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"dmitri pokrovsky" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Some of you know his 40 year tradition of playing winter solstice concerts at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine In Morningside Heights, the 41st and when annual Winter Solstice concert, the one this year will be virtual, and for today, Paul has also brought a gift of music for us. From his new album called Light of the Sun. Hi, Paul. Big fan and thanks for giving us a few minutes happy solstice. Well, thank you, Brian. The same to you. How did the Saint John the Divine Solstice Concert tradition gets started way back in 1980. The dean of the cathedral, then the rib very Reverend James Parkes more than heard us play a to couple of events and asked if we would want to come and play at the cathedral, which at first I couldn't imagine doing. I had been there for Duke Ellington's funeral 1974. Was the most astounding place I've ever been to and I, But after a while, I finally agreed that we could find I hoped we could find music that would be appropriate. In any case, I began to think of what would be the most universal milestone of the year. We could celebrate. And it occurred to me is the winter solstice, which includes everybody in the world. And did you have an all face all culture celebration of diversity of life on Earth? And so we did our first one. That December thinking well with we would do it one time and now we've done it's 40 times. Hi. Well, even the title of your new album Light of the Sun makes it sound like you're very attuned to the changing cycle of light throughout the year. How'd you get interested in this? Well, it probably has a boy scout in the mountains of Pennsylvania going up, Uh, being outdoors and, uh, feeling at home there, Um and, uh, now I live in the hills of northwest Connecticut and When you can get to be in nature some I mean, I think it's just It's intuitive with us. You know, it's funny that you talk about the boy scouts and going out like that. For me growing up in Queens. Um And then you know the first time I went camping, which wasn't until I was young adult. Kind of struck me in the face that you better be in tune with nature throughout the day or you're screwed. Right? Exactly. But light is visual music is audio. How do they connect? In a space like the cathedral, which is the world's largest, um, that has seven second reverberations. Music comes alive there. Are better than speech does. As does the theatrical lighting that we use in this winter solstice celebration. That illuminates the cathedral. I think in ways that it never has been before, and that's what's been thrilling to see as we went through 40 years of our archives. Videos of this event to come up with 2.5 hours that would highlight the most iconic performance is over all these decades. So that's going to be a treat Your 30 41st annual pulling to consort Consort Solstice concert. Those words are too similar. Um, Since you can't do it in person, it's gonna be a best of from the last 40 years. Yes. And we have with singers from seven cultures. Gary Brooker, from Procol Harum singing one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century with a whiter shade of pale. Even leans from Brazil. No Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary, the Dmitri Pokrovsky fingers from Russia. Then we have a lot of dance, the African dancing and drumming of the Forces of Nature Dance Theater. And Philippe Petit will make a special appearance, too, repelling down from the vault of the cathedral as the torchbearer to two, then lead the procession to the Far East end of the cathedral to ignite the sun. How can people see that? Give them the Web address. It's a video on demand. And the access is available on solstice concert.

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