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"doctor ahmad lou" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"Five forty laura gene the laura ingraham show thermometer almost said the world over i hit world over on the brain which are going to be recording tonight at 'eatable utn and by the way our last kiss doctored bennett o'malley will join me for owed a fulsome interview get into this and so many of your questions allen from north carolina you wanted to ask what i understand and appreciate the overwhelming evidence brain injury in it among nfl player option but i would assume that the impact is much wider remote child's play or saw bordering immunity any similar study conducted among child and adolescent football players you dr malo he he referenced that earlier and our interview here he'll talk about it again tonight but those study says a swedish study i think that he quoted and the the investigated one hundred cases young players and they found two ehlass symptoms suicide rates gone up druguse accelerated and a decline in memory so yes they are not taking the blows that a professional nfl player is enduring but you don't have to have a severe blow to injure the young brain that's at least my understanding the book gets into some detail of this some of it it'd be in which excess civil but it's very granular of but he according to doctor ahmad lou young people particularly are susceptible because he is seeing at younger and younger ages people with this condition ct is not restricted to nfl players there there's a caller that to that he's of combat veteran who's been diagnosed with it there are soccer players who have been diagnosed with a race car drivers may anyone who take boxers lacrosse players he told me he told me earlier and we were doing it pre interview he would never let his child play lacrosse because that is the worst sport for cte lacrosse because for whatever reason it's a very aggressive sport and the head against the head is covered or not your heads not covered area had the padding that.

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