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"doc rivers nimick millan" Discussed on The NBA Show

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"doc rivers nimick millan" Discussed on The NBA Show

"And he really good one unlock that entire defense and Justice Winslow, another guy her recently, but they pretty much had them as a point guard, and you know, point guard lineups that they're Miami Patrick Beverley fits this a little bit too. Because it's not just. Statistical wise or whatever, but he also like keep brings a certain level of energy that a team like the clippers where everybody is sort of at the same level or some blues gnarly like star, you kind of need somebody to bring it all together in an elevated team is a whole just from an energy standpoint anything he does that. So I think that that's another one let's move onto our last one coach of the year is a pretty heated race. I think the obvious choice is booting Holzer simply because of the difference between our guy Joe property to now with where the bucks went from the eighth seed and first round chum to essentially the best team in the NBA. I think that's a pretty obvious one where you can just trace it back to the system. And I think he's probably the guy who's gonna ended up win here. Other guys I jotted down Doc Rivers Nimick Millan, Mike Malone, and Dave Yeager. That'd be my ballot. And I would list them in that order, right Dogan? Nate are on the same year. Yeah. And probably just because simply between because the team's been more successful, which I mean, that's great. You ended up with hones-. I think might ballooned up definitely can any of the year would would win that easily. You know, it's like taking a team that missed the playoffs last year. And this is like a huge jump for them to the second seat. You know? Yeah, that's a big leap. The case for doc. Obviously is also not only had did the clippers pretty much exceed expectations. But they've been changing the team on the fly. So that's all for office too. You know? Him having to step down almost like, I don't know how much we should give him credit for it. Because it's basically like he's doing less work, right focusing. It's like if you just told me, we should give them credit because usually the guy just gets outright fired. Tom Riley dockers. It'd be like no remember, I'm a I'm a good coach let me take a step back. And he's at the point now where like he's having to fend off offers or alleged offers interest Lakers from the other side of of the Stapleton, imagine how hard he hated. If you switched over. Well, the thing is like the clippers fan there aren't enough to like really really track. That would bring natured from around the league fans would really resent. That wouldn't be the first with the Lakers right now fans are going to resent. If it's like poaching seem time. I've you can't poach. Sure. But at the same time can't Poche. I mean after like this Anthony Davis thing like come on. Poach? Not about follow is pro poaching. Yeah. But I think ultimately buddies is that one for sure all right. I think I think it's a good place to wrap it up there. We'll be back next week as always until then from Haley hollow Bobby and myself, see next. Call gary. Basketball is Gary..

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