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3/10/21: California makes it easier for anyone to get COVID-19 vaccine by volunteering and more news

L.A. Times Morning Briefing

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3/10/21: California makes it easier for anyone to get COVID-19 vaccine by volunteering and more news

"This is the l. a. times it's wednesday march tenth. Here's today's news brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state farm is there. Today will be mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a high of fifty eight tonight. More rain is expected with partly cloudy skies and a low of forty six. Our top story california is making it easier for people to get the covid nineteen vaccine by volunteering at vaccine clinics. The state launched a volunteer page on. It's my turn vaccinations scheduling system. Last week to streamline the process for medical providers and the general public to volunteer counties across the state have already made the volunteering option available. But the move by the state is expected to make the process more accessible to people who would otherwise not be eligible for the vaccine. Those who are interested in volunteering can do so by going to my turn. Volunteer dot ca dot gov in other virus news los angeles and orange county's might be able to enter a more lenient tier of california's cove nineteen safety restrictions soon paving the way for disneyland and other southern california theme parks to reopen disneyland universal studios knott's berry farm and six flags magic mountain have been closed for almost a year. The state updated its reopening rules last week and under the new rules theme parks in red tier counties are allowed to reopen as early as april first for parks and counties in the red tier to pass it he will be limited to fifteen percent. The cap rises to twenty five percent. Once a county progresses to orange and thirty five percent upon reaching the most lenient tear yellow in entertainment news. Leadership at the hollywood. Foreign press association has announced that it will retain a strategic diversity adviser. The organization is behind the annual golden globe awards which recently came under fire for a lack of diversity. The hp revealed has to shaun harper a usc professor of racial gender and lgbt issues to work with the organization for five years. The group has also brought in an outside law firm to help eliminate any exclusionary practices audit membership requirements and review its policies. The announcement was made after last month's l. times investigation highlighted the lack of black members in the group which sparked a social media protest in weather news. A winter storm that doused the bay area. Yesterday is moving into southern california. It's expected to bring rain and the potential for hail to the l. a. area and snow to the mountains. According to the national weather service between six and twelve inches of snow are expected. Snow levels will drop this morning creating potential problems on upper elevation roadways. The cold front is also expected to dump one half to one inch of rain across la county. A half inch more could fall on the foothills. There's a good chance of thunder and lightning as well and finally boston celtics star. Paul pierce showtime lakers star michael cooper and eleven time. Nba all star. Chris bosh lead a list of fourteen finalists for the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame. Class of twenty twenty one. The class of twenty twenty one will be announced on may sixteenth. The enshrinement ceremony is scheduled for in springfield. The exact date has not been released. The class of twenty twenty ceremony headlined by the late lakers star. Kobe bryant was postponed because of the covid. Nineteen pandemic and has been rescheduled for may fourteenth through may sixteenth in oakville connecticut for these stories and more visit times dot. Com news moves fast from stocks to sports and weather reports anything could be in the day's headlines but a scoop even more surprising state farm has surprisingly great rates on car insurance. They offer the coverage. You need at a wallet. Friendly price now. That's newsworthy mike. A good neighbor state farm is there.

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Worlds first flying car airport. Dad arrested for bringing toddler into elephant habitat at zoo.

Weird AF News

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Worlds first flying car airport. Dad arrested for bringing toddler into elephant habitat at zoo.

"The world's first airport for flying cars is opening. A dad was arrested after bringing a toddler into the elephant habitat at the zoo and california theme. Parks are asking. Please don't scream on our rides. These are the weird stories for monday on af news the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian. Who is sometimes funny but always informative. Hey i love that. The world's first airport for flying cars opens up this year. Wu flying cars. There's so many of those right. You've seen a bunch of flying cars. We needed an airport for the flying cars. That i see flying all around is this. Who is this for this airport for people that are going to be flying cars two hundred years from now. Let's get more information. Maybe i'm not reading this correctly. The urban airport has chosen to build. Its first air. One transport hub for autonomous delivery drones and electric flying cars. It's going to be built next to the reiko or ricoh arena in coventry uk. This futuristic facility will launch later this year it will support delivery drones and air taxi technologies eventually transport cargo and people across cities. Okay the airports founder and executive was quoted as saying cars need roads. Trains need rails. Planes need airports. Edt oh elle's will need urban airports. Ev t. o. What the hell are those. hold on. well it stands for a vehicle takeoff and landing just gonna be a bunch of flying electric vehicles in our future guys. Who boy do we have room for this in our lives. I'm wondering over one hundred years ago or this is the guy is quote still over one hundred years ago. The first commercial flight took off in the world. Creating the modern connected world that we live in urban airport will improve connectivity across our cities boost productivity and help the uk take the lead in a whole new clean global economy. Flying cars used to be a futuristic flight of fancy well air one will bring clean urban air transport to the masses and unleash a new airborne world of zero emission mobility. I probably should have done that with a british accent. Forgot to apologize not that my british accents for a good anyway. You probably don't miss it. Okay it says you're the company chose that location as the first site because coventry is the center of the uk in historical for the aerospace and automobile industries. It sees the region as a hotbed for people with skills to support the futures manufacturing industries as urban air mobility takes off plus the city centralized location provides easy access to most parts of the country within four hours coventry councillor. Jim o'boyle says we already. We're already a city that is helping to shape. The future of electric transport this is yet another groundbreaking project that puts coventry at the forefront of new technologies it highlights how the counselors working alongside a range of organizations to help shape better carina future right. They won a lot of money for this by the way to build this airport. So you better do it right and you better use this damn thing. I have a feeling this is going to sit around for a while and not be used. That's what i'm worried about. I mean i like the idea of preparing for flying cars but the arrival of flying cars. I mean is this something is going to be in our near future. I feel like this is one hundred years away. That's me personally. But i don't know a lot about flying cars. I watched the jetsons a few times. That's all i know about it more than the flying cars a zero emissions airport. Because i guess we're going to have zero emission aircraft anyways which is pretty cool. We got zero emission cars. Because you know we're gonna have zero carbon future. And i think that's really good and it's needed for another in order for humanity to keep going we need to have a clean environment because it's just getting dirtier and dirtier if you haven't seen so electric vehicles are helping with this whole thing. I really want some answers on flying cars. Anybody in that industry can. Can you tell us when this is gonna be a reality. Because i just love the idea. I'm a little worried because you know kids are texting and driving these days. What happens now texting and flying. That just seems very dangerous. I don't wanna be. I wanna flying car landing on my face because some young person was sending a self you just. I have concerns about the flying car situation in my alone hair. Call the show. Six four six five zero two thousand twelve. A dad was arrested after bringing his into an elephant habitat at the san diego zoo. A father faces child endangerment charges for bringing his two year old into an elephant habitat at the san diego zoo on friday. According to the san diego police police say an elephant became very upset after seeing the man and the child inside its habitat. Yeah i'm sure it did. It was very upset and very surprised seeing an infant father's like walking up to it. Hey come on you wanna touch the touch the elephants a little buddy. Go come on elephant. Let us touch a truck man. I got a pain in my pocket. Here's a quote from the san diego security this afternoon. Two guests despite multiple barriers. Bro purposely and illegally trespassed inside habitat. Which is home to our in our african elephants brow. The san diego zoo security promptly responded to the incident but the guests had already exited the habitat bra. People sandiego talk and kiss. You're wondering both the elephants in the guests are unharmed. But i'm sure. The elephant has some trauma emotional trauma that's the last thing. The elephant needs as regular citizens walking up to rub the damn things. They're trying to get away from humanity. Last i checked it's bad enough. We captured them and put them in the middle of humanity. Feel bad for elephants. They're actually quite smart by the way very intelligent animals. They know their caged absolutely. If any animal knows they're caged. I mean we know about those. How smart the the wales in. The dolphins are at seaworld and all that but as far as a regular zoo goes the elephants most intelligent and have i mean complete awareness of their situation. The san diego police department is on the site of the zoo and will follow some guidance. The zoo said in a statement. I don't know what that guidances the guidances keep people out of your your your habitats. I don't know how these people can just walk in. How did you just walk into elephant habitat with an infant you climbing a fence with an infant. I doubt it. Therefore i think there was like an open door something i don't think he climbed the fence with his infant stopped midway. Plus it's difficult to climb offense with an infant. Have you ever tried that before. I haven't but you can imagine. I mean i'm just doing the math here So i have a feeling it was quite easy to inside if you got him with a two year old. So just keep shit on lockdown or shutdown. Your zoo and let the elephants go be reasonable. I've already said this on this show. We should be doing zoos in virtual reality and leave these animals unharmed the poor elephants gat and he was. That's just my. Gripe what do i know. I'm just a comedian in a closet. A witness says the elephant appeared at is if it wanted to charge at the father and the toddler a witness described and even scarier situation. What's scarier than that. The elephant wanting to charge the father in the toddler which seems normal. Somebody named matt told the media that it only took about thirty seconds for the elephants and notice the man. Here's a quote from that. A lot of people frozen didn't know really how to take it in then immediately. Everyone was pleading with him. And then it became frantic and hysterical. It was a big roar. A right the elephants stuck its head up in the air and its tusks and it started like trotting towards the father and the infant that was when other witnesses rushed to help the man according to matt but he was running away he was running away and he tripped and he dropped his toddler. These running away. He drops the kid so stupid. This dad needs to like. I don't know not be a dad. Like what happens when his wife finds out what he did. It's over for you pal. You think you're going anywhere with the kid now on the way you are going to be you're gonna have to have a handler every time you go with the kid. You never go out alone with your kid now. You can't even take your kid to dunkin's not happen after this tomfoolery. Here's another quote from matt just keeps going. I didn't think it was going to end. Well you know. The elephant was like rushing towards the toddler. There was a moment when the elephant had the option. Luckily the elephant took a second guess. There was confusion right there on the floor with them the tux the tusks actually protruded out the other end. I couldn't believe other end. What i'll tell you right now. The father's lucky that tusks protrude out the other end of his ass. You know what i mean. And i would not have been angry. I would've have been like that's what you get man. You get tusks up your ass. You break into a walrus walrus. They do have tusks as well when you break into an elephant habitat you like podcast. You're listening to my podcast. Maybe thought yourself. I'd like to make a podcast too difficult. No not with anchor. Anchor has free creation tools. That allow you to record. Edit your podcast from your phone your computer anchor distributor your podcast. To apple spotify stitcher and more they have advertising integration. So you can even make a little money off your podcast everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot fm to get started and good luck with your podcast. Good luck with your creation. Luck with your life man. No screaming on the rides. When southern california theme parks like disneyland universal studios and six flags magic mountain reopened in the beginning of april. They will likely have to take steps to ensure that screaming on the rides doesn't lead to the spread of covid nineteen. Well then you're going to have to make sure that people on your ride's don't copeland nineteen because there's gonna be some screaming. I don't know if you've been to magic mountain screaming as part of the atmosphere you try and ride one of those crazy roller coasters and don't scream you try. So what are you gonna do. You can stop people from screaming. You're gonna duct tape their mouths shut. I don't understand your approach. Southern california with your theme park is going to be screaming the california attractions and parks association. That's an actual job. People are people work for the california attractions and parks association. Do you think they get to go on. All the rides for free they must. That would be amazing. Amazing if you work for the cap as they're called they represent theme parks statewide. You can practice show up with your badge and just cut the line at imagine with the cap. Inspect this amazing roller coaster. Gotta make sure that it's safe safe by the way i'm bringing my family on it with me. They're helping me maintain the safety of this ride and by the way and there'll be no screaming. I'll make sure that the cap is backing a plan that would tramp down on the effects that shouting and yelling on rides. Such as roller coasters could have in spreading the virus while you're outdoors so it's not as bad as indoors but screaming if you make everybody wear masks on the ride. My guess is we'll be okay. We'll be okay. You wear your mask and scream. Probably best bet is if you could get people to double up their masks. Then let them scream. That would be cool or if you could just pass out a screaming helmet to everybody. Just put this helmet on scream. All you want in the helmet and then after they get off the ride. You throw the helmet away that would be. That would be an awesome solution. That i just came up with and cheap. It would be a cheap solution. Absolutely not helmets are expensive. Would if you put a plastic bag over everybody's head and then let them scream to their heart's content and then when they get off the right when the rides over you. Just throw the plastic bag away no jones because they could suffocate. You're right it's a plastic bag okay. Let's let's do paper instead of plastic will do paper bag over everybody's head. Let them scream to their heart's content and then we'd just recycle the paper bag at the end of the read. That's a great. I just saw all your problems now. You can have screaming and roller coasters. No one's going to get sick. A ha- i should work should be working for c. a. p. a. california's reopening guidelines calls for businesses to limit activities. That can spread the virus. Such singing and shouting. Damn that sucks. 'cause i love to sing on the roller coaster. I sing on the pirate ship as well. You guys know the pirate ship. I just get up there yoho bottle of rum. That's that's me on the pirate ship. Here's a quote from the c. a. p. a. which i still can't believe it's a real job guys. I'm going to have to change careers. I'm sorry i wanna. I wanna work for the california amusement park administration and just spend my day at disney getting paid salary. Here's a quote face covering usage and or modifications to seat loading patterns would-be required on amusement park rides to mitigate the effects of shouting additionally on rides guests generally face in one direction. Dammit there goes that pirate ship. Ride that i love you guys. Are the pirate ship. You face each other that that is going to be shut down during covid unfortunately probably forever. That's a damn shame. Because i like to sit in the back when you know in every time you go up to the top you just kinda get lifted out of your seat quite dangerous but i love it now. I assume they're going to be in addition to covering faces. They're going to be social distancing. So it'll be every other seat on these roller coasters see. I was trying to figure out like at work. I was talking to some people because we looked up the price of admission to six flags right now. Because it's really cheap. You can get a season pass for like sixty bucks which super cheap. And i thought initially because they're only going to open up the parks to thirty percent capacity. I thought oh my goodness you could go to six flags and there would be no lines. You can just get on every really quickly. You wouldn't because normally you have to wait like two hours to get on the popularize especially midsummer. You could wait up till three hours to get on some of these extremely popular rollercoaster rise. Especially if it's fairly new. And i thought with the reduced capacity you'd be able to you know zoom right through the lines but then my friend brought to my attention. My coworker i should say brought to my attention. Well they're gonna go every other seat so he's going to be reduced capacity and so the line is not gonna go that much quicker plus the it might take them some time to spray down all the seats after each run. So that's gonna take more time so you think you're going to just breezed through these lines. At the amusement parks when in actuality the opposite might be true because of all this covert stuff. You might have to wait longer. It sounds to me. I'm guessing we'll have to see though. Have you guys been to amusement parks in your area do you have. Can you report back to me. How it's being handled. What they're doing. If the lines are longer or shorter i would love to hear. I want some evidence. Some first person anecdotal evidence. If you could call the show or email me funny jones. Gmail.com got a picture of yourself on a rollercoaster. Feel free to send that. Hey everybody it's jones e. And i hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks to those of you who reached out to me. Semi florida articles. I hope you enjoy the florida friday episode. I got some nice emails about of thank. You appreciate that. Feel free to call the show. Six four six four five zero twenty. Well the calls of slowed down lately. I don't know what's going on there guys yet. Pick up the phone man. i'm here. The lands always open bra. I got an email from alfred stud. Well who's also one of my patriot. Patriots patrons patrons patrons big shot up the alfred because i asked i asked on the podcast weird news. How do you take it in. And he wrote me. Hey jones l. listened to you mainly from my amazon echo. I say alexa flash news and after whether read it comes you. Sometimes i listen to the extras on patriots as well thanks for the laughs. Alfred in atlanta. Yes alfred's a patron for a while. And i'm glad that you listen to the extras on patron patriotic alfred. I'm glad that you enjoy those. You guys can get some extra stuff out of the patriot. Hello why don't you check it out. Go to patriotdepot dot com slash weird af news. Get some extra stuff in there. That i posted a video yesterday about florida. It's good stuff. Extra florida weirdness. Don't you want that yes you do. You're addicted. I know you are. I know you're addicted to florida. Weirdness joined the patriots silly. Don't be silly silly. Go to weird. News dot com. You can find a link to the patriots them what else yeah I left my email if you wanna follow me on social media as well. That's another way to reach out to me At funny jones on instagram at funny jones on twitter and comedian jones. The on the face of luca. And i think that's about it. I hope you enjoyed today's show. We'll see you tomorrow on tuesday. Hope i'm starting your week off with some laughs. Maybe learn something about the world shit. It's better than mainstream news. At least right yeah rat.

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100,000 fewer Americans filed for first-time unemployment last week

Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio

08:52 min | 9 months ago

100,000 fewer Americans filed for first-time unemployment last week

"This marketplace podcast is supported by we work today takes new ways of working new measures toward health and safety flexible terms for how you work spaces designed with your purpose. It takes a we work office to take your business where you wanted to be we work. That's how tomorrow works visit. We worked DOT COM slash tomorrow. Marriage is all about trust. So what happens when you find out your spouse has hidden thousands of dollars worth of debt from you. That's the part that hurts the most is you didn't tell me it happened and you got caught. So. How do we? How do we do it? I mean I've never been cheated on I don't think. that. I feel like that was like twenty times worse than someone cheating on you. I'm Eddie face of the marketplace podcast. This is uncomfortable and this week on the show keeping money secrets from your partner also known as financial. Infidelity. You have so drops Thursday. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts. Around a hundred, thousand fewer Americans filed for first time unemployment last week. From marketplace I'm revenge in for David Brancaccio seven, hundred, Eighty, seven, thousand people filed for unemployment for the first time last week there's good and bad in that number for starters it's extremely high by historical standards, but it is a hundred thousand people fewer than the week before and is the lowest number since March, which is something. Diane SWONK IS Chief Economist at tax advisory Firm Grant, Thornton, and joins us to help us dig through it all good morning. Good Morning. Unemployment claims were down last week by about one hundred thousand is that good news. But we always take any improvements as good news, but it has to be countered by the fact that pandemic unemployment claims which are separate from initial unemployment claims increased during the week and offset. Some of that improvement were still averaging more than a million claims a week, which is just staggeringly high. Continuing claims fell by more than a million people does that mean a million people got work and stop having to file for an employment? Some of them did it doesn't mean all of them. There are some people are literally running out of all of their options for unemployment insurance now and falling off the unemployment insurance roles entirely, and that's something that we're very concerned about as well. So you know even know there is some good news in this report, the pace, the level of claims over a million in a week is just stunning and still staggeringly high in the improvements were seen are not enough to list millions that are still unemployed out of unemployment and really underscores and bolsters the case for why we need stimulus now to help people traverses Cova. Tina waters in lifeboats until the economy can more fully reopen. Diane swonk chief economist at the tax and advisory Firm Grant Thornton. Thank you so much in Kim. Airlines are reporting earnings for the third quarter and they are about what you'd expect. American says it lost two point four billion dollars South West says it lost one point two, billion July through September is the peak of summer vacation season in normal times. Remember Normal Times Americans revenue fell seventy three percent from a year ago southwest revenue is down. Eight? percent. Coca Cola on the other hand says, it is showing gradual improvement in the third quarter. It's revenue was only down nine percent. And then there are theme parks theme parks in California have not been able to reopen for business at all in. So they might sue that's the word from the California attractions and Parks Association marketplace's Erica Barest has more on that. Executives from Disneyland Universal Studios Hollywood and Legoland say they could seek legal action to speed up reopening the parks have been closed since March. California's told big theme parks. They can't reopen until covid nineteen cases dropped below one hundred thousand people in the counties where they're located. Currently case numbers are higher than that. Disneyworld in Florida reopened in July. Disney recently laid off nearly thirty thousand workers and lost three point five billion dollars in its most recent fiscal quarter. California state officials have said factors influencing the decision to PAS reopening include the amount of time spent parks and the number of potential points of infection America Peres for marketplace. took. This marketplace podcast supported by we work as a business you know today takes new ways of working. It takes new measures toward health and safety flexible terms for where when and how you work spaces designed with your purpose. In mind it takes the innovation of a we work office to take your business where you want it to be visit, we dot co slash future to learn more. You can find lots options on AIRBNB. You can book a boat just shipping container or a villa, but AIRBNB has not entirely captured the very high end of the market where there is still plenty of money to be made in other. APPS are staking their claim John. Lawrenson has this report from near a near Provence in the south of France. Arriving at the Saracen tower that rises above a tangle of stone alleyways at the center of Medieval town of Monta. then. Any. We is John Hi Founder Mentally Demeer shows me round this almost one thousand euro tower he bought and had to renovate because it had some outdated facilities. So the contents of the latrines would like four down after the cost of late that. You've changed that now. that. We don't use it anymore. We in fact, he's put in very contemporary fittings and furniture removed and not to make any confusion between what was from the original and what was not price about a thousand dollars a night he gets practically no customers through the well known sites. When you try to find something BNB, you will have so many different opportunities to rent houses and no real selection on the fact that the building is historical or as something spatial French startup called local extremist goes off to the luxury market. It lists homes that constant average thirty, thousand dollars a week more for concierge transit by helicopter and so on. Ability Time on top of the tower. Most of clues you customers come via Germany's lab for outstanding architecture and the French. Real estate firm PATTIES. Best that is added a short term rental service called visual, which Sylvie bess is in charge of the idea was to say, okay, we have a lot of people coming on a website and why don't we put in relation people would like before buying maybe you. Would like to stay in sort of property because of the link with a cool real estate business doesn't charge a commission, but there are plenty of business models out there. The Collection East for example, takes a commission of about twenty percent. News s fronts on. The marketplace. For, a quick wrap of the day's economic news. Today, you can listen for my colleague, Kai Ryssdal host of marketplace on many public radio stations or at marketplace dot org. In New York I'm Sabrina shore with the marketplace morning report. From APM American public media. I'm Justin. Ho with marketplace the economy is changing so fast it's hard to keep up to our latest podcast is here to help it's called the marketplace minute give just sixty seconds and we'll bring you the latest on what's happening in the economy three times a day market updates business news in hell the numbers affect your personal economy will tell you what you need to know and why it matters just ask your smart speaker to play the marketplace minute or find it wherever you get your podcasts.

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On the Road with Mickey #43  Original Magic Kingdom Attractions

On the Road with Mickey

46:44 min | 9 months ago

On the Road with Mickey #43 Original Magic Kingdom Attractions

"We found vote with Mickey. We're GONNA. Have some fun. Author Raynor Son, our trip has just begun. UPLOADS GO whereabout to store go show and may have you like. You'll see we're health will go. Hi Everyone I'm Sophie he's Mike Welcome to our little corner of the podcasting universe. Hopefully, you like the sound of our voices anyone is stick around for the show. Not that stays in one place for long. I mean, after all, we are on the road with Mickey. So hop in the car and buckle up your seat belts because we got awesome adventure this week. Now refund down before we get moving I up our roundtable talk we'll discuss the main topic for this week followed by some Disney Trivia ranging from Disney history to a random Disney character of the day. Well, that's just about it. Everybody Ready. Let's get the show on the road. Harry one on Mike and she sophie high and we're on the road with Mickey this is episode Number Forty Three Fraught Tuber Twenty, six, twenty, twenty and our feature topic. This week is ranking the original magic kingdom attractions from Nineteen seventy-one one. So we think this is GonNa be a lot of fun and we are looking at attractions that were. On original day of course, and that are still open today. So that's what we're looking at. But of course, before we get into that, we've got some Cheddar from the big cheese to go over. So let's start with that and I'll start us off. Okay. So okay. So last Wednesday, which was twenty first Disney release three promotions for early twenty. Twenty. One Up to thirty five percents off of rooms for the dates January third through April seventeenth twenty twenty one up to forty percents off rooms for annual pass holders for the same dates up to thirty five percent off rooms for Florida residents as well and the difference between the regular room offer in the Florida resident offer is at the regular room offer must be booked by March fifteenth while the Florida. Resident Promotion. Can be booked up until a seventeen. So that is. A pretty big. Savings and I actually had some clients that travel in those time periods and I was able to save them like thirteen hundred dollars total for all of my clients so. I wasn't it wasn't a small amount of savings by any stretch so. If anyone is interested in looking into that go ahead and reach out to me on Mike at PIXIE VACATIONS DOT com? And Sophie wanted to tell us about the second either. I would love to Disney has released dates for the twenty twenty one epcot international festival of Arts they will be hosting. Those dates are set for January eighth through February. twenty-second twenty twenty one. There are also sections on color culinary arts, performing arts, visual arts, and all of those are something that I. Think you all should go check out if you're there. Yeah. Ya. I think it is neat. It's You know they have this festival, the arts I don't remember exactly how long they've been doing it but it's fairly new and and it seems like a lot of people actually think it's one of their favorite festivals that Epcot puts on. So we've never seen it, but it might be interesting the checkout maybe. I agree. So what's next on the chatter? So This next bit is not good news. It's Cova News, which is most times not good and it just seems like the government in California is really playing hardball when it comes to reopening Disneyland Universal Studios Hollywood in the other theme parks in Southern California primarily and you know I know we all have our opinions on whether or not the theme park should reopen in California and I'm not really GonNa get into all that. But. There's two things that I will say and this is all speculation gut instinct you WANNA. Whenever you want to call it but it feels like there's something personal in a way governor newsom has put such harsh restrictions on the theme parks. and. Really though the biggest thing I want to say about it is that at the end of the day, the ones that are caught in the middle are the people that work at the theme parks and indirectly the industries that also rely on that theme parks being open for a lot of their business. In the longer that the parks are closed, the more likely, there will be that a lot of those smaller businesses won't be able to reopen ever because they just can't get out from under water and that's where I feel it is for the people that rely on those jobs you know and they don't have a right now. so that's what really bothers me. However remember that Cheddar that I mentioned last week or a couple of weeks ago about those people who started the Go Fund me. For the pantry exactly and that's that's very helpful Is Is. Is Helpful it's not quite enough for what do people need that because they still need income. But but that is your right. If that is a bright spot on an otherwise that time And it also over in Florida over at Disney Springs, there's the There's entertainment facility that was known as the void an act where you went to do like a vr environment and you knew were immersed into specific story and I actually did that ended Star Wars one that they had it was really really cool. That's not what I'm talking about on that unfortunately though it looks like the Cova crisis has completely caused the void in Disney springs to have to close down because the signs were recently taken down for the for the actual building. So It's a shame because that was a cool experience and and I'm glad I was able to experience it but I wish that other people could experience it in that. We could have all gone as a family. You know I agree. But. You know it is what it is so. Yep? And why don't you take the last minute Cheddar we've got I would Love Tale Lastly. But certainly, not least Louis if you are a fan of Disney's all star movies resort than there is exciting news. The resort will be reopening beginning February ninth twenty, eight, twenty one. No real news for the other all star resorts that is our all star music on all star sports. and. Still no reopening dates for Port Orleans resort the river. In the French quarter but this is one step closer to a normal existence especially for Disney and as of right now. I would take. If I were going there I would take advantage of the fact that you're not sharing your bus stop with the other all star resorts because that is something that daddy has let me know about, yeah, and and all star movies is a little bit less expensive than staying at a place like pop century or of animation so so you might be able to get. Your vacation in and save a little bit more on your budget by staying at the movies so. You know. It's also you know there's pros. Everything so so I'm excited that they're going to be reopening. And looking forward to cry it's like to stay at that resort being able to. and then lastly, just a reminder that you can connect with us and we have several means that you can do. So you can join our facebook group. It's on the road with Mickey. Group. You can also like our facebook page. It's called on the road with Mickey and you can you know comment on that as well we are on Youtube. This of course is on the road with Mickey on Youtube and on Instagram Email us you can email us at info at read with Mickey Dot Com, and you can even leave us a voicemail voicemail number is nine, one, nine, seven, nine, eight, three, nine, zero. So reach out to us and leave us a comment. Let us know what you're thinking. Give us a show topic idea whatever you want in. We'll get back to you and and maybe your if you listed a topic idea, maybe it'll be listed on the show one you know. Though All right. So that concludes all of our Cheddar all that so It's time to turn feature topic. This week is ranking the magic kingdom original attractions. And the way we thought of this was we are looking at the. Magic Kingdom attractions that were opened on October one, nineteen, seventy one and are still open to this day. So Sophie, why don't you take a rundown? Give us a rundown of what was open on October one, Nineteen seventy-one. I would love to. There is the country bear jamboree. There's Dumbo, the hall of presidents, the Haunted Mansion. It's a small world. Jungle cruise the mad tea party, Peter Pans flight, the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel which I think. was named the King Arthur Royal Carousel when it was first opened these Swiss family Robinson Tree House the Tomorrowland speedway, The Walt Disney world railroad and Walt. Disney's enchanted tiki Hero Yeah And So you know thinking about it, that's actually quite a list of attractions that are still open you know and. And some of them are some really opulent attractions and. Sophie and I have worked on our lists and we've got a top five list to share but we also I also posted a poll in the on the Mickey Group with the same attractions and had people pick their favourite attractions and then some of them even went into the comments enlisted what their rankings were so So Sophie. Why don't you get a started by telling us what your favorite attraction is of that list? I would love to. Well first things first my favorite attraction is one that I think the facebook group will agree very highly on and that is the haunted mansion. Why is it your favorite? Well. I really enjoy it because of all the Easter eggs that you can find in the attraction, and also because it is one of those few attractions that isn't a roller coaster and that doesn't have A. what's the word established storyline to it like it's a small world you're taking a cruise. On a boat around the world. Peter Pan you're flying with Peter Pan Pirates of the Caribbean you are helping the pirates to plunder town. But with the haunted, mansion? You're not doing any of that. You are trying to figure out the story as you go. Yeah And basically, the story line as you told me is that you are. This is your general right. I. Know. That was one that you were told I remember see further viewers we were actually having technical difficulties. So this is the second time that we recorded this. What happened was daddy asked me isn't there a Aren't there to confer what's the story behind the haunted mansion and I told you to accounts about this one thousand ghost. The first account is that you are the one thousand ghost. and. That you die sometime in the ride, and the end of the ride is all the ghosts, inviting you and welcoming you to the plummeted mansion. And that goes with you basically falling out of the attic window trying to escape the bride and the attic. That's correct. Her name is constance hatch away because I am a huge fan of hers. But the other. Account of the one thousand ghost is that it's actually the hatbox ghost and that is because. The hatbox. Goes. In the ride when it first opened, but then he was removed. But then he came back. and. That's why he's considered one thousand ghost. And we're going to be looking for that box ghosts. When air in November? Definitely. I. Think he was there for the Halloween Party. Okay I don't remember ever seeing hatbox ghost before. So shame on me. But anyway. So. The Disneyland version. So. Sophie. Favorite. Attraction of our list of originals is the haunted mansion. It is not favorite but his definitely on my list and my favorite is peer pants flight, and the reason is my favorite is because of the way they imagine years did such a great job with the concept of forced perspective. So When you when you get on your your galleon and fire off into the sky, you fly out a Wendy's bedroom. Window. And And you buy off and you see the. City of London below and it's like you are hundreds of feet up in the air Because London looks so tiny and and then it. You're flying through the whole the whole ride and you get to see all the different scenes from the movie and that's what makes it really cool the me. So for me here, pants flight is number one. Yes I understand that one it's on it would be on my list if I were allowed more than five. Right. But anyway so. Moving on Sophie, what is the second one on your list? My second one is it's a small world. And why is it just? I just really like the ride because it's a huge part of my Disney experience when I was a younger kid when we were first going on, it's a huge part of my Disney experience now. And the reason it's such a huge part I. Thank. Is Because of the stories that daddy would tell me of Disney before I was born he took my mom to Disney once when she was pregnant with me. And they ended up eating their way through the parks as how Mommy says it and they couldn't go on the big stressful rides the roller coasters no big thunder no space mountain poor mommy. So they went on the slow rides like Peter Pan and it's a small world and I think I think they just said that it's a small world was the best one that they went on. So. For me it's small world is a good ride and it is on my list. But it's not number two on my list. Number two on my list is your number one, which is the Honda Mitch. And the reason is number two is just because it's such a great ride. and I've got some stories from times before that. Make it even better because of the memories of it There is a time when you and I and Mommy and Stephanie were at the Magic Kingdom together and you and Stephanie were riding in one doom buggy and we're just getting onto our Dune buggies and mommy and I were riding in another doom buggy. And you were ahead of us and we saw a cast member come up to you. Use Me. Come up to you. and. She looked in she came up from behind and she turned her head and she turned and looked at you guys and it's deputy said it really freaked her out. I was like Whoa and you know if that had happened to me, it would freak me out too. I could tell you right now. So. That's just one of the memories I have from automation. That's why it's number two on my list so. But so Let's move on your third attraction your third. what's third on your list. The third on my list. Is the enchanted Tiki Room. Why is it third? Because that one is kind of surprises me a little bit. It's it seems like it's off the script a little bit. I know. I have to say that it's my third just because we usually go to the enchanted tiki room in the heat of the day when it's blisteringly hot and everyone's about to collapse because no matter how much water we drank. We just feel like we're going to get a heat stroke or something. So we go in there and it is so nice and refreshing to just sit down for fifteen minutes in a cold dark room and be entertained by a bunch of animatronic. There's a lot of animatronic birds speaking of water. While you're drinking. Let me ask you a question. Which version of the chain of ticky room do you like better? The the original one which is what they're doing now. Like it. When did you like when it was under new management better with IAGO and? I think that that is a question I cannot answer just because. I grew up with. IAGO. Zoo when the TIKI room was under new management. So I didn't know what it was like before when it originally opened all I knew. was that it had two birds from two of my favorite Disney movies. And they were singing along with all these other birds that I didn't quite know. But that I knew I liked. and. Then there was IRA. Although. It was a little bit scary at one point during the show when they brought out this giant animatronic that was a Tiki goddess I think. I still inge. I still enjoyed the show ally and I thought that the. Mechanics that went into each of the animatronic was amazing. So when it brought back the original show. I was sad to see the show I knew go. But I was also very excited to see what it was like before. So I think I like them both equally. Okay Well. That's that's a good thing because you know it's nice to have memories from one still like it after they redid it to And you know like Sophie said, we had some technical difficulties and this is our second recording of it. But what's interesting is enchanted tiki room is not in the top five, but it is ranked sixth and in our group coal. So so far on the group poll palm haunted mansion is number one. and I wonder how much if any the fact that we're close to Halloween has anything to do with on being number one but number one by a good distance number two is Peter Pants flight. And in a tie for third is the jungle cruise. which didn't used to be third. And the one that I chose for my third favourite, which is the Walt Disney world. Railroad. and as you can see in my Background for those that are watching us on YouTube first of all, thank you for watching us but you can see that. I have a picture of one of the locomotives from Walt Disney world. It's the Roger Bogie locomotives and And it's one of my favorite pictures and I took that. Photo, while we were waiting for the train to finish What it needed to. Leave again and And that was taken over at Mickey's Toontown Fair. So So that's one of my favorite pictures but that is my third choice in the reasons third choice because I've always liked locomotives and trains in general and and just being able to get on the Locomotive May Street station. And take it all the way around and you see all the different scenes and you hear the stories and all that is just really really cool to me, and so I could probably ride the road three or four times in a row. And and have no problem just keep going and Golan Angle. And you know of course right now, it's not open because of the tron coaster construction. It will reopen at some point and I will enjoy writing it again so. Fact Roger broke it actually has a window in mainstream. He does. He is he is Disney legend you know yet another I actually pulled up the picture of it right now. Do you WanNa know what it says go for? Broke his. Wagons Surrey's. sleighs and Roger Bro wheelwright. No. And you know we also met Roger Bogey Son do you remember that Sophie? I do believe I do and I think he shares a birthday with me. I think he does his name is Michael and we met him at any. In Raleigh at the Convention and actually bought his book and he autographed for me and. and it's a really cool book. So maybe we'll talk about some favorite Disney book says a topic one time and will go into that. but anyway, it's a really cool it was really cool to bail them meet him and he saw one of Roger. Roger Burke's children. So so that was cool. To meet him. But that that wraps up our third choice to sophie what is your? Choice. My. Fourth. Choice Is the hall of Presidents. WHY AMT Mainly, it's just my bias for liberty, square but I. AM A. Really Big American history nerd at heart. Also I. Adore about liberty. Square it's actually my favorite land in the magic kingdom. And the hall of Presidents is a work of art. In my opinion it does not include politics unless the audience wants to talk about politics. But. To me, it is history. And history is something that everyone can appreciate. Politics just starts fights but history. Is. History is important and history deserves to be known about. So I, appreciate the hall of Presidents and I also absolutely love the. Cinematography that was. Used in the sound. Right. I like the hall of Presidents also. It's not on my top five list, but it is an important thing for me and I really like when they announced each every president. and how some of them you know they all have some sort of function they do whether it's just so waiver standup not. Or whatever, but it's really cool to be able to to see them all represented there. So so yeah, I like the hall of Presidents also. but number four on my list. Is the one he had for number two, which is it's a small world and you know. It's a small world is a love it or hate it Kinda arise for a lot of people don't quite. Follow you don't understand the hate part of it but what to eat their own own? Yeah. Exactly. As for me, we love it and I love it because I loved the Song I, love how it's uplifting I. Love How it Unites All and reminds us that regardless of where we we're from we all share this one bond. That we're all human. And I like how the song is just. An uplifting song that you can sing in singing saying and. For me, I never get sick of it. Now. I also like because like I said it brings back a memory I like how? When I was a kid, my grandparents did I would go to the magic kingdom and we'd be able to sit at tables at Pinocchio House and we've able to watch the boats takeoff in wave to the people on the boats and I just thought that was so cool and I still do. And you too daddy ingrained in me when. I Took, ME, into Pinocchio. But anyway so it is on my list is well, it's in my top five is number four. So so. I, like it for the color. Yeah Cutler is also very granny. Yeah and all the different costumes, all the different areas and you know Mary Blair I remember correctly Mary Blair designed a lot of those if not all of those costumes. Yes she did. Though and I think she designed a lot of the backgrounds till. Maybe I don't remember exactly but she had a big hand in that attraction. So. So tell me so. Rounding out your. Choice what's your was number five on your list Okay. So when I record at this part right here. When I first recorded this part. I was. I was torn between three different rides. I was torn between Peter, Pan The jungle cruise, and the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. And at first I was GONNA go with Peter, pan. But I asked Danny his opinion before we recorded and he said that Peter Pan Ought to be higher. I. Wonder why? So. I I went with that one. But then I changed my mind. And I went for the jungle curse. So jungle cruise your number five still young. Jungle cruise is still my number five because I was thinking about it and thinking about it. And I just really like the skippers I really like the skippers. I understand understand that, and that's you know I totally get that so. A well done good choice, I you know it's one of the. Is. One of the best attractions that really involves the cast members. You know 'cause for a lot of attractions, a cast member. Is just there to wave you on like on. It's a small world they wave to you or they ask how many people you got in your party and all that. But with the jungle cruise, you are totally immersed you know in their jokes and their their lines and what they're going to talk about along. Along the cruise you know so. It's as much about. The skipper as it is about anything else. You know. So. So good choice. Make sure to involve you in the. In the in their conversations and their jokes. And that just makes it all the better you're talking with someone as you're going through the ride and it's Great Yeah So it's a good choice for that because of that. It's not on my top five, but I'll cover over a little bit about with the list looks like on on the on the road with Mickey Group at the end of this, my top five mind number five is totally off the wall just like I thought your enchanted Tiki Room was off script well, mine number five choice is even more off the script because I went with. The. Swiss family treehouse and. That is any that's really not off-script for you. Well, that just shows what kind of script I run to right. But to me, it is an awesome attraction. It's a walk through of course you. You get to climb up your tree house. You get to see where the beds were an cots and where they had their meals and where they did this where they did that where the library was and it was all built into the tree. And I just think it's so cool. Then when you're at the top, you got awesome view used parts of the magic. Kingdom I've got picture of Space Mountain. From. The top of the Swiss family treehouse and it's it's a really cool shot I really like so So there's a lot to. That tree house and it's been there since day one you know and it's just really cool and I I told this before but if I were ever. Spending the night in the magic kingdom. I would try and. sleep on one of the. Either the hammocks or bed or whatever on the Swiss family treehouse because that would be so cool to me. Yep. Meanwhile I, depending on how brave I'm feeling. Would go either for these Cinderella Suite, which is right about here. Or go find a bedroom in the haunted mansion and see by last tonight. There you go. So, anyway. Those are our top five and. Like I was saying we had our poll. So here's the top five In our poll on the in the. Miki. Number one like I said was the haunted mansion with thirty one votes. Number two was peer Pants flight with twenty two votes. So it's quite a bit of difference. Tied for number three is now the jungle cruise in the Walt Disney World Railroad. Each of them have been votes. So S. three and four. Excuse. Me Number five is it's a small world with sixteen votes. And chanted ticky room is number six with fifteen votes. Number seven is the country bear jamboree with eleven votes. Number. Eight is the hall of Presidents was six votes. Number nine. Is A tie. It's a four way tie for number nine. With, the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Tomorrowland speedway Swiss. Family treehouse and Dumbo. All of them having three votes. So that's what I say. Nine ten eleven twelve. And the last one is the mad tea party. Rope With two votes. So. Now I guess to lot of people have motion sickness. That's why the mad tea party is so low that would be. But but anyway that. You are not Sariin didn't mean to interrupt you. I was saying that the first you are not surprising it just shows that. Well want one of us is better at hyping up our favorite ride than the other is. And you know like I said, would hunter mansion be that high if it wasn't the Halloween time periods if we did this poll again in February would still be number one. That is the question. Sarah enough for me would be. Sure, and probably for all these people that voted, it would still be as well. But who knows? Anyway So that wraps up our feature topic for this week and I think it's a fun topic. So I'm glad we're able to. Get the recording working the way I wanted it to work from the original. So Sophie why don't you tell us about this day in Disney history for October twenty? Six. I would love to I have four different events that happened on October twenty. Six. Three of which happened in the same year. So on the very same day. and. Those three I will go down the list I starting with Nineteen Ninety Seven Oct, twenty. Six. The Adventures of Ekapat and Mister toad aired on the Disney channel four days after it had been announced that Disneyworld was going to close the classic Mister. Toad. And fantasyland. You that. That wasn't a coincidence. We don't think of coincidence I. Don't think. I'll bet you had a ton of newer ship. Definitely I think did too. But I hope this one doesn't happen at the same time as the adventures of and Mister. Toad. 'cause this one is also quite interesting. ADC. TV's the wonderful world of Disney air to the movie tower of terror for the first time. And for those that do not know. The twilight zone tower of terror is a ride on Hollywood studios. I don't know how you wouldn't know that but it was the first ride to be based off a movie. Yeah so We we talked about this cheeks back and tower of terror was the very first. Instance where they made a ride after they made a movie so. So they had. The movie was made. and. Then they decided it was such a big hit or that it needed to become a ride and so. Tower of terror is your number one slot. Tower tear and then followed a lot of rights that would do the same thing like the Winnie the Pooh rides, snow, scary adventure, and then there are those select few rides that are made into movies after they were rides but we already talked about those. All. Right. So what else got forest for this day industry history? The third thing that I wanna tell you is also in nineteen, ninety seven for a touring. Of designer from the Walt Disney imagineering art. Magin nearing archives called designing Disney's theme parks. The architecture of reassurance is displayed at the art center in Minneapolis. foreign extra I wonder if that ever came to the Museum of art that we have here in. North Carolina Raleigh. I'm not sure I could probably go look that up after we're done here. Just curious. Then I've never seen it though so he and neither of I. And then last but not least in two thousand, a year before I was born. Disneyland presented a special nighttime event called Disney Villain Divas enchanted evening it was limited to five hundred guests one hundred and fifty dollars per cent. And the spell binding event included evening admission to the Disneyland Park a beverage reception a festive feast. An opportunity to purchase limited edition villains merchandise and to meet the creators and artists of the merchandise as well as a commemorative gift. Right So I don't have a Disney who who character or watson quote, this week So I'm going to skip those two things that we normally have on our show and I'm going to talk about our church spotlight and just a reminder that we are focusing on from. Now until the end of the year, we're going to talk about the noose river, golden, retriever rescue, and. That charity is special that all of us as a family because our two goldens have come from this river golden retriever. Our first one was Reagan and our second one was river. And and they do a lot of good work at rescuing Goldens and getting them into their forever homes. For the. Period ending. From the beginning of the year on until September thirty of this year they have adopted out one hundred thirteen golden retrievers. into their into their into their forever homes. So so we wanted to spotlight them If you are interested in learning more about them. You can reach them on the web at Golden Rescue NC DOT org, and they also have a league there if you're interest donating to them You know like I said, we've used them twice once with Reagan who is a senior and we had him for twenty two months and our second time was with our boy river who we adopted I. We fostered him first and then adopted him after he was done with his medical treatments. And he is now six. So. So, look into them if you're interested and if you live in the North Carolina area check him out, and maybe you can find your forever dog you know for your family added into into into your family's life. So. But anyway, that's who we're going to sponsor for the rest of the year And now. Just. Closed Stout is GonNa say that on the with Mickey is sponsored by Pixie vacations by Mike Ellis in Tech Solutions NC. Do you have any computing travel needs reach out to them? Tech solutions is found at tech solutions and see or on facebook TECH SOLUTIONS DOT COM or face. You can reach Mike for Travel needs at might at fixing vacations, dot com or facebook. Vacations. So faith. Thank you for. Helping me out with this and and who for us working through our technical issues. This week it's been somewhat try. NAFTA. That's Next. Week, we're going to talk about the nighttime things that we can see and do at Disney. And I thought that would be. A cool thing to to. Talk about because it would air on. Second. And that would be just a couple of days after the Halloween. Halloween, which is normally at nighttime anyway. So I thought that would be fun to talk about. For, next week okay. All, right. Well, thanks for joining me and we will. See you on the. Around. Thanks everyone i. I.

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600K American Deaths, QAnon Warning & Theme Parks Comeback- Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

the NewsWorthy

13:03 min | Last month

600K American Deaths, QAnon Warning & Theme Parks Comeback- Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

"Today is tuesday june fifteenth. We'll tell you about a painful milestone in the covid. Nineteen pandemic and another vaccine. That could help end it. Also a new warning about qn on followers. The so-called digital soldiers may become more violent in the real world plus. Why more older cars are on the road. These days a new predicament for the girl scouts and what to know before booking your next trip to a theme park. Welcome to the newsworthy. All the day's news about ten minutes fast fair fun and on the go. I'm lacey evans. Filling in for erica mandy during her maternity. Leave you ready. let's do this today. The us is set to reach a milestone. That would have been considered unsinkable. a year ago. It looks like we will pass. Six hundred thousand people killed by covid nineteen in this country alone to put that number perspective. It's greater than the population of baltimore. Maryland or milwaukee wisconsin and as bad as that is that number only accounts for the deaths reported by johns hopkins university. The true death toll is believed to be much higher. The only upside is now. The pace of new deaths is slowing. The number of americans died from covid. Nineteen each day has gone from thousands of day to hundreds still. Some people seem to be more susceptible than others. Black americans are dying at higher rates than other groups. The ap says that's because they tend have less access to medical care and have higher rates of conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Black americans also are more likely to have jobs deemed essential and are less able to work from home. But it doesn't just come down to race. Location is also a big factor since some places have more people vaccinated than others in vermont. More than eighty percent of the eligible population has gotten at least one shot whereas in mississippi the rate is lagging at about thirty four percent vice. President harris is now touring southern states in hopes of boosting vaccination rates where they're fizzling more covid. Nineteen shots could be available soon to boost the vaccine supply worldwide. Novak's says it completed its final phase trial and found its to shot option was about ninety percent effective against a few different covid nineteen variants on top of that. Novak says the shots were proven to be safe with trial. Volunteers only getting mild side effects. Like temporary fatigue headaches and muscle pain that puts the vaccine about on par with the shots from pfizer and modern that already on the market here in the us. but the novak's one is said to be even easier to store and transport so he could play an important role in poorer parts of the world. The only issue is the company has been dealing with shortages of raw materials so it will take a few months to build up. its supply. novak's eventually plans to seek authorization from the us europe and elsewhere by the end of september. And if all goes well it hopes to have about one hundred ten million doses for the us and more a billion doses to developing countries over the next year the fbi has a new warning for lawmakers. It says people who believe in on conspiracy theories could get violence against democrats and other political opponents. Remember in on claims former. President trump is a secret warrior against suppose child trafficking ring. That's run by celebrities and government officials the debunked that theory a long time ago while trump was an office. People keep sharing content online. They apparently believe. Trump is now a so-called shadow president or that president biden's victory was a sham at trump needs to be restored so this week the f. b. i. and homeland security department sent lawmakers a report about it it predicts some q. On followers will likely believe they have an obligation to force change by getting violent already. The fbi says it's arrested more than twenty in unbelievers for their roles in the capital riot on january six since then the movement has died down a little bit though the fbi credits large social media companies for banning q. In on post and groups now most of the chats are happening on smaller cuban on websites and bulletin boards. The justice department is making some changes to how it investigates possible leaks from now on this comes as the government faces an outcry over this issue. Remember new details came out in the last few days about investigators secretly collecting data on several democratic lawmakers and staff members while president trump was an office at the time the doj was investigating who was behind new stories about ties between trump associates and russia. Well now the new attorney general says his office is evaluating and strengthening department policies and procedures when it comes to getting records from members of congress meanwhile the doj official who has been overseeing the leak investigations since two thousand eighteen. Says he's going to be stepping down at the end of this week. He says it's not related to this latest controversy though that his exit was already planned and a house panel is going to be launching a formal investigation into the data seizure. The doj's inspector. General launched his own investigation last week to be continued for the first time. Nato leaders highlighted what they called challenges coming from china. This marks a big shift for the alliance since the thirty world leaders who make up. Nato are usually devoted to protecting europe and north america. they don't typically mention asia at all but this time they came together to raise some concerns. They mentioned china expanding. Its nuclear arsenal modernizing. Its military and using information to keep the rest of the world in the dark however they made it clear. China is not considered an enemy. They just want to address what they consider to be a potential threat. Chinese officials have responded saying. They're only building up. Defenses and their motives are peaceful separately. The nato leaders supported the american decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan. Nato leaders agreed to pay to keep the kabul airport running and they say they'll keep discussing other ways to keep afghanistan secure when it comes to the overall tone of the meeting nato's secretary general said it was like the first date back at school. He said president biden and other allies reaffirmed their commitment to nato and that the alliance remains strong next up. President biden is meeting with european union leaders today and then tomorrow. He sits down for a highly anticipated meeting with russian president vladimir putin stay tuned. Much more news ahead but first a word from our sponsor at ritual. here's your main host. Erica mandy rituals prenatal. Vitamins is definitely part of my morning. Ritual i take them every day without fail and after the baby is born all switch to their postnatal vitamin and after that i'll keep taking their women's multivitamin i love that ritual. Vitamins are scientifically developed to support different life stages in fact there are now available for women men and teens and no matter who is taking them. We all deserve to know what we're putting in our bodies. And why. And that's why i appreciate rituals transparent. Approach they have a one of a kind visible supply chains. You always know what nutrients you're taking and where they came from and you will not find sugars. gmo's major allergens synthetic fillers artificial colorants plus with ritual worry about running out. Which will multivitamins are delivered every month with free shipping always and you can start snooze or cancel your subscription anytime and if you don't love ritual within your first month we'll even refund your first order so get key nutrients with ritual and right now. Ritual is offering my listeners. Ten percent off during your first three months just visit ritual dot com slash news worthy to start your ritual today that's ritual dot com slash newsworthy. Anyone with a google account now has access to google workspace for free. Workspace is the same service that used to be called the g. suite and was available to business accounts. Only the idea is to make it easier for people to collaborate online services like g mail docs sheets the calendar and google meet. Are all in one place this week. Google announced workspace also includes new features. For example people are able to share a doc sheet or a slide with an immediate call. Video calls are also getting live captions hand-raising polls and more google chats. It will now let you pin messages and create custom status and there is a new smart suggestion tool for documents. Google is hoping workspace. We'll help make its products more attractive against some of its professional competitors like microsoft office zoom and slack. American drivers are holding onto cars trucks and suv's longer than ever before the research firm ihs market released new data this week showing the average vehicle on the road is about twelve years old. That's the oldest average. The us has ever seen ihs credits better quality and durability. It's more common now than it was twenty years ago for a car with two hundred thousand miles on it to still be running. Price could also be a factor for some drivers average prices for new and used. Vehicles have soared during the pandemic and aren't expected to go down anytime soon. And then there's another reason people aren't getting rid of their old cars just because they buy new ones so they're getting passed on or sold to new owners while new vehicle sales keep rising. The girl scouts had a harder time selling cookies this year. Because of the pandemic and now the organization says it has fifteen million extra of cookies leftover most of the unsold cookies are still sitting in the bakeries and local. Councils are sitting on at least three million unsold boxes so they're scrambling to sell or donate them. Troops typically sell the cookies in person by setting up booths in public places but many of them decided not to this year because of covid nineteen health concerns and as the ap reports online sales. Didn't make up the difference. Bud the biggest hit is to the local troops themselves. The girl scouts use the money from cookie sales to help fund activities like camps trips and educational programs. Starting today california is lifting most of its covid nineteen restrictions and that means for the first time since the pandemic started fem- parks like disneyland universal studios. Hollywood and seaworld are welcoming back all out of state visitors. That theme parks are allowed to operate at full capacity. No distancing required as for masks if you've gotten your covid nineteen shots. You won't have to wear a mask most of the time but if you haven't been vaccinated disneyland says you still have to wear a mask anytime you're inside. That's going to be largely based on the honor system. Though since none of the major parks will ask for proof of vaccination and keep in mind everyone vaccinated or not will have to wear masks on transportation like buses and monorails one last thing to keep in mind at some places you will need both tickets and a theme park reservation before you can enjoy the parks and that's it for the main news today. But now it's time for trivia tuesday when we ask a different trivia question every week but first. Here's erica again with a message from our sponsor ralphie's if you are still putting up with uncomfortable shoes. I'm here to tell you you don't have to thanks rough seas so what makes roffe so good well a lot of things. But they're unique. Seamless design is insanely comfortable. The moment you put them on. And i'm talking right out of the box and it's not just me other real customers like lisa elsa quote. These shoes are like walking on clouds. And julie says there's no break in period blisters just pure comfort because i've partnered with rockies for a while now i've also heard from many of you who fallen in love with rossi's as much as i have we all know it's comfort alongside style and sustainability that make rossi's our goto favorite flats for the sustainable part. They're made with materials like plastic water bottles and for the style while they're always available in a variety of super cute shapes styles and colors. So you can find the perfect pair for you. So upgrade your closet with washable sustainable. Stylish shoes and bags from rossi's had to rossi's dot com slash newsworthy to find your new favorites today. That's ot yes. Roth dot com slash news worthy now back to trivia tuesday. Today's trivia question is what tv series showed the first interracial kiss on american network television find and follow us on instagram at newsworthy pod to play along and find out the answer her instagram stories. Ask for last week's trivia question. What year was the very first model of the iphone released. The answer is two thousand seven at the time. At and t. was the only wireless provider to carry it. It was the first smartphone with touch screen. It also had a megapixel camera and a photo library but you couldn't send pictures over text yet and videos weren't an option yet either. The iphone ran onto g wireless internet as business insider explains. That's about as slow as home. Internet used to be before high speed broadband came about the original iphone. Cost five hundred dollars for a four gigabyte model. An eight gigabyte model was priced at six hundred dollars. That year apple sold nearly two million iphones and time magazine named it. The invention of the year. All right thank you for turning to the newsworthy. To get your news each day as always we'll be back with more news tomorrow until then have a great day.

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The Old Man League Episode 12  The Quickie, Super Bowl 54

The Old Man League

23:01 min | 1 year ago

The Old Man League Episode 12 The Quickie, Super Bowl 54

"Over the hill but still feel like a baller. Welcome home friends. Join Mike and Lee as they bring you the most entertaining stream of consciousness. You Can Imagine. Grab a drink and stay off the lawn. This is the man league. Welcome everybody to episode twelve of the old man. League as always it your boy Mike and I'm here with my main man Lee. Hey everybody from again. Guess what we gotTa talk about today. My friend Super Bowl fifty four enter teams aren't in it. Well you know. Luckily we're going to do a quick episode so we don't have too much time to bitch I will go through this real quick As always we're sponsored by our good friends at tailgate three sixty five the site for stuff you like you can check them out at tailgate. Three sixty five dot com You can find us at the old man league dot com or on twitter instagram facebook at the old man League. And as always you can please please please call or text us at seven. Two zero four four three three six seven four because we love hearing from you and talking about your messages Also you can join our discord and Converse with us on the daily. It's very active. We talk about all kinds of shit and the link about that about that. The link for that will be in our show notes And finally I started doing some video game streaming on mixer so you can find us on Mixer. Dot Com slash. The old manly. You can come talk while Looking at some real shitty Shitty shitty video game play and the reason I started. That was said to SORTA get the word out about An extra life charity that I'm trying to do this year again but we'll get into that once we do a full episode next time Are you doing buddy good? I'm Kinda sad you're going to be like Nadje and leave me when you're a millionaire. I would never leave you if anything what I would do. Is Build another house so that you had a summer home here in Colorado? Yes absolutely Absolutely but the part that you don't get those. I'm building in addition to your house there so that I can come so fast. Yeah Yeah All right you WANNA just jump right into this shit. Let's go big game. Yeah game I I've gone back and forth so many times I I guess the conclusion I come to. Is this just an amazing match up on paper? I'm really excited. I think we're going to get a really really good game. The line is chiefs minus one and a half which is really odd spread. I mean that's how closest thing is over under fifty four and a half which you've got a really strong niners defense but it's seems like we get more points than that these two offenses though we'll get two picks later but I don't know what's your. What's Your Gut saying about? Just the game in general. Well some backstory on how happy you are happening in your house My my wife is a chief's Fan. So I'm a broncos fan and a season ticket holder and The best word for this game is or best. Two words is emotional. Conflict Probably I love my wife dearly and I like seeing her happy and it made me extremely happy to watch her tears of joy after the AFC championship game knowing that her team was going to the Super Bowl for the first time in her lifetime. I mean it's pretty crazy to think about that so Yeah I I love my marriage so I'm probably going to just go ahead and stop there honestly and the onion off just wondering if it's just going to be a good you know what I'm with you. I think it's going to be a good game. It's a good match up and so I can't be mad about that. I mean nobody likes the Super Bowl. That just is like you know. One sided from the get-go. I don't think it's going to be that way But I will say this Before we get to the picks I spent a lot of time putting together a lot of Scientific and mathematically backed statistical analysis this week on this game and I have I have so many hard hitting facts and reasons behind my pick I I don't know if you're ready for it so I don't. How do you want to do this? I there's been no spoilers folks he has no idea what's coming here so now. I don't I can give you. The methodology might picks today I through Darts dartboard board. I had low way of doing it. I had the dog pick kibble. Outta my hands find and then I had my kids each pick a team and there are ten and eleven year old girl who don't watch football okay so almost tickets to this point. I'm to into okay. Nuclear winner from four highly scientific exercises up to this point so it's GonNa you're the tiebreaker than tiebreaker. So basically got about seven minutes to to kind of lock this down so I think I want to hear your facts. I'M GONNA get my mind right. Okay my mind it'd be blown okay and the floor is yours. All right and I've spent A. I spent a lot of time on that. I probably should have been working this week. definitely time at home when? I should have been doing other things compiling this list. So here we go. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go. Have you ever read like Matthew Berry is right the fantasy football okay. So you know. He puts together his list of things before the fancy football football. You're like so yeah. The manifesto exactly okay. This is sort of that These are the these are the reasons that I'm going with my final pick. So here's the first one Joe Montana four super bowls with San Francisco Zero with Kansas City game. There's one States that John Elway went to college in California Right I. It's places that I was stationed at in the navy. The United States Navy California. I was never stationed in Missouri Here's one for you You've probably never heard me reference this before but The team that has the most despicable fuck head that beats pregnant women and breaks kids arms. That happens to be the chiefs Akeso. They get indeed. They get that one. Right Let's see the teams that have a wolf who also looks like a rat for a mascot also the chiefs Pratt right. Weirdly proportioned I. I don't understand it. I really don't apparently it's I think it's civil and I don't really get it but that's fine I mean the forty niners. They have what is it? Isn't it like a minor some shit like that? Yeah look accent. Banks rocks that thing right contest. Now niners I think so too Teams the Denver has lost two in the Super Bowl San Francisco right. Never never I mean I get that. It's not possible but they also have never lost a Kansas City in super bowl Oh here we go. I don't know if this is a plus or minus but The the state slash team that has the most fans that are also Camaro owners with mullets. Probably the Chiefs Not San Francisco. No I don't think it's okay. Okay now here's A. I broke down state by state like some some pluses Or things that they feature let me put it that way right California lots of sunshine. They got Disneyland. Universal Studios Legoland Magic Mountain seaworld. A lot of beautiful people in Delicious Carne Asada burritos right there you mentioned the Burrito. Yeah that sounds amazing like I want to go now right. Great sounds like an awesome place Missouri. They have Branson The ozarks and Hill people doesn't Yakov smirnoff playing Brinson. Probably I think anyb- I think you could pick anybody that was popular like the eighties and they're probably at some brains in casino so basically. What you're saying is California's a lot more desirable. It revisit I mean you be the judge right. I'm not trying to sway anybody's these not everybody's saying but it sounds pretty nice. It sounds fun. I mean Yeah Okay. Okay so here you go. Yeah pl- plus one now. A lot of those might have seemed like they were maybe jaded by personal opinion. Or whatever. And that's fine. I get you know. People can determine facts however they want to but now I have some facts that these are undeniable. Right hard hitting black and white on paper go look it up all right so the NFC west is actually three and one versus the AFC. West historically in super bowls. Did you know that out? Go trend yet. It's a nice trend. Actually but here's a fun fact to go along with that. Do you know who that one losses happy? It's the Atlanta Falcons when they were part of the NFC west. Do you know who they lost to. The Denver Broncos. No all right so the back around it does. The advantage goes to San Francisco there k Total Super Bowl records San Francisco. They're five and one of the five and one super bowl record. That's pretty freaking good Kansas City their WANNA know But I give it an asteroid because none of those were on color television at all so the Color Gamut let's Kinda shady. It doesn't match that yet. Yeah I'm I'm not even honestly sure that they had actual helmets so the advantage there definitely against San Francisco I put down coaching. I'm actually giving the edge here to Kansas City because I think Reid is actually a Helluva coach I like Shanahan. I think he's got a little bit approve though after the whole Twenty eight to three to buckle so I'll give Kansas City the edge with coaching. I don't know how you feel about that but Now I agree. I think looking at reads as always. It doesn't do something that's stupid thing. Don't do stupid thing. The clock management. It's usually these you don't screw up. The clock management point got moving on all right so now I have some regular season versus postseason stats for you During the regular season this year total offense San Francisco has the edge. They were fourth versus. Kansas City was sixth. Believe it or not and these are offering me. I Know Right. These are all from. Nfl DOT COM right real official ship. I didn't break it down by anything special. I just took the their total offense as it was a total defense San Francisco again. They were second total defense versus seventeenth for the chiefs Let's see so I broke this down. Even further for your. I wanted to give you a little bit a little bit deeper analysis so during the regular season the Kansas City run game which was ranked twenty third if they went against the San Francisco run defense which was ranked seventeenth overall. San Francisco. Gets THE EDGE THERE RIGHT? Kansas City passing game they were ranked fifth overall. But the San Francisco Pass Defense. During this last season. They were ranked first overall so again. The Edge Goes San Francisco Now if you flip it the San Francisco. Forty niners had the second best run game. This last season versus the chiefs had the twenty six best. Run Defense so the edge goes to San Francisco Now here's where it gets interesting to me severance go ahead the thirteenth best passing game. This year Kansas City actually had the eighth rated pass defence this last year so Kansas City looks like they got the edge per regular season stats. Now all. That's great but in the postseason that's a whole nother thing right. So let's let's break that down real quick now. Total offense in this postseason so far Lord Kia Mustard and his own category. Yes yeah well I mean you would think so but Kansas City actually has the edge they were third and San Francisco. Believe it or not they were only seventh in this postseason run so far on trapping fifty something on the. Texans didn't hurt that no. Yeah that that was yeah. I don't want to talk about that so anyway. So total total defense in the postseason so far. It's San Francisco. They were. They're still I The chiefs are actually ninth in total defense in the postseason so far so you know I mean so. Far It's shaping up like it could be pretty decent. I mean it all matters what happens in the postseason Alyce so the Kansas City run game rated seven in the postseason versus the run. Defense of the niners rated I. The edge goes to the NINERS THE KANSAS CITY. Pass offense though they stepped it up in the postseason they were rated second so far the past defense for the niners of rated six. So I'll give the edge to the chiefs because they've just been they can throw it whenever they want to. Whoever they want it feels like San Francisco running game as you mentioned. you'd probably be shocked if they weren't. I they are I so far in the postseason versus the run defense for the chiefs which was actually third. So it's not too bad of a matchup but the edge goes to the niners and let's see the San Francisco passing game. It's about the same as it was in the regular season. The rate at twelve and the chiefs passing defenses rated ninth so I gave them the postseason edge. The chiefs have that There's one final stat though that I didn't find it on. Nfl DOT COM. But it's just something that I knew The team that I hate the most in the super bowl shockingly is the chiefs. Okay yeah at regular and postseason regular and postseason mostly postseason. But yeah. They're right there. I don't know if you want me to give my actual pick but I have one final thing that I did this week. Do you want me to give my pick first or you. WanNa run through yours. I'll just go through something really quick so one thing you mentioned it was interesting was San Francisco's run defense being number one now do you think it they shut the chiefs run game down that I feel my heart that they can still get it done and move the ball even without ineffective run game really interesting. Yeah I do but I think what we're going to see a lot of is that twenty one personnel where they can get us check and kettle on the field with most are men a couple of wide receivers and I really think if they you know. I watched some of the some of their players this week. And some of the formations. They can run out of that with misdirection. And you know 'cause kids want US check can they can block the best defense in the league. They can beat. You know they get out in in a flat and catch balls. They can run the ball. They can do everything. So basically you got a fullback who can play tight end tight end. Who could play offense Lineman so and then you've got a running back who scored forty six touchdowns in his last game so that offense is as good as Kansas City. Is They scare me right now? Oh Yeah I think my gut says the niners are more complete team and I think Shanahan is just been hitting on all cylinders. Play calling Both sides of the ball strong. Yes all right. I'll pause there. You WanNa give your picker. Do you have any final closing comments on how we got here? No I I agree with you. So far I've been saying it on every playoff show. We've had so far that I said San Francisco's the most complete team and I still believe that Everything you said plus grapple. Oh He's just. He doesn't make many mistakes he he. He does what he needs to. I mean the fact that they beat the packers by throwing it. Eight Times is ridiculous ridiculous so I think it's going to come down to probably mistakes honestly like I think they're both pretty brilliant play callers. I think The niners have the more complete personnel team overall. If if they can manage to shut down The chiefs running game which they don't really have that great of a running game and at least contain like. Kelsey Kinda guy you know it. It gets real interesting so I'll go ahead and give you my picks but here is what is based off at. Did you see Superman? Three with Richard Pryor Maybe longtime ago. Maybe okay so. The premise of it was. He built this big giant s supercomputer. Right leg. It was it. Was this massive supercomputer. So I went to my own supercomputer. This Week And that would be madden twenty and Iran Three different simulations right and I even said it that it was neutral field. It was set in Miami. It was set up super bowl. I did it you know. I set all the settings like it would be normally like no bullshit just a regular old simulation game. I ran three of them. Okay Game One San Francisco thirty to Kansas City ten. Ooh ooh game to San Francisco. Twenty eight Kansas City. Twenty three and game three was San Francisco twenty-seven Kansas City. Twenty four and my. My wife was sitting next to me while I was doing this. And every time I would run through the simulation and then they do the little celebration afterwards. Like San Francisco won the Super Bowl. She's like we you stop doing that. Shit you're you're GONNA you're going to jinx us and so on average came out to score of San Francisco Twenty Nine Kansas City nineteen Based on this you know like ironclad set a facts and like undeniable simulation strength. I I'm going with the niners and I think that they're going to win by. I'm going to say that they win by at least ten. Okay I'm I'm I think we're right around the over under Fifty Four. I'm going somewhere thirty twenty four. I think San Fran wins within sixty seven points. There you go I mean. Is it just going? I'm with you. I think that they're just too good. And I feel I hate saying this. I feel like it's their game to lose. Honestly they're they're too good of a team mate. Look Green Bay. Knew what was coming and couldn't stop him. No I mean they just pounded it down their throats over and over and over and they've got one of the best deal lines in the league and the Smith Boys look silly. Yeah it was so it was ridiculous if they could get that train running and create little MISDIRECTION MAZDA. Goes off like you said. Garoppolo doesn't do much Just just get it done. You know it goes back to my experience with transfer. Just don't don't screw up. Don't make mistakes. Defense is solid run game solid. Good tight ends your formula. You wait you beat the chiefs agree. Larry have it going to be smiling closet to leave the room? Okay so let me. Let's walk the. Let's say the niners win right and if you're listening turn turn part off. It's to turn it off. So Games over. She's she said. What do you do? Do you console or do you walk away into another room. Fist pumping like Jersey shore. Then walk back. I'm so sorry. That's gotta be rough. I don't know how you answered okay so I don't I don't envy your position I would. I would console of this. I don't think she's getting. I don't think so either. I would console one hundred percent a now what I'm doing on the inside. That might be a different story but on the outside and in my heart I will console my wife at good good. Actually you get to sleep in his bed that night or at least under the same roof. Yeah good boy. That's it all right. Well I'm sad to say football seasons in the books in a few days and then me talk about Aaron auto going to the cubs but that's another show we'll get to in anyway all right guys As he said in the open please follow social media where the old man League on pretty much everything. Give us a call. Seven zero four four three three six seven four. Just give us some feedback. Let us know if you'd like to slow short format At the Super Bowl will come back to our regular long drawn out. Show as you've listened to for an hour and a half but yeah. I really enjoyed this. I think we'll we'll do more of these it's fun little quick hitters so Everybody having a super bowl have a good weekend and we will see you next time. Thanks for listening. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Old Man League. You somehow manage to endure this. Mike in lead dumpster fire Kudos until next time drink responsibly. And don't touch the thermostat.

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What Happens When...?

Armstrong & Getty

37:30 min | 1 year ago

What Happens When...?

"Appreciate John Phillips Filling in poorest today on the Armstrong and getty show. We will be back sooner or later. John Phillips in for Armstrong and Getty on loan from Talk Radio Seven hundred. Ninety, KABC in Los Angeles where you can hear me each weekday from noon to three on am seven, ninety KABC or worldwide. KABC DOT. Com can also read my column in the daily. News, the C. registered the Riverside Press, enterprise and all the southern California newspaper group newspapers. You can follow me on twitter at Johnny. Don't like well. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you were able to escape the new cycle for a moment or two and enjoy the sun. Maybe go to a barbecue spent some time in the pool. Play a game of golf. Do something that can. Clear your mind because Monday morning were right back in the thick of it, joining us right now on the newsmaker line to talk about all of this is the our NC the Republican National Committee Committeeman from the state of Minnesota Max rhymer. Max. Thanks so much for joining us John for having on crazy crazy times live at. Now you live in such a sleepy state Minnesota's anything going on that we should know about. Can you know I wasn't really sure what we're going to talk about? But we did have we did have a killing of it on our black man by police in Minneapolis, which led to six nights, a protesting three of which ended in significant rioting, and our biggest city burned down so other than that. I was going. Well the big news over the weekend is that there apparently is a super majority that exists on the Minneapolis City Council that wants to disband the police department and replace it with something else. Something whenever something is I'm unclear on. Can you break down the political dynamic the political situation going on right now in the city of Minneapolis, because it just seems bonkers to everyone else outside of their, and it seems bonkers to a lot of people here and what? I'll tell you is. Yes. They do have what's considered to be. A Super Majority can override the mayor who has indicated that he is not in for all his flaws has indicated that he is not in favor. Favor of disbanding the police department, but at a anti police this ban the police rally this past week and eight out of twelve of the city council members on the Minneapolis. City Council indicated that they are in favor and don't get it twisted. They said they were in favor of a total abolishing and reimagining off the police force in Minneapolis and basically the vague solutions that were thrown out there. We're kind of a combination of neighborhood, monitoring and more investment into like mental health services, so they don't even know what they're going to replace it with, but it seems like it's full steam ahead on this right now. So what happens if someone breaks into your house? They can't answer that. We. Had Lisa Bender, is that the the president of our Minneapolis City Council on CNN saying that? If you ask that question that you have a certain level of white privilege and she, she never answered the question. He said if you ask it. That you have a level of white privilege that if some people call the police faith, don't expect saved outcomes. Let's go ahead and listen to that clip. Cut Twelve. What if in the middle of the night my home is broken into. WHO DO I call? Yes I mean. I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors and I know myself too, and I know that that comes from a face, a privileged, because for those of us for whom the system is working I think we need to step back in. Imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more Harman's done, and so in a very immediate, we have to lean into whatever changes we can make our existing police department. I think he looked. Cities Camden New Jersey. That completely restructured their department as we build up systems and we've already done that. We have the are not starting from scratch. We have investing community. They safety strategies. We are knowledge in our community across the city. We've done an analysis of all the reasons. People call nine one one and I've looked at ways. We can shift the response away from police officers into a more appropriate response for mental health calls. For some domestic violence calls for health related issues. You know what she sounds like. She sounds like someone who's been brainwashed in a religious called, and they've been asked a question to to just show that they're not being abused and they're in fact, they're on their own volition. A-. Bitchy does seem to have internalized it. Yet and I think that is the time that we live in right. A lot of this is moving at light speed and you. You see a lot of the nature of these protests, and they look like worship. Experiences Evangelical Services in Minneapolis Air you know you have people who are going down, and and and raising their hands, and and singing and dancing. As if it was a, it was a religious service so that that's the world. We find ourselves in here in Minneapolis. Now your US senator, amy. Klobuchar was the former district attorney for the county that Services Minneapolis. What is she saying about all of this? Well. They're giving her cover so Keith Ellison our attorney general. It seems he's feeding her information early and often so that she's the first one to for instance. The News Keith Ellison who's going to take over the case against their job and the COP. Who is was charged with the murder of George Floyd, so it seems like they're trying to give her as much cover as possible. Because what nobody is reporting is Amy Klobuchar are had a chance to prosecute. This cop who looks like I'm the face who looks like a bad cop. She had the ability to prosecute them a couple of different times and chose to chose to pass on that opportunity while she was the prosecutor. What's the governor saying because I'm just trying to think of just various scenarios that could potentially happen without a police force at some point, someone's going to get murdered and no one's GonNa. Show up, and if someone gets murdered in your state and the cops don't show up and you're the governor of that state. You've got a state police force. There is a statewide elected attorney general. There are various layers of law enforcement that could theoretically step in and say all right. If you abdicate your duty as a city, we're going to go ahead and do something as a state. Is he threatening that right now? Well, not overtly, but I think he is certainly having some conversations infernally because he has got a radically left Lieutenant Governor in Peggy plan again, but he ran as one Minnesota. He ran as a center Democrat governor, and that's probably county Kerry themselves to victory. Because we are a diverse state, we have these metro centers, but we also have a pretty vibrant out state Minnesota community, so rural communities that have values. We have some of the most conservative counties in the entire country, so he had to run like that now he's not saying anything overtly, but do keep in mind. We have united healthcare here. We have several companies that are in the heart of Minneapolis. Minnesota Vikings the Minnesota Timberwolves? Assets in this city and I can't imagine that they're going to be totally comfortable with the idea of not having a city police force which again it's, it's very clear. This is what the City Council of advocating for they advocating not for reform, not for just little tweaks here and there they are advocating for a full abolishment of the Minneapolis. Police Force as well as a replacement. Replacement basically with just mental health services and the combination of neighborhood initiative. That's what they're advocating for, and I don't think that's GonNa, sit well with the governor's donors I don't think that's going to sit well for the majority of Minnesotans and he's gotTa make a statement pretty soon as he did when he sent in the National Guard. basically against the mayor's order in Minneapolis. Target is based at Minnesota and they were a company that got hit very hard of the riots. Who would have thought that? By the way a company with a bullseyes? Their logo would get hit during a riot, but one of the forms of insurance. That's very expensive. Is Civil Unrest Insurance? The MOM and POPs can't afford it, so it's left for the Walmart's the targets of the world that insurance policy will certainly skyrocket those premiums target has to be very sensitive to this, and they are at the epicenter of all of it. What are they doing and sang at the thought of no police? You know they attend A. This is a classic Minnesota thing. John, we are not willing to put out publicly statements that are strong and effective, and all that we try to operate in the most path of aggressive way possible in being a Minnesota company I think they're the same they have. The same mindset is our governor is our mayor as other eaters in the in the state in the city bat is they haven't done anything kind of proactive or pushing back against this public we, in fact, they have kind of gone along with corporate narrative of. Of We, you know we hear the rioters we hear the protesters they and and the one target that really got ransacked and Saint Paul They have already committed to rebuilding. That target is well, so they're not saying anything that will offend anybody publicly at this point. I think they're trying to hold their cards close to the best, but their their corporate headquarters. You're right, are right in Minneapolis there right in the heart of downtown, so they could be neck and I'm not sure what they'll end up doing, but they haven't done anything yet. Downtown Minneapolis is a place where people go for to obviously work, but people also live there and you can go there for various entertainment venues. You can go there for great bars. You can go there for great restaurants. The city encourages people to go to whether they live there or they just spend their time. Their places like downtown Minneapolis if suddenly there is no police force I would imagine. You're going to have a population shift that's going to be dramatic and fast where people who voted for the City Council in Minneapolis. Minneapolis and voted for this mayor in Minneapolis are going to flee that city in droves, but what they're gonNA do is. They're going to take their politics with them to the suburbs to the rural parts of Minnesota to neighboring states as someone who works to get Republicans elected in that state. Are you worried that a bunch of people who think like the mayor of Minneapolis and who think like the city council in Minneapolis are going to move to purple areas or read areas and change the political dynamic of your state. Oh yes. Quite, frankly John, it was happening before this advantage as well. You had a bunch of people who went mocked up their own city, and there was radical policies being loaded around all over the place prior to this event who have been moved out into what we call the first ring suburbs, which were traditionally Republican areas and had been for about sixty seventy years old. And now they're almost reliably blue and. We saw a massive bluewave and these first ring. Suburbs and it's the ultimate hypocrisy, and it's what you laid out earlier in the show is that you can't move to a new place and bring your old way of thinking because the new place was a good place for for a specific reason and we do see that here. We're seeing already. We're seeing a dramatic shift. We're seeing a lot of board kind of suburbanites who? who have no affiliation to the black? Community in Minneapolis basically virtue signal with their vote in virtue signal what their activism and these are. These are originally. Minneapolis families. They did not grow up in suburban communities. Not See what kind of made them good and we're seeing that already. We're seeing that paradigm shift and I think it'll. It'll be even more dramatic after this. We're speaking with Max Rymer who's the RNC Committeeman for the state of Minnesota last question before you go Max. The congresswoman for Minneapolis is Ilan Omar. She is no stranger to controversy. What is she doing and saying? She's she's posting fundraising links to Ilhan Omar DOT COM Taraq Lou account is. She's been in a couple of snafus here where she's posting links thing to help people in North Minneapolis provide food for their families and the link is going to an Ilhan Omar donation website. That's what she's decided to do and I think. I think her permanent address now is in Washington DC, so she's not she is. She did a couple of photo ops in the community in Minneapolis, not been down here regularly and she doesn't really care She's got her. She's got a new lifestyle in a in a new boyfriend in Washington DC. Max rhymer! If people want to follow you on twitter, how can they do that? Yeah, give me a follow at Max. Are Rhymer R. Y.. E. R. on twitter, and then my website is there as well and would love to connect with you all. Right thanks so much for joining us always a pleasure, thanks! John Phillips in for Armstrong and getty more coming up. Don't go anywhere. Jacket Joe back soon enough, but until then you're in the very capable hands of one John Phillips John Phillips seeing for Armstrong and getty joined by Positive Sean. Now Positive Sean it's June. And this is typically the time that people start going on their summer vacations. Some people like to go to amusement park. She'll go down to Disneyworld. Disneyland Universal Studios What have you. Some like to go to Las Vegas and play at the blackjack tables I for one in huge Aficionado of cruise ships. I love cruise ships. And I had to so far that have canceled due to covert nineteen. Have you had any summer vacations. Cancel your positive sean because of Covid nineteen. As one of the the pleasant side effects of never actually making plans. I have not had to cancel any. I am very much a improvisational when it comes to my my relaxation time if a friend hits me up and say hey, we're going to the lake this weekend. Okay? I'm likely to jump in the car and had with you, but I'm not much of a planner. Would you feel comfortable doing virtually any vacation that you would have done pre Cova nineteen today? I. Still Think I'm hesitant to do things like big arenas like giant concerts or like an NBA game. Things like that I. Think is where I would draw the line. Going out to restaurants and things like that. I. Think I'd be I'd be fairly comfortable with at this point. There's not a thing. I can think of that. I wouldn't have had a problem with pre covid nineteen. That I'd have a problem with today. And I am of the belief that if I was running things in Las Vegas I was running the cruise ship companies, or I was running the amusement parks, the attitude that I would have in the way I would mark my facilities, is this? I would say look. Amusement Parks Cruise Ships Vegas Casinos. They own for everyone. If you are in a vulnerable demographic. You'RE A in a group that is prone to having a tough time with covid nineteen. If and when you were to be infected with it, please stay safe. Don't come, or if you do wear a mask. But if you want to go on a cruise, or you want to go to Las Vegas or you WanNa go to an amusement park. Come on down and the experience is. Experience that you've known to come to love and we're going off that experience for you. But if you go, get takes your chances. I would be more than willing to sign up for that because here's what I don't want. I don't want to go on a cruise ship or go to Las Vegas, or go to an amusement park and have everything that I like about it taken out as some sort of placebo to fight covid nineteen. That's what I'm not interested in its John Phillips in for Armstrong and getty more coming up. Armstrong and getty. Everybody John Phillips John Phillips Everybody John Filling in for us today good dude. Thank you Armstrong and getty. It is John Phillips Infra Armstrong and Getty. You can follow me on twitter at Johnny don't like. And you can catch me on my program on Talk Radio Seven hundred. Ninety KABC in Los Angeles between the hours of Newnan three each week day or worldwide at KABC DOT COM in Los Angeles. It's am seven ninety KABC. So the big story over the weekend that we've been discussing this morning involves a push by the Minneapolis City Council to get rid of the Minneapolis Police Department. They say they have a super majority on the council, which means they can hide veto from the mayor who says that he would veto that particular piece of legislation, but there is a will, and they are moving forward. And I was thinking about it all weekend long. What life would be like without a police department? And I've lived in the state of California. My entire life never lived in any of the other states. At all, not even for a little bit. So I can only speak about it from the perspective of someone who lives in the state of California. It may be different elsewhere. But my neighborhood I can tell you what would happen first and foremost, if suddenly the police department didn't exist. The homeless would take over. There would be no stopping them. And if you did attempt to stop them, you would be the one at fault and they would find a way to arrest you. Think about how often in major American cities? The cops have to respond to calls involving the homeless. Whether. They're breaking into cars whether they're breaking into buildings whether they're doing drugs and pub look. Whatever it is, the cops are constantly called to deal with issues involving the homeless. I've got a very good friend. Who Lives in San Diego? In a big building in a nice part of town. And homeless people. Will break into the building and just decide. They're gonNA live in the garage. And, for whatever reason they decided that his spot is the place to be location location location. So he has to be on the phone with the police nonstop to get them out his parking space, so he can park his car. With no police department. What does he do? There was one morning. I was sitting at my kitchen table and I was on my laptop, preparing for my radio show in Los Angeles. And at the time I was living in a building that had a courtyard and I was on the first floor right next to the pool. And I heard screaming and yelling coming from that courtyard. And I opened up my blinds and I looked out at the courtyard, and I saw police officers with their guns drawn pointed inside my neighbors unit. I had no idea what was going on, and that was not the moment to start asking questions. So I waited for all the commotion, and and that's when I started investigating to find out what happened. Because after all I am Mrs Kravitz. And, so after the situation was resolved, I walked down the hall and I started talking to one of the cops. And as it turns out what happened was. My neighbors. It was three people kind of three's company sort of thing. And two of them were at the Coachella Music Festival, a guy and a girl. And there was one girl who was left and she was by herself. And she woke up in the middle of the night. I guess it would be early morning hours. And decided she was going to go to the bathroom. And she said she could smell something. From the hallway coming from the living room, the stench of body odor, and whatever else was coming from the living room with so strong, she could smell it. So she walked down the hall and she saw there was someone on her couch. The chief didn't recognize. She goes back into a room and she texts her roommates and says hey, did you guys come home, or did you guys invite someone over because she's thinking? Hey, they've been coachella for a few days. Maybe they met a friend. And they said No. We're still at Coachella. So there's an intruder in her apartment on her couch. She locks the door panics and calls nine one one. That's when the cops get there. That's when I hear the screaming. As it turns out, it was a homeless person who was able to somehow get into the building. And they were able to break into her unit. They fixed food in the living room or in the kitchen, the eight it in the living room, and they had a bar in the apartment, and they poured themselves some drinks and then went to sleep. Imagine what would happen if there was no police to respond to that? What do you do if you're her? Where you're stuck inside your bedroom. You've got some intruder. You don't know who it is. You don't know why they're there. You don't know if they just got out of prison if they have a gun if they have a knife if they have a baseball bat, but there in your living room and you can see him and you can smell them. What are you supposed to do? I can't answer that question I. Betcha she wasn't armed. And if she did, shoot 'EM, she'd go to jail because it's California. But people are going to be faced with these sorts of questions in the city of Minneapolis all the time. And if you WANNA know what groups will be threatened. It's groups the typically vote Democrat. She was a single woman living in a big city in California. Without the police, she has no option for self defense without a gun, no option. If you look at the city of Baltimore. One of the big police incidents that happened that caused protests and strife and issues to be debated was the Freddie Gray incident which happened some time ago. Do you remember that gray? He was the guy that got arrested by the Baltimore. Police Department. And then they cuffed him, and they put them in the Paddy Wagon, and then they slammed on the brakes and he went flying. and. That became a big to do. And one of the reforms that was made in the city of Baltimore was that the cops were told to back off. We don't want the cops to be. Involved in aggressive policing in Baltimore. We want the cops to just take a step back and back off. Well. Ask anyone who lives in Baltimore. What life is like there now? Compared to what life was like before? There's a reason police departments are aggressive. There's a whole theory. That was created by a political scientist and academic by the name of James Q Wilson, it's called broken windows. And it's what they employed in New York City after all the wilding in the eighties under mayor. David Dinkins when New, York. City was thought to be ungovernable. People were moving out in droves. People were afraid to live there a violent place. and. Then Rudy Giuliani and Bill Bratton came in and cleaned it up and they used James. Q Wilson's philosophy of broken windows to do it. And the philosophy essentially says if you crack down on the small crimes, you will prevent the big crimes from happening. If people understand they can't hold you up. At a stop light by putting by squeegee ing your windows and then demanding money. They're less likely to pull a knife on you and ask for your wallet. So. They enforced it and they enforce it vigorously and it worked. And Dick reardon did the same thing in Los Angeles And mayors around the country did the same thing and their cities and they got crime under control. Well now what these activists are asking for? is to essentially reverse all of that. They WANNA. Get rid of broken windows. That's what they did in Baltimore. That's what they're gonNA do in Minneapolis, and it's coming to a town near you. If, you WanNa know what life is going to be like. After broken windows. is taken out. All of the city's just look at new. York City under Mayor David Dinkins. It was a disaster zone. It was unlivable. By property the way if you knew that Rudy Giuliani was coming. But that's what happened. We know what the result will be. We know more people will die. We know more people will be the victims of crime. We know more people will feel unsafe in their homes. If you tell the COPS tobacco off. And that's what's happening right now, and it's not just a fringe. It is the mayor of Los Angeles. It's the mayor of New York. City it's the Super Majority in Minneapolis. It's Brian Fallon by the way. Who Was Hillary Clinton's press secretary in two thousand sixteen. He's saying defunding the cops. This is not a fringe idea anymore. This is part of the Democratic Party Platform. Not Formerly at. But. It's part of the program of which their elected officials are pushing. and. Eric Garcetti the mayor of Los Angeles, he's a not. But in that world he's not thought of as being in that. In that world, he's thought of being a mainstream Democrat. He wants considered himself to be a candidate for president. He was kicking tires on that. He's floated the idea of running for governor of California or US senator from California. He doesn't see himself as a fringe political actor, he sees himself assemble with mass appeal. and. He is termed out as mayor of Los Angeles, but he also doesn't see his political career as being over. He wants to move on to bigger and better things, and he thinks by refunding the cops. That'll get him there. I don't see that happening. Especially, if city start dipping their toe in that water, because we'll see what happens real fast. If the news media chooses to cover it. But with cell phones and video recording devices. They won't be able to hide everything forever. Eventually videos will get out of what life is like in Minneapolis without the cops. And I'm here to tell you. It Ain't GonNa be pretty. It's John Phillips in for Armstrong and Getty. Jackson Joe back soon enough, but until then it's John Phillips Proud. I'm guessing he's glad to be off. The Windy fairways that we're not to kind to his golf shots this weekend. Well I think the homeowners are happy. That I'm offers fairways because let me tell you. When you hit those golf balls up into the atmosphere and they hit that jet stream they go fly often to the neighborhoods and they hit roofs. They hit walls. They hid swimming pools. It sounds like you're standing in Aleppo. These neighborhoods are just getting shelled. Those homes have to they they though homeowners insurance. No, they're on the golf. Course. They have to have some sort of extra. You know bad golfer. Insurance Policy Right. Is that a thing? I would imagine so if you're sitting in your backyard having breakfast on a Sunday morning, and you live on a golf course I'd be wearing a helmet. Because their title is just coming after you right and left. It's John Phillips in for Armstrong and Getty. You can get me on twitter at Johnny. Don't like now positive, Sean. A Little Birdie told me that you are a big investment guy. Well I am a part of the investor class you know I'm not gonNA put. Any sort of number is a big small I I don't know those those scale with perspective, but but I am officially member of the investor class. I have hundreds, literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars at work in the market as we speak. Now I always told a rumor that you actually have a shrine in your house to Jim Cramer and then another one to Lou Dobbs as if you were living in Pyongyang and it was for Kim Jong Hoon. Is that true? Jim Cramer not necessarily on my My shrine of worshipful investors but but I lie if I didn't say I took a listen to what he's saying every now and then, because even if you don't agree with philosophies, it's good to know what the strategies aren't. There are going and You know how to how to kind of lay out your own playbook. Okay so as it investment guy. I need you to explain something to me because I've been trying to figure this out and I can't do it, but I'm not an investment guy, so this is not my world that your world. We have seen massive unemployment in this country since shut everything down due to covid nineteen. People are signing up for unemployment benefits. Various industries aren't allowed to be open for business yet. The stock market is going absolutely gangbusters. Investors have confidence in this economy. Why do you think that is? Well part of the the reason why the stock market's gone up because he got hit so hard at the start of all this this pandemic one of my favorite actions, the stocks go down faster than they go up, but they go up more than they go down so there is that this was also not an economic based. kind of a market slide this. There wasn't something inherently broken with the way that the company was or the country was doing business it was a government mandated shutdown. And, so I think the people were much more eager to once. They saw the dips. Say Hey, you know these companies that I wanted to own two and a half months ago. These are still good companies. They still have solid balance sheets. Now's a great time to kind of make a new entry point into the company so because it wasn't a an inherent problem like the housing bubble or or the subprime. Mortgages that went out there. There wasn't that that singular flaw in the economics that caused the collapse I. Think people have been much more. Encouraged to get back into the market. Do. You think this is a belief that is pretty much exclusively held on Wall Street or is it held on Main Street to and I say that because I was looking at some stats, and I guess the bookings at Airbnb and the bookings for cruise ships are absolutely through the roof and I thought to myself if people didn't have faith that this economy was going to bounce back. Would you put a vacation on the calendar? Would you book a? A room at AIRBNB. Would you book crews? Probably not, but if people are voting with their money, and they're spending money, because they think the cruise ships going to be operating, and they think they're going to be able to go on vacation to Orlando or wherever it is that they plan on going. Maybe they have the same confidence in the economy that wall. Street does it anecdotes lead. Not only are people in my sub forty year old age bracket. Somewhat you know looking forward to to win. Things open back up, but they are actively putting money into the market for the first time. you know, I, have friends coming to say hey, I know you've been doing this investing for you. Know a little more than a year. So what? How'd you get started? What was this like I'm having these. Investing one on one conversations with with friends who are who are looking to by the dips as we say. And the employment numbers last week that came out were pretty good. It looks like we've hit rock bottom with the number of people who are going to be laid off and people are being called back to work in the unemployment. Numbers seem to be going in the right direction. There's that and there was also I believe the. Unemployment benefits were good through July. I don't believe those have been extended so some of the people who have been hesitant to go back to work because they've been getting more on from the stay at home, kind of unemployment boosts that they got when that extra money runs out. Are they going to be more? You know amp to get back into work I think they will but time will tell on that. What I'm going to be watching closely or the small businesses because the small businesses got hit the hardest. The process of getting their money from the government was laborious, and it was very difficult. Yes! Some of them got it. Some of them didn't and I. AM curious as to how many of them are going to be open for business. When all of this ends, there was one theory that was floating around. That said that many of them would never reopen their doors at all. But when you talk to people and you talk to small business owners and people who work for small businesses they seem now. It seems like we've turned a corner and they've gone from death and despair to being optimistic that things are going to bounce back. Back and I hope they're right. I hope these optimists are going to see what they believe is going to happen. Come to fruition. Of course, a time will tell a lot of it will depend on what industry you're in. If you're in the travel industry, if you're in the transportation industry, if you're in, industries, have been hit hard by Covid nineteen. It may be a take longer time amount of time for your recovery. It's John. Phillips in for Armstrong and Getty more coming up. Armstrong and getty.

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Ep 738 | Biden LIMITS What Border Patrol Can Tell Media About Crisis | Guest: John Doyle

The News & Why It Matters

44:15 min | 4 months ago

Ep 738 | Biden LIMITS What Border Patrol Can Tell Media About Crisis | Guest: John Doyle

"Today the biden administration is restricting. What border patrol agents are allowed to tell the media amid the border wall. It's not a crisis depending on who you're talking to but it's a crisis also an update in the andrew cuomo scandal. We've got a lot coming up today. Starts right now. Welcome to the news and it matters. I'm sarah gonzalez happy saint patrick's day. Today we bring you a token irishman. John you're off the irish perspective commentator. John doyle we really honestly we were like. Oh wait crap you're right. We did have an irishman on saint patrick's day how appropriate also joined by jason butter. All chief researcher of the glenn beck program who is i. Don't know what your heritage's you're wearing the right color though. I just not john. John told me i'm just totally appropriate. You can call it. Want irish people. Don't care the problem is that you're like a twenty year old college going to wear green and be festive. The actual irishman and wearing an errand wall sweater. The best war in the world comes from the islands where i visited. What was it three summers ago. So like this is like actually what irish people would wear. And you're just like green. That's irish culture green. Mike how can i get enough. Green got the green dress. But i need the green eye shadow to match it and i also have green on my own. We're not dry. I'm celebrating. I know i know i know i should have. Maybe during the break we can go. I mean we need something irish. Which would be whiskey. So there's whiskey anywhere chad in the building so headlines of the day again. I feel like a broken record. We've talked about the border crisis again. It's not a crisis depending on who you're talking to. But it's a crisis when it seven hundred and twenty nine percent overcapacity and some of these migrant facilities. But we've talked about this at great length every day and i get so tired of talking about it but it's all a freaking going on number one and number two it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse so the latest is biden administration is now reportedly restricting what border patrol agents are allowed to share with members of the media. Of course this is the very very transparent biden harris administration that is our restricting these border patrol members to tell the media certain things the they apparently this four current and two former customs and border protection officials who shared this news and they said that they have passed down verbally. of course. it's not an official memo that would be able to be traced back and they are viewed as an unofficial quote gag order within the agency so they. They said that they needed to deny all meteor quest for ride alongs with agents and they need to send all information queries even from local media to the press office in washington for approval and those responsible for cultivating data about the number of migrants in custody have been reminded not to share the information with anyone to prevent leaks now It's interesting because a as i just mentioned earlier john This is not a crisis. Well if it was not crisis. I don't see why we need to clamp down on the on the evidence that's being given to the media but also like i thought we were gonna to get transparency here. Well when they say media who they like. Laura ingram like like. Msnbc gonna run defense for them. Cnn like actually gonna want to report on that information like maybe fox news. Yeah so yeah. They're really clamping down on aren't they. I mean i would. I will say who is it. The new york times has at least surprised me in reporting any of this i mean. I think that they're still trying to be favorable to joe biden. I've been surprised at like some of the mainstream media not not be tv outlets but some of the mainstream media old-timey newspaper type outlets have surprised me on this young key. Just imagine doing it this way but just imagine what would have happened if this would have been going on during the trump administration. Aoc was going down to these facilities including concentration camp the concentration camps or internment camps. Whatever but when she was going down and all white and and doing that stuff what would have had parking lot it crying at the parking lot with a fence. What would it have a shoot walk up to that fence. And they wouldn't have leonard letter beyond the door. She would've stayed this huge asking. You know to get more attention So we know that this was all about attention. is this is it. Is it bad that there's kids and there's people in these facilities. Yeah it is bad. It's it's not a trump's fault. Obviously not obama was the reporter and chief for crying out loud. Forget that he was called that he built the dam cages. For crying out loud. We trace this back. All the way to janet reno and bill clinton really when a lot of this started again. You never hear these things. Bad borna policy is has compounded over the years and this is where we're at right now but the problem is in the left when they talk about it. You know they're the they're the morality police here so they have every good intention when it comes to what's going on right now it's just one of republicans office. They have the bad intention. I actually saw an article in the hill today where they were talking about the child the child of families being separated thing and they actually said that families were being separated under the trump administration. S unsensitive an incentive tactic. So that people wouldn't cross the border. I could not believe that. I mean again policy from back during janet reno in the clinton era. Wow that's incredible. Now as you know i think outlets like new york times kind of feel compelled to talk about this. They've talked about the so much. They know that we're gonna throw it in their face. Yes and we'll they've they've kind of radicalize themselves for the last four years. I feel like look no right exactly but now and you already seeing this. I think from sake actually said this. My saying that right to your pus ocoee. No it's not it's silent okay. So this is not a possum type situation. I think. I think that what's ridiculous as i said this last week on your show is anytime someone on the left. Does some of these things one of these infractions. Whether it's a me for action whether now it's a border and immigrant infraction the there as sarah silverman said is that it's just it's just assume that people in the left don't really mean bad intent when they do it. It's only when you're on the right that there's bad intent or there's some kind of you know evil you know dr evil intention behind it also is another good example of how the left has really one culture war. It's absolutely insane. We both can do the same things right. But they're you know virtuous were evil for some. What are your thoughts on. It's interesting because like you said with them. Winning the culture where it's because they control all of the media and so even though we can say it's not exactly like an orwellian situation because it's not exactly the state that's controlling the flow of information. It's the privatize corporations. But still they just act as an extension of that stay with the same narratives and so we can do something. And we're hitler but then they can do it and it's actually well. They're not cages there. What was the new word that well first they said containers. But now it's receptions use reception centers. Because they have the power and they can control things and so as conservatives we have no power and so all we can do is just point the finger and say well. You're not following the standards that you get to set because you get to set the standards and we don't but you're not following them. So you're a hypocrite. It's like they're not bad because They're immoral or because they want to take rights away. They're bad because they're hypocrites. Which is a really impotent position for us to be in because we don't even have the power to set the standard so all we left to do is just react to that. So so what is. What is the solution then. Because i hate to please solve all the world's problems but i mean you look at it and it's like none of this has gotten us anywhere i mean. Look at the state of affairs. We've got democrats controlling everything in washington. And what do you do. Because i know that a lot of people feel like the angel on their shoulder is saying okay. We still need to be the morally superior ones no matter what we can't get down in the mud with them and then you've got the devil on your shoulder going. Yeah but that's how they've gotten as far as they have. And you have to fight. Fire with fire which i used to be. I used to be like yeah. We don't want to do what they do. And now i'm like i don't see another way around it. Well that's the thing is like to have that angel and devil on your shoulder. I think that being pacified would actually be more of like a the devils position to be moral into know that you are correct requires that you assert that a lot of times the right. I think largely because of libertarianism has sort of adapted this policy or adopted this policy rather of like well. There's you know it's not my position to say what's right or wrong and so we can kind of just have this moral vacuum but the left doesn't agree that they don't wanna leave that vacuum up and they're like oh you're not going to do anything. Okay we will in the sort themselves. Wait a minute we weren't gonna. Hey we don't even have a seat at the table anymore. Then we're playing defense instead of playing offense. We're busy trying to explain to people that were not racist. We're not on the back foot for whether there are two genders now and people still think that we can agree to these principles and flake. Your children are going to public school and coming home like mommy. Mommy mommy i think i might be a boy just like oh man those crazy liberals and it's like then the children will reject you interject reject the families faith in the like they'll just divorce themselves completely from the family and we need to seriously change and i try to communicate this to my audience often but a lot of them are still in that like psychology of the last fifty years and they think they're like well we just gotta do it this time but do it right and it's like no. We're losing for those reasons. I think i saw video of yours of many. Such cases really suck home but it kind of goes into this. We gotta stop. I think we've got to get away from who's morally right and morally wrong and conservatives and this is all you i if i remember correctly but conservatives have kind of we've kind of been built up on you know we're the we're the moral moral superior you know and how far is slightly all right. Well i think the democrats essentially just kind of turn it around against us now. They're like no. They're the morally superior because you know they care about immigrants as they say that is if we don't right which is ridiculous and the way that they've won this now everyone pretty much of the majority of the country. I think kind of believes that. Yeah yeah it's it's it's it's it's it's it's morally superior just to to Have these programs to not care about border security to pretty much with your actions and your policies to invite people across the border and you 'cause the situation that's going on right now somehow seventy five percent of the country thinks that's the way to go. Yeah just absolutely insane said on the show that the what we were going to have is a very real thing called. The people were predicting was the biden effect. The biden effect of moving away from trump's border immigration policies was in the caused all these people to come down. We were fully expecting it and sure enough towards the end of twenty twenty. They were already starting to do that. I mean we gotta be. We've got to having stay on the full. What can we do to show people that. Look their morality is based it's bullcrap. Yeah it's based on a lie and really pretty much every liberal policy. They don't give a crap about the poor now you don't give a crap about immigrants the game whatever that makes helps them win the moral argument of that time to gain voters that is it and that is all i guess that obama the the chief he biden become the same thing he was into the exact same thing that trump was doing. He's an all these problems. He was going to put people in cages everything. We cannot let them say no. because we're democrats. We have good intentions for it. It's bullcrap so sometimes. I wonder if they will eventually do it to themselves. Because you're seeing. I alluded to it earlier. That they're radicalizing a lot of these people through their rhetoric for the last four years five years. We've heard all of these things about hygiene phobic if you want to you know like vet someone before you let them into our country. You're racist if you don't believe in black lives matter. You're doing all of these things and they have been radicalizing slowly these people and now all of a sudden they're doing the same things. Joe biden is putting kids in containers. You've got joe biden. Not responding to black lives matter. Who sends a letter to him saying. Hey you know. We're ready to work with you. You need to work with us. And he's not even responding and so i'm wondering like are these people ever going to have a point where they realize they have a light bulb moment. We were just used. Oh crap we were just used as pawns in this entire thing. Sorta filibuster this john. But my gosh here we go. This is a very good point because this is the problem with the left playing footsie with the far left conservatives can take a very good lesson from this as well unless you're completely ideologically you know in tune with with some of the people that start to comment support you turn turn turnabout turner back on them. They're they've gone in with marxist. Well they are. They're marcus they've gone in with the far left the far far left. There are all kinds of lock in lockstep. What's going to happen when they see that. Nothing has changed under biden. What's going to happen. They're going to get mad and radicalized. They're going to gain a numbers and eventually they'll start winning elections. This is very very dangerous if you play footsie with the radical ends of the political spectrum if they give into you and go onto your side because it gives you an opportunity to rethink change is going to happen. You're going to be very upset when that doesn't happen when we Think the entire country is kind of in that state right now. We're we don't like government. Nobody on both sides we we hate government because nothing ever happens what we want something. They tell us during elections that they're going to do them and they never do it. People get radicalized still riots going on in the pacific northwest. We just talked about that on the largest show. They're trying to burn down federal buildings. Because who knows why you can just never satisfy these people because they don't exist in these movements to like okay. Finish the job. Let's go home like their entire purpose. Raison d'etre so to speak is like literally trying like fight off these fascists and and these neo liberals or whatever because they're insecure and they are spiritually ill and so they have no like greater purpose than that because they grew up like binge reading the hunger games and harry potter. I'm dumbledore doors army. Don't they think they're doing their larvae. Live action roleplaying when they go out there. And you can tell by their is to like if you looked in the eyes of a young man storming normandy or something or hamburger hill. Like you'll see like this grit and this passion. They looked totally. Like they're not really sure why they're not only golden and there's actually notice how you see their mugshots. They're all very Less than than model like people and then they all have died hair to look like. They haven't showered and a month. So that's the thing. There's a phenomenon in biology. Called episodes ism is where inst- Insects and certain reptiles will cast in convey bright colors basically to let predators that they're not worth messing with and there was a biologist published a paper arguing. That's the same thing that we see with these people. Why all dispiritedly ill and mentally ill people have those colored hair and i understand your eye shadow like is going up on the program first and last of the same thing almost a way of like subconsciously conveying like i'm not worth messing with lake I messed up. Yeah well. I learned something new about myself today. Thank you for that dr. john doyle we've got more to come. I wanna thank our sponsor home title lock if you have not heard yet about home title theft you better listen up because you don't want it to happen to you. 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We're not holding children in cells and stuff like trump did. These are like obviously bubbles. Okay there containers. They're not they're more like hamster wheels. Here is let's. Let's watch really quickly. Joe biden saying we're not doing what trump did watch what do you do with an unaccompanied child comes the border to repeat what trump did repeat. Were trumped edge. Take them from their mothers. Move them away. Hold them and cells et cetera. We're not doing that on if if they were unaccompanied minors which joe biden just said they were how do you take them then from their mothers if they're unaccompanied i'm trying to understand how that if they're unaccompanied i don't think they're showing up with their mothers so i don't think here and able to and that's always been the standard. That's not a trump standard right right right but but let me really quickly let me let me get your thoughts on this gentleman. George stephanopoulos was asking joe biden. Could you maybe tell these people don't calm because we've had this argument on the show. Many times You know you think about what is the humane and moral thing to do. And we hear jen psaki constantly reference that well we're doing the humane and moral thing on like our predecessor. But you look at this and you're like well the moral thing to do would be to make sure that these countries no to stop sending their people stop making the dangerous journey if it is so dangerous to make their journey. Here tell them not to come. Here is what joe biden has to say about that. A lot of the migrants coming in saying they're coming in because you promised to make things better. It seems to be getting worse by the day. Was it a mistake not to anticipate the surge. Well first of all there was a surge the last two years and nineteen and twenty there was a surge as well. This might be worse. No well it could be. But here's the deal. We're sending back people for first of all the idea that joe biden said come because i heard the other day that they're they're coming is. I'm a nice guy. And i won't this. Yeah well. here's the deal. They're not to say don't cost yes i can say quite clearly. Don't come and what we're in the process of getting set up. Don't leave your town. Our city or community sold plan. That sounded really really convincing. We're gonna here's the deal. Our way into the implosion of. Here's the deal That no that didn't happen. That's not happening done all right. We're moving on gas because and said here's the deal so he really meant it but usually works bank robbers senior disabled. Stay home tonight. Beer watch the simpsons. Because they think i'm a nice guy simpsons you are old So i don't. I don't think the average american is buying what joe biden is selling right. Now gentlemen do you really quickly before we move on. I don't think the average american really cares. i mean. I assure they care about the uae. Think that people oftentimes on the right. We sort of have this like why. Don't they just want to do all the research that we do. And it's like the average american. Just kinda wants to go to work and come home. Opened up a six pack. Watched the simpsons like they they. They're all they sort of. Have this yeah. South park is sort of this naive but like understandable inclination to just want to trust what the screen people are telling them that it's true but unfortunately it's not. It's just serving as an extension of the biden regime so to speak. So yeah it's disheartening. To see people care if it serves their purpose. That's kind of where we're at right now. So you know the left really cared for years ago. Because it served their purpose they could use it to show how great they facebookcom just like. Everyone really needed to know people putting the signs up in my neighborhood. The what was it just like. This house believes that black lives matters the doors. I think it's really brave of you to say you don't like lynching very racial didn't know that now it was then twenty twenty eight in twenty twenty. It is very stunning and brave to come out like that. Yeah right most people man you got to really worry about them all right. Let's move on to joe biden. Speaking of him he's finally going to give his first press conference. They say this is what they say. They say he's finally going to first press conference next week which i think we were told last week going to be on thursday and before that i don't know i mean all i know is that this is now a record in modern history. The first time that a president has gone over one hundred days without a press conference and they keep pushing the football further and further down. I is he going to do it. Is he ever. I feel like he has to do it eventually at some point. They're going to have to face this. They can't continue pushing the press off especially because the press as narcissistic they are are using this as a oh. You can't do this to us. We are the white house. press corps breaking watergate. Yeah so. I mean they have a problem with that. And they're going to continue to put pressure on the administration and even though the administration is not used to having any sort of pressure put on them. I feel like he. He's gonna have to do this eventually right. he will have to. People eventually will hold them accountable like he mentioned for their own purposes. Like i wanna feel like a legitimate reporter. So i wanna ask you. What your favorite ice cream isn't your answer is something like that. I missed trump. Trump would just go out there and they'll have to keep him away from the press spar with them just for his own amusement. He just they told me. I had to come talk to the fake news media so here i am what are you want you know my stance on this i i love not here in for the president i really do. I hate here for the prisoner. Hey how the president's been turned into a king and celebrity. So i don't like listening to the person but this is a different case because now there make sure your president knows what day it is. The right yeah. And there's more than he's the president knows what he's doing I i think there is a big portion of the country. This is actually legitimately concerned. It's warranted concerned that you know he can actually handle this because think about some of these are gonna be coming after him. He's easily rattled as we saw on the campaign trail. Now if you have five guys bam bam answering questions asking him questions that he does not want to answer things could go sideways. It's interesting though because even gen Sake she's she's. They're getting the questions in advance. Where are all the verb the reports that i've been reading so it's like they could just be doing that for joe biden very simple to feel the questions in advance. Get him what he needs and just let him play along but then also he just gave a speech and couldn't remember the his own defense secretaries name and the pentagon so you have to believe that that was written on the paper and he just or the or the prompter and he still couldn't cut it but they better be careful with that if they do something like that they better be careful because it's now getting to a point where people are looking for conspiracy and this is what happens. This is what you need to do. The press conference because people are so curious there like either making crap up or they're seeing things that may or may not be there. You might know where. I'm going with this but the microphone did you'll see that wild. It's weird looking. It's why i don't know. I i really i don't know what to say about. It looks odd but when you have these suspicions which they are making it worse. You're gonna see whatever you wanna see right there right. That's a good point. You're going to see them holding flowers. Instead of microphones eventually gets too bad. It's really weird stuff with. I saw one video where When he has his speech impediment not his you know declining speech impediment where his mouth sort of make that like default south park mouth where it's just kind of like looking fair what happened you can slow down in zoom and watch they have deep faked it into his signature. Joe biden scranton. Smile or whatever. But it's like actually that puzzled face and you can see the The corner of his mouth raise in a way not natural human movement and so they've like literally gone edited that to cover up for him just being completely lost like though he's not like loading next thought is in queued up in processing. He's just smiling and laughing just amuse and having a good time it's crazy. You have to send me these know out there. Yeah i will. It's it's like the most illegitimate and you know not in terms of the election but in terms of just like this guy is actually like a puppet not being controlled but like literally. They have to marry in that this guy because he just doesn't know where he is or what's going on. It is very scary times. Well we will be here to give you the press conference and all it's glory whenever that happens. We're still waiting. We're still waiting for you to come out and take questions. We've got a lot more to come including andrew cuomo. There's more to that story when we come back after the break. I want to thank our sponsor express. Vpn if you were a trump supporter. Be careful because the left is coming for you in case you haven't noticed. They are going to continue their campaign of censorship repression. Cancel culture until every last voice every last one of us has been crushed now. Of course you know this already. 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You've got to go over to express. Vpn dot com slash. You'll get three months for free If you go to express vpn dot com slash y that is expressed vpn dot com slash. Back in a minute governor. Andrew cuomo was the news for him just keeps getting worse. And i personally in loving every minute of it. He was reportedly involved in the writing of a letter that his inner circle passed around two former. Staffers aimed at tarnishing lindsay. Boylans credibility after. Of course she was. The will one of the accusers of sexual harassment and repeated unwanted advances now. Apparently the letter suggested that her accusations were premeditated and politically motivated. Reportedly revealed personnel complaints filed against her and attempted to link her to supporters of of course donald trump. Because that's what you do when you want to discredit someone in the leftist movement. That's what we saw gavin newsom. Do i think we may. We may have that later. I'm not sure. But gavin newsom goes on and like oh the only people trying to recall me or those q. And on people and trump supporters as mega people are trying to all drink on me. Like okay guys. That's the best way to your. California is to continue calling them in on when they don't like you but yeah so they are passing around this letter. Cuomo's team and the letter said weaponising claim of sexual harassment for personal political. Gain or to achieve notoriety cannot be tolerated false claims demeaned the veracity of credible claims. Which is i mean if this is true. If what she said was true what a slap in the face to real sexual assault victims everywhere to for someone like andrew cuomo to be saying false claims demeaned veracity of credible claims like. I don't think if you're andrew cuomo you ought to be in the position where you're the one who is man's planning that to your staffers but would it surprise you at all to hear report. That cuomo is of course Involved in this andrew. No never seems like such a nice guy. Yeah yup mafioso at all. No upstanding character. I mean big fan really sure. I think it's funny. How the metoo movement has just completely like come back to. It's like they've raised this like monster of just like you know. Innocent until proven guilty is just like thrown out the window and then like the fire gets big and starts eating them. They're like wait a minute. No not me like whoa. Whoa hold on. What about due process. Investigation oh okay. It's interesting how you guys take that stand now specifically andrew cuomo who has gone on record especially when when they were talking about the whole to buckle and he's like oh believe all women women need to be believed women need to be heard. We need an independent investigation. How quickly he is his mind. He maintains the virtue signal. So in that particular case it's like we need to believe all women and in this case when he's getting You know the the lights shine on him. He's like well. We need to do that. But we really do. Believe the women who are credible because otherwise would the veracity is just still like trying to maintain this sort of moral high ground regardless of the circumstances moral high ground. That is something andrew cuomo knows. Nothing about i wouldn't neither would any career politician pretty much And i think that's pretty much my point. Of course. I believe that he would probably be involved with something like this. And the thing is is that an and again. This is why we need to get away from the morality of both sides of the of the of the aisle. They all do this crap. And i think that will see all of them but a huge amount of the politicians. They're just a slimy as the governess vietnam libertarians. I hate the government But most of them are narcissists. Most of them are morally bankrupt. Cuomo is just. I don't know a better mascot for for most of the morally bankrupt politicians out there. I would not be surprised at all. The most ridiculous thing is again. I hate doing the policy. Line is just how they're responding now versus when they were riding that train during the trump administration as if this was like a byproduct of the trump administration or something like that which i kind of felt like. That's what they were trying to say. Really i went over to listen to those twitter page. I don't think she's even commented. On it i get interested. She tweets a lot so i was scrolling through really quick to see what she says. She doesn't she's i don't think she's employed right now. So if she does she's a relevant. The only time eliza milano has ever been relevant is when she was the cheerleader and the it music video blink quantity to fire. I saw that one. I was watching the simpsons. One i think they did a cameo. No but you know. I think my favorite part of the hypocrisy though is that they have already set the standard that even if he were to say well now. It wasn't technically it wasn't sexual assault. Like maybe i made an off color joke. Or whatever or i mean in their world he cannot ask anyone out. He can't and turns out. He can't say anything to staffers to anyone. Because of the power dynamic. That's what they say. Oh but it's the power dynamic you knew that you were powerful over them and you should like you did it on purpose because you knew the power that you held. That's their standard that they've held so in that case like he's guilty on everything right if they're going by their own standard and i'm i'm curious. What the heck was the final line that crossed when these women and i do believe were allowed or allowed to unleash and start coming out. You have to believe. It's the attorney general right in new york. Maybe i think has political. I keep reports that she has political aspirations and of course she is more radical left than cuomo. So this really. I think is a case of the left eating their own but i think she she wants. She's trying his job and she wants him out. And this is a way to get. I mean it wasn't all of the deaths that he caused at the nursing homes. That's what's period. The the majority of the coverage is on the sexual harassment claims right and again because the media arnie screwed they already screwed up on that they can't come back and admit that they failed to cover it so now they've got to find something else i think. Oh my gosh man. It's it gets tiring talking about the and how they've handled you know right versus left issues but it is. It is so much on display. Right now i mean what was the last thing with that. Was that the georgia call. The washington post was talking about and then every single media outlet afterwards was just saying. Oh yeah we verified that. Check our sources well in all actuality there were probably checking one source. The one that i brought it. And now it's complete bullcrap complete bullcrap and we know they're not really owning up to it too much besides like a little retraction correction retract. It and when are you going to go back. I mean the damage has been done on that when you need to go back to the article and look to see if there's any corrections on one of these major story going to do it now. Same thing on russia everything they were on all of that. They're the ones that will sit there and say. Disinformation is the biggest. Fake news is the biggest issue in the country. Though all say that when they're the worst thing. I think we call that gas lighting all right. We've got more to come back in a minute right. We're talking about gavin newsom earlier. Here's the clip of Gavin newsom of course he is. He's they've gotten over two million signatures to recall him. The only needed one point five now. They've got to go through the signatures. Because of course gavin newsom is going to make sure if there's a way to get any of these signatures thrown out. He will but here is what he has to say about all of the signatures of people who want to recall him in the state of california. Watch you have people that are part of the lead. Coalition that started this petition That are avid boy members. There part of the three percenters the rightwing militia group They are supporters of cunanan conspiracy theorists white supremacist groups. That's not just a factual And so at the end of the day. That's the origins of this. And you combine that with newt. Gingrich and mike huckabee and devon nunez and now the rnc nationalizing this recall time and money. You're going to get something on the ballot. But what do you think of the two million or so californians who have signed it. Who signed this petition. I'm not talking about the leader's you just went after certainly all two million californians who signed this aren't all trumpsters. Wow so. John gavin newsom. I'd like is he trying to read pill. All of these people defended personally. I think that him calling into question. The legitimacy of those signatures is a threat to democracy. Jason he's ridiculous. I have family members that are not right-leaning. They're left leaning over and california. Have my family's over there my wife side and even they were talking. Trash gavin newsom has united california. It really has. And that's the and how what he's doing is the prime example of what we said was the reason why they were keeping national guard in washington. Dc where they were doing such a big push on all these domestic terror threats trying to make. It seem like the january. Six riot was all just like these like radical right wing groups. You know that all descended there are families there for crying out loud. they weren't all right wing people but they're trying to you. Saw him do this. He was trying to take a small group of people queue in on three percenters. These militias whatever trying to say. That was then there was doing it in conjunction with like mike huckabee. People like that so trying to do is they're trying to say. These are extremists. He lumps in everyone into the pot of right wing extremists. And so everyone's guilty. Everyone's guilty just because these people exist that's what they're going to continue to do to us. Nearly as i think the dna just released a domestic extremists a report and it's crazy and they talked about how there's an elevated threat At the very end of the report. They talk about the different kinds of domestic extremists. They go all through. I'm like you know right wing. Pretty much left wing. Call it that Even like animal activist environmental activists stuff like that but their entire report in the first half and it's only four pages is all just about you can tell they're talking about right wing extremists. So i mean the more this goes through and this is going to be there tactic. All of us are just guilty. Not even by association because we don't associate with them but just because certain groups of people at an on call themselves right wing and most of them aren't even right wing lobby the neo nazi groups. Richard spencer they're not right wing. Joe biden supporter this election. They believe in national socialism their left-wing. There's nothing right wing about them. Going to group and lump all of us into that pot speaking of california so finally disneyland universal studios. The theme parks in california are able to reopen early as april. But they have to take steps to make sure that you can't scream on the on the riots. I'm not making this up. They have to take steps to ensure the screaming on the rides does not lead to the spread of covid nineteen. So they said you. You have to limit Activities like singing and shouting face covering usage and or modifications to loading patterns. We'll be required. Of course they are only able to open under fifteen percent capacity and in-state visitors only no indoor dining and don't freaking screen because you're gonna kill grandma with your with your screaming john. I agree with that completely. Someone who makes a living in politics. I have no principles. I just adapt to whatever immediately convenient. And you're screaming on a roller coaster. You should be in jail like you're ruining not screen. It's not that deep like if you're screaming on a roller coaster you're just acting like look at me. I'm have no one screams on roller coasters like authentically. And if you do you shouldn't be on a rollercoaster. I feel very very right now. You need to talk. Like i said john was great to have you on my last august. You're screaming on. Roller is perhaps need to go somewhere to get reeducated on how it's improperly. I like how it was more than two screaming. Though it was not singing you can go to these. themes fun. don't have phones. es they're open but don't laugh you smiling. You're opening your mouth which could lead to your germs spreading that. either. I mean we. You've never can be too sure. No outside out freaking side in california where it's like always seventy degrees the strategy for making us country so d- unified and so like absolutely isolated is like you can't even see people's faces anymore and i just moved from michigan and so i was like completely like. Oh yes yes sir. I'll put my mask. And i went and i had breakfast and i like saw the hostesses face and i was like this is so cool i can make see another person now. I felt like an actual human being. Not just like some cog in the machine cox sheep. It really is. It's amazing we. Have you know you. Dave and came to visit us not too long ago and of course. He's in california and they're like it's so weird to see people's faces. I mean we've kind of been like living like this the whole time so i think we may be taken for granted. What a crazy time. People are having no no. It feels crazy. I was i was in. Dc back in december and so there are at the heart of covid as a political weapon. You know and then we're just ramping on all the time and they were so freaking scared and you could tell like here you go to the stockyards stockyards it. Yeah so he goes stockyards and you can't even tell there was ever a pandemic. Most people are not wearing masks or walking around high five in their drinking beers out in the street. it's awesome. Oh totally like free society. Normal you feel normal but in dc. It's like there's hardly anybody out if there is and you walk past them. They literally cross. The street is so we're going into an elevator. I was in an elevator and me and the guy that i was with We didn't we didn't have mass on. No we did not have any elevator. This guy of course had his mask on the door opened. He looked did one of these things and didn't even say he hit the next one. He just took two steps back. That wasn't because he was pissed politically. He was frightened. He was scared. Yeah it that's everywhere. Banks mainstream media really appreciate it. We're the stockyards like like a week you go and Some guy came up to me. And i was just like he was like. Hey man i was like. Oh sorry i put. My mascot could lean who like we have community in texas new thing i've ever heard we'll be back in a second all right. Don't forget to go to wherever you got your audio podcast support for the news and why it matters subscribe rate and review. Make sure to give us five is because we deserve no less than five stars. I mean actually deserve more. But i think five stars is the max that you can give us unfortunately You may also see your review. Read live on air. We've got one today from jim bob. Seven six eight. jim. Bob are you in texas. Just that sound. That sounds like a texas name right there Do love the show. Business subscriber to blaze. Tv since the day after it started. Have never miss your show but decided to get the podcast. Then i can read it some serious news and fun just the packages that is needed. Might need more cowbell. That's cute that's good. Point can always use more careful everything. Don't forget that you can find John here if you if you're still a fan of i don't know i'm not anymore. He dogged me too many times on my own show they can find you on youtube Youtube dot com slash. john's oil. You can go to off. Commun- dot com. That's my website. You could find me on twitter. But then i got banned because told people to call their congressmen so that. Oh wow ooh totally responsible or instagram. John jay thanks. Thanks for listening to the news and why it matters. We hope you enjoyed the podcast. If you'd like to watch the program become a blaze. Tv subscriber and start your free now at blaze tv dot com.

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Jenna Wolfe Is A Badass

If These Ovaries Could Talk

47:29 min | 1 year ago

Jenna Wolfe Is A Badass

"Welcome to if these ovaries could talk. I'm gene I'm Robin where you're sure Beijing. Though I am a lesbian we tell our stories. Not your nuclear family anymore. Such as your mom and dad were not burning. Hello come before you get into the episode. We had Kelsey of Kelsey and Alexis. Who are a couple episodes ago? Wrote in based on something. Jamie said in last week's up. Yeah so just a recap. I was on vacation recently with my kids and we went to the theme parks and I was complaining that you know one of us has to hang back with a two year old while the other one gets go on the ride but the six year old and you know that's the not so fun and then Kelsey wrote and said fun fact about her. She said she's worked at both. Disneyland Universal Studios and Seaworld San Diego and the plate of passing around the children sacrificing which attraction the adults can go on very common but she says a theme parks there. Is this thing called writer? Switch switch switch write it down friends because it's the thing where the first half year party can go on with the kid while the other one hangs back but the one with the little one and then when when the first parent finish the ride the second parent can go on with the little one again. Usually with a much shorter waiting time. Yeah you just have to. I guess your kid gets to go twice. You get to both go and but I guess you like tell the person at the front line. Do the writer switch. I don't really know how that works out with. Somebody should look that up. Tell us how to do it. And say how so guys check out the right or switch switch to try it out see if it works but then your two year old is literally just hanging out in the sun for a really long time doing anyway. I mean we take it to your old to what's happening ever Ryan was like really into the Lego cars and cars if there was a car. S. Car running two cars. You know any way we also have to give a little shout out to New Jersey. They just pass something around Second Parent Adoption Go New Jersey. Basically a January fifteenth governor signed new legislation. What it's going to do is make it easier for lgbtq parents to do second parent adoption. So it's basically going to help people. You're not going to have to do the homestudy anymore. Background checks or the appearances in court for hearing so it's GonNa make it cheaper and make it easier access and quicker. Yeah and I mean how does New Jersey so I guess if you don't have to do the background check maybe that means you don't have to give your last thirty thousand years of addresses because that's the part? I hated the most They also called confirmatory adoption. I guess there's a second word for that. I'd never heard confirmatory adoption Interesting but If you're a New Jersey you know you lucky easier and you get the second just easier path the second parent adoption hopefully other states follow suit like nyc. Get on it. Please get on it. So I can get my confirmatory adoption in the middle of the process. I know but it's it's stalled. It's stalled so maybe we'll pass that law before I finish. How does New York passing get you out of the stalled state? I'm curious because it's easier than I go to the line and be like we don't have to do any of this stuff and you don't need this paperwork took. Can you just file please? You know I don't know I don't know before we get to our kickoff for women's history month guest happy women's history month to we want to say thank you a little shoutout to Allie Harper and her wife Jennifer who joined us on Patriots. Go go go and our mayor. Jennifer may or may not be upcoming guests they may or may not be and they may or may not be talking about something that is one of my favorite things in the world they are. They're amazing anyway. Check out our Patriot community after you listen to this up. Of course. Yeah to kick off women's history month that's really wonderful that we have the guests we have on though because she basically made some history and she's a bad ass lady bad ass in many ways. Choose so it's Jenna Wolfe in the former today. Show correspondent host and she's also the current host on first things first on Fox sports one and she's a bad she's bad ass. He also wrote a book called dinner and Thirties. Mall CHANGES THAT. Add Up to big weight loss in just thirty two and I may or may not be doing to those to those to those three things currently currently all right. Let's let our. She's bad ass happy women's history month. Let's do this bad mommy. Thank you for coming in person. Yes studios I feel like we have a celebrity and I mean we do. We feel Celebrity s really like. I have to tell you John. I know us where it gets creepy. You don't know me. I live next door to you. Not Creepy but it is the little. I know you from the gym. Oh years ago years ago this over ten years ago I was a personal trainer there. Oh Wow I used to see you love her when a train her and I was like I hope she's gay. Hence you're on our podcast. Awesome only tough at the gym. And I will say that I've unapproachable. I have that are B F. Whatever it's called at the gym because you have to. I am no nonsense. Yes I work as hard as I can with you. Janna with you come up anything. You want I'm approachable. Not always for the most part now but at the gym. It's nonsense on their non reason. Yeah no I love it. I love it. I appreciate that about. Yeah Yeah I'm with you I'm doing. I'm doing the the What does this cost not yet? Cosign TAME same can't coordinate their fingers. I'm like harbor. Wears your pointer and she gave me the Middle Finger. You gotTa work on that. That seems like a good a good segue for the elevator. Pitch of your family. Yes you all right. I get a timer. The timers clocks. Show her the timer. Though she wants to see the timer Robin Robin she wants to somebody's person if you told me to talk for thirty seconds she's GonNa nail all right. I'm GonNa Jing that Josep. Did here we go all right on your mark get set. My name is Gina. My Wife's name is Stephanie. We have two daughters a now. Five-year-old recently as of last week and a six year old. I Would Describe as a well oiled machine that needs a lot of oil. That needs a lot of oil. We we come and we go at all hours of the night because of our job and yet we somehow make it all work. We have a ton of fun but we are definitely a work in progress. T I know you even used Your Lake Your Voice. I'm sorry Wolf. Sometimes when I don't know what to do I just go to a commercial break because I'm I'm so used to it if it's chaos at the dinner table we're gonNA take a break. We'll be right back. Get Your Shit together. We're back in thirty seconds. Make up any use that. I'm totally into my kids. Say I'M OFF? The clock chopped your other mother. I am off o'clock. Let's talk about your family makeup. So who had the kids had we got there? I had both children. I met Stephanie. When she was a correspondent over in London she was working for NBC and she was basically the European war correspondent for NBC. News was embedded in Iraq. She spent months at a time in Moscow she was in Mumbai every big event she had her own. Flack jacket helmet. I mean she was. She's Hollywood travel with bodyguards and translators. She was hardcore heart. You're both hard. No I was just core. I was like my absolute. I need to really work on. My stomach was really all about core for me and I was. I was a sportscaster for thirteen years. Got A job at the today. Show as the lifestyle and fun. Happy make you laugh correspondent which I loved it until they made me the weekend host with Lester and I had to sort of button up in Africa part of a grownup which didn't quite work. I was over in London. Long Story Short too late and I was covering Wimbledon. I was trying to make rumbled and funny that I walked onto the NBC. Newsroom use most of their equipment and then I saw stuff and I was like okay well and is locked in no none of that. Five months later she came to New York to resign her contract and a year later. We had been dating long distance London to New York for two years. She British. She's not ready right and so she's not British but she's been overseas overseas for ten twelve years or something and NBC moved her two years into our relationship and that was that she moved in as we do. And as we do. Were you guys? You're gonNA kids all along. It was later in life for both of us. We had done everything I mean. Forget it. Stephanie's resume reads like Warm Peace. Mine is very funny but also that long. I've done absolutely everything that say. Show had me do absolutely everything sports I met every there was nothing I hadn't done in life so at this point it was time to settle down and over the course of the two years that we were doing long distance. We got close enough where we knew. This was going to be our thing. I was thirty eight thirty seven. Thirty eight and Steph was thirty nine forty and we decided we were going to make this thing and then if we were gonNA make this a thing. We should think about having kids and we started looking. You know at at figuring out what we would do donor wise. While she was still living in London she travels a ton. Since I hosted the weekend today show I had to always be in New York on the weekends so I didn't travel nearly as much so I decided I would go first and get pregnant. I also at originally wasn't going to be one of you was going to carry each each each carry. My wife and I did. We didn't though And so I. I decided I was GONNA get pregnant. I but then the funny part which you can make an entire Sitcom out of which somebody should someone should Andre. How how lesbians get pregnant like to this day. I mean my parents were lovely people in our with us all the time and you put a gun to their head and ask them how I got pregnant. They could not tell you some. They have no idea how I know and I don't think they WANNA know right. There's one day she was pregnant. Oh my God you're so. We went through the whole process and went. She was done with London. Basically packing up and ready to to move in and move to the United States. We had come. We had sort of stumbled upon or whatever you WANNA call it figured out who the donor was going to be. Anonymous donor like from a bank from a bank. Yeah okay okay. Four one six romantic romantic. Oh that was it and she came and again so I was thirty nine when I had harper. Stephanie was Forty One. The today show is wonderful about. It's seventy six we're GONNA need. We're going to dig in Greenwich Dan. What was your donuts? Was that tough decision for you guys. Yes well to this day. We have one fight everything else. We'd agreed upon the skin. Color the hair texture. The eye color. What they majored in. I mean you can get any. You know what? They majored in their favorite color. Their favorite dinner dish chicken chicken. Yeah like engineering sounder. Staff Impressions did you staff. Of course. That's what sealed the deal for us. Was the staff from Dobson pressure bumps. No staff impression. Did you at somebody. That was really in the running and then they were like he's so handsome I love him. He looks just like Chris Martin. I was like not so much. Thank you know actually. Wasn't the staff impressions. It was the audio recording. That's yeah the deal for us. Oh Nice yeah well look. It's always something. Everyone sort of Samba on something for and for us. The only out of contention was height. I mean she wanted someone a donor that was six to nine. I was very happy with like five ten me too because I'm really short. I didn't want them to be way taller saying well. That's we I was like. This is never gonNA. This is never going to be a thing. How is that going to correlate? How tall are kids are so we went with sort of closer to her and now my kids are like centers on the Olympic basketball? There's so tall absolutely gigantic. That's amazing two little girls but yeah that was the only thing that we and years you too little same donor for both same donor for both at did you buy all that sperm up in the beginning or did you have to go back in doing a very loose poll from I know that many lesbians but women who were looking to get pregnant via donor. The number magic number. That was told to me was like eleven. Get Eleven samples around eleven times. Fertile Myrtle fertile. Myrtle every advocated took me way more than that. We bought him at a retirement. Oh God thing but we got the same for awesome sold some of my back so I was like. I'm never doing that again. And then after I had the baby was one. That wasn't so bad. We tried to get more and it didn't work out and so we ended up a new donor for a second. Do you have regrets about that? Not Listen I went to Bogota Colombia to try to use the same. There was a woman who had also had a kid by the same donors. My first and she was like come. I'll give you I'll give you a vial and I was like okay. Because we're trying to figure out how to get the sperm here. And she was it was like crazy. She was like just bring them. What did she say? Bring them out into Muhammad and I was like okay so I went to her doctor. Didn't it didn't work. Another lady from Seattle had leftover sent one. That didn't work. I was like this universe and then the first time with the next one I got pregnant and I took a look at it. Wouldn't have Henry. Yeah we like to call it the search for Superman because you get so crazy like with all things you're talking it's turned into perf- yeah because you get to choose things start opting people out because they had acne or because me and said you said You Anonymous closed or like Kenya kids. Will your kids be able to know it eighteen if they want to know what we don't want to be but our fear now is with all these DNA kits and with all these DNA testing and with all this ancestry information. They're going to find out. I think they are listen. Stephanie's cover stories like this all the time they're gonNA find out and you just have to be prepared for it and if you have an open and honest conversation with your children and our belief is that they grow up in a loving caring nurturing family were they know that this is your family in. That was someone who helps you. Have this family That's the ideal the optimal way for this to play out. I don't know if it will or not. You know my kids are still young too young to even understand what's happening my kids. We got in an Uber. This weekend. It was really my wife and it was little queens birthday so it was Quinn who just turned five and her two friends and Harper and one of her friends and we all packed in there and we were not. We didn't even pull barely pulled away from the apartment and there was this older. African American Gentlemen Driving Uber and out of the blue. She's never done this out of the blue before you're all says is that our Daddy. Yep Yep Yep I was like I don't even know you knew that word much less him. That guys of all the men that you see. That's the guy you think you're also could happen But they obviously don't know yet. Yeah no my kids. I have so many taxicabs stories. Why is it was in a taxi? Taxi driver always are you. Are you reading any books to them about the that kind of stuff for no? You're just just you know they. It's completely normal to them. They have to Mommy's other kids have a mommy and daddy some have two daddies. It has yet to even be a thing that they have come home and even asked us or realize that something is a little bit different. How did you and Steph? Were you guys out at work. How did you guys like no? We were out with our friends and our family. But when I and I got pregnant before I came out with to the audience. I guess you call. It was about three and a half months pregnant. We a very serious conversation with The powers that be at NBC. Which was how you're GONNA have an option here either. I'm going to have a baby and no one's going to ever talk about who the father is. I need to mention what what's happening. You guys decide. I don't care really yeah I said as long as my family and my friends. No I don't doesn't matter to me. That's I'M NOT GONNA Lie Right. If you'd rather not say that's fine to know we want you to say we want you to talk about it. They were like really open and they got together with people magazine and People magazine. They set up a pressing. They weren't really open. Jv They were like because they knew that if they didn't more people would be saying bad things side. Yeah they got in front of it. I love it. I love it when you know but I did both the coming out and I'm pregnant. The like the Cami Boone sitting next to Matt. Lauer on a couch where you don't have time to him and you know you're back from commercial break and he asks you a question. What everything is timed Jenna and Jenna? You have an important announcement to make. And then he looked at me and I say this often and I I believe it firmly that you have two choices in life so funny I get emotional when I talk about it. Now or too late So either you do it now or you lost your chance to do it and you have to grab onto one and hopefully it's the former and I just sort of took a deep breath and realize that as soon as the sentence came out my life was going to change forever and I was hoping that it was going to change for the good and it felt wonderful to say what I said and I sat in. We went to commercial break. And you can google it. It's me it's it's all there. Everybody hugged me and they're so wonderful. But you know you have this. Walk back to your office. Where you're you have this. Fear that the red light on your phone is. GonNA BE BLINKING WITH PEOPLE. That aren't so crazy about women announcement isn't I had this fear that it was going to be just like you have thirty seven on heard messages and it was just going to be people who had issue with what. I did and I was beautifully. Surprised that the red light was on when I got that. If people were fully supportive or somebody was screaming my calls. But I'm going to go back. I think the first better the network was supportive. Though that's great. That is really great. Fantastic to hear. We're not. We're not as big as you Jenna. We've recently gotten trolled a little bit on our social and it doesn't feel good James. Stop reading it. We've had a few. You're GONNA get it. He'll get it kills you. But those you get any negative kickback. At all nothing. That has haunted me. Nothing you know every once in a while but it's a little more the lines of ought to shame that you're a exactly all day long show. That's like my mom. She's going to go back to men's someday exactly. I think she's given that up though. Ask how you got pregnant? And then my mom it's been it's been a remarkably smooth ride for both of us for the most part which again. I'm very happy about. Might Dad was very concerned that it would really spoil my career tainted in some way but it never did mainly because I you know when I started in this industry I had this is sort of made this covenant with the audience. I'll be honest with you if your audience. If you're honest with me the you have to accept my honesty and all except yours. You know if you have a problem with me. Okay but then. Let me explain myself and accept my explanation. You don't have to agree with it. Just just take it. The audience either loves me or they hate me like you are very straightforward but I can also be kind of polarizing in my approach and I'm again I'm okay with that because at least people are watching or in or they're paying attention. You may not like my story but my story is one of so many people that have gone through it and it is out there now. Yeah if I can't sleep at night right because you are yourself like not just the gay thing but in general I have caught me late and then I have a hard time sleeping and in many ways I feel like you're saying something different now but if I can put it in my own words you started your career as a bad ass state about us. You're still the same bad ass. So that's how I that's how I interpret what you just said thanks head you're doing burke's while it's of course. I live horse. I wonder it's so funny. It's like you came out and it just doesn't like I don't WanNa say didn't have any effect but you were able to go forward. That's such a wonderful thing. Listen if you're going to make a big deal about it you're probably. Your radar is up to only receive either the negative or the gas or whatever. But if you're casual about the way you bring it up so I always say you guys asked me on the show and I was very specific about the fact that you said. What don't you WanNa talk about it and so I don't really want to talk about politics. I don't WanNa talk about standing on a soapbox. I don't WanNa talk about waving a flag margin and a parade or being on a float. It's not who I am. I don't begrudge anyone else for wanting to do that but I am a woman who happens to be gay. Please don't look at me as a gay woman who happens to Do Sports Joan. Bite me somewhere because I'm gay. Invite me because I'm a woman who was also gay and holds onto both of those attributes being females attribute equally is firmly again. It's it's not who Stephanie is. It's not a lot of women are whoever you are. I'm perfectly fine with but I'm on a quest to convince you to be anything other than who you are. I'm not on a quest to speed up your timeline. If you're not ready to talk about who you are I fully get it. I'm not just talking about what your sexual orientation is any any insecurity. You may have or anything you WANNA talk about that. You're not ready to bring to the forefront. I totally get that like. I'm on a therapy couch with therapist. I'm going. We didn't even get to losing weight or bumpy really. We forgot for you to tell us your day that you started your day. We're slee yeah. I'd like to know not a word. I oh no. It's not firstly. I'd like to know what time you wake up in the morning. 'cause you work early I do. I have to schedules if I work out before work. My alarm goes off at one forty. I am dressed out the door at one fifty yes. I met the gym at too. I work out from two to fifty five back upstairs in the shower three and I get picked up at three twenty rayner. Who meets you there? No I'm also a certified personal training. Now put everything together. Yeah Yeah I get up at one. Forty five. What time do you need to go to bed? So that's it. I go to bed around seven. But you're going to hate yourself no matter what time you wake up right so you're going to be asked tired at one forty five as you are. It's forty five differences. You get a workout out of it because I say this to people all the time when people say well. How do you get motivated to go to the gym? Or don't WanNa go because nobody in the history of man and woman kind has ever regretted working out. No one has ever said Gosh wide I oh my God I just got stronger. It's a Nano civil nonnegotiable. So those are the tough of the workout before work which. I have to do tomorrow because I have a long day. Today I was able to get up at two thirty. I was out the door. I slept in lovely was like the occasion Out The door three fifteen. I'm at work at three thirty. I'm on the air from six thirty to nine thirty and I'm out the door and I'm done around ten. I go to the gym. You go to gym again. Would no no no I get a luxury of having to now work out? I also intermittent fast so I'm deprived starving. That's wonderful combination. He Robin Jamie. I have a question for you in our listeners. What are you a mom who wants to get rid of mom guilt on my God? Your Mom Guilt Robin do have so much more so much all the time or do you want to create more time for yourself. Of course all the time and live more shamelessly. Why do I don't know I mean I'm full? Shamefully mom guilt. I mean it's it's all over that. So here's what we all need to do what we need to check out the shameless Mom Academy podcast with Sarah Dean. I like her name to Sara Dean like Jimmy Dean Sausage. But I've read. She's not probably not. You guys can join Sarah every Monday and Wednesday as she digs deep into topics that will help you. Cultivate more confidence and courage. Who doesn't need that build better boundaries and relationships? We all need that and tune into tiny habits. That will turn up. Your life turned up. You know what I love is that Sarah started the shameless mom academy four years ago because to her. Utter shock and Horror Motherhood was not all rainbows and Unicorns told her. I mean what everybody tells you that when you're pregnant you're like you don't WanNA listen to. It can be my all Mike God. It's actually hard times really funny but always really full of great stories so she had this burning desire to expose the hidden. Intrusive motherhood like yes nursing. Sciacca tell you that some of our early episodes yeah To help moms get over the guilt of dropping their screaming kids off at daycare and soon to be more positive and powerful and purposeful. Hashtag every Damn Day hashtag everyday. I mean it's really every damn day. We need to get this really. Do this. Shameless Mom Academy. My friends has been downloaded over two million times in over one hundred and forty countries. Amazing so yeah. You can find the shameless mom academy on any PODCAST APP or at shameless mom dot com. Check her out chip. That's already now. Podcast for us today. Yeah who doesn't need more parenting podcast? I mean we all we are a member of the parenting club. Car has a schedule with you. And your this your wife. Are you partners or wife? She's my wife. Like what does she's on a morning show. She's she courses at night hasn't she? So I we are ships crossing in the night. She is sleeping when I leave and oftentimes. I'm sleeping when she gets home. She does the today show an NBC nightly news. So she's live on set. She doesn't get home till seven. Thirty lovers damn bit by seven like to put the kids down around seven and then. I go to sleep. Yeah so it's it's hard that's why I called it. A Well oiled machine that needs a lot of oil. Yeah 'cause when do you see not easy? We pass sometimes at night and when I pass the kids off. She gets home early and we got me. Can you wonder what will happen when the kids are staying up a little bit later note? You'll ever they said people said that to me when they were two and three then they said it's me when they were three and four then they said it to me when they were four and five then they said to me when they were five and six and then that was you. You just brought it up with the five and six. I just keep putting them down at the same time. They don't know any better than ever. Really seen nighttime. Just one of those consistent people that we'll see this like I have kept seven fifteen as the time that screens are done. Like some fifteen used to be their bedtime and now seven but some fifteen is still the time. And they're now a eight ten almost nine eleven. That's awesome screens or off at seven. Fifteen and they're always like why can't we would still take no? I'm like in our house. Screen offered seven fifteen. You guys can go in the back of the house you can play a bit can be reading but like you've had screens you've done that we've done dinner now you'd be back there but we're not you know like. I'm off the clock but some fifteen consistencies the KI. Yay Good at in my house. It's hot mask right now. It's not cute and it sounds like you are though I mean and I think you'll you'll you'll find work arounds. Yeah listen there's certain things I'm very consistent on and I'm very very good. You know like if they want to snack while they're watching show or they're on the IPAD. They know they're allowed to have fruit. They ask for anything else they know not to add. It is not mindless idiots. They WANNA mindless eat. Its fruit and they've already had two portions of fruit vegetables and if they WANNA mindless eat on salary like knock yourself out. I gotTA DO THAT. That's great takeaway. I've done that from the day. They were boring now. They're still doing like they get because I need it because by the time. Four thirty five o'clock rolls around. I'm an absolute Zombie. I still have to. They gotta get paid. They got to change. I got an outfit for tomorrow. I've got to pick their off. It's gotTa make their lunches. I gotTA pack bags the homework or Yom. I'm a disaster and I'm on no sleep at that point so I give them they get the screen for. It's usually a half hour ipad and then a an Epi so they got like a twenty five minute EPI or something and that gives me enough time to get everything done then they come off it. Read a book or tell a story they want me to tell story and then they're in bed and there. You are pretty good about going to sleep. I got all that covered except the back right. Yeah I I hear that we have a you have a book. That's about food. Yeah that's what's what's the name of the book. It's called thinner and thirty and it's not about getting thinner in thirty. It's about thirty simple small. Easy Bite sized doable. Little tiny steps. You can do one a day if I gave you thirty things to do tomorrow. You're never GONNA do it if I give you one. You would do one do one for a week. Just focus on that one. I don't care if you sit in a bath tub and eat doughnuts for the other twenty three hours do my own thing tomorrow and for the week and once you're okay with that yeah now go onto to do just those two things. That's it and I've tried everything I've experienced everything I've worked out at every kind of class. I've tried every kind of eating plan. This is the best way to create sustainability is to figure out what works for you and what you can incorporate into the life. You're already leave. I don't want you to change your life when someone says. Hey I'm gonNA show you how to change your life. Well screw you. I don't WanNa Change. This is the life. This is life that I'm living. Okay so let me show you how to take what's healthy for you and use it with the life you're already. I thought that was the most. I think like stain ability because I'm hardcore worker. I always have been and after I had the baby I couldn't I can't I can't shake like the last the last of it. I can't get it off so she was going to say how many pounds it wasn't that she stopped her. So I WANNA make it a thing a numbers this ten pounds compounds but like but I can't I just can't I can't and what I used to do doesn't work anymore because my body's changed about. I read your book because by the end of the PODCAST. I can help you. Mike Dash even though Let's go I'm sitting here? I'm so scared. There are scientific studies. Major scientific studies that will show you even though I could just tell you. That exercises has there's no correlation between exercise and weight loss. Now I know it's a brain thing the exercise for me mental sure one hundred percent and I asked when I do so do I do i. I did an insane like the last five days. I've been wonderful for me. It's about you. I know it's all food today. It's not the right word to use. It's it's simple right But what we do is we're looking for simplicity in the simplest of ways so we like we call it this and we package it this way and we try this and if you only this at this time this way this kind of food this music all this this this it's fat if you've opened up your social media feed there are ten thousand tablets in diets pills and Kito and thousands. That's why can't even get. It is no this is what's going to happen. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. I'M GONNA get the book and when you're episode airs that week I'm Gonna I'm gonNA focus on one of the things in the book good. We're GONNA do that. I love it. Do that. You Robin you to Robin No seat listen. Here's why know here's and we've been talking about this. We just had a recent episode. We talked about weight and stuff. I have an absolute food issue. I've lost Ever like a food addiction like both my parents were like drinkers and like it. It lands for me jamming snickers in my mouth when nobody's looking but in the last two years lost sixty pounds but just by tracking my way. I work out because I wanNA feel better because I but it's for me about. It is always about the obsession of food and being on a food plan. Removes Obsession for me so I can't be on a Diet I can't be trying to like it was like Senator Orrin mind yet. There can't be any restrictions but I have to have rules without rules. I JUST GO INSANE. Right so obviously. That's you know that's a bigger issues in food. It's not really about. The only thing is like when people talk about this. I think there's a whole group of people that do have complicated relationships with food. Not Because if we could do what they would some you know what I mean exactly. And I'm not talking about people that have actual psychological machine where they're using food as a way to mask. What's going on or control issues or substances? Like I get all of that. I think it's perfect for me. Yes Perfect I. Four years it'd be my guru will work out. Yeah Oh yeah we will if you WANNA work out on a new idea but not doing it one thirty in the morning. No No. I'll do it anytime you want. I'll give you one to ten. You tell me how hard you WanNa work is doing. And I will a hundred percent stick to that number so you weren't out when you came out as pregnant then you had the kids. We talk a lot about this when you came out of pregnant and gay but we talk about a lot about this. I'm having kids out you in a major major way like you really cannot be in the closet anymore once you have these kids because they're outing you on the streets outing you A. Maybe that hasn't really happened for you. I feel did. It just happened Uber on the today. Show that's probably just it. I mean it's like you know I. It's a little bit different for me because the day after I had harper. You know we skype with the today show from the from the hospital room. Yeah so it was not a peak but a full pull back the curtain to America hears me and this woman that I'm raising a family with. She's the other mom. And this is our kid when we had Quinn. It was the same thing. We facetime skype with the Today. Show was peeling back the curtain. It was. Here's me here. I am just birth the second child. Here's this woman that I live with my wife and I both of our kids now and this is so we. I think I skip the step where there was you just had to like. Oh we're out now. Just because everybody newest we went back and you know the luckily looms in and like a morning show like those people. Yeah yeah so it's like you. They were with you on your pregnancy journey and they from that point forward. Were you talking about like Stephanie? This and like so high. Listen I I am very cognisant of being out but not putting it in your face right right because I I know who my parents are. And that's the today show audience and my parents love Steph to death. They don't WanNa know like every single last detail every sentence doesn't have to be me and my wife Steph. My wife Stephanie. I love my Steph. Shannon says right. Listen it's time for our staff show Steph says Segma- and so I am very very conscious of how much I put out there with. Regards to my relationship with our like. My kids are all over social media and we vacation. It's on social media but I don't you know my kids aren't wrapped in in Rainbow flags and we're not. That's probably not just like the gay thing. That's probably all parts of you like you. You have a job which is to know who you're you're is right and to speak to years always understand your demographic yeah across the board not just on TV but you know when you take your kids to a birthday party or the room we call it in my house. Yeah Forget it on the airplane and you're going to be going somewhere. I just be careful with the people around you. Not Everybody approves or gets it and I don't need to convince them or convince you. I just WANNA be happy and I want my kids in my family to be safe right. Yeah I have I've had moments where like 'cause 'cause you have to decide who you come out to like you know like you're saying it's like there's this guy at the coffee car on the corner on our way to school in the morning and he's Oh hi honey. Hi Oh you look so much like mom Aydin birther. Oh look at your little brother. Oh he he must look Daddy Daddy. It's this moment where I'm not coming out to him. But like for my kids. They're seeing me not come out to him so it's like it's very layered very layered and so now we just don't go to that. Kartini so we figured out a great way to solve. We Avoid. Take a different street. Yeah no I get. That happens to me a lot word you know. Oh your husband must be really tall. Your kids are so tall and whether my kids are with me or not I don't I don't bother a tricky part comes when it's like another parent in the class where someone that you matter lie the GonNa see around them and I get that sometimes when I'm on the phone with someone or a talking to kids doctor or something receptionists. And they're like WHO's the insurance under all say you know Steph and they're like Stephanie or something anything well who are you the mother and I say yes and your husband and like they can't processing and I don't want to be the ones that have to explain it so it's it's a little interesting things like The insurance is under their other mother. Mary or something just to get it out of the way because it's like or like at school. I write the blonde mom like an email thing. Yeah because it's just like most the time it's just they don't know who's who are. You were hoping her you marry. It's fine fine online Mary. The dark haired one in the one who never responds to your emails. That's dead on marine stuff would get along. Don't send birthday invites. Her kids will never go to your brain. She me you think motherhood is crazy. It is very crazy and hard and coming of everything. It's the hardest job in the world. The hardest job in the world but you know sometimes I think it can make you feel a little bit isolated and Lincoln. If you've ever felt alone in the madness that is called parenthood which I think you and I have both all the time. I think we got a show for you. We sure do. It's a brand new podcast from audio boom just for all the MOMS it's appropriately called Fam- for all MOMS love that Damn Join Ho Susan Yara and Shahrzad Day as they dive into mom topics that are both hilarious and serious which we love. Yeah I mean Susan and Shahrzad. They share like sometimes embarrassing experiences along with advice and commentary from experts in friends. And I think that this the most recent episode is an episode about anxiety dealing with anxiety tackling anxiety which as a mom like ads. Like your best friend. All we have an anxiety naming her love windows. Yeah that's all it is. Yeah I know and you know what I love about. This does that. These two are just real and relatable and they tackle just about any topic in their lives about their kids or marriage or life in general. They're open books. We like that. We like open books. This audio whom original podcast has new episodes every Wednesday and is available on your favorite podcast APP right now. You can be sure to search for and subscribe to Fam- for all MOMS in Apple podcasts. Spotify heart radio or wherever your favorite PODCAST APP is? Yeah check them out. They're nice ladies. We like them. Nice leading their funding. They keep it real keep it real keep it real folks are just think it's interesting that like that people have been with you through your whole journey and I think that does in a way against here at the school like they have to be like you know that's gentle wolf and so they know that you're like you know that must make your life easier in some much. I can't imagine having to start from scratch. Every time I meet someone eighty percent of the people I meet already either. Know Me Know My story. No Stephanie Know Her story or having a Google the teachers do there on your wicky. Yeah they really are and You know I don't find it intrusive at all. It's actually easier. It makes my job. There's a lot less you know bagging that I've got an unloaded unpack at the beginning of a relationship. Not Yeah that is nice like freeing. Yeah bring it also just means a lot to me that representation matters so much like I love that you are a game out in the media it may like it just warms my heart and every time I see you I'm like she's one of that you know. Representation really really matters so thanks for doing that. Thank you and thanks for sharing the story but I also think it was interesting that you share to and I think important share that it isn't all parts of you like I used to describe like my gayness as like a trivial pursuit pie a piece. It was like one piece but it was. You know being an actor as a piece being a writer as a Peace Jirga. Mom You know being like XXX. Those are all pieces. But it's not all the parts of me right. And so I I understand not wanting to be just defined as that I you know I would call myself other things first jackass I mobster. Have you found that you? There's still discrimination in some facets somewhere on the way there are the trollers that we're getting social those are fanatics from people are stories. We hear more in like the foster care adopting world. We had an agency on that talked about how open they were. And so then we went out where like you can foster now we the from people who are like no we still we still face discrimination for being foster parents or adoptive you know so. I do think it does exist. I think it's a lot better but I think you know other countries. How about this? You asked if Stephanie with my partner my wife we weren't going to get married he was just not a thing. That was a priority. Wasn't that important to us but eight days before Harper was born. It was made very clear that if anything happened to me in the hospital. Stephanie wouldn't have rights to the baby. My parents would get the baby and so we had to pull a bunch of strings and we got a judge to come to the apartment. I was like thirty seven thousand months pregnant and you also. I'll show you picture when we get off the air there is meaningful. I'm holding my belly with Stephanie. Next to me and I'm like I do like it was it was coming and things we go through. But that's you know which was shocking to me but in and also we ended up getting married because that helped her adopted kids like there was a lot of dog going around when we were just getting married. She did the second period adoption. No we got married. So she she they. She's their legal mother because of through the Mirror. We've heard that I should still do. We've had a couple of lawyers who are like if you travel to other countries or if you travel to other states that don't that don't that don't have Gay Marriage they can say. Don't care right they can't I mean it's an extra extra protection I still haven't done it yet but have you. Are you familiar with the paperwork of what's involved yet why? I've been in the process over a year because his paperwork really annoys me. Well thank you so much for sharing your story like this. You know it's like always saying representation does matter and it's it's just great for people here all our different stories in different ways that were out there and that is may one more thing that is mainly what we hear from our listeners. Is that thank you for doing this? Because I didn't hear my story out there where they don't know how to do it or wire how people are going about it. Yeah Look it's absolutely pleasure. I actually don't do a ton of I'm out on social media. I'm on television every single day. There's a camera near on your. It's very easy to find out what I've been up to in the last couple but I don't often sit down and stop and talk about my story in how my story came about what it means to be and I. It always reminds me when I do something like this that. If there's one person out there just one person who's even a tiny bit hesitant about timing or how to do it or if you can help forget guide someone. I'm never gonNA. You're never going to do that but if you can help give someone confidence to say. Well she did it so I can do it or look. She did it on national television. You know in front of the world where the world could reacted very differently at ballsy enough to stand up and said this is this is who I am. Take it or leave it. Maybe it gives someone a little bit of strength to do something to do something similar. So it's it's that kind of stuff that I I'm very happy about and we are so lucky that you can't thank you so much. Thank you guys really means means a lot A. We're going to work out. How are you sure? Yeah we're GONNA figure this out okay. Yes Wow Zona Mehanna worms gonNA beat the now. I know she posted some video. I sent her on the beach and she's doing some weird thing with her body where she was just like flinging it around and you could just see her abs. I was like ads like fuck. Listen Up Hey I can. I can hold my own but I am a little bit scared. That she's GonNa even turn it up even higher different music. Competition is going to turn this. I'm not competitive in any way. I'm always the person who was like. You commend you can win. It's fine I don't care but yeah I did you sign up for something. I'm a little worried about so I have. I am going to be kicking my workouts into high gear. Get Ready for Europe for this or will mazing. Let's let's just keep this conversation if you have anything to say about. Who's GONNA win between the Gen? A in the Jamie off. It's not a win or lose wrong. Where usual media is over his talk on twitter? Ovaries underscore talk on if these over his facebook. Don't forget we get that little community of listeners within facebook Patriot fan also dot com slash. Overstock US And I think there'll be a nice video Jenna y'all can talking about her thirty and thirty. Yes thinner and small changes that add up to big weight loss in just thirty day we got some bonus content her talking about that. All right and there's going to be bonus content of Jamie working out with Wolf. I will see to that I I'm GONNA kill it. I'M GOING TO KILL IT I. I don't know if I like I'm going to kill it. Kill I have faith in you Jamie. It's going to be fine. I got faith anew. She's just GONNA turn it up even more when she sees. Oh she's okay she's GonNa turn up even harder like she's GonNa win no matter what. It's not a winner loose. Stop staring at the door right. Ovaries out offer.

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TSS 023: Married Podcasters Kate and Patrick Thiem

The Jock and Nerd Podcast

1:59:07 hr | 2 years ago

TSS 023: Married Podcasters Kate and Patrick Thiem

"Listeners on back the spinoff show is back and on this episode. I have on a very very lovely couple Keeton Patrick theme they are the hosts and the producers of earful a- Disneyworld podcasts so as you can imagine we talk a lot. What about Disneyworld in this episode so if you're not in Disneyworld you're not into talking Disney? This isn't for you but if you're into Disney if you're into good good conversation if you're into a really lovely couple that has a lot of fun and clearly enjoys each other and his life than this is a podcast ask for you and you're going to check it out the job yeah breath in Patrick what's going on guys. It's been a while. It's certainly has been quite a while. How are you doing? I'm great. Are you guys doing. I saw thanks for coming on. We're so thrilled to be here. We can't believe you asked us. This is like our first first podcast interview in. I don't know a year and a half. Yes what's been what's been going on you guys so the last time I talked to you guys. I don't remember what what show I was on. It might have been see here's the thing yeah actually want yeah yeah we me and Enron came on and before that Kate was on our show spent on <hes> chocolate nerd and what's been going on since well we got married. Everything went to Hell talked already married no when we got married in the fall of twenty seventeen oh man I don't even know the date podcast cast was still going on that I think we talked about on our show but then I mean typical what happens is just life gets in the way and then you find less and less time time for things like this and it Kinda like swerve a relief. I feel owner sorry. I'm going to bring this back. Connects rate of return his podcast and I hate podcast long story short ruin my life. Now I mean and we just I it. There's so much work that goes into it outside of the actual speaking and the talking US promoting before you do that. Let's explain to people we had a podcast. Ask before it was called see here's the thing jumped right into the deep end you did and then we we did that and it was a lot of fun. We did it to make each other laugh every week. Yeah <hes> and the Jack in the nerd were like our first friend's friend told me I mean honestly if that tells you anything about how pathetic we are. What does that say us us? Hang on we ended up not we stopped recording just because it became too much yeah I changed jobs Bob and and and and your job shifted and then we just got really busy and I started working part time as a Disney travel agent which is a whole their story which will sure and then we just we just Kinda. We wanted to always be fun and came. It got to the point that we were too busy and it became yeah. I didn't feel fun so we we took a hiatus which turned into like a year long and and now we're finally back into podcasting partially due to that part time job as has a Disney travel in the base of everything with our podcasting was making each other laugh which the whole reason. I don't really give a crap if anybody listens to it. I just want to make kate laugh which he stopped doing after found no longer funny. This podcast isn't funny anymore. You're so wait a minute so far. We've talked about how we quit podcasting how you're not funny anymore. Yeah you're not funny anymore. You stop making her laugh. Yucel Felon John Pound Cat podcast and he actually be a burden off to a rock star and thanks for listening. Everybody good night shortest spinoff offshore ever kick continue did you so you guys are so you guys have now gotten back into and as a a as an add on to this whole travel agent business which is a side hustle for me and something that grew out of helping a local high school planet trip to Florida and it was fun it was easy did partially with it with Patrick which is odd because he not funny at all and and then we got like my year anniversary and I want I want to do something else to attract other clients. We have all this podcasting equipment. Still person that gave it to us didn't take it back. Let's let's do something like we can. We love looking up stuff on Disneyworld and we love talking about it. Let's let's do something fun and if no one listens to it I care because it's fun on its it'll be a half an hour format way easier than just talking forever and ever and we swore would be a short show so the editing wouldn't take very laws and turns comes out. We both like the talk didn't realize that well. This is fantastic for my show. Continue that show it's called earful. Disneyworld podcast and <music> been out for June fourth we we debuted and so it's been like a month in the K. and again. What's the what's the concept of the show? It's just West are a short thirty minute digest of news clips that surround the parks for Disney disneyworld not Disneyland. Let's get that straight number rolled out in Florida correct yeah. That's the one <hes> this new venue that I've been to. I've ever been to Disneyland so laugh at that because we've talked about it. Being a half an hour. One episode was the right events we stuck to and you've you've been over every time since completely yes we do we do news clips and then we also talk about either a topic that is helpful to potential clients for myself or people that are needing help planning our trip or just I. I don't know topics moment. We also plug cates yeah the fact that she's a Disney. I don't know if you know this. I'm a travel agent <laughter> yeah. How did you get into that? Tell tell the storage resort. I feel like I feel like Disney is so niche for some people either hate it or you Hala Hollering it or you love it. I mean especially now with the fact that Disney owns a lot of media. There's a lot of Disney's almost now very polarizing thing yeah completely Anderson agree and like I feel like that was the case may be in the late nineties early two thousand if you mentioned Disney was just smiles miles but now it's like Disney that Sir yeah evil honestly because of Bob Eiger on bobby was the main reason for that driving force yeah so it's it's tough for me to talk about it. Sometimes I do love Disneyworld so much and world's fantastic same love that people have for comic books. People people have for marvel people have for superheroes like that that intense like love of a phantom but just in in a different way in the there's history so if you really are a fan of Disney world in Walt Disney the history of the parks in the history of how everything has come to be to this point is really really fascinating to get into that. It's really fascinating. There's a lot of books in a lot of media and there's a podcast we listen to that that just fantastic with the history Korea I mean we're we're we're so total noobs when it goes fluidly new Gina Disney World podcast when you listen to some people that have been around the park for thirty forty thirty years and just know the law and how it came about and the transitions of rides and why attractions come about it's like Oh my God. We know nothing seriously. My job is to try to make kate laugh every week. I I really don't care about the rest of it well. That's no different from our last podcast same thing. She's wow wow it's up. You're trying to stick to a half hour which you've done once and you're trying to stick to Disney stuff yeah because you know us from before our format of our show was I was just we we'd riff we start with one topic and then we improvise and we make characters which we've already done this show. Oh Yeah I remember the characters. This is voices Patrick. Why don't you show bring back? One of those characters very famous celebrity impersonations of USA. Do you got a whole treasure trove Harrison Ford go off my plane. That's it that's all Morgan. Freeman go off smart. Don't remember Shawshank that was actually a tunnel of shit but assimilate life this time we have Bob Disney. Which is what we've come up with Bob Disney Disney? You remember number how there was that Wanna get into politics here. We are trout trolled Bob Eiger not no he he he called Tim Cook Tim couple Yes yes so we're like if trump net bob iger he'd call him Bob Disney correct this Bob Disney character came about and so bob the Disney is is someone that wants to see a lot more safety park. He makes he makes sixty five million dollars a year ear and he's just concerned about safety. That's safe. The S A lot more railings parks from railings missing over there. Please be careful. Hold onto your butts. It's a whole we have a whole podcast about the fact that Disney was starting this <hes> Sky Leaner Sky Liner Gondal Gondolas indicate reported that there was going to be boats that we're going to add act as a safety so people are stuck. Skyrocket is is like what you would imagine like going up a hill. It's it's not going up actual inclines just across the parks and it goes over water several times. You're thinking like well. What's going to happen happened? If something breaks down if people have a heart attack boats have rescue boat so my question was what do they say they must tell how you just jump out of the Gondola. That's about me so it's a Bob Disney trademark. That's right show a lot more ideas for Bob. Disney on the show Bob does is going to be a bigger character coming up yeah school where the real question. I was hoping he went mountain very proud about. Are you guys by the way. Are you guys in Florida. No that's as far away from Florida's you can't and where are you guys at Erie Pennsylvania. Oh so if you notice like Orlando Florida exactly Aereas we sit on it. Yeah we literally go oh and sit. That's all there is to do here now. It's the land of a thousand snows we got what was two years ago. We got seven feet over between Christmas and new years yeah. I'm I'm. I'm in Chicago so I'm not sure you knew you get. We get a lot of snow to get a lot of snow competition. Yeah this is great. This is the entire show will just be laughing. The entire not really not really talking about anything just laughing so wait you don't. You're a Disney planner. Let's get back wait outlet. Let's let's add some credibility they often have you been down to Disneyworld good good question. I would love to answer that you were just there in June for about the week and then prior to vacation or work or both both a little bit I mean it was recalling. We did recall we did RECON and it was vacation. It's a vacation yeah. Were big theme Parks of course we did of course there's as any good travel planner would know we did and I mean we as as a travel planner <hes> once you hit a certain level of commission you get discounts so that's nice because Disney is extremely expensive so expensive you know we. We didn't don't feel too bad this time like saying yeah. Let's just go down there because we use a discount so we do in it and then it makes me more knowledgeable on like when clients have questions about where they should dine. Were they should stay. I can actually say yes. I've been there or the rooms look like this and the layout is this and <hes> because what I do is I get a client information where they want to go on the Disney property and then basically send them a quote which is usually a package deal with hotel tickets dining and then from there we just kind of go back and forth on what what they want and then after they book it's I I will then book for them. They're fast passes their dining experiences any kind of transportation things <hes> which which is nice because the cost to them zero might reserve free <hes> we are paid through Disney via commission and the client never pays a single cent extra. This is Patrick Patrick. You can sit over there. Maybe about your voice. I'm GonNa talk to kate now. Go right in adult talking. I mean if I'm looking at Disneyworld website right now and if I'd never even now eight it does it really does. It breaks all the time every time that there's a discount they release. It's literally down for two or three hours. That doesn't seem like doc a company that owns the world should have trump right but I've been down to Disney but if I'd never been there or even like I said even going now I want WanNa know where to begin like where do people it seems overwhelming Disneyworld. I love all the parks and all the places yeah I luckily the first time I went which was when I was twenty nine which is like five five years ago. My parents growing up said to me. We're going to wait until you're old enough to remember twenty nine and we're not there yet. Take Twenty your memory still forming that frontal lobe is still not fully developed yet. I had to take myself with my friend and then ever since then it's like oh man. This is so much fun to plan your right. There's so much planning that goes into it. People don't realize this when they go down there. You just think like we're going go to the park and ride whatever ride we ride a so much more so so to continue. Kate <hes> ended up my daughters. Were on a senior in your trip. My oldest was a senior youngest as a sophomore and it was a trip to Disney and the daughters that daughter just said your oldest could've been pigs got two cats. Let's not daughters so ended up planning the trip for them and then after that whole trip happens kind of said to we sat down and she was like I can do this. I can totally do this. We're living we reach out to a number of companies and kate settled with the vacation near travel agency right for Surly Disney. They are yeah. They're affiliate with a lot of things. Actually I can also book for you. Hugh Hugh Snappy travelagent music. I can book for you or Universal Orlando Okay. I can also do Disney cruise line. <hes> I can do seaworld Busch Gardens if you had to you could do New York seaworld seaworld at this point seems like we actually just were there was also yeah I was GONNA say. I just watched <hes> yeah. It's initated document. I mean five years but yeah I watched like Oh man I I listen to a lot of Joe Rogan stuff and he he has this has on environmental people that are very anti we have a fun story about that in a second because that was a trip that that day but <hes> yes what was the question Oh yes over well. We know you were just telling you were just promoting yourself. Actually there was no question good yeah so so I I interviewed with the company and said what I had experienced which was one trip basically and then finding our own when I was twenty nine I remember everything all right well. That's the thing though is that once you're down there for me. I remember like where things are but like you said people don't know that and it's it's a humongous property any but we were also amazed at the number of people that traveled down to Walt Disneyworld without knowledge of ASD passes without knowledge of dining they just go you just go. They have no idea and the dining as in this drink. This is probably stimulating to your listeners. Yes I love it because I I remember I've been down the disneyworld twice. I remember the fast passes. I remember going all the theme parks and as being obsessed with everything but yeah it's interesting. My enthusiasm will not subside once you said you guys were doing dizzy stuff. I was like I'm going to get you back on before that I was like Oh you guys are doing all this other stuff. That's not cool Disney okay. Let's Talk Chris got married and now it's not have them on yeah. Yes Disney yeah okay so let's let's let's break it down for you. I'm so sorry one of the first things people need to think about when they go obviously is dining. which if you you stay on property your dining window will open six months before you arrive? That's one hundred and eighty days prior to your trip as first to set reservations nations yes so literally on the website six A._M.. That day that window you can book all of your reservations for your trip for dining. Many many restaurants will quote unquote sell out that first morning so that you you cannot get a reservation and whether or not the food is good is kind of secondary Gary. It's it's the hype surrounding restaurants role. I mean everything so theme. That's an experience in and of itself yeah exactly so that's one thing the second thing is fast passes which are the what reservations that you can get to go on rides quicker to get out of the standby line. Those are fast pass. That's the only way to do it. Those open sixty days out if you're staying on property if you're not it's thirty so let me just interject on the fast pass when I last time I went was man fifteen years ago. No maybe even longer seventeen years ago but both I went then and I went my two or three years before we're that both of those times they had fast passes but they were literally like these little machines papering and you go up and you'd be like okay let me get five fast passes and then they print at the time. It'd be like okay comeback. It's three o'clock. Come back at three forty five to the fast pass line chart remember that I remember in many ways. That was a simpler easier time but L. seems like it. Oh my God now you get three three to start and then you can keep making them after you're done. It's all linked the this magic band that you wear on your wrist test which you know people that know Disney magic band is not so it's it's like vernacular button otherwise that don't know what the mark a magic band top audio earn wrist but now it like unlocks your hotel room it it you can charge things on to your room. There's so much that it does it it. It keeps pictures that you take in the park. It's it's very good actually you so there are rides that you will go on and because of your band yeah yeah this. The photo will be sent to you without your knowledge pretty scary. That is Kinda scary. If you lose a child or a child like adult Shrek track him when you lost Patrick. Thank you the epcot ball staring at it. He just gets mesmerized by that thing. I got grab my attention so let's see dining fast passes known people that go to Disney. Stay on on the property. Yes I never did that. Ninety percent of people I work with do that and then I would say ninety percent of the people I work with also have me book all of what I just talked about well I if they stay on property one of the benefits of saying properties the whole dining package it can get that if they do hotel and tickets which it's basically like a credit based system where you can get a certain number of food grads per day per person and instead of having to worry about like Oh my God. It's it's this much money. Oh I have a food credit for this and got it. I mean it is expensive but food is expensive at Disney so expensive so there's everything has nothing is cheap at this. No nope purpose. The reusable shopping bags are pretty cheap. Those appreciate this year. They can afford Lord I seven years was the reusable shopping bags I remember when being a Disney and then being in my career after hearing about how how their customer service service is just so over the top like fantastic well. I'll tell you they training on on site like everyone just is on the whole time made an art of customer service and I don't mean that from the way that people talk to you I mean from how they handle trash recycling how they handle lines. It's how they deal with people. They are masters as unbelievable. We were talking about the the one ride that we watched was the slinky dog dash and it's a brand new ride in Disneyworld and in the morning the line was I think it was eighty minutes eighty eighty or ninety minutes hour and a half but they they positioned the people in the lines so that the line looked like it was almost out of the park so in other words they didn't open the gates allow people to wind through. They let people line up so that the line was going to the park so when you walked in nope not not gonNA wait right Houston there and looked at this line on all my gosh look how long the line is but it was only eighty minutes two hours later. The line was one hundred twenty minutes but it was all contained inside the same same length of lying because they had opened up those gates that look less crowd. They're masters at handling people yeah absolutely they have codes those say over their walkie talkies like if there's an irate guest there's a special code for that so they don't actually say like someone throw a hissy fit like this week at Disney. There was an a news article L.. A. Cast number getting punched in the face. Oh what the hell because someone fast pass at Tower of terror which is like the tell the story stories great great so that the the person with their family got to this ride and they were they were told you don't have a fast pass and so they started to get really irate and to the point of where they started pushing buttons on the cast members control panel God. I have no idea what they can activate probably bombs somewhere. I have no idea but the cast number like pushed their hand away like to say don't do that and then she got punched in the face the CAST member slugged in the face and so they laughed security found them and then they were escorted out and the person that punched her it has now a lifetime ban on Disney cast member who was punched has refused charges. What the hell no arrests were made right? Wow but other better person than me I said the same thing I've been like locked this person up and today's nobody at Disney like <hes> park hours jumped to help them because the people that love Disney would probably defend cast members to the death but I think people just get afraid of those crazies her there because there are some very special people that go to these parks. You're dealing with people so you're GonNa have literally everyone and anyone as we all know there. Yeah people suck people people in general people saw can agree we <music>. We love looking at Disney meltdowns. That's our favorite thing. We want to have a twitter account that just documents Disney meltdowns typically. It's children meltdown oh children sometimes. It's adults yeah so the happiest place ever though that's my line always I'm crying at the happiest place ever. You got to be a jet. I always joke because I really want to do the jet training but it's for kids so whenever I start to have a meltdown Patrick. Do you want to be agenda but that story that that story came from a real life event from we were on a bus and a child Oh was going crazy and the mother looked at the child and said do you WanNa be Djeddai and we about lost our shit. Oh my God that's a threat I patrick will use it. Let's be now that is a good because your parent there. You've paid thousands of dollars to bring your family in a kid is melting down normally. If you're at home at a restaurant you should bring him home. You leave but don't leave. Oh my God you miss out. So how do you yeah you're out the X. amount of dollars for your whole Family Day Disney would make a lot of money if they had like a child prison you you have sucked and I spent this amount of money stolen. Enjoy the rights going to jail kid. It means more to me. You just spend fifty bucks. I'm putting you in Disney jail than the actually dealing with you and you have a cast member that looks like Cruella Deville just overseeing the jail or just say or something like that Bob doozy's. He's he's going to say something about that. Idea copyrighted this. I still want to stay on Disney stuff so let me describe. I have the four parks and then you tell me if it's this is still accurate today. Oh cool this is good good okay but so when I went to Disney Disney Disney world it was called the M._g._M.. Studios I guess now Hollywood studio. This is now called Hollywood studios. Yes it's still basically Hollywood theme with movie stuff. Not I mean yes and no it's there are still the old Hollywood decorations and and a lot of the theme is still around on that coming down. That's yeah they've recently installed toy story land. They're going to be opening. Galaxy's edge the star wars installation. Let's that's still movie stuff yeah. The the Chinese theater is still there is still there but as being that whole that whole areas being rethink renovated because they're putting the new right and they took out the old movie ride the great movie ride has gone. Oh I remember that was at the ride where he was just stunts. Yes yes show the stunt show there. That's all that's gone <hes> they're going to put in one called Mickey and Minnie's runaway railway. We're supposed to be a truck gla system which is pretty cool but there's so they're getting away is still gonna be called Hollywood studio they just they just came out with a new logo for it so it looks like it's not going anywhere anytime so the that name will co Star Wars Park but because when I was my first minute Disney was m._g._m.. I told you remember that yeah. I remember that and the logo was the water tower our with Mickey. That's been going on for a while. We found out after we named our podcast tower enforce okay all right. We got that hip animal kingdom obviously animal kingdom that was the the newest one I was down there correct obviously just about animals. I think they have the Avatar stuff to they. Actually that was the one of the newest areas was they included two rides that were themed around Avatar in hopes that of course that they would make the second movie well there. The are already been partially Cameron is saying he's GonNa make like three more so well that area's set up for them completely to say when it was announce that they were going to bring Pandora there. It was kind of like like what why would you do that cares about this movie but then you walk into the land land you're like this is the coolest thing I've ever seen and it contains not just our opinion many many people's opinion the best ride in Disney Disney yeah which ones that it's called flight of passage. Is that the Oh is that the one where you pretend like you're writing those itchy. It's phenomenal the whole land number one one is just spectacularly themed you walk around and the thing the really neat things at nighttime it completely changes like in the movie when the bioluminescence of the night it happens bioluminescence. That's a great word. It's lower by all right back after a break photosynthesis. You're losing weight for one thing on the night stuff because we'll get back to the parks but I was looking at the so if you buy a theme park ticket doesn't include. There's a separate thing here for Disney after hours. Yes that's separate. That's that's like special times <unk> at night. They set aside for people buy these tickets and the big deal about it. Is that the wait times are super short for <hes> that's basically it like there are other nighttime events that are that are themed like Mickey's Christmas Party Mickey's Halloween Party. Those are a little bit different because they offer more but but these nighttime events you're talking about just basically gives you access to the park with a very minimal crowd you. If you have the day one the day pass they kick you out a certain point yet. It's a in a very gentle way be here all day and night which is why people get upset and I've had clients instead of had a hissy fits because not hissy fits but they they're like. I didn't understand this. I'm like well it. They post their hours. They post their hours. Well in advance so that you can see what days you might WanNa go to magic kingdom because avoid on this day. There's a an event after hours or in the morning they have that too. Oh okay okay really dedicated people that want to get up and do that <hes> but that's that's an issue as you have to watch the hours got it. Okay no animal kingdom Bob Stay on the Animal Kingdom Park. Do they still have a lot of animals there safari to do is the bugs life thou data it is a bug life still inside the tree yes and actually yeah. They're talking about redeeming that as of right now it is still there. It needs to go. That's really that's really that's from. When I was honestly that's been around forever and I used to have the characters from bugs life? I believe as meet and greets but that's not happening anymore Taymor but the other ride that we love is Everest. It's really one of the only role of coaster ride. When did that come out? That's a good question. Probably they were building thing that when I was there might have been check you they might have been building bed or some sort of abominable snowman. That's the ride it's the right okay okay right and that's gone through a couple of different changes because of the foundation being unsturdy which is fun fact Disney's built on swamps right the whole thing is he's got it. That's that's like our favorite ride in that park well outside of flight a passage but two different things I think the fraction was announced in April of two thousand thousand three and it looks like it opened for previews and two thousand six yeah that's really I was. I was probably down there around two thousand four two thousand yeah two thousand four hundred five yeah. I was down there again in like ninety nine. I think Animal Kingdom opened in ninety nine ninety six yeah it was it was relatively new. When I was amazing I mean I'm sure it's still I'm? I'm pretty sure it was ninety. Six Okay Epcot so that cuts the second most popular right all all depends. It's all it's the second to five people five different answers on which parks the best who has the favorite park so now yeah epcot is kind of going through a renaissance right now because it is very dated and you could you could easily do the park in half a day. If you want to drink around the world. Oh I have the dental hang on if you want to drink around the world that's a different story then you're you're gonNA WANNA devote. A whole day is it's still split up into Tech Future ISM on on one side and then the world on the other around the big lagoon yes yes the whole tech side is being redone yet. The tech side dated when I was there. Yes US dated like you would go inside that giant Epcot Ball and it'd be like these like stiff moving like mannequin title type robots. That's still there. They'd tell you like the history of the world and how Communication Advanced Judi dench narrates it and you can smell Rome burning. It's I love that part I do she so they're they're renovating the because the world part seems like that's all no brainer you stick with that forever while the world part has gone under a lot of renovations over the years and there's rumors of them adding another world the world showcase and there's room for one one or two more worlds the <unk> you mean okay so there's been rumors floating for years about Brazil oh absolutely Brazil in the but then me so much fun well then some of the some of the the world's the existing worlds have gone over a lot of modifications Mexico had a whole a new theme left after cocoa came out <hes> Francis getting a whole new ride base off of Ratatouille. Okay I just I just I can't wait for for that because food and booze our to our favorite things Disney parks and then the American pavilions going to see all a huge renovate getting a really nice like beer and and barbecue place tear down the Turkey leg. No quick service is going but the Turkey like will stay fit like most were the adults good to hang out and get drunk exactly exactly partially because <hes> epcot is connected to the boardwalk which is really popular place for after hours. There's a dance hall. There's a piano uh-huh bar. There is a brewery right there so like you know people like we were talking about. People get this idea of Disney of Oh my God. It's just kids everywhere. It's actually very adult adult friendly now especially Disney Springs. Which is the former downtown Disney area? They've told them get excited and I get ahead of myself. I'm not apologize for Disney being the downtown Disney. I never actually went because I was a kid boring. Well we'll get there. No you're right. I've caught is still the divider myself back in the <hes> the the world showcase cases still the world showcase but the other part of it is going to get a galaxy's edge Alex the <hes> the galaxy carvings which is a good tie into your show. Yeah you guys see as the marvel marvel stuff starting to come in that that's why like as I said before I it's the same thing as any other fandom you just get so into it and now that they're including marvel marvel it makes me really excited but they're strict stipulations on what they can and cannot and I'm hoping you wanted you to talk about yeah. It's sad because you've seen I've seen seen what they've done with some of the newer rides at Disney and you think Oh my God. I wish they could tackle marvel here. Here's a rule though that they are in Disneyworld any world they are not allowed to touch anything. That universal has Mississippi Universal Orlando. Oh Disneyland is a different stories stories. That's why you're seeing all these reports of a marvel land coming to Disneyland well. That's unfortunate it's going to happen. There's going to be a spiderman ride. I know Enron is loves. Spiderman creamed his pants. He didn't even listen to the show. He's been slow to change okay so what's so east of the Mississippi. Universal has the Spiderman ride. They have a lot of the vendors rides Disney Disney made the arrangement that they can keep those rides but they can't modify them. They can't tear them down rebuild them. They can update the tack but they can't beat beat. The story sure basically once those rides become done universals Dunn's with Don with him in Disney can take them and so basically like they have. They have an awesome roller coaster. That's totally modeled after the hulk and I think two years ago they did a complete overhaul on it. SMART lists story change ever so slightly the the narrative that they give you in the queue universal word is it universal <hes> and it just made it a better ride but they didn't change anything to say like Oh. It's Mark Ruffolo's hulk. It's nothing like that so the complaint is that you have all these kids now that have grown up with the Marvel Universe Marvel cinematic universe and they're we're going to these parks. They're going to universal and seeing the characters from when we were younger when they're like all right. They're very dated. They have winning probably McGuire being told me McGuire really yes they have meet and greets. It's with with Wolverine in the in the very traditional blue and yellow uniform they have captain America but not the Captain America you know from the movies and a couple of other people and so I think the hope is that they finally get to a point where they go. We can't keep dragging this on. We got to sell it and that's the hope is that they'll finally just other properties because they're Harry Potter Properties so popular and it's really redefine like it really gave them a boost at a time where universal universal with Nintendo thing that they're gonNA come out with. There's a lot for universal. They just need to let go the mark I mean they have fast and the furious. How can you go wrong? Certainly one of the one of the worst rides I've ever been on is a bad. It's so bad well I mean. Are you a fan of the series. I wouldn't say I'M A fan. I'd say <music> I ENJ-. I enjoy the movies but I don't intensely follow them you don't you don't watch them for the Oscar nominations. No no you're watching for ridiculous things exactly so the ride I just Kinda like that except that the ride has built in actual actors into the pre show stuff and they're just as bad as <hes> Vin diesels acting on par with his acting and it's just it's not a tremendous ride but anyway anyways magic kingdom uh-huh wherever we galaxy they have the guardians at Epcot. They have a a show okay. They have awesome mix live show where star Lord like gets a band of the kingdom that moved all how we can talk about that just real quick though <hes> that makes sense because I'm sure no one Disney made the guardians movies. No one knew what the hell they were as I'm sure a universal never thought to make gardens thing so corruptible. Anthony is okay so magic kingdom. I'm still has the giant castle and then has all the different like spots as like Tomorrowland and western land and is that still space land westworld August. Yes Marlene is getting an overhaul which is so badly need like apricots where space mountainous yes right next to space mountain. They're building the tron coaster out. I am thrilled about as well. It looks pretty cool is space mountain's still the ride still very popular popular normally the whole the whole teaming of the area and I said Kate like oh my gosh like Tomorrowland does not look like Tomorrowland it's so old olden so dated there finally tearing down some field sign age and they're finally rebuilding some new stuff in adding Leo and stitch was still Arri- still kind of there. There's a meet and greet but even that's getting kind of phased out so <hes> that that whole areas going to see a major and of course everything that we're talking about with Disney is leading up to the anniversary 2021. Everything is leading at the twenty twenty one so all this work. That's happening is all into anticipation at twenty twenty one <hes> okay <hes> <hes> magic kingdom the biggest one yes. It's the biggest I dunno square footage wise of its biggest but is the most popular we learned the animal kingdom has a ton of land not being used yet. It's all that's a good question. Look that we should know that I should know write that down. You got to keep it running running list of what you guys don't answer Shit Okay so magic. Kingdom is is the oldest yes it was was the original and Walt Disney died. I think like a year or two before magic kingdom completely open to the public <hes> Epcot Disney's vision for Epcot was not what epcot turned out to be and Disney would probably be upset with how epcot turned out to be Disney wanted. I've got to be the land like a livable land for future live in ever leave it they would. They live in this bubble. People there for I forget what is an experimental prototype community of tomorrow so you wanted real people there he did he did <hes> so so magic. Kingdom is the oldest and the castle is iconic it it uses force perspective to to make people believe the castles bigger than it really is. There was a lot of incredible imaginary that came into that park and just imagineering. Oh so proud of him right now. I'm a little turned turned on imagine hearing seconds right there. He's seconds. Would you walk down Main Street and the it just blows you. Your your remind just gets blown away just because of how iconic that whole walkway is right <hes> but it does have some the iconic rides. It's a small world ride the tea cups the Dumbo <hes> the Peter Pan. These are all iconic rides that have just survived the test of time and are still there. Are there still at dinosaur ride at animal kingdom. Yeah and I'm sorry yeah and what's funny to me is that there's no outside of a small mall. Maybe two three rides. There's no thrill rides and Disney right. Thrill rides imagining that you like get off and your heart is pounding because it's such the thrill me throw up completely. That's another story altogether. Your blood pressure goes through the roof right TICO. Hell the hell no <hes> but there's no so so everything there is very family friendly and everything's very calm and relaxed but there's there's just a lot of history there yeah and so as a result. It's very busy all too busy. There's so many I mean it is the family park of sure. That's what I remember it. Being there is no alcohol unless you go to a sit down restaurant. That's bullshit. I agree whereas the other parks have integrated alcohol completely which the other parks you you can walk around with a drink as one. They can't unless you dining incident sit down restaurant so like there's quick service restaurants table all service and the quick service fast food and other three parks both of those types serve alcohol in fact on the Disney dining plan. Now alcohol comes with it. Oh which is why we love. That's interesting. I'm going to say something off. The top of my head say this is just completely. Yes magic. Kingdom was the first theme park to open in nineteen seventy one followed by epcot in eighty two. I'm not reading this Hollywood suit nine. I'm totally this animal kingdom in Ninety eight seventy one was magic kingdom. Okay 'cause they still do the parade at night and the fireworks Oh yeah they sell fireworks. <hes> the electrical parade is no longer oh well. It's not if they started understand but but there's still a parade twice a day. There's a parade once a day at three calls twice a day. It's once festival at three o'clock between in Disney has been nice this long promo good or bad what they're talking about <hes> yeah so seventy one was was was magic kingdom and some of the rides are still original title. Yeah that's crazy some of my favorite ones though we've gone over the four parks now we gotta get into opinion time from the Disney experts. It's no one's on the line stick with you. <hes> what's his pants so let's go eh. What's the best one looking and we'll know what about you? Pat I agree animal. Kingdom is the most chill <hes> <hes> it is the most covered so if it's a really warm sunny day is the most trees <hes>. Did you mean by Chile. Just it's just a relaxed that is if you go to magic kingdom and then go to animal kingdom you know exactly what I mean 'cause and our magic is wall to wall people in stroller scooters children and not the alternate are bad but I'm just seeing lots of children animal kingdom. Many people feel like as a half day park for what it offers but it has excellent food food food there is out of this world they have great shows <hes> some of my favorite rides great alcohol Margaritas animals the animals too and that they're made better with alcohol. You get a Margarita then do the safari it so much more fun. I've always thought it was amazing than animal. Oh Kingdom had the best food on the safari. What do you want for dinner? No I've never had lion meets with. There's so many drafts we have to population Flamingo so animal kingdom yeah best five time and time again well this time it was really busy but it's still my favorite especially with Pandora which really up the game I think for Disney in terms of teaming the overall attention to how you can make someone feel like they're part of a different world from the time you get in line at the time you leave and see what else it's just. It's super chill. It's it just doesn't feel like you have to rush as much as the other parks. That's the vibe even honestly when I went. I felt like magic. Kingdom was almost too overwhelming with stuff that had to do with the handle eighteen years old and the prior that Levin then. I wasn't thinking about alcohol so much but I'm sure my parents were like we go down here. Yeah uh-huh calls relatively new now is interesting does too though yeah well Hollywood movies so that apart from me when I my first time I went there thought it was the coolest thing ever 'cause all the movies I love. We're coming to life right in front of me. The issue with Hollywood studios is that in the last five ten years yes. It has been going under this renovation so everything that did you've known from when you went is is gone and so it's gone through and I'm I'm GonNa Guess Five six years of majority of the part being shutdown unavailable. You can't get there as you walk somewhere. You're walking down the street and there's a big wall. You can't thank you passed it so there's a lot of people that think Hollywood studios is a waste of money just because so much of the park has been closed <hes> <hes> and that's all changing. I me now that Star Wars land is opening. The Toy story land is opening. There's just <hes> they're almost worried. Now that Hollywood studios will eclipse other parks works really yeah and they've put they've put like projects into place for how they're going to handle the crowd sizes. We'll move learned a lot from California's we'll have because California's California's has the opening has been kind of lukewarm at best but I think that's partially because a lot of the season pass holders have waited who have had to wait if had to wait. They've you've been blocked out. They haven't been allowed to come <hes> so now that that time has passed. They're starting to see an uptick in crowd size but I mean for example bowl. This is just a very small example at universal studios in June. They opened a new coaster in the Harry Potter world that was themed under Hagrid magical creatures opening day. There is ten hour wait. What of that right now? It's ten hours for ride right question number. One is that which is is how they dealt with it and the on suing days so it quickly got down to like five four hours and they they had a virtual queue so we act like that's along. That's not a long time right no problem when Pandora they had they had similar issues like seventy hour waits and the line for the ride would snake through the entire park yeah they can't do that from an issue a something goes wrong and you have all those people just in a huge line. You're going to have bigger issues so then they have virtual queue system put in place where you going like you sign up for a time to come back kind of like a fast <hes> but then there was maintenance tissues and they'd have to close the ride early or they started opening the ride much much later in the day because of maintenance so something as small as that for one right you'd think about that now for entire land of a park where you're going to have people that have been star wars fans for a long long coming to see this land not not only for the rides but the food and the atmosphere and the the lightsaber building and the droid building. I I remember I had some co workers. I went out to Disneyland and they went to that galaxies edge and those like you get to go in this bar but you only get to hang out for like ten minutes or something like that or some sort of like it was just a very allotted time time Yup Yup you can build a lightsaber but two hundred dollars a hundred here. Here's my question since we're on on Disneyland Wia why Disneyworld over Disneyland Well Disneyland was like why why why why why should people go to Disneyworld Disneyland was the O._G.. It was the original gangster it was. It was the original gangster yes yeah and it was in the the issue with Disneyland. Is that it they ran out of room pretty quick. They only theme parks right well to is to theme Parks Disneyland England I think so yeah but they ran out of room of real estate really fast and so they've had to be very creative with how they have handled that the the changes and everything else Disney world is vast to say the least. There's an absolute overwhelming an incredible amount of land people have said that Disney land as the stereotype for California is way more chill. Just the the reservations is needed aren't aren't required. They're like you can you can book a table a month out and not have no problems. You don't look anything for Disneyland Right your plan but if <music> so different it's a different animal whatsoever. I mean they have three hotels. Disneyworld has twenty five holy crap. They have to parks irks Disney has six if you include the water parks <hes> in the do and they have a different system for fast pass is just not as big of a deal out there so many people prefer that because it's not overwhelming yeah also not getting up caught. No you're also getting animal kingdom. No you're getting the California cornea adventure and Disneyland Right the original. Let's see what what are okay so. Obviously you go to Disneyworld world. People expect the PUCK. Go to the park and stuff. What are some things that you'd be like? I'd recommend you do this and you wouldn't think of that first off by going to discussed well. Maybe not maybe something not in the parks or maybe we'll hotel or maybe you know water parks. I Dunno down. I don't know what downtown you book with me remember. I've actually kept made note of this by the end of this. I will have decided if I'm GONNA book with Your Business. There's so how many different ways you can approach this you anything that's top of my head. It's downtown Disney that for me. That's a game changer that does not require a ticket springs. I'm sorry thank you excited. Thank you guys for so much beer. Now all right downtown Disney is filled with shopping disney springs. I went filled with. She is really getting a beer. Yeah she really the opener actually and she's still talking up there but the they have gone through a another name. The last five ten years have gone through a whole renovation down there where almost every single restaurant has had a complete wholesale change and the dining alone. I dedicate the last time we were there. Actually after we left I said I'm prepared the next time we come down to space not spend the money on the park's necessarily but spend the money on dining out just because Disney just springs just because Dennis brings dining so good so good they have a lot of restaurants that are called signature restaurants and those require to dining credits or are you paying out of pocket. You're going to expect forty to fifty dollars per hour or per meal but the food is really good. Wolfgang puck a what was Maury Auto Moto Asia Chef Wolfgang Puck go ahead. Oh No it's fine. I was GONNA say how like I don't even know. I'm trying to imagine all of this. Is this like a street. Set it up. It's around a lake on the late in the like you can be there all night or actually do they kick you out they. They stay open this. I think up until two A._M.. And there's no charge happy hours <hes> they have like like he already said the the best food. It's really upscale shopping. They have a movie theater in the middle of it. There's a bowling alley the <hes> the N._B._A.. Experienced just opened <hes> what else was the Coca Cola store the void V._R.. which we did and was awesome so you could literally Eh? You could be living Orlando like my night out tonight. I'm GonNa Disney's so we have. We have a number of friends that live in Orlando and you know we. We don't know very well but they don't. They don't say they remembered they. Don't know but we have friends that live there so when we go down there it's okay hey we're going to be in Disney springs on this day and they'll come and meet us because there's no charge you get in there. Breaking is free they come. We sit we go to a bar. We have a couple of drinks. It's it's just awesome. It's a great vibe like in this performances that go on there a lot of our children there yeah because there's there's a couple of things there's there's a lego store. There's a giant enormous Disney store. There's a rainforest cafe and another one called T. Rex which is really popular with Kids Love The T. rex restaurant yeah yeah no dizzy springs is is one of my favorite days because we will plan a day to Disney springs and there's still be yeah. What is your okay for you guys? How long are he went Disney six months everything nice? We're on our last penny. We hope that you'll book with me Blue's money. This is actually just a way to spend some money with you. Go Fund me. We'll talk about later drugs because like you need to sell sell it to buy it. No we usually do a week week and those five of those days are spent at Disney parks. One is spent at Disney springs or the pool or combination and then the last one is usually universal or sea real world which we get to our seaworld store yeah but that's so five days at Disney parks one waterpark. Is that what you're saying never done the water parks. No we'll actually take a day to a hopper parked-parked apoe. Oh is that cool. That's awesome yeah because especially tiring it can be it can be when we were there. It was ninety seven degrees with a real feel of one oh seven with the index it was it was borderline miserable but we we got through it but the park hopper lets you for us. We love using it because we can do different dining at different parks so like magic. Kingdom doesn't have a lot in terms of sit down restaurants that we like well they do. I'd rather go to Disney springs which we did so we went to like Chef Art Smith homecoming one night. We did Morimoto Asia for lunch I mean how long is it taking you though to get from like doing the park really from one not as bad bad as you think. The longest drive is if you're not in the magic kingdom area if you're if you're located in the southern region of Disneyworld it can take fifteen into twenty minutes southern regions what I said there was a lot of there was a law. If you're the Shire of Disney quite a bit of the southern region along okay so then you hinted at the thing times hands we might as well just tackle this while out on Orient so all right so normally We want to avoid that ride at universal. Got It at all costs because we'll come back in the fall. We'll do the Halloween horror nights and universal which is so cool. We're huge fans at that now. They have a stranger things haunted house and this year they're adding ghostbusters. That'll be cool female the male or the one that do not speak of as it should be as listen your hate mail. We had a great song from follow boy on the ghostbusters clusters album. That was the contribution of that movie. I've actually never seen the movie I just remember hearing all the anyway. Enron nut review that one. I don't think he had an interest in seeing goes bust for him. I'm proud of him yeah so anyway so we were like we're going to avoid universal this time but our friend okay. How do I put this in in the verb? Were allowed to say yeah. He knows cookie monster at sea world. He is a friend of cookie monster's Z. World Cookie Monster as in like sesame sesame street. Okay Yeah Okay go workers very well to sum above lately what cookie monster doing at seaworld okay they continue actually seaworld owns the rights to sesame street so all these very strange connection. Okay Burt had a lot of lot of debt so yeah so they own sesame street so our friend of ours is very good friends with cookie monster read between the lines. He's <hes> so close with cookie monster. You can't even tell me all right <hes> so we ended up getting nice tickets priced tickets to go to seaworld Nice ticket price nice and we ended up when we walked in the door. They were like well. We have this deal where you could do all you can eat or all you can can drink for thirty seven hundred and six dollars per person bay discount because our cookie monster friend yeah sure so. We were like yes S.. All you can drink yes. What are the rules all drink as it turns out is one beverage at our? Oh so okay. That's okay limits binge drinking okay yeah yeah I was pissed. I was like that's ridiculous <hes> so we had our first beverage about ten o'clock so hang on so yeah. Here's how this works our friends. This is ten A._M.. We'd already eating breakfast and they they go into the first restaurant. We found they all a both have a plate full of Chinese food and alcoholic drink and dessert at ten A._M.. And they finished the entire plate. Meanwhile pack and I are like we're okay okay for right now but when you sit down to eat it's not a five minute thing. It's a twenty thirty minutes so by the time you're done eating you. Look at your watch. We're like we can go get another beverage another meal now we literally finish that meal ten twenty at eleven we were in another restaurant and by this time we're like okay fine. We'll play along. We'll get him yet seaworld yeah so they had like a full nice big salad with beer and sat down and that was meal to at at eleven twenty year so long story short we were in the can buy like five o'clock at night we had had I don't know like six beers or something like like that and we were done now. The Nice thing about seaworld is because of your documentary not mine. I didn't make more right. You're right. I Apologize Because of via documentary sure the the attendance of the park is way down yeah. I'd I'd assume yeah now our friend of ours said to us it. The documentaries is is fine but it's a little unfair. He said imagine you have a dog and someone gets a picture of you accident or video of you accidentally stepping wrapping on your dog and then they just play that video over and over and over and over and over again sure you go and try to buy dog and they're like no. You're abusive dogs so it takes the worst moments and it it you know it it shows the world those worst moments orcas probably really not meant to be in a giant tank but I know believe me. I am not defending see. I'M NOT ANTI UNDERSTAND THE MEAL deal too once every hour probably used to so I mean I think when all was said and done we we had a salad. We had a personal personal Pan Pizza. We had some sort of Hoagie we had fish dinner. We had a barbecue spare ribs and then on top of all this and the one the one alcoholic drink per hour. They have a free beer kiosk at seaworld. Will Mark Your hand with the blue ink that rubs right off convenient how that happened. It was very sweaty that day ex the ex your hand like you've got your free beer from seaworld you. You just wrote it right off. You could literally go right back into this probably not only not cookie my neighbors. How is seaworld is the is it a bigger park as well or is it? What's funny to me right now is that you ask about seaworld and we spent the last ten minutes talking about food and beer right again yeah? I know exactly what you guys like. That's great. That's actually made me really hungry by the end of this podcast eat a lot. Actually there's a Waku okay actually have some really decent thrill rides. They've three awesome coasters. They have the Kraken they have Manta and Maku Maku which mantle you ride. If you're a Manta rays your life flat down Oh like with the with the harness on your back which was awesome. I think my favorite was the one about the the killer Shark Mako rollercoasters were top notch. They were fantastic and they had a water ride. It's pretty cool and no wait yeah. There was no one's there no literally no one. was there yeah okay go ahead go ahead. They have a pretty stellar. I can't believe you forgot this pretty. Stellar Sesame Street parade the do cloud stellar color. Yes you feel so bad for whoever are in those costumes so hot plus. They're wearing fur on top of the costume. Oh my God yeah really embraced this. What do you do for a living seems like you're also most with ELMO? No I actually work. Oh Dear God help me work for a school district. Say a mole no say work. No I won't do that. I work for school district in actually technology. I'M A Computer Guy <hes> but I do professional development. I teach teachers teach students. We used technology so you're both in education. We are yeah you're both podcasting yeah and it seems like patch on board. I mean he's basically weekly selling Disney with you as well everything every week I just I remind my job is to remind the plug herself. Wow Wow first of all follow up. I don't reminder thank you third. How are you finding clients kate well? I I do work for a travel agency. It's called a vacation air and they yeah they. They send me okay. We're three clients a day. Depending pending how busy the time of year is or if people reach out to me I can also help them that way. In differences just like how much commission I if there if they supply of a lead to me and they look then I get a certain percentage. If I find the lead I get a certain percentage. Probably we have a little more if you find that's correct that is correct that is correct that is correct but again no cost anybody except Disney. That's up Disney. You just gotTa go. What are what are okay? What what are what are people what's like an average spend at Disney? That's a great question. I love these questions because I still the tea yes because I mean it's it's important for planning for people that haven't ever been to Disney. You don't realize how much is going to call. People truly have no idea they're like our budget. legit is fifteen hundred dollars for seven days and seven people. You're not going to Disney right. I mean people like you know. People probably expect what they're going to pay. It like six flags for a day or something like that well the the ticket prices are not bad incentivize ticket so if you stay there longer than four days the four to five day money difference is very small and then once you get to like nine and ten days which I've had clients do that. It's like a twenty dollar difference so might might as well get a tenth day ticket because it's twenty bucks so I will say on average the the average family probably spends anywhere where between three to five thousand dollars wow and that's I know that's that's usually like a seven day trip with family like four four a four to four to five to six will say in their depends on how where you stay if your value resort it brings the cost way down by that three tiers there's value moderate and deluxe and as you as you would expect the amenities get better as you go up the tiers so if you want a lot of space quiet good pools good food food you go to deluxe if you would like to save money but you're going to be more crowded with families you're going to be value. That's your own preference and I've had a little bit of everything and I will say that there I get people that just book tickets and that's pretty affordable. I have people that just facebook hotel and I also have people that are taking four parts of their family in four different rooms like I had one client client. Obviously I'm not going to names but they were they. Were yeah no I don't. I can't fathom this myself as we just. Oh said were in education so her paychecks are not enormous but I had a family and they were so nice like the people people. This is funny but the people that spend a lot of money are usually so nice. They're easy to work with yeah. They totally that makes that makes a lot. Actually I suppose I work in sales and the people that I mean it's not by rule but the people that do spend a lot of money. A lot of times actually are easier to work with and the people that are like penny pinching because they they just don't understand why things can be as expensive as they are and that's not to say that people that don't spend money are terrible because there's always been awesome and I've had some that have have been not as awesome but when I say not as awesome I kind of mean that there are a little needy <hes> they ask a lot of questions sure you're right okay so that that's like the worst worse case scenario but I had one client and it was husband and wife and they are bringing their daughter and her family along with another daughter and her family. We're talking like ten people here and they wanted to stay at a deluxe resort. The the the first two were staying for ten days days. They wanted the ten day ticket. They wanted the deluxe meal plan so this is like topped here. Can't you probably could've upgraded to a better hotel room type but they were basically at that already and I would say for the lot of them thirty thousand dollars look for a ten day trip which half of the time like the one daughter spent half time the other daughter spent so they weren't even there for the full ten but you know people bullet that you tell Mike Oh God. It's going to be this and they don't bat an eye. It's like okay fine a lot scary to quote the price. You're like how much is going to be. You realize how much is going to be and then they don't really upshur and they go to Costco or Sam's Club. I'm not I'm not lying. That's what they do because they do offer for discount tickets. Why did I mention that stupid me? Don't do that why did they do. You know I mean. I can't fight a bargain if someone can find a cheaper price than me by all means means do it right <hes> that was an extreme case <hes> I'm. I'm working with another client right now. That is a very similar situation. <hes> nothing nothing. It's a huge huge family coming in and that's what that's what we do. I remember when we went. We'd never tweeted I so I'm not too familiar with the hotels. 'cause we what we would do is we'd stay in Kasumi and then just drive over so we just do the park stuff for the day parking but you have pay per. Oh yeah needs to pay pardoning spend or you can afford that. Ah Parking Twenty Five Bucks Twenty whatever salary no problem right exactly the Patriot on up sure role in doing this I do. It's easy like I've done it. I visited the park so much that it's not working anymore. It's just just okay you should do this this and this and go eat here and maybe scheduled this. It's just second nature now so it is tough trying to negotiate like time with that and a fulltime job Bob. One of the things I enjoy is when he will get a client who thinks that Kate has insider information and insider ticket prices <music>. I don't and we'll say things like well. We went here and got a better price. Okay does go to the webpage literally. If you go yourself to pressure on vacation on and Disney's website you will get the exact price you however if they release a discount. I'll be the first one to tell you and I'll be the first one to tell you I've saved but you out the ability ready to do fast passes die concierge basically for your exact title so so the one woman gone tactic agents admit your tickets are way more expensive. I got cheaper tickets. I think in hopes that Kate would come back and go oh well. Here's a better price for you. That is one nice thing is. Is that if you get that line you're like I literally can't do anything so good on you. Strip right yeah yeah that makes it easier so you're not like going back and forth through like this is what it is Yep. This isn't a negotiation or anything we can negotiate some experiences Outta here or a different hotel if you want put right and that's the thing is if you're worth their salt as an agent you will know which hotels to avoid in which hotel us to really promote because you've either been there or you know it's under construction and you should avoid at all costs or you know just that what the hotel offers is what they're looking for another great example of this this is that there's a Gondola system. That's going up at Walt Disney world but there's only a couple or five hotels that it will travel from really I'll stuff. I know because I've seen it. What's the airless promote the hotels real? Quick can't even know this was going to be a full on Disney commercial but whatever I'm enjoying it's a marvellous get into that soon. We can get into that asked me about that but what real quick of the three levels was moderate value and deluxe. What what's what's your hotel recommendation for? Each level value is art of animation. which is the newest value that Patrick's never been to? I was the first one I stayed at it is just it's a bigger value property with very nice pool. The seeming is very cute. It's themed around Little Mermaid Finding Finding Nemo Cars Lion King. It's just it's it's a very nice value as I'm actually gonNA. Stop you there because we can answer this a little bit easier so the difference between the three of them for in my opinion. Is that how much he he wants to know which one I like out of each I understand but when when we go to the parks we don't spend time <music>. I'm in the hotels we don't we don't care about the pool the hot tub we WANNA place we can lay our head down at night and pick her up in the morning so we go oh for the cheapest yeah. We're pretty Bengal. That's usually my so. That's my vegas experience sure that is yeah. I don't really I mean as long as I'm on the Strip and it's not the pipes aren't busted and there's not roaches yes. Yes I dare to rest my head and that's about it. That's a good follow up like while I'll say that this is my favorite value we really we we saved almost all them except for one but it's going to be very similar so we just need a bed and and the values will be more crowded. They are smaller her. They are more compact. There is a food court for food and that's about it at some of these will all the values <hes>. There's a there's a pool bar and A. and the rooms are small what you'd expect so that's that's the values but we always say almost always values because a lot of money moderate. You're going GONNA get bigger rooms. Nicer rooms more spread out better dining more bars. It's like okay shut up. It's just Jose. I just have to know these things. <hes> like for example Coronado is a conference center so you get a lot of business travelers there okay and I just estate at Coronado last summer and it was very nice. The food was really good but I will say kind of missed. The the smallness of a value everything is being centrally located. This was way more spread out over a lake and then deluxe top of the line usually very close to the parks works in terms of distance <hes> and and what they have to offer transportation wise like some of them offer ferry-boats the monorail comes into play. We've you've done Saratoga Springs which was really nice one but so quiet like way too quiet. I thought nick not a lot going along going on great for when we had and my parents there but just not not a ton happening. I really want to say the boardwalk. That's like my favorite because the boardwalk has so much going on moderate that's deluxe <hes> yeah and it has like the boardwalk looks like Atlantic City Boardwalk. It has the E._S._p._N.. E._S._P._N.. Club there's a Italian and seafood restaurant. There's a brewery bill. The Piano Bar the dance club. There are people doing <hes> p performers on the boardwalk at all times or cornhole. There's along with the pool which all of them have pools but it just to me it. Just just that one calls to me. I would love to stay there haven't but I'd love to. I'm a I'm very intrigued by this to be honest. That'd be bad podcast. I don't know who else is going to be. I've always I've enjoyed most of this but you did mention. You wanted to talk marvel with me this is this is just really an interview. It's a discussion of you wanted to ask me something. I know I just WanNa talk because like okay so jock nerd fulfils by my geek need of we week because I I I don't know I feel like I've really come into my own. The past couple years understanding that I love Super Heroes and I love Geeky staff when you're young. It's such a bad thing because people make fun of passionate people right. I feel like that's there's that phase so you it's cool alike. It was cool to like the stuff until you're about maybe thirteen right and then it makes twelve thirteen and then it's like all did your childish your child yeah why watch go watch a Nigga girl or something like these do something devious and then then I think but I think once I got to college when I it was like finally coming into my own as I can like this stuff again like it's fine yeah took me in and plus pop. The this culture now is really embrace like it's so popular now it doesn't matter what age you like this stuff at. Oh Yeah let's except I remember being back in middle school and and being afraid to say like I like Star Wars because I mean back then it was more of a girls don't like star wars or girls don't play video games and it's like liked both than a quiet thing for a long long time and now that it's so accepted. It's like yeah I I'm super into finally came out of the closet. I play video games so yeah so when you did your upset on Comecon I was following going along on the Jock nerd fan page on facebook with Oh Yeah Blake Blake. Was There Blake Brayden from <hes> yeah it was live. I guess face booking. She's put whatever was happening. Yeah we are with friends that night and I was like guys. Stop this guy's livestream because 'cause we all like we all as a group go to marvel movies together and I'm like we have to tune into this because we've we've been ruminating over what's going to happen for a number of hours. Talk to them every now and then like they'd be talking about something completely different like the our friends baby and it'd be like this is an Lucky Loki Looks T._v.. Show all right all right so anthony's all start the ball rolling. What would you think about everything that was announce a comecon what do you how do you feel about all that yes I wouldn't I'd love to talk about that? <hes> I did mention we did talk about it on our show on plug for that show but <hes> I feel like one of those things where everything got announced and I wasn't like blown away but I feel like it's impossible to be blown away because they're not. They're not really announcing anything thing with a bunch of characters that we've grown up with right right but I got really excited thinking about it because I don't know what's going to happen and these are all different characters characters that I don't really know all that much about so for me. It was kind of like this is Marvel's experiment phase and I'm along for the ride because I just enjoy all the marvel movies all right now. I'm going to go ahead. Please go is just going to say and what I really enjoyed. <hes> was just how diverse and how interesting some of these people that are being casted are agree. Well actually go ahead. The first time I was on your show is when we found out Zendaya was Mary Jane we and I remember saying to you like I don't know like she's not the Mary Jane ahead of my head and you're like and I have to say now I have dialects affect. I loved her in all Spiderman movies. She's I think she's great. I don't really think she's playing Mary Jane but I don't really care I just enjoy her care. Take on it. It's different and she sells it and now ever since then. I've been like man whoever they cast. I I'm on board for because she really changed my mind. That was apart. Thanks to you so I'm going to be very honest with you anthony. I'm not up to date with what's happened. I know little bits. I know here and there kind of helped me out well. Here's here's one thing boy we get another beer. No no no no so the one thing that I heard that I don't understand stand yeah is Natalie Portman store yes so that was a relatively recent storyline in the comics where Jane Foster who've Natalie Portman plays <hes> becomes thor. I don't really know the exact details around it by no she had cancer in the story line and becomes thorn when she becomes thuerer cancer goes away. You would know this if you had listened to the last episode of the Dr Patrick. It's okay it's okay but the cancer while she's thor so that's a big thing and it was a pretty popular series popular in that <hes> comic book sales went up for a little bit but comic book in in general sales are pretty terrible so popular for the Niche Audience Stories Comics <hes> and lady thor in terms of why they would do something. I like that I I think they just want to take the character in a different direction. They've made three thor films. He's been in six marvel movies as male four <hes> and I think they just wanted wanted this like I said this phase is kind of their experiment phase okay so they're like you know. Natalie Portman is a good actress. We haven't really done much with her. No Oh Donald Duck or the needle that's done yeah. So why don't we why don't we bring Taiko via T._d.. Back who <hes> director Thor Ragnarok who a lot of people really liked <music> a movie that a lot of people really liked and really thought was kind of off the wall and a little bit different than what you would expect out of a marvel movie and they're like why don't we bring we're going to bring him back. We're GONNA do a four four four but we're GONNA have Natalie. Portman Become Thorp are like why don't we this flip this on its head a little bit all right so then in your opinion is Natalie Portman in a gym right now. Oh Yeah I mean probably I don't think but here's the thing I think she's probably in the gym as we've seen a Gal gadoe. CALICO wasn't necessarily really bought for wonder woman and there's a lot of like stuff out now. I don't know how much you guys follow this but there's a lot of stuff on like women don't need to be like buffed to play portray his star like a strong character so I don't. I don't think she's GonNa get big. I mean she's small in stature. I I read a couple of things that said that she's going to Jack for the role like all news headlines saying that yeah those examines I wouldn't be surprised I mean I'd be more surprised if she got checked for the role. I would be like I I'd be more <hes> expecting her to just be her and just be her in the role because there's a lot of stuff out there about like you don't need to be big to be strong sort of and we you've seen her like at her tiniest for for Black Swan almost like startling how how tiny she got. I would love to see what she can do. I think she thinks she looked great eight. I think it is interesting because the character does she's frail and has cancer in the storyline then when she becomes Leithauser. She's not jacked like four big sake but like she's like a big girl now. She's like looks more powerful so maybe may I mean male actors transform their bodies all time when they become superheroes so oh yeah that's true. I'm not afraid to admit that like I have looked at no hang on hang the let me rephrase <hes> so Gal Gadot was workout and <hes> Brie Larson's workout and Alicia Viking landers workout for Tomb Raider sure I've looked at those those are intense and they're amazing and they're great inspiration because I mean more and more women are starting to become okay with this idea that we can weight lift. It's not a man's thing and absolute in there. We're GONNA pull like Brie. Larson pulled a car like in her training and and <hes> you know that's actually Eh. It's funny you bring that up because I do cross fit so I have a lot of like women around me that obviously weightlift around around me weightlift. That's that's actually a big thing now like I follow a lot of female <hes> females at work out do cross Rospa other sorts of things and they promote that Alonso sheet is like two women can weight lift women can eat like you don't have to starve yourself. You eat a lot as long as you. You know you watch you know the time eat or watch the portion control. You can still eat a lot. You can still weight lift like that's all becoming much more prevalent so happy. That's a thing because I teach young girls some of whom who have like had discussions me like how do you get ads. You know how do you how do you get an like. You don't need to worry about that like just make sure that you are doing you like be healthy for you. Don't stop eating. Please because your body needs needs food. Okay the idea that you shouldn't give your body. Saudi nutrients and and fuel is ridiculous slang. Although the good thing now is like if a girl like someone like that asked like my one of my coaches at the gym she's female Mike. The girl asked asked her. How do I get ab? She would go. You still need to eat. We still need work out like they wouldn't it be like go on this diet where you're gonNA lose a bunch of weight. It'd be like let's just redistribute mute what you're eating so let's have like more healthy fats. Let's cut out a little bit of carbs. Let's do this. Let's do that you know yeah. That's all big things now okay so getting back to the marvel stuff yeah of course everything that you has skirl this eating stuff women yeah yeah yeah. No no no no actually you can answer this anyway. I'm curious to know everything that you've seen come out of COMECON. What are you excited about so there's the two do things I'm most excited for so far one of them? I'm personally by because I'm half Asian methyl piano <hes> so Shanxi for me. <hes> isn't isn't a character. I grew up with at all. I don't really know that character but just for the fact that I'm C- I'm a movie is being made with a superhero movie with a Chinese lead. I know that's not not Filipino but it's Asian that for me is exciting very cool. <hes> you know just 'cause. I've never seen anyone. That looks like me are I've. I've barely seen anyone that looks like me on the big screen as a superhero so that'd be Kinda cool in the second one. You do know this. I think I've changed my mind share with because I had the same reaction so my second one. I I say the internals now. What did I say what if oh that was my most favorite animated or not animated most T._V. Show sorry yeah. I also T._V.. Show wise what if an do you know the concept of that pet I don't so it's going to be a animated animated marvel show but it still in line. It's still in Canon per se with everything else because they're going to bring back all the voice all the actors to do voice acting flora and the the whole concept is there's. This character called the watcher that literally in Marvel Universe just watches everything doesn't do anything just watches documents everything I mentioned when he was the same guy from westworld. Oh yes right right so what he's going to do is he's going to do each story is GonNa Start Out with for instance. What if Captain America lost to the Red Skull what would have happened then and then just going to play out that storyline for that episode or what would have dated Peggy right it was a frog yeah could be could be all sorts of crazy things but there's so many like is literally like taking a storyline for marvel Arvo ongoing well? What if this happened instead? Let's just a alternate <hes> future reality sort of story where they can have a ton of fun as I'm really excited about that but the movie that most say or excited for is the internals and the reason being is. I don't know what the fuck is going to happen but I looked at the cast. Stay and I'm like stack. This is very interesting. It's very interesting weird very diverse casting Selma Hayek a Angelina Jolie legal male Nanjiani Kumail Nangiani Richard Mad and from game of thrones actress in this. It's go yeah. She was on Broadway. Yes so there's a lot of really really interesting casting here and the the internals if I could describe it is basically this wacky storyline from like the seventies of these basically mythical godlike creatures that <hes> are at war with <hes> this other group of people called the deviants who's Thanos is actually related to so. They're the creatures that have lived in Laura and be inspired all these gods across <hes> human history and they've lived for thousands of years other than that. I don't know what the story is going to be but they they it's so <hes> interesting off the wall that I'm like. I'm on board so that's what those are the ones I'm most excited for and then what about villains will what are we going to see villain I mean how do you beat Thanos. How do you top Van Thanos see yeah? That's that's an interesting question. <hes> so I think in this this is called phase for for Marvel and I think Fi- He Kevin Fi you is the the the overlord overlord of all of us as said that this they have a plan in place <hes> phase four is basically kind of like a resetting so they're going to start introducing all these new characters <hes> but I don't know who the villain is. I mean it could be like a doctor doom with they have the rights to now sure <hes> it could be anomalous who is a <hes> creature from the negative zone. I believe that's this giant bug. There's all sorts of crazy things that they could do but I I'm just as curious as you. I don't don't know what's going to happen. Which makes me excited okay now? This is popular mayhem and I apologize because I'm GonNa jump completely awesome follow you for your thought process. I'm going to try to follow this as well what can D._C.. Do Oh to compete what D C can do to compete as continue to. I think I know how you're not there. You are thinking do doom is an universal universal is like D._C.. To Disney and there you go. She's not what they need to do is continue to make just good movies and not really worry what Marvel feel like D._C.. Kind of shot the load they put all these they did. They all these people and all these movie L. These these these villains and movies and you know they. They've they've stumbled along the way I will. Have you seen Transam yes. Yes it was good. It was really good really good really solid movie. They need to just stay like that. Make the good movies article man. Did you see home nor waiting until it comes on H._B._O.. I'm not I wasn't the biggest command fan but there were things a lot of things alike so Jason Amoah always listen to me. You both appreciate this. I enjoy him I do not he's not someone that that is my type. Thank you let me tell you if my type no let me tell you moving on America the Doctor Stephen Strange obviously yes well. Here's the thing D._C.'s got a lot of like interesting stuff that could be in the works so they've got the joker broker movie. That's coming out which actually isn't gonNA supposedly just going to be its own thing. It's not even going to be related to anything else so we'll see how that goes no correlation with Heath Ledger Correct No correlation with Heath Ledger no correlation with jared jared though like its own little thing so they're doing that. They've got a birds of free movie coming out with Margot Robbie. Let her yeah so like turn suicide. Squad issues probably one of us. They've got wonder woman men sequel coming out to that <hes> they have a Batman movie with <hes> with Oh. Why like trying I'm not I'm not stoked for that? I do like the director though Matt Reeves is a really good director he did he do the last two apes movies which were really good. I told you I have to keep an open mind now yeah and they have have suicide these suicide squad which is pseudo sequel reboot but it's being directed by James Gunn under or just overhauled. I don't know but I don't know what they're GONNA do. All I know is that James Gunn is in it are doing the directing and I really enjoyed both guardians movies so my point being is they got a lot of stuff coming <unk> out that seems kind of interesting. What they really just need to do is make good movies? What are you don't I don't I don't think they should be building towards any sort of shared shared universe? I think they can hint at it but the problem with the pro the previous DC films -Mongst Bolo two things is that they were too worried about setting up what was coming out instead of making a good film <hes> True <hes> so that's my opinion. What were you gonNA ask me? What do you think of Kristen Kristen wigs villain in wonder woman go in one? That's a very interesting villain. <hes> believe it's. She's playing Chita the Chita Rivera all my head to make that twist seen Chita Rivera. I don't know what to make of that. Cheetah Cheetah is a very interesting villain to try to portray onscreen for those that don't know she literally looks like a Cheetah <hes> like the the remake of cats. That's coming across over. Oh Jeez. What do you guys know number one I was I was disturbed of the musical number one okay so to put it on the screen? I'm very harsh critic critic when it comes to musicals because the real thing is the best thing you put it on the screen historically it does not do as well because you're not casting singers your Ellis actors who can sort of keep attune. There's been very few exceptions with that. So then you you not only do a musical but a dancing musical all about cats which the the the topic that subject matter is interesting based off t s Eliot but the a big reaction that we've gotten from the people we know that have watched the trailer has been that they're very disappointed that it C._G._i.. Because in the show you're Jaren Leotard and for you know but it looked it looked very strange to me. I almost like I saw screen shot of it and I went Oh. They're not done with the movie at the edit. Eh What does that term looks looks <hes> like not real but not forget what the term is called off to think of it. It's it's like when you see Uncanny Valley. Are you familiar with that Uncanny Valley. It's it's basically it's live. You've it's basically when you look at something and you're like this is all on screen and it's obviously you know put together well but there's something off like there's a little thing that's off where it doesn't make it look real enough so for instance when you watch the old King Kong films it's he he's moved the the guerilla really moves around right can do but you're like this is there's something off like he's not the stop. Motion doesn't work as well as it should right. That's what I get when I'm watching cats when you watch like I get have having been around Patrick for these past I you're like he's not a real Yuban. Oh my God talking your other voice back. No well my my opinion and this is just my opinion as I say this to kate all the time and I'm GonNa say not right now kate. Can you please tell me plot of cats. Yes I would love to tell you go I would like to nil is to actually sponsored by the vacation. Your travel agents number two the plot. There's cats <hes> being cats singing about cats. If they sing well enough off <hes> they get to die K. because one really old cat is GonNa pick that cat die and get to ride right on a really cool cat saucer like a U._F._o.. Okay is this being serious dead serious right now. Okay laymen's terms but yeah that's the plot that's podcast well. I'm looking at the casting and you got you got real actors here but then you got singers as well like James Corden Judi dench Jason Derulo is a good singer Idris Elba. I have no idea if you can say no. He's actually not Jennifer Hudson's a good singer Ian mckellen. I have no idea if he you can sing who cares begin the beast. WHO SWIFT isn't it okay all right rebel Wilson I? I don't know it it. It just looked real straight. I was kind of freaked out for the trailer that I was actually like this could be good is the one girl who's playing the white cat. Oh boy is a trained ballerina. Okay like like look up her biography. She is legit so there's no singing involved with that character. She's just there to dance and she was the best part of the trailer. In my opinion Jennifer Hudson I think is miscast because that cat is supposed to be somebody that is older that has been through uh-huh some tough shit that that nobody's been kind to her that no one has given her help and she is not a good person but they pick her spoiler alert. You pick her anyway to the cat to be resurrected because she's been through so much in his done is a is a Broadway show. That's usually the the older actress actress in the company. That's that's concerning really well but is past her pilot. That seems like a very big miscast inland as the rewriting the character which is possible could be I in my mind. That's Judi dench like that should have been Judi dench as character but okay whatever we can okay. I'll take it on the show. Taylor swift is like stunt casting to me. I don't sell tickets yeah. I Love James Corden totally early on board with that WHO else mckellen I love rebel Wilson. I tolerate like she's funny. Don't WanNa see her in a leotard and you can see your cat bubis. I don't think anyone's in the Leotard though I'll c._G._I.. Well but mostly by the answer to their face on it it is very it was disturbed watching a trailer. That was the Internet's make yeah. How did we get there? We were talking about something else that we got two cats. We get epcot no <music>. We were talking about a one of the villains I think in L. boy cam O- Geeta cheese. You don't want twenty whenever I I do. These spin off shows the places I end up in conversation. I will literally call it out in the show. I'll be like how did we get here but it's just having a conversation in really like this is how normal conversations and up going at least most of mine. Maybe not maybe not Patrick. Patrick's probably come out with like weird voices. Oh well that first nations like my coworkers always say we need a concept bubble for how we got to where we are right six step process. How did you get here? We do that all the time. Here's here's a question for you because going back to Disney said you are like so. You're doing the Disney pod yeah you kind of in a way promote Disney. Are you like on board with all Disney things or you like now like I'm. I'm Disney for life so I support everything we do. At Disney. I mean a couple of the decisions about rides rides they close or or properties include. You kinda okay. I'll see what they're up to but I'm saying even overall like live action movies movies. I've action movies now. Okay we recently reported that Bob Eiger salary was sixty five million dollars and that the air while the air the one of Roy Disney's granddaughter the Heir Apparent Heir Apparent Roy does his granddaughter went into a <hes>. Tell all exclusive where the people making being <hes> people working at Disneyland are going home and eating out of dumpsters because they don't make enough money but then there's Bob Eicher making sixty five million so yeah it's it is tough to look at the money that you know we're talking about the thousands of dollars people spend they they work really hard. They spend way go on vacation and then there's the C._E._o.. Of Disney rakes in sixty five million a year. That's that's hard. That's really hard to remember. <hes> yeah. Ah I got the quote Disney Disney has added more than seventy thousand jobs during mistrial tenure has made historic investments to expand earning potential <hes> but I had implemented in Ireland minimum wage of fifteen dollars. They're spending one hundred fifty million on education initial so that's actually what I'm reading right here. Was that the Disney <hes> college program that actually was offered at my school. <hes> do you guys from CR yeah. I almost did it. We have had a number of young young people in our Korea that have gone and done that for the most part. They've been very happy with it. I've always things like yeah. It's like a cool experience and you're in like the dorms or whatever and they I don't think they pay you very much but they take it all out of your like the dorms and all that and your food or taken all out of your salaries so you're just basically living and working. It's just hard to imagine somebody making sixty. I five million dollars a year. Let's just hard to wrap your brain around and then like some of the things they've done with with the reboots and the revivals. It's like why like okay we'll we'll give you okay by. The beach is one of my favorite movies of all time for Disney and when they remade it when they announced it. I was so excited because yes like I love the musical but let's put it on the screen but again like I already said they cast people that couldn't sing. They want to sell ticket. It wanted to sell tickets and it just it didn't have the same kind of magic I think the same exact thing is happening with Lion King Right now. Oh absolutely I haven't seen it but I've watched a lot of reviews views of people that I trust so when they first started doing these remakes live act. I was on the show and I go there just printing money. This is the best idea idea. This is the best idea ever do this live action. Update the songs with new voices remake each scene for scene. You've got it and then now what I've seen in these past couple of years as I see the public's kind of turning on this because <hes> like beauty and the I believe the three movies that came out this year we're lion King Dumbo and Aladdin and all those were freighted rotten on rotten tomatoes. Oh yeah and what I'm seeing is some of them. They're making choices but like especially Lion King everyone that I've listened to that I trust the opinion of said it's literally so Solis Mhm that it it does resonate all like this movie's just like it will make a ton of money but it'll be a blip in history because there's nothing that they're doing other than remaking it scene for scene and feels literally just like a money grab more if they don't make it seem for seeing people are mad like why are you changing at. It's really it's they have such a small percentage that they're going to be successful well. I'M GONNA turn this around on you because does your obviously into the comic books into the history of the stuff in your opinion has Disney helped or hurt the star wars franchise whoo interesting question so I'm not I'm not the Big Star Wars Guy just so you know I actually is it the roadway Enron like stars wayward. I I'm pretty ambivalent with Star Wars. What what I what I will say is what they've you've done with? The brand is they've tried to. They've tried to make it like marvel <hes> in that they have the big tent pole films so star wars episode seven seven eight is basically like their avengers movies and what they were doing in between was with the Solo and force awakens was like their side stories so they would do big tent pole film side story Big Tent Pole film side story and what <hes> seems to be the case is first off Disney's brought back star wars so that's good like people people are talking about star wars again but I think there's a lot of backlash in the fact that <hes> it number one. It's Disney disease just a very hot divisive missive brand right now <hes> I don't know if they've necessarily helped it the thing that by trying to make it like marvel and have release a lot is M- for Marvel has in in its bag is years and years of stories that they can look back on and it's easily able to make into something else does a star wars doesn't have all that war. They like there's not a ton of things where you can go back and be like we need to Redo that storyline so they're having to come up with this stuff on the fly <hes> A and they're just kinda rushing it out so it is Kinda like hurting the Star Wars brand. There's a certain level that people expect from Star Wars that I don't think <hes> Disney is providing right now. I think a lot of people are really mad after the last episode on and then after Solo <hes> people are kind of just like. I don't know if we like Disney doing this solo a lot. I think you're right. I really do I do I. I like Solo a lot I did not I watched the what was the second one force awakens or a one no not rogue one. I like for one. I'm not a star Wars Fan. I found unless shot I to be really boring. People were really mad after last so many questions left they they they he took character. I guess that a lot of people liked it kind of turn them on his head elway that you had not like yeah they took they took the cannon stuff and they just said we're not gonNA follow that and their whole theme of the movie was you got to forget about the cannon based Right Right forget about the past. They're saying now this last movie yeah. We're GONNA come back Yeah Ed. We'll see I don't know I I'm curious to see how this all plays out because you know Disney owns like so much and they're coming out with their streaming limiting moon so so many brands now with star wars with marvel with their own animation with Pixar with fogs and they own National Geographic too like they own all all the things that Fox had foxe's aliens in all these different brands like they own a lot. It's it's interesting to see you know. The fans of all these brands ends are they gonna be still on board with Disney pumping this out there this backlash. I don't know what's going to happen. <hes> I so it's interesting because you guys are kind of you know. You're not obviously asleep. Representing all a Disney represented like an aspect of it that people like share yeah no I I'm all on board for seeing marvel included as much as it can be in the parks. Obviously there's restrictions but I'm sure that people that that are never going to WanNa see anything marvel come into the parks because it's not what they know Disney to be but yeah that'd be when I if I go to the parks and I see marvel stuff. I'll like it for sure but it will be a it's a little like I'm like this is not what I remember Disney as well. It's kind of like there's allusions to Broadway and I was Gonna say that like you were saying how they're remaking stuff and they're they're. They're basing things off of old animated movies same thing is happening with Broadway. Were all the new musicals are based off of movies. There's nothing original coming out uh-huh and the ones that are don't do well same with movies right and you're the lion king one. Do well the musical yeah. It's running skills. Not I mean I've I've seen it in my opinion. It's not the best musical author I thought being the beasts was way more successful and they've done a couple other musicals Disney like the Tarzan Mary poppins Little Mermaid Hunchback back but I think that people are wanting original content movies and in musicals and you look at Hamilton which was okay it was based East off somebody's biography of Alexander Hamilton but it still wasn't original idea and it did so well and it's like people do want that please stop remaking things and makes more original content. Yeah that seems to be the case when I talk about when we talk about movies and our podcasts <hes> there's a lot of people in Rhode boys one of them. Even Imran will be like. I WANNA see some original stuff like there's almost this kind of. I don't know if Marvel's necessarily felt it yet but this this the industry in general is getting a lot of like okay. We're getting tired of all like the remakes and the let's make a gigantic blockbusters of I._p.. That we've seen for X. amount of years. Let's where's the new stuff. What's the original stuff yeah? We'll see how it plays out. It's going to be interesting. It really is the next couple of years. We're going to be very interesting for all of that. Do you think that they're going to remake daredevils. Yeah absolutely I and I really enjoyed daredevil on links to yeah I thought it was I thought all three seasons were awesome <hes> but yeah I've already read stuff <hes> that fi he so they're just waiting on the net flicks contracts. Expire fire and daredevil is way too popular of a character for them not to WanNa make a movie with probably unfortunately. I don't think they'll do it with Charlie Cox unathletic no he's right now. He doesn't have any big superhero places like in Rehab isn't easy probably probably ten Garner God in the same sex favorite actress true. That's JEN Gardo. Oh you know what I like Jim Garner when she's not Jen Garner seriously in movies like in television series. I think she's fantastic and then you watch your be interviewed. You're like nope. Nope no no. I don't really follow her personally. I don't know no yeah I apologize. She is one of my very loyalist uh-huh she was on the last show of I think we just lost our thousand dollar a month Patriot giving us. I do think she's adorable. She's not opening her mouth hot up well. Let's wrap this up here. <hes> well actually let me ask you guys. How are you guys on time Patrick? That is a question for you. Get up in the morning yeah. I'm good to go for three hours well. Let's wrap at this up. I what I usually do when I wrapped up. I give you guys a chance to Kinda. Just plug anything really so you can plug your podcast. You can plug your travel expertise. You can plug anything <hes> so the floors kind of your or I'll go first because mine's quick <hes>. I do this because I like it. I like to make my wife laugh. Oh that's a nice. That's all I got but what do I don't know what you do. I just I work in computer. That's a legitimate question. I do this do this and then I come up with stupid characters that make my wife laugh. That's it. That's all I do you go. That's all I do and now for the next fifteen minutes kate go on was born and she was born eerie actually which is funny story. I live here now. Okay Anyway. I'm a Taurus chorus agent and the Taurus on my horoscope. Oh Yeah what did you think I said tourists and tourist sometimes. I'd like to be a tourist anyway. I'm a travel agent and we are we are here. Promoting basically are brand new podcast called earful a Disney podcast and that covers disneyworld news clips rumors new attractions anything surrounding the parks and the hotels hotels and we also give our advice on how you can make your trip better and this is this usually a weekly show a weekly show Tuesday morning lean and once a week and <hes> that's kind of it for now see where that goes nice in the meantime. I teach old see here's the thing episodes superior to fill out their YEP. Definitely we had over over eighty. I think actually I don't know if you've mentioned this but you also a travel agent travel agents is that right. I brought that up at all this recording I travel through the vacation your travel agency that that can help you book a trip to Disneyworld Disneyland Universal Studios Z. World Disney cruise line <hes> a random hotel in New York City the I mean really I can. I can do quite a bit so you can on facebook or on twitter at <hes> Disney vacations by Kate Disney vacations indicate awesome awesome well guys. I didn't get to hear a ton of Patrick's voices. I'm a little sad about that. This'll be I'm part. Two of its been off <music> but we can definitely do this again. This isn't a one time thing so I'll have you guys back on again and won't talk anything about Disney next time. Maybe we'll just avoid all I talk about other Disney like we said the beginning it can it can really polarize people and if you if people are like no I hate Disneyworld won't listen to this skip to like an hour and twenty two minutes in which is when we start talking about marvel telling people advice after we went to skip to at the end of the episode they would've liked this. If you would've skipped here. Thank you next thing. We'll talk about cross Aspen there you go. That's equally as polarizing right. It's kind of polarizing yeah yeah. It's not that we can talk about politics. Oh no all right. We're GONNA go eat. I'm going to eat we. We really appreciate you letting us come on and talk your ear off. We really appreciate it. This has been a lot of fun for us. It's awesome. I really appreciate you guys taking the time so this is a danger entertainment podcast edited dot net being entertained podcast. We'll get you back to your regularly scheduled podcast in just a minute but we wanted to introduce ourselves. I'm Jason. I'm Jeff and I'm Blake on this highly highly produced advertisement. That's right. It's The history of Bad Ideas Aka Hobie you can find us on twitter are bad ideas podcast and on facebook at the history of ideas but if you like a podcast roundtable with three to five guests usually every week depending on sick leave talking about all things including movies TV I ain't getting paid for this yet blake bitching about something ranting and comic comic books and anything else that we can think of we have a top five list every week along with a box office news and somehow we have listeners so they send us some feedback we the answer every week you can find us on

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Debate Madness

John and Ken on Demand

2:03:48 hr | 10 months ago

Debate Madness

"You've worked so hard for all the things have. The salary the status success. With that image there's a drink. One, to one wide want to loosen up, wanted to take the edge off. But how do you know what a drink is more than just a drink? We get it. We can help. Karen's grandview program has been helping accomplish people just like you regain their lives. Talk to. Visit Karen Dot org slash view. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi. Am Six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP so. We obviously have a lot to say about last night's. Show. Everyone is clutching their pearls. Pretending to be appalled, but we've got another story that's more important to people in Los Angeles. and. They got tipped off to this yesterday late in the show Steve Gregory and found out that would be news conference today. Turned out to the La County Sheriff's Department along with County da Jackie Lacey pause vote for her please. Anyway, reelect Jackie Lacey. It's on the voter guide. It's about charges in the attack against the to La, county sheriff's deputies at the competent train station back on September twelfth, and it turns out it is the guy that they nabbed a few days after September twelfth and the carjacking case where he was hiding in Lynnwood after they pursued him. So let's bring on Steve Gregory for all the details. had sources almost immediately that said the carjacking suspect really was a suspect in the double shooting the sheriff's deputy in if memory serves I actually showed you a picture of the weapon off air, right? Yes she damn. We couldn't talk about it on the air but you already saw you saw that day I visited the gun very privileged to be one of the few. Yeah. To know that they had the weapon. Yeah. I, guess that was key to this they go through what ballistics testing. And right and that that ended up being the key evidence, I asked the captain this morning at the press conference down at Hala Justice. So let's go back and do a timeline real quick on September. First, there was a carjacking in Compton and it was a black Mercedes sedan that had been stolen, and then a few days after that they were able to you know figure out try to track down the car and they were trying to figure out the person who stole it and When that was going on on the twelfth of September, the two deputies were shot at a train metro stain train station in Compton So after that happened and they found out that guy drove away in a black Mercedes sedan and the description fit roughly the same description of the carjacking suspect detectives. Sorry to put the two together and they were looking at photos of the guy from the carjacking and they started comparing it to photos from the the images were able to extract from video. From the train shooting and they looked at him and they take this, this looks like the same guy. So detective started to work on the premise that this could very well be that person. So in the meantime through sources that they were able to work in the streets and believe me as you guys know they rallied every resource, say could every confidential informant every personnel out on the streets it came together and they actually found out who this guy was and then by the fifteenth the. Sheriff's special, Enforcement Bureau and that's kind of their SWAT team they were able to get a warrant. and Go after all the known places for this guy, and that's what led to that standoff down there in Lynnwood on the fifteenth. Tuesday. The fifteenth it started with a car chase ended in a standoff they put him into custody but we had all noted the massive deployment of resources and how many deputies had been called out. They took over an entire middle school parking lot in gymnasium. It's like what is going on here and they kept saying they were low key about downplaying oh, he was a violent carjacking suspect. Well Yeah. But you know this is half the department here so They told us today a little bit more now started a piece of the puzzle together a little bit. So let's first of all. Let some. Let's meet the guy that they have in custody thirty, six year-old Deontay Lee Murray, and this is going to be cut can't see, and this is going to be a little bit about the background the Murray. Compton resident with a criminal history, which includes felony convictions for sales and possession of narcotics. To separate convictions for firearm possession by a felon or addict. Receiving, stolen property burglary and terrorist threats. Murray is prohibited from possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and as a controlled substance offender registrant at this point investigators believe that Deontay Murray alone in the attempted murder of to Los Angeles County. Sheriff's deputies. And the gun as we talked about Mississippi can't be the gun in itself is kind of interesting. The firearm in evidence is described as an eighty percent or. A ghost, gun. A forty caliber pistol loaded with eight rounds five short of its full capacity. There were five rounds fired at the deputies. Five rounds shot to that passenger door. That's what they ever determined. So it was a ghost gun meaning it's untraceable and it's a it's a big problem that they're having right now on the streets and Howard ghosts gods created well, sometimes, they're made with different parts and they're created out of other parts of other guns and some that have no serial numbers on them or the serial numbers are completely taken up taken away acid wash filed down whatever the case is it's a it's a ghost gun. It doesn't exist in the in the eyes of the government right and there's a pretty common. Pretty common more than anything yeah. If this man had served time recently and yes, I love to see is the beneficiary of any of these prisoner release policies that have been floating around for years now including the latest covert nineteen. Now, that's a good question that had not been asked but that if you listen to I, think it was yeah, it was talking about the fact he wasn't an ex felon he was not allowed to be in possession of weapon because he'd already served time for a felony so he'd already been in the system. Now, what here's another big question here and I'm sure it did not come out today but. Is this connected as revenge over the La County Sheriff's deputies shooting of that bicyclist. I asked that specific question at the end and it's off Mike because at that time the The press conference started to devolve into why did you keep secrets from us and as I heard the reporters is very upset. Report is very of Illinois Waiver kept saying, Oh, nothing to do with the shooting did explain that but it was something that I explained on this very show as to why they did it and how they did it in the purpose behind it. So your answer. Your question. I specifically said was earning nexus between Murray and Dijon Kizzie and they said no none because I did ask whether this guy here Murray if he had any gang affiliations and they said they knew of two gangs that he had affiliations with they were not going to name the gangs and I said well, is there any nexus between Murray and Dijon Kizzie and he said now? I mean there's got to be some kind of motivation whether it's a gang initiation or it was revenge. He carjacked a car obviously that's to get a car. But to shoot two sheriff's deputies sitting in their patrol car, there's got to be some sort of and they was not neither Jackie Lacey nor the sheriff would say what the motive was the captain of detectives they said they weren't GonNa comment on motives that means they're still trying to figure it out they probably know but there's a motive that would be incendiary at this point that's possible and that's another reason they probably can't get into it because. In Jackie Lacey made a point today say there was a lot still to this case that they can't tell us now it could well, for people who didn't hear you a couple of weeks ago to about playing. interweave why? Why would he not say up front? Yeah this is a possible suspect. I mean, he just flat out said if set us we had on and he told us now during that, there's no connection as if it was a decided issue, right? So in Sheriff, cut a just let him kind of explain a little bit. We're not gonNA, tell everything we suspect that would we be doing our job misleading US direct foot you're not pay attention to what we say we said this person is arrested the carjacking for the crime of the carjacking. That's the evidence we had. That's would you he was arrested for we had no evidence at that time to time to anything else do we have suspicions? Yes, and but we're not going to tell you all of our suspicions because you don't give away the store we have to operate in a responsible fashion and like that poor gentleman was somehow somebody in social media put his picture that this is the suspect and is life was turned upside down. So we have to be very careful and responsible with what we've put out there. So can't wagner in this be can't a he gives a more detailed description as to why specifically they couldn't say anything about it. That night bringing the public focus on him at that point of the investigation may have influenced the pending witness interviews and further compromise the mission of solving the attempted murder of the deputies. As the investigation progressed, we gathered sufficient evidence to substantiate not only the arrest. But the filing of criminal charges in this case. Show specifically they they didn't have enough evidence to say without any shadow of a doubt that this was the guy. So the argument that the reporters had in the room today was, why don't you just tell us? You had suspicions it's like. Well, we can't tell you every time we suspect somebody we'll tell you if we have good evidence to steer a stack direction but. He was that unusual what they did know? Why the reporters all bent out of shape if this is well, here's the thing you have to ask them specifically but it's one of two things a they were upset because they probably Well, how can I do this in a way that it doesn't offend my colleagues snowflakes well, though that the I think there's a there's at least one part of that I think has an agenda, the very anti sheriff agenda and I could tell in the line of questioning from that report. There was an anti Sheriff Agenda The other reporter was asking just absolutely all over the map didn't didn't have any really coherent and the reporter was more interested in the camera making sure they got the shot of the reporter asking the question is you know what I mean About my grade standing scientific name names. and. Then the issues is you can tell by the questions first of all that reporter wasn't at any of the press conference or even at the scene So this reporter hits sort of parachuted in the story if you will F or a national audience so I the only thing I can say that I i. I'm just speculating is that Probably didn't have the sources or resources that some of US reporters do they've been here while and the other is that you know they may have just gone along with the narrative the says, oh no, this isn't the guy. This isn't the guy in reality it was the guy had egg on their face. That's all I can. Is All I can imagine. Thank you very much. The my just off. John's ends. In my lap, you're holding his Mike. Yeah I'm not holding his Mike. High Quality Equipment here Oh John's Mike Yeah No. I pulled down a bit and the whole thing. He pull the Mike thing. Cove it. It's an unprecedented time and yeah, I know it out the microphone connection she I tend to charges, Steve Gregory covering story. He he just he just was arraigned about forty five minutes ago and pleaded not guilty not only to the carjacking, but he also pleaded not guilty to the double shooting now. All right. All right we got more. Quartermaster you can. Take running. Department Store mayday pivotal. Really at this pivotal Paris by News, as is gonNA launch said effort. Is under construction a lot of work has been done. A lot of renovation command decided to heal shelter criminal. Look and now an update from the presidential race desk is John and Ken. hyperventilating. Pearl clutching. The fainting couches are crowded. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken. Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. I'm looking at the initial numbers coming out at least sixty, five million people watched some of last night's. Debate, and obviously, we don't even know if there's going to be two more so I guess there's a fascination always the first one as well. But yes now it's a funny thing when you watch something like this alone. Which I did. There was a moment about halfway through I'm like what other people are thinking? At the end of the debate, the first thing I did I forget which network I was watching it wasn't Fox News, but I did click over there. I clicked through all of them really fast what their panel pundits. Yeah and I started with I think CBS or maybe NBC's when I had on and it was cringe-worthy a disgrace. dignified. A dumpster fire an embarrassment. Over at Fox News the first guy that spoke. You and he said you know trump was the alpha male. He got right on top of this and I'm like. Well, it figures. Their their coverage with the a little different buddy did admit and I'll admit Biden was not out of it. Oh I thought he was feeble and weak. It's not as personality to be like trump. So I think he was more himself well, himself this jolly guy a yeah. But again, really liked to argue with people trump loves of I. Yeah. But I disagree because if look at his past debates who's very aggressive and argumentative what trump did to him Biden did to Paul Ryan and Vice Presidential Bacon Twenty. Twelve. By Force while. Debates he had somebody opponents he had to take this moment Elliott. Don't. Know he's tired and old to enfeeble. Feel look what he did with Paul Ryan. He was loud energetic and he was interrupting almost. Four years ago they think that maybe again, they're going to be wrong that they let trump go off and be crazy and interrupting and looking like a madman. Do you see how many times bite and grinned laughed turned and that one thing that really annoyed me and he's got dark hellish is I switched TVs to see if I could see those is better they're weird looking. Did you see those is nobody's eyeball so that black? Black is people dying and he turned to look into the camera I talked to the American people. He told them to do that ignore trump at look in the camera heads point at the camera at the people at home. It's a genetic give us the same cliche drivel we've heard for I sent that to someone this morning look as loud and as much as it was interrupting yelling aren't you better off those damn stupid public television debates we're one person gets to speak full of cliches and platitudes and nothing. Boy that was the relief at least it was bombastic enough to keep attention. I'd bright and it's the same thing he's been doing for five and a half years I don't understand. Did they think that Donald? Trump is going to show all these pathetic little media wieners or maybe he'll act presidential maybe he's going to act respectful. Maybe he's going to be in control of himself. No, he's not going to be like that. That would be some other guy. This is the guy that the public voted to be president. He's been the same guy every day and every day these fake phony wieners. I'm shocked. On residential Oh stop who is Presidential Clinton getting his. His his bj's in the White House. Hall. But during the debate was. Of Their opponent and let the other person speak. That's That's your. Has Everything is off the top of his head but this strategy which I think he did well, he sprinkled in big talking points against Joe Biden which is to connect him to the radical laughed when it comes to police black lives matter climate change. It did a pretty good job. I thought of throwing those in there where he couldn't have come back and of course, Biden and the Russia and Biden was really feeble in responding. He wouldn't. He wouldn't say if he wanted to pack the Supreme Court. He wouldn't talk about black lives matter at and denounce their violence, and they're actually causing the violence and a lot of the cities along with antiques et denied Antifa existed right so. Mornings said that Biden. Is a master of playing both sides and that's what he did. Last night. I don't care what other people say I trust. My own is in my own ears and what I saw was a feeble old guy who probably wouldn't even be a rounded two years and he would not. Say. Anything that would offend his left wing Kook following that he's inherited from Bernie Sanders and the rest of those nuts. He claimed he he's not for the green deal. He is to for the green deal. He says, he has his own well, read it. It's pretty close to the real green deal. Okay. It's Gavin newsom not sets it is that stuff? Yeah. Any any wants to pack a he will tell us if he's going to pack the Supreme Court that's that's that's six new justices. At least four new justice. So. That's pretty much a yes or no I'm GonNa do it or I'm not and he goes well, if I answer that it's going to be an issue. Yeah. It's going to be an issue. Well. They have to get the Senate and house to do that too. So right but he's got a sign it. He's the last stop absolutely should say that I'm definitely going to do that. If I get the right, set it in house or I never will do it. No matter what they send me. He should know by Dow he feels on this. This is not something deliberate about and how come Chris Wallace didn't press him on that. We'll play some of the clips talk more about the debate next. John and Ken. Show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP Yeah. Short development this afternoon concerning. President trump. He said that the secret to the fact that he's still got all his hair. Is Eating McDonald's. French. Fries. Japanese study. That the process of McDonald's fries. Help cure baldness and grows hair in mice. Yeah. So they're thinking others have denied that it can go hair and people. Trump I think made that joke aboard the plane with the reporters that that's why he and we know he likes McDonalds and it was a joke. I shared many of the media treating it as. A serious comment, but it's another one of his eyes and intelligence. Outlandish claim. Yeah and now you're GONNA have men rubbing French fries on their heads. Well you know the way everybody was injecting bleach into their veins came up last night trump and he kind of muttered it because it was a joke commod joke now. It's bizarro world everything can't joke when you're president everything is serious. I never knew he is. So you're right after five years they still can't figure out. What he is who he is, I people act like little children I was told presidents at a certain way. Too, and most of them acted like a holes and bullies in sex maniacs behind closed doors. Trump backs. Natural in public but when he's By the way, some of our president by the P that's the way guys talk. What do you think caddy think John. Kennedy talked. Does he do that in public. Well. Dead. He did that day remember who not as President Yeah. No but. That's not the way he's really going to be who he is. He started doing that too but that but that's but he did talk he was well in public obviously that day I got it on tape. There was A. Role I meant I've never mind I was talking about yeah. I know she'll be doing the dirty things. He did very I think there might be doing it behind closed doors those now there's very little that he holds back when he's in public and and I don't I don't understand what did you think what? What are these people complaining they're still complaining online all day what you think we're GONNA see. I I don't understand exactly what you thought was going to this is exactly what I thought. It was going to happen I. enjoyed it is laughing I. think there was less of it for years ago. I remember he interrupted Hillary a few times we made his comments trying to challenge her, but I think this one was more over the top and that. Both interrupted each other Biden did it to he wanted to rattle the feeble old man? Shake them up, get him off his off track. So what? The Commission on presidential debates, claims are going to change the format who tell us a bow tie guys right. There's been a lot of talk about turning mics off when other people are speaking, but you'll still here trump. John he'll WanNa hear them. No. He'll walk over to bide bike and start shouting into it but that'd be funny. Oh. Yeah. Break Covert Protocol to. You know and the thing is I. Know I saw what his strategy was. There are a whole bunch of issues brought up that Chris Wallace wasn't GonNa, ask about and that the media avoided all year all these stories leaked out about hunter. Biden. I mean you talk about a Cesspool Stewart? Hundred Biden, and the only way hundred bite makes all this money from China and Ukraine and Russia is because his dad. Was the vice president highly connected Lincoln a nod stuff. Absolutely Joe Biden, ought to be. For the millions and millions and walked away with. But everybody left them alone. They wouldn't challenge him trump new Chris Wallace was going to bring it up five trout brought it up to you can ask me about my taxes. Joe Switch the topic later to Beau Biden, which at one point confused trump because he wanted to clarify what you're talking about talking about my son and he was in the military. Not, talking about the drug user got kicked out of the military, right Joe Tried, to sign up. It was not a dishonorable discharge joe tried to hide behind his his good son. And he knew trump is talking about the other son title. I I I mean. What trump does as he calls out all the Phony Baloney, hypocritical media coverage and all the phony Baloney Baloney cliches and platitudes and nonsense that other candidates rely on they wouldn't exist. Bike wouldn't exist with phoney Baloney cliches. What is he complaining about? He's been there for he's been there forty seven years. What do you mean? There were the what do you mean the that that that trump didn't pay his taxes you wrote the damn tax laws you signed all these damn tax laws voted for them. Are you talking about the? Point where trump explaining that as a businessman this is what you do. You'd be stupid not to. Take advantage of the tax laws since by bide was taking credit for everything Obama did. I wish trumpet said Clearly Look I. Got a seventy million dollar return because of. The the the Obama Biden legislation in two thousand and nine that granted be that refund. You taking credit for everything. Obama did will you're GONNA take credit for my seventy two, million dollar refund I got I sometimes I wish articulate in his side better. That's the only thing that frustrates me. Let's got a couple of clips in the first one will just indicate for anybody who missed it or maybe wants to relive it. How this thing quickly got. Both sides challenging each other this they're talking one of the first big topics. Well, it was the Supreme Court, but it switched over to obamacare because that's really going to be the first thing that the Supreme Court addresses and if they have an October and if they have this new justice, it could be a key determined. That's the case it will be before them. Private Insurance and create a government takeover of health. It does not. It's only for those people who are so poor. They qualify for Medicaid. They can get that free in most states except governors who wanted to deny people are poor medicaid anyone who qualifies for Medicare would. Ask Me. Medicaid would automatically be enrolled in the public option. The vast majority of the American people would still not be in that option number you. With Bernie Sanders I left the manifesto. Manifest you socialize medicine look hey, you anything. The. Fact of the matter is I beat Bernie Sanders not by much. I by big beat him a whole lot I'm here standing facing you. Would've level as early you would've lost. Knows, how Hers They Look Very Lucky Dale? I. Got Very Lucky aiming at very lucky tonight as well. It's Pogo hot item. which wasn't that long afterwards is the one that people are one of the ones that people are buzzing about next clip to the doctor segment wasn't it? You should go out and vote. You're in voting now vote and let your senators know how you feel it. Let vote now pack. Sure you. In fact, let people know we're Senator Russia I'm not GonNa Answer, the question. Because to question. The. Justice. Left, would you? Who is on your list Joe? Johnson. I. Think this is. The court, the event. Ended this segment, we're going to move onto the second Jackman that was really productive segment wasn't it? The people understand you she choice for years you've done nothing they. All Will you shut up? Why because he kept pressing him will you Pakhtakor. And Biden doesn't want to admit it though Biden wanted to talk about and. General that's what Chris Wallace should have done. This is real good at trying to get trump explain his taxes how `bout explained packing the court have explained explained the corrupt son Hunter Biden walking away with millions and millions trump another question that Chris Wallace wouldn't bring up how did your son ended up with three and a half million dollars from the widow of the Moscow mayor That happened. That's a good one. That's a good question. Is. Cut through the people that are voting, but we'll make it cut through. The by sign is. Without his father Biden's son would be living under the four. Oh, five overpass with a needle sticking out of his, they're not voting for the sun. But you're voting for the guy who facilitates the corruption. There's. That's a big out. The I should look into all the China deals by exact family, not just his son, but I think his brother got so is is that's right there. There's about five family members that got wealthy off Joe and it's Joe Winkle and not not leaving anything behind no paperwork maybe clandestine phone calls but Joe has to be done all that can you imagine if you're president at suddenly three your brothers and your son got really wealthy. Negotiating deals, business deals with the countries that you happen to have intimate knowledge of and a lot of public work with. All right we'll do more on the dumpster fire coming up. John and Ken show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou. Kfi Am six, forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP the voice line is day. After tomorrow it's coming up quick one, eight, seven, seven, moist eighty, six for your messages one, eight, seven, seven. Six, six, four, seven, eight, six. A lot of even the next hour we'll be taken up by US continuing to take a look at last night's presidential debate which. It matters will come in lower than the first debate between trump and hillary in terms of the audience. That's what I'm seeing this afternoon maybe as much as fifteen percent lower. What that tells us but I think clearly trump was still a phenomenon in thousand sixteen people want to see what he would be like against somebody who's been around as long as Hillary Clinton this time I don't know but was out. Well, there's a lot of people hated Hillary. And so that was I was a bigger draw. People don't particularly hate Biden. He's Gel a tired old man there's not enough, but they shouldn't trump's maybe they wanted to tune into soldier I know Biden Flatten Them Happen Hillary trump is more of a heavyweight bout. Biden is so flaccid. But because we got this horrible year with depend dynamic in the economy I thought. It was going to be president between these two. And that would drive some viewership at least it was built up. But you know it was also low key because for a while they didn't even know they're going to have a debate and it was all this talk about where it was going to be done and I think some people just lost sight of it. Dealer exhausted by it. It could be exhausted by trump whether they want to vote or not. They've just tired of the drama one of those reporters and I forget her name I just read the story the other day. Female reporter she did one of these nationwide tour things for the network. About the election and she said, she really found no enthusiasm for Biden. She thought a lot of hatred for trump found plenty of people worked up that want trump out but nothing no, there's no there's no reason to be enthusiastic for him. He ran for president twice before and got nowhere. He's been on the scene for almost fifty years. He's just another hack senator. Talks too much. Has Multiple positions on a lot of issues. He's a guy that's why kept saying how did he win the Democratic primary when I saw him? He looked feeble against all of those opponents, not that any of them were great. But well, that's certainly one of them would knock him out. Yeah. Well, because they got to the south and the Democratic Party in the south rally behind in some states more than half black. And the black voters did not warm to the other candidates at all and because Biden was Obama's vice breads right it. They had a lot of goodwill. That's really that's all that's all there is to it and blacks are also moderate in their politics. They are not woke leftists that's for upper-middle-class. That's upper. Middle Class. White women are woke leftists people who live on the coast, the black voters in the south vote mainstream Democrat and bides the closest thing to that. Let's move to clip three more back and forth exchange. I'm not here to call out his life everybody knows he's a liar but you I just want major I to make sure what last night i. I WANNA. Let. Them finish. He doesn't know how to do that. He has. Right you picked. The wrong night at the wrong time you agreed with hazardous. Valley is no manifesto number. LET THEM SPEAK MR number to the left number two. You just lost the left. You agreed with Bernie Sanders on a plan. How votes? The what? Have you do socialized medicine Mr President? He is not for any help for people. Needing healthcare. Somebody. Read something funny. It most people don't know don't want to admit this but this is how most people argue at home. I said that to someone it sounded like the family kitchen dinner dinnertime exactly. We all interrupt each other sometimes name calling this is a husband and wife arguing this is a bunch of brothers arguing. This is the way people argue. I said that to someone today I said you know this is kind of like real life as much as you found that unpresidential this does reflect how real people do argue particularly if they know each other well and they like to get under your skin, it's like, Yeah Yeah, you've finished last in your your college. Mr Genius. Their Aligarh on a clown. Yes not up man. That's the thing everybody's talking about trump insults, Biden. Unleash all kinds of here. Some comeback I saw this online when when somebody on would say well, you know Biden set a lot of. unpresidential things to well that's because trump started I mean how could anybody withstand that kind of abuse from trump? So they were justifying Biden's insults like, okay. That's your game. The Trumpet Seltzer, Bad, the Biden salzer justified. We'll take a look at a few more of the clips when return including the one where I really feel that trump kind of stumbled because I think they set a trap for him with this proud boys thing. You can tell. When he got prestige just goes name one. Give me one probably okay. Broadway stand down like and then later he's like, who's the proud boys? The problem I had to look them up I didn't know who they were. I heard I, heard about them because they were supposed to show up in Oregon. So I did a little research before this debate when the. Kinda rolled my eyes and said, trump you should have just said I don't want anything to do. It does groups don't ask me about them that would have been the by. This week. They. got a little in common with you was that. I'll explain what we combat hi John and Ken show not going to throw you points but you're saying. I. Think There's something you will associated with something. Manifest I'm sure I associate with all extremist groups. Johnny Ken Show John. Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP will. County funding to let bill salons open and shopping malls. What about schools we'll be talking about that next hour with a couple of stories we think you'll be interested in in terms of the schools for in classroom participation by the students. We'll continue though it'll be a lot of the show today. Take a look back at last night's presidential debate between trump and Biden, and as I mentioned before the break. was later on, they were talking about voting the mail in ballots whether or not there would be some contentious times. From November third on words about the results and I felt like Chris Wallace laid a trap for trump although obviously, there was an easy exit to the trap, but he was basically saying. If, we do have a lot of contentious times after November third we you ask these white supremacist groups to stand down you know not take to the streets and get ugly and violent and. Trump looked a bit perplexed by the question which I understand because he's not a white supremacist but he he did this dance and eventually Chris. Wallace. Helped out by Biden wanted him to specifically. Disavowal, and tell them you know. I give an order to give them a name given name, a name of a group. Well, that's what trump eventually did. That's the part that I wish hadn't done. He goes give me your name. I don't know who you're talking about giving your name the Biden someone that mumbles proud boys. and. Then Wallace feeds it out there and we can play the clip and then talk about what trump really should have said was, what do you want me to do? I'm not trying to these people have nothing in common with them that would have been the best simple answer. This is this fake demand by the media I want you to condemn I want you to denounce right because think he's a secret white supremacist he probably goes to meetings in the pace of the White House with the rest with their. Tattoos and shaved heads like these. Hands with them straight wack jobs are waiting for orders from the white. House. I mean, that's preposterous. That is just absurd. All right let's play clip eight criticized the the vice president for not specifically calling out and Tika and other left-wing this groups. But are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say they need to stand down and not add to the violence and a number of the city's as we saw in Kenosha and as we've seen in Portland should. Do it. I. Would say almost everything I see is from the left wing not from the right. Now what are you? What are you saying I'm willing to do anything I want to see What sir. Do it say? You want to call them what do you want to call them? Wait. Where's the rest of that? You should be more come on? Idea, not an organization you got not listen. That's. His FBI director. Then you. Would Be Willing to give me a name. Give me. Like me. Probably. Stand back and stand by, but I'll tell you what I'll tell you what somebody's got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a. Problem is is a Levy I direct this left wing. and. Is an idea not an organization you got it. Is. His. FBI Director Matt. Said well. Be One of. Those. Who Do you want to vote for and t four or the proud boys? That's your choice for president. That's what it comes down to ANTIFA. ANTIFA is white guys to. Which? He didn't I just so much stuff that nobody discusses like why do you have middle class and upper middle class white guys allegedly fighting for black rights and then other white guys show up in the streets to do battle. It's like mostly two sets a white guys fighting each other. I and Biden in his in his blurry five is pretending ANTIFA doesn't exist. Well, if of course it does who do you think has been writing for one hundred days setting one hundred nights a fires in in Portland. That's not magic elves that are starting a fires. And he's not pushed on that and Chris Wallace is getting all. All uppity about. Mr President you have to denounce. What. Who is doing the violence? His doing more violence than black lives matters in Portland. So, near as we can tell. The sources of these things can be sometimes suspect and got the good old southern poverty law center which I think is highly discredited but proud boys was allegedly started just a few years ago twenty sixteen by a man by the name of Gavin McGinnis. Who was the CO founder of Vice Media which left an O. Eight. In an article introducing the group, he said he longs for a time when girls were girls and men were men stance against political correct conversations a social club with a mission to promote white. Western values. By the way they think it only has a few hundred members. They're not even sure I mean that's all. All these groups have a few hundred members have rules against masturbation though which I thought was weird. Is that depart you thought I had something in common with? No no no. No. I thought it was more like you know men were men than we were I do miss that I miss days. We're guys were guys instead of all these neutered emasculated wieners that you see on T. mobile commercials. Yes. No you're not determined by the way mandatory tattoos and they wear these stupid Fred Perry shirts but that's as a designer Fred Perry's at designed to the. World I don't even understand anymore. I don't know Pratt boys are Fred Perry Dow. That's what trump should have done. That's exactly what you just said. Like. That's what he should have done. Instead, who do you want me to do you want me to tell the stand down I? Mean it was just stupid. And then they played into their Indiana can right and then I'm sure there's fifty of these groups right and their own their own their basements masturbating. What they're trying to do is inflate them and associated with trump to paint him with the White Supremacist Banner sleds on this. He doesn't know anything about the proud boys. Well, we're GONNA play you won't be back. Today what I saw with my own eyes on who was who is smashing all the windows and setting the fires on. Fairfax Avenue. All right. Fairfax Boulevard I saw who is starting the rioting and Kenosha Wisconsin and in Portland Okay I'm going to go by is. What I saw were black lives matter protesters, and I saw these antifa people and what Biden escorting the FBI director saying it's an idea of an organization or the hell he said in other words, it's not a formal organization. They don't have a hot top down hierarchy. Which is, what makes them difficult for law enforcement to fight their this amorphous loosely connected group that connect privately over the Internet because they are beliefs is anarchism and ms right like the organ and they're tough to track because they're they're on the dark web, they used encrypted communications. To text into message each other and it, and it's hard to keep track of that's what the FBI director was talking about not that they don't exist they do exist and they've done much of the damage in Portland and they're mostly white guys. Who are pretending to care about black lives matter. John and Ken show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou. Kfi Am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. All right We got the voter God of the website don't forget Kfi am six, forty, dot com the John and Ken page. You'll see a link right there to the John and Ken voter. Guide, for the November twenty, twenty election, it's mostly about the twelve statewide ballot measures a couple of local races there at the end of the voter guide and we'll be adding to it. People are still. Not, I don't think people got in their ballots at least not. Here in southern California, it's already millions of people voted outside of California. Yeah. I know. I think it was North Carolina places. I got a notification that ballots are being mailed out October fifth. Oh. Did. You get these vacations I don't get them. I got in the system because I got an email saying, do you want to sign up and get notifications every step of the way? So I, feel for that. Yeah, that's a fraud. What are they give your personal data? Just on my credit card numbers. Why? And your social security social security number yet. Photos of my family. Do you know for the second time this year this year second time I've found somebody's drivers license on the street. What are the odds of that? What And the and the one I found yesterday was a real I d. I. Kept It. No I mailed back to the guy bad I'm like I'm sure he's looking for this. Weird Open Bank, accounts with. It well, you got his name birthday what else is on. Licenses. Doorway right you could've bought homes with that. I The guy had any young guys only twenty four. Birthday nine, thousand, nine, hundred. More Young. It take credit cards. Open up credit card accounts with that. That was a woman's I found earlier this year ego you put on a wig and address who robs her driver's license on the street I mean. I've I've well twice I've left my wallet, the roof of my car and driven off. Yes. Acted on the side of the road. So usually keycard somewhere in the buildings and he can't get out of the garage at night. Yes. Always a fun. I dropped my keycard everywhere. Yes I understand. Let's listen to an update from today what trump had to say because? The Biden supporters and the left love the moment last night where. Trump, when pressed about these groups, white supremacists, militia groups said, give me a name and offered proud boys and trump said standby and. Supposedly they're already making t-shirts with that on it, the the problem is. They love to you detention. But here yesterday talking about that I thought the debate glass. That was great. We've gotten tremendous reviews on it. Heading what people want law and order which. was unable to even talk about because it leaves the radical left is radical. Left Followers I don't think there's too many of them left. But I thought it was a great evening. It was an exciting evening. I see the ratings were very high. I don't know who the proud boys are. You have to give me a definition because I really don't know who they are. I can only say they have to stand down law enforcement do their work law enforcement will do the work more and more as people see how bad this radical liberal. Democrat movement is how weak the law enforcement is GonNa, come back stronger and stronger but again, I don't know who proud boys but whoever they are they have to stand down let law enforcement do their work. Happy now. Stan down I figured he didn't know who they were. John and Ken Show, John and Ken stand that. Let's play this clip. We're GONNA. By the way we denounce all white supremacist groups to. Clips seven because we're dealing with the issue do we play Sixth Oh? Oh Yeah. No sixers. This is one of my favorite moments. That's true. Yes. You're right. Trump was trying to make the point that Biden is not saying enough supporting things about law enforcement enough negative things about these mobs in the streets in Portland. So he pressed him here we go. Sick is just the funding. Is. Not. True. He doesn't have any law report he has no law. That's not. Really, who do you have name one group that supports you name one group that came out and supported. You said link we have time we don't have time to do not. I'm once law enforcement group that. I'm. A their cubs Chris Wallace to save. Biden. Can. Just let it hang. Let let Biden sit there stammering and stuttering because he doesn't have a single law enforcement grew I could've used the earpiece. If does have something they could've fed US got to be one police group somewhere In Delaware where he was at a there buddy for all those years and Chris Wallace start getting nervous and jumpy I know. All Right Gentlemen. Let's move on a SEC. Wait. No, I want to hear this. I Really WanNa know what what? What? Town police force support. Joe Biden. Well, we can move to clip seven or at least Chris Wallace does go after Biden on what's going on in Portland. You never called for the leaders in Portland and. In Oregon to. In the National Guard and knock off one hundred days of riots they can, in fact, take care of it. If he just stay out of the way a really here are really here's. The killer of young man in the middle of the street and they shot him. Three resident is. Johnny thing on. The US marshals. Business. And by the way, his own former spokesperson said, you know riots and chaos and violence help us 'cause. That's what this is all about. Who said that I do? Kellyanne Conway. I don't think she said she said that adding. So here's. Here's the point. Is that that's what he is. Keep finding. He doesn't want to calm things down instead of going in and talking to people and say, let's get everybody together figure out how to deal with this. What's he do? He just pours gasoline in the fire constantly and every single solitary and and to end this segment, I'm going to give you a minute to answer sir. You have repeatedly criticized dancer. You have stated late you know you've been talking. I'm asking you. Sir. I WANNA switch seats we could quickly, we can do that but. The National Guard would be over. There would be no problem. Okay. Trump's right. Off. There's a presidential show. If you let these children continue to display in the streets what they think is their power by marching and sometimes smashing windows and lighting fires and going after federal buildings as they have in places like Seattle and Portland. Then they'll continue to do that in all trump to say got end that yeah I I don't understand the controversy here I watched the Democratic convention I had to because I was talking on channel eleven every night after the conventions actually had to watch the damn thing they didn't spend. Even five seconds Portland was burning as they were convening. They've spent five seconds on it and I said at the end of it. All I said if trump wins, it's going to be in big part that Biden and the Democrats did not even bring up all the violence going on in Portland and all the other cities and I even said that I had three like democratic commentators on screen with me none of them would respond to that none of them would talk about it. I thought. Is there some? Some kind of religious cult everybody's agreed you Democrats cannot speak about the violence because it doesn't do many good. Yeah because. They're so reverential of the black lives matter protests that you can't even criticize when when when eighty-eight businesses are getting burnt down Fairfax. Because they give it the tacit approval thing the under the table thumbs up. They think it's cool. But they don't want to admit it's like, why don't you just say I think know every once in a while there's there's a protester says like look this is payback. Okay. This is justified. We think this is the way to go to get our point across. It's like all right at least we know where you stand but weasels like Biden does it's like well, I denounce violence like don't Oh. No let's talk specifically about these protests specific violence. We got more coming up. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi Paints live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. We'll be talking about getting kids back in the classroom. Next hour we'll visit Orange County where there's a bit of a protest on. by some parents who want to just give up dopey distance learning and get their kids back in school Corbin Carson historian. In one hour, we'll turn our attention to the LAS virgenes unified school district, which includes sick calabasas communities. Up that way in the western part of La County Ventura County, and their take on the announcement yesterday that certain. In. Classroom learning for public school students will be allowed with waivers, but it's very specific and very limited. Get into all of that. This has become a growing issue amongst people particularly parents. Coming up in the four o'clock hour well. Here's this great story where this got a lot of attention a few months ago he made headlines Everywhere, and now with the update, you gotTa Kinda search with the story in the New York Times did a story just over the last weekend after the shooting death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and that was like Memorial Day weekend. You know that Minneapolis was the scene of a lot of violence protests and the city council. In June announced it was going to end policing as we know it right. Remember that got a lot of attention. We actually through one of the lead city council members in the dumpster of bender. WHO Basically. Remember she said calling nine one is a privilege that was her big. Yeah. Right. Like a suburban white person privilege to call nine one she's She's a doozy. Well. The update is and it's gotten quite coverages they've given up. You're not going to defend the city's police part. This was not going to end policing as we know it. They're probably going to do a few more cosmetic changes and the reasons what are you know poll numbers show decreasing support and in Minneapolis itself a majority say do not touch the police budget. In fact, as a percentage of people say we need more policing Oh, how's that? For A reality check? Well, this was what was preposterous and I realized that we have all these left-wing Whoa Kohl's in the media. And that combines with their insatiable desire for more clicks more hits, more ratings so they'll take any nutty. Idea and run with it because they believe in it and they notes so incendiary that it'll get a lot of attention, but it doesn't represent reality. Your never had eighty percent of the public wants to police as is or more of it. Even in troubled places like Minneapolis fact, one poll found a majority of black residents supports policing. They do not support ending policing as we know it one city council. This is pretty funny. His name is Andrew Johnson. One of the nine members who supported that pledge in June said recently I just meant that in spirit of. He's full of it. He's another one said. The pledge is up for interpretation of yeah. You don't want. The thing is what they can't admit, and this really pisses me off about these characters. You were wrong. You said something that most of the public never thought of never wanted and would not put up with at you guys we're gonNA lose your jobs. So stop with. It meant it in spirit. I know you did it. You meant it for real because you believe the still believe it but you like your paycheck and you like your status bore. A bunch of buffoons. Yeah people interviewed in this story including a community activist in Minneapolis. She said what I just mentioned. She thinks there should be more policing and there's definitely been an uptick in violence in Minneapolis. Just those nights after George Floyd died but there has been an uptick in crime and people are noticing this and you don't where you're going what are you guys doing but where the where the increases the increase ends up being in the black neighborhoods. And it's the black residents who want the same or more police because they're the ones who were going to get killed. That's when Charles Barkley said that the other day. Even, Al Sharpton is said that it's 'cause 'cause the the wealthier people they'll just hire private armed security force to take business. They're not GONNA get bothered. In the poorer people, it's people living in minority areas that are going to be at risk. And they probably couldn't believe that their representatives were actually on television insisting that these neighborhoods could live without a police department. I I mean, all these people ought to be recalled and chased out of office they're mentally ill. And as usual, it looks like the City Council of Minneapolis with captivated by just two activist groups who what are you know? They're really represented anybody at all know. When polling was done and people were talked to in bigger numbers. Then like dinner represent us, that's not what we want, and of course, these politicians. So they ran from this idea of dismantling the Police Department of Minneapolis because that's what politicians do. Well, you know something. We could have a revolution here in La if people would would wake up, stop staring at their screens, we can end up with the homeless people all being run off the streets pretty quickly. If we just said, you know what? WE'RE GONNA vote everybody out of office here everybody you're done. And we're GONNA vote for the guy who promises. To get all the homeless people off the street used to be for the first one, hundred and thirty years of La's history. This is only five year last five year phenomenon. So, that's what we ought to do here. You know what I saw is that newsome hasn't eleven percent approval rating when it comes to the homeless. Where do you think are said he's approval rating is. Only the homeless approve of Garcetti's. Homeless policies and because they don't know what they're doing there was a poll out Last year I think it was ninety five percent of La Residents said homelessness worst issue. And what you've got to do is rise up like they did Minneapolis and tell the council people go stuff and if you don't fix this and five minutes, you're all guy. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty life everywhere. The iheartradio APP it'd be talking about returning kids to the public schools after. Four. o'clock as a bit of a protests going on in Orange County for parents who are fed up with the distance learning thing and want their kids back in the classrooms decisions made in La County will be the subject of. Later, in the hour where they are allowing some waivers for a select group of students to return to the classroom. But is that fair is what we will be talking about. We'll go back to the debate later and the part where trump gave a shout out to governor gruesome. Not by name, but it was dealing with the forest management and climate change. We'll get to all that later on but speaking of governor gruesome. He vetoed a bill which is kind of amazing considering the Super Majority of Democrats and Sacramento, and they're progressive spending philosophies which he's largely in line with which was gonna see I didn't even I didn't even know about this bill no I didn't either. It was going to give low income immigrants and that of course, by the term immigrant, we mean very likely illegal immigrants. Six hundred dollars to buy groceries. The grocery. Bill. I. So idea six hundred dollars of free groceries. Yes I the way this was carefully written by the AP The bill was aimed at helping people including those living in the country illegally. been impacted by the coronavirus but are not eligible for other state and federal. Assistance. Program, is there a legal immigrants? That's they're not eligible. Now that. They were legal residents than they would be eligible stop citing playing with rules law. Being harsh period full stop. You know this is a time of emotion we ruled by emotion. I love this. It's unclear how much the program would have cost. Yes that's the problem. Apparently, the bill didn't have any authority to WHO's GONNA pay for it. Well. Of course, the General Fund is a fifty, four, billion dollar deficit, but it doesn't have what they call a revenue stream whether it's GonNa come from this tax law tax. It's here's the when you do this, you attach it to something there's a million and a half people who haven't gotten their unemployment benefits some of since March. They've never paid out the employment benefits to American citizens but they had money available for illegal aliens to buy groceries, how American supposed to buy their groceries and they and they painted the the system they should get their tax money back. They. Mitigate this moment. newsome wrote is been my firm commitment that my administration would support all Californians during the COVID nineteen crisis. But we've advanced efforts to provide relief that is both inclusive of and directed to undocumenteds. Because earlier this year include signed a bill to give five hundred bucks to low income people living in the country illegally remember that that wasn't enough. Notre Dame history they wanted another six hundred. I don't know why the bill was specifically about groceries. That's just weird I guess because they thought because it's It's A good cover story where we're we're letting people buy food we're helping they're hungry. They need they can. Get a? Check. Check the WHO knows what they'll spend it on. Even. If got the key term food insecurity. That's a fake term, and that is a fake situation. It does reflect again, the emotions behind the argument you're maybe not necessarily at a food you're just feeling insecure about. Your worried. Yeah I'm I'm worried that the in and outs could it be closed? I have no idea what the flood of bills was. I can only imagine the things that they can't just garbage it's not covered. It's it's not a big. Deficit Yeah. We don't have the money and we certainly don't have the money to be handing out to people not the country legally by the way if they're out of food here, maybe they should go back home to their original country. It might be a better place there might be food there. Well. If you have no money for food here how long are you? GonNa. Last anyway means you're not getting any work. We often find out sent money home to well I I would stop that. Let them find their own food, find their own food back into. Your money back home and then you want another six hundred bucks for me. No. But I have read though that the remittances will way down. Conserved everything's way down. John and Ken show John Kobylt. Ken Chiampou, Kfi am six forty. Live everywhere on the iheartradio APP somebody just sent me a story that it's dated August. Remittances to foreign countries actually went up during the pandemic did. Yes make any sense. The forecast that things would crash. Wrong. Remittances to Mexico were up. So for year to year and five of the first six months of two, thousand twenty so we don't need to be giving them. Giving the illegal immigrants, any money? How could you be sending more money back home enroll? Oh somebody people weren't didn't have jobs and that's strange. Story of, but maybe it was earlier that remittances were down. You'd think so I mean so many immigrants had have jobs in places like restaurants. And those those were all closed. I don't know doesn't make any sense to me maybe it's because we you know we put out. Trillions of dollars aid and everybody signed up for all the programs. Obviously with all the fraud going on. There's plenty of money to access. We'll take a look at the debate later on in the show, we spent a lot of the first half of the show talking about it with player a few more clips including one does specifically talk about Californian fires and climate change. We're going to begin this hour though talking about some parents who want to get their kids back in the class it's this. What's funny. There's so much angst and outrage over trump's lack of decorum. Where is the angst in the outrage over lack of schooling? In California, we have a dumb cluck of a governor who's shut down all the schools reinforced by the idiots that run this county and the city. And they keep battling about distance learning, which is a complete failure. Parents are slowly starting to rebel, which is the point of this story There's there's been a zoom out protest. Families and students who were upset with the fake distance learning as zoom out I like that. Yeah. Let's see what this is about. Corporate Carson is here from Kfi News Corp Been How are you doing good. Yeah. This is from face grip facebook group called Reopen California schools that started online about a month ago, and already has almost eight thousand members of the group started this zoom blackout this week, they're asking parents from San Francisco to San Diego to log out of zoom meetings to protest distance learning I'm told so far about a thousand families are participating statewide the. Group says, in Orange, county about one hundred and thirty private schools have already reopened safely. Why can't public schools reopened? They say unions have made education a political issue. The group says kids are showing more depression because they can't hang out with friends socialized. They can't see their teachers and child abuse claims are down and that because are mandatory reporters and they're not seeing these kids every day I talked to a Tustin School district parent. Her name is Cindy Lee. She started this group and she says to demand she wants to demand schools give parents the choice to reopen full-time. For parents who are concerned about the safety of their children or you know individuals at home that are considered to be vulnerable. There's always the option of one hundred percent distant learning. So they still have the option to keep their kids at home for the parents want their kids to return whereas in school districts to provide the option of a hundred percent in classroom instruction parents know what's best for kids? Okay. Not The officials. Not, the unions the parents will be responsible. They know when to send their kids to school and they obviously have the best interest of their kids and you know I talked to a lot of different parents that were that were a part of this situation. One was newport elementary tarrant Mari Marquez. She says distance learning has been a complete disaster and that her kids are falling behind because a lack of technology issues like that. Was Funny. Some of the these teachers claim that they they wanted to be safe, but many of them are being hired. Privately, by parents to. pod teaching, the pot teaching where you have a group neighborhood kids coming together in a basement and they're getting paid really well to do the teaching in the basement they don't seem to be afraid of that, but they're afraid to go to the classroom. and. You know these parents they. They're saying that they're also saying that it's not fair that they should bear that expense that you know that this is a this is a public education setting and that you know this is something that's supposed to be. Provided by the state provided by local governments, federal governments, etc, and they're saying it's just. It's ridiculous that they're having to go through this. Again, listen to this this parent who's from Newport elementary, newport, Mesa Elementary. She's talking about how her kids are being affected I have one child and sixth grade that has an IEP and he struggling he's not getting his services and he's Lucky to get maybe twenty minutes a day from his iep teacher, and then I have another one who's in first grade I'm having to do extra help for her in hire a tutor she gets I'm going to say about two and a half hours zoom with breaks half of the time that she's on Zoom it's dancing and the teacher talking about their pets and nothing has to do with education. Dancing and talking about their pets a second. That's what goes on in the classroom this this mom just did know it. Right but at least a Lotta time talking about nonsense in the classroom every day. But what she's saying, what the other parents were saying is that at least this was instead of just two hours you're getting at least six hours of that. So in between the dancing and other things, the hope is that there's more education sprinkled in there, and then of course, we're also hearing you know the normal arguments about the masks. Now, they decided to change their mind and all children will have to wear a mask including the younger children I will not have my daughter is six years old. She can barely have a mask on her face no more than five minutes. Their desks at school I have a pitcher vit- already looks like a jail, and now you WanNa put these young children in that atmosphere with a mask on their face for three hours and they say on top of that, then schools finally decided to open. They do this hybrid formula where kids are going back maybe two days a week at maybe a couple of hours a day and our working parents supposed to deal with the today show up for you know for two hours and then go pick them back. It's. It's. It's a lot of frustration. So by doing this, they think they're going to call attention to their issue and get their kids back in the classroom faster. That's the idea of the zoom out. That's the idea i. mean you know listen they the the the That the district's have said, they have not seen many people they have not seen. They have not been affected by this price districts. Rising impact on their attendance. What else in some towns these kids are getting taught in their classrooms with private teachers that maybe a local boys or girls club is running classes and they're renting out the same classrooms and the students are in the regular classroom. Yeah. We did that story last week I think there was going on in Torrance. Was Endurance right but it's going on number of schools. One thing I can tell you guys that comes from covering both sides of an issue is that I tend to empathize underside understand both sides of the story. So on one hand, my six year old daughter, she wears a mask all day and gets a kick out of choosing the colors and designs. But on the other hand, she started first grade this. Year and she's struggling with the concept of learning in school. She doesn't understand that she has to focus on things you know I it soon as as soon as she loses attention, she's a hustler so she'll be like, oh, my stomach hurts and then they'll call me because maybe that's Cova and I gotta go pick her up. So there's issues on both sides that I really I really can put thighs with the frustration. Stomach hurts routine. Yeah. It's an old one core. All right. Thanks thanks guys like Carson covering the story out of orange, county that some parents have organized zoom out. That's right. They're not gonNA put their kid through distance learning. They're protesting the online learning they went back to that classroom zoom outs passive. Not Not linking in on a zoom call. I'm that that's not exactly burning down stories on Fairfax. I mean, you've got a barge into their offices. Yeah, I gotTA DO Although if the teacher turns on the zoom in the morning and there's nobody there oh maybe. I don't. Is Done. Yeah. No the teachers don't WanNa work. They want to learn their bathrobe and talk about their pets. even if half the kids don't bother to sign in. I coming up next. There's still a lot to be talked about with this Disney lay story. Now have stepped forward and they're asking the state to let the theme parks reopen. We'll talk about it John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou. Kfi Am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. Hey we'll be here for the voice line people in just a couple of days. Join in one, eight, seven, seven, moist, eighty six. One, eight, seven, seven, six, six, four. Seventy eight six. Let's not to get live on the air to leave a message at might be played. During the five o'clock hour coming up on. Friday. Well they're all closed Disneyland Universal Studios. Not Six flags Magic Mountain seaworld San Diego Lego land. They have been closed since the pandemic began in the big bombshell yesterday. Is, the Disney announced twenty, eight, thousand layoffs. They had gone to a furlough situation back in the spring at the beginning of the pandemic but they announced yesterday that even if we do get to reopen under limited capacity rules, we don't need this many people two thirds of them are part time workers and I should say John Their cast members that's what they call them at Disney. Yet that's there's some people put on the outfits and danced around our silly Dick I don't understand the arbitrary nature this. This is not based on science data, and this is a whole thing that has that has happened nobody's reacting to it. They were lecturing us about science data. Science data show you can be outdoors. Where mass can be six feet away, nobody is going to be getting this virus. So why are they arbitrarily putting tens of thousands of people out of work for what the sunlight kills the virus? The wind blows the virus away everybody knows this. I don't understand. The this arbitrary abusiveness by by Gavin newsom. And I don't understand why everybody's going along with it. It's not about health and safety. As nothing to do with it. Because you're you're safe to walk around. Out in the open in a theme park. This, still have to limit the attendance and police everyone to keep their distance and all the nonsense that everyone constantly lecturing us on, but it's not that complicated debate here. Santa say that. They have done such a good job scaring the public these six months that supposedly in other parts of the World Disney theme parks in China France Japan down in Florida, have reopened. Capacity limits, but there's also a lot of people showing up because they're so scared of all this news, they hear every day. We most sterile news media. I mean, that is that is one of the. Side effects of having all this freedom is. A TV radio Internet everybody can say whatever they want. No matter how exaggerated or absurd or wrong they are and human natures really fragile I I've learned so much about human nature in the last six months people really fragile. They're easily scared and they they they. They they react in herds they travel in herds, everybody panics on the same time and they run in the same direction. Here's what I'm hearing that really troubles me heard this twice this week. Well you know as far as the future is concerned, get used to the mask. It's GONNA be like seat belts and helmets. It's just going to be part of life. I know now I know. We get the vaccine as already crowd trying to sell this. Yet because they want control I, I was reading today Joel cocking. I only read part of this article. So I don't WanNa get into reading the whole thing. And is running California's environmental. Green? Restrictions the green extremism he calls it. Any traces it. To a Utopian book that was written in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, four that became an unexpected hit. And how California now is using the virus as a test run for a lot of these environmental ideas and you can see it now they've seen that people are willing to work from home. So maybe it's time we start restricting car use because people don't need it any. They're already doing that in the bay area they're telling workers are gonNA have to stay home two or three days a week and and and the virus. You're going to see that these left-wing progressive governments in the minds of these people they've always wanted control. And they've wanted to remake society in the way they imagine it should be. And now. They're using the virus as an excuse to experiment and implement some of these ideas. They've sufficiently scared people enough so that everybody's going along with it, and that's why keep pointing back to the first day that newsome spoke about the virus reset off the you're going to twenty five million people infected in eight weeks. And we're going to have you know I forgot how many deaths and he was wrong. He was extremely wrong. But that was the seed and everybody panicked ran home no way they stopped at the grocery store but a lot of toilet paper and then they ran out. And I realize why we're just a bunch of feeble animals aren't we easily spooked and scared and we're remaining scared and we spend our days lecturing everyone else on the Internet about wearing a mask. And how things should be closed and children shouldn't go to school because it's not safe and teachers should be forced to teach because it's not safe. This whole not safe crowd and long after the virus passes, you're going to see they're still going to be carrying on. They're still going to be wanting restrictions. It's a dangerous time here. When we come back back to the schools and we'll be talking La county where they opened a small window yesterday saying they may grant waivers for some in classroom learning, but only the lower grades and they're only going to start with the low income areas who supposedly are suffering the most from trying this distance learning. We talking to him of Angela who's on the board of ED, Las Virgenes, Unified School district about her thoughts on this latest announcement from La County. Ken Show John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere in the iheartradio APP big announcement today by the La County Sheriff's department the County District Attorney. They have charged a man with the shooting of the two sheriff's deputies couple of weeks ago at the train station competent. Fortunately both are out of the hospital and recovering, but that man they arrested. Turns out. He's the same guy they were chasing and Lynnwood. Some days after the shooting telling us. Well, he's a carjacking spectrum weeks ago. Nothing to do with the sheriff's deputy shooting but apparently plenty to do with that shooting and Steve Gregory will provide us all the details coming up after the news at five o'clock we'll also take a look. At more indepth and last night's horror show. Shout fast interrupt fast people were so appalled at angry. And I I was marveling at hearing people's reactions and reading today online. It's like this is what you're outraged about I think part of the Echo Chamber they decided to repeat what they think people want it here look outside got seventy thousand people laying in the streets and they're allowed to. And you don't see anybody shouting about that. You're everybody schools are closed and kids brains are withering no no outrage about that. Did trump. Did trump insult and interrupt? Joe Biden, really. That's what you're upset about. Joe Biden's what seventy eight years old. He can handle an interruption he doesn't need your fake outrage and. Your palment. That's a word. The announcement yesterday by the La County Public Health Department will actually the board of supervisors. That they're going to allow school waiver applications for League Grades Transitional Kindergarten, through second. and. They will begin with students who live in the lower income. Neighborhoods and schools because apparently they have suffered the most from distance learning, they actually voted three two to the health department wasn't big on this idea but the supervisors decided to do something to allow some in-person School instruct. So it's only kindergarten to second grade and it's only low income. Going to start let's say they don't get a lot of waiver applications at that level they extend what do they know something about the virus that the virus? Will infect a second grade classroom but would infect a third grade classroom that it doesn't infect poor kids. But middle class kids, the viruses attracted to it. Kind of scientists this nonsense. Something got through to the progressive crowd in the Board of supervisors that the low income kids really fallen far behind right but only second grade. Let's talk again to Angela cut bill from the board of Education the LAS VIRGINIS unified school district. This is up in the Calabasas area she was on our show a couple of weeks ago, and she responded to this in an email and I thought she made some good points to talk about further, Angela thanks for coming on again I I don't understand just kindergarten to second. Grade and nobody else and only import schools. Well from the beginning they've talked about waivers for elementary because they're the kids who struggle the most with distance. So but the action yesterday makes it clear that the whole process which I not a surprise to me or I'm sure to the two of you that it's political not based on science. You know science should guide this this process. All respect an argument for science. But if they're saying it's safe to reopen. They're also saying they're not putting the science I because the communities with the lowest covert rates and the best opening plans. Should Open I but that's not what they're doing. I? Don't understand this right and by the way, some of the highest covid rates are unfortunately in the low income communities where the schools are. This is the thing. Side of town on the west side rates are really low schools are closed but they're gonNA open up schools in the poorer areas where the rates of the highest. Science there. Now and I WANNA make clear to listeners because most people don't know this I would know this by went on the school board about eight years ago seven or eight years ago the state changed how they fund public education. So what they said was we're GONNA give more money to public schools that have low income students and on English learners now I WANNA to be on record I. Get that those are higher need populations they cost more to educate, but in the way that California can't. Do Anything. They went crazy on the formula. So what happens is education in California we talked about there's winners and losers under what they call the local control funding formula. So for anybody who thinks we're out here in Calabasas, and we have lots of money and our school district we are in the bottom fifteen percent of thousand public school districts in the state. They do not care. For. Districts with our. Demographics. Funding in the bottom. Bottom fifteen percent of a thousand districts in the state. We're next. DOOR TO LA UNIFIED, they get thirty, five hundred something around like a you know off my head. I. Haven't looked at it lately more per student per year than we get so. Poly Suburban district coalition we'd go up to Sacramento and sometimes they get people from the State House come over and I swear to God. They're like judge smells and caddyshack they're like you'll get nothing and like it and you know I'm used to both the state and the county looking at our demographic area as being somewhere on their food chain of between crustaceans and invertebrates as far as I can tell. Let me ask you about something else he wrote in the email, she'll kill set in a meeting. With to your colleagues that she doesn't see high schools high schools opening until the fall the fall of twenty one I was on with you last time. She did agree to a meeting with a couple of board members and I stepped out of that meeting because I thought look I was on your show saying I. think she s disdain for us so I didn't want to a distraction. There was like maybe six people in the meeting. So this is hearsay but all of our people in the meeting confirmed to me her words were she did not see secondary meaning middle and high schools opening before next fall and. Talk about the window to yourself wives a major setback. Using a school year and a half. This. Kind of for me is I think the numbers will overtake her like she won't be able to to do that and she was very unmoved by public schools being open. Or private schools rather she said she she can't control those but she couldn't see what? I. Thank you Lord there though. By the way she voted no for this. Plan to allow waiver applications for grades for lower income students who voted no but that's the key word there. She can't control private schools and it makes her unhappy she wants to donate. Together plan and I contend that any public school district 'cause they all get more money than we do around here, they could put a plan together to it's not like we're flush with money you could come up with distance and Co hoarding. So why should we go? You know in effect to the back of the line I and I'm just hearing from so many in our community that in wanting to protect our kids. We might be compromising their long-term well-being and health. Oh absolutely as a point where they have to be back in the class is the best place for real learning to this place that's going to be terribly emotionally upsetting for seniors not to have a senior year. I. Think you know what I think everybody's lost so much like our fifth graders do this outdoor Ed thing that's gone. You know there's so many at every level there's a specialness, there's sports. News did you don't why they don't trust the masks in the distancing? I don't know how they have it both ways if it were. Understand but I'm at the stage where honestly it's not the disappointment I can't stand the hope but you know in the last week both the New Yorker and Science magazine have talked about you know both of these are not as far as I'm aware of partisan publications about the the real harm of not getting back in the classroom and we're not talking about waivers a terrible name 'cause it's a word it. It sorta suggests we're doing something around the law and we're not asking for that. We're asking them to look at our waiver and look at our plan and. You know see if we can safely open and how we can do it wouldn't be. Tomorrow wouldn't be next week I mean it you know it's GonNa be a ways off. But when they say things like after the election or next year parents lose hope you have low rates where you are in Calabasas. Very low, very low we WANNA keep it that way. So you know I take this seriously I take the science seriously but you know I have a friend for example, and her husband's on the waiting list for like a double transplant. She wants her kid back in school she like we'll take care of this. Science says it's masks and six feet and wash your hands. We know what the science says. So are they telling the truth with that? Or is that Is that similar? Figured out. As far as I can tell about around the country about half public schools are open and we're not seeing that kids are the super spreaders they bought. Radio into CD's even said that and we've had the state is approved more than six hundred waivers since August and more than five hundred have gone to private school. So It's a crazy process but I just you know I worry about I read something the other day where parents said that our kids teacher asked her son what are you worried about this year? And he said, I'm worried about getting behind and he said I'm not worried about getting behind my friends I know we're all in the same boat. He said, I'm worried about getting behind who I was supposed to be and I can't stop thinking about that. Until it thank you very much for coming back on and sharing your thoughts. We it so much guys. Feel should not have the power to do that. to, to a seventeen year old. To keep them from becoming what they're supposed to be she should not have the power in people should not allow her to add that, Bauer. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere in the iheartradio APP. Hey the voter guide go check it out. KFI. Am Six, forty, dot com go to John and Ken page you'll see the link there right near the top. Click it. It'll help you out with the state wide variety propositions. I saw an ad there was this morning. The Evil Prop Fifteen, which is the one that's going to raise property taxes on commercial property owners like dismantling part of prop thirteen from the nineteen seventies. Up. Fifteen, that's no. I saw a commercial. We all know what that money grab is for. It's for teacher pensions. To commercial was it was all these first responders dealing with covid nineteen. Have Proper fifteen bring more money to the front lines of our they were trying to hide behind the first responders. You. Don't any money for the first responders. They already have union contracts. They already have their salaries and benefits. That's that's nonsense late in the tenth manipulate idiots. So you know who wants the money problem we have this year is that a lot of people are going to turn out the vote because they love presidential races then know nothing's and these batted initiatives are dangerous because these people are dopey an easily swayed. Let me guess I'm going to vote for fifteen. It's for the people in the hospitals to take people the Teacher's Union, and by the way the teachers who don't WanNa show up to work. They don't want to show up to work your. She'll accused telling people privately that no middle and high school until the fall of two, thousand, twenty one. And those teachers are going to get here from now and and they they want a huge tax increase property tax increase. To pay their overstuffed pensions for work they do. That's a good reason to vote no for profit fifteen. Girl, the looking for a bigger billions they want to now get this. They would even open the schools and they still want more money and fatter pensions and they still want higher taxes and they don't want to even get up off the couch anymore. The science says it's safe. So now what's the next excuse? He just don't WanNa you don't WANNA put on clothes in the morning. You're comfortable in the bathrobe. Honestly. We begin the big five o'clock hour with one of the larger stories of the day here in southern California charges against a man in the shooting of the to La. County Sheriff's deputies a couple of weeks ago at the Compton train station and then yes, our take on last night's fun debate more coming up. John and Ken show John Kobylt and Ken. Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. Welcome everybody we will, of course give you our. Reaction. To last night's raucous debate is everyone's still sad. Is Still Angry and offended disappointed and appalled outraged. Were embarrassed. Embarrassed for carrying it. That's you don't. You don't have an off switch on your TV with an underwear stain on the history of the presidential debates. People Act like there's no off switch I always find it fascinating when people get really upset over a bed TV show or a bad movie or bad whatever. So terrier off. But angry about what the news coverage turned off when you keep watching this stuff for didn't watch it, you wouldn't have to go away. By big announcement would. Ask. Concerning charges against the man charged with shooting the to La, county sheriff's deputies at that train station in Compton back on September twelfth and to most no one's surprise it turns out. It is the same man that they arrested on September fifteenth after this armed standoff involving a big Swat team appearance in Lynnwood, and then at the guy was hiding and he was we were told that the time he's just a carjacking suspect from September first that we've been tracking and got him and. There's no connection to the shooting of the sheriff's deputies but apparently, there is Steve, Gregory's here with the detail of the investigation and the charges. All right. Go Review this Hola sure situations chronology. Let's go back to September first what's interesting is that all of this stuff has happened in a one month period September first, they say this thirty six year old man Deontay Murray from Compton had violently carjacked a Mercedes sedan in which time investigators say that Murray shot the driver of that car with a high powered rifle shot him in the legs and stole the car fast forward to September twelfth. When investigators say that Deonte Murray used that Mercedes to drive to the train station incompetent and walked up to the deputies with a pistol opened fire in the passenger window shot five rounds and ran away got into the Mercedes sedan and. So from there detectives were working to separate cases they were working the carjacking case and they were working the shutting case, and at some point along the way, someone decided to compare the photo of the carjacking suspect and imagery from the video from this shooting and they found out that this had There was very similar features to this person. So he started to dig a little deeper and by this time they you know we were all over it. Press was Oliver Media's Oliver they were put out a vague description. And then they got a lot of Intel from the community. Informants people coming forward and they were able to get. Kinda profile put together and they figured out this Murray. They had suspicions that Marie was tied to the shooting at this point. But what they wanted to do is they wanted to get this guy. So through the informants through all of their other resources, they were able to get search warrant for this guy and in executing a search warrant by now he had already dumped Mercedes in favor. Of a Toyota I think it was like a Toyota Sarah and During the surveillance. He caught wind of it took off. There was a car chase the car chase ended in Lynnwood. This would now be Tuesday September fifteenth. and. Then he jumped out went into a house and hold up in a house for hours hours. It started eleven thirty that morning and I was out there for nine hours. I was out there eleven o'clock that night. something. That I didn't tell on the air. What was pretty interesting about that. That evening is that when we were all corralled, the media were corralled over to a nearby park. After what we thought it was over come to find out he was still holed up in a trash dumpster. He had gotten somehow burrow down under the House got out and then win and hit into a trash dumpster, and then out into the bushes and it was a canine that actually took him down. What was funny deserves video of him trying to climb over like a stone fence in the back and the dog grabbed his his sweats and yanked his pants down. So. You see him struggling to get over that dog has not letting go you just sees this man's boxer shorts these guys. Just yanking on his pants in this they they've got. All the way down around his ankles. I'd when I saw, that is pretty comical. What's funny is that? The sergeant was supposed to come talk to the media and we were told a specific time and I'm thinking like a eleven pm that he was supposed to come talk to us or excuse me ten thirty and he was late late can push back push back while the problem was. They thought he was in custody, but he wasn't in custody. So they were literally waiting at the command post for him to get into custody before they become talks 'cause they didn't want to come to talk to us while he was still on the loose, right so it was kind of funny. There was a little bit of a behind the scenes therefore you. So now this morning at Sheriff's headquarters downtown La, Captain Kent Wagoner with Homicide Bureau. gave a sort of a low down here on what was going on, and in this cut here, this is going to be cut. See this is a little bit, can't see a little bit of background on Deontay Murray Deontay. Murray is a compton resident with a criminal history which includes felony convictions for sales and possession of narcotics. To. Separate convictions for firearm possession by felon or. Addict. Receiving stolen property burglary and terrorist threats, Murray is prohibited from possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and as a controlled substance offender registrant. At this point investigators believed that deontay Murray acted alone in the attempted murder of to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies and in cut be here we learn a little bit about the gun and the gun would prove to be the pivotal point at which they were able to connect. Murray from not only the carjacking but to also to the deputy shooting the firearm in evidence is described as eighty percenter a ghost gun. A forty caliber pistol loaded with eight rounds five rounds short of its full capacity. There were five rounds fired at the deputies a ghost gut explained. So ghost gun is kind of like a Franken gun and can be built with parts from all kinds of different guns in from different sources and it never. Typically never has a serial number or any kind of identifying features on us. You can't really tie that weapon to something else and you can't really identify the weapon. It's not in the federal system if you will. If you go buy a gun at a store that gun is registered, what's at eighty percenter and eighty percents is it's if if I remember correctly and eighty percent or is that it's eighty percent functional. uh-huh. If memory serves I'm trying to remember that just as soon as you ask me that percent of the bullets nightmare eighty percent and it's like it's it's percent whole. Hearts and it's eighty percent whole and that's enough to of the fire the fire the weapon. Yeah. Now I'm sure Bryan suits is texting me as we speak because I'm sure I got that wrong. But I'm trying to remember I don't know anything. No but I'm trying to remember in my conversations I believe that that is the percent of the weapon it's towel. Now you showed me a photo of the weapon Y- lane on the sidewalk that this guy left behind when he was being chased yeah, he took. arrested. Yeah. Tossed out the window. So you knew that this was likely the Guy Yeah we knew we knew that night. It was the guy I was getting real time information from sources that night act that was what caused me to drive down there. So explain to people why the Sheriff Alex Fiona would come on our show and say, no, it has this guy has nothing to do with the deputy shootings. Instead of me trying to do it, let me explain to you I'll play this free. Then this is going to be sheriff a this is him describing explaining it to the media because a couple of reporters were pretty upset one we're not gonNa tell everything we suspect that would we not be doing our job misleading? Foot you're not pay attention to what we say we said this person is arrested the carjacking for the crime of the carjacking. That's evidence we had. That's who'd he was arrested for? We had no evidence at that time to time to anything else do we have suspicions? Yes, and but we're not gonNA. Tell you all suspicions because you don't give away the store we have to operate in a responsible fashion and like that poor gentleman was somehow somebody in social media put his picture. This is the suspect and his life was turned upside down. So we have to be very careful and responsible what we've put out there and the three key words where. At this time. And that's you. If you look back or listen back he he said at this time and that's what the surgeon said that night when we were pushing him right Listened to the extra phrases that they've put in because. Of The exit ramps that right there for a reason they're telling you know what you've got to listen for. It sounds cliche but it's true. You gotTA listen to what they're not telling you, right? Yeah and it's true and also for what now was not going on. Three last colleagues, there was no. Upping, the reward no enhanced description of the suspect. No sense that there was this big man hunt going on no updates well about the manhunt. If you think about if you think about how it went down that night when I first got the call I got tipped off. Then, then someone else sent me a photo and I think it was Brian suit semi photo very soon after that. It was a picture of air radar of air traffic radar and it showed five helicopters circling orbiting around that one area down there and Lynnwood five law enforcement helicopters for one carjacking suspect. So that's what started my suspicions right away then the and then the other source said, they've got the shooter hold up or got the shooting standoff. So then I busted Ashdown to Lynnwood stood there all night long but then I was getting information coming in including a picture of the weapon from earlier that day because it started Karchi started eleven thirty that morning I got down there by two-thirty and so. It. You know it was coming in rapid fire but here's the thing you can't really you know have to be really careful because there is still slight chance that you're not right but then you have to start adding all the pieces. There's a slight chance they're not right. Sure cops arrive. Well Yeah. But if they're going to deploy half of the department. Is they did that night I keep saying I'm exaggerating, but it seemed like half the department when they take over an entire middle school, the parking lot the gymnasium there were trucks and cars intense in all kinds of stuff everywhere for a carjacking suspect now they kept saying well, yeah. But he was violent I get that he. is of. carjackers are caught all the time. Yeah. There was something different about this guy and you could tell by the reaction. All right, Steve. Thanks very much terry. Gregory updating us in the rest of the man, they say shot the two sheriff's deputies more coming up. My name is Joe Biden Democratic candidates for the United States Senate look me over your we see help out if not both the other by not sleepy Joe, say the unemployment rate in the Great State of Ohio, know you're in South Carolina look I think the one thing the president doesn't want WanNa do to very. Face me. I will be fighting Who's the loser Joe Never got more than one percent except Obama took them off the trashy shooting holes in the constitution and we can not let him get away with it. And they lost even time for the. Ball. Sets. Decor. There was a decent say, there's no civilized discourse the lowest point in the history of presidential debate. Oh, Chris Wallace. Is Talking. He says, yeah, I'm just sad with the way last night turned half. Oh. I never dreamt that would go off the tracks the way it did. I read some of the reviews I know people think well, Gee, I didn't jumping soon. Enough I guess I. Didn't realize there was no way you could hide siping twenty. Twenty that this was going to be the president strategy not just the beginning of the debate but the entire debate. I'm a pro I've never been through anything like this. First few minutes. When they were engaged I thought. This is great. This is a debate. But then he grew more alarmed president showed no sign of backing off. I didn't try to seize control the debate. I don't know that ever really did. It was going to go completely off the tracks. and. He says, you're you're reluctant I wanted to be his invisible as possible. I wanted to enable them to talk years reluctant to rise to the point in which you begin to inject more and more, and then he goes on and on. He doesn't think shutting off the Mike is going to help. That, they're gonNA do something. They say this is the Commission on presidential debates announced today. Well, there will be a format change, but they're not telling us what it is. Elite can you do with a guy who doesn't care about the rules and who has half the country behind which is what Wallace said he goes what are you supposed to do both both candidates have half the country behind him you can't just. Sees on one of the guys and shut off his bike and Just. Let them have at it. I've actually somebody gets exhausted interrupting the other one and how about no moderator I think it should be free four and yet no prescriptive questions. You guys have ninety minutes. Fill the time. I'd I. think that's the only way to go here. and. Let, the public decide. They're now saying sixty eight point one, million Americans tuned in. Eight broadcast and cable networks. Fox pretty much led the way with almost eighteen million viewers. This is lower than the first debate between. Hillary and trump for years ago but it still Leah maps have total audience. Yeah. I got I got an update that says seventy-three. Oh who's climbing every hour because I don't even the show at fifty eight million. Yeah. Well, they're getting the cable networks and C. Span and. The. Viewing my stories one hour ago your stories even newer. Yeah this one came out. At I don't know the time. But I think three million people according to the numbers are from Nielsen and includes sixteen networks. Oh. Maybe this includes Spanish language networks. Stick streaming in their streaming to yeah. Because I hillary trump debate allegedly Jew over eighty something eighty four getting closer. But yeah. You know what? Seventy, three million there's only one thing that gets bigger audience than that. The super bowl nothing else gets A. Super Bowl droughts over one hundred million usually, and that's always the top. Programme in any given year. So I don't know they're talking about turning off Mikes when it's not your turn. I mean, you'll still hear trump ranting and interrupting, but don't abidance Mike. I don't think you're GONNA be able to roam around, put him in a cage so he can't run. That's what you'd have to do. And he'll. He'll just keep shouting at Biden. So you're GonNa hear whatever trump is shouting on big. Trump took his mask is i. just show I'm not against masking you go I got my mask Somebody already. Garcetti was in the audience last night. Did you hear that? Yeah, he was. He was yeah. I. Know I heard the same. Cooksey. So important you think he's he's one of those fake co-chairman. Forgot about that. Yes. Yeah. The co-chair of campaign. We want there today sandwich. We'll play some. Joe Said, but one point hey, can you do something about the protesters destroying all the businesses you're making me look bad trump's giving me hell for this, I. Let. The police do their thing. If you take out all the interrupting, which I know is getting all the attention trump Betas points, he's made his points on the green new deal he made his points on the the protests in the black lives matter defending the police. He made his point on climate change. We'll talk about all this coming up. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP we're bringing back the voice line just a couple of days. During this hour Friday, we play a collection of calls. Get in there at one, eight, seven, seven, moist, eighty, six, one, eight, seven, seven, six, six, four. Seven. Eight eight, six, well, you got the list John which clip would you like to hear from last night's debate played a number of them earlier? Yeah. First thing I want to say though is this I watch these things I guess differently than most people. I. Enjoy All the insults in the name calling interruptions. I don't revere politicians trump to me is a comedy entertainer. made the old comedians from. That I. grew up watching on television. Is he he's an entertaining is not there to be one of these dull grey boring clods like Biden his. I'm not interested in hearing politicians speak I never am I don't care about how you're supposed to debate I. don't care about You know a well constructed inspirational political speech. So it's a, it's a Lotta Horse Manure. As a web nine, eight years old. At that day there for a civics lesson. I listened closely in between all the insults which I laughed at it I thought it was great. I I listened. About what trump said he's going to do review of what he's done and I wanted hear what Biden said. He was going to do on some issues and I noticed trump had to bring up several issues that Chris Wallace wouldn't or would just glance at. And had to Corner Biden, and the first thing to me was was asking Biden, if he's going to pack the court. You. Know there's many Democrats that want to add four six more judges so that they get a liberal majority back. Which? We've had the same number of judges since eighteen, sixty nine that's a pretty shocking. Pretty dramatic idea isn't it? Wouldn't tell. Do. We have that clip. I don't think we do. Out. That's the. Well, that's the kind of thing that jumped out at me is he refused to answer any said well, if I give an answer on that, then that's going to be the issue. Well, yeah. It's going to be the issue because you're the you're the lefty people in Democratic Party want to pursue this, and maybe you don't see don't want to piss them off or maybe do you don't want to Piss off the rest of the country so that was like Steph I was looking for well I heard most of the debate and it's not really uncommon. These days is the attempt to just paint each other as extremists Biden wants. People to think that trump's with the white supremacists right. He's against the working man's just a rich guy out for himself and trump wants to pay biden as part of the far radical left at supports the protesters and rioters in the streets that supports all these crazy climate ideas like the green new deal. That's what I heard. I really am. Not that I care because I do enjoy the insults to I. Think it makes it very entertaining when they're zing in each other and when trump went after hunter Biden I was like I jumped up to listen closely because I knew this was coming Oh let's cut five Dan I don't think we're not ru- voting for Hunter Biden but I guess it does speak to what? Joe Biden's done for his family members his political career. Joe, not know at one hundred Biden walked off with millions of Ukrainian dollars millions of Chinese now, Hunter Biden's a loser and always has been I mean the latest adventure was he's fathered a child and he denied it was his kid whoops. Sure. I'll take the DNA test. Oh you. What is my kid? KNOCKED UP A prostitute? stripper strip breath. All right. Let's play clip five where go back and forth with trump calling out the hunter biden stories. My son was in Iraq he spent a year there. He got he got the bronze star. He got a conspicuous service medal. He was not a loser. He was a patriot and the people left behind there were heroes and I resent. Okay. You talking talking to my son Beau Biden your. Own Hunt you got thrown out of the military. He was thrown out dishonorably discharged. That's not true. Russell killing US and he didn't have a job until you became vice-president what you think that. He made a fortune in Ukraine in China and Mazda, simpler areas of the players he my son which in July son and he didn't have a son like a lot of people like a lot of people you know at home had a drug problem. He's overtaken it. He's he's fixed it. He's worked on it and so get into why? He wasn't. Totally I totally. Horny. Toads Horn is credited with We've already been through this. I think the American people would rather hear about more substantial otherwise. No moderator. Give me this America's. Nonsense. Board is totally. I Romney on that committee says, it wouldn't worth taxpayers money that reporters written for political reasons. And, they're talking about that Senate report that came out last week where allegedly. A firm connected onto Biden got several billion dollars from a Russian woman. Supposedly, alone, she was still cleaning, it went defunct. She was the widow of the mayor of Moscow. Right and and she was of trump to try to throw biden into the Russian thing was kind of fault. Because He. Now. What's going on with Joe Biden's life that not only son but like the his other relatives I? Code brothers. They. They've made lots of money Joe's connections. That's that's fascinating is, and by the way they all knew about, hunter, Biden's. Conflicts in the White House Obama was briefed on it. It's fair game. This is the kind of thing Biden's always running around saying trump is corrupt and across and this, and that is not paying his taxes. Love the way trump just kept saying, forty seven years. What did you do? What have you done to? Great? I. Got more done and seventeen months. Like this whole tax story right? You pay seven, hundred, fifty dollars a year. Well then you find out if you read the New York Times Story. The reason, he got a seventy million dollar tax return for a two year period. Is that Obama and Biden changed the tax laws. To allow businesses, to retro, retroactively write off losses. After the great recession in two thousand eight. That? Turned into a seventy three, million dollar. Government payout to trump. But Obama signed that bill now trump was going to get that pay out. But has what happened and it was legal. I'm discussion. Did you hear that in the news her nothing? When we come back, we'll play. The California reference from trump and they were talking about climate change in the fires neck. John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou. KFI. Am Six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio APP. I don't forget the voter guide is there for you on the website Kfi am six, forty dot com. Check out the John and Ken page click the links. For the voter guide. Was Tough Twenty four hours in the music world too big seventies hit makers. Both passing away Mac Davis and Helen Reddy I didn't realize Mac Davis. was quite the songwriter. Elvis the Sinatra's he wrote a lot of songs. Yeah four, he had his own hit records in the seventies. was quite a background We're playing one more clip from last night's debate because it was about climate change, and of course, inevitably, the fires of California became the topic. So we're going to move to clip nine here and here trump talking about the California fires. The forest floors are loaded up with trees, dead trees, years old, and they're like tinder and leaves and everything else you drop a cigarette in the whole forest burns and you've got to have forest managed. What do you believe? About the science, of climate, change Sir I believe that we have to do everything we can to have Immaculate Air Immaculate Water and do whatever else we can. That's good planting a billion trees, the billion tree project and very. That Human Pollution gas greenhouse gas emissions contributes to global warming. I. Think a lot of things do but I think to an extent yes to an extent. Yes. But I also think we have to do better management of our forests every year I get the call California's burning California's burning if. Cleaned if that were if you had forest management good forest management, you wouldn't be getting those calls. He never pointed exactly well as no. We've tried to do on the show in depth, but he's got the right point that we talked about how millions and millions of acres burned years ago long before a lot of people were here and houses were built. It's all because we developed where reach forty million people are right up against these forests that. It's panic time. Well, if you're gonNA live there, do something about it do prescribe birds do these clear outs that's what you have to do time and time again I mean this this has been so distorted by the media that just loves the climate change every pick every can't see the forest for the trees to make a bad joke you know Today and I, don't know if I can find this quickly. Enough might be something good for tomorrow but Jim Garrison, the national review. wrote a piece on how much lower our carbon emissions have been in America at. Never hear that but actually. Just through technology you talking over fifty years or how don't just since in the last Ten fifteen years yeah. Yeah we've reduced it just because we're every well. natural gas plants, for example, burn much cleaner than coal plants right That that was a big change. It hasn't lowered the temperatures in the world though. Because we're we're complete. Everybody's got to do it. Yeah and every instead China is A. Opening coal plants up like crazy. Right remember that deal they may I think it was in Paris or somewhere that China doesn't have to start cutting its emissions to like twenty thirty. That's the deal trying to mate and then twenty reducing, and then twenty thirty comes and they haven't cut anything. It's like Oh we're sorry you know we'll do that by twenty fifty how `Bout that And that's the way they play the game it's not going to give up any. Competitive Edge to the United? States. So US look look look what we're doing. We've raised electricity rates in California. So it's fifty percent higher than the national average. We've gone heavily wind and solar, and what happened we ran out of power last. Because the sun sets the wind dies down we don't have enough power. China meanwhile building coal plants. They're not worried about the temperature we are. But. They've got plenty of power and we don't. And we're paying a lot more power than anywhere else in the country. Just, a bunch of suckers. and. We keep insisting on building in area in areas that are very fire prone. Radical idea maybe we shouldn't build their. Breeding about today about people in wine country. Oh, they have been evacuating every year now for three four years in a row houses now the threatened again and yeah. If it burns will rebuild, it's like well, I'm done listening to you. Your Home Burns twice in three years and you're still gonNA rebuild what? Yeah to too dumb to live. Out there yourself and clean out the forest do the prescribed burns. I it's time for that Tim Conway Ou- Steve Gregory's coming up with us at six o'clock talk about the arrest of the suspect in the deputy shooting incompetent bat weeks back plus Anaheim City Council approved a deal to sell Angel Stadium to the team owner for one hundred and fifty million dollars in cash that seems pretty light. Right Bull we got. Together and bought it right Oh. Yeah. Yeah. No kidding. You you. It is thrown in ten dollars. lutely. And then we also have the Los Angeles City Council has voted to resume normal parking enforcement. So gotta get the cars off the street and you know I've been noticing a lot lately is a lot of expired restaurant registrations looked at the tags on cars and everybody's car is expired. It's great. Yeah. Nobody cares through the DMV right? That's right. Yeah. That's one of the reasons why you need triple A.. There it takes two minutes. It's worth well worth the trip advice from Tim. Thank you very much with you on wisdom Jake. Thank you very much. Okay. Oh Wow that's loud. Matt plays as I'm doing a show. Smell like cheese I didn't mean to play that. That's very crowded room. Tim has a lot of Magog smell like. Grad as the news by exporting, you find a smart device that can't play Kfi. Maybe, it's time to replace it a F-. Hd Two Los Angeles Orange County. Everywhere on the radio. You've worked so hard for all the things you have. The salary status, the success. With that image there's a drink. One wide want to loosen up one to take the edge off. How do you WanNa drink more than just a drink We get it we can help. Karen's grant program has been helping accomplish people just like you regain their lives. Talked to. Visit Karen Dot. Org Slash grant view.

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"You don lewis tony. I train full rocket ship with a was at the rodeo stupid. Yoke the mother doctor shop and chew. Don't know what i'm saying. Shit and back and if she did a big kicking platz on a series of serious wanted back everybody to rodeo episode one forty three and before i introduce my very special guests but a couple of quick announcements. A couple of you guys have been still asking me Am i still selling digital downloads. Es misery dot com and there you will find download to all eight of my mix tapes and for those of you that are still interested in hard copies once again you can go to documentary dot com and order them as far as the hard copy she needs for those of you only have a few left like a very very fuel of. I don't know if i'm gonna be pinning them again but only have a few left and some of you have inbox me. Have the being asked me. Is the rhodium mix. Tape documentary still available. Yes you can watch it. The one hour of film festival version on youtube or you can watch the three hour version on duck at documentary dot com so Other than dad For those of you still want to meet your go ahead and send me your music at rolling mail dot com and when your music police amid a short bio as well and if you have videos please submit those as well and somebody will contact you of via email. So what that is that. We have any other announcements will announce them during the break so without further. Ado please allow me to introduce my special guest tonight. Heidel much thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate your time allowed without any time that i get to sit down with. People are just Saga by my story and my music journey. It's really a blessing because all my life man. I've been i've been fighting for people to you know. Oh what do you do what you know to. Just get start the conversation. Because i feel like what i bring to the table is very valuable. So thank you for having me. that's awesome. I'm glad you said that. Because i'm a firm believer in. Everybody knows here that promote yourself into a pays off go people may hate people may like it and then there's people that just don't care but you know what you continue to pushing. Continue to win exact. So what that being said. I know today We have the grammys. I'm not a big grammy guy. That's right you know. i thought i was you. Watch them on no. I wasn't even aware. I think i think we were at voters earlier and actually my photographer said something about the grammys. It is tonight. I forgot you know what's funny. I was explained to tony that up when i was signed to disney every year. They used to give us tickets to go to the grammys every year like passes and you know what i said giving somebody else. I never really cared. I got shoot and he would ask me you know. Why didn't you wanna go. I was like honestly i just. It was just never might think. I never even watched them on tv. Yeah you know it just wasn't my thing but you know what whatever meant. A lot of people enjoy them to bt award whatever award. There's so many awards shows now. It's hard to keep up with them. But i feel like as a kid. I kept up with all of them all the time in the world. You know the kid i was i was interested. But to your point as an adult me i didn't even know the grammar disrespect to the grammys. Did and. I just didn't know that we're even tonight so you okay. Today is sunday. If i'm correct because ever since coating hit applicant with data okay. Y'all we're we're starting to hit the if i may we're starting to hit a lot of private events Here in la. Open back up. What i mean by private is you're not really supposed to have them but a lot of these local deejays throwing them in. Its deejays that we either met in the past before the pandemic or even or even during you know right now new. Dj's and we got a network so we've been up late you know going out to the clubs and and make sure we're networking and what i'm trying to say is the pandemic has changed a lot. A lot of things and We've been going out lately. Man just trying to make sure that you know we push the music out and network with people man but that's a good thing that the pandemic changed everything because during this pandemic you know you had to have learned you hustle. You had testing the hustling. I know a lot of people still today. That are probably watching their wasted an entire year because their mentality was while i wait for this to pass and then you gotta work through it. He's got to work through it with recording. Whether it's you know extra job with your new business or whatever exactly but it being sunday how has your weekend been going so foreman. Yeah no the weekend's been busy has been busy the last three weekends to the honest with you Coming home at three in the morning from doing these events. I'm telling you about and It's it's it's mec- an opportunity that hey these things starting to pick back up even though they're underground if you will right for lack of a better term You got to see the opportunity. Yes exactly what you're talking about you either you either gonna win the pandemic either adapt or you die like so in some cases for some people literally you know so for me for me and my team. We've we've adopted. I mean it all starts with me. Because i'm i'm i'm the guy who the artist and the businessmen that i am. It'll trickles down from down. He know to told people that i work with. And it's like you'll we gotta keep going. We can't stay down. This is not what we're to do. We're gonna get through this. So i guess what i'm trying to say. This weekend's been busy. And i wouldn't have it any other way you know. And we've been promoting the the music networking here l. a. at these events and we just got back from a photo shoot right now Big we're working on. And i couldn't be more excited man. It's just another day in the life and thank you for having me once again by the way they might. If i could just say i grew up in minnesota. This spreads go sprints right here purple rain princess. Want him idols. Man you got The events here. I love this is probably my favorite one. You gotta stripper right here bro. I love that. I love that reiniger so you know what that was my next question. I was gonna ask you Tony was telling me that your tony. Being your publicist. Yes senator tony. Yes tony was and He was telling me you're originally from minnesota. I grew up in minnesota. You'll ya michael. I was born. I'm originally from mexico city. But i grew up in minnesota okay How many years would you say you've been in. Minnesota came out here. Yeah so i was. I was born in one thousand nine hundred one in mexico city thunder bundle. Salami he go. Let's on which will. And i was there until i was ten and i remember everything i went to school there. I was in the second grade first grade. I remember i had my little girlfriends or whatever you know like. I remember playing soccer with my friends. I remember my favorite bike. Getting stolen like i grew up there. Man i remember everything. And when i was ten years old my mother and my two younger siblings we moved to minnesota. She had a friend there like a girlfriend there and it was just like all right. Just come over here and you know we're looking for in some ways for a little bit better live new opportunities if you will and my mother was a single mother remains a single mother So we went. We went for it. Man and we came to america and was in minnesota up until two thousand and fifteen. I moved to la in twenty fifteen really fifteen twenty. Sixteen yeah off. How's it much different from minnesota. Nine day i mean. I mean Everything from the people to the food to the client. The you know the way the climate is you know. I mean everything. Everything's different one thing that i do miss about minnesota and i'm very proud of minnesota grown up. There's the people the people that the people here on great. There's all kinds of people here and actually love that bit on minnesota. There's this humidity there is there. Is this a down to earth. there is this Simplicity of people. And thus i grew up. I grew up with those people in man and i couldn't be more proud to be from there but is a little bit different than here. You know we got hollywood here. You know some people. Like the hollywood. And i've noticed a balanced that Energy with my energy. I'm really not like that So it's been fun. I love los angeles man. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I swear to you man. It's it's a great bounce for me. That's a good thing. So you say you were born in nineteen ninety-one see see now. You're making me feel old because my album came out in one thousand nine hundred one. Kidding me bro. Yeah just thirty two. I swear to you know you're you're not in your low thirties. Avi fifty three this month. Say i i'm being honest by the way. Thank you good you good. Whatever you're doing what are you doing. What what what what. What was it somebody telling me that. The car dashing. Ceo blood or something did do some show doing something. Your thank you about that but so now you come to la When you come out here did you come with friends. Family or lethal so lethal solo solo solo. Told the impo you. When i came here man. It's it's about seeing something bigger than myself like but that comes with sacrifice like you famous people all the time we like all you gotta do sacrifices and you hear on youtube or som- you're like yeah. Sacrifices is really real. You know i mean and they come in different levels but i mean as leaving my mother behind leaving my family behind and everyone. I knew you know i grew up there and The way the way that i was living and so you know it's it it was it was it was. It was a bit difficult in the beginning. Bill i knew being the artist and the businessman that i am that needed to happen. So you invest in it in you. Make that sacrifice and nobody from scratch You see my video so the people online here hydro experience on youtube if you see my music videos and you hear my music if if you happen to go here you never used to look like that. You know the my videos didn't look like that before. And i'm not saying that they're the greatest or my music but it's like it used to not look like that and it's through years of working with people that didn't work working with that didn't work doing that. Sound that that worked. Let's let's do more of that right. Just trial and tribulation just fixing fixing things and when i moved to taylor sacrifice man and from scratch nobody scientists my business partner and manager who manages with me didn't know him i didn't know him until until three years ago. You know i moved here in two thousand fifteen like there was there was one plug in. That was that was Johnny almost who's nine diamond. He's one of the producers that i work with. He's the recent why i moved here. Because he made me feel welcomed. Johnny really did make me feel like that. And and i felt welcomed in like yo. Let me come over here other than that row. Scratch scratch olivio gophers. That i've had to hit up to the video. The look through hundreds of them had to look for own the photographers models. Everybody bro i not only that. I have to sacrifice. Leaving what i knew but i also had to start from scratch. No connects yada. Yada yada palo quashing guignols. And i'm very proud of what i've been able to do in a very short period of time. That's awesome story manic. Wow i'm digging your story because you said needs little you came here by yourself. Yes i drooled. I i drew. I drove three days from minutes. It takes three days to get here fly. You know. I drove i took. I took my mom scholarship. My mom's car that she let me borrow and i drove here. I drove three days. And i and i came here. And let's do it. And i came here to try it out for for for for a little bit. That's where i'm johnny nine diamond one of the producers amid i mean i sorta mobile and that's mom i gotta go. I gotta go over there you know. Let me go for three months. And i had to my job. I used to work at best. By the time i remember walking into my and my boss is really smart and i was like yo man i need to. I need to know boom boom boom. And i was really nervous and i had this whole speech ready. You know what he did. He said when you wanna go when you want to come back. I see i see emma vena. In the hill there is yes. Maybe this immense resumes. Mrs sleep on my friend's couch a fernando that at the time. I slept on his couch for three months. The we come back to it. Sacrifice right see vision for yourself. And that's what i saw you know. So i was here for three months straight sleeping on the couch working on music with jani before i made the move. Wow yeah roles myself from scratch. That's awesome should hopefully inspire a lot of these artists. And the reason why. I say that okay is because the majority the majority of all of artists that i interviewed here i interviewed people here from houston texas yes from atlanta of people coming in from denver. But i got las vegas stockton. Arizona had a lot of people that have come and they show up birdie okay. It's the people that live here locally. Hey i'm not gonna be able to make they take it for granted. That's exactly what exactly what happened. And i am going to be real with you. Here's what i tell them. I'm not gonna to book you. Yeah if your fifteen minutes away. Yeah and you're going to cancel an hour and ten minutes before the show you know you don't deserve platform exactly one hundred percent one hundred percents and people don't see it that way no they don't and that's why i admire what you're saying now. Do you come from a big family. A lot of brothers and sisters. No no no the noble thump uncle. You'll been familiar. Move picking I said to you earlier. I you know. I grew up with a single mother till this day and It's just i'm the oldest three Have a younger brother role. Two years apart younger brother and younger sit and a younger sister. twenty nine now and now we unfortunately or i don't know if it's fortunately or unfortunately we've never been really close with external family is true. That's the facts So it's always been on four. No still swaddled haridas minnesota or mukasey. Typing chiquita's morehouse sleep on the floor. When i got here man and yeah. I mean it's just been on for so even even for my mother. When she came here she just had that one friend so her from scratch. We've had to earn everything that's awesome you know. It's funny because when you blow up. Expect long lost relatives come out of the woodwork. Hey you know so yeah. I've had people that have tried to do that. Like i'm your cousin now can keep it push on this on the air. Oh no no no the at the. This is the people that i keep around me Would that be from my business Santos who's a super hardworking guy super humble or my mother right or even my brother and sister you've got i'm very particular with energies. I keep around me because not only in the short term right keeping me in check in the short term but in the long-term right like yo bro. you know. Those people won't messing with back in the day right. You gotta i gotta check right now and so. I do it for the short term in the long term. Because that's going to happen. I'm aware of that thing. I'm aware of that thing. I'm aware of a lot of things that come with this business. Because i've been peeping the game from many many years right and i'm still a student of the game and so i'm kind of what i'm getting myself into. I'm not walking into your blinded. I'll tell you that much. The internet has helped you able to research and poses a stay. I know it's coming and Sorry you know you know what i mean like. It's like i'm glad you're earlier. You stated that you see the way people at hollywood yes. You're very very true. You know i mean you got dudes in. I don't say this to try to be funny. But i know those that are still living with their mom. No car no job but on the internet to flex in yes own. There's no balance there. I mean you building. A life whatever's cool with right. It's whatever everybody lives in our life but you're building a that's not real. I just don't know how some people can live like that. You know what i mean. No say but that's crazy and that's what happens right. You're not so beeper. Mexico a big soccer fan grotto cacique. I was where he may. He called away. You know what i mean. The i think. I used to be a big fan. A bigger fan of Football or soccer right. When i was younger varsity soccer in high school i was captain senior year or by the way i used to be really good and i'm just saying like i was. I'm just saying. I used to be really guys to work really hard though. And that's the thing. I'd anything that i put myself into our work really hard and yeah man. I'm a big fan of soccer man that being from he like it's like i don't know what else i can compare with like it's like Maybe like black folks. Like i know a lot of my like like black home. He's like you know they play basketball. Like that's like a thing with may go almost with water also were mexican. He always picked up a soccer ball either. Either football or a box sale tower casey. I love a lot of boston today. Not so much You know what i to say this to marvelous marvin hagler just passed away Great great boxer My business partner santos was just telling me about that. He's a big boxing boxing. I don't know if you've heard of michael hunter. Michael hunter actually santos's with With his management team. And he's like involved with them Since the job before when they were sleeping on couches actually so santos is a big. My business partner. He's a big Boxing fans who also rest in peace to him and condolences. Yeah and he was young. I believe you'll sixty six years old I don't know exactly what he passed away but yeah he no longer with us other than that. You come here to laker town or you will laker fan. I'm a clippers and lakers. I'll be honest with you. I love you. Know what i mean and it's like the underdogs. There's something about being the underdog that i just love. 'cause i think maybe i relate to it you know i feel like i'm an underdog in the city in general but particularly in the seating not being from here and you know being wanna be music like yeah another guy trying to make music. Of course we need more of those in the city right So i feel like an underdog. So i i like connect with clippers. And that way all lakers. You know i mean who's not a fan of kobe bryan know who's not a fan of magic johnson. The greatest point guards whoever play in my opinion Yeah man. I'm and i'm a fan of lebron james even when he switches teams. I'm just. I'm just a fan of even and i'm in with all respect because i just not only as a basketball player but as a businessman like wow the way he moves you. Don't know him because of drama. You don't know him. Because of xyz z with girls or got in trouble in miami. Because he's no you know him for his work you know. And he's a great basketball player. You know what i mean. It's like i just. I admire that. Mr that also about jay z. His business mind. I see a lot myself. Jay z When it comes to business obviously we're different genres but Yeah i got i. I'm a lakers fan. What about dodgers the dodgers. I love the dodgers. I mean you know like growing up growing up in minnesota. The twins the minnesota twins. And it's like they were cool but you know vadim compared to the dodgers. The dodgers have always been like this this whole this whole kind of vibe and i love going to dodgers the dodgers game. I miss probably besides universal studios. That's the second thing. I miss the most from the because of the pandemic i just love it man just like. There's it's a family and like you get the popcorn in the hotdogs and you get a drink and it's a beautiful day and it's like is the best. I mean you grew up here right. You go for your to you. Maybe be kinda normal right but it's totally like from the outside where we look at. You guys like you guys got all of this. I'm gonna make sure i all of it. I'm gonna go to all my clippers game. I'm gonna go to lake gamma go to dodgers game forecasters because you don cuomo demos of status. You guys were everything. Yeah yeah you know. It's very blessed to be here. Yes you are blessed. And i'm blessed to be here too and we Be thankful that every time we open. Our eyes were blessed exactly. Hey man you know I've traveled a lot especially around the us. I've been to a lot of places twice two three four times. But every time i come back to. La thank god. Because i've gone to places like here. If i want to go to form disneyland universal studios magic mountain universal city walk dodgers lake. I can do whatever the hell i want. Yes i can go to the beach which is from here. You go to some places. I'm surrounded by mountains. And i feel like claustrophobic. Like what do you do around here. We just stay home yemen. No way. I can't do that almost sitting so i can. Totally relate to that. I go win a business trip or something or even back to minnesota to see my mom and it's like three days ago by like arm. Itching i gotta get back to the hustle. That ailey got your. I mean i gotta get back to that vibe again. This i wouldn't. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. There's a connection for me personally. Might even music that i feel with the city of los angeles county singled. May he go inland. Minnesota those both worlds collide here. And so i totally hear what you're saying man. I feel the same way when i'm away. You know okay. I have a friend that lives in new york. So whenever i go to new york. Stay with him. Whenever i go there. And i go time square. Sometimes i may just sit there and watch all the people walking by new york. You'll love put it this way. Especially times square broke. You see all the billion dollar screens size of building you see tv commercials. And they're just not wonder everywhere. You can literally like do this you know. Hey at three sixty if you go all. The we weren't screens are amazing. I mean it's starting to do a little bit like step by staples center like exactly. That's right they've been adding just yet but all my especially that center. Yes yes and you know it to me. Just an awesome awesome experience. Why are you courage people to go. If you don't like crowded places that you can deal with it then you'll love it so cool over there so i enjoyed now. Let me ask you this. At what point in time did you realize. I could seeing rap you know. What is it that you do because the song that i heard that i really enjoyed was really gross. Okay that was. That was more of a tone song. Lexi's you did in english and spanish now. Is that the only genre of music you do or do you do others as well for the fans of may not know. Yeah that's a great question It my foundation has an artist will always be hip hop the way address. The way i speak the way my music sounds hip hop will always be the foundation. It started with eminem show when i was eleven years old in minnesota like by accident. I'd like ran into that. Cd and i remember hearing white america and i didn't speak english only been one year since i moved to the states. Right and i remember. Hearing what america data and i didn't know what the hell was saying but i here casey mutual energy until this day. That energy obviously spoke to me. Because i didn't even understand what the hell he was saying. It amazing that he spoke to you and not it wasn't even in your language. No nope and i knew by then. I knew i knew of mama. Listen to michael jackson. Madonna hong real about this is means super finally me los I knew of great artists but they never made me want to get in front of the mike. Be like your whole. I think this is what i wanna do either. Is this similar mental. Something something click. And i said this is this for me. I kinda todd right now. 'cause i remember that you know what i mean this me and and it started with hip hop and And never stopped and from there you know. I evolved as a as artists with my writing with my being on stage and You know ever. Since then i've been i've been making music in. I've explored different styles of music to get to your question I've made pop music. Urban pop music hip hop trap I've made spanish music also but to me. It's like i tell people the time as an artist or even as a person. I'm sure you're not the same person you were when you were thirteen. I know you're not. I know nobody in. This room is the same person when they were thirteen. Neither am i. So it's the same thing for me in my journey as an artist and i think for most artists you develop and you start with this. You start with that you keep something bit open them possessing music and espanyol located record only latino a little bustle. I'll go plus all the scandals in the studio Writing that type of music in the studio and just it became very organic to be honest. It became almost easier than the english. Records are and that's not to knock ellie love. Which if you haven't heard daily love and you hear from la you would connect with la love this city. I love no other place that are out of the home When i realized that in two thousand sixteen. But when i made spanish music something clicks man and not only was organic in the studio when i started doing shows here in the l. and the local alien these latin clubs is like not like this. I've never seen the reaction from people. And i'm not saying that went crazy for me when i'm trying to tell you is. I never seen that type of reaction. Like who is that from an performed. Since i was eleven hitting the stages since i was eleven bro. And it's like wow that's another sign and doses. And i think it sounds good. I think i think i'm let me rephrase. I like to be humble. I know i'm good at it. I i'm very i'm very. I'm very secure. Who i am especially. I've been doing this for for a while. And then when i started making music and spanish. I'm like this. is it bro. This is it is the same feeling that i had when i found the eminem show. This is for me. Henin von whistles. Meal cod isn't equal either. I said to be an and I guess for people out there. I'm considered land urban artists. But i'm an artist. I you beside 'cause i just i directly my videos i i come up with the video treatments. I ride on my songs. I went to school for music. Business and audio engineering. I engineer all my records. I write all my lyrics. That's all me up to this point. You know what i mean. And so i'm an artist i but i guess i would be considered latin urban artist Making spanish music with english. Because you know. What's the other thing i got to remind remained myself and i'm sure you've been in the industry more. You probably know more than me. Obviously you people tell you. Oh you should do this. You should do this. You should run your business. A certain way. And it's like for an artist is like you gotta remain yourself so if i was the righteous music spanish fully which i do by the way program us i mean he throw on your but to remain myself is of like the lusa. I love hip hop so i do my rap versus in english and then i do my my courses in spanish over reagan bs and i feel like that's kind of my trademark you know castanza's me being myself from mexico city to minnesota knowing people being always in the end i mean the i'm just being myself on the music that's awesome. We're going to go ahead and press pause right there. We're going to go ahead and take a ten minute break and we're gonna come back applicable. You let us okay. Everybody you call somebody tech. Somebody slap the shit out of somebody. Let them know the heidel in the building and we'll be big back. We'll be ebro. We will be right back and ten minutes okay. That was the first time book. Mbeki everybody to rolling radio episode one forty three and thank everybody who was on the live chat everybody who subscribed everybody who commented everybody who's Liking or disliking. It doesn't really matter your status so with that being said Let's go back to hide local massage. Gaggy bro you gotta keep a real man not everybody's not unlike the show not it wasn't like it's there for you or it's not even if it's for you. Let's keep moving this win together. Let's win more. He psomas the change the channel. That's an easy as easy as that. So let's get back to the music. Okay eleven years old. You mentioned that you had been performing What was that like. What was that is your motivation was anything else other than imminent that you said i'm gonna take the stage or i'm i'm gonna wrap or is it a friend maybe ought to do it or our. You're taking me back. You take him back. I'm about to release details that haven't said because you're asking a really good question so i started with the eminem shows at the same time when i was eleven years old Writing my little wraps at three in the morning when my family was sleeping are one bedroom. Apartment have my headphones on and we had and i was writing my raps over his songs at the same time that i was doing that for a couple of months i had a we were just off. Air talking about You know the shit that went down last year with the whole Here in la the George floyd thing. You know what i mean and i have respect for black folks and a lot of respect for their culture. We were talking about that of was kind of funny. I'm about to say this at the same time that i was doing that i was in fifth grade. There was one black friend that i had the only black guy black kit and our school. This is minnesota in a small town. All white people some hispanics one black dude. He and i were cool right. He and our friends. And i remember two months venus right around wraps. I didn't tell anybody didn't tell my mom nobody There was this dare program if you remember the dare program right like the cops. Come and talk to you about you. Know boom boom whatever. Don't do drugs kids. don't the violence is not the way to go. They would come like once a month to our school and albert lea minnesota which is a small town. I grew up with and he came. he came. I gotta give a shout out. The dairy parker darrien partner was his name Race by two two gay two gay guys who were white. I mean that's how much love we need to show each other man like he was raised by two gay dudes that were white and black in minnesota and there were the most i remember his parents the most coolest people i've ever met bro. It's just crazy because a lot of people judge and stuff and it's like you don't believe sometimes someone some of the things that people that we judge the most are the literally the most nicest people you'll ever meet. Anyway so darren parker was like came up to me. He's like bro. You know that their program like yeah. He's like you listen to rap. I'm like yeah. He's like we should write a couple rafts and perform ask the ask the principal if we can perform at the dare program. I'm like it was like what. How does he doesn't even know that. Wraps and i'm like sure let's do it so we went to the we went to the principal right and we're asking her to fifth graders. Can you imagine a mexican do in black riley a you know we wanna you know the dare program you know. Can we wrap. Can we do a rap for them in the principal went okay. You can do it but it's gotta talk about not doing drugs and all that right right right. So that's the i wrote. I wrote that rap. I wrote my first rap for the public At that time and three weeks later the dare program came and it was all the kids like all the school the whole school grow. Was there watching. And we got up there. And we had our we had our boombox. and we are microphones. Actually the beat. That i ripped off the internet from the school. Computers was not. I know i can. I know i can't be what i wanna do. You remember that. Yeah yup. I rip that beat off. I was engineering before i knew it was an engineer. Bro i ripped the beat off the computer of the school like we had. I like was able to look it up. And somehow i wanted i. Somehow i looked up the instrumental. I don't even know how looked up. The instrumental was. I thinking us open. Say and I had nothing recorded on the the. The music was coming out the speakers but i had not the no put it in the box. And how wait a minute. I could get a tape recorder and by by a empty tape at walmart. Put the tape thing hit record on the portable tape recorder and i get the beat and now guess what now. The beat is on the cassette. Put the inside boombox. We can make a doing now. I was engineering before. I was engineering. Bro is crazy that you take me back to that lane and thanks today. Parker shut up to today's parker if he ever if you ever see this settling your parents also who were the nicest people. I did my first game. Let me give you the mike and say go for it. And that was that of course. Of course. I was attacked in how is attack. Everything seemed meal while. Yeah i remember. I remember that You know during the thing like being scared as shit but something within me said this is for you so that confidence allowed me to once i got on there to not be so nervous but of course. What was the response that you got. After you performed. People looked at aliens. Brawl like we wouldn't let people like our friends our kids they look like all these clowns and we were break to. I used to have my own break dancing crew in high school We were called the forgettable to the guys were with me. I made up the and everything to and there were older than me that were seniors. I was a freshman anyway so we were also break dancing. We came up with a chorale graffiti during that. Same thing so when he was wrapping. I was breakdown. I was acting like break dancing. Her i was like on the floor doing the thing. It was horrible and then when it was time for me to wrap. I grab the mic. And he would do the break-dancing thing but they looked at. It was like aliens bro. You know and there's like people think are like you know you thought you thought maybe you had a chance with a couple girls at the time and being in fifth grade. I've ruined my chances with them. Yeah i mean like like they think. I'm just weird but this is not a dare program in albert lea minnesota in two thousand and two thanks to a black kid named darren parker. Can you believe that well. that's crazy. Yeah so after that. What comes next as far as you saying. I'm gonna go ahead and get serious about it. What did you buy any equipment to record yourself. 'cause i'm a stay little i remember. asset continued through my journey in that town. You know at the school dances. I would go to school. Dan's had gone have fun but also trying to be like cannot perform stage. Which is crazy. 'cause i still do that till this day. Shit that i've been doing for many years. I'm trying to get on and i remember going to school nance and trying to make my way into like the d. Jason the yoke. And i do a song and some of them would help me some of them not am trying to get to the thing. You're saying how do i get. When did i take it serious. And it's like. I remember being like yo you know i wanna make music to the dj's or people that knew the dj's. I want to record my first song. Fourteen thirteen okay. And give me your number. i'll call you on. How moscow hit a phony. Pr known gummy modern. Only they all the move cheektowaga all two thousand video pom-pom see your own. Let me guess will be there. Okay to morocco cakes domino middle mom's number. I don't even know who's number one. Modern mice and dances. You'll see an level and they will see. I'm thinking you'll soy. I repeat it the being the businessman that i am and being the artists that i was even though i didn't know it was engineer before i knew it was engineering back now and i was doing a of things that are have certain. Titles that i did not know i was doing like it's really crazy to think about. Es they i mean my mom. I asked my mom kindly if she could take me to a best buy and i'm like they must have software to record music on our home. Our home family computer. Can you take me to best buy meawhile obvious. Bayou almost bothered his. Why i'm asking the guys in the blue shirt gio. I want to record. I'm an artist. Annuals yeah wanna record yay this guy. Boom we got this this this right here school sony. Acid was green box. Sixty dollars my mom it for me. This is before youtube by the way we gaza away from top to bottom i read the manual learnt. Everything got on the home. Computers stalled it. I don't even know how installed it. But i just knew i did. And i started downloading. Shit lime wire. You know what i'm saying. My mom buy me a twenty dollar microphone of Radio shack back when we had radio shack was grown. I still have the microphone. Actually and i started learning so you tell me that i take serious. I think that was around the time when i really took it. I mean take his taken a series but it's like when people were telling me they're going to give them the opportunity but they never gave it to me and by the way bash. It hasn't changed. I still gotta do the same at twenty nine years old and i still have to do the same going forward by the way. That's never going to change. And i learned that very early in life and dances. From that moment i started recording myself. Learning everything before youtube down downloading beats of align wire going to walmart gin the blank cds ryan with a sharp yo- whatever hydros mix tape and selling on a high school for five dollars. You know what i'm saying and some people would buy it some people who are not people kids that would buy just because they probably feel sorry for me you know but What i was doing hustle. I was hustling right. I i went. I went to the one place. We had an relief because it was a small town that Printed photos and i went over to them like yo. I'm rapper. i wanna come up among cd sprint out. This photo that my mom took me literally on again. A chair like my house on a pixel on my mom took like my first mixed. Yeah we can do it for you. Poon qantas copious wolves. isn't that copious. Okay cool and i would put the picture inside. The the blink. The the blink. Cds leave with my cd signed by me. And i was selling for five dollars bro. This is not a game. I've been taking the series since the beginning. I didn't know the things that i was doing until now like bro. I was really doing all these things. I was just having fun. I just love it so much. And i had a vision of getting my music to the people which by the way again. I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to get my music to the people. Because i feel like what i have to bring specially now is very valuable. I know my worth. And what i can bring to the world in deserves to be seen and heard worldwide. I know you probably get a lot of people who say that. That's the way i feel and you're gonna watch and you see we're not playing around. We don't make this happen. And that's how i feel. You know what i mean. And i guess i've always felt that way so as far signature series from from the jump when people told me no i went in asthma politely to buy equipment and she bought it for me. That's awesome because i do get a lot of that. Come over here and gratitude is like i released an ep. Some people fuck with people. Don't fuck them if they don't and i'm like do you believe yourself at all like i kinda wonder about that because there's some people that do come in here. I know they're talented. But for some reason they either have low self esteem. They don't believe in themselves. They think they're afraid of rejection. So they're afraid to go full speed ahead like the way you're going and that's what i love about used a dry. If somebody says no book and i'll come back and a the building. I've been doing since i was thirteen. My brother i've been doing business. I was thirteen. And i think we need more people like that india's business because i think there's a lot of people in this business that they don't believe in themselves and my thing is like this it would be like if somebody's training me for a championship fights. But you asked me tony. You're gonna win. No what am i doing this for. And i do meet a lot of people like whether it's here or on the streets are like where they buy it. You know cool. I heard will smith one say on one of his speeches. You guys probably heard of this. He quoted some famous guy of that. Wrote a book or something he who says he can and he says he can't is usually right. Yes i've heard that from her. Love your will smith. That's what you're saying is true. You're already fucking your chance to god. Bless them though. Because everybody's got different cups it. This music business. I tell my business partner. Santos all the time. It's not man for everybody. Saw god bless. Thank god that he gave me this kind of interest in music and he gave me the the mother that i have number one and number two. Just the come up. That i had thank god broke. All of the has built up to to having that confidence. And it's not meant for everybody you know i think eventually i think i think what sucks the most is that i see sometimes. Is people want people who wanna be artist and you know. They're they've been putting in the work and they realized that it's not for them. Yeah and like the invested all the money they invested all. This time is like bro. I just wanna i for me. I want i wanna fail quicker. I wanna fail quicker so that i know where to change right so that i'm not forty five. Failing at one thing. I thought was for me. So it's like it's not for everybody and for me. Thank god for my mother. Thank god for the come up by hat and just what the way. God made me right society looking better that it's more than just music as more than just come into it to to to to writing. Good song i gotta be able to show up here and seize the opportunity with you in a podcast and know how to speak in arctic articulate in spanish or english what the hell i'm saying to you right. Come here with confidence right. Great songs when it's time to do a video y'all show up on time shop and do this. You'll like when it's time to go to the club and be there late and performing network got know how to network. Here's my business card. You'll this is what i do. Don't be afraid be humble with like. There's just many things. Have you wanna be anything live if we're talking music and what. I've seen some talking from experience bro. Right to be a recording artists are being the music industry is not just about the music. What kind of people do allow to be around you as we thou quicken. So forget how are your old are your means materials with me. I need to make sure i manage that. That's probably number one. Who am i allowed to be to be around here bro. Who am i allowed to be able to touch something. That i've been building the whole life without a hint that casey they call that they better know that they're worth worth a lot you know. They're worth allotment. Because he's like. I'm allowing i'm allowance for those people to come into my life and built them built together. You also have to know that and we'll just want does. That's what i mean to those people that the you ask. And they're like yeah. I don't know man it's like may god bless them and hopefully they find their purpose quicker so that they can live a better life glasses. Sanyo's and i'm sure you being in the business you've been for many years and respect you so much you find your purpose a long time ago and look at you man. I'm sure i'm sure you've been. I'm sure you've been happy with what you do. All the was. You wouldn't be sitting here doing what you're doing right now bro. And and also having to adjust to the pandemic and your own personal problems that you've had in life and family you wrote you can do coming to yes to stay. You're you're an example for me. Thank you about real talk. Thank you and you're being an example to a lot of people. Watch it. Right now because. I'm sure that there are some yesterday either. They're watching right now or later that. Okay that's the attitude i need to have. That's the attitude. I need to have you know but you brought up something. That's very important when you say you gotta be careful who you allow around you big. And that's very very important for all you guys after listening whether your finger whether your reggae tone singer whether you're rock singer with your rap singer whatever it be very important because people will come disguised and say i'll help you build. But really what they're doing. They're still bricks. Go bill somewhere else. A hundred percent. And you know what those people's credit to the people who don't judge it. Well sometimes it's hard to judge it sometimes. It's hard to tell what their people's intentions are right. I ran into that in the past with past business relationships. I've learned those pass business relationships that i had. That's exactly what i that's happened to me where i thought it was going to be this this and that and they were going to build with me but they really warrant all. I've learned that. I've learned that also bro. And then it's like Thank you see. it's also about how you see. Things could ask yes. Thank you which they will remain nameless. Thank you z for that lesson because now the next time i have an opportunity with someone else in whichever area i know how to better manage situation in that relationship for the better of the bowl the most and at the end of the day for the better of the dream which is touching the people with good music. You know what. I mean so so i totally understand that journey. A i saw an interview because my favorite artists and everybody that does watch road radio for the last year and a half three days ago. We've finished a year and a half that we've been in existence. Okay thank congrats and people know that my favorite artists of all times prince off real man. I know i know you know i'm everybody knows. Your favorite artists lorraine perv rain over michael jackson and all that but princeton piece recipes so now i saw an interview one day when they asked him about his life. You know they just asked him you know. Can you kind of just let us allow us into your life. Just a little bit and he said that if he would have known that being famous would have a lot. I'm trying to find the word he used him. Being famous caused them to live a lonely life. Insignia bubble of known that i probably would have never have done it. Because i'm so lonely. So the asked him what was it. A major liberal only life and he said trust people and is very true. Because when you're were he's at sir you don't know what people really care about you ride or get to that level. Yeah or you know. what can i get from him. I'll kiss his ass Until i can get what i see in the local mongol oregon just wanna be breaking simple and that's pretty much what he was saying you know will come in and out so you don't so after a while you just kind of build a wall and like i only allow maybe one or two people to get close to me but it's a lonely life. I mean. think about this after he got by himself. Facts facts so park. Yeah it's pretty tough so so that's one thing that i encourage a lot of artists. You know what not everybody's your friend. Yeah one hundred percent and know that will principal say and many this coming out of the mouth of other artists. I look up to it is it can be very lonely lifestyle right like going from a bunch of people at interview or a bunch of people outta outta show and then you're by yourself and and really people come up to you and really when you get to a certain level again. Another thing that. I've impeding the game that i'm aware that it's coming. I see the wave. I see from over here. People are just gonna want something from you and you know what kudos to them. I'm bill i've built something for myself and my team has bill something for ourselves that people want to be a part of some people want to longevity gonna want longevity with us a lot of people like prince was saying i just want you to get a buck you some money for you and you know what props to them you know. They gotta do what they gotta do to me. Being also the person that i am in the artist you have to be able to the best where you can to judge that. And be like i know i i the intention here and be able to allow to only come so close cheerful great row and the and then again like like i was saying you were just saying is like the only you gotta be careful about that the people that do you do it in side your home the people that you do let inside meaning your your business people you will inside the help you grow and that can get tricky. You really won't know if they were real until it falls off and you see the true intentions but for me you know. I trust in the way i again. And the way. I grew up and the mother that i grew up with and what i was taught and how to end the experienced the little experiences that i've had with certain people you know i trust and all of that so when we meet new people and i do let you in as because again i can see. I can see something further for you and for ourselves. You know what. I mean and so You'll you'll never know until something bad happens. But i try to see the best in people likewise you know what let's let's switch gears up a little bit and let's talk a little bit about your music for the remainder of this interview. Your instagram has been up so people can follow you there Let's talk a little bit about you. Music what can people expect from you. Twenty twenty one a lot more of. What can people expect at amano for visuals you. Yeah yeah yeah so we can go so i was trying to think of a much deeper answer for you but obviously yeah like like like short term silver like literal stuff. Yeah man we have. We have more music videos in the hard drive. Ready shot ready to go. Promos ready to go. All i gotta do is hit enter on the laptop Ready to go and by the way As humbly as i can say this. They're great. you'll i got records and my hard drive who we get on the masika ulan. Vn and we're planning the attack to make sure we drop those those music videos on the songs at the right time the right time right now. We're building with gross rosa. And this other record that. I love provoke our building with those two records Momentum we've been building momentum this whole entire time by the way i've been releasing music videos and music throughout the pandemic and now the things started open back up we gotta keep going and build momentum so yes there's more music common but what can people expect from on twenty twenty one and beyond you can expect you guys can expect to continue to be true to the people true to the music Continue to inspire. The people are not only people wanna music. But anything you wanna do. We've talked about it this whole interview almost an hour. About how when you get told no you gotta find a yes. It's just means that. Yes somewhere else. And i hope people get that from me. You know what. I mean in twenty twenty one and beyond. It's not just about the music. I hope that when people see my interviews and see this on the people get that also so you can get a lot more. You're going to get a lot more music. Yes you're going to get a lot more honesty. You're gonna get a lot more good music for the people That's that's all. I want to bring in the messages to do. Which one hopefully you find your purpose in and do which want and know that it's not going to be easy. You gotta do it for you. You gotta see yourself worth and and that's what that's what you can hear from hydro from twenty twenty one and beyond bro. You're you know what The last interview. That i did. I had a guy named rusty harper so much much respect to russia harper. He is a director and executive producer. For the docu series. That just came out of on hulu and fx a hip hop uncovered six of them and the director sat right there. We talked cool and he talked about finding your craft and finding your passion and with passion. And i liked it dot. You have that you're doing it. You'll love it you found your craft and you're doing it with passion you moving forward. You're not taking no for an answer if you if you hear. No you're going to keep pushing. It's a yes he's in your. And that's what i want to encourage it instill in listeners. That whether you're an artist whether you're an actor or whatever keep pushing you know just because somebody for an example say you got your music to me and i say you know what. I'm not really feeling this. But you know what i will do. I know somebody that i know will like it now. Just because somebody says no michael stoller. I'm not in. It doesn't mean it's not good. Exactly he going keep going man. I the only father figure. If i may say that that that i grew up with. Is this guy named leslie brown. He's a motivational speaker. Still alive. I actually met him at the western in santa monica. He had a event and i went and i didn't go to work that day and he said somebody's opinion of you does not have to become your reality right less exactly what you're saying. Somebody's opinion of you. Not liking your music in this example per se doesn't have to become your reality. There is a place for what you do. Whatever whatever it is wherever you are with music. There's a place for you. You just have to continue like you're saying is opinion of you does not have to become realities the point. I'm trying to make you know what i mean. Yeah yeah okay. So people that have been listened to the interview or for those that just might of tuned in. Yes can you kind of just a recap. What type of music that you and you say you consider it. Urban urban artists letting urban artist Can you just show a little bit more about the that they've done. Yes you know so. Of course yeah For people re tune in minus hydro for mexico city. Let's go to spit on me. He called me in the Grew up in minnesota. I make latin urban music. And i'm pretty pretty good at it as early as i can say it. Go check it out. Hydro experienced my youtube channel. You will not be appointed for those people that like style of music and if you want something refreshing and new that something you've heard before but it's different i fully. I believe. I truly believe. That's what i bring to the table And i'm somebody who. Who's got a lot of dr who wants to do only good and wants spire the youth to do whatever is that they want to do. Like eminem inspired and maganga. We see yan. They'll have inspired me that's what we're doing here and we're not gonna stop somebody. Somebody's opinion of does not have to become your reality. Somebody's no just mean. Somebody's yes somewhere else so. Continue to chase your dreams. Hopefully my man who can be an example as he has been all these years. Hopefully i can me an example as well you know and keystone represent. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go in at the hanover battle. Es he go. i'm losing bellamy after. This might be goofy question. But i like to ask questions. Sometimes you enjoy filming videos. You mean shooting music videos. Yes it's what we call in minnesota. I don't know if they say it here. It's a catch twenty two cash on you know what a cash so it's like it's like something good but it's also something bad right at the same time so a catch twenty two is like Whatever you have to drive this this car but You know and get you to where you're going but it's it's flat wheel so you'll be like yeah. It's a car when it'll get me. There is not going to be very comfortable right. That's a catch. Twenty two is the same thing with his back. We shouldn't music videos like explain to you throughout this interview. I i come up with the video treatments all of them so far. Come up with treatments from scratch the budgets. How much go into it. How much it. How the model should look direct and produce all my music videos which video arthur. Go through one hundred. I remember. i came up here zero connections. I've had to go through hundreds of drivers on instagram. On the right one or a couple had to go through a hundred behind the scenes photographers on on the right one or a couple of them so it comes with a lot of work. It's come with a lot of work and when it's time to shoot those music videos. Because i just know the vision i just and it's not because i'm gonna do everything that's not what it is actually a small team. That does help me out again. Santos mind my business partner. Is one of them. Helped me assist project manage all of my music video so far he and i worked together. And there's a bunch of people that help out. I just don't do it by myself behind the scenes photographer video argue for models for a project System project managers into production assistance but as far as the vision. And what it is when he's to be bro. I'm like this is what we're gonna do you ever seen ocean's eleven when they're planning the plant rows literally while we do like it's like and i'm like bro. This is what we're doing. Boom boom boom boom boom. I need your help to execute it though what. I'm trying to get your question. Is i love it. I love it. I love it. I love shooting videos. It's his because it's like. I'm getting closer to my dream though. I'm getting closer to showing you. What's in my mind. You know what's really crazy about. Direct them all videos. It's in here bro. Stocky he this westbound. I will throw at some of the swiss stop on tiger illusion though. And i'm like joe. We did that man like that shit. Lived in my mind you know. How do you trying to say right now. That is so fucking crazy to me. And so i love shooting him been camacho responsibility that vehicle. Mutual tacoma go. You'll sue the mutual countless nights. Stand up to three in the morning. When i know the rest of my guys as they should because they're the they're probably sleeping throughout the night before the video. I'm up to three in the morning. Pick up the lights. I gotta go get this be on the phone with the model agency. The boom boom the whole thing going. That's what's kind of like a catch twenty two. I love doing it but it's It comes a lot of responsibility. But i like it. Europa looked off. My team. And i can be happy with it and be like you'll we did that with this video. That was gonna come out. That's called obsession to. It is known but three to sammy. They their room. Tony love that song when we remember santos when we saw that video for the first time when i got it back from the for we were at my voice office and we're watching that music video and we were speechless the whole time. That's when you know it was good and finished and we looked at each other and we gave us up and we gave each other a hug. You remember that we just gave each the biggest hug your we did. That shit was coming out sometime this year. We're building momentum with pro right now and Long story short twins your question. I love it but a lot of work But that but that's that's just the way the game is now with that being said we come to the end of our interview. So let me ask you two things anything. I didn't ask you. But i show that we should've brought up. No mono you you you you are asking some really cool questions in and now i think i think you covered most of. There's really nothing. there's really nothing man. You did a great job in and asking and and you actually made me. Think about some stuff their daring in parker. Who haven't mentioned in any interview. And i totally forgot about that bro. We were reaching the route. And i think it was one of first times saying on camera saying that hip hop is my foundation. I like i know. I'm glad urban music making biddle rob me facade. Jay z eminem. Fifty cent nelly. Easy come on man. Caras one bro. Like bro like the core of high to hip hop. you know. it's it's it's obviously. I portrayed on different ways so noman you are. I think we've covered most of it once again. I wanna thank your team your team right here behind the scenes. They've they were super. Cool the intro. Introduce ourselves to me. You're my name is so and so pull thank you. Thanks for comment. He dui while back. Nbn vienna stadium went on. Can we wasn't mahyco anyone online. I and and i appreciate that and for asking questions and I couldn't be happier to be alive. Man man i'm here. He's like deals with With that being said any shot here before we go towards. I wanna give a shout out to you. I wanna give a shout out to your show. Dear team i wanna give a shout out to tony rocks. Who who is the pr here. Thank you for connecting me with this amazing podcast. Miami will santos my business partner. Thank you for everything that you do saturday. My mom got people talk him how he atlantic custodian the listeners. Shout to you. Thank you for watching this. And hopefully they got something out of this. 'cause we talk more than just music obviously right. It was more than just music. And for those who wanna be artist understand that it's just more than music if you want to be in the music business if you wanna make music and put it up and use it on your side. Nothing wrong with that do it. I hope you find fun. But obama. hinder seeker is mosca bookie top. Akito everything little by little. You build your blocks you find your team and you and you come across really really people thank you. My brother joe shot to all. You accused almost tables ski. You he go. I gotta raga. Who will go check me out. Hydro experience on my youtube channel. High to experience almost always experience. Thank you guys My special guest just walked in and my special guest Call up everybody. Michigan called somebody take. Somebody slept shoot. Somebody let them know that m. c. bunch or just walked in the motherfucker and building. Thank you my brother. And i just ten minutes. Welcome back everybody to roy. Radio episode one forty three and My very special guest here to hang out with me Good close friend of mine. Hasn't been here for at least a whole year. So i thought it was time for him to come back and it with me so without further ado please allow me to introduce my friend mc bunch. Thank you tony. Thank you actually. It was new years of twenty twenty years. Just saying that right now right before the cloud right before everything hit before the whole world took a turn on us at all. I know locked up for a minute. Yeah we have the. I think the last time correct me. If i'm wrong the last time. I seen you at the region scamming jim. Yeah we hung out at my birthday. Earthy that's nine bottles. That was the last time we were out together. And before that. And we're talk. We're hanging up scamming down. We're having drinks. Yeah the blue tongues after. That's a good time. And i remember in. You brought up sparky de last that. I had before i left. He had bought me another. Blue drink allows us Dario mother yeah. And i drank that shit dude and i. I think i called in. I don't know how i made it home. yeah. I wish i would've known bob. Legend made it home. You know what i mean. Yeah we'll leave it at that. I actually had a pulled over twice. Wow wow slap myself or water on my face but it was good though now. I know that they're saying that starting tomorrow things are gonna somewhat open up. Have you heard anything. Because i know you host scamming jam Have you heard actually scamming mom. Just really just guess there are. We showed me love but I'm sorry i mean interrupt. Haven't heard anything like that Well i haven't heard anything on scamming jam and i know that's one of my favorite spots to just chill and listen to music But i will be doing ninety nine bottles. I'll be back at nine For actually mining does anniversary. So we're hoping you could join us. That's going to be big. That'll be the last saturday of this month awesome awesome. Yeah and i've got a few offers. I'm actually doing the tories empire super show in dallas texas right now is full blown. They're just partying. Like what i mean but yeah. I'll be doing that so i've got a few You know Invites and host a few events. Yeah i'm really dying to get out because you know what when i used to go to scam. Hang with you That was like our time to talk. Especially because the whole night was like all funk. Yeah yeah style music. It was like so dope. It was like for me like going back in time. Yeah i loved. I remember we hear our song or we were to hear the mixes. Yeah we'd be critics. You and i say who would criticize and it wasn't you edgy. I love you girl but we criticise me. I wanted i would it or our equity out there and it took us back. I mean because we both are from that. Same era of you know the shoe summer. Rico halls yeah you know all the different spots you know. It just took us back to to that era. I really enjoyed chopping it up. But likewise i remember one time you will look at the digital standing behind you and then i heard the blend come in and it sounded like a pair of shoes and the dry and he turned around. And you go. We're we're critics when it comes to that. Could we both done that vendor. Not now let me ask you this. I know i know you always working. No you're always busy Do you ever get a chance to watch anything on tv. I knew you're gonna ask me this and actually the only thing that we we. We have ion ion channel so we really appreciate that. China is one of the free channels. That's on direct tv and You know it's got all that criminal minds law and order and we're hooked on hawaii five o right now and i'm not not the old ones from our era. The ones that came out the the newer ones. So that's what we've been watching and it comes out on fridays and they do it like a out. How many hours straight. so. When i think i'm gonna take off work today just to watch it. It's like watching valence right. So yeah so. That's the only thing but other than that. My whole life took a turn with cove it because as you know when i was hosting or am seeing whatever you wanna call it. I come out at nine o'clock. Friday on come home saturday morning at six. Am do it again. saturday. And then sometime sunday. I do a show now. Going to bed at nine o'clock and i'm waking up at three or four in the morning to get to you know to get to the dispatch. Everything's taken a change on me is complete opposite while now. Are you looking forward to redoing that all over again or you know. I needed a break. I really did. And i gave me enough time. You know as you notice. I didn't really anything up during this whole time. I wasn't posting much and for a lot of simple reasons number one. I was fortunate to be working. Blessed to be working other. people weren't some. Like how. Could i show myself working every day and other people aren't they got it real bad and it just. I don't know it. I didn't go through a depression period. Or anything i was like. Are you okay. are you sick. They thought they had kobe. Thought everything you know. And i go no. I'm just not doing anything you know after after covid really shut us down. I wasn't doing much but work. You know so. I i kind of look at it like a really boring regular life you know and we're i mean we're still eating but we'd order out we were you know there was no outside dine in or anything like we weren't showing our food videos. We like before We were hanging out enjoying our time in our backyard and then Once i just went full blown six seven days a week working That's all i was doing was coming home going to bed early waking up early and that's what i've been doing for the last Couple of minds last time. We really did it. Up was while september. You know my birthday right right jordan myself because we were at least outside right now at least doing something right now but Like for me being a guy that's lives like on the streets like a lot of us you know. I really really hard being home. And i was one of rebellious. Go going to the park. Yeah i'm gonna go. I'm gonna go i'm gonna go do situps. I just cannot be home. And i'll be honest crews by my jim hope. See somebody that. Let me hand. Yeah yeah yeah but tomorrow. I heard that they're going to be reopening. The carson jim Where you can go in now. Oh good i've been dying for the asa. Yeah no. I know how much you like. Enjoy the gym. It shows you know thank you. It shows on now. The reason why i ask is if you watch anything lately because on fox. I like to use the recommend people what certain things Not only do. I want to give a plug to my friend rushdie harper. He's the guy that really interviewed. He's the director and executive producer of hip hop uncovered. Oh six series just came out like last month really really good and what he does he goes around pretty much gets all the people that were behind the scenes. They put up all the money for all these rappers to do what they do. So that's really really different. And so this one. The when i watch is called crack. That's what it's called crack and what it is it's almo. I feel like it was almost an extension of that docu series and this one it goes back to the beginning of and then they also incorporate a lot of hip hop. Because i don't we came up together. Yeah yeah but you being from the harbor area and knowing the crack epidemic. Well the first time. I don't even know where this question was going. I've just well the first time. I didn't say the first time. I smoked crack but the first time i heard that term. I remember i was in tenth grade and out here five. Oh double a mobile. I will probably love mobile and who wants to be a rockstar who wants to be a rockstar. What the hell is you know. And yeah i seen it. So many people down you know i grew up around The heroin you know my brother died of a heroin. And i've lost her three uncles and god about five or six cousins to that so i seen that in my whole life. That was what i you know. Wait nearest and who up real close to that But the crack when that came. Yeah that was something else different lingo. You had understand reminded me kind of I don't know if you've ever watched the series the wire and the wire had their own There were in baltimore and they had their own lingo of Yellow top yellow top different. You know you'd have to like what the hell they talking about you know. And that was It took me back to the era double ups so watching that documentary. I just thought it was pretty dope. Wants to watch it. But it's about maybe about an hour maybe fifteen minutes long but it's really in depth and i really like what just one guy said. He was ex drug dealer that data's time came out to interview him but he said something that was really key. And i was like wow i never thought about it that way. He said manda eighties. He said man eagles eagles. I loved smoking cigars he said you know. The crater thing is man eagles as much as monies i had. I couldn't get not one damn cuban cigar and a us sequels but we get tons of crack. Yeah yeah cube. I you know. I'm a cigar smoker. And that's true a at at one time. It was so hard to get cuban cigars i remember. Crappy got my first one and she paid one hundred bucks for it. He played on the bucks and she gave it to me. I my birthday or valentine's day or something like that. Yeah also yeah so but that documentaries actually pretty good in there. Yeah okay. that's right. Yeah yeah it was crazy. 'cause that's a lotta time we say words that just this generation probably doesn't know like remember strawberry. She's the berry. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Very suburbs good to go exam in new york skis skis. Yeah yeah yeah. But that's crazy how we have so many words changed. Yeah no What i remember clunker clunker and then it came to jonesing. I'll she's jones. Yes yeah. I i remember one time. Okay i i've never seen any other block back in date. We call it. They were rolling a ball in over there. Uh-huh went to ole street right here and goes down and i wanna say showed it was maybe eighty six eighty seven. I went to go visit one of my friends. I'll happen to live right there. I'm not gonna lie to you. That one st i was there just hanging out with them on his porch. Look damn swap. Meet while people will just yeah. I could not believe it. I was like this you know. They're all in their. Yeah you know but then eventually sad to say you know gang comes in your shorts stopping somebody. You know you'll over here taking my sale by back. Yeah yeah every week with your woman that turn people against each other hit over money and greed. Yeah so so anyway. I said that. I brought that up because documentary. Digits showed a lot of that. How a lot of people you know you got to check that out. And that's netflix's yes called correct. Okay i don't know split. We do plan on getting it. You know it's funny man I i like to bring up a lot of stuff with you because I like the nostalgic. Feel that every time we vibe. We talk where there's music whether it's cars or when style doubles back then for example went to the junkyard before this pandemic and i saw dayton's man. That's you know tony. That's all i have on every car right. I don't know if you know that. But they invokes even on the escalate. Those are dayton's you know they're they're different style of dayton's but yeah and i would say that she gets tired of sitting on know. My mom would say that till the end is that dayton's and i see these dayton's and just happened to ask me. How much goes all three hundred forum. And i'm looking at humpty about just by having them cleaned up and just having them in here for some. Yeah yeah okay. And here's what it made me think. How many people are doing life for smoking. Somebody for david. The killer dayton's three hundred dollars per year and you didn't get them no. I just wish would've called me man. Yeah i would just like no. You know what i'll just hold up but And they were goldens and the governor of the gold wanted to get rid of him while he's not me trust. I mean i was like nah. It's how much gold ones for now. Really yeah we're i'm working on something and i'm like to save so yeah i won't say too much right now but i'm just gonna say thousand very good with me those you know that that's my wife and she has a special gift coming that i made a promise and Yeah them go. Dayton's cost a lot. That's all i'm gonna say. Wow a lot a lot. Maybe i ain't gonna be dayton's that but yeah they. They skyrocketed like ridiculously skyrocketed. Yeah okay like point example to s. twelve hundred to drum machine. Yes with you and ralph. Yeah that one right now. I put an ad on my facebook. My instagram that. I'm looking to buy one. Now keep in mind you guys because there are listening draw machine first came out two thousand twenty five hundred sometimes You got these crazy on ebay. Nine thousand ten thousand five hundred dollars so much there. Wow yeah so. I could understand the value in. Yeah you know. But i guess if i see him i'll call you up. Yeah please and if i come across. Sp one hundred zero to you. Know get the word out there. You added a decent price. You know what car i wanna buy. I wanna fix up as a year right. I think it's a nine hundred and sixty five lincoln continental suicidal the doors. Yeah yeah those are nice. I really i really wanna buy picks it up. Yeah you know. But i saw one and it was. It was like a rust bucket. But the guys wanted fifteen thousand dollars and inside. It was off and like now hails. now. I'd rather buy the drum machine for fifteen thousand volker that that what you said. You haven't really been doing too much bunch of last time that we were here. was over little bit over a year ago. Because you my. I guess on twenty twenty. Yeah it was new year's day it was new year's day one thing you said you were going to bring or you forgot to bring. You said you still had your mix tape covers. Oh i wish. I would've brought that right now but may not know you should do mix tapes. The your the area sounds like a take off on the east side story so i did one for the area and harbor sounds and that was i told you the story on that from the last The last interview. They're dedicated to a little girl. That was handicapped from wilmington and volume one The money i made went to her and never intended on doing she was a whole inspiration of those cassettes. And i never intended on doing another one and people were the number two them were three and i ended up doing thirty of them over thirty mix. Tapes all on cassette. Then when cd came out I had no idea what the hell cd was. And i refuse the bump cds for about two or three years. Finally when i did get a cd. And i cannot cd player you know. But i was still school cassette you know and before that of course eight. Wow wow the only eight that i have somebody gave it to me as that jimi hendrix. I have that one. But as far as those cassettes. Like i still have my mixed went back. Then the you still have your collection. I have a couple of my masters out of thirty of them. I might have about maybe fifteen. My master's yeah. And you know. Mind you then. I was trying to wrap so I do my interest rap on them and they were all on one tape because it was all done with them the newmark mixer you have now and instrumentals of course and you know. It wasn't like he could punch in. And if you mess up it was like okay. Okay we gotta get it on one. Yeah that sounds good. Let it go. Even though i messed up all right let it go let it go. I look back. And i'll play them every now and then went and had a a tape deck and i'm like oh god i always sounded you know but a that's you know that's history right there history. I remember one day. We couldn't get dribble supposed to come to our house. And do our intro. You do like eight bar. Wrap john and he didn't make it so steamed. Goes you do it. No beans steve. Yano and i was like i don't know what to say all right going to enter. I interrupt you the broken wrist. And all that. I know that only where you know you going to finish this book and wrist and something else something fingers or something i know that. Intro and that intro because you did it and then started here. He's talking on there. Because you know we had never met you know for those of you. That don't know me and tony. Didn't you know we knew of each other. But we just never you know and it's weird. How many years later. But i've always admired you. Respect you and i had your collection and i would always say like how how this guy doing that i can never and then it was funny because i invested in a four tracker and there was a spotlight there by. I want to say. I'll camino college. Remember right across the street. The sold Turntables and mixers. It was a little little small place. I had it on. Layaway tony online. And i lost it. I lost it. Because i got carried away and late away too much stuff and i remember. They ended up moving and they kept contacting me. I mean back. Then we didn't have. You can pay somebody that call the landline and you know they always here. We're gonna move. I lost it. But i had a four track iowa. That's crazy layaway. Because there's a lot of people today don't know what that is you know if they're still places that do to this day. I will say something away. Because i know i'm close to getting it. You know. I abuse credit bad. But i paid off off pretty much all my credit cards during covid because like i said i was working. That's all i was doing and we weren't going out and partying and spending money. So you know i did pay off a lot of stuff. I'm fifty years old now. And i can't do that again so i'm a little bit too old. You know that. Yeah but i will lay away if there's something back still away. Then i'm no i gotta go and close to getting it. Yeah yeah layaway and like you said there's some places that are still do it now but i will say something. Somebody was a couple of years ago. Because i believe i got on instagram. I wanna say mid two thousand seventeen when we first started the documentary. And i remember somebody sent me a post of yours now. Somebody could tell me what they were. Text me and say check your dm. I didn't know what the hell the dm was. Because i was new i. I made a transition from facebook to instagram. So i didn't really know instagram to well check chicken. Dm i don't know what the hell that is. So he sent me a screenshot. Any circled up there. So i clicked on it and it was a post that you had did. I guess it was If i'm correct. I believe that you had a jersey or something. They said something right here like you were putting into harbor area. Oh yeah yeah. Thank you for bringing that up. Did you want to talk about on that one. You were like on tables. Yes i was on the turntable. I was still jane. That was before. I was so we'll no i was already. Mc poncho but I you know originally star as dj poncho. So jane and those jerseys took off. I mean i you know i. I've heard a lot of other kind of rappers. Try to take credit and say that they were the first ones to represent their area. You know maybe they were to represent their area more power to them much love but wearing the jersey with your area on it. I got a picture. That's in the in the history books. A million easy. I don't even know that's me because my face is completely different. Of course. I didn't have the tattoos. And i was gone. I want to say about nineteen years. Old and i my mom bought me those jerseys. She would get them for me every year and is a story with those jerseys. She put harbury on the front mc paci on the back sixty nine was the number in the back sometimes thirteen and i remember she get him for me every year for either my birthday christmas and i you know it was during the mix tape time so that was cool. You know. I mean. That's how far back jerseys go at every color Their the what are they tackle. Stitched on and There was a point where i felt like i was. I didn't complete what i was supposed to do. You know to make it out there and and get signed to a legit label and just do it. Siteom don't get me those numbers There's more to pancho. I'm done and she's like what do you mean i done. I know we didn't talk about this the last time i don't think and i was twenty seven at the time so this is nineteen ninety seven. I hung up the jerseys. And i'm finished. I'm not you know she's like are you serious. I'm done. I don't know how to cd. And these cassettes got me so far. You know and. I'm cool with that. But i got my day job. He also that was. I hung it up. I was completely done and while years later. You know we talked about. The story of japan. And i do the mic state university. Which is the cd. My first cd which was in two thousand eight and i go to japan. I take those jerseys with me. And i took like i think i had four of them and i gave them out to japanese people there. I saw him out to the crowd gave him to those people. I got close to during that one tour. And never thought i'd be back and well i went back for moore's tours nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight songs that i did as a kid. But yeah but those jerseys at only those jerseys where you know and it's weird because every story ties in with my mother. Yeah she bought me those jerseys. What she give me one. Every year pair of goto tube socks from jc penney. Penney's story chew story at a penalty. Anna pendleton had those kind of socks. I do but you know what's crazy though because when somebody sent me that post with you i i saw you on the turntables an the harbor area and i was like what am i looking for. And he told me. Read it. Okay and you like. Were read right like a long paragraph. I used to put stories on my pitchers yet. So i'm reading it. I'm reading it on radio. And then i came across my name and you know what a really really humbled me actually did because like you. I never thought my mixed go anywhere. Because i'm doing in my room with a japanese man that he pays me two hundred bucks take some home and then i wasn't even going to swallow hanging out with them at the time but he would call me up. Maybe about three weeks later. Got some more wreckers. I'm gonna come by okay cool. I wasn't hearing no street buzz. But i remember when he told me a nineteen seven And the name of the mix tape. Are i mixed breakdown. And he said by this time next year you're going to your names will be known all over the streets and i send give him my hundred uh-huh bud for you to have recognized me and because you didn't even have to mention my name and there was a real humbling experience for me and i always thank people. I've never been to withhold giving credit where credit's is doing and you didn't withhold that's all that was. That was a home for me. I have dj. I have produced. Songs have choreograph shows for a lot of well-known platinum artist And when they do interviews. I've been there to tony and you. Just you know like i said i. It was to give that 'cause you had to come in your true inspiration. You know what. I mean like you said those were in eighty seven. My tapes come out in eighty eight. Although i was making cassettes back when i was i wanted to say that in dana office the home With the cassette deck and the turntable. You know older guys in the neighborhood. I would do my forty fives. But you when i heard you like. Wow that you were. You were an inspiration back. You know you still are to this day. This is the platform right here. You know you know a another another friend from harbury mister cartoon. That's the homey right there. Yeah yeah he released that ellie original. Did you know because. I don't have netflix. Okay yeah yeah okay. Well yeah maybe you ought to get the fire stick. Vino or something yeah. I never thought. I'd be home this much to watch and still like i said i'm really not much because i work in the day and then i'll come home and you know we'll watch a little bit of tv and other than that. I'm in bed pretty early. You know okay now. If i have to twist charm. What's the last great movie using home. My god that's great movie that i've seen Shit tony i. I like the movie theater. I don't get rid of vhs blu-ray. let's get back to our going to do a lot of positive. Like i can't even think of a of a real good movie that i've seen watched irishman no. I haven't seen that one either. I haven't seen that one. yeah okay. Yeah that one's a good one. I heard it. I heard it is. Some people said it was too long but see like komo's is robert deniro. And a homeboy Al pacino joe pesci altogether and good move. Okay no i take that back on. Cornell's probably saying the tax collector the tax collector. I really couldn't home. England way way back and I i seen that you have to the drive in. Yeah and a documentary on the olympic auditorium. That's out now a lot of people that shows a lotta history of my dad boxed out of originally the wilmington bowl and then the olympic auditorium rain away that was a professional boxer so I and my mom and dad would go to the fights and my dad would sit with makiko and i've told the story before on him. He was you know analogy gangster in a dear friend of my mom and dad's so I got invited to just recently a documentary. They did on that and that was really good now. I know you like documentaries to. That's something to see. Because i took two of the fallas from from the crew that you know we hang out and they were like wow. There's a lot that they didn't know about you know that we all learned on watching that. And we were specially invited to the premiere of that so so so it's the olympic auditorium document already out. Yes yes it was. We just see that At the same driving that we've seen the tax at I wanna say what two weeks ago. Weeks ago i. It's funny because it's weird. The you're bringing that up because gentlemen russia harper who i interviewed. I guess somebody shoots are pictures for him off hit me up on instagram and told me he loved interview. I went on his page. And he's i guess on there. He was saying he was a part of making the olympic auditorium and so i went on the website and it olympic auditorium of a promotional page for the documentary. And you have to see that tony. I'm gonna have to seen under the giant live there. Okay they o k they while they talked about him from the boxing to the To the concert it covered everything that took place. There and i was fortunate to go there. I seen what did i see their teena. Marie i seen a brenton would Gotta a killer concert there at the olympic auditorium. Forget yeah mentioned or julio cesar chavez fought. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah they they they they covered just about everything all our local fighters like mondo rommel's and robots and you know that we have out of the area joy or beal They talked to you. Know it it. It covered a lot. And the fact that knowing that i would hear these stories from my mom. And dad i remember. When we're time my mom was telling me that These two p and the cups and then when when it was a bad call like you know somebody got robbed from the fight or it wasn't a good fight. You know people were just dancing around and the guys in the back would pee in a cup and throw them down at the people. In the first one my mom didn't like sitting in the front ringside because they would get hit with this and she in town and they called it the chicken coop in the back and i saw. I wanna talk to this whole documentary. You all sitting here. There's four of us sitting in the car in the driveway. And and i'm like okay. I can tell you a story about that. If i just had to shut up guy that you guys watch it because you know. I'm telling the stories that i heard growing up as a kid that my mom and they're saying the same thing and i'm like okay. I can talk on this. You know 'cause. I wasn't there. But i heard it from my mom. I remember when my dad took me to go see Andre the giant ego to medical yard and finding against the hollywood blonds some karate dunes. It was pretty against three but seen andre the giant and we had no leaders. Yeah but seeing walking down the yeah. Yeah hell and i seen his documented. Here's documentaries actually. Very very good. It actually makes you cry ban because that was just a big dude man. They go back to his home in actually was chair that they made for him. Oh his mom got scared because he wouldn't stop growing uh-huh yeah you know. But the guy was like He could drink keisha cases in cases of beer and i get buzzed while because it was so big. I guess there's something just wasn't yeah making them. Yeah yeah but here's what we're going to do a bunch of we're going to go ahead and press pause right there we're gonna come back and ten minutes and i want to talk a little bit much gonna read. Okay okay so make sure you call somebody take. Somebody slept shit. Somebody let him know that and see ponchos and the motherfucking building. We'll be back ten minutes. Don't book around mecca. Everybody radio episode one forty three and a hope. He has got something to drink. Because get really good so without further ado. Please allow me to introduce my very special guests tonight. My good friend punctual. Thank you tony okay. So we talked a little bit about olympic tori and we talked a little bit about boxing. I love all of that. All of that shit man. I really do take the olympic auditorium history. So hopefully i can just see that maybe you can find out when they're gonna ever the guy will i will for you definitely have a for those of you that are from l. a. or are not malet but the olympic auditorium is a historical pretty much arena. When either you box you concerts or what was loose. Gave the thunder birds with arizona. Roller derby a lot lot of his wrestling. Yeah and i think now. What does its church. Korean church from what we found out through through that documentary. Yeah y okay now. Let's talk a little bit about you're gonna wrap. And the reason why is because you know what Was it a while back. We have started a gofundme me. A our documentary of documentary was successful. Many people saw they really liked. I never got one negative feedback. So here's what i said. I got my team together. And i said listen one. We put together a proposal to the fans that if they liked the documentary. If they want to would they be okay donating to a documentary. 'cause i do believe that there is a market there great and Our goal was fifteen thousand and believe it or not. We met that in weeks and it's oh pretty much almost at twenty okay. So i'm thankful for that now. Here's just a quick update for people that are always asking We pretty much feel a lot of the bureau footage meaning for what for people that don't know what bureau footage is say. You're talking and you're saying you know. I grew up in the streets of to harborview. Pj we show streets right you know. That's what blew off. Branches shot a lot of jerome footage over a lot of different cities of where a lot of these artists that we're going to interview live so we can show their city when we interview. That's to me that was somewhat the hard part. Because when i did the documentary we did interviews. I and to be role last and it being directing debut look confused. I didn't know this time around. I know what the hell i'm doing. Yeah people see a documentary and they they get all that footage just one day and now we're gonna go to this block and we're gonna go with person and then i realized you know you got to You've got to do it at a certain time when there's no traffic when there's no you know activity going on and i it's time consuming and very time. Consuming and the weather plays a very very big role right and in the corona virus. Hits all the that that puts a stop to while the whole world period everything. Everything's so Just to give you a quick update. We're moving forward with that. So but with that being said okay. I'm going to present your question that a lot of people have asked me and i'd like to ask the artist has will this question about who is the pace of chicano rap by his. Wanna present it. When people think of basketball. I personally think of many times itchy. The michael jordan kobe. Bryant's when you think of if you mention gulp. They'll say tomato woods many times when you mentioned boxing. Muhammad ali right one of the greats right now so one of the questions that i want to present in. This documentary is who is the patron rap. When i present that question whether it's inbox or whether it's a dm people always tell me and here are pretty much either five or six names. That i get repeated. Louis remind i okay kid for us. Okay kid cross now. Here's what the ban have said. Okay you brought kit bras. People would say This'll be a once again. The fans kip. ross king. little g go now When i say frank the proper dose yano frankly Esera truck spanish fly and There was one more of a that. I've mentioned already. Yes okay There was one more but there were six of them. And now i'm i'm really bad. Remembered his last one. Oh a toker brown sites okay okay. So the majority of the ones that come back today when i asked him. Who do you think the always say king little jeep though. We don't see him. Ask chicano rap but lately in the last six months has been going uh-huh okay. Sadly say that. Nobody really mentions false. Now why would you mentioned. Ross you lot outside. There's no song in my eyes in my ears. That could top that we have frost go way back and you know. We had our ups and downs. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes you wouldn't and even if we weren't talking at this point right now. And i couldn't stand the man i still would have to give him his props for most back and tell him and tell you he's the one that's the face you know I remember when i was doing my mix tapes. I was up to volume six and use instrumental of this for financial and i float and and just seeing the video and seeing him out there with that campaign of you know this is for us. We didn't have anything like that. I mean we didn't have anything like that and and to hear that that's that's the anthem for chicanos. Right there that's the anthem. You know. So i mean in my eyes and ears i i gotta give it to him. He is now no nails a very dear friend of mine and we go way way back. And i i supported him since day. One since i remember we met Actually i don't wanna say it was here at the feroz carshow he He had a boot there. He was on his cds had just came home. And you know we supported and and it's funny. Because i didn't even tell him you know you're used to do this back. I was already done. I already. I didn't tell a lot of people that i had plugged in with. 'cause i felt in you know that i was a has been you know. I never completed what i had. You know set out to do you know. So but Yeah go down. Another one but frost and frank visa very dear friend of mine. You know. we're both the rolling with southland at the time But frost has down okay now. I presented this question once again to a lotta people that when somebody asked me who you think i always turn the question back to them because it helps me with my research doing what i'm doing so the next question was who was the face of if you will chicken out rep. She got around If you want to give you the names. I that people have signed. I mean i know you had the neighborhood queen. you had Quite a few that you know we could go by the pioneers and they did that. But i think the one that really put it out there. The most talented one was probably missed crazy. You know what. I mean as far as You know skills and talent and just just doing it I'd have to give it to her crazy. Yeah so the name that. And i think some of these people that are answering my question are pretty much looking at more of a popularity than actual moral either. The base or a pioneering will because they'll mention this is not an order but the mentioned jv of course Don't mention miss crazy. They'll mention even dolly girl Don't mention or every no mention of snow. The products right and i think these two last one pretty much not to take anything away from them. But i think because they're very popular today. yes they think can maybe on popularity. That's the right correct. But you said ms crazy. And i think that one and j b queen. Yeah those two are. Yeah ones that. Keep coming back to life because i want to document that on what the fancy because ultimately tony g when i interviewed him here he said it best. He said nobody knows what what hit. Is the fans. Tell you what the hit is. Yeah right you know. I mean you could produce a song and we say halio every and it'll be bumping. This is the summer anthem may get at us. Yeah you know so. So yeah it's the people that that That pretty much tell you what. That's that's hit now As boris shikano run. Here you had frost a nine hundred ninety okay and all. We include mellow in this world. Even though is not considered yukon around but a bilingual rap. I guess if you frost metal commodity near then you had a proper dose lighter shade of brown toker the brown side okay. That's what most people what i have to go back spanish ply as a rich rock including their eight eighteen with a bullet. That's what most people consider from the nineties on dacian of chicano rap. Now i'm sure it is what the public say now with tony. You're satan right. So that's what they say. Now we have so many songs on the radio for also on the radio. Mellow was on the radio Lot of shared browns on the radio. Proper dose on the radio you know. So we had chicanos on the radio before. I believe it was called chicano rap right okay so i saw for the sake of the conversation. I thought you gonna wrap going up in my opinion and certain people's opinions that are about my age they will say around two thousand. That's pretty much where they went stagnant and never picked up. Do you see any truth to that. It there's no support in it amongst ourselves and seen it for you know firsthand I stepped back into the game in two thousand eight. You know and everybody that was involved in this. What we call chicano rap. I funded a lot of cds tony. That's one thing you never heard and by funding means. I asked an artist. I'm not gonna put names out there but you guys know who you are. There's quite a few that i funded and what you put a cd out. What's stopping you his knowledge or i think it was nine hundred eight hundred and i'm gonna break the whole game downright right real quick it's Thousand cds for back then. Eight hundred bucks graft and everything you flip those cds you sound for tan fifteen. Some people even twenty bucks. You make some bank. They're these guys in how that money. So i'm not an investor. I'm not. I'm not a guy that's You know invest money. And i was like i had the money at the time i was doing pretty good really good. You know i mean that's was holding you. Back is eight hundred dollars to put out a thousand cities. Where here's eight hundred bucks. Would you want out of a poncho so just give me. I don't give a hundred of them. You got someone hundred bucks next thing all on the cd executive producer mc poncho. Next person comes up to me. 'cause ponchos generous guy. He's letting people use his jewelry where his chain where his driver's car and we're shooting videos at his house. Wow so he can look at see all the videos and and how how often my car was used so Next person hey. Can you help me out with that. Yeah all right. You know i did. I made a lot of things happen. A lot of things happen for people in this chicano rap game which is very ungrateful game. I i'm glad you brought this up and not one thank you. I think one one. Thank you jane. Shout to you. I'll nato five area hit me up one day. I think like at three in the morning and he goes you know what i just wanna. Thank you for what you did. Because yeah i funded his cd as well and I funded. i wasn't greedy with this game. Yeah you know. I wasn't greedy. I remember we had a documentary that was being put together from japan and it was Came with the discovery channel of japan. Down can you get these people together. Can you help Put this documentary on chicano route. So i contacted different artists. That i didn't even talk to that. Time is running fight. So i went outside of the halifax camp contact all these other people and stuff next day on my space. That's how far we're going back. All these artists are talking about how they were contacted by japan partial but by japan to be in this documentary like like they. You know they were wanted. Nobody was buying their cds. Are stadiums full. Does that the center for swat me. You ask the honest to god truth. Under the category chicano rap so chicano rap is honestly a very ungrateful business. And a lot of people ain't gonna ain't what have to say about it but i could say about it because i'm one of the foundations of that with those tapes that i did much shikano and i was wrapping. I caught it video rap. Because i'd rapping about the neighborhood you know and all that so you could understand. If you're from the area you know talked about wilmington in a in a very good way. I never disrespected any buddy. Never you know not even when you know. I you know we're rivals. Cork woman has always been good to me. You know always showed love you. And i told you the story. My dad was one of the first. Hold a peace treaty between between impeachable. Back in the day yes so I i gave it up. You know i. I gave it up but that was rap. What what. I called it then when it had this thing on chicano rap while it just went a whole different route to answer your question about. Did i see going anywhere. No it didn't go anywhere. Because why because us and i'll see myself as chicano rappers in this game where biggest downfall. We don't support one another. We don't you know we think that by pain somebody of another ethnic background. Certain amount of money you're going to get you're gonna come up. You're gonna come up. A lot of them did that. And i've seen it. I remember there was dudes. No names that. Were paying open for dj. Quick and i said let me get straight. You're paying open for dj quick so what you could go and brag to your grandkids. Thirty years down the line. I remember the time i opened for. Dj quick. But i can tell the part that you paid a thousand dollars or you had to sell tickets to fucking get on that show and guys do that stuff. So i mean not only was it in ungrateful game but there was no pride in that game. Yeah yeah you know what. Well he said a lot there and a lot of people would agree with you because a lot of people. When i ask them why has she kinda rap. Never took that next or ticket to the next level meaning meaning. Why don't we have a chicano on the view right like we have a snowboarder of a game or whatnot. Why don't we have what you know performing if you will Like dray did or times square. You know i mean. They even had a low rider in times square for him. Yeah that's when i feel. We somewhat have accomplished something. Yeah you never seen that diagram. They do that little thing. Where they show the they show the black rappers and they're coming up the helping each other. Walk up those steps. And then they show that shikano rappers and they showed them throwing each other off the steps. You know i. It's sad but true. That's that's the truth. I'm not gonna you know. That's the that's the truth and i lived through it and seeing it first hand you know the ungrateful to it. I've seen it. You know when. I started tweaks. I experience hate doing this. Podcast was when people would tell me. Why are you trying to help. Those people chicanos. Tell me that yeah. And here's some other words not to mention names that do writers a fucking lane. His wraps are fucking wack. He's only got two cds. I got eight cds. I got more history right. All i would say is like the kids stuff. They don't like him. Would i mean but it takes you back to when we were kids. They don't talk to you talk to him. I'm not gonna talk to you. Know this platform. It was created for independent artists to shine light on them whether people like them or not. If you don't like it don't watch it that night and whatnot. But i've had people tell me a. You should have that guy that mean him had beat a. We discussed each other on a song like like. Okay well he's not at your house. Yeah yeah so. What i seen that and i it was. I seen what you were doing and how you were helping. And and i go man. Maybe he could do something that shows. How do you know what. I mean because i tried that i ran out of patience. I'd have kids for a reason. You know i mean. And i ran out of patience with their and i seen that took people to japan with me. You know. I mean people that have felt some. They should've went to japan. You know that that paid their dues and in some. They just got a free ride in japan. A free ticket. You know what i mean. Because i had that plug and and i've seen when you started this. You started. this and i was like man tony. I don't know how you're gonna your patience man. I don't you know and they're not to bring anything up. But then you got a little taste of then. Gratefulness of chicano rap. Tonight you in a heartbeat you know. Turn people that. I've known since the nineties were so quick to go live and talk about me. Yeah you know. And i will leave it at that because you know what we show the same thing. Tony because we're both the same age and both didn't grow up like that you know are are ways like if i talked to even be from formative nice affect tony. He's i said whatever i had to say. Eventually it's going to get to you. And do i get a pass when you confront me and say hey i heard you talking shit you know. Do i get a path but people think now with the social media and stuff while it was only social media. They're gonna get a pass that it's okay to say whatever you want to say Since we brought up the haters and what we go through just recently. I had an individual with all these fake accounts. And i'm sure we're getting a lot of negative comments on this. You know so that's where you I got a do that was just constantly on me and trump just caused any kasey making up different accounts making of different accounts and talking shit tried every which way talked about my mother. All everything to me talk all my dad and my brother were arrested in peace. You become the dead karma's real and it will catch up to you and when it does remember this what i'm saying right now because it will it will And i said to myself normally if people are tell me block it block. It is negative. Just block them. So i blocking people. Do you know that there are support groups around the world for people that have been blocked by pancho. The having group talks right now. That's a joke tony. All everybody like are there is support groups around the world for people that have blocked men grown fucking men that are going to terminate the. Why did he block me. Why did he blocked me. I don't entertain that shit. That's why i blocked you. You know what i mean by me you you know people that have been in prison you entertain a piece of shit you know i mean so i'm not entertaining a piece of shit here and i'm not gonna talk to this person so that's what i started doing. Recently i go. My fears are getting tired of blocking people from getting arthritis. I'm fifty years old. You know i mean. The rings are heavy. cycle you. What if i could leave those comments up. If i can leave him and let him bother me and know that you insulted my mother in the most horrible ways but i know that's not my mother. I know that what you're saying about or is it true. You don't know my mother and stuff like that. If i could. I put myself to the test. I fifty years old. And i was like okay now i wanna i wanna message. This guy wanted to meet up me to happen. You know i mean. I want you know. What am i going to get out of there. So we fifty years old. What am i going to get. You know what. Honestly i'm gonna be the loser. I'm gonna be the one who's doing so if you could just keep doing what you're doing and we've had this talk before. Tony and i told you. I can't believe i'm trying to give you this kind of advice. You mean because i'm a hot tempered guy. And i want to go about things another way if you could just keep doing what you're doing is not interfering with their money. You know they keep doing what you're doing were winning. You know and you are winning. Look at you're still here. You're in the scene for a minute. I've been in the hot seat before to social media can make you and break you in his both for me. You know i. I really didn't think i'd be doing anymore. Podcast i even said that after fifty. I'm like tool for that. I'm not doing anything anymore. I'm not doing it. And i'm glad you invited me on here because i had a lot to say. I wish we had the whole show. We went on. And on. And on. But i mean i'm you know on on that issue and do all that you've gone through. You have my support one hundred thirteen percent. You know that. Thank you. And i'm here and i was here from day when you know. Yeah thank you you know and you know going back to that point when i was the hot seat to be quite honest with you and we're i liked each other because we're hotheaded. I'm not the type of guy that's gonna logoff thinking it's an disappeared. I'm one of those guys that like. I need to push back. Yeah i know. I know i it i know so so yes so and the majority of the time the guys that that you know the fucking internet warriors. Sit there and talk shit. Those are the guys out sad to say they feel safe behind keyboard. Never ever say those are the ones that got bullied in school and picked on and stuff like that and now it's time they're mad at the world you know what i mean. They're they're pretty much mad at the world. I mean i'm giving those guys more attention than than their parents gave them. You want me so let me send me your social security and let me claim on my on my tax. I'm paying a grip. But i assure are highly get no stimulus check so the ones that are because i don't qualify on that one so if i get claimed an for care because i'm giving attention to 'em shit right there you go I'm kind of curious to comment. No no. I never do hope that this. This is our while there's people that are legacy as a group at a coffee shop or another talking about pancho block me me and you can talk about this how we're not gonna let that get to us. Yeah you know what there was this one guy. Actually he hit me up. I different page. And he said why don't you block me And i said look i. Don't go on. Nobody's patient disrespect them. I don't do that's not my style. If i don't picture i don't know commute. Excuse me if. I don't like your style. Whatever i'm not gonna i don't like i don't care but there are people that will go on there. And it's the god's honest truth have gone on my page literally have disrespected talked grandkids. Okay yeah i mean i. I need to make clear for you. Listening why blocked a lot of you guys because many of you have talked about my son have talked about my grandkids. Even talked about my daughter's see so you know we both share. Yeah so you know what i do. I'll just delete comments and just block them and this guy had the nerve enough to ask. What did i block him. Wow you know. And he was really hurt it. I'm a big fan. I said i saw what you said. And i ended up block. I don't do that. I don't courage anybody to do that. And and even had a beep with somebody. I would never ever talk about their wives or their daughters. Other kids having to do with that you know but but in his out to say that it came for our own people. Yeah you know. i'll own people. Were the majority of the the things that i've gotten from our own my own people you know. I get a lot of respect from the black people and why pacific islanders asian you know just meeting people in the street that say they follow me and it's people that i would never expect like. Wow you follow me yeah. Same what is it that you know. Interest me in you and they'll tell me and your butterflies or or your the way you carry on because i've lost you know a lot in life as far as mother father you know my brother and my immediate family but Like i said. I live each day for them and push forward for them and if i fail i'm letting them down you know so. That's one thing that i keep like. I said we've had this conversation before you're living for you know your parents you know i mean you're you're there watch their here with you tony so we share a lot. That's what we understood each other. We really do you know. I have a friend from new york that follows lecture style. You really yeah brother. Oh that's cool. And i get that more from the brothers than i do from chicago. You know why are you gonna have bunch Fucking worry about it. But it's because many of them which i built today with a large rappers not chicano people in general just representing. I need to be specific. When i say that is that many of them have the sense debut entitled You know like. I deserve that You know so. Give it to me. And when i in the same. No then they go on to make this meal. Tony gay wizard or whatever the case exactly but other than that. I haven't heard that one in a while. And then the one eighty seven hundred wouldn't so now we're going back to the crack crack babies so so now have you okay like me. I'll tell you before. I asked my question. I'm going to stop producing again. I'm gonna start and I'm gonna come with some fucking fire. Because i feel that. Especially because i'm producing the whole soundtrack. For this documentary all instrumentals rappers all instrumentals. And and i'm going to bring back. But i also want to make a statement that you know what there could be someone and i want to encourage others to try as well. I dared to be different. And let's try to take this. John wrote that people have shared on talk. The bone talked upon. And don't believe in. Maybe we take it to another level. May maybe there's an opportunity in a may take somebody like me to maybe inspire somebody young. Maybe we can work together and show people that you know. We can't to another level. And that's part of the reason that i feel like you know what i wanna come back. I wanna come back when artists that. I'm i'm thinking about and i talked to him. He's a youngster and he's witted and nineteen his style with my style. It's nothing like what's out there right now. And that's why. I think it can work. You know The reason why. I believe this podcast worked is because everybody told me it couldn't work. Don't ever go live. Don't ever go on youtube if anything. Just do your instagram or just to audio and i went against the grain. Yeah and i'm gonna go against the grain on this one as well so and documentary where we talked about a feature. I want you to be a part of it because you. You have a lot to say. There's a lot of others that that i've contacted as well. They're all with it. There were two individuals of going around saying they're not going to be going to be in it. They're not going to be in it to be quite honest with you weren't asked you know so i understand right while you're not going to be in it but anyways but i'm gonna keep pushing and It's gonna be great. It's going to be something that nobody expected. And i say this can be very educational is not gonna be like bragging like who's the best who's the weakest or whatever it's going to be education had no i heard you when you say that it could be used as a learning tool and and yeah. We need something like that. I definitely like in the colleges like kind studies. You know what. I mean something like that definitely you know. The documentary was actually aired afford northridge community. Wow and at that time. I did a. They wanted me to go into speak. This guy was going to set up for medical nationwide speech pathologist on the history because some colleges teach on hip hop. And but colbert hit so that pretty much block. Everything and so i did like a zoom presentation and i just talked about the history or whatnot but i would love to do that. I would love to go around and hopefully with this chicano rap documentary I wanted to the same thing you know. You're showing right here you just bounce back. There's a song here in my head right now. That could be your theme. What does that either. you're gonna break my stride. it's not you can't hold me back. I gotta keep on moving. That's you tony that's you and if there's anyone that can do it you're the one thing you are the one thank you you know what. Thank god bless you for saying that brother What that being said in. But you want to bring up anything. That i didn't ask you. You know it's always always about me mc poncho and the things that i've done and growing up but i never really talk and of course my mother who played a very big role in my life but i never really talked much about chamois. And that's my wife. Who's been by my side forever in my best friend is i always say you're the big sister i never had and she tells me i'm weird for for that but it's a relationship that i can't think of doing anything without her you i mean it's like You know when we're gonna go today we'd go hang out today. We want to go eat there what you wanna do today. You know it's I don't know. I'm very fortunate to have that to have that connection with somebody. That you know a soulmate. You know exactly a soul mate. And i just want to say that there is such thing as love. I hear a lot of people say fuck love and my mom would even say fuck love and and to bring up another story of my mom at her deathbed a few days before she passed. She told me that she really loved my dad. You know that my dad was a player. He had kids all over the place stuff like that and but she was by his side when he passed away. Which i told you of. Al s guarantees. But when my mom was ready to pass and she was sick. She told me she goes. You know what. I think i really did love. Your dad and i should not twenty five minutes later. She goes or not. I don't know know she went back. You know but she. It was her way of saying that she really did. There was thing but she would always say fuck love. My mom would cels words and with me. I'm very fortunate to have love. You know there was a time. When i love comedy and i wasn't in love with her and then there was a time when i fell in love with her head over heels and that's where i'm at right now and i love that woman. That's why i married her. And i wouldn't be doing things that i'm doing today. Honestly without her help she's a push now. Because i'll have my mother and she's been that push and honestly tony at fifty years old. I can say. I've accomplished everything that i wanted to do. If i die tomorrow. I wouldn't want anybody morning or fully. Sorry for amir saying you know. Because i've done everything i've had the cars i've materialistic things. We're gonna talk about you. Know the jewelry the house. I got the job I've done it all. I've done everything you know. Yeah i don't have any kids. But i was fortunate to get close to trump does granddaughter at that at that age phil what. It's like to hold a child. And and be there for the child and love child. And and i did you know with without having to take her to school and all the the hard stuff that that comes with it. Now you gotta go back to your parents you know but everybody knows me and boots. I had her with me. You know and and she got me through the hardest times in my life. When i lost my mother. She filled that hole and she was the one that i tell that story on my instagram photos. And stuff like that so You know i'm happy with my little shitsu. That haven't happening shorter that named after my mother. I'll have a pit bull. And i'm very happy with jonathan for being there and being there for me. That's a beautiful thing because you have something that most many people do not have i. I know that. I know that. Because i hear people that ask me like. Can you tell us how to be a couple. And i'm like. I don't know how i don't honestly know how how we click together. You know i'm the hot tempered pushy. One and she's the common but they still tell me back you know. Sometimes we'll do weird stuff in the house like all irritated. I'll put my. She doesn't like you touching her armpits. I'll put my hand. And i'm putting it out there. Put my an opera and bullshit socked me and my face like bam. And i was like oh shit. Okay you wanna do this all right. So we're we're wrestling in deliver kinky me and i hated her but i'm trying to block get in there and we're going at it and i think i better was about it and you know and then we'd just sit back and laugh after and i'm man you know the relationship that we have honestly. I couldn't give advice to anybody. Just baby talented people. I hope it comes your way. It came my way. You know what i mean. Because i i don't even my mom would say you don't fight. You're not relationship you know something's wrong with you is do you need to fight. My dad would do that and to see us not fight. My mom was an awesome things. Wrong you gotta fight. But we don't and i enjoy the. We're that team so it ain't amc poncho being it's a bonnie and clyde being mc trauma the fine what you love to kill you. It's that's you know as a team. That's the beautiful thing then. That's and that's one thing. I've never talked about her. They never asked we in any other interviews. You know. I never really get to speak on while i'm glad you did. I'm glad you take your time now on right here with you tony awesome. And that's why. I like to ask. Because sometimes i could ask a question. And here's the way my brain thinks you're answering. I'm listening and i'm already the next one so a lot of times. I'm ahead yeah. So that's why i like to stop. Backtrack is anything. I didn't ask but other than that. I know you're not doing mix station more. Oh okay Possibly okay dallas. You'll be in dallas win in dallas in july for the tories empire. I host his his co. Do the concert on stage and all that. That's going to be a huge show. I think he's already Got nine hundred Pre reds cars and people are just waiting for that one so that one and then our anniversary at ninety nine bottles this last saturday of the month two weeks from now the fine what you love and let it kill you You know party with esi. Data will be celebrating. I'll be hosting it. I hope you could join us tony. We'll be there with us. And i'll be hosting it and we're having onerous we party right though. Yeah i take my son again when you driver driver. Tony scott both good either driver. Day when i saw him taking those whiskey shots. I was already. Because i've seen them where he's like dad. Shit it's like jaws about the fall off matt. Thank you for joining me on my fiftieth birthday. You're right there. It was a handful that i could count. Everybody knew being was but you were there and thank you those okay other than that of any shots just everybody that supported you know Throughout the years and everybody that's going through this covert and lost a loved one During this kobe being oh sorry isn't even a word. I used to hate it when people some sorry for your loss because it doesn't help much you know and i speak from experience but just what we're going through and just remember Our loved ones are always with us. You know the levers in a physical form spiritually. And as i truly believe in that you know so terry went out there Just keep your head up and we're going to get through this you know. And that's my shout out to everybody that supported me other fellas that are busted unity. Know who you are. I've much love. Teased is and you know. Hopefully you'll be out soon and Irene and other senior love you already know also awesome. You don't want that. I would want to do one day and made me think of this The whole kobe thing one day. If i were to get enough money. I would like to open up a gym. That's adage. yeah yeah the harbory harbor right there. That'd be very debbie. Cool tony hell. Yeah so other than that i want. I only have a couple of shot. Also let me go him. Give a shot out to not only mc punch but and trumpeter and honestly thank you for sharing that love here with us. anthony For running this shit. Alex enterprise you got you got a fucked as carshield picture for. You seriously. need to talk to him. Yes yes not to interrupt but yes. Yeah that guys. don't let my son. My son discounts we promote this other than that all the warriors and everybody liked communist describing To this podcast once again. Thank you very much. And i think you just reminded me you have something you want to give me a fan of star wars these right here on. That's my empire strikes back color. You have you ever seen those. Those came from burger king back in the years on their. This is a star wars right here star wars your and that was an empire strikes back so those are yours. Tony thank you brother the years if you look real good miser bad but it's nineteen eighty nine hundred eighty and that has to be what seventy-nine of this almost eighty to seventy nine to have the year on this one. I can't say 'cause the glare but this one was i obviously so yeah. I know you're a cowboys. fan healthy. Don't have that one. Oh man and i got you some harbury on the anchors mind and look at it michael irvin got your name on the. Oh shoot thank you know i did. I did his colors right here. So we metals out there all sides. You know what's up elliott. Both everybody wants again. Thank you thank you for the love you know what. Let me give a quick shot up to jen professional. Oh yeah yeah yeah gin gin punch your meat tonia the wizard of the pick up actually sweaters and i actually got that sweater done well and did the yeah so once again everybody much love much respect. You have a blessed here on wednesday and we ought to heal your round.

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