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"djokovic volley federal mental nadeau physical jakovich" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

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"djokovic volley federal mental nadeau physical jakovich" Discussed on The Passing Shot Tennis Podcast

"We're going to be taking you through some of our favorite moments from Monte Carlo. On what would have been finals day at the Monte Carlo Country Club elsewhere will bring you some of the big talking points. Coming from Andy. Murray and Novak Djokovic instagram session. This was an update from the tennis. Well this week including the postponement of the Labor Cup but Kim first. Let's start with Murray Novak Chat Friday evening had a long week at work and it was a very pleasant and nice way to kind of start the weekend. It was a conversation. I think that they had admitted they had no actually. Despite having these rivalry kind of gone for so long they never actually sat down. Had a chat with each other. So it's really pleasant kind of have that moment almost kind of be able to share it with the yeah. It was nice. Isn't it just them is kind of mates. I suppose just having a chat and that means Joe. They were clearly listening to fashion episode causing show that we did last week because the conversation turned at what point stand. Mann's excellent shorts that he won railing. Garo swift say clearly. They had tennis fashionable Nemo. And like we had I thought was funny because Jovic said if SAM was watching he should burn they shorts And I think she was watching because he did like At one point in the essay they show it during the right and guarantees e Mont. They say he called exactly. Yeah but maybe he's got a spare pair at home. I did love the fact that other tennis players joined didn't as well as kind of your general fans as well and it was kind of great to see some of those responses for some of the topics of up light stands short. I think curiosities Sleeve Kobe. Bryant tattoos was brought up as well say it was great to see you the kind of everyone kind of getting together and having a little bit lobe. Ever sit down because as you said. It's like you know these guys that you know. Generally speaking when we see them together is a head to head. It's a competitive environment and it's nice to have made like this. Where is a level playing field and just kind of talking as mates and I think some of the I think one of the big talker boys are one of the things they were discussing? Was that perfect. Tennis player. Agai through different sort of aspects of a tennis player. And saying who who they would like I found the most interesting thing was what they were talking about. Back cads returns of Sunday said they would prefer each other's each of his back. How does over time himself? Which I thought was quite interesting. Well I am being humble respect. Fourteen each other or was that the rule. They just couldn't take themselves so therefore oversee he would pick the the the wouldn't because they generally speaking I would say they are the best return for example. I was surprised. Jovic didn't pick rough maybe physical as well as mental. I thought maybe he was trying to like spread his His pigs around today. I'm I'm not sure but Pretty much agreed with all of their old of that picks picks along the line. But Yeah I mean. It's nice as well just to see them like eating because these guys. Yeah we we see them competing against each other. The end of the day the players get on say well the friends of each other and they must be missing that kind of camaraderie of being on the tour as well right now so. It's nice to do something like this isn't it and the fans can join in and and get as well exactly. Maybe maybe we'll do a future episode on talking about how we would build and structure our perfect tennis players. But that's just kind of give a listeners. Feeding catch it the the run through of what they they fought was that kind of perfect tone. Spy Say Novak Djokovic serve was either it was kind of between John is ner nick carry US return. Murray four hundred went for the Dow poetry full hand with a backhand Murray Volley Federal Man Tuna Dow and then physical yet domain Tame Strike David Farrar. An- Andy Murray Chose for his. I mean no surprises. He kind of went for seven. Apothecary else is now return. Novak Djokovic forehand rough on the Dow back can Djokovic Volley Federal Mental Nadeau Physical Jakovich. Maybe we should do. Yeah maybe we'll do an episode construct. All perfect I thought the one thing just looking at one other things maybe interests me is the Jakovich for his forehand shows. Really flat four hundred we've portray whereas Murray of C. Wet for the Dow's complete off the the massive credit four top speed and You know high. The showed is thought to be interesting. They chose different different approaches for different shots. I'm really surprised that she didn't pick carriers for you. Know his mental attitude. I mean a car. No match and why. They wouldn't have picked him for that. But maybe maybe they went for his his underarms. Maybe referencing that but yeah anyway in Albany Joe as slightly more serious thing is pays ad. It's come out but there are plans to play a relief fund fula ranked class. You're going to struggling a lot financially. current current time so jovic revealed on Friday that the plans for that player. Relief Fund would generate moving full million dollars. But the way they're going to do it will that outlining how they would do it. Is that everyone in the top hundred singles twenty doubles which country based on their ranking? Say for example those players in the top five would donate thirty thousand dollars each and then kind of below down the rankings. You go the less you would need donate into the prize ports. Not Too sure I mean I think is a great idea passing. They obviously is a lot of talk saying players shouldn't have to be helping out all the players like it's about. Atp tool they should be doing this. It shouldn't be a problem the players themselves to have to do this. But I think it's really nice initiative and I think the top players do have some responsibility to initiate something like this. Yeah I think it's it's an interesting one. I think it's a good place to saw. Obviously it's the intent. Is that to kind of help in that. Coastal of collective spirit. That kind of we're all in this. You know the the top players of their own initiatives kind of going on as well And Yeah it's very interesting. I feel like this is going to be a big is going to be a big talking point. It could open up a lot of. It is a kind of worms. I think a lot of people are going to have their own opinions and already kind of those opinions A different is like how great it should be on a sliding scale of of ranking or should it be something it should be something else. Is it Fatou on ranking? I think is one of the biggest kind of conversations and I think kind of doing something like this kind of highlights. The you know that wetness. The players ranked lower down need financial support. But you know. Is there an argument to say? Well you know how we got into a situation where we've needed a global you know global pathetic figures passive as the corona virus to to make to make something like this happen. Yeah I agree because eat at this. I mean how long term will make everyone take a more serious look at the pay structure with antennas? I know it's been on the agenda for a couple of years but hopefully this'll be kind of like the final push to actually make it much equitable. I mean the issue with this sliding scale was the the amount that they're sort of saying should be pushing Like ranking its way is to disproportionate. Say someone who's to one hundred in the world is actually going to be doing much. Larger percentage of their income than say joke rich in federal at the top of the game so therefore maybe it should be done. Just how much you could actually afford to give Or if you're going to do ranking perhaps what would be fair is to do on like ranking. That would be from the last couple of years. Like an equalized average ranking because a lot of players like for example Dan Evans. He's just going into the top thirty. He's just go back. He's not going to have an awful lot of money from top tournaments that he would be like Able to access at that ranking like. It's all very new to him. So as conversely other place he would be in the top one hundred and then maybe a much lower at the moment because of injury but yet they would have a much more financial capacity to give a bit more or to treat this. Obviously no system is perfect. It's like a new idea. They're going to have to. I guess. Run three these issues but the inspire. The idea is very nice but I think perhaps they just need to kind of streamline and make kind of sense of some of these inconsistencies are going on. Yeah I think as you said I think conversely people like Jack Circle people who've gone on the rankings. He had to get have had. That had that moment and made a lot of money. Jacksonville finals power. Small says etcetera. It doesn't feel like he would benefit that much. For this sort of your relief fund this kind of Aimed at plays. We'll have similar rankings. Maybe around him. I think it's kind of like this. Does this effort from the players but I think also needs to be from the tournaments as well And it will be interesting to see you know. I told him it's like you know Wimbledon for example whether the prize money whether they still kind of look to distribute that to players on notice spin some sort of chatter and some talk about you know first round prize money being distributed to make sure the players. Because I think if you if you don't support these players farther down we might get into a situation where they might be more vulnerable than ever say of them. Kinda going down roots of match fixing and betting which we know that kind of tennis has a history wave when you know we will not repeat itself but this might be. This feels like a moment. Where if we don't do something? It might lead players to yet. It's kind of desperate desperate. Meshes Yeah and how many are going to be able to stop again? When when they're allowed to you know there's a lot of investments and expenditure that go into just traveling the tool so some players might just find that they they just cannot afford to stop again. Say Yeah I mean I think they're all various other schemes. Think the WGN for someone has a loan scheme going on but in reality I think the criteria for as she being able to get financial help. You know isn't kind of what they say. If that makes sense it's you have to meet certain criteria and it's audit and I think this is. This is a step in the right direction. So that's a positive thing. We'll read bit as much positive news this weekend right now. I suppose one other thing Joe. That's been announced this week In relation to make arenavirus is the Labor Cup has been postponed to twenty twenty one so not a big surprise is just the latest in series of events. Go oversee this is an exhibition. So it's certainly not as Important as for example the slams and it was going to coincide with the newly scheduled French shape and so I guess it's just for the best now that Labor has decided to kind of delay For Year yes. That's still a pall of became a just. I think there's going to be any bladders played this season. But let's say Fidel there is a as as you said. I think he is completely a completely makes sense. The you know the priority is given to Grand Slams.

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