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"ditch dak" Discussed on Chicago's Business Authority

"I wanted a big rant. Yes. We'll the seventy Sixers actually trade. Ben Simmons story yesterday. I can't believe this. I was so disappointed in you trade. Ben Simmons the headline will be no need for N B. Now Sixers fan stop throwing stuff at the television. Don't turn off your radio. I know they're fired up about this. But the reality is Colin when you have Ben Simmons is the focal point, and you surround him with shooters what Tobias Harris do last night six for six on threes. JJ Radic at twenty six points. I listen this is not a Central League right now. It's wings and guards Ben Simmons is dominant. Now, Joel Embiid was has a great player efficiency rating. He's a phenomenal player hard all the time. Griffin look reliable. Yes. Listen Karl Anthony towns. Great player. NB? Great play. Anthony davis. Great playroom show me all their playoff wins. You can marginalize these bigs in the playoffs and most of the time they're not great free throw shooters, by the way down the stretch. And Simmons was good at the line last a lot of guys pushing back. We'll Jason game to go two hundred forty five. Embiid played twenty one minutes. Okay. Because he's he's always hurt guy in his career since he was drafted in two thousand fourteen. Joel Embiid has missed more games than he's played in. I mean, what kind of status that I like him? But gimme Ben Simmons to build around over and beyond Embiid and angry people are going to be when they see this. No, listen, Philly fans love and beat because he's cool. This is what call Philadelphia the okay see of the east in the moment. Sam prestige said I like Westbrook. More than harden in in the moment of that trade Westbrook was a more refined player, but basketball's always been about. What's happening in the next ten years in harden had way? Way way, greater ceiling in Westbrook. The great one on one shooter. Even Chris Bussar? We go toe-to-toe on this. He said, Ben Simmons can't shoot everybody in the league knows this, and he's still cannot be stopped. I know he can't shoot yet. He's twenty two years old, but he doesn't have to because he can post anybody up or take him to the basket. Ben Simmons is one of the future players in this league. All right. Looking a little further into the future. We'll Kevin Durant in the conversation. But greatest player ever. Tomorrow's headline today. I saw Kevin Durant last night. I went to Staples got a little nugget for Durant. I'll drop on you shortly. But the headline will be call him. The goat t Michael Jordan is the goat. Of course. Yeah. Call Kevin Durant. A goatee the great. Here at the hurt. People are getting upset. They just told me an amazing stat on here. Three players in NBA history. Have averaged more than twenty points per game in every season. They played Michael Jordan added a gate amazing. Lebron James you wanna take a gander who the other one is Kevin during that class, man. I'm telling this guy. So we call the brunt of freak because he's what six eight to sixty. When you see Durant up-close Collins. This is a seven footer with a handle he was running point guard last night. I'm telling you. So the chatter last night at Staples was that, and I don't think this is out there this Space Jam movie. Lebron is going heavily at Kevin Durant to be the head bad guy, the head monster, whatever the Space Jam thing is and Kevin Durant is considering being in Space Jam to now Janas had said, no Anthony Davis is all in of course, because he wants to be there. But Kevin Durant is considering being a having a starring role in the LeBron movie. You call them the greatest goats. He go t. Yeah. He's got to go t. By the way, anybody who says I'm Kevin Durant. Y'all know who I am that that's pretty cool, Colin at some point you need to go. I'm Colin cowherd. You know, you need to do that. It's fun. I did it last night. It didn't work. I I will say this. When you see Durant in person I've seen him three times in person. He is unbelievable. He is a huge feat. Yeah. He's a seven footer. Yeah. And he's avoided the injuries in large part the last few had these little injuries. Yeah. And and I I can't wait for that rockets warriors series next, by the way, that's the NBA finals, you know, that right? The ratings have been awful in the NBA. Of course. Nobody's talking about it Golden State, Houston number. I don't get a big number. Kevin durant? I know he's watching because he's a big media consumer shall we say. All right. Tomorrow's headlines today. We'll the Cowboys give Dak Prescott a big contrast, Colin this has the potential to be incendiary Dallas. I think they need to focus closely. The headline will be Cowboys. Ditch Dak trade for Josh. Rosen. Now, what leads you to believe, I'll float floated to you. Somebody's smart mentioned this to me that the Cowboys have to pay Murray Cooper next summer. They also have to pay Dak Prescott and the year after that they've got to pay Zeki Elliott. Don't forget about the linebacker the kid out of Notre Dame. Jalen brown. I mean this fit. Sorry. This is the situation for Dallas. Where if you want to keep Jack Russell Wilson just got thirty five million a year. Are you saying Dak Prescott is a thirty million quarterback? He has one playoff win. He's going to be commanding top dollar we're trying. And if you're Jerry Jones, you say look at all the playoff teams last year bunch of guys on their rookie contracts. If I can buy Josh Rosen low and replace them with doctors, let Dako then you pay everybody. I think that's the move for the Cowboys. I liked AC I'm not giving him anywhere near thirty million dollars. Well, it's really funny because you know, you get paid on a lot of things you get paid on your talent. But a lot of getting paid is on leverage and timing in the bottom line. When is they have the two best linebackers young linebackers in the NFL. They're going to have to pay their corner. Jones Byron Jones. Yep. He's an elite corner. They got to pay him. They gotta pay Smith a linebacker who's a via? If he remains healthy, you'll be a top three linebacker in the league for the next seven years. Don't forget DeMarcus Lawrence. They're going to have to pay a Mario Z notes. Very fascinating arguments is the show too many big contracts coming on. What are what are you calling the ceiling of what you're paying back? Are you giving a guy with one playoff win thirty million dollars? I can't okay. Well, that is gonna say Russell Wilson got thirty five by the way, you have made outrageous claims on the show before and they've come to fruition. This is what I do call in. You'll never I in in all reality. If you're the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, this has to be in play, by the way, Goulet. Okay. Jones contract DeMarcus Lawrence contract Z contract Amari contract. Jalen Smith contract. You can't have five huge contracts on your team is not crazy. I ran into skip Bayless in the parking lot. And I'm curious if he's gonna talk about this on Monday because in all seriousness, the Cowboys should consider it Goulet. What do you make it that long? I'm fine with it doesn't bother me at all. You're not a big guy. I'm not a big I wouldn't give a contract that. All I would let him play it out. AM next year unless they want to franchise tag Dak and then he eventually got to pay him. I pay Jack you closed your own Super Bowl. Bingo. So why do that's that's the truth? Once you pay these quarterbacks. Look at the giants with Eli manning. They paid him. What have they done? Lately, colin. You can't you gotta keep build around the quarterback on the rookie deal. Josh Rosen, Jerry, call him up. All right. Urban Meyer was great today. Mark Medina Christine's TJ huffman's. Oughta Jason McIntyre. We will see you Monday. What a show today. Speak for yourself is coming up right after our show. What a week today. What does show NFL draft? I'll take the thunder to beat the.

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