opportunity to speak with one of America's leading commentators and analysts on Covid Nineteen. He is the former. Us Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. He's a board member of Pfizer the drug maker. He's a member of the group known as the American Enterprise Institute where he's a resident fellow and he's a contributor at C. N. B. C. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to the monkey dialogues. Scott Gottlieb be here. We'll Scott as we discuss. The purpose of these dialogues is really to get all of us thinking about the impact of Covid nineteen on our society on how we're going to work how we're GonNa live the future of just about everything and to do that. By stretching our minds into the future thinking about what are the repercussions what are the effects of this pandemic? Not Tomorrow or next week but in the months and years to come and again thank you for being on the show. I think you're uniquely suited to help us in that intellectual journey so let's begin by asking you. There was one thing that you were Gonna. Kinda pull out of the last two or so months of our experienced this pandemic one lesson that you would think that we need to really dial into and dig into when it comes to understanding. The future of these pandemics going forward. What would that one thing that one lesson be for having me here tonight? I think we felt. We will much better prepared for this kind of risk and we ended up being. We had spent years doing pandemic planning mostly for influenza. We were worried about a bird. Flu Not really started here in the United States. Back in two thousand and three two thousand and four in earnest. We started significant. Planning exercises for the risk of a pandemic influenza and we built out an infrastructure for testing for surveillance for diagnostic capabilities for stockpiling certain equipment. That we felt we would need sending over pandemic and I think what we learned in. This tragedy is far less well prepared than we thought we would now. This was a corona virus. It wasn't influenza. But a lot of the things that we didn't anticipation of the risk of pandemic flu should have been applicable here and we should have been better prepared and the one thing I think ended up being a challenge here and surprise a lot of was the lack of diagnostic capability the inability to get diagnostic testing in place. Quickly the underfunding of public health labs and the public health infrastructure and just generally being able to deploy a diagnostic quickly to do surveillance that we would be able to detect spread before it got too late before you had too much spread that you're at the point that you really have an epidemic underway which is in fact what happened in the US. We were dependent upon syndrome. Rick surveillance data feeds of like how many people were visiting emergency rooms in that kind of information because we didn't have the ability really to test people until we got into late February early March Scott. We'd historian Neil Ferguson. On when I asked him Macau will historians write about this moment. His feeling was that the focus would be far more on the response than the the virus itself and the initial outbreak. What do you kind pull away again as the key insight or lesson from our response in particular these shutdowns hindsight is always twenty twenty and we never want to second guess people who have to make very difficult decisions in real time but will we look back on this and wonder did we do. The right thing did react appropriately to the risk that we faced. I think we had no choice but to do what we did here. In the United States at least the scope of the epidemic that was underway in cities like New York in New Orleans and Chicago in Detroit without the kinds of population base mitigations. This shutdowns the stay at home or is that we implemented the health system would have been overrun and we talk a lot about the public health implications of the shutdown and there will be significant public health implications of the shutdown we see vaccination rates way down. People missing cancer screening. We see people skipping. Chemotherapy visits and so there's GonNa be lots of implications public health implications on the back end of this that we're going to be analyzing for a long time. But the reality was that there was no public health system so long as cova was spreading epidemic in major cities in New York City. Affectively became a couvert only healthcare system. You couldn't get healthcare in New York City hospitals for the most part unless you had an emergency or cove illness network literally hospitals that were made cove only including one that I used to practice that in in elmhurst Queens. We simply had to break the epidemic. And I think what we didn't know at the time. This was becoming epidemic in no cities that I just mentioned now. In hindsight there were parts of the country that will largely untouched by this where the risk was much lower. Where wasn't spreading? We didn't know that at the time. We didn't have good surveillance in place so we couldn't really adjust mitigation to just focus on those places that will hot spots where the greatest risk was and try to ring fence the infection in those regions. We didn't have the testing to do it. We didn't have the preparation to do it. And so I think one of the things that will be debated was was there a strategy where you could have targeted the areas where the spread was the greatest and let other parts of the country. Relax a little We did that to some degree. Not every state and not. Every city implemented the same measures in the federal government left it largely up to states governors to make decisions about mitigation for that reason because different regions experiences very differently but generally there was effectively. A national shut down for a period of time and not every part of the country face the same risk but I think. In retrospect we had to do what we did because on one hand we didn't know who is at risk and there were a lot of cities at significant risk and we simply had to break the epidemic to get to a point where we can now focus on you know people who are infected with the disease and move towards what we call case based interventions trying to focus on containing the infection by identifying individuals. Who are infected gave diagnosed early. Hopefully getting them isolated so that you can limit spread with this pandemic Scott. An and once in the future over the next couple of months Into the next year. What is the public health? Objective visit to eradicate covert nineteen. Is it to manage. Simply the rate of transmission so that healthcare system can continue to function and provide a breadth and depth of services that we expect. What is the goal that were trying to manage towards the questions? That came in tonight for you. I I think there's a sense of confusion amongst the public right now about what they're hearing in terms of the messages coming out of different public health authorities at different levels is a radicalization realistic or is it. Really about a policy of containment well. I don't think eradication realistic. I think what our goal should be to try to limit spread as much as possible taking reasonable steps that allow for economic activity and other public health functions to go on but prevent the risk of another epidemic and prevent the risk of spread. That's uncontrolled in a way that we lose control of the infection tried to protect vulnerable populations meaning getting getting testing resources into address communities at risk worksites. Not everyone's equally vulnerable to this near groups that are uniquely vulnerable to this because of the way they work people who can't naturally social distance at work or people who live more crowded. Housing circumstances are lack access to testing in healthcare. In the first instance. So we need to make sure. We get testing resources into those three days. But we're not gonNA build a radically this. I think this is going to become an endemic illness. Meaning illness just continues to circulate. I think we'll eventually set into a more seasonal pattern as other grown viruses do their seven circulating corona viruses. They're all seasonal infection most of them. 'cause a common cold sometimes people get more significant pneumonia from them but mostly they circulate in in the late winter and this might end up being like the fluid might end up being something that we get vaccinated for in an annual basis and it causes a certain amount death and disease. But we're able to mitigate it with steps into wintertime in terms of improved hygiene and making sure we get vaccinated and eventually we'll hopefully up therapeutic sport and we're trying to do now is by time to get to that point win. Technology can help us more fully vanquishes when we have a vaccine when we have affected therapeutics. And so we're going to need to be vigilant from here until that point and hopefully that will come sooner than later. I know we're going to talk about that a little bit. But we're probably not going to have that at least available for mass use in the fall. I don't think vaccine. For distribution to general population is really a twenty twenty event. I think as a twenty twenty one event and so we're going to need to get one more cycle with covert. We're GONNA need to get through a fall to winter season with covert when this is GonNa be colliding with flu. And when the risks of epidemics spread again gunning increase. And we're going to need to be vigilant so we're going to need to do a lot of things to try to contain the risk of respiratory illnesses. More generally heading into the fall and winter. I don't WanNa put you on the spot. Scott to make a prediction you're much more sophisticated analysts than that. So let's talk about risk. How concerned are you about the risk of the second wave this autumn and the potential scale there of that way? But I mean we're all looking back at the charts of the one thousand nine hundred thousand nine hundred nineteen pandemic where really it was the second wave that was significant killer in that influenza outbreak. Is THAT INEVITABLE WITH COVA. That the the second wave going to be bigger. It seems like a lot of states are opening a lot of provinces here in Canada varying degrees of controls in place limited testing in some areas limited contact. Tracing does all of that look to you. Like a bit of a recipe for a heightened risk for a large second wave but I think that will be spread in the fall and winter. What what constitutes a second way will the second instance this be bigger than the I will become epidemic. I think we have better tools heading into the fall. In terms of better screening. Technology will have more therapeutics. Hopefully we'll have additional drugs coming online in fall. Better TESTING. Better surveillance better awareness. Not going to be caught off guard this time and so hopefully we can prevent that. But we're also going to be heading into a fall and winter season when this is GonNa be colliding with flew into the circumstances for wider transmission or greater. We'RE GONNA be heading into the months when this pathogens going to be most efficient in terms of spread and it's going to clog the flu that's going to confound our billion diagnosis quickly so this is a real challenge. I mean I think we face risk when you look at the data globally and you look at the exposure to cove right now. You Look at France. Spain and Sweden Zero prevalence studies studies looking antibodies. And people which identifies whether they've been exposed to it runs about five percent. You look at cities like Milan. Barcelona Paris percents seven percent of those cities have been exposed to covert either a symptomatic in or they developed covert the disease Paris. In Wuhan seroprevalence studies were ten percent here in the United States. You look at places that were largely unaffected like Boise Idaho. One point eight percent but even in cities that were affected to a greater degree Boston ten percent Los Angeles may be ten percent. New York City's high at twenty percent New York state around twelve percent but the point being that around the world countries and even cities with epidemics only a small percentage of the population habits. Where a long way from her immunity and so there's a lot of people who are still vulnerable to this. I think by the end of the epidemic here in the US when you get into June maybe a third of New York will have been exposed to this. That's getting to levels where you're going to have some reduction in the rate of future transmission because you have a large portion of the population that's now been exposed but that's the outlier most cities most countries. It's only a small percentage of the population so we have a very fertile ground for covert heading into the fall and winter in terms of population. That's been largely unexposed to this. Because mitigation was successful able to contain the epidemic before it got out of control to even a greater degree and cause more death and disease. Okay Scott this is an important point for me to underline with you if I'm understanding you correctly because there's been a lot of discussion about again trying to think about the months to come the year to come and and people feeling some that herd immunity could be an effective strategy in other words that we allow the virus to spread. We shelter the people most at risk but our best protection about the virus is to get to a level of antibodies in the population. I don't know sixty seventy eighty percent. Whatever it is to effectively neutralize the effects of cove. It and it's infectiousness. Am I hearing you correctly that you do not feel that that is a valid public health strategy? I don't think it's a valid public health strategy for a variety of reasons. The one I don't I don't think you can just help. People who are older or co Morbid conditions have medical conditions and put them in higher risks. That they've got stay at an everyone else can go out and when you start adding up the number of people who have conditions put them at a higher risk of a bad outcome here diabetes heart disease lung disease. People who have autoimmune diseases are immunosuppressant drugs it ends up being a very high percentage population people over the age of sixty five. You're getting into pretty big numbers when you look at the data you know forty five. Didn't fare so well with us. When you look at hospitalizations in your calf hospitalizations were under the age of fifty five so there are a lot of young people now realizes more people under the age of fifty five and over but there there were a lot of young people younger people middle aged people. Getting into trouble with this This disease as well and look at the level of death and disease that we sustained with a relatively small percentage of the population being affected. So even if you if you believe the date New York for example and you believe twenty percent of New Yorkers been infected so about one point seven million people have either had covert or been infected with us. At the time that we did that study there were about seventeen thousand diagnosed cases. Seventeen thousand deaths. Excuse me that's infection fatality rate one percent which means the case. Taliban rate is much higher because people who are infected at least thirty or forty percent of them don't develop symptoms. The the case fatality rate is how many people who developed the disease succumb to it. So it's always going to be higher for diseases where you have a lot of asymmetric spread. That's a high rate of death for a disease. And that's in a setting where we were social distancing people who were vulnerable were staying home and we were still having infection rates at that level. So I think we're going to have to be willing to sustain a lot of death If we want to just let this course of population you look at Sweden people talk about Sweden adopting some element of that strategy. And I don't think Sweden really adopted that strategy. I mean people are social distancing. There they just let some of their restaurants and other things open but people aren't really going out all that much in Sweden. They have the highest tally per capita in Europe. Right now there's a long way from her immunity and and it's really just Stockholm. Other parts of Sweden. The exposure is very low. It's really just stockham. We see higher exposure levels. The seroprevalence study that was published recently showed about seven percent in Stockholm. That's again a long way from her media. I know some people have said it might highest twenty percent based on some other studies but even bat is approaching heard immunity level so I think that that strategy we do want to sort of go down that route and I don't think we do. We're going to have to sustain even more depth than than we have Scott Three quick questions. I've got my mind before I take audience questions number one for you as a parent of young kids. There's a lot of us out. There are schools coming back in the fall. Do you put a high chance of that. A high likelihood that children will be back in school and will they be back in school in large numbers. Will it be staggered? Will it be limited availability? What's your take on the kindergarten to grade twelve educational system for this autumn? I think they'll be an attempt to open the school this fall. I think we'll we'll hopefully if you sort of believe. My optimistic scenario will becoming office summer whim. We'll see cases. Continue to go down. There will be a seasonal effect. Here I think that the schools good implement measures to identify classrooms to try to have students only congregating smaller groups. You won't let one go out for recess and and mixed together you'll keep people within groups so you can do better contact tracing within the school in isolation if you do have cases. I think a lot of schools are GONNA look to implement testing in the school. I think you might see attempts to densify classrooms by going to maybe four days a week in classroom in one day week Taylor learning or doing some tele classes inside the school keeping people separated on computers. So I think there's things schools I know they're thinking about those things now. The districts have resources to do that. Not Every district does but I think they'll be an attempt to open. It is going to become question of what happens in the fall. I mean hopefully this scenario in the fall is we have really good screening place where able to detect cases early get people diagnosed. Get people isolated. They'll be communities that have outbreaks there. There might even be cities where there's a small epidemics or states will have to close things selectively some school districts to close down for a period of a couple of weeks as infections move through certain communities. But you don't see a a simultaneous national shutdown as seen now but I don't think we get through the fall winter without having to grapple with us in some fashion without seeing some schools closed. That's kind of like the h one n one season as well where you saw. There wasn't a simultaneous shutdown. The entire school system nationally here in the US in two thousand nine but you saw a school district shutdown as local epidemics arose in local communities. This mind you is more contagious than h one. N One final question before we bring in the audience here and that's to talk a little bit about what's happening closer to this moment right now. Which is we are seeing states like Texas. We've had recently here in the province of Ontario. An uptick in cases. You know the geographies you know the region's it some some areas. Maybe because they had very few infections have been the curve at a state level province level but there seemed to be other larger jurisdictions like Texas like Ontario where we're having real challenges right now in bringing this virus under control in terms of bending the curve down and yet right now this last week and going forward we're starting to open up. How do you think that's going to play out? Scott I mean do you think again. The seasonal effect will wash over or mask the the result that just populations are GonNa be mixing more and people are going to be within the parameters of transmission of what is as you said a very infectious virus. I think we're GONNA see a slow burn. I don't think we'll getting rid of this virus. I think we're GONNA consume continued spread. Hopefully level that's manageable. Hopefully people continue to practice. Good things in your individual lives that can greatly reduce rescue beverages The collective action. Everyone just going out a little last washing hands. A little more wearing masks cleaning shared services things like that once you distribute that kind of activity on on a population wide basis that has a big impact on the epidemiology spread. And I think people are going to have that vigilance. I worry more about the fall when people may become off relatively quiet in summer. And they kind of lose some of that They let their guard down a little bit. But we're gonNA see continued spread. Hopefully this summer does present the backstop in that Kinda Offset some of the increased bradberry. Look in the United States. You've seen if you look over the last three weeks you saw for the first two weeks hospitalizations coming down hospitalizations really the most objective measure the epidemic. Because you'RE GONNA see cases go up because we're testing more. We're going to be turning over more cases but you still hospitalizations. Come down for two straight weeks in the last week at best nationally. Seen SORT OF FLAT. Now but probably. You're seeing a little bit of uptake when you look at the seven day rolling average on hospitalization. So we're seeing cases bounce off little bit in the hospitalization data here in the US as we reopen now. That should surprise nobody. I mean we expected that as we ended these mitigation steps. We were going to have some bounce in cases. And that's why most of the plans warfare staged reopening not to do it all at once a dimmer as opposed to off switch. But we're going to have to watch that closely. You may have the slow what you're doing or even pull back some of the things you've done if you see. The cases bounced up too much. Look at states like Alabama right now. We are seeing uptick in cases and in cities. You're seeing the hospital. Start to fill back up there some states. And there's some cities here where there's some worrisome signs it's not nationally certainly but there are certainly some states and cities. Georgia's well. You've seen an uptick in hospitalizations in the last about week okay. That's a really good points hospitalizations that we need to be looking at understand what's happening in terms of the future trajectory and course of this virus. Scott I'm going to start bringing in some questions. And the first is from Nando. She's asking during covid. Nineteen and future pandemics governments public health officials and citizens deal with anti vaxxers and people who are against contact tracing of individuals. I guess people have privacy concerns. So what's your feeling there? Scott maybe just to elaborate on that question a is this kind of wake up call for the Anti vaxxers. I mean it wasn't increasingly powerful movement. Unfortunately I'll take side on this. I'm in favor of vaccinations. What's your feeling? How are you concerned? Maybe that in terms of people actually using a vaccine that they may not and as a result the burn. The spread goes on longer than necessary. I'm very concerned about this move. You look a vaccination rates generally people. There's there's vaccines that are highly effective in very safe. And and we don't see vaccination rates at the levels that they should be HP vaccinations around fifty one percent array of people gain the second vaccination from jacuzzis about fifty six percent only about half. The population gets vaccinated for the flu each year. The shingles vaccine which is effective only about thirty percent of people third of eligible people. That so we don't see people taking advantage of vaccines and we see far too much. You know spread of infectious disease in far too much disease and deaths from from these diseases that could be managed much better if vaccination rates were higher. I worry about in this context for sure. You know there are a group of people who are against vaccines call their safety into question there as a minority small minority but a vocal minority and spread a lot of fear. I believe that's misguided and misinformed about vaccines generally we saw that here in the US with the measles mumps rubella vaccine where people pulled away from Using vaccine we saw outbreaks of measles as a consequence of that and so I think we need to do everything we can to try to inspire confidence in a new covert vaccine and that means making sure that they're put through appropriate clinical trials that we don't short circuit that process at all in an effort to try to get vaccines to the market more quickly. We need to make sure we have. Robust data says and can demonstrate with a high degree of certainty to safety and benefits of these vaccines. So that when people when reasonable people look at the data sets they can have confidence in them and we can get as many people vaccinated as possible is going to be novel Vaccines Novel Platform that. We're developing vaccines are and. I think that that's going to lend itself to People. Being able to raise doubts and questions that could make people skeptical in way that can have adverse public health impact if people don't get affected vaccines is that part of your thinking. Scott about why maybe twenty twenty one before we have a vaccine for mass adoption because simply we need to do this right and to Russia vaccine out in the fall could have some unintended consequences. Which is a lot of people suspicious about the vaccine suspicious as to whether it's been as rigorously tested other vaccines in the past. That's exactly right. I think we need to put these proper. Clinical trials knows going to be ten thousand thirty thousand patient. Clinical trials large scale trials in in settings where there are outbreaks spread. I think we can use the vaccine experimentally in the fall in settings of outbreaks and try to ring fence the outbreaks using it therapeutically in wave to work but you're also using the context of a rigorous clinical study collecting data. So it's stole experimental vaccine. But you just deploying it in settings where. It could achieve a therapeutic purpose. In fact it's effective so you couldn't deploy vaccine as a tool but. I don't think that we're going to be at a point where we're going to have those data sets available to licensed vaccine for mass inauguration to think that you're going to have those large data sets available in time for this fall to license it to approve the vaccine for general use. I think that that's very aggressive and probably not real realistic. Even if we get in trials enrolled into summer you're not going to know with the spread is do not going to know where to those trials. You really almost have to wait until you have the outbreaks to enroll the trials if we start enrolling trials in July and August in Dallas and the outbreak ends up being in Little Rock. Arkansas enrolling ten thousand people in Dallas might not have been the right decision. You'RE LISTENING TO THE MONK. Dialogues a special edition of the. Munk debates podcast where we invite big thinkers to reflect on what our world will look like after covid nineteen this week former. Fda Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on the future of pandemics public health and their effects on the economy. Let's go to another audience question. I'll read it out for you. And we can go from there. And president trump is threatened to withdraw the United States from the WHO the World Health Organization is your position so Scott. What's your view on the? Who there's been a pretty strong debate about whether they were as neutral as they should have been vis-a-vis China and whether they were a slow off the bat here to declare global pandemic and touring the five alarm bell. That states around the world needed to get a headstart on preparations to try to reduce the effects of covid nineteen. I think the WHO here was far less effective than it could have been and should have been. I think it was less effective in the setting of the Ebola outbreak in western Africa than it could have been should have been and demonstrated the shortcomings of the W. H. O. I think they were too late to really speak with a clear voice about what was going on. In China this the scope the risks to press China to make more information available. So I I think it's an organization where we have to do a lot of evaluation on how to make sure this doesn't happen again and make sure we have more functional World Health Body but I don't agree with you be defunding it and this is a wrong time to weaken you. Organization still further especially with the risk that covert is going to become now in the Southern Hemisphere. Allow those nations lack access to public health infrastructure? Neighbor rely more on the. Who you'd think about parts of Africa? Parts of South America and so weakening the WHO setting when this could become epidemic in southern hemisphere. This isn't the time to do it. I think we need to reexamine. Who after this public health emergency passes and do the best? We can right now to press them to do a better job in a setting of the current epidemic. But I think a lot of this should be done after this epidemics past try to really reform that organization. Thanks got a great questions from the audience. So let's let's keep going here on this monk dialogue with Scott Gottlieb the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration a board member of Pfizer the drug maker and someone who's really distinguished himself as one of the most astute and thoughtful commentators and analysts on the covid nineteen pandemic so this question. Scott is from Sheldon this week to companies announced results with respect to preliminary testing Vaccine do these milestones mean. The chances of developing a vaccine have gone up or just that testing can continue and Scott. It's interesting maybe we can talk a little bit about one of your other hats the aware which is an analyst on CNBC. We've seen some very big market reactions to the Gilead Therapeutic. And now the Madonna vaccine a very preliminary study. I guess or test that they conducted in both instances very small samples. You could say that these are not even the first inning. It's maybe the first batter at bat in the first inning yet. This huge reaction response that. Do you think the two things are commensurate? Should we be as optimistic about talk about Madonna result past week? Well look I think it's encouraging I. I wouldn't necessarily say that we should be tremendously optimistic about any one of these vaccines but I think that what we see now is a number of early sets released about different vaccines that demonstrates that it should be possible to develop a vaccine against coronavirus. I think that's the real takeaway here we've now seen a number of different vaccine constructs some very novel constructs in case in return in. Marta contract which we haven't used before develop a licensed vaccine visors taking the same approach. We've seen a number of these constructs be able to in both animal models as well as now people induce the production of antibodies that should provide some level of protective immunity. And so that is statement. We couldn't make six weeks ago or two months ago. And so that's why. I think we should be more encouraged with respect to the Madeira data in particular. It's early. It was only forty five patients in all forty five. The data shows that the different vaccines that they use have three different doses of two hundred and fifty gram doses hundred microgram dose and twenty five granddaughters but in all three doses they able to generate the production of antibodies and people were what we call binding antibodies me. They bound the virus. What we don't know is where they neutralizing antibodies. Did they bind the virus and destroy the virus testing for neutralizing? Antibodies takes longer. Because you have to expose the antibodies to the virus in a special lab. It'd be a cell three lab a secure lab because this is now a special pathogen needs to be dealt with carefully. They only looked for the first eight patients on whether or not the vaccine was generating neutralizing antibodies. In fact it was in those eight patients and so I think a lot of people assumed well if it worked in the first eight patients. It's probably likely to work. In some proportion of the next thirty seven we don't know all neutralizing antibodies same. We don't know what level of protection is going to afford but we infer that. Oh probably afford some level of protection these these vaccines any of them probably aren't going to provide protection like we think of smallpox vaccine or measles vaccine where you're vaccinated and you can't get infected. Would this is probably GonNa be more like the flu vaccine? You can get infected. But it's going to reduce the severity of the infection and limit your ability to get Cova the disease. What about Scott. Are you concerned that the DNA sequences that were using now for a lot of this vaccine research is going on right now or primarily those that came out of the initial clusters on in Europe and viruses do mutate? Is there a risk here that we create a a series of vaccines that are based on kind of Kovin? One point zero and we move onto Cova two point zero and three point zero and four point. It's unlikely in a short period of time. So all mutate this virus mutating just because it's mutating doesn't mean that it's getting more dangerous or less dangerous more contagious less than pages. Or that's going to obviate technology. So we've looked at a lot of sequencing data now with this vaccine eylau this work comes lavish Trevor Bedford in the Hutch in Washington State. And what we see is the viruses undergoing drift but the part of the viruses genetic material that codes for the protein on its surface. That is the target of our vaccines particularly this spike protein. Which is the protein. The virus uses to invade ourselves the genetic material that codes that spike protein isn't undergoing as much change and it changes at. Its undergoing aren't changing that spike protein in a way that it should evade our antibodies to it and so it's undergoing drift and so we have a vaccine we might want to reformulate the vaccine every two or three years to get it more precise to what the current composition of spike protein is. But it's unlikely to be the case that we see such rapid mutations in the engines the things on the surface of the coat of the vaccine we target without antibodies that we do with the flu vaccine or with influenza. Where in a single season influenza? Sometimes we've seen undergoes so so many significant mutation so many significant changes obviates the vaccine for that season that that vaccines no longer effective. We're unlikely to see interest seasonal mutations happened so rapidly that this would operate a vaccine. But I think it's probably the case that when we do hopefully get a safe and effective vaccine. We're GONNA WANNA reformulate it on some semi regular basis to get it more precisely aligned with what the current predominance sequences for the parts that code for the region. The vaccines is targeting fascinating stuff. Scott do we know one hundred percent that this virus was not genetically engineered in a lab. I think we feel pretty confident that this virus wasn't manipulated and certainly wasn't like a bio weapon that was deliberately released and engineered and released to Epidemic causing an outbreak. I think there are still some question is we know there was a lab will Han. That was a high security lab. We know they were doing. Experiments with Corona viruses have been isolated from bats other species. We also know that lab didn't have good procedures and well before this well before this episode. You can go back two years ago. There was articles in science magazine. Some of the leading academic journals calling into question the safety procedures in that lab saying that they didn't have good controls in place the special pathogens and calling into question whether they should have been allowed to handle the pathogens. They were handling so I think there's some doubt in people's minds is. Could this have been an accident? Could it have been a lab accident? Where patient zero if you will wasn't someone who came into contact with an animal in sort of inadvertent way but someone who was doing an experiment and accidentally infected themselves maybe became as symptomatic didn't know they had the infection went out and became patient zero and spread it. We might never have an answer to that question. We're going to have to look at the store strain to some of the original infections to really get a sense of that and have much more information about what was going on in that lab and look at some of the strange that they were working with and we might never get that information. I mean it doesn't seem like China's making a lot of that available so I think liveliest theories in doubts gonNA persist maybe perpetuity. But when you sort of hear about people saying well Clinton's have been elaborate could have been something deliver. I think most reasonable people are saying. It's not something that was deliberate net someone releases deliberately by could have been a lab accident and I don't know that we can fully discharge that possibility. It's less likely I mean I think we think it's the less likely scenario may be far less likely scenario. But I don't think we can fully discharge it. Then I guess. Part of this dialogue is thinking about the future. How do we get controls internationally? In place to ensure that countries that maybe are not at the standard of candidates the United States in terms of lab infrastructure lab technology. Don't advertently or inadvertently release another virus. I mean are you optimistic that we have the international consensus to do that? Well no I'm not. I mean this isn't the only lab where has been questions raised in the scientific community out procedures in certain labs. There's been questions about labs in the United States where there were concerns that they didn't have proper procedures in place so we need strong international bodies to overseeing this we have them the World Health Organization. I think that they're not functioning as stringently or aggressively. They could be or should be and we allow certain countries to hold certain special pathogens. Who probably need to reexamine that and make sure that there is a better set of universal procedures in place for ensuring lab safety for the labs that are going to handle. The most dangerous pathogens now is going to be a lot of people who don't want to use this episode as he sort of rallying cry for that. Because there's a lot of people still pushing back on the notion that this could ever have been lab mistake. Miss had to have just been sort of a natural occurrence that this virus jump species went from a bad or another animal into humans. Probably that's the case. But you know. I think we're never going to fully discharge that doubt and I think we should reexamine Lab Safety more generally. It's an important call to be making. Okay let's get some more questions. This has been a great discussion digging in a lot of issues. That were certainly top of mind for me and for you. The Viewing Audience Mark. Warren is asking. How important is a national testing strategy for the United States? And why is it so hard for us to mobilize strategy and Scott can ask the same thing here in Canada? The scaling up of testing has been a persistent challenge. And I would say baby doubly so the scaling up of any large scale contact tracing system whereas Scott you know this better than most you look at countries like Taiwan South Korea China. Frankly they seem light years ahead on on both fronts. I think the reality is that allow these tasks gut are going to be largely. Left to states is certain things. The federal government can do to support these activities. But they're going to be largely left to states. Some states are doing a better job than others at getting in places infrastructure. I think getting into the fall least in the United States. The challenge isn't necessarily going to be on the back end the platforms running tests. Which was a challenge. This go around. We just didn't have enough labs in PC are based machines to run the tests. Scale that up. We've gotten a scaled up dramatically now running about four hundred thousand tests a day but initially running about ten thousand test a week and so has been scaled up dramatically in a very short period of time. But we got our lead start. I think that capacity is gonNA continue to grow. And we're when we get into the fall we're going to have the capacity to do one of these. Federal officials said ten million tests a week. That's probably right. It might even be more than that. Because we're going to have next generation sequencing we're GONNA have continued to scale piece based platforms. We're going to build massive screening with next generation sequencing. We're GonNa have many more pointed care. Diagnostic tests approved including Antigen based tests or literally. Squabble sticks that you can use in a doctor's office we'll have millions of those in the market and so they'll be ubiquitous availability of testing in the marketplace. I think the challenge isn't going to be the back end running. The test is going to be the front end. Who's collecting the test? And I think we're likely situation where a lot of people don't want to do. Covert testing because if you turn over positive case then you're going have to shut down your office if your provider or if you're doing testing at a certain segment pharmacy. People won't WanNa go into that pharmacy baking. Kobe patients might be coming in to get tested. And so you're GONNA have a lot of places a Saito. We don't do covert testing if you think you have it. Go to this special test site. And that's GonNa Limit Access When you call your physician in the fall and you say I think I have the flu. I feel like I have the flu. They're not going to say come in test you Kobe Influenza. They'RE GONNA say go to this special testing site if that's what ends up happening. And we end up. Sorta getting testing to special sites in. It's not really ubiquitous MMA community. That's going to greatly limit our ability to do mildly symptomatic nascent testing Is Kinda WANNA be swabbing? Everyone everyone who shows up at the doctor's office anything? Suggestive should be getting tested. In the fall I worry that's not going to happen. That's what we need to be thinking about how to get testing in a ubiquitous fashion into the community where everyone's conducting these tests. Scott his anyone talking just simply about swabbing anyone that goes into a GP. I mean regardless of whether you got flu symptoms or not you get tested and you just do that for the benefit of your family. Your Co workers and others. It takes a stigma away from it and it just becomes part of our regular checkup for the autumn and into the New Year. Look I've been advocating that. I don't think it's unreasonable idea. We WanNA basically get we call it sentinel surveillance system place where we're doing sort of routine screening of the general population trying to catch a symptomatic spread. And so how do you do that one way to do? It is to do a random sample the population and get them. And that's really hard because you have to find at random sample get tested them convinced him to get tested the other way to do it is just you screen such a large population but even if it's a selected population at ends up affectively being a random sample because you're screening so many people and one way to do that is exactly said if you go into your. Gp'S OFFICE THREE POINT. Eight million encounters with the primary care system every week in the United States. If you go in for a sore throat you get grown of our swab going for your annual physical. You get coronavirus swab. Go in for a sprained ankle. You get coronavirus swab. If we just sorta swab everyone for coronavirus shirts a selected population that's coming into the doctor's office but ending up doing so many tests routine basis that it ends up effectively being the statistical equivalent of a random sample or representative sample. And so I think what you're saying makes perfect sense but what I worry about is we don't get in place procedures now. We say if you're a physician's office and you do all this you you clean your office every night. You don't have a waiting room. Move patients directly into examining rooms. You make sure your staff is washing has between patients and maybe they're wearing masks. Whatever the procedures are but if you do all this and you diagnosed a covert patient your office. It's okay you don't need to do anything special. Maybe you clean the room. We need to get. In place. Universal precautions that allow doctors pharmacists others to diagnose covert patients in routine settings without having to go through extraordinary hoops every time they do. If we don't they're not going to do the tests they refer patients away and we're never gonNA get to what you're talking about. Yeah no it's important not to build those deterrence into the system. Okay lots of good questions. Here let's get some more end when this from Terry Scotch. He's asking if a vaccine is developed for ceus shortage if so we'll distribution be staggered so those who are most vulnerable get at first or will some nation and groups benefit. I at the expense of others. It's a big challenge Scott. I'm sure it's one that you and your fellow board members at Pfizer. Think a lot about there are the ethics. I think we all get. That is the aspiration. But what's the reality? Scott say say China develops the first working vaccine and China might develop the first working vaccine Chinese using older technology to develop vaccines are using for the most part of the vaccines and furthest along three are inactivated viral virus vaccines which is an old approach probably is going to confer less immunity but could be much faster route to market an easier to scale and so they might developed. The first vaccine might not provide as as robust immunity of some of the vaccine using new technologies. That Western countries are trying to develop but it could be quicker. I think ultimately the reality is. We need more than one manufacturer more than one large manufactured be successful here because we only have one manufacturer being successful getting press finish line. We're going to be severely supply constrained not just within the United States but globally not just globally but even within a country. We're not gonNA have enough and I think that the backstage a likely to be licensed for high risk populations I. I think you're likely to see some as not really rationing. You're likely to see the vaccine targeted to high risk individuals who can drive more of the benefits of the vaccine so you might not vaccinate people under the age of thirty or under the age of twenty. Those kinds of decisions are likely to be made as far as nations are concerned if you look back in two thousand and nine with h one n one we had a situation where countries that were manufacturing their vaccine supply outside of their country including the United States in other nations. Those nations held onto the supply until they satisfied their local needs. And we did the same thing. In one instance where we held onto another country supply their h one n one vaccine and that was with a flu that while virulent while dangerous was far less virulent than corona virus. And you saw that National Behavior Sandoz first vaccines that. Come off the lines. It's not gonNA be a billion doses day one it's going to have this supplies gonNA ramp and initially. You're going to be supply constrained you're going to have to make allocation decisions about it and I think countries are gonNA behave the way they have historically which is make sure. I have enough for at least a portion of my population. I'm most worried about before I try to make more equitable distribution of it. I'm not passing judgment. I'm not advocating it. I think it's just reality. What's going to happen? And I'm basing that on historical precedent thousand which I was involved in policy then and I was watching that behavior very closely and I think we were all surprised by Scott just to build on that I. You're painting a picture here. Lot of listening to you would agree. It makes it makes sense. Countries will take care of their own populations. I but what does that mean for the virus? Globally I mean we're seeing countries like Nigeria now. Having large scale outbreaks in Lagos Brazil is increasingly racked by this virus. If we have a vaccine in two thousand twenty one how much longer until we have a level of radicalization globally that allows us to do something pretty essential both for our domestic economies in the international economy? Which is to restart the movement of people in planes across borders and press rewind back to January twenty twenty when we had international air. Travel is all of that. Like Twenty Twenty. Two twenty twenty three beyond. How do you see that playing out? I think we'll have enough for a global supply. So of the companies that are working on a working on manufacturing at scales that could provide for something akin to global supply. Bigger challenge is going to be getting into a lot of markets. I think that initially what you would do. If you have a limited supplies you're GONNA make it available to your population but you also try to get it into regions of the world where there's epidemic spread and depending on what season you're in when where the virus is spreading could be spreading in different parts of the world. You're going to try to make sure that you get it into those regions. I if you do have a limited supply but how long did it take us to get global eradication of smallpox and polio? Vaccines have been around. Long Time. He's on global radicalization polio. So getting vaccine is not just a matter of the supply getting scenes into markets. Where you don't have good infrastructure good public health. Infrastructure is a very big challenge. Let's squeeze some more questions than comes from Jean Scotch. She's asking. What is the best advice? You can give the general population on how to live in deal with this in the coming months. Great Question Jean. At the beginning of this interview Scott you talked about you know some simple things wearing a mask washing your hands keeping surfaces clean. I mean some of this just practical in terms of reducing your risk or. There's some other things that maybe people aren't doing that. You're seeing people not doing that. That you would recommend look. I think he just gets down to try to decrease your personal risk. Limit your social network a little bit. Go out a little less go shopping. Let's be vigilant about trying to social distance where you can wash your hands. Use Hand sanitizer. I recommend people using masks. We know that diminishes the risk of spread so people can have to make personal decisions about how much they're willing to sacrifice how much willing to inconvenience themselves to try to reduce their personal risk. But I think it's GonNa come down to that all of us taking collective action to individually reducing a personal risk. There was data coming out of a university here but like everyone makes one less trip to the grocery store every week so instead of shopping twice you shop ones that could reduce spread ordering things more said a going out to stores all of that practice on a mass scale. That's still social distancing. And that's going to help mitigate risk and so everyone should think about their lives how they can reduce your never gonNa be free once you start going out and about so you're just sort of layering on things that reduce risk as much as possible. What about bars and restaurants Scott? How DO PEOPLE GAUGE THAT RISKED? Us recommend that they try to look at the number of infections in their county or their city and try to gauge that way or is it better as you say just to make a decision for the months to come that maybe those types of social activities are not going to be at the top of your list. I think for people social activities won't be at the top of the list is something that's GonNa come back near the later. The thing I miss the most is going out to dinner the thing. I'm probably going to do less going out to dinner when you do it. In your local community you have a better sense of what their risk is in your local communities posted traveling to a community. Don't really know so. I think people are gonNA stay. Local things outside are safer than things inside so you know. Dining out is safer than dining an enclosed space and in fact in my state Connecticut. They're reopening restaurants but you have to have table service outside so they're changing local ordinances to facilitate that. No there's ways to do things that are higher risk but do at a lower risk smark. Okay why come into the top. They our let's squeeze one last question in four Scott from Joseph Scott. He's asking can the covid. Nineteen virus be weaponized using something like crisper technology to target specific population. And if so can this be prevented I guess maybe to extrapolate from that Scott. Just a bigger question here. We talked about the risk possibility that this may have been an engineered virus accidentally released from a lab. We don't know we may never know but are you concerned. Just generally about technologies like crisper. That are really allowing people at low text play with. Mother Nature in ways that could be extremely harmful for the rest of civilization. Is this a new threat on par with nuclear weapons or other big global threats like climate change that we understand well and there's a lot of consensus towards doing something about them but we don't really understand the risk of man-made intervention into the world of viruses? But just a backup a minute. I don't think that this was a virus that was engineered in accidentally from lab. I think that there's a possibility that this was a virus. That was in some labs or his lab in Wuhan's library. I was accidentally released. If it was engineered. In any way or changed we would have probably been able to detect that in the in the sequence but remember these labs what they do. Is they go out and collect viruses from nature and then they just hold onto them and to the virus that was in nature just now and it's been a lab. That's the potential risk that you if you don't have good controls lab that you can slip up infect yourself if you're working with it you know to your point. Yeah absolutely the the technology for engineering any pathogen and weapon izing. It is more ubiquitous. Crisper one technology. There's a lot of other technologies that are synthetic biology a lot of other technologies. That are more ubiquitous. Now that doesn't take a tremendous degree of sophistication that anyone who has a PhD. In access to an academic lab can probably mess around with so. Yep It's going to be a growing risk going forward that it's easier to weaponize pathogens and what you're gonNA worry about going forward but I worry most about a rogue state. I worry about rogue individual I worry about someone just an individual sort of very good sophistication and diabolical intent. That could become someone who ends up engineering something on their own and then ends up spreading it because visit more ubiquitous and that's much much harder to control a really important message for all of us to reflect on Scott. You've been very generous with your time. And as usual you've shared with us again as I said some hard one insights from your time as Michener of the FDA in the United States a board member of Pfizer educated medical doctor. Scott really appreciate all the analysis and sophistication that you've brought to our dialogue this evening. Thanks mad me coming up next week. Conversation NOT TO BE MISSED WITH DAVID BROOKS OF THE NEW York Times former monk debater. We had him here on the main stage in Toronto. Last autumn for muck debate on capitalism he is our guest on Thursday may twenty eighth at eight PM Eastern. We're going to talk to David about the impact of Covid nineteen on US POLITICS. There's a big election underway in the US. Come this November and also a topic that David is quite good which is the impact of covid on our collective values and let me conclude by thanking all the partners that make this dialogue possible. The Peter Melanie Munk Foundation and their sister foundation the orientation that underwrite as with the munk debates all of the time effort energy and cost associated with producing these events. Thank you for being part of this program you. Let's all of US dialogue together to figure out the future of the world after covid nineteen. Good night I'm readier Griffis. The Munk debates are produced by antica productions and supported by the monk. Foundation rudyard Griffiths Ricky Girl wits and Debbie Pacheco are the producers the president of Antica productions is Stuart Cox. Be sure to download and subscribe wherever you get your podcast and if you like us feel free to give us a five star rating. Thanks again for listening.

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The Exorcism of Barstool Trent

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The Exorcism of Barstool Trent

"Oh, look at Boston. We'll time and look at this stuff that they that they probably some of it's like absolutely stupid. But some of his section quite amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get people to attract people to to the game of gold. Nice to be your boys. Congratulations on your doing. Mediocre as it is at the Laci issue very much thinking about getting so I had a fusion surgery if that put together thank you child euthanasia. And euthanasia. Brag don't butter knife. My wed like. Younger hip or. Barstools four Tigers had the three back surgeries. He's had one fusion. We welcome in from barstool sports rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show flavors. Sports. We are back. It's myself slim. Daddy, Trent and Frankie Borelli the pizza make I the shakes style. Hello, Frankie butter knives. Frankie fresh off a plane Franken fresh off a plane from Vegas who can barely. Actually, put his words together and move his lips at the same time. Like, I don't know. How even functioning right now we weeks in Vegas week? We we went Monday and Tuesday and feels like I've been gone for. I don't know two and a half months. I can see it in your eyes. There's some pain nothing behind these is. Yeah. Asked feels like you never even left. It's crazy. How fast I was. But it also feels like it feels like you're in some like space time continuum, we're like just floating around and like spaces around you. What's that Matthew mcconaughey movie? Where in every ten minutes is. Yeah, interstellar every ten minutes is like twenty five years earth. That's what it feels like. It'd be timing in that one guy that was part of their crew they come back and he's like eighty five. Yeah. For that guy. That's like Vegas, and they're like, we're so sorry. They literally spent like an extra thirty seconds there. And that guy. I mean, he was up there waiting the whole time for like sixty years you guys that. But yeah, no fucking space shuttle. Sorry felt so sad for that guy that movie I forgot about that part of the movie they really don't give a guy much love their dislike. Yes. Ironman new fucked up. Yeah. Grew down the for ten minutes in July over to he's on the ship forever years go by that actually forgot about that part. And he's like these kissed Matthew submission, man. He's still looks like Makaay and he's like, I'm eighty. Yeah. Damn tie up break. Anyways. We are back spring off presenting sponsor for the entire year. Big. Thank you to spring golf. They support everything that we do. They're all in on us as they should be because we're awesome were great. And so a supreme off. So of you're gonna ever go play golf, you need to have the spring off application on your phone, and you need to download it you need to use it because you will save money. You will find the best places to play. They got reviews. You'll learn about the course, they got price alerts that you. Inset when the price goes to a a price that you want. That's desirable to you. They're just the best bras, spring golf dot com. You're their website. You get there out spring, offspring golf supreme golf. All right. We are back like a mentioned second show with a week itself. Arnold Palmer invitational. Bay hill. We're talking on the radio actually about the most universally liked people that I mentioned Arnold Palmer. That's a good one. Just in the world. You're talking about in the world the World University like people in the were Arnold bombers ago, when you're not gonna find many naysayers of Arnold, and you got right. You got to be a certain lot of famous to be kind of considered in the conversation. Samuel Jackson was kind of brought in Tom Hanks is brought in. Yeah. I Will Smith up there. Apparently, a lot of people think we will Smith's fake next. Got some weird family with these people point them out all the family kind of turns people off got weird family. Right. Those like, yeah. The kids are no Jaden, and willow or strange, the Scientology thing isn't great definitely has his haters. You're right. I love Will Smith. That's that's basically what again. And again, we a lot of the things we are describing you're not like what we have a problem with its that. Just Jen if we're talking universally liked out of think Will Smith, I think Tom Hanks could be the one he might be the what have you ever heard somebody say anything negative about Tom? Hey, that's like he's bulletproof man. He's an unbelievably good actor. He's an all of the best movies of all time is he is literally stars. And all the best movies of all time. So go you like Forrest Gump, Tim? He's in the media. Voice story negative reason. The only time I see him in the media. And it's daughter for negative reason is when a new late night show will start up. He's always the first guest. I feel like he's been the I got a pretty good side. Right. Like that means you obviously you're trying to get rid huge ratings. You get Tom Hanks in the chair. What do you think is? What is in Tom Hanks's closet? It's gotta be something. Right. You talking skeletons. What does he he's got? He's talking about the rattle off some shirts too. I knew you were you were thinking shirts. I was thinking so many shirts outfits. As as closet. I don't know a couple of loafers. Whereas you sneaky alcoholic is. He has sex a hall because he nothing is got gotta be something. I think he's perfect. Maybe he like nobody's perfect spends too much time away from his family because he's working too hard on his craft. Maybe that's his negative like the wife gets upset at him. Like, I haven't seen you years. It's like I'm changing the world making too many of the greatest movies of all time. Yeah. That's his biggest flaw and he's been famous for so long. It seems crazy. But we would know by now, we would know something somebody would have some would think so unless he can be one of those protected people, you do get to a point maybe where people are so in love with you that the people who try to come out against you are too scared to do though. Yeah. So they just get suppressed. Yeah. Now again, we're speculating Palmer good answer though, auto power, get answer. Tom Hanks, probably the best answer Tom Hanks man, and I've never heard a negative word about a million. We're talking about that earlier Arnold Palmer Arnold Palmer invitational. At Bay Hill is attorney -ment that's most famously known for Tiger Woods is winning it every year. He's wanted. I think eight times total. He's had three or four five times on the eighteenth three and made kind of that same putt issue where girls big left to rider, huge fist-bump from tiger throwing his hat Huggins. Devi Williams fist pump it right and Phil's face. Hugging. The king afterwards. All that. That's what this place is known for tiger. Drew? That was the big news. We are whole podcasts. I twenty or thirty minutes last show, which we did recorded on Monday was mere minutes mere moments mere seconds really after tiger announced that he was withdrawing everybody is speculating us included. You know, we weren't even speculating I wouldn't say we just were listing series of facts, and then just sitting here and talking about present the facts and people can take them. However, there was fact tillers facto, Frankie facts. I like the Frank is just a weird place right now, you just took a plane back from Vegas in the middle of the day. It's so bad van V? The flight I woke up at seven AM for my flight because of that three hour time difference. Days and the days over I woke up at seven AM and I landed at five nine five nineteen. Vegas. What it is what kind of freaks run your plate. Oh, I had this guy sitting next to me. I was like two hundred eighty pounds looked like he looked like he was a mid mid mid America guy. How does he do that? Fucking fucking look. All right. Just like God him d'appel Gaiger. He had the he had the fucking glasses. He had the fucking. He had the same face facial. The facial hair a sweatshirt on khaki weird pants on you, given these like you I tried to give subtle looks at Trent after I said, we're kind of freaks. He looked like Trent. I'd have to go back and look at it. But he met a winked at me this time before he started saying that was. I had a chocolate phone you. Remember, those things I do a what it was like it was either a Nokia little flip up or try. Remember, the CIA? I know the KEA remember the chocolate though, visit big deal. I remember the talk shop had a little a little spinning little dial pad their I do remember those. And that's why I don't start at about fifteen years at it. He was looking at this little this little not even a flip phone. What do you call those phones slider slide phony little slide phone, and he was looking at numbers on a little piece of paper and kept putting it inside a sweatshirt. So I was on edge for about five hours. Holy shit. What the anxiety of coming back from Vegas? And I mean going to clubs on a Monday night is something I never thought I'd ever do. And I I don't know how I can handle it anymore. What a world like it's a Monday night. And you just see this confetti like there was a point where I was just staring straight inside the club. There's confetti coming down from the ground, and there's just so much much music. You can't do confetti on a Monday this so much music, and I was just staring straight into all these like disco lights, and I'm like. It's fucking Monday. Unless you're national championship team, cutting down the nets you can have confetti on a Monday night leases pack, though, that's crazy Vegas in insane. Holiday you confetti on Monday night of the holiday, try suppose. Definitely what kind of holiday New Year's Eve ever heard of it. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good one. Thank you also expecting not have an answer. Then you had one fourth of July for the is not a confetti night 'cause usually outside. But if you it was like a ballroom type thing, and there are some confetti. Nobody would be like, oh, it's a Monday night. It shouldn't be confetti. It's fucking fourth of July. You know, fourth July's now. This was a Monday in March early March, Monday anyways, Tiger Woods. That's we're talking about. Lot of tangents here early in the show. Tiger woods. He obviously withdrew Monday. There's been all kinds of different speculation back and forth. How serious is it? We've seen. I mean, people have been DM and me people been Email me people have been texting me. You know, we got some connections down in the south Florida area problem is that the the different sources and connections say completely conflicting things I've heard rumors from Tiger Woods back. Doctor was spotted in met tiger at a place where he always goes where he thinks. No one can see him being, you know, having meetings with people all the way to we got notable gay who came out and said the following. He felt much better this morning treatment two to three times a day. He has everything he needs at the house high tech. Which is just a funny way. Talking with the last couple of days. It's sorta of at the Genesis you just start to develop inflammation. He was having trouble rotating battling through it a little bit in Mexico. Just didn't feel good enough to play this week. He went on to say tiger isn't playing this week in order to not jeopardize next week emphasizing. That's a big event. He didn't want to miss says he may consider the Val Spar. But it's all up in the air at this point. Finally, notice says he stayed at Tiger Woods is house last week while it was working the Honda. Classic said it was tough to see tiger sort of in a little bit of a recovery mode again. But is confident he will be good to go for next week and the rest of the season. Now that couple of things here one. When I read that my face was beaming. Yeah. Then immediately afterwards. I just laughed at myself because notable gay. Okay. Yeah. Thank you. What's about to happen? I well. I mean, they're not begin talking about the base. No, no, don't take. No, notice spitting straight facts here. There is right by I'm very. Never been botched here and pour a big old classic cool. Eight and drink it with ya. I'm in let's do it. But I do a new arrays is going with that. And that's just that's just reality. I mean the year that like tiger had his fucking spinal fusion surgery. I think the week before the masters. Notably Tigers looks great. He's he's winging I've never seen him. Swing this. Well, listen, really good chance. He wins. We had a on. And I looked at him. And he's going to win. I was like I'm not gonna watch after he won the torch hip chip. He said, I said man like, you think nerve how are you were you super nervous? He goes. I saw tiger this morning right before too. I saw looking is. I was not nervous. Oh, my fucking go. Now. Look, I love note of again. He's great. We're kindred spirits were big tire guys. We're huge tiger guys. Not couldn't be a bigger tagger guy. He's he is numero Uno. He literally has a job because he's Tigers friend. Do you think he's the most? I think he's the most biased reporter in all of sports. He. Yeah. You know, he has a he has a mainstream job right mainstream reporting. He's supposed to report on you know, golf in general, and he's literally only there because he's Tiger Woods his best. Behold. The other one that came to mind was Brian Windhorst. Thought about that. I think I think he got a couple of years ago maybe longer now, I think he got kicked out a LeBron circle. So different. Now is a little nerd I'd say I'd say Notre is now number one. It's got to be like tiger. Any tiger updates? Become sports news, not just sports news. So you're I mean golf channel look known of a gay seems like the nicest guy in the world. When you when you stack that guy up in terms of golf commentating golf analysis against a lot of the ocean the game notable gay is there because he stays at Tiger Woods fucking house when he covers on hundred percent. And that's the way the world should work. Eight hundred percent deserve that job. Tiger woods. Like, I said is the biggest needle mover in sports. Yeah. Yeah. In any sports planet. We need a guy like not because tiger is that type of of newsmen you hire that bias motherfucker, and you put them right there on the set every night. And then he whatever he says about tiger. It's going to eat up. I'm gonna talk about in the podcast. It's great. But let's not. I mean, that's just what it look like he like tiger has a guy who's in the media that just only talks about pro-tiger stuff. And just like LeBron had like winners would go to war for just pro lebrons stuff when you're at the top of your game. And you're the biggest name and your sport you deserve. That's almost like it's a little like not of the cap to to them. Like, yeah. We'll we'll give you this. It's one of the pope's. Yeah. That's a perk. It's a perk of being the best. You get one guy in media. That's always going to say that your back is perfect and you're gonna win every single tournament. And I mean when I'm reading when I'm reading these statements, and I'm seeing them say, these statements on golf channel all of everything that comes out of his mouth has been vetted by note isn't just like, oh, I'm gonna decide to reveal all this personal formation about tiger and his back and neck when I stayed at Tigers house. No, no, he's saying okay tiger. What precisely can I reveal to the media. We're targeting Texas. Tiger tech Simmons's release this right? He is that bias, and I love it. I mean, I'm all it on that. I can't get over this line. Either treatment to three times a day. He has everything needs at the house. High tech tech. So I I. No, it's not low-tech its high. If you're concerned that tiger. Maybe didn't have the right technology to get back to his best and be in the best shape. He could be not has you covered because tiger has high tech. It was house. Is there? Anything you needed has high tech. Also, he has everything he needs at US House is that like a little cover for you know, he doesn't believe that he doesn't go anywhere to get treatment. He doesn't do any of those sort of things if people are talking about that in the media, isn't leaves ask doesn't have to go anywhere. You're seeing a little bit into this. I like that Trent daddy. He has everything everything everything he needs at the treatment two to three times a day a lot of fucking tree but treatment treatment high-tech at the house. He's got everything he needs everything. One. What do you think tiger has it his house that most people need to leave their house for? I don't know if I feel comfortable with that question. What's what's something that you need to leave the house for the tiger has in his house since he has everything barber. That's true. It's fucking true. Although like, there's our people in the world that get like barbers to come to their house. So okay, it's a little more. I'm trying to think of something you hated that answer. All right. I'm in treatment treatment. Sure. Sure. To have treatment at your house. No, no. I think about if your position Frankie Bradley pizza mega where you're like, man. I really need some treatment. You can't just get that at your up. That's something that just doesn't happen at your house. It doesn't really have an anywhere. Thank you, bro, happens at a treatment center fucking avance unless you're tired wits. Roy macaroni said I hope he's okay. Tuesday at Bay Hill. I saw him in Mexico two weeks ago getting treatment Jesus before and after he played and he did have some tape on sort of on his upper back. So he was dealing with it back then as well. So again, this appears to be something that people have noticed it's been a little bit of a lingering issue. Either leave. This is best case scenario the information that's come in. And again, you gotta take a little bit with a grain of salt came from Noda aka directly from Tigers phone, and so whenever we sees her. Should we should almost name it like like noted? Yeah. I know what you're going for noted. All right. He said that noted noted noted. Yeah. It's like a note a note. Yeah. Everybody knows what that means. Like, you take instead of saying take it with a grain of salt. It's going to be his word like every time, we see notably gays. You know statement on Tiger Woods noted. I was trying to come up with something better higher, but woods tiger. You know? I couldn't do it working really hard over here. I noticed I was quiet for like, thirty seconds. I didn't know I was working on something. I noticed. Oh and going back to last episode for one second when we were talking about VJ Singh. I just couldn't. I did. I not do VJ swing. If you have hit me with the hell, if you would have if I said come up with a fucking Twitter name right now, you said VJ swing. I would've had a God damn heart attack. I also want to say, I would have changed the show. EJ swing is the best booking Twitter. Name you could possibly come up. Give me a pound eighty. No. I can't take care of that people between the. Yeah. I don't want to do that. I saw it on Twitter. I didn't want to miss that. Now. Came quickly. So those those people that tweet those at us how quickly from the moment. They heard us say it until it arrives in their brain VJ swing. Do you think they call? I am getting with that thing swing. If he doesn't change his Twitter in individuals. Let what I say I feel like I'm just like swing on a swing set. Swing. It's PJ swing superiors like seven aren't of ever even take like a blade of grass. Just perfect ball. Like, I just like it's nothing stopped my sewing magic AC J swing like how positive is Twitter interactions would be just like every time. He tweeted that's a great shot from at VJ swing? Oh, it's pure. There's no pure pun than that. I think people will when you're broadcasting it to you know, the. The masses with all these brains. I mean, it's just three brains in here. Halftime minds off. So I mean, I think I think when you put it out to the world, I think someone just it just clicks. Yeah. I agree with that. He's listening. He's just like Vija swing immediately. Yeah. I think you're right. I think but because it was a bunch of. And I was like was a handful of you not having more time does not help you make that pun. Like, you can't search anything argue that its worse. You gotta like to think it's over like it's out just hit you when I think of puns it happens right away. And if I think about it too long, they only get worse if you think about it for too long. Yeah. Man, saying noted and shit. I could just see. So our listeners sitting at work for like, forty five minutes straight. I like someone probably has a funny pun about not show TJ sing. No somebody out there. Right now listening has an a good notable. Gave one hundred percent tweeted us. Hey, right now person out there. Let's see do you have that already. Or this person's are like, oh, I got it are you are you going to come up with that in the near future? After. And then tweeted us, that's a real question. That's kind of what I'm asking of you people right now. Do you already have it because that was like maybe four minutes ago? I think they have to have after. Yeah. Yeah. It's either they're they're not going to get it note of what is he gonna be of so frustrated ODA agape pun when when dealing with Tiger Woods. It's got. It's gotta be. I mean, I don't know how you're going to beat noted. No, notably gave pun as like the obvious most compromised biased golf, quote, unquote, reporter in the. Yeah. What is that pun tweeted us, we need it other than your absolute best friends who could you ask to bring you red wine at four PM sushi at nine pm a breakfast burrito at eight AM post mates post major personal food delivery, grocery delivery. Whatever you can think of delivery service all year round. Don't even really need to read about this one because I use both maids everyday, I think everyone in this room does price. Maybe twice so much say fantastic service. I could not live in the city without it's crazy as I was actually just in Vegas. And I was telling someone about how much I post me like oh house living in the city. I'm like, it's unbelievable. I don't have. To leave my bed to get stuff. Like what like they were from another part of the country, and I guess like it's just not as prevalent, but I'm like guys don't realize what's going on over here, and like the big metropolitan cities like I literally posted a video game like headset. When like mine broke, so like mine broke, and usually when you're at your house like you just like fuck, I'm like, well, the play video games. Twenty five minutes later to brand new guys like the guy dropped off his enjoy your gaming. He said enjoy. Enjoy your gaming that comes with that kind of touch. The guy said enjoy your game. For a limited time post me is giving our listeners one hundred dollars a free delivery credit for your first seven days. That's an unbelievable deal to start your free. Delivery is download the app right now and use code four play. That's code four play. You're gonna get one hundred dollars of free delivery credit for your first seven days when you download the post mates app. The there's also a the old delivery food delivery service. I used to use when I was idiot. They didn't they didn't have a lot of all the restaurants now now with post mates there have been a bunch of restaurants that have come back into play for me own hit his changed everything. Oh, yeah. I don't know if we're allowed to say this, but like Taco Bell like maybe every two weeks. Now, I just get Taco Bell just delivered to my apartment. I am a Taco Bell. I was in the same situation. It's just not on the other app. Yes. To whole new world. I hadn't had talk about like two years. I used to get talk about I live back home. You know, you go home for summers and whatnot soap until two three in the morning. I used to be able to talk about big part of my life. I loved it. I love the talk. I just love Taco Bell Hadman. We'll get it for sour cream is out of this world. I'm talking now. They just I hit a button they bring Taco Bell to me. It's looking mouth is watering hole. It's great post mates. Remember use code four play download the post mates app. You're going to get a hundred dollars a free delivery credit for your first seven days anyways. That's the update on Tiger Woods. So by all these accounts from noted gay and Rory and all these other things Tigers should be in the field next week at at the Players Championship. Do have a belief. He's he's withdrawn from that tournament multiple times. So I do have bad images of my brain of him withdrawing for the Players Championship. So hopefully just kids through next week. And it's healthy all that. But anyways, it seems good seems like best case scenario firm. We're we're down in the dumps with the. With the withdrawal news, just Thomas in the United States Golf Association are close personal friend the USGA. You know, I tweeted out this video about my cool rant member might cool rant. You guys gave the house an awesome rent clean tweet out the video of the rant. And then like two seconds later. You know, we put the podcast Alec two seconds later. Mike good close personal from the US JJ backtracks. This was a tough this. This was tough. So if you remember correctly JT criticizing criticizing criticizing criticizing the US J heroin over the rules. Hammered of over everything US finally just responded and said, Justin, we need to talk you've canceled every meeting we've planned with you. But we are reaching out. Again, we were at the first five events and tournaments last year and your tour has had a seat at the table for seven years. We'd love nothing more than to give you a seat. Call us. Well, JT came out. And basically said I was hurt because that's just not truthful. The it was inaccurate. I didn't cancel any meetings. The US Jay on. I believe Tuesday, then tweeted after further and more direct conversation with Justin Thomas realize he did not avoid a discussion with the US J, nor cancel any meetings. We value. His and all players opinions and are committed to a productive dialogue as the golf world adjust to the modernized rules. That's a Twitter account. That's never been to the fire. We've all been to the fire you tweet something people get mad at we're here. We're just like whatever we double down on USGA. They they didn't feel comfortable going to the fire. They backtrack a hundred percent. Thank you very much. It is not nobody. Nobody fucking tweets that that you cancel meetings, and basically been dodging us yet still calling us out for not having communication with you unless that comes from some basis of truth that was the most truthful statement ever made because USDA and someone in the position of the US g Twitter account is not like going after one of their star players and golfers in the entire world. You're not you're not just going to pin that on him with. There's no. Fact, thank and the thing that I see that jumps off the page when I'm reading this is that Justin Thomas through a fucking bitch fit at someone. And he scared the shit out of the US GAAP are, and he like I picture him like cry like a little baby crying. That's the first anything like how could you do this to me? How could you ruin my reputation? You're supposed to be a PR of USDA. I win all this money for you guys that I'm a great golfer for every how could you fucking do this to me? And they're like, oh my God. We're sorry. We're sorry. They them saying thanks for connecting with us off line. That's after he realized he didn't avoid a discussion. What are you talking about risks? Like, it's just like came into your mind. Oh, yeah. He didn't cancel the meetings. Right. Whereas I is it. No. He didn't catch them. That's not just work next notes. No, no. No, no. I know. I know I always bring the pockets somehow back to the islanders hate to do that. But it's like when John's airs it's like when John surveyors said he realized that childhood dream the day he needed to make the decision. Oh, yeah. I grew up in Toronto. Oh, yeah. I had these Djaama's when I was younger now, I want to be able like he. Oh. And in the next two hours to make my decision. Wow. Timing. Yeah. Unbelievable. Like you're going to tell me right now. Like this. You get Texas from Justin Thomas absolutely scathing message, and you're like, oh, yeah. He didn't know we didn't say anything puck and tweeted, look they back. Yeah. We had just Thomas on the show. We went through a lot of stuff, and he had a lot of great stories, and he came off as a pretty cool guy and we've become friendly with Justin Thomas it all of that. However, there is no fucking doubt. Just from this just from this these facts that we're looking at right here that what you guys are describing is exactly what have. The US J clapback. They said you've been canceling meetings. You're calling us out for not having any communication with the players. You're calling us out left. And right. Meanwhile, you canceled a bunch of meetings like how the hell are we supposed to have communication where you can't meetings JT or is agent. Whoever threw a fucking fit. They kind of ensure that they reached out yesterday and said like, are you kidding me? This makes Justin look horrible, blah. Maybe there's a little bit of like gray area there like technically like cancer meetings, whatever. But clearly the US shave wasn't just they don't fucking tweet that out of the clouds phases. And drew they didn't say you canceled one meeting, and then both sides can be like this is what happened this. What happened? They said you've canceled every meeting which means there's probably been five to ten meetings that have just have to be there just have to be. So the only mistake here that I'm really seeing I is that I just wish that you wouldn't backtrack because it's very clear like you guys said, I I bet there's no fucking doubt Justice Thomas was not happy. But he went at them and said something along the lines of like, you know, you can't do this. You. Can't you know, who I am? You're gonna ruin my reputation, whatever to you know, who you just set. I bet you drop the line. You might have dropped a do. You know, who I l like, you know, and when we interviewed Justin Thomas, and he like you came on. He was great. And we definitely warmed up to him. And to the point where like we respected the Shelvin for coming on the show after all the hate the I for sure gave him, but I also said to him. I'm like, there are still going to be things that you do that are always going to just arc me. It's just the way that you are the way that he is like he comes off. Sometimes it's like the wrong type of guy like, you know, it's not very likable. And these are winless scenarios where you know, it may not may not jump out at you. He may not you may not have like a quote from what he said. But, you know, just in Thomas like the way he acts, you know, he was in a room like pacing with on the phone with someone or he was making his agent to it. Just absolutely shredding some PR person from the US j just destroying their life one hundred percent, just making them cry. Which again, it's like if US j I if you're out there. Listening. I know are we're all good friends here, if you're gonna go after if you're gonna clapback if you're going to embrace you mic drop them, and he made you pick up the mic, and like stolid rice and stick it in a fucking, my colder. You gotta the fucking room you drop your gone, they might Trump down. And it was one of the greatest things we've seen from a, you know, the sport like the US A actually said this to one of their players, and he literally picked up the mic himself stuck it back in their mouth. No one's ever done that before they that. Miller like, oh, yeah. Just you're gonna on any meetings. Sorry. I'm so sorry. Please. Don't do that again. He's okay. He's the best after further and more direct conversations with Justice realize he did not avoided as we realize. He did not realize did not would you look at the instant replay. And he liked didn't avoid. Yeah. After further review what is happening again. This isn't fucking what you sending Toronto. They did. Now, they set the replay to the war room at Toronto after fucking Jerry new after Gary Bettman in fucking the Brendan Shanahan and their whole team looked at the review from thirty seven different angles. At turns out, he actually the movement. He made was not to avoid the meeting where they watch him walking on the eighteenth hole on tournaments and you see the USDA camp like standing somewhere on the green wait watch watch on. He doesn't make. No, no, no, no. That was that. Didn't see him completely innocent the review he did not that was an innocent and ignorant dismissal of a meeting that was not intentional. That's literally what the US. What does that tweet you as we don't happen? We know what happened. And again, you're right. You're right, Frankie. It's just it's it it goes back. There are many things about Justice Thomas that we love that. We like a lot a lot of it was revealed on the show, and it was great. And there's some things that are always gonna piss off about them in this kind of place perfectly into that. It was very obvious that he was not happy with the clapback that he got. And here we are with the US J with one of the weird or tweets I've ever seen a lot of people like at tagging tagging me be like, oh, what do you think about this open, your eyes you fucking idiot. You think this is a genuine tweet from the US? Jay this book and review situation get outta here. So that's the latest on the US. Jay, Justin Thomas thing. All right. What's up, doc? Oh, Frankie were you here for the what's up doc part? No. He wasn't last time. Well, he was here when we made the name, and then we did another when you left the other day. We did a what's up I came up with the name Frank. You did the listeners love what's up. Doc. They love the name. What's up, doc love it? Holy shit. So bad. It's good so bad. It's it's the worst thing I've ever come on with. But then when you left the other day to go to Vegas, we did it and. Yeah, so we did that we did that you guys at that show a month ago. Yes. Basically, Dr Ben wrote in he gave us all the scientific medical advice on the temple. Oh, just give it to me like explained to making fun. So listen up, Frankie, I'm gonna I'm gonna try to explain to you like you're five first of all no, it's not a death button immediate answer. However, it's the finished part of the skull. Okay. And there's a really important artery right behind it. So what can happen is? If you get hit there in it. Fractures, a shard from that fracture will often time slice into the artery in lead to internal bleeding inside. The head and brain which is lights out for you. Good night. So that's that's kind of what happens there. All right. So it's not like a button or piece out of anything in your. It's not like a part of your brain. That's exposed that. Like when you touch it just turns off direct. So it's actually, okay. So it's just Turner is actually two part process. Okay. We break school. You you could you could get hit really hard in the temple and not break and you'll be fought. It'd be fun. Okay. But it's it's the worst bottom. What about the heart underneath the water in the hot a couple of things on that? So you know, when you drink in you get like, a red Hugo, and okay what I'm talking about. Yeah. Become flush got it Hughes like something when we're editing videos. It's like the it's like a saturation God's. We'll think about that saturation on your skin. Yeah. Yeah. You see? And this was some people like not everybody has it. But some people the drug or they get their skin you had right? So that is a function of that happens like, whatever when you drink like the alcohol aware that you're auction and blood alcohol levels and all that. That affects now also when you get when you get really hot your like your blood. I believe certain aspects of your blood go towards your skin to work with cooling. And those two things combined that blood leaves like your head, and it can lead to you passing out God. So when you mix drinking and hot tub ING that becomes I guess of a higher likelihood that you pass out you'll have like no real warnings. You'll get like the combination of the red issue the skin the blood going towards your skin and away from your brain. And you'll pass out. And if nobody's around you pass out hot tub you drought. Wow. So it's a blood like it's a blood location dispersion of where it goes. Yeah. Said he hated a burst of Dr Steve who's my father's bubble. But he doesn't really think that like the heartbeat and below or above really matters very much are. But there is something to say being in dangerous. It's dangerous. All right. It's a hundred percent dangerous. So don't go to a hot while drinking alone. Correct. That's Jilin drinking out the that's the list, which we also said like, you're alone drinking and a hot tub. That's kind of weird. You got other yet others, you do have issues that's a dark place. We didn't we didn't get into that area. We just painted a dark picture, we just put it there being like if that's you. There's hotlines out there. What? Picture guys like staring onto his fence. It's like not even that nice of a view. He's he like he's got like a shitty fucking hot tub in his backyard. And he's got like a real real old fence around it. And he's just sitting there with water arm out drinking an ice cold beer, just staring at that fence, just drinking like a warm PBR. And you're like man just listening to four plane. We just ruined his night. True. The best part is playing we just shit on his whole life because every time you think of a hot tub, you think of these extravagant areas like overlooking a mountain or like, you're an Aspen, and you're in a hot tub boys like all these women, and it's like pulling the worst like we're the in reality. It's a guy like in his backyard that has really dirty water in his in his thing, and like his he spent way too much of his family's money on a hot tub because you want the one you just goes into by himself and drinks. Celery. I always thought that was real dark. So we got all that stuff. Doctor going you're fucking hot tub. And he just like climbs in there discussing body. You know, what you know what I will. Yeah. We'll go to my hot-air. I'll go in there right now. Let me go. Get a case of beer, I and I'll go in there drunk and don't pass out in the hot tub, and you'll be okay. So that's what we learned from Dr van during what's up doc last week or Lascaux right now, we got a couple another thing that we learned in Dr John he he follows up on this. We learned that both Trent and Jake. They get hurt sleeping. Classic Trent which I have invented on this. You get hurt sleeping. I do the most dangerous thing he does is sleep. I I explained to rigs last week where I'll when I'm conscious I'm bulletproof. Yeah. But when I fall asleep the enemy comes out, and I have no defense against that. I can't fight an enemy when I'm sleeping. It comes in the night when I'm unconscious and pizza shit. I Jake has a certain similar demon. What the hell happened to you? I just hurt my neck and my shoulders did last night, actually. And they don't know because there's sleep but a camera on I should do that you should get. It goes some paranormal activity going where you getting lifted out of bed and just getting back toss up and down your fucking body. Just like rise to the bed and you're just getting slammed like a hulk in the avengers. True. Oh, that's. You know, the guy who comes in and spurts of water on your on your face, the hypothetical. He also lists by your feet and just slams you on. Panicle, and you wake up you wake up fucking in so much pain. What the fuck cabinet any last night? Well, we got to the bottom of it. I get body every night. Asleep? Good issue, maybe pillow. No, actually, like new pillows, I figured out this guy walks. Guy walks goes, always got new pillows, again, what a fucking idiot. He just lets you up on either side of the bed boom tone book. I actually like to paranormal activity version better her you just you just. Hello. You just get slammed a couple times, you you're floating. Like right yet the air just. The air just float up. You just moved to the right. A little bit on top of the hardwood floor and us get bounced a couple of times you just get put right back onto the bed. Oh, that's funny shit. Oh, well, it's good to have some answers there. Oh, so what is the what is Dr John say, Dr John has a different theory. Very, oh, yeah. Very different theory. So based off his symptoms are sleeping on his side and having neck and shoulder pain. I would say Trent as some sort of upper nerve plexus injury. A plexus is a branch of nerves from your shoulder. And there's also one in your leg that distributes the motor and sensory nerves throughout there are several others in your body. So it isn't out of the question to think that he may have added too much traction or compression to a nerve in his arm, which would shoot the pain back to his neck area, considering some of the nerves in the break your arm pl-. I don't know what's going on here. He's just it sounds like Dr terms down terms that basically the the end is that I just. Sleep weird. I sleep wrong. I sleep on in a way that makes it shoot pain in my neck. That's what it sounds like to me tough way to live. Yeah. Just got figure out a sleep better. You do have to sleep better because you haven't figured out. So that was from Dr John I was I didn't know the guy was talking about half. Right now. There was a moment there where I legitimate to pass out you would've passed out based off the context of that conversation. I get through there. It's four where I laugh so hard. I almost I almost go night night. I almost fall I just passed right out. And we were close there. We were very close. They're such a funny visual. I mean, it's outrageous visual. And the best part is that you would find out by like plugging in the little gopro into the camera because the laptop let's see what I did last night. It was just a horrible. It's just. Holy shit. I'm expecting like I ruled that one weird. It's like, Nope. I'm airborne slammed against the wall. It's a fucking art film. You like you said that he just always happening to me, slam your laptop shut. Oh, no. Would you take a million dollars cash to have that happen to you every night? No, not for this pale. All right. So I'm going to try and sleep better than you know, I'll I'll report back. Maybe I'll get a go pro figure it out and we'll go from there. All right. You ever get that creeping feeling of dreading anxiety is Sunday comes to a close and you face the coming doom of the work week or your Frankie braille use guidemap Vegas. That's called. The Sunday scary as we created these dummies out of a desire to stop our own feelings of anxiety at the end of a long weekend of partying adopted determine as our brand name because we had Sunday scares new at resonate with our audience of fellow young party, goers and workaholics, boom. You get the Sunday scary CBD. It's out right now derived from hemp delivers many of the benefits you get from THC. But without the high look, the gums are great. The CBD is great anxiety is not great. And this helps cure all of that. 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Dr Scott says I don't know anyone who calls you rig Z weather, but I might start calling. You rigs E MD. Okay. So you'd rather one written about your ex. Oh, and I say, no one's called you Rigsby weather. Well, that's you alluding to like, well, I know no cozier easy weather, but I got to try and Frankie, but here's another one. You guys think I'm writing these emails to my center this radio. This is a good act. You acting like using. I mean, you said. I mean, you said you wrote your doctor Scott and under under you wrote rigs MD with what he wrote in the fucking Email now. Trying to just read the list put a word at the end of your name and just call that. That's not your nickname everywhere in like every day. You can have a nickname. Right. You can. But you can't be Rigsby weather rigs AMD, what's the next one? You hear about rigs MD in the Bahamas. No originally weather in the Bahamas. Yes, we told us I thought maybe there was another re that was another Email last week. It wasn't an Email last week. Frank. All right. Go ahead to cook. I read it. Now, he said, no, you don't have any. You can see you. Can you read it on the screen to? Rigs MD I like to like the the the area location you pick for this one. It's not it's isn't a diehard golfer in Portland, Oregon. It's a good one you like the Portland area. Well, now, if I read the restaurants Sally, I wrote it away. Oh, no. This is good or pod. Letting trip to Scotland and sit Andrew let's he we all know that Rigsby weather went to Scotland and say Andrews, which is notoriously bad weather, bad win, bed rain. But when he went there perfect people, call him razor weather over there tells true that's actually true. All right. Let's get this one. Let's see. I'm a diehard golfer in Portland, Oregon, your pod led me to a legendary trip to Scotland and St Andrews for my fortieth last year now with two herniated discs your pod with chappy and his follow up on Twitter has me talking to his doctor and Scottsdale. I also have a conversation coming up with Tigers doc in Texas. You helped me make my fortieth and Scotland lights out now, you're helping me with my medical care. Tom buys rock. Come on the fluff piece guy likes our show life. You help make my fortieth in Scotland lights out, I think what he said. You have to make at least one of the rigs a negative. You have to like rigs and tried to he tried to like you ruined my forty you guys. Don't read all these emails. People say we rock all the time. I sit here I slaved through all these emails and people say, we rock all the time. People like our show. I don't deny that people say that we rock were just saying that when all these nicknames are coming out of UB, and like this like Lord and savior when it comes to people's golf trick guy calling me rigs EMT. All right. You want me to say, I don't know. It's just suspect. What are the what are the kids call it suss a suss that suss suspect? They they shortened suspect for people. I have heard people call. It sounds Jake windows sauce. I get to Kardashian thing. Yes. Okay. I could see it being a Kardashian thing assess that's us Tristan so suss khloe at suss. I didn't read this fucking Email. All right. So here's here's Scott's question. In the kind of nailed that voice. One. Yeah. I'm keep it up with Kardashians. Comes back in like two weeks. You're keeping up with Kardashians. Yeah. Love it. Oh, yeah. You love Kris Jenner lover. She's diabolical. She's amazing. I mean that show. This is good. As it is a great show. It's very entertaining. Nominal anyone that I mean, they are highly talented what they do. They got the biggest stars in the planet cheating on each other fighting with each other never doesn't amaze me that you are interested in that. I love it. Like, you just don't seem kind of guys interested in. I'm well, I'm Salah celebrity illiterate. I don't know anybody is I don't know when he musicians are. I don't. Loved the cut ashes, they're also pretty good. So here's Scott's question from the gallery back surgery forty give me a pass to get away with the motorized bag car. That follows me on the course like those eighty year olds do in Florida. Or is that the ultimate Dushi move prior to needing in adult diaper? I think it gives you full permission. You know, those are two d- two things you see in the LARs, yeah. Yeah. You push like, they just they literally go like laugh. I always want one every time. I see one awesome. So I think if you have a basher I mean, I would say back surgery at forty if you are forty or forty plus it's probably a little low had back surgery. No one's really gonna rag on you for having. I think everyone thinks it's pretty cool. I mean the diehard. Golfers are going to be like, whatever I'd rather carry my bag, but all it's gonna do is just create someone to be like, hey, it's like nice bag. And then all you have to say is like, yeah. Back surgery had to get it. Yeah. I think you're good. It's fine. Your kosher that's an end for the rest of the round. Everyone's like staring at how clear bag is. Honestly, if someone thinks that it's like Dushi, or, you know, like, I'm sure to have like some like wacky bag don't I mean, those people lying to themselves when someone when I see that bag on the golf course, I see that they can just like motorized its way by and like the guys on on the t box, and he's just sending his back up to the green on his own joke. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Always takes my breath away the maze me, so I just play the ghost. Oh, so cool. And there was walk like so much better than we do. There's like walking real slow with no carry world because their bags are ready. The they're free. They can do whatever they want. So Dr Scott. Definitely real person. I didn't write to see how you can. Absolutely. Do. You hundred percent you that you got full permission from us. Go get them. All right next up from the gallery. Four play at barstool sports dot com. That is the from the gallery. Email address send us send us anything. But definitely send us hypotheticals. I've noticed we're getting more hypotheticals I like petals, so please send us more hypotheticals four play at Marshall's sports dot com. I want to go through couple of these first one we did this couple years ago. We haven't talked about it in a while. But Adem s pretty common question you hit it. If you get an ace will play by yourself does it count, regardless of whether or not people believe you can you say that you've hit a home one. It obviously counts. However, you just don't tell anybody. Yeah. It's not worth the trouble. Because you're gonna say I got a hole in one. And they'll be like, oh, what was it? Like, would you celebrate with your pals and all that? And then you have to reveal that I was by myself, and they are going to no matter who it is. They're going to be skeptical in you're going to have to beg and plead with them and tell them. No, I actually did it. So it's better. If you do it, it counts just keep it to yourself. Here's what I might. Maybe even do I might even just not tell anyone. And then however, there's going to be situations that arise where people. For someone asks you if you have one, right? You might being a group. Everybody's talking about their whole on one story. They called you have a home one. Do you have a hormone? Do you have a home? And then in that case, I might even say yes, but I got always play. So I've never told anybody you get out in front of it. And seems like an honor thing that seems like they you just revealed something to them that you've never told anyone well and your buddies it'd be wait when fuck was at UB, I was like a year and a half ago, and they'll be like, you just never told us, then I think you've got a lot of credibility with your little hole in one story. I tell the whole world. Yeah. I really don't. I mean, they're gonna be suspect. They're going to be suss. Anyway, I'll let you decide that you want us. No. I mean, it's just I don't know. I actually think the move is if you're playing by yourself, and you re actually not with like if you're actually playing by yourself, not just with strangers, right? Is that what this is by yourself? If you're even close, and you'd think it went in from the t box, you just start recording your whole walkup. Hallway, then it becomes? It'd be like you went back to the fucking t-. Like, they know you're not psychopath. Yeah. That'd be an elaborate move Unilab remove like, and you don't like you've never done that before. It's not like you just like one day woke up and like, I'm just gonna fake home one today. So at least if you like film it walk up there. It's the whole thing. It's one non edited video, and it's just like from teebox agreeing you walk up. It's in the whole, it's fucking awesome. It's a pretty good. Do you think one of our listeners now is going to do that and fake it? Yeah. I mean, they're just a fake person. I mean, you can take anything that you could just this person can listen to this and just walk up to their friends. Make I've got a hormone Nisar. Yeah. And those people are, you know, a minister kind of like kind of like this week about a hole in one you'll you'll line about a lot more. And actually, I want someone to go fake it. 'cause like that's just a lot of work to be an asshole. Run back, and yeah, it's a weird go all woke up one hundred seventy yards. Put the ball in the hole. And then go all the way, you think get you anything instead of the excitement of getting a hole in one rack with your friends. So I would you have never heard of someone hit home before. Right. You're not gonna change your life. It's just something for your psychopathic claimed he has like sixty four or whatever completely. I remember watching that thing. Guys society? Yeah. Minister everything he's a minutes to the universe. What did we ever come within the deeper than just society? The what is it call the the like the cosmic web or something that he's a menace to that to Frank. That's deep. He's bad. What did we ever come up with where we like how many, oh when we were thinking about how many home once tiger had in his life? And we ended up finding some sort of like Google Google answer. Somehow they knew what was like twenty one and his entire life. Yeah. Do you? Remember, he said he got his first one in like twenty years since late ninety or something that turn out to be not true. Oh, really? Yeah. Somebody said he he legit is on film getting a hormone during the par. Three contest at Augusta in like two thousand two or something like that. I think I said that I think I was like I don't believe him. And that was it you didn't know you were like there's I've just not believing that fat. I was like, well, that's right. I mean him been Freddie, Couples are also had its first one since the late ninety. So why would they be wrong? And I didn't see any else fat, check them. But people colored people emailed us or dmt us. We're like, no. Here's like the video. Feels good to be right. So I haven't like I haven't looked at it. But I saw that enough. But I think that has to be legit that he got a hold on one sometime in the early two thousand I think in the par-three contest. So let's say it was like, we don't even know what the numbers say it was under thirty and it's Tiger Woods playing all his life. The best Gulf of all time like in this guy in say he can put what sixty four the complete psychopathic law in tiger plays more it at least as much or that way more than that. Amount more and his way better so much better. It's just a big time starts just a staggering amount better than that other guy. The guy was like a twelve handicap, the jersey, mobster guy sucks. Crazy. I actually I think that guy's never got one. And I think he just went way off the reservation with this lot. I think so he didn't know how to lie didn't want to say I got once I got sixty four he just panicked in the mall. I guess. Sixty four of them a whole one. Yeah. Yeah. When like dude, I have sixty four of 'em. What's he overdid his life? Skews me you have sixty four. Yeah. That guy I didn't like that thing next one this kind of general one because I've seen this come in a lot for a lot of people that are coming to town for the PGA championship that page black will, of course, be there. So see all of you there. But a lot of people Frankie I've been asking about Long Island hidden gems public courses that they should play. They're like the blacks, obviously going to be closed. Both most Bethpage I imagine will be closed to be using it for the tournament. What are the courses in the area should people be playing? Let's see what was that wind. Watch woman. That's kind of far we know. It's not I mean, well, kind of far me like you have to have a like a rental car right for that. We have to drive like twenty five thirty minutes. But if you're willing to make the drive twenty five thirty minutes, even forty minutes on Long Island. You will hit a decent amount of pretty good public off courses, which is what I do every. Time I play now. I don't I I'm I refuse to go to the Eisenhower park, which is right by my house. I have you know, the history with the with the golf balls air and the driving range and stuff. So you should welcome there. I'm not welcome there anymore. It's my home course. But it's like wait not working there. You wait there for an hour to play just like a very very immunity court, right? Like, a just a very flat. No, no character type golf course. When you can just get in the car drive, thirty minutes, a place, that's like a country club country club atmosphere. You know, they don't really care. You don't have to sign away your life for the golf carts the whole thing. So it was like mill pond. Toil mill pond play often. It's awesome. It's like it's like very like Brown with high fescue every time you take a picture of it people. I remember Whitney message music, buddy. Where's this track? I'm like, it's like thirty five bucks. Thirty minutes away from my house like most public. Of course, Volta mill pond mill pond. Awesome, golf course. Like that day. She was very like small. It's very tight. It's not that long. If you tip it out. I mean, it can't be like more than like sixty four hundred yards. It's like six it's very tight irons off the tees very cool shots as a little bit of water. Crazy lose a ton of balls. They're so recommendation mill pond, also go on supreme golf look all in the area. Final kinds of good stuff. Little plug for our boys. There mill pond nice little recommended reccomendation from our guy Frankie Darrell Darrell says that they so they've got a crew there's four of them. They do scrambles do scrabble tournaments all the time they loved team aspect and all that. However, one guy there scramble is a classic golf psychopath is a lunatic. He breaks club. He throws clubs. They say it's so bad that he gets to a point where they came and say to them if they say anything to him within like a couple minutes of him having a horrible shot. He'll snap on them. It ruins all team, Mojo. Nobody's having fun. He says every time after they play. Hey, guys. Like, I know. But I'll never do it again. I just I lost it a little bit out there. And they said every single time it happens. They did say that they courage him to get a little drunk and when he does he doesn't care but by the fourteenth hole. He's wasted in sucks. So the question is do they have any suggestions? I do have a suggestion. My suggestion is for one or two of these tournaments you just replace him. Yes. The likes that they'll find a permanent replacement one or two tournaments you replace him. When he asks you say, hey, man, you're psychopath nears tossing clubs everywhere. He on the team vibe is fun scrambles fund while I'm in good time. And you keep saying you're not going to do it anymore. But then you keep doing it. So. Oh, you've been punished and we're kicking you out. And then after a couple of the events be. All right. You know, we're kind of considering bringing you back in what you gotta be cool. Like that will send the message as one who's been agree on the golf course item. So yeah, let them know. He's not a completely enough. Have you ever gotten kicked out of a tournament rotation rates? No. It's impressive. I don't think. So they were too scared to kick you out. Maybe that would be it would be like a dangerous about to be that will say that's like another level. Like, they they might be in the similar. Well, you could agree that you've probably been a little more intense. Like, you you you you brought intensity to a group that maybe they didn't know they were getting right? Like, you probably. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Definitely like a big scramble a tournament showed up fucking ready to fire. And like if someone was like scramble, I would say never know Hamble now scramble. It's just right. Okay. You know what? I mean, it's known from the beginning. And I have enough awareness understanding what about the dad bought classic dad bod'ed classic of half, the events more way more intense than I am why people get really into that shit out. But that's kind of like you invite people that are kind of all all on that Lehrer rough to get superintendent. And again, they're so golfers who don't get that pets scramble though. I mean scramble it's just known from the beginning that right? It's a fucking hit and giggle as bubble lots. So we call it. Makes it feel so weird every time you say that. I know you don't like that hidden giggles, so strange. Your solution is a good one. Yeah. Buddha ver two events. Let them know that. We don't need you pal. It's a less make them think too. It's not like your your anger, and what it takes away from the group is not worth having you loving you every time. And I think the biggest part is is that he he he knows that he gets mad because he said like, oh, I won't do this next time. So he's obviously aware that there's a problem. So that helped that's like a door to like giving him those two events off. It's not like you're just gonna out of the blue. A yo you're done. Like, not like, you know, you have a problem. You said you're gonna stop next time. He just didn't. So which can go with another guy. Right. Darryl said they've had conversations we got has been like, yeah. No. I'll totally be different next time. So I will say that there's a pretty funny story Donnie does blog to ear ago of my buddies, and I showed up to a tournament scramble. We knew like one guy knew a friend of a friend, and they were trying to fill spots in this. So we somehow ended up at this tournament. In a scramble, and it was back when I was living in Boston like three or four years ago, maybe four or five years ago, and we showed up to the scramble. We wore cutoff Hawaiian shirts. Off Hawaii like button downs. And we wore like like that Shinnecock that you got the sun hat. Yeah. You don't talk about what do you? Call those things. Straw hat. Yeah. Like a big. Yeah. We all were straw hats. Every you know is a big boozed. We took like a Monday off work is a big drink can go out to the ball and have fun. It was like a four card backup on every t-. So that's just like a drinking fest. We Baid buddies of the groups in front of us and the groups behind us Rava greater we win in the turn in the Dottie. Does is buddies didn't know what to do because these nobody's that. Nobody knew one the golf tournament. They had these these green jackets made up in stuff that they're going to give to the champions for year. And they just they let us take pictures in 'em. But didn't give him to us. We don't know who the fuck. These guys are. What a weird thing that Donnie does was involved. Isn't that crazy insane? Like a year ago going through old pictures was like wasting that looks like rigs, and it was us. Ho smokes. Yeah. We told ourselves sharks the sharks. We were the savage sharks? We call ourselves. You know, why? Because I think our hats had the shark Greg Norman logo on. So we are the savage sharks won the tournament. Australia. I'll send pictures great great treatment. Now is a good time. Tired of your vape, always dying or losing your extra pods? That's why you need. Kite. A new portable charger and pod case that's compatible with jewel devices. Kite gives you're up to three charges. It also holds up to three additional pods. Whether you're getting ready for an all day tailgate or an all night party. Kite will make sure that you are always charged up. Protect your whole onto excess Sary's and store extra charges with a single case. And kite slim profile means it fits right in your pocket. Use promo code barstool fan. That's barstool fan. Be A R S T. Uh-huh. L F A N on kite, charger dot com and enjoy thirty percent off today. That's barstool fan. Kite charter dot com. You get thirty percent off. Kite products are not associated with nor sponsor by Jew labs, Inc. I have this. Oh, this is a great one. John says you in the career grand slam where do you win each one? Where's the, where's what's your choice? Essentially asking what do you think like the the most iconic best venue is for Saint Andrews the open? Yep. Yeah. Pebble Beach US open. Okay. The other two is just like what do I really wanna play? We'll the other one the other one. I'm sorry. Yeah. Gossip astronauts Gus national yet. I mean, I would want to win it Bethpage because it's a thought your USA Beth bench. Yeah. It's essentially like this year like whatever the this year's without Augusta. This year's four. Because we're getting no, what's the what's the old saying, I think Sanders is in two years say Zell. You are getting Bethpage. We're getting pebble. So. Yeah. Go outside of the British hope. Correct. That's actually what I would have guessed for you. Yeah. That's what I would have guessed you, the other ones Royal Portrush, which like you'd have to ask Northern Irishman to be. I got really want. I want this year's this year's majors with just the swap of Augusta of Saint Andrews. That's my dream an interest. Definitely would. Everyone's right. Yeah. That'd be ought to be. I mean, we're talking icon it I was trying to think about it. And like I was trying to my head to justify another one. Because I it's so cliche to say the old course's Saint Andrews. But I think the way it would go for me would be obviously Augusta. Then Saint Andrews then. Probably Belle, Reeve Kaz Saint Louis pillar eve, Bella eve because Saint Louis and odd one because I wasn't I mean for you. It was on the map. But for you know, a lot of people like aided the golf course lot. Of course, like wasn't major championship caliber, and it wasn't even like amazing shape. And all that having been there in like, how many of my friends and family and all that were out there like Majid fucking rigs like rigs wins the fuck that's an interesting way to look at it like PJ. Oh, that's rigs wanted them around here who on one rigs from oh, that's rigs MD from that Gulf podcast rig rig rig Rigsby majors Rigsby majors allies, you of it actually loved defy. I emailed actually. Hey, Rick, Z major. What's your favorite venue to win? Mcgregor. Alphonse? Of course, you did. Because you right. Keep reading these emails. Right. The emails. I just read them I go through and read the emails if you think that my next character on the next golf video game when you do the career mode isn't going to be called rig majors easy pages. And then US open. I'm very torn. I Pebble Beach is obviously the most probably the most iconic, but I really think winning at one of the classic classic difficult. Like wing foot. I'd probably have to say wing foot. I think their logos. The best like that. It's New York. I thought you were gonna say Shinozuka yet. The New York vibe, Chicago's amazing. Should've Cox amazing doctors the carnage to so you dominated wing foot. I think there's going to be more carnage. Really? Oh, yeah. Holy smokes. I think southern several in. How is how is your boy going to deal with that? He is ninety shattered half. Yeah. They're going to lose control, the golf course. He's gonna make it known. And that's kind of way if they lost control, the golf course there. And it's going to be worse. I mean, you're talking you're talking to monsters coming out of those those sand traps. We'll cross Virginia come to adding. They just have sandstorms coming out of the bunkers. He would not like that. My guy would not let you would be very upsetting. So my four going to be Augusta Bella Di which people are going to hit on before. But it would be so cool in Saint Louis Augusta Bella leave Saint Andrews, you'll of course, and wing foot. Good crew, Augusta Pebble Beach. Gusta Pebble Beach. There's got to be Saint Andrews. And then TPC Darren I knew your team PC. Dear. That's good. That's rich. Let's absolutely rich. Gotta do it. Jack says my buddy, and I play golf when we're at school two to three times a week. He always brings us speaker likes to play EDM on the course, ninety five percent of the time ninety five percent of that this annoys the shadow me because EDM is just simply not golf music. We both like country and other stuff like a little van Morrison or Tom petty. So I don't get why he only plays EDNA the old people on the course, always yell at us for playing trash music. Can you tell him Cole? Murphy puts his name in there. This will this is he wants us to do the job for him. That's what's going on. Can you tell him? Call Murphy that idiom is on. The course is not. Okay. So he's using the podcast as a forum to tell which is funny glimmer v. Six seven time we've done Homer free stopped doing that. Cole. Murphy stop have you released your. Rigsby playlists. Call the rigs e golf playlists. Okay, James have you released that yet? You can call me, Reggie jams. I mean, we just beat him to the next Email. You knew that if he hadn't talked about when he was going to be releasing that playlist? He would have got an Email rigs e jams when we get in that golf playlist you're saying this was a setup Email that he wrote I'm not saying that saying that we jets us stretches setup dot gov. Murphy slutty here, I'm saying that we saw one step ahead of what you were gonna do. You were going to be like oh shit. I haven't really set playlist. Yes. Eliminates throw this Email in their mccombs over exe-, James James. We all know that you know, that place is lurking. Where's it and you go back? Well, thanks for asking, John you guys deep down, you think? Right. Those emails myself. I think you've written. No, I think you actually wrote one I think you wrote the ring z weather one. That's crazy. I really do. I genuinely believe that you wrote that adds crazy or you called yourself for easy weather, and I think you like you finagled it a little bit. I think that's crazy town, you're crazy person. I mean, I think. I think he definitely had his hand in something like you copy and paste, something and you deleted like in calling you like. Sam. And you put Rick Z weather. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna justify event has not. That's just not even worthy of an answer. I somebody who reads the actual Irene emails also. And whenever rig sends the outline he puts everything if you look at the emails word for word. I don't know about Jake. Yeah. I don't I mean, that's not a reliable source. That's that's that's noted. That's all say to that. That's him being too scared to kick them out of the rotation. That was a noted Jace noted. Yeah. That's a notable gay right there. I think that was a noted job horse phrasing. Jake is not in this. Yes. Oh, rigs are always writes, the the emails perfectly. Kohl Murphy, stop, listen, the EDM on the golf course where this podcast has gone. Where is the platelets? I've seen so the playlist which is going to be brought to you by exe-, James. I'm sorry, go. Another sickening. I have to say so myself. We'll be released shortly. I have I look I had olive for complaints. If it's anything. It's already heard. It's awesome. Now last time we talked about this. And I get a lot of requests for this. I just ignore them. The the playlist was about two hours long. And it was awesome. Turns out for golf playlists needs to be about five, you know, because you're play slow rowdy. I have a little breather. Maybe even five and a half that's fucking doble almost two and a half times the amount that already had. So I really want to keep the female of the playlist. Keep it up is good cobber is it. So it's been painstakingly go through I got a list of a lot of songs, I've been going through other golf playlists and going through a lot of their songs and see what I like what I don't like when I think fits for the golf course it's getting close. It's very close to being Don luckily in the northeast and much of the country, it's not golf season yet, although we are getting close. So I would say next couple of weeks the rig. Off play. This will be released. I'm going to release it on Spotify, which we like Spotify were big fans of Spotify. I'm gonna tell everybody where it is making public. Mona figure all that Bs out. But the rigs yougov playlist brought to you by Reggie jams will be out in the next couple of weeks. You know, you have to change your Spotify name to rig jams now have to already done it. Oh shit. This emails from rigs jabs at at Google dot com. What's up? Less. You'll rigs e Chan's why don't we get in that fireplace Lewis? Thanks, John for the question, actually. Guys. I mean. Pates? This is not true. It's not truthful podcast is it's you guys are splintering the show, despite the fact that there's no reason to split. The listeners. Anyways. Alex writes, you have to pick four new majors. The current majors are not on the table. They have been faintest out of existence. What for tournaments do you choose? So essentially, the masters the US Open, the British Open and the PGA championship just vanish. They're just gone. However, there have to be four major championships golf what become the former championships. The players becomes one players. No brainer. Already made my John Deere. Classic joker. Oh God's again. Right goes. Oh god. So I would probably say the, oh, I know the Players Championship. Yup. The torch Ambien ship. Yep. The memorial Goodwin. And then I'm gonna throw a little wrench in there. And I'm going to say. The L A open, aka Riviera the golf course is amazing. That was where j b Holmes won a couple of weeks ago over J T, you remember that JT epic a four shot lead and blue that it's in Los Angeles, which is really cool Riviera's a classic golf course that everybody loves got the ten th hole, which is the driveable par four all that. So I would probably say L A open. Yeah. Those are my four L. I open memorial torch amateur players. So I'm gonna players memorial tour waste management. To imagine the waste management's management is a major that's Dalek invoking crowd. That's a fucking awesome answer. Oh that would be incredible. Oh that stadium that stadium like when actually matters for major in like people going absolutely bonkers magic like the waste management masters. That's I I think the waste management would have to be like the US open. I think like the players would be the masters could same. Yeah. Yeah. It has like the conic fin. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with that. That would be fucking. I mean, I think the waste management should be a major because of how cool that like just feels. It's awesome. It really is cool feeling one. I want to add to that. They should do. John I wanted to say that. But I play. This should do the Cirque. It a team a team major with the walkup music. Yes. Oh god. I forgot about that a wrinkle every year walkup music, do whatever you want. I hate that tournament. I mean, it's I like the I like doing something different with it. I don't like the direction they've taken some of the things that say, you know, what? I mean, we loved the idea the beginning. It just hasn't like my buddy used to wear for Zirk. He listened to the podcast. He'll tell me if he used to work for Zirk. That's the worst goddamn golf tournament in the world. I'll let you work so many more. Worst Gulf term in the world. I just put the connection I think used to work for Cirque. Do you think we're the only people that hate desert classes classics just such a non-gulf turn? It's like a non there's nothing like they try and spice it up and every year. It's something weird. It just feels weird. I think everybody hates it. But we are the ones who vocalized it. You know, kids in his boy, I think ones are at classic couple of years ago. Do they win it or lose at such a I think they made it to Eric classic is the ultimate Keva Geezer win. I've ever seen in my entire life. So he got into a playoff. I know. He like hold kiss hold like a chip on the seventy second hole to get into a playoff. And then maybe they lost that playoff. I think that's what happened trying to look at his wins right now. Yeah. So that's what happened. He lost a playoff these irt. Classic twenty seventeen with Scott Brown to Jonas Blixt and Cameron. Smith lost birdie on the fourth extra hole. They had to come back on a Monday. But kids had like a sick whole out. I wanna say for birdie to get into the playoff. On sunday. But I don't know. Yeah. The Walker music is is what did it for me when they were up there. Banging their heads and letting their hats off, and like trying to do rock music, and some people trying to be that was just too much and the build up to it. We news cringe-worthy it ended up being ten thousand times more cringe-worthy ever expected. And it's just it's a clown show. It's not it's not funny. It's not good Zurich. It's just like the name Zurich classic. Makes you think like you're gonna go there and like just get your taxes done. Like, I don't even know. That's where that's where our trouble started. Oh, you guys. Trouble start at desert. Yeah. Yeah. It's just not our kind of tournament. I don't know what it's supposed to be on paper should be just as it's not made for certain new major. So we're not. Trent daddy, Australia reading the worst answer for the question. I got rather play a mill pond mill on sounds like a delay in the mill pond open sound sign me up right now. That's like a major that. They'd put in happy Gilmore, he. Yes. Yes. It does the mill pond open. No power no past or like the tournament where where happy gets like his tour status. Yes. Mocha the Milka Lopez and shooters there as like the amassador's. Shooter. All right. I don't even think Milton has upon by the way, which is like hilarious. They'll should be called mill grass. They have a little body of water. I'm talking it's from one side of fairway to the like, it's it's just connects to holes a little body where I guess it's a pond sounds like a pond to me he pleases described. His the pod figure, right? Like, a lake maybe I'm thinking of a lake I think they nailed the name actually from for what from what I've never heard someone go like they don't have any pas. And then just describe exactly what I just described. Right. I don't think the name could be any more birth. I think it's actually a pod I'm thinking like a big body of water. That's a lake. Yeah. Talking to body water a couple of hundred yards wide on each side. Yeah. I like there's a bunch of stuff around. You could see. Yeah. Upon right there. Yup. So Jake just pulled up a picture. I mean, it's just it's gloomy. Couldn't call that. Bob, the pond. Yeah. All right. Enjoy Bay Hill yard of Palmer Invitatinal the king. Love the king. One of the most beloved like I said he is gonna else you're talking about. I wanna go to sleep. Yeah. You you sound like you want to go see frigging apps. Frankie sleeps, Frankie ram cycles. Hopefully, I don't get tossed in my bed. Good luck tonight trend, but you know, I'm scared to go to bed, but I guarantee you I'll leave with this that you will think about that happening to you tonight before you close your eyes, you're going to be like, well, what if I was be like here, we go. It's like going bungee jumping LEGO joke about it. You could like before you close your eyes. You back. I get fucked up tonight some ghost. I'm definitely thinking about that. Now, there's no doubt about it. So that's such a terrifying feeling than fallen just can't even imagine that it's gonna be great. I've been imagining during the shelving it's been one of the funniest things I've ever experienced. I mean, I laughed but at once once game time, and I laid down on that bed tonight. You just struggle above your bed. Man. It's going to get his dangling chest up towards the ceiling blankets, slowly falls off you while. You're just. Just in the air. Then you slow I we gotta get out of here. I don't want to make this you go from getting slowly dragged to just wear me. And then my dumb ass walks in here. And I'm like, I don't understand why trade. I feel. Back is killing me. Feels like goes fuck fucking hit by truck. Go to sleep last Frankie actually feels like I was picked up in bounced off my floor punch times. Like, I know. It sounds crazy. But I feel like I was tossed around my room, there's dense all on the walls. I don't know. What's going? We got stop talking about. Because that's all I'm going to be thinking about what we back on Tuesday. Have a great weekend. Everybody. Enjoy enjoy the the Arnold. Palmer and pray for tiger hit heart hard. Hey, this is Casey Smith. Thank you for enjoying the barshop podcast network. As reward for making it to the end of the show. I just wanted to let you know about a special deal just for you. You can now use promo code store. Ten for ten percent off the entire barstool sports store. So before you start that next up Assode head over there now and get ready for Saint Patrick's Day with all your favorite gear that store ten for ten percent off everything on store. Dopp are so sports dot com. Just don't tell anybody.

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Down with the Coronavirus! Rev Up the Economy Engine! | 4/9/20

Pat Gray Unleashed

1:34:34 hr | 7 months ago

Down with the Coronavirus! Rev Up the Economy Engine! | 4/9/20

"Great is here on the please. Radio Network Show sponsored by express. Vpn stop putting your online data at risk get protected at express via VPN DOT com slash unleashed big news that gas. Nobody's even talking about the presidential race anymore but as far as the Democratic nominee. It's going to be Joe Biden. As I have suspected all along Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race yesterday. I know sad right. Oh it's just heartbreaking. I mean let's face it. Democrats thank you for at least not going for the curmudgeonly unlikable nearly eighty year old Marxist. Thank you thank you for that. Do we forget that I asked for the tweet of his former press secretary who said something like well on the plus side with Bernie dropping out I can drop the word Democrat from. There is yes on the plus. I think you rub. I can draw the Democratic from my tweets about why socialism is good. Oh my gosh secretary to wow to well that shows you Ernie I mean that tells you a lot right there. These people are just flat out. Marxists. Yep It's really. It's it's unbelievable that the Democrat Party has entertained them for so long embraced them completely. They've embraced them. Yeah the Democrats have become Socialists and so There's just no. Is there any question about that? Now I don't think so. I think that question has been answered. So Bernie's gone and gear guts. A pothead just tweeted out just moments ago. Are we going to get a happy days? Are here against Bernie dropping out Yeah Yeah so that clears the path. Yeah for for Joe Biden Everything else is just a formality now. And you know I mean. Does that mean that you just don't do the primaries I don't think so. I think they still do them right. in fact burning his vowed to stay on the ballot. What is that? I don't know I don't understand? He's just trying to make a point now. That people are going to vote for him. Anyway I don't know can still vote. That's weird I don't know he's doing very weird. You're either enter your out. If you're out why do you WANNA be on the ballot? So it quote to exert influence exert influence in quote. What does that mean just so that he can have some delegates maybe down the line? Maybe just tired of traveling during the corona virus stuff. And you don't understand this strange Strange goal to stay on the ballot. Once you've dropped out of the race now he's I don't know that I've ever seen before he's right about this. He says That they're winning the ideological battle and winning the support of so many young people. So that's true. Frightening really horrible. Really you can keep putting your finger in the dike for lack of a better phrase but that wall that's about to bust loose for the Democrat Party on who future nominees are going to be every four years going forward I don't think you hold back that tide of having a Marxist an outright Marxist as your nominee beyond this year the on this cycle which is why I've said for some time now you can never elected Democrat again. Because they're just too they're too extreme they're too radical to out there there to Marxist they're socialist Marxist communists and we just can't have that at the head of our of our nation you can't yeah in the midst of a crisis to all man. Oh never let a crisis go to waste. Which is what they're trying to do. Now try to take advantage of this. As much as they possibly can and spend as much as they possibly can and get as many people dependent on the government as they possibly can And they're doing a good job of it they've done a really good job and the rest of us have been I Dunno too preoccupied with other things. Yeah I guess. Some traits that came in after the show yesterday. We mentioned that there were very few illegal border crossings. Happening right now virtually zero right. Yeah because I think for one thing. People don't want to get the virus and there's a lot of people with the virus here for another thing. There's ten million people out of jobs in the last two weeks and it's going to be a lot worse after this week's report so there's not a lot of incentive right now to sneak across the border but we got this from Muffler squish so. The number of foreigners entering the country is now closer to the number of foreigners in the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Oh ouch her at hurts. Just rub that in. Just keep putting salt. In that wound Adam Newell tweets. I know the large major banks I worked for one of them and have my mortgage with it has all have already implemented waving your mortgage and if you have a home equity line of credit for three months but you have to request it and you can do it on the APP really well. That's cool so they're not waiting for great from government right which I hope they wouldn't. I wouldn't want there to be a dictate from government a some kind of mandate but if the banks just did this on their own apparently according to Adam. They're doing that. That's good so if you if you ask the bank for a three month moratorium they'll give it to you on your mortgage bank. This particular bank at least said the large major ones okay. I'm with a major one. Wonder if they'll just call them. I'm going to might if I don't pay my mortgage for three months. It'd be really helpful to do this today. chase bank the mortgage month delay. Oh I'm sorry. Have you been impacted about crony areas? Haven't we all? Haven't we all haven't come in some way at least haven't we? All according to a survey that only eighty percent of us have been affected by those twenty percents now not affected me at all on the needs for who hasn't been affected by. This is a strange a poll. There sure is. It's the same number of people that always say either. I don't know you don't know if you haven't been affected by this come on everybody's been affected by this everyone when you're when you're when businesses are closed when you can't go to restaurants win all you can do is go to the grocery store and back home again you've been affected by this even if you're able to go to work you've been affected by this. We certainly have We we had some family over last last night and so we had four cars in our driveway and we were a little nervous. Somebody was going to call the police on us. Wow and that's a good point has dragged out of our homes. I guess with clubs. Yeah put in prison for ninety days. I mean back. In Olden Times it was just. You weren't allowed to have a Bible study at Your House now. You're just not allowed to have anybody at your house all our kids our kids and grandkids and they only go to their house in our house back and back and that's it and but if when you've got that minicars outside somebody's going to say hey. Something's going on at that house. It shouldn't be that you shouldn't have that many people there and they call the police didn't show up so maybe we have great neighbors. I don't know I've never met any of them. Wait a minute wait a minute. I thought you were the neighborhood. Gadfly yes I am I am. I was kidding. You're paying attention. Yeah totally yeah because you know me I mean I am the most Gad of all gadflies and so I'm flipping around the neighborhood like crazy word. Look the most of all the gadflies. Well okay so Gad's were is it? What does it mean? I don't know that you want me to do that. Okay I mean it means To move about restlessly and with little purpose really you are a gadfly. Okay yes well. My purpose is just to talk to many bright possibly give way to my purpose walking around the neighborhood. I guess is a thing who knew right because last night I did that. And my goodness there are so many people. But he's doing it. I had noticed pulling into the neighborhood over the last few weeks. Wow there's more people out about but you go in the evening now and everybody's out that's when you that's when you Houses in the neighborhood 'cause everybody is interesting. Yeah it's I've noticed that too because that's all there is to do but they don't want to stop and talk to you know because you wanna you don't want I. Hopefully we can play the Justin Trudeau. Because you don't want to speak the way he is warning you not to speak in public right now. Would you like to see this clip? Because I think it really applies here our conversation. Let's see what Old Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada? My understanding of what Dr. Tom Explained yesterday. I is that if people want to wear a mask that is okay it protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking Mostly on them a terrible image but it actually people can do in certain situations speaking noiselessly prevents you from breathing dope breach so and then it prevents you from speaking moist. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. Don't speak moisture. Oh Man. Wow anyhow but yeah so. You're seeing everybody walking around the neighborhood. A nobody stopping to chat. They're not even look turning their head towards you right. Come on man stop. Got This from ranch out loud reports Democrats Electric triscuits reporters to Republicans. I hear you like triscuits. Why do you condone the slave labor of NABISCO and the pollution from their plants with their anti lgbtq factories so perfect? Yeah so it is exactly exactly right and that never gets old. Don't you love it? Never GETS OLD Fun tweet here from That's making the rounds. Couple OF FARMERS PAINTED THEIR COW and stage a Hashtag. Tiger king photo shoot. This is why the Internet was invented about your. That's true poor cow. They painted the cow to look like a tiger and it actually cut it does. Yeah what do you mean this unless you unless you see? It's face is exactly why the Internet was invented. Just that we can get staged photos of guys dressed like Joe exotic in their cow painted like a tiger. That's I think that's what Al Gore said. The really they really do look like the tiger king. I don't know if I should feel sorry for the CAL or or applaud for being an instant celebrity. Her her okay. Also a reporter asked trump yesterday if he's going to pardon the tiger king here's one of the biggest rating hits of the crow viruses decipher east. Briefings has been a show on Netflix cold tiger king and I did man. Who's the story of this support from serving a twenty two year prison sentence? He's asking you for a pardon saying he was unfairly convicted. Your son yesterday jokingly said that he was gonNA advocate for it. And I was wondering if you've seen showing if any thoughts on cordoning Joe Exemption must be done. I had a feeling it was time. Is that what he said? I know nothing about his twenty two years for what what did he do? Allegedly murdered animal rights activists but. He said that he didn't do that and he didn't do are you are you. Are you recommending a pardon? I'm not advocating reporter. You're not allowed to do that. You'd be criticized by these. Would you recommend a pardon on on? I don't think you would think you would go ahead. You have a question. I'll take a look exotic credit. He handled it nothing about it. That's great yeah that's Great. I love how the guy tries to start the whole thing with like I mean. Look aside from these press conferences. That's another big ratings. Get of course Mr President but Joe Exotic also big with the ratings. Anyhow that's where we're at we're in the middle of a global pandemic and we're asking questions about TV show to the president of the United States. That's twenty twenty summed up in a nut show but yeah you advocate for the for Joe Exotic to get a pardon from the president. Would you advocate for that? I I'm not familiar with the. Kfi Yeah have. You don't have Netflix. I mean based on his hairstyle. Nope the mullet. That's a that's a prison cut. You're going to have to live with that immediate mullet to that is I mean. There's no getting around that molly you're going to have to live with that. He's got two years or yeah just based on the hair all right important message from Howard Dean who tweeted out just told MSNBC. I wasn't going to be on their on their shows as long as they're broadcasting trump's press conference. Oh no what all. No don't say that Howard I won't make much difference if it's just me but if fifty of you did it it would make a difference yet. Nobody cares yeah. You're not making a difference period of Howard. Dean is not going to be on. Msnbc Oh no what will we do with our day? I think we'll be okay but nice. Try Howard Nice Dry. What is this obsession with them? Carrying the news for not wanting to create the president of the United States to have a press conference in the middle of a global crisis right. Yep I believe the same party that that gets mad when when you say well Obama to succeed yes you're even want us to have information from the president of the United States. Don't jump park crappy because we don't want the policies of Obama a Marxist to succeed anyhow just madness twenty twenty baby here. We are also from just to muck and futch heard on food network. Kale tastes like spinach and Kale tastes like if spinach and Nichols had a baby from Duff. Goldman if spinach and nichols had a baby like nickel the coin. I guess in Duff Goldman is a chef. Yeah Network Yeah. He's a cake. That's a good quote there so so spinach in a role nichols probably probably kill. It tastes like so I guess. Metallic is that what he's sort of. It's nasty I will tell you that I will say that. I have never tried a Spanish in nickel sandwich to be able to take this test. No I haven't either but I have tried Kale and it's it's nasty and that's why I don't eat it. Don't forget YouTube dot com slash pat gray if you'd like to see. Pats world-famous Kale Recipe. But I do get I do get Kale vitamins and minerals into my body and I do that with Field immigrants from brickhouse nutrition. One of the best ways to avoid getting sick is with a healthy immune system. And that's why should be fortifying your body if you're like me and you hate Kale. You Hate Spinach. You hate nickels nickels. You don't need a lot of Nichols of silver and if you don't if you don't eat vegetables like I don't then. Field of Greens is a great way to go. Every scoop has a full serving of real. Usda certified organic fruits and vegetables. And they boost. Your energy support a healthy. Immune system doctors agree. A diet of fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of heart disease. Plus it's pre biotic probiotic. It's a great source of vitamins and fiber and all kinds of nutrients. So just put a scoop of it into a glass of water or a smoothie of some kind and stirred up. You're all done right now. Save fifteen percent off your first order. When you use the offer code PAT AT BRICKHOUSE DOT COM? You subscribe today while you're there and you'll save an extra ten percent. Every single month this viruses turn your immune system into a brick house with field of Greens brickhouse PAT DOT COM gray coming up. In just a few minutes like twenty minutes Dan Crenshaw Representative Dan Crenshaw. Who's got a new book called fortitude American resilience in the era of outrage. And he's just a an incredible representative and sorry Former navy seal Sticks up for himself in such a classy way and isn't part of the outrage culture mean people have said just unbelievable things about him and he's always really classy an amazing with that kind of stuff. we'll be talking to him in just a few minutes also Photos got a couple of photos. Here's showing how congressional Democrats can't seem to figure out how to put on their their masks. I mean this is Sheila jackson-lee Chuck Schumer Ralph Northam L. Greene. None of them know how to their. Don't go there there's chucky right there s With the mask underneath his nose. Sheila jackson-lee goes behind the mask. I'm morons believable. Et Al Green. Has it done blows knows yet? You've defeated the whole purpose idiot. I'll away. They're okay they're there he goes I winter. Or is Ralph Northam. He's doing it right. Mr Black face mask. He showed him the way. Congratulations buffoons just total. Complete buffoons triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three and PAT unleashed on twitter. Oh The A. who the WHO and their contributions last year. Who's paying the bill for the WHO we all know that the WHO? The World Health Organization is in bed with China I mean they we if we if we can if we can find Where the head of the? Who was asked about Taiwan and completely avoided it. We had that last week. So let me know if you can find that because we play that again but the reason they're in bed with China is I guess the guy. The Guy in charge is from. Ethiopia and copious virtually been Bought and paid for by China and China invests all kinds of money in in Africa. They're trying to take over the continent and they've done a pretty good job of it. And so all their loyalties with China and they make excuses for China they They turn everything around on United States. But guess who pays the bill in two thousand eighteen and nineteen the WHO contributions from the United States? Nine hundred million dollars nine hundred million. That's almost a billion dollars. Wow Okay China. Sixty eight million. Wow what was that graphic? Was that Asterix. Then let me see there because that one said The biggest financial committee says going to be paid for this. Okay that's a big difference. Yeah yeah that's not the one I'm talking about okay. Maybe this is the that's just this year. Okay so but this this. May in fact be okay. We're still about double there but this may be our entire contribution to the UN and their contribution to the UN and maybe that's just specific to the WHO either way we more than double what China pays. So if you're going to be beholden to anyone who? It should be to the United States of America. And oh I love the director guy you were talking about from Ethiopia. Yesterday he tells trump the Stop. Politicizing this crisis. If you don't want anymore body bags isn't that how we got here in the first place by you politicizing this when you guys blatantly ignored Taiwan warning you about what was going on in China in China. Lying about this epidemic. That's how we got here because everything about you just like the United Nations that you serve under. Who is political? They don't go at any kind of crisis without a political. I just ask Israel so anyhow I just think it's it's it was really rich to have him calling trump yesterday about politicizing. There's a lot of people who have been politicizing this long long before you get down the list of trump and it starts with the W. H. O. In the UN and the American media and the American left Donald Trump needs to till the UN pack their frequent bags. And Get out. You know. Just get your crap and get out day and then you can. You can go play with China. Go Go headquarter in Beijing right so much go to Shanghai Go to Wuhan and Headquarter. Right there and you can count out to China all you want. Yeah we need to start describing the. Who as the United Nations? Who RIGHT BECAUSE THAT'S ACCURATE? And did you see where the? Who spends twice as much on travel than they do on medical supplies? I did see that tells you everything you need to know does well. We got to go to. We're the pandemics or do you. You sit there and you ignore them for months and see running in their. Stop it okay. Us impact in the World Health Organization. Okay so this is from from the world. This is the World Health Organization website interesting. Yeah we donated. This is from twenty sixteen twenty seventeen nine hundred forty five point six million dollars. The American people generously invested over nine hundred forty five point six million dollars in the. Who for the two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen period? Wow that's so what I found. What was that number? I don't know they smaller number is is that the trump effect because I really like. He's starting to pull back overseas. I love how I there's one thing I appreciate about. Him is how he stopped. Some of these international funding like Iran said. Oh we need five billion dollars to fight. Cove in nineteen in our country and trump's like nat not happening. We're going to. We're going to exercise their veto on that. Thank you very much so so great at that. Kind of stuff is absolutely fantastic. So yeah the WHO's top. Donor was the United States of America. The number two donor bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Wow SO AMERICANS. Yeah the number three donor. Then you finally get to the UK. Then you have the Caveat La Alliance. I don't know what that is Japan right after them. I mean so. China is is bringing up. The rear here was sixty eight million dollars. Okay I mean that that is in. That's absolutely incredible that we're about fifteen fifteen times the contribution to the WHO. The China does mazing absolutely amazing. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three added PAT unleashed twitter. We played that Justin Trudeau. People should be talking mostly so I turned into a song. I don't know if you WANNA do that. But that's fun to get to later if you'd like let's see okay and wash your hands elbows. We love to. Where can you and a good song? From begin wisely. Do two meters apart. Pack up our two meter speaking. Nobody knows WHO's no to seven miles away from other Canadian. Could be seven thousand miles expertise to think collect for are? D- are the signers? The people that signed for the death thing lately and I speaking mostly. She's so confused too. I think they heard speaking mostly and they were like wait. What's the what's bad and I think you have to in Canada right about one of them's French. I don't know all. Yeah maybe Hola Note Mala neck now. Wouldn't they expressing the same? I ask smoke coming out of my ears here. Confused me to not American saying they would win French and American French and English any house. Whatever there's two signers of Justin Trudeau and she's looking very confused with the speaking mostly phrase. Speaking moist saw the video by the way that you ask for earlier of the. Who GYCO young all right? Watch him watch him as he's asked about Taiwan and how he plays the Chinese role When just at the at the very mention of Taiwan considered high on membership? A little crack that your. I couldn't hear your question. Let me repeat the question. So that's moved to another one that Rush curious on Taiwan. This on Taiwan's case any hung up to give Dr our another call to follow up good for them to see if you can comment on how. Taiwan has done so far in terms of containing. The fire is well we. We've already talked about China and You know when you look across all the shooting ask you China China. They've actually all done quite a good job. So very much for fighting is to participate and blowing with the battle in Hong Kong. See that's that's the. That's the Chinese agenda that Taiwan is just part of China. That is amazing. That's despicable Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three PAT unleashed on twitter. Coming up congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas next triple eight nine hundred ninety three also at pat unleashed on twitter. Gun a couple of tweets. Here D- Mex- diem sounds like Justin Trudeau needs less boxed water so we could stop. Speaking mostly landed the fleet tweets. If there's one thing I've learned in life it's to speak mostly carry a big stick Pew Pew. Why can't black face just in complete a sentence without an arming five hundred times because he's a buffoon Texas Lord.'? No Kale Spinach and rotten pringles. Spinach and rotten pringles. Why are you eating rotten? Pringles even know that Lori Weird. I've never seen a rotten pregnant pringle. Actually because they're in that container that keeps them so fresh for so long and unbroken the Wuhan Health Organization tweets. I would hope the one who's actually doctor could properly Donna. Facemask right you would hope so Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three also at PAT unleashed on twitter waiting for Congressman Dan Crenshaw author of the new book Fortitude American resilience in the area era outrage. He joins US now. I Hate Congressman Crenshaw. Welcome to the The blaze it's not on the. I know it's not on the screens on studio but He is on hold in the other room. And we're working out some technical issues and we will get him to where we can all enjoy his presence here. I'm would be good momentarily. He's one of the good guys. He's a great representative and I'm so grateful that he is in Congress. He's he is a man's man and I hope that he shoots for higher office someday and I don't think that's just me so anyhow got a new book out talks about his life and it's a it's a great so check out fortitude by Dan Crenshaw American resilience in the era of outrage and this is a time that we need resilience with what we are facing as a as a nation for sure and what we're facing as a as a radio station. That doesn't have a working phone. This is good stuff. Yeah works out really well. Yeah because I want to talk to him about P Davidson recently came out and said that he regrets he regrets kissing and making up with Dan. Crenshaw on Saturday night live stuff I mean Dan Crenshaw could have probably had his job. You had made a big deal out of that original thing He could've gotten the guy fired instead he didn't he goes on. He plays around. He doesn't take himself too seriously. Actually went on the show with the guy and then he such a Douche bag a couple of weeks later starring couple of weeks ago. Davidson was doing an interview where he said No. I regret that because it helped him get elected. Okay no no. It did not that man was going to get elected to get elected. Helped you better job on Saturday night. Live that's a heat. Really amazing triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also. Add Pat unleashed on twitter. This is going right now. Where it's you know but most people are not here at the present time and so the studios been a little neglected dogs way to say it. Yeah we have. The studio is deemed non-essential right. Some of our equipment isn't working. Apparently we got the phone system that we can't get on the air. We've got the The studio snack area. That has been decimated. Okay Yeah let's talk about this. You know what's back there. You go back there and it used to be like. You had all kinds of snacks crackers. Cookies mm-hmm candy bars good drinks. We had Everything you could possibly want. Now they're sprite sprite end and hung ass- that's what we're congressman crenshaw. Could you live as a navy seal? Could you live off of sprite and Hamas if you were forced to eat and drink just that well I guess you have to? You got What what situation would this be? This'll be a strange situation is in was our snack area here at the blaze. That's all we're left with now. That's our first world problem during this global sprite in Hamas but sorry for the technical problems man so yeah. Welcome to the blaze. You've got this new book out fortitude American resilience in the era of outrage and we could certainly use some American resilience right now almost like never before in our lifetimes. How are you feeling right? Now about 'cause we're all a little torn in this building about the government mandates and all the restrictions on on freedom right now and yet trying to keep everybody safe. Where where are you on that on that difficult balanced? Yeah that's an interesting question for conservatives And how we think about personal freedom versus a in this in this idea that the government is there to keep you safe from yourself and we always push normal life. We always push back against that. Okay you know if I want to smoke. I WANNA smoke. If I WANNA drive my car fast I WANNA drive my car fast. But the here's here's that we have to think a little deeper about that as conservatives. It's we there's extra analogies to your own behavior and the it is the government's job to protect your God given rights but that also means it's the government's job to protect your rights from other citizens who intend to infringe on your rights. That's why we put people in jail for murder and for stealing a fundamentally the government's saying you don't get your liberty anymore because you infringed on somebody else's liberty okay. So that's the that's the political philosophy behind why government exists and that's actually pretty applicable to public health issue because your behavior can quite literally infringe on the freedoms and life of of somebody else now. Striking that balance is incredibly important and I actually had a Some scholars on my my own podcast Recently and there's a whole bunch of literature on this and basically what it comes down to them is even probably. I'm sure there because they always are left leaning scholars the the the legal reasoning needs to be the government should still do the least amount possible And encourage these things but not necessarily punish I think even these these Left leaning scholars would would are are taken aback by this idea. That a paddle boarder in California could be arrested and then because I think after the fact they're going to see a lot of lawsuits against Against Authorities Before for these fines and for these punishments. Because it's a you know it's one thing for the government to insist strongly that you don't go out. It's it's quite another to say that we'RE WE'RE GONNA RELEASE CRIMINALS FROM PRISONS. But where we're going to arrest you for being outside. I think that's exactly the delicate balance Absolutely and it's it's tough to strike that balance and it's it's really difficult to know exactly what to do to You know to mitigate this disease and yet at the same time Follow the US Constitution. It's it's it's been a tough one. It's it's been tough for us You grow up in Katy Texas. What part of what? Part of Katie. Did you live in? Were you in the old part? Or The new part described I was in Williamsburg settlement. So that was my neighborhood okay. That's the old part of the new part of the part old Katie. Yeah Yeah We. We lived both Keith. And I lived in the Houston area. I lived in Katie for for eight years. Great replace great place. I would even recognize it anymore. I mean 'cause now I live more inside the loop in Houston okay. I haven't been back home to my old where I grew up in quite a long time. That's not my district. My district is North Houston in inner west. Houston you have kind of an interesting Layout of your district dot EU up through Bush airport northwest down into Houston towards Bel Air. That's a fun shape right there. It's fun yeah it's it's interesting. It's liberal of the post pictures of it as if as if they liked got me corrupt and you are Mike. What do you mean how this was drawn by? This was drawn by commission of judges. Most Likely Lake and Gerrymandering is such an interesting topic of debate. And the first thing when somebody gets mad at me because my my district funding. Here's here's the question asked him. I'm like what makes you mad about this. Well there's obviously corrupt wise. It obviously corrupt because it's a funny shape. Why does a funny shape mean? It's obviously corrupt. And they can't answer that because nobody thinks this is what my book is about well. At least I'm chapters are about this. Mental fortitude is about the ability to think about what you're saying and and ask a few more questions just a few more. I'm not asking you beat a PhD on a given subject. I'm just saying don't don't jump to a conclusion. Don't have an emotional reaction or a strong opinion when the reality is you know what you're talking about. There's no shame in not knowing. There's no shame in not knowing something right. We can't possibly know everything but there's quite a bit ashamed and not knowing something and then having a really really strong opinion about it and this is a this is a. This is an aspect of outrage. This is a driver of outrage culture. And so it's the same thing it's not. It is not self evident that there's a connection between corruption and a shape. Now there might be. There might be there no more questions that need to be asked. Yeah but like you know looking at my district. If you if you break down the demographics it looks a lot like Texas. It's about thirty percents. Spanish thirty seven percent white twelve percent black eight percent Asian. It's almost as if they drew it in order to be the most representative But people just assume that it's corrupt and the reality is it's it's also a dense population suburbia urban areas. You know it's not easy to make perfect little squares. I'm in order to capture the right amount of people for the census so people just don't think through these things and that's the point of the point of the book the them the assumption would be that you tried to draw that way for the most white people or the most Republicans right trying to eliminate a certain population so that you can have a Republican win that district. But that's that's clearly not the case in your district as you just outlined the demographics Don't tell that let's be clear. You're not the one drawing these lines. You aren't representing this district. Somebody else would cigarette exactly and you know it. It's just such a funny debate. The drawing of district is always going to be a political conversation. You know The people who are against that seem to think that there's some magic formula that you could that you could put in there but it's not it's not again it's not self evident that magic formula with somehow be more fair or righteous and Yeah but let's go down the rabbit hole of gerrymandering frustrate at the talk about it for people so you served in the military for was it two thousand six to sixteen doesn't feel served in Afghanistan. Your but your first deployment was influence. It right yeah. I two deployments when Iraq and Third one was in Afghanistan where he had to leave early from that deployment. But for just that. Yeah man that chased you out of your deployment just getting blown up by a bomb. Excuses amazing was weakening friends. Make Fun of me. Speaking of which Pete Davidson of Saturday night live? Was you know a total jerk about about that and you were the bigger man and then appeared him on. Snl When you could've made we were just talking about this As we were trying to get your the phone to work You could have made a really big deal out of that and probably cost the guy's job instead. You went on Saturday night. Live with him and just didn't take yourself too seriously and I and I thought it was It was it was really a class act and recently now. He said he helps he. He regrets helping you get into office which had nothing to do with. And you're being the bigger man again to your credit. It's amazing I don't know how you do it because I I wouldn't. I probably wouldn't be playing at the same way you know. Pete Davidson is in quarantine. Right now just thinking about me constantly. I think I think when he says something controversial the only it's how he can get famous but what he said what he regrets making me famous and Yeah you definitely didn't get me elected. No this is the way it all played out. I was already elected But the I talked about that story in In chapter called The right sense of shame and the reason I talked about it. There is because the the way Saturday night live played out was an example of of using the right amount of shame and forgiveness whereas you could totally imagine that entire scenario playing out differently. Which is how you describe it Unleash the outrage mob. Get THIS GUY. Fired demand that SNL bow down to the mob and right and repents and and all that and And that could have happened easily. They wouldn't have invited me on the show. America would have moved past this one and and moved into their corners and and nobody would feel good about it That's usually what happens but because we were able to effectively give each other some grace you know I. I could assume pretty objectively that Pete Davidson meant to have some pretty serious digs against Republicans. It was clearly biased skit. But it's not necessarily the case that he meant to take a real deep dig at a wounded veteran It just there's a chance that he kind of misspoke or you know. Kinda odd lived that part and You know we'll never really know but that that was that was certainly a possibility. And so. That's something I talked about in my book is you don't have to assume the worst intentions and that is a feature of our politics. These days The worst intentions about what somebody is saying. Now I think Democrats do that a hell of a lot more than Republicans Not Saying we don't do it but they But it happens all the time. Right Right You know you want you want to give tax cuts to people. Oh it's just because you're rich overlords or controlling you right. It's like okay first of all. That's not even how campaign finance works but but also it's just that's fundamentally not true There's a much deeper philosophy behind that but the assumption of bad intentions is just as prevalent. It's prevalent right now. as we deal with the corona virus and it's getting worse day by day As as the media and Democrats really double down this notion that the trump somehow has this intention to lie and kill people. I mean it's it's gotten out of control I it really is. I mean they'll kind of language they're using and you know it's it's true it's one thing to say. Hey you had information at this time that you didn't act on. That would be one thing right. That'd be an objective criticism. They have not leveled that criticism and it's very frustrating because because it doesn't exist you know because they can't they can't wrap their heads around the fact that actually trump acted extremely early prevented or restricted travel from China. And a huge way. And now they're saying oh well it wasn't really a restriction the name of the book fortitude American resilience in the era of outrage by representative Dan Crenshaw. Thanks for joining US Dan. It's been a pleasure. Thanks Glenn Triple Eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three also at pat unleashed on twitter. We take sixty seconds until you about keeps Kyle and Josh. Both losing their hair no shock. Since the dreaded male pattern baldness gene ran in their families but the way they dealt with their hair loss couldn't have been more different. Kyle kept putting off getting a hair loss. Treatment lost more hair by the day while Josh went to keeps to learn how to keep his hair keeps offers the generic versions of the only two FDA approved hair loss products. The real deal the generic versions Save Josh of fortune and all it took was a quick online consultation. He answered a few questions. Online snapped a few pictures of his hair. Then Dr evaluated everything and recommended the right. Fda approved hair loss treatment for Josh. Then it was shipped discreetly to his door keeps it? Let's keep your hair without leaving your couch and to get you started. We're going to get you half off your first order. Fifty percents off go to keeps dot com slash pat that's keeps dot com slash. Pat Gray unleashed triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at pat unleashed on twitter Let's go to Laurie in Washington Lori. You you sent us the Kale tweet right was at the Kale tweet about the about. Kahlil tasting like Rotten pringle run pringles spinach okay. Yeah do you WanNa know why I know what rotten pringles taste like? Yes actually we do because I have two little boys who like to go camping. And not put limits on things while we're Don't call me out on this hat on. And honestly I love the. I love the interview with John. Crenshaw you guys were giggling schoolgirls you were so just a happy and and and Jim Hansen man for one thing. Secondly he's a navy seal and thirdly I think we were just a giddy that the phones work. Yeah yes no. I can't I can't even begin to tell you. My husband wants to retire. Indian crenshaw's district so he can vote for an current. Oh He's awesome. I think at this point I'd vote for the man for president if he were to run he's and how many that until we can actually go to kroger again drew. Yes it's a good point all right thanks Lori. Okay but how many chances you have to vote for a guy who Looks like a pirate. You know. It's I mean it's a good look points so just because you found rotten pringles doesn't mean you have to eat them and see what the experiences like. Okay anyhow now. That's fun now. I totally understand finding rotten food. That your kids leaving strange places. I mean my. My youngest daughter had a ziplock bag with a boiled egg in it in her Sock drawer once for. How long only got himself knows? All Right Steve From St forty-two fame. I think we've got our twitter's who were Who are also calling in this morning from Ohio. Hey Steve Welcome. Are You doing guy? What's up the crenshaw interview was great? That was lost So I wanted to call and mention This organization that's raising some money for middle illness. Right now it's called Nami. Yeah we say we just for you. Yeah yes I wanted to let everybody know. They can donate twenty five dollars directly to Nami the National Alliance on mental illness. Okay the charitable organization tax deductible Donate twenty five dollars to Nami. Send me a dam. With your address. And I will pay for the postage and Keith. And were so gracious to both signed Prints of their Podcasts FOTOS dot those available twenty five bucks we'll get you print and All the way people can find it. They look for me on twitter at the Steve at them. Sorry at the St Forty two. I'll go but they can go to the facebook group Pat Gray unleashed and it's the group with the exclamation point. Pat Gray unleashed gay and linked to that. Is The pin post on my twitter and the pen post on facebook group and maybe keeping for that out again today. But it's okay we're gonNA okay awesome especially during this time with the code bid NAMI DOT. Org has got a lot of great information for people who are suffering with isolation depression maybe even relapse of addiction. So I'll see great organization the exhaust appreciated doing expert. Yeah thanks for all. You're doing triple eight. Nine hundred thirty. Three ninety-three Andy. Pat Unleashed on twitter. By the way you know speaking of organizations to to help people get through this really difficult time James Winston forber Tampa Bay buccaneers quarterback. Yeah let's see how to James Swiss Winston. Well he set up an eight hundred hotline for cove in nineteen questions as apparently going to answer. I'm sorry I am not turning Jameis Winston for answers on a deadly disease. I'm not doing it I I. I don't know why he just doesn't seem like the guy to turn to it this time in my life. I mean what else is he gonna I mean is it crabbing season. I mean you know I know. He likes to steal crab legs. So he's got nothing going on. He's he doesn't have a team the team. Yeah but he. He became a corona virus expert overnight. And now he's sitting by the phone. Guess so I guess I don't know but I just found it very interesting that Jameis Winston is setting up a covert hotline so he just literally ally imagine right now. James Winston sitting around his house in his pajamas and he's got his phone and the phone rings he's like it's the corona virus hotline James Wisdom. Speaking I mean anyway. Good for him. I mean he can to help. He's obviously got the time right. I'm sure he's got experts got the time he's got the means to help out and And there you go so if you want to call that James Winston hotline only if James Answers. I don't want to talk to Dr Right. I mean. I could talk to a doctor anytime. I want to talk to the expert. Yeah James Winston Rona virus. All Right Chris. Cuomo manipulating Donald Trump video. This is strange. Cuomo has been Make it a lot of noise lately. Because first of all he was he was covy positive. He then said that he wanted to make our experience so much easier than his was and he talked about how bad it was for him and I guess it was pretty bad. He said he woke up. And you know it's completely soaked in the middle of the night with sweats. And then he'd wake up freezing cold and he couldn't breathe and it was really scary and he had like hallucinations. I mean it sounds like it will. It sounds like with through the Ringer. But but he's also taking time out to manipulate donald trump videos right now and here. Here's a look at A little time he took to do that. Get Real the past is over. There can be no more letting politics. Reinforce our worst instincts. We need to build on our best instincts. Assume while I'm asking you all to do that okay. The man at the top Refuses to change. Okay here we go. Is it within a couple of days? Cases WON'T BE DOWN TO ZERO cases. Really didn't build up for a while. But you have to understand our cheerleader for this country. I don't WanNA create havoc and shock and everything else. I'm not going to go out and start screaming. This could happen. This could happen. That's exactly what leadership is okay. Anybody can tell people what they want to hear and make it easy. Then you know what you get exactly where we are right now. That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard and I can't even dismiss it on the president having a hundred two fever like I do because that is thanking from him. I'm a cheerleader. So I'm going to lie to you about the realities that your parents your loved ones and space he. He's not lying to us. What is he lying to us about? Now he's saying it will be over. It will be over some time it's going to pass. He keeps saying that over and over and over. And what is it that this douches doing but politicizing it all at the same time he says? Don't politicize it. Yes as he's accusing trump of politicizing. He's politicizing. It's not only that but as we will illustrate he is manipulating the video. In order to go out of his way to make that point right homeboy right. It's agonizing FRITO IS I. I don't care if he's got one hundred temperature not he's Aga- well he cussed on CNN. Does he was obviously upset. Yeah and you want to finish this cuomo insanity realities that your parents your loved ones and your kids face. I'm not going to prepare the way I should. Because it it reinforces did. I'm telling you and I'M GONNA hope that you're okay with it. Okay thanks Plano. Well all right so can can. We see the trump of video without the CNN. With the edit. Yeah cases really didn't build up for a while but you have to understand our cheerleader for this country. I don't want to create havoc in shock and everything else but ultimately when I was saying that I'm also closing down. I obviously was concerned about it because I trace down our right to China apart elected closed down to Europe. That's a big move closing down from China and then closing it down from Europe and then also closing it down. Yeah so and it was right about that time but I'm not going to go out and start screaming. Disconnect this could happen. Wow I mean that. He took but those weren't good enough for Chris. Cuomo to be able to make his point the way he wanted to write so we have to take that out so let. Let's just remove anything that puts this into a good light but shows that he is cheerleading. Which is exactly what. Fdr Did during during the Great Depression with the fireside chats. What were those those were that was a president cheerleading? The country trying to say better times are coming. They're coming. We're going to get out of this. We're Americans this is America. We're going to get out of it. Yeah but Kudos to CNN. They they were able to play some of the the president's press conference when the pressure is on to not have them on at all. I mean that's what they're getting pushed back. How dare you even air? His press conferences. Yeah well I guess they just to manipulate it. Don't air it you'll just get your ass kicked even worse by Fox go ahead. Don't put it on. Just let Fox the only outlet for people to find him every day at five o'clock in the afternoon. I'm sure Fox would love that. If MSNBC AND CNN drop that broadcast Fox will be only too happy to reap the rewards of that so go ahead and take them off. That'll be fine and we'll just find it on the on the one network that is is willing to show the president of the United States addressing the nation during a time of crisis everyday unbelievable unbelievable time for a little sports. I think because the whole yeah. I can't take the insanity We've got some sports in a couple of kids that are playing soccer. Were they arrested? I hope I hope they were arrested. Playing so there's a couple kids out on the field together here. It is never go see. I'm into soccer right there. Train an early to fly. I love it at soccer for you. soccer is all about. I mean that's that is an obvious flop so there you go yeah. I'm at that point where I'm willing to watch. It has to be little kids. Cute little kids like that. Yeah but I'll watch them soccer. Then okay you want some basketball to ask. I mean this sums up the kind of year it's been in a nutshell with this guy playing basketball at the court Check this out okay. So guys shooting basket now. The BALL GETS OF COURSE STUCK. Because that's that could very easily me. The ball is stuck behind the hope so he takes his shoe off to knock it down one. Try to try it stuck out. That shoe has stuck with the ball so he's got a second shoe and shoot down now. That one's stuck now. You gotta shoes Dow now okay so now. We've got the shoe down here. We've got a shoe in a ball up there. It's the shootdown against not going well Finally the ball but now you still have. Their shoe is up. There uses this shoe to get that shootdown. Nope nope we're going to do it from over here now. Okay come on. That should have done it. You got it. And now both Jews are up there and he has to climb up the poll barefoot. Twenty twenty in a nutshell as the year. We've had poor guy she's triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three with home security. There's a couple of ways you can go about protecting your home the traditional way where you wait weeks for technician technician to come out and do a messy installation costs a fortune and messes up. Your House. Or there's the other way simply safe simplisafe is everything you need in a home security system award winning protection. Two time winner of the scenic editor's choice award blankets your whole home safely. 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Here badly from Eliza just WanNa let you guys know that the PAT had family is amazing. Feel completely blessed to have to have you all especially in the past six weeks my life. Thank you for simply being who? You are pat heads. Good Good Group of people. That's for sure. No doubt about that. Tyler Morgan would jaimes Winston throws many bat answers as he did interceptions. I don't I don't think it's possible. Is it what did he have? Thirty in interceptions last year. Thirty and thirty for thirty. Yeah that's what the whole joke was. It was thirty touchdown thirty three touchdowns and thirty intercept. Oh because what? Is it exactly thirty and thirty something like that? Anyhow I think as I pass of the year was a touchdown for the buccaneers not mistaken and his last pass I know was a touchdown for the Falcons and overtime. That's how he finished his sons and so that was great. But Yeah we're just waiting for the James Winston Corona virus hotline terrain. Here so we got our James Winston Corona Virus. Tips and tricks. Whatever whatever your question it is James. Cancer it Amy What's her face tweets. I just imagined what caring for a sick Chris. Cuomo would look like prayers for his wife Goodness that's gotta be a rough household right now. Stephen English tweets. Can't we just collectively decide trump president for the next four years and let joe go to bed? Yes as far as I'm concerned me but that might might upset some people far as I'm concerned tough but that's good. Yeah the bird man. What are they GONNA do for? I don't know because a lot of like fifteen percent of them say they're not going to vote for Biden they're going to go with trump with trump. That's what they said they said. In the last survey I saw fifteen percent of them said they would vote for trump. If Bernie is not the nominee while I love that I mean not give trump the presidency right there que. No don't do that. I know how to that Briar Patch. Right so if you missed it. Bernie ended his his campaign yesterday. So that's over and Job Joe Biden is going to be your nominee pretty amazing pretty amazing guy who may have onset of dementia. I mean I don't know that that's the case. It kind of seems like it other times. He's cool curent but there are many times when he has not been a lot of people. Listen to this program. Pat Has pointed out on twitter yesterday. He seemed so coherent and knew exactly what it was. He was in charge of the conversation about Newton's and peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches yesterday. But ask him about a policy position. That's true is out to lunch. Really boy he was really Through he he knew his stuff with the FIG Newton's did he did seem to didn't he he's really passionate about fig Newton's so what are you GonNa do Susan in Rhode Island you're on the Blaze High Morning Gentlemen Pad had. How are you? Were you hanging in hanging in here? We had some bad news on the Doggie. As I'm sure you saw on the tweets Cheese gone in again today for insulin shots. But we'll deal with that we can deal with that. You'RE GONNA hate on me for this and I hope that you don't hate on me for this. I have to jump off the Crenshaw Bandwagon. Have you looked at his liberty score lately? I have not not even two years in and he's already had a dismal seventy three percent and dropping every month zero. What matters how he's voting young. That's our against us. Yes so I looked pay attention. I looked up his voting record here and it looks like some of the things like conservative review is Disagreeing with him on is the corona virus spending bill. We just passed that huge win. Only for only Thomas. Massie stood against Yeah everybody did. I guess he's not on record right. We didn't do. We did a voice vote. But somehow they've got him listed as having voted for it Let's see what else here which is a big one. I mean you know. That's it is not conservative. These bills are not conservative. Another big spending bill. At at Christmas time the minibus devoted for. Let's see another nineteen is all spending bills? This says pass a nineteen billion dollar spending bill without funding for the border crisis. While so they're saying that disagree with him and one other. One here was reduced accountability in Congress. Making federal pay mandatory spending. Don't recall that one. I mean he's not the only one right but that doesn't make it okay for him correct so we'll have to keep it. I agree I mean this is there's about. Let's see one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven things. They agree on disagree on as far as conservative review and Dan Crenshaw eleven out of fifteen so spending a tough one. Because if you if you go up against this president you're GONNA get your head kicked in By his supporters and by other Republicans because Donald Trump. Now whether you like it or not just is the Republican Party and if you dare oppose anything he says or does you get your head kicked in so i. I don't know fuse if that's the problem. Or if he's you know everybody's just been convinced that spending is absolutely necessary right now. It's critical to spend another four trillion dollars six trillion trillion. I don't know where's it. GonNa stop one hundred trillion. I don't know how much do we need to spend right now when the printers run out of ink. That's when it stops then we'll borrowing from the Chinese keep printing then okay so there's no end to it. There's just no end. And we're going to cut down all three trillion trees in the world tournament to paper money and just keep printing. Money IS KEEP IT GOING. Keep it going not a problem. Don't worry about it and pray. The jobless numbers are out for last week. Now you know it was three point. Three million ish. The first week it was six point nine million the next week so it was about ten million for the first two weeks of this thing last week. Another six point six million so word about six eighteen point. Six million unemployed Since this began. It's gotTa stop. It really has to stop. We've got to turn this engine back on. I don't know how you do that. In the face of the pandemic I will say that some of the states that are not under house arrest. Their numbers are falling as well as the other states. Who are under house arrest essentially house arrest. That's so Ron Paul. Kinda sums it up. Ron Paul says resistance is building finally to house arrest orders. It's about time and he's right about that as Americans. I think we should be a little more concerned than we are about. What the government is mandating? What we can and can't do triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And Oh Zeke Emanuel and many other Democrats this week have been saying that this is not gonNA end up at the end of this month or next month. This is going to continue for the next eighteen months a year. And a half where we're going to go like this for a year and a half. No WE'RE NOT. I mean that's impossible Zeke Emanuel saying then. Yeah I'm sure he'd like that. Yeah zeke Emanuel one of the defending fathers of Obamacare and And the death panels if you remember his what was it called the something lives system. The full full lives system. Or I don't know he's he's got that he's got that formula where we have to figure out how many potatoes you manufacturer in how many potatoes you eat and and if you pick more potatoes than you eat we can let you live. Complete live says complete lives system. That's what so probably his take. Is that If a Democrat is elected president this will end on January twentieth. Twenty twenty one if not in. Its trump reelected. This is going to last for another four years beyond. I'm guessing I don't know but it was a lot of Democrats are saying this is going to go on for a year and a half that we can't reach start the engine for a year and a half. We'll you'd like that wouldn't you? Because we'll we'll be gone by then. The United States of America will be gone a year and a half. And this will give you nothing to go back to the excuse. They want to implement every Socialist Suren Paradise. The there's your chance to restart America in your socialist vision if you destroy this country in a year and a half. Yeah I you're you can do whatever you want at the end of that 'cause there's going to be nothing left. It's absolutely ludicrous. That that you would say that we can continue in this manner for a year and a half. Geez shoot talk about people dying. They'll be starving to death in a year and a half. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety Three S. We got some tweets. Here swank think tweets. You know what I want for president during a crisis. I want them running around screaming as if their hair is on fire during press conferences. I want no information or guidance and I certainly don't want them being positive in any form thank you. That apparently is what Chris. Cuomo wants from Joma color when Biden speaks. If you look real close you can see jeff. Dunham's lips move and ask real tyler. Morgan Biden is running for president for the third time. You know what they say. Third Time is the you know. What's in the thing this thing? Now they say it's all right. Let's go to Rick in Pennsylvania. Hey Rick you're on the blaze. Hey Patently Keith hang got done doing with all this talk about what's going on in this world Sort of bring us some sports stuff keys pat. What do you think about the new uniforms The Atlanta Falcons new uniforms. Yes I could go either way. But I'm leaning toward not impressed and I think the clincher is the the big Gaudy. At l. on the chest. Oh look we're head look at us. We've got the abbreviation. I think it's stupid. I mean my the point that The only thing it'd be worse than having the in the chest hotlanta anyhow right. Yeah how can I gotTa Sports? I appreciate I appreciate no. I wish they would go back to the nineteen seventies. Steve Reggie reforms and red helmet the old school logo. That's what I want. I was like four helmets to it. Oh well all right. I love how the Carolina Panthers yesterday trolled the Falcons with With the Adam Sandler uniforms. They're pretty close just like it. Yeah thanks appreciate it. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety. Three and out unleashed twitter the eighteen. That's that's like something the xfl would do if they had a team in in Atlanta. They'd call it the you know what that is that's their that's like if your dad is trying to be really hip and he's like so here you're going to Atlanta for the weekend the oil at L. Okay got it. And I realized it was a rap thing probably get started in. So it's just it's not it's not hip it's not stupid it's it's a joke at this point the -til so anyhow there you go new falcons seven new. Nfl uniforms this year. Yes I think the. The buccaneers the Falcons the browns. I forgot the other. Four off the top of my head but numerous teams are Unveiling new logos. It's a chance to see him. Let's hope we get a chance to see him. Nfl is going to do it. You know it hope so triple eight nine hundred thirty three thirty three Couple of doctors one doctor Scott Janssen in Minnesota and a doctor in Montana discussing causes of death in their states. Let's let's listen to Dr Scott. Janssen what he has to say in Minnesota Discussing. What's going on right now with the causes of death who just said. I think is critically important. Can you repeat what you just said please? Last Friday I received a seven page document. That sort of told me that if I had an eighty six year old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for covert nineteen but sometime after she came down with them on you. We learned that had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with covered nineteen that it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate cove in nineteen. Now we've not done that. If someone has the pneumonia after in in the middle of a flu epidemic and I don't have a test on influenza diagnose influenza on the death certificate I will say this. Elderly patients died of ammonia. I don't mean to Rub Schubert I I. My heart is thinking right now. As you're telling me you're you're a doctor. Why in the world would they be sending you out information to fill out death certificates where? The person's been diagnosed with Kobe. Nineteen or not but then to say in the desert to be this person's death was caused by Cova nineteen that that does not sound right to me. I went through the person in our office. Who does most of the death certificates over the last ten twenty years and I said. Does this sound right ahead or look at the documents that I printed off and she's been what we've always been told that you always put down just facts. You don't put down any probabilities. You don't put any presumptions down. It's just what you know and so this is concerning in. It actually gets to your point Chris when we start talking about the data that goes into the modeling. We have to ask ourselves a question. Are We being forthright? Are we sharing with the public? Minnesota North Dakota. We don't need to be having it. Sugar COATED WE WANNA know what's going into your modeling so with happiness said why would they want to skew? The number of deaths dacoven nineteen. Well fear is a great way to control people and I worry about that I worry. Sometimes we're so interested in just jazzing up the fear factor right and you're inflating the numbers by doing that. Obviously that so that's the that's the issue there is there inflating and what we're being told by the media is that the numbers are probably much higher than are being reported. Well that's nonsense I there. It's probably more likely that there are a lot lower than what's being reported. So that's been a rumbling on the Internet for the last couple of weeks with with just citizens who are relaying information about their family members And now you've got doctors who are coming out and doing these interviews you got that guy on TV station in Fargo. I believe it was and now we got yet another doctor some seminar something in Montana Montana. Yeah any BUCA check. Here's what she says about the deaths. Best guesstimate and fill out the form. Then that listed cause of death whatever we list is entered into vital records databank to use for statistical analysis which then gives out inaccurate numbers as you can imagine those inaccurate numbers then become accepted as factual information. Even though much of it is false so even be for before we heard of Cova. Nineteen de certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go on questioned when it comes to covert nineteen. There is the additional data skewer. That is get this. There is no universal definition of covert nineteen death the center. I disease control updated from yesterday. April fourth still states that mortality quote unquote data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of covert nineteen. That's from their website translation the CDC counts both true covert nineteen cases and speculative guesses of covert nineteen the same. They call it death by Kobe. Nineteen automatically overestimate the real death. Numbers by their own admission. There you go from two doctors to separate doctors in two separate states. It's amazing the other thing that's happening is for instance the first death in Alaska the the person from Alaska died in Seattle. 'cause they were visiting in Seattle. So Alaska counted them because it's Alaska Alaskan residents and Seattle counter them because they died in Seattle. What's other counted in both states? How many times does that happen? How many times does that happen a lot? You know that's happened. Not Justin Alaskan wash and saw a chart where it said like they estimated. The number of beds they were going to need is six times lower than they originally estimated just a week ago so they they made this prediction a week out. Said we'RE GONNA need. I think it was two hundred and forty thousand beds or something like that in the ended up. Lean like forty five thousand something like that. Wow so the news is positive you look for is and you find these brave voices speaking out right. So why would they do that? Why would he ever count them? I love that the the answer from the doctor and fears really effective way to control people. Here it is started up. Boys start up the economic engine interest. Let's go and we should be starting economic masks. If you need to wear masks I know there are municipal. Loves where masks yet in in a city like Laredo Texas or I think it's Glenwood Colorado something like that. That are forcing you to wear masks. Then take it up with your local officials. Okay no one should be mandating that you wear a mask so you can make that choice on your own. No one's saying don't go out without a mask if that makes you feel better and more comfortable. But we've got a country that's on its economic knees as evidenced by these job numbers that were just released now at a seventeen million. Americans have filed for unemployment insurance in the last three weeks. That's devastating. We desire up the engines again. Yeah triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety-three Anna Pat unleashed on twitter. Let me take sixty seconds to tell you about genesis nine fifty if you've been thinking about replacing your carpets because you've got some pet stains that just won't come out and you've tried virtually everything let suggest before you tear up your carpets in by new carpeting try genesis nine fifty with water genesis. Nine fifty breaks down the bonds of stains. So they're gone for good. It's antibacterial component removes pet stains on orders from carpet and padding and it can be used in carpet machines carpet cleaning machines and it's so green it's safe for your family and your pets. My wife absolutely loves his stuff and won't be without it. One Gallon of Industrial Strength Genesis. Nine fifty can make up to seven gallons of cleaner and you could do a larger ratio It might be required for older stains that have been there a really long time. But it also disinfects kills viruses mixed one third genesis. Nine fifty with two thirds water spray on the surface. Wipe clean with freshwater that easy. Same instructions apply for use on floors genesis. Nine fifty. It's not just for pets stains you can use it to clean and disinfect. Your entire house. Bathrooms Kitchens countertops granite quartz garage floors. The oil the oil and grease stains off It's fantastic such a great product genesis nine fifty. It's available on Amazon. Dot Com if you order a gallon direct genesis nine fifty dot com. You'll also get free spray bottle. And discount using the offer code blaze genesis nine fifty dot com offer code blaze. All right. If you missed it Bernie. Sanders dropped out of the presidential race. It is now Joe. Biden's his nomination really. I mean I can't imagine anything now. Happening at the virtual convention. They're going to do to up that to mess up that process. He's just going to be the nominee the virtual. That's GONNA be a tough place to try to sneak away with the nomination there. Four or five or something like that right. Yeah it's almost impossible now Joe Biden's your nominee that's why he's pushing for that virtual. Yup Yup you get a bunch of people that are actually there and work behind the scenes. Somebody could maybe manipulate the process. That will meant him of the crowd. Yeah so joe woke up from a NAP said of we need a virtual virtual virtual. Celeste went back to bed. Yep and that's what they're gonNA do because you can't have thirty thousand people gathering together in what July. There's there's no way there's no way they're gonna be able to do that especially now with the. It's convenient that. The threats from the Bernie Bolsheviks yea lingering out there as well right. You don't WanNA tempt fate their Milwaukee right so you got Joe and Joe Scott some issues I think. Joe Is completely beatable. I mean you've got you've got the mental lapses you've got the accusations against him of the sexual assault from the woman who worked for his On his staff back in I think it was nineteen ninety one or nineteen ninety-three somewhere in there and He's hasn't said anything about it. He said nothing about it. His campaign came out and denied it but he hasn't has he had to. I mean not not being pressed on it right now. He's not being pressed on it. He's got that. Da After his name that makes him invincible such charges. And you've got a listen Milano. The big me to activists who now all of a sudden has changed her tune. She said months ago that you have got to believe women who accuse these men of of sexual misconduct. And if some of the men are innocent. So what tough? Oh Oh okay well. Now that her Guy Joe Biden who she is endorsing for president. Now that he's been accused. What does she have to say? Joe Biden good. There have been accusations against Joe About sexual about sexual assault right and people were saying how do that? Because I was I have not publicly said anything about this. Has I believe that Even should believe women and not as an important thing and what that sure means is like for so long? The the GO-TO has been not to believe them. So really. We have to sort of societally. Chit change that mindset to believing women but that does not mean at the expense of not You know giving men there due process i. It's got Joe. It's got to be fair and in both really now it has to be fair in both directions and now all of a sudden. They need their due process. Isn't that fascinating that is awesome. That is I mean. The hypocrisy is just despicable. Now Rose McGowan. Who is ms me too and she is. I mean she doesn't cut any man any slack. She's a little pissed adolescent Milano now and tweeted out. You are a fraud I love it. It's so great loving when liberals eat their own. It's just it's a joyful process isn't it? I know I'm a bad person for feeling now. Oh no you're living breathing person for feeling that way. You're kidding me right now. I don't care it's just a joyful process. This is about holding the media accountable. Rose rights you go after trump and Cavanaugh. Right saying believe victims. You our ally. You have always been ally the corrupt. Dnc is in on the smear job of terror read that's Joe Biden's accuser. And so were you shame that is a strong rebuke of one of her own. That's amazing wow I love that little few too high on love it. That's that is fantastic. Eliza only response was. I explained my silence on the allegations against Joe Biden. I'm still endorsing Joe Biden. Oh okay well. That was that now. I'm convinced you're not a hypocrite. Explain Mice Biden Joe Painting. Well okay. I'm convinced good. Wow that was really really power right. Thank you ELISSA. I mean how great is that to have a listen. Milano and rose McGowan two of the most irritating people on the face of this planet. To be at loggerheads with each other. Now that's a shame that's just too bad darn it well triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three and PAT unleashed on twitter. We should play this toilet paper video. That Keith claims is so fabulous. Some guy apparently went out and don't set it up like that commission and he goes for toys toilet paper these days. Sometimes you have to just went yesterday and I found it. I mean it from one end of the aisle to the two big. I'll the paper aisle because he's got tissue and it's got Walmart or something Paper towels and it's got the toilet paper. I was at Kroger. Okay completely and not one thing on four levels of shelving Yup and all the way down the aisle and I guess in some parts of the country it costs so much more than it used to as that will really as evidenced by this videos you will see all right. Let's see it pick this guy. He comes home. He's taught got some weight and then we're in the basketball ever got sound. Look at this but you're not going to believe what cost me. Oh No thank guy. That's funny I had to give an of an alleged for four pack a teepee. There's a guy with a sense of humor. Yeah who's had a couple issues with an arm and a leg. That's good stuff. I love it when pat sets up a video like he doesn't care he's not interested in it and then we bring it home various intend. I wasn't trying to set it up. I didn't care I really wasn't it wasn't an animal video. I realized that the standards for those is astronomical. I've got a I got to come with some game which I'm going to tomorrow with a woodchuck with a peach so be tuned into that. What up at a tasty way would chuck with a peach. We gotTA watch that. It's coronas central baby.

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The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis - 08/11/20 Full Show!

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

2:25:05 hr | 2 months ago

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis - 08/11/20 Full Show!

"Looking for a new career, but don't want to spend four years in college. Then checkout e CPI university through are year round accelerated programs. You can earn a bachelor's degree in just two point, five years, an associates in one point five or earn your masters in as little as fifteen months whether it's technology healthcare business criminal justice order culinary arts are hands on programs can help you reach your professional goals. So what are you waiting for visit e.? Dot Edu to learn more. Call. The most comfortable call. S. Say, the we ain't got the staff. We ain't got the. On the. Only this guy. China, make the radio by. What's going on? It is your morning ritual with with me, Gary Lewis Canas. T. AM seven hundred sons most stimulating talk. Of course. I, think you need to know brought to you by Straw bill plumbing. Aaron Solar. Number one do deuce for under pressure releases the the list of of guess protocols, the goals, whatever it is for businesses to reopen not just gym's. Bars nightclubs. This guy is is an evil dude. He is whitmer in a suit from Michigan. Okay. By the way, if you want gyms to again and you want to go workout in them, you have to wear a mask. That's what he says. You must mask and it says the CDC recommends you not wear masks while running. Doing, hiking, oh cardio. But if you if you if you cannot, you have to wear a mask. So if you cannot do like running on a treadmill and wear a mask, they say you shouldn't work out. That's ducey's that's ducey's answer. This guy is pure frigging evil man, and by the way, where is the outrage from Republican lawmakers here in Arizona? Where is it? Where is it? Where are these guys? I gotTA, Vince lead story for his second thing that I think you need to know Oh and there is more Oh. Yes. There is This is actually Great News Dr Scott Alice? We've had on the show. This guy, this is phenomenal news, he has been added to the trump white, house as a medical advisor. This is the one I've been dying for this. I've been begging for this guy has common sense. He's the only one that has a clue about what the Chinese virus is and I don't. You remember what he's on the show. Without. Saying fallacies name, he pretty much destroyed, vouching ripped into him, which I think is great. So he wants schools open, maybe he can have a nice long talk with do suffer about them. Apples thing. I. Think you need to know. Here's the fake news again. Propagandist. Bud. Foster Yes. He is the cable, the Pima County propagandists in Tucson Propagandist. He did a report. Where he actually gave fake news about the positivity rate because he apparently doesn't listen and can't read. He claims the positivity arraigned pima county has to drop in half, which is not true to get below seven percent anyway. Dr, Theresa. Colony chief medical propaganda people pima, county health. Department is crooked. It's just like the county she should i. think it'll take six to seven weeks at the earliest to return to school. She has no frigging idea. She has no clue. We're actually we were closer than that. But. I've had anyway also doctor Franco a Francisco Garcia her number two. This guy, he actually came out and tried to scare people. He said there are there have been a you know three hundred and forty something cases of the virus in children between zero and nineteen years old. In. Pima County. During a forty, oh, man. Oh, man. Oh Man. Three hundred forty case these are the ones that are going to be in the classroom. Of course, he didn't add only nine have been hospitalized between March fourth and July twenty seventh because corona virus is a frigging cold three things I. Think you need to know. A frigging cold area ago. But. The do suffer just doing his best to destroy gyms who wants to go work out with a mask on by the way. Do you want to take a screen shot of of his. I Guess Directive. What do you WanNa say he and the Health Department listen it's Deuce for all the way. Okay, it's DEUCE DEUCE super all the way, and when it comes to gym and fitness centers and look, they're all twelve page PDF's. But there's only like one page that matters in each because every arm, they all explain the rules everything else. The minimal community spread moderate and substantial, Blah Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. But masks must be worn even if there is less than three percent positivity. Now. This isn't a cut and sorry. There might be gyms at Sue de Super this and on I hope something has to happen. Right? Something there has to be some leadership. Don't count on anything for the Republicans to deputy leadership by the way, but it says here. In induce vers order protect yourself while visiting gyms, you are required to wear a mask while at the facility masks should not be placed on children less than two or anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious Tinsel of that UCF. So they should be placed, you have to wear a mask. And then it says in accordance with CDC guidelines, individuals who are engaged in high intensity activities like running may not be able to wear a mask if it causes difficulty breathing and then the next sentence unable to wear a mask, these individuals should not participate in activities conducted at indoor gyms and fitness centers. You read, you're ready for more. They encourage. In this, they encouraged classes to be held outside. One hundred ten freaking degrees outside you want people get heat stroke, you idiot. So, he wants you to stay at home where it's not safer. Even though he claims it is he says, you have to wear a mask while you workout, which is not healthy for you. He basically stops you from working out with these these these insane rules. So he wants he's encouraging you and and and basically saying that you will be healthy. And then he says. Yeah. Try to get the workouts outside of possible. Hundred ten degrees outside. You frigging crazy. This is what we have to deal with and again. where? Where is the outrage? If he was a Democrat all you know there'd be Republican lawmakers calling into this show. This is crazy. We're GONNA stop him or her blah, Blah Blah, blah? Right. We? have. Not Not. It really is said I really wanted to believe these. These are these guys actually were up to the right thing, but they have no guts. They can't come out against a Republican governor that acts like tyrone. Only Democrat, do you want these guys in office? smugly? Do you want that. I mean is that we like? So, if you missed yesterday a state Rep Bret Roberts. Heard me talking about? state Senator Vincent, each other Republican. who had a major attitude problem when he called this show trying to get on. We had no idea what the hell he was and we tried to confirm it, which is the responsible thing to do. Right? That's what it is responsible thing to do. And he got pissy. His Ego got hurt. Right. So we ragged on him. So. Is like. I'll go on your show we're doing things. And it didn't work out too well. You could hear the whole thing. It's my face, but it's on my pager canister, dot com I have to stick it on facebook and twitter and everything else It wasn't good, but it shows just how For lack of a better term Bolles. Now Republican lawmakers are nobody's even coming out to say, this is over the line. This is terrible. This makes no sense. This is stupid, and again by the way the lawyer for mountainside fitness up in the valleys looking at all this and they might challenge certain parts of it. They might challenge and what really stinks too is that they're basing it Y-. That's just masks require, but you also have to get the gyms, they have to get to a moderate. Moderate community spread level. Which means ten to one hundred cases per one, hundred, thousand, five to ten percent per positivity rate. And five to ten percent cove like illness in each county for that, and then you have to apply. But. Then it takes fourteen days to get an answer plus they have to tack on an extra twelve days for lag time for the reports to make sure it's all accurate. So you're looking at basically twenty six days. You might as well call it another month before you can open when you think you can open. That's due process. That's fair. And then he could challenge it all the way to the Supreme Court, Whatever they tell you. This is do you think this? This is good and for bars, they want bars to become restaurants. People can't just mingle around anymore. You lose your freedom to walk inside of a private business instead. You will you will sit down, you will do as you're told and that's And here's another thing like I'm over this whole mask situation. You know and I I know it too. But I feel terrible for the businesses I've been I've been hit up by a bunch of business owners and they all say the same thing listen. We think masks are stupid and we hate to ask people aware of them. We don't want to put anybody in a position. This is just awful, but if we don't Don't do it. Then you have some more on that in there that snaps a picture or reports us to pima. County, and then goes on social media and we get attacked and I'm just trying to survive. So like my heart goes out to businesses like we are over a barrel here, you know, Regina the Moron was to sit back and she's radical. She wants to sit back and claim there's no mask mandate. But there really is, and it's because you can get destroyed. By the mob. So. My heart goes out to businesses I mean I might have to wear and I. I don't want businesses to go under. That's my first and foremost. Yes. I care about my rights, I get it, but there's no businesses I. Mean. We're going to have to start from ground zero and the mass thing I. I really believe we'll eventually go away. It has to it has to. It just has to. Write, it just has to. And? This I know we. We don't get a lot of you sit back into. Are we getting any wins? What's going on here is, is anything good happening? I, understand it I. Totally get it. I. Totally, get it. And it's like a kick in the gut, every time you know and. And I'm over it just like you're over it. But we are getting wins things. The fact that Dr Scott Atlas. is now joining the White House advisory teams to the president reached that we have the sound bites, we'll get to them. It's tremendous because when of her hold his little boring press conferences and they're like, where do you know who do you ask what you rely on? He says, I, rely on a doctor Berkshires Dr Foul. Well why do you think the president brought in Dr Alice. To counter FAUCI. When she makes these these random, the schools shouldn't be opened or they should be. It's not his expertise for that. Scott Atlas is, GonNa. Be Here and hope Scott Atlas of the White House says Hey Scott, I thing you need to do is call that Arizona Governor and set them straight. Set Him straight, we are having tremendous. We're down to fifteen, hundred, seventy, five people in hospitals with the Chinese virus. We have so much happening here so much happening. But it seems to me that Ducey got a bit got a bit aggressive, right making it almost impossible for bid for gyms to open this to me. This is what it sounds like. This. Is What this is. What it sounds like to me so. anyway, I have much more to get to, and you can respond also to this ducey situation I mean people are going to be as healthy, and the fact is, can you you know just see if you could just have the workout classes outside? You you I mean this guy, this guy is just easiest a bad human being he's. And again, where is where is and really quick state Senator Vince? Leach tweeted out yesterday a picture of him on his zoom call. Right. On a zoom call. and. He's on this zoom call. and. I'm like looking at this guy, he was involved in this. He's on a zoom call and it's with. It says here, it's zoom call fourteen hours ago by the way. So He's put her last night, but he was on in the day on June call with DJ, Bar Jim and restaurants stakeholders and governor's office discussing reopening guidelines. This is a follow up meeting to stakeholder meetings all week that include those that have rental property. So he was on, he was okay with this, he went along with it doesn't challenge it. State Senator Vincent, each Okay Doug gave up into my political career. I'll go with you on this. Not a problem dog. Oh. Yeah. We're going do doug, but he goes Fisher. Some shoes. Doug can shine them, Doug, what can I do Doug? Grab Your Free Doug can get some. Doug? Doug Doug. Doug whatever you need buddy. Sky He's easy fraud like the rest of them. Vote them all out. We'll continue I have so much more. Oh, do I ever remember we'll get to the doctor Scott Atlas. Sound, Bites this tremendous this? This is a big win for us. As long as you know, if do suffer listens any better listen, it's time to put you know America's mother-in-law's. America's inlaws back in a home. Get rid of them. We'll continue KFI seven, seventy Tucson's most. Hello Hi, Gary Lewis with you. Can Spam seven, ninety, two sons. Most stimulating, talk, of course, there are. Hot Days in front of us in today's another one. Big shocker writes eighty-three out already one. Oh, seven today. One away. Tomorrow nine Thursday. Same thing. For Friday. Hot Hot. Hot Buster Poindexter. All right. The. There's great move of doctors Scotland I have a lottery. Oh. My do you know by the way and we have to get to this with a lot to get to please stay with me the whole show because we have to black lives matter has and. Regina. Real quick. Black lives matter. They're all over Chicago now, looting some guys in black I tried to shoot a cop. So they shot back and shot him, and that's not good enough and black lives matter. You saw the the violence Chicago, they're looting there ransacking their pillaging and and now black lives matter is saying it was okay. Dilute because that's reparations. We'll get to all that we have so much. Let's stick with the positive right, and by the way again, that's Regina. That's the Democrats that's only going to hurt them, and he's stupid athletes with the black lives matter stuff you go with the NBA? Players. Locker. Room. Major League. Baseball's locker room. Football couple of the dumb hockey players do that right So Dr Scott. Atlas. This. Is This is this is really good. Just, really quick North McCallum show Ryan One, thirty five. If you don't mind one, thirty, five, Dr Scott, Atlas was just brought up quickly. To Martha. What what happened? He got this? You know this new. GIG At the White House as if he needs it, but I think trump should say listen, I need people with common frigging sense and now wait to the media tax. This guy, this guy's brilliant. Who won thirty five hoover. Institute. Stanford University. He he is a brilliant brilliant man and this is what he said about getting the GIG. Here we go. One. Thirty five right one thirty five? Are you computers not working with me? Well we that and he also caused by college football. We'll get to right after that. 'cause the football players are trying to unionize and get paid. There was a guy I talked about last week. Try that whole situation as well. and You know there are some players we need to cancel the season and then other players ain't. Don't cancel the season. It's not better where these players are going to be you ready. Good. Killing me kid you killing me. Hang on. Hang on a second I, play it on my end because it's the kind of guy that I am Dr Scott. Atlas on with Martha McCallum She says basically tell me about this GIG. You got it. All right playing. Well, like you said, I'm an adviser. I was asked by the president to advise them and it's Obvious that the answer is, yes. Sir and anyway, I can help I will do so. There you go. And now you have this guy quarterback I think clemson. Trevor Lawrence? Brilliant Young. Man. And he came out and he's listening, there are a lot of Colorado's counts. WanNa play. We want to play. Any put a whole big twitter stream went on twitter, Trevor, Lawrence. Tremendous College quarterback by the way, and he writes people are just as much if not more risk. If we don't play players will be sent home to their own communities where social distancing is highly unlikely and medical care inexpensively placed on the families if they were to contract cove nineteen, not to mention the. The players coming from your situations that are not for them and their future, and having to go back to that football's a safe haven for so many people is a brilliant move. So Dr. Scott Alice, who again now is going to be giving his opinion to the president, which is tremendous. Commented on that one, thirty six. Here we go. Dr Scott Atlas Listen. He's nailing something right away, which is that the environment of college sports and athletes is a very, very sophisticated environment. They have healthcare, they are very controlled. There's accountability. They couldn't get a better and safer environment. No matter what environment you're from, and of course, he mentioned a lot of us are not from perfectly safe environments, but there's something else here, and this is again based on logic and common sense. Sense, we're talking about people who are physical specimens who are really super young people, young people that age without a CO morbidity have virtually zero risk from this, we have to again become rational here. The risk for people that age is less than seasonal influenza I. mean you have to really look at the data and you again, you can't say it's all about the science and then act contrary to. Sci. He's a perfect situation here. You've got young people. They're very healthy people. Of course, there has to be accommodation for those with Co Morbidity and I'm sure there are some athletes that are diabetic or have other CO morbidity I'm sure there are some coaches that do in the we know how to safely take care of those people, and of course, if people are afraid or if they are have Cuomo, beardies are afraid I'm sure it's okay that they can opt out, but there's no reason that shutdown out of fear here. I love this guy. You can go back to my pager candidacy, DOT com. Go back. It was probably about little a month ago whenever you were out sick Ryan, I had this guy on. And And he was tremendous. He says tremendous. Thanks. I want to see listen this guy by the way. Let's play the last one. Really quick. I know row behind actually when we come back because he he basically saying all this fear is being caused by a couple of things and again I want him to have a big all talk with do suffer, but we'll do not listen because it's GonNa be. It's not what he wants to hear doesn't keep the panic will find out. Don't go anywhere morning ritual Gary Lewis Kansas Team seventy-two Zahedan candidacy. and. Just. So you know you can listen at home by telling Alexa play. T. on iheartradio. Yeah. Enjoy the stimulation. Hello Gary Lewis with you can spam seventy Tucson's most stimulating talk. One more. One, more. One, more for you from Dr Scott Atlas. Okay I. Want you to to hear this. Again, this is and this goes again. Why I wanted to to lecture, do suffer. Put Him in his place. One, thirty seven the fear who causes the fear listen to this Dr Scott Atlas on Fox yesterday. Here we go. There's a really such fear in the community and unfortunately it's been propagated by really people are doing some very sloppy thinking and on sation Listrik media reporting. So I think we have to get a grip here. Look at the science understand who we're talking about here. There's not a lot of obese diabetic seventy, eight year olds playing football. No, there is not no, there is nine college football. Here's a frigging of these professional athletes are freaking out again, you hear about baseball players. Oh. My God, eighteen guys testing posit any of these guys go to the hospital? Did you hear that I'm sure if they did we know about, right. Too. Cold. We'll continue matter. Of fact, I gotTA play for you. The black lives matter stuff what they're doing out in Chicago this incredible get to that and so much more 705. We'll get you a pima county, I mean listen their health department either they're clueless or they're just literally a bad human beings. I want to keep us locked in I. Don't know. But they are. They are given out scare numbers. That's what they are doing. They're giving out scare numbers and it's really disgusting what they are doing. No. Come on this show, and that's just fine, but they're going to get it for me. Gary Lewis with U. S.. T. Am seven, ninety, two sons. Most stimulating talk, three things that I think you need to know. Do severe put. His little map is instructions for businesses to open not just who is under the gun to do at Gyms, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and it's ridiculous. This is a very bitter man with extremely difficult Difficult things here. If you want to go to a gym if they hit the requirements, you have to wear a mask the entire time. You have to wear a mask the entire time. Even when you're doing running you doing high intensity cardio, you need to wear a mask and I have the either screen shot. It's on my facebook twitter and parlor do sopher says his rule say. If, you can't wear a mask and workout, then you shouldn't workout at all. Mary. That's just one part of it. E making it virtually impossible to do that. Virtually impossible to go to bars for bars to open all that stuff. He is ease period was second thing I think you need to know. Maybe we'll get a nice talking to learn something I. Don't know from Dr Scott Alice, because Dr Scott Atlas, we've been all over the Chinese virus common sense everything. Trump said, can you please become a medical adviser and help us out with this virus? Can you come to the white? House he said yes. Sir, which is Great. Third thing. I. Think you need to know. Pima. County. Chief medical propagandists Dr Theresa. Colin. With the Health Department refused to come on this show said, she believes it'll be six to seven weeks at the earliest to return to school which I find to be garbage especially yesterday. The media. Got It. Wrong. My Buddy over there. Hold on twitter, hold to L. A. Hold to LLC. Did he said yesterday the PC? Are the positive testing, rewrite the virus six point six percent for the state. Below seven, that was just yesterday. But that's what it was. Media reported differently, they don't quite understand it. and Dr. Francisco Garcia. We'll get to this. He tried to scare people saying look there's been over like three hundred, forty kids people between zero and in nineteen years of age. That's that's what's going to the schools that got the virus. And then Pima County put stats by the way. He didn't mention this that I saw only nine kids. This age group were hospitalized between March Fourth July twenty seventh. Three. Things I think you need to do more of that at seven Oh five because it just needs to get out and what I want to repeat it over and over to one of the three things, and if Dr Garcia or Dr, Cohn would like to come on this show and explain the science behind their thinking. And they don't mind questions, right? Do they do they? Maybe they're just against questions. And that's what it is because that's why it's like it's like a communist run state over there. Pima County. Run by huckleberry and and they're overpaid communications. Guy Mark. B Evans. You ever figure that they just literally refused to let the experts give out expert information if Pima County thinks that I'm giving out dangerous information, they should say go kick this guy's but set them straight. But they have nothing they will not come on the show. Therefore Wouldn't. You think that I'm right I mean if they had a chance to embarrass me, wouldn't they do it? Take, away, my credibility and I'm giving them the chance. please. Write that down mark I. Know you're dictating gave paid to do this Mark Evans, and by the way you can call his office. You can email me do all the stuff and enjoy that. Okay. So let's go to CHICAGO, Chicago again, they're having rioting. They're having looting black lives. Matter is involved. Yes. The same black lives matter that. Activist? Magnus. Supported when he was the police chief in Richmond. California, the One that Regina Romero spent thirty five, hundred bucks a taxpayer dollars to get a a big banner. Black lives matter hanging out of the City Hall Right Tenth Floor Boom. Regina was the one behind the street mural. Black lives matter. Well Guess, what? Some black guy shot at cops in Chicago. So they shot back and that was the okay to go looting. How dare you defend yourself, ride these police, officers, how dare you defend yourself? And they've had looting and rioting and all kinds of stuff, and what's black lives. You know all the athletes, they wear the t shirts, these idiots. You know again, if somebody goes into baseball lager, black lives, matter they ransack everything, take all the expensive watches, the jewelry you the ball would be upset. Out Think, so. Right, I would think so. So. What does black lives matter have to say about all this? Who the Hell Aerial Atkins. This is from NBC Chicago Aerial Atkins is a black lives matter organizer, and I'm sure she's the only one right there. Mostly peaceful, right? Black lives matter is. Giving legitimacy to the to the writing and looting one, thirty three. Here's the first thing that I'm sorry to. Here's the first thing that Ariel Atkins had to say, listen to this I. Don't care if somebody decides the Ludo Gucci or a macy's or ninety because that makes sure that that person thinks. That makes sure that that person has closed. Okay to break the law. It's okay. It's perfectly fine. Don't work hard. Just go steal. What are they going to go sell it so they can buy food with it. Is that what they're gonNA. Do I don't care if they take what's not theirs? They break the law that make sure they don't. They have food stamps. Don't we have have we have every program in the world with the most giving country there is now can get a job. Is it. Possible. Can they get a job? If you say no, they can't because it's too racist. Why don't you ask the black? Mayor. Lory lightfoot about that. Gets even better. One, thirty, four, black lives matter organizer, Aerial Atkins speaking to the media when thirty four. Here we go. That is relevant. Yes. Yes. That's the right one. Anything, they, WANNA, take take it because these businesses have insurance. There you go. Read. It could we get high pants bud or some reporter to ask Regina? Romero. What she thinks about those statements from black lives matter. You support them, do you support this? Do you think this is black lives matter as a whole. What about happens here in Tucson? Would you be okay with it? And it's not about black anything. Because the original race baiter Jesse Jackson, came out and said, it was embarrassing and wrong for the looting. And the rioting. But. Guess what black lives matter said about Jesse Jackson was into this Jesse Jackson has nothing to do with black lives. Matter Jesse Jackson was not there for the creation of black lives. Matter Jesse Jackson can keep his opinions to himself. Boy. Oh boy. You think that's going to help You think that's going to help Joe Biden Win I can help Democrats that are all about this issue. Oh yeah, and then you by the way you drive by you drive in certain areas in Tucson. Easy people right on their cars, black lives, matter in their business windows, black lives matter. Go loot at. Then you know if you see a business, I mean I I shouldn't encourage crime. But I'm curious as to what, I'll. I'll strike that from the Mark B Evans. Make. Sure you take this done properly. Okay. If a business has black lives matter written on the window or the the placard whatever it might be. and gets looted. Do you think they're gonNA call the police. Do. You think they're going to be upset or are they going to say it's okay. I have insurance. I'm fine with this. So, overnight black lives matter protested outside of the jail in Chicago. Demanding that the looters that were arrested Yes for looting criminals arrested for looting be released. That actually happened. That's that's what they're doing. That's black lives matter. Yep. And There are so many supporters of it. So, many supporters. It's why you don't have to support black lives. So you know this, I'm not gonNA I'm, not gonNA. Insult your Mike Sell your intelligence about that. Okay. But that that's what they did. They literally. Stood outside the jail demanding lueders. Be Released. Nobody. Nobody with the with their right mind supports anything like that. It just doesn't happen. It just doesn't happen. But again, nobody in this this media is GonNa ask Regina about that. That would be crazy. It'd be too much. I. Have I have much much more to get to seven oh five. We'll get to the the situation again, where the county health department is once again, using scare tactics. To keep schools closed. We are. We are very close here in pima county to hit the metrics to open the schools and they are doing garbage there. You you had the the the biggest dope in Pima County? Dustin Williams. I. Mean He and Regina. Neck and neck for the dumbest person in Arizona I. It's just the way it is. He was part of this group are. Making, that guy has been that guy's in charge of decisions. We're all in trouble. But. They're doing everything. They can to make sure schools are closed and it's it's really disturbing and you will hear that coming up oh. Yes. I have more by the way much. We'll get really quick to seattle. Because they voted to to cut the police budgets and guess what happened. That's all coming up. Right. Here S. T. aim seven hundred Tucson's mission America Dot Ahrq. I Guess Lewis with you here on. Am Seven, hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk your chance at a grand in your hand. Just minutes don't go anywhere up to twelve times a day weekdays here on S. T.. So in Seattle seven to one, not even close. They get what they deserve Seattle, right. Their city, the city council seven to one to fund the police in extreme ways so bad that their police chief said I'm out. I'm out. So I mean they're defiant, couldn't it be racist? Enough Republicans did to be racist because the police to be black sheep a black woman. So they're trying to make the job for a black woman to be extremely difficult carmen best, and she said, I'm out. They wanted to cut her pay by forty percent and she said I feel like it's animus toward me specifically. So want to cut her pay by forty percent. That's they voted. Out. I resigned. They WANNA cut thirty two officers from patrol to say five hundred, thirty, three grand ready. This reduced specialized units including officers assigned to Mounted Unit School Resource Officers Homeland. Security Swat for two hundred and fifty grand remove officers from the navigation team. Ensuring homeless neighbors are not retraumatize by armed patrol officers two, hundred, sixteen, hundred they actually special taking homeless people and putting them in safe areas get rid of them. Two, hundred, sixteen grand savings. All this stuff millions of dollars. Cut Rick, Rubin in IT and retention by editor grant. End. More. And she said I'm out. I'm out. I wonder if black woman is gonNA vote for trump. What do you think? Seven, zero, five coming up. Pima County Health Department. And Pima County. Go and full fearmongering on you to keep schools closed, you'll want something. From trajan wealth studio. Your local fiduciary trajan wealth, DOT COM. This is. A seven. Strong. The most comfortable car. Hello Hi, it is your morning ritual and I appreciate you being here very Honestly, where else are you going to be right? Even the people that I rag on continue to listen. Right. So it is Lewis with UK and spam seventy, two sons, most stimulating talk, three things. I think you need to know brought to you by strong bill, plumbing, air, and solar. Number. One. Is the fact that do suffer has put out? His regulations is protocols to reopen, and he is such a bitter bitter little man. He's making it next to impossible for businesses bars. Gyms to reopen and when it comes to the gym by the way, you have to wear manning, ramble the time. Hey, you have to wear masks all the time. You knew Chubby things all the time you have to wear a mask. Even when you're running doing, it says, if you do in high intensity stuff, you still must wear a mask and if you're not able to, then it says, you shouldn't. You shouldn't be working out. There you go. Do Suffer I. Mean This Guy's this guy is some piece of work by the way. Have you seen it negative reaction? From a lawmaker, any Republicans say this is over the line. Nothing, right? Second. Thing I. Think you need to know, is that Dr, Scott Atlas Brilliant Man, Stanford University the only one with common sense about the Chinese virus. Asked by trump to join the white. House as a medical advisor said, yes, sir, this is great stuff considering our tyrant in chief do suffer. Right, do. Sopher. Says he listens to and Berks while hopefully now, he will listen. To Dr Scott Alice this is tremendous stuff. Third Thing I. Think you need to know pima, county. We'll get to this in a second using scare tactics and fearmongering declaim schools aren't gonNA open for at least six to seven weeks. Way. What they have no. Either they're lying and they're bad human beings doctor, he's gone or they have no idea what they're talking about especially since we did the revelation yesterday about the numbers and how to calculate how the media has been getting it wrong. Even by the way I mean even. Officials in Arizona are getting it wrong. People are tweeting out incorrect information and not even understanding it about positively rates and things like that. Do you know yesterday again, our Guy Hold L. to Yvonne on twitter at hold to LLC, the number two. As, of yesterday, the positivity testing rain, Arizona's estate was down to six point, six percent that's below seven. That's the whole state. Now, we gotta get two straight weeks of this. Don't get me wrong goes goes by counties, but that's pretty good and yet the media reporting it over twelve percent thirteen percent. I, mean, it's crazy what they're doing. It's crazy. That's why I'd love to have a conversation. I mean, if I can educate Dr Theresa Colony Chief Propagandist of Health and Pima County, I would love to do it. I'd love to do it. But Hey. I mean when? He writes, what am I supposed to do? I'm just fighting hard I. Hope You I. Hope you continue to call the pima county health. Department and the Pima Mechanic Communications Overpaid Guy Evans? And tell them what you think. They are public where they work for us. So, let's get to that there was a story on cable because they see they go straight when they wanted to fearmongering they go straight right. Straight. To their their chief propagandist reporter Fake News High Pants Bud foster care will d he is the he is the paid mouthpiece for Pima County when they want to get out there their their propaganda and the city of Tucson and this time it was prob-. It was pima county propaganda. There was a meeting Oh, was it such a glorious meeting? You had the pima county. Health Department big bigwigs, a big companies, the big. The big. They're there. So they are Fran, you're calling, why would they go on your show? You're calling them. That's what are you going to say they? They don't want. They want to control the message lies in refused to actually give you know you hear criticism or questioning. San, Francisco Garcia, you had Dr Garcia Dr Theresa Colin, and you had the One of the most You know he's Fighting Regina to be the dumbest person in Arizona Pima County Superintendent of schools. Dustin. Williams. They're all up. They're making decisions based on numbers that. I guarantee you none of them understand. Not. Understand. And See. When I hear certain things, I have I'm terrible with names. But I'm great when it comes to memory with numbers and I just remember these things. It's a gift and a curse. and. I remembered after I heard Dr Garcia. Say something yesterday. He he went straight to the fearmongering I. Want you to hear it Dr Francisco Garcia. Second in command is the chief propagandist for Pima County health. One per one, twenty, nine. Listen to what he said yesterday. Here we go. Starting at around we twenty, which is when the stay at home order was lifted. That's really when we started seeing a rise in the number of cases between zero and nineteen years of age so that at its peak, we had approximately three hundred and forty three cases in that age group. Those are the kids that are attending your classrooms. Oh cases, cases those the that's the age. Did he say zero to nineteen by the way zero to nineteen? Any outbreaks at a daycare that you know of. Because my kid goes to a daycare and there's nothing. Zero to nineteen three, hundred, forty, three to nineteen, hundred, zero to five, zero, two, four. The age is going to be in the school. But whatever, I mean again, daycares have no problem. Some daycares never closed. So, when I heard that I said, wait a SEC, he's trying to ease in cases and all my God that cases kids might have at. This is Darryl. So then it made me think of the the PDF that was put out by huckleberry pima, county, right chocolate cadbury, pima county, and on this this PDF right? If you go to to page stay. Here we go page eight. It says the average breath five year age breakdown of hospitalized covid nineteen cases, and this is for March fourth through July twenty. Th Right. So it's pretty recent. So you heard Francis. Thread, what was it? Three, hundred, forty, three at the number. He used Ryan for forty three cases I. Think it was. Guesses zero. Nineteen. Do. You Know How many zero to nineteen year olds ended up in the hospital because of Covid nineteen. From. March, fourth to July Twenty, seven, th, you know how many? Ready for it. Levin. Eleven. Young people. Aged zero. To nineteen ended up in the hospital because of Covid. Nineteen. Why didn't Francisco Garcia say that? Right why didn't he say that? Because, he wants to scare you. This is where the irresponsibility comes from the Pima County health. Department. This is disgusting. The government is literally putting you in fear to control you. Like there's no two ways about you tell me if it's any different. There were five hospitalizations for zero to four year olds. There were zero hospitalizations from five nine year olds zero. Not One kid H. But let's keep elementary schools close. It's so dangerous, right? It's so dangerous. To kids were hospitalized between ten and fourteen years old and four were hospitalized between fifteen and nineteen. That would be eleven. In, that age group and if you WanNa, do just the age group that actually goes to school. It's six. Six from March, fourth to. July. Twenty seventh. WHO CARES ABOUT CASES? The Corona virus is a cold and by the way I sit back. and I wonder. And this see, this is why I'd like to ask a medical professional I believe the answer, right? But a medical professional. The coronavirus. I'm sure you're aware is a Colt right. It's a cold. and CDC has on their own websites. that. If you, if you actually get a positive result, a positive test, like you take a test and your positive, right, you are positive. For the Chinese virus, for Covid. Nineteen. It says, it might not even mean that you actually have Kobe nineteen, but you just have some like leftover stuff from other common colds, which are corona viruses. Like. So I'm like, AH, these kids ended up in the hospital, these test positive. Do they really have covid nineteen? Or do they. have. A different form of? Survivors different common cold. It can't just be me right on making sense or an eye that this guys out there screaming three, hundred, forty three cases, and then followed up with you know it's just a cold and downplayed, but it's just a cold facts be known. Only, four kids. That were school aged actually went to the because of this since March fourth. Hack Him. You have to get this information for me. Where is the Pima County Health Department? Of course, high pants? Fake News Bud foster would never actually dare ask the question. How many of those ended up in hospital? Nothing. This is where it gets very frustrating I'll put all this by the way on my page, the actual document it for you. Okay. I'll put it out there for you put a link to this story and open screen shots of this information from Pima County. Truly not that hard. It's not that hard. You could comment to eight, eight, zero. Eight, zero, five, six, seven, eight. I have more. You got to hear what Dr Theresa Cullen had to say, and in more fake news reported by high pants fake news. Bud, foster, it's all coming up. Don't go anywhere. Morning ritual. Gary Lewis. Can Spam have ninety, two sons mope. I. Yes. I. Let's continue Gary Lewis with you here on Campus S. T. A. M. seventy-two songs most Stimulating talk if you miss my interview from yesterday. Was it this time when I talked to that data analyst hold to LCI, he doesn't want to give his name. He's a private part of that. Big. Thirty or forty person group is putting out great information on social media, twitter, real stuff, and connecting with big government officials at We he won't even tell me. He's part of the Kyle lamb justin, Hartley Aaron. Gin, if you follow them on social media as part of that group anyway pointed out how here in Arizona, the the media miss reports, all the numbers I mean in in Really A. Disturbing disturbing way. They don't understand what they do. He took us. There was a screen shot yesterday. Somebody tweeted me and him from Fox ten in Phoenix and last night, they had the PTR percent positive at fourteen percent. Which is, that's the cumulative average going back to February. That that's not going to get you down seven. That's just a waste who cares what happened in February, and March and April in May and June. We're in August. So if you WANNA get down to seven percent or below percent positive rate, you have to look at what's going on in the here and now and yesterday the numbers came out and the PR percent positive down to six point six percent in the state. And I explained it and yet it didn't stop high pants. Bud Foster from lying through his His teeth. Let's just put it that way. His teeth, right. I want you to hear high pants but foster. Make this statement is a couple of fake things in which has gone from high pants too high fake news one thirty here he is on cable good old buddy. Here we go, which is why all the metrics to reopen schools must be strictly adhered to a significant sustained drop in cases, a lower positivity rate about half of where it is today Ns to have been hospitalizations. We've had a sustained drop hospitalizations. You. Kidding me. Yesterday down a fifteen, hundred, seventy, fifteen, seventy, five, whatever it is. We were thirty, five, hundred, seventeen on July thirteenth, less than a month later were downed I mean. What sixty percents rob. Genius. But again, how about that we need to have a about half the positivity rate has to be half of what it is. Now, that's a lie. He doesn't understand it either where he doesn't care, and he's lazy got into the lab testing part of the Dashboard of the Department of Health Services website, not just the summary. But what I? So we have that and by the way, where's any Republican leader? There are none. To take on any of this and fight for us. There's none zero. Zilch, if you missed any way all yes. They also have a very Got A little confrontational. That's fine. When a state Rep Brad Roberts called into the show. and and tried to say that he is doing something. I don't know what is you sent a letter. Awesome. Sent, a letter. And it resulted in Ducey trying to apparently yesterday sink the Gym Business in Arizona. Fitness. Club members can't work out I mean. Sink the bar owners, but hey, keeps sending letters. It's working out. Well, don't worry about going out and fighting. Bunch of frauds and. Is Not just bread. It's every Republican that's out there in this state. Nobody's trying to do a damn thing. You want us to do. You have black lives matter demanding lueders get released in front of a jail in Chicago. You can organize something I can help you. Anyway. Let's continue Person doesn't understand the numbers. Dr Theresa Colony Chief Medical Propagandist. The Baghdad Bob. Apparently. Well. Her Francisco Garcia annual. She's the head Honcho. We'll call her the bag Baghdad Bob. Of pima, county health. because she just randomly throws this out no science, backing it up, how long is it going to be until we get kids in school again by the way as of yesterday, I told you the last week. It was what seven, point, six, percent a testing positive for nineteen and Pima County, we gotta get to seven below. So. We're very close and it's headed in the right direction, but Dr Theresa Colin wants to instill fear. One, thirty, one listen to this. I think that they all need to be yellow before we even consider going to hybrid. And when do I think that will happen I think you're looking at six to seven weeks from now at the earliest at the earliest. Maybe after the election, I don't know who's who's counting things. Where's your science, but that's just what I'm guessing. It's what I'm guessing. One hundred percent guarantee gets in a Subaru kind sticker on the back of it just throwing that out there hundred percent. You know it's true. And she is a veteran. We thank her for her service. But six to seven weeks at the earliest. Does. She not understand how to actually get the positivity and where to find that out. Do. I have to be the one that tells her this is this is crazy. I know. It's crazy. So here we go. Pima County just scared people and I guarantee you typically Aka Dustin Williams. That's. Better, the Superintendent Pima, county, is just sitting there going i. have no idea what the hell's going on here. But you know I'm just you know I'm here for the ride man. We get, some? Pizza. Here we go. A study on. Corona virus transmission in one hundred. UK schools. described. As one of the world's largest will confirm there is very little evidence and quote. The disease is spreading in those institutions. A leading scientists reportedly proclaimed recently. Yeah it was the Sunday Times quoted Professor Russell Vinegar. VINER viner may be president of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health. Member of the government is advisory group and he said a new study that has been done in UK schools confirms there is very little evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools. This is some of the largest data you'll find on schools anywhere. Britain has done very well in terms of thinking of collecting data in schools. Why is it? Every country seems to have their act together except for us. And you know the answer. Politics. It's an election year. This guy supports reopening schools. Reopening schools, imperative kids are falling behind and nobody. This is like red meat down the middle again, if bread Roberts or any one talk to the local ones mark finchem useless Vince, Leach will do apparently whatever Doug Ducey wants him to do. Right. This is the time for them to. This is ridiculous. You are hurting our kids like Democrats. Teamed up with the Teachers Union two years ago for Red Fred and accused Republicans or heard of hurting our kids. There was nothing behind like we needed to give them more money. So kids wouldn't be hurt whatever. Now these teachers and these Democrats. Are Actually and the governor are hurting our children. And Republicans are sitting there with their thumbs up their behinds doing Jack, squat and I challenge these. You know what? I challenge Finchem to do. Something I. Challenge Vince leads to do something bread Roberts to do something. You think they're going to do anything. Probably not rain. Probably not. This is insane again, let me remind you. Six school, aged kids. I'm going to put it all up during the break on my facebook twitter. I'll even donated kanus dot com parlor as well. six six kids. Ended up in the hospital. School aged in Pima County between March Fourth of July twenty seventh. We don't even know what they're underlying conditions, where to by the way. No deaths by the way. Zero deaths. You had to get I've had it. We'll continue. Don't go anywhere S. T. A. Seven, ninety, two sons most son Katersky. Jerry. Lewis with here can sti seven, ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk. Got An email. We love president trump because he always punches back hard. But yet the Arizona legislators don't even hit like a girl. And that's from a girl named Vicky. That is from a girl Ryan. Yeah thank you. That is from a girl named Vicky which this is This is great stuff. Right? There I love it. I love it so good again, remind you We'll get into Doug Ducey's insane stupid. We have a little bit of that. I mean, what do you WanNa talk about right I mean the fact that he is trying to destroy the gym business trying to destroy the The the. Bars nightclubs right. And again, state Senator Vince. Leach who calls himself a Republican. Brag on twitter, took a screen shot. I was on zoom call with the bars and nightclub industry and the governor going over everything. So he was totally apparently find this. I'd remember that wouldn't matter by the way. If I'm saying you can do what you want listen. Am I going over these people I don't know. I don't know. Is it worth it I don't know. I don't think it is like, what are you want to do? Should we sit back? And say they're better than Democrat. But then we take in the shorts when they're just a bunch of wimps I mean, they're exactly what we don't want I mean. Buddy of mine sent me a great text yesterday in the age of trump. You either fight back or you get replaced. Right. That's what it comes down to. You fight back or you get replaced I. This legitimate thing right here, is it worth in your mind? You can comment if you want eight zero. Eight, eight, zero, five, six, seven, eight. Would you like to to not vote for Bread Robertson Mark, Finchem, and events leads and other Republicans? Because, they're just not even getting your background. Is it worth it or you'd rather be they're better than Democrat? Is it really are they better? Is it true? I'm just curious we can get calls, I have more to get to as well by the way. Now. I have yet other stories. This is an incredible one you WanNa talk about snowflakes. A college student might be suspended. Because an zoom call with other college students, he had a picture of trump in the background. I'm an wait till. You hear about it. It's coming up, don't go anywhere. It is Kansas. City. Or wherever you get your podcast. Gary Lewis with you, it is your morning ritual. Thanks so much for hanging out. Can S. T. A. AM seven, ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk. Three things. I think you need to know number one do super. Forced to put out I, guess parameters for businesses to open including gym's bars. Makes it virtually impossible for bars to reopen its, he just wants to to sink them. Apparently he is. He is just such bad human being, and then when it comes to gyms very, very difficult for gyms to reopen, and if if they do re open and it could take twenty six days to do it by the way fourteen days to get a the the state to say you're good. But they want also wait until The reports are done because they've twelve days of lag for the data. Say like twenty six days, and he says, if you G- if you'RE GONNA work out, no matter what you have to work out with a mask. Even if you have to go run if you have to do high intensity cardio, you have to have a mask on it. If you can't do it, he wrote in there in the thing, just don't work out, you shouldn't work out. That's Ducey for you. Crazy The the second thing that I think you need to. Great News Dr Scott Atlas. Has Been. Added to the White House medical team by President Trump, he is like the anti, faucher. ducey straight. He has been all over this. Chinese. Virus with common sense and science, and we had on the show what a month and a half ago. Maybe a month ago, whatever it was and he got tremendous. He is absolutely great. I'm so glad I've been dying for trump to Adam on the White House team and I'm glad that he did glad that he did. Third. Thing I think you need to know the Pima County health. Department. Once again, using fear. To keep schools closed Dr Francisco. Garcia from the pima, county, health, department the corrupt thing that it is. He said yesterday meeting starting at about you basically We had a peak of three hundred, forty, three cases of the Chinese virus between zero and nineteen years of age people. We where the hell man we had this, we had the peak three, hundred, forty, three cases crazy. But then don't put it I put this on my facebook page if you look at the actual information school-aged people, right? That's between the ages of five and nineteen. In Pima County only six were hospitalized. For March Fourth of July, Twenty, seven, twenty, six were hospitalized with the Chinese virus. You could have a million cases of it. It's a cold. Of course Garcia, left that fact. Because are the I mean, they're pima county health department should not be believed in anything. They say because they're using fear and scare tactics to control us and keep our kids out of school. They are literally these are medical professionals are hurting our kids. They are stunting their growth, their development, everything like there should be outrage everywhere. Three things I think you need to know, but there is no outrage from Republicans, which by the way I'm GonNa Danny, McCarthy on eight. Oh, five this morning, he's not starting a new frigging political party get over it. Okay. If you're mad that guys like, Vince. Leach. And Brad Roberts and Mark Finchem are saying or doing anything aren't fighting back. Against, the governor for US we've nobody. Fighting, for us. Daniel is there. He's not starting a new party. We'll get into this. He is. He is wanting people. Want wants to find people that want to retake the Republican Party. That's what he is doing. More details, you WANNA. Be Involved in. This is a very big deal you want to get in there and take it back the way to progress same of the progressives took over the Democrat Party. We need conservatives take the Republican Party. So we don't frauds like Kelli, Ward in the rest that are doing these things. We deserve that you deserve better you do. So that's a that's GONNA come up. Okay. I? Mean, the party is counting on you saying, well, we have to vote for this. I'm not saying you don't by the way. I'm just saying we need to get involved. Okay. We. Need to get more coming up. Don't you worry about it? Now, there was a crazy story that I saw on Fox News website. This is WANNA. Talk about snowflakes. County, college student might be suspended. Because of a picture of trump. Because, some snowflakes got upset. Oh. No saw this headline on Fox News Dot Com college student faces potential disciplinary action over trump photo political facebook post like. You. Know. Free speech anymore. There's a New Jersey College. Student that goes to this New Jersey Got Stockton University in New Jersey. doctoral student named Robert data delayed Delilah whatever his name is, right. he might be suspended from his Stockton University because college students filed a report against him for a facebook post that he wrote. After. Using a photo of president. Trump has the background on a zoom call. So he doesn't zoom call trump's behind him. And apparently. Upset. Those Snowflake College Students, oh? Yeah. Hang on though he's apparently spacing student conduct charges of disruptive behavior, discrimination, harassment, hostile environment, harm, bullying, and cyberbullying. It goes back to July. First, he used a photo of president trump as zoom background. If you've done zoom call, you do backgrounds, different backgrounds, Microsoft, teams, backer, he had trump behind him, which I thought is hilarious what he wants to do. Apparently. These students couldn't take it. It upset the other students that were on zoom call. It led to a discussion group message that became apparently heated, not threatening just heated. He left the group message to avoid continued conflict. Later though he went on facebook. And put up a post. And wrote leftist agenda of B.. M.. And the white self haters. He said he has seen it in action at Stockton. University. Here what? I've gotten to the point that I have to say something I. Love. This country were diverse yet a simulated population, wrong backgrounds. I believe we all must have the same opportunities I commit to make that a priority sounds racist rent. Beyond that I'm done with the leftist agenda of be a lemon, the white cell eaters I've seen an action, my doctoral classes at Stockton, the general media not backing down if we can't get past this. Okay. I'm ready to fight to the death for our country and against those who want to take it down I believe there are. So there are also many like me. He then added a comment. I'm surprised how many people are quiet maybe not and comment to the post from a different person said about this Guy Bob Dale Directa that's his name. That's what we do quiet. We aim with precision boom. Done. No drama. Excuse me so he is the one being threatened by the way. He was the one. He's where's everybody's comments and he was threatened right there. Somebody commented. This is what we do. We're quiet, but we aim precision boom done. No drama. It's like somebody threatened to shoot him. The school then got complained that the trump photo on the zoom call made students feel offended disrespected and taunted president United States. We see pictures of Obama, and we're like, God here we go. That's the only reaction you should have. And the response to facebook posts made students feel concerned that he may have similar views and thoughts of violence. It's really who commits the violence. It's always the people that attacked trump supporters. The trump supporters aren't the one attacking people. It's always the trump supporters. So, because others felt threatened and intimidated because picture of trump. And his his post was fine. He called out the BS that's going on. Because of that, all of a sudden, he's now facing suspension from his university facing charges of he bullied people. He's the one being bullied. He pleaded not responsible. These charges, the EH group at supporting him now to student group. I, don't know how they could threaten other students. So Stock University confirmed their push their pursuing the case against him. But didn't comment. They said ready for this one. They confirm that he's a Grad students, there's a court, they said a code of conduct complaint regarding him was finally university and it's being investigated. And then they were asked by Fox, news? If the university to bring charges against a student, a similar situation if the background was Joe Biden. The spokesperson said if a person files complaints obligated to investigate, but a frequently answered question portion on the school's website says, such a complaint does not obligate the school to bring a litany of charges against the student. So they are targeting him, they are targeting him. This is where we are now, but you know you can't. You can't back down to you gotTA keep fighting have to do it. You know what is this? This is a bunch of weenies at the college also hate trump are like, yeah, we'll show him. We'll show them all. That's all this is. It's ridiculous. guys a picture trump in the background of his zoom in these students. He snowflakes how they're gonNA make it in the world. May Won't we felt taunted because there was a picture of trump. You know the school that should say you know you're gonNA come across people in life you disagree with. Learn to deal with it. Here's a teachable moment. Learn to deal with it. We won't charge you for that one learn to deal with it. Yeah. Just, frizty. So. We have don't go anywhere. I have much more Danny McCarthy coming up at eight Oh five. It is your morning ritual with me get Louis Kansas team seventy, two sons, motor sleep dot. com. Yes Hi Gary Lewis with you. Here S. T am seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk. Really. Quick yesterday. If you missed the interview with Brad Roberts, he won on the show to defend that Republicans. Are Actually doing things to support parents and teachers and businesses and He sent letters, right. He's lead. He's getting out on the streets isn't going to do anything. Thanks. He said listen I'm just a freshman lawmaker. But I said this Kobe things out of control back in March and I said AOC get stuff done. She's an idiot, right. We laugh at her headline on Fox News. Calls for billionaires tax as Cuomo s wealthy New Yorkers to return. She just goes for it. And all she gets is more power. You know why she continues to win. We're like, how can people vote for because she appears to fight with people. Okay. She of she appears to fight people say she's fighting for us and we have these wuss lawmakers. Whether it's Finchem. Now whether it is a Leech and he's a local ones by the way, it's all in the Republican Party here in Arizona. Or Bread Roberts that don't do any fighting, what are these guys doing, and that's why Danny McCarthy is not start. He's not starting a third party, right? He is trying to retake the Republican Party. He's going to join me to explain that come. From the region wealth studio, your local fiduciary Trajan. WEALTH DOT COM this. Am Seven, hundred and. So. Strong. The most comfortable call. Away. Selo, what's up? It is It's Tuesday and it's it's already. Thirty eight Oh five. This is crazy Gary Lewis with you can t aim seventy, Tucson's most stimulating talk three things. I, think you need to know brought to you by Straw plumbing Aaron Solar Number One Doug, do sopher. has put out his very vindictive rules. for businesses to reopen like gyms and bars and things like that, making it almost impossible for them to do it because who wants to go work out the mass because he's saying, no matter what happens no matter what the positivity goes down to, you have to wear a mask when you workout and even though the CDC doesn't recommend, you wear a mask while doing high intensity cardio you have to, and he actually has in. If you don't, if you can't wear a mask while doing high intensity Cardi intensity cardio, you probably shouldn't work out. And he also was hoping you could actually take the gym classes outside when it's one hundred, ten degrees is real genius right there. No reaction by the way. No condemnation from any Republican in Arizona that I've seen second thing that I think you need to know. Is that This is great. News. Dr Scott Atlas was added to the White House medical team for the Chinese virus because obviously it's another sign of president has had enough with vouching burks. Atlas has publicly steady is not a fan either of them and says, they get it wrong quite a bit. This is tremendous news for the rest of us. Maybe you can give a lecture to do suffer. Third Thing I. Think you need to know pima county pushing fear like none other to keep schools closed meeting yesterday between the The Guy People run the health department, the propagate the communist propaganda. Health Department of Pima County where irresponsibly Dr Theresa call she goes. My guess would be thick seven weeks. At least we can open up schools. There's no science involved totally responsible for her to say that, and then number two. said. We had three hundred, forty three aged kids at the peak with the virus that were between zero nineteen. Those are the ones that go to school three of these cases. He never mentioned that only six school aged kids were hospitalized from. March. Until the end of July and pima county with go. To cold. I have that on my facebook twitter and parlor about to go bananas. T DOT COM. So you see it for yourself and I'm waiting to get corrected from Dr Calling her Dr Garcia like if I'm wrong giving up information I'd love to be corrected I. WanNa. Make sure it's right I. correct them on. It seems like a regular basis Three things I think you need to know Let's bring in Danny McCarthy because people are getting things wrong and I'm I'm. I want to explain man on, explain it Daniel doing man. On Fantastic Garrett thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to clear some things up man I. think there's a lot of miscommunication out there. There's there seems to be because. You're getting attacked on social media and by people all the time thing Daniels not going to help. He's GonNa, turn the state blue. If he starts a third party blah, blah, Blah Blah, blah. and. That's not what you are doing. No. So let me first start off with the. The fact that you just discuss something very. An our. Our governor is using. Federal Sorry State. Statutes. A. R. S. The I. R.. S.. For those of you writing this down, write this down for me. If you can. Everyone should write this down. This is a s thirty, six, Dash, seven, eight, seven. Now it's kind of boring. Okay. But just please remember that number thirty, six, Dash, seven, eight, seven that gives the governor complete. Authority in times? Of State of emergency or times of pandemic, etc. This is the law that's on the books right now, the gives this governor, this type of of rights. In my estimation using those A. R. S. Statute is unconstitutional. So I am of the belief that when our governor is using these jerk Jakarta and. Orwellian type measures where he's telling people, they have to wear a mask inside of a private business. Okay. I believe that that falls under that. Ars. Thirty, six, Dash, seven, eight, seven. Why that's so important is because you need to put pressure every single person listening to me right now needs to put pressure on their state legislator to say you need to repeal that right now. So I don't care if you're an activist, I don't care if you WANNA run for office I, don't care what you are doing in your life. I want you to stop doing what you're doing in every state legislature on the phone and say, we want this repealed right now. I don't care if it's election season, we don't care if the elections are in November The the reality of the circumstances is my job at this point. Gary is not to seek a title seeking title I. DON'T CARE If win lose or draw. So a lot of people I think they're looking at me and they're not really understanding what I'm doing because they don't realize it. I'm I'm just an activist. That's that's what I'm doing. Okay, comes. To starting a new party? In the just clear up some of the misinformation they're. Starting a new party is is not exactly what we're trying to do. What we're trying to do is we're trying to harbor people outside of the party in more of like a real Republican. Party. So imagine for a second if we could get people to come over to more of a constitutional conservative Republican Party, that's only there to help the Republican Party. It's not there to take in create third party candidates or any of those. Those things, it can't even get candidates on the ballot in November meaning that if you sign up right now to become part of this third party, you, you couldn't do anything in November other then mobilize. So we can put pressure on these state legislators. Put pressure on the governor. Put pressure on. Martha look. If you want me to come around and star helping marked out, I will listen. Let me tell you what she has to do. I WANNA pledge from her saying. She will not support Red Flag laws under any circumstances as a matter. Of fact, if she does support them, she should sign something saying she's willing to be tried for treason. With the pledge for no forced vaccination. Martha's willing to come out and sign a pledge on that and say, Hey, we will have no force vaccinations under any circumstances. You I'm ready to help. But see these are things they have to happen. I, can't Stop doing what I'm doing. Garrett I have to exhaust every legal mechanism possible to fight back because what the governor is doing, and frankly the administration is doing talking about deploying military for vaccinations folks. I. Assure you. My job right now is just to stay on track into stay focused on what I'm doing. I'm not trying to interfere you whatever you want to vote for. If you want to vote for Martha vote, go go work for like crazy. No hard feelings from me. But just remember that when I'm doing what I'm doing, you should be supportive of that because we're mobilizing patriots together because once you have a political party Garrett, what you really, how does an infrastructure where you can go in and actually help the Republican Party at that point you organization. Does that make sense? I want to break it down even more because we talked yesterday about this because I saw you. We have a conversation I. Got. We got. We got to get this out there. Danny. McCarthy, Giancana's seven ninety. What you WanNa do basically is you have this website right Arizona new party, dot com you have it out the people to get information to join it right and you want people to join it because you want to. If they want you want people to get involved, we just can't sit back and complain that all. Martha's a you know she's. She's a weakling and you know you know these guys out here and nobody's fighting against the governor. You want people to get involved, and sometimes they don't know how they don't know what to do, and you kind of want to you. You basically are opening up like a Training Academy for Conservatives to retake the Arizona Republican Party at pretty much what it is. You nailed it. That's a that's why you're on the radio full-time and I'm out here just beating my head against the wall that's beautifully articulated Garratt right there it's. It's what we have to do is we have to structure this in such a way and use the maximum legal benefits because we have the numbers for a political party. So if we have a political party, this is a real Republican Party. That's what it is. Now, we can protect the voting in November. We have big races that we have. Have to win November including Jerry Sheridan are sheriff here we need Jerry Sheridan as America Copa County Sheriff I'm GonNa Work My tail off to make sure that gets elected sheriff. But in order for me to do that, I've got to have people in a pool outside of the Republican Party. That way I have true numbers they can't lie to us if I've got a certain amount of numbers within our party structure because then I can say wait a second this doesn't add up here's why and I can. Let me. This has been the most alarming part of this process for me as a candidate. When the results came in came in instantaneously. So instantaneously results came in and I was like, okay. That's kind of interesting, and then we started looking at the numbers and we started seeing things that were like really concerning and I said, wait a second okay I'm GonNa call the Secretary of state on on Monday. I'm sorry, the next day on. Wednesday. And? Let's get to the bottom of this. So I called the Secretary of State's office and I said, Hey, how do I verify votes like how do I take my independent group volunteers in independently validate the tallies of these votes? Oh, you can't do that. Okay. So are you telling me that there's no way for me to look at these results? No, you have to file a lawsuit. Okay. So what that means is that I've got to go through the legal process of filing a lawsuit going through injunction process. This is GonNa take months to even just check the votes. Okay. So. I'm trying to protect the process in November, and this is the best way of doing it is by mobilising everyone together in a separate. Vehicle and then we can take that vehicle and we can help the other vehicle because. Obviously they need a Lotta, help right? the Republican morning shaped. Let's say, let's just say that to say the least. Okay. So that that's what you. WanNa do you WANNA be able to? We, you need to be able to actually get people involved. Instead of you know hoping that candidates like you can do it, and when you have to battle the machine, it's a tough job. You're going against a corrupt Republican Party with Kelli Ward in charge and and it's it's hard to get that to make that happen. So you WANNA basically change from the inside out. We gotta get to know what to do to to to to take back like progressives to the Democrat Party conservatives take the Republican Party. So. Yeah. There listen right now the government is treating. Like we're all disease carriers, the CDC, is running your state. You don't even have a true government running. It's a defacto government. You have like, i. said to everyone thirty, six, dash, seven, eight, seven, every state legislator that I don't care who they are. You put maximum pressure on them, go find these people. These people are should go into an emergency session. Now today see my job Garrett is just to stay focused on getting results, I, don't really care about a title I'm I'm ready to help I. WanNa. Stay red. Red Okay, look. You Guys WanNa oh, we need to stay red. We need to vote read guys how the hell did. We get here. How how did we get this far to the edge of the cliff, we that Colt like mentality, the people that support me are people that want me to fight behind the scenes. Gary I'm getting text message, I'm getting phone calls message, everyone's blowing up saying fight fight fight we need you to keep fighting because they're scared for their kids. You got four vaccinations you're talking about you're. So. Crazy it's. Hang on. Let me take a quick time out because I want to talk more about this because you know what you're trying to do I. Think it goes hand in hand with with my biggest complaint down here right now, which is you know there's not one republican that I have seen that has said anything publicly about the governor and his insane rules for businesses in gyms. Gyms to up like nobody nobody standing up for the gym owners, the bar borrowed nobody's doing anything, and this is what you know. So why should we vote for these? These Republicans I don't WanNA fight for us. Right. Wanted more on that with with Danny, McCarthy, coming up with this new, give out the website again, I got right right or did they get a wrong? No, you nailed the Arizona New Party. Dot Com everyone needs to go Arizona new party DOT COM. Okay, and it's not again. It's maybe that's a misnomer. It's not really a new. It's retaking. It's training to retake the Republican Party. Back from these these wusses that we have their back with Danny McCarthy in just a SEC right here on Kennedy. That's actually dot com. Yeah, that's right. Here. Lewis with you here can sti am seven, hundred, Tucson's most stimulating dog. Getting up the in the story of Pima County where Francisco Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, the number two Dr there. What does he worked for? Saying, three hundred forty three cases of kids have in the virus and Pima County get only six, we're actually hospitalized leaves that at all fear to keep schools because I'm over this anyway, we'll continue with that. McCarthy, my facebook twitter parlour I'll put up a canister dot com and just a minute Daniel. Thank you for hanging out again, he is not starting a new frigging party vote for anybody you want to vote for it is what it is but he's just saying why I'm putting words in your mouth and you tell me if I'm wrong here. And by the way in a very friendly way anything else. So you're saying that why are we? We have to stop being stuck with the horrible choices we have to vote Republican. Right? We can't vote Republican just because they're Republican. Okay. A lot of people don't understand how the infrastructure of the Republican Party actually works. So Kelli Ward didn't get there by accident. She got there because of a very systematic type of takeover of the Republican Party, she ran to Senate races, and then next thing you know she took over the Republican Party as the chairwoman and what did she do she immediately? Immediately capitulated, and she immediately turned into this establishment type of creature. She literally, she ll think about this, she influenced the United States. Senate. The that she had ran for twice before and she actually helped the establishment candidate. So what I'm trying to explain to people is that inside of the Republican Party exist a lot of dark money a lot of a lot. Lot of relationships, a lot of things that are just really bad outside of that infrastructure, the system bad relationships that exist by the way, Kelli. Ward should resign for what she did. Martha. That's another way that Martha, can you know maybe Martha could add to the list of things for my support if she were to say to Kelli Ward needs to resign for. For, influencing a Senate race frankly just barbarically barbarically. Okay. But the the moral of the story what I'm getting at Garrod is if you try to take people and say, Hey, go inside the Republican Party and take it over there. GOING GONNA get absorbed into that. So fast because the way it's designed is in, there's so many people there engrained of the party. We have to do is you have to create a life raft outside of the Republican Party or a Trojan horse. So to speak, you have to build that outside with with the legal structure that's available to you. So you're just using a legal mechanism that exist to put maximum pressure on the Republican Party. So we can start getting our agenda heard because you see what's happening is that? That the Conservatives in constitutionalist were being ostracized from the Republican Party, they ignore us, they don't listen to us. They abused US frankly, and then they expect to come around and and vote for him, and that happens election cycle after election cycle. So will you have with me? Is as you have someone saying, no guys, I'm GonNa now I'm just GonNa. Fight harder now I mean so. If. Things were happy. Were that are happening I mean look. Again. A. R. S. thirty, six, seven, eight, seven, every single person listening to me right now should be going to their state representative and saying get your butt down to the capital and put some constraints on this tyrannical governor now. This is just common sense. So again, and again you. Go real quick, and again, the evidence for this for all of this is everything you're saying plus the fact that again, he put out this ridiculous this ridiculous ridiculous documents trying to give guidelines for bars and nightclubs and gyms to open. That can't be attained I mean again, nobody's GONNA WANNA, want to go work out in a mask i. mean somebody maybe they just were. Just. How can you work out your breathing? Your exhaling? How can you run on a treadmill? How could he do cardio and he's making mask mandates for everything not based on science by the way, there's no science based in it. And yet again, there's no outrage about this major over each from any Republican lawmaker that I've seen. Have you have you seen any Republican lawmaker get mad about this anyone? Quite? It's. It's. It's so quiet. I mean, this is such an opportunity. If you want to win in November and your estate representative, you could win on this issue alone. Every Republican wants to give behind someone that is willing to stand up for these measures that are happening. It's and people are out here. Garrett, they're playing the lottery to pay their rent. Okay. You got people that are the uncertainty like you just described before in the last segment. People business owners are scared women. Is Not, the way America America's supposed to be. Self to a group of people to them, I will fight I. Will I. We had this plan in place regardless, if I won or lost, we were going to the same things we were gonna amp up our fight, and again, my job is to to the people that support me in to help them. So we can make sure our agenda. Gets. Pushed. By the way is not far right. It's extreme. It's. It's. It's the Constitution Gary? It's limited government. Individual Rights I. Mean, we're. I. This is so heart wrenching to watch what's happening because no one's out there doing their job and So, yeah. I'm here, Gary. Anybody. By the way, like you said, I'm getting a lot of people that are like, Oh, you're trying to split the vote. You're trying to do this. What are you talking about John McCain Mitt Romney George Bush go the length. Jeff. Guys come along. Do we sit back and do nothing as well as they just literally spoonfeed who we'RE GONNA? They laugh at us right to our face. Your would they. They say, we don't care about the small portion of of conservative Republicans as we're just gonNA, keep going down this socialist path whether you like it or not and and they hold these carrots out in front of you. Garrett like I'm getting people all the time they'll like oh well, you're gonNA screw up the judges. What do you mean them Them, as I didn't screw anything up, I'm just here fighting the fight. Don't blame me go to your leadership. I'm Gary I could sit on this phone call with you have a public conversation. With Kelly Martha Doug, we can have a conversation and I will be happy to be their champion I will support them like crazy, but I have to have certain things understood Are they going to promise me? is she going to promise the public? You'll never fund planned parenthood is she gonNA promised? US. National Reciprocity. is she going to again pledge to get rid of the sex trafficking? Garrett you see what's going on right now, the pedophilia rings that are being exposed. You got a guy that had been killed in federal prison and it's like a joke, it's a, it's the butt of jokes with this Jeffrey Epstein. So. I'm here to help regardless of title I'm I'M GONNA spend every waking moment to fight back against like I said this clear message. I'M GONNA ask your audience one more time. A. R.. S. Thirty six, seven, eight, seven, I've said this probably a good seven, eight times on this program but. Heiress thirty, six, seven. Seven, eight, seven. You need to hold everyone's feet to the fire on that, the governor should not have this type of control in an emergency and a state of emergency. And really quick. I, mean, again, people if they're like, well, do I really understand they, they go to your website, right? Arizona. NEW PARTY DOT com get in touch with you and they say how can we help and you you basically going to run training again, run training and say if you want to become a priest committee person if you want to run for state rep if you want to do this is what you need to do to get there is that that's pretty much what you're doing writes. It. Okay. What I'm doing is I'm building a life raft and we're bringing all the Conservatives oversight liferaft. These are the ones that have been popping up the Republican Party for years where basically gutting them out of the Republican Party making that. Party feel the pain. Then we have an infrastructure, that's there. That's legally an entity that can fundraise. They can do. It needs to do that, and that entity can support Republicans, but it's kind of like in a way you're taking all the activists and puddings together inside of an infrastructure of a party, but it's not designed to be a libertarian party. It's just using that legal mechanism. Mechanism of a party. So that way we can have maximum impact on things that are important to us no mandatory vaccinations, you know no math mandates right? No red flag laws, national reciprocity, simple things. All of us agree upon that, we just have to see who's really with us and this is this is by the way. Historically, Lincoln created the Republican Party okay. People party's Hardee's have to it. Just it's just the way. Nature works I- they are clearly kicking out the conservatives from the Republican. Party, and I'm just creating a home for them that way we can be effective together. Well, you know we'll be in touch man and I hope people get in touch with us. They can figure out what they can do to get involved in and again to recapture it, you take it in a progressive took over the Democrat Party can happen conservatives can take over the Republican Party trump got elected. We need to kick these people that continue to give us garbage and again the ones that don't fight for. US. Like the the the to state reps and and the State Center here that aren't all we're doing things. What are you sending a letter? This is what they do. They send letters man. That's what they're saying. We send a black lives matter literally looted, and then is now demanding that all the looters were arrested get released from jail. So in Chicago. They take it seriously. They have fight and we have no fight with us Arizona. New Party. Dot Com. Daniel Man. We'll be in touch. Let me know. Let. Let's updates. Okay. Thank you Gary and one thing on this. I know it's going to cut it into a break really fast. But I've got to say the audience to we have to do this. It's not that we want to take over the Republican. Party, we have to because they're driving us off a cliff folks. You have to trust me on this I've been watching this my entire life. This is very dangerous territory they're entering into. So I think we must do what we're doing. It's it's mandatory. Danny McCarthy appreciate a man. Thank. You have a good one, but it will be in touch Arizona, dot. com. We'll continue man we'll can. There you go. Hello. Hi, morning, ritual Lewis. K S. T. A. M. Seven, ninety. Tucson's most stimulating talk as A. Listener sending a message with Bay. But Daniels trying to do basically drain the swamp. Drain the swamp. Three things I. Think you need to know number one, do sopher has the most ridiculous vindictive. Rules guidelines to have gyms and bars and nightclubs reopened making it virtually impossible for them to do it. I mean you bars can't open less. There's less than three percent positively. and. We might get there soon, I have update on that coming up. But when it comes to the gyms, you have to wear a mask. Do see wants you to wear masks all the time. Even when you're doing high intensity cardio, he says, if you can't wear a mask, you just shouldn't work out. So he can't work out running, wear a mask. You just shouldn't work out and I love it. It says one feasible. Please take classes, Jim, classes outside. So hundred ten degrees outside sky's the worst. Now, by the way, the gyms would have to reapply for this. This is what it is. It's a fourteen day waiting period plus they say we're GonNa, give an extra twelve days for lag time for reporting. So it's really a twenty six day waiting period. At a minimum. Tacoma a month delayed open. Your Business Says Insane. No reaction from Republicans saying, this is overreach bids Vince leaves the state. Senator, tweeted out himself in zoom call with the governor. He was in the middle of it. So he actually is all about it vince in for Vince. And he supported second thing I think you need to where his bread Roberts is more than welcome to call up and say how ridiculous these rules are by the way. No nothing from bread Roberson Stay. Roberta. Roberts mark. finchem. Anybody else that Kelly towns in it anybody. The rest of them second thing I think you need to know Dr, Scott, Atlas has now joined the White House medical team, which is great. He has been a smartest doctor in the country. When it comes to the Chinese virus schools should be open football should be played Using Common Sense. Logic I had him on the show about a month month and a half ago. The guys fantastic. He is absolutely fantastic. And he is now in at the White House, which is awesome. It is better for all of us He's he's going to just make voucher go away. Third thing I think you need to know pima county once again, using fear to keep schools closed Dr Francisco Garcia comes out yesterday says three, hundred, forty, three kids between zero and nineteen years of age got the virus in. Pima. County. He didn't mention only six ended up in the hospital. Since March. Only six that actually aged that, go to school I've all the my pager canister, dot com, facebook, twitter parlors, all there. and the the irresponsible one doctor, Theresa, Colin the Chief Propaganda Health and Pima County. gave her a nonscientific opinion which is edgy and say in my opinion because I think it's going to take at least six to seven weeks to get back to school. Excuse me just shut. Just be quiet. Be, quiet. You don't know what you're talking about. Mark B Evans Yeah. I want you to transcribe this. To. Theresa Colin. Sh. Can you do that? Mark with your inflated? Salary. Can you do that? She's more than welcome to call the show. She could be angry. She could be mad again. If I'm giving up like I don't be responsible I'm getting bad information. She can let me know. Oh. Yes. Yes, she can. All right. We have to talk about again everything. I mean how disappointed are you? In all the state reps, all these Republican. State senators. ME. Trust me? They know how to get a hold of me. And they listen. The latest numbers by the way. The latest numbers I guess in Pima. County Maricopa are the most are the biggest. They're starting to update the total percent, positive covid, nineteen tests, right? The PR, tests and this Raji. And they August second was the the big one. Last time. It is what seven point six percent I believe it. Let me just do the math again I. Did it yesterday without hold with data analysts? Let's just put it out with injuries on my pager canister. Dot Com is absolutely phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal The Week of August, second, the pima county percent the testing positive rate for the Kobe Nineteen was seven point, two percent. That's what I have down. Are they changed numbers every day with six, thirty, seven divided by eighty. Seven, seventy, eight, seven, point. Two, percent, seven, point, two, five. That's pretty damn close to seven percent. Isn't it? So far, this week August ninth. They've done this for Maricopa and pima. Only there are twenty two positive cova tests. and. There were three hundred to recorded overall Cova tests performed. So twenty two were positive out of three, hundred two. So if you get the percentage there, that is also at seven point, two percent. And this Theresa Call and know how to do math or where find this information. Does she know? Does Dr Garcia? No Doctor Colino. Does Mark B Evans No. I'll be the one to tell them don't listen. There are people. that. Are supposed experts. The guy that used to be the health director of the State of Arizona will humble that the media runs to all the time. He put out the wrong number for the percent positive tests. He did. He put out the wrong number for it. On twitter yesterday. And? He is allegedly an expert. Ten minutes ago, our friend. HOLD TO LLC on twitter. The Guy we had on yesterday. Just, tweeted out again. Here we go. The numbers. Of the of cove here in in Arizona. We went, and this is what is the hospitalization I mean. This is this is tremendous in this state, Arizona. we now have fifteen, hundred, seventy, four, fifteen, seventy, five, yesterday, only fifteen hundred, seventy, four people in the hospital in Arizona with Kobe that's down from thirty, five, hundred, seventeen, the peak on July thirteenth. This is tremendous and it's being downplayed. It's being ignored cases, cases, cases, well, cases I mean come on really. WHO's getting tested? And our friend hold to LLC rights just like the same day last week. The Quick Hospital decline pause today even so the pause was less pronounced than seven days ago, but it's going down. It's going down. So this is where we are right now, we are still holding steady last week and this week at seven point, two percent positively test rating for Cova nineteen in. Pima, county. Very, clear. Once we get to seven, seven, point two is not good enough. I guess he need seven exactly seven or below. You're not getting this anywhere else. Anywhere else. See, Mike, Pence in Tucson. I. Have a guy listening on the iheartradio APP, Jr.. Pennsylvania, the western La Paloma. And he just sent me an email. Your boy Vince leeches standing right next to me in line at the Pentagon. I'll mention the show to him. Jr. Please do. Please do. Make him sweat. Don't. You Amer state senator. I'm very important her So we have that We have some other fund that we need to get to as well. oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Let's do any a chance to really do this yesterday. So Oh, predictive insights did a poll voters uncomfortable sending children back to classrooms, and by the way, that is a a very misleading headline. Very. Misleading. Right. Voters, uncomfortable sending children back, the classrooms, just thirty, nine percent of voters would be comfortable having the kids back in the classroom. But I love it. They wait until it gets further down in the. He had a record by Oh predictive insights, which is a polling company here in Arizona. And it's interesting. It says here. Mike Noble, the guy that runs it said. Schools implementing new safety precautions to reduce potential exposure to covid. Give most voters enough peace of mind to consider sending their kids back to school not only. Are, voters more accepting of schools reopening. You're ready for this with these protective measures in place, but parents have school age children in each case or even more accepting. All of a sudden. It changed to seven in ten parents of children under the age eighteen were feel comfortable if schools were cleaned at the end of each day. So they asked right away Oh. What do you think? Are you okay with this? No, no. No. But then when they're told what if they clean it and have protocols in place, oh? Yeah. Then I'm totally fine with it. The. People dumb. They know this is going to happen. Initially, forty five percent of parents were uncomfortable sending their kids to school, but that number rises. To fifty-six that they are comfortable. With safety measures in place. The poll found voters disapproved the way state leaders of managed Kobe nineteen impact on the educational system, only thirty eight percent or satisfied with what she has done to handle this when it comes to schools. Thirty or satisfied forty, four, percent her unsatisfied. So it's wide open if Republicans only had wave OHS to stand up and say, Hey, I've had it done? No. More. But they have no guts. They have no guts. I need to drain the swamp needs to happen here. We'll continue to not go anywhere. It is Cana St. Louis with you here. KFI, am seven hundred songs most stimulating talk. Thanks for hanging out. Really quick rank. We play quick sound bite. If you don't mind I know I'm asking you to to to beyond multitask. But just in case you missed it, you had riots in Chicago because a black guy shot a cop cop shot back. That's just how dare he do that? So they ride, they looted they sixty million dollars, worth of damage in stolen goods. Right? Black lives. Matter was there nee said, it is a hundred percent, fine that the looting took place. Here is a spokesperson for the black lives, matter, Chicago Ariel Atkins one, thirty three, and then play one, thirty, four Ryan back-to-back. If you don't mind here, we go that reparations. Anything they want to take. Have Insurance. Yes. Yes. I play I. Play One. What is the one? Thirty, two, thirty, two if you listen to this. I don't care and somebody size, the Luna Gucci or a macy's or Nike because that makes sure that that person eats. That, make sure that that person has closed. Black lives matter looting and rioting is okay. It's reparations. They have insurance. It's ours some. Regina. Do you do you support that radical rhetoric? Do you support that as the city mayor? You support black lives? Matter you support that Lebron? James? NBA NFL Major. League. Baseball. You support that. I've been asking for state reps to have guts to call what do they do. Some state REP name gale. When Gail Griffin called in, she wants to talk about out of no idea. What she's going to say could be really good about what Doug Ducey offers doing. We'll have that come in breath dic portions of the following program were prerecorded. From, the train well studio, your local fiduciary trajan wealth dot COM is. Am Seven. Strong build the most comfortable. Yes. Hello. What's going on Gary? Lewis with you, it is your morning ritual right here on Canas am seven hundred. Tucson's most stimulating talk tree things I. Think you need to know brought to you by strong bill plumbing. Air. And a solar. The good old number one is that Doug Deuce come out because he was forced to by the judge? With with protocols guidelines, whatever rules measures, you name it for businesses to reopen gyms, movie theaters, bars, nightclubs, and they are utterly ridiculous. Makes it virtually impossible for a nightclub to open a bar, open. GotTa stay closed until there's less than three percents positivity, and then you can only do half the amount of people to come in, but he still wants to collect one hundred percent of the property taxes for your place of business Jim, Z's requiring masks all the time even while running on treadmills doing high cardio. and. He actually has in the. Screen shot of it on my facebook page. It's so obnoxious. He's such a vindictive man. That it says that if you can't work out and wearing masks and you shouldn't work out at all. this. What Doug Ducey thinks a you? Second thing I. Think you need to know. Dr. Scott Atlas has been added to the White House, Medical Advisory Team was announced yesterday. This is great news. He is the one doctor that actually has a grip, this Chinese virus in the realities of it, and you obviously the president bringing him on is going to boot FAO, G and burks to the side as it should i. just hope that Atlas can actually have conversation with do suffer third thing. that. I. Think you need to know Pima County continues to do nothing. But fear monger, they have a meeting yesterday and it was covered by high pants. fake news bud foster because he's the mouthpiece for Pima County. And Dr Francisco, Garcia Man. You know it's just too dangerous with schools. We had three hundred, forty, three kids at the peak age zero to nineteen with the vice. Of course, he never mentioned how many were hospitalized and it turns out county data shows and I have it all my page facebook item, put it on canvas dot com. County data shows just six. Kids that are high their school, aged five, nineteen, six kids were hospitalized between March and the end of July with covert. Trying to fear monger to keep schools closed three things that I. Think you need to know. So I've been calling out. Any and all members of the Arizona Legislature Republicans. Especially, Democrats I, think you're just a waste Republicans have let me down as well. Nobody is fighting for US however a state senator. Gail Griffin has called in she represents district fourteen coaches, Graham, Greenlee Pima. County parts of those counties. She's the majority whip of the Senate. So she is up there senator Do you think that Doug Ducey? The governor is acting like tyrannical tyrants like a dictator with all of these rules? Well, care at. Let me Let me correct you to begin with I wasn't a state Senate, your state representative. You're reading. Yeah. Hi. Emma. Stages. I. What do you think about? And What do you think about Doug, Ducey? Well, if you let me speak, I'd be happy to to participate in your discussion and I have been in contact with the governor's office. I. Will be up there tomorrow and Thursday and Friday I. Hope to get in to see him. I WANNA. Thank you all good information. You give me I am not in your district I, do represent fail. So that you know that is part of Pima County, of course, but some of the. In fact, I'm trying to get Dr Atlas to come to way, healthcare? Committee Special Meeting to talk about the Kovin We call it the the China virus, of course, and I've been called on the floor and by the Democrats because I use that term which. You know I I, appreciate that. I take some of the information that I learn from new and who you have on and try to run with it. hopefully, I've. Been in contact with the night floor in my district is hurting terribly the town too tough to die dying because of these regulations. I've been in contact with the Department of Liquor and trying to trying to get some of this resolved. So I wanNa know what you have done and what. What McCarthy has done to help the other candidates we are in trouble we help. Your conservative representatives and senators made help we got rid of one. This primary we we now have. Nancy, bartell over in the Senate. So we could get rid of Heather Carter, but we need help getting the rest of 'em replaced and so have. have. Anybody knocked on doors for Tiffany Shit for one. How `Bout Brandon Martin see too. I like Brandon I like Brandon. A tiffany Tiffany I'm not a big fan of tiffany's. Establishments. Let me let me get a word and listen I salute you. I salute you for calling it for what it is. Because the virus did come from China and it's the China virus and I'm glad you don't any flack from those Democrats. That is that is fantastic. I, really appreciate you listening to this show. Because you. You say, you know you get great information because I'm trying to get everything that the media doesn't report. They don't they don't. They don't understand it. They don't want understand it maybe a smarter whatever it is. They're not doing it. So you asked me what I do. Well, you just answered the question. You just answered the question I mean I. I am trying to get every if you guys listen. If you guys as state reps because Ducey's going to you know he's GonNa blow me off like there's no tomorrow. Right. But if you Republicans get together and say we've had we're calling out the governor he is. It's it's a bit ridiculous that he is refusing to call a special session because he refuses to give up his power like that's what it's all about. He refused. He wants to keep giving money to anybody he wants to give money to that comes from the federal government. and. He doesn't want to give that up even the name of getting some kind of liability protection for small businesses. That's how much he doesn't care, and if you guys start calling him out and if you guys say we're GonNa get there and get in his face and we're going to be right. I will round up people. I will be up there with you. I'll be marched with you on that one, hundred percent. We can't. We can't do it alone. Let me give you the governor's phone number. Have Your have your? Listeners call and ask, hi signs, the letter special session. I'm ready to go in. There's two ways to do it McCarthy it. You know he wanted immediately to go into special session. Well, the governor has to sign, it has to call it and he has to specifically say what it's for. if the legislature, the legislature can also call it, but we don't have the numbers, three quarters of of the legislature we that that just as. We had a liability bill ready to go for the businesses on this The Senate ended session. So, we didn't go anywhere as far as. Other things it. We have to have the numbers that the House has thirty, one, twenty, nine. And, you have some of the most conservative with beach in Finchem it. There you really do. So how can I can I start? Stop you hang. Can I stop you right there? Can I stop you right there. Why hasn't Vince Leach on to actually call for a special session? I haven't talked to him, but I will I will talk to him. I'll out why maybe the ready. Maybe the letter wasn't ready to go I. I don't know but It was Heather Carter was one of the the three Republicans voted with the Democrats to sign it died in session. We yeah. Yeah, and that's a great. That's a great thing. But I wanna I wanNA talk about the here, and now because teachers get out there they mobilize union is black lives matter they forced the hand. You know we witnessed though. Though the Wackos on the left, get their way by organizing in large groups, and why don't we take advantage that I know you're saying, well, we don't have enough will what have we put enough frigging pressure on this governor that that we're done with him or whatever his political aspirations are what I mean people right now wanna see people fight for them and I'm one of them as a parent of a seven year old i. hate the fact my kid goes to school and has to sit in a mask all day. six feet away from other cases that effect that that the CDC. Recommendation. Spell out. That if you have breathing problems, don't wear a mask. They don't recommend wearing a mask if you have. If you have breathing problems, how many people are creating breathing problems because they're here. Here's the thing. Listen you seem like a very nice person and I really appreciate listening everything. But we can talk like this. We already know these facts we wanna know what can be done because you know and let you know it seems to me that Republicans are afraid to criticize a Republican Governor Ducey was a Democrat I. Think you'd be all over him like white on Rice. But because he's a Republican you guys are afraid to criticize him and he is basically made you guys meaningless. Government. In Arizona. Anymore, that's not true I. Disagree with what he's doing and I think we can do things, but but I challenge the people listening in auto call. And pick a date. I'll be there pick a date. that call. You can call, you can fax tie up the phone lines. But we need help. Any. White for recorder's Office. What are you doing to get him in? Are you? Are you listening? Right, now let me let me just tell you don't piss off everybody by asking people to go knock on doors when we don't see. Republicans up there. The way teachers were teachers were up there with letters, handing it to do see in front of the media demanding do certain things scooby postponed and they got their way. And you, as Republicans wants to go knock on doors and we're you know there are business owners that have made a buck hang on. They haven't made a buck in months because they're shutdown because the governor whether it's a Jim Abbar arrest, whatever it is, they have and they're getting no support from you guys, Dhamma, don't don't take I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, but I'm just telling you the way it is. So don't tell me to pick a date if you're like, you know what I'm going to. To get on the Horn and I've given finchem in Legion Roberts a hard time. If you WANNA get ten or twelve of those people together and you guys say we're going to be up there August twentieth or whatever, whatever day you want, and we need your help Garrett to get out. We're going to have a letter demanding ducey stop hurting our kids stop stop being power hungry. It's time that the legislature has oversight as to what he is doing man. We'll be there with tens of thousands of people I'm telling you. We'll do it. We'll do it. We'll pick a date and it's not just not knocking on doors fifth phone calls, Coaches County was Democrat county several years ago. We changed it. We got every precinct Committeeman slot filled. So we're it. It takes volunteers in order to help help, get things done, and so we are now we were. Fifty, four hundred more Democrats than Republicans. We're now ten thousand more Republicans the Democrats. So it takes all of this. Not just those elected we need help we represent the people want to represent the people but we're thirty, one, twenty, nine, we can't get. A whole lot. You have to earn it. That's the thing you know right now, you guys earning it because we're getting screwed business owners again, screwed Jim Owners, I can work out, they can't do pay them again, my kids sit in a mask all day, and you say about the CDC. But if I go to the school and say, he can't Damascus breathing problems, they go. All right. Take him home remote. Learn I want him to go somewhere. He needs to start getting. He's leaving the house so and and the governor sitting so. Open. And Look at all the American Academy of anybody telling the governor's the care have you talked to him? Does he care about the American Academy pediatrics? Say No matter what schools should be open. To them and I hope to be able to sit down with me this week when I'm up there. I've made numerous will request to sit down with, well, I'll let you know. The. Aren't aren't. You aren't in this state Rep Gail Griffin on KFC ninety. Aren't you disturbed and I'm not trying to make you say things, you don't want to say where. But I'm a stitched right art known oppressed rated. You aren't you disturbed that the governor is literally ignoring the legislature. I. You know what? What can I say you know we're we are to say, yes. can say, yes, I mean. What are you? What are you? What do you think about think about these rules? Okay. What do you think about these rules that mandate you have to work out in masks if you go back to Jim, if they're allowed to open, that's unhealthy. That is unhealthy. That should not be there should not and I'd like to. See if we can schedule a healthcare committee at the Capitol, you know that might be the day for everybody to show up if if Dr Atlas will will be willing to come in. Thank you need something soon as. I think I. Think you need to do a lot more I. think you need to start. As soon as you can people have, had it. Parents are had parents contact me. They're mad. They're kids can't play sports I mean. Kids are being left behind him. The government, do you I mean? I don't know if I've loved your opinion. Honesty I WANNA fighters people seem to be afraid of the governor, but do you think that I mean his policies are literally hurting children by keeping them out of school? This is the message we're we're sending if you're sick stay home. If, you're fearful stay home otherwise get out there and enjoy life in Arizona and open the schools, open the businesses and. Let's go I'm a small business person I have run also I up, people can't afford to rent. I don't get the rent you know. I'm in the same same. Boat Wax, let's, but it takes all of us. You know. Please don't just complain. Let's do something. Well, we're asking you because people call the governor. The I've emailed the governor myself. You never get responses. He doesn't care. Nobody doesn't like so like we need, we need, we need you guys to get. You know forgive the the comparison, but black lives matter. Get stuff done. Get stuff done. They get tough. And I see no toughness. I. See no calling out Ducey for hurting children I. Mean you guys would be saying if it was a Democrat governor, you are hurting our children by not letting him get back in schools, but no Republican wants to say that to see is that We're we're telling them to please open schools. He's not. To do it. So he is counting. But work with me work with the conservative so that we can improve the numbers and we can make some changes. Well, we can't. Now, we can't do anything. Now, talk about the emergency powers that was done in in nine eleven We have two bills that are gonNA move forward in January if we can't get anything before then, but I don't think we can. But in when I say a session, we've got two bills. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. If, there is an emergency, the governor needs to act appropriately. But after two weeks, you should consent and refer everything and sit down with us and come up with plans with the approval of the legislature. Great. Great. Why why do we think he doesn't want to bill. He can veto that bill. So the second bill will be putting it to the people of the of Arizona. We'll put it as resolution as well, and we'll go to the vote of the people doesn't have to go to the governor that way. So they'll be too if he vetos it. And we've got the the resolution. It'll go to the. That's great, but I need to get you on record. Why do you think he will not call a special session? Is believe that he is not wanting to relinquish power. I don't know, but I'll ask him about this week. You had an avid opinionated. Come on, come on gale. Come I mean this is so we hear you guys talk talk talk, help us help us, but there's nothing we. It's now August eleventh. This started back in. March, we were told we need to stay home and shutdown business to flatten the curve for fifteen days and they said thirty days hospitals. Okay, hospital. What you've done. Nothing to shout out and say this garbage let everything open. Do See. Come on see. Let's go. I. Don't even know rooftops. The extra. Yeah. I gotcha I Gotcha, but your point is gail is that you're not doing anything about this. You're just not we hospitals are. What, I can meet with. I don't want the world to know what are planned is I don't want our enemies to know what our plan is, but I will be happy to come to Tucson sit down with you. Is, governor Ducey an enemy. Governor Governor. So I mean, but you're trying to rein him like again, this is all talk and there's never an. Issue, we are addressing the Yes. You just give us an opportunity to do that, but help increase the numbers if McCarthy's out there wanting to more conservative than God's blessing. If, he's GONNA endorse. make Sally. With those two provisions. I'll see if I can get her to sign those two provisions and let's see what he does. Let's not let's not be a, but again, hospitals are empty their empty. Now they're shutting on coveting, it's left and right all over the place. So you guys. On the rooftop. Patio Sodas. Why aren't you guys screaming to the governor? Enough is enough. This was all done I alive stare this week and I will check back in with you. All right. Listen. Timer to. Yes, but we but we want more. Like everybody else fights. Democrats go public and fight Republicans, never go public and fight, and that that's why you never get results. Have, you seen the bills? The Democrats have submitted? I'll give I'll send you a copy of though. I mean you can you show the people all the things that they want to do. If. You're not. You're not. We want people to fight for us in the here, and now because we're living in the here and now I get Democrat terrible. But Republicans aren't fighting for us what the Hell's the difference Republican. Fighting, we are. We are. But, you can't say how? I will come and tell you how. Can I say publicly because people want to know? That, we're not gonNA tell you our our campaign strategy so that the other party's hardy. So? We're. We're so. So it's campaign. So we we're screwed. We're screwed till November is what it is. Is what you're saying. Maybe we want something done now. It's August eleventh. We want kids back in school. Labor Day is when they're talking about the. Word is the public schools aren't opening by the way to put him in private schools. They don't even open either you're not even they're not even open either. Well this is nick. And next week. I guess your grandson. People pissed off at day absolves as possible and you know again. You're talking about getting reelected not. I. Don't I don't think that's a very. Awful I'm just telling you I'm here to do the right thing. Period, and the right thing is to go out there and call a Doug Ducey publicly and put pressure on them. I mean at whatever bite by any means. Necessary. We're sick people not fighting for us. So I think that unfortunately you might not. Might not have the numbers you want and That's just the reality of the situation you gotta earn the vote and there's no earning going on right now, if people want to vote for Democrats for Democrats, I'm not here to get reelected. I'm here to do the right thing and I'm calling in. Went went I'll tell you what trump fights, nobody else gets the message. If you go do something and he does something you call back, you let me know I'll put you on hold Ryan will give you my cell phone number and and you let me know what happens I. Don't think anything's going to happen. I think you had to take this fight publicly. Ducey doesn't care what anybody thinks and says, you can't even call him out for abusing his power I. Mean. It's this is what we're looking for and. This is why Republican Party doesn't doesn't succeed in Arizona. There's there's no gottesman. There's there's no guts. Five thousand number two year listener so that they can also call in it. Took me forty minutes to get through your answering machine is up in. PHOENIX. And I had difficulty getting through to now? So it's it's drawn that he it's it's eight, zero s t eight, eight, zero, five, six, seven, eight, that's That's the number down, but that's okay. Gail thank you for at least calling in I. Give you the credit for that and and I hope you can do something I just I'm very. Very, frustrating, disappointed that people still Republicans are afraid to call out Ducey for abusing his power on. It was Republican you'd be. You'd be all over them. So that's very frustrating. Termed out governor nobody wants to say anything to them Gail. Thank you very much. Gail. Griffin. Stayed Ryan give her my cellphone. If you don't mind and she can let us know what happens and I can't can't imagine anything. There, you have it and don't get mad at Daniel. Danny. Wants to retake the Republican Party. Holy Crap. We'll continue. Don't go anywhere. I'm really late, but it was worth it. Right? It goodfeet Your Arts Sports Storm? Gary. Lewis with you here Kansas am seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk as a buddy of mine is on fire right now. So Livid listening to her like she doesn't get it like that's the old gop that Danny McCarthy wants to get out like she just literally doesn't get it Gail Griffin I'm glad she listens I'm glad I can educate these people. But they still have no guts to actually go AFC calls Pelosi at everybody and everything and gets power gets away and gets reelected and these Republicans play frigging footsie. Foot like we you want people to go knock on doors. No, they can't. There's kids. It's being teeters. She was never. On my way I'm GonNa meet with the governor. Our that'll do a lot. Just. Got This from the healthcare segment of Gail. With you man. Man. But. Say it and yes, it was worth it are they so blind as to how the people really feel. Thank you Garrett only. You can take that kind of abuse. First thing in the morning may ask what you drink before work. Whenever it is. It's going to be stronger. It's it's Tiger's blood. It's going to be stronger. V V, own seven beyond seven I know really quickly jump to Mary. Mary. Welcome to T.. Hello. Mary. Garrett. that was quite an. Interview and Dale Griffin is indicative of exactly why this Republican Party is most likely, GonNa lose come November. There's no passion. There's no, it's all optics. Is it? Not? I? Mean the Democrats are? Sewer Rats, but they get their agenda across by being the most obnoxious people in the world and they're commerce. But. They're just working behind the scenes or you know whatever they're doing. I don't believe that the Republicans in our Arizona. House or Senate are doing a Dang thing. I'm having to watch my language here Strong certainly in the morning. you know Mick Sally, never ever talked to a live person in her office, and I have Congress on speed dial because I watch Fox and listened to talk. Radio. And so if I hear something good or bad that somebody in Congress has done I. You know what I'm in. Arizona. I'm in Sierra Vista, but I'll let him know what I think but I. Oh, speaking of that I cannot tell governor do suffer what he should do or what my opinion is because I've been on hold up to thirty forty minutes. Waiting Talk to him or waiting to talk to some many, and there's never an answer and Gail Griffin to not tell me that she can't light of fire under his butt. And the rest of them. If they didn't, they just don't care. That's all I can imagine, and so I worked my mom out for Daniel McCarthy. But why would I do anything for MC Sally? She'll be lucky if I get my vote is she gets my vote. Listen I. Thank you for the phone call here, the passing of the frustration, and this is where you know at the again gale. Listen if they if the Republicans lose power they're going to blame you and me for not knocking on doors you believe that. You got to help us what the hell are you doing to help us? We gotta help you do between her today and Bread Roberts yesterday. I mean, keep calling. Tell me how I'm wrong. We're the rest of these Republicans. By the way when they don't call in, they know they can't win. Well, we can't do anything. That's it. That's your answer. We don't have enough people for a special session, we can't do anything. That's what you're going with. Gay. That's that's what you're going with that. They ought hang on. We're really late. We'll take calls I promise I, know. I, know you're so please I know where stacked. Gallison's all the time. She had to call Phoenix to get here. You frigging kidding me. Eight Eight, zero, K N, S T, eight, hundred, zero, five, six, seven, eight, we'll continue one. Oh Eight. Gary Lewis. With you here can see am seven hundred zones, most stimulating talk tree things. I think you need to know number one do super puts out guidelines which are insane. That Republicans refuse to criticize by the way they refuse to criticize the idea of wearing masks while doing cardio in gyms. And never opening up. Bars really ever again and the whole process can take twenty six days. No fight. We heard from Gail Griffin State representative. that. Whole situation will be on my pager canister, DOT, com. So do see decides to do that? Yeah. Second. Thing I think you need to know where mass when you were Dr. Scott. Atlas has joined the White House Medical Advisory Team Hopefully, he could stick gouge in a closet. Till burks to leave whatever it is He is fantastic when it comes to the virus and he's going to be the probably the chief guy to get out there and tell all these governors. What to do. We'll see if ducey listens I, listen a felled tree and Alicia, Birch. Yar. So I hope Atlas puts me 'cause. We actually asked, atlas? We should go back and get it. Tomorrow Ryan Minor Interview Scott Atlas where I asked him what he thought of Doug Ducey saying you're safer at home and he's like, that's that that makes no sense. We'll get that for tomorrow. It's a big deal because now he's going to, he's going to tell you how to handle this. You'll see Ducey's evilness come out and ignored. So he can keep his power third thing I think you need to know Pima County, continuing their insanity pushing fear. To keep schools closed yesterday Dr, Francisco Garcia told Eh. Eh Meeting, and Kale the high pants, fake news abundant. But foster did where he said listen it was dangerous. We had at the peak, we had three, hundred, forty three. Kids Age. Zero to nineteen sick with the virus. He never followed up and said yet only six ended up in the hospital between March and the end of July. Nothing by the way seven point, two percent cove in nineteen positive test rate last week and Pima County and the numbers so far this week continue the seven point, two percent rate. So we are very close despite clueless Cullen, the Pima County chief Dr Propagandists claiming Italy, Aletha. That seven weeks before we get kids back in school. Based on nothing no science never science. That's why they come on this show. Look what I just did. Do a Republican. I asked fair questions. We, got a plan, but we need more power. We needed to go knock on doors I. mean you believe this lady? So people are literally losing their business, they feel trapped in their home. They can't get kids back in school, but we should go knock on doors and say go re elect these people because they've given us. Literally. No help. I mean holy. Crap. Let's go, to bill bill welcome. Hi, Bill. Hello. I gotta be honest with you. I had to really putting down good because the garbage that I just heard. Ever wonder why the people are so fed up with this garbage. She doesn't have a plan to help the people share the plan to get reelected. I don't think it matters what side of the spectrum you on left to right. What I think. The thing that we agree that we have a complete garbage government today, they don't represent the people. We're not. We're not a government, a the people were a government, the people and I think we've had it. I can't imagine re electing these idiots again and I know that people complain. But we keep putting these morons in office. This is ridiculous. I was so pissed off listening to that lady. It's ridiculous. What came out of her mouth? She's gotTa drive down with the super-secret plan that she can only give you. On how to fix this problem and she expects people to believe her. Yeah Dude I mean I I was mad. You're mad. We were all mad, right. All Mad and and she didn't get it she and right now I guarantee you. There are other Republican lawmakers listening to this show saying Gayle what the Hell did you? Do I mean these keillor's Takashi? Idiot. Oh. My God. Please we. We have a plan going. Did you feel motivated to go knock on doors get Republicans elected after? I. Tell You what I felt motivated that she's lucky. I wasn't on the phone. Okay. I'm motivated. I. Am going to vote in November. But tell you I'm not going to vote for government garbage like that. That is absolutely ridiculous. She sounded so stupid. It wasn't even funny. I can't believe she got on the radio and she ought to be embarrassed. She. Literally. I'll tell you what happened. She literally called. Our Company in Phoenix, and they sent me an email. Saying this lady. Gail. Griffin just called wants you to call her back. She couldn't figure out how to call in to the freaking radio station phone number. But she called our newsroom in Phoenix and I'm like, if you can't figure out a call in number of radio station, maybe you shouldn't be in government anymore and about being an agency. But what do you know hang on? Hang on a second hang on a second bill? Do you know she's eighty five years old? Eighty five look look at Gail if you're listening if you WANNA know the reason why people are so fed up, it's because of the crap they came out of your mouth. That's the reason why people are fed up. I am so sick and tired of politicians. I can't stand him. That trump is the only one that I think is doing anything about anything today. I can't stand a politician when they talk. She, she made it worse. She didn't make it better. She made it worse exactly. Exactly. She made it a lot worse. I mean see she literally added nothing. She would not criticize. We should have schools open. I feel bad. You know Mike and I love my grandkids go into private school. Well, that's great for your grandkids. But how many people can't afford that can't do that. Don't have an option. That's your solution. Nothing like. Doucehy needs nothing I'm gonNA tell Doozy to make sure you get your money back. You pay in taxes for education. She can spend it any way you want no nothing like that for our either I mean these people. These governors are GONNA, turn back around and. I've never both for that. Moron? Okay. But now now, the governor's GonNa turn back around and say you know what we we screwed this one up. Bad. We're in a deficit that we're not going to recover from. We'll get the US government to pay for our bill. That's just it's. It's so stupid. I can't believe what's going on today. I. Know It's all about control and power man, that's what it is and and doocy wants to run. For Senate I'm telling You my gut tells me this in twenty twenty two turned out his governor. He wants to run for Senate, and I'm telling you the reason he wants to keep a chaotic in this state is to make it seem it's really bad even though it's not so he can keep getting federal emergency dollars and not relinquish any power not get any oversight from legislature so he can give it to anybody he wants that's going to pay him back when he runs for Senate in two, thousand, twenty, two data my hypothesis here. I'll leave you with this. You can't fix stupid and politicians are full of today I'll tell you. Yep. You're right. Thank you. Man Bill appreciate it, and I've got a lot of people saying they voted for trump and that's it. That's it. I got this message just now. I voted for Gail, Griffin represent me in the state capital. If she expects me to work do the work I'm going to start by running against her in the next election. I hope that APPS, that's what listen, and again, that's exactly what Daniel McCarthy is doing with his website Arizona. New, party DOT COM. Right. Arizona new. Dot Com he saying, let's just get rid of the old guard that hasn't done anything and I will help people want to make a difference. You WanNa get involved. I will. We will do. I will show you how. Hang on I'm getting texted by Gail, now Oh, she's not eighty five. It says five. How old are you, gail? You need to be fair. What I said is was we need help electing more conservatives. We're telling you is we need you to fight back against the governor I don't understand like are you like right now like door the elections three months away. That's that's then. We know this virus will go by then. But until then there's GonNa be a lot of people that lose their homes and their businesses. And you've done nothing to fight back against UC. The fact that Republicans can't sit back and say ducey is literally. Right, do is literally holding onto this power and not relinquishing, and that's not right I mean. They can't even say that. Come on. Come on. We'll continue. Don't go anywhere at GM Tucson, dot. Gary Louis Louis with you here. Canister T am seven hundred. Tucson's most stimulating talk. put up the interview from good old gale. She's not eighty five. I don't know how old she is. I, apologize for being wrong there. It says that I should've trust the wikipedia they're trying to get anything. There was only thing that's rage and I was a little surprised. She didn't sound eighty-five. I'll give credit however. We'll find out I. I texted her back. Said I hope you realize. You know there's no waiting. Waiting is not an option. And you know I got this part of ducey's plan. To Make Arizona, go blue. I. Think Ducey's McCain that wants to see Biden win. But here's the thing. What's funny is that? Trump may be the only republican that actually wins on election day. It's going to backfire and all the Republicans here. Especially, the McKay nights. and here's another one legislator should've should've have to affirm the governor's mercy declarations that statute should require legislative review every two weeks. That's what they WANNA do. The statue was written. It has been a disaster, not politicize politicized pandemic. That's what it is to like nobody. There's no lawmaker says, Hey, doug, we have this under control. Now, we're not in a state of emergency anymore. Call for a special session. Let's get legislative oversight. And he won't do that, and that's what I said. You guys basically have been made You're worthless. He has made you worthless. Will have more tomorrow Russia looking for a new career, but don't want to spend four years in college than checkout s CPI university through are year round accelerated programs. You can earn a bachelor's degree in just two point, five years and associates in one point five or earn your masters in as little as fifteen months whether it's technology healthcare business, criminal justice, or the culinary arts are hands on programs can help you reach your professional goals. So what are you waiting for visit e CPI DOT EDU to learn more?

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The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis-06/23/20 Full Show

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

2:38:30 hr | 4 months ago

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis-06/23/20 Full Show

"Well hello there high. It is your morning ritual with me. Gary Lewis. Ken, S. T. A. M seventy two songs most. Stimulating talk hi it's Tuesday. Thank you for hanging out with me of course three things that I think you need to know. Brought to you by stronger plumbing, air and solar number one, you have president trump coming to Arizona being humid checking out the border wall. Then it'll be up in. Phoenix Tempe talking to some. Bunch of college students students for trump. and. Yeah, that's that's what he's doing. And of course he did something fantastic yesterday. He extended the. The no more coming here on temporary visas got to protect American jobs, and that's what he did. That's what he's about. So he did that. Yes, no more temporary visas for this year because we have too many Americans that are simply out of work. Second. Thing that I think you need to know just in case. You didn't know good old regina. Yes Regina Romero. She decided to hang. A black lives matter banner. Right outside the City Hall tenth floor up there and you could see it from everywhere. She is a complete radical out of control. Maniac congratulations to the city of Tucson for having that thing in charge your. That's your workout well very very very very very well. the third thing that I think you need to know. In Seattle yeah in Seattle, maybe. The mayor there is finally given an realized I guess it's not the the whole summer. Love thing. Three people have been shot by the way in Chop formerly known as Chad Chaz Chad Chaz AJC. Three one nineteen year old killed when seventeen shot in the arm I've not with the other one is Why are the anti-gun people going out there? Demanding that these chop people put down their weapons. Where's Mark Mark? Killer should be waiting into into. Chop saying. GimMe your weapons an astronaut I. Know what I'm talking about I, got it. But she said that they're gonNA. We need to start winding this down. She's ordered the Seattle police to take back the police precinct. That's very nice. I'd be like you I. You I on. Sweetie. I mean totally sexist when it happens three things, I think you need to know. So. I see this happen and and and Regina I mean. This is one of the most sick things that you'll see. She is such a radical. She is literally. Hanging I, mean representing the city of Tucson. Black lives matter a racist thing by the way because we all lives matter, that's racist. You don't value black I. Don't I don't understand how that works? So she hangs it out there and it's. It's for everyone to see who paid for it. Who paid for that banner? You really need that. Is that we is that what we want here's is we need here. I'm this. They're going to be some crazies. That are GONNA. Look at this and it'd be totally fine with it. And there're others at say what the heck is going on right now. Like what what is happening with this, why are we allowing this is? This is not okay by the way. This woman is dangerous. She thinks this is appropriate. It's the right thing to do. I mean again. What and I've gotten a lot of emails? We had a call. I think it was a couple of weeks ago. About this about Pancho via the Poncho via statue we have in Tucson, and how Poncho via a bad guy. He was a bad dude. He Killed People Killed Americans. He was like the Mafia. We had a guy called up and said his grandparents telling them stories of how the you know. He'd go in their demand payment, or it's still horses demand food demand steaks. And there is a statue paying homage Amanda, they're ripping down statues all over the place. We Have Regina Romero in, but she's encouraging this crazy behavior. Encouraging it. She's rules for radicals. She's exactly what they want by the way. So Regina goes and does that and she said I wanted to hang. Hi, everyone that passes through Tucson bag. You know you could see it from the highway. This is what we're about this. What thank you. As your car when you're driving on the streets, and maybe you don't have a hobby. You're gonNA drive on the streets. Do you lose your your front end? You're relying out right. And enraged? No Problem Regina all about that. She is all about that this is. This is what we have to deal with here. So we have that and then I. Don't know if you saw last night. In Washington DC. They tried to create their own, not even. Not, even just a regular, autonomous, own a a black house. Autonomous Zone it's be age. Eight! Baz Baas they tried to create that. and He Washington. DC police got in there. And said no way. They tried ripping down a statue Andrew Jackson. President trump is tweeting about it, and and and He actually put it out there. That that he is he he wants people to pay the price for this. He wants people to pay the price and he's had enough. He's like people need to go to jail for this MS defacing property, and this is federal property on top of that. He tweeted out. I've authorized the federal government to arrest anyone who vandalized destroys any monument statue, or other such federal property in the US or the ten years in prison for the Veterans Memorial, Preservation Act or such other laws that may be pertinent. Actions effective immediately, maybe retroactively for destruction or vandalism already 'cause there'd be no exceptions good. So? He did that two hours ago. So while you're sleeping, the president did that. He put that up. There said we're GONNA. We're not letting people off the hook and they shouldn't be. Let off the hook. So. The president is standing up for law and order. The Democrats are letting it. Go a wild about the mayor of Washington DC hasn't said a word that I've seen about any of this nothing. And about they try they put in ropes on Andrew. Jackson Statue. They tried to pull down. Police shows not not Abbott. Not Have. Not Normal, this is not normal. people are seeing what's happening. I mean the insane it's it's crazy. What's going on? You WanNa. Know How insane it is too I saw this story. Yesterday. and. Actually before we get to that story. There were the pulse. I don't think I had a chance to mention this last week. There were opposed on what people want Rasmussen. Has This outright as Regina Welcome back to Regina for singer? Regina throws up. The black lives matter sign on the tenth, floor. City Hall. It's embarrassing I mean she's just trying to get attention. It's all about her. So Rasmusen did a survey thousand likely voters forty seven percent. said all lives, matter is better than forty four percent that pick black lives matter. And in the poll asked which statement is closest to your own black lives. Matter got thirty percent. Including thirty percent of voters under the age of forty sixty three percent of liberals, of course, all lives matter was picked by fifty nine percent of all voters fifty eight percent of swing voters, fifty six percent of voters the it's not normal. The crazies are running rampant running wild. They're going nuts. But, you know what America doesn't believe in that man. They don't believe in it. That's why the pressure is on for this Seattle Mayor Jenny Jenny Durkan. She. We gotta go I swear if I was the police union up there in Seattle, I would say no. You know what we're going to let it stay. That precinct to stay where it is, I want the mayor to sweat right now. How'd you can be the police officer? Being given the orders by the way, go in there and go get it back amongst the crazies. That's the plan. The plan is, there is no plan. So this is what we're dealing with right now. In this country I'm telling you law and order is gonNA. Come back. It's going GONNA come back in a big way. and I have some just some crazy stories. We gotTA talk about the Chinese virus because there could be a bigger scam than I even thought. As to what's happening? In other counting the cases here in Arizona and who's going to the cases, so we have that Oh Jimmy Kimmel who actually was on our sister station K. R. Q. Back What twenty years ago thirty years ago whatever the hell it was! You know he's out there. Saying trump's a racist trump's. This trump's begging Tom Arnold tomatoes I gotta tape, says trump, saying the N. word begging them to release. It will now Jimmy Kimmel. You're about to get with the cancel culture there. Bro Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel. In? Big Trouble as he apparently dropped the N. word in a in a way to be funny. That was funny years ago, but nobody has a sense of humor. Nowadays so Jimmy Kimmel. You don't do that when I get back. Jimmy Kimmel paying the price. It's exactly what's happening and you know what you want this now. You'RE GONNA, get it. Do not go anywhere. I have so much more. The Jimmy Kimmel stuff morning ritual Garrett. Lewis can sti am seven hundred sounds most stimulating talk, the morning ritual with Gary. 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And if you are maybe a little bit nervous, they can do the whole process remotely, not a problem. How is your financial adviser? Handle the rollercoaster of the Chinese pandemic. If you're not too confident, maybe you've done a yourself and this time you realize I need to strategize the professional. Call Trajan well today. Three to one forty, one, hundred, three to one, forty, one hundred go to trail dot com for more information advisory services. Offered through, Trajan Wealth Llc an SEC. REGS OPTIMATAXRELIEF DOT COM. Let's do a six eighteen on this Tuesday it is your morning ritual. With me, Gary Lewis S. T. A. AM seven ninety two songs most. Stimulating talk. To be shockingly hot today it's. Getting to the end of June, no, can we need some rain? Where's the monsoon when you need it right? seventy-one outside right now. smokey because the fires one. Oh, seven today one eight tomorrow one Thursday one. Oh, six, Friday. My, goodness gracious. It's blistering hot so yeah just be smart Don't forget to follow me on facebook. FACEBOOK DOT com slash gear Lewis Radio. also add Garrett Lewis on twitter and and look weekend. We can have some fun right. I always want to get stuff there. I'll get back to making those videos and everything else. I try to do it every day. May you know in the evening after new? Whatever it is a facebook live, we can chat. I enjoy, those are walk rush, limbaugh and that's just a that's what happens, so the cancel culture is out. Jimmy Kimmel noted trumpeter all these. All these whacked out celebrities and libs that hate trump any. They hit everything's. He's about right, and he's the worst person he's this. He's that Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Blah so I'm. What is? What is incredible is just hypocrisy and we've seen this. We've seen Harvey Weinstein Matt Lauer. All these lives that actually have have been thrown to the kick to the curb I should say and busted for sexual, so trump's the worst. He's of sexual assault, and all these people they do it and then Jimmy Kimmel's out there begging Tom, Arnold Tom auto claim I. have a I have a i. have a recording of trump's saying the N. word. If he did. He would've put out there. Trust me and Jimmy Kimmel, beg to please relieves it. Release it, please and now all of a sudden Jimmy Kimmel. There's an actual recording of him using the n word. Now. Is it funny. I have no idea the N. word ever funny. I have no idea. I still understand why black people say the N. Word like it's okay. You know they call white people. The yen were this horrific video I saw out of a macy's in Michigan where some black guy just beat the hell out of this white guy. And what are you seeing? What are you? For no reason why they got a guy got arrested, he was horrific video. Horrific So. Fox News had this exclusive apparently back in nineteen, ninety six I guess they were a a Christmas album from a radio station in Los Angeles Jimmy. Kimmel was part of that station. Part of the morning show. And in it. He apparently imitated Snoop Dogg for a for a track. Now, snoop dogg could say Jimmy can't. With the I don't know. Is it writers and only anybody should say. But it's like now. People can't even actually try humor anymore. Right can't do it. No, no, no, at least back then you could be funny. He apparently admitted this podcast and back in two thousand thirteen. He said I changed my speech pattern I tried to sound like a black guy tried to sound like the black comedian. George Wallace. Adam Karol was doing the podcast with Adam Corolla said it was Jimmy's crazy black voice. And Jimmy Kimmel Knowledge Imitating Black. People on other occasions as well. Tell me by the way. That's over the line. The whole movie white girls were two black COMEDIANS. Put on white makeup. Imitate white girls. Come on really. there are shows on Bravo. My wife watches housewives. And there's a what is it land I? Think and it's generally all black women and they'll make comments. That's the white people do. That's okay. That's all right apparently. Everybody's so sensitive now. So. Now Jimmy Kimmel. He's apparently supposed to host the emmy's good luck with that. said he's taking the summer off. Yep now this out. He is taking the summer off. He hasn't said he's sorry. I mean personally I don't think anybody should, but I'm glad that Jimmy Kimmel getting destroyed right now. Because when these frigging jerk come out and want to parse every single word and every single thing you've done in your past as if nobody has ever made a mistake. Nobody's ever done something that. Maybe somebody else finds route. Others do not net. You know what you're going to be judged on every word. You said even going back twenty five years. One time you said this now, your life is ruined. You know Jimmy. Kimmel promoted that and now he's paying the price for it. Until these goof-balls finally realized dude, we're human. We're human. We make mistakes. We say things we shouldn't say. I'm on the radio twenty hours a week. Me Words I. Say every day and then add up to every week and every month and every. You don't think there's sometimes I I mean I I can't remember the last mistake I made, but I'm sure there's something that I've said and done in the past. Apparently Jimmy Kimmel imitated a black comedian and use the N. word six times. So, you're telling me. That that's not okay. But it's okay for someone to imitate. Italian person whether they're black or white doesn't matter you can do that. That's that's a Jewish person. Oh Hey. You can't do that, oh? That's so offensive, can't we? Of course look? We make everybody here. We love everybody's differences. We love everybody de-icing crissy's. Why not? You can't you can't imitate. You can't have a corona. Ana Margarita where some rare on Cinco de Maya. Oh okay. Yet again I always say this. Nobody ever says any your Irish. People complain when people are an Irish celebrate Saint Paddy's Day. Right apparently, Jimmy Kimmel used the N. word six times. On that on that tape, right? Roseanne Barr Roseanne. She lost her hit show. Because of feelings, someone was offended by its. I think most of America's just sick of this were sick of the canceled culture, but again you know what? Jimmy Kimmel. Did this you good luck bro? Good luck I think that it's I think it's phenomenal. Suffering right now from this because he wanted it, he created it. He pushed it lading. But this is. This is what this is what they want. Now they're going to pay the price and you know who is still standing strong right now. Don! Don is standing up strong. Yep! No problem there. He's you know what the accused my everything and yet it never seems to come true in funny how that happens! In a funny. we have allowed to get your six forty this morning. We'll get to the pima. County Pima County. Friday afternoon decided to Do their own mask mandate so even if you're in Moran apparently. There there are certain rules now pima county. There's certain this one thing that stood out to me I. There's no fine okay. And and sheriff neighbor came out and said he's on enforcing anything so glad, yeah, Remote Roma with three to vote again. I'm glad that the three dolts on the supervisors board feel good about themselves, but we'll get to that at at six forty. Seven Oh. Five this morning Liz Harrington. From, the trump campaign going to be talking to us about his visit here in Arizona and is up questions, I have questions. So we have a lot of things to get to do not go anywhere. We get back. I will try to get your calls, but also also get into this whole It looks like to me. It looks like a lot of fudge into the numbers as there's local freak out oh. My God twenty to forty four year olds, the highest group that has the Chinese Virus A. There's more to it than they are telling us. It's all coming up. Do not go anywhere morning, ritual Garrett Lewis. Can S. T. A. Seven Ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk? The morning ritual with Derek Sherwood on Kennedy. I Louis with you here Kansas T am seven hundred. Tucson's most stimulating talk. So. You know this thing that Doug Ducey says. If anybody wants to test, they can get a test. I've had some friends that thought they might have the Chinese virus and they tried to get a test and it all like different rules in different places. And they go to get the test. And they're told we'll only test you if you have symptoms. Okay Sarong. GonNa test you. If you have symptoms and it all, it's all starting to make sense so then how many people lie all? You have chest tightness. Oh, yeah, yeah I mean this cough I can't get rid of in. Yeah, yeah, that's that's. That's the ticket, yeah? And it made me think okay, so if you say you have symptoms. And they believe you and they test you and it comes back if Isn't that counted in the cases? If you go back to the June first entry, and who wouldn't go to the Arizona Department of Health website, right and then go check out the health director Cara Chris blog I mean it's electric. Right so a door like me. Actually some of that always wants to be right free of historic stuff like I'm sick. I, don't want to get I'm not getting fooled right so i. go back and I look. And I brought this up in the past. And it says here. June first we'll be breaking out confirmed and probable cases. And deaths so confirmed and probable cases and deaths so confirmed cases and probable cases both confirmed. Cases are included. In our overall case count. They're both included a confirmed case. Let me remind you. That's a positive test. Reported a public health problem will. Case is a case that doesn't have a confirmatory diagnostic test, but meets certain criteria. That allow public health to classify it as a case. That can include a positive antibody test, so we know that right? That's why the cases go up. I had it three months ago. It showed up. Also. Also. A symptomatic patient would no diagnostic test. That is a close contact to confirm covid nineteen case I know people that have gone to get tests because they said a coworker of mine got it. I'm not sure if I have or not, and they lied to get a test. Oh, yeah! I got the chest tightness. And comes out negative. So to me, is that then put into? We don't know this and God forbid any of the stupid journalists actually asked this question show. Somebody says I. Work with someone or know someone of family member that got the virus. It's confirmed in a test. I feel like I have it. And they claim they have symptoms and test comes up negative. Is that still count as a probable tests because there's so many false positives false negatives? If it is, I mean Geez. Can you imagine how inflated these numbers are? It'd be nice to actually get some confirmation on that. Oh. Yes, yes, it would. And I'll have more on this. because I have to. I. Have to have more on this. It's insane, and then we'll talk about masking coming up Pima County. Tucson two different sets of rules. I mean it only makes sense right. Wait till you hear who actually is exempt for masks from Pima County? It's classic coming up right here on Kennedy. Campaign Rally in Phoenix figures to be the highlight of president. Trump's visit to Arizona today. Organizers predict crowd of about three thousand for these students for trump rally at a church in Phoenix Phoenix is mayor is requesting president trump where a mass during his time in Arizona today mayor, Que Gago released a statement, asking all elected officials to set an example by wearing a mask, and she wants called it the summer of love, but now the mayor of Seattle is doing an about face. Announcing the dismantling of the Capitol Hill occupied protests on or shop zone following weekend shootings, the blocks of city streets were taken over two weeks ago. I'm Greg Paul can. T am seven ninety. Eight zone DOT ORG. Gary, Lewis with you. Thank you for hanging out on this Tuesday. It is your morning ritual right here with me. Can S. T am seven hundred sons? Most stimulating talk. Three things I think. You need to know number one president trump going to be in Arizona today at Yuma the wall. then. He'll be up in the Phoenix area, talking to a bunch of college students for trump. We'll find out at seven. Oh, five from Liz Harrington with his campaign and the RNC. What exactly is going to happen what they're doing? I want to know why they're leaning on a an establishment jerk like coral rove for advice, president trump didn't lean on anybody for advice except himself, and he won the presidency. Like what is going on now, so we'll get to all that with Harrington. coming up. second thing that I think you need to know. This is a huge huge huge thing. president trump. Signed an executive order, suspending temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of twenty twenty, and of course, the Chamber of Commerce is not happy. Because? They're terrible. They're globalist. It's awful. Oh. This is so bad. They are fighting to have American stay at work. At the Chamber of Commerce I have their press release for God's Sakes third thing that I think you need to know. Is that Regina. Romero hung out. A black lives matter banner from the tenth floor at city. Hall, that a big deal this I mean she represents Tucson. Black lives hangs. Right out there I. Don't know who paid for it. I'm assuming taxpayers. Right. She felt like she needed to do it. Oh, it's just it's so. It's so nice matter of fact. again her tweets. She did it to commemorate June thirteenth. This morning we unveiled a short but critical message from the tenth floor at City Hall Black Lives Matter. Black okay. There you have it three things I think you need to know. So. Oh there was news came out that Novak Djokovic rich and his wife test positive for the coronavirus after hosting a tournament Croatia. Actually have eight. It's okay to you. Know what it's not the worst thing in the world to get it. Especially if you're a guy like that, a world class athlete. We need to build the hurt in unity. It needs to happen. It needs to happen. So on that same level. Pima County. They decided to come out their own mask mandate. three to to vote party lines. Share in the driver drinker, who again by the way should not, she should not. Be In a mask. She has a tough enough time driving normally if she's in a mask where the oxygen level. Goes Down and she suffers from my poxy. It's going to be bad for everybody including her. Okay! It's bad when that happens. I even got an. I got to get this. Somebody commented one of my posts. On facebook that he was in church on Sunday. And there was a man wearing a mask and didn't look good Rafi looking at him and. Fifteen minutes, he was starting to fade a little bit, so we went over took off the mask. and. He said I don't really don't wear masks I. Did it just because of the you know the the rule today you know the mandate. And I wasn't feeling well. By, the time, paramedic Scott there about twenty thirty minutes later they took the only ninety two percents oxygen in his blood. It's supposed to be ninety five to one hundred, and that was a. he said it was about fifteen twenty minutes after he took the mask off. It's probably down below eighty. Masks are not the safest things to wear. So they're promoting something that literally. Can Kill you. They can kill you Father's Day weekend. We went up to To Scottsdale doolittle station. And my wife she. She knows obviously me. She knows what's going on before you the pima county. She knows what's going on. And I told her I said look. I'm not wearing one of those thinking masks. If it was as bad as they say, they would've told us wear masks from the beginning. If I've read all the studies, New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet all these things. The NIH the CDC. They say doesn't do anything to stop flu virus. Cove it all this stuff. Sorry nothing. I said if it was really that bad even with people outside of the pool. They'd say when you're out where the mask, but they don't. I run into, so I go to check us in. The poor guy is standing there checking us into the hotel. And I could barely hear what he is saying because we got the plexiglas plus the mask sport guys wearing a mask. He's got the PLEXIGLAS. And I'm i. what what and then he looks? Says you know there was a there was an ordinance passed here in Maricopa County about mask. Wearing a said I've medical condition. He went okay and that was it. That, was it? I went to the grocery store yesterday. I saw maybe two other people besides me, not wearing masks. Just, not doing it and there I was waiting to the Deli counter. and. There was a lady in a mask. And she saw me without a mask, and she merely took like five steps to the right with her cart. And made me chuckle and look in her cart. And what does she have big bottle of wine? Twelve pack of beer, sugary grapes. She's ordering. She's ordering Pasta Salad and I'm thinking. So you're mad that I'm not in a mask. Yet the stuff you're eating isn't exactly building up the immunity. And making your immune system better and healthier, but that's cool. That's all right. Whatever. So Pima County. They have different rules than Tucson. Pima counties rules override them Tucson wants a fifty dollar. Fine, which no one's ever GonNa get look not going to happen. But there's no fine. In Pima County probably because Sheriff Napier's like we're not, we're not going to. Enforce, this this is just ridiculous. Radical Regina said any kid under the age of two. Or tour, tour. Over you have to wear a face mask again, I have I have a two year old. There is no way that kid is going to wear a face mask. Now I can't get worse. Sunglass. WanNa. Come and take off. His shoes and socks came to put those things on. Sure Yeah there you go. So the exemptions, so Tucson's to Pima County has. Children under the age of five so five and older. You have to wear a mask and pima county or nothing's going to happen to you. That's what it comes down to what God me. Is it says he ready for this WHO's exempted people who are incarcerated. So people that are actually locked up in jail in prison where they're actually is a spread of the Chinese virus because you're an enclosed environment. They don't have to wear masks. But if you are a free citizen, They're requiring you to wear a mask. That makes no sense. If anybody should be wearing a mask. It should be the people that are stuck inside facilities and masks. Don't work by the way not to that, but that's cracks me up. You know the the The senior care facilities catacomb old age home now because that's probably rude and stuff, so the senior care facilities. People are getting it there more than anywhere else because they are an enclosed environments. And it spreads that way. Now. Isn't that the same kind of a thing as a prison or a jail. Yet again, people that are incarcerated not required pima county to wear the masks. But if you happen to go, try to get a slice of pizza by a pair of shoes. Go to a gym I. Guess You're required to wear masks, so you are required to do things that people that have broken the law. Are Not It makes literally no sense, no sense whatsoever. Eight eight zero. T Eight, eight, zero, five, six, seven eight. I'm glad that law enforcement officers. And other individuals who would create risk related to their work as determined by local state, federal regulations or work. So I mean, there's no reason police officers or sheriffs. Deputies need to wear them. I don't know if Magnus mandated I think. He mandated his his people. Wear them and I'm like. Can you imagine trying to run after someone in that mask? If. They get into a fight. Somebody shoves the the mask in there is. It's not safe, but again magnus doesn't like police. He doesn't police officers. So that's what happens there. Eight eight zero. Eight, zero, five, six, seven, eight, and one other thing by the way about all this and I put this on social media Saturday I wanNA share it, you notice. The media was all about the death count whenever you watch the first two months of this coverage, the death count thousand death. Two, thousand, two, thousand deaf, then all of a sudden it goes from dead discounts to completely ignoring the Chinese virus. And they're talking about the riots. And after a couple of weeks. They don't even talk about the Chinese virus nonstop riot. Then the riots kind of simmered down a little bit. And now they're back on the Chinese virus, but they're not talking about deaths now. They're talking about cases. Now it's cases. It wasn't cases board. Now it's cases. It's the panic hysteria. Eight eight zero S T, eight, zero, five, six, seven eight Let's jump to Aaron Real quick. Aaron welcome to Kansas St Hilaire. Good Morning Gert so I was walking into a grocery store yesterday. Older gentlemen probably should have been wearing a mask. Or people are at risk. turns me and goes. Did you see the dirty looks? We've just got I said Nope didn't even pay attention just walked in and do my grocery shopping. There you go. You got to pay attention. Though you gotta just sit back and lie and smile. Because you could say listen, you can actually get hanging. You can actually see my smile wearing stink and mask exactly, but here's the thing I also wearing my cider I present myself professionally. As of my background as a police officer right so I. Don't know if they're. They're stepping sideways. Because my side or because I'm not wearing a mask, it just doesn't make. Too much too much I love it. Thank you. Erin I appreciate it, buddy, go on Let's jump to Mike. Welcome to Cayenne Asti Hello. How're you doing Garrett? So yesterday went to go. Eat Lunch at the chilies and Miranda. And Walk to the front door. The girls stop right away. You have to have a mask. I'm like well. We're in Miranda. The mayor's not back. We don't care what the mayor says. Pima County says you have to have a mask. I'm like well. I got an existing medical condition. She Goes I. don't care. Outside. Yeah she's like. She said she didn't care. I walked outside. Called the College Shelley's ask for the manager. TOLD THEM I'm in the parking. Lot refused me because I have an existing medical and he's like no, no, no, he was freaking out last bad heard by hippo. So he's like come in. We'll serve. You will serve you well by the time I got back and there was nobody in that restaurant wearing masks except the employees. There are six or seven other tables. People sitting around with no mask on. Well. You're supposed to wear a math. They said that's one of the exemptions when you're eating and drinking. You don't have to wear a mask. Oh exactly, but this girl tried to stop me. Hewitt non let me in the door. Little Hostess Girl. Little girl, so by the time I got done eating and everything. The manager comes over. He's like well. I've got your meal I'm like no, I'm not asking for anything. Free I've got my meal. You know we come. Our company comes here at least once a week so I'm paying my bill. Gets My. My server. And it's just crazy out there. That is not all that is. I JUST WANNA. Call talking about because you know. How many made it clear that Miranda was not going to do this in? She's all worried about pima county. I live in Rita so I'll read it, but enforcing it either go and I appreciate so, and and this is. This is the problem where you have Counties and cities and people get confused. They have different rules and everything else. And then you know this is going to cause lawsuits. Man I mean they're lucky. You didn't sue them because of this. Business businesses if they don't tell their employees exactly what's going on, it's going to cost them a lot and they're gonNA get bad publicity and it could cost. The money could costner business. All because of this this mismatch mandate. That's it. We'll continue. Do not go anywhere morning ritual. Gary Lewis Kansas ta seventy two most stimulating talk film morning ritual with Gary Lewis so these are some anxious times. These are some times where you might lose some sleep. You're having trouble getting some sleep. 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And Keno Tucson marketplace next to costco, northside river and Orange Grove in the sprout shopping center to in Tucson Campbell and Glenn. Woman here. Pima find out more your store Tucson. Kostrov. The most comfortable CAA. Right, let's do it high at seventy five. On this Tuesday it is your morning ritual. Megan Lewis Can S. T. A. AM seven ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk, three things I think you need to know brought to you by strong bill, plumbing, air and solar number one president trump coming back to Arizona today. He's going to be in Yuma celebrating that two hundred mile of border wall and you know it's going pretty well when the media. Stop bashing it. They realized they couldn't win with age so. That's that's happening. He's going to go up to Phoenix and do an event for the students for trump students for trump by the way he also had a great thing. He signed an executive order yesterday saying. No more no more temporary visas to get jobs that Americans can get. That's what it comes down to this. This is a fantastic. He signed executive order temporary a suspending temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of this year and the Chamber of Commerce Globalist that they are not happy that he did that second thing. That I think you need to know the Tucson Mayor, Radical, Regina Romero. Hangs black lives matter banner, right out of the tenth floor of City Hall for everyone to see. Yep the roads still stink. The police still undermanned understaffed, but dammit cheese taxpayer dollars. I'm sure. She wasn't paying for it in her pocket to pay for that banner and hanging out there you go. That's Tucson has I warned you. I warned you third thing. I think you need to know is that? The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan realizing man. Three people were shot over the weekend. Three people were shot one dead in chop formerly known as Chaz. So now we're GONNA. Wind this down. I want the ordering a Seattle police to take back their precinct. Oh, just like that. bows Seattle police. I told her go pound sand. You lead the way lady you do it. They're your people summer love right by the way. Where is astronaut Mark Kelly demanding that those those radicals anarchists antique up in Chad or chop whatever they'll Chaz whatever it is. They put down their weapons. You know he wants to everybody's guns, but the bad guys. Three things I think you need to know. So president trump. Going to be here in Arizona, where the polls show, things are close I. Don't believe any of those stinking things. Harrington with the R. N. C. and the trump campaign joins me now. Liz, thank you for the time how you doing this morning. Hey I'm good. How are you or are you ready for the dry heat because it's pretty intense? Well fortunately. I'm not going. I guess I would say but The president's really excited the Arizona and the two hundred mile border wall, which is absolutely fantastic. Another another promise made promise kept despite all of the resistance all of the hostility. Congress not working with him, but he managed to get the job done, and it's A. It's a true testament to just the commitment that president trump passages country in the American people nobody. Everyone said it was impossible. You're so right. The media doesn't talk much about the border wall anymore because they can't do their bias fact checks to say it's not happening. It's happening and it's up and we've got over two hundred miles now. They never want to say anything about it. Accurately you which is why obviously my audience we you know a lot of talk radio audience. They don't believe anything they see in the media. Let's talk about that, too. Because I remember four years ago, the polls show that trump had no chance. Zero chance to win and on election night they all cried, and it was. It was glorious, and it looks like it's being set up the same way. It's amazing how they still want to discontinue the enthusiasm. I mean I'm sure you're going to Ruby. But how insane is it that the media is? It looks like they're going to set themselves up again. By convincing people, these polls that have biden up by seven points eight points. He's up by a few points here. In Arizona that they're accurate and it looks like that. You know they're going to be set up to be looked like just a bunch of fools one more time. It's amazing. They've learned nothing from twenty sixteen. They're doubling and tripling down on all the political correctness, just the trying to divide everybody and tearing down this nation, and we see it playing out all across this country and the media is missing the the big story, and they're missing the fact that president trump's enthusiasm is growing, and we have so many people who are getting engaged in politics more so than they were in two. Two Thousand Sixteen when a lot of people gave president trump was shot as an outsider, and they said the system needs change. We need somebody to come in and shake up Washington and president. Trump's delivered on that and the media puts out these same suppression polls It's over. It's the same playbook over and over and over again, but the very revealing thing when you get into the numbers of when they pulled ten point. Ten point percentage points more Democrats and Republicans in these polls you can out what how Democrats feel right well. Don't feel enthusiast Joe Biden, and why would they? Why would they? Why would they be energetic about a guy who's been in the swamp for almost a half a century, and never actually delivered, and now he's just flip flopping all over the place in pretending that he's a radical leftist. They've taken over the party and so they're not enthused by him. If you look at that CNN poll that came out over a week ago. And they tracked since one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty four. People are voting for the candidate. You're voting for or you voting more against the other candidate and every year they they tracked every election cycle. They track this. The lowest support even among all these people that so called. Our Joe Biden supporter. They're not actually voting for him. It's only thirty seven percent. Even Walter Mondale and we all know how that election turned out. Forty nine percent of his voters were actually voting for Mondale, and not just against Reagan, so it's amazing to see the lack of enthusiasm for Joe. Biden because he's a horrible candidate. He was a horrible candidate when he first ran for president in nineteen, eighty seven, and then the subsequent three times He's not gotten any better. Harrington with the RNC and the trump campaign's on T. am seven ninety speaking of Joe. Biden and you know you're obviously in DC and you know more about these. How these campaigns are supposed to run than I am, but I hope that you can explain this. There was a story I saw over the weekend in Bloomberg it says Biden's slow hiring and key states starts to Worrisome Democrats. How big is it that you know? We're just five five months in a couple of weeks out of this election and apparently he can't figure. He can't get people to be the the The Joe Biden for president bosses in swing states. It's so it's so revealing, and it goes back into that and. Some problem right and the lack of infrastructure the DNC there are so far behind a Republicans. We've been investing in this for years. We've put three hundred million dollars into our data operation. We have eleven hundred field staffers across twenty three states, and these are states that we never left after twenty sixteen. We know the communities. We talked to voters. We know then we've been living there. You know people that we hired from the community who support our president and WANNA change more people's minds I mean we have such a force of enthusiasm that the Democrats. Democrats can't match. They're just getting around to hiring people. You can't compete in that way, and there's just no substitute for having a good candidate with a winning message. President trump has always had an optimistic message about the future of this country and what we want to be, we want to preserve. What made this country the best country on earth and Joe? Biden, what is he? What is his message? He has no rationale a just a swamp creature. All he's ever done is used as power enrich himself in his family. He's never deliver for the American people. Will see that and they're really. There's such a stark difference. When you're looking at Arizona and Liz Harrington with seeing the trump campaign's on Canada's teams ninety. When you're looking at Arizona and you know we see these polls and I, don't believe him. It shows that trump's not doing too well. One thing to take in mind is the fact that we have a Senate race here and. You know I don't know I'm sure you guys know there've been stories, but we're living in here in Arizona that Martha mcsally is an extremely weak candidate, and she's falling behind more and more and more. I mean she you. You've come on this show. She won't even come on this show and actually answer questions and is because there's a lot of trump. Trump supporters that look at the president support the president. They don't see Martha doing the same thing supporting him in the same way. She acted differently in two thousand sixteen. She was caught on a hot mike and Twenty seventeen and he's GonNa screw up the midterms. How much will we candidate like Martha? mcsally hurt the president work in the president even, helper. Well the big difference between the midterms and twenty twenty is president. Trump is at the top of the ticket. He does help down ballot races. He absolutely does because we've so much energy enthusiasm behind him, and it's just contagious, and we are going to support the nominee We think MC Sally will do a heck of a lot better job than Mark Kelly who's got Ta, business ties to China terrible on gun control in our second amendment, rights and people have their own. They want border security. They want national sovereignty and president. Trump's delivered on that so absolutely. He's GONNA help people down ballot and just like we were talking. Talking about with those polls and everything else. The media's missing this story. They're missing. What's happening out in the country? And they're totally in the tank for Democrats in this far left to fund the police, carrying down Ulysses S grant, tearing down Washington and Lincoln and all of our great founders. This is a huge issue, and it's all about going back to what we want our country to be and Democrats. And the media have just embraces radical Marxist movement, and it's turning so many people off and president trump represents our founding principles. It's that can do American spirit. It's freedom. It's opportunity. It's opportunity for all so when you go from. You whether it's immigration and school choice and the economy, we have the winning message, and I think that's going to help a lot of candidates down ballot. Is that with the presence going to talk about today to the college students because you have a lot of immigrant students out there that are want to tear down these statues I mean the education like you're saying the education process and this country is horrible. We throw so much money at it, and all it is is just an indoctrination Basically campaign on kids who taught America is terrible. America's bad whether it's young people or there's older people, too. They're out there doing this stupid stuff. So, what exactly is the president going to do with these students for trump today? Oh absolutely he's GonNa, talk about that very issue. It's so crucial to learn from our history we have to. Actually learn history to begin with right I mean these rioters are tearing down statues of abolitionists. They don't even know the history. It's just a mob mentality that wants to tear it apart and terrorists down. It's so important that we respect and honor and learn most importantly learn from our history, and that is so important and president trump signing executive order to make. Make sure these states actually enforce and uphold their laws. It's a really important about defacing public property This is your fundamental rights and education is so important and I know the trump administration has been working so hard on this issue. We have to win back Congress to get more school. Choice Democrats the first thing they get it do when they get. Get in what at Brock Obama do. He cancelled the school choice voucher program taking away a better opportunity for minority kids in DC. He did the same thing in Louisiana. When he took the Justice Department and went after their school choice program in New Orleans where they had kids going to better private schools charter schools getting a better education they went after. After them, we believe that opportunity for all has to start very early, and it has to be opportunity for everyone regardless of where you live regardless of if the teachers unions have control over your bad public school, and you can't get out. That's not right, and that's when it starts, and it continues all the way through if you get a good. Education. You're able to get to college and in College. This administration has been there's been no administration that has done more to fight back against the radical left a press censorship of free speech on college campuses. The Anti Semitism movements of when they drown out guests that come to campus. We've tied that We've tied their funding to make sure that a uphold our first amendment and free speech and be open institutions for debate. Those issues are so important and if Democrats get in there, that's the first thing that goes. They don't want open debate. They don't want diversity of thought and they don't WanNa uphold our fundamental constitutional rights and president trump. His administration has just been at the forefront of these issues, and we can continue to work on them in a second term last one formulas Harrington are trump campaign on campus. Teams have ninety sauce over the weekend and Breitbart said that I thought it was thirty seats, apparently Republicans targeting fifty four seats in the house because you meant to take it back the house. The only seventeen to flip what how are you guys doing this to try to retake the house and keep the Senate, so we can actually have some normalcy instead of lunacy going on here. Absolutely you know Democrats like to get into office. What did they say? Oh, we'RE NOT GONNA pay for impeachment we. WanNa work together. We're moderate. We want to focus on healthcare. It was all a bunch of garbage. What did they do? They came to the radical left. They wasted months of our hard earned taxpayer dollars, and all of our time on an impeachment sham, and now they've just gotten worse, and they're not standing up for the American people. They're not standing up for values. They delayed. The cares act funding the paycheck protection program. Program they delayed that twice because Nancy Pelosi flew in and blew up the deal because she would rather eat ice cream in front of her twenty four thousand dollar frigerator, and they are so out of touch, and they are behold into the radical left, and we've seen after these two years of them in leadership in the house. What they've done. They've done nothing for the American people. They're not willing to work or negotiate. Now we see. The Senate is threatening to block a police reform bill that has bipartisan support. That is a common sense. Proposal from Senator Tim Scott they're going to threaten to block that because they don't want to solve problems. They don't WanNa work together. They'd rather have us. A divided and against us because they think that helps them politically well. They're sorely mistaken. Because the American people want accountability, and they will hold these Democrats accountable in November. So absolutely we're targeting all of these. Democrats who broken their promises and who not put politics? Aside have not put the interest of the American people first, and we have a giant opportunity because we know. The American people they they see. This is the second time how they see what what happens. When Nancy Pelosi gets the gavel, and it's a disaster for the country and people are sick and tired of it, so we feel very good about our opportunity to take back the house Liz Erickson. Thank you for the time this morning information. I appreciate it and hope it will get you on the future especially since apparently Arizona I don't think it's going to be close, but they claim it's going to be close. We'll see what happens lives. Thank you for the time this morning. Thank you. You got it. We'll continue right here on campus. Lewis good feet arch supports they help you live a life without pain. How that right I mean listen. Your laws can cause pain. Your kids can cause. Many can't do anything about that. 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Go to the good feet store making a point because everybody by CDC regulations make it a point of the best way to get in and out of there and twenty thirty minutes call eight hundred Newark for goodfeet. Dot Com. And Gary Lewis with you here can S. T. am seven ninety? Tucson's most stimulating talk, one, hundred, seven and eight be one hundred, seven, hundred six for the rest of the week. So regardless I don't think you'll feel much of a difference between when I was six one hundred seventy. How can a change of your plans? So you have that all right eight eight zero? Eight eight zero, five, six, seven eight Let's I jumped to John John Welcome canister hello. John. Thank you for that great interview. You did with those Harrington. she was very articulate. She laid out the Republican National Committee basic. Platform, and you know tied to the people and trump president trump's. Agenda, and if he if she could do what? For Martha mcsally even to enter for that would be fantastic, but Martha Sally the only thing in her campaign that I remember is China. And she is not sporting really the trump agenda the president trump. And it's going to do her harm and I'm just so sad because I feel. We're GONNA. Lose another seat from the Republicans. In. The Senate and I think that it even bringing president. Trump in is not going to be puller over the line. Listen. That's why you know. Demand Daniel. Danny McCarthy you know, do everything you can for him in the primary. And then hold your nose and vote against Mark Kelly in the in the general that we have to I'll give you an example of how bad Martha is really quick I saw this last week. After the John Roberts came out and totally sold out conservatives and screwed over trump in America about Dacca right Martha wrote on twitter. Today's decker ruling gives the White House and Congress opportunity to do what it's right to do. What is right and solve the issue with thoughtful legislation I fought many times in Congress provide a legal status for Dak recipients will enhancing border security closing loopholes laws modernizing illegally, Messrs. I stand ready to continue that by working bipartisan way instead of doing what Ted Cruz and other Republicans did. Which is tervell at John Roberts for a B. S. thing. What does she do I'm ready to give legality, which so is trump I'm ready to. It's like there's no fighting her. Instead of saying this is awful. This is obviously an illegal program. This is a terrible ruling by the court. They once again have legislated from the bench instead of doing all that. What does she do? She goes soft. She goes week because that's what she is. She's a soft squishy person that we don't know where she well. We know where she she hates. Trump we know it. That's just the way it is she. She's afraid to have an opinion. She waits until Teddy Roosevelt's and I appreciate the phone. Teddy Roosevelt statue is going to be taken away from the front of the Museum of Natural History in New York and this is crazy. She never wrote a damn thing about what's happening in Seattle. Right nothing their shit I. Mean it's it she she is. She is clueless in his tone. Deaf as I've ever seen in a politician. And so I wanted to ask and throw it out there. I mean I don't know if it's going to help is not gonNA to help. Get. Behind McCarthy had never going to do it. Though because Mitch Can Control Martha, and he can't control Daniel. Don't go anywhere it is can se morning ritual with can help the morning ritual with Gary Lewis. It's summertime. I let's do it. Hi, Gary Lewis with you. Here S. T. A. M. Seven nine hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk three things. I think you need to know number. One President's coming to Arizona OB humor, celebrating the two hundred mile border wall be built notice. The media is not saying Damn thing about that. He also will be talking to students for trump and. Just as important signed an executive order suspending temporary visas for foreign work until the end of two thousand twenty, because, too many Americans are out of work of course chamber of Commerce very upset about that, but there globalists' second thing I think you need to know Regina. Mayor hangs a giant black lives. Matter Banner. Right out the window. Tenth Floor City Hall for everyone to see. Yeah, there, you go. There's just great third thing I think you need to know you now have pima county. Having their own mass mandate unlike Tucson. No fines sheriff. Napier's not GONNA force it. And the best buy favorite part of their rule, and this is great, is that yes, if you're five and up? You are mandated to wear a mask of course, if a medical condition can't mandated to do it, but if you are in jail and pima, county you do not have to wear the mask so. They have more freedoms than the rest of US fantastic three things. I think you need to know This is This is awesome. We had Deputy, Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Coochie. We were in Washington. DC and he's going to be in Arizona I believe today, and he joins me now. how you doing Mr. Couture Nellie. I'm doing well not as hot as you but I'm doing well. How are you coming out to Arizona today? You're going to be there new MORAINE. Terry's coming with the President and Commissioner Mark Morgan from C. BP, but with the executive order being issued yesterday that you mentioned. It's such a big deal. Over five hundred thousand American jobs will be preserved and so I'm staying here to work on that and the follow onto it well. That's fantastic and the let's talk about that. A really isn't incredible. Move and the media doesn't WanNa talk about it too much. It's America I. I can't remember any president looking out for Americans like that. And yet the Chamber of Commerce is upset. I mean these organizations whether it's chamber of Commerce whether it's Facebook, all they want is to just flood the workforce of people to drive down the wages, and it hurts Americans, and just react to the Chamber of Commerce again, just just putting out a press release. How mad they are! The president did this. Well in that that shows you. You can guess what the pressure was on the president to go the other way and but his. This is America first looks like this is putting Americans first, and that was his priority here and you know this is one of those. This is a good policy. It's good politics and to prove it you can look at what people on the other side of set over the. The years including then. Senator, Obama, Dick Durbin Bernie. Sanders Paul Krugman. They all talk about what you just talked about. And that was that you drive down American wages with this competition, and maybe three and a half percent unemployment You know you've got all Americans WanNA get in the workforce getting in it, but not at thirteen and a half percent and the president I can tell you having sat with. With him he was very reserved, which he hardly ever is and very moved by the situation, he was dealing with of so many Americans out of work, and he basically just said I have to do what I can to get. These folks back to work, and one of the things that's within his power to do is to delay the entry of immigrants and non immigrants, and for your listeners, immigrants or people. People coming to stay here permanently, get green cards, nonimmigrants or people coming here to work temporarily. And he stopped hundreds of thousands of those coming for the remainder of twenty twenty to keep open. All of those jobs we estimate about five hundred twenty five thousand jobs will be preserved for Americans in that six month period. That's a big deal. That's a huge deal Ken Cooper. Nellie on Kfi am seven ninety. So the president, you know the the media they they have They basically stopped doing the stories trying to prove the president to be wrong or lying about the border right, I mean. That's how you know what's actually happening. Yeah he's going to be there today. Of course to mark the two hundred smile which we passed two weeks ago. We're now building at around a mile a day. So you know it's the acceleration has picked up dramatically. You'll remember the hundred mile. Celebration was in January now it's June for two hundred and you know at the pace we're going. We could happen to three hundred miles celebration also during the summer so we'll We'll see how that goes. We're going to keep pressing ahead, but the president's obtain the funding. He's cleared the space. as anybody who does construction will tell you most of the work in two before you break ground, and the president has been fighting through litigation and all of that work. Bringing the Department of Defense in the Army Corps of Engineers has been a great partner with Customs Border Protection to make this actually happened, but all of it is because the president has been driving this so hard since he got into office, and we're seeing the fruits of that, and these are big tough walls and systems that protect our agents and block traffic and we've seen that. Ms Actually the best example relatively near you that. That The traffic dropped seventy five percent. When the modern trump wall went up in that area, seventy five percent, and that makes a whole easier for border patrol agents to do their job. It's a whole lot easier for them to stay safe doing their job and it pushes down illegal traffic, both people drugs, and all the other lists of things that come across that border keeps America a whole lot safer now. Is it going to go up even more seventy five percent the walls? There is the reason why there was twenty five percent traffic able to get through because the wall wasn't fully completed yet. No I. mean the amount of traffic when. Okay okay so huge drop in other parts southern California where you have just huge numbers at dropped over a quarter you know we can go across the border where the where the walls were improved. In California, there was wall before, but even MSNBC. Reporter I re tweeted this morning, and I'm at homeland can for twitter. Folks that EVEN MSNBC REPORTER? They're reporting on it, said Yeah, you know you, really you. You can't just say this isn't replacement wall. This is huge. It's blocking people where others were. The others had gotten by before I mean isn't. Isn't an MSNBC reporter admitting all of this and naturally I re tweeted it so because they don't they don't. They aren't willing to admit that stuff. As you pointed out earlier very often. They aren't willing to report, so I just thought I would help them Deputy Secretary of homeland. Security can coach Leon. Ken S. T. A. AM seven eighty, so I saw a story a few weeks ago. That the trump administration was thinking about having private industry building the wall as well is that happening? Is that in the plans that can help speed up the process. Well. We do have that already. the the reality is we have a whole bunch of contractors working on a whole bunch of different contracts at the same time in different segments of the wall, so we've already moved down that road, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Customs Border Protection Border Patrol they oversee it. They make it happen, but we bring in private contractors to do the work along the wall and it is. It's complicated to go do. Do Building in the middle of the desert but they have pulled it off and they've gotten better at it and faster. There's more and more contractors on it. and we're. We're trying to look like ants doing this work, and we're getting farther and farther down that road like I said it took about two years to get to the first hundred miles well took six months to get to the second hundred miles wall and I think. Think we can get to the third hundred miles a wall still in the same season still in the summer so we were really moving along fully expect to have four hundred and fifty completely built new miles of wall system, surveillance roads wall, the whole package but by the end of the year with a bunch more funded beyond that so We're well on our way well on her way, because I see some of these stories and Breitbart. Breitbart has a lot of them because they're not afraid to report this stuff, and like I'm just sick of it. The headlines A couple of weeks ago, illegal alien wanted for rape deported for the third time from US I mean. How did they come over here? After after committing such heinous crimes as they make it so easy I mean I I get I get locked up the first time. I tried to do anything How do you know? It's like I literally ever let me just try to steal. That bred one time I get tossed in the slammer given the death penalty. Sanctuary cities and states to end with that, so they can commit crimes, heinous crimes, and those localities and those states won't communicate to us that they've actually got. One of the people were looking forward to deport and So who were they protecting their? They're protecting a criminal. When released will just prey on the same community again in criminal spray on the communities. They live in so this crazy notion that. That, you're protecting the Hispanic community by not handing over, say a Guatemalan criminal to us is absolutely the opposite of the truth, but not handing that criminal over to us you are. You are making the other Guatemalans who live in your community. Pray for that Predator to continue preying on them and you know it, it's we obviously enforce law. The president's been very determined about that immigration law criminal law. But we also respect human beings whether they're legal or illegal in terms of human dignity, and the idea that protecting criminals is somehow protective of other people who are here illegally is absolutely wrong. It's the opposite of the truth. It doesn't respect the their need for protection any more than it does. The communities that we live in. and. like Tucson Lake Huma along the border. The border states he will see at the most, but That's something that president trump has been determined to do, and we'll continue to keep pushing us on that front, and frankly we've been effective. That's drives the other side crazy any chance there was a story. I read by Todd Bensman Center for Immigration Studies. border patrol, reportedly transporting Kovic six more covert sick border-crossers to American hospitals, and they are also becoming infected Is there any because you guys have changed policies that have been great to like immediately deport? From Mexico or any other country boom right back, but if somebody says. That that change has been incredible, the CDC implemented health order on the border in March and over eighty percent of the people. The Border Patrol is picking now over eighty percent. They're returning back to into Mexico in under two hours. This is just phenomenal. It's unheard of. It's never been done before this fast and the the reason we can do that. That is because of the public health order combined with the the front loading. If you will of Border Patrol agents because I have on the board in my in my office, a running total of how many people are in custody with the Border Patrol and it was below two hundred and forty this morning. You'll remember last May. They had twenty thousand on. On their worst days, and that keeps it from spreading in those facilities keeps those agents say for they're not completely safe, because they are on the front lines, and they never quite know what they're facing and we do have border patrol has been one of the hardest hits parts of the Department of Homeland Security with covert and it's because they're out there. There protecting you and me in this country, and they're putting themselves on the line as they do every day, and there are consequences to that bad things happen. One of those is that they tend to catch cove it more than say the average American, and we ought to be grateful to them for their willingness to keep going back out there oh yeah. I'm curious to be changed because they can return Mexicans to Mexico sick or not right away, but if they come up and they're not from Mexico. Can Anything beat I mean? It's hard to return back to a country. That's not directly south of us. Can anything be done to turn them around? Put Him anywhere do something. So some of them are some of them are going back to Mexico anyway even if they're not Mexican though I will say the vast majority of people crossing now are single adult Mexicans, which is the historic trend that we're kind of back to from the Central American families of last year in years past. And it is harder to return. Those who are not from Mexico, and we are frankly struggling with Guatemala for instance with India with China and yes, people from China and India come across our southern border but those two countries are two of the three worst in accepting repatriated illegals from our country and Guatemala has been giving us a hard time for the last few months. They were good partners there at the end of last year, but with the onset of Covid it's become very difficult and yet they're still one of our largest population, so we really need to. To be doing better there the president. Has You remember last year? He pushed extremely hard on Mexico Guatemala Honduras El Salvador, and frankly they responded very well, but certainly the cooperation from Guatemala slipped not from Mexico not from Honduras not from El Salvador, but from Guatemala it certainly did and that that has a real impact because you know, we have real numbers of those folks, hundreds and hundreds of them in our custody, and we need to move them out as quickly as we can last one about thirty seconds, and I appreciate the time. Can Kuechly right here on? AM seven hundred deputy. Secretary of Homeland Security. You Re tweeted a Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, who put down his amazing two hundred sixteen miles of wall completed? Three, hundred thirty nine miles under construction right now one hundred eighty three miles under preconstruction, so we're looking in additional five hundred twenty two miles that are on the books just about ready to go right any idea all. This is going to be finalizing would be enough. Well we'll We'll get to four hundred and fifty miles by the end of this year, and and we'll still at that point have over a hundred in construction so You know we'll be rolling. Assuming the president gets reelected as I do, we'll be rolling forward. We'll cross five hundred miles at the beginning of twenty twenty one and we'll still be rolling along for the rest of twenty twenty. One I expect that. In, the first year, or so of the second term in the trump administration will cross seven hundred, not just six hundred seven hundred miles of construction, which is a over a third of the entire border and mind you some parts of the border. Do have decent porter wall. Although a lot of the areas needed to be redone, nonetheless, we're going to cover all the high traffic areas by the end of twenty twenty one. That's fantastic deputy secretary of homeland. Security can coach Anneli. Thank you for the time this morning. Man and don't be jealous that it's going to be one hundred twenty probably ENUMA coli Christmas. I'll tell you what man good lucks I hope. The air conditioning keeps working here. It's all going to be hundred seven today in Tucson, so we're going to be okay tonight. It's GONNA be alright. Dry. I know I love to hear from everybody? It is a big difference. Thank you, sir, have a fantastic day. Thank you bye-bye. The morning ritual with Lou. Kostrov. Those comfortable call. Oh. Yeah, here we go! What's happening? Tuesday our number three already, and of course it is your morning ritual with me. Gary Lewis. Can S.. T. AM seven hundred? Tucson's most stimulating talk. Three things that I think you need to know brought to you, but that's as bite by strongbow plumbing Aaron, solar, if not I, just told the again if i. didn't you just heard for the first time? Now. Number, one president trump going to be in Yuma celebrating two hundred miles of completed wall. Also, then, going to the Phoenix area to talk to a bunch of. College students students for trump. He's GonNa have a rally there. and. Then of course another gigantic thing that he did that. The media doesn't WANNA. Talk about because it's America first. And no other president would do this. It just wouldn't happen right. It just wouldn't happen. He signed an executive order suspending temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of this year. Because he's like the Americans have to get the job. If forty million Americans out of work, why would we make it okay to keep bringing in foreign labor, and of course, the Chamber of Commerce? They're upset about this. This is terrible. Want cheap labor. Second thing I think you need to know. It happened I warned you about this or told you about. A couple of weeks ago was a couple weeks ago last week. Here remember I got a call from a friend of mine just a couple of minutes ago. And, she's going to get a picture for me, I think. I'll stick it up if I get the picture on my. Page a DOT COM and facebook and twitter. Apparently, the black lives matter mural street has done. So I don't know who paid for God forbid anybody in the local media. That actually can talk to Regina. Ask. Who paid for the Tucson by the way, but anyway asked her on the record. What would it cost for the city to some for taxpayers to pay for? The black lives matter street mural. That's now on Stone Avenue near Alameda. It's right. I'll give you driving by. Go see for yourself. Black it's up and then Regina Hung. The black lives. Matter Banner. Who paid for that? That's the tenth floor. Windows at City Hall. She? Is Nuts third thing I think you need to know? Pima county has their own mask mandate. No fines probably sheriff. Napier told them I'm not. GonNa. Enforce this. It's not happening. Knocking to enforce it. and they it. This is great, so Tucson to, and over must wear a mask pima county, five and overweight must wear a mask, but you know it doesn't have to wear masks people in incarcerated. Yes, PEOPLE IN JAIL! So while they did something wrong to get into into jail. They don't have to wear a mask, but you did nothing wrong and you have to wear a mask, so they're in jail. They don't have to wear a mask. You go into by a t shirt somewhere repair shoes. You have to wear a mask. That makes no sense. Three things I think you need to know. It makes no sense. So eight eight zero can as t eight, zero, five, six, seven eight. We have all this going on about Regina and if you're just tuning it again, I was at the grocery store yesterday and I did not wear a mask. again if masks really did the job. Wouldn't they make you wear it all the time? When they make them aware jails, wouldn't they? Wouldn't even if you're outside? The at a resort pool, they make you wear it while you're not in the pool. Wouldn't that happen? They told us. Mass didn't work than they did, and they didn't. They do I've read all studies doing the Journal medicine all this stuff? Right so anyway. I go to the grocery store and I'm like one of three people I noticed. A couple of is not masks. And some lady again. Waiting for cold cuts, and she excuse me without a mask and she like immediately moves to the side. And I just happened to look I'm all about freedom. You buy what you want. I don't care. This is America. You WanNa buy stuff that's bad for you. Just don't expect me to pay your medical bills so anyway. She moves away from me. Because apparently I may dangerous person, and in the best way to defend yourself against the Chinese viruses to wash your hands and have a healthy immune system. I mean, and that's it. Those are the best ways to do it. And she immediately moves away. I know I. Look in her cart because Mike. That's it and I see I see wine I see twelve pack of beer six pack another beer I see the sugary grape. She's ordering Pasta Salad and egg rolls. From the Deli counter. eggrolls the Deli counter. So you're worried about me, lady, What are you doing to make sure your immune system healthy? What are you eating? What are you eating is ruining your immune system so get out here you. They want to judge me now. I'll judge them I'm not amount, wonder, just you. You live whatever you WanNa, do you do it? I'M NOT GONNA. Stop You, but now it's on. Now it's on. So That's what I saw I. Don't know if you saw anything and I got this I got this message to about mass I got this from. A listener sent this to me on facebook. And it's. It's. It's crazy. Border Patrol agents sends me a message. and. Any rights this morning on Sunday this morning Church I saw gentlemen sit down in his chair during the praise and worship. He didn't look well. I kept watching to see if he was okay as I watched, he looked as though he was about to pass out. A few men came and carried them out settimana couch, and I went to assist as I, spoke with asked if he had been wearing a mask, he said he usually didn't wear one, but was trying to comply with the new rules, so he went on when he came in and was wearing it for about fifteen minutes. He had no other symptoms besides feeling dizzy. After removing the mask, he begun to feel better. You feel better about twenty minutes after moving. The mask ems arrived. I told them I suspected he was ipod sick from wearing a mask, they placed a poke. The pulsa oxygen meter the little thing on your finger. Right to me to measure your oxygen levels, so they put it on them. And! His oxygen rate was ninety two percent. That's an indication of Hypoxia. It's supposed to be ninety five to one hundred, and that was after he started to feel better so as it's likely as these oxygen. was down in the eighties. He nearly passed out. He said his wife showed me the mask. It wasn't even a thick homemade one. It was a surgical mask and the EMT treating said yeah. That's the problem with wearing masks all the time. It's not good. It's not safe, not at all. Eight Zero Can S. T. Eight, eight, zero, five, six, seven, eight, eight and you know who? WHO WHO's lying to us? WHO's lying now now? He seemed to know right. let's start with a couple of these names I wanted to wait a long time James. Thank you for being so patient. Welcome to Kane St Hello. Won't get hey. I was at Regina House Saturday protesting her with about a group of fifty to sixty people. We weren't wearing masks. This was after she put her ordinances and we're GONNA. Have another protest. Saturday about her hopefully got her a lot more people than just that and we're standing up to her. We're standing back with civil disobedience, peaceful civil disobedience, but we're letting her know as a group as a community that we're not going to stand for this. These masks are just incredibly a dumb idea. I mean they don't work. You're already getting testimony that people are getting problems from them and all they WANNA do is enforce their will upon us when we are all free. Americans enough is enough. Why don't Yell at me? I agree with you on that. I know I'm just. Three tired of living underneath Stalinist Rule Melissa Jane. God I know g. she does James Quick Question. I mean not encouraging people that are in China's house. It's public. It is what it is. Did she have a wall in front of her house? Yes. She has a wall her house is. She put on music for us, so it was like a big party of a bunch of people standing shoulder to shoulder with no mask and signs and other media covered it, not just It'd be notified on your airwaves. Of course they did what they usually do with it. They misconstrued everything, but that's to be expected with these people, so wait a second. Did the Media Act as if you are worse than the actual rioters and anarchists that were in downtown Tucson that broke windows. no, they actually respectful. com they just tried to construe it as if it was an ANTIBAC- stinks and it wasn't. It was about the math antifascist. You get lies from the media. Hanger which station said you were anti vaccine when it was all about the masks? well there was K B o i. AM The sentinel whether you're up. That's crazy. As usual. Did nothing, but a bunch of a bunch of propagandists slice. Meanwhile we were there protesting her mandate where masks and as a citizen and a resident of this great community. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of living under dictatorship. Meanwhile, we're working on other avenues to get rid of her. To recall. We are working on a recall right now we're. We're putting it together. Getting set up to start putting the petitions out and I got Hispanic groups working on it, I've got other groups working on it while I'm working with, I shouldn't say I got. But I'm part of that scenario, 'cause 'cause it. It gets to the point where if you don't stand up the just GONNA. Take it all away and. From now. We're still going to be wearing nath. Yet banning in line six feet apart, and all the other crap, because doing what what is this eight months into her rule I mean this is Crayon then she painted the black lives. Matter Street mural that the roads stink. Up Up up up of hidden, every Damn Pothole, there is and I really quick before we go off on that. Really, quick short on time here James. Were you guys chanting? Keep it clean if you were. How how long were you out there? We were out there from four to six. We kept it cle- It was peaceful. There was nobody yelling, screaming or anything like that, but we're all standing there. She never came out and saw. She just turned on the music for so it turned into like a great big party with no masks on. Whatever mandate what kind of music was? Hispanic, music I mean it was Medi Archie could be salsa that sorta routine. Interesting. Very? Interesting all right well any rolling back today. Saturday. On the week because the people that show up for this protest still have jobs. Duty during the week. Does it work, but we're going to do it down at the old courthouse, and then we're gonNA. Walk Right across the courtyard over to the city hall and let them know invoice. Our. Protest against what they're doing and we're not going to be wearing masks again. They WANNA hang out fifty dollars fines they can. They'll have a crowd of people there to do it with by the way to let you know something else, too. We had this protest at our house and no law enforcement. Even though they called and said you're not supposed to do it. They called the organizers that we're doing this. Who called? I talked to one of the people that were. Putting this together protests that China's house. They said well. You know the ordinances there and you're not supposed to show up without a masks maybe. We didn't have ask, and they didn't show up. James I keep me updated. Man. Keep you updated on what happens next week maybe. Is So pissed off at her to with her defunding police ideas that maybe she'll know what it's like. If there's no police, an an a crowd of people I don't want to call you a mob, because you're not the mob, but a crowd of people show up outside, and then she wants to. Police are nowhere to be found. That's what you get when you defend. The police will continue. Do not go anywhere more comeback. Including the black lives matter mural apparently painted on stone in downtown Tucson. Don't go anywhere because it's your morning. Ritual right here on campus, T. With Gary Lewis I listen renewed medical health again. I keep telling you one of the best ways to really to really. Fight against these viruses to build up your immune system make healthy and part of that is getting the right hormone levels. It's vitamins or hormones. I go every week. I get my h c. g daas thrown I. had shots for several months to get me up to the right levels of vitamin B Vitamin D now i. take supplements on a new medical health, and you know I feel great i. feel fantastic. That's the best wash your hands and make sure your your immune system is where it needs to be spent Lana can help get you. There renewed medical health. She can help you in so many ways. I am losing my dad, I am burning fat. I am eating better I am. I am building muscle, and if listen, there are different things okay. This is one of the great things about Lana. The nurse Practitioner that owns new medical health. If, you're having trouble in the bedroom. It's not a one-size-fits-all thing, okay? When it comes to it, should you get shot? Should you get the the sonic waves? What makes sense? Why is this happening? You need to make sure by the way that whatever you think can help you. Get Your Mojo back in the bedroom. You GotTa make sure that your. It's safe for your body. See other places. Don't make sure it's safe. Spent Lana always does a renewed medical health. Call today. She can get you back. Feeling better feel more confident energetic. You haven't felt in years. Two Nine, eight, zero, zero, zero, five renewed medical health dot com. eight twenty three. It is morning ritual. Garrett Lewis S. T. am seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk. Going to be one hundred, seven, one, hundred, six, hundred, seven everyday this whole week, so enjoy the heat's enjoy it. Because there's nothing you, you might as well enjoy the nothing you can do. facebook dot com slash Gary Lewis Radio like me. Follow me. I'll put stuff up there eventually. Because well I WANNA. Stay in contact with you. The videos I do that kind of stuff. I actually just got I got a text a friend of mine. Who Son played high school football. This is insane, right here. Right here. goes amp by schools. When my son goes back to football, they expect the kids to wear a mask outside during their phase one training. He has exercise induced asthma. There's no way in Hell I'm going to let them wear one seriously the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Outside where the sun is shining, it's so hot UV rays. There's literally no actual data or proof that you get the Chinese virus. By being outside the transmitted that way, it doesn't work like that, and this is the geniuses. Is that run? Schools amphorae t USD I mean these people are dangerously stupid I it. Makes no sense just like you see these people. That are out. So yes, they left the grocery store with the mask on walk outside. It's one hundred five degrees outside. Get right in their cars right one hundred forty degrees inside their car. Keep the mask on as they drive away. What is wrong with you? These people are going to pass out and cause accidents. Here's another one medical professional sends me a message. Did a quiz last Friday, at work gown gloves, face, shield and mask as they do every day at work, and my pulse ox hand started with ninety nine percent oxygenation I take my mask and shield off entered the back nurses station three times during the day I was at eighty, eight, eighty nine percent saipan sick. I do it for the patients and required do so, but I wash my hands I enter a patient room, and when I leave now a mask in hundred degree weather sitting outside in the car ridiculous. I? Did have a lady yell at me for now wearing a mask on Sunday, walking from my hard. that. I Park farther away from the store for the walk crazy I laughed. Enough is enough. go right now to Robert Robert Thank. You for waiting to welcome McCain Morgan born. Yeah, I've been waiting as per. It's good because I'm really livid about the statues and our history being destroyed all across this country. And that man the day returning to destroy last night. Andrew Jackson if it was not for that man. We would have been taken over and destroyed by the British in eighteen twelve, and we'd be a colony right now. Lot of these youngsters were there twenty I mean. Imagining twentysomethings early thirties, they have no idea. The history behind these people I mean some of them. Yes, were bad. Some of them were good, but regardless of what they are. They're part of our history, and they mark certain important events in our past. When they kick these things down. There are racing any mark any semblance of them and for future generations. If similar similar event occurs, they will have nothing to reflect back onto and look for as guidance or inspiration to help them through the struggle, because they won't even know about it, and then history repeats itself again, but what it is is these Marxist. Gu's that are behind. This are the ones that are destroying. That's perfect picture. Perfect thing Maoist would do destroying the culture. Any countries they're trying to take over like Pol. Pot didn't Cambodia destroying all the intellectuals? The doctors bur melting cars in the plowshares Melissa hang on slowdown slowdowns I mean just thinking about recently. The Taliban and Isis they destroyed all kinds of historical churches historical artifacts in Iraq all over the Middle East, because they just they're trying to destroy history, and you know i. sit back and wonder you know if a statue makes you that set and that worried Y- what you say you're going to say that you're GONNA raise a history book. Are you GONNA burn books now, too. Because you might take, you might try to take down the Andrew. Jackson or ulysses s grant statue, which you didn't San Francisco, yell, let's take those thickness stature, the guy that actually won the war for us against the confederates and ended slavery. Let's you're a bad, but it's like so, what next can you not if you see it in a book is going to offend you and trigger. You and you're GONNA need to go to therapy animal. What what's next? It's the talk of the that that that Marsa Hughes go further routes fundamental basis of the foundation of a culture and they destroy so they can install their. It's exactly what it is it. It's ridiculous and they don't even realize that Marxism failed. Philosophy Marx called March was a failed writer, and he wrote that philosophy over speed did he had with another rider back in those days? If you're a writer, you're a Rockstar back back in that part of literature. You know so you know he will. The philosophy of Marxism based on that intentions anytime. Anybody writes philosophy based on bad intentions is going GONNA. have bad results there. You go this time, At the end of the day. They all think that they can be the ones that actually implemented so works. They're crazy, but that that's what this is about the president this morning tweeted that he authorized the federal government to arrest anyone who vandalized or destroyed any monument or statue, or any anything like that. That's federal property. It's up to ten years in prison, and that's from the Veterans Memorial. Preservation Act and he said this goes this immediately starts, and they could use it retroactively for the destruction. Vandalism already caused said there will be no exceptions. That's what needs to happen it s to. Eight thirty three gear Lewis with you here. T am seven ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk. Got The black lives mural painted on the street on Stone Avenue in downtown Tucson. Tucson paid for tax dollars paid for. They don't have enough money to pay police. Then over bunny to fix. The potholes fixed the streets, but they got. She spent money this Regina. She spent money to to paint a flipping street Niro black lives matter. That's what she's about. We'll continue. I gotTa talk more about that. We'll get your comments about her. The banner the masks. And I have the herd immunity. All kinds of great stuff don't go anywhere. IT IS T. It campaign rally and being figures could be the highlight of president trump's visit to Arizona today. Organizers predict a crowd of about three thousand for the students for trump rally at a church in Phoenix Phoenix. As mayor is requesting president trump where a mass during his time in Arizona Today Mayor Que Geigo released a statement asking all elected officials to set an example. Example by wearing a mask and she wants called it the summer of love, but now the mayor of Seattle is doing an about face announcing dismantling of the Capitol Hill occupied protests on or chop zone following weekend shootings. The blocks of city streets taken over two weeks ago I'm Greg Paul Canas? T am seven hundred ninety two cents most down. Dot Org. Oh Yeah. It is summertime Gary Lewis with you. Can T am seven ninety? Tucson's most stimulating talk I mean. You heard the weather? It's going to be hot. Where those mass, nobody wearing a mask when it's one hundred seven degrees outside. Ads GonNa work well for you, right. Regina you first three things, I think you need to know number one apparently. the black lives matter mural. Painted on on stone. In downtown Tucson. It's there. We'll talk about that, and that's right after Regina did that. Did the banner. Hung the banner, a black lives matter from the tenth floor of the City Hall building because she wants everyone to know in Tucson black lives matter. As if we didn't realize that right second thing I think you need to know. IS THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP COMING ARIZONA? He'll be in Yuma. Celebrating the two hundred miles of wall done, and then he's GonNa. GO TO PHOENIX. And Talk to college students for trump, and this is after by the way a huge huge thing. That's not getting enough. Pub because people are GonNa like it president trump signed an. Order suspending temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of twenty twenty. I'd love to see a poll on that by the way. Is it racist to stick up for Americans? Isn't that a great thing? Third thing I think you need to know. Is in Pima County. They did their own mask ban Friday Friday afternoon Friday early evening. The enacted immediately unlike Tucson where Regina said two year olds after where mask. Genius Five, year olds and up apparently no monetary fine. If you're not wearing it, in sheriff, Napier said. We're not enforcing it, so it's all good. So Pima County just wiped out. because. It Kudos to you Sheriff Napier. He's not enforcing it, so it literally means nothing. Nothing. Here's my favorite part of their whole. Their whole situation is that they said people incarcerated in jail and Pima County. Do not have to wear the mask. The people those the people that should wear the masks. We're take if if it works like they tell us it works. Shouldn't they wear it? You're telling me you can't make a person in jail. Wear a mask in Pima County, but if you go to the grocery store or you go to get a pair of pants, you have to wear a mask. You tell me if that makes sense. Three things. I think you need to know so black lives matter. The mural is up on stone avenue. Downtown Tucson for antipathy me off today. I told you about what lasted. He was last week last, Monday! Show. Hoop Tucson paid for it. We don't know how much we'll see of. High Pants Bud foster from krld pants up to his nipples. That affects the way his brain thinks. Maybe biggest pants pulled up a little bit higher mask when that'd be great, right there. Jack Him up above the Nipples Delamore. Become high, pitched, but foster. And use that as your mask, and if you need to talk UNZIP your fly. Show so we'll see but Regina. How much did it cost for taxpayers going to answer that? Okay, we'll report that. Yes the PR director for Pima County and the city of Tucson but foster. Who Masks as he reporter? Yeah Good Luck. Good luck. So, black lie. Well there you have it. It's up there and get so just thinking about this. You're driving around. Listen to me right now and thank you for that. You're never damned pothole. There is your alignments getting out your tires or pop, and who knows what damage has been caused to your car, but don't worry. Regina painted Stone Avenue to say black lives matter. I'm actually surprised. I thought she plant the trees I. Just WanNa, play a million trees. This is what we have to deal with. I mean if there's ever been a need for a recall right now. And recalls very rarely work, but maybe this'll be the time that it actually does work. Maybe a will. Eight, zero. He Eight, zero, five, six, seven eight Let's jump to James a longtime James Welcome to knx hello. Hey good how you doing exit? What's happening? I I just wanted to. You know you've been talking about issues since I've been driving and first of all I wanted to point out. It just highlights the intellectual dishonesty with the whole mask issue. you know I if people wanNA, elected officials want I wield their power, and you know enforce these orders I. Guess First and foremost I think we should all take the lesson that elections have consequences, birth and foremost and I just wish that they would say something to the effect of. Hey here's some studies. Say This, you know. It not proven one hundred percent of the time to work. We WanNA, try it as a community right not I am the power, and this is definitely GonNa, solve the problem because science It just doesn't it just doesn't add up right and not intellectually honest and I feel like the last. A lot of the Times makes these intellectually dishonest arguments and the second thing I wanted to bring up with the black lives matter mural. You know I. I am absolutely wanted percent as I would think that. Conservatives should be that black lives do in fact matter. Nobody would dispute that the problem is. We can no longer divorce that sentence, if you will from the organization that is now calling us up and hasn't been caught itself since two thousand thirteen black lives matter I think that people need to go to the website and look at their platform and what they want. They want an end the privatized education they want. Want. Their own leaders established in every level of government. They want their own communities. And you looking this is this is segregation they're. They're looking to bring segregation back and destroy generations of Rako racial reconciliation progress, the organization black lives matter is evil and wretched, and it's trying to destroy from within, but the media has painted as this great savior organization that can solve all these problems, and it's just not true. Dude I mean you nailed it and we get it. It's like if you ever if you dare challenge. Black lives matter. What are they? Do they call you a racist? If you dare challenge you know the fact that companies big companies. Big corporations want to bring in cheap foreign labor. And he said that's not right it should those jobs go to Americans. They say you're a racist. That's all they say you're racist. You're racist. You're racist. Black lives matter. They came out the one of the founders of three founders. One of them came out and told I think it was jake tapper over the weekend maybe yesterday. And she said we want to get trump now now that's our goal. We WanNA. Get trump out so that's your goal. Your goal is political to get out trump. Your goal is not to really make black lives matter I mean they're all over one hundred people shot over the weekend in Chicago and there were two three year olds that were shot dead. Where's black lives matter burning down buildings in the south side of Chicago where that happened. It's nowhere to be found. My question would be do those do those black lives matter? Black lives that further your cause matter. And it's one of those. It's one of those things where I just hope. Conservatives have a humongous wake up. Call from this, and just look at what is happening, and they go to the polls in November and they vote I mean me personally I, disagree with many things that Donald Trump does and says I'm by no means his biggest fan I do like some of the policies that he acts, but I know that this election is going to have serious consequences for Supreme Court judges for taxes in the future for immigration policies for economic policies. Policies and I know that any candidate that's on any ticket besides donald trump is going to be detrimental to the conservative cause, and I think one of the big misconception that you've got to be one hundred percent in love with the guy to vote for him, and that's just that's just not true. you got. You gotta look at the consequences of the election and vote with your. That's what you get as a citizen of this country, you get the vote to further the policies that you wanna see so concerned that a wakeup call from all that. I I don't think many people that voted for trump in two thousand sixteen when he won all of a sudden going to vote for Joe, Biden now this time. I just don't see it and considering trump until this Chinese virus guide here had the best economy best for everybody you know. Blacks annex women everybody you know. The economy is on fire. People were happy. and. So He has track record of proven success and I don't know who the hell is. Nobody's excited for Joe Biden nobody is so. You don't believe anything why. I brought up this when Harrington on Bloomberg had a story Biden slow hiring and key state start to worry some Democrats, he can't even figure out his campaign can't figure out or get anyone to agree to run the Joe Biden campaign in a particular swing state. Arizona's jobless Philbin. They they they're they're. They're disorganized mess. Well No, that's everything about Joe Biden is. You know it's not like in the sixties where your choices where Kennedy and Nixon where if you compared the platforms? They would be kind of like well. If my guy didn't get elected, we'll still be okay. I mean you just look at what Biden has done? How far he's moved from the physician, even had in no last November right. You look at the Hyde amendment. You look at you. Know pretty college programs. You look at his stances on healthcare. He has already shifted in a matter. Matter, of months, with the direction of the Democrat Party, which is at a pace that is incredibly fast, running to the left as far as it can to where there is no middle ground anymore. It is Joe Biden is an office at the end of four years. The country is GonNa look completely Gif and that's that's the thing that's the thing on, so you look at what's going on with yanking down statues all over the place over one hundred statues bank down, already ride been destroyed. US Seattle I mean what person that isn't might be like you where you know, you kinda like trump's policies. Maybe you don't like what trump does I personally think it's hilarious and I love it. I love that he's a fighter, but that's fine, so so maybe you know there are people like you. They like his policies not I don't like the bombastic nece I think he did. He stretches the truth from time to time whatever it might be. But then you look at the other side and say if I vote for Biden. What happens in Seattle is going to be all over the place. You know this is not normal. And trump trump gets my vote because I'm a conservative right and I know that he will push conservative values. I don't like all the things that he tweets and you're right. I think he's a lot a bit abrasive at times. I love it, but. But Yeah I mean some people wanted some people don't but I. Know that his policies will be our best for this country, and that's why I vote for him I. Think People have this big misconception that you've gotTA. Love the guy vote for him, and you're not voting for your not voting for a babysitter. You're not voting for a pastor church. You're voting for a leader of your country. You know what I mean Yep. One hundred percent dude, great call James I appreciate. Thank you for for being so patient have a great day. You too anytime. I love intelligent callers. It's all we have fantastic. It's a great point you don't have to be in love with trump to vote for him and the media makes it seem like that's the way well. Here's suburban women are worried. They might tell some polls. They're worried doesn't mean they're not voting for the guy will continue. Don't go anywhere. It is Cana St. Louis Kinetico water. Let me tell you something. Can I can I entice you for just a second? You great tasting water. Would you like a Free F thirty day trial? Yes, a free thirty day trial with no obligation. That's what Kinetico is offering right now. 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It is your morning. Ritual our number four. Thank you so much for hanging out with me? Ken, S.! T. A. M. Seven Ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk that I say Gary Lewis. I think have not Garrett Lewis with you. Three things I think you to know. Brought to you by strong plumbing, air and solar. Number One. The street mural black lives matter apparently on stone avenue, and actually got. Somebody sent me a message over the weekend. I think they were painting it Saturday morning. I was not here. Yes, Saturday morning. and. Apparently. It's out. I got a call this morning. Somebody's walking holy crap, and they see it lives matter Tucson taxpayers foot the bill for that one on Stone Avenue downtown downtown Tucson on. That's after Regina Romero the queen radical socialist she is. That's after she hung. A black lives matter signed right out the window. Right out the window tenth floor. It was big I'll put a picture on my facebook page and I'll put on my my page. Can S. T. DOT COM as well as having a chance to do that? Stuff I'm multitasking this morning. I'm multitasking so so that's. That's what's happening I mean she's a radical. She's crazy and I'm hearing. I'm hearing rumors. I'm hearing rumors about something else that May. I can't say what it is. But I've had multiple sources. Tell me something big brewing here in Tucson okay. That's all I know. It's really vague, but I think anything else. Second thing that I think you need to know. You ready for this one now, donald trump coming Arizona, he's going to be at Huma celebrating the two hundred miles of wall built already. Then, he's GonNa fly to Phoenix and he's going to do a students for trump rally, which is fantastic, and this is after he did something very important. Yesterday signed an executive order. Suspending temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of this year because we have too many Americans out of work. That is a great America first thing he did any. It's awesome. Third thing I think you need to know. is that pima? County has said yeah, we're doing a mask mandate as well, but here's the thing. There's no monetary fines and sheriff. Napier's already said he's not enforcing it. Not Happening So He's, he's pretty much taking the teeth at a Regina 's. I learn not PD's going to show up and give you fifty bucks ticket for not wearing a mask, not going to happen especially when you could say I have a medical condition. Which would I been saying? And I do listen. I do have a medical condition. It's called in frigging awesome. And that's what preclude me from wearing this mask. Why would I want to stop you from staring at this face, right? So no fine and know enforcement and Pima County. And on top of that I love it, you know who is also exempted from wearing it. People in jail, so the people that have actually broken a lot of getting into jail. They're not forced to wear it. But you when you go to buy a hotdog somewhere where he goes pair of shoes or a swimsuit or whatever else you're going to get a watch, you have to wear it. What sense does that make? Three things I think you need to know Gosh sergely the TV and saw who was on it and Mike. You gotta you gotTa. Be Kidding me. Come on, you gotta be kidding me so. We'll get your calls. I will get him. How about this situation to speaking of the Chinese virus? I'm looking at this other. Flipping out here in Pima County Arizona. Because like Oh my God. There are the biggest the biggest age group to get the Chinese virus lately twenty to forty four year olds. Oh my gosh. Story from Capitol Media. Services. State looks for ways to convince younger. Arizona's of Corona. Virus danger as cases rise. Don't you love that headline? The danger. To, cold Second. Well third sentence in third paragraph in you ready for this one as they're like holy crap. Now it's happening to younger people. Quote from Dr Cara Chris, she told capital media services quote they're likely not the ones that are going to have the outcomes and the risk factors from covid nineteen. But we need everybody to keep in mind. All of us have connections to loved ones and family members that are high risk or people out the community. And that's where we're trying to protect by containing the spread. So she admits. The twenty four year olds they're out. They have to live life. We have to resume life. We're GONNA. Get this virus. It's GonNa Happen at some point. You'RE GONNA. Get it, and there's no way to avoid. It's not going to go away. Just not. GonNa Happen Right not going to happen. And yet the media is doing everything. They can to scare you into thinking. Oh my gosh, you're going to die, and you know who did a good job at that. It was the health director for Pima County Oh. Yeah, she's like. We have people in their twenties, thirties and forties in ICU because of this. Thanks. Thank you very much. Yeah, there you go, thank you very much. That's That's fantastic I'm. Great. Great. Thank you we're trying to scare everybody and their mother what happens when everybody gets the flu, you GONNA freak out into everybody going to wear a mask with the flu. Vaccination. Yes, sometimes it's fifty fifty works or a dozen, sometimes the thirty percent twenty five percents of you never know. The best thing you can do is wash your hands and have a strong immune system that nobody says it. Why aren't these geniuses out there saying hey. Why don't you eat better to try to stop a virus from ravaging your body? Do things in a healthier way. nope, nope, nope, wear a mask. Take the magic pill. That's what it is. I'm so overall of this so over all of its. So? That's just one of the stories by the way There's another was oh. Yeah, yeah, from krld. Arizona where she said Arrigoni seeing spike. In Cova, nineteen cases among younger generation spike. Again we make this point. Before the riots, all the media talked about was what. Chinese virus deaths. Right Chinese virus deaths then the riots came, and they shut up about it because they wanted to just talk about how white people are bad trump's the worst and police are terrible, and they never mentioned never condemn the rioters from getting close to each other with the Chinese virus. No, no, no, no right never never happened so when from deaths to riots, the riots started to subside. Thank God. They started talking. About what cases you notice that it's it's not. Deaths is rising deaths. It's not rise in cases. Because hospitals are also open. I'm not denying people are getting it, but they're open. Are Open. So people are going in for whatever surgery emergency room whatever it is. And everybody gets tested now when they get into the hospital. Oh, here we go got another one. Okay, so no Novak. Djokovic hosted a tennis tournament. People in the stands everything in Croatia. Now. He and his wife now tested positive. He's a symptomatic. Symptomatic. He's not dying. Most don't. Most, don't. It's insane or I'm just over all this stuff. Eight Zero K N S T eight, eight, zero, five, six, seven eight. I WANNA. Go really quick to then I. WanNa get to some some soundbites to about all this, but let's go to Kenya. Fast Kenny Kenny. Hey two o'clock welcome. Hi! Kenny yes sir! Kenny. Kenny here. We've been listening to everything. we're listening to everything. You're on. Your, there yeah, yeah good. Okay I went over to the autozone on Valencia. Near. mission. Okay I needed a break brake pads. And they say you can't go score unless you rare face. I have a medical condition. I would go the outside. Do the curve service. Curve Service. And, so I was stern, but I've. I was flowing, but I was in. And I don't want to do that however. Getting here. And They called the the sheriff's. Deputies. Came over yeah, they did. They call the police I mean the County deputies I think Yeah Jeff Department. And what happened now said he's not going over. My hands up and say hey, I'm the one. You're looking for. and. hopefully not coming here just to enforce them. The math thing go over doesn't make sure no lynch. is disturbing the peace and said Hey I was firm with her, but I was in cussing or Driving like that? Anymore if they talked to her, they talked to me. And he said I will. Take me on. You to the side and they helped me out. Hang on a second a second. Hang on a second. Did you tell her you at a medical condition? Yes I did. And, she still so I mean all all these businesses. Are you literally? Sue Her you could. You could call the Attorney General Mark Bronevich. And say. I was denied a service based on my medical condition. They are violating the the Americans with Disabilities Act. They are violating that they have these people that are doing it and they I mean this is insane man. Yeah, but here's the thing though it might be a loophole, or they can get away with. They said they helped me with the outside curve. They held. They say they're going to help me out in the the outside curve. You Know Yup cards I pick up, yeah. Pick up, but I really do I. Should Not I felt like I cannot be discriminated against that. That's the thing man you, don't you? You you literally, if you I mean you have A. Say gives you anxiety. You have a medical condition. They can't prove or disprove it, but they cannot say you. You were not allowed in this place because you. You know you're not wearing a mask. I have a medical condition. It stopped me from wearing it. I mean I. Feel like somebody saying I'm in a wheelchair. I need to get. NOPE, we don't want people wheelchair and can't do it. You know it's the same thing you just. That's why you have a case. Man and of course Sheriff Napier's not. He's not enforcing any of this stuff. It's not going to happen, and it's not even a monetary fine news. No, YOU'RE NOT GONNA get in trouble in any way. Whatsoever I would call up the manager that autozone given piece your mind so you do you want me to sue? I, of course you use a free market leave, but I'm past that point I want to be pain in the butt to other people like they're a pain in the butt to us. That's where I am right now so right? Yeah, well, let me know what happens. Man I mean I. Say That because. The outside curve service that they could get around that. No, if you want to go in, they cannot deny you service based on a medical. A medical situation. If you you have your head. And the only reason, Gee I got the service inside was after. The police and all that we'll make some noise. Give me Your Business, but I swear you you case man, you can have a case, thank you. The phone I appreciate a man. I have a medical condition that precludes me from wearing a mask. There you go. What it is nine sixteen. Do not go anywhere I when we get back more your calls and I also WanNa play for you. The whole one of the best guys to talk about this Dr Scott Atlas Stanford University. About this whole situation about immunity and everything, and how the media is getting a wrong, and even scientific journals are getting it wrong all coming up right here on campus. The morning ritual with Darren Lewis. One of the best things that I have discovered here made in Tucson I. You know if you're like me. There's no way you want to actually spend hours and hours and hours cleaning your home I. Mean I'm busy like. I have hockey, practice or hockey twice a week with my son. I have camp. We have plans. I get up early the last thing I want to do. Is Sit there and get the dirt off the baseboards. The dog hair right. Is this clean? The toilets cleaned. The kitchen takes me six seven eight hours to do it. And made in Tucson you know what they do everything they do all of that. They cleaned my baseboards a clean. My cabinets I cook. Get Greece on cleaned the cabinets. They did it all in under two hours under two hours made in Tucson, been around over twenty years. I believe the current owner is owner for twenty two years. They have some customers that have been with them for twenty. Twenty years. That's how trustworthy they are. That's great of a job. Made in Tucson does call them today at four four four forty five eleven, telling you just like me. What is your time worth? Would you rather spend six seven eight hours on a weekend cleaning your home or have that time to relax spend with the family. Go to the shooting range. Whatever it is that you WANNA. Do. Made in Tucson can take care of it for you and they do a phenomenal job. Some aid companies don't like to move anything on the counter. They everything off. Wipe everything and put it all back. They just a great Russ floors are mopped. I don't have to worry about it. They dust the fans on top of the pictures. Everything you need is to come home to a clean house. You've do any of the work so affordable. They even disinfect your whole house made in Tucson four four four forty five eleven, Ma id made in to a registered investment advisor. St-. Yes? Hello, nine twenty-one Gear Lewis with you here it is can S. T. am seventy-two San's most stimulating talk? Appreciate you hanging out with me. What else would you be doing? Life would be so boring right if I were any. Thank you very much for for being with me. now really quick and I need to more your phone calls. I want you to your doctor Scott Atlas. You went over a few things on Martha McCallum show yesterday, and and All of a sudden young people in Texas all over they are now all of a sudden. Younger people getting the Chinese virus, and by the way, some lady young me on facebook. Why are you still racist? Came from China. You know where should we call every disease? The United States the United States Disease Yeah I don't care. I don't care. Nobody says you have to listen anyway. Listen to this Martha. County McCallum yesterday with Dr Scott Atlas with Stanford University. As it people are twenty, two twenty nine. That's unusual. No, no, I. That number. Well I think it's counter to every other data point we have. It was when we have a state that has detailed evidence like Florida. We see that although there's a huge rise in cases, they're all and almost all overwhelmingly healthy young people. They are not being hospitalized. They are not dying. That's going down per day. The hospitalizations are going down per day in. That's not that's not a likely I. I think that what is happening in Texas I know this is true. They're testing every person that gets hospitalized for Cova nineteen here, too. We know that the vast majority of people with a covert nineteen who are young particularly are eysenck dramatic, more minimally symptomatic I questioned if those people who are positive for Covid, nineteen on being hospitalized for something else are classified as cove nineteen hospitalizations. That's different thing. Area I mean that's what it comes down to I, mean they? How are they doing and again here? Here. In in in Arizona Dr Cara Chris some blog because think about this Doug Ducey says. If you WANNA test, you can get a test. It's garbage. You still have to apparently show symptoms. You have to show similar. So, what does that mean so? If you show it all right, we'll test you. You're showing symptoms. Test comes up negative. Apparently, they still count that as an actual. Probable case because you have symptoms. It says it. On Dr Characterists blog, it says it right here I'm looking. It's one I put June. I have taken the screen the past both confirmed and probable cases. Are included in our overall case. Indepth count. Is that why it's going up? So if somebody goes in and says Oh, I. Haven't how many people have lied by the way I gotta get a test. I mean I've yourself shortness of breath. I've tightness so negative, and you know what it's a problem case, 'cause it says here a probable case. I wonder how they define it. It's exactly what I said. It says here. A probable case, a case that doesn't have confirmed diagnostic test, but meets certain criteria that allows public health the classify. It is a case. It includes a positive antibody test. And symptoms consistent with Cove Nineteen Oh. You have the shortness of breath I think there's a giant scam going on I. Think People that don't have it. That just lied to take a test, or they claim or who knows what they're all counting them as if they have it again. Probable end confirmed are all counted in the case counts. That's why the case counselor shooting through the roof. They also count as symptomatic patient with no test showing they have it, but was in close contact to a confirmed covid nineteen case. Yeah, and you're right is a rolling till they never talk about the amount of people that have actually recovered that numbers never coming out. Never come out. Eight Eight Zero K, N S T, eight, zero, five, six, seven I have some more from Dr. Scott Atlas as well bear with me right here, Let's pick it up right right here to be. Well. Sure here's the point. Most of these cases, the the average age of infection is down to in the thirties hours in the beginning, it was in the sixties. That's because we have learned to protect the older people and we're now dealing with infections and people who have essentially no problem with the infection is present. Not just in the US. Every country in the world shows us is not hang on, hang arguable really so so all the all these studies in this and that show that if you're twenty to forty four and you get it, you're essentially going to be just fine as essentially nothing going to happen to you yet here. Pima County you got new health director screaming. All we have people are twenties, thirties and forties an ICU. Is that GONNA happen everybody. A lot of people. He's Scott Alyssa this doctor that it's good for younger people get it to build the herd immunity, and so what we look at that and we see a lot of people who have no problem. With an infection, that's exactly how he population develops immunity topic of herd immunity been sort of totally mystified, unfortunately and misinformation spread about it. The reality is that when the population has enough people who've had an infection, and since these people don't have a problem with the infection. That's not a that's not a bad thing. That's how we prevent the connectivity of spread people who have high risk profiles. That's why in is are given so that we can block the spread in enough people so that the connectivity pathways to the high risk people is stop. That's the per. That's what hurt. Immunity is hanging in that great tree. Saying you're younger, you should try to get it. Because, you build up the immunity so when it comes to you again, you don't get it. Therefore, you can't give it to an older person that could be really in danger because of it and yet what Dr Chris saying and the other one that only need to change the way we live to make sure we don't get it. You can't avoid it. You can't. Chris and this other one Heidi Cullen the new pima county health director there like against her immunity for this. It's no problem to get this infection. If you're not gonNA, have a significant issue with it. That's me as obvious. It is obvious one more from him. This is where he starts calling out a study in nature about how long your immunity lasts steady in nature, which suggested that the immunity could last very short time, and that it wears off. What do you say that okay well? That's counter to what we know about Corona viruses in the literature. General feeling of experiences one to two years, but it also points out something. That's a again a little bit, misinformation or lack of critical thinking. We know that there's immunity here. If you don't have the exact antibody, there's cross only from. Those antibodies are not from other corona virus infections. Those antibodies are not picked up by the Antibody Test Sloan. Kettering did Estonia third of people who were infected with this had antibodies, but they were low amount, so they weren't even the tactic by the antibody tests. That does not mean they weren't immune, and we also know that people have immunity on non antibody. Reason something called T. T cell immunity. They don't have antibodies, but still are immune, so it's just an example of a lack of critical thinking that was it. Unfortunately, it's really pervaded the scientific literature to the point where many papers are producing in the best journals in the world, and they're either for overtly fraudulent and need to be retracted now we're talking about. New England Journal, Lancet or they're producing. Publishing garbage shocking. There you go producing garbage. Good for him, do not go anywhere morning. Ritual Garrett Lewis S. T. A. Seven ninety. Tucson's most stimulating talk the morning ritual with investment advisor. Nine thirty one. Okay, Kfi am seven hundred. SAN's most stimulating talk, doesn't it make sense doesn't make sense that Dr Atlas was saying. Twenty to forty four year. Olds should I mean they. He said they they should try to get the Chinese virus. What do you mean that's just crazy? No, it's not because they are There's essentially no danger or threat. To that particular demographic twenty to forty four year olds right, and if they get it, then they build up the immunity to it. And if they build up the immunity when it still here, they're not going to get it again. Which means they will not pass it to anyone else. Any older person any susceptible person. That's how this works. That's a dozen work by wearing your mask in your car and driving around. I was. I'm out this morning. No, no joke to people. It must be a husband and wife, man and woman. On their bite and got the cool outfits on there bicycling. You know the cyclists. and. They're both wearing masks as their cycling there you're limiting the oxygen. You can actually intake as you're. You're riding your bicycle for exercise. You can't get any more dumb than that. Kim Thank you for waiting. Welcome to S. T.. Hi! Hi. So. What's your experience? You were telling you were saying that you had an elective surgery. What happened there? What happened. I went in. They made me take the test before i. go in and have the surgery to get the an overnight I'm fifty nine years old by the way and I just got. Literally outs hour ago and heard what you were talking about. When I was in there because I did this whole thing's Joe Show while I was in there I just negative because they said I gotta call. Positive can get a call. It's negative. So I. Get asking all the staff members. What is your opinion? They think it's a damn joke. They absolutely think joke, and what I. What gets me is all the people who had to wait for so called elective surgeries. Saint. Mary's is packed. Follow people like me. Who had to wait my surgery scheduled January, but it got cancelled because of being elective, so they are tacking people getting insurgencies, and they have to be tested before they go at. Can I. AM numbers are coming soon, so can you? You had this Saint Mary's. Yeah. Because of what happened with trump. Rally I honestly believe that people from like black lives matters are going into getting justed. An! Because we know that the Democrat Party on the. Whole, yeah, yeah, yeah, well. Yeah, you know they. They're going to the donate button and goes to act blue you donating to black lives matter dot com, and Click on donated goes to act blue, which is a funding arm of the Democratic Party but but side note when you say it was a joke. What exactly is a joke? The mask wearing the hysteria. What was the staff telling? And, it's a joke people are. Really, so they don't think it's as big of a problem as it's being portrayed in. Any Questions to ask I said. What does your year look like? They said it's pretty much empty. Yep, and that's the Koran delivery hospitals with Saint Saint Joe's. Saint Mary's and because I get the people that send me the updates to show me exactly what's going on and that's totally counter. What's happening at TMC where the seat of the chief? Medical Guy. Whatever TMC. Cliff! Whatever his name is is writing a letter we we are. We are exhausted. We are tired. This is too much. We need a mask mandate. It's it's crazy. Did you ask him at all about? Surgery people that are. That's what their. Is Did you. Ask them about the fact that people are having to wear masks. How dangerous it is that they talk about that at all. Talk about the dangers of it I'm sure that they can't. Okay so these are doctors and nurses. Interesting that every single one said the same thing. It's a joke. Every single one that you joke like as it'd be, employees got together. You know what I mean. The same language same, and he's doctor like a hang on tape language, and these are doctors. Okay, they can't get in trouble for and either they can get their opinion. I got. These are doctors and nurses, right? No doctors they wouldn't answer my questions. I wouldn't even bother asking them. Oh just nurses. Nurses and nurses aides and guided carried me out in the wheelchair. That's okay. That's okay we'll take. Okay Hey, listen, thank you for that update and I. Hope that you recover and and I really appreciate your listening calling and thank you so much. No problem I listen to you whenever I get a chance morning. Come on. Come on, thank you very much. Take care. Take Care, remember you can listen on the iheartradio APP. Download it. It's free. It's easy like me. A campaign rally in Phoenix figures to be the highlight of president trump's visit to Arizona. Today organizers predict a crowd of about three thousand for these students for trump rally at a church in Phoenix. Phoenix has mayor is requesting president trump. We're a mass during his time in Arizona today mayor. Que GAGO released a statement asking all elected officials to set an. An example by wearing a mask, and she wants called at the summer of love, but now the mayor of Seattle is doing an about face announcing dismantling of the Capitol Hill occupied protests on or chop zone following two weekend shootings. The blocks of city streets taken over two weeks ago. I'm Greg Paul in his t am seven hundred ninety two cents most. Gary Lewis with you. Here Kfi am seven hundred eighty. Tucson's stimulating talk. Bound habit at some point, right? Let's before we get into the three things that I think you need to know. I gotTa tell you something very important about my buddy Bob Zach Mayer leading the win three team at E. X. P. Realty stock market has been up down up down up down. What's going to happen next? Nobody knows. Saga thirty percent in a few days, but you know what. Thankfully? My investments in real estate never lost a dime because Bobby Z and I. Listen I only talk about myself as being very smart. But Bobby's actually one of those guys pay. It doesn't pay me to say because he's so smart. It's just that he's so smart. I have to say it okay, but showed my wife and me how to invest in real estate without the headaches and hassles of being landlord who wants that? We never get phone calls. Midnight unexpected repair bills. This broke that broke, but we do get a steady stream of mailbox money every single month. No matter where we are in the world, it shows up, bought a boom bottoming, so if you WANNA learn about a more secure way to invest without the ups and downs of the stock market or the drama and the trauma. You get with being a landlord. Call Bob Zach. Meyer at three one four sold three one four sold call Bob. He's created A. Very secure system produces steady income during up down or neutral markets learn to earn like I. Did my wife did with Bob Z. Three one four sold? I three things. I think you need to know number one. Is That Regina Romero has done it. The black lives matter banner hanging out the tenth floor of the Tucson City office building. You have that and now I've gotten word. Yes, it's true the worry about this last week on stone in downtown Tucson. There is a big black lives. Matter Street mural painted on the pavement. They used tax dollars to do it. They made it happen. Regina wants second thing I think you need to know. President trump going to be in Yuma, celebrating the two hundred mile of border wall, being constructed or way past it now then he's going to phoenix to do a rally for students for trump, which is awesome, and he also did something great America first. He signed an executive order that suspends. The temporary visas for foreign workers for the end of this year because we have Americans that are out of work, too. Many Americans America first baby third. Thing I think you need to know Pima County. No teeth in their mass mandate Know Enforcement Sheriff Napier's already said we're not enforcing this. It's not happening, not happening at all. and. This is the best part though. If you're in jail and Pima County, you do not have to wear a mask, but the supervisors voted that you if you go by a t shirt somewhere. And you're inside. You have to wear a mask so there you don't you love that? So prisoners have more freedom than you. Ramon valid as Sharon. The driver and the other one took over for the late Dick. Not even know her V8's I think who knows Betty Betty. Betty Sounds Betty. Three things I think you need to think about that without wearing a mask share in the driver. Bronson Pima, county supervisor she is. Right over here. Maybe three years ago for monsoon. Right here for Lowell, we are four and Oracle. There's a street called Balboa. She is starting to come down. It's raining cats and dogs. It's out there and for some reason without wearing a mask, share in the driver takes Inter County. Taxpayer from turn left on Balboa. She's on four little headquarters left on Balboa, and for some reason sees a wall of water, approaching her in a wash, and she's like I. Think turn into that and she turned right into the wall of water. And Sharon! The driver's not even wearing a mask at that point. What happens now because I could totally see Sharon is one of these Karen's. That's out there. That leaves the grocery store. And where's her gloves? That touched everything by the way and her mask while she drives home. I could see it. So Sharon for the good of everyone that's driving and living in Pima County. One don't drive to. Don't don't do Oregon Masks. Okay, you're putting us in danger. All endanger. let's jump to Cynthia. CYNTHIA WELCOME TO T. HI! Good morning morning. I was I was going to. A lecture given by Dr John mcelroy at At a restaurant across from the Walmart Midvale Park. And I was early, so I thought. I'M GONNA, go into Walmart. When I parked I noticed that they can't behan several. Speakers! the moat speakers that can be. Moved around and they were powered by a solar panels, but the speakers were blasting out. For your protection, you need to wear a mask before entering Walmart for your protection, stay six feet apart. I felt like I was in a repatriation repatriation. Camp Log Russians. It. And three Saturday morning. They already had the signs printed up. of the of the declaration to wear masks and Already printed up and this was at eight thirty in the morning. Hang onto the Regina did make this declaration. Thursday afternoons, they had a good day and a half little more than that to get those printed up, but that's that's really creepy that they were blasting out instructions like at some. It's from like some future science sci-fi movie where they're. Tell the government's. They're telling you how to live all that other, so of course they know they don't blast out of the Walmart. That for your own safety? Don't come shop here on black. Friday because of the chance you're GONNA. Get your ass kicked when you go to grab the seventy nine dollars. TV from somebody else then ever do that though, right? No No. That would never never be, but then what happens, are people. Just you know like it's nothing. was anybody else weirded out like you or just like well? It is what it isn't gonNA walk in and be a sheep, and that's just the way it is. That's the way it was. They were just following. Goosestep into the guests said that's that's crazy. That's crazy. Thank you so much for telling us about that Cynthia I. Really do appreciate it. and let me know about you. Let me know if anything weird happens. Because I wanna I wanna hear about it and talk about it all. You're okay. Thank you good day you to take care? I'm and I told you we did the this past weekend. at a hotel Scottsdale. Just to get away. I literally have had a day off and four months. Sands Sands Memorial four months. Not Complaining Spin crazy. Do you just get burnt down after a while? You know I love what I do. Get burnt out and again soon as I checked in the guys like Maricopa County, they passed An ordinance and it says it's a mass. Go I. Have I. Have a I have a medical condition, okay? And let me tell you by the last day in the hotel I would say close to half. The people were not wearing masks when you're walking around. It's. Not your. You want dangerous things. No I don't prove to me where masks work because I've seen where they don't work. And again I don't understand it if you're telling me that. For the protection of everybody I have to pop on a mass to go buy food at a grocery store, but people in the county jail don't have to wear a mask. Where they're just trapped in a confined space together. It makes no sense. Not at all. Let's go to Pat Pat Welcome. McCain Sti Pat. Come on Gary I'M GONNA. Retire New York state teacher, who's called before. I know we're earlier. We talked about that. To me, disgraceful black lives matter banner hanging. On a government building Yep. Now, it's objectionable to me. If they have taken. People's personal beliefs such as God etc out of government buildings. Then that should not be there. That is a political persuasion It's an agenda. It's an organization that I do not respect. I think they're anarchistic. I think they can be violent. They have their own political agenda. They have their own goals. And they have the perfect foil with Regina Romero. Romero! WHO's the perfect foil for this right now and Garett? I don't WanNa take a lot of your time. I'm really upset about this. I think that banners should be taken down because it is not inclusive of. Me As a resident of Tucson for three and a half years. It doesn't represent my views. I am highly offended. I hate seeing it. Going by on the ten. And I wouldn't be surprised if it would either under a legal challenge because I don't think it's legal to be putting an highly restricted message like that on a government building now I'll. Listen. Thank you, I appreciate it. Thank you very much for the phone. I listen I'm against the to. Nobody has asked in the media for it. She has come out to say who paid for week. What if it said mega key mentioned the outrage, said trump twenty twenty. Black lives matter is a political movement. They said their goal is to. We know what their goals are. They WANNA get trump at office. They said it. We, want trump to resign now. And they're pressuring Republicans and Democrats worst. Five Republicans are just running from Saint. Sally doesn't say a word about this. She's afraid. Afraid of freight of the mob puts a tough fighter pilot terrorist. Don't scare her talk, show, host and black lives matter. Do I'm with you one hundred percent? It's disgusting. It's despicable. It is not inclusive. You tell me if you're not black. Your Life doesn't matter. What it comes down to, and the polls have shown by the way surveys, people prefer all Meta versus Black Lives Matter but Regina all about dividing by your skin color. Don't forget.

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The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis- 07/15/20 Full Show

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

2:17:30 hr | 3 months ago

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis- 07/15/20 Full Show

"Act. The those comfortable call. Say that we ain't got the. We ain't got the crash. On the. Phony and this Guy John make the radio. and. So this they just would. Probably should've state is gone now. The generation has somehow snapped up. What's going on, hello, it is your morning ritual with me Gary. Lewis can spam seventy Tucson's. Most stimulating talk of course. Three things I think you need to know. Roger Bystrov Plumbing Aaron. Solar and this is incredible stuff. We're GONNA have more on this in an hour with that data analyst Kyle Land because he's uncovered some nuggets going to. Kobe tracking a covert tracking dot all these sites that have the Kovic stats. Are you ready for this? Between June thirteenth and July Fourth Arizona has had the lowest has. been rate in the country, just one nine percent. One point nine percent. meaning. We have a bunch of people that may have the virus, but they're not really that sick, not sick enough to go to the hospital, but where were dying near overflow this that one point nine percent, and you ready for this? They are now calling the the high risk of the hot states that will affect the fact Florida. Arizona. California, Texas fact, right the death rate. During the time period, the fact states we're one of them. One point two percent compared to the national average, which was two percent on the button. But. It's terrible here. It's awful it's odd. It's just the worst thing ever. Second thing that I think you need to know maybe this one members of the black community out New, York, now calling on Nypd to bring back the anti-crime unit. We need help. Stop in the shootings and the crime and the murders. We need to reevaluate this. We're sorry. Oh, I, bet you are. I bet you are. Third thing that I think you need to know. Remember the guy from Stony Brook University on Long Island. Did the big poll back in two thousand sixteen. His poll was right every time going back hundreds of years separate to. Any kind of got her as wrong. In the Bush, Bush won the electoral does not the popular vote and I think he was wrong in nineteen sixty with Kennedy Nixon. His poll. Shows Trump has a ninety one percent chance of reelection. Ryan's laughing right now. Ninety one percent, but wait, but wait. No, no, no, it's true. Ninety one percent just throwing that out there and I have more great stuff, too, by the way is the other nine percent failing by chance the chance of an earthquake or meteor hitting the earth. The moon falling out of the something like that he be. That's. That's why I'm not joking. I saw one website some random website people try to create news websites. And they took that story and rewrote the headline. Trump has nine percent chance of losing. I. Three things I think you need to know. and. That might be the first one right so that. Be the first one maybe I I. Don't know. I liked it. We we'll keep that Gossett on my facebook page and and stuff like that. I don't know if the DMZ. And Bat. Bob Mail in balloting. There could be a bigger chance. You never know well. That's and that's. That's the thing by the way trump. Yesterday was a phenomenal I mean. He calls a Rose Garden press conference, which is usually from serious stuff. And by the way Obama did back in two thousand sixteen, and told trade called it to tell trump to stop, so you can't. You can't talk. Politics went on with that. Were you know what when you're president? You have the power. That's just the way it is. Obama did a bunch of crap. Trump's doing stuff so DC yesterday. Trump literally a press conference and rumor has it evolves Chinese gas so I had an executive order about Hong Kong and China now let me tell you about Joe Biden. Any went on Joe Biden talking about the differences between him and Joe Biden. How radical Joe Biden is because the media just won't cover it, so he made them sit there. And listen to it, and of course some of the stations pulled out, but he's like. If you're not GONNA do this coverage I'm GonNa, do it myself. and. That's what we love. We love the fighter in that. So then happened last night. I didn't realize this. You know that Saint. Louis couple that had their guns out because the mob came to their home near the next day they had Armed, security up on on on their second floor on their balconies turns out this homeowner mark. mccloskey confirmed a Hannity yesterday. That trump privately sent out armed security to protect those people. Out there bragging about it? Breaks, but a lot of things which is cooled one of the reasons. I dig him, but I mean this is good stuff. So and by the way there's more I mean. There's mortgage up. If you thought that trump was, republicans really don't like trump they just. You. Know they? He's losing control the part Jeff. Sessions got smoked. Got Smoked yesterday Tommy Tub reveal. The trump supported guy. destroyed. Jeff sessions I think he got sixty three percent of the votes. Yep! So wasn't very good for Jeff Sessions, and then apparently some guy in Texas was going against. Dr Ronnie Jackson Trump's former. Uh. Doctor. The White House and Ronnie Jackson the trump guy. Beat? The primary opponent. Trump's. Try? Listen the never. Trumpers can try as hard as they want. People have had I have more information more polling showing that trump supporters out there for him. People aren't buying this stuff when it comes to the black lives, matter and blah. Blah, Blah it's not happening. It's not happening. People are actually getting more and more upset to be honest with you. So. So one thing I got to throw your way I. have this in the prep and there are some stories. There's a story that was done locally and the local news is just as bad as the national news. I it's it's It's very pathetic. there was a story Don and it was done yesterday. Actually I think it was on the website yesterday, and since talk about it Krld did a story about. Innovation Innovation elementary. It's an Ohio valley elementary, school it is. It is a lefty school if I've ever seen it and I, know this because I toward it. Brand new schools only three years old something like that and three or four years old. And I went in I saw like Oh my God, there's no way my kids ever going to go here. No chance it could be shiny new chance. One of their elementary school teachers there apparently got the Chinese virus. And she got sick. Because when sometimes when people get the virus, they get sick. Sometimes they don't. She survived, but there was apparently a like eight cars in the neighborhood, but the local report. Called it A. How do I say this? How do I say this? A barrage a motorcade? They drove by honking the horns reina. She got. And it took her five weeks to shake it. Happens with pneumonia. Sometimes sometimes, it even happens with the flu. Bottom line is she got the virus and now she doesn't have it and she's okay. She's able to do her five ks now. She's able to exercise. But she's a teacher. She's a teacher. And since she's a teacher, she wants to take her case her one case and scare the hell out of everybody and the media is willingly complicit nece. Willingly complicit! There were a couple of stories on Ko L.. D. The last couple of days. About teachers worried about going back to their classrooms. This teacher Nikki Nikki is her name. A Hickey from Nikki. She had the bed. and. I was healthy. She had asthma, but she's apparently. She taught spin class her right. She got it. She got sick. Some people do some people don't. And Not one time in any of these stories that I've seen and picking on K. L. D. Today, but it's been. Katie and it's been K. gun. Spend the local stations. You know what they never mentioned. They never actually mentioned in these stories that around the world, schools are open and kids aren't super spreaders. And doctors those pediatricians. We played from MSNBC pediatricians that we. We played one from Orange County, yesterday or doctrine Orange County. Doctor Scott Alice all these all these doctors. I played other pediatricians on the show soundbites on the news. They are out there think kids aren't super spreaders. It is perfectly safe kids to go back to school. We've seen study after study after study. That says that there's no increase infection and we see we don't you know it's just strange with these kids do not pass the virus onto adults other kids. And they never mentioned that these local stories they never do. Play fifteen row quick. So she she got sick. And then you're going to hear a woman starchy. She asked a Pima Community College writing teacher to help write her story of being sick. I vomit and one of the highlights. She felt bad because she vomited on her new carpet. Caviar, S. She should call Zerorez. It's a fantastic point. She vomited up gatorade that she drank on her new carpet. My wife had food poisoning and vomited everywhere to at some couple months ago. Take it to the garage. We should I I. Think Gosh, she made. I kick I. Get to the bathroom. Go Go! and. We do a story about that well, that's food poisoning. This is the virus you jerk a food for here's the bottom line hid. Right and you know what she got sick and now she's fine. This is so dangerous. You know what you should say. Let me get back in the classroom. Because I have the immunity built up, I had it I should go teach the kids. It's amazing. It's not just national. It's a local as well. It's local as well. that. They don't even mention any of the other side that says well you know. Would actually studies do show that kids aren't spreaders and they're opening schools around Europe and the Children's Hospital in candidate says get back to school doesn't matter anymore to it. And at no wonder why people are scared out of their minds, no wonder they are, you don't pay when we get back. No wonder we're running out of time. Quick break! We got listen. We gotta make money. It's what we do here. You understand that your capitalist. So. It's. It's. It's just it's honestly shameful, and it's horrible journalism. But that's what we have grown to expect right I. mean how can we like to do both sides? We're down. Where's the side? Because there's plenty of evidence that says hey, let's do it i. mean if you miss that interview. I had with coli AK Dustin Williams a pima county superintendent of schools. I asked him. What is the scientific evidence? To, cancel in class teaching. And he couldn't name it. He couldn't do it. He had no idea what the hell he was talking about. That's how you know. This is simply all about politics. It was a hell of an interview, a hell of an interview, not just because I did. It's a big factor in it of course. But. It's a hell of an interview. They have no answers, no answers and wailing here this. It's coming up. I have so much to get. I you know the left is eating their own six forty this morning? Phenomenal stories and our curator resigned from his job because apparently. He was racist. You hear what he did. Oh so good I got this story. Is teacher coming up right void where prohibited? Lewis here can sti ninety two sons most stimulating talk. We finally in monsoon scattered thunderstorms today tomorrow will like every day for the next. Week! It looks like. Under five today under four tomorrow. Eighty four, already thick outside law fiqh. Don't forget your chance. Two thousand dollars a grand in your hand, and we could all use that right now, right? We could all use that. Up to twelve times a day weekdays here on Knx t keep listening for your chance to text a word to two hundred, two hundred for your chance to win so. Really quick. This this teacher. And his picture, and then you're going to hear. The Pima Community College writer that help write down her experiences. Then you're going to hear the teacher herself and then the principle of innovation. Listen to this here we go. Ryan. Good? Yes, no, we're! We're GONNA play. Yeah, we gotTA play that Sorry, it is number one fifteen, one, fifteen, really quick one fifteen. Here we go listen if somebody like this. Who's took such care and is in such great condition can get this sick We're all at risk. April Burge, WHO's violence? Mom is also a writer which is why she didn't hesitate Nikki reached out wanting to share her story. She said Hey we taught me. Right at the article describes Nikki's continuous five-week battle with cove it the shortness of breath coughing up blood. Blood a harrowing story that they've now sent to governor. Ducey, and the school board, hoping her words are a warning what can happen even the most one hone hope that the governor in all of the of of all of the district's are paying attention. Going back to school in the fall is still a topic of unease. It'd be honest. I, it scares me. It scares me tremendously. It scares me. Scares me again. Nobody here. The local media ever talks about. How many children actually do get the virus? How sick they get! If they get sick with a hospitalizations are never brought up. You think everybody's GonNa die! It's just scary stories by the way this woman. Nikki Tilleke this teacher in Oro Valley. Her husband is the first one that got sick. She said he was just sleeping and he didn't feel well. He took I believe it's multiple. Tests always tested negative for the virus, never tested positive. Had all the symptoms never got a positive? Never got a positive. So. She said June sixteenth. My husband's slept in. So I returned to the gym for a socially distance bootcamp class each participant ten feet apart again. Did she she can? She tested positive for covert. Her husband never did so obviously. Can we make the claim? She never got the VID. From her husband because he never had it right. Yet, what did she do? She went to A. Boot camp where people were not just six feet ten feet apart. And I don't know if she got it there. But she got the VID. She got the head. So I. I don't I don again. We don't know where she got it from, but. She said her husband was sick by June seventeenth he was sleeping for several days officially sick. I started to get really Achey Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah all this stuff right. I mean I'm not downplaying that. It feels like crap I'm not downplaying it all, but people get sick, and for the most part they recover and more than the most part by the way. than the most part. I mean I. Ask that That's colleague Dustin Williams from Pima County Superintendent of schools yesterday going to close all the schools. You'RE GONNA. Call from the reclosed when flu season hits because that kills kids at a seven times more rate than the Chinese virus does. Why new when the cloud of smoke happened. Anyway. She apparently thinks that she had people over her home to celebrate her husband for a new job or something, and one of those people got the virus, so she had people in her home. That's how it happened. Then she went to starbucks of course with their friends. Oh, yeah! And Look. I'm not blaming her for any of this. It happens, but at the end of the day. This moral the story is, she's good. She writes her friend road for her. Where does my story and I suppose it will when I get well when when I. Wake and walk by Five K with ease. Maybe even run. Maybe. My covert story never ends. Maybe, it never ends now. She has asthma. So look. There are plenty of teachers and there was a story a cable D. it was like a quarter of the teachers in Pima County over fifty five. Then let them stay home and have the other seventy five percent. Get Back to school. What a concept and always say this. If you know, they put plexiglas everywhere, right? You're the bank where they always plexiglass. You go grocery plexiglass. You're the Nail Salon plexiglass right. Why not just have the teacher stand behind the PLEXIGLAS? They don't want each. Oh, and this is. I gotta add things you need to know. There is going to be a motorcade protest today in Tucson. Yes. Teachers, they're doing it up in the valley. There's going to be to these protests to motorcade marches in the in up in the valley. Today one will be here in Tucson as During rush hour. Tucson's rush hour. You're GONNA see teachers apparently out there. Protesting a motorcade motorcade protests to make sure schools stay closed. By the way again nothing in these local stories again about the dangers of kids missing out on school. No stores and local media by the way about child abuse rising domestic violence rising knows it's as if they're not curious, or they just don't want you to know all they do is call the police and say what are the calls are going on now? Is Child Abuse Got Him? Has Domestic violence gone up? No experts being interviewed. What are the dangers of kids continue to stay home and not go to school. Instead. One teacher gets this and Oh my God. I'm downplaying it like she probably goes. Here's the thing. Ryan I didn't want to talk about it or say it. Ryan had the virus. That's why we're here was gone for a couple of weeks. You got it. And Got Monja. We hope it's because of it or not. Well, you know one thing leads to another I thought it was sinuses are Sinus, infection or allergies, because we have to smoke going on the mountain, and it was a windy, and not the first time I felt exactly the way I felt has out was how I felt in December in the gaming, the exact same antibiotic gave me in December when I looked it up. So you know honestly it's just one of those things you. I picked it up from from somewheres and I got over the felt sick I was out sick. You know it wasn't it wasn't fun. It wasn't fun. I was tired. walking upstairs. You know affect me more than usual because I'm fat. And there's that there's one of the morbidity I'm fat. And I did okay team fine and I got over. It took about about a six days five six days now good. Why I think she got, she got got tested. She had a headache and some tightness in their chest, but that was it that was it and the rest of my family were fine running around skiing all that kind of stuff. You go again. Some people never get any symptoms I mean we'd another guy at work who got it and he felt sick for about a day, and then he fell fine for two weeks and he's still stay home. He was mad about it why the guy said he felt like a bad flu for about six days, and then he got better. I can't remember the last time I had a flu. Man I mean that was the thing. It's like it didn't hit me like like like the way I kinda reimagining, but when I had the flu, 'cause I wasn't white out, I was just like a bit winded I had a cough. Had pressured behind my eyes like a sinus infection. So none of the things made sense to me that it would be that then you know. Have to get tested all that stuff there you go there. You go I will continue. We have much more much more I will give you against some more stats about this, but this. This is what we're. This is what we're hearing. This is what we're thinking. Oh, we'll play one quick coming back actually to where they are getting very dramatic here. The teachers very dramatic. I thought it was only on Texas. I reported this story, but it happened. It happened as well when. When teachers went to go see Doug Ducey and give him a letter saying we need to not work again. Somehow teaching, they can't do their job. Where they literally can social distance by the way it could be by themselves in their class away from adults they can eat lunch and their own room. They can close the teacher's lounge. They can literally Librarian Library. It's usually one librarian, maybe two and a giant library. What the Hell's on fifty five libraries in ten by ten room? I mean they're made to do social distancing schools. Is this crazy. Bunch of cop out losers. They just don't want trump to win. It's all this is will continue. Do not go anywhere morning. Ritual Garrett Lewis. Can S. T. A. M? Seventy two sons most Dave Sherwood. Gary Lewis with you here morning. Ritual Kfi am seven ninety. Tucson's most stimulating talk, so we played some soundbites yesterday of teachers going to do sees office in Phoenix giving him a letter saying we can't work. Not Safe ignoring science and again, if Ducey had some guts and stones some gonads, he'd come back at them with some science. Well One of the guys that was a teacher named Adam faulk won sixteen. Here we go. I've been contacted by teachers. Who have said that they're getting their wills together because they're afraid of going back to the classroom. Crab. Anyway genius. My God do that in flu season two. One Seventeen, a local teacher Tucson teacher Maria Janice. She sixty, so she's like I'm hi, I'm listen I'm sixty years old I. Teach Science I don't feel safe. This is not safe. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, right? She said that she ordered fifty masks with clear face coverings, because kids, and does your facial expressions, so she is a science teacher. Think Science. Would actually you know? Make a difference, right? What it! Would, science make a difference if you know how to use, use it again. All the science that shows kids are not going to give it to you. They're not super spreaders now one seventeen. This is what she said here. We go I'm a science teacher I teach people to think rationally. What safety names. It's not an ambiguous word. So there you go, she's a scientist. That doesn't apparently want to acknowledge the actual science now. His people to think rationally science heats. You're not a science, yes. True True, but she understands science so much. She ignores it and she teaches how to add to think rationally. Yeah Yeah. That's rational is is all rational right? What I know. I got I got to go, but really quick I got an I got a comment on my facebook posts by John Sorry I've been working in the hospital maintenance department straight through this this this week. No break no bonus. No incentive teachers found a loophole to be lazy labs. Good for him. I have much much more coming up. They're eating their own. An art curator had to resign for being racist in San, Francisco. Sale Ends July twentieth. Let's continue. Let's let's continue to crush all this Garrett Lewis with you can spam seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk three things. I think you need to know number one. We're GONNA KYLE LAMB on at seven. Oh, five data analyst, but he Put this out there and I have to put on my facebook page. Arizona has had the lowest hospitalization rate in the country from June thirteenth to July fourth the lowest. That's how dangerous it is. We have the fewest the lowest percentage of people that have the virus going into the hospital. One point nine percent, our case, metality rate for the four hotspots states so we're told Florida Arizona California Texas is one point two percent as Compared to the national average, which is to percents? But we're we're. It's horrible here. Second thing that I think you need to know. Is that. There is going to be a motorcade protest from teachers starting a Tucson high during the evening rush hour. Yes. They are going to have a motorcade protest to keep schools closed. This is gonNA work out well. You think this is really going to help. You think this is going to get people on your side. So you shouldn't work, but people that work at big box stores their business. It's OK medical medical. It's okay for them to go around, right? It's okay for them to be exposed. You can't do it and again. This is the media I saw the story. Cable, D- They. They don't even put it in the science that kids don't spread this virus to adults. This is unbelievable third thing. That I think you need to know a New York. Crime is so bad. New York City crime is so bad that now black community members black community leaders are reaching out to the police department saying, can we get that anti violent crime unit back the clothes, one that blase rid of we got rid of it and everybody's shooting everybody We need to reevaluate this. Can you help please oh? Yeah, there, you go! Three things I think you need to know. So This was a story. I saw at at reason dot com. The headline caught my attention. You ready for this one. A museum curator resigned his job after he was accused of being racist. Do you know what he said that apparently caused people in San, Francisco, to accuse the curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art of being racist. Any, idea. This is a real view, Clark. He said that he's going to still take in art from white men. What. You Jerk. Yes. I'm not making that up is a good art or says is crap. Is I guarantee it's overrated garbage, but again it's subjective, right? It's free market, so says here until last week. Gerry girls was the senior curator of painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. See if you're the if you're that, you know that you lean hardcore left right I mean you have to? You can't get the job otherwise. He resigned his position after employees circulated a petition accusing him of racism. Demanding his ouster right away. Racism, the petition said Gary Removal is non-negotiable. Considering his lengthy tenure at this institution we has just how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs. Regarding and equity directed his position curate in the content of the museum. They're calling this guy a white supremacist in the middle of San Francisco art curator at the. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. And all he did. All he did. You ready for this. Is say that he doesn't WanNa be racist. He said I've said it's important that we do not exclude consideration of the art of white men I saying that. He is a white supremacist and he's toxic. And they made him resign. The mob went after him. He went after him. So here we go again. They gave some examples of any You know things. Approaching bad behaved no, no, no, no examples, no bad behavior, no, no being like a and fondling chicks or anything like that groping them. They're only complaint. was allegedly how he allegedly concluded a presentation on how to diversify the museum's holdings by saying quote. Don't worry. We will definitely still continue to collect white artists. Because he set, isn't that just make no sense? Because he said that. What did he say? He's GonNa we're still going to collect. White artists work. Apparently. He has said this on more than one occasion. He said it would be impossible. Completely Shun white artists because this would constitute reverse discrimination like he's like. We can't just say just because you're white. We're not going to accept your work. That's it. That's all this guy. Did that's all he did? So these racists that say no more white work, especially white men. They're the actual racists, but they're accusing this guy of being a racist a white supremacist. You know what. You unleashed. This is like the Chinese that I believe made the Chinese virus, right? And they did it and did it for probably evil reasons right. And It was unleashed and he couldn't control it. This is what the Democrats have done. The liberals they have unleashed these radicals and they. Their whole point was training these maniacs writing everything's racist. You can't think this. You can't believe it, and it was all to try to shut up. People like you and me. And now that it's out there, they can't control themselves and it's destroying themselves. It's going after them. And I'm sitting back. because. If idiots ever come for people like you and me, you know we do we give them the finger and say get out of here, you know. I don't care what you have to say. I don't give a crap what they say on twitter. But these leftist can't take it and this guy literally resigned his position. Because of that because he said we can't do reverse racism. We can't just exclude white artists work. That's reverse racism. You toxic white supremacists son of a B.. And the dude quit. I have more stories like this. But. We have to get to a call to eight zero S, t eight, eight, zero, five, six, seven eight, Steve Right, is it Steve Steve Welcome to Kane Esti Yellow Steve. Good Morning Garrett. How's it going? All Right? What's happened a man? While the story yesterday and I think he played a clip of it. talking about the teachers who don't want to go back to work and I was telling Ryan you know they. They went on strike for extra money for extra pay, and they got what they wanted. And now they don't want to go back to work, so give it to the people that are working. Give it to the people at the grocery store, the CORKSC- Walmart the the housekeepers. Tucson or you know whatever getting to the people who go out there and work every day and get exposed to this crap, because they actually can't afford not to work, screw the teachers. Well you know what I wish, but the teachers would never give it up and here's the thing I. Don't you know you mentioned to t west? He came out in their school board meeting yesterday in announced that they don't actually have really any much of a clue of what the online teaching is going to be. They just know they can't have any in classroom work, but. But they came out and they said that it's too early to adopt an online learning plan, even though it's supposed to start in a month. They have no idea what they're doing things now. So what are teachers going to do? They're going to sit back and get paid to have a zoom meeting for an hour and then the work on the kids and the parents. What have they been doing for the past four months when when when schools got shut down, kids go sent home. They should have been figuring out how they were going to conduct class in the fall. What were they doing? It's ridiculous. That's a great. That's a great question. What were they doing? They were doing Jack. Squad. They just look this is not. This is not about them. Being afraid. This is about them, just wanting the economy to be so bad that people blame trump. That's all this is about Yeah, everybody else can go to work right. You know the ladies for and. And the people that made in. Tucson they you're right. They go a bus there. there. Hump the the people. The nail salons the hairdressers. The grocery store workers day can. We can all be exposed we do you think the teachers don't go out? Go shopping. They don't get their hair done I. mean they think we're the stupid? They think this do teachers are going? They're going to be probably more disliked and politicians at some point in the near future Steve I appreciate. Going to happen. Well leave them. They're working. At least they're working leave. Steve. I appreciate a man. Have a good one. Take care we'll. From the. Studio your local fiduciary trajan wealth dot com this is. Ninety I are. Strong build the most comfortable how you? What's up? It is your morning. Ritual Garrett Lewis with you here. Can T am seven hundred? Tucson's most stimulating talk. Three things I. Think you need to know brought to you by strong built plumbing, air and solar. Number One. We're GONNA. Have more on this in just a sec with the man that brought it to my attention. Kyle lamb that analyst, apparently Arizona. Apparently, we're being told by Doug Ducey for our dopey governor, and some relief ignorant teachers. That things are horrible here. Yet apparently from June thirteenth to July fourth. Arizona's had the lowest hops a hospitalization rate in the country. And the death rate between Florida Arizona California Texas is lower than the national average, but I thought it was terrible here like what the Hell's going on. Notice not many stories about hospitals filling up here in Arizona. We noticed that anyway second more commitment, a second second thing I think you need to know here. We go teachers going to be more disliked politicians. Teachers One story where a teacher got the Chinese virus, of course didn't get it at school, but says schools are dangerous. Teachers are GonNa have a motorcade here in Tucson motorcade protests starting at Tucson high. This afternoon during rush hour to get attention to say that you you slept. You figure it out. You go back to work. You handle your child while you try to go back to work. It's too dangerous for us to go back to work. It's just the science of course as the opposite, but it's too dangerous, and they're going to have a motorcade protest telling you that it's too dangerous for your kid and none of the local media by the way they all suck. They don't even bring up any of the science. The studies the facts that say it's safe to go back to school. Kids don't spread this to adults or even other kids. God these in. They think that they're going to win this they they really do third thing. I think you need to note. Is that in New York City apparently now because the crime is surging, and people are getting shot, and they're being killed black community leaders reaching out to the NYPD, and can you bring back those six hundred? Plainclothes detectives that stop all this crime. We need to reevaluate this apparently whole the whole thing about defunding the cops. It's not working out so well. They said we need to reevaluate this. Oh do we do we three things? I think you need to know. So this is This is great. You don't get any of this information really anywhere else. Anywhere else. You've got to search for it. There are people that do a great job and one of those one of those people is Kyle Lamb. He's on twitter at K Y Lam and the number eight K Y lamb, eight and in Kyle has part of this group of thirty or forty guys. Maybe some women I don't know I. DON'T WANNA. I! Don't even care if I hurt people's feelings and they are out there, and they're doing all kinds of great data uncovering things, CEO's all kinds of people now doing reports for media for good media for governors Rhonda Santa's and the rest and get it all just like I do, and Kyle joins me Nikoil. How you doing man. I'm hanging in there. Man, how are you doing? You know what I'm all right and I really appreciate all your work and you sent this to me yesterday and I follow you very closely on twitter and I can't thank you enough for doing all this great work. Because the media, the regular media is so I. Don't know if they're just corrupt or stupid or who knows what, but they never bring these things up. You found out through your research and I want to explain whereas the Cova tracking project, but. You, put a tweet. The top fifteen states in hospitalization rates. It's a percentage of total cases reported from June thirteenth to July. Fourth Arizona has the lowest hospitalization rate. Is that true? Well What's the numbers day? I was as if you were to be honest I. I knew that the number of cases in Arizona. Just never made sense to me, but this this I think shows that not only is the hospitalization situation not as bad as being made out to, but also I think it also shows how. Oddly unreliable, the case situation is an Arizona those numbers just never made sense to any of us that are following this, and I don't want to say that they're just being made up, but just whatever accounting practices going on. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense right now. So You know because the data and I just put it on facebook. Share on twitter. It's on parlor. It's on all my stuff there. It says that in Arizona, June thirteenth to July fourth. Is An insane amount sixty, nine, thousand, one hundred two cases of the virus and twelve hundred ninety one hospitalizations for one point nine percent. I mean I don't know sixty nine thousand cases, and I'm looking at this. And I mean Florida hundred, twenty, seven thousand. We're doing like major testing here. Obviously, I mean what what's your take as you said, you're not sure about the case. What's your? What's your explanation for that? I don't have any I. Don't have any magical explanation, I. I think that Arizona's one of the states including those probables that we talked about you know with deaths last last week when I was on the show, I think counting probables. What I what I think is happening. Is I think that there anybody could suspected of it be through contact, tracing or going into hospital and being suspected. Suspected that they have Kobe one, thousand, nine hundred. They're being called problem when I think those problems are counting in the case counts I don't know that they're actually removing those or if they are, the public's not hearing about it, it's obviously not changing the stats on so I think that that's one of the reasons why the tunnels are so high that they're counting those probables, but that's. That's never really been substantiated that just as just anecdotal I. I can't tell and and even if that is the case I, I don't know how many problems there are, and out of those you know you mentioned sixty nine thousand plus I don't know how many were probables but I think that there's something else going on in those numbers to to make them so high. Yeah and again probables, because that's a combination of the giant number of cases, it's probable and confirmed cases so there are a lot of that apparently aren't confirmed. Right and just to explain again for those babies didn't hear hear our conversation last week. The probables in this case would be anybody to suspected of having Kobe. They would have at least two minor symptoms or one major symptom, and they would have to have an EPI EPI link what they call it a close contact with with another probable or confirmed case, but that can be waived if you're in an outbreak area. If you've traveled somewhere, that's outbreak area and really to boil down every single state in the United States, right now is pretty much considered a an outbreak area, so you can pretty much wave the Lincoln. Just say you have to minor symptoms or one major symptom. You could be called a probable case. Is Incredible Kyle Lamb you're listening to data analyst finding out all this stuff part of a giant group of thirty forty people that are that are not only helping out governors. I mean state legislatures. I know there's part of you people in your group again. Aaron Geena believe is one of them that have done presentations for state legislators breaking down the data because nobody here in this state apparently has a clue. And you all Kyle Kyi lamb, eight on twitter at Kyi Lamb, eight, the number eight. So. We talked about this last Friday. Also you brought this to my attention that Arizona, doing death certificate matching before get these numbers again. Death certificate matching where again. People, they're going back months and months finding death certificates, and if they could find any of the two minor symptoms like talked about the virus of Covid, then they say that they are a Kobe positive without actually having a test on these dead people right that that's what's happening. So. That's that seems that seems to be most of it. Okay so yesterday, the Department of Health announced twenty three new death. Matching certificate decides so they may twenty three new debts cove it right out of the ninety two. They reported. And this is what I'm trying to figure out, so if you WANNA get a test. You actually have to have symptoms. If you don't have symptoms, they won't give you a test. I have friends that tried to get a test and they don't have symptoms. They're like no, you don't get it so even though it says we right now. According to the department health website, we have an eleven point nine percent positive test rate that means. Eighty eight point, one percent of people that have symptoms are negative. So and I know you don't have the answer to this but I, look at that and say. How is it possible to eight point one percent of people that have symptoms or testing negative? How do they justify going back? Looking at death certificates without confirmed saying well, they had to symptoms. They're now going to be a probably. They count as Cova, yes. That's a really great point. And this is one I made through Jersey. 'CAUSE NEW JERSEY. The funny thing is the last thirty days even though New Jersey the worst of what happened. There happened back in April and early May new. Jersey actually leads the country in the most deaths in the last thirty days, and that's because they keep piling on all these probable deaths I think they've had over two thousand probable deaths reported in the last couple of weeks. And and the justification by Governor Murphy there was that well. We feel there's a really strong chance. Really strong probability that these people had Cova based on symptoms. But as you said. Even, when we were testing only the most symptomatic that we could find. The positivity rate there in new. Jersey and other parts of the country were twenty five, maybe thirty thirty five percent I think it peaked out around just under forty percent their New Jersey. So that means the probability actually says there's a better chance. That if you were to back, you didn't how Kobe nineteen that you actually did. It's like batting average. It's like even the best baseball players in the world are hitting three hundred, which means they make an out. You know I guess. We use on percents. Make an out sixty seventy percent of the time right so this is kind of the same thing. You've got a better chance of not being positive than you do being positive so I I really have. Take issue with these definitions because the probability says you actually probably were not Koga positive if you were symptomatic. This. Whole thing's a scam man. I mean it's a great point. And nobody in our media asked Governor Ducey this you know, maybe you should really look at this. They just want the numbers to go up well, let's go back to the big story here Kyle and Kyle Amas with me here on campus game seven ninety one point nine percent hospital rate sixty nine thousand hundred cases from June thirteenth July fourth yet in that time period where restored. We're the you know. An outbreak centered the whole states endanger. The Governor is shutting down gyms. Delaying school openings Limiting in in dining for at restaurants. Aid so bad that we have the lowest hospitalization rate. So can we make the claim that apparently people are getting sick, but they're not sick enough to go into the hospital obviously. Yeah I, think I think another issue. There is just like again. It's just who's being counted as an inpatient because if you're going to the hospital for something else that you have attendance appendicitis and you go into the hospital and you know they're going to test you while you're there and you get your procedure done, but you come back positive while you're there for appendicitis. You're being counted as the hospitalization and we know from looking at Arizona's Kobe like illness numbers that they have on the dashboard on the health department site. Less than fifty percent of the people that are in the hospital counted as Kobe. Patients actually showed Kobe symptoms, so it's. The accounting is just really funny. I think what really surprised me Garrett is. I was looking at the cumulative totals and this last thirty days twelve hundred ninety one patients were added as hospitalizations in Arizona last month was thirteen, ninety one, which means it actually went down one hundred people for these last thirty as compared to the previous thirty days that surprise me because I. Don't know about you, but if you're listening to media, you would think it got so much worse right, but it actually went down. Now now. Here's the thing. Are they going to tell us that? Because people started wearing masks and had a mask mandate, which by the way in Tucson June, eighteenth was when our Wacko mayor, right? This wacko mayor said you have to wear masks June eighteenth is when it started and others. They were fighting, so you can't even say this goes June, Thirteenth July fourteenth, so I mean what explain except for. Maybe we're finally hitting that downward trend is that is to that be this. I think it could be a lot of things it could be. It could be some of those. Cases are legit I'm sure some of Mar. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA. Find Their theories out there that you're going to find a natural immunity barrier after you know so many people are exposed. It's twenty percent or thirty percent, or whatever the number is I, don't know, but there might be a natural immunity or someone heard immunity I mean we we've seen. Some evidence in other states and other countries that that happened, so it could just be that eventually the virus was gonNA. Burn out after it spreads so much, and if it spread as much as Arizona says, it has in the last two months. Then I think it's going to go away at some point. Yeah and again. You found out, so we had in this. June thirteenth to July fourteenth six thirty days, the national hospitalization rate was five point eight percent, and Arizona was one point two percent we. We were basically three times less than as the national average. Right. What's interesting about that is? Some of the other states are lower. Is it's and it seems to be the northeastern states who were hit long ago are still actually seeing relatively high numbers compared to their cases right now, but the southern states who have a ton of cases their hospitalization. Rates are actually a lot than most of the country. And then when you're talking about the death rate to. The death rate four I love you. Could you call it the fact? Two States Florida Arizona California Texas the death rates were we're. We're lower What was it we three point eight three point eight percent is that. Is that right? Am I reading this correctly? Let me double. Check that actually I think. I thought Arizona's two percent. You might have we. We were one point. Then I. Think the national average is two percent for death rate and the flaxseeds to one point two percent four percent. So, our death rate is lower than the national average are our hospitalization rate is lower than the national average all over the past thirty days now I know you're not a doctor all this other stuff. If Governor Ducey came to you and said Kyle. Now that you know you've shown me this data, do you think that? Should we end the lockdowns? Should we open up gyms? What would you tell him? Well I would personally say there's no evidence for lockout helped to begin with a lot of people that have done have done this a number of ways. Some people have done it by the are not some people have just done as an overlay to you. Know Google Mobility data where you can take the amount of. Traffic amount of people that are going places they they track that through Google and they give these reports by day. But there are a lot of ways to look at it, but I don't think about gallons helps significantly. That's up to say. They have zero impact, but I don't think they have been a very big indicator as to cases actually spreading so if I were being asked by by Governor Ducey or anybody I would personally say yeah, the lockdowns are not helping. Man is any of this data. Kyle is anything that you're doing. Anything that your group is doing. Is it getting into the hands of the governor's office or any any lawmaker here in Arizona? I, know some lawmaker I won't call them out by name but I know some lawmakers have definitely seen it in in the state of Arizona. I can't say whether do seen it or not. you know I know. Some people have suggested that he's not. Letting a lot of people in the inner circle, but I don't know if you've seen this or not but I do. Several lawmakers on the state have seen it. And I know it's. It's having an influence and having an impact on on the way they're viewing the situation. And This is incredible stuff man Kyle Lamb. Kyi Lamb the number eight. That's his twitter handle at K, Y lamb, number eight on campus aim seven ninety we are. We are having school. District's not all of them, but a bunch of them. That are saying we have to delay in school. teaching in class teaching, because it's dangerous and I actually had the pima county out of the superintendent of schools asked him for a science scientific basis for this this decision. He couldn't give me one. I mean it's it's obviously it's all political, but now teachers are going to motorcade protesting. It's not safe to go back to school. It's not safe for the kids. You've done a lot of research more than me and I rely on you and I know I think I know obviously I know your answer, but what's your? What would you say to the teachers? The administrators that they are now you know, say to them when they look at you and say we can't go back to in class teaching because it's dangerous for kids and for us. I would say they're not looking at the data because I can tell you this. There have been roughly four thousand hospitalizations for kids under eighteen. This entire epidemic around the country and that seems like a lot. But this flu season was over thirty thousand confirmed around thirty thousand confirmed flu, and we know that the number is a lot higher. So this is. Probably five times. He were number of kids going into the hospital. The number of kids under fifteen that have died is twenty nine thirty three kids. Die Almost every year from playground incidents, so it's like we're talking playground incidents by the way cost three times. The number of hospitalizations and we've seen from Kobe nineteen so I would say. If you're keeping the kids in. It's not based on the data. It's not based on the science just based on fear and there's to me. There's absolutely no rationalization whatsoever for not having kids in school. Do that is strong. Kyle man that is strong I. really appreciate you doing all this work and I appreciate you you having in you know taking time out of your busy day to us in and hitting us with these facts, men y lamb eight. Incredible stuff, thank you so much for the time man and I will definitely be in touch. You have a great day, brother. Pleasure as always thanks gear. You gotTA. Take and if you want to know by the way to Kyle also host a a podcast on Ohio Sports, so if you are a Buckeyes Fan, which means you're into cheating and stuff you can listen to to him. Talk about that. How about that last sound that last thing that he said I mean. The, teacher, how you know what he did. That's why I say. Teachers Sound Pretty Damn. Stupid right now, don't they? We will continue it. Is your morning rich worn untucked? Strong stuff. Strong stuff by media now saying that Florida is now considered the new epicenter for the Chinese Virus Florida. Really Gary Lewis with you. T am seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk. There is a story I have. The Florida numbers have been. Have been inflated in ways you cannot even imagine. Did you hear about this? Florida's the new epicenter. That's what it is well. Apparently, people said, wait a second if Fox thirty five in Orlando. What is going on with these numbers? This is kinda crazy. Twenty two labs reported one hundred percent positively rates meaning. Everybody that took a test got a positive hundred percent. We have eleven percent here in Arizona, and that's considered high hundred percent to laugh reported ninety one point one eight percent positively rates. Somebody at the health department really hates trump into Santa's. Fox. Thirty five countless labs have reported a one hundred percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested positive. Other labs at very high positively rates. The report showed that the Orlando Health. That Orlando Health had a ninety eight percent positivity rate, but Fox thirty-five contact at the hospital. They confirmed errors in the reports. There Ninety eight percent positivity rate was actually only nine point four percent whoops. It showed Orlando. Veterans Medical Center had a positive rate of seventy six percent. But they put out a statement, saying it doesn't reflect the numbers in positivity rate for the center is actually six percent six percent. I'll have to check that out during the brain. So what is and what is happening? I found another story. You ready for this one. Daily Mail has a story today. You ready for this. Mystery, as fifty seven Argentine fishermen test positive for corona virus. Despite spending thirty five days at sea and testing negative before they left. None of them, had it. They go to see for thirty five days. They come back fifty seven of them, have it. Marines. Yeah what the heck is going on here fifty, seven, sixty, one or positive. They all tested negative before, and they had fourteen day quarantine before the voyage began. Scientists are baffled. They had no contact with land while it was gone. Yeah these are really good. Numbers will continue. Don't go anywhere Kennedy. The morning ritual with Gary Lewis. Let me, tell you something. sunlight is having gigantic fan sale right now. Giant fans sale ads on lighting. You need a ceiling fan for your living. Room your bedroom, one of the bedrooms. Your maybe your patio. Covered Patio now is the time to get it because it sunlight, and you have emerson and Mingka air to giants in the ceiling fan industry. That, you can't find at a big box store not carried there. They have them. They are slashing prices like crazy. Preserving a contest to see who will sell the most fans. Therefore you get to win. Some lighting has every year. There's the best time to get a ceiling fan. Go to some lighting. 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It really is It turns out that Arizona over the past thirty days has the lowest hospitalization rate in the entire country. The lowest hospitalization rate one point nine percent people aren't sick enough to go to the hospital compared to other states, and we have sixty nine thousand hundred cases going GonNa. Believe there really that high. Now when it comes to the the death rates. Are, death, rate I believe, it's one point what what one point four percent. National average case fatality rate three two percent. So we have the lowest hospitalization rates were lower than the national average for death rate, but hey, we should close down schools and keep the gym's closed and everything bars so dumb. Second thing I think you need to know. Is that teachers in the Phoenix area and here in Tucson are going to play. They're planning a motorcade protest, so they don't have to keep the schools closed. We don't care about your kids. They're going to do that protests this afternoon during rush hour. If we have that here in Tucson, starting in Tucson I'm more on that coming up in just a second third thing. That I, think you need to know. Man, Oh man, oh, man, a pole! We will not forget forget that anyway. This is again helmet. Not Put these they stony Brook, university professor from Long Island. He's got that Paul. He was famous in two thousand sixteen because his poll. Said said trump was GONNA win. It was like the only one his prediction. How could you guys been right every time? But twice really was just once nineteen sixty, anyway, his he did the same stats, same same things and his upper twenty twenty. That trump has a ninety one percent chance of winning election just throwing that out there. Three things I think you need. To know. So. I have a quick quick. Quick Joe Biden Update for you. He was talking to a TV station news. Twelve and Mark Curtis read the glass read. The, glass and Joe Biden did with Joe Biden does. Typical media stuff, but listen just listen to Joe Biden Doing Joe Biden. You ready for this year we go. We're joined now by former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe. Biden good to see us, sir, and look Arizona's very much in play in twenty twenty, so we appreciate you taking some time to talk to the people of our state. You're it's important to you. Guys have gone through hell right now, aren't you? The important city Arizona impairs zone is important city man. I tell you why it's it. Tell you what is an important city for it right off the bat. Even get that straight. I'm Joe Biden I approve this message. Arizona's an important city. Okay. That's nice. So now. We'll get to then just a second. I want you to hear this. This is this morning on cable. Because this is really bothering me, right, we've we just heard, did you? Capture that sound bite. What Kyle said about the stats right showing the dangers got the lack of danger immigration the lack of danger. Of going back to school kids going back to school, and you have all these selfish ignorant teachers, either they're selfish ignorant, or they just want trump to lose like you tell me. You tell me which one it is. Because like I said. Kay was out on the streets this morning. This the local media is really incredible to me and I shouldn't expect anything else, but all they're doing or stories about teachers that have had Kobe to scare people. Even the teachers like the one that for more valley recovered. She's alive can take. It is what it is. She had a bad case. People have no symptoms and get it. Some people right Ryan had the CO video the Chinese virus. And and he's okay now. He was sick for five six days. We had people in building sick five six, and that's it. People get sick, it happens. Yet. The media doesn't bring up the fact of how negative it is terrible. It is for for students. To stay out of school for as long as they are the dangers of that they don't do that. They don't talk about the science showing. They're not superstar. They don't do that instead. These nitwits on the local TV media picking on cable. Deny this time I'm picking it over here on I'm picking on him and I. IT Locate Abiola and Katie. They do the same thing. Nobody in the local media has ever given you the actual stats and facts like I. Do and they're all out there just right? I think I'm special. Don't get me wrong. But all it takes is a few minutes of work to uncover this stuff, right? And it's not just me all these studies from all that you. You know what I'm talking about, and they just don't even talk about it or report it which why people rely on the local news. They're totally freaked out. It's really a shame as to what they're doing in the local media it's it's disgusting and despicable, but. Some chick named Brooke Chaplain. was out at third. Avenue and Sixth Street this morning live on Ko. L. D. Talking about how that protest motorcade March. That Tucson teachers are GonNa. HAVE IS GONNA. Start Right where she is listening to this. As his teachers and community members, you were just mentioning. We'll be lining up in their cars this evening. Right here where I'm standing and organizers tell me on those cars. They will have messages written on the windows. They'll have signs that tape to the doors. Saying different things like a virus doesn't care who it impacts, and it'd be the new normal to threaten. Safety, as you mentioned this to threaten students safe so a teacher going back to school, they can stay six feedback. They believe it works. They could go behind plexiglass stuff to buy it I'll buy it for him and we shouldn't threaten students. Safety students aren't threatened by. You wears the science. You got this blonde blonde chick. Right here and yes can say that because I'm married to one. And she's out there. Saying this stuff despite the sign says that these kids are not super spreaders, and there's no evidence that they actually can pass the virus to staff to adults to other kids. NOPE, Nope, why mentioned facts? In effort, urging leaders to delay the start of really getting hits back on a service in a person. On Line especially, though since, Arizona has the highest student teacher ratio in the nation. Meaning classrooms are just absolutely packed, so it's very hard for social distancing. Even take place. Let alone be effective, so educators are asking the governor to look at science before making them head back. Teachers saying we I'm giving you science. I'm giving you science. They want to see a fourteen day decline in Kovic numbers before they head back to the classroom, and that does follow CDC guidelines now. This march is purposefully scheduled during rush hour this evening. It's not to make drivers mad, but really to make the biggest impact because teachers are really. One local. Who tells me she teaches around one hundred and fifty students in one classroom over an eight hour school day, and with that many bodies around. Spreading germs. She believes there's just no way facemask and cleaning will not. By about and by the way Should that teacher say that grocery store workers shouldn't work people. Walmart shouldn't work hospital. Workers shouldn't work. Teachers put up on a pedestal better than you and me. We don't understand enough about the virus to say that it's. To bring hundreds of kids into one building with their teachers want to preserve life. That's what we want. I don't want any of my students to lose a parent. Grandparent because we told them it was safe to come in the classroom. There it is. What else does this chick say? Hang on? Now is talking about why they chose to peacefully protest. In this matter you know in their cars and she tells me with Kobe nineteen numbers, just continuing to rise in our state. They didn't want to be in a large group chanting and yelling. SPREADING GERMS, but they wanted to physically demonstrate that many are worried about heading back on August. Seventeenth as parents go back to work, we're tried to work. What are you say to the parent of seven year old? That has to go to work. What do you say to them? The pair that has to quit their job now and go broke. What do you say to them? Against Science, play that sound bite from Kyle. Who's data analyst was just on a few minutes ago. Talking about the dangers of going back to the dangerous for the kids listen to this Aereo I can tell you this. There have been roughly four thousand hospitalizations for kids under eighteen. This entire epidemic around the country and that seems like a lot. But this flu season was over thirty thousand confirmed around thirty thousand confirmed flu, and that we know that the number is a lot higher. So this is. Probably five times. Number of kids going into the hospital the number of kids under fifteen that have died is twenty nine. Thirty three kids. Die Almost every year from playground incident. Ban Them. There's your science. There's your facts. Teachers you could go get comments in the next hour eight eight zero. Eight zero five six seven eight morning ritual gear Louis, T, aim seventy two sons, most air sleep. Dot Com Gary Lewis with you here. A chances scattered thunderstorms today. That'd be nice everyday the next week. Today Ken s teams have been eighty Tucson's most stimulating talk. By the. County Texas yesterday had more deaths than forty four states from covid. They're out on the border, but hey, there's nothing to worry about. Don't close the border. We're good. We're good right now. We're good We have more to get to apparently. Some some student of black. There's a store. Koa Black students demand chain. You Have A. Do you want? Do you want to know why the black students were upset? Do WanNa know why. I'll tell you why and I'll give it to Bob Robbins for a half a second as to what his response to them was. That's coming up on one one one two, three, oh. Teeth on from the. Studio your local fiduciary trajan wealth dot com is Kfi am seven. How strong. The boasts comfortable call. Back. Gary Lewis with you, it is your morning ritual. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. You know. Besides the you know the entertainment factor and everything else I. Mean you're getting information here? You're not get anywhere else three things I think you know brought to you by Straw bill plumbing Aaron, Ciller, like number one. And I had on my facebook, my twitter. Parlor. The charts the information who prove it to you from Cova tracking project. Arizona has the lowest hospitalization rate for the Chinese virus in the country. For Thirty Days June thirteenth to July fourteen thirty days where we told that those during those times, it was going to be up and up. So. So. We were told. It's going up and up and up and we all have to retreat. June, Thirteenth July fourteenth. We have the lowest hospitalization rate in the country at one point nine percent. Means People. Aren't getting They're not getting sick enough to go to the hospitals. Are, case, battalion rate I believe what it what it cost. One point. Four percent in the national average is two percent, so our hospitalization lowest in the country well below the average for the death rate of this. Why are we in school again? Why? Why is where teachers not wanting to? They WANNA. Go back after the first quarter after the election. Yeah, get rid of trump second thing I, think you need to know. Some real real winners here teachers in Tucson and up in the Phoenix area. They're doing a motorcade protest. To make sure schools stay closed. This afternoon I don't know four or five o'clock starting at Tucson high. They're going to be in cars with things written on them to let you know. They're just too scared to go back to work now. The rest of us can go back to work, but they can't be trapped in a classroom with our kids germs of again, not one story I have seen in the local media. Any TV stations where they actually give the balancing view of despite this feeling from the teachers, scientists and doctors studies from around the world and the country say it is perfectly safe to go back to school. Kids are not super spreaders and they've done it around the world. There is no increase no spread of the virus. They never mentioned that. Corrupt local. Eighty what a waste! What I don't even know why. People waste their time watching it. Third thing I think you need to know? These Stony Brook Professor Stony Brook University on long, island, Helmet, nor put. Some some model primary model. and. It proved it. To come out and say model shows trump's GONNA win. The laughed at him. Remember that two thousand, sixteen. Right. He's like every time, but twice so twelve and he was really right in two thousand. But trump on the electoral bush. Talk College but of the popular vote. He's says tries a ninety one percent chance of religion. Boom Shock. Tree Things I. Think you need to know. If you miss my interview with. It's an allergy as well. Just, so you know A. It sound okay right now. Ryan sorry I'm I'm Cossiga. It's okay. It's okay because it's a little weird Myers to. I WANNA. Make sure it's okay for over. Nice better, so just just just you know again. If you missed any of the interview that I did with Dustin Williams Pima County Superintendent of Schools Aka sparkly where I literally asked him. What's a scientific reason to not have in class, learning and his mean? I didn't want to destroy. I knew was going to happen. UNLESS, but you know it had been. It would have been refreshing if he said you know. I'm unaware of your facts. I'M GONNA. Take this information. Go back to school districts because we need to reevaluate everything, but he didn't do that. They don't care. THEY DON'T WANNA! Go back to teaching. They don't WanNa go back to teaching that interviews on my paycheck dot com go there. Check it out on facebook as well facebook page. Twitter, parlor, it's all there. Let's go to a story that I. saw apparently. There are black students very upset at the University of Arizona. They're very upset. See apparently there was a black lives, matter protests, and by the way black lives. Matter is a Marxist organization a Marxist group. They're radicals. They have literally killed police officers. They did it in Dallas. In this whole black lives matter riots and everything that has taken place I mean. They killed that federal agent was blackout in the Bay area that retired David Dornan Saint Louis. I mean they call for destruction. They call they call for violence. They are not good. It's not like well who can be against black lives matter. That's what they want people to think, but they're not good. We've seen the riots. We've seen the burning down buildings. We've seen the violence. We've seen the assaults the beatings. The deaths all from black lives matter so called protests. There really riots, right? So apparently. There was George Floyd Rally in June and I don't know. Maybe he didn't see the whole thing about Minneapolis burning to the ground. Maybe didn't see how all. Scottsdale Fashion Square burning to the ground. So there was A. There is a rally in June on the U. of campus. June sixth. So based on the violence. That has that we've seen there was. There was violence in downtown Tucson. You police about fifty campus police officers. To the celebration of black lives rally on June sixth. I mean there. There have been cases documented these of things becoming violent, so they said the police. We know what? That, made the coalition of black students and allies Koba very upset. Black student groups very upset that how dare you send the police I'm sorry. Did they bother you? You. Send the police other. What would you crazy? So now right so now. students say cops were dressed in tactical gear. I don't blame them. I don't blame it all. And it says your way of verbal disagreement between nicest from black lives matter. Tucson and university officials led to the event being cancelled at the last moment at the last moment. So there was a zoom call yesterday between the coalition of black students and allies and Bob, Robbins Dan glad to meet you. You have a president and you have a police chief. Brian AC- stone. And I want you to hear I. Won Ten if you don't Mind Ryan. This is The this is a student named. Is it Marianne Hassan Marian? Hassan making demands. She's black. Lives Matter Tucson, making demands of Bob Robbins and Bob Robbins response. Listen to this year ago. Because this whole thing here we go. We want you to release a wide apology acknowledging the. Heart you have caused specifically to the black lives. Matter Tucson and we want that statement. Friday twelve PM. Yeah. I'm not doing that. Right what are we say? Yeah, yeah, I'm not doing that. Yeah, go pound sand above at go. Who the hell do these frigging people think they are? This is what they do. They bully Saul Alinsky roof. Radicals isolated bully. Publicly shamed them. I wish I. Don't know what happened after that I. You know this is from Koa. The reporting and I wish Bob Roberts they. Do you understand why we said? The police do not see things burned to the ground I. Don't think you're going to burn to the ground, but we WANNA. Make sure you're not gonNA. Have Violence on the campus. Okay, so we send the police there. That is all right and prerogative to do that if you're offended by it, that's your problem. That's what we need to say these people. This is what they do I. Want you to issue an apology and it's got to be done by Friday at twelve pm. Play one more time. It was really good I gotta get Bob Robbins Credit for this one ten. Here we go. We want you to release a wide apology. Acknowledging the the harm that you have caused specifically to the black lives matter Tucson and we want that statement. Friday talk, pm! I'm not doing that. Good for him. Still listened doesn't make up for him. Ignoring the whole border patrol situation when they got bullied on campus and chase down and horrible things said to them in about them and. Harassed but but good for them, but this is what this group does, and then if you don't do what they say, you're automatically a racist right. You are racist. You're this you're that. Screw you. That's what I say. What are you GONNA do? What are you GONNA do? Know. How about that again the important word? To, say brats, and that's what these people are. Black lives matter brats, nope. No, There's more you can comment. Eight eight zero S T eight, eight, zero, five, six seven, I just I hate the arrogance, and it's their entire their title. They I've even titling problems. We are tight. You better apologized us. My feelings are hurt. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA hold a doll. Show me where it hurts. Show me where I sending police. Show me where it hurt you. Show me. What's broken? What's Bruce Show me? I have much more coming up the brilliance continue do not go anywhere morning ritual. Gary Lewis S. T. A. Seven seventy Tucson's most. Gary Lewis with you here S. T. A. Seventy Tucson's most stimulating talk. Thank you for hanging out. Chance of a thunderstorm. Scattered thunderstorms thirty percent today forty tomorrow on our five for the high today scattered thunderstorms in the forecast for the next week or so, and it should be that way until probably what monsoons eighty seven degrees out already. Already facebook dot com slash Gary. Lewis Radio like being follow me. You see the data about Arizona, which is a big deal again lowest hospitalization rate in the country over the past thirty days. Who can argue that the stats are there below average death rate the past thirty days? That is not because Doocey said lockdown the gyms. Where a face mask Regina said nothing to do with that nothing to do with that. Is Crazy. let's get back to the these story about you a black student, saying we, you must change so You heard Bob Robbins Damn. Glad to meet you say no. It's not going to happen an issue. A public statement because I sent Paulie police go to an event. That was a black lives. Matter basically pro rally. A George Floyd rally where across the country there was violence for be happy. These things no not going to happen. Not Giving an apology statement good for him. Let's go to one twelve Marianne Hassan. Then decided to attack, Bob Robbins lives matter. This is what they do here. We go don't ever released a statement that says that you care about black lives long. Standing in Solidarity Blackwell is when you want to even shoot a statement. It's unbelievable. You don't care about black lives. If you say sorry for sending out the police to make sure nothing bad happening event, where on these events, other places burn down buildings. Okay. They're not building themselves any kind of. Any kind of support I'll tell you that I have I have a great story to back up this whole thing coming up, but we were here's more. It gets even better. Some some student named loan mill Malebo Matt Male Fo. I don't know anyway one thirteen. Apparently, since the police were out to make sure nothing bad happened because again around the country these protests. Did, happen. She says her mental health is affected. Here we go listen. Mental Hog for being compromised crying, because we have to bag for equal rights, it makes no sense. Where'd you come from how those rights they're. Begging for equal rights, what right? What if you have a white event? There's no police. What what is she talking about? We are crying our mental health. They're crying because we're begging for equal rights. What you the you know what? This is the mentality of the people that are accepted at the University Arizona. This is the brain power. This is what we have. is she being taught this stuff to buy those dopey professors and teachers? Is What people are going to debt for this right here. Yeah and then to top it off Malacca. Dennis, more black lives matter. People are very upset that they can't bully Bob Robbins and I hope he stands strong. Listen to this so disappointed that I ever accepted admission from the U. of. Well. By. Nobody says you have to stay. Really this this is what's this is this, is it? This is what is the hill you're going to die on. I hope that Bob Robin stand strong I really do. But there were police. Is, the tweet you of a coalition of black students and Allison list of twenty one demands to the desk of you of a President Bobbins, glad to meet Ya They ask for response by Friday. June twenty six didn't happen. Apparently didn't happen. Yeah! Right. They want immediate divestment and budget reduction at the U. of a police department. The five point eight million dollar budget they want thirty percent reduced. They wanted reallocated to support initiatives and goals of the cultural resource centers. Really. They want to sever its ties with the Tucson Police Department led by the biggest liberal police chief in the country by the way. Border Patrol and ice. This is what they're demanding again. No and I'm assuming that Bob. Robbins said no, he said at the end of the interview is reported that he he said he'd consider taking some of the money. From the U. of a police department, and putting it towards the the cultural stuff, or whatever and I'm like. Wait really this I mean. Really. Robin said he'd be open to shifting dollars from the campus police budget to bolster services at the schools cultural centers. Because, they're bullying you. Give me a break. Oh, but wait, there's more. community-based response to emergencies and crises that do not require presence of U. A. You of a police or any form of police I mean it's the same crap. Right the same crap. Implementation of an online tool within you of a website that tracks progress of list of demands. We want you to keep track of this. Expansion of accessible all. Across the campus. What the hell does that have to do with black lives matter? Increase Scholarships and funds for black students. That's not racist, right? You worked increased number of black students to ten percent. Hire more black faculty is what they're doing. You of Institutional Reeducation Program specifically for Your Students Who Have Been Racist Reeducation Program. These are commies is what they are. What they are they are. They are flipping commies. And if you don't stand up to them and say, get out of my face and I'm assuming they are for the most part of you've ever seen anything else. They're implementing. This is insane. Insane. GotTa stand up to these people man, because they you know they give an inch. They're gonNA. Ask for a mile. That's what happens. And you know what people are buying this stuff. They're not buying this stuff at all I. Have Evidence of that. It's coming up. Do not go anywhere. It is your morning ritual with me. Gary Lewis, Kansas, T. A. Seven, ninety, two, Sant's Mon- Sat. Just so, you know, you can listen at home by telling Alexa. Play S on iheartradio. Yeah, enjoy the stimulation. Come. Gear Lewis with you? Can T.. A. M seventy TUCSON's. Most stimulating talk. So. See promising, great news, right and promising great news, and I have the great news for you, okay? The phenomenal news that has major. Thank you. There's major backlash to these mobs, and these people that are I mean who the hell is going to be like. You know what I really enjoy being bullied I will when people make these demands. You know what I'm going to totally be on their side. I'm going to be on their side. Liz Peak wrote a piece at Fox News Dot Com Democrats beware backlash against leftist mob rule growing. Here's what the polls say. Americans are fed up angry and they are pushing back. They are pushing back the bullying the intimidating the looting of neighborhoods. We've had enough right. We've had look what's going on Goya. Now that there's pictures going on the circulating on social media that grocery stores are limiting people to buying only two products from Goya because there's a low supply because it's gone for a boycott to a bike hot. Right because he's not apologizing for what he said good for him. There's more of us than there are of them. Let's just put it that way, okay. So. There's something interesting that this Liz peak. A lot of things are interesting actually. a letter. In one hundred fifty three prominent intellectuals published in Harper's magazine denounced today's intolerant climate. And the Vogue for public shaming and ostracism. Those left. Saying enough is enough. This is crazy. There was a new mom of poll showing a great number of Americans though supportive of police reform, conscious of a racial divide have declining sympathy with the black lives matter movement. And the notion that racial prejudice prejudice is a major problem in the US. Immediately after George Floyd. was killed fifty four percent Republicans and right leaning independence agreed. Racial discrimination is a big problem in America. Weeks later. Right after the riots, only forty percent felt discrimination was a big problem. Some forty percent Republicans in early June thought the underlying anger of the protesters was fully justified after the killing of floyd for some forty percent later in that month. Only eighteen percent thought so because they see what's happening. They see the looting. They say this isn't right. Are Losing. Patience lives peak rights for good reason. It's crazy that people are losing their jobs and reputations for comments. Org Opinions expressed in some cases decades ago. People like Boeing's communications chief was forced to resign because of an article. He wrote criticizing women in combat in nineteen, eighty seven when he was a navy fighter pilots. Americans are losing patience with a blatant hypocrisy the left. Mayor Bill the PLA de Blasios Democrat canceled all New York's normal large summer events like the West Indian American Day Carnival in San Genero festival in little Italy. Cancel them all except for black lives matter protests. Those those gatherings could be dangerous to public to the BLASI says protesters calls for social justice were too important to stop. Some things are laughable. They would be laughable except that. This is suffocating. Free speech. And Dissent scrabble eliminated two hundred twenty six. Words from its lexicon. To kill a mockingbird and huckleberry Finn banned from schools. Sports team changing names Princeton scrubbing woodrow. Wilson President Woodrow Wilson. Ford employees demanding the carmaker quit making police cars until an executive stepped up and said get the hell out of here. I have more I have take a quick time out. A quick time out. The tide is turning. We are winning. Just. Get ready for it, and you got to keep pushing and fighting. Do not sit back. Continuing on July twentieth. Morning ritual me Gary Lewis Cans Dam seventy two sons. Most stimulating talk. Thank, you for hanging out three things. I think you need to know number one. And it's on my facebook page. My twitter my parlor. Arizona has the lowest hospitalization rates. In the country. For the past thirty days, the lowest hospitalization rate from June thirteenth to July fourteenth. It really is remarkable. It's It's incredible. We lowest in the country. Mean people aren't getting sick. It's not happening. Cases because we're testing like crazy. But the the rate is one point. Nine percent and IRA are death rates is below the national average of two at one point four percent. This is incredible stuff second thing that I think you need to know. Is Teachers are being stupid as stick. Selfishness is not gonNa look good for them. They're doing a motorcade protest motorcade protests in Phoenix area, and here in Tucson later this afternoon during rush hour. They're going to have things written on their cars. To make sure you realize they need to stay home to be safe. and. They need to be safe and and it's really for them and your kids as you. Of course, go to work, and you get exposed to everything. They need to not be around anybody else. This is just too dangerous. To me you. They not go to the grocery store. Do they not go out and he's teachers are so dumb. And people are gonNA. Get even more pissed at them like teachers. You don't realize you are making major enemies, and if you're a teacher, do you disagree better pipe up? Otherwise? You'RE GONNA get stuck in that same same group. Third thing I think you need to know. Is and this is This is a big one guy. Helmet Norfolk Stony. Brook Long Island, Stony Brook University professor. He had a model that predicted trump winning twenty sixteen in the media laughed at him. He's got right every every presidential election except for two thousand twelve, he says trump according to his models and ninety one percent chance winning reelection. Three things. I think you need to know. Right so We continue with this piece from Liz. Peak which is really remarkable is. Showing that people are turning against the black lives matter movement, because it's not about black lives you know again. They see black people killing black people all over the country Chicago. Baltimore. You name it and you know in New York. You know one year old kid. Get shot broad daylight being rolled in Stroller by his dad. In New York City. EIGHT-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN ATLANTA? And he telling me that police are the bad people. So Liz peak rights. Numerous candidates running for office states that voted for trump in two thousand, sixteen, like Senate candidates Gary Peters in Michigan and Mark Chai Com. Communist gun-grabbing Kelly in Arizona are backing away from that campaign. Black lives matter. They know it's dangerous and unpopular. Recent Pew Research Poll showed forty two percent of respondents. Thought local police funding should stay about the same thirty. One percent thought they should have their budgets increased. Not all democrats have disavowed the de-fund. Police Movement. Joe Biden said it's absolutely he'd be on board with redirecting police budgets, which is defunding. defunding. So people are saying we're done with this. We're do we see what's going on here? Once the emotion co calms down and start to see facts on their own, because they can't count from the media. This is what happens, and again you see what's going on also in New York City. They're having violence out the WAZOO. Right I mean it's just it's crazy. Story that I saw. Is that in New York City? Members of the black community now calling on the New York Police Department. To bring back a plain clothes anti unit that was shut down the blah. We can't have that. Let's cut it down. They're having a major crimewave there now. Leaders in the black community in New York City, calling the New York City Police Department. Saying we need help, we need to reevaluate. We asked you. We have a major crime problem here. People are getting shot. They're getting killed. Can you please reinstate the plain clothes anti-crime unit that you recently dismantled because George? Floyd was killed. Shootings this week up, two hundred, seventy seven percent, compared to last year, two hundred seventy seven percent. Number victims up two hundred and fifty three percent year over year. This this they want this. anti-crime unit reinstated. They boosted Brooklyn. Borough, president. Eric Adams a former COP said. He became the second member of the african-american community to call on the New York Police Department to stop the violence by re instituting the anti-crime unit. There's undercover cops. They get guns off the street now. They got rid of that and all of a sudden people are shooting everybody. Adams said I think that a total elimination something. We need to reevaluate right now. Bad guys are saying if you don't see a blue and white, you can do whatever you want. No kidding. Apparently, we need police. And listen most of America still supports. Police always supported the police. Just because He's idiots screaming loud, Gimme a break I. Mean You have those two police? Officers in Texas showed up domestic violence. Call guys opens. The door shoots them both in the head and you want you really want. Social workers to show up and deal with that stuff unarmed as social workers. You really want that. That's crazy. I mean way. Yeah, they're gonNA. Sign me up. Sign me up I'm it? Let's talk this out. It's crazy, so you're going to go and try to help a guy who's naked and covering feces and sort of drugs by offering mog. Yep I go. Let's talk about your childhood, you know. This, this is insane. Yeah, that's. He's the crimes everywhere another now. They're begging for police to come back out there. Police say Nah. I want more money. So what I would say ashes. You know more money. That's what I would say, and speak in this this. This is what we have going on now to. Can you play this? The Nick Nick Cannon didn't it? Can't. It wasn't either host of America's got town or something like that? He wasn't really watch much TV he was hosting the mask. The Mask. Yeah, apparently, he hates Jews white people. He was fired over antisemitic remarks, but he wasn't just antisemitic. He actually said things about white people but the Viacom. CBS fired him a fire him. he was doing. She was on some kind of podcast. Yeah, those are excellent, aren't they? Are these are real genius. And he's on that. And apparently he started spouting some like Louis Farakhan stuff talking about conspiracy theories Jews controlling everything I wish we paid. Kennedy control my own house. It's your fault. I know right so. You're not wrong. You're not wrong. Good thanks jerk. So he's on some podcast, we play this mind. Real quick is liberal positive for inbetween things, but he said horrific things about white people. And they're not going to say. He was fired for being racist white people because that would probably cause an outrage, right? Listen this go, let's go. Let's let's go to what it really is. Then when we talk about the power Melania people when we her about who? Guys in and Melanin is so power connects us in a way that the reason why they beer black the reason why they fears because they the lack that they have of it so then when you see what's Dr Francis wasn't talked about. Is that beer in that that that? See. To have a I have a has the lack of pigment, the lack of melon right that they know that they were deficient. So. Therefore however, they got the power they they have the lack of compassion. Melanin comes with compassion. Melanin come off old, and we call it, so we'd so brothers and sisters. That's the Melanin that connect the people that don't have it. Have our our ally among say this carefully we. are a little less. And The. White people are a little less. Mary got fired for antisemitic comments. White people are a little less. Let's continue. And in in where the term actually comes from, because I'm bringing it all the way back around to Minister Fair to where they may not have the compassion, or the the when they were sent to the mountains of Caucasus. When they didn't have the power of the sun that was met. The Sun been started to deteriorate. So then they're acting out of fear. They're acting out of low self esteem. They're acting out of deficiency so therefore the only way that they can act is evil the only way they can. They have to white people excuse fighter flight. In order to survive exact, so then now, who didn't have we had and when I say, we speak of the MELA native people, Mellon to be savages. They had we had to be wary pool. They bury these Nordic mountains there in these northern mountains, a torrential and buyer mints Gummy. They're acting as animals so bear the ones that are. Closer to animals. They're the ones that are actually. The truth savages. Yeah Satellite like Farrakhan right there didn't even mention them. At some Farrakhan would say. Can you imagine if a white person said this about black people? Now again, he was fired. He was fired. But he was fired because apparently I didn't hear this part page. Six in the New York Post said that he was talking about fringe antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jewish people, the Rothschild centralized banking, thirteen families bloodlines, controlling everything outside of a major even outside of America. But what he just said about white people savages. This I mean holy crap. But. They didn't have the guts Viacom this. He was fired. Not just being, but also anti white can't do that can't do that. It's. Your sleep. Dot Com. Gary Lewis with you. Can T am seven hundred Tucson's most stimulating talk. Here's a good one for Ya. A woman who claims she's a teacher. Got So mad. She was at Cosco not here. Not here. Illinois. Elizabeth mock forty-five apparently went up to a fifty year old man, because he took off his face covering while he was walking out of a costco. In Lake County Illinois. She is so mad that he was taking his mask off as he was leaving. She took her car and rammed his cart. Then took off her mask. Said schoolteacher I have covid nineteen and they went. And Spit in his face. which if she did have covert nineteen? Isn't that attempted murder. mean. It could be right. She left the store late identified though by police was arrested on Wednesday again I'm a schoolteacher she got. We don't know if that's true or not. She said it. But she was you know. She was just mad. This is the masking for this. This is the whole masking issue and other people are going crazy if they see you and you don't have a mask. This is how nuts it's crazy. She's absolutely crazy. So we don't. We don't know if she has it or not. Forty five years old, apparently a schoolteacher spitting the guy's face, Randy. You should be wearing them as. Disgusting Imagine if things she get away with. This was a limo driver. Now more coming up, DON DOT COM portions of the following program where prerecorded. Tucson from the region well studio. Your local fiduciary TRAJAN WEALTH DOT COM. This is. A and seven ninety and The most comfortable OKA-. Gary Lewis with you. It is your morning. Ritual right? Here can spam seventy. Tucson's most stimulating talk. Thank you for hanging out three things. I think you need to know. Number brought to you by the way by strong bill plumbing Aaron Solar. Number one Arizona has the lowest hospitalization rate in the country for thirty days June, Thirteenth July, fourteenth one point, nine percent, sixty, nine thousand plus cases, just one point nine percent going to the hospital. But we're overloaded Death rate lower than the national average is well. It's all coming up. Don't go anywhere. It's all my facebook page twitter in parlor, tech and thing that I. Think you need to know teachers here in Tucson going to do a motorcade to protests schools from opening? They're literally going to their cars afternoon at Tucson high drive around. With things run on their car, saying we need to stay closed. Wouldn't you like to do that or your job? Get paid to wouldn't have yeah. I mean they just Wanna I just Wanna I thought, do see MC, sally, whereas dense and clueless as possible. These teachers now take the cake. Yeah we'll support you on that one. Third thing I think you need to know. Stony Brook? Professor Stony Brook University Professor Helmet North yet a model that predicted trump would winning twenty sixteen. The media laughed Adam. He's like listen. It's almost always right. He's only been wrong twice. Well he came out in his. Our model shows. Trump has a ninety one percent chance at re election. Baby three things I think you need to know. This is this is great. You don't get any of this information really anywhere else. Anywhere else you got a search for it, and there are people that do a great job and one of those What are those people? Kyle Lamb. He's on twitter at K Y Lam and the number eight K, y lamb, eight and and kyle has uncovered part of this group of thirty or forty guys. Maybe some women. I don't know I don't want. Want to I, don't even care if I hurt people's feelings, and they are out there, and they're doing all kinds of gray data uncovering things to your CEO's all kinds of people now doing reports for media for good media for governors. Ron Disentis and the rest, and you can get it all just like I do and Kyle joins. Nikoil how you doing man. I'm hanging in there, man. How are you doing? You know what I'm all right and I really appreciate all your work and you sent this to me. Yesterday and I follow you. Very closely on twitter and I can't I can't thank you enough for doing all this great work. Because the media, the regular media is so. Corrupt or stupid, or who knows what, but they never bring these things up. You found out through your research and I want you explained whereas the Cova tracking project, but You you put out a tweet. The top fifteen states in hospitalization rates it's a percentage of total cases reported from June thirteenth to July. Fourth Arizona has the lowest hospitalization rate. Is that true? Well. What's the numbers say I was as you were to be honest I, I knew that the number of cases in Arizona. Just never made sense to me. But this this I think shows that not only the hospitalization situation, not as bad as being made out to be, but also I think it also shows how. oddly unreliable. The case situation is an Arizona those numbers just never made sense to any of us that are following this and I don't want to say that they're just being made up, but just whatever accounting practices are going on. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense right now. So you know the the data and just put it on facebook I shared her on twitter. It's on parlor. It's on all my stuff there. It says that in Arizona June thirteenth July fourth. They were I mean. This is an insane amount. Sixty nine, thousand, one hundred two cases of the virus and twelve hundred ninety one hospitalizations for one point nine percent I mean I don't know sixty nine thousand cases, and I'm looking at this and I mean Florida Twenty, seven thousand. We're doing like major testing here. Obviously I mean what what's your take as you said, you're not sure about the case count. What's your? What's your explanation for that? You know I don't have any I. Don't have any magical explanation. I I think that Arizona's one of the states including those. That we talked about with this last last week when I was on the show, I think they're counting probables. What I what I think is happening. Is I think that they're anybody that suspected of it? Be The through contact tracing or going into hospital, and being suspected that they have code nineteen nine are being called problem when I think those problems are counting in the case counts. I don't know that they're actually removing those or if they are, the public's not hearing about. It was obviously not changing the stats any so I think that that's one of the reasons why the the totals are so high as if they're coming those probables, but that's. That's never really been substantiated that just as just anecdotal I can't tell and and even if that is the case, I I, don't know how many probables there are, and out of those you know you mentioned sixty nine thousand plus I. Don't know how many were probables, but I think that there's something else going on in those numbers to make them so high. Yeah and again probables, because that's a combination of the giant number of cases, it's probable and confirmed cases so there are a lot of that apparently aren't confirmed. Right and just to explain again for those that maybe didn't hear our conversation last week. The probables in this case would be anybody suspected of having Kobe. They would have at least to my inter symptoms or one major symptom, and they would have to have an EPI EPI link what they call it a close contact with with another probable confirmed case, but that can. Can Be waived if you're in an outbreak area if you've traveled somewhere, that's at outbreak area and really to boil it down. Every single state in the United States right now is pretty much considered an outbreak area, so you can pretty much wave the Lincoln. Just say if you have to minor symptoms or one major symptom, you could be called a problem bookcase case. This is incredible Kyle Lamb is who you're listening to data analyst finding out all this stuff. Part of a giant group of thirty forty people that are that are not only helping out governor's state legislatures. I know there's part of your people in your group again. Aaron is one of them that have done presentations for state legislators breaking down the data because nobody here on this date apparently has a clue. And you can follow Kyle Kyi Lamb Eight on twitter at k y lamb eight, the number eight so. We talked about this last. Friday, also. You brought this to my attention. That Arizona's doing death certificate matching before we get to these numbers again death certificate matching where again people aren't going back months weeks and months finding death certificates, and if they could find any of the two minor symptoms like you talked about the virus of Covid, then they say that they are a Kobe positive without even actually having a test on these dead people right that that's what's happening. So right it it. Seems that seems to be most of it. Okay so yesterday, the Department of Health announced twenty three new death matching certificate deaths, so they may twenty three new deaths cove it right out of the ninety two. They reported. And this is what I'm trying to figure out, so if you WANNA get a test, you actually have to have symptoms. If you don't have symptoms, they won't give you a test. I have friends that tried to get a test then of symptoms. They're like no, you don't get it so even though it says we right now. According to the department health website, we have an eleven point nine percent positive test rate that means. Eighty eight point, one percent of people that have symptoms are negative. So and I know you don't have the answer to this, but I look at that and say. How is it possible to eighty eight point one percent of people that have symptoms or testing negative? How do they justify going back? Looking at death certificates without confirmed testing, they had to symptoms. They're now going to be a Kobe. Probable they count as Kobe. Yes. That's a really great point, and this is one I made through Jersey 'cause new. Jersey you had. The funny thing is in the last days. Even though New Jersey the worst of what happened. There happened back in April and early May. New Jersey actually leads the country in the most deaths in the last thirty days, and that's because they keep piling on all these deaths. I think they've had over two thousand probable deaths reported in the last couple of weeks. And, and the the justification by governor, Murphy there was that what we feel? There's a really strong chance. Really strong probability that these people had Kobe based on symptoms. But as you said. Even when we were testing only the most symptomatic that we could find. The positivity rate their in new. Jersey and other parts of the country were twenty five, maybe thirty thirty five percent, I think it peaked out around just under forty percent there in New Jersey, so that means the probability actually says there's a better chance. That if you were symptomatic, you didn't go nineteen that you actually did. It's like batting average. It's like even the best baseball players in the world are hitting three hundred, which means they make it out, you know I guess we use on. They make an out sixty and seventy percent of the time right so this is kind of the same thing. You've got a better chance of not being positive than you do being positive so I I really have. I take issue with these probable definitions because the probability says you actually probably were not Kogi positive if you're symptomatic. Yeah, and that's why this whole thing is a scam man. It's a great point and nobody in our media asked governor. do see this. You know maybe re look at this. They just want the numbers to go up. And I have so much more coming up with Kyle Lamb. The information is absolutely incredible, including what he would say to teachers and administrators that want to keep schools closed. It's all coming up right here, Thursday. Morning, ritual Gary Lewis continuing here. Can S. T. A. M. A. Seven ninety two sons? Most stimulating talk. Oh. Yes, incredible information! You don't get this again. The regular media is just they just suck here. They just they're terrible. They've near absolutely terrible giving you the straight skinny they I. Don't know why the corrupt who knows who knows. But. Let's go to continue here. Kyle and Kyle aim is with me here on campus game seven ninety one point, nine percent of their hospital rate sixty nine thousand hundred cases from June thirteenth July fourth yet in that time period where it was told. We're like the you know. Outbreaks Center the whole states endanger. The Governor is shutting down gyms. Openings you know limiting in in dining for at restaurants. Aid so bad that we have the lowest hospitalization rate. So can we make the claim that apparently people are getting sick, but they're not sick enough to even go into the hospital obviously. Yeah and I think. I think another issue. There is just like again. It's who's being counted as an inpatient because if you're going to the hospital for something else, if you have an attendance appendicitis and you go into the hospital and they're going to test you while you're there and you get your procedure done, but you come back positive while you're there for appendicitis. You're being counted hospitalization and we know from looking at Arizona's Kobe, illness numbers that they have on the dashboard on the health department site. It less than fifty percent of the people that are in the hospital counted as Kobe patients actually showed Kobe like symptoms, so it's. The accounting is just really funny. I think what really surprised me. Garrett is I was looking at the cumulative totals and this last thirty days twelve hundred ninety one patients were added as hospitalizations in Arizona. Last month was thirteen ninety-one, which means actually went down one hundred people for these last thirty days compared to the previous thirty days. That surprised me because I don't know about you, but if you're listening to the media, you would think it got so much worse right, but it actually went down. Now now here's the thing. Are they? GonNa tell us that it's because people started wearing masks, and we had a mask mandate, which by the way in Tucson June eighteenth was when our Wacko mayor. Right this. Wacko mayor said you have to wear masks. June eighteenth is when it started and in others they were fighting, so you can't even take. This goes June thirteenth. July fourteenth so I mean what would explain except for. Maybe we're finally hitting that downward trend is. Is You know to that be this? I think it could be a lot of things it could be. Seasonality could be if some of those cases are legit and I'm sure some of them. Are you know you're you're gonNA. Find Their theories out there that you're going to find a natural immunity barrier after you know so many people are expose you know whether it's twenty percent or thirty percent or whatever? Whatever the number is I, don't know, but there might be a natural immunity or someone heard immunity I mean we. We've seen some evidence and other states and other countries that happened, so it could just be that eventually. The virus was gonNA. Burn out after it spreads so much, and if it's spreads as much as Arizona says it has in the last two months. Then I think it's going to go away at some point. Yeah and again, didn't you? You found out, so we had this is. June thirteenth to July fourteenth thirty days. The national hospitalization rate was five point eight percent and Arizona was one point two percent we. We were basically three times less than as the national average. Right. What's interesting about that is? Some of the southern states are lower, is it? It seems to be the northeastern states who were hit long ago are still actually seeing relatively high numbers compared to their cases right now, but the southern states who have a ton of cases, their hospitalization hospitalization rates are actually a lot lower than most of the country. And then when you're talking about the death rate to the death rate for I, love, could you call it? The fact states Florida Arizona California Texas. The death rates were we're. We're lower What was IT We had three point eight. Three point eight percent is that. Is that right? Am I reading this correctly? Let me double check. That actually I think. I thought Arizona's. You might have. We were one point. That's okay. Nick, the national average is two percent for death, rate and the flaxseeds. percent four percent. So, our death rate is lower than the national average. Our hospitalization rate is lower than national average all over the past thirty days now I. Know You're not a doctor all this other stuff. If Governor Ducey came to you and said Kyle. Now that you've shown me this data, do you think that you know? Should we end the lockdowns? Should we open up gyms? What would you tell him? Well I I would personally say there's no evidence for lockout help to begin with. There's a lot of people that have done have done this a number of ways. Some people have done it by the are not some people have just done a as an overlay to be you know Google Mobility data where you can take the amount of. Traffic of people that are going places they track that through Google, and then they give these reports by day. But there are a lot of ways to look at it, but I don't think lockdowns help significantly to say they have zero impact, but I don't think they have been a very big indicator as to cases actually spreading, so if I were being asked by by Governor Ducey or anybody I would personally say yeah, the lockdowns are not helping. Man is any of this data. Kyle is anything that you're doing, is it? Is it anything that your group is doing? Is it getting into the hands of the governor's office or any any lawmaker here in Arizona? I know some lawmaker. I won't call them out by name, but I know the small makers have definitely seen it in the state of Arizona I can't say whether. Or not, I know some people have suggested that he's not. Letting a lot of people in the inner circle, but I don't know if you've seen this or not, but I do know several lawmakers on the state have seen it and and I know it's. It's having an influence in having an impact on on the way they're viewing the situation. And and this is incredible stuff man Kyle Lamb Kyi. Lamb the number eight. That's his twitter. Handle at Kyi lamb number eight on game seven ninety we are. We are having school districts, not all of them, but a bunch of them. That are saying we have to delay in school. teaching in class teaching because it's dangerous. And I actually had the pima county out of the Superintendent Schools asked him for a science a scientific basis for this this decision. He couldn't give me one I mean it's. It's obvious it's all political, but now teachers are going to do of ood motorcade protesting. It's not safe to go back to school it's. It's not safe for the kids You've done a lot of research more than me and I rely on you and I know I know I know your answer, but what you. What would you say to the teachers? The administrators that they are you know say to them when they look at you and say we can't go back to in class teaching because it's dangerous for the kids and for us. I would say they're not looking at the data. Because I can tell you this. There've been roughly four thousand hospitalizations for kids under eighteen, this entire epidemic or the country and that seems like a lot. But this flu season was over thirty, thousand confirmed around thirty thousand confirmed flu, and we know that the number is a lot higher. So this is. Probably five times he were number of going to the hospital. The number of kids under fifteen that have died is twenty nine. Thirty three kids. Die Almost every year from playground incidents, so it's like we're talking playground incidents by the way 'cause three times, the number of hospitalizations and we've seen from Kobe nineteen so I would say. If you're keeping the kids in, it's not based on the data. It's not based on the science. It's just based on fear and there's to me. There's absolutely no rationalization whatsoever for not having kids in school. Dude that is strong. Kyle man that is strong I. really appreciate you doing all this work, and I appreciate you having a know taking time out of your busy day to get it to us in and hitting us with these facts, men Kyi lamb. incredible stuff. Thank you so much for the time and I will definitely be in touch. You have a great day, brother. Pleasure as always, thanks Gary. You gotTa Take Care and if you WANNA know by the way to Kyle also hosts a a a podcast on Ohio Sports, so if you are a Buckeyes Fan, which means you're into cheating and stuff you can listen to to him. Talk about that. and. I always liked taking shots at buckeyes. Fans because. Person? I am. Angry Islanders Fan. Were even cheating doesn't help. Anyway. We'll continue. This is incredible stuff You heard you could comment i. Think that the Pima County Superintendent of Schools Speak Only Aka Dustin Williams would have a clue on this again. Wouldn't it be nice something new from a? You know I didn't know about this stuff? We should actually include this information in our thought. Process Nah It's already baked in the cake. Baby will continue rebate. and. Yes yes. Heroes with you. It is your morning ritual. AM seven hundred on most. Stimulating talk. Loving loving, get calls. I got to give you more time. I'm putting on facebook. The store I did three hours ago where a San Francisco art curator. Of San Francisco curator at an art museum, it's the Museum of modern art there. Is Accused of being wasted a white supremacist. By his own co workers because he gave a presentation and at the end of it. He apparently said don't worry. We will definitely still continue to click white artists. And he said we can't just white artists that reverse discrimination doesn't matter the mob which were co workers said that offensive. That is toxic white supremacy and you must go and instead of fighting for his job continue idiots. He resigned. And stick that on my facebook page much more coming up on KANUS ADVISOR I would say they're not looking at the data because I can tell you this. There have been roughly four thousand hospitalizations for kids under eighteen. This entire epidemic around the country and that seems like a lot. But this flu season was over thirty thousand confirmed at around thirty thousand confirmed flu, and that we know that the number is a lot higher. So this is. Probably five times he were number of kids going into the hospital the number of kids under fifteen that have died is twenty nine. Thirty three kids. Die Almost every year from playground incidents, so it's like we're talking playground in by the way, 'cause three times a number of hospitalizations and we've seen from Kobe nineteen, so I would say. If you're keeping the kids in, it's not based on the data. It's not based on the science. It's just based on fear and there's to me. There's absolutely no rationalization whatsoever for not having kids in school. So now you're getting the facts again. That was kind of lamb and He was in Kansas. Am Seven Ninety You can get that. AT CANISTER DOT COM probably by the end of the show. If not soon after that facebook as well so you have all that you have that information and you sit back and say why. Why is the local media? That's what is it again? I gotta go back to this. Dude show prep this morning and I'm on the websites everywhere I. Don't have a local TV station websites, nobody. They're all doing these stories about teachers. One was an oral valid teacher that got the CO got the Chinese virus and survived. She still recovering, but she's okay. But they did it, so she could say it's so hard. It's so bad man. Oh Man! We gotta make sure school doesn't start having kids so dangerous, but you notice they never actually interview somebody that had it and they're like. I never felt the symptom or This one? I was sick for like two days and I'm okay now. I mean it's not the shock value. They never the local media ever actually say. You know teachers might be against. It could be scared, but doctors say it's perfectly fine to get back to school because kids are on superstar. They never say that stuff ever ever ever. And it's annoying, and that's why you can't rely on the media and the local media beside me. Get to the facts. Just can't do it. You can't do it. And, I mean there's more credible stuff because people are sitting all Sweden to her unity getting crushed into Sweden and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. None if you actually. I. Actually Facts I had to pass this on our buddy. Alex Berenson. Gets all this information. Any posted something about Sweden. Some guy. Some new is discovered report. Yeah, he's a He's he's a writer for slate and the New Yorker to leftist things right this Guy James Uster. Wicky, right on, put on just to be clear. Not Saying Sweden strategy work. The per capita death toll has been. I just wanted to stay with the pirates apparently stopped spreading without the country, taking dramatic new measures to stop it I. Don't get it so. Alex Berenson rights staggering one in two thousand Swedes have died of covert. What that's a lot. That's one in two thousand. You ready for this though. The average age of the death is the mid eighties. They have ten million people in Sweden. Do you know how many people under the age of fifty years died from this? Seventy. Only seventy people under the age of fifty in. Sweden died of the Chinese virus, and how many had extreme underlying conditions to? That is incredible. Alex Berenson also. tweeted out, don't look now, but Arizona may have topped out to like I've been talking about. After tripling in the month July seventh, the pulpit hospitalizations have been flagged for a week. We actually have the lowest rate getting quarter Tacoma tracking the lowest rate. From June, four few thirteen July fourteenth. But if you look at this if you look at the data. Our hospitalizations for Chinese virus have been flat for a week. They've been plateaus before, but this one is longer. Steady per month. Really no kidding! Steady steady steady. So here's the thing in patient bed US June seventeenth in the state of Arizona for the Chinese virus, sixty, five, hundred, twenty, eight on June seventeenth almost a month ago. June July Fourteenth Sixty, eight, twenty three. So it's gone up what? It's gone up from eighty five percent to eighty seven percent. It's pretty flat, don't you think? It's pretty flat. This is pretty incredible stuff. Hospitalizations overall. Thirty four, hundred, ninety three. On July fourteenth a week ago week before that thirty four twenty one. Don't tell me it's because a frigging masks to by the way. Don't tell me buddy just literally sent me a text watch. They'll say the reason it because it's because of masks. I actually have a story. You ready for this I'm going to wait till tomorrow. I get my hands on a study. Looking at a symptomatic people. Tomorrow morning at seven Oh five. A symptom at hundreds of symptomatic people studied. They tested positive with the virus ace dramatic. Did they get anybody else? What do you think the answer is? But. Everybody should wear a mask. Because you're doing it because it's the right thing to do and stuff. Yeah, that's what it s right thing to do so here, hero! You want to know how insane recording his. And is nobody local news? They always tell the teacher say it's scary. Administrators say it's scared. They never tell you the science of it. They don't tell you. The danger of the what happens with children say home. There's a new study out. millennials think their risk from covid nineteen is exponentially more than the true threat. Because getting inundated with garbage from the news media garbage. Conservative review they have this for researchers published a working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research. Studying people's perceived personal health risks associated with the Chinese virus, the most striking result of their survey of fifteen hundred Americans, may six thirteenth is the younger age of them. The more. The individuals seemed concerned about the virus being deadly them. The younger they are, the beat, the exact inverse, the truth threat assessment of the virus, so the younger people thought that they were gonNA. Get jacked up by this. And t