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"disney pleasanton palm" Discussed on The Streaming Wars

"Of the streaming. Moore's I'm Dustin Antonio with me and we are here to cover everything from me. Thirteenth through nineteenth. We have a bunch of news because it seems like stuff is starting to ramp up. So we don't have any overall main discussion but we do have a bunch of smaller discussions related to some news points. So let's get into the news story off with Netflix. There is a ton of content. The next netflix either announcing or teaming with certain creators or purchasing so I stop. Netflix's purchased the global rights to the Polish TRIBECA winner. The hater Netflix's teamed up with sky for a true crime series set in Texas Netflix's has given a series order to sweet tooth. This is actually coming from team. Robert Downey production company team with him for that then Netflix's also teaming with reese witherspoon for to Rom comes in the future. Athletes is also buddy mark. Wahlberg with a seven figure. Film deal after. I guess the success of Spencer confidential last month Superhero Project Ball and chain featuring dwayne Johnson and emily blunt is landed at Netflix and then finally Netflix's aimed aims to adapt stay close from Harlan Kobe after his previous project. The Stranger was adapted just a few months ago and it saw some success. Yeah just really look it over the news. It seemed that Netflix's really open up the purse strings. A bit is really investing in new content. Either in developing in house or buying rights are paying new actors in project. So I think it's. It's great to see Netflix After few weeks of narrow much content news. It's like okay. Hey we were charging for it. So it's great for them Sweet Tooth I have the comic but I know some people who have and they've been really interested in seeing this in live action however this is like one of those titles. That wouldn't really make sense if it was a movie or a TV show on cable on just because it's about this kid who's half boy half deer and that's a little bit hard to conceive so being put on a streaming service Netflix. Swear I'm the budget could be a little bit higher. Just doesn't have to worry about advertisers or something I don't know it seems like the perfect property for streaming service in for Netflix. So hopefully works out. Everyone likes it a little bit concerned for this true crime series sent Texas once reading the description of it. It seems that it's going to follow the killers as he is released to kind of getting a view in his life. And I'm just afraid that they're gonNA accidentally humanize him in a way. That's going to be disrespectful to the people that he's killed so I can see I can see that becoming it potential she for net flicks and everyone seems like true. Crime is a big thing. This alleged crime podcast books. Obviously television shows with Netflix. They've really loved True Crime. But afraid that this is kind of pushing that line in. I would hate to see the one death of the true crime because they think it's important to revisit old cases in for for the public to learn about them but I don't know this this one series kind of feels a little bit too far for me personally and I'm afraid that they're gonNA get a lot of pushback from that in the mosques is the stay close agitation from Harlan copen. It's seems like Netflix's taking the one brothers approach year with JK rollings. Where they you know. Have her relationship with her payroll crank out all the all the Harry Potter series. You know the eight or something movies nine movies from her source material than fantastic beasts with with that trilogy in just she's just cranking out content in. It seems that they're kind of taking this approach of Kate. We're not just GONNA like avante contract like actors or writers or producers like we're GonNa have the ritual source material have good relationships with them. Have contract whatever that you want to call that relationship. It's we're GONNA go to the source and make relationships with the people that make the source material in. This is a smart move especially in this age of of streaming wars in this push for new content and the push original ideas near Nefyn has done very well of reaching outside of the normal Hollywood writers pool in to get new ideas. So that's to me a interesting and hopefully it's a trend. Moving forward is something that I remember. Hearing about. Through a variety of different content creators specifically writers of books was that at one point in time. Netflix's was looking for content so heavily that they actually attended like a book conventions where authors would be promoting their books to libraries and book resellers and things like that just so that they could find a project I remember hearing the story from a writer who specifically said like as a writer. You'd have a little booth you'd sit there and you'd be promoting your book hoping that people would come by and ask about it but one thing that they always hope for was somebody would come by and say they were represented from Netflix. Because that meant that they had there was a potentially get a deal with developing your book into a series and that was like a big deal for a lot of writers especially up and coming ones bots very cheap for net flicks where they can acquire content from the source material but also get content at very low cost to them. So if you have any decent idea netflix's would turn the to a series runs through South Park episode where they just Into a series. Yeah I definitely think there was probably at least five years ago but it's definitely some time but all right so prime video Amazon has grabbed the UK rights to Alex Rider spy franchise. There is a documentary focusing on. Spain's golden generation football players coming to prime video as well trumping straight over to Hulu There's a documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio specifically. He's producing called and we go green. Which will be heading to Hulu? And then it has been announced that. Who's international rollout is on hold so is doomed no. I don't think so at all. I think I mean. I think that the growth that they were anticipating is definitely going to be hindered by the fact that they won't be rolling out internationally in the in the immediate future but I think long term I think who still has you know still has thirty plus million subscribers that will carry them for quite some time. I think the the thing that will kill Hulu of course is if they can't keep creating content. They're going to eventually lose out on a lot of other shows that are currently on. Hulu once specific licensing deals run out and if they can't make up the content with new content the way Netflix's has than that could be doomed. But I don't think that's going to be happening anytime in the immediate future. Yeah I can just see people reading this headline all know. They're doomed to know they're just GONNA go. Go Die Something. I wanted to be the situation I think. Hulu after receivers earnings call their the steady growth either with their streaming service but also their their live service of cable channels on their on their platform. So both of those are doing well however when you look you take a step back okay. Who is owned by Disney Disney also another streaming service called Disney plus? Who's had a huge push in the international market? And it's hard to do two things at one time in a thing. Fats who's always been domestic Kanaabi national but there's no real need I guess because there's still so much to grow at domestic that okay. Hey we'll just put whose plans on the back burner for a bit. And then just focus on Disney plus now because they're folks with Disney plus and in growing that sprint into new markets. I mean listen to the past three or four episodes and it just feels like there's a new market that they're introducing themselves to every single episode so I think they're also taking a lot of those lessons learned from Disney Pleasanton Palm to Hulu as well. It's hard to do two things at the same time and do them well and so they're just going to focus on one and not the other. Because I mean if you think about it who lose like digital assets are definitely worth a lot less in an international space then. Disney's because you have no all the Disney animated shows you have moral you have lucasfilm and those have really big international peel and you can get people to sign up for that service to me. It makes sense and if people wanna read this and be a little bit worried and concerned but it's hard. It's hard to have the bandwidth to do basically launched to services at two different companies. But do that one company rights then jumping over. Cbs All access access has ordered another star Trek Series Gold Star Trek. Strange new worlds. This is going to be a full series for the service I think this is. This is great I think. Cbs has taken a page from Disney. Split Book with Disney plus an just releasing content from their their main cash cows. You know star. Trek is a huge property. That many people know that many people have are very fervent about in. So this is this is great for good things about intimates character in the latest you know seasons of Star Trek done great with Picard Discovery. So this is great for CBS. Alexis Happy for them curious. See what more comes from star? Trek universe jumping over to apple. Tv Plus Sofia Coppola has is developing adaption of the custom of the country for Apple. Apple is also landed the next docu series from the creators of Macmillan's then they have announced that mythic quest will beginning a quarantined episode that will be specifically filmed with iphones. They've also landed a deal with Scott. Free productions and apple is now entering the market for older content according to Bloomberg. Yeah so we're start. I'll start with Scott free productions and did know much about Scott free productions in who they were but now after reading the article do a little bit of research they have a track record and so apple struggling right now and they ne- as many credits as they have in. It seems like they've they've landed a lot of good craters and their their content is decent but there is not enough content in a non of decent content to really push themselves forward so in the kind of also goes into with apples now entering the market for older content is because the kind of focused just on newer shows kind of covering shows from their backlog like one brother or HBO. Max Or Disney plus with Becca content into the marvel properties whatnot or friends. But apple doesn't really have the and so after it make sense. Why they're kind of getting more craters wanting to increase the output of new properties and it makes sense whether WanNa get older content. However what older content? Are they getting kit? This article is a little bit. It's confusing because what older content shows like all of the big name shows that are very enjoyable have been taken up other other players in the market. What is left? And there's a lot of older. Tv shows that aren't necessarily good so I'm curious that since they didn't pay pay for some of these other shows that had The rights you know open for a little bit last last year last calendar year curious. What they're gonNA do with that because there's a lot of things that could potentially happen but a quote from the article. They're really concerned me. Is that according to people there about ten million people had signed up for Apple. Tv plus by February but only about half actively used the service so you know half of ten million people as five million people. There's only five million active users for Apple. Tv plus in Apple TV pluses easily accessible on every single iphone. You get a free subscription for every for every new apple device that you you register since on recruits on sworn. Tv's like as a staggeringly low number and they have pretty decent.

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