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"dmitri theophilus" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"Dr hundred Bucks visor to go home and made from my own home they were not only they were crowded the man was small the big guns enormous I said don't bother in a vicious of your name is Dmitri Theophilus and you want this package that I'm carrying all of that B. as soon you have ten this firm idea of why and how did you find my Darling a lot of the city palm surprisingly enough all you'll know my idea by us and you know my dialing so and more than I have highs is it possible I am always either native I am quite effective my first one I have need my poor partner Mr Brody you are interested here are interesting about who killed your partner that's one thing but if you want somebody to dig out your family secrets that is nothing with me you are shall we say no place but why don't I get that I took off there's been a phenomenal scandal divorcement suing about B. as soon even process that is dead so is what one calls came from the city while he lived I know nothing I was flying after he died I see seventeen yeah well obviously that maybe your wife had a hand and brought his death what kind where if it so happens that you cannot separate my Darling from that the do you file a lot quite I am not an old man my dear wife is about to end twenty and they thoroughly lovely passengers on it would it not be the product of husband leave with them to have that said I say yeah a hold over her issues go your own way to go please I cannot hold the gun and handed my wallet at the same time please note all sides you keep the gun I'll take the water you you wouldn't want for anybody there I left the cab suited to your answer already yes No then I don't hesitate to sort your this is the fake you sure you want this hostility yeah a man has already been killed for your lives a high price to pay for a fake don't fancy ten Cup yes this thing does the price rather unknown danger not I would kill you really care if it means that much then I guess it doesn't all year thank you listen ma'am well if.

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