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"dj stewart gill" Discussed on The No Chill Podcast

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"dj stewart gill" Discussed on The No Chill Podcast

"I'm mike bought a solo on that end of the couch. Rate there got gilbert arenas salmon. Come this way quinton. Grimes omolo in going from first to fifth year. Right there so there is that too. Dj stewart gill. You've been in the lab at these guys from the south texas and mississippi in house out here in la leading up to the draft guys. Come out of school and you know first hand you saw. We're working with you know you have both very skilled raw still trying to define you know what type of player he wants to be. You're pushing back to the one because as as you were in high school my problem coming into nba. Because i was a one ultra high school went to college. Had to play too because at the smaller guard and then coming back to the nba. And like this is my position so you know so. I know your mindset. You know so. It's like one of those things where you just trying to define what your skill lists that you want to go into your first season. I mean you say. Dj's raw. I think dj has what you wish you had as a player you gotta bounce bounce it. Doesn't you know that's what you call raw. Because you have a tangible bouncy.

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