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"doctor gunnery cookbook" Discussed on The Dr. Gundry Podcast

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"doctor gunnery cookbook" Discussed on The Dr. Gundry Podcast

"There's nothing more than hearing from my listeners and readers and boy have I had a lot of questions about my yes and no list of foods particularly as I put out a new book and that lists changes so I get it. You know one egg replacer that I might have recommended two years ago. I might not recommend now because believe it or not formulas change without consulting me so what I said was a really great egg replacer a year ago that formula changed and I no longer recommend that. A replacer you know. I do try my best to keep the list updated. I assure you I am always looking for new food to add and I'm always looking for when somebody changes something and if we don't get to the question I will try to remind myself to talk about the changes that have been made in corn products. That's not corn. It's Hugh Hugh O. R. M. Because I have a lot of patients that asked me about that so the fundamentals of the Yes. No list actually hopefully never change now having said that you really smart readers. Careful readers may know that in the Doctor Gunnery Cookbook the original one. I cited a paper. That said Pecans might have electon that. In some people attack the pancreas and that same paper suggested that there is elected in Seaweed. That may be problematic. And it's well hidden in that book but every now and then alert reader will pick that up. So why haven't I taken Pecans and Seaweed off the list? Well stay tuned because in my upcoming book the Energy Paradox which will be out this coming fall. I have found through multiple food allergy testing in my patients. That pecans often often often. I would say seventy five percent of the time. Come up as a food that people are allergic to so stay tuned. They may be coming off the list. Also we have found that there is a lectern in spinach that can be problematic for certain individuals. Not Everybody and as I get more data from my patients remember. This is not conjecture on my part. This is data driven from patient. Blood work as more data comes in. We may issue a cautionary note on spinach. But for now. Don't don't throw the spinach away okay. So there's always going to be great food steep and they're probably always foods that you should avoid okay so there's always exceptions to the rule and we're gonNA talk about some of the exceptions okay. Francey S. I. Heavy tree nut allergy so the acceptable flowers on the list or out of my range of acceptability I am also vegetarian. So meats and chicken on the list are cannot be dairy is one of my protein. Staples any suggestions. Well there's certainly a lot of flowers on the list that are not nut. Base for instance tiger nuts are not or not at all. They are a tuber. Cassava is a tuber millet grain without a hall as sorghum and we're increasingly seeing sorghum and millet flours available on a routine basis and if worse comes to worse you can find them on Amazon. Or on thrive so. There's multiple other flowers other than almond and coconut flour. Most people don't react to almond coconut flour. But I'll add the proviso make sure it's blanched almond flour not whole almond flour for instance trader. Joe's does sell a whole ground up almond flour. And you can actually see the flex of Brown. A number of my patients with autoimmune disease. Do React to the Latin and the peel of almonds. That's why you actually don't see almonds on the approved Nutley's Marcona almonds which are peeled almonds are perfectly acceptable but in my way of thinking there's actually far better announced eat than almonds in terms of feeding gut bacteria and I've written about that in the long jetty paradox. That there's better choices okay. Dairy is one of my protein staples well dairy protein if you find casing a to milk products and they increasingly available That's a perfectly acceptable protein source You can get it from goats milk you can get it from goats cheeses you can get it from sheep cheeses. You can get cheap yogurt. Which is absolutely fantastic. Sheep and goat cheeses from Europe. No matter where they come from her safe and most cows in France Italy and Switzerland are a to producers as is Buffalo Mozzarella so make sure it says Bufalino Mozzarella either from Italy. There's also a company that we've talked about before from Ecuador called BU F. And you can find in a whole foods you can find it in actually multiple stores now and a true water. Buffalo milk is perfectly safe now. Having said that there are a number of people in my practice who when we do. Further testing do react to all the casings in milk and even way protein in milk. So if you notice that even if you're eating casing to melt products and you still have an issue whether it's irritable bowel whether it's mucus production than your one of those people where Melk is one of your off. Food's always remember. There's there's no human need for melt were we're the only animal that uses some other animals melt product. Well cats like it but that's We give it cats. They don't go milk a cow so milk is not essential for your good health. Also remember that while there may be cheeses aged cheeses that have really cool compound called Pollyanna means which appear to promote longevity milk. In general liquid. Milk has lots of insulin. Like growth factor to make baby cows or maybe goats or baby. Sheep grow quickly so I'd much rather you use the finished product of Melk like an age cheese or even a yogurt rather than the milk liquid itself. Okay hope that helps Robin Ass. Can you drink almond milk? Well you you can drink almond milk. I find it a little watery bland. I think there's actually a lot better products out there on the market now. I'm particularly fond of a combination of macadamia and coconut milk. S- that are available. There's some really I think sick delicious. Coconut Milk S- that are available. There are some combinations of almond and coconut. Melt that give you the thickness you want. And if you WANNA have some fun. Look for several of the products that are non dairy half-and-half which are often a mixture of Macadamia a or coconut or almond melts. And you're going to get more of a thicker texture for those but you can drink almond milk. Christiane asked what about honey? Is that on the S or no list. So you'll notice in the plant paradox. Family Cookbook. I do recommend a few recipes using a little bit of local. Honey you gotta remember. That honey is sugar. There's no other way of looking at it. And in general we have far too much sugar in our diet period. That being said if you use local honey. There is some interesting evidence that they contain Health benefiting properties including actually some interesting probiotics and even prebiotics. So it's not it's neither on the no or yes list because when I originally made the list if I put everything that everybody asked a question about It would take the entire book just to do the. Yes and no list so rather than put at one place or another. It wasn't a big thing that my patients were demanding. And so I just left it off the list. One way or another but yeah honey does appear. You'll notice in several of my recipes but do try to get local honey and you know again. Support your local. Beekeeper support your local farmers market. And that's where you're gonNA find local honey and please don't make the mistake that local hunt. So for instance. I live in Palm Springs. My local honey is not from Orange County. It's from Palm Springs Same Way if I'm in Santa Barbara and my other home I buy site Santa Barbara Honey. Do I use it quite frankly? I almost never use on except to make one of these recipes. Rosa's am I correct in understanding. That much of the no list is perfectly fine if pressure cooked. She's specifically looking at squash keen while rice lentils the answer in a general rule is yes There are there is evidence that pressure cooking destroys most leptons. The exception to the rule listed on the list is gluten which is present in wheat. Rye and barley cannot be destroyed by pressure cooking. It is a really nasty protein. That can't be broken apart by pressure cooking having said that there is a protein in oats that mimics gluten and so. I've had a number of my canaries Test even pressure cooking oats for an hour and they still react to oats. So you'll notice that that's on the off. I have a number of people who still want to maintain their traditional diet. Their family diet and that includes lentils and for instance keen one and they do extremely well by pressure cooking their keenum. In fact interesting just this past week I have a family who have keen one. And they pressure cooked they're keen one or thriving on that and they invited their in laws over to have pressure cocaine Wa and the in laws said. There's no way we're coming over. That's not how you Cook Kina and you know you're gonNA make some regular stuff for us and they actually didn't and they fed their family. The pressure cooking. What man he said. You're not going to believe this. My in-laws actually said why didn't you tell us about this before? This is so much better than the way. We've been preparing it so true story from just this past week as you know in the plant paradox. I write about a woman who emigrated to La from Peru and wanted to continue her traditional diet which included keen one She developed some impressive bowel issues. Autoimmune disease and humorously her mother two weeks before her appointment with me flew from Peru and basically said you stupid girl. Didn't I tell you you have to pressure pressure cookie nwe and she took her to bed bath beyond and bought her a pressure cooker and when? I met her She said you know my mother would be you to me. And ever since she's been pressure cooking or keen while she is resolved issues so these are real things white boss mighty rice. I personally feel is the safest of the rices. Please pressure cook it. And as you've read even with with any of the starches you're best off to pressure. Cook them. Put a little coconut oil in the pressure cooker with these starches but then cool the starch. Put it in the refrigerator. And then reheat it the next day cooling. We'll take any of the starches and increase their resistant. Starch content what resistant starch means for those of you who are just kind of getting into this. It is resistant to normal digestion. So it takes longer to digest number one and number two some of it. Actually resists are normal digestion and then is eaten by bacteria in our gut so it becomes a prebiotics. Now we can get really nerdy on resistant starches but really nerdy potatoes. Good old white potatoes can be made a resistant starch but the starch in potato is actually in our to starch and it is actually eaten by bad bacteria rather than good bacteria so it's another reason to avoid potatoes even if you're going to pressure cook them now. I do have some of my patients that have to have their white potatoes and MASH POTATOES. And yes we have them. Peel the potatoes and pressure. Cook them. But if you're looking for a starch that's good for you. That's way down the list. Okay so let's take a quick break. Hey everybody it's doctor here and I've got some very exciting news right.

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