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"dj modigliani" Discussed on The Promised Podcast

"Street. But the city decided as i understand it to move the street named after the master of king. David's army yoav to a group of specific streets named after generals and heads of armies. And they made the place where you are now into a group of streets named for artists of the brush which is why today i live on with johnny street. When i went out. I said to myself by the way why you. Dj moved liani. I know the whole world knows it's amadeo modigliani. What happened here when i got home. I called the proper authorities that is to say the municipality of tel aviv. please. I asked south for me. The riddle of your dj modigliani and the proper authorities explained to me that it was decided in city hall to brea size the great and wayward sons of the jewish people and they didn't know in their own lives had preserve their hebrew character here at least by the grace for the city of tel aviv. They will return after their deaths to the place from which they were quarried on the little street signs in the first hebrew metropolis case. Sorry goes on and says it is a great deal. Easier to influence a dead jew living one and to turn and amadeo into a dj and to which. I'll just add to short things. A amadeo means lover of god and you deger means beloved. by god's however in the city chose modigliani's team did a pretty good job of it and two or ak sorry street. Today is for some reason in salalah the tel aviv neighborhood where they put all the streets named after the generals and arguably nothing captures the we love the world but only on our own terms spirit of the city. we love so well vivo. And the city's weird and wonderful mix of radical cosmopolitanism radical parochialism better than naming a street after one of the great painters and sculptors of modern times and then renaming the painter to remind ourselves that even though he never made a big deal of it in the end a genius like madani was totally but totally ju and not just a lover of god but beloved by god in hebrew with us in the studio is a woman who street will no doubt one day be named rocko of a hookah kaplan summer because she is loved and admired by all i refer of course to alison captain. Summer allison has written for political the new republic foreign policy the jerusalem post the jt. Many other of your very best papers magazine cheese a columnist for her are you have heard her on. Npr pri in the bbc and you have seen on. I twenty four television and al jazeera tv alison holiday neighbor world tender award for journalism recognizing. Excellence in the aspirin reportage and a simon rocked our award for excellence and covering zionism and israel. Alison how you doing. I'm good so on the subject of having to Interview all these different radio stations. I was just asked to be interviewed on his show by a guy named pat. Kenny who i had never heard of before but he turns out to be like the higham iovine a legendary anchor of ireland. Really ireland's got a good name for an irish person. And i was excited to find out. He hosted the nineteen eighty eight. Your vision awards. Danna international one. Oh my god and a controversy. So i i was excited. Yeah this eurovision guy right. But then i found out. There was controversy when he had referred to donna as he she or it really brought it up in the interview. No no i haven't done the interview adding it up and he refused to polish. While i think it's about vaccines is going to be hard to hunt So yeah so. I was like oh. Should i do it you know. He did that to done. International but on the other hand when there is a controversy in two thousand nineteen over israel hosting eurovision. He was very staunch in that. Don't boycott israel. They should be allowed to Your vision so you know very very interesting. So i'll let you know how that interview goes. Also here in the studio is a man who will one day have a street named in his honor in the neighborhood of streets named after writer critic scholar. Tour's though this will all be after. All of our consciousnesses have been uploaded into some supercomputer in the cloud so the street will only be lines of code. But i'm sure beautiful tree lined lines of code. Obviously i refer to your seltzer zita. Who in his non-road named guys also goes by the name of. Oh hod ohad delta will be is a book reviewer for our s and rates for offscreen magazine and his fiction has lately been published in granta in the past. Ohio hosted a weekly show. I'm elite. tv on arts and culture in israel. He's admired for his genius. Love for his warm human decency. Mvp for his effortless. Cool you dj. How you doing. I'm feeling loved by god. It's the best love there is as for me. My name is ron. I don't mean to boast but i learned. Recently from the info attrition chargeable that over the years since the pandemic started an average of seventeen thousand. New podcast have been started each week or eight hundred and eighty four thousand new podcast over the course of the corona which for me is a reminder of how smart choice it is for me really to give so much time to making a podcast because without this what would people have to listen to. And i don't want to brag. That's not how i raised. But i find all this a reminder to of what my mother always tells me that i am very very special this week. We have three topics of undeniable importance. But first we have this odd and unnerving and sad matter that we're following with alert interesting great concern last week. A book came out. It is a tiny book. One hundred and seven pages not even two hundred words on a page. Maybe twenty thousand words not much more than a long article. It is by does a kids book writer and documentary movie maker. Who is the middle child of almost owes. Who died two years ago now. The book is called something disguised as love and it starts quote in my childhood. My father hit me curse that and humiliated me. The violence was creative. He dragged me out of the house and toss me over the threshold. Outside called me dirt. Not a passing loss of wits and not a flick on the cheek here and there but a routine of sadistic abuse end quote further on in the book. Guy ios reprints a note from her father. She found in the archives of kibbutz hole. There where she grew up. It was written to celebrate her bat. Mitzvah every kid got a note from parent and her said quote. We won't use this opportunity to settle. Scores as you do not like emotionalism and we do not like to vilify end quote. The note also says we love you and then it goes on to thank all the people on the kibbutz who have taken care of gallia owes since he was little quote. We appreciate what they did for you. In the end we had no choice but they suffered voluntarily and quote. The book goes on like that one hundred and seven small pages twenty thousand plane on fancy words by the time the book got into stores and for days after it was all that anyone talked about all the papers were viewed it the blogs blogs about it. The tv shows chose about it on twitter. Where threads and on my facebook. There was a steady flow of posts. It was on facebook. That i i learned about the book in a post by fun. Ios sulzberger guy ios is big sister and a literature professor at haifa university. Who wrote a beautiful book with her father called using words. I've seen found ios burger public lectures and panels. And i've kind of loves her without knowing her mostly because of how much he loves her father and the pleasure that she has always taken in him. What she wrote on facebook was quote today. Gallia owes launched the new book hurling serious allegations against her father almost also against us her mother and siblings. We have known all our lives are very different. Almost a warm and affectionate man who loved his family deeply and gently he devoted heart and soul to us. The vast majority of is accusations against him squarely contradict our three lifetimes of loving memories. Seven years ago ghalia summarily cut all remaining ties with her father. End with us to his deathbed almost tried and hoped to talk with volya again to listen to understand to grasp even the claims that contradicted reality as he and we saw it values. Pain is palpable. And it's heartbreaking but we remembered differently astoundingly differently and the post assigned neely fanja and daniel does is almost widow. Daniela's is youngest child. He daniel road along posts of his own that included this. My father was not an angel. Just a man but he was the best man. I've ever known family was the most important thing in this world. Of course we were not one of those happy families that tolstoy saw that we're all alike. There were faults. There were difficulties. I have bad memories of our father but for me they were negligible. In contrast my middle sister remembers that she experienced at our fathers hand. Difficult abusive parenting. I know that there is a grain of truth in what she said. Do not erase her. But do not erase us. Either we to have a voice and our voice comes from the depths of our souls and quote after that. Dean macabees outs burger. Funniest son. Almost his grandson wrote a long post. Saying among other things quote. I am tortured and gaya's words surely reached deep into people's hearts. People expressed identification astonishment disappointments avoidance and lots of disgusting and unjustified scorn and quote. He said that his aunt has a right to say what she feels. He does not know what happened on. Cuba hold up before he was born but he did not recognize his grandfather in the pages of his book then he writes quote to close. I have just one smart thing to say if you have a break in your family. Bad stormy relations have lasted for years. For whatever reason do what you can to heal it. I do not know how you can heal only you do. Every family is different. Yes yes even the happy ones. Maybe a good rule of thumb as fixed things with gentility and with the understanding that some damage will remain and quote outside the family on facebook and twitter in the papers on tv. Lots of people at opinions along article in macquarie shown the right wing religious paper ended with this sentence quote ios bookshelf by the right and the left both as a political document that destroys the radiance of the lighthouse of the left and does so from the inside the book busts apart the moral pretensions of the man who was the mouth of a political camp and quote there were lots of schadenfreude a ish essays imposed on the right saying essentially. What are you left this. Think of your profit your ethical standard you're holier than thou mouthpiece now which of course produced anger outrage and what hurt feelings among leftists some of whom answered by putting out lists of right wing heroes. Who came with time to be known as rogues and monsters like rehvam the area a general and minister who abused and probably raped young women soldiers all of which made me worn out sad and the sadness settled than it's lingered. I feel it right now. I've told before on this podcast. How the first book. I read in hebrew after. I moved here when i was twenty. Two was a book also wrote called minihane perfect peace. They translated it with a character named his gatlin. Who moves to a kibbutz with dreams of making something meaningful of his life there and almost hoses book is. Idealism is ridiculous it's pathetic and i was living with susan and clapboard room on to rod just moved to a key boots with dreams of making something meaningful of my life there and every few pages. I tossed the book far under our salute bed just to get it away. It was so cold that it scared me. And then after a day or week i'd get on my stomach on the floor and hooked the book with the end of a squeegee and slide it back out and pick up where i left off since then. I've read more books by almost goes and i've read a few about him to a couple of days after. I read fangio's burgers post in the dumps. I went out to buy gaudio's book. I i went to to lots foreign bookworm. Adjust so and lovely bookstore cafe and robbing square. Where in normal times on any afternoon. You'll see drinking coffee and poet or writer a politician you recognize. I asked regalia book and the woman behind the counter said no. We don't have it and she turned away. Just that short sentence kurt and cold and i think what happened is she saw the key pas on my head and thought one of them. I biked over to the big brand to the chain. So much ferryman dizengoff and asked for the book and the guy said we're all sold out but we'll have more in a day or two. He smiled and said i can call you. When they're in and i saw that he had a key pas on his head and he saw that i had to cuba and i think what happened is he looked at me and thought One of us near the end of the book guy ios writes that what she has to say about her father's shocks and upsets people quote him of all people. It's like toppling a monument but adults know how to live in a complex world. Both faces of my father were authentic. He was many things to many different people end quote and he was an after this sad week. One can see how much he was and is and to how many of us. I do not cannot know what happened in that family. Thirty forty fifty years ago. I have no opinions or even thoughts about that. I just know that. I look at that family now. Finding their way through this thing with such grace really in such pain their present and their past stitch together so tight. And i think yeah one of us today. Three topics topic one right thinking men as the elections are just nineteen days away as we record and the relations between the leaders of the seven right wing parties that are sure to be elected resemble nothing so much as a middle school pool party. I'll hang with you but definitely not with you if he comes over here. Let's ignore him. He thinks he's so great. But he's not the boss of me and more like amateur claude. Strauss's we'll try to puzzle out the complicated dynamics topic to courting change as the supreme court rules on a fifteen year old case deciding that the state must recognize as jews for the purposes of the law. Return folks converted by reform and conservative rabbis in israel which ruling throws the whole country into a panic and briefly turns the rabbi politicians of the ultra-orthodox tour judaism party into baha men and topic three the people of dynamic meeting place as the chartres zone ariella central municipal library in tel aviv is rededicated. After a seventy two million check makeover aiming to change the dusty sleepy and shushi old bibliotheque into quote unquote. The city's salon will ask what a library is or ought to be in israel twenty twenty one and for our most unreasonably generous patriot supporters in our extra special special extra discussion. The linked to which you can find in the show notes on your podcast app or at patriotair dot com slash. Promise podcast on the world wide web. We will talk about our coronal situation. As the three of us i think are all official holders of green passports to weaken ohio. Two more days. He's almost and as the world around us haltingly. opening to green passport holders like us. It is as though glenda the good witch of the north is singing. Come out come out wherever you are with your passport. You'll go very far. We'll talk about what that's like before we get to any of that. Listen to this big.

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