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Stop Worrying Yourself Sick | Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Stop Worrying Yourself Sick | Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

"You can't actually show up in a positive way with people because you're too concerned about what they think about you thinking yourself into exponential results series on. The podcast comes to every saturday morning and takes but we discuss in the morning mindset club compiles it into one easy to access recording and gives you some killer bonus content at the end. That's not to be messed and only available here. So let's dive right in good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning mindset club. I'm a mirror alvarez and let's get started we are in chapter fifteen of thinking grove rich this chapter is on how to outwit the six ghosts a fear so we have covered the fear this of poverty already and now we are entering into the fear of ill health and we are going to go through the list of symptoms of the fear of ill health again. These are symptoms rather than causes. So the cause is the fear and the symptom is what we're looking at and if you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms than you can trace that back to. Oh i have a fear of ill health now. This is a very common fear just like the fear of poverty is a very common fear. It doesn't make you long to have this fear but it does give you information. Oh i am reacting to the world. I'm reacting to circumstances i am driven by this fear. What if i wasn't or what if i could choose my reactions instead of having it be on autopilot would i show up differently in my life. Would i be able to make better decisions for myself. Would i be able to do the things in my life and in my business that i haven't been able to do yet because i am driven by this fear so symptoms of the fear of ill health. The first one on the list is auto suggestion the habit of negative use of self suggestion by looking for expecting to find the symptoms of all kinds of disease quote enjoying imaginary illness in speaking of it as being real the habit of trying all quote fads and 'isms recommended by others as having therapeutic value talking to others of operations accidents and other forms of illness experimenting with diets. Physical exercise reducing systems without professional guidance. Trying home remedies patent medicines end quote quack remedies okay. Let's take a pause here. So does this mean does what napoleon hill writes here mean that you should never exercise that you should not go and seek out advice on how to remedy a physical ailment that you might be having no. That's not what he's saying here not at all but it is worth a moment of discernment. Do i have a habit of talking. 'bout all my ills if you will physical discomfort due. I make that the conversation around which i connect with others. If you do just make a note of that does that mean you never get to talk about having the flu or feeling sick again. No of course. Not but if you're constantly and maybe it's not every single conversation but eighty percent of the conversations complaining about a headache talking about how you don't feel well. Something's off then. You have to recognize this as a symptom of the fear of ill health. You have that fear. And how is that driving you. How is that taking up your energy now again. Let's look at some of the other things that he says. Here what about home remedies and Different things that are fads that coming go in the our current world around health. Will you need to again. Use discernment here if you are not getting the help. You need through traditional Medical channels and you want to explore other channels and you're doing it with consciousness because there is a true issue at play good for you but if you're just i think what he's saying here is if you're just jumping on every bandwagon because that's the next best thing then you're letting fear drive you okay so four today. Take a look at whether you have the symptoms of ill health particularly this one of auto suggestion meaning. You're suggesting it to yourself by doing all these things that he numerate. Good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning mindset club. I'm mirror alvarez. In let's get started so we aren't in the list of symptoms of the fear of ill-health and the next one is hypochondria. The habit of talking of illness concentrating the mind upon disease and expecting. That's a key word expecting its appearance until a nervous break occurs. Nothing that comes in bottles can cure this condition. It is brought on by negative thinking and nothing but positive thought can effect a cure. Now why does he say that. Well because it was brought on by thought alone so you can change the result by changing the thought very straightforward there hypochondria. A medical term for imaginary disease is said to do as much damage on occasion as the disease. One fears might do most so-called cases of quote nerves. Come from imaginary illness. So it's important here to recognize that the fear of being sick thinking that you are sec can create that damage in your experience in your body and we know this on the positive flip side which is the placebo effect giving people sugar pills telling them that you know we Did surgery on your knee. When in fact there was no medication given it was just a sugar pill and they just put someone under made an incision it back up and off they went. The person believes that something positive has occurred. Something that is going to fix them has occurred in. Their mind is set on that new outcome. And that is what their subconscious mind programs their body to respond to an people have gotten better both with the sugar pill and with the surgery when in fact nothing new was given to them. No no change in the way the the knee was working was was done in that surgery. This is the power of your subconscious. Mind and it's extraordinary so you've got to ask yourself. Are you letting it work for you or against you. Are you looking for things that are wrong in your physical health. That are often your physical health and building a story around that. And how could you let that go. What would you need to do to release that. Good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning. Mindset club. i'm alvarez in. let's get started so next up on this list of the symptoms of the fear of ill. Health is an interesting one at least to me. It is exercise hill. says exercise. fear of ill-health often interferes with proper physical exercise and results in overweight by causing one to avoid outdoor life. I find that interesting so here. He saying that if you are afraid of getting sick or hurt because you're outside in the world whether that's walking the streets of new york and getting the germs or being on the subway in getting the germs and of course right now we do have some serious virus going around. That said is there is it limiting your exercise. Is it limiting your ability to be outside and get fresh air. Maybe it's a fear that you're going to get stung by bees or bitten by rattlesnakes or eaten by a cougar. If you hike in the mountains right there might be another sort of fear. That's driving you to to not want to be outside so it's worth it's worth looking at that and seeing if you resist going outside for physical exercise maybe it's just it's raining i don't want to get a cold and you avoid you know. Put an honoring jacket putting on a hat going out there for your run anyway. I avoided that. In the past. I try and call myself out on it now and and you know often in my. I'm out there in the rain. Actually for me. It's the flip side. It's one it's too hot ben. I'm lying can't do it so think about that. Think about how that might be playing out for you now. It's interesting because the first symptom of the fear of l. Help that hill listed was auto suggestion and in that he has experimenting with diets. Physical exercises reducing systems etc. So there this is a slightly different thing. It's not experimenting. It's avoiding being outside and getting some exercise there. So take a look at yourself as i've just shared that's one for me right. I boy being outside. When it's too hot i don't wanna run when it's too hot and there's all sorts of ways to continue to go forward and take care of myself and my physical health regardless of the weather so i'm calling myself out on that one. How are you going to call yourself out today on this. If it applies to you ever feel like you're swimming upstream and that there's got to be an easier way to make money and scale your business while it's time to get out of your way and eliminate that confusion and overwhelm join us at unstoppable woman income breakthrough summit where all show you exactly what's required to scale quickly and how to apply the universal laws to your business. Learn more and grab your ticket at then. Stoppable woman dot com slash summit a good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning mindset club. I'm mirror alvarez. In let's get started so next up. In our list of the symptoms of the fear of ill health is susceptibility. Fear of ill. Health breaks down nature's body resistance and creates a favorable condition for any form of disease. One may contact the fear of ill. Health often is related to the fear of poverty especially in the case of hypochondriac who constantly worries about the possibility of having to pay doctor bills hospital bills etc. this type of person spends much time preparing for sickness. Talking about saving money for cemetery lots and burial expenses etc okay susceptibility so we all know when we're more susceptible to getting sick than other times one. We're under stress when we are pushing ourselves too hard when we aren't eating well when we're not getting fresh air and exercise we can become susceptible more susceptible to catching a cold or getting sick or or whatnot. Any particular kind of sickness is. There's a higher likelihood. We all know that we talk about our immune system being compromised or taxed and one of the ways that he's speaking here about the symptom of the fear of ill health. Is this concept that you are more susceptible to actually getting ill and that has to do with how you think about illness. So think about this when you are stressed and you think you're going to get sick because of that you will probably get sick. I have had experience after experience after experience. Where i'm doing some big event. I've been under intense amount of deadlines things that i'm really focused on. There's an intensity level that's far higher than my normal work level and it's probably gone on for many days in a row and i can feel myself getting sick. I will start getting that tickle in my throat and you know oh my god i'm getting a sore throat and because i'm doing something that is time critical and it's i have clients that are depending on me. I have always said to myself self. I'm an unavailable for that. That is not going to happen. And i get could rest. I take care of myself hydrate. I do all the things. And i never get sick. Which is fascinating to me. Because other times i will if. There's no reason not to get sick if you will an obviously there's always a good reason not to get sick but maybe i should have said a good enough reason or a level of urgency. That isn't there. I will won't have that. Same level of this is not happening right now and inevitably get sick. I find that fascinating that your ability to resist being sick is so dependent on how you think about it. And you can change your susceptibility to sickness. And i would give you that as something to play with yourself. How susceptible are you allowing yourself to be in regards to getting sick. Getting worn down getting even getting a headache so consider that today. Good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning mindset club. I'm mirror alvarez. And let's get started. We are on the list of symptoms of the fear of ill. Health next step hill says self coddling the habit of making a bid for sympathy using imaginary illness as the lur people often resort to this trick to avoid work. Pay attention to that. People often resort to this trick to avoid work the habit of feigning illness to cover plane laziness or just serve as an alibi for lack of ambition. This is a big one guys. I often talk to my clients. About what is there stopping. Pattern what is their pattern. Their unique way of saying. I can't do that right now. I can't do the thing that i need to do. In order to breakthrough and for many people it is something to do with getting sick and that is exactly what hill is saying here. The habit of feigning illness to avoid plane laziness. Sometimes you actually do get ill and it's not feigning it's an actual you got the cold you got the flu. You have the temperature that the monitor says one or two one three. You are actually sick. You do have the headache and yet it's your pattern for stopping and just like the placebo. Effect can make us. Well we can also and that's your subconscious mind going. Oh my god. I got the knee surgery. I'm better now. I'm gonna. It's gonna take four weeks of rehab. And then i'm going to be better in six weeks eight weeks. I'll be able to run again right now by the way. I just made up that timeline. I've no idea what the actual recovery time line is for knee surgery. But your subconscious believes that you've got the the surgery so you you go act as if you're on your way to better health and your knee actually does get better because you believe it and your subconscious than drives all the systems in your body to make that real for you and your your knee does heal itself quote unquote. Okay now that can happen in reverse if you don't wanna do something because it's it's challenging you it's causing you to confront your your self image or identity. Who think you are your self worth level your big fears your beliefs about what's possible for you. If if the thing that you need to do in your business is causing you to confront that. It's very easy for your subconscious to go. She doesn't want to do that. That's that's going to be danger if she faces that. Let's let's get her sick. let's wear her. Let's give her a headache. And you know the answer to this is that you have to go do the thing anyway regardless of the headache regardless of whether you're sick if this is your pattern you actually have to prove to yourself that you're going to do the thing even though your sick now that goes against so much of the way were culturally brought up to say we need. If we're sick we get to stop. It's time to rest now. This is not a one size. Fits all thing if this is not your pattern of stopping how you get yourself to stop. Don't listen to this advice. This is not for you when you get sick. You need to rest okay. But for those of us who used this who used this as a way of stopping you need actually keep going through that so that you prove to yourself that you won't stop. I am not speaking to the people who work through sickness already and make themselves even more so that is not who i'm talking to. I am talking to those of you. Who when you are going for more you get sick. You're the ones that have to do it anyway. Good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning mindset club. I'm amira alvarez in let's get started okay next up in our list of the symptoms of the fear of illness and this is the last one in. The list is intemperance. The habit of using alcohol or narcotics to destroy pains such as headaches neural neurology. Ah that is just nerve pain etc instead of eliminating the cons so this is really important. Are you covering up the symptom that you're feeling the pain that you're feeling instead of looking at what causes this now. We have culturally acceptable ways of drinking alcohol. That are very widely accepted so having class wine at the end of the day going out to drinks with people having a drink at dinner having some beer when you're watching the football game on sunday. These are all culturally acceptable ways of drinking and i have zero judgment about it and if you recognize that when you do this you are actually trying to self medicate. That is a symptom of a fear of illness. And you need to actually deal with the cause to the qasr is the fear of illness or sometimes. Let's let's break this down a little bit further. You've had a hard day years dressed you dealt with a lot but you don't know how to shift gears from your workday to your relax time so you pour yourself a glass of wine. I know i used to have a glass of wine after work every day until i stopped. And it's not that. I don't drink wine now or have any problem with it but i recognized that i was covering up a issue in my life. Which was that. I wasn't happy while i was working. And that was the cause. So one cause can be lack of happiness. And and i think would say behind underneath that you're creating a situation in which you actually feel bad and you don't wanna feel bad so you have this fear a fearing feeling bad right at the end of the day. Let me see if i can make this a coherent thought guys you at the end of the day. You don't feel good. You have a fear about not feeling good. That's ill health so you you medicate. You have the glass of wine you self medicate and you might do this with something else. Besides buying made me smoke pot. Maybe you take psychedelics. Maybe you're always having an aspirin or something like that. But think about how this all connects and decide for yourself. What's acceptable for you with regard to self self-medication and what how you'd like to participate in that if you participate in it good morning and welcome to another great day with the morning. Mindset club alvarez. And let's get started. We are on the fourth fear in the chapter on how to outwit the six ghosts. Fear this is chapter fifteen so the fourth fear is the fear of loss of love. And he'll says the original source of this inherent fear needs but little description because it obviously grew out of man's polygamous habit of stealing his fellow man's mate and his habit of taking liberties with her whenever he could well. Maybe that's true. Maybe it's not wh- let's let's talk about what is is in contemporary time from my perspective. This is a big one. It's not something to overlook and that is because people need other people for survival. We are in this game in this universe in this life together. We need each other now. Does that mean you can't go often become an outdoors survivalists and live off the grid by yourself. No you probably could. But it's the rare person who is actually happy fulfilled and living out their purpose in life in isolation like that so for the large majority of us. We are social creatures. We need other humans to feel alive and human and live out our purpose not just on a spiritual level not just on a mental emotional level but also on a physical level meaning both procreation and also the the need to be touched in held. And all of that hugs are such a big part of life this is why living in isolation during covid has been so challenging for people and furthermore the physical need of security so that is like we need other we. We think we need other people. Let me say it differently. We need other people for our physical security as well. Whether that is the arms to protect the community that the village in contemporary day that would be the army the police whatever but it could also be the person you live with yourself has a gun in their cabinet at home protecting you right. There's there's some sort of protection just maybe physical largeness protection that we think we're going to get from someone else and that could even be protection from emotional issues. Culture says i'm worthy if i'm in a relationship so i'm a dude and i'm getting protection from that. Cul troll negative criticism by being in a relationship and if out of a relationship. I am going to if i lose love. I'm not going to be worthy in our society. That's a protection. There's also financial protection so many marriages have been based on financial contracts. In fact it's only until very recently that love has even come into play of the time it was a survival contract between people a man and a woman for protection and for the continuation of the species. So if you think about this. This is all being brought down through society through through the ages in our culture being reiterated again and again through our behaviors and shared beliefs. What that ends up doing is is on a very unconscious level. Making us feel believe think that our security is dependent on a single other person. Yes we need the community. Yes we need other people. If you're in business you know that you need other people you need other people to help you run your business. You need other people in the form of clients to and customers to buy from you in order to be in business. You need other people. But you don't need a single person whether that is a the romantic levin your life or the client. This fear of the loss of single person is a misunderstanding of security. And that is. What's at play fundamentally here with the fear of the loss of love for the bonus content for this episode. I want to go back to the concept of getting sick as a way of stopping so we need to use our discernment here because sometimes we're really sick. Right scars just a cigar and sometimes it's the power of the subconscious. Mind getting us to stop so if we believe that. This is a reason to stop we do. But what if it wasn't what if you said to yourself. I'm not stopping now. This is not. i'm not advocating. For being superwoman. Here not advocating for running yourself down. I'm not advocating for not taking time to rejuvenate to really support yourself. I'm not advocating for mistreating yourself. But what if you have a pattern of stopping when you get a headache when you get sick when you get tense when your shoulders hurt when you're knee hurts. Whatever your pattern is what if you explored if this is true for you and it needn't really just break your leg. I'm not saying break your leg and believed that you didn't break your leg but test this out. We know that there's the placebo effect and that it's real. This is the power of the subconscious. Mind it will. It will execute on what it believes to be the truth. There's also the no cbo if you don't believe something is going to work whether it's real medicine or real help in some other aspect of your life. You won't believe that it will work in your your mind will execute on that so your subconscious mind is very powerful all about belief. What do you believe. So what about how. This applies to business. Not just where you stop in your business but how you can apply this aspect of really into believing something so that you execute on it and this is where you have to believe that it's possible for you to be doing. Have what you're going for if you don't believe it on the subconscious level not just on the conscious level you will continue to self sabotage so you have to believe that what you're going for is accessible for you that you can do this that it's possible for you so you're going to want to look at what you're going for in your business and generally speaking people will tell me that they have a goal and that consciously they believe that they can achieve it but they aren't being truly honest with themselves because as i dig deeper there is underlying doubt. There's an underlying conflict. There's an underlying double bind which means that you want something but you think something negatives going to happen if you achieve it so why would you achieve it right. You have some sort of loyalty. Pack that makes it wrong for you achieve what you want to on a subconscious level. You do not believe that. It is okay for you to have that consciously you do but subconsciously. See you must reprogram yourself in order to believe that you can have what you want. You have to access the subconscious. Mind an reprogram it so that you can execute on what you know is possible for you and stop getting in your own way. Okay with that rocket out ban. Stoppable n i will catch in the next episode. Thank you so much for joining us. In for being part of the unstoppable woman movement this special series is a part of our morning mindset club incomes to you here on the podcast every saturday morning. if you'd like to join the morning mindset club at no charge. You won't have to wait a whole week and can listen to this series in short daily snippets every morning. Plus you'll get quick implementation practice in mastery check in to go along with it. You can find the morning. Mindset club info in the show notes below or just head over to the unstoppable woman dot com slash mindset class and as always. Please share this podcast with two or three who are ready for exponential growth and exponential wealth. And if you're game we always appreciate a review on itunes. That really helps us reach. Elevate thanks so much.

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