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"djeddai dykes" Discussed on Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

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"djeddai dykes" Discussed on Radio Free Endor: A "Star Wars" Podcast

"And that brings us to the end of the show. Well I have an absolute absolute fantastic time. Could sit down some bulbs for the world premiere of the Raunchiest. I woke up and of course then going to see it and taking my son Nicholas who just just happens to be here with me right now but did you enjoy Nicholas. Resumes Actually kept awake. Is it I was in did have a baby though. Then you're for you went straight to bed as well and I just WANNA give a shout out to these people who didn't mind me bothering them before and after the show. So we had Chris Sean and stateful Manchester Dave Steve and the intelligence vic thanks to them also it being Christmas time. You think you've just wrote to Sam Support Pickles Gaming. PC and install was related. Yoda everyone wants baby. I'm a person's those games toys. I will not less at the jet. Fallen Djeddai Dykes. That's wild fallen fallen jet often even Eric. Well as long as it comes at Christmas I'm not up of just WANNA play right right. I'll tell you what Nicholas Brady would go down for Christmas. An official Radio Free Endo Teasha data from T- public. Yeah that'd be good by now it might be on sale. You probably have to pay extra for shipping books at you get one local fantastic. These is if you want to reach out to issue can By email we are radio free and achieve mouth DOT COM and you can follow us on twitter L. Radio Free Endo and such some facebook.

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